pwnguinI assume by "b59757e468227127b91fff17b523da4deec8b04d" you meant05:29
pwnguinan amusing and interesting thread05:33
pwnguin"Of course, if you want to rename nvidia to nv, then this patch would"05:34
pwnguinjust magically work when people installed the proprietary driver.  After05:34
pwnguinall, having five drivers called nv_drv.so can't be too much worse than05:34
pwnguinfour called nvidia_drv.so, no?05:34
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Q-FUNKahoy! :)15:50
Q-FUNKtjaalton: here?15:51
mario_limonciellunfortunately fglrx 8-7 /still/ has errors about a missing symbol due to no xorg 1.5 support :(20:10

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