ianmarmourhas anyone tried the new intrepid release00:57
ianmarmouris anyone even in this thing00:57
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cr3hi folks!15:04
davmor2Hello everybody :)16:17
schwukhi davmor216:18
davmor2schwuk: Dude have a safe drive back?16:19
stgraberhey davmor216:19
stgraberdavmor2: how was LRL ?16:19
davmor2stgraber: how's things?16:19
schwukdavmor2: Yeah, great thanks. Was just *very* tired.16:19
davmor2Just got back from taking all the stuff back but it was a great weekend16:19
stgraberdavmor2: fine, working on a small fix for the QA-Tracker so dl-iso can get the list of ISOs we are testing and download those instead of current/16:20
davmor2schwuk: wimp16:20
davmor2stgraber: that's pretty cool :)16:20
stgrabercr3: welcome here, btw you should also consider joining #ubuntu-quality now that you are part of it :)16:21
davmor2hey schwuk I got that monitor and it's very nice :)16:22
schwukdavmor2: Monitor?16:22
davmor2the 22in from Linux Emporium16:22
schwukdavmor2: Didn't know you were thinking of getting one.16:23
schwukdavmor2: I've been looking at sub-notebooks since I got back as well. The Wind is very tempting.16:23
davmor2my old 15in has a crap EDID which tries to display at 1024X786 HZ instead of 60 HZ :)16:24
davmor2I was talking to the guy on the Ubuntu stand about the advent and he said that he started to get really annoyed with it by about half way through the day but I can't remember why :)16:25
davmor2stgraber: are the differences in the dl-iso script already?16:27
stgrabernope, I have no idea when the website will be updated so I didn't update dl-iso16:28
stgrabernand's on holiday so we have some unstable Brainstorm code in the devel branch that I can't merge in the trunk branch yet. I'll probably do an upload combining my change to the tracker and pkgstatus (the module for ogasawara's packages status).16:29
davmor2stgraber: so probably be in place for alpha 4 then yes?16:30
stgraberI hope so16:31
davmor2cool :)16:31
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