vision_then, reboot00:00
dethnullhow would you go about doing that?00:00
meoblast001how do i make usplash start when i shut my computer off?00:00
vision_how would you edit /etc/passwd00:00
dethnulloo its a file00:00
dethnullsorry i thought you ment doing passwd then some command00:00
soundraydethnull: don't edit /etc/passwd in a running system00:00
soundraydethnull: there is a command for renaming users, let me just search for it00:01
dethnullalright thanks :D00:01
Tenseican you remote desktop from vista to ubuntu?00:01
vision_Maybe you could create a new user, then change his guid and uid to the same ones as your existing user00:01
vision_Tensei:  google vnc00:01
soundraydethnull: use 'usermod -l'. Please read the hint in 'man usermod'00:01
Tenseivision, thanks.. i was hoping the remote desktop acess in ubuntu would work.. i didn't want to use a 3rd party for security reasons, but if it's all i got... which is the best VNC?00:02
soundrayTensei: yes, enable remote desktop in ubuntu via System-Preferences and use a vnc client in Windows00:02
TenseiAh ok, so I use VNC from vista to connect to ubuntu's remote desktop..00:03
dethnullso it would be usermod -l <mynewloginname>  correct?? i just want to maek sure i do this right00:03
soundrayTensei: the remote desktop feature in ubuntu uses the VNC protocol00:03
soundraydethnull: yes, but please read the man page00:03
dethnullyea i was going to00:03
vision_Tensei: all of those can be made pretty secure.  They vary according to speed and whether or not there is a windows client00:03
soundraydethnull: I mean, no00:03
vision_Tensei: I use freenx, I think it's the fastest00:03
Lunar_LampWhen will updated versions of apache and php that include bug fixes be in the repostitories?  They're in intrepid I think, but obviously I'm not deploying intrepid in a production environment.00:04
Tenseivision, does it connect directly to the ubuntu remote desktop ?00:04
soundrayTensei: I've heard that freenx is generally better for cross-platform use (nod to vision_)00:04
dethnullyou know yakuake is prob the best terminal i've used00:04
vision_Tensei: I think that remote desktop is specific to KDE or gnome.  I'm talking about installing a new vnc server00:05
TenseiI see.. boy I'm glad you guys are smart and willing to talk..00:05
vision_I don't think the KDE one has a windows client00:05
vision_but, I could be wrong00:05
soundrayLunar_Lamp: security-relevant fixes go into the regular repositories. Feature updates may be available through backports and proposed00:05
soundray!backports > Lunar_Lamp00:05
ubottuLunar_Lamp, please see my private message00:05
Lunar_Lampsoundray: yes, but for example, there is an apache 2.2.9 which includes security fixes etc, and ubuntu only has 2.2.8 at the moment in hardy (including backports) so how can I tell if the security fixes therein have been included?00:06
soundrayTensei: I'm generally smart and I shut up. Just prepared to make an exception for you.00:06
soundrayTensei: oops, that's not what I wanted to say00:06
TenseiLol soundray i gathered your meaning00:07
Tenseiok vision/soundray.  i would install freenx client for linux, set up a server, download the windows client from no machine and install it on vista, then the two should talk together?00:07
cdubyaI need to figure out why Connect to Server won't work for me all of a sudden to create an SSH connection to a machine on my LAN. I replaced our router as our old one got tapped by a storm and we are running a different IP range, but I can connect using gFTP, which was weird. I've never not been able to connect to this machine using the Connect to Server. Suggestions?00:07
soundrayLunar_Lamp: there are changelogs in /usr/share/doc/packagename/00:08
soundray!freenx > Tensei00:08
ubottuTensei, please see my private message00:08
Ahadielcdubya, Uhh, does the server even have sshd?00:09
soundrayTensei: no personal experience here. vision_?00:09
BobPenguinHello guys. Where can I find some how to for getting a windows 98 box to network with a either a ubuntu 7.10 or 8.04 box?00:09
cdubyaAhadiel, heh, yes.00:09
Tenseivision must have fallen asleep :-)00:10
cdubyaAhadiel, it worked fine before.....I can connect still using gFTP, but it's weird. The Connect to Server just will not work for some reason....00:10
soundrayBobPenguin: what kind of networking -- file sharing?00:10
harpreeti just added a new partition, its formatted ext3 and mounted but i cannot create any folder (access denied!!!) any help?00:10
BobPenguinsoundray: yes, filesharing00:10
Spliffer_GLwat mach ich bei apt-get read file system only?+00:11
soundrayBobPenguin: right-click a folder you want to share and go to Sharing Options00:12
BobPenguinharpreet: sudo nautlius, right click on the permissions, change them to allow your user to access it00:12
Ahadielcdubya, Does an icon appear on your desktop or in the places menu once you try to connect?00:12
meoblasthi again00:12
BobPenguinsoundray: should I have samba installed?00:12
meoblasti guess this usplash problem isnt gonna get fixed =(00:12
cdubyaAhadiel, no, when I try to setup the connection, it tells me it timed out.....gFTP takes a bit, but it connects00:12
soundrayBobPenguin: please recommend gksudo with nautilus ( harpreet)00:12
edzi need some help, i have a geforce 8800.. when i first installed it was at 1680x1050 widescreen, everything was fine.. i installed the restricted gphx drivers through system - pref - drivers, when it rebooted it was at 500x350 horrible resolution, can anyone help me get it back to 1680x1050?00:12
soundrayBobPenguin: it will offer to install it for you00:12
voraisto1where can i find an archive manager that splits an archive in a few files ?00:13
soundrayharpreet: I would recommend creating a folder inside the mounted partition and giving users write access to that00:13
Ahadielcdubya, Hrm, that's strange.00:13
Tenseisoundray: the freenx seems to only have packages up to ubuntu 7.10.. will that work on the new version?00:13
BobPenguinsoundray. Thanks. I forgot to mention the ubuntubox has not an internet connection, so I will have to use AptOnCd to install samba00:13
NexinarusHi I've mounted a Vista partition under Ubuntu, however i cant access "my documents" and the such - the folder "Documents and Settings" seems empty - how can i access them ?00:13
soundrayTensei: don't know, sorry00:14
SaYaLePRoSoalguien que me pueda ayudar con una tonteria00:14
krissanyone familiar with monodevelop here?00:14
K^Holtzamarok has my cpu pegged at 100% and all its doing is playing music... should i be concerned?00:14
BobPenguinque sucede sayaleprosp?00:14
DogAnyone know how to re-attach a tabbed terminal window (just using standard Gnome terminal)... I have a weird mouse combo that keeps detaching tabs.... freaking annoying.....?!?!00:14
SaYaLePRoSoBobPenguin: tengo un problema con una aplicacion de ubuntu00:14
soundray!es | SaYaLePRoSo00:15
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:15
ubottuSaYaLePRoSo: please see above00:15
edzi need some help, i have a geforce 8800.. when i first installed it was at 1680x1050 widescreen, everything was fine.. i installed the restricted gphx drivers through system - pref - drivers, when it rebooted it was at 500x350 horrible resolution, can anyone help me get it back to 1680x1050?00:15
SaYaLePRoSouso hace poco ubuntu00:15
BobPenguindinos tu proble sayaleproso00:15
harpreetsoundray, BobPenguin, thank you very much it works00:15
SaYaLePRoSoes con el emesene no me arroja ni lista de contactos nada00:15
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat00:16
SaYaLePRoSoantes si me funcionaba perfectamente pero ahora no se que le pasa00:16
SaYaLePRoSoy me da un mensaje00:16
BobPenguinsayaleproso, cual es el nombre de la aplicación que estas usando exactamente?00:16
voraisto1soundray: if he cant read english it wont help :D00:16
BobPenguinoh, sorry, we will move the spanish chat somewhere else00:16
SaYaLePRoSosoundray:  i can understand u00:17
meoblasthow do u make usplash work?00:17
meoblastit wont come up on shut down00:17
Tenseisoundray, thanks for the help brother.  One quick question, is there any easy way to change my user password? (only one user ubuntu 8.04)00:17
earthsoundcan someone take a look at the fdisk -l output and tell me if GRUB should be set to be looking for Ubuntu in hd0,4? http://code.bulix.org/6xn1kq-67635?raw00:17
kristinai want to change ports.  the ubuntu community documentation says "XChat users can change this by going to XChat -> Network List, selecting Ubuntu Servers, clicking Edit, and change irc.ubuntu.com to irc.ubuntu.com/8001. You may also need to change the Freenode server in the same way from irc.freenode.net to irc.freenode.net/8001.".  But once I have selected Network List, I am unable to find anything called Ubuntu Servers to select.00:17
soundrayTensei: yes, enter 'passwd' in terminal and follow the dialog00:17
Dogmeoblast: did you try linking it into /etc/rc0.d/ ?00:18
Tenseiterminal eh.. (my first hour on linux/ubuntu)... i'll see if i can locate it00:18
windmillHi all, just in case anyone is interested I managed to fix (work around) the problem I was having earlier with upgrading from gutsy to hardy00:18
soundrayDog: you can grab a tab from one terminal window and drag it to another00:18
edzi need help setting up my screen resolution00:18
voraisto1so... how do I create a multiple-files archive ?00:18
Lvl21nerdhey i have Azureus installed, and forgot to change my default download place and now i cannot find what i have downloaded00:19
voraisto1as in archive-part1.gz archivepart2.gz, etc..00:19
meoblastDog: not sure00:19
kristinaedz: what is the nature of your problem?00:19
KDB9000hello, has anyone tried to sync an ipaq in ubuntu using synce or some other software?00:19
bdogsomeone help me. dolphin doesn't display files. it just says loading directory forever.00:19
Lvl21nerdis there a way to show hidden files?00:19
kristinaedz: and are you on a laptop?00:19
meoblastDog: i had to do Cnt+Alt+F1 to do some maintanance and usplash just stopped working00:19
windmillsoundray, thanks for helping earlier, the fix was to reboot with an earlier kernel (2.6.22-14) and then run dpkg --configure -a00:19
Thanatos____Hi, I'm running Hardy with gnome. For some reason this box became unable to see my windows shares on my network this week. Anyone have any experience with this?00:20
bdogi can view some files but I have to click "open as root"00:20
=== meoblast is now known as meoblast001
soundraywindmill: glad you got it working again00:20
fadCan someone help me create a bootable cd so I can update my BIOS?00:20
RudyValenciaHow do I configure Ubuntu to recognize the extra keyboard buttons and mouse scroll wheel my Microsoft Wireless desktop keyboard/mouse combo?00:20
Tenseisoundray: i looked, can't find it.. where is the terminal app?00:21
liviu_hy guys!00:21
chadI decided to install ubuntu00:21
Lvl21nerdhow do you show hidden folders?00:21
liviu_Someone from ROME?00:21
soundrayfad: you can download an iso image from the FreeDOS site00:21
Lvl21nerdi have an ".azureus" folder i cannot find00:21
Dogsoundray: Legend, it worked I treat.... I had to open another tab in the un-attached window and then drag it back.... Thanks man!!!00:21
chadi installed ubuntu from inside windows00:21
soundrayTensei: Applications-Accessories-Terminal or Alt-F2 gnome-terminal00:21
chadi restarted and booted ubuntu00:21
chadi see the loading screen00:21
chadthen i get the console00:22
liviu_chad I installed windows from inside Ubuntu00:22
bdogwhat run level should a normal user be?00:22
simNIXLvl21nerd ls -al00:22
chadi typed help to get commands00:22
Thanatos____Hi, I'm running Hardy with gnome. For some reason this box became unable to see my windows shares on my network this week. Anyone have any experience with this?00:22
soundrayDog: it's a bit unintuitive, but hey ;)00:22
chadwhat command do i use?00:22
Tenseilol.. it said my new password is too simple00:22
chadin this console right after the ubuntu loading screen?00:22
meoblast001=( this is never gonna get fixed00:22
chadanyone know00:23
chadcause when i typed00:23
liviu_Anyway my only unsolved problem is 3d Acceleration00:23
chadnothing happened00:23
chadscreen went black00:23
Dogmeoblast: does a reboot bring it back to normal?00:23
fadsoundray these look like full DOS images00:23
windmillchad, is it a full screen console?00:23
chadjust a black screen which says type help for commands00:23
ice_creami seem to have pulled it off, but perhaps by chance..  eth0 connected to one 192.168.1.x gateway, and eth1 to another, and yet a ping of a 192.168.1.y host is correctly resolved =P00:23
Lvl21nerdok i see that the folder exists but it still cannot find it in my home folder00:23
meoblast001Dog: no00:24
RudyValenciaHello, how do I configure Ubuntu to recognize the extra keyboard buttons and mouse scroll wheel my Microsoft Wireless desktop keyboard/mouse combo?00:24
chadwindmill what do i do at this console?00:24
GeekSquadSFNoob here... someone told me to read aptoncd ? where do I find this file?00:24
KDB9000has anyone mess with synce and a windows CE PDA?00:24
chadi typed yes but screen went black00:24
bdogi can't view my filesit just says loading directory forever. I can view some files when I click "view as root"00:24
kristinahas anyone synced their iPhone to an ubuntu computer?00:25
Lvl21nerdsimNIX: the folder exists but i cannot make it viewable in the home folder00:25
chaddoes anyone know what i do at this console00:25
windmillchad, it sounds like something might have gone slightly wrong in the install process00:25
KDB9000kristina: when you figure that out let me know so i can try and synce my ipaq. lol00:25
chadshould i reinstall?00:25
chadk i am now uninstalling00:26
windmillchad, you used the wubi installer?00:26
mIgggUeLhi anybody can help me to protect DoS attacks with shorewall ?00:26
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts00:26
Dogmeoblast001: I'm not that familar with usplash but did you try: sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so then sudo update-initramfs -u00:26
chadok it's uninstalled00:26
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts00:26
meoblast001Dog: ill try that00:26
kristinayes.  i tried syncing my motoming (it's supposed to be a linux smartphone damn it!) but no luck so far00:26
chadI'm going to attempt to reinstall00:27
meoblast001Dog: should i reboot now?00:27
chadwhat should my installation size be?00:27
ryanakcaI'm making an encrypted CD to store a backup of my GPG key on, what algorithm should I use? aes256? sha512? sha1?00:27
Lvl21nerdhow do i make hidden files/folders viewable00:27
hal14450i was gonna ask for help troubleshooting wpasupplicant since my wifi has stopped working but this channel is so hard to parse i'm better off trying to glean more info first00:27
KDB9000kristina: have you looked though this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone00:28
windmillchad, 8GB maybe00:28
chadi had it at 30 before00:28
fadsoundray Will this update my BIOS as well/join #linux00:28
chadok it's installing00:28
GeekSquadSFanyone have any clue on what aptoncd is?00:28
Dogmeoblast001: yep try a reboot00:29
soundrayfad: no, but you'll be able to run the DOS application that your board manufacturer supplies under FreeDOS00:29
kristina"Your iPhone or iPod Touch must be "jailbroken" so you can run Installer"... I'm not game to try that!00:29
hal14450GeekSquadSF, http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/ google is your friend00:30
fadsoundray this is the first time ive updated, mind giving me some direction as to what commands you areyou talking about?00:30
GeekSquadSFcool thanks... hopefully the army will let me see this site.. thanks again guys00:30
anandi want to install yahoo messanger on ubuntu00:30
anandcan somebody help with me ?00:30
hal14450anand, pidgin will work with ym00:31
vision_anand: what's the problem?00:31
kristinahelp with you you say?00:31
Che_Guevarasheeesh, i was moving from windows to linux finally... installing ubuntu made me change my mind!00:32
anandactually i m new to ubuntu..but most of my friends are on ym so i can't work on other than yahoo00:32
soundrayfad: just to double-check: you're looking to flash your motherboard BIOS?00:32
hal14450anand, if you fire up pidgin (used to be gaim) you can can use ym00:32
Blaqlightanyone want to help me get my logitech quickcam messenger working... it doesn't seem to want to do anything but flash the green light.00:32
meoblast001Dog: didnt work00:32
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork00:33
KDB9000kristina: that seems the be the only thing on connecting the iphone. the forums point to that help i sent and does not offer anything helpful.00:33
K^Holtzok, my CPU is pegged at 100 and my fan is running like crazy, amarok just stopped and thats when it started... why is my laptop going so crazy just over playing music?00:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fix-usplash00:33
meoblast001dang u ubottu00:33
anandcan u guide me how to associate ym with pidgin00:33
KDB9000ubottu: what is the problem?00:33
fadsoundray well only because i heard it would help me get passed this initramfs prompt from every ubuntu install cd00:33
anandi tried using pidgin but not able to associate it with ym00:33
Che_Guevarai burned around 10 ubunto cd's by different programs , with different cd roms and all cd's came out corrupt... although the version i downloaded from the internet was complete00:34
hal14450anand, all you need to do is fillin the appropriate info for your ym account in pidgin00:34
kristinayeah well I heard Canonical is working on a smartphone of their own.  Is this true?00:34
chadok windmill00:34
soundrayK^Holtz: I think amarok may be trying to index your music files00:34
Che_Guevaradid any one have this kinda problem?00:34
chadit's done installing00:34
chadim about to reboot00:34
K^Holtzsoundray: they are on an external hdd00:34
AhadielChe_Guevara, The download being complete doesn't me the iso can't be corrupt -_-00:34
K^Holtzsoundray: can i make it run more efficiently?00:34
AhadielChe_Guevara, Check the md5sum of the iso, and redownload if necessary.00:34
windmillchad, I'm no expert on wubi but good luck :)00:34
Syco54645hello,  i am forgetting how to format a disk as ext3.  can anyone please give me assistance?00:35
anandok thanx hali4450 i will try to do that see u later incase of any problem00:35
KDB9000meoblast001: you having trouble with usplash?00:35
sotec_prod Any chance there is a gnome panel customizer for power users, or am I stuck with the default?00:35
soundrayK^Holtz: I'm not sure -- I gave up on amarok because I felt it was doing too many things and not giving me enough control.00:35
meoblast001KDB9000: yup... i did a Ctr+Alt+F1 and ever since usplash wont come up on shutdown00:35
Che_Guevarawell, i downloaded the file from the official site and everything went down smooth...why would it be corrupt?? i mean it was stated that the file was in the .iso format to preserve its integrity00:36
harpreetsyco54645 what you trying to do?00:36
arooni-mobilehow long should i let memtest86+ run for?00:36
KDB9000meoblast001: that is interesting00:36
SebNaitsabesI installed and re installed Flash for this woman using VNC, and it still won't work,  things are just white.  any suggestions?00:36
hal14450arooni-mobile, days or hours depending ont eh cpu00:36
soundrayK^Holtz: sorry, I know I'm not helping much. Please feel free to re-ask the channel00:36
Joelitohi all, Is there a sotware that will help me if an ISO file is not corrupted? I downloaded an ISO file which doesn't has its md5sum check00:36
kristinasyco you can change the partition type in fdisk00:36
harpreetSyco54645: what are you trying to do , please elaborate00:36
Dogmeoblast001:  ubottu didn't help? sorry mate, hopefully KDB can help... the next thing I would do is uninstall and install again....00:37
SebNaitsabesjealitio: yes I think there is something look through snayptic00:37
KDB9000meoblast001: does it only do that on shutdown or on boot up as well?00:37
sotec_prodI need a Gnome panel power user sort of application to change more of it's appearance. Is there any such package?00:37
soundrayarooni-mobile: purists run it for a week. Most problems show up within two hours, though00:37
SebNaitsabesjoelito: yes I think there is something look through synaptic00:37
Syco54645harpreet, i have an old ext3 drive that used to house my install.  i want to get rid of that and make it into a storage drive.  completely repartion it and all that.  i know that i need to use fdisk but i cannot remember how to make a new ext3 fs00:37
sotec_prodFor instance, rounded corners on the panels00:37
sotec_prodor a 3D look00:37
Che_Guevarawhat is "md5sum" check?00:37
meoblast001KDB9000: it originally did it for both but now its only shutdown..... on shutdown, it falls back to the terminal... shows all that shutdown work, and in the last few seconds, usplash comes up for the finally00:37
Tenseisoundray: i was looking at VNC... where is the application to set up ubuntu as a server?00:38
Storrgiei have a swap partition on my hard drive, but whenever I boot my machine says it has no swap until I go into parted and set swapon00:38
soundrayTensei: System-Preferences-Remote Desktop00:38
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:38
JoelitoSebNaitsabes: ok00:38
Syco54645harpreet, i think that it is mkfs.ext300:38
KDB9000meoblast001: lol. better then my shutdown, i see lines when it shutdown and then a small flash of the splash. let me see what i can find00:38
SebNaitsabesChe_Guevara > md500:38
Che_Guevaraoh i se :)00:38
soundrayStorrgie: you need to enable it via fstab00:38
soundray!fstab > Storrgie00:38
ubottuStorrgie, please see my private message00:38
SebNaitsabesyep a way to check that the download was not currupted in anyway00:39
meoblast001KDB9000: if i reinstall my kernel will it do it?00:39
Tenseisoundray: you rock.  one last question.. viruses... is there a need for virus software to protect your linux box?00:39
Storrgiesoundray: is there a flag in the fstab that i need to add?00:39
SebNaitsabesTensei: not at the moment no, but maybe in the future00:39
KDB9000meoblast001: i am not 100% sure. a complete reinstall will.00:40
meoblast001KDB9000: cant do a complete reinstall for multiple reasons00:40
TenseiSebNautsabes: thats what I thought,, thanks00:40
James|lappyzn3t are you in here >_<00:40
soundray!virus > Tensei00:40
ubottuTensei, please see my private message00:40
legend2440what is the cli command to reconfigure gtk?00:40
soundrayStorrgie: you need a line for your swap partition in fstab00:41
James|lappy!virus > soundray00:41
ubottusoundray, please see my private message00:41
meoblast001KDB9000: 1. to backup to my server via NIC would take forever 2. i have no CD drive anymore because Dells hardware breaks too easily 3. i lost my flash drive00:41
James|lappy!virus > James|lappy00:41
ubottuJames|lappy, please see my private message00:41
harpreetSyco54645: mke3fs -j /dev/hda1(your drive)00:41
KDB9000meoblast001: I had a problem with usplash before. i installed the other usplash packs and it change mine, but i was able to change it back so I am trying to find that document00:41
soundrayJames|lappy: what was that good for?00:41
sotec_prodCan I make the gnome panels more 3D?00:41
James|lappyand lol00:41
harpreetSyco54645: sudo * with it00:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ed00:41
James|lappythe whole reason Linux doesnt have viruses00:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 3d00:41
Syco54645harpreet, ah thanks.  am in fdisk right now00:42
James|lappyis because it is a VIrgin Platform00:42
James|lappylike Mac OS X  until like 2 months ago00:42
harpreetSyco54645: you welcome00:42
soundrayJames|lappy: please stick to the topic of this channel00:42
kristinasyco: you still trying to change your partition type?  try this: http://www.freeos.com/articles/3935/00:42
James|lappyHow do I get a podcast running on Ubuntu??00:42
* SebNaitsabes there have been viruses in Linux, but they all stayed in the lab, and they won't run on modern Linux's. yes in the future if desktop Linux becomes much more popular we may get viruses, but it would still take an idiot to get it isntalled, unlike default Windows. I mean an idiot that knows what they are doing to install the virus00:43
James|lappyI want to host one.00:43
fadsoundray i have the bootable dos cd, but i don;t know what bios files i need..00:43
James|lappyits just a matter of making a .sh file -_-00:43
legend2440what is the cli command to reconfigure gtk?   to choose screen resolutions?00:43
SebNaitsabesjameslllappy:  well there is that, but the user would still need to know how to open a .sh file right?00:43
GeekSquadSFanyone know if you can use the apt-get command on a mac to pull apt files for ubuntu machines?00:44
James|lappydouble click?00:44
James|lappyI tried that00:44
kristinasyco: ur welcome :-)00:44
th0rJames|lappy, if the user does not run that sh file as root it can't write to the OS00:44
James|lappyGeekSquad : OS X doesnt feature the apt-get thing, because it has an easy download and install work.00:44
James|lappybut you can:00:44
soundrayfad: the ones that the manufacturer of your board supplies via the Support section of their web site00:44
James|lappyJust watch00:44
James|lappyI believe there is a way to overload Ubuntu 8.04.1 machines by maxing out password keys00:45
GeekSquadSFIm looking to get media support for some Iraqi guys that I have to setup a comptuer for.. I chose ubuntu so they CAN'T break it00:45
kristinabuh bye00:45
arooni________ahow come in the web developer extension for ff3 (ubuntu hardy) ctrl+shift+c works (to show css) but ctrl+shift+y does not work (shortcut for showing style information on a given page)00:45
SebNaitsabesmedia support?00:45
James|lappyI noticed00:45
GeekSquadSFyeah.. like mp3, avi files00:45
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications00:45
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:46
James|lappyit is so pwn that Ubuntu is being integrated into Dell PC's :-D00:46
GeekSquadSFthey don't have an internet connection.. and the only way I can pull stuff is through a remote machine00:46
James|lappyDell should get  a private OEM version of Ubuntu :-D00:46
James|lappyDellubuntu :-D00:46
Ahadiel!offtopic | James|lappy00:46
ubottuJames|lappy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:46
meoblast001James|lappy: that would turn out bad00:46
SebNaitsabesno Internet conenction and your remote connecting to them some how?00:46
soundrayJames|lappy, GeekSquadSF: this is a support channel. Please take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic00:46
legend2440!fixres > me00:46
ubottulegend2440, please see my private message00:46
sotec_prodDoes anyone know if you can get the gnome panels to become 3D? Can you theme them?00:46
Dr_willisI thought del did have a tweaked ubuntu for their machines.00:47
LukeI've removed some partitions from software mdadm raid. Now I only have one raid array which is /dev/md3 but md2 and 1 still show up in /dev. ANyone know how to fix this?00:47
marko-_-how do i load subtitles in totem ?00:47
SebNaitsabessoetec_prod:  your probably after Compiz and Beryl that's the Linux 3d stuff00:47
anandhey it worked thanx a lot, HalI445000:47
SebNaitsabessoetc_prod: I think the Gnome panels them selves cannot become 3D, because Gnome is 2D00:47
SebNaitsabessoetc_prod: same with KDE00:47
marko-_-does someone know ?00:48
SebNaitsabessoetc_prod: altough KDE4 is more 3D I think, been quite  a while since I used it00:48
KDB9000meoblast001: have you tried running the commands from here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplash00:48
meoblast001illl try those00:49
windmillDoes launchpad look funny to anyone else or is my browser broken?00:49
marko-_-how do i load subtitles in totem ?00:49
fadsoundray i booted from this http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/distributions/1.0/fdfullcd.iso   and tried to boot from it and i get "boot failed"00:49
KDB9000meoblast001: try steps 3 to 400:49
KDB9000meoblast001: skip 1 and 2, you don't need to do them.00:50
soundrayfad: how did you burn the iso?00:50
meoblast001KDB9000: (/usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-ubuntu.so). Nothing to configure.00:50
CaptainMorganMechdave, unop Did Will end up getting his MBR fixed?00:51
LukeI've removed some partitions from software mdadm raid. Now I only have one raid array which is /dev/md3 but md2 and 1 still show up in /dev. ANyone know how to fix this?00:51
KDB9000meoblast001: sounds like that is the only usplash you have is the ubuntu. try running the last command00:51
meoblast001KDB9000: i already did that multiple times00:51
fadwait soundray i have booted from the cd now, do i want to install to hard drist? or run the freedos live cd? i have multiple options00:51
meoblast001DKB9000: im not trying to change the usplash... i just want it to display again00:51
Dogmeoblast001: try update-grub as well.... I doubt it will help but wont hurt (if your grub is configured right)00:51
anandhi everyone, can anyone send me a link from where i can download win4lin for free00:52
soundrayfad: run the freedos live CD. You will have to find a way to access the new BIOS image and the flasher program00:52
SebNaitsabesyou want to run Windows inside Linux?00:52
meoblast001i'll reboot again00:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about win4lin00:53
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:53
Commie_Jebusisnt it "free for use"00:53
SebNaitsabesfree to use, but  the PUEL is closed source so not free as in freedom as well00:54
soundraySebNaitsabes: free to use? I can only see 'buy' options00:55
SebNaitsabessoundray:  http://www.virtualbox.org00:55
soundraySebNaitsabes: I see, I thought you meant win4lin00:55
Phoenix92xgetting pulseaudio to work correctly shouldnt vary between kubuntu 8.04 and ubuntu 8.04 right?00:55
SebNaitsabeswin4lin I was asking them if they wanted Windows in Linux and no answer00:56
SebNaitsabesthen I was trying to suggest virtualbox if that's what they were after00:56
Phoenix92xI'm on kubuntu 8.04 and having a lot of issues with pulseaudio but the folks in #kubuntu don't seem able to help, anyone in here able to help?00:56
SebNaitsabeswhat kind of issues?00:56
Phoenix92xsince 8.04 I haven't had 5.1 sound, but 2.100:57
SebNaitsabestry this00:57
SebNaitsabesin a terminal00:57
SebNaitsabeskillall pulseaudio00:57
Phoenix92xand I think I screwed up the pulse.conf file in /etc00:57
SebNaitsabesthen  well play something that makes sound00:57
Phoenix92xno process killed00:57
Phoenix92x...which is um...odd...00:57
SebNaitsabesok it's trying to say pulse isn't even running then00:57
Phoenix92xseems so00:57
Phoenix92xI think I screwed up its conf file in /etc00:58
SebNaitsabessure, but if pulse isn't running00:58
Phoenix92xin /etc/pulse/daemon.conf00:58
SebNaitsabesI guess right now that won't really matter00:58
* Phoenix92x nods00:58
jramseyi just updated from 6.06 to 8.04 hardy; my display resolution is 640/480 and it was high than this before installation; monitor resolution settings only has 640/480 and 320/240. what happened to the higher resolutions??00:58
soundraySebNaitsabes: keep it all on one line if you can please00:58
threedee how to find the version(s) of opengl installed?00:58
SebNaitsabeshowever I assume pulse can be sudo apt-get purge removed and  you can check .home  for a pulse folder get rid of that if there is one. and re install pulseaudio00:58
SebNaitsabesI assume that can be done00:59
soundrayjramsey: I don't know, but you can probably fix it by setting up your monitor via 'gksudo displayconfig-gtk'00:59
Phoenix92xone moment00:59
Phoenix92xcommand is apt-get purge foo bar ?00:59
jramseysoundray: will try now txs00:59
SebNaitsabesksudeo or smoething I think on KDE acstauley00:59
SebNaitsabesrather than sudo00:59
SebNaitsabesksudo or sudo whatever it is and then apt-get purge  whatever it's called01:00
SebNaitsabesoh yeah you could open up your package manager01:00
SebNaitsabesand do it the graphical way01:00
Phoenix92xand then apt-get install pulseaudio?01:01
SebNaitsabesyes I think so01:01
jramseysoundray: still only the two smaller resolution options01:01
SebNaitsabesmake sure it's gone first including any .pulse01:01
SebNaitsabesanything in your home folder for it01:01
Phoenix92xyep, erased that01:02
SebNaitsabesso  yeah it should remove with config files01:02
soundrayjramsey: restart X to enable the changes you made in displayconfig-gtk01:02
Phoenix92xk, pulseaudio is reinstalled now01:02
SebNaitsabesthen don't just rei nstall music,  since your speakers may now be using alsa or oss and so work a load better01:02
GeekSquadSFwhats the best "windows media player" type deal on an ubuntu box running gnome?01:02
SebNaitsabesyou can acstaully have WMP10 in Wine01:03
SebNaitsabesif you really want it01:03
jramseysoundray: i only see the two lower resolutions when i run displayconfig-gtk; how do i restart x?01:03
SebNaitsabessame with winamp01:03
Phoenix92xdont reinstall music? confused01:03
Phoenix92xdont reinstall pulseaudio?01:03
LukeI've removed some partitions from software mdadm raid. Now I only have one raid array which is /dev/md3 but md2 and 1 still show up in /dev. ANyone know how to fix this?01:03
SebNaitsabesno  I meant don't  just re install puleaudio since then it should be using alsa or whaetver, and your speakers may work better01:03
Phoenix92xbecause ya Id prefer to just use alsa unless there's some big advantage01:03
meoblast001KDB9000: on shutdown DHCPD3 fails to shutdown due to DansGuardian... a program i thought i uninstalled01:03
SebNaitsabesnope pulseaudio causes a load of problems for people  in this release01:03
Phoenix92xone sec01:04
soundrayjramsey: did you choose an appropriate model from the dialog?01:04
FloodBot2Phoenix92x: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:04
kdb424Back. Just wanted to say that I got ubuntu installed and booting fine on my macbook pro01:04
Swishluke, what's in your /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf?01:04
Swish(which ARRAY statements)01:04
LukeSwish: the ones I dont want are commented out01:04
Phoenix92xSebNaitsabes, after I remove the files again would you mind helping me make sure alsa is running properly with the correct amount of channels?01:04
jramseysoundray: i left it plug-n-play01:04
whileimhereI need to kill the firfox process but I cannot see it in the list that top provides. How can I determine the process number of any given process?01:04
Swishso you're on the right track ;)01:05
yoyonedwhileimhere: ps aux|grep firefox01:05
LukeSwish: i've been working on this a long time =D01:05
KDB9000meoblast001: that could cause the problem. if there is a fail to shutdown it displays it and generally stays in that mode till down01:05
SebNaitsabesPhoenix92x: not entirely sure how to do that. and channels hummmm meaning?  however if I remember correctly well I could look :d ,but I can't be bothered. for the sound control there is settiongs for alsa and what not there as well01:05
soundrayjramsey: well, don't. Go to the dialog and select your monitor make and model if it's there, or a generic model that matches your screen's capabilities01:05
SwishLuke, so you've tried rebooting and all that too?01:05
SebNaitsabesPhoenix92:  for volume control01:05
LukeSwish: most def =)01:05
Swishand/or rmmod md, and stopping all the mdadm devices..01:05
whileimherethanks! yoyoned01:05
Swishand it still picks it up eh.01:05
meoblast001KDB9000: how do i uninstall DHCPD3?01:06
Phoenix92xchannels meaning 2.1, 5.1 etc01:06
SebNaitsabesPhoenix92:  I am talking Gnome/Ubuntu here so will be a bit differnet in Kubuntu01:06
=== Charitwo is now known as o_O
Wistesois the problem with recording when upgrading from gutsy to hardy going to be fixed any time soon? is a cause even known?01:06
soundraywhileimhere: try 'killall firefox', or find out the process id with 'ps aux | grep firefox'01:06
KDB9000meoblast001: DHCPD3, i think you need that for DHCP client01:06
Swishluke, so have you tried renaming the mdadm.conf to something else?01:06
LukeSwish: i still have one md device I want to keep01:06
Swish(and then rebooting)01:06
Swishnothing should come up.01:06
LukeSwish: nope. there's only one array line in there01:06
SebNaitsabesWisteso: what problem with recording? recording what?01:06
Swishif something does, you have to find out how it's doing that.01:06
yoyonedwhileimhere: also try skill firefox-bin01:06
meoblast001KDB9000: whats DHCP? ive heard that word before and used to know what it meant O_o01:06
Flavio23is there a channel related to network security issues, firewalls etc?01:07
SebNaitsabesFlavio23: nope, but what do you want to know?01:07
Swishwell, rename the file and reboot or what.  if your phantom second md device still shows up, you've got bigger issues ;)01:07
dbboltoni'm using hardy, have a radeon ati 9600, can't get x to start01:07
Swishif it doesn't, you know that mdadm is finding it somehow based on the .conf.01:07
SebNaitsabesdbbolton: your in a command line?01:07
Flavio23this: a question for my communication networks exam ;)01:07
dbboltonSebNaitabes yes01:07
legend2440!ati > me01:07
ubottulegend2440, please see my private message01:07
SebNaitsabesFlavio23:  well there is a #networking01:07
WistesoSebNaitsabes - there's a widespread problem with alsa, oss, and really any sound server and being able to record audio from a large number of audio chipsets.01:07
whileimhereyoyoned the first one worked fine! :) Thank you. I have it noted on my Tomboy notes now.01:07
LukeSwish: many people remove their .conf and still have it detect stuff =/ I've even cleared the superblocks though01:07
dbboltonusing irssi atm01:07
KDB9000meoblast001: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is the system that is in just about every router and is what gives your computer an IP address so you can get to the internet01:08
Flavio23i'll try taht thanks01:08
SwishLuke, google google? :)01:08
meoblast001KDB9000: how do i get it to not care about dansguardian?01:08
unopKDB9000, not every router is a DHCP server ..01:08
LukeSwish: yes I know that from google01:08
SebNaitsabesWisteso: well to be honest there is no real advantage it seems to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy, plus then if you upgrade, you like many other people including myself may get pulseaudio issues01:08
dbboltoni had almost the exact same problem in debian lenny01:08
=== wobblywu is now known as qobblyqu
KDB9000unop: that is why i said just about every router01:08
unopKDB9000, my bad .. err, i should have read .. :)01:08
dbboltonit's like x can't find my card, but lspci lists it01:08
KDB9000unop: np01:08
LukeSwish: perhaps it's because the conf still calls it md3 and it can only list them incrementally so it makes the first two devices blank01:09
yoyoneddbbolton: are you getting any arror messages01:09
KDB9000meoblast001: do you remember what it said when it came to that, and how do you know it is related to dansguariden?01:09
whileimhereOkay I have a tough one. Is there a way when installing via a metapackage like ubuntu-desktop to specify packages you dont want?01:09
SwishLuke, that's not a bad guess.01:09
dbboltonyoyoned "screens found but none with useable config."01:09
Swishtry setting it as md0 :)01:09
meoblast001KDB9000: first thing.... and it said underneath it something about dansguardian but scrolled off too fast01:10
SebNaitsabesWisteso: Hardy Heron = puleaudio sound problems for many people01:10
LukeSwish: i'll try renaming it. thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you =)01:10
Swishyou're welcome!01:10
dbboltoni tried mv'ing my xorg.conf, but then when i start x my monitor says no input signal01:10
WistesoSebNaitsabes, the odd thing is that everything else works fine. Sound output is fine with almost every sound server. OSS, ALSA, ESD, Pulse all work as far as output, and my microphone worked for sure in gutsy...  so I'm just surprised that such an isolated problem has no progress yet, or does it?01:10
Swishsounds like you've pretty much tried everything else already ;)01:10
jramseysoundray: ok that worked; txs for ur help01:10
yoyoneddbbolton: try renaming /etc/X11/xorg.conf and try again01:10
soundrayjramsey: you're welcome01:10
SebNaitsabesWisteso:  maybe it's a known bug01:10
dbboltonyoyoned already tried that01:11
meoblast001KDB9000: im gonna restart01:11
dbboltonyoyoned but my monitor said "no input signal"01:11
WistesoSebNaitsabes, it is. Lots of users know about it and im looking over launchpad but no developers have acknowledged it I guess01:11
yoyoneddbbolton: change the driver to vesa01:11
s3aany1 no how i can make compiz rain effects ONLY on my desktop? (cuz so far the rain is always working and it's annoying to have rain on normal windows, I just want it on top of the desktop wallpaper)01:11
SebNaitsabesWisteso: well like I said no real advantage it seems to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy01:11
dbboltonyoyoned ok brb, need to install screen :D01:11
whileimhereWhat is the general effect  as far as slowing down a machine if you use kde apps like digikam on a GNOME desktop?01:11
yoyoneddbbolton: alt f201:12
soundraywhileimhere: it wouldn't slow it down unless you are short of RAM01:12
SebNaitsabesWisteso: maybe just skip this release and get the next?  ,but if you want this release to how about in a virtual machine?  you know about thos01:12
WistesoSebNaitsabes: no way to really downgrade though besides backing up /home/ and reinstalling. Otherwise I would. I dont have the resources for backing up all my junk.01:12
yoyonedwhileimhere: they work fine.  No problems with kde apps on gnome of vice versa01:13
SebNaitsabesWisteso: oh your on hardy now?01:13
whileimhereI only have about a gig and of that 128 is shared video.01:13
unopwhileimhere, apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop  - gives you a list of packages that are pulled in when installing it .. you can then put them in a text file, edit the text file to your needs and have apt-get read from that text file01:13
whileimherethanks unop01:13
onthefence928i am using at leats two partition that are used to store windows stuff  so they are NTFS or FAT 32 (one of each) do i still need to defrag them if i use them under linux mostly? if so how do i defrag under linux?01:13
Nicknamethere's no one in the #networknig channel, ill just ask here: Following setup: FW with Server behind it. Does a portscanner see any difference if a) FW let's traffic on port 80 through and the service on port 80 is down or b) FW blocks traffic on port 8001:13
soundraywhileimhere: that's plenty, unless you open a lot of gnome apps01:13
glitsj16s3a: the water effect plugin in compiz doesn't support window matching (hence no fine-grained selection possibilities), at least not the version in hardy .. better check with #compiz01:13
yoyonedunop: neat trick.  how doy you get apt to read from file01:13
WistesoSebNaitsabes: yeah I went to hardy straight away after the official launch. So I'm looking for and possible fixes. There have been a few but nothing solid.01:14
whileimhereI usually have 1 - 2 open and working01:14
whileimhereNot much else01:14
SebNaitsabesWisteso: well in the mean time how about a Gutsy VM?01:14
s3aglitsj16: k, thx01:14
unopyoyoned,  apt-get install $(<textfile)  # but make sure the text file is formatted right, it must contain only packagenames01:14
WistesoSebNaitsabes: do the VMs allow direct access to hardware? in this case my audio card?01:14
SebNaitsabesWisteso: yep01:14
soundraywhileimhere: digikam will be a bit slower to open under gnome than under KDE, because it will access some shared libraries that will already be cached under KDE.01:15
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Awesome. I'll have to try that.01:15
admin_hey guys, if anyone if good with kernel updating and grub, please see if you can answer my question, thanks. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86554501:15
SebNaitsabesWisteso: well yes it uses your hosts hardware and  has it's own hardware thing uhmmm you will see01:15
SebNaitsabesWisteso:  now the question is in your Gutsy VM do you need  USB support or not?01:15
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Thanks for that tip. I'll definitely give it a shot.01:15
WistesoSebNaitsabes: No, the headset is a standard audio jack.01:15
whileimheresoundray I just hate f-spot and I see that gqview is to limited for me but I do like it01:16
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SebNaitsabesWisteso: ok well then  Virtualbox-ose should be fine you can get that from the repo01:16
whileimhereWhen I set this system up I gave it a 5 gig / partition is that to little?01:16
dbboltontried the vesa driver, same error01:16
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Great. Im familiar with it already. I have it running XP I think.01:16
SebNaitsabes!info virtualbox-ose01:16
yoyonedadmin_: run grub-install /dev/sda from the 32 bit to install on mbr01:16
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.6-dfsg-6ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 6216 kB, installed size 20176 kB01:16
nickrudadmin_ run  sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install <disk with mbr> . the mbr is pointing at the 64 bit01:16
SebNaitsabesWisteso: I assume you got a a Gutsy CD or ISO?01:17
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Do you know if all operating systems have direct access or does VM ubuntu use a hack to acccess the host ubuntu?01:17
soundraywhileimhere: I set it up in 4GB on my eeepc and it's creaking at the seams01:17
unopwhileimhere, depends on how much you install really, on a basic installation - 5GB suffices01:17
dbboltonyoyoned tried vesa driver, didn't work01:17
soundraywhileimhere: I did add a lot of extra software, though01:17
WistesoSebNaitsabes: I think I have an ISO or CD around somewhere. Or at worst I know where to get one.01:17
SebNaitsabesWisteso: the VM runs as if it was some sort of hardware attached or inside the computer   maybe not the best explination, but that is the general idea01:17
yoyoneddbbolton: sudo X -configure01:17
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Works for me.01:17
SebNaitsabesWisteso:  they can also have advantages for example.  XP installed on thsi computer psyically and I have no working sound since some driver I have no idea what I tryed to find one at the time01:18
SebNaitsabesWisteso:  when I put a XP VM inside Ubuntu, well it uses my host OS Ubuntu for the sound :)01:18
SebNaitsabesin this case01:18
whileimherei see that at base install of xubuntu I am already at 50% with the installation of openoffice.org01:18
WistesoSebNaitsabes: That's awesome! Alright. I'll have to hope I can get the same results with compatibility.01:18
SebNaitsabesWisteso: yep there should be an option use the host OS for sound or  emulate sound or something01:18
SebNaitsabesWisteso: don't have the link for the virtualbox manual, but it is very good at explaining about it what can be done with it and all that01:19
bobertdoswhileimhere: As an example, I have everything from Java, to Samba,  to all of gstreamer and xine installed and I'm still barely using 4 gigs.01:19
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Okay. I'm going to try XP first since I already have a VirtualBox image of that and then i'll try gutsy if that fails.01:19
SebNaitsabesWisteso:  and there is #vbox ,but they will usually say did you look in the manual?01:19
soundraywhileimhere: okay -- but openoffice takes more space than any other program or suite of programs01:19
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Got it.01:20
WistesoSebNaitsabes: Thanks a ton for the help. I'm quite flustered without my audio capture.01:20
SebNaitsabesWisteso: or refer you to the section in the manual01:20
soundraywhileimhere: of those that are standard, I mean01:20
admin_yoyoned: are you sure, will grub-install mess up stuff?01:20
whileimhereOh okay. i know that OO is a hog but I get so many different file types coming through and usually OO handles them while the ABi has issues with many.01:20
=== stmiller|away is now known as stmiller
bobertdoswhileimhere: Yeah, you'll be fine, just don't get carried away :D01:21
chadi just managed to install ubuntu on my machine01:21
chadi'm on xp right now01:22
soundraywhileimhere: I know, I wouldn't give it up. Just saying that most of the things you might add after your basic Ubuntu installation won't be nearly as big as OOo01:22
whileimhereI decided to go this route in case I need to re-install the OS last time I lost a ton of work but having a seperate home partition should help me out right?01:22
chadi installed th recomanded ati graphics driver01:22
chadthen i enabled it01:22
chadand rebooted01:22
unopwhileimhere, if you have disk space to spare, you can always mount that free space that into / and move directories onto those partitions01:22
chadnow ubuntu is black01:22
yoyonedadmin_: it will install grub from the 32 bit system that is getting updates onto the MBR.  The other sloution would be to mount the 64 bit systems / partition, and maunully copy the stanzas for your new kernel into it01:22
chadubuntu is pitch black01:22
chadafter instaling the ati graphics driver01:22
KDB9000meoblast001: wb01:22
meoblast001still no fix01:23
dbboltonyoyoned i got 2 errors- modules abi and psb, 1 warning radeon no matching devices found01:23
meoblast001dhcpd3 appears to not exist KDB900001:23
chadso now what do i do :|01:23
KDB9000meoblast001: is that what was failing?01:23
chadthe graphics drivers screwed ubuntu up01:23
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yoyoneddbbolton: sorry, you have exhausted my knowledge01:23
mIgggUeLhi anybody can help me to protect DoS attacks with shorewall ?01:23
meoblast001KDB9000: its failinig because "DansGuardian is not configured"01:24
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:24
dbboltonchad what card do you have?01:24
bobertdoschad: Please try to cut down on using carriage returns. Now, which driver did you install?01:24
unopwhileimhere, a separate /home partition is a good idea, yea01:24
meoblast001KDB9000: DHCPD3 is failing because DansGuardian is not configured01:24
chadati 1650 pro agp01:24
meoblast001KDB9000: i dont even have DansGuardian anymore... i purged it01:24
ubottuYour home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For mounting your home folder on a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:24
KDB9000meoblast001: then we need to try and remove dansguardian. you can use synaptic and remove it that way or "sudo apt-get remove dansguardian"01:24
skylighterWhat exactly does "Video mode not supported" mean?  I just tried running Urban Terror and the screen stayed black with a white box with blue border that said that, but I could hear the game's audio in the background01:24
skylighterI just installed the new nvidia drivers too01:25
dbboltonchad i have an aiw 9600 agp and can't get x to start at all01:25
badlandsme 301:25
meoblast001KDB9000: i already told you i purged it but ill try that01:25
SebNaitsabesskyligher: gl messages?01:25
dbboltoni think i'll have to migrate back to etch01:25
chadso there is no way for me to start ubuntu01:25
meoblast001KDB9000: Package dansguardian is not installed, so not removed01:25
chadlike it was working fine01:25
chadi was checking preferances01:25
SebNaitsabeschad you can01:25
SebNaitsabesare you in a termianl?01:25
SebNaitsabeschad:  are you in a command line?01:26
chada what?01:26
chadno i'm in xp right now01:26
meoblast001KDB9000: can i remove these libglib1.2 libboost-thread1.34.1 libboost-date-time1.34.1 libclamav301:26
meoblast001  classpath-gtkpeer libgtk1.2-common classpath-common cacao classpath01:26
meoblast001  linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic linux-headers-2.6.24-16 libesmtp501:26
skylighterSebNaitsabes: gl messages?  what does that mean?01:26
SebNaitsabeschad: ok so X no longer works?01:26
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
SebNaitsabesskylighter: graphics card issues yes?01:26
chadwhats X01:26
KDB9000meoblast001: no need too. search for dhcpd01:26
jramsey!x | chad01:26
ubottuchad: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:26
SebNaitsabeschad:  the program that is used to  run Gnome/Ubuntu and KDE/Kubuntu01:26
chadhow do i get to command line?01:27
SebNaitsabeschad:  you got the Grub boot loader yes?01:27
Tenseianyone want to give a newbie some help with setting up an apache server on ubuntu 8.04?01:27
skylighterSebNaitsabes: I guess, i'm not sure.  I just installed the new nvidia-glx driver.  Other games play fine, like Nexuiz, but not this one01:27
chadi used wubi to install ubuntu01:27
jramseychad: App/Accessories/Terminal01:27
SebNaitsabesyou probably do, maybe it's so quick you go past it01:27
SebNaitsabesoh wubi hummmm01:27
yoyonedTensei: what kind of help01:27
meoblast001KDB9000: found them01:27
SebNaitsabeswell if you had Grub you would have access to a recovery console01:27
SebNaitsabeswhere X can be fixed01:27
chadi just installed ubuntu01:27
KDB9000meoblast001: is dhcp3-server installed?01:27
SebNaitsabesskylighter:  try this program01:27
chadstarted changing preferances01:27
chadsaw that it wasn't useing a driver01:28
SebNaitsabes!info envyng-gtk01:28
ubottuenvyng-gtk (source: envyng-gtk): install the ATI or the NVIDIA driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 93 kB, installed size 324 kB01:28
chadit recoomended an ati driver01:28
meoblast001KDB9000: yup01:28
chadi dled it01:28
chadand rebooted to install it01:28
chadand now01:28
Tenseiyoyoned: I have installed the apache2 server.. i'm trying to start it and do general functions... How do I do this.  Do I open up the files and edit them with a text editor (if i do it says I don't have the permission)... i read the support info but I can't seem to understand it01:28
KDB9000meoblast001: uninstall server and make sure that client is installed01:28
chadthe login screen is black01:28
meoblast001KDB9000: it is but ok01:28
SebNaitsabeschad:  re install Ubuntu, but do it by partitions this time01:28
SebNaitsabeschad: then you get Grub as well :)01:28
SebNaitsabeschad:  also after re install X will be working of course01:28
chadhow do i install it to a partion?01:29
KDB9000meoblast001: you did say server was installed right?\01:29
Dr_willishe should be able to use alt-ctrl-f1 - to get to a console to try to fix things with wubi. i imagine..01:29
yoyonedTensei: do you know how to use a terminal01:29
chadyeah but how do i get it to use a graphics card driver01:29
SebNaitsabeschad: you download the Live CD and boot your computer from it, and follow the installer01:29
meoblast001KDB9000: whats grml-btnet... do i need it.... and will uninstalling this stuff knock me offline01:29
bobertdoschad: I think your card is old enough that using the restricted driver is actually NOT a good idea.01:29
chadwait alt ctrl f101:29
meoblast001KDB9000: its installed01:29
=== osxdude_ is now known as osxdude
lucia_what's the wine channel, please?01:29
Tenseiyoyoned: not really i just installed ubuntu about an hour ago.. i use to set up apahce on windows xp but this is new to me..01:29
SebNaitsabesbobertdos: hummmm at total Linux noobs01:30
Dr_willischad,  alt-ctrl-f1 through F6 for the 'consoles' and F7 to get back to X. is the normal way.01:30
chaddr wukkus01:30
borisCan anyboody help me with this01:30
Dr_willis!tab | chad01:30
ubottuchad: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:30
nogagplzlucia_: #winehq01:30
glitsj16lucia: #winehq01:30
SebNaitsabesbobertdos: I wonder what he is like in Windows01:30
bloodrockSebNaitsabes, there is a grub in a wubi install he just has to hit the esc key after choosing ubuntu from the win boot loader01:30
Carbon_life$ screen01:30
Carbon_lifeCannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.01:30
yoyonedTensei: do you have a GUI01:30
Carbon_lifeany ideas?01:30
KDB9000meoblast001: grml-btne appears to be for bluetooth networks. I have bluetooth but it isn't installed on my system so i would say no and I don't think it will knock you offline.01:30
Tenseiyoyoned: GUI for what?01:30
bobertdosSebNaitsabes: *sigh* I know, but that's why we spend time here, after all :p01:30
SebNaitsabesbloodrock: well why not tell Chad that, and get him to understand about it01:30
meoblast001DKB9000: so which ones do i uninstall now?01:31
yoyonedTensei: a desktop01:31
chadoh really01:31
SebNaitsabesbobertdos: that's true01:31
onthefence928i am using at leats two partition that are used to store windows stuff  so they are NTFS or FAT 32 (one of each) do i still need to defrag them if i use them under linux mostly? if so how do i defrag under linux?01:31
chadok so what do i do when in grub01:31
Tenseiyoyoned: ubuntu01:31
SebNaitsabeschad did you see bloodrocks message?01:31
chadyeah i noticed it says 5 4 3 2 1 hit esc for menu01:31
SebNaitsabeswhen you got grub you want to go into a recovery mode where you can fix X01:31
chadahh ok01:31
chadk so i'll go try that01:31
Tenseiyoyoned: sorry i was confused cause I said that when I posted my question :-)01:31
chadwish me luck01:31
meoblast001im confused01:32
bloodrockchad, once you hit ubuntu to load you should see a count down when you see it hit the esc key then choose the ubuntu recovery mode01:32
jramseychad: may the ubuntu force be with you01:32
yoyonedTensei: from menu, Accessories>terminal to get comand line then type sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start01:32
KDB9000meoblast001: dhcp3-server is all you need to uninstall. to test before uninstalling, run command "sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server stop" and it will stop the server or return an error. if it knocks you off then do start instead of stop01:33
unoponthefence928, FAT volumes shouldn't need defragging under linux -- not sure about NTFS, afaik, there are no defrag tools for NTFS on linux (atleast ones that do an actual defrag)01:33
meoblast001KDB9000:  * Stopping DHCP server dhcpd3                                           [fail]01:33
plouffeIs there any way I can tell what the start code is associated with a menu item in the Gnome menu?01:33
KDB9000meoblast001: ok, so it isn't even running. as long as client is installed it shouldn't knock you off line.01:34
Tenseiyoyoned: says command not found01:34
plouffei.e. what command is executed when I select that menu item.01:34
Dr_willisplouffe,  ive 'drug' the icon to the desktop, then right click, checkits properties.. :) there may be better ways01:34
yoyonedTensei: are you sure you installed apache01:34
plouffeDr_willis: thanks tha01:34
oldman129need a little help with server please01:34
plouffet that may work01:34
meoblast001KDB9000: that was a shut off... it might be running... but cant stop01:34
KDB9000oldman129: what is the probelm01:34
Tenseiyoyoned: I did the     sudo apt-get install apache2   deal.. all the files seem to be there01:35
iCEiferhello, I am trying to update the grub splash image and used update-grub and it said it found it and updated menu.lst but it doesn't seem to work and menu.lst has no sign of splash.xpm.gz?01:35
digitaltaoanyone in here have experience installing fuppes?01:35
KDB9000meoblast001: the command you did in the terminal confirmed it was stopped. if it was running it would say OK, not fail01:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fuppes01:35
SebNaitsabes!info fuppes01:35
ubottuPackage fuppes does not exist in hardy01:35
meoblast001KDB9000: ok01:35
Dr_willisplouffe,  or right click on the gnome icon/menu -> edit menu, check the proprtties for the items01:35
oldman129can only see from server but in index file not seen on local network01:35
WhizkoHi, I'm trying to run Lineage 2 under wine and it seems to work perfectly except that I can't see any writing at all. Can someone please help me with this issue?01:35
yoyonedTensei: did you try to see if its working.  Open firefox and type http://localhost in the address bar01:36
SebNaitsabesWhizko:  got fonts installed01:36
digitaltaoSebNatisabes: its been hellish trying to get it to run01:36
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.01:36
hal14450Whizko, yeah you probably need msfonts01:36
KDB9000oldman129: what do you mean? what are you trying to do?01:36
SebNaitsabesdigitaltao: well I don'tk now of that program01:36
WhizkoI think I already have them installed01:36
plouffeDr_willis: I don't have a edit menu option , but the other method worked01:36
SebNaitsabesWhizko:  you can copy them from Windows if you have access to say a dual boot. and put them in the wine fonts folder01:36
Tenseiyoyoned: it opens a page that says "It works!"01:36
digitaltaoSebNaitsabes: It is a UPnP meida server01:37
DfroniusI have a pretty simple question, if anyone would like to help me please.01:37
WhizkoSebNaitsabes: do you know what directory they are on in winslows?01:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mscorefonts01:37
Raassuppose I switch.. can I run windows-based programs such as dreamweaver, photoshop... etc. ?01:37
Raasswitch to ubuntu*01:37
SebNaitsabesWhizko:  yep  Windows and the fonts folder01:37
meoblast001KDB9000: restart time01:37
SebNaitsabesWhizko:  the Windows directory and then inside that the fonts folder01:37
WhizkoReading state information... Done01:37
Whizkomsttcorefonts is already the newest version.01:37
digitaltaoRaas: yes wine can run most of those with good compatibility01:37
Whizkodoes that count?01:37
yoyonedthen you can install the files you want to serve in /var/www01:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about msttcorefonts01:38
Raascool thx for the info.. imma go research some!01:38
Raaspeace guys01:38
hal14450msttcorefonts - Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts01:38
SebNaitsabesjmarsden: I think that makes the fonts work in Ubuntu, but maybe not Wine as well01:38
unop!info msttcorefonts01:38
ubottumsttcorefonts (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.4 (hardy), package size 34 kB, installed size 196 kB01:38
yoyonedTensei: i'm repeating since I forgot to put you name in.  you can install the files you want to serve in /var/www01:38
oldman129try to see site on local network and internet01:38
DfroniusI'm trying to set up home network with a WinXP workstation, and Ubuntu 8.04. I can ping both computers, from each other, but I can not view shares, or see either computer on network places01:39
jmarsdenSebNaitsabes: But then you'd have the fonts on the Ubuntu system ready to copy into the Wine filesystem, at least?01:39
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:39
sravanhow to add music files to mpg123 player from command prompt01:39
SebNaitsabesuse Samba for file sharing01:39
SebNaitsabesbetween WIndows and Linux01:39
DfroniusI already have Samba installed01:39
plouffeIs there a general purpose error log, that catches all causes of application crashes?01:39
SebNaitsabeshave you tryed saying this open up the file manager and  //:internal ip address01:39
loquitus_of_borgHey people. Can I upgrade from Edgy to the latest Ubuntu, from the DVD?01:40
chaddso i get to the grub console01:40
chaddnow what do i type?01:40
chaddto reset x01:40
yoyonedTensei: but you need to have root privileges to install in /var/www01:40
SebNaitsabesopen the recovery console and it's pretty stragiht forward read what it says01:40
Dfroniussays it can't find01:40
chaddi did01:40
chaddthe recovery console?01:40
KDB9000oldman129: you will need to install apache. depending on what kind of site you might need to install mysql, php, and php-mysql. once that is installed you can put the files into /var/www and all you need to do it put the ip address of the server into your web browser and you should see your site01:40
chaddisn't that grub01:40
bobertdosDfronius: The first thing you have to be sure matches are the workgroup names.01:40
Tenseiyoyoned: thank you i couldn't see your original post :-)  i'm guessing that means it's running.. is there a reference page that gives me the commands to start and stop.. so I know what I'm doing?  also... where is /var/www01:40
SebNaitsabesyes open the recovery console from Grub01:40
chaddhow do i do that01:41
jramseyoldman129: http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-22_11-5076696.html01:41
SebNaitsabesyou should have a kernel listed01:41
SebNaitsabesmaybe more than one01:41
chaddi was on a console01:41
Dfroniusbobertdos: That's the first thing I did01:41
unopsravan, make a simple playlist consisting of filenames - each on a line of its own. then do.   mpg123 filename01:41
KDB9000oldman129: to make it seen from the internet you need to set up a nat rule in the router.01:41
sravanmpg123 file name to play the songs..01:41
loquitus_of_borgAnybody know if I can upgrade Ubuntu from the DVD?01:41
chadddoes the recovery colsole have a name at the top left01:41
SebNaitsabeswhen you got Grub.  you should have a list of things .  kernels  recovery mode and memtest8601:41
loquitus_of_borgI am running Edgy01:41
sravanhow to add songs to the ply list?01:41
chaddi was there01:41
SebNaitsabesthe recovery console suaully has that in brackets saying (recovery console)01:41
chaddwell i went into recovery mode01:41
chaddand it won't boot01:42
SebNaitsabesGrub is not the recovery console01:42
Tenseiyoyoned: for example, I beleive i'm suppose to change my e-mail address in sites-available... how do i do that?  How do i get root access?  there is only one user which is me with admin privlages...01:42
Dfroniusbobertdos: sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf to edit the workgroup name, and they match01:42
oldman129ok will check back01:42
chaddi went into recovery mode01:42
unopsravan,  find /path/to/media -type f > ~/my_playlist;  mp3123 ~/my_playlist01:42
gdh0newbie questions here ....01:42
chaddand i tried to boot01:42
jmarsdenTensei: sudo su01:42
chaddit didn't boot01:42
bobertdosDfronius: mshome?01:42
chaddit just took me to another console01:42
chaddthat said type help01:42
chaddfor commands01:42
SebNaitsabesyou were in Grub and it said something was the recovery console tryed to boot and did not work?01:42
unopsravan, you could also not make a file and pipe to mpg123 directly.  find /path/to/media -type f | mp3123 -01:42
Dfroniusbobertdos: kd0arnet01:43
Tenseijmarsend: so i would type sudo su in terminal then...?01:43
meoblast001KDB9000: sorry... im an idiot... DHCPD3 was on the terminal from startup... and that was the startup of DHCPD3... thats not the error01:43
SebNaitsabesyes it will take you to another console01:43
chaddi was in some random console01:43
bobertdosDfronius: Oh, okay, and did you restart Samba when you made that change?01:43
sravanunop! im able to play the song from command prompt .. how to add more songs to plylist../01:43
chaddafter trying to boot in recovery mode01:43
bloodrockchadd, did it say something like busybox01:43
Dfroniusbobertdos: restarted the whole box01:43
jmarsdenTensei: Yes, then ype in your password when it asks for it.  At that point you'll be in a terminal as root.01:43
KDB9000meoblast001: so what is the error? but you didn't need server anyways01:43
chaddyes it did01:43
chaddwhat do i do from there?01:44
yoyonedTensei: the top of the linux file tree is /.  It has many folders in it one of which is /var.  / is kinda like C: in windows.  The comands to start,stop,restart apache are  sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start        sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop        sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart01:44
Dfroniusbobertdos: and I can still ping the machines from each other. So there's not a network malfunction01:44
bloodrockchadd, prob best to just delete the wubi and reinstall01:44
SebNaitsabesthis is what you should do01:44
bobertdosDfronius: alright, unfortunately, I have to go, hopefully someone else can pick up where I leave off01:44
SebNaitsabesget your self an Ubutnu ISO burn to CD01:44
SebNaitsabesand install Wubi onto partitions01:44
gdh0capslock problem with my Thinkpad. The led works when pressing Shift Lock and the character are uppercase too. but the Number are not (I'have an azerty keyboard). anyone for some explanation ?01:44
meoblast001KDB9000: problem? usplash wont come up thats the problem01:44
SebNaitsabesby bootting from the Live CD and following the installer01:44
SebNaitsabesget rid of Wubi and do Ubuntu the partition way01:45
Dfroniusbobertdos: thanks01:45
sravanusr/bin/mpg123 path..01:45
jmarsdenDfronius: Try smbclient -L \\\\ and see if it can "see" your windows PC at IP ?01:45
unopsravan, errm,  keep adding files to ~/my_playlist while mpg123 is playing perhaps ..  find /path/to/media -type f >> ~/my_playlist01:45
KDB9000meoblast001: so no "failed" status on shutdown and you don't have usplash on boot and/or shutdown. right?01:45
Dfroniusjmarsden: in terminal?01:45
Tenseiyoyoned: awsome... is there a place where I can go online that has all the commands to be used in terminal for apahce 201:45
=== Tuv0k is now known as darthanubis
jmarsdenDfronius: Yes.  Just press enter when it asks you for a password.01:45
chaddyeah but01:45
chaddhow will that help01:45
chaddbut graphics driver problem01:45
chaddas it was running 100% perfect01:45
meoblast001KDB9000: not sure......... everything moves to fast for me to see if there's an error01:45
jmarsdensmbclient is a command line Samba client01:45
chadduntil i installed the graphics driver01:46
unopsravan, i am not sure that will work so good though.  you might need to setup a queue with mkfifo - but that's offtopic and a question to be asked in #bash01:46
Dfroniusjmarsden: I just get a blinking curser01:46
sotec_prodHow do I keep icons from appearing on my desktop?01:46
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto01:46
sotec_prodeven mounted ones?01:46
zhurui4hello every body , help me01:46
SebNaitsabeschadd:  I get the impression your very new to this?01:46
Dfroniusjmarsden: so it's likely a timeout01:46
Tenseijmarsden: how do I undo that?  and when i'm logged in as root that will allow me through terminal to makes changes.. but where do i learn the commands i need to type?01:46
yoyonedTensei: I'll look around a bit.  The linux basement podcast did a series on getting an apache server running on ubuntu.  Listen to the first few episodes01:46
Dfroniusjmarsden: daniel@daniel-desktop:~$ smbclient -L \\\\ Error connecting to (No route to host) Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE)01:46
sravanunop, thank you friend01:46
zhurui4I insert a realtek 8139 in my morther board01:47
KDB9000meoblast001: hmm. what kind of graphic card do you have?01:47
Dfroniusjmarsden: or did you mean for me to use the
chaddi am very new01:47
SebNaitsabesdid you get my private message?01:47
sotec_prodHow do I keep icons from appearing on my desktop? There are too many!01:47
Tenseiyoyoned: where can I find that podcast at.. and what do i need to download to be able to see it?01:47
meoblast001KDB9000: Intel 915GM something..... but it used to work until i did a Ctrl + Alt F101:47
zhurui4when the machine go to X-windows, It can't display correctly,just white screen01:47
jmarsdenDfronius: replace with the IP address of your WIndows PC that is sharing files.  See http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/28869/ for my example.01:47
KDB9000meoblast001: what happened when you did ctrl + alt + F1?01:48
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:48
meoblast001KDB9000: it hides GDM and gives me a terminal to work with01:48
Dfroniusok, I did that then01:48
sotec_prodAnyone know how to keep icons from appearing on my desktop? It's annoying01:48
KDB9000meoblast001: so nothing bad happened? you got a terminal and was able to login and run commands right?01:48
unopsotec_prod, i don't mean to be funny. but you can ask your favourite search engine that very question and it will give you pointers. like this one.  http://edivad.wordpress.com/2007/03/19/gnome-hide-desktop-icons/01:49
jmarsdenDfronius: So you can ping the windows PC, but smbclient -L \\\\ shows no output at all?  Are you sure you have windows file sharing enabled on the windows PC?01:49
CoolTrainer_DougHey guys01:49
meoblast001KDB9000: yeah... but ever since usplash wont work on shutdown01:49
bloodrocksotec_prod, what icons01:49
CoolTrainer_DougI just wanted to say thanks for all your help!01:49
CoolTrainer_DougI got my wireless working and everything is great!01:49
jmarsdenDfronius: Any firewall software on the windows PC that might be preventing this?01:49
complexityAnybody here a wizard at printers? I have posted at a lot of forumns and this problem has stumped them all!01:50
sotec_prodthanks unop, I could do that, and I usually do, but what's the point of this room if not for immediate help?01:50
WhizkoSebNaitsabes: I just copied all my fonts from windows to my fonts directory and it's still not working :/01:50
Dfroniusjmarsden: no. I have 3 laptops and another PC, all running windows XP and they all share and view correctly01:50
KDB9000meoblast001: lets try something. run "sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf"01:50
yoyonedTensei: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Hardy#Install_a_LAMP_server_for_local_web_development, http://www.linuxbasement.com01:50
complexityI can only print to a windows shared printer when I send the print job a second time. The first just sits there01:50
unopsotec_prod, i'm just trying to get you to make good and effective use of your time and ours :)01:50
SebNaitsabesWhizko:  well you know about virtual machines?01:50
Tenseijmarsden: how do I undo that command?01:50
WhizkoSebNaitsabes: yep, but can they use 3d drivers nowdays?01:50
unopsotec_prod, besides, one of us has to reach out that way .. :)01:51
jmarsdenTensei: type exit and you will be back to your normal user.01:51
sotec_produnop, again, I usually do my own research, but I figured i'd see if anyone knew right off hand01:51
SebNaitsabesWhizko:  vmware has experimental 3d suppourt in one of it's softwares01:51
SebNaitsabesWhizko: there is an actsaul Wine channel here #winehq01:51
bloodrocksotec_prod, what icons are they01:51
glitsj16Whizko: perhaps you need to update the font caches --> sudo fc-cache -f -v01:51
WhizkoSebNaitsabes: yep, but they always tell me to ask on this channel01:51
meoblast001KDB9000: ok now what?01:51
sotec_prodbloodrock, all icons. any icons.01:51
jmarsdenDfronius: I'm puzzled... all PCs are on the same network subnet, no routers between them or anything like that?01:52
sotec_produnop helped me already. pretty easy solution actually.01:52
sotec_prodthanks unop01:52
KDB9000meoblast001: run "sudo sysv-rc-conf"01:52
bloodrocksotec_prod, but are they icons from a download or what01:52
unopsotec_prod, yw01:52
Dfroniusjmarsden: there's one router, in the basement. The three PCs are connected to it, and the laptops all are WiFi01:52
unopbloodrock, desktop icons .01:52
KDB9000meoblast001: once it comes up use the arrow keys to go down and find usplash and 2345 should have X's in them01:52
complexityGuess it stumps you all also....thanx for the consideration...guess I will stay in this madness01:53
WhizkoWell, I'll keep checking forums. Thanks for helping :)01:53
sotec_prodbloodrock, I got you now. No, not downloaded packages. mounted icons, etc01:53
meoblast001KDB9000: 234501:53
jmarsdenDfronius: sounds normal... so it should work... hmm.  I literally just installed samba here to check the smbclient comamnd for you, worked for me first time!01:53
Tenseijmarsden: thanks for the help01:53
meoblast001KDB9000: this program is cool01:53
jmarsdenTensei: You're welcome.01:53
Tenseiyoyoned: thanks for the help.  talk with you later.. lots of stuff to read now :-)01:53
Dfroniusjmarsden: what is the command?01:53
KDB9000meoblast001: alright, that seems correct. press q to exit01:54
meoblast001KDB9000: now what01:54
fg3Is there a channel for remastersys or anyone that can assist in getting in getting the network going using this?01:54
meoblast001KDB9000: i tried using this startup manager and unchecked usplash then rechecked it01:54
jmarsdenDfronius: I did sudo apt-get install samba    and then smbclient -L \\\\ # use your own WIndows PC IP instead of
meoblast001KDB9000: didnt restart to see if it works01:55
peacesi did a minimal install of ubuntu with gnome, and i want to be able to unzip files in nautilus. nothing is showing up to "open with." what do i need to install? i have the cli command "unzip" installed.01:55
=== o_O is now known as kirby
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression01:55
Dfroniuspound sign after it?01:55
jmarsdenDfronius: can you put a copy of the output from your smbclient -L command on pastebin so I can see it, just in case that helps?01:56
peacesthank you01:56
jmarsdenDfronius: The # sign is just a start of a comment...01:56
TheMafiawould there be a reason why I cannot connect to a windows 2003 printer share via hardy?01:56
gdh0can anyone provide me some basic info about keyboard problem ?01:56
Mycah_Is there a way to detect what kind of drivers i need for my soundcard and video card?01:57
TheMafiathe 2003 box is not part of a domain, just standalone for that printer. I can smbclient -L and see the printer but the cups dialog browses only to the computer name and won't show the printer01:58
nikinhy i am installing an ubuntu web/ftp server and i am looking for an easy to use incremental backup program. The backup should go throough network. please suggest me some program01:58
Mycah_how can I detect what drivers i need for my sound and video cards01:59
jmarsdenMycah_: Boot from a Ubuntu LiveCD and see if they work that way?  If they do, you don't care what drivers got used, do you?01:59
Mycah_Well, They work but the volume is really low and stops working at times.02:00
unopnikin, amanda is a good backup server solution .. you can also use rsync to backup only files that have changed on the source02:00
fireantshi does ssh come pre installed on ubuntu?02:00
histofireants: not server02:00
=== SplinTer0616__ is now known as SplinTer0616_
histofireants: but client does.02:00
fireantsok cool thanks02:01
jmarsdennikin: See http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/rsyncweb.htm for some ideas using rsync that might be worth a look02:01
KDB9000meoblast001: sorry but i am out of ideas. it isn't that big of a deal if it doesn't show up and it doesn't mess with the system so i would worry about it. sorry02:02
nikinunop thank you ... my main backups would be a 90GB partition with files with about  500MB dayly new/modifyed files and a 10 GB system partion where i want partition based backup02:02
meoblast001KDB9000: its ok... ill mess with it myself02:02
Drk_GuyCan anyone help?02:02
sistemasalgun programador de python02:02
Drk_GuyI'm having really uncool Xorg issues02:03
unopnikin, not sure what you mean there .. but have a look at amanda, rsync, dump, tar, etc02:03
Drk_Guy!es | sistemas02:03
ubottusistemas: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:03
Drk_Guy!python | sistemas02:03
ubottusistemas: python is a popular Oject Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org02:03
nikinunop thank ypu02:03
jmarsdenMycah_: You can do     lsmod | grep ^snd      to see what sound-related modules are being loaded, if you want to egt down and dirty with the sound drivers...?02:03
Drk_GuyCan anyone help me out with some Xorg issues?02:04
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications02:04
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:04
Mycah_ok Jmarsden02:05
duo_Quick question, bud is asking me to reinstall his windows for him on a dual boot Ubuntu 7.10, not sure if he updated to 8.04 machine, whats the least painful way to do this? the installs are on 2 separate HDDs02:05
Dfroniusjmarsden: http://pastebin.com/m3b70336e02:07
Dfroniusjmarsden: it shows up on the smbclient -L \\\\ now, but I still can't see it in nautilus02:07
jmarsdenDfronius: OK, that's a start.  What did you change to get it to start working?02:08
tuchkicould you tellme which notebook of this is better: gateway685fx or hp pavillion dv9825nr?02:08
Dfroniusjmarsden: she turned the damn computer off.02:08
Dfroniusjmarsden: so I turned it back on, and it worked02:08
will00have there ever been reports of the gnome system monitor showing two processors when there are only supposed to be one?02:08
jmarsdenDfronius: Yep, that might explain it... although you said ping was working...!02:09
Dfroniusjmarsden: but, that still doesn't solve the problem, because I can't see any of the other computers still either02:09
yclianallows me to ask, which.. seems a bit dumb. I'm just a Linux end-user (I don't hack), and before I move to Ubuntu, I install software by building their source; now that I'm with Ubuntu, I install from the *.deb or grab from the repository. Say now if I have a program that's installed using aptitude, and at the same time its latest version is not available in the repository, what'll actually happen if I build and install from source? Do I have to remove the02:09
yclian previous package first?02:09
tuchkihi again02:09
Dfroniusjmarsden: ping worked before. When I tried to ping it after we started talking, it wasn't02:09
Nostahlwhat is the ndiswrapper gui tool called02:09
neothecati am using hardy heron, and whenever i am playing Urban Terror fullscreen with gnome, it suddenly goes back to windowed mode, and the only thing i can do ctl-alt-bkspc to log back in.02:10
neothecatanyone else have the issue?  btw, i am using nvidia binary drivers.02:10
DfroniusNostahl: ndisgtk02:10
magetfabca ca?02:11
magetfabca va?02:11
genii!fr | magetfab02:12
ubottumagetfab: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr02:12
jmarsdenDfronius: OK.  You can try  smbclient \\\\\\SharedDocs and see if you can get at the files there that way?02:12
Dfroniusjmarsden: Domain=[KAYLA] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] smb: \> #flashing curser02:13
jmarsdenDfronius: It may be that Nautilus will take a while to realise that the Windows PC is now up and running.02:13
jmarsdenDfronius: Good, now you can do ls to see the files, etc... like a command line FTP client.02:13
unopyclian, if you don't deinstall a package and build the same one from source and install it, the newly installed package overwrites files from the older package - something which is not recommended -- also if you are building from source, it is recommended you make a .deb file first and then install the .deb file so you can manage/uninstall the package later02:13
duo_Quick question, bud is asking me to reinstall his windows for him on a dual boot Ubuntu 7.10, not sure if he updated to 8.04 machine, whats the least painful way to do this? the installs are on 2 separate HDDs02:13
Dfroniusjmarsden: what about the other ones? I have 3 laptops on right now, all on the network, I can't see any of them02:13
sotamangacan someone help me?02:13
jmarsdenDfronius: Can you ping them?02:14
stmillersotamanga: just ask a question02:14
sotamangaI need to use dot as decimal separator02:14
sotamangaand its configured as comma02:14
Dfroniusjmarsden: yes. And they all work the same way that the other PC does.02:14
Dfroniusjmarsden: I'd like to just have them show up in the Windows Network - File Browser02:14
jmarsdensotamanga: in what program?  You probably need to use a different locale?02:14
sotamangaopenoffice calc02:15
sotamangaand is set to use same config as locale02:15
sotamangalocale is as es_AR02:15
sotamangaall keybs in AR have dot in the numeric keypad02:16
jmarsdenDfronius: Sure, but first we need to know whether they can communicate at all.... showing up in the browser is a whole extra level of stuff to troubleshoot.02:16
zoreauduo there is one simple answer--dont touch the ubuntu drive, and reinstall windows on the other drive02:16
jmarsdensotamanga: Try using Tools -> Options -> Language settings and change the decimal separator there?02:17
jv_what to use for ui bluetooth in xcfe02:17
TheMafiaI can't see any shared printers on my windows 2003 box, is this expected?02:17
jv_bluetooth works fine in cli but I have no idea how to manage connections02:17
jv_multisync does not work02:17
duo_zoreau: obviously, but what about grub throwing a fit?02:17
jmarsdenDfronius: So can you use smbclient \\\\\\sharename to get at all of the PCs?02:18
Dfroniusjmarsden: yes02:18
sotamangain openoffice? is set to use "locale configuration"02:18
yclianunop, thanks! yea, I was thinking about making a .deb instead from source. not sure how to do that but I will google it. another good thing about this is that, I can do a dpkg -L, which is something I like :D02:18
jmarsdenOK, so the issue is just with the browser stuff.  It's been literally 5+ years since I had to trouble shoot that... I'll try to research it a bit and get abck to you with ideas!02:18
sotamangathe alternative option is to set comma (....)02:18
Dfroniusjmarsden: how do I navigate the folders in the terminal?02:18
jmarsdenDfronius: cd somefolder02:19
OverandUbuntu 8.04 - I've got an HP LaserJet 5M hooked up via ethernet (JetDirect) - and the 'test sheets' work fine.  I have a PDF file, however, that ends up printing out as ASCII Garbage02:19
jmarsdenDfronius: You can use get filename and put filename to moev files back and forth.02:19
OverandI think it's because it's sending it as a 54 megabyte file - is there a 'smarter' app I should be trying to print PDF files with?02:19
threedee how to find the version(s) of opengl installed?02:19
sotamangafor locale is comma, the alternative option is also comma02:19
jmarsdenDfronius: typing help will show you all the smbclient commands02:19
histoI thought they were installing compizconfig-settings-manager by default now no?02:20
Dfroniussmb: \> get desktop music02:20
DfroniusNT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND opening remote file \desktop02:20
linfenixalguien aki habla espanol?02:20
linfenixque me pueda ayudar en algo02:20
jmarsdensotamanga: Hmm, that's pretty odd.  Let me play a little with OpenOffice here for a moment...02:20
sotamangayo, pero estoy buscando ayuuda02:20
linfenixy en que estas buscando ayuda?02:20
meoblast001hi again02:20
jv_estou aqui eu :)02:20
histoWhat happened to ubotu?02:20
sotamangaquiero cambiar la configuración del separador de decimales en openoffice02:21
sotamangadesde coma a punto02:21
jv_que passa?02:21
meoblast001KDB9000: the reason for why i want usplash fixed is because i like to show off ubuntu to try to get ppl to switch and no one's gonna want it if they see the ugly termnial02:21
linfenixni idea de eso02:21
Tenseiquestion... i enabled a video driver and on restart it asking me for a password to access a default keyring,.. whats all this about?02:21
linfenixok, y tu me puedes ayudar a como poner gnome=do??02:21
Overandlinfenix: #ubuntu-es02:21
sotamangay vos con que tenes problema?02:21
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
jmarsdensotamanga: My Spanish is good enough to read what you are typing but not to use for troubleshooting :-)02:22
MechdaveI was wondering what the floodbots are up to, they are very active02:22
threedeehow to find what version(s) of opengl one has installed02:22
jv_bluetooth plz? anybody?02:22
sotamangaoh Im sorry jm, I was just typing to linfenix02:23
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup02:23
linfenixsi me preguntas ami, no tengo problemas con nada, solo que quiiero un poco de ayuda sobre como poner gnome-do o configurarlo, o algo asi02:23
omnihey, I just installed the .19 kernel upgrade and now my taskbar is missing02:23
Mechdavejv_, what about bluetooth?02:23
TheMafiaIs samba unable to printer to a windows 2003 server printer share?02:23
meoblast001=( i want usplash to work........ how do i COMPLETELY reset usplash and stuff02:23
omniI can still work with shortcuts but there's no taskbar at the top or bottom of the screen...02:23
jv_what progrma should I use for managing devices?02:23
jv_bluesoleil linux package only works with eeepc deps02:24
omnidoes anyone know how to show the taskbar?02:24
jv_Mechdave: tx for trying to help02:24
sotamangathere is a problem with locale configuration.02:24
jv_I can see both devices using bluetooth02:24
meoblast001omni: right click on the gnome-panel and click add to panel02:24
jv_on CLI02:24
Mechdavejv_, i use the gnome-bluetooth and when it gets down and dirty i use terminal02:24
omnimeoblast001: No, that's just it.. there's no panel, no status bar, no applications menu, nuthin.02:25
jv_but what UI package should I use to manage what folders to sync from pocket pc to my lap?02:25
omnimeoblast001: all I have is my desktop image and desktop icons02:25
puffI'm having a problem with my wireless.02:25
meoblast001omni: press alt+f2 and then type gnome-panel and tell me what you get02:25
Dfroniusomni: no panels at all02:25
OmiKrOnhow do I install a 32 bit version of sun-java on a 64 bit system using apt?02:25
jv_for example: do you sync calendars and contacts?02:26
jmarsdensotamanga: Have you tried changing the locale setting in that same menu in OpenOffice Calc?02:26
MusliAnyone know why amarok does not always find my playlist files ? the mp3 files are on a NTFS Disk02:26
omnimeoblast001: alt+f2 doesn't bring up the launch dialog02:26
omniI'l try in terminal02:26
Dfroniusomni: did you try resetting your gnome?02:26
puffNormally I use shell commands to configure my wireless (iwlist, iwconfig, dhclient, etc).  The other night I needed to get on a network that was using WPA, so I used the GUI network mananger.02:26
Mechdavejv_, gnome and nautilus should work for you... mostly it is plug & play02:26
omniDfronius: tried logging out then back in, if that's what you mean02:26
sotamangayes, but the options are to set comma or as locale, and in locale is also comma02:26
jv_ah...ok..using xfce :)02:26
jv_will try to install gnome-bluetooth02:27
meoblast001omni: hmmmm..... how will you get a terminal up?02:27
puffThen, today, when I tried to use the wireless with an unencrypted network, I can't get a response.  Other machines on the same network are fine.02:27
will00is there a way to remove evolution or a way to set up firefox so that it wont open any mail programs when an email link is clicked?02:27
jmarsdensotamanga: No, I mean set the locale to (for example) English (USA) instead :-)\02:27
Mechdavejv_, ok i am lost with xfce... sorry02:27
Dfroniuswill00: you can remove evolution in the package manager02:27
puffI tried using the GUI as well, but the GUI connection properties dialog doesn't appear to have a setting for "no encryption".02:27
sotamangabut it will change the lang for all the applications of ooo02:27
sotamangaalso the writer02:28
meoblast001where does usplash save logs to?02:28
puffI can see the networks with iwlist, but when I dhclient, no response.02:28
jmarsdensotamanga: Yes, very probably... but it will get you a period as the decimal separator :-)02:28
omnimeoblast001: Ok so when I typed gnome-panel it errored out and said gnome-panel was not installed.02:28
orgthingyman, i installed a stupid program and the "toolbar menu" disappeared!!!02:28
orgthingyhow can i fix it?02:28
orgthingyplease help me02:28
omnimeoblast001: I apt-get installed it and ran it02:28
meoblast001omni: problem solved lol02:29
jmarsdensotamanga: What is your default locale?  I can try adding the language pack for it here amd maybe try to duplicate the problem?02:29
sotamangabut Im trying to solve the problem, not to change one for another, he02:29
omnimeoblast001: when I did that, I got my panels back but I also got these three errors:02:29
omniThe panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_MixerApplet".02:29
omniThe panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet".02:29
orgthingyat least, how can I make another account xD02:29
sotamangaI added it02:29
omniThe panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_Panel_TrashApplet"02:29
Dfroniusorgthingy: pay attention to Omni's problem and answers. He's having the same comflict you are02:29
omniasking me if I wanted to delete them from the configuration02:29
orgthingyhe's having same problem as me?02:30
sotamangalocale -a gives me all the es_XX languages and all the en_XX langs02:30
omniorgthingy: can you open a terminal window?02:30
orgthingyomni: no!02:30
Cpudan80Anybody here have Verizon FiOS?02:30
orgthingyi dont have terminal-shortcut in desktop :(02:30
MusliAnyone here that use uTorrent in Linux?02:30
omnithen you're a little balls'ed02:31
orgthingyMusli: ktorrent is great02:31
omnitry ALT+F202:31
Lasittenmusli: I have used. what about it?02:31
Blaqlightmmm fiber02:31
puffwireless, anybody?02:31
Musliok gotta check it out :)02:31
jmarsdensotamanga: what is in /etc/default/locale on your machine?02:31
sotamangalocale -m shows me the UTF-8, the ISO-8859-1 codification02:31
omniorgthingy: what you want to do is find a way to run 'gnome-panel'02:31
jv_puff: what?02:31
Muslidid u use it with wine?02:31
orgthingyomni: ok, then? wait, ill bring my ubuntu machine02:31
Dirusanyone know of a simplist gui based video converter?02:31
jv_works fine here02:31
Blaqlightorgthingy: <CTRL><ALT>F102:31
Lasittenmusli: use Deluge torrent, it's like uTorrent, but it's native :)02:31
Musliok thx m8 :)02:31
Lasittenyeah, i used it trought wine02:31
jv_dirus: avidemux02:32
hunterinyeah, deluge is awesome02:32
Dfroniusjmarsden: still no network stuff in nautilus02:32
jmarsdensotamanga: OK, I'll try to add that to my languages here, my take a minute or two.02:32
Lasittencan somebody help me with swiftweasel, I can't install add-ons on it :/02:32
omniorgthingy: before you try CTRL+ALT+F1, keep in mind that to get back to your main desktop you type CTRL+ALT+F702:32
orgthingyok, im turning on my machine02:32
omnirofl I love linux names... "swiftweasel"02:32
orgthingyomni: ok02:33
Dirusjv_: my friend wants to convert flv videos to their pda or zune02:33
omni"Go swiftly into the night, sweet weasel!"02:33
meoblast001USPLASH BROKEDED02:33
fg3how does ubuntu liveCD get dchp to work -- here's a /var/log/messages of boot info --> http://pastesite.com/150002:33
puffjv_: I'm having problems with my wireless,.02:33
haichmanthe best in general is debian or ubuntu?02:33
OmiKrOnhow do I install a 32 bit version of sun-java on a 64 bit system using apt?02:33
Lasitten"Error: installLocation has no properties Source File: file:///usr/local/swiftweasel/components/nsExtensionManager.js Line: 4034"02:33
Dfroniuspuff: what problems?02:33
DG19075Swiftweasel is little more than a rebranded Firefox02:33
Blaqlightomni: its hold CTRL and ALT then F7 not typing it :P02:33
sotamangaI think a possibility is to Gedit /etc/environment02:33
stmillerOmiKrOn: apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras02:34
omniBlaqlight: lol touche02:34
cl0s_anybody play world of padman?02:34
LasittenDG19075: but I can use firefox add-ons, right?02:34
puffDfronius: iwlist shows me networks, but no response from dhclient.02:34
jv_dirus: http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&domains=linuxmint.com&q=flv+linux+convert&sa.x=0&sa.y=0&sa=Google+Search&sitesearch=&hl=en&client=pub-5386907765195439&forid=1&channel=4474582015&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&cof=GALT%3A%23008000%3BGL%3A1%3BDIV%3A%23EEEEEE%3BVLC%3A663399%3BAH%3Acenter%3BBGC%3AFFFFFF%3BLBGC%3AFFFFFF%3BALC%3A0000CC%3BLC%3A0000CC%3BT%3A000000%3BGFNT%3A7777CC%3B%0D%0AGIMP%3A0000CC%3BFORID%3A1&hl=en02:34
sotamangathen to add a line specifying the locale numeric configuration02:34
Dirusjv_: actually avidemux might just work02:34
orgthingyok, i did ctrl, alt, f102:34
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:34
sotamangaLC_NUMERIC= something02:34
Dirusjv_: tried that02:34
orgthingyomni: what should i do next?02:34
DG19075Lasitten: I would think so02:34
Dfroniustry there02:34
omniorgthingy: log in and try to run gnome-panel02:34
jv_puff: what kind of problems? did it work be402:34
orgthingyi want my gnome-panel back :(02:34
Dirusthose steps are all old and too long and drawn out02:35
Blaqlightorgthingy: thats a terminal02:35
orgthingywhats the command02:35
jay_can anyone point me to where I can grab a Mysql-Embedded server deb package ??02:35
omniorgthingy: "gnome-panel"02:35
BlaqlightCTRL ALT F702:35
linfenixsome boddy, know how to install xmms?02:35
jmarsdensotamanga: It might work as a "workaround", but that would be pretty inelegant.02:35
Dirusand I need to recommend it to a friend, so I was looking for a simple gui02:35
Lasittenbut how I can set swiftweasels "rights" on so it can install add-ons :/02:35
Dirusavidemux can do flash video though02:35
orgthingybash: gnome-panel: command not found02:35
Blaqlightlinfenix: xmms is not developed anymore.02:35
Dfroniuslinfenix: XMMS is in the repos. Check in your Package Manager02:35
jv_dirus: avidemux has flv1 ..but have no idea what is it :)02:35
FAJALOUinstalling ubuntu on my sister's computer, but i cannot see the bar to see how far along it is, so i am basically stuck waiting for it to load,  is there any way to see it,  if i click on it i cannot resize it or anything, it is just a really really little box, and  i don't know if it is asking a question or not because there is no words seeable,  any help please?02:35
Blaqlightlinfenix: if you really want it type sudo aptitude install xmms202:35
omniorgthingy: ok so type this: sudo apt-get install gnome-panel02:36
jmarsdenDirus: Maybe iriverter -- intended for iriver hardware but may work for you?02:36
Muslihow can i add more HZ to the Monitor when there is only 69 HZ in the list and i want more02:36
jv_FAJALOU: how old is the computer? I remeber on a celeron 366 that used to take ages :)02:36
OmiKrOnstmiller, now what?02:36
omniorgthingy: this is exactly what happened to me.. my gnome-panel mysteriously uninstalled itself when I applied a recent batch of ubuntu updates02:36
BlaqlightMusli: 69 is the highest it will do.02:36
omniorgthingy: once gnome-panel finishes installing, try to run it again.02:37
Musliok this flat screen is abit s1p :P02:37
FAJALOUjv_:  not real old, maybe 2 years02:37
jmarsdenMusli: Buy a newer more capable monitor? :-)02:37
meoblast001how do you fix usplash?02:37
orgthingyomni: it says "cannot display"02:37
orgthingyi installed it though02:37
Dirusjmarsden: thanks it looks like iriverter should be able to do it since it uses mencoder, I'm just going to check how easy it would be to explain to someone02:37
omniok, hit CTRL+ALT+F7 to switch to your main display02:37
Musliyeah well i got another monitor that supports 800 x 600 @ 100 hz02:37
linfenixi try, but it doesnt work aptitud install xmms202:38
omniwhen you see your desktop, hit CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to return to the log-in screen02:38
jmarsdenDirus: No problem,  I just fixed a bug in it for intrepid so it is fresh on my mind :-)  Launchpad bug #9123702:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 91237 in iriverter "java library not found" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9123702:38
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
daggerxis there a t41 driver for the internal wifi card02:38
glitsj16dirus: install ffmpeg from the medibuntu repository (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu) and use winFF as frontend (http://www.winff.org/) .. once those are installed it works with profiles so if yiou help your friend set that correct it will be pretty easy02:38
orgthingyomni: still, no toolbar :(02:38
FAJALOUinstalling ubuntu on my sister's computer, but i cannot see the bar to see how far along it is, so i am basically stuck waiting for it to load,  is there any way to see it,  if i click on it i cannot resize it or anything, it is just a really really little box, and  i don't know if it is asking a question or not because there is no words seeable,  any help please?02:38
jv_then these factors could be potential cause: bad burn or failing HD or other hardware,02:38
orgthingyand gnome-panel said that it cannot display02:38
omniorgthingy: hmm ok well that did it for me... so I guess your problem goes a bit deeper.02:38
jv_I have experienced both with stalled install02:38
omniorgthingy: it could be due to the fact that you installed it from a different virtual terminal..02:39
Blaqlightstalled installs are not fun.02:39
Dfroniusorgthingy: try uninstalling it, and then reinstall it again02:39
Dirusglitsj16: ah another lead thanks a ton02:39
meoblast001plz help02:39
meoblast001im getting very angry02:39
omniorgthingy: when I did it, I just hit my keyboard shortcut to bring up a terminal window so I know when I did it I was doing where it needed to be done..02:39
puffDfronius, jv_: The only recent unusual thing is that I used the GUI connection manager last night to get on a wpa2-encrypted network.02:39
jv_meoblast001: why get angry?02:39
orgthingyhow can i uninstall it then reinstall it :P ?02:39
meoblast001jv_: my usplash is broke and no one knows how to fix it02:39
jv_puff: connect with cable, uninstall and reinstall ..give it a try ...02:40
glitsj16Dirus: always choices indeed, you're welcome02:40
daggerxis there a t41 driver for the internal wifi card02:40
Dfroniusorgthingy: sudo apt-get remove gnome-panel02:40
jv_meoblast001: does it boot?02:40
Dfroniusand then,02:40
Dfroniusorgthingy: sudo apt-get install gnome-panel02:40
meoblast001jv_: yes02:40
meoblast001jv_: but i hate looking at the ugly terminal.... it gives me a sense of ubuntu being incomplete02:41
histoOkay firefox is drawing over the top of tool bars02:41
omniso hey guys - in Windows there's a super nifty add-on for Thunderbird that lets you minimize thunderbird to the status bar/system tray, so you can leave it running without it keeping a footprint on your taskbar, then have it alert you with an icon in your systray/status bar.. The add-on isn't supported in Linux, but does anyone know any similar add-on or alternative app to have a POP3...02:41
orgthingyand install it again using apt-get install gnome-panel?02:41
omni...scanner running in the status bar for icon-indications when you have new mail?02:41
meoblast001jv_: i cant explain it, you sort of have to have OCD02:41
Dirusthanks for all the suggestions everyone, this is why ubuntu is so succesful, a community of help02:41
daggerxis there a t41 driver for the internal wifi card02:41
omniorgthingy: correct02:41
Dfroniusorgthingy: yes02:41
orgthingydidnt work :'(02:42
jv_man i am getting old..can't figure out my own stuff and here I am trying to help :)02:42
daggerxah anyone?02:42
orgthingyomg, i only have ubuntu and dunno wheres recovery cd02:42
daggerxis there a t41 driver for the internal wifi card02:42
histoAnyone know how I can fix firefox from drawing all over the screen02:42
Dfroniusorgthingy: what is it from term, sudo stopall gnome-panel?02:42
jv_daggerx: google it with firmaware name of the chip... :)02:42
mrakoslavacould someone help me, my Genius MousePen 8x6 [WP8060U] is not working well on ubuntu 8.04, cursor doesn't move and the tip button is working as a middle mouse button, while wireless mouse works on tablet02:42
histolet me log out and back in hold up02:42
neuromitHow can I list the packages I've recently installed in the terminal?02:42
meoblast001how do you reinstall ubuntu without a cd-drive or flash drive?02:43
orgthingywhats stopball ?02:43
orgthingywhats that command?02:43
=== kirby is now known as Charitwo
omniorgthingy: well return to the log-in screen (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE) and you can try logging in under a different session than Gnome02:43
neuromitI'm having some weird color issues with mplayer, movies are getting a strong BLUE hue02:43
Lasittenwhy doesn't myspace musicbox work?02:43
daggerxah thanks02:43
Lasitten"error loading XML document"02:43
=== bdobinson is now known as dog
orgthingydo i type my username and pass?02:43
daggerxill give it a shot  -  in the dark!!!!02:43
Dfroniusorgthingy: yes02:43
th83hey how do i get multiple application to play sound, i just got hardy installed on my HP Dv6000 laptop02:43
jv_nite nite02:44
omniorgthingy: log in as normal02:44
omniorgthingy: just select a different session to log in under02:44
th83only one application is playing audio02:44
orgthingyat encountered a problemed02:44
orgthingybut it worked :D02:44
orgthingyit worked!!!02:44
pteebis there anyway to make a script/launcher to turn visual effects on and off02:44
orgthingyi have the toolbar!!02:44
orgthingyhell with the error :D02:44
omniorgthingy: sweet. :)02:44
puffDfronius, jv_: checking the access point webmin interface and it lists my laptop's MAC address, so it sees the laptop, it's just not issuing a DCHP lease to it.  Hm.02:44
omniorgthingy: Now try logging out and logging back into a Gnome session.02:44
orgthingyomni: btw, im one of Linux mint devolopers02:44
orgthingyi still dunno this thingies02:45
puffDfronius, jv_:  I had this problem with two different wireless networks, so it's not the access point.02:45
FloodBot1orgthingy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:45
orgthingyhow lame of me02:45
glitsj16neuromit: have you tried experimenting with mplayer's video settings to check if it occurs on all available drivers ? better yet, if it improves by changing to a different one ?02:45
getBoaHi there...I want to add windows on grub... the win partitions is on /dev/sda3 so Is it right if i set the root line like that: root            (hd0,3)  ???02:45
omniorgthingy: If your toolbar runs away again, you can try just uninstalling Gnome altogether, then reinstalling it02:45
orgthingyuninstallig GNOME?02:45
omni(that is, log back out then back into the session that works, and reinstall Gnome from that session)02:45
yoooosaludos a tod@s02:45
orgthingythe whole thing?02:45
neuromitglitsj16, thanks I'll try that02:45
neuromitDoes anybody know how to LIST all the RECENTLY installed packages?02:45
omniorgthingy: well you could try troubleshooting it bit by bit but if you want to be sure to get everything back with the least amount of poking around, just have it reinstall completely. Shouldn't take too long - certainly not as long as reinstalling from scratch!02:46
peefonichi, have anybody installed photoshop cs3 on ubuntu?02:47
geniineuromit: I usually list whats in /var/cache/apt/archives by date02:47
TheMafiaIs samba; cups; or ubuntu? unable to printer to a windows 2003 server printer share?02:47
pteebis there anyway to make a script/launcher to turn visual effects on and off02:47
orgthingyhi again02:48
orgthingyI really want to thank you guys02:48
neuromitgenii: so I tried that but packages I KNOW that i've recently installed did not show up02:48
orgthingynow, i have the toolbar :D02:48
peefonicis anybody running photoshop on ubuntu?02:49
Scunizipeefonic: you should ask in #winehq02:49
Dfroniuspeefonic: I ran photoshop wine. Try Gimpshop instead though.02:49
geniineuromit: If you installed them by downloading a deb file, or by compiling from source, they won't show there02:49
Dfroniuspeefonic: Gimpshop is a mock up on Photoshop, and should fit your needs02:50
neuromitgenii: they were installed with apt-get02:50
orgthingypeefonic: i did a while ago02:50
orgthingybut i hate photoshop02:50
orgthingyGimp all the way :D02:50
Brunersanyone that could tell me the keys to lock a screen? (like ctrl+a+d to detach)02:50
neuromitBruners: Cntl Alt L02:50
carahi my adept-updater keeps saying that I need to apply the same updates I previously applied and it continues to say that I need to update with the same updates but says that they are restricted02:51
caraor they break something02:51
Brunersneuromit: that is not working, using ssh via putty02:52
Dfroniusjmarsden: you back yet?02:52
neuromitBruners... you mean how to lock the screen from the terminal?02:52
glitsj16pteeb: you can do the work yourself or rely on either compiz-switch (menu item, but you can always drag it to your desktop i suppose) or fusion-icon (tray app) to toggle compiz on/off02:53
twbOn Hardy, totem (gstreamer) is playing an encrypted DVD in black and white, with a green bar along the bottom.  Mplayer works fine with the same DVD.  How can I "un-fuck" totem?02:53
peefonicorgthingy, gimp is enough for me, but a friend is needing it. and i have some problems with the ps-installation trought wine-doors... do you know any tricks at wine-doors?02:53
orgthingypeefonic: Wine..02:53
Brunersneuromit: lock the screen so that the session is still up but locked02:53
orgthingyuse Wine.. you can run some versions of Photoshop using Wine02:53
neuromitBruners: I only know how to do that with the desktop open, not from the terminal02:54
DfroniusI don't think PS CS3 works on wine at all02:54
nogagplzPhotoshop CS2 can run in Wine02:54
Tenseianyone know anything about phpmyadmin?????02:54
jmarsdenI'm here ... there's a whole chapter on this stuff at http://us3.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch07.html02:54
peefonicorgthingy, i've testes cs 2 +3 - nothing works02:54
Dfroniusjmarsden: sweet. Thanks.02:54
orgthingypeefonic: older versions02:54
orgthingytest older versions of photoshop02:55
pteebglitsj16: i actually am doing the metacity --replace ,and compiz --replace02:55
peefonicorgthingy, i've seen screenshots of cs3 working on ubuntu...02:55
nogagplzpeefonic: considering CS2 works just fine on my machine in Wine, you might need to update your version02:55
glitsj16twb: you can try changing gstreamer's video output settings with gstreamer-properties (that command is part of the "gnome-media" package in the repo's)02:55
orgthingypeefonic: hmmm02:55
jmarsdenDfronius: there are more docs for Samba at http://www.samba.org some of which are for troubleshooting... see if you can find stuff about troubleshooting browsing there, too02:55
orgthingyupdate ur version02:55
orgthingyupdate your wine and ubuntu02:55
mrakoslavaanyone can help with making Genius 8x6 mousepen work on uBuntu? I installed driver and all... just that cursor is not moving:)02:55
glitsj16pteeb: if that works for you, fine :)02:55
peefonicnogagplz, i've ubuntu 8.04.1 - theres the newest version, isn't it?02:56
nogagplzOf Wine.02:56
orgthingyAn application is preventing the volume 'External_HD' from being unmounted.  << how can i force it to unmount it?02:56
peefonicnogagplz, of wine02:56
Dephenomanyone know why Ubuntu forgets I have installed the nVidia drivers for my graphics card? I have to uninstall them, reinstall them and then restart the laptop atleast once a day for Ubuntu to remember it has them installed02:56
orgthingyi forgot the "forced" unmounting command02:56
Silver_Ravenhi room02:57
* Silver_Raven waves02:57
nogagplz1.1.1 is latest Wine peefonic. As far as Ubuntu goes Pulseaudio ruins the sound part of Wine, but if all you need it for is Photoshop then you should be fine02:57
AhadielDephenom, sudo nvidia-xconfig, then restart X.02:57
simardI want to resize my ntfs partition, but I'd rather avoid using ntfsresize and then fdisk.. gparted doesnt seem to be able to resize ntfs partitions, is there another graphical tool for that ? I remember in the ubuntu installer there was a graphical tool capable of doing that02:57
Brunersneuromit: found it to be C-a C-x :)02:58
jmarsdenorgthingy: Do you mean the -f option to the umount command?02:58
meoblast001im breathing heavy02:58
meoblast001in about 30 seconds im gonna get banned02:58
orgthingylet me try it02:58
meoblast001USPLASH ISNT WORKING02:59
jmarsdenorgthingy: Or, try using lsof to see what file is opened by what app, and close the app concerned?02:59
twbglitsj16: upon advice from #emacs, I tried totem-xine, and it works fine.  I've stopped caring about this issue for now.02:59
DephenomAhadiel, i have, but Ubuntu forgets I have the drivers installed and reverts to the generic drivers, can you explain why? if not im going back to CentOS the OS that does not forget things02:59
peefonicnogagplz, my version is 1.0 - so i'll update02:59
orgthingybash: unmount: command not found02:59
AhadielDephenom, pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:59
jmarsdenorgthingy: umount has no n in it.02:59
swamptinwow. That was a long list02:59
meoblast001save me please03:00
glitsj16twb: no problem :)03:00
zcehow can i install programs from intrepid in my hardy installation making as less "damage" as possible? ie, install what i want, and its dependencies, but dont use intrepid repositories for updating current installed packages03:01
glitsj16simard: gparted works fine with NTFS, and it's the same as what is on the live cd under the name 'partiton editor' .. did you unmount the partiton before trying to use gparted on it ?03:01
jmarsdenzce: download the packages manually and install using dpkg -i whatever.deb ?03:02
zcejmarsden, er, is it the only way? because it will require lots of dependencies03:02
jmarsdenzce: I'm not sure... you could try making an intrepid chroot and so installing a separate somewhat virtual installation, if you prefer??03:04
hrtkhello everyone03:05
jmarsdenOr just resize some partitions and do a real Intrepid install in the spare space you make?03:05
simardglitsj16, yeah... no.. :)03:05
simardglitsj16, that could be it :P03:05
LuCasnhi folks03:06
swamptinI read the wiki about upgrading from a CD, cause I tried upgrading prerelease and it didn't work and then it started complaining about the failed upgrade. So I tried what the wiki said about commenting out stuff in sources.list in /etc/apt/ and tried it but it didn't work. Is there another way?03:06
glitsj16zce: why not install alpha2 of intrepid on a spare partiton if you've got the HD space ? less dependency hell that way ..03:06
LuCasncan i change the "position" of a partition on a GUID table?03:06
MusliI'm pretty new to linux but howcome i dont have have a root account? :s03:06
LuCasnso i want hda5 to be hda4 for example03:06
zcewell i might install the full intrepid then, nothing much to loose03:06
jmarsdenzce: Go for it :-)03:07
LuCasnis there any chance i can change the order of partitions (hda1-5) without reformatting?03:07
DephenomAhadiel, sorry bout that Ubuntu crashed, my xorg.conf is http://pastebin.ca/107802103:08
zcejmarsden, how do i install it? is there a install cd hidden somewhere? :P03:08
glitsj16zce: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha203:08
pteebwhen you are making a launcher, can you put more than one terminal command no the command line?03:08
simardhum lets say I want to create 3 partitions for 3 linux distros, can I create only one swap and share it for the 3 linuxes ? obvisouly no two can run simultenaously03:08
zceoh thanks03:08
AhadielDephenom, And what do you mean by, "Ubuntu forgets blah blah nvidia"?03:09
puffsimard: I don't really know, but I think swap is maybe used when hibernating.03:09
glitsj16simard: yes, no need to make 3 separate ones03:09
tleeonlyI have firefox 3 beta 5 and when I play streaming videos I get them playing at a slower speed than they play on windows03:10
tleeonlycan some one help me03:10
simardpuff, how much place is required to hibernate ? about equal to ram size ? more ? how much more ?03:10
ventusignisWhat do I need to be able to make the transparent background in GNOME Terminal display whatever is behind it and not just the desktop wallpaper?03:10
Aaron_MasonMusli: Ubuntu does have a root account, but it's been disabled03:10
DephenomAhadiel, as in it does not remember I have it installed, how much simpler can that be? perhaps i should go back to CentOS, their community actually knows how to help the users03:10
Musliok thx03:11
AhadielDephenom, With that attitude, I think you should go back to CentOS. You don't give me much to go with, you fail to elaborate on your problem.03:11
glitsj16tleeonly: what plugin do you use to play those vid's ?03:11
Aaron_MasonMusli: only reason is that logging in as root gives an unbelievable amount of power over the system and one wrong command can trash everything...03:11
Musliyeah i know03:12
Aaron_Masonhey all, got an ATI Radeon Mobility 200M and I'm trying to get a second output on the S-Video out, I've gone to the Screen Resolution menu and clicked "Detect Displays" but it doesn't pick up the S-Video, even if it's plugged in03:12
tleeonlyflash player is what it uses03:12
glitsj16tleeonly: if you're using the flash player 9, you might want to try the 10 beta .. lot's of issues with 903:13
DephenomAhadiel, how can i fail to elaborate on my problem, like I have said Ubuntu FORGETS I have installed the nVidia drivers, how hard is that to understand?03:13
tleeonlyokay where can i find it03:13
chaddI need some help03:13
chaddI'm not sure what ati driver to install03:13
oc80zhey whats good03:13
chaddi did the proprietary one03:13
oc80zanyone running ibook gt ubuntu powerpc?03:13
chaddand it crash ubuntu03:13
ventusignischadd, what video card do you have?03:13
chaddand i had to reinstall03:13
BrunersDephenom: it forgets it when? when you restart, when you have been away from your computer for 5 minutes?03:14
glitsj16tleeonly: at adobe's site, make sure you dwonload the tarball03:14
chaddATI radeon x1650 pro agp 512mb03:14
BrunersDephenom: are you sure you installed the drivers and not just unpacked them ?03:14
chaddthats what i have ventusignis03:14
oc80zanyone running ibook gt ubuntu powerpc???03:14
ventusignisThat is odd...03:14
fg3booting up my custom ubuntu liveCD I don't have an eth0 -- help03:14
Muslihow do I open bin files in lInux?03:14
jmarsdenzce: How do you install Intrepid?  You can download an alpha release CD, I think!03:15
* oc80z havin problem resume with ubuntu powerpc 03:15
DephenomBruners, i need to uninstall and then reinstall them atleast once a day, i think my record is 8 times in the space of 24 hours03:15
oc80zMusli, you do chmod +x binfile ; ./binfile03:15
jmarsdenMusli: what do you want to do with the .bin file?  edit it?  run it?03:15
oc80zoh a .bin file you need to burn it or mount it03:15
Muslii want to run it03:15
leviwinei've updated wine to the newest version and the photoshop installation is breaking up after ten seconds...03:15
Musliit's the java file03:15
BrunersDephenom: do you restart each time and they are gone ?03:15
chaddi have searched and searched03:15
chaddand i have no idea what driver to dl03:15
Muslii want to install that file03:15
chaddand when i enable the one ubuntu recomends03:16
chaddi have to reinstall all of ubuntu03:16
leviwineis anybody working with photoshop under ubuntu?03:16
DephenomBruners, well what does the helpful assistant at system > Administration > Hardware Drivers do? and no, the only time this laptop gets restarted is when I have to reinstall the drivers03:16
jmarsdenMusli: just do sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre03:16
Musliok thx m8 :)03:17
jmarsdenand use the Ubuntu version of Java -- much safer.03:17
Muslii'm new on linux :)03:17
meoblast001im sick and tired of fixng omputers03:17
Ahadiel!offtopic | meoblast00103:17
ubottumeoblast001: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:17
meoblast001how is that offtopic03:18
jmarsdenMusli: always use a package intended for your exact Linux distro in preference to a generic .bin or similar package.  You can use synaptic to search for software that is likely to be "safe" to install.03:18
meoblast001im sick and tired of requireing support that doesnt fix my computer03:18
BrunersDephenom: i have no idea what the assistant do, as i dont have ubuntu. BUT we need to know when are the drivers rolled back to the old drivers.. Do you install them and they get removed at once or is it a given time frame before they are removed?03:18
chadddoes anyone know what drivers i should use?03:18
Musliyes i have used synaptic almost 4 every program that i have installed :)03:18
chaddATI radeon x1650 pro agp 512mb03:19
chaddis my card03:19
jmarsdenMusli: OK.  That's good practice rather than using .bin files :-)03:19
loquitus_of_borgCan somebody tell me if it is possible to upgrade Ubuntu Edgy to the latest Ubuntu from DVD?03:19
chaddand the drivers that ubuntu reccomends don't work03:19
mrakoslavai need help with genius drawing tablet pls :( cursor doesn't move.... anyone?:(03:19
K350Hi, where's m ygnome theme saved? I want to export my theme to another machine so I've to know where they're, anyone?03:19
DephenomBruners, its a timeframe i would guess, i can always tell as when i watch a video, any format, the playback stalls if the drivers have been forgotten about03:20
BrunersDephenom: are you sure its the driver that is rolled back and not something else that is causing it?03:20
ifelseifgnome themes for your user should be in the user folder, but a hidden file03:20
jmarsdenchadd: Is any info at http://www.linuxcompatible.org/Radeon_X1650_Pro__c13525.html relevant to your issue?03:20
BrunersDephenom: and is the driver rolled back? are you sure the assistan really installed the driver for you ?03:21
swamptinchadd: did check out this forum post on Linux Questions? --> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/config-trouble-with-ati-radeon-x1650-pro-512mb-610120/03:21
ghindoI'm trying to transfer files from my laptop to my server over ssh, but I can't seem to get the permissions right.  Can someone help me out?03:21
swamptinghindo: you using the scp command?03:21
chaddlooking now ty03:21
sliverchairany other instant messenger other than pidgin?03:22
DephenomBruners, yes the assistant installs it as after the hassle of uninstalling then reinstalling then rebooting the video works fine03:22
ghindoswamptin:  Yes.  Is there another command I should be using?03:22
swamptinnot that I'm aware of. :)03:22
danc3Any Ops around...?  I see the Floodbots are battling each other again....03:22
jmarsdenghindo: the -p option to scp preserves file perms, is that what you need?03:22
swamptinOne problem I usually have is forgetting simple things like th ":" at the end of your server address03:23
ifelseifK350: try looking for /home/(your user name)/.themes I think that is the folder you will want03:23
BrunersDephenom: ok, have you tried to install the driver manual from console? GUI-installers are not always 100%03:23
chaddthey both say that the proprietary driver should work03:23
ghindojmarsden: I don't think so.  Even with the -p option, I get a "Permission denied" message03:24
chaddbtw my ubuntu is installed via wubi03:24
swamptinchadd: check out the url at the top of the forum post. There's loads of info there03:24
jmarsdenghindo: Then the files at the remote end are probably not wrteable by you and you are trying to overwrite them?03:24
DephenomBruners, if i knew the commands i would try, but I always thought that Ubuntu was aimed at new Linux users03:24
jmarsdenghindo: You may need to set them 644 (and directories to 755) before doing the scp03:25
ghindojmarsden: How do I do that?03:25
jmarsdenghindo: Do you have ssh shell access to the remote server?03:25
ghindojmarsden: Yes.03:26
jmarsdenThen ssh in there and use chmod 0644 somefile, or chmod 644 * or whatever is appropriate03:26
BrunersDephenom: google install nvidia drivers linux, follow the first link, the guide there should make things work. I would have given you the URL but i cant. All OS'es have trouble with some hardware, it cant always be foolproof.03:26
jmarsdenor just delete the old files using rm03:26
tleeonlyinstalling flash player 10 beta did not help it still runs slow03:26
ghindojmarsden: Cool, thanks03:27
danc3is there a Channel Ops in here that's awake?03:27
glitsj16tleeonly: too bad, are you using a proxy or anything ?03:27
jmarsdenghindo: No Problem.03:27
MolePrinceI currently have heron running a headless torrent server/client.  Does it make any sense to set up one NIC for WAN and the other for LAN to balance its interface load?03:28
arvind_khadridanc3, what do you want?03:28
danc3arvind_khadri: are you aware that the Floodbots are fighting again?03:28
kushalsejwalhey guys, I am trying hard to understand why podcasts are but all in vain, can anybody help me to play something in rhythmbox03:28
arvind_khadridanc3, i just came now... will tell the op...03:28
danc3arvind_khadri: one sets mode +J and then the other sets it back to -J03:28
BrunersDephenom: if you change the goodle search from linux to ubuntu you will find more guides directed to ubuntu03:29
danc3arvind_khadri: thx03:29
arvind_khadridanc3, well is it something serious?03:29
squarebracketis there a way to launch a program right at startup? i want to have synergy activated for my login screen03:29
Dephenomthanks Bruners ill give that a shot, at least someone in here took the time to try and help, even if i did have to ask several times over several days and being ignored03:29
danc3well, yeah, it's senseless, and creates quite a bit of chatter/spam traffic in here03:29
amrikhey i would like my ubuntu 8.04 server to install security updates automatically. i know how to do this in desktop ubuntu with the GUI but where is the actual configuration file so i can edit it for the server?03:30
arvind_khadridanc3, oh ok :)03:30
meoblast001how do i make it so usplash will display on shutdown?03:30
BrunersDephenom: I'm getting payed while sitting here so no problem :P03:30
kushalsejwalcan anybody help me to play a single podcast in rhythmbox.03:31
danc3now watch Floodbot1 set it back03:31
arvind_khadri!ops > danc303:31
ubottudanc3, please see my private message03:31
Hobbseearvind_khadri: yes, i know...03:31
ghindojmarsden: Even after using chmod, I still get a "Permission denied" message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28882/03:31
kevinOhello how can i install a newer kernel from disk?03:31
glitsj16tleeonly: okay, running out of ideas on this .. are you experiencing this with .swf or .flv files or both ?03:31
DephenomBruners, lucky you03:31
ventusignisWhat do I need to be able to make the transparent background in GNOME Terminal display whatever is behind it and not just the desktop wallpaper?03:31
arvind_khadriHobbsee, ??03:31
Hobbseearvind_khadri: (no need to call ops)03:31
arvind_khadriHobbsee, oh ok :)03:32
dbboltoni'm using ubuntu server 8.04 and can't get X to start03:32
arvind_khadriHobbsee, never saw you around...03:32
=== Desuism is now known as jlulian38
jmarsdenghindo: does the user michael own the file /var/www/index.html ?03:32
tleeonlyI have downloaded videos and they play fine03:32
arvind_khadridbbolton, do you get errors//03:32
jmarsdenghindo: If you want to you can try rm /var/www/index.html in the ssh shell first?03:32
arvind_khadrikevinO, you need to compile a kernel from source03:33
dbbolton<arvind_khadri>, i posted the output here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86567603:33
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
Brunersdbbolton: have you installed X? and do you have any error codes that can help locate the problem03:33
meoblast001how do i make it so usplash will display on shutdown?03:33
dbboltonbruners, yes, and i pasted the output here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86567603:33
ghindojmarsden: I tried the rm command and I'm still denied permission03:34
jmarsdenThen that's not your file.  Do you have root on the remote server?03:34
arvind_khadriventusignis, use the Profiles under view tab03:34
ghindojmarsden: I think so?03:35
jmarsdenghindo: This is not a ssh or scp issue at all, just a basic Unix/Linxu file permissions thing.03:35
ghindoNot entirely sure03:35
jmarsdenghindo: So become root on the remote machine and then rm that file.03:35
arvind_khadridbbolton, how do you start X??03:35
unopghindo, you need to be www-data not michael when logging on to the server to be able to write to /var/www03:35
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> i have tried slim and startx03:36
ghindounop: How do I go about doing that?03:36
arvind_khadridbbolton, well do you use GNOME or KDE03:36
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> none, it's ubuntu server03:36
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> i installed slim as a login manager03:37
unopghindo, well, the best way actually is to make michael a member of the www-data group on the server03:37
arvind_khadridbbolton, ok so you dont have a GUI .. hang on03:37
=== zevo is now known as The_Warlock
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> i do have xfce installed but havent been able to use it yet03:37
arvind_khadridbbolton, meanwhile ask #ubuntu-server03:37
=== The_Warlock is now known as Zevo
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> ok03:37
unopghindo, to do that, log on the server and issue this.  sudo useradd michael www-data03:38
Blaqlightwhats the man page for time formats. I want to change the time from 24hour to 12 hour.03:38
arvind_khadridbbolton, to start xfce use sudo /etc/init.d/xdm start03:38
Ademananyone know of some good taskbar applications besides tint, pypanel, and fbpanel?03:38
arvind_khadriBlaqlight, follow the man pages of date03:38
tleeonlyI have a direct connection to the internet03:39
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> xdm isn't installed03:39
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> i can start the slim daemon just fine, but it fails without x03:39
arvind_khadridbbolton, how did you install xfce?03:40
meoblast001why dont they have a #usplash?03:40
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> aptitude install xfce403:40
WiilHi, I was wondering if I could get some help getting my sound to work with Ubuntu?03:40
glitsj16tleeonly: can't think of anything else that might cause your issue sorry, hope someone chimes in to help you out ..03:40
arvind_khadridbbolton, you should have done sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop03:40
CShadowRun1 CDs requested on 2008-06-27. This request was not approved, so no CDs were shipped.03:40
CShadowRunwhy would that happen? :<03:40
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> i don't want xubuntu desktop03:41
PiciCShadowRun: We aren't shipit, sorry.03:41
CShadowRuni ordered ubuntu, ubuntu64, kubuntu, and that order was for kubuntu64...and it got denied03:41
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> it has more stuff than i need03:41
arvind_khadridbbolton, its same as xfce...03:41
CShadowRunlame :(03:41
ivan_hello does anyone here have an ati x1200 who can help me optimize it¡??03:41
CShadowRuni wanted to put kubuntu on my 64bit machine.03:41
arvind_khadridbbolton, anyways just hang on03:41
ghindounop: Thanks!03:42
unopCShadowRun, they probably don't shipit to your area or you have too many items on your order03:42
unopghindo, working now?03:42
ghindounop: Lemme check...03:42
CShadowRununop well i ordered 3 things before and they came through, but they decided not to send me kubuntu-64 :(03:42
ivan_hello, how can i make my 128 mb video card use the other 256 mb it can borrow??03:43
* CShadowRun tries to get it again03:43
arvind_khadriCShadowRun, why dont you download it?03:43
CShadowRunbecause i want the original disk, because it's just cool :)03:44
CShadowRuni like the official ones.03:44
ghindounop: Doesn't look like it, no.  The user "michael" is in the "www-data" group on the server, but when I try to scp the file, I still get a permission denied message03:44
unopghindo, what are the permissions and ownership on /var/www like?   ls -ld /var/www03:45
ibosany body from indonesia?03:45
unop!id | ibos03:45
ubottuibos: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:45
ghindounop: drw-r--r-- 2 root root 4096 2008-07-20 19:33 /var/www/03:45
arvind_khadriCShadowRun, but it costs them money a lot ... :)03:46
CShadowRuntrue, i should probably fire a donation at them :)03:46
unopghindo, ahh, root owns the directory not www-data.  sudo chgrp www-data /var/www  && sudo chmod 775 /var/www03:47
Blaqlightarvind_khadri: thanks for the date thing. now it makes a little sense instead of me counting all the freakin time.03:47
arvind_khadriBlaqlight, :D welcome03:48
nadinehello all! i'm using an acer laptop and wanted to know if there's a way to turn off the screen while the computer is still running (for overnight downloads, for example)03:48
unopCShadowRun, you probably have ordered your quota worth of CDs already - that might be a reason too03:48
OmletteSure. Close the screen.03:48
arvind_khadridbbolton, to start xfce use sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start03:48
ubottuMetisse is Mandriva's composite window manager. For more information, see http://www.mandriva.com/projects/metisse03:49
arvind_khadridbbolton, or you can use sudo startxfce403:49
pembo13what does the 'build-essential' package pul in03:49
BlaqlightOmlette: I assume they want to continue the downloads...03:49
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> gdm isn't installed03:49
arvind_khadri!build-essential | pembo1303:49
ubottupembo13: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:49
dbbolton<arvind_khadri>if startx doesn't work, why would anything else work?03:49
ghindounop: Works great now, thanks so much!  Permissions always throw me off :p03:49
FezzlerI just used EnvyNG to install nvidia support.  How do I tell if it worked?  Still can't get compiz to work.03:50
unopghindo, it's common sense really :)03:50
arvind_khadridbbolton, ok .. how can you start X without having a gui...03:50
dbbolton<arvind_khadri> like i said, startx03:50
arvind_khadridbbolton, and after starting X what do you have??03:51
unopdbbolton, how does startx fail?03:51
pembo13arvind_khadri: that link does not say what packages it pulls in03:51
danc3arvind_khadri: ummmm, with the "startx" command?03:51
dbboltonunop here is the output of startx http://pastebin.us/?show=d4464addf03:51
arvind_khadripembo13, it pulls in a lib which has all the ASCI C header files03:51
Dante123Hi all, I would like to set static IP for lan on this ubuntu 8.04 pc....how do I do this (preferably gui)03:51
arvind_khadridanc3, yeah...03:51
kirouim using hardy03:52
pembo13arvind_khadri: ok03:52
danc3dbbolton: it's telling you that there are no valid modes defined for "screen1".  Edit xorg.conf to fix.03:52
kirouand it seems there is no way to tell grub to start in runlevel 3 or change the runlevels03:52
arvind_khadrikirou, ask away :)03:52
kirouis that truc ?03:52
Dante123Right now address is something like xxx.xxx.xxx.152 and I want it to be 15303:52
dbboltondanc3 i tried mv'ing the xorg.conf file and it still faild with the same error03:52
ventusignisarvind_khadri, I already enabled it that way.  It just displays the terminal text over the desktop background.  Do I need compiz since I'm using fglrx?03:52
danc3dbbolton: mv'ing it from where???03:53
Blaqlightdbbolton: you need to configure x without it startx is useless.03:53
dbboltondanc3 i did mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.old03:53
edoggycan anyone help a ubuntu noob install/fix drivers for an ati radeon?03:53
unopdbbolton, well, the error message here says xorg is using the xorg.conf and it has no modes defined - why don't you edit the xorg.conf and explicitly set the modes03:53
squarebracketDante123, system-->admin-->network i think03:53
arvind_khadriventusignis, so you want desktop over terminal ... i have no idea about that am sorry03:53
dbboltonunop let me show you the xorg.conf03:54
danc3dbbolton: ok, well you don't have a valid xorg.conf, and need to edit it03:54
JeffreyfHello..installed 32 bit 7.10, upgraded to 8.04 and I am fully patched.  Any way to upgrade to 64 bit without reloading03:54
Fezzlerhas anyone had success with Envyng?03:54
Brunersdbbolton: the error seems to be inside your xorg.conf file, moving it would give the same error as it still cant find anything03:54
unopBlaqlight, xorq is capable of working without a xorg.conf  (the newer versions of xorg atleast)03:54
unopBlaqlight, it's almost automagic03:54
dbboltonunop Bruners here it is http://pastebin.us/?show=d5ecdb46f03:54
arvind_khadriFezzler, i did03:54
kiroui mean i need to try runlevel 3 to test if gdm is posing problem to xen03:54
edoggy<---- super linux/ubuntu noob needs help with ati drivers install03:54
squarebracketDante123, you need to disable roaming mode, and then you can set the IP to manual configuration03:54
Blaqlightunop: I noticed that, my xorg.conf references atleast 4 different other files.03:54
kirouhow can i do else than creating an inittab file ?03:55
squarebracket.....alright then.03:55
Fezzlerarvind_khadri: I justed used it to install nvidia support but I can't tell if it is enabling 3D?03:55
vbman11Hi all03:55
nadinehello all! i'm using an acer laptop and wanted to know if there's a way to turn off the screen while the computer is still running (for overnight downloads, for example)03:55
swamptinsome people live such eventful and helpful lives03:55
arvind_khadriFezzler, after installing did you reboot??03:55
vbman11i'm having vnc annoyances03:56
WiilI can't get any sound at all on my IBM thinkpad T30 after installing ubuntu, can anyone help?03:56
dbboltonnadine close the lid :D03:56
JeffreyfHello..installed 32 bit 7.10, upgraded to 8.04 and I am fully patched.  Any way to upgrade to 64 bit without reloading03:56
nogagplzFezzler: glxinfo |grep direct03:56
Fezzlerarvind_khadri: I did Ctrl-Alt-BSPC03:56
Blaqlightnadine if you close the lid your down will stop.03:56
nadinedbbolton: :-P03:56
nadineBlaqlight: yes, i know.03:56
Bend0r@all anyone knows how to play video in windowed mode without windowframe?!03:57
arvind_khadriFezzler, that restarts only your X reboot your machine once after you have installed the drivers03:57
dbboltonnadine check under your power settings. in gnome, System > Preferences03:57
AhadielJeffreyf, No, the only way to go from 32-bit to 64-bit is a fresh install.03:57
squarebracketnadine, couldn't you just set your power settings to turn off the display after x minutes?03:57
vbman11does anyone know how to manage ports using the command line03:57
Blaqlightnadine: omg you do, my job is done here.03:57
Fezzlerarvind_khadri: Okay.  I'll reboot and BRB.03:57
dbboltonunop did you see any problem with my xorg.conf ?03:57
lakcajvbman11, iptables?03:57
jmarsdenvbman11: ports as it network (TCP) ports?  or what kind of ports?03:57
arvind_khadriWiil, check your alsamixer03:58
unopdbbolton, yea, i'm just looking to see how the radeon driver is being used rather than vesa as per your xorg.conf03:58
Wiilhow do I check that?  I'm rather new to this stuff03:58
vbman11like my vnc hates me (port 5900)03:58
nadinesquarebracket: uh. i'm a bit puzzled as to why i didn't think of that.03:58
dbboltonunop i tried ati driver then vesa03:58
jmarsdenvbman11: Be more specific.  What are you trying to do and what happens?03:58
meoblast001im considering buying a new pc... if i go with hp, will they put ubuntu on it for me?03:58
geniivbman11: Maybe try 590103:58
arvind_khadriWiil, ok open your terminal and type alsamixer03:58
nadinesquarebracket: thanks, i'll give it a whirl.03:58
meoblast001i dont want microsoft getting a single penny out of me03:58
CTD1most likely not meoblast00103:58
Blaqlightvbman11: firestarter will do it with a GUI, try man iptables for CLI03:59
jmarsdenmeoblast001: Dell has some models with preinstalled Ubuntu.  Not sure about HP.03:59
squarebracketnadine, no trouble :)03:59
Brunersdbbolton: check here http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/create-a-xorgconf-file.html03:59
arvind_khadrimeoblast001, hp likes debian :)03:59
JeffreyfAhadiel: Any way of reinstalling without losing my current setup?  Or is this a case of wipe clean and go from scratch?03:59
vbman11well everytime I want to use vnc I have to open firestarter and turn off my firewall03:59
Wiilarvind_khadri: nothing is low or muted..03:59
meoblast001jmarsden: im on a Dell right now and i hate it.... i want to stay away from dell03:59
vbman11and I have tried different ports03:59
geniiMaybe system7603:59
FlannelJeffreyf: If you have your homedir on a separate partition, you can reinstall around it.03:59
arvind_khadriWiil, hmm all levels are up ??03:59
FlannelJeffreyf: If you don't have your homedir on a separate partition, you can move it to one: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:00
jmarsdenvbman11: Do you want to use a vnc client on this PC, or a VNC server?04:00
swamptinWiil: click System -> Preferences -> Sound & video04:00
Blaqlightmeoblast001: there is no fun in it if it comes preloaded.04:00
unopdbbolton, have you tried reconfiguring xorg with dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg ?04:00
nadinesquarebracket: now i remember - the power management options are "blank screen" - which isn't the same as turning it off, no?04:00
MrMadMoneyManI am looking at some CPUs on newegg.com and they all have wattage rattings, does anyone know if that is the max, average or base?04:00
CTD1is there any way to deny specific executables audio access in ubuntu? without the process knowing /crashing? is there a program for it?04:00
dbboltonunop i haven't tried the -plow option04:00
=== Exteris is now known as Exteris^
dbboltonunop what does it do differently?04:00
swamptinWiil: is it set to ALSA for playback or Auto?04:00
=== Exteris^ is now known as Exteris
vbman11Blaqlight: I just want to have my firewall turned off as default04:00
unopdbbolton, well, that wouldn't really make a difference04:00
jmarsdenmeoblast001: OK, try http://www.zareason.com/ maybe?04:01
Blaqlightdbbolton: it mentions the correct command at the top of xorg.conf. (or did)04:01
unopdbbolton, just wondering how xorg.conf was created when you tried that command04:01
WiilIts set to auto04:01
Wiilshouldit be onAlso?04:01
dbboltonunop i can try it again04:01
vbman11jmarsden: connecting to another computer04:01
swamptinchange it to alsa there and see what happens04:01
squarebracketnadine, not sure if "put display to sleep" means blank screen or turn off. on my laptop i have it set to just turn off the display when the lid is closed rather than sleep.04:01
Brunersdbbolton: also http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/xorg-config.xml04:01
unopdbbolton, ok, pastebin xorg.conf when you are done04:01
swamptinit's a fix I just read about in Linux Mag today :D04:02
dbboltonunop ok brb04:02
JeffreyfFlannel: Thanks......I will back up my /home directory AND try the link.04:02
jmarsdenvbman11: If you want no firewall, why did you install firestarter at all??  Seems odd...?04:02
arvind_khadriWiil, alsa04:02
jmarsdenuninstalling it should do what you need? :-)04:02
Wiilok the tests are working, i think I got it04:02
Wiilthanks alot guys!04:02
JeffreyfWhat performance deficits exist by having 32 bit on a 64 bit system?04:02
bazhangJeffreyf, none04:02
FlannelJeffreyf: Also you'll want to back up anything in /etc that you've changed manually.  Then you can get a package list via !cloning04:02
arvind_khadriWiil, welcome04:02
CTD1is there any way to deny specific executables audio access in ubuntu? without the process knowing /crashing? is there a program for it?04:03
squarebracketJeffreyf, flash will work, if you call that a deficit04:03
Blaqlightjmarsden: doesn't the kernel have some sort of firewall built in?... no matter whether or not firestarter is installed or not?04:03
Flannel!firewall | Blaqlight, jmarsden04:03
ubottuBlaqlight, jmarsden: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).04:03
FrankiBoiMy Motorola Surfuboard SB5101 cablemodem through USB cannot be detected by Ubuntu since yesterday. It was working perfectly before some Ubuntu updates. Now it is not detected and I cannot connect to the net using the USB port. Any help would be appreciated.04:03
arvind_khadriBlaqlight, iptables04:03
=== deny is now known as cow_cari_cw
nadinesquarebracket: thanks, i'll try those optionsà04:04
danc3FrankiBoi: connect using ethernet, USB sucks for that use anyway04:04
Blaqlightthats what I thought.04:04
JeffreyfThanks everyone.......Nothing important was customized so I will backup to a network share and reload.....thank god it isn't as painful as a windows install as far as time spent!04:04
FrankiBoidanc3, I've been using USB for two years and no problems before yesterday after some updates.04:04
Fezzlerarvind_khadri: Ok.  Rebooted.  Now how do I tell if Envyng is working?04:04
arooni-mobile sysmy file system has turned read only several times now..... what do i do?  its a brand new hard drive and has recently been running fsck.04:05
jmarsdenBlaqlight: it has the iptables capabilities that firestarter manages, but by default they are not (as far as I know) turned on.04:05
arvind_khadriFezzler, try using compiz now04:05
danc3FrankiBoi: sounds like something in the updates broke the USB... anyway ethernet is FAR preferred for cablemodem connection.  Is there some reason you don't want to use an ethernet cable connection?04:05
vbman11jmarsden: I installed it so I could turn it off, by default the firewall is on even without a frontend gui like firestarter04:05
jmarsdenBlaqlight: try sudo /sbin/iptables -L on a PC with a default Ubuntu install... it is all set to accept04:05
bazhangalt f2 compiz --replace Fezzler04:05
FezzlerDo I have to first set Appearance Preferences>Visual Effects>Extra?04:06
FrankiBoidanc3, yes there is a reason. I use the Ethernet for my sisters computer and the USB for mine!04:06
jmarsdenvbman11: Not so.  See http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/28885/04:06
bazhangFezzler, you have ccsm installed?04:06
danc3FrankiBoi: get a router04:06
arvind_khadriFezzler, set on some effects there and then turn it on :)04:06
danc3FrankiBoi: not only will that allow you to both use the cablemodem, but it will provide a firewall for protection04:06
FrankiBoidanc3, I just want to undo the updates that cause my USB connection to stop working04:06
danc3FrankiBoi: dunno04:06
kirouanybody has problems with ubuntu xen kernel and xorg ?04:06
omnianyone know how to make a program (such as pidgin) start automatically upon login?04:06
danc3that's the wrong approach04:06
bazhangFrankiBoi, try using an earlier kernel04:07
jmarsdenvbman11: I'd suggest you uninstall firestarter and then we can do from there to see if any firewall rules are still set to deny on your system.04:07
FrankiBoihow do i change the kernetl?04:07
meoblast001is a Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 good?04:07
hosifiedwhat's the best media player in ubuntu?04:07
bazhangomni, put in sessions startup04:07
arvind_khadriomni, go to System->preferences->session there add pidgin04:07
danc3meoblast001: good for what?04:07
bazhangmeoblast001, yes04:07
vbman11jmarsden: I'll try that04:07
danc3meoblast001: that question can't be answered04:07
tomvolek_HI, I am in the middle of upgrading from 7.1 to 8.9 using the Update tool on 7.1 , but it is stuck in the installing the upgrade  option, 80% done.   Something is blocking.. What should I do . Is it safe to reboot and try to see if I can continue upgrade process ?04:08
arvind_khadri!anybody | kirou04:08
ubottukirou: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:08
hosifiedwinamp fan minus the freezing04:08
meoblast001bazhang: danc3: does it perform better than my Intel 915GM?04:08
danc3meoblast001: yes04:08
bazhangmeoblast001, yes04:08
hosifiedbeen using audacious....any recommendations?04:08
omniarvind_khadri: thanks :)04:08
Fezzlerbazhang: compiz -- replace produces error04:08
meoblast001danc3: bazhang: how much?04:08
bazhanghosified, that is very good for mp3; vlc for vid04:08
danc3meoblast001: but it's not "good" compared to some other video cards04:08
danc3how much what?04:08
Fezzlerbazhang: Yes, I have ccsm installed04:08
bazhangFezzler, no spaces after --04:08
meoblast001danc3: how much faster?04:08
tomvolek_ HI, I am in the middle of upgrading from 7.1 to 8.9 using the Update tool on 7.1 , but it is stuck in the installing the upgrade  option, 80% done.   Something is blocking.. What should I do . Is it safe to reboot and try to see if I can continue upgrade process ?04:09
danc3meoblast001: dunno, google it yourself04:09
arvind_khadritomvolek_, have the packages been downloaded??04:09
meoblast001danc3: i cant even play Nexuiz without saying the frame rate blows04:09
bazhangmeoblast001, check reviews online04:09
jmarsdenmeoblast001: what 3D apps are you expecting to run on the new machine?04:09
dbboltonunop, you still around?04:09
vbman11jmarsden: ok i'm going to logout and back in and check the iptables again04:09
hosifiedbazhang:  thanks, I just found audacious to be a little "empty"...no skins, presets, visualization...:)04:09
Fezzlerarvind_khadri: Set some effects and turn what on?04:09
hosifiedI guess i'm greedy04:09
arvind_khadriFezzler, compiz04:09
danc3meoblast001: you probably don't have a 3D accelerated video driver loaded for it04:09
FrankiBoidanc3, how do I undo the updates that caused my USB cablemodem to disappear?04:09
CTD1is there any way to deny specific executables audio access in ubuntu? without the process knowing /crashing? is there a program for it?04:09
danc3get an Nvidia card if you want to game04:09
tomvolek_yes arvin,  the "getting new [pacjkages " stage is done ...  It was in the middle of installing the u[pgrade option04:10
danc3FrankiBoi: no idea04:10
arvind_khadri!ccsm | Fezzler04:10
ubottuFezzler: ccsm is To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion04:10
meoblast001danc3: how would i check?04:10
seraph_What's the command to check a programs version from terminal?04:10
arvind_khadriseraph_, apt-cache policy <package name>04:10
seraph_arvind_khadri: Thanks04:10
arvind_khadriseraph_, welcome :)04:11
jmarsdenmeoblast001:  grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf and look for what drivers it has in there?04:11
dbbolton<seraph_> usually, command -v or command --version will show it04:11
=== cow_cari_cw is now known as cow_cute_abezz
Fezzlerbazhang: Error: Checking for Xgl: xvinfo: Unable to open display not present04:11
ajax4Hey guys...my friend is having a problem upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10. I think his sources.list file is messed up. Where can I get a copy of another one that will allow him to upgrade to Gutsy?04:11
bazhangFezzler, you got the appearances set to some?04:11
meoblast001jmarsden: command?04:11
=== cow_cute_abezz is now known as cow_cute-abizz
CTD1is there any way to deny specific executables audio access in ubuntu? without the process knowing /crashing? is there a program for it?04:11
tomvolek_yes arvind_khadri  :   the "getting new [pacjkages " stage is done ...  It was in the middle of installing the u[pgrade option04:11
bazhangCTD1, which04:11
jmarsdenmeoblast001:  grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf  # I said this already, I think!?04:12
Fezzlerarvind_khadri: ccsm install, stuff set, not effects.04:12
dbboltonwhen i try to start x, my monitor says "no input signal" and turns off04:12
CTD1bazhang which?04:12
arvind_khadriajax4, build the file from scratch04:12
bazhangCTD1, which apps04:12
Fezzlerbazhang: Yes.  A bunch04:12
=== deny is now known as cwo_cute_abizz
ajax4arvind_khadri: How do I do that?04:12
bazhangFezzler, pastebin xorg.conf04:12
HappyHatertomvolek_, you can stop the install and continue it later with dpkg04:12
arvind_khadritomvolek_, so its better you leave the system as it is... as if you reboot now..things willbreak terribly04:13
meoblast001jmarsden: it has 7 drivers... but i think your looking for intel04:13
meoblast001jmarsden: its intel04:13
arooni-mobilei'm having problems where my fs (ext3) is turning ro.  i have a seagate 300gb hard drive and a bout to run seatools.... long test/short test?04:13
CTD1its just a program im running that plays loud sounds and if sound is turned off as a program preference the program is buggy, how do i deny it audio access without it being unstable bazhang?04:13
apple-gunkiesanyone know of a convenient translation app, perhaps as a box I can leave open on the toolbar, for translating text quickly?04:13
bazhangCTD1, which program04:13
meoblast001does ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO have good linux support?04:13
Fezzlerbazhang: ok.  compiz --check reports Xgl not present.04:13
jbroomedoes ATI anything have good linux support?04:13
bazhangmeoblast001, this is not the right channel to ask about hardware04:13
CTD1the name of the program is irrelevant to my question bazhang04:14
jmarsdendbbolton: Can you try     sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:14
tomvolek_arvind_khadri :  I am not clear what i need to do. The upgrade Window is totally none responding, and I can not close the window04:14
bazhangCTD1, well no idea then04:14
dbboltonjmarsden, just tried it04:14
meoblast001bazhang: what... is there a #ubuntu-hardware now?... i dont think there is anywhere to ask sadly04:14
bazhang#hardware or online reviews meoblast00104:14
HappyHatertomvolek_, you're upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04.1?04:14
jmarsdenmeoblast001: www.phoronix.com tracks ATI and nVidia driver support for Linux fairly well, check in their forums...?04:15
meoblast001bazhang: i like a second opinion cuz im sick of buying things and getting ripped off04:15
arooni-mobilei have a seagate 300gb 16MB cache PATA drive installed on a asus p5ne-sli mobo running ubuntu hardy (ext3 file system).  recently i have been seeing the file system sporadically turn read only.  ironically enough, i have already RMAd a drive with the same specs to seagate for this exact problem.  this is a brand new drive out of the packaging a couple weeks ago.  i'm running seagate's long test right now.... but if it comes b04:15
arooni-mobileack ok... what else could be wrong?04:15
tomvolek_HappyHater yes I am04:15
Fezzlerbazhang: Whats the path to xorg.conf?  etc/???/xorg.conf?04:15
crdlbFezzler: that is not the real error04:15
bazhangmeoblast001, as I said this is for ubuntu support not hardware check phoronix for example04:15
apple-gunkiesthere's a .1 for 8.04 already?04:15
bazhangX11 Fezzler04:15
jmarsdenFezzler: /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:15
HappyHatertomvolek_, lots of people have had the same problems with that including myself04:15
Fezzlercrdlb: Okay, what then04:15
tomvolek_ sigh :(04:15
crdlbFezzler: dunno, I can't see the output :)04:16
glitsj16CTD1: if you use pulseaudio, that has a "remember volume" per application approach, try "pavucontrol" and set the level to what you want or mute even for that app, might do the trick04:16
tomvolek_HappyHater .... I used the UpgradeManager04:16
tomvolek_now it is stuck04:16
crdlbFezzler: but 'Xgl not present' is just an informational message04:16
bazhangtomvolek_, check details it may need you to accept a license04:16
=== cwo_cute_abizz is now known as cow_cute_abizz
HappyHateryeah me too, I eventually had to recontinue the install through the terminal with dpkg though... and kept having to kill locale-gen for it to complete04:16
swamptincan someone have a look at this for me and let me know if they can help me work around this upgrade issue? http://pastebin.com/m61372a704:17
Fezzlerbazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28889/04:17
tomvolek_no, sir it is  stuck in installing new version of config /etc/belock/iso-639..04:17
CTD1how do i know if i use pulseaudio or not glitsj16?04:17
arooni-mobileok questoin:  while running seagate diagnostic test:  it found an ERROR LBA 106532319 .... should i skip it, repair it, skip this one and all others, repair this one and all others?04:17
dbboltonwhen i try to start x, my monitor says "no input signal" and turns off04:18
bazhangFezzler, the driver seems right; when you alt f2 compiz --replace it does not respond?04:18
tomvolek_what happens if i find the upgrade process id and kill it and try to run it again ?04:18
geniidbbolton: If you have 2 cards or a dual-head adapter try the other plug04:18
nickrudswamptin do sudo apt-get -s dist-upgrade , that will simulate the upgrade and may give some clues04:18
glitsj16CTD1: well, see if the pulseaudio daemon is running at least, if "pidof pulseaudio" returns a process id number, it is running ..04:19
crdlbFezzler: pastebin the full output of compiz04:19
Fezzlerbazhang: sudo glxinfo |grep direct04:19
FezzlerNVIDIA OpenGL Driver requires CPUs with SSE to run.04:19
bazhangFezzler, what card04:19
troythetechguyI'm having a font issue with Ubuntu 8.04 and Firefox, the fonts are small and blurry.  suggestions?04:19
crdlbFezzler: why would you use sudo for that?04:19
tomvolek_does anybody know if UpgradeManager have a log file, so i can see what is it trying to do .. ?04:19
swamptinnickrud: exact same output as before04:20
bazhangtroythetechguy, install better fonts /msg ubottu fonts for more info04:20
arvind_kajax4, you around04:20
slikwhat do i do for entertainment with ubuntu?04:20
nickrudswamptin no conflicts, no nothing?04:20
Fezzlercrdlb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28890/04:20
ajax4arvind_k: Yes04:20
glitsj16CTD1: i believe gnome has a setting for sound as well where you can choose ALSA or any other sound server system, being on xubuntu i don't know the exact menu item for that .. browse around a bit, can't be too deeply hidden i suppose04:20
Fezzlercrdlb: newbie knows no better04:20
CTD1that process is running glitsj16 and i installed pavucontrol but it only shows preferences for pidgin instant messenger04:20
swamptinnope. just came back with the same output as is in the pastebin post04:20
sliki can't play media files and listen to firefox youtoobz at same time how do i fix04:20
nickrudswamptin do you have any third party repos enabled?04:20
arvind_kajax4, copy the sources.list from a working machine and then paste it to your freinds04:21
glitsj16CTD1: you need to play something with the app in question for it to show up in there04:21
nickrudswamptin like medibuntu, etc04:21
ajax4arvind_k: Ok thanks04:21
dbboltongenii, tried both plugs, the 2nd doesnt even work without x04:21
troythetechguybazhang: Thanks.  Any idea what changes between 7.10 and 8.04?  Fonts were fine in 7.10.04:21
Fezzlerbazhang: nvidia GeForce FX 550004:22
bazhangtroythetechguy, fonts systemwide? or in FF or other04:22
nickrudswamptin that is mentioned in your output, and I've seen it before. You can try sudo aptitude -s dist-upgrade, you may get different error messages04:22
Fezzlerbazhang: APG04:22
crdlbFezzler: what CPU do you have?04:22
Fezzlercrdlb: AMD Athlon04:22
sliki want to download beastiality porn and muslims deservet to rule the world films how do i keep my family from seeing them?04:22
troythetechguybazhang: System wide, but I made some adjustments and now have only the fonts in FF to fix.04:22
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: xorg changed drastically between the two versions.04:22
crdlbFezzler: more specifically04:22
nickrudslik ask elsewhere, we don't do porn04:23
jmarsdenslik: Move out of your home?04:23
troythetechguyBlaqlight: Ah, that probably explains it.04:23
ibosi've some issues according 2 ubuntu HH. Everyday my Ubuntu's start up getting slower and slower.. In fact, no additional application added...Any suggestion...04:23
Blaqlightas did the font rendering.04:23
crdlbFezzler: pastebin the output of 'cat /proc/cpuinfo'04:23
Blaqlightdid you update to ff3?04:23
v3nd3ttacan someone tell me how I can put all my temp files in one location?04:23
FezzlerAMD Athlon 1202.142 MHz04:23
bazhangtroythetechguy, you checked fonts under appearances in system prefs? you can choose different options there04:23
swamptinnickrud: it's doing something :D04:23
slikmy iq is 30 if i go to a group home i get sexually abused by bubba04:24
troythetechguyBlaqlight: No, I'm using the FF3 that came with the 8.04 install.04:24
Fezzlercrdlb: L2 cache 25604:24
nickrudv3nd3tta each app uses it's own setting all too often: you'll have to check each04:24
bazhangslik, not here04:24
v3nd3ttanickrud thanks04:24
yclianhi guys, am trying to build a deb using `sudo checkinstall -D`, but am getting such error:  /bin/sh /tmp/pidgin-2.4.3/install-sh -c -m 644 'icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/pidgin.png' '/usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/pidgin.png'04:24
yclianchmod: changing permissions of `/usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/_inst.29824_': No such file or directory04:24
troythetechguyIt would not make a difference if I were to use KDE vs GNOME to correct the font issues, right?04:24
Fezzlercrdlb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28891/04:25
bazhangtroythetechguy, not that I know of04:25
Fezzlerbazhang: Still with me?04:25
yclianam not sure why it'll be looking for _inst.*_ insted?04:25
nickrudyclian try sudo mkdir /usr/share/local/icons04:25
bazhangFezzler, not sure how well that card does compiz; might ask in their channel04:25
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: no as the WM do not render the fonts.04:25
crdlbFezzler: it seems that error message is not mistaken; your cpu really doesn't support SSE04:25
Fezzlerbazhang: This is a tough one.  No one can solve.  This system work well under Fiesty and Gutsy04:25
crdlbFezzler: so according to the internets, you must use an older nvidia driver which does not require SSE04:26
bazhangFezzler, you may wish to use gutsy then04:26
Fezzlercrdlb: But it worked in Feisty and Gutsy?04:26
troythetechguyA lot of the forums I read said to use full hinting, but I don't notice any difference when I choose full vs medium.04:26
crdlbFezzler: yes, my last message explains why04:26
Fezzlercrdlb: Can I use an old driver with HArdy?04:26
ycliannickrud: the directory is there. the install/copy part seems fine to me, looks more like the chmod part that's failing.04:27
crdlbFezzler: it looks like 100.14.19 is the last release that doesn't need SSE04:27
nickrudyclian checkinstall has it's limits ...04:27
swamptinnickrud: got this -> http://pastebin.com/m2a74554204:27
Fezzlercrdlb: Should I use Envy again?04:27
crdlbFezzler: yes, athough in future versions of ubuntu, you'll have to switch to the legacy 96.xx version of the driver04:27
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: your only having font rendering issues with FF?04:28
l3din setting a nfs exports all I have to do is path/to/file/to/share  192.168.blah.blah(rw)        is this correct?04:28
Fezzlercrdlb: No autodetect?04:28
benito_whats the easiest way to vpn on ubuntu04:28
crdlbFezzler: either that or install nvidia-glx (which is an older version) from the repos04:28
ycliannickrud, Ah. I saw that /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/ ain't there. let me give that a fix.04:28
crdlbFezzler: autodetect of what?04:28
ycliannickrud, thanks and "I'll be bakc in a minute :)04:28
swamptinand from what I can tell, any third party stuff has been removed, I think. It's not selected in package manager anyway04:28
=== narg_ is now known as narg
nickrudswamptin looking, a sec04:28
benito_anyone vpn on ubuntu?04:28
frank999Help I can't enter my system I get a error message grub 1504:28
yclianbenito, openvpn? client yes, never set up the server before.04:29
troythetechguyBlaqlight: Yes.  I had issue earlier with xterm, but some change I made along the way fixed it.  Now I just need to fix FF.04:29
ExProtagonistHey there, I'm a new user, running a LiveCD. I've got an HP dv2845se, and the only problem I'm having right now is getting my computer to pick up my wireless network... any advice?04:29
Fezzlercrdlb: I have tried to install the old driver but when I enable it with Hardware Drivers after installation, HD automatically uninstalls the old and replaces it with "new"04:29
CTD1glitsj16 ive restartant pavucontrol and the process that is continually making sounds and it still only shows pidgin04:29
simardI removed my swap partition sda4 and created another one, now it's named sda7, if I change 4 to 7 in fstab, will this do ? I am asking because of the UUID04:29
nickrudswamptin all I see happening is unused stuff (according to aptitude) being removed. I personally would let it. Not sure if that will fix your update manager issue04:29
frank999Help I can't enter my system I get a error message grub 1504:29
bazhangExProtagonist, what does lspci in terminal show the wireless chipset to be (just the one line)04:30
Fezzlercrdlb: Don't I have to use Hardware Drivers to enable the nvidia drivers once installed?04:30
Flannelsimard: UUID changes, blkid to see UUIDs.  You probably have a UUID as the functioning part in fstab, the sda4 is just a comment04:30
Shish_hey, does anyone recommend a good music player to play mp3's on ubuntu hardy?04:30
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: what is the minimum font size in FF?04:30
glitsj16CTD1: hang on, checking something .. give me a minute04:30
squarebracketShish_, my favorite is amarok04:30
swamptinnickrud: ya. doesn't though. Arragh I'll go back to poking aroud again myself. thanks04:30
bazhangShish_, minimal is audacious04:30
Shish_squarebracket: thanks04:31
crdlbFezzler: just manually install nvidia-glx. the hardware drivers manager has no way of knowing that your system cannot use nvidia-glx-new (I wouldn't be surprised if the ubuntu developers weren't aware of this new SSE requirement)04:31
FuRomIs there any way to install the .NET framework 3.0 in WINE? I can't find it via google, because of .net domains.04:31
nickrudtry running  update-manager in a terminal, it may spit out some error messages04:31
Shish_bazhang: thank you04:31
troythetechguyBlaqlight: Says "none"04:31
ExProtagonistbazhang: ...Haha, note the phrase "new user"... I'm totally new to all of this. I can pull up a terminal window, then what do you need?04:31
isakeyhow to play Urban Terror with sound and make Totem play music in background at same time???04:31
bazhangFuRom, check appdb04:31
l3din setting a nfs exports all I have to do is path/to/file/to/share  192.168.blah.blah(rw)        is this correct?04:31
frank999Help I can't enter my system I get a error message grub 1504:31
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: make it 1604:31
nickrudswamptin you would have to run those commands again, without the -s . That forced a simulation, nothing was actually done.04:31
Fezzlercrdlb: okay.  brb.04:31
FuRomdazhang, what is "appdb"?04:31
bazhangExProtagonist, simply type lspci and note the wireless chipset such as atheros broadcom intel etc04:32
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: then close and reopen04:32
bazhang!appdb | FuRom04:32
ubottuFuRom: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org04:32
FuRomAh, thank you04:32
bazhangFuRom, also see #winehq channel04:32
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: I know it makes no sense but ff3 is funny like that.04:32
troythetechguyBlaqlight: Wow, that really brightened things up!  :)04:32
squarebracketi envy someone who has to type !windows04:33
bazhangfrank999, dual boot? windows installed second?04:33
=== deny is now known as coW_cUtE_19^^
CaptainMorganhow do I read /var/log/wtmp if I can't use the utmpdump because it's not found?04:33
FuRomah, thanks even more bazhang, I tried #wine, but #wine was empty xD04:33
frank999no, there is no windows04:33
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: did it fix your problem?04:33
bazhangfrank999, what caused this to happen04:33
glitsj16CTD1: did you choose "show: --> all streams" in pavucontrol ? you can also check if you have simultaneous output ticked in paprefs (last tab labelled as such)04:33
frank999nothing really, I installed linux mint 3 days ago04:34
frank999and have been using it as usual04:34
bazhangfrank999, this is linux mint now04:34
ExProtagonistBaz: What specifically will it be labeled as? "Network Controller"?04:34
=== coW_cUtE_19^^ is now known as cOw_cUtE_19^^
frank999it all started with the sounds04:34
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate04:34
frank999and suddenly I get grub error 1504:34
bazhangExProtagonist, just not ethernet; something like that though if you want to paste to paste.ubuntu.com I will look for you04:35
bazhangfrank999, this is mint now?04:35
troythetechguyBlaqlight: It made the fonts bigger so I can read them now, but they still don't appear to render correct.  For example, the letter k is missing the part of the angled /04:35
frank999I'm sorry what do you mean?04:35
CaptainMorganhow do I read /var/log/wtmp if I can't use the utmpdump because it's not found?04:35
squarebracketfrank999, what error is error 15?04:35
glitsj16CTD1: .. but the app in question might use your sound card directly, without knowing which app it is (and i do digg you not willing to name that) i'm afraid it's hard to give any real help, hope you can get it working to your liking04:35
bazhangfrank999, are you using linux mint now?04:35
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: whats the font name?04:35
ycliannickrud, it didn't help by doing the mkdir. could it be checkinstall being stupid to look for a wrong file? chmod: changing permissions of `/usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/_inst.10276_': No such file or directory04:35
frank999no, this is my lap top with Ubuntu04:35
nickrud!find utmpdump04:35
ubottuPackage/file utmpdump does not exist in hardy04:35
frank999the problem is in my desktop with mint04:35
benito_i cant get a vpn working04:35
benito_sudo networkmanager   does nothing for me04:36
IdleOnefrank999, Linux Mint is not a supported derivitve of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org04:36
nickrudyclian could be, checkinstall tries but doesn't work all the time.04:36
troythetechguyBlaqlight: Verdana04:36
squarebracketguys, the problem isn't linux mint, it's grub04:36
ycliannickrud, thanks. any other better options for making a deb?04:36
ExProtagonistBaz: I'm getting one thing labeled under "Network Controller" with "Broadcom Corporation" in it... would that be it? If not, I'll just paste it for you.04:36
bazhangfrank999, mint is not supported here; get the real deal at www.ubuntu.com and then we can talk04:36
bazhangExProtagonist, that is it04:36
dmsupermanis there a filesystem that i could use to mount pop3 as a folder?04:36
ExProtagonistNow what?04:36
bazhangExProtagonist, open synaptic and search for broadcom04:37
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: you'll just have better luck using a sans serif (explicitly) font. such as MS reference sans serif.04:37
frank999but I'm using ubuntu right now in my lap top04:37
bazhangfrank999, but the problem system is mint, correct?04:37
troythetechguyBlaqlight: Thanks.  I'll give that a try.04:37
nickrudyclian yeah, creating your own :) But, I noticed it was pidgin. Are you compiling 2.4.3 ?04:37
IdleOnefrank999, that is good. if you have any problems with ubuntu we can help04:37
frank999I just need to get my data from the hard drive04:37
geniidmsuperman: No.04:37
CTD1paprefs didnt help any glitsj16, is there a way i can run the process on a limited account that doesnt have audio access? is that possible?04:37
benito_i cant get a vpn working04:37
squarebracketbazhang, i think he's saying that his desktop is completely down.04:37
bazhangsquarebracket, he wants mint help in here04:38
dmsupermangenii, not even l;ike experimental or one in the works? i'd like to at least try something like that out...it's be pretty awesome04:38
squarebracketbazhang, i think it's a grub problem, not an OS problem. mint or ubuntu is irrelevant in that situation.04:38
ycliannickrud, yeap, compiling pidgin with msnp14.04:38
glitsj16CTD1: might be, don't know how though ..04:38
frank999exactly is a grub problem04:38
dmsupermansquarebracket, in which case this is still the wrong channel04:39
bazhangsquarebracket, you are welcome to take it to PM; this channel explicitly does not support Mint04:39
ExProtagonistBaz: When I search, the only thing coming up is "b43fwcutter".04:39
benjamin_hi, does anyone know anything about aircrack on the ipod touch?04:39
nickrudyclian you might try getting the source from hardy-backports, and modifying the build. It has 2.4.304:39
frank999please, I am still an ubuntu user04:39
bazhangExProtagonist, that is likely the one that will work; try installing it and see04:39
* squarebracket nods04:39
simardFlannel, thank you it worked04:39
squarebracketcase made.04:39
Blaqlighttroythetechguy: even in windows ff3 doesn't use veranda as a the default font, but the sans serif.04:39
CTD1thanks any ways glitsj16 i guess ill just have to tough it out04:39
nickrudyclian I've done that in the far past, it's not real hard.04:39
IdleOnebazhang, or grub issues after the install of mint04:39
ycliannickrud, alright, I will give that a shot.04:40
benjamin_ hi, does anyone know anything about aircrack on the ipod touch?04:40
junaidHow to label a name to a patrition04:40
bazhangIdleOne, he needs to update-grub it seems04:40
ExProtagonistBaz: Alright, installed and applied.04:40
bazhangbenjamin_, join #aircrack04:40
benjamin_thank you04:40
glitsj16CTD1: you're welcome, it might work if you can get a user group defined which doesn't have any sound access and running it under that user, google around a bit .. goodluck04:40
geniidmsuperman: If the server your pop mail is on has nfs or something you could conceivably use that to mount the home dir mail folder.04:41
bazhangExProtagonist, try it out; it may disconnect your ethernet though04:41
=== sean is now known as s_M_P_H__
asmo[B]do I need anything special to read/write to mac partitions?04:41
swamptinnickrud: you were right. It did pop out an error. http://pastebin.com/m2d88ac2f04:42
Syderoreading should be fine04:42
Syderonot sure about writing04:42
dmsupermangenii, i was thinking more for my gmail, but i wanted something universal that just worked over the pop protocol...i was thinking how neat it would be to be able to have a literal folder for your emails, and how easily universally accessible mail clients would be done04:42
bazhangasmo[B], sharing via samba with a mac?04:42
geniiasmo[B]: hfsplus and hfsutils04:42
ExProtagonistBaz: Like... what exactly do I need to do? Like, is there anything I need to run [if so, where?], or should I just disconnect my wired connection and try it out?04:43
ivan_hello, i have an ati x1200, but in the ate website oi cant find its driver, and the driver in the restricted module sucks, i do have direct rendering but when i move windows they look crappy etc... What should i do??04:43
asmo[B]when I put my macbook pro in target diskmode it does not show up, could that be my firewire doesn't work?04:43
benito_anyone explain to me how to vpn   apt-get install networkmanager-openvpn  didnt work04:43
Blonde_Ambitionok so some major hel pis needed...... im about to pull my hair out04:43
LSD|Ninjaivan_: wait for Intrepid and the open source driver? :P04:43
bazhangExProtagonist, do you have an open wifi spot to test it on? first you need to check ifconfig in terminal and see if the device appears (wlan0)04:44
DARKGuyhey, is ther any program to listen to shoutcast streams a-la winamp (with browser) or an audacious plugin to browse/listen to them? or how do you get the streambrowser plugin that's in audacious-plugins source code?04:44
nickrudswamptin argh, the dreaded dbus. run   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   (no -s)04:44
geniidmsuperman: I don;t think it would an easy thing to implement since pop is more a file transfer protocol04:44
LSD|Ninjaasmo[B]: the HFS module isn't loaded by default iirc, you need to modprobe it and then having the hfsplus and hfutils installed probably wouldn't be too bad an idea04:44
nickruddmsuperman you use gmail? If so, use the imap access04:45
dmsupermangenii, my thoughts were like anytime the folder were queried for it's contents it would check the server for mails, or something04:45
swamptinnickrud: remeber the first link i sent you? Got that again.04:45
dmsupermannickrud, when it just had come out many had issues, have they fixed them yet?04:45
Blonde_Ambitionanyone in here got any exp with 64bit ndiswrapper?04:45
nickrudswamptin then   sudo aptitude full-upgrade04:45
DARKGuyhey, is ther any program to listen to shoutcast streams a-la winamp (with browser) or an audacious plugin to browse/listen to them? or how do you get the streambrowser plugin that's in audacious-plugins source code?04:45
ExProtagonistBaz: I've got a wireless router running, and I'm in range... but I'm not seeing anything labeled wlan0 under ifconfig04:45
swamptinnickrud: no fear of losing my data, is there?04:46
nickruddmsuperman I've been using for about a month now. Works fine so far. folders are labels04:46
swamptinbefore i hit return like :)04:46
nickrudswamptin aptitude is a well tested program ;)04:46
dmsupermannickrud, cool...what client do you use?04:46
bazhangExProtagonist, this is the livecd right?04:46
nickruddmsuperman thunderbird, evolution, web depending on where I am04:46
Blonde_AmbitionAnyone at all?04:46
nickruddmsuperman even outlook at times04:46
hlfshellhow do i get firefox to run javascripts like yahoo games?04:47
bazhangExProtagonist, the problem is that you cant test with a restart as it will undo any changes made04:47
IdleOne!java | hlfshell04:47
ubottuhlfshell: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:47
nickruddmsuperman I set filtering up in the web of course04:47
DARKGuyhey, is ther any program to listen to shoutcast streams a-la winamp (with browser) or an audacious plugin to browse/listen to them? or how do you get the streambrowser plugin that's in audacious-plugins source code?04:47
asmo[B]it kind of seems like my firewire isn't working though... because I should be able to atleast see an unmounted device...04:47
dmsupermannickrud, cool, when i get back to my computer i'll give it a try...i've always wanted to be able to have multiple things check my email without worrying that i'd be scattering my emails all over the place (in terms of archiving) so i'll give that a try :D04:47
IdleOne!ask |Blonde_Ambition04:47
ubottuBlonde_Ambition: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:47
bazhangDARKGuy, what does audacious ubuntu hardy shoutcast return?04:48
ExProtagonistBaz: ...Oh. Haha. Well, that seems to be a problem.04:48
swamptinnickrud: right, you can shoot me later, but http://pastebin.com/m1ecd10c004:48
nickruddmsuperman yeah, been using imap for years. Paid for access, but now gmail works04:48
LSD|Ninjaasmo[B]: do you have another Mac you can test it with?04:48
asmo[B]no, and I don't have any other firewire devices either :\04:48
ivan_ hello, i have an ati x1200, but in the ate website oi cant find its driver, and the driver in the restricted module sucks, i do have direct rendering but when i move windows they look crappy etc... What should i do??04:48
bazhangExProtagonist, many have reported success with that driver though, and if not that then there is the ndiswrapper gambit; will this be a dual boot?04:48
Blonde_Ambitionok so why then does my Realtek 8185 show up when i lspci scan, but i cant get it to notice it as a network interface after i load the drivers with ndiswrapper04:49
nickrudswamptin ok, sudo /etc/init.d/dbus start04:49
DARKGuybazhang: well there's streamtuner04:49
bazhang!info streamtuner04:49
ubottustreamtuner (source: streamtuner): A GUI audio stream directory browser. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.99.99-12ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 622 kB, installed size 2176 kB04:49
DARKGuybazhang: I tried it but it's closed in its own program04:49
DARKGuylike, I can't control it like mpd or have it mixed with my own songs in audacious04:49
kmystBlonde_Ambition: is that the realtek that's wireless but usb based even though it's internal?04:49
Blonde_Ambitioni dont think so04:50
Blonde_Ambitionit is a realtek chip in a foreign made card04:50
LSD|Ninjaivan_: the driver you'll find on the ATi website is the same one that'll be in the hardware drivers panel. It's a well known fact that the ATi fglrx driver sucks04:50
asmo[B]would my firewire card show up in the network connections like in windows?04:50
Blonde_Ambitioni am running 64bit hardy right now04:50
LSD|Ninjaasmo[B]: no, ubuntu blacklist that driver04:50
benito_can anyone walk me through vpn on ubuntu?04:50
kmystBlonde_Ambition: ah...well i ran into one of those, forget the model, but lspci would show it and it wound up working with a win98 only driver04:50
swamptinnickrud: hehe. I'm never without an arse or an elbow really.... " * system message bus already started; not starting.04:50
bazhangbenito_, vpn for gaming?04:50
asmo[B]LSD|Ninja: so how can I get my firewire to work...04:50
ExProtagonistBaz: Actually, if I can ever get my wireless card configured correctly, I plan on making it purely Ubuntu.04:51
Blonde_Ambitionhmmm but the win98 driver is 32 bit04:51
matthias_Nhi, i have ubuntu hardy and i can not play DVD:s on it ...04:51
DARKGuyOh well, guess I'll just WINE WinAmp :P.04:51
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:51
benito_bazhang ;  vpn for work04:51
nickrudtry  sudo apt-get install --reinstall dbus04:51
kmystBlonde_Ambition: yep, had to use the 32 bit driver and os04:51
bazhangmath_b, see link above04:51
bazhangmath_b, sorry was for matthias_N04:51
Blonde_Ambitionwell crap.......04:52
Blonde_AmbitionHas anyone used linuxant ??04:52
asmo[B]is there a device manager in ubuntu like in windows?04:52
Blonde_Ambitioni tried it but it said that the hardware was not present04:52
LSD|Ninjaasmo[B]: not really04:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linuxant04:52
SebNaitsabesyes you can add to panel04:52
kmystnever heard of it04:52
l3din setting a nfs exports all I have to do is path/to/file/to/share  192.168.blah.blah(rw)        is this correct?04:52
asmo[B]so how do I make sure all of my devices work? just boot the liveCD? only choice?04:52
matthias_Nbazhang:  the ubutto link ?04:52
LenoI think I've figured out what a Error 18 is in GRUB, but how do I fix the error?04:52
bazhangmatthias_N, aye :)04:52
swamptin"Reinstallation of dbus is not possible, it cannot be downloaded." <-- someone somewhere hates freedom.04:53
LSD|Ninjaasmo[B]: try popping a normal ISO9660 data CD in the CD drive on the mac and see what happens04:53
Fezzlercrdlb: Where do I get the old nvidia driver 100.14.19?  I don't see it in Synaptic.04:53
benito_how do i open network manager on hardy04:53
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:54
Blonde_Ambitionread all of them thank you though04:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sysinfo04:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about helping04:54
benito_Configure VPN settings04:54
benito_Click on the network manager applet and click on VPN connections04:54
LSD|NinjaFezzler: the hardware drivers manager will usually sort out what driver you need for your particular card04:54
asmo[B]LSD|Ninja: actually come to think of it, I did that and it loaded the cd, so the firewire is work... forgot that I had done that a few days ago04:54
bazhanglets /msg the bot please04:54
bob3213243_I'm trying to ssh into my brother's computer and I get this error in term. WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!04:54
benito_wtf is network manager i dont see anthing to do with vpn settings04:54
mannytu!GNOME System Tool04:55
ubottumannytu: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:55
asmo[B]LSD|Ninja: but when it should be reading the harddrive it doesn't even show up for me to mount04:55
HymnToLifebob3213243_: did he reinstall his oc recently ?04:55
LenoDoes anyone know how to fix a GRUB error 18?04:55
FezzlerLSD|Ninja: No it does not.  It keeps installing nvidia-glx-new that requires a CPU that can handle SEE04:55
kmystbob3213243_: sounds like the key has changed04:55
SebNaitsabesLeno: what's the problem?  Grub error 18 or error anything dosan't mean much to anyone04:55
SebNaitsabesLeno: to most people04:55
bob3213243_kmyst how do I login if that has changed?04:55
SebNaitsabesLeno:  that use Grub04:55
FezzlerLSD|Ninja: My older CPU does not handle SEE so I was told I need an old driver for my nvidia card04:55
bob3213243_kmyst like his pass has changed?04:55
LenoI boot from my hard drive, GRUB loads, and says error 18.04:55
nickrudswamptin I was scrolling back for something else, noticed yours. You have sources problems. put a copy of /etc/apt/sources.list on paste.ubuntu.com04:56
benito_anyone answer me?   how do i get to network manager04:56
LenoAnd not much else04:56
HymnToLifeLeno: I don't remember what it means atm, Google will tell you04:56
SebNaitsabesLeno: what are you trying to boot?04:56
benito_system network?04:56
LSD|Ninjaasmo[B]: it sounds like you haven't got the right HFS stuff working right04:56
bob3213243_Benito what's up?04:56
nickrud!who | swamptin04:56
ubottuswamptin: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:56
kmystbob3213243_: it should have asked yes/no on the new key iirc04:56
LenoUbuntu, the latest version04:56
HymnToLifebob3213243_: no, the host identification key04:56
SebNaitsabesa duall boot with Windows?04:56
Fezzlercrdlb: Still here?04:56
asmo[B]I just installed those 2 packages you said to04:56
SebNaitsabesLeno: a dual boot with Windows?04:56
LenoSingle boot from a removable 180GB hard drive04:56
asmo[B]LSD|Ninja: do I need to reboot for those two packages to work?04:56
HymnToLifekmyst: it doen's, you have to manually remove the old one from the known host files04:56
SebNaitsabesLeno: have you ever booted into Ubuntu without a problem from Grub?04:56
bazhangLeno, does the bios see the drive?04:57
crdlbFezzler: only 96.xx (I don't know the exact version offhand) is available in synaptic (the nvidia-glx-new in hardy is 169.12 which is too new)04:57
LenoYeah, from an internal disk on another computer04:57
LenoThe BIOD sees the drive04:57
kmystbob3213243_: hmm ya that's right you need to yank it out of the known hosts file under .ssh04:57
benito_no one knows how to get to network manager?04:57
crdlbFezzler: if you want 100.14.19, you'd need to install it manually04:57
Fezzlercrdlb: ?04:57
LSD|Ninjacrdlb: there's like 4 different nVidia drivers now apparently04:57
SebNaitsabesLeno:  on the computer your own now04:57
bob3213243_kmyst thanks... Umm where is the ssh file?04:57
kmystHymnToLife: ya it just dawned on me :)04:57
LenoNope, on a different computer I no longer have access to04:57
bazhangLeno, grub was written where04:57
SebNaitsabesLeno: on the computer your on now did you ever boot up Ubuntu from Grub without a problem?04:57
Fezzlercrdlb: okay.  will I have to make it04:57
kmystbob3213243_: under .ssh04:57
LenoNever, first attempt04:57
crdlbLSD|Ninja: there are three in the repos currently04:58
LenoAnd installing to an internal drive is impossible04:58
LenoWon't have enough room04:58
Fezzlercrdlb: Is there a Terminal command I can run?04:58
crdlbFezzler: unless engy can be coerced into installing that driver, you'll have to use the NVIDIA installer04:58
crdlbFezzler: or use nvidia-glx from the ubuntu repos04:58
KattmanLeno: you bettery try Puppy Linux04:59
Fezzlercrdlb: confused as what to do04:59
bob3213243_kmyst like in etc?04:59
bazhangKattman, not a helpful solution here04:59
kmystbob3213243_: nono under your home directory04:59
crdlbFezzler: did you try using nvidia-glx?04:59
LenoFrom what I'm reading I need the boot info in the first 32 MB of hard disk space, how would I do that without removing my current installation?04:59
FezzlerI think so04:59
stormzenI have a freaky thing going on with my gnome desktop.  I need to reset the settings, but I don't remember the command to do it, and can't seem to find it in google.  Is it gconf- something?04:59
SebNaitsabesLeno:  the first section of your hard disk is where Grub is05:00
asmo[B]LSD|Ninja: works now, thanks05:00
bazhangLeno, you read the ubuntu wiki grub factoid?05:00
SebNaitsabesLeno: part of Grub05:00
swamptinnickrud: here you go. http://paste.ubuntu.com/28895/05:00
SebNaitsabesLeno: only the boot loader itself05:00
LenoBazhang, can you link it?05:00
LSD|NinjaLeno: what sort of system are we talking about again?05:00
crdlbFezzler: what does 'glxinfo | grep direct' say now?05:00
Blaqlightbenito_: its called nm-applet05:00
bazhang!grub | Leno05:00
ubottuLeno: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:00
days_of_ruinevolution always gets the number of new emails05:00
Blaqlightin gnome.05:00
SebNaitsabesLeno: the set up for Grub is inside Ubuntu such as menu.lst05:00
Fezzlercrdlb: I believe some compiz worked with nvidia-glx but not desktop windows which worked in Feisty and Gutsy05:00
bazhangLeno, check the last one05:00
nickrudswamptin lol, you have no sources. A sec05:00
Fezzlercrdlb: direct rendering: No05:01
LenoWould it work if I made a small partition in the first 32MB, and copied the Boot folder into that?05:01
SebNaitsabesbazhang: he said it was a single boot no Windows05:01
Fezzlercrdlb: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect05:01
nickrudswamptin you are trying to upgrade only from a cd? If you have ever downloaded stuff from the net, that won't work properly05:01
* swamptin feels like a tool. However, i have been having this problem long before I commented anything out.05:01
BlaqlightFezzler: thats never a good thing.05:01
bazhangSebNaitsabes, windows is on his internal05:01
bob3213243_kmyst I'm not finding it under home>nickolaus05:01
SebNaitsabesLeno: a tiny bit of the boot loader must go on the Master Boot Record the rest of Grub is inside Ubuntu05:02
swamptinnickrud: well, i can't upgrade from downloads.05:02
nickrudswamptin this machine you're updating does have internet access during the upgrade, correct?05:02
benito_(network-admin:13295): Gtk-WARNING **: Unknown property: GtkComboBox.items05:02
benito_** (network-admin:13295): CRITICAL **: Unable to lookup session information for process '13295'05:02
SebNaitsabesbazhang: oh right ok then05:02
swamptinnickrud: yes05:02
abhi_what is gvfs-fuse-daemon. it always mounts gvfs-fuse-daemon at  /home/abhi/.gvfs directory. of type gvfs-fuse-daemon of size 10gb.05:02
nickrudswamptin why do you say you can't upgrade from downloads?05:02
swamptinnickrud: cause of those errors I was posting way back an hour ago05:02
=== sotamanga is now known as Leo
Blaqlightabhi_: fuse is the group that allows you to mount filesystems.05:03
nickrudswamptin ok. did you use apt-cdrom to add the cdrom ?05:03
benito_(network-admin:13295): Gtk-WARNING **: Unknown property: GtkComboBox.items05:03
benito_** (network-admin:13295): CRITICAL **: Unable to lookup session information for process '13295'05:03
=== Guest36396 is now known as cdstudios
swamptinnickrud: yup05:03
nickrudswamptin ok. a sec05:03
abhi_Blaqlight, : why does it mount it self.05:04
abhi_Blaqlight, : I have't seen this previously05:04
Fezzlercrdlb: ?05:04
Blaqlightit what allows you to mount file systems ... I believe its the virtual space that ubuntu used to mount those filesystems into.. i.e cdrom and others.05:04
Fezzlercrdlb: Confused as to next step?05:04
abhi_Blaqlight, : ok05:05
crdlbFezzler: I guess. I don't know how envy works, so I can't tell you how to switch from envy to the nvidia-glx driver provided by ubuntu05:05
FAJALOUwhat is the command to see screen resolution from failsafe terminal  PLEASE HELP05:06
Blaqlightabhi_: I also believe gvfs means gnome virtual file system, which should explain it all.05:06
Fezzlercrdlb: How did you know nvidia version 100.14.19 was the last to work with my AMD Athlon?05:06
abhi_Blaqlight, : ok05:06
meoblast001i need some help...... from ppl who like Ubuntu like me05:06
meoblast001this is simple opinion based stuff05:06
crdlbFezzler: forum threads found when googling "nvidia sse"05:06
bazhangmeoblast001, what is the question05:06
Fezzlercrdlb: And where to I get the 100.14.19 version of the driver05:06
bazhangmeoblast001, wrong channel for POLLS05:06
martosurfhello fellow ubuntians xD  how do i add this line to fstab (i need to mount /media/cdrom1 as /dev/dvd): sudo ln -s /media/cdrom1 /dev/dvd05:07
meoblast001bazhang: im torn apart here... i found this system76 place05:07
benito_so noone can help me here or what?05:07
benjamin_hey for some reason i cantr run as root. "su" is the proper command no?05:07
meoblast001bazhang: i like the pholosophy05:07
crdlbFezzler: from nvidia.com, but that's a really ugly path to follow. The best path would just be to use the legacy driver provided by ubuntu (nvidia-glx)05:07
bazhangmeoblast001, I told you several times not here.05:07
meoblast001bazhang: ok05:07
meoblast001bazhang: =(05:07
benjamin_hey for some reason i cantr run as root. "su" is the proper command no?05:07
Fezzlercrdlb: Thanks for your help.  You uncovered the one clue no one else has.  Its the CPU that is giving me problems05:07
glitsj16benjamin_: use sudo05:07
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic meoblast00105:07
Blaqlightbenjamin_: use gksudo or sudo05:07
bazhangbenjamin_, use sudo for cli and gksudo for gui apps05:08
martosurfbenjamin: also try sudo -i to enter root interactive mode05:08
benito_so no one uses vpn?05:08
benito_1100 ppl on here05:08
MooCowUm this is off topic, but i need to get in touch with a freenode admin. Anyone know one that's on, or where they are, or something05:09
nickrudswamptin one last question, to be sure. You are upgrading from gutsy to hardy, not some other release to hardy05:09
bazhang#freenode MooCow05:09
martosurfsorry to bother with this: how do i add this line to fstab (i need to mount /media/cdrom1 as /dev/dvd): sudo ln -s /media/cdrom1 /dev/dvd05:09
nickrudmartosurf you don't need to add that to fstab, just run it and it will exist in the filesystem05:10
martosurfnickrud: cooool, tnx mate =D05:10
unopmartosurf, err no, don't do that ..  that creates a link to the device05:10
nickrudooh, unop nice catch05:11
unopand actually, its the wrong way around too05:11
martosurfunop, nickrud: why not guys? no i can access device from any app now...05:11
* nickrud needs to go back to one at a time. swamptin you still here?05:12
swamptinnickrud: gutsy. 7.1005:12
unopmartosurf, what are you trying to do? mount /dev/dvd ?05:12
overlordpuppyMy Mic works fine, I can hear it through the speakers, but all that gets picked up through the sound record is  staticy whining.05:12
swamptinnickrud: and yes. sorry pottered off for a glass of water.05:12
martosurfunop: hi, yeah, i have dvd device mounted as /media/cdrom1 but many apps including gxine reads DVDs from /dev/dvd that's why i need to do that05:13
nickrudswamptin http://paste.ubuntu.com/28902/ use that as your sources. It's the sources as set up according to ubottu/wiki05:13
Blaqlightmartosurf: never had that problem.05:13
nickrudswamptin when you've got those changed over, let me know. I've a couple other commands to run05:13
unopmartosurf, then you should be linking /dev/dvd to the device mounted at /media/cdrom1 not /media/cdrom1 itself05:14
martosurfBlaqlight: hi there, yeah, but you know, linux is sooo versatile you know, every system if different from the other05:14
martosurfunop: RIGHT! and i want to do that from fstab if possible but don't know how to do this =(05:14
unopmartosurf, you don't create links with /etc/fstab, you only mount filesystems with it05:15
swamptinnickrud: changed over now05:15
chadI gave up on installing ubuntu with wubi because when i have it installed and install a graphics driver05:15
Blaqlightmartosurf: are you actually trying to change the device name or how it shows up in apps?05:15
chadwubi messes up05:15
chadso i now have ubuntu on a disk05:15
martosurfunop: yeah, now that05:15
chadbut when I boot from the disk05:16
martosurfBlaqlight: YES!05:16
nickrudswamptin ok,   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:16
chadit gives me a console screen named grub05:16
swamptinnickrud: as one command or two?05:16
chadwhat exactly do i do at the console screen05:16
chadafter i boot from disk05:16
swamptinone I'm assuming05:16
unopmartosurf, don't your apps read from /media/cdrom1 ?05:16
nickrudswamptin && means, 'if the previous command completes successfully, run the next command'05:16
Blaqlightmartosurf: yes to what?05:16
martosurfunop: Blaqlight: anyway, it's working fine right now with - i know it's not the best way but works05:16
martosurfunop: gxine for example reads DVDs onle from /dev/dvd05:17
martosurfBlaqlight: are you actually trying to change the device name or how it shows up in apps?  <--- yes to that =)05:17
unopmartosurf, i think you want udev rules to map /dev/dvd to the right device05:17
* nickrud wonders why udev isn't creating that link05:17
swamptinnickrud: boom. ticking away in the other tab now :D05:18
martosurfunop, Blaqlight, nickrud: tnx a lot for time guys, you rules =D05:18
chadI'll just wait a bit until one of you guys are free05:18
nickrudswamptin ok :)05:18
martosurfunop: you have my attention, how do i do that, map the device thru udev?05:18
lginn02Do i need something special to install X11 cursors???05:19
unop!udev rules05:19
ubottuEver wanted to make your USB-stick /dev/usbstick? Go to http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html to learn more about this feature.05:19
unopmartosurf, ^^05:19
nickrudchad not many people here know anything about wubi, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=234 is the best place for help with it05:19
martosurfunop: ^^05:19
unopmartosurf, i meant, look at what ubottu just said :)05:19
stormzensince upgrading to the -15 kernel and enabling desktop effects, my desktop is screwed up: it doesn't take up the entire screen, and the mouse doesn't hit the right targets when clicked.05:19
chadi'm not using wubi now05:19
chadi gave up on wubi05:20
chadand burnt the iso to a sic05:20
afallenhopeAnyone able to get webcams to work with Adobe Flash? for some reason.. Flash finds my webcam... however it's just black picture.05:20
nickrudchad smart move :)05:20
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nickrudchad you running vista?05:20
overlordpuppyAnyone got a fix for my microphone issues?05:20
chadwhen i boot from the dic05:20
chadit gives me some console05:20
chadcalled grub05:20
chadi don't know what to do from there05:20
nickrudchad this is after the install?05:21
martosurfstormzen: i recommend you backup your system next time before applying such patches, Remastersys Backup will make an installable LiveCD/DVD of your system, of course there are many other solutions but this one works just great =)05:21
rosshow do i check for hardware problems in ubuntu?05:21
stormzenanyone?  this desktop issue is really annoying.  Deleting all the .gconf .gconfd .metacity .gnome and  .gnome2 didn't change anything.05:21
stormzenmartosurf: The other user's desktop looks fine.05:21
nickrudstormzen you have to do that (remove .gconf) without the desktop running.05:21
stormzennickrud: Did it from fluxbox.  Does that count?05:22
kevinOross with the hardware problem manager05:22
cellofellowWhat's a sound-recording and editing program that supports PulseAudio?05:22
nomad729stormzen: logout then login again05:22
rosskevin0: how do i do that?05:22
nickrudstormzen probably not. ps -A | grep gconfd , if it's running, you will have to repeat05:22
chadit's before th install05:22
chadi burnt the ubuntu iso to a dic05:22
chadinsert it05:22
chadboot from cd05:23
nickrud!enter | chad05:23
ubottuchad: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:23
nickrudchad ok, you probably got a bad burn05:23
chadseems fine05:23
chadas i can execute it and what not05:23
chadwhen on xp05:23
nickrudchad you should get a screen with install, check cd, run memtest, etc05:23
stormzenOk.  i'll just kill gdm altogether and try again.05:23
LogrusmageDeluge kills my internet browsing... so does frostwire... anyone know how to prevent this?05:23
kevinOross i was just kidding sorry05:24
chadlet me try again05:24
swamptinnickrud: that was just puntastic that.05:24
rosslol what the hell05:24
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nickrudchad and do a verifyied burn. Chad, don't leave yet.05:24
cellofellowstormzen: to actually restart GDM run sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:24
kevinOross, i typically use a process of elimination05:24
lginn02Do i need something special to install X11 cursors???05:24
nickrudchad you should run an md5sum on the downloaded iso as well, see next factoid:05:24
nickrud!md5 | chad05:24
ubottuchad: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:24
rossthings are going wrong with my com05:25
rosssuch as05:25
MooCowWhy is this channel so populars?05:25
nickrudswamptin all went well?05:25
rossi can't open applications and the sound suddenly stops05:25
mavsman4457Hey I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but is there any way that I can download files as .zips?  I am trying to download torrents but my firewall prevents the downloading of the .torrent files themselves05:25
rossor i can't get back from standby mode05:25
Blaqlightthat was very bad, opened up gxine and the entire computer locked up. :(05:25
cellofellowross: standby mode sounds like proprietary drivers. Are you using any05:25
jc_MooCow: stick around and you'll see why lots of great advice and you can learn alot05:25
rosscellofllow: i don't know what you mean05:26
kevinOross that sounds like software issues05:26
rosscellofllow: sorry05:26
rosscellofllow: there are a lot of things not working right05:26
martosurfBlaqlight: that reminds me when i was in window$... a common thing lol05:26
cellofellowross: what is your video card make/model?05:26
corollaxHas anyone tried out the data=writeback kernel configuration?05:26
unopMooCow, because.  aptitude -v moo  tells you something05:26
martosurfSEE YOU!!05:26
rossgeforce 8600 gts05:26
rossbut i haven't installed the drivers05:26
Blaqlightmartosurf: I think I opened up too many things at once.05:26
swamptinnickrud: well, it's spewing out lots of "Get:<number> <web address>  [filesize]" and my connection is slowed the hell down. so I'm assuming yes05:26
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suzumeexcuse me, can anyone help me with ALSA?05:27
nickrudswamptin lol, it's downloading stuff. Proof will be during the unpacking and configuring ;)05:27
esacany idea why my dd-wrt router says that my linux lapto pis ~45% signal quality, but ubuntu is reporting 98-100% ?05:27
swamptinsuzume: perhaps. what's the problem?05:27
cellofellowMooCow: it's apt-get install moo. aptitude moo does nothing without the -v (or several -v's, try it with on then another until it stops changing the message.)05:27
rosswhen i try to installed the drivers05:27
swamptinnickrud: well, of course.05:27
rossthe screen crashes05:27
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cellofellowross: you still haven't told me what I asked. I asked what is the make and model of your video card.05:28
deserteagleif my right audio channel all of the sudden stops working, is it hardware of software?05:28
rossgeforce 8600 gts05:28
nickrudswamptin I'm off to do other stuff, but I'll be in the vicinity for an hour or two. Ping me if there are any other issues05:28
rossis there a command to check the make and model of my video card?05:28
cellofellowross: and is the package "nvidia-glx-new" installed?05:28
suzumeswamptin: im trying to get ekiga working, but ALSA won't do full-duplex (sound in both directions at once) is there a way to do that?05:28
rosscellofelllow: it's not05:28
cellofellowross: yes, command is "lspci | grep VGA"05:28
unop!info moo05:28
ubottuPackage moo does not exist in hardy05:29
unopcellofellow, apt-get install moo ??05:29
nickrudunop make a factoid ;)05:29
sisto!info ubuntu-desktop05:29
ubottuubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.102 (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB05:29
chadyeah i don't know05:29
cellofellowross: install that package with apt. sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-new05:29
rossit's geforce 8600 gts05:29
cellofellowunop: no, just apt-get moo05:29
chadIt just goes straight to GRUB05:29
unopnickrud, heh :)05:29
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:29
swamptinsuzume: remeber when I said "perhaps"? in this instance that would equate to sorry, it's all double dutch to me.05:29
deserteagleif my right audio channel all of the sudden stops working and the left gives white noise plus the music, is it hardware of software?05:29
unopcellofellow, you said  apt-get install moo ..05:29
mavsman4457Is there any way that I can download a file, not normally zipped, in zip format?05:29
mavsman4457like a torrent in in a zip folder05:30
OverandI'm going to be building an ubuntu-server setup with four 750 gig drives in a RAID 5 array. Is there any reason I should go for something other than EXT3?  This isn't going to be on a very high-end machine, I'm not *hugely* concerned about performance.05:30
cellofellowunop: oh? oops. Try apt-get install cowsay instead. :)05:30
Overand(A software-raid-5-array)05:30
rosseverytime i try to install the drivers, it crahes05:30
suzumeswamptin: that's okay, thanks for trying!05:30
swamptinsuzume: try in #lau or #lad for that05:30
cellofellowross: are they downloaded and it just crashes while trying to configure?05:30
rosscellofellow: what did i just installed?05:30
unopcellofellow, i got enough of those ascii arts around already :)05:31
suzumeswamptin: okay, will do, thanks again05:31
cellofellowross: the binary Nvidia X.Org driver.05:31
cellofellowunop: I like boxes. :)05:31
rosscellofellow: what does that fix?05:31
cellofellowross: gets your video card working full tilt.05:32
Rolcolwhat package is transmission installed with?  I want to remove it so I can install from source05:32
rosscellofellow: ok05:32
cellofellowross: OpenGL for games and Blender etc, Compositing for Compiz, that sort of thing.05:32
rosscellofellow: so what now?05:32
Odd-rationaleRolcol: it comes with ubuntu...05:32
cellofellowwell, what exactly crashed? did the whole system reboot? X freeze? what?05:32
unopOverand, i'd try and use RAID10 instead .. the actual filesystem on the array doesn't really matter05:32
rossoh and how do i uninstall something05:32
cellofellowross: aptitude remove packagename05:33
chadSo yeah, i burnt ubuntu to a disk, when i boot from the disk, I get a grub console05:33
Odd-rationaleRolcol: you can still uninstall it though, just search for transmission in synaptocs05:33
chadwhat do i do?05:33
rossi don't know my package name lol05:33
corollaxrolcol: I believe the packages are "transmission" "transmission-common" and "transmission-gtk"05:33
Rolcolmkay.  Thanks Odd-rationale05:33
Fezzlercrdlb: Here?05:33
rossnevermind i figured it out lol05:34
Fezzlercrdlb: Guess what05:34
rossthanks a lot05:34
rossnow um05:34
Fezzlercrdlb: You sir a a genious!05:34
ibosfriends...could you tell me what application to set pop3 e-mail? And how? I'm newbie...Please the web addresses..Thank you very much...05:34
jbroomeFezzler: genius :P05:35
Overandibos: to use a pop 3 emil service?05:35
Odd-rationaleibos: evolution email client is default. others prefer thunderbird...05:35
cellofellowibos: Evolution is included and does pop3 email.05:35
RadicalRHi guys. I got an audio problem.05:35
Rolcolcorollax: you're right.  I'm removing them right now.05:35
* cellofellow uses Gmail for his pop3 client.05:35
unopibos,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingGmailWithEvolution - 17k -05:35
chadI need some help, I burnt ubuntu to a disc when i boot from that disk to install05:35
Odd-rationaleibos: make sure that your email provider does pop3.05:35
chadall i get is a grub console05:35
RadicalRNo audio is playing on my system.05:35
Fezzlerjbroome: Oops05:36
ibosbut i feel confused in setting the pop3...any help pages?05:36
benitoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:05:36
benito  pptpconfig: Depends: php-gtk-pcntl (>= 1.0.0) but it is not going to be installed05:36
benitoE: Broken packages05:36
RadicalRI just recently upgraded the kernel and reinstalled PulseAudio.05:36
cellofellowchad: grub consoles, yuck. :(05:36
benitowtf does this mean05:36
RadicalRHowever, nothing is playing.05:36
Odd-rationaleibos: who is your email service provider?05:36
ibosthank's unop. i'll try it then ...05:36
Kernelhello all. im having issues with mysqld.....i had a process called mysqld_safe consuming 100% cpu on one core my my machine....so i tried to restart mysqld and now there are two of those processes eaching using 100% on both cores of my cpu. i then stoped mysqld...but they are still running05:36
cellofellowbenito: means the program was interupted while installing it. sudo dpkg -f all (I think)05:37
corollaxcellofellow: Is that wisE?05:37
crdlbFezzler: so, what did you do? :)05:37
jmarsdenbenito: I suggest you just sudo apt-get install php-gtk-pcntl and then install pptpconfig ?05:37
unopbenito, you might not have all your repositories enabled05:37
corollaxcellowfellow: The man page for dpkg SPECIFICALLY STATES that -f all can cause serious damage to the package management system05:37
cellofellowcorollax: ok, use aptitude05:37
ibosunop, thank's a lot..05:37
benitounop how would i check?05:37
benitobenito@ubunts:~$ sudo dpkg -f all05:38
benitodpkg-deb: failed to read archive `all': No such file or directory05:38
Fezzlercrdlb: You da man.  I went to Nvidia site.  Downloaded the 100.14.19 driver05:38
chadDoes anyone know whats wrong??05:38
unopbenito,  apt-cache policy php-gtk-pcntl05:38
corollaxcellofellow: I understand that sometimes it's necessary (I had a TERRIBLE run in with an alien installation recently -- absolutely necessitated dpkg -f all -- but...well, I'm not sure it's wise to advise that via IRC.)05:38
Fezzlercrdlb: ran it myself and now I have all compiz functions on my AMD Athlon under Hardy!05:38
cellofellowthat's probably something to do with Alien then.05:38
benito  Installed: (none)05:39
benito  Candidate: 1.0.0-205:39
benito  Version table:05:39
benito     1.0.0-2 005:39
benito        500 http://quozl.netrek.org ./ Packages05:39
Fezzlercrdlb: I have worked on this few weeks on end here and at #compiz-fusion.05:39
crdlbFezzler: fantastic, but keep in mind that you'll have to re-run that installer after any X or kernel updates05:39
glitsj16RadicalR: .. the obvious first .. after reinstalling pulseaudio, did you start it up again ?05:39
corollaxcellofellow: Yeah. I don't really intend to touch alien again in the future. *cough*05:39
unop!paste | benito05:39
ubottubenito: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:39
nomad729Kernel: try sudo killall -9 mysqld or sudo kill pid number or use htop05:39
Fezzlercrdlb: Only you figured it out!05:39
esacany idea why my dd-wrt router says that my linux laptop is ~45% signal quality, but ubuntu is reporting 98-100% ?05:39
troythetechguyIf I install 8.04 and run the update manager, is this the same as installing 8.04.1?05:39
bullgard4What is the function of the directory /etc/alternatives? (For example, there is /etc/alternatives/epiphany-browser.)05:39
benitothat was the output though05:39
RadicalRThat's what I just realized. I didn't do pulseaudio -D05:39
RadicalRHowever, how do I write this so I don't have to do this EVERY time I reboot?05:40
cellofellowbenito: generally a broken installation needs to be fixed, which is what dpkg -f does. -f is fix. Maybe not dpkg -f all, just dpkg -f packagename,05:40
Fezzlercrdlb: Heck, at least I know now!  So, what is SSE and why does nvidia needed it, etc.05:40
RadicalRStill no audio05:40
Kernelnomad729: yea i know that will work...was just wondering why its doing this......05:40
unopbenito, not sure then - this package is from a third party repository05:40
chadWhen i boot ubuntu from a cd to install it05:40
chadall i get is a grub screen05:40
cellofellowFezzler: SSE is some multimedia extensions in modern processors, which unless your on an ancient 286 should be there.05:41
chadI need help..05:41
RadicalRHmm, when I run alsamixer05:41
wbmjchad: you boot the cd and get a command prompt?05:41
Fezzlercellofellow: I'm on an AMD Athlon05:41
crdlbFezzler: SSE was invented by intel, so AMD didn't get it until the Athlon XP series (according to wikipedia)05:41
chadi get a grub console05:41
RadicalRIt states that the master is [off]05:41
benitoim trying to get vpn working with network manager but it wont show up in the network manager05:41
chadwhat do i type in the grub console?05:42
cellofellowchad: I hate grub prompts. You're booting from the CD though? I thought the CD uses isolinux not grub.05:42
jmarsdenchad: You need to make sure you are really booting from the CD... sounds like you may be accidentally still booting from HD?05:42
Fezzlercrdlb: So whatever SSE does the GeForce FX 5500 is handling?05:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isolinux05:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stupidbot05:42
wbmjcellofellow it does.....that's why it doesn't make sense05:43
chadi'm sure i'm booting from the cd05:43
cpierceanyone know of a ppd for a d2545 deskjet from hp?05:43
jmarsdenchad: As a test, can you disconnect all hard drives and then boot from the CD?05:43
wbmjjmardens: same thought here05:43
chadit's my very first boot device05:43
crdlbFezzler: SSE is used by nvidia's opengl library to improve performance, but there's no reason why they couldn't have made it optional05:43
cellofellowchad: the BIOS still might skip to the HDD instead of the CD anyway.05:43
Fezzlercrdlb: This is so awesome.  You are the only one who figured this out!  So we believe the 100.14.19 is that last nvidia driver that will work with my CPU05:43
chadlet me try again05:44
cellofellowFezzler: :( old drive05:44
chadgive me 2 min05:44
wbmjchad: what is the OS on the harddrive?05:44
benitogod damn i cant believe this is so hard05:44
glitsj16RadicalR: use pavucontrol (if you have that installed) and check there as well .. if you get things fixed you can add that "pulseaudio -D" comand to your session (system > admin > sessions i believe) to autostart it05:44
benitowtf is the problem05:44
benitowhy is it so difficult to get on vpn05:44
cellofellowbenito: it's not supposed to happen. Did dpkg -f all do anything?05:44
chadwbmj: it's windows XP05:44
crdlbFezzler: yes, and in the future, you'll probably need to switch to 96.xx, since nvidia will not update 100.14.19 for newer kernel versions (such as the one that will be in intrepid)05:44
Fezzlercrdlb: Thank you so much dude.  My daughter has a bunch of stuff she used that needed the GeForce card.05:44
cellofellowbenito: Ubuntu includes a VPN client by default.05:44
bullgard4What is the function of the directory /etc/alternatives? (For example, there is /etc/alternatives/epiphany-browser.)05:45
benitowhat vpn client05:45
Fezzlercrdlb: I was about to give up on Ubuntu and switch distros or something05:45
wbmjwbmj: probably a bed disk burn05:45
cellofellowFezzler: so, use nvidia-glx-legacy05:45
wbmjoops bad05:45
benitocellofellow ;   named?05:45
chadlet me try once more05:45
chadthen i'll re burn05:45
crdlbcellofellow: that's _too_ old05:45
wbmjchad: burn at lower speed05:45
Fezzlercellofellow: I tried legacy and it didn't see to work with all compiz functions05:45
cellofellowFezzler: nope05:45
benitocellofellow ;  i see no vpn by default im on hardy 8.0405:45
Fezzlercrdlb: What do you mean by 96.xxx?05:46
Fezzlercellofellow: nope??05:46
afallenhopeAnyone able to get webcams to work with Adobe Flash? for some reason.. Flash finds my webcam... however it's just black picture. Using an EyeToy05:46
SebNaitsabeswbmj:  he is total Linux noob. and  wants to run games and that so he would probably be better off  to begin with with a Ubuntu virtualmachine inside Windows05:46
nickrudbullgard4 those links get switched around when you use the update-alternatives command. The intent is to allow you to have various apps that provide the same functionality (like java versions) and easily switch the default05:46
jmarsdenbullgard4: It lets you decide which java (for example) you want to be run by the java command.  Likewise for sendmail, etc.05:46
cellofellowbenito: Applications -> Network -> Remote Desktop Viewer.05:46
benjamin_is there a channel for XvidCap?05:46
wbmjSebNaitesabes: aaaaah05:46
bastid_raZorFezzler; the 5500 card has issues running compiz at its highest settings.. i have the same card on another box. nvidia-glx-new worked fine. the card is hindering your performance.. not the driver05:46
Fezzlercellofellow: The Desktop Cube and other 3D apps didn't work with legacy.05:46
RadicalRyou have to use a option with the module to work...05:46
cellofellowbenito: It's called Vinagre (spanish name)05:46
rosshow do you update stuff in ubuntu?05:46
afallenhopeRadicalR, what?05:46
rosswhat is the command?05:46
unopbullgard4, if you have multiple packages providing the same functionality, i.e. multiple installed versions of e.g firefox, java, etc - the alternatives system is used to provide links to the various binaries.  the  update-alternatives manpage should make it a bit clearer05:47
cellofellowFezzler: did you try XGL?05:47
RadicalRHang on. I have it stored here...05:47
Rolcolthanks Odd-rationale.  Transmission compiled fine.05:47
benjamin_ is there a channel for XvidCap?05:47
nickrudunop you're slooowww05:47
cellofellowross: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade05:47
mkquistafallenhope: wrong channel maybe?05:47
Fezzlerbastid_raZor: I think crdl found it was my CPU that was the issue.  No SSE support.05:47
afallenhopemkquist, no. why05:47
benjamin_ is there a channel for XvidCap?05:47
Fezzlercellofellow: XGL?05:47
crdlbFezzler: nvidia maintains three driver lines for different models. new cards use the latest series (nvidia-glx-new), geforce 4 and older must use nvidia-glx which is currently at version 96.something, and really ancient cards like pre-geforce stuff must use nvidia-glx-legacy, which is 71.xx05:47
rosscellofellow: do both?05:47
bullgard4unop, nickrud, jmarsden Thank you very much for your help.05:47
unopnickrud, i am, maybe, i just got meself a cuppa .. :)05:47
afallenhopeAnyone able to get webcams to work with Adobe Flash? for some reason.. Flash finds my webcam... however it's just black picture. Using an EyeToy. I'm on Ubuntu Hardy Heron05:47
rosscellofellow: in any order?05:48
benitocellofelow ; thats not vpn05:48
benjamin_ is there a channel for XvidCap?'05:48
cellofellowross: && is a bash syntax that means "and then"05:48
benitocellofelow ; thats VNC05:48
SebNaitsabesbenjamin_: no05:48
cellofellowbenito: what did you want?05:48
Blaqlightbenjamin_: use /list to find out?05:48
Fezzlercrdlb: Thanks again!05:48
RadicalRafallenhope: try loading it like this ov51x-jpeg forceblock=105:48
crdlbFezzler: the second line does not have that SSE requirement, so nvidia is essentially requiring you to switch to that version05:48
cellofellowbenito: OOOOH, oops05:48
Blaqlightbenjamin_: -less ?05:48
benitoI NEED to get on vpn05:48
mkquistafallenhope: nm didnt read your question thoroughly.. =p05:48
rosscellofellow: graci05:48
benitootherwise i need a new OS05:48
cellofellowbenito: I use a ssh SOCKS tunnel for an ad-hoc VPN.05:48
afallenhopeRadicalR, bash: ov51x-jpeg: command not found05:49
benjamin_whats does that mean05:49
RadicalRyou need to do modprove05:49
Blaqlightwithout the "?" :P05:49
RadicalRmodprobe ov51x-jpeg forceblock=105:49
suzumehowto get full-duplex with alsa? anyone?05:49
Fezzlercrdlb: But now I know SSE support in my CPU is the issue.  I wonder if I can upgrade the CPU?05:49
cellofellowbenito: so, why won't your packages install?05:49
benjamin_hah, thanks05:49
benitowhich packages?05:49
cellofellowbenito: umm, what is your problem exactly? I think I got something confused.05:50
RadicalRI still gotta figure out why there's no sound on my system :(05:50
benitocellowfellow ;  sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn05:50
Fezzlerbastid_raZor: What performance hinderance do you see with FX 5500.  Screams for me.05:50
BlaqlightRadicalR: are you using hardy heron (8.04)05:50
benjamin_every time i click record on XvidCap te application closes05:50
cellofellowbenito: what kind of VPN are you trying to get on?05:50
unavailableis there any way to make a ppd file in windows?05:50
RadicalRand I followed the wiki05:50
ibosfriends...I use 2 LAN cards..One for LAN (local office and regional office)and other for internet...Before, I just use single LAN card and always change the IP to switch between LAN and internet. But now, I can connect internet and LAN only LOCAL LAN (Local office). I can not reach regional office LAN (WAN maybe). Any suggestion?  Thanks you..05:50
benitocellowfellow ;  sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp05:50
unavailablesorry for asking in ubuntu but hey i need a ppd for my dell05:50
benitoi have that installed05:51
benjamin_every time i click record on XvidCap the application closes05:51
benitoand in network manager i see no vpn connection option05:51
benitolike there is suposed to be05:51
benitoi dont know wtf is goin on05:51
bastid_raZorFezzler;  like you had stated, 3d cube and some other cpu intensive things. matter a fact the processor i'm using doesn't have SSE support either. crdlb has fixed two issues with one answer ;)05:51
cellofellowbenito: I don't know how it's supposed to work. Have you read the manual? (I know it sounds lame.)05:51
unavailableis there any way to make a ppd file for a printer that i only have the windows install disk, with no ppd ???05:51
benjamin_every time i click record on XvidCap the application closes05:51
benitoyes ive read every manual05:51
benitoand it doesnt work05:51
benitothere is NO VPN option in network manager05:51
BlaqlightRadicalR: whats the output of lspci | grep sound?05:52
wbmjbenjamin: open XvidCap in terminal......should give you a reason for the crash05:52
suzumecan someone help me to get alsa working with ekiga?05:52
unavailableis there any way to make a ppd file for a printer that i only have the windows install disk, with no ppd ???05:52
cellofellowbenito: have you restarted it?05:52
FlynsarmyIs there a way to enable auto-arrange on the desktop?05:52
ibosit's related to my pop3 e-mail05:52
FlynsarmySo that icons don't appear underneath other icons or off to the right somehwere05:52
Fezzlerbastid_raZor: Do what I did and you will have Cube support on the 5500 thanks to crdlb05:52
RadicalRBlaqlight, nothing.05:52
benitocellofellow ; i think whats the command?   nm-applet restart?05:52
benitoClick on the network-manager in the system tray05:52
benitoChoose VPN Connections -> Configure VPN05:52
benitoClick Add05:52
Fezzlerbastid_raZor: Install 100.14.1905:52
benito^^ cant do this05:52
benjamin_how do i run it in a terminal?05:52
Blaqlightsorry wrong command.05:53
cellofellowbenito: I do sudo killall NetworkManager && sudo NetworkManager when my wifi acts up.05:53
cellofellowMight killall nm-applet and then nm-applet in the run dialog.05:53
wbmjbenjamin: open terminal and type XvidCap05:53
ibosunop...Odd-rationale...Could you help me, guys?05:53
legend2440cpierce  have you tried the hp driver?     http://hplip.sourceforge.net/models/deskjet/deskjet_d2500_series.html05:53
unop!helpme | ibos,05:53
ubottuibos,: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience05:53
bastid_raZorFezzler; i've upgraded computers since then. i basically use that box for a web server and watch movies on my tv with. i'm soon to be upgrading it to hardy so i'll keep that in mind when i upgrade.05:53
SebNaitsabesunop: are you a mod/op?05:54
unopibos, just ask a question :)05:54
Blaqlightdamn I can't remember the entire command05:54
unopSebNaitsabes, no - i wish i was sometimes tho05:54
Fezzlerbastid_raZor: I had trouble with the Gusty to Hardy upgrade and did a clean Hardy install (recommended here)05:54
unavailableunop the un - op05:54
ibosoke...i'm sorry..05:54
benitocellowfellow ;   benito@ubunts:~$05:55
benito(network-admin:9010): Gtk-WARNING **: Unknown property: GtkComboBox.items05:55
SebNaitsabesunoffical op?05:55
benitocellowfelow; have u seen this error before?05:55
benitoi loked it up and its a ubuntu bug apparently05:55
SebNaitsabesunop: unoffical op?05:56
cellofellowbenito: it's an error with a the GTK theme or theme engine. Not to worry.05:56
cellofellowI get tons of those, different ones with different themes.05:56
benitoi dont understand why this is so difficult05:56
unopSebNaitsabes, no, just unop , no real reasoning behind the nick05:56
* benito sighs05:56
SebNaitsabesunop: oh right ok05:56
iboshow to set double LAN card that used to connect INTERNET and LAN simultaniously? Before, with single LAN card, switching between them it's oke. But NOw I can not reach other office server (regional LAN in my country)..05:57
BlaqlightRadicalR: does your sound card show up with lspci -v?05:57
benitohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN           < ------------ NOT working05:57
benitothis is f0rked05:57
superlinuxhi all05:57
ibosI use 2 LAN cards..One for LAN (local office and regional office)and other for internet...Before, I just use single LAN card and always change the IP to switch between LAN and internet. But now, I can connect internet and LAN only LOCAL LAN (Local office). I can not reach regional office LAN (WAN maybe). Suggestions?05:58
cellofellowbenito: have you just restarted the computer?05:58
superlinuxthe problem is that the arabic keymap is not the one that we use in chatting05:58
superlinux  we use latin to write arabic. and i hate it. the letter M in latin if u type with arabic map is not arabic .  there is a programmer who built a key map we arab like. http://www1.architektur.tu-darmstadt.de/islam/ara/05:58
benitodo i need to?05:58
cellofellowbenito: or dropped to runlevel 1 and back up to 2 to give it a good reset?05:58
benitothe manual doesnt say anything about restarted05:58
cellofellow(I do a sudo init 1 when things act weird)05:58
unavailableis there any way to manually enter the information to create a ppd file for a printer that does not have one??05:58
cellofellowI wouldn't expect it to.05:58
benitoi cant beleive noone else uses vpns05:59
benitoto offer some help05:59
RadicalRBlaqlight, yeah05:59
RadicalRIt shows up05:59
superlinuxthe keys are not phoetically matching05:59
cellofellowThey're corporate things and this is mostly teenage geeks.05:59
laughtearhelp... in system startup (welcome) screen, after entering username and password, there is an warning window appears and says: your home folder something is ignored, you must change the permissions to 644, etc.. (can't take a screenshot to remember it all). what's wrong with it?05:59
jmarsdenunavailable: If you fully undestand PPD file format and have internal printer docs, maybe!  WHat printer are you trying to set up?05:59
jadams_Can someone help me with a problem installing pidgin?  Here's the dump of an apt-get install pidgin: http://pastie.org/23769505:59
unopibos, as long as you set this up right, you shouldn't need to change IP addresses, etc .. just make sure each interface has the right IP addresses set, it should be as simple as that05:59
unavailabledell 72505:59
BlaqlightRadicalR: have you checked to see if mute was checked also are you using do you have alsa?05:59
benitoit takes half a second to do this on windows ffs05:59
benitoive been sitting here 3 hours and nothing05:59
cellofellowcause the code is builtin05:59
benitoevery manual is useless06:00
RadicalRI have alsa06:00
jadams_benito: what are you doing?06:00
benitomy network manager is a pos its f0rked06:00
cellofellowthis is extra, it's a M$ technology (PPTP) after all.06:00
Blaqlighttype alsamixer into a terminal.06:00
benitoim attempting to get on a vpn     from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN   this tutorial06:00
RadicalRCard: PulseAudio06:00
RadicalRChip: PulseAudio06:00
unopjadams_, does this help?  sudo aptitude install pidgin06:00
laughtearhelp... in system startup (welcome) screen, after entering username and password, there is an warning window appears and says: your home folder something is ignored, you must change the permissions to 644, etc.. (can't take a screenshot to remember it all). what's wrong with it?06:01
unavailablejmarsden its a paperweight on linuxprinting.org   dell 72506:01
unopjadams_, note the use of aptitude there as opposed to apt-get06:01
Blaqlightugh more problems with pulseaudio.06:01
RadicalRSo much for progress in technology eh?06:01
jmarsdenunavailable: Then unless you have access to documentation that everyone else lacks... it is a paperweight.06:01
BlaqlightRadicalR: it should have the name of your card from lspci -v06:01
cellofellowbenito: You might have to restart the network-manager to get the added VPN connection on the list (killall nm-applet; nm-applet &)06:02
cellofellowbenito: from the wiki06:02
unoplaughtear, sudo chmod 644 ~/.dmrc && sudo chown $USER.$USER ~/.dmrc  # that ought to fix it06:02
RadicalRUh. Alsamixer? no.06:02
cellofellowbenito: this is a bit of an old tutorial06:02
laughtearunop, thank you, i'll try that..:)06:02
unopjadams_, did you do anything funny in terms of adding repositories?06:02
BlaqlightRadicalR: which means your probably not using the right driver.06:02
benitocellowfellow  i did06:03
RadicalRSo how do I go by fixing this?06:03
jadams_unop: aptitude seems like it'll be able to fix it06:03
benitoand when i restart it i get that Unknown property: GtkComboBox.items06:03
Hewjadams_: your error says you have broken packages06:03
laughtearunop, done. do you know what it is by the way?06:03
Blaqlightgoogle the name of your card -ubuntu and you should find a driver for it.06:03
Hewjadams_: have you tried fixing these?06:03
RadicalRIt used to work before.06:04
RadicalRI shouldn't have to reinstall any drivers.06:04
unopjadams_, aptitude might only be giving you a short term remedy here06:04
jadams_and yeah, I added a debian repo from de for some fMRI software I had to install, but I disabled it after the install06:04
jmarsdenlaughtear: .dmrc is the desktop manager per-user defaults file06:04
BlaqlightRadicalR: after you sudo aptitude install dist-upgrade?06:04
laughtearjmarsden, then, what could be the reason of this matter?06:04
unoplaughtear, if the permissions on ~/.dmrc aren't right, gnome will complain06:05
Blaqlightbecause if thats the case then if your removed pulseaudio you'll get your sound back...06:05
unoplaughtear, you probably changed permissions on the file inadvertently, or copied this file from somewhere else06:05
jmarsdenlaughtear: somehow a program created or edited that file and set incorrect permissions on it...06:05
Hewjadams_: run synaptic and find what the broken packages are. You'll probably have to remove these before you can use apt properly06:05
RadicalRwell, I was having problems with it before06:06
RadicalRlike I could only have one application running sound06:06
BlaqlightRadicalR: thats because you were using OSS and not ALSA06:06
jadams_Hew: yeah, I already did that and it couldn't really06:06
jadams_one of the 'broken' packages is libperl something06:06
BlaqlightALSA supports more than one app using the sound... OSS does not06:06
jadams_and that required killing like 100 apps I use06:06
benitoany ideas?06:06
cellofellowbenito: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=852359&highlight=NetworkManager+VPN06:06
jadams_aptitude found a solution that just requires downgrading abiword06:06
unopjadams_, you should never add debian repositories to ubuntu06:07
cellofellowbenito: looks like xirbuntu might be having the same problem as you06:07
jadams_unop: granted06:07
unopjadams_, if ever you need to do things like this, build from source or backport a package, never install debian's binary packages06:07
BlaqlightRadicalR: unfortunately I must leave, hopefully I lead you a little closer to a solution.06:07
jadams_I didn't know how to build FSL06:07
BeepIII've heard there's a firewall you can download from the Universe thingy. . . how do I find that?06:07
jadams_I'm not unacquainted with building packages, I'm a developer myself06:08
jadams_but FSL is a finicky software package as far as I can tell06:08
jmarsdenBeepII: firestarter?06:08
Hewjadams_: You will need to fix the broken package. Try the -f switch with apt-get06:08
jadams_Hew, I'm already on it and don't need help anymore06:08
jadams_sorry that wasn't clear06:08
jmarsdenBeepII: sudo apt-get install firestarter06:08
BeepIII don't see it under add/remove. . .06:08
Hewjadams_: no worries06:08
unopjadams_, it's not really hard .. you can find out about backporting in #debian, just ask dpkg about backport06:08
RadicalRTime to fight with this again06:08
RadicalRRR vs PA -round 2-06:09
BeepIIthat's it?  wow I feel silly now...  Thanks jmarsden06:09
unopjadams_, if you still have the debian repo enabled, you ought to disable it now to stop things like this happening again06:09
jadams_unop: disabled it long ago06:09
jadams_mentioned that06:09
jmarsdenBeepII: If not, then you don't have the right repository enabled maybe.  But try that first.06:09
bullgard4unop: [Hardy, GNOME] Applications > Internet offers one one computer the menu item 'Epiphany Webbrowser (Gecko)' and on another only 'Epiphany Webbrowser'. What is Hardys default?06:09
bullgard4unop: [Hardy, GNOME] Applications > Internet offers on one computer the menu item 'Epiphany Webbrowser (Gecko)' and on another only 'Epiphany Webbrowser'. What is Hardys default?06:10
glitsj16RadicalR: take a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4928900 if you haven't already, together with http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup it should provide a nice start to see you can get sound back working as it should06:10
Flannel!repeat | bullgard406:10
ubottubullgard4: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:10
LSD|Ninjabullgard4: I don't think Ubuntu install Epiph by default06:10
benitocellofellow;     sudo apt-get install vpnc network-manager-vpnc     <----- any once again   network manager has no vpn options ... network manager is f0rked06:10
unopbullgard4, i am not sure - i don't use gnome06:10
bullgard4Flannel: I think you need glasses.06:11
bullgard4unop: Ok.06:11
unopbullgard4, your message did appear twice06:11
Flannelbullgard4: gecko06:11
bullgard4unop: My message did not appear twice. Rather, I corrected my first message because it contained a mistake and might not be understood properly.06:12
unopbullgard4, on irc, most people understand the significance of a following  s///  to denote a correction06:13
unopbullgard4, meaning you could have said    s/one one/on one/06:14
unopbullgard4, it's so that you don't have to flood the channel just to make a correction06:14
scyrmahow the weather like in Intrepid?06:15
unopbullgard4, like this ^^  :)06:16
unopscyrma, you could find out in #ubuntu+106:16
* scyrma goes to have a look06:16
=== [ID]-3870 is now known as GeorgeZL
RadicalRI got audio working06:22
RadicalRwith the exception of rhythmbox06:23
ibosUNOP said: ibos, as long as you set this up right, you shouldn't need to change IP addresses, etc .. just make sure each interface has the right IP addresses set, it should be as simple as that. In my office has 2 line of LAN. One to LAN in local and regional office (all state), and other to internet line. Before (by switcthing IP in single LAN card), I can reach regional LAN server (and internet in different time). But NOW (two LAN cards) I can not reach reg06:24
ibosional server...06:24
RadicalRdoes rhymbox not like Pulseaudio?06:24
SebNaitsabesRadiclR:  ah yes that06:27
bullgard4[Hardy, GNOME] One Ubuntu computer lists in /usr/share/applications only 'epiphany-gecko.desktop' but another additionally 'epiphany.desktop'. What is the difference between them?06:27
SebNaitsabesRadicalR:  yes there are issues with puleaudio like that06:27
SebNaitsabesRadicalR:  killall puleaudio in terminal and play your music in Rythombox06:27
RadicalRGreat solution!06:27
SebNaitsabesit works :)06:27
adityagwhere is the php.ini file in 8.04 ?06:28
RadicalRI don't think it liked that06:28
glitsj16RadicalR: don't use rhythmbox personally, it might have support for OSS, try starting it with "padsp rhythmbox" (a wrapper to get it to use pulseaudio anyway)06:28
nomad729bullgard4: maybe gecko vs. webkit?? dunno06:28
unopadityag, locate php.ini06:28
unopadityag, provided you have the php package installed06:29
unopadityag, this might also help.  dpkg -S php.ini06:29
ibosUNOP: in the way to connect internet, I set the LAN card in ENABLE ROAMING mode. When I disable this card, the other card (regional LAN) is worked normally..06:29
bullgard4nomad729: Please tell me what a 'webkit' is. So far I have found a spanish definition for it only.06:30
SebNaitsabesglitsdj16: i'll try that when I have that issue again06:30
unopibos, are you setting ip addresses for these interfaces manually?06:30
glitsj16RadicalR: no output whatsoever with rhythmbox ?06:30
RadicalRmplayer works fine with sound...06:30
ibosBut when I enabled the internat LAN card, I can not reach other regional server anymore..06:30
RadicalRNo output06:30
nomad729bullgard4: webkit is what apples safari browser uses,rendering-engine06:31
jmarsdenibos: Sounds like you need a static route to the regional servers out the regional server interface?06:31
glitsj16SebNaitsabes: it might not work, it does if the sound app in questionsupprts OSS, but i don't know if rhythmbox does ..06:31
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
ibosUNOP: One card for LAN office set MANUALLY (no conflicts), and other card (to internet) in EENABLE ROAMING mode...06:31
RadicalRWell, you know the sound preview thingie?06:31
SebNaitsabes I think rythombox does suppourt OSS06:31
RadicalRWhere you put your mouse over the mp306:32
RadicalRand it plays it?06:32
bullgard4nomad729: Thank you.06:32
RadicalRThat doesn't work anymore06:32
ibosUNOP: One card for LAN office set MANUALLY (no conflicts), and other card (to internet) in EENABLE ROAMING mode...06:32
unopibos, enable both interfaces and then run this command and post the url it returns.  which pastebinit || sudo aptitude install pastebinit; (ifconfig -a; route -nv) | pastebinit06:34
=== dynamethod is now known as Guest28245
glitsj16RadicalR: reading the website of rhythmbox it mentions gstreamer, so there's hope :) .. sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio and if that doesn't cut it, look at http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup#GStreamerApplications (specifically mentions rhythmbox)06:34
jmarsdenibos: can you do   ifconfig -a ; netstat -nr and put the output on pastebin... ah, same idea as unop06:34
=== johnanana is now known as dynamethod
isakeywhere is pulseaudio GUI?06:35
RadicalROuch. I have the newest version already06:35
RadicalRDouble ouch.06:36
RadicalRFor some reason, they are already set as defaults06:37
lucidhow can I configure a usb device, I think I can see it in lsusb06:37
hrtkive had lots of fun today06:37
unoplucid, what does the device do?06:37
glitsj16isakey: http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup has the names of additional GUI tools at the very beginning, you can find them in the repo's, so sudo apt-get install <names mentioned> should cover it06:37
kaiwenwarm my coffee :D06:38
lucidit's kind of a mixer for microphone to usb06:38
Daisuke_Idounop: the device usually just sits there but occasionally will do a backflip if it thinks no one is watching...06:38
kaiwenbackflip? mine does cart wheels06:39
RAdamshow can I "restart" the trackpad device? I want to force sidescrolling to work again06:39
isakeyglitsj16: thanks06:39
glitsj16RadicalR: do you have the mentioned gstreamer0.10-plugins-good installed ?06:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:39
RadicalRalreadyi installed.06:40
l815how can i find out why the front of my laptop runs hotter with ubuntu?06:40
=== d is now known as Guest22019
RadicalRNoooo, give me my rb.06:40
kaiwenl815 it has to do with your increased cpu usage06:41
kaiwenor your fan isn't running, check that06:41
RadicalRAnother thing I noticed is the music preview isn't working anymore.06:41
l815kaiwen, is there a way to reduce it without much performance loss?06:41
glitsj16RadicalR: try a pulseaudio forum is the last thing i can think of right now to get the goods on rhythmbox with pusleaudio ..06:41
kaiwenl815, what is your cpu06:43
l815kaiwen, intel core duo06:43
glitsj16puzleaudio .. might have been another good name for pulse ;)06:43
kaiwenl815, how is the cpu usage, can you monitor it?06:43
l815kaiwen, yah hold on06:44
lucida ha, nevermind. ah the powers of google06:44
l815kaiwen, hmm seems to be at a constant 2-6% on both cores06:44
kaiwenand is your fan running l815?06:44
kaiwenok wait06:45
glitsj16RadicalR: .. or #pulseaudio if anyone's there06:45
l815seems to be running but not as strong as when I run more programs06:45
kaiwendo a acpi -t06:45
l-bobhi... got a question/help needed xubuntu here... newbie06:46
joustinMy laptop is crappy and runs ubuntu 6.06 I cant upgrade to 8 due to it not reading the disk06:46
l815kaiwen, 46c06:46
kaiwenwow, and your fan is running, and it's hot06:46
kaiwen46 doesn't seem much to me, like how hot is it.06:46
l815yah that's what i find strange06:46
kaiwenmy fan doesn't run until it hits 6006:46
l815um, the touchpad is pretty warm, it's under where it seems to feel pretty hot06:46
kaiwenhmmm.. so it's not under the cpu?06:47
kaiwenjust the touchpad?06:47
l815i think it's where the cpu is (there's a plate on there)06:47
l815which is right near the touchpad06:47
kaiwenok, then it's logical that the fan should be running06:48
=== HeavenPhoenix is now known as Asema
l815is there a way to make the fan run faster? it seems to be at a slow speed06:48
kaiwenbut it doesn't make since it's that hot, since you said it was 46 degrees. right now mine is 5906:48
l815wow ;o06:48
kaiwenmaybe, let me help you google06:48
Guest24174holy crap thats hot06:48
kaiweni know i am06:48
l815yah 59 seems hot to me :O06:49
kaiwenlol, it is.. but for some laptops, that is average06:49
Guest24174hmm there is a shell command you can run to find out the temperature06:49
kaiwenacpi -t06:49
kaiwenit measure how hot you are06:49
Mycah_My install is really buggy... my sound stops working and then programs stop working, and then i can't open any new programs or even press the restart button. why would this be happening06:49
overlordpuppyWhatever I record with gnome sound recorder has a static noise and my voice is way deeper. Yet when I allow the mic to go through to the speakers, it sounds just fine. It just won't record for me. Any ideas anyone?06:49
RadicalRNice, I'm at 48.0C06:49
l815it's only from the touchpad to the middle of the laptop where it's hot06:49
* RadicalR learns something new.06:49
isakeyso really what is pulseaudio for? is it able to mix audio sources, if this fail with other sound systems?06:50
kaiwenl815 try this. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55791106:50
kaiwenpulseaudio is an audio driver06:50
kaiweni think.06:50
Guest24174acpi -t06:50
Guest24174yup, thanks!06:51
l815kaiwen, thanks ill take a look06:51
jeettuhow to install lego mindstrome software in ubuntu06:51
m3gach33zyhey can someone help me with some network stuff06:51
kaiwenyeah, i looked at this temperature issue on my laptop before, b/c it was burning my legs.06:51
isakeykaiwen: i interesting in mixing stream from game and music player (it dosnt work by default)06:51
kaiwenisakey, i have no experience about that, sry :/06:51
=== ce_cutezz is now known as ditza
kaiwenisakey, actually06:52
Mycah_anyone have any ideas?06:52
kaiwenisakey, it won't work because it uses the audio at the same time.06:52
Guest24174I'm sure if you ask the question someone knowlegable will respond06:52
kaiwenisakey, how do I know this? if you run amarok, then use wine that cobtains a program with audio, it won't work?06:52
kaiwenwhy? because the audio driver is requested at the same time twice, for two different prorams06:52
m3gach33zyCan someone tell me how to keep my wireless going when i close my laptop?06:52
Guest24174kaiwen actually it depends on the application06:53
kaiwenm3gach33zy, is it on hibernate?06:53
Guest24174some apps use ALSA directly06:53
kaiwenGuest24174, true, but I'm assuming his applications don't work well together06:53
m3gach33zykaiwen no i just close the lid or i lock it06:53
Vorboteisakey: install pavucontrp06:53
isakeykaiwen: this problem should be solved06:53
kaiwenm3gach33zy, you might want to check your session settings, to see whether it locks.06:53
jeettuhow to install NXT(lego mindstrome) software in ubuntu06:53
kaiwenthe screen or not06:53
l815what is required to run "sudo cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/trip_points" ? I'm getting no directory06:53
isakeyVorbote: ok06:54
m3gach33zykaiwen: how do i check the sessions?06:54
kaiwenl815 do a cd /proc/acpi/thermal_zone06:54
kaiwenthen do a ls06:54
kaiwenm3gach33zy what gui are u running06:54
Mycah_anyone have any ideas?06:54
l815kaiwen, worked06:54
m3gach33zykaiwen: umm the one before the new one06:54
kaiwenthe name of the THRM is different for everyone06:54
kaiwenGNOME or KDE06:54
nomad729!ask | Mycah_06:55
ubottuMycah_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:55
Mycah_i didn't.06:55
l815ahh ok06:55
Mycah_i asked a question.06:55
l-bobhi... got a question/help needed xubuntu here... newbie.. lost panels top and bottom06:55
m3gach33zykaiwen: gusty gibbon version 7.1006:55
kaiwenm3gach33zy, are you a mega noob, just wondering06:55
l815trip point for one is 127c and the other 105c :O06:55
m3gach33zykaiwen: yes i hardly use ubuntu and i'm trying to get into it06:56
Guest24174l-bob try ctrl+alt+backspace06:56
nomad729l-bob: in gnome-terminal xfce4-panel --restart06:56
kaiwenm3gach33zy i need to know the window manager you are using, gnome kde, or xfce06:56
Guest24174that will kill your X session06:56
RadicalRSo strange!06:56
kaiwenis it very orange?06:56
RadicalREverything works now!06:56
kaiwenlike the desktop06:56
RadicalRThank you for all your help guys.06:56
kaiwenm3gach33zy, i'm on kde now, but if you search around for something like powersettings06:56
kaiwenthat should help06:56
Guest24174well try the restart panel first06:56
kaiwenand turn off hibernate, lock screen, or whatever is there when you close you laptop lid06:56
Mycah_My install is really buggy... my sound stops working and then programs stop working, and then i can't open any new programs or even press the restart button. why would this be happening?06:57
l-bobtrying cntrl-backspc first.. it is rebooting06:57
Guest24174well it should reboot06:57
Guest24174*oops shouldnt06:57
m3gach33zykaiwen: i found power management but it doesnt have anything to do with network stuff06:57
Guest24174just restart the x-session06:57
kaiwenit doesn't,06:57
kaiwenthis is the session issue not the network06:57
=== Guest24174 is now known as newnickname
kaiwentrust me, does it say antying about laptop under power management?06:58
m3gach33zykaiwen: under sessions i'm not sure where to go06:58
l-bobthat restart did not work.. trying the other06:58
jon_high9000i have a question. can i run Firestarter and ufw at the same time?06:58
=== newnickname is now known as fsck
l815kaiwen, how do I know which one is the right one? http://pastebin.com/m46b4582006:58
=== fsck is now known as cantdoanything
m3gach33zykaiwen: it says actions put computer to sleep when inactive for... i said never06:58
m3gach33zykaiwen: when i close the lid i said do nothing06:59
kaiwenthere you go06:59
kaiwenthat's it06:59
Dranikhi there06:59
kaiwenl815, what is this?06:59
m3gach33zykaiwen: okay got that but can i lock it and still have the network going?06:59
nomad729jon_high9000: technically yes but the one thats run last will set iptables rules06:59
kaiwenoh i see it06:59
l815kaiwen, the output of the thresholds for both directories06:59
kaiwenm3gach33zy, play around with it and see m3ga06:59
kaiwenprobably since the session is still running06:59
Dranikwhich app could I use to capture the key code? (I'd like to use my keyboard volume control keys)06:59
l815i just don't know which one I should edit06:59
octalDragnslcr: xev07:00
kaiwenl815, couldn't hurt to do both? :D07:00
l815lol true07:00
Dranikocta, thanks!07:00
kaiwenlook carefully07:00
kaiwenyou see the second one07:00
l-bobI got 'WARNING **; xfce4-panel is not running07:00
kaiwencontains info on your CPU07:00
l815yah, the passive right?07:00
kaiwenso i'm assuming you have two fans07:00
m3gach33zykaiwen: well i dont see anything under session or anywhere about leaving the network on when i lock the desktop\07:00
kaiwenone cpu, one somethign else07:00
kaiwenm3gach33zy there isn't07:01
billeniumhow can i do sudo and put the password in the command... like sudo -something passwoereher ??? or...07:01
kaiwenjust lock it and close the laptop07:01
kaiwenit should still run, it doesn't exit anything at all07:01
kaiwenoh yeah, l815, don't play with the critical setting07:01
jon_high9000nomad729: thanks nomad. this issue was very confusing for me.07:01
JamesPerreaultI'll risk sounding like the new'b I am... But Had anyone run Kcron on Hardy Heron to play Music files?07:02
kaiwenleave the critical setting like that, if the temp. is any higher than that, your laptop will shutdown automatically07:02
kaiwenonline change the passive, i think?07:02
l-bobnomad729 I *can get a menu by a right click on screen..07:02
kaiwenm3gach33zy the reason why the network didn't work b/c you closed your laptop lid was b/c it went into hibernate or something similar07:03
kaiwenmeaning, everything goes into memory or your harddrive and your computer shutsdown fully or partially07:03
m3gach33zykaiwen: right i can close it just fine now07:03
nomad729l-bob: thats normal then try oveing/renaming your xfce files in ~/.config as a last resort,logout back in will have defaults again07:03
kaiwenthat's good07:03
kaiwenl815, i hope you didn't change the critical setting07:03
nomad729l-bob: moving07:03
m3gach33zykaiwen: i want to lock the session from outsiders tho while leaving the network running07:03
l-bobk nomad07:04
l815kaiwen, didn't change anything yet :P07:04
kaiwenm3gach33zy just lock your session from the menu07:04
kaiwenthen close the lid07:04
m3gach33zykaiwen: i have a bunch of brothers and i dont want them to use the laptop but i still want my downloads to keep going07:04
kaiwenthat's what you do07:04
l815kaiwen, i dont know what im changing, all i see is to do "echo -n "65:60:50:55:50:45" > /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ01/trip_points"07:04
kaiwenur downloads will keep going if you do that07:04
nomad729l-bob: sorry to bail but bedtime hope it works07:04
m3gach33zykaiwen: i do the lock screen thing but the network stops07:04
kaiwenidk man, you might have to do an alternative.07:05
kaiwendownloading stuff....07:05
m3gach33zykaiwen: yeah i guess so07:05
\kGhow secure is the guided install with encrypted vpn07:05
\kGencrypted vlm07:05
kaiwenm3gach33zy, search google for locking screen in ubuntu07:05
kaiwenactually, try using kde07:05
kaiwenit might work better for you m3ga07:05
kaiwenl815, those trip points are the poitns where the fan will start07:05
LogrusmageHey, can anyone suggest a good torrent client other than deluge?07:06
kaiwenit will start the fan if it passes 45 50 55 60 65 etc.07:06
l815kaiwen, so it wont touch the critical?07:06
kaiwenyou can check07:06
kaiwenno it won't07:06
kaiwenbtw, make a back up of those files first07:06
RadicalRLogrusmage, ktorrent is pretty good07:06
m3gach33zykaiwen: ah i got it instead of lock screen i use switch user and it'll stay on07:06
kaiwenm3gach33zy there you go07:06
Logrusmageradicalr: ty07:06
m3gach33zykaiwen: thanks for the help :p07:06
Logrusmageradicalr: does it run fine in gnome?07:07
RadicalRNo problems here.07:07
RadicalRIt's a utorrent clone07:07
kaiwenl815 i have to go07:07
kaiwenlotz of hw , procrastinated a bit07:07
kaiwenis there any last minute questions?07:07
l815kaiwen, its okay I think i found a thread for directions07:07
kaiwenok cool07:07
l815kaiwen, thanks for the help :)07:07
JamesPerreaultI take it Kcron and Ubunto... that would be a no.07:09
JamesPerreaultsorry... Ubuntu\07:09
=== greg_univers1 is now known as greg_universe
itai-michaelsonhi, i have a well tweaked hardy on a desktop, i would like to clone it to 10 new computers with the exact same hardware. whats the best way of doing that?07:10
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: Consider g4u or some similar disk cloning tool?07:11
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, let me google g4u, is that a luve disc?07:11
achandrashekarjoin #fedora07:11
itai-michaelsonlive disc..07:11
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/07:12
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, reading...07:12
=== Exteris is now known as Exteris^
=== Exteris^ is now known as Exteris
accessomebody can help me ?.. i want to play my DVD(simpsons movie) "autoloading vlc" but.. i cant change default dvd autoplay :(07:16
accesi try in /etc/gnome/defaults.list  and isnot working07:17
[[cEuWe_fZz_yMM]hi da org Ga07:19
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, this is over a network , i was wondering if there is something more ghost -like as those new computers are not connected to the net.07:19
Armored_AzraelWhat package contains GtkBuilder?07:19
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: It does local disk to disk copying too, see the copydisk command07:21
jigphello how to open the port for ssh in router?is it 22?so i could access my box?07:22
jigpport forwading?07:22
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: I've used it for many years... networked and local copies work fine for me.07:22
jigpbut what port?22?07:22
jigpim done installing openssh07:23
eordenadorHi, do anybody know any alternative to network manager?07:23
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, so i what i need to do it hook up the new computers HD to the old one maunally and then boot from the CD , right?07:23
cchanceIm looking for a GUI'ed POS application. Any Suggestions?07:23
Armored_Azraeleordenator: ifconfig + iwconfig + wpa_supplicant07:23
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: Or you can boot from floppy if you prefer :-)07:24
hrtklol floppy07:24
Logrusmageradicalr: thanks a bunch... works SO much better...07:24
RadicalRno problems07:24
eordenadorArmored_Azrael: via console, no graphic app?07:25
l815i'm getting a input/output error when trying to change trip points07:26
cchanceIm looking for a GUI'ed POS application. Any Suggestions?07:26
Johnnyhwo do i tell if someone is connected to my box07:27
Johnnyand whats the name of a intrusion detection app07:28
jigpjohnny : who07:28
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, thanks -i'll give it a try07:29
biczJohnny: type who or w in terminal07:30
Johnnyi only have two tabs open in firefox07:30
Johnnyyet netstat -pat outputs at least 1507:30
webmanI have a ubuntu install with grub installed/working, but how can I tell grub to boot my USB key instead of ubuntu ?07:31
muntrueHey guys, can anyone try to connect to me trough VNC just so i know it works :)07:31
webmanmuntrue: what is the IP07:32
muntruewebman,  Is it oke if I PM that to you ?07:32
gooseI can detect the network in wifi-radar and network connections, but it refuses to connect whenever I try to. MAC filer, no WEP key. Works fine in Windows, just not in Ubuntu.. anyone have a solution to this problem?07:32
hrtkmuntrue i can help you07:32
Johnnywhats the name of an intrusion detection app07:32
hrtkjust pm me07:33
wbmjJohnny: Are you using Firefox 3?07:35
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
accessomebody can help me "ubuntu 8.04" ?.. i want to play my DVD(simpsons movie) "autoloading vlc" but.. i cant change default dvd autoplay (totem)07:36
Johnnyacces, preferences > prefered applications07:36
Raheemacces, can't u change it through System > preferences > preferred applicaitons ?07:36
accesno work07:36
accesjust appear totem .. but no vlc07:37
jmarsdenJohnny: snort is one IDS07:37
accesi try in /etc/gnome/defaults.list  and not work   :(07:37
accesRaheem: no :(07:37
Johnnyand do you know anything to encrypt passwords jmarsden07:37
Johnnyin firefox07:38
jmarsdenencrypt... well, passwd does that :-)  What specifically do you need to do?07:38
webmanjohnny: there is a crypt plugin for firefox I think ....07:39
Johnnysomething to encrypt passwords so that nothing going into a form can be sniffed or something07:39
jmarsdenJohnny: In Firefox?  Just set it not to store passwords at all.  And use https connections?07:39
goosedoes anyone know why ubuntu will detect wireless networks, but not connect to them?07:40
Johnnyif i dont store passwords id have 15+ or so id have to remember and i get them mixed up07:40
webmanjohnny: you can't, if the server uses https, then it is done for you, otherwise, you can't enter anything into the form or else it can be sniffed07:40
Johnnygoose, i had a similar problem it has something to do with nm-applet and network manager conflict i think07:40
Johnnycant remember what though07:40
gooseJohnny, do you remember how you fixed it? I have no idea what nm-applet is07:41
Johnnyi dont goose i sold that laptop to a friend sorry07:41
skurakaihi i have trouble with Firefox.07:41
Johnnynm-applet is the little applet on the bar for network manager07:41
goosedamn.. it originally worked straight off the install, but when I installed wifi-radar, it stopped working07:42
skurakaii'am using windows profile on NTFS but FF on start send "Firefox cannot use the profile "Default" because it is in use."07:42
Johnnyhow do i set up snort jmarsden ?07:42
wbmjgoose: to use wifi-radar you need to edit /etc/interfaces07:42
goosewbmj, I tried removing wifi-radar and it still wouldn't connect after I got rid of it07:43
goosewbmj, detects fine and dandy, just doesn't connect07:43
janhaj!list FloodBot307:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about list floodbot307:44
Johnnydoes it ever connect goose and then just stop suddenly?07:44
gooseJohnny, nope, doesn't assign me an IP address at all07:45
jmarsdenJohnny: read the docs first.  http://www.snort.org/docs/#docs07:45
wbmjgoose: Do the connections have an icon next them07:45
goosewbmj, not following you. what do you mean?07:46
wbmjgoose: left click on the nm-applet... the dropdown menu should list available connections07:47
danyI have an odd problem with my sound. I don't really know how to put this into words, so bear with me. When I play an audio file, it seems as though there are missing channels\tracks, does this sound familiar to anyone?07:47
goosewbmj, it only says "Manual configuration"07:47
goosedany, are you using a laptop or a desktop?07:47
danyLike, I can't hear the lead guitar something or something of that sort07:48
danygoose, a desktop07:48
slchenhi all, Is there any command to determine the encoding of a text file under ubuntu?07:48
goosedany, I had a similar problem with an old laptop. I ended up just reformatting and slapping on a fresh install and that fixed it.. :/07:48
wbmjgoose: open System > Administration > Network and set your wireless connection to roaming07:49
danygoose, this IS a fresh install :)07:49
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
_2slchen file07:49
goosewbmj, ok, done. How can I check to see if I have an IP assigned to my wireless?07:50
slchen_2, I just get ISO-8859 , seems the UTF-8 encoding07:50
wbmjgoose: now go to the nm-applet and see if you have a list of access points07:50
slchenbut the content I tested are GB2312 , Big5,07:50
goosewbmj, yes, I do. Only one, the network I'm hard wired into right now and trying to connect to wirelessly.07:51
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, can i ask you some g4u questions?07:51
wbmjgoose: laptop?07:51
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: Go ahead.07:52
itai-michaelsonwill g4u name the discs the same way ubuntu does?07:52
goosewbmj, yep. I'm 30% done downloading a 700 mb file, so I'm a bit hesitant to unplug the ethernet and test it07:52
itai-michaelsoni'm afraid to get them wrong07:52
goosewbmj, is there a terminal command I can execute to see if I have an IP assigned to my wireless?07:52
jmarsdenNo, it runs netbsd underneath so uses its disk devcie names.07:52
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: read the manual again, there is a command that lists devices...07:53
webmangoose: ifconfig -a will show all interfaces07:53
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, so how can i tell which is the target disc and which the source07:53
itai-michaelsoncan i browse them somehow?07:53
wbmjgoose: ok when you finish download disconnect the hardwire and logout/in........should update nm-applet listings07:53
webmangoose: if you are downloading a file, and you change your interface, you will interrupt the download, because you will have a different IP on the new interface07:53
=== SunWuKung is now known as SunWuKung|away
jmarsdenitai-michaelson: boot it with just the source disk installed, and list devices.  Repeat with both installed, the new one is the target.07:53
grandyhello, anyone know what console-kit-daemon is and what can go wrong if it segfaults?07:54
jmarsdenIf you understand a bit about netbsd that's not needed, but if you are worried it is pretty safe :-)07:54
itai-michaelsonjmarsden, i know nothing about netbsd ,but i will try your method07:54
TENFrom you experience, can Ubuntu comfortably (i.e. without constant disk thrashing) be run on a 256 MB machine (1+ GHz processor implied) for general OpenOffice/Firefox/Ekiga(VoIP)/Pidgin use? I'm asking since the 8.04 Live CD would grind down to even freezing the mouse pointer with just 192 MB installed and the GNOME taking its toll (it's understood requirements will be a little lower for a hard disk install from the Alter07:55
boGGdyme again, I'm still trying to install ubuntu and to format partitions here. anyone available to help me?07:55
l3dcan I use samba to share a folders in mu ubuntu only network07:55
AlexJPTEN: have you heard of xubuntu07:55
faliesonvlc isn't playing this avi file07:56
itai-michaelsonTEN - it can run well on 256MB but not with GNOME (the deafult grapgic environment)07:56
wbmjTEN: highly recommend xubuntu07:56
TENAlexJP: Sure, but I mean the general edition.07:56
jeeves__what is the command to move EVERYTHING recursivly from one directory to another?  is is "mv --r * /<target directory>/ ?07:56
btfxCan someone help me? Ubuntu is freezing up... I think it has to go with my wireless card...07:56
faliesonWhat do I need to download so VLC will play this file? how do I find out what codec I need and then how do I add it to vlc07:56
TENitai-michaelson: Thanks, I feared I'd hear that. Not that any of the apps I mentioned would actually require GNOME though...07:57
itai-michaelsonTEN, you can install the general edition and then run it with a different graphic environment07:57
_2l3d you can but you could use something FOSS'ish07:57
wbmjfalien: install ubuntu-restricted-meta...............07:57
TENitai-michaelson: Well the installer wouldn't let me (or maybe the alternate one would) given the lack of RAM07:57
itai-michaelsonTEN, hen install xubuntu07:58
faliesonwbmj, I think I've done that already07:58
TENitai-michaelson: This would be xfce I guess?07:58
jeeves__itai-michaelson, can you give me a hand on this mv command issue?07:58
itai-michaelsonTEN, yes, if you are just running those apps you can run IceWM much faster than XCE07:58
wbmjTEN: Xfce in xubuntu is setup very similar to Gnome07:58
btfxUbuntu is freezing up, can someone help me figure out why?07:59
webmanjeeves__ to recursively move you either "mv <directory> <target directory" or "mv <directory>/* <target dir>"07:59
FAJALOUHELP my appearances in my preferences will not open, i just installed a custom theme and every time i open it, it automatically closes again!07:59
wbmjfalien : Try Medibuntu repo and install w32codecs07:59
jeeves__webman, and the recursive part?07:59
webmanbtfx: can you do CTRL-ALT-F1 when it is 'frozen' ??07:59
btfxwebman: one sec, let me check07:59
webmanjeeves__: if the source is a dir then it will move the dir and all it's contents08:00
jmarsdenjeeves__: if you move a directory you have by definition moved everything under it08:00
_2webman just a thought.  but mv on local fs doesn't actually move anything it only readdresses the inodes  ;/08:00
wbmjFAJALOU: in terminal gnome-appearances-properties08:00
_2which is good!08:00
webmanbtw, in my second above it won't move the files/directories under the source that start with a .   :)08:00
TENwbmj: I see, and xubuntu should probably do the trick. Impressively it seems to be following the general releases with less the a week's delay...08:00
jeeves__webman, thanks.08:01
jeeves__jmarsden, thanks08:01
webman_2: correct, and if target/dest are not on the same FS it will simply cp and rm :)08:01
wbmjTEN: yes and it is LTS08:01
FAJALOUwbmj:  command not found08:01
btfxwebman: anything I do while it's frozen executes after it unfreezes08:01
boGGdyubuntu noob, I need help with formating08:01
btfxincluding Ctrl+Alt+F108:01
_2webman correct.   one q though.    on local fs   does it hardlink and then rm the origenal ?08:02
wbmjFALJALOU: my mistake gnome-appearance-properties08:02
webmanbtfs: what do you mean by unfreeze ?? does it just freeze for a few seconds or something ?08:02
FAJALOUwbjm :  tabbed it thx.  segmentation fault :\08:02
goosewbmj, you rock08:02
webman_2: no, it calls the system call "rename" which is an atomic action, so at any instant, only one of the entries will exist never both, and never neither. The OS looks after that for you08:03
wbmjFAJALOU: that's not good08:03
wbmjgoose: np08:03
FAJALOUuhoh :\  i just tried to install a customized appearance package, and it quit out on me...08:03
btfxwebman, it freezes for 5 seconds 3 times in a row (with a few milliseconds of normal behavior in-between), then there's about 30-45 seconds of normal behavior before it repeats08:03
_2webman k.   cool08:03
webmanbtfs: try running "dmesg|tail" and see if it gives any errors, it might help pinpoint the problem08:03
FAJALOUwbmj:  any fix for it...?08:04
jmarsdenFAJALOU: Try uninstalling the theme? :-)08:04
FAJALOUjmarsden:  would love to,,, except to uninstall it don't you have to get into appearance settings?08:04
wbmjwbmj: beat me to the punch jmardens08:04
jmarsdenFAJALOU: No, what was the package name you installed?08:05
itai-michaelsonquestion - i'm using compiz for the 1st time, whenver i hit backspace twice i get this wired brown line in the middle of the screen , what is that?08:05
FAJALOUjmarsden: aero-trk-2.0.tar.gz08:05
FAJALOUjmarsden: aero-gtk-2.0.tar.gz08:05
jmarsdenFAJALOU: and how did you install it?  That's not a Ubuntu package BTW08:05
FAJALOUjmarsden: i drug and dropped it into the appearances area.08:06
wbmjFAJALOU: the theme is saved in ./themes in your home directory...just dellete the folder named aero08:06
FAJALOUthe one named aero-gtk-2.0?08:07
wbmjFAJALOUU: yes08:07
FAJALOUtry opening it again/08:07
FAJALOUphew. opened that time :D08:07
FAJALOUwhat, do you think went wrong, i am new to gtk coding, and so it was prolly human error08:08
bullgard4I have got in /etc/alternatives/ 11 stale symlinks. Should I simply delete them?08:08
wbmjFAJALOU: wouldn't even try to guess08:08
FAJALOUlol.  ok. can you recommend a good, vista-ish looking theme?08:08
_2i wouldn't if i could08:09
wbmjFAJALOU: did you checkout www.gnome-look.org08:09
itai-michaelsonFAJALOU, go to gnome-look and search "linst"08:09
FAJALOUwbmj: yes. but no real luck,08:09
boGGdyhow/who do I ask for help?08:10
itai-michaelsonboGGdy, just ask!08:10
=== Alvin_FN is now known as ce_16_az
bazhangboGGdy, what partitioning help; please clarify08:10
btfxwebman: "dmesg|tail" returns: http://pastebin.com/m60848d1a08:11
boGGdybazhang> I have two NTFS patitions. on C: I have WinXP, on D... Games, pictures... stuff08:11
=== Alvin_FN is now known as ce_16_za
bazhangboGGdy, need an actual question08:11
FAJALOUwbmj:  how can i tell if it is actually a theme or not?08:11
boGGdybazhang> I was thinking to put ubuntu on the free space on D. what do I have to do to keep the info on my hDD?08:11
raxialboggdy: burn data to dvd(s)08:12
bazhangboGGdy, back up first08:12
FAJALOUboGGdy: and defrag if it's windows.08:12
FAJALOUjust to be safe08:12
wbmjFAJALOU: Appearances won't accept anything thar's not a theme format08:12
wbmjCan't type tonight08:13
itai-michaelsonboGGdy, i second the "back-up" suggestion08:13
boGGdy:( too much work. I have over 200 GB of stuff08:13
_2then it's to valuable not to08:13
=== Alvin_FN is now known as ce_16_cutezz
webmanbtfs: yep, looks like problems with wireless.... I can't help you much more, since I don't really know any more, but now you can probably file a bug for your wireless and provide the complete output of "dmesg" and "lspci -v" to start with08:14
boGGdywhat if I drop in another HDD, an old IDE? would 13Gb be enough?08:14
itai-michaelsonboGGdy, yes08:14
FAJALOUwbmj: ok i think i permenatnly screwed something up; not my menubar is looking funky, and not correct.08:14
_2boGGdy yes08:14
wbmjboGGdy: plenty08:14
btfxwebman: Do you think using ndiswrapper to use the Win32 drivers might help?08:14
_2boGGdy 5g should be enough08:14
FAJALOUwbmj: everything else looks fine, but the menubar...08:14
* webman usus ubuntu on the asus eeepc with a 4G HDD and it works well08:15
wbmjFAJALOU: let me guess you can't see the words on the nenu08:15
FAJALOUwbmj:  now neither of the menubars are changing at all!...08:15
FAJALOUthey are black...08:15
boGGdyand... what type of partition should I choose? should I go with the automatic partitioning?08:15
webmanbtfs: I think it is already using ndiswrapper... hence the messages in dmesg ....08:15
btfxahh =\08:15
* _2 uses kubuntu on a p1 with 610m hdd and it "works"08:15
wbmjFAJOU: sound like a poorly constructed theme08:15
murlidhari am using lxde08:16
FAJALOUya but whichever theme i change to, it doesn't chane...08:16
murlidharand i am not able to change the wallpaper08:16
raxialboggdy:   guided use full disc08:16
KestasUPSYHi, everybody08:16
webman_2: yeah, but is it useful :)08:16
FAJALOUwbmj: the panels are not changing at all...08:16
murlidharearlier i could change it but now only openbox  menu is shown when i right click on the desktop08:16
boGGdyraxial> thank you. thank you, all! time for the surgeon in me to go inside08:16
wbmjFAJALOU: open custom and change the window style then go back and pick a theme08:17
murlidharanyone who is well versed with lxde ?08:17
raxialboggdy:   welcome08:17
KestasUPSYis is difficult to start using Ubuntu, if all the time i used windows?08:17
_2webman depends on what you want to do...    short answer "yes"   long answer is  for some things and not so good for others   ripping dvd's no.  serfing web, chatting, remote access over sss  yes.08:17
FAJALOUwbmj:  did that, still no change.08:17
itai-michaelsonKestasUPSY, not really08:18
itai-michaelsonKestasUPSY, try the Live-Cd and see for your self08:18
KestasUPSYi tryied, i was installed 2 operating systems08:18
wbmjFAJALOU: trying changing controls in custom08:18
murlidharanyone has any idea who can change the wallpaper in lxde ?08:18
murlidhardesktop environment08:19
KestasUPSYbut when i didn't like at first time, and i uninstalled ubuntu08:19
KestasUPSYby windows doesn't start08:19
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
FAJALOUwbmj: i can change it; but it only affects the appearance prefs window.08:19
FAJALOUnothing more than that.08:19
KestasUPSYthen i had to do something like fixmbr08:19
itai-michaelsonKestasUPSY, you need to restore the MBR08:19
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore08:20
cha0n1xHi all - How would I go about extracting the contents of an .img file made with dd of an almost-dead ntfs hard-drive?08:20
itai-michaelsonKestasUPSY, you can try wubi  i think it runs linux without changing the MBR but not 100% sure08:20
wbmjFAJALOU:even when you change the controls?08:20
FAJALOUwbmj:  yup, the only thing that changes is the appearance preferences window.08:21
cha0n1xI tried loopback but it told me (in simple terms) that the hard-drive was corrupt and couldn't be read =(08:21
jmarsdencha0n1x: You could try using one of the special purpose forensic liveCD distributions such as BackTrack08:21
murlidharhow to change the wallpapers in lxde ?08:21
wbmjFAJALOU: personally I would uninstall that theme08:22
unopmurlidhar, use something like feh08:22
FAJALOUwbmj how?? it's not in there.  there is no theme 'aero-gtk-2.0'08:22
murlidharunop: lxde supports changing the wallpaper but i don't remember the settings08:23
cha0n1xjmarsden: If I made an img file of the entire disk instead of just the ntfs partition, would that have caused the problem?08:23
unopmurlidhar, i don't know what lxde is :)08:23
eHomein ubuntu, what's max size of mysql myisam table ?08:23
wbmjFAJALOU: Place > Home Folder ... hit ctrl-h.....look for the .themes folder.....aero should be there...it is safe to dellete it08:24
murlidharunop: Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment08:24
fwaokdaI'm trying to watch a trailer at apple.com and I must have installed a mplayer plugin. Only problem is the plugin buffers to 99% and doesn't work.  Anyone know how i can fix this?08:24
FAJALOUwbmj:  the aero-gtk-2.0?08:24
wbmjFAJALOU: yes08:24
FAJALOUwbmj:  it's already gone...08:24
unopeHome, i'd be surprised if ubuntu has patched mysql for that behaviour to change - I should _assume_ it is the value as set by mysql AB08:24
jmarsdencha0n1x: Perhaps.  There are tools for working with full disk images you can use, tct is one that is packaged for Ubuntu, so maybe try it?08:25
eHomeunop: ok . i ask mysql then ...08:25
unopmurlidhar, yea, i got that much - i really meant to say, i don't know how it works08:25
jmarsdencha0n1x: You wil ahve some learning to do, tct is intended for relatively experienced forensics staff :-)08:25
wbmjFAJALOU: probably have to logout/in08:25
FAJALOUok will do, brb08:25
cha0n1xjmarsden: thanks I'm happy to learn :)08:25
s3adoes any1 no of a download page for deluge (bittorrent client) for ubuntu 7.04 32 bit08:25
powertool08What is the difference in upgrade and safe-upgrade?08:25
murlidharanyone is knows lxde ?08:25
arvind_khadris3a google it08:26
arvind_khadri!anyone | murlidhar08:26
ubottumurlidhar: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:26
joustinI have a question, when I try to upgrade to 8.04 via the update manager it downloads the files and fails the hash check,I am not sure how to upgrade now08:26
unopcha0n1x, if your .img file was made with dd, i think the only thing to do would be to write it out on an emtpy partition/disk again to "extract" the contents08:26
Ahadiels3a, I guess you haven't tried the DELUGE WEBSITE! http://deluge-torrent.org/downloads.php08:26
joustinwell a problem not question08:26
kjorI'm trying to open a document (ODT, using OpenOffice 2.3.0/openoffice.org-core 1:2.3.0-1ubuntu5.4, Fri May 2 07:39:46 UTC) that I was working on yesterday. Now, the progress bar at the bottom of the window flashes momentarily and then (I guess at the render stage) OOo just stops, and consumes ~95% CPU. I already tried making a new .odt container without the two pictures in there, no change whatsoever. content.xml looks OK at a glance. Any sugg08:26
bullgard4I have got in /etc/alternatives/ 11 stale symlinks. Should I simply delete them?08:26
chadSo while installing ubuntu via cd, I get a HUGE amont of device errors...08:26
chadwhy is this?08:26
kjorchad: have you tried running the CD check (I believe it's in the CD's boot menu)?08:27
murlidhars3a: for feisty getting a package would be difficult at this time but google it and see if it helps  .  Otherwise compile it from source.08:27
bullgard4chad: "a HUGE amont of device errors" is no exact description.08:27
unopbullgard4,  i believe update-alternatives has a way to delete them - you might want to use update-alternatives so as not to upset its database08:27
cha0n1xunop: Thanks - I'm thinking I might just have to do that; I'd prefer to leave it as a last resort though hehe08:27
bullgard4unop: Ok.08:27
chadworks fine08:27
arvind_khadris3a, it would be there in repo's mostly08:28
itai-michaelsonmurlidhar, did you try /usr/share/lxpanel/images/background.png?08:28
chadwell this device error keeps repeating itself over and over but this a different 5 number digit after it08:28
itai-michaelsonor something to hat effect08:28
murlidharitai-michaelson: wait a sec08:28
s3aAhadiel: there is only ubuntu 7.10 & ubuntu 8.0408:28
wbmjchad: That may be ubuntu not finding hardware08:28
chadwith a*08:28
chadlast time i installed it on the same comp it was fine08:28
chadno new hardware08:29
chadmaybe i'll try again :|08:29
itai-michaelsonmurth_, i suspect it should be in /usr/share/lxde somewhere08:29
Ahadiels3a, Maybe try this? http://howto.landure.fr/gnu-linux/ubuntu-feisty-fawn-1/software-for-ubuntu-feisty-fawn/deluge-torrent-on-ubuntu-feisty-fawn08:29
unopcha0n1x, well, from what i understand . dd creates a byte for byte copy of a filesystem, so the resulting dump is one big binary file and unless you know every contained file's boundary markers - you wouldn't know where files begin and end and therefore wouldn't be able to extract contents - unless off course you could mount the img file08:30
FAJALOUwbmj: it worked :D but it is huge :)08:30
abhi_is there any command to put the monitor to sleep/08:30
wbmjFAJALOU: that's good....but what's huge08:30
cha0n1xunop: If I created a new partition on a non-empty hard-drive, would I lose data if I "Extracted" the contents to that partition?08:30
FAJALOUwbjm the panels are 21 pixels, they were at 19, and they can't go any lower than 21.08:31
arvind_khadriabhi_, sleep <duration>08:31
wbmjFAJALOU: may be the theme your using now08:32
unopcha0n1x, well, is the .img file an image of a single partition? was the size of that partition less than or equal to the size of this partition? if the answer is yes to both these questions then no, you wouldn't lose data08:32
kjorcha0n1x: if it's a complete drive dump (/dev/hdX instead of /dev/hdXY) you'll need to write it out to a drive in order to make much use of it. if it's a partition dump, you could mount it loopback.08:32
FAJALOUwbmj: positive it is; is there a way to fix that easily?08:32
kjortrying this again. I'm trying to open a document (ODT, using OpenOffice 2.3.0/openoffice.org-core 1:2.3.0-1ubuntu5.4, Fri May 2 07:39:46 UTC) that I was working on yesterday. Now, the progress bar at the bottom of the window flashes momentarily and then (I guess at the render stage) OOo just stops, and consumes ~95% CPU. I already tried making a new .odt container without the two pictures in there, no change whatsoever. content.xml looks OK at08:32
abhi_arvind_khadri, : duration in sec/min/hr08:32
cha0n1xkjor: It was a complete drive dump - If I go and do a partition dump instead, would that solve the loopback problem?08:32
jmarsdenkjor: Have you used tools like sleuthkit to work with disk images?  Ther are definitely things you can do with them...08:32
murlidharitai-michaelson: i am not talking about the panel background only desktop background . actually there was a setting , where i could right click on the desktop and change the desktop background with a gui . That gui is somehow not visible now.08:32
murlidharitai-michaelson: now only a openbox menu is shown when i right click on the desktop08:32
kjorif you do a partition dump, you can mount that one using the loopback device and then access it just like you would a regular partition.08:33
arvind_khadriabhi_, after number suffix s for seconds m for minutes d for days08:33
cha0n1xunop: it was a complete drive dump, so I think my best bet is to go back and make a partition dump08:33
wbmjFAJALOU: does the theme change the panel appearance08:33
cha0n1xunop: It might save a bit of time too as I think it's the start/boot sector of the disk that's stuffed hehe08:33
jmarsdencha0n1x: if you can, that's fine.  But the full drive dump can be worked with and you can extract partitions from it....08:33
murlidharitai-michaelson: i am not talking about the panel background only desktop background . actually there was a setting , where i could right click on the desktop and change the desktop background with a gui . That gui is somehow not visible now.08:33
murlidharitai-michaelson: now only a openbox menu is shown when i right click on the desktop08:33
unopcha0n1x, right, you cannot write a disk dump onto a partition - well you could, but it wouldn't make any sense to do so08:33
unopcha0n1x, what was wrong with the drive?08:34
abhi_arvind_khadri, : it does't work when i give it in run command08:34
James_Bomb#hell is a channel08:34
FAJALOUwbmj:  the panels are now just bigger, 21 pixels instead of 19...but yes it is definately on the linsta-orange theme08:34
FAJALOU!off-topic | James_Bomb08:34
ubottuJames_Bomb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:34
arvind_khadriabhi_, should be done on the terminal08:34
James_BombIs UBOTTU an infobot?08:34
arvind_khadriJames_Bomb, yeah08:34
s3aAhadiel: k, thx ill check it out08:34
cha0n1xunop: it just stopped working - started clicking, and I didn't want it to become completely trashed so i stopped using it08:34
unopJames_Bomb, yes, and a smart one at that too08:34
James_BombMajor security flaw in infobots.08:34
jmarsdenunop: you can do stuff with mmls and mmcat to get partition images out of a disk image...08:34
wbmjFAJALOU: you could adjust the font size....sometimes that helps08:35
cha0n1xjmarsden: How do I extract partitions from the full drive dump?08:35
abhi_arvind_khadri, : it will not work. it will make the treminal to sleep..  i want to sleep the monitor.08:35
unopcha0n1x, see what jmarsden just said08:35
itai-michaelsonmurlidhar, what controls the background image in lxde ? openbox? pc4man?08:35
arvind_khadriabhi_, hmm habg on08:35
FAJALOUwbmj:  under where?08:35
murlidharitai-michaelson: lxde08:35
wbmjFAJALOU: fonts are a tab in appearances08:35
itai-michaelsonmurlidhar, mmm. maybe delete the lxde dot file in your home floder and start again?08:36
FAJALOUwbmj:  don't think that that will help.08:36
abhi_arvind_khadri, : r u from india?08:36
FAJALOUnever have been changed...08:36
arvind_khadriabhi_, yeah i am08:36
abhi_arvind_khadri, : what u do?08:36
itai-michaelsonmurlidhar, just a suggestion ,,never tried it myslef....08:36
joustini cant figure out why i cannot upgrade to version 808:36
murlidharitai-michaelson: now only a openbox menu is shown . k i will delete it and see if it works08:36
arvind_khadriabhi_, am doing engg CSE..08:36
abhi_arvind_khadri, :yo. i am just passed out engg. cse this yr.08:37
unopabchirk, arvind is a very indian name - i'd be surprised if he were from anywhere else but india :)08:37
unopabhi_, ^^08:37
Blaqlightjoustin: sudo aptitude upgrade && sudo aptitude install dit-upgrade08:37
abhi_unop, : what08:37
arvind_khadriunop, yours too ;)08:37
abhi_arvind_khadri, : which yr08:38
Blaqlightjoustin: sudo aptitude upgrade && sudo aptitude install dist-upgrade < I mean08:38
arvind_khadriabhi_, personal questions in pm please... the ops would scream at us08:38
unoparvind_khadri, heh, doubt it - i could be machine language :)08:38
Blaqlightstill wrong08:38
abhi_arvind_khadri, :  :)08:38
cha0n1xjmarsden: How would I go about extracting partitions from the full disk dump? So far I haven't been able to do anything with it =(08:38
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i check my system specs on ubuntu?08:39
Blaqlightjoustin: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install dist-upgrade08:39
jmarsdencha0n1x: sudo apt-get install sleuthkit and then use mmls on it ?08:39
itai-michaelsonCostaRicanQuaker, there are files in the /proc directory08:39
unopBlaqlight, it's easier to do.   do-release-upgrade  # it takes care of migrating over your /etc/apt/sources.list08:39
FructoseCostaRicanQuaker: It depends on which specs you want08:39
cha0n1xjmarsden: I've got mmls - and I used it on the image file, and I can see the partition table for it. What would I do from here?08:40
itai-michaelsonCostaRicanQuaker, try cat /proc/meminfo08:40
joustinthat isnt working for me, it says 0 to instal08:40
jmarsdencha0n1x: I need to get some sleep, but using the various computer forensics tools you can do a lot with that image.08:40
arvind_khadriCostaRicanQuaker, du -ck gives used space and df shows free space08:40
jmarsdencha0n1x: Now youe mmcat to extract the partition you want?08:40
itai-michaelsonCostaRicanQuaker, or cat /proc/cpuinfo08:40
* ne2k__ hurls a duck at arvind_khadri08:40
cha0n1xjmarsden: ok thankyou very much jmarsden appreciate your help :-D08:40
jmarsdencha0n1x: try mmcat next08:40
arvind_khadrine2k__, what??08:41
FructoseWhy do you guys give terminal commands when there are pretty GUI options too? You shouldn't assume everyone wants to use a terminal.08:41
ne2k__arvind_khadri: quack08:41
itai-michaelsonFructose, cause they are easier to give over IRC08:41
cha0n1xjmarsden: Where would I get mmcat? or what is it's package name?08:41
jmarsdenit is part of sleuthkit, so is mmls08:41
Fructoseitai-michaelson: Easier to give, not necessarily receive.08:41
Bert_2Hi, I'm searching for a good usenet client that has all the stuff I need to read messages and get binaries, any suggestions ?08:41
unopFructose, and commands passed over IRC tend to be accurate solutions08:41
Blaqlightunop why is there always a better way than the way your taught to do things. its depressing.08:41
unopj/k :)08:42
itai-michaelsonFructose, try explaining to someone how to download something with synaptic ..it takes years ..it doesnt fit the IRC medium08:42
CostaRicanQuakeri'm having trouble, opening up html files that i've saved on folders, as soon as i get the mouse pointer on top of the file i get the following error from dolphin :/usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/amarok_addaspodcast.desktop08:42
unopBlaqlight, everything evolves, even debian/ubuntu :) things get better in time, people get lazier, etc :)08:42
ne2k__Fructose: if you don't want to use a terminal then you don't deserve Linux08:42
joustindo i need to add a software channel for the new release?08:42
Fructoseitai-michaelson: That's what ubottu is for.08:42
arvind_khadriBlaqlight, people here are volunteers :) he may not be perfect but he helped you08:42
unopne2k__, that's a bit harsh08:42
Fructosene2k__: That's a bunch of crap.08:43
arvind_khadrijoustin, no you dont08:43
joustinhmm it doesnt like it when i put it in08:43
Blaqlightarvind_khadri: wait a minute. I wasn't complaining. its just an observation.08:43
ne2k__Fructose: in fact, if you don't want to patch your kernel to support that new piece of hardware you just bought, you don't deserve a computer08:43
unop!ot | ne2k__08:43
ubottune2k__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:43
arvind_khadriBlaqlight, its ok ... never mind08:44
* ne2k__ wonders how ludicrously over the top he has to go before the sarcasm is evident08:44
Fructosene2k__: OK, before it was hard to tell you were being sarcastic.08:44
ne2k__Fructose:  ;-)08:44
arvind_khadrixanax`, hi08:44
itai-michaelsonFructose, i personally prefer the terminal but if someone asks for a GUI i can try to help with that as well, its just that i'm a slow typer08:44
BlaqlightI believe he removed all doubt of sarcasm...08:45
Fructoseitai-michaelson: Well, for instance, in the case where someone asks for system specs, my guess is they don't know how to use the terminal well. Otherwise, they would probably know that "system specs" is a very broad set of info.08:45
xanax`does anyone have a Soundmax HD 1988 integrated soundcard ? (and succeed making work in Ubuntu 8.04 ?08:46
itai-michaelsonFructose, actually I don't know how to find system specs using GUI, I can only help with what I know08:46
Fructoseitai-michaelson: System Monitor08:47
FAJALOUhow can i make my gnome-panels be less pixels go have less pixels than aloud?08:47
FAJALOUhow can i make my gnome-panels be less pixels go have less pixels than allowed?08:47
itai-michaelsonFructose, great! where do you find that? (i'm not joking)08:47
eordenadorHi, do anybody know any alternative to network manager?08:47
Fructoseitai-michaelson: System > Administration > System Monitor08:47
FAJALOUeordenador: wicd08:47
itai-michaelsonFructose, ok cool08:47
=== beaver is now known as Beaver
=== Beaver is now known as Beaver_
eordenadorFAJALOU: it also doesn't work for me08:48
FAJALOUeordenador: i have no idea then, network manager has worked perfectly for me.08:49
abhi_where i can find various cli utilities for ubuntu?08:49
arvind_khadriabhi_, there is no command from which you can put the monitor to sleep...try using apmd package08:50
joustinthis is odd, i still cant get this distro to upgrade...08:50
Oli``Pulseaudio just crashed but now no apps will load - they just stall halfway through loading and eventually crash. Everything already running is stable. I've had this problem before and the only way to fix it is a full restart. The only thing that shows in logs is the pulseaudio crash. I've got tons of free RAM and I've memtest86+'d it. All my HDs are fine. Any ideas?08:50
eordenadorFAJALOU: is there any possibility to edit the network manually?08:50
abhi_arvind_khadri, : ok. what does apmd do08:50
arvind_khadrijoustin, get a alternate cd and make cd as a repo and then try08:50
arvind_khadriabhi_, its a power management package08:51
abhi_arvind_khadri, : ok. let me check it out08:51
itai-michaelsonFructose, you convinced me!08:52
anirudhhi can some one help me08:53
Fructoseitai-michaelson: Sweet08:53
itai-michaelsonanirudh, what is the problem?08:53
anirudhi am using ubuntu 7.04 and08:53
FAJALOUeordenador: i am not sure08:53
arvind_khadrianirudh, ask away :)08:53
* arvind_khadri waits for the lag to clear08:55
anirudhtrying to connect to net with a wireless card08:56
arvind_khadriis the room really silent??08:56
Flanneljoustin: update-manager isn't working?  What error is it giving you?08:56
Flannelarvind_khadri: yes08:56
itai-michaelsonanirudh, what card do you have?08:57
arvind_khadriFlannel, oh thanks i was scared that why aint anything happening :D08:57
anirudhi am not able to use edit /etc/wvdial.conf command08:57
arvind_khadrianirudh, its gksu gedit /etc/wvdial.conf08:57
neetoMy sound stops working randomly. How can I fix this?08:58
itai-michaelsonanirudh, there is no such command , use gksu gedit08:58
anirudhhello arvind r u there08:58
aminaHi everyone,  is there an easy to know the driver my printer is currently using? (8.04)08:58
itai-michaelsonanirudh, are you following some online guide to  get your wireless working?08:59
arvind_khadrianirudh, yeah08:59
joustinsorry was afk08:59
milliganFresh install of ubuntu. Sound works perfectly, except for in flash.. I don't hear anything. I'm using a usb headset as my output device. Any ideas why flash-sound doesn't work? the videos play perfectly.08:59
joustinin terminal i get that there is nothing to download, on the update manager it tells me that the hash didnt match after the wget09:00
cha0n1xHow do I find out the offset of a filesystem of an image in sectors?09:00
anirudhbut lastly i have to edit etc/wvdial.conf09:00
cha0n1xusing mmls*09:00
joustini just burned the alternate cd and i am trying that09:00
arvind_khadrianirudh, what card do you use???09:00
ChadNow ubuntu will not resize the partion and create a new one09:00
itai-michaelsonanirudh, you edit by using the gedit command09:00
anirudhreliance zte mg 88009:00
ChadWhat should i do now?09:01
Flanneljoustin: update/dist-upgrade won't tell you there is anything to download, because thats not how it works.  What error does update-manager give you exaclty?09:01
Chadi cannot fully install like this09:01
arvind_khadrianirudh, are you following some manual?09:01
Chadit gives an error that says no information09:01
arvind_khadrianirudh, show it to me...09:01
Chadall it says is unable to resize partition09:01
AkmonI installed Samba, but under System->Administration there is no Shared Folder options, what's wrong?09:01
Chadso wtf am i supposed to do?09:01
joustinin terminal?09:01
itai-michaelsonChad -can you give more info ,are you in the middle of installing ubuntu?09:01
Chadyes i defragmented09:01
DistroJockeyanirudh,  wvdial  is an intelligent PPP dialer, which means that it dials a modem and starts PPP in order to connect to the Internet.  (not used for wireless)09:01
arvind_khadri!language | chad09:02
ubottuchad: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:02
ChadYes i am09:02
ChadI am in the middle of installing it09:02
itai-michaelsonChad, what partition are you trying to resize?09:02
Chadmy windows xp one09:02
anirudhwait 1 sec09:02
Chadit is a 160 gig hard drive09:02
AkmonI installed Samba, but under System->Administration there is no Shared Folder options, what's wrong?09:02
Chadwith 100 gigs free09:02
itai-michaelsonChad , FAT or NTFS?09:02
fwaokdaCan someone please take a look at a problem I am having with my laptop locking up once going into standby? -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86495209:03
itai-michaelsonChad,  did you defrag it first?09:03
joustinit looks like it is updating now, i will give it a minute09:03
arvind_khadriChad, you cant resize a mounted partition09:03
AkmonI installed Samba, but under System->Administration there is no Shared Folder options, what's wrong? can anyone help?09:03
Chadbtw thanks for you help09:03
joustinhmm nvm09:04
Chada mounted partition?09:04
arvind_khadri!repeat | Akmon09:04
ubottuAkmon: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience09:04
arvind_khadriChad, for resizing a partiton first unmount ti09:04
itai-michaelsonChad, what I would suggest is using a Gparted CD to resize the partition first , you can also do it in partition magik (on windows)09:04
anirudharvind,plzz have a look at this link:http://nandz.blogspot.com/2007/11/how-to-get-reliance-zte-mg880-working.html09:04
FlannelChad: Ubuntu automatically mounts your windows partitions so you can read them, you'll need to unmount it to resize it (its easy to unmount)09:04
Chadok how should i unmount it09:05
ChadBtw thanks for your help guys09:05
itai-michaelsonChad,  right click on the icon on your desktop,choose unmount09:05
arvind_khadriChad, hang on09:05
arvind_khadriChad, sorry it wasnt for you09:05
arvind_khadrianirudh, hang on09:06
itai-michaelsonChad the XP partition should appear on your desktop I think09:06
Chadit's not09:06
Chadwhere might it be?09:06
arvind_khadrianirudh, ok so where do you have problem...what happens when you run sudo wvdial09:07
itai-michaelsonmmm...try places>computer>mnt09:07
DistroJockeyChad,  mount   will tell you what's mounted where09:07
arvind_khadrianirudh, i mean sudo wvdialconf09:07
joustinits trying to resolve dependencies now09:08
itai-michaelsonChad, sorry places>computer>filesystem>mnt09:08
Chadi have the ability to mount my harddrive09:08
arvind_khadriitai-michaelson, please dont give random suggestions09:08
Chadnothing inside mnt09:08
arvind_khadriChad, to check your mounting points check the /etc/mtab09:09
Chadso do i open up the mtab file?09:10
Chadshould i paste the contents on pastebin?09:10
arvind_khadriChad, yeah ...09:10
arvind_khadriChad, you learn pretty fast :)09:10
arvind_khadrianirudh, ???09:11
boGGdyI'm back. ubuntu is installed, I rebooted and I have 'GRUB Loading stage1.5Read Error'. What is that?09:11
Chadi'm not completely dumb with computers09:11
lazertekhow do i open menu's in enlightement09:11
Chadjust with linux09:11