gaurdroi just upgraded to intrepid, and i was wondering what the goadmin etc are under accessories?00:00
bradftasHi all, I am running xubuntu 8.04 with compiz. Anyone have any idea how to make the gnome-screensaver (the one xfce4 uses) to work with compiz?00:58
cody-somervilleIt doesn't work?01:00
bradftasNot on my system at least.01:01
bradftasI am able to preview the screensaver (with lots of flicker), but it does not automatically kick in.01:01
bradftasAnd I have been using linux for more than 10 years, so I am sure I actually have the screensaver enabled :)01:02
cody-somervillebradftas, can you tell me the comments of ~/.dmrc ?01:02
bradftastwo lines01:03
cody-somervilleYes, thats the issue01:03
cody-somervilleLog back out to gdm01:03
cody-somervilleclick session, xfce401:03
cody-somervilleand then log back in, making xfce4 your default01:03
bradftasI will be back in a minute to let you know how it works.01:04
bradftascody-somerville: that did the trick. Now if I can get get rid of the flicker01:09
bradftasthat is just to wicked. the session name hosed me.01:10
cody-somervilleanom01y, can you fix your connection please? :P01:12
anom01ycody-somerville: what do you mean ?01:13
anom01yahh I thought that was the server01:13
cody-somervilleanom01y, you keep disconnecting and reconnecting constantly. :)01:13
ISEE-gentoolivecDoes anyone have a problem where the xubuntu livecd, while loading the kernel, when it makes it to 100%, the computer just shuts off?02:06
ISEE-gentoolivecusing xubuntu x_86 8.0402:06
cody-somervilleYou might want to visit #ubuntu-kernel tomorrow during working hours02:06
ISEE-gentoolivecwell, ubuntu live cd works02:06
ISEE-gentoolivecSo I almost don't see why xubuntu goes kaput02:07
cody-somervilleISEE-gentoolivec, ah02:07
cody-somervilleDid you verify your cd burned correctly?02:07
ISEE-gentoolivecI can't really check as I dont have another machine lying around and a burner with the iso near me02:09
ISEE-gentoolivecWonder if I can install xubuntu from a gentoo live cd02:09
cody-somervilleISEE-gentoolivec, there is an option at boot02:10
ISEE-gentoolivecWell im just here in a minimal cd right now on irssi02:12
ISEE-gentoolivecwell /me thinks he will try burning another cd02:12
* cody-somerville nods.02:12
cody-somervilleThanks for dropping by!02:12
ISEE-gentoolivecno problem02:12
BSG75can someone tell me how I install themes for xubuntu.. first time xubuntu user long time ubuntu user .. trying to find my way around xfce :)02:58
cody-somervilleBSG75, :)02:59
BSG75cody-somerville: :)03:01
cody-somerville!xfce-themes | BSG7503:01
ubottuBSG75: Themes for Xfce4 are simply GTK2+ themes which means Gnome themes are also compatible with your xfce4 desktop. To install themes, unpack it in ~/.themes/  To install icons, unpack them to ~/.icons/ - Visit http://www.xfce-look.org/ for all kinds of eyecandy for your Xfce4 desktop! - See also !themes for other GNOME theme sites03:01
whileimhereHowdy. The panels in XFCE are rather dull. Is there anyway to spiff them up a bit like skins or anything?03:08
cody-somervillewhileimhere, yup03:08
whileimhereCan you tell me about them cody03:09
whileimherePerfect. I will try it now.03:11
whileimhereI wonder if I can get AWM to work on this laptop03:13
cody-somervilleYou can, yes.03:13
whileimhereI know it would not work under GNOME.03:14
whileimhereThink XFCE might do it?03:14
BSG75okay, I must be doing something wrong because I untar'd the theme into .themes and when I relog nothing changes :(03:19
whileimhereI get this Checking for hardware/setup problems...           [WARN] as the only non green one.03:19
whileimhereiht the compiz check script any idea why really?03:19
whileimherecan I install on XFCE AWM without all the compiz?03:21
cody-somervilleBSG75, you have to select the theme from applications > settings > settings manager03:24
cody-somervilleand then click on user interface or whatever03:24
BSG75thank you :)03:27
BSG75wow xfce is customizable :)03:30
BSG75I think I like it better than kde4.103:31
arvind_khadrihi how do i start display manager of xfce ..03:43
ISEE-xubuntuhey cody-somerville03:46
cody-somervillearvind_khadri, click session at login, click xfce, and then login03:46
ISEE-xubuntuThe disk works now and xubuntu is installed :)03:46
arvind_khadricody-somerville, from a terminal i mean...03:46
ISEE-xubuntuWas just wondering how I can add administrative tasks of some sort to the panel03:46
cody-somervilleISEE-xubuntu, a few yea, just right click, click add to panel, and thats whats available03:47
cody-somervillearvind_khadri, starxfce403:47
arvind_khadricody-somerville, what is the gdm equivalent in xfce03:47
ISEE-xubuntuunfortunately I did not see it03:47
arvind_khadricody-somerville, ok ..03:47
ISEE-xubuntuthat is ok though cody-somerville`03:47
cody-somervillearvind_khadri, gdm03:48
ISEE-xubuntuum my panels and start menu just disapeared03:51
cody-somervilleISEE-xubuntu, press alt+f203:52
cody-somervilleand type in: xfce4-panel03:52
ISEE-xubuntucody-somerville: thank you03:53
burner_does gnome-screensaver actually rely on anything gnome specific?  or is it just gtk that xfce could use?03:57
arthhow can i clear the recently viewed items in the default movie player?03:57
burner_what's the default movie player?03:58
arthi think so03:58
arthit just says movie player03:58
* burner_ shrugs03:58
ISEE-xubuntucody-somerville: Ubuntu usually automounts other ext3 and NTFS partitions.  Is this true with xubuntu or do I need to change things manually in fstab04:00
cody-somervilleISEE-xubuntu, I don't think it auto mounts currently.04:00
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
suzumehi everyone!05:22
suzumei have a question about ALSA05:22
suzumeany takers?05:22
suzumeit's really quiet in here05:25
suzumemaybe now is a bad time05:25
Don_Miguelmaybe ask it over in #Ubuntu05:30
Don_Miguelor maybe there is a channel #ALSA05:31
suzumei'll try that05:31
bassboithis may be a crazy question, but can i convert ntfs to fat32?07:39
bassboitried a google07:39
bassboididnt try hard enough07:39
TheSheepneither ntfs or fat32 are linux filesystems, so I guess you should try asking on ##windows or something07:41
bassboiwell what im tryin to do is have a large hard drive for data, accessible between xubuntu and windows07:41
bassboii didn't think ntfs support was fully there07:42
bassboifrom what i read, some ppl have data destroyed07:42
ubottuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org07:42
bassboiim torn07:45
bassbointfs of ext307:45
bassboii mean, the data is already here... well, bout 1/3 i backed up to ext307:45
TheSheepafaik both are not 100% reliable07:46
bassboiwell since i do have 2 PCs07:47
bassboii think this one gonna run xubuntu, and the other windows07:47
Ege123Hi, is it possible to get Compiz-effects to Xubuntu-desktop? I tried to download them by Synatic but can't find them anymore. ;/08:00
TheSheepit is possible, but involves a little more work than in ubuntu, there should be howtos on the forum08:01
Ege123Ok. ;)08:02
bassboiI got a link for u08:02
bassboii did that08:02
bassboiusing hardy08:02
bassboii played with it for 3 hours08:02
Ege123Ok, i try. :D08:03
bassboithat's using compiz fusion08:03
bassboii helped someone08:24
CostaRicanQuakercody-somerville: how do i blend the two panels on my xubuntu desktop so they don't overlap or get in the view of eachother08:45
CostaRicanQuakeri want to have a single taskbar-like bar08:45
cody-somervilleCostaRicanQuaker, You could delete the second one08:46
CostaRicanQuakerwhatmwill happen when i minize then? and how do i get the desktop icon on the first one and the several workspaces?08:47
cody-somervilleCostaRicanQuaker, you'd have to add those applets to your lone panel08:47
CostaRicanQuakercody-somerville: is that option available at the settings panel?08:48
* CostaRicanQuaker just removed second panel and can't find the minimized stuff on the panel #108:49
cody-somervilleright click the panel08:49
cody-somervilleand click add to pane08:49
cody-somervilleerr "Add new item"08:49
CostaRicanQuakeri mean i added the new desktop08:51
CostaRicanQuakerbut how do i get theprograms to minimize unto it08:51
CostaRicanQuakerand windows08:51
cody-somervilleadd task list09:00
* cody-somerville is going to bed now.09:00
CostaRicanQuakercan i add compiz-fusion to xubuntu?09:07
bassboii like it09:07
bassboimaxxx eyecandy09:07
CostaRicanQuakerbassboi: will it slow down my computer like it did on gnome and kde or will it actually work on xubuntu considring the lightness of xubuntu09:08
bassboiOS: WinXP Professional 5.1 SP2 (Build #2600) CPU: Intel Pentium 4 , 3.00 GHz, 0KB Video: ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Series (1024x768x32bpp 70Hz) Sound: Realtek HD Audio output Memory: Used: 251/447MB Uptime: 4h 36m 2s HD: Free: 87.85 GB/298.09 GB Connection: Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC - Packet Scheduler Miniport @ 100.0 Mbps (Rec: 179.15MB Sent: 8.10MB)09:09
bassboiruns it fine09:09
bassboisorry for all the messyness09:09
bassboipoint bein, 512MB RAM and onboard graphics09:09
bassboiwhat you got?09:10
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i check from the terminal?09:10
bassboii think you need to apt-get it09:12
bassboibut it shows me what i need09:12
bassboihey will u be here in about 10min or so?09:12
bassboiim on windows09:12
bassboii wanna go back to xubuntu09:12
bassboigotta reboot09:12
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i take a screenshot?09:18
eshatHi all, i want to remove the shutdown button in the shutdown windows, where can i change that ?09:19
bassboisorry for the wait09:28
bassboididn't realize firewall was being dumb09:28
CostaRicanQuakerfirewall? i heard firewalls weren't necesary on *buntu considering it doesn't come with any default openportds09:30
bassboimy PC was sitting on open DSL last night09:31
bassboii got kinda worried since it wasn't behind a router09:31
CostaRicanQuakeris there something similar to alt ctrl del on windows to terminate a process here on xubuntu?09:32
bassboinever heard of anything bro09:33
bassboiwhere can i find autostarted applications in xubuntu.. it's not in applications>settings09:37
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: Applications > System > System Monitor ?09:38
bassboii was thinking that, but wasn't entirely sure if that was the right thing09:42
AlexCONRADbassboi: Applications > Settings > Setting manager09:43
bassboii looked there twice09:44
bassboiit's the first one09:44
* bassboi slaps self09:44
CostaRicanQuakerquestion, i jsut switched from windows09:47
CostaRicanQuakerreceived the kubuntu cds from shipit09:48
CostaRicanQuakerinstalled it and got rid of windowws09:48
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: :)09:48
CostaRicanQuakernow, lts means that i don't have to or shouldn't get the next set of releases until the new lts comes out09:48
CostaRicanQuakerand hterefore i won't need to upgrade to intrepid ibex when it comes out09:48
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: what does "lts" mean ?09:49
bassboilong time support09:49
AlexCONRADah, right09:49
bassboithat means that until the date... i think it's in 2011 or something09:49
CostaRicanQuakerwhat does that imply?09:49
bassboiyou get software updates09:49
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: LTS means you'll get software update until 201109:49
bassboiyou can upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 on the fly09:49
CostaRicanQuakerso i don't need to order more cds from shipit everytime theres a release?09:50
AlexCONRADalthough, I'm not sure if this concerns *all* packages... it might only be security updates only when hardy come obselete09:50
CostaRicanQuakerinstead i'm encouraged to keep hardy till ?09:50
bassboiagreed AlexCONRAD09:50
bassboiWell, when the next release comes out, you'll have the option to upgrade to that one09:51
TheSheepsecurity upgrades and backports09:51
bassboiwont ya?09:51
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: I'm just curious, why did you get CDs ? Is your download link too slow ?09:52
bassboiI was wondering the same09:52
CostaRicanQuakeri spent 10 cdrs on images that were apparently well hashed and then i burnt them, checkd them for errors and they were corrupted09:52
CostaRicanQuakerfrom torrents, servers, nothing worked09:52
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: this probably due to your burning software or CD drive09:53
CostaRicanQuakeri used nero09:54
CostaRicanQuakeri don't know09:54
CostaRicanQuakerburner always seemed to work09:54
* CostaRicanQuaker shrugs09:54
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: did you check the checksum before burning ?09:55
CostaRicanQuakerthey all seemed fine09:55
CostaRicanQuakerwill xubuntu eventually be available from shipit?09:56
AlexCONRADStrange then. It happened to me a couple of time to have a wrongly burnt CD. But I just reburn it again, and it just works...09:57
AlexCONRADyou don't have to download the file from multiple locations everytime a CD failed. If you're sure the checksum is correct, then the image is fine and your download was not corrupted.09:59
AlexCONRADmaybe try an other brand of CDs. I don't know...09:59
* CostaRicanQuaker loves xubuntu10:00
CostaRicanQuakerthe only thing i would like to be able to change is10:00
CostaRicanQuaker"Network" to "internet" on the apps menu10:01
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: you'd like to rename the menu entry "Network" to "internet" ?10:03
CostaRicanQuakeri don't see how as i couldn't find the option10:04
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: I don't know how this could be done actually10:04
CostaRicanQuakerhmmm i wonder10:05
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: My guess is that applications are being installed in menu entry names in a hardcoded way. Meaning that if you find out how to rename the entry, and want to install a new application that normally lives under "Network", it will recreate that entry.10:06
CostaRicanQuakerexplain again10:07
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: Under windows, each application creates its own entry in the "start" menu during installation.10:07
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: under xubuntu, application create their entry under a specific entry of the menu10:08
CostaRicanQuakerso if say i knew code10:09
CostaRicanQuakerand found a way to write it so that network would be internet like on kde and gnome10:09
CostaRicanQuakerthings would automatically go in there as theyre suposed to10:09
CostaRicanQuakeris that wha tyou mean?10:09
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: so if you find a way to rename "Network" to "Internet", chances are that future application that you might install which normally lives under "Network", won't find the entry an create it automaticly. Again, that's just a guess as I never played with that really.10:09
AlexCONRADthat's just my 2 cents10:10
AlexCONRADi might be wrong though10:11
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i get a clock on my desktop10:12
AlexCONRADnevertheless, if you figure out how to rename that menu entry, you'll learn by your self by experimenting10:12
CostaRicanQuakeri've seen that but i don't see that option when i click on the watch properties10:12
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: as a widget ?10:12
AlexCONRADwidget = buzz word, look it up :)10:13
ere4siadesklets , gdesklets , screenlets for a clock10:14
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i check if i have it already installed?10:14
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: you can use "synaptic", its a package manager10:16
CostaRicanQuakerit says i wont be able to run it as admin10:20
CostaRicanQuakerebastian@sebastian:~$ sudo adept10:21
CostaRicanQuaker[sudo] password for sebastian:10:21
CostaRicanQuakersudo: adept: command not found10:21
CostaRicanQuaker[5]+  Stopped                 sudo adept10:21
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: what's adept ?10:22
CostaRicanQuakersynaptic on kde10:22
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: then it might not be installed10:22
AlexCONRADyou must install it first10:23
CostaRicanQuakerit is10:23
AlexCONRADapt-get install adept10:23
CostaRicanQuakeri just figured out how to open synaptic as root though10:23
AlexCONRAD(prepend sudo)10:23
CostaRicanQuakerlooking for adesklets10:23
AlexCONRADa neat command line tool is the "search" option of "aptitude", which is a package manager just as apt-get10:24
AlexCONRADaptitude search adept10:24
AlexCONRADaptitude search adesklets10:24
CostaRicanQuakerintstalling it with synaptic10:25
CostaRicanQuakernext will be finding...gdesklets10:25
CostaRicanQuakersetting the clock won't recquire a huge amount of memory right?10:27
CostaRicanQuakeri'm 248mb10:28
bassboithere we go10:31
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: you'll figure it out your self :)10:33
CostaRicanQuakerbassboi: i just finished gettind gdesklets, screenlets, and adesklets, how do i set a clock on my desktop now?10:33
bassboinever messed with that10:34
bassboiseems like my PC is reaching almost it's limit with compiz fusion10:35
bassboiruns hella quick with just xfce10:35
bassboibut when i activate compiz, it's quite responsive, but the effects kind of jitter10:35
bassboiand sometimes theres none10:36
AlexCONRADI have a customized xubuntu installation, I'm only using 80 megs of ram when it boots up10:36
bassboivery nice10:40
CostaRicanQuakerAlexCONRAD: how do i do that?10:49
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: well, I've created a modified CD of xubuntu, which has a customized preseed install process that I can choose during the boot menu. That preseed lists the packages I want installed only.10:51
AlexCONRADCostaRicanQuaker: so the installation goes pretty fast as I'm installing fewer packages than the default10:51
AlexCONRADand only install what I need. It's pretty minimalist10:52
CostaRicanQuakerwhat packages are those?10:52
AlexCONRADand this is not for full desktop usage experience10:52
CostaRicanQuakerwhats it for?10:52
AlexCONRADbuild-essential gdm xfonts-base xserver-xorg libgl1-mesa-dri xfce4-session xfwm4 xfdesktop4 xfce4-panel xfce4-terminal xfce4-mcs-plugins xfce4-mcs-plugins-extra xfce4-mcs-plugins-extra gtk2-engines-murrine tango-icon-theme ttf-dejavu-core dmz-cursor-theme xubuntu-default-settings thunar thunar-archive-plugin file-roller gnome-system-tools gnome-system-monitor network-manager10:54
AlexCONRADthese are the packages I install (which of course installs their dependencies)10:55
AlexCONRADUnder my "Applications", I only have Settings, Accessories, Network, System entries.10:56
AlexCONRADEach entry has very few applications10:56
CostaRicanQuakeroh well, it's 4 am., i better go to bed10:57
bassboii think i could convert a windows user11:15
bassboii dont think i will11:17
bassboii had to repair their windows install11:17
bassboitoo much stuff on startup11:17
bassboisamba won't install for me11:36
AlexJPhey, what is the reliability of xubuntu?12:37
TheSheepno guarantees12:37
AlexJPmy uptime so far is about 12 hours i think, is there some way i can tell?12:38
TheSheepuname -a12:39
TheSheepno, sorry12:39
TheSheep 13:40:37 up 55 days, 22:34,  4 users,  load average: 4.81, 4.11, 3.8612:40
TheSheepI guess it's time to upgrade kernel :)12:40
AlexJPhmm, i dont get it, is it because im using xchat?13:09
AlexJPthats better13:17
AlexJPwhy does it say 2 users when im the only user?13:17
TheSheepAlexJP: it counts all virtual terminals13:28
TheSheepAlexJP: the command 'who' will display all users and their terminals13:28
AlexJPTheSheep thanks13:31
AlexJPis there anyway to recover my old windows data from a hdd which now has linux installed14:04
maxamillionAlexJP: it *might* be possible, but i can't promise much14:05
maxamillionAlexJP: let me get you a link to some documentation on the tool, it is available through the repositories14:06
maxamillionAlexJP: but you will need to be very careful when reading the documentation and don't jump the gun on using the application (i did the first time i used it and ended up losing all my data forever, but i have since then used it and recovered plenty of data)14:07
maxamillionAlexJP: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk and http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec14:07
maxamillionAlexJP: i believe the package name is photorec and the package includes both applications14:08
AlexJPok, and itll be able to recover data from the ntfs ?14:16
AlexJPeven though i reparted it to ext3??14:16
AlexCONRADdarn, I'm having a hardtime to make my ATI card to work14:35
AlexCONRADglxinfo | grep "direct rendering" returns "no"14:35
AlexCONRADI'm using the "ati" driver in xorg.conf14:35
maxamillionAlexCONRAD: i think you need fglrx instead of ati15:09
AlexCONRADmaxamillion: that's the proprietary version, right ?15:09
maxamillionAlexCONRAD: yes, but as far as i know that is the only way to get direct rendering right now15:10
AlexCONRADmaxamillion: aah ok15:10
maxamillioni don't think the open source driver can do 3d accelerations15:10
AlexCONRADmaxamillion: i think I read it does, only limited15:10
maxamillionwell that's good, atleast they are working towards it15:10
AlexCONRADor maybe it's the radeonhd drivers15:11
AlexJPhey, i have just installed conpwiz and lost all my decs15:11
AlexJPanyone help ?15:11
AlexJPwow, motion blur is working though :-D15:12
AlexJPcan anyone help me with compiz ?15:54
cody-somervilleAlexJP, whats wrong?15:57
AlexJPall my window decorations have gone16:01
AlexJPand i cant use the desktop cube thing16:01
AlexJPit only has two sides16:01
AlexJPfront and back, its flat instead of 3d, like a sheet of paper, i can flip it round but there is only 2 sides16:02
AlexJPcody-somerville any ideas?16:10
cody-somervillepresss alt + f216:10
cody-somervilleand run: compiz --replace16:11
AlexJPstill no decorations16:14
AlexJPdo you think i would be better of using ubuntu ?16:14
cody-somervilleAlexJP, How would I know that? :)16:14
kwaggaHi Guys!16:29
kwaggaWould someone please be so kind as to help this n00b.... ;)16:29
kwaggaMy Xubuntu display is way too big... I think its 1050 or higher16:30
kwaggaand my laptop is 1280x800.. yet I cant change this..16:30
kwagganot even in xorg.conf... its has default values, unlike from what I know in ubuntu...16:30
kwaggaanyone? please guys16:32
cody-somervilleApplications > Settings > Settings Manager > Display16:33
kwaggaYay! Thanks for answerung cody-somerville!16:34
kwagganope... it only has "default"16:34
kwaggano other options..16:34
cody-somervillerun sud dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg16:34
kwaggatried it16:35
kwagganowhere does it ask about display..16:35
kwaggaand -phigh also didnt help16:35
kwaggaI'm downloading the alternative iso... hopefully it will help?16:36
kwaggaI think it's running in vesa mode....16:36
kwaggabut the AGP is VIA Chrome...16:36
kwagga(which I have never got to work with any *nix distro)16:36
cody-somervillekwagga, what version are you running?16:37
kwaggaxubuntu 8.0416:37
kwaggadesktop ed16:38
cody-somervilleand your video card is what?16:38
kwaggawith ubuntu 8.04 everything work very well....16:38
kwaggathe video card is a VIA Chrome IGP (onboard)16:39
kwaggabut I'm using the default settings that xubuntu added automatically16:40
kwaggathats the xorg.conf16:41
kwaggamaybe you guys can tell me how to NOT get it to add default, non-adjustable values16:42
cody-somervillekwagga, we don't really use xconf.org anymore16:42
kwaggawhat does xubuntu use?16:43
kwaggasorry... I'm used to ubuntu... this is my second day trying to get xubuntu to work...16:43
cody-somervillekwagga, anyhow, can you give me the output of this command? grep drivers /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:43
kwaggasure , holf on16:43
kwagga*hold on16:43
cody-somervillekwagga, we use the same stuff. And if your resolution worked on Ubuntu it should work fine on Xubuntu16:43
kwaggaThats the strange thing.... in ubuntu... it detected the native 1280x800... and all was fine... come xubuntu... and its taken the resolution so high.... half of the screen is cut off... (the right side)...16:46
kwaggaIf you guys can get this right... then whenever you guys come to RSA.... I owe you a couple of beers...16:47
kwagga*holding thumbs for some good news*16:49
kwaggacody-somerville, any idea on what could be the problem?17:01
cody-somervillekwagga, You say it works in Ubuntu?17:02
kwaggaat first it didnt look to good... but there was a option for widescreens.. and then the alternate resolutions came up.... and then I selected 1280x800 for 1517:03
kwagga15.4 inch LCD's...17:03
kwaggacody-somerville, need any other info?17:04
kwaggacody-somerville, you are too quiet for my liking ;) Do you see anything wrong?17:11
cody-somervillekwagga, maybe you can try displayconfig-gtk17:11
kwaggalemme try17:12
kwaggano luck :(17:13
cody-somervilleJust keep frigging around with displayconfig-gtk17:18
kwaggaI'm not following....17:23
kwagga cody-somerville, anything?17:38
cody-somervillekwagga, install ubuntu-desktop17:40
cody-somervilleand then confgiure it in ubuntu17:40
kwaggageez..... *sigh*.... alright17:40
kwaggais there no other way?17:41
kwaggaperhaps with the alternate install disc?17:41
cody-somervilleYou should be able to change your resolution in applications > settings > settings manager > display17:42
kwagganope... it only has "default"17:43
kwaggainstalling ubuntu now..17:43
kwaggaalright, once ubuntu is installed, I run apt-get install xfce?17:44
kwaggathen how do I activate it all?17:44
PsynoKhi0Ok, I'm kind of confused here... exactly what sound system ships with xubuntu hardy?17:57
PsynoKhi0andyou really mean xubuntu, not just vanilla ubuntu?17:58
TheSheepplain xubuntu uses plain alsa18:01
kwaggaI was told its pulse18:01
kwaggamy bad18:01
PsynoKhi0np you're just as confused as I am :P18:01
kwaggalol... seems like it...18:02
PsynoKhi0the xubuntu homepage DOES state the RC ships with pa18:02
TheSheepubuntu uses pulse and you can enable pulse in xubuntu18:02
TheSheepbut I think it's not enabled by default18:02
TheSheepor maybe just on sounds cards that don't need it18:03
PsynoKhi0and I think that sound system mess is the reason for my comp hanging left and right18:03
PsynoKhi0I have the libpulse0 package installed (fresh hardy) according to synaptic, and that's the only one with "pulse" in it on my system18:05
PsynoKhi0I have a soundblaster 32 AWE ISA that requires a module to be loaded up separately, in /etc/modules18:07
PsynoKhi0commenting out the corresponding line seems to cure the system freezes18:07
PsynoKhi0for some reason I get sound without the alsa audio settings manager service being on18:09
TheSheeplibpulse is not pulseaudio yet, it's just support for it for applications, pulaseaudio needs a daemon running to work18:10
glitsj16PsynoKhi0: that's normal behaviour, the manager controls saving of mixer status etc. nothing else18:11
PsynoKhi0can you guys come up with something that changed from gutsy to hardy, as far as sound is concerned?18:12
PsynoKhi0I thought PA was to blame at first but since it's not even there...18:12
glitsj16PsynoKhi0: besides drivers i for one don't know what changed from gutsy --> hardy, and pulseaudio works just fine once you have it configured properly .. what are your issues exactly ? no sound in some apps ? flash hijacking sound or anything ?18:15
PsynoKhi0system hang18:15
glitsj16i see .. anything relevant in the logs ?18:16
PsynoKhi0it hangs playing media files, game such as openarena and wesnoth, I managed to have it hang while opening a java applet, and after a while even in pidgin... today I tried starting openarena without the snd_sbawe module loaded, and it played merry go happy for like 15 minutes, as opposed to hanging when loading a map18:18
glitsj16i guess you tried re-activating the alsa audio setitngs manager service to check if the issue is still there ? just taking a stab in the dark, but ALSA might be trying to restart or die gracefully after a sound conflict and isn't able to by lack of that ..18:19
PsynoKhi0logs... not dmesg, Xorg.0.log has one error: "TDFX(0) DRIUnlock called when not logged"18:20
PsynoKhi0glitsj16: tried both withand without the audio settings manager18:20
glitsj16okay, always hard to debug these randon issues .. the Xorg error would be graphics related no ?18:21
PsynoKhi0googling for that Xorg error returned one thing that I already knew, swithcing resolution in game makes the game crash18:21
glitsj16:) one less thing18:22
PsynoKhi0but in my case I can't even play so heh18:22
PsynoKhi0brb gonna try something18:23
glitsj16okay, goodluck18:23
PsynoKhi0thanks, I'm alrady out of luck though, I'll see if there's something in the miracle department18:24
PsynoKhi0alright, as long as I don't have snd_sbawe in /etc/modules, compy's doing fine or at least fairs much better19:02
wersdfxcvI'm looking to pull the kernel/related things off of the liveCD for use in another distro, could anyone help with what exactly I will probably need? vmlinuz, vmlinux, initrd, /lib/modules/$kernelversion ...............?19:22
zoredachewersdfxcv: it would probably be easier to simple get the linux-image from the repositories19:23
wersdfxcvzoredache: well my usual distro isn't debian-based.. I just need a 64-bit kernel for my 32-bit distro, as I have a 64-bit cpu with 8g of memory that isn't being recognized19:24
wersdfxcvso I thought maybe "generating" the kernel from a liveCD might maybe possibly work :P19:25
zoredacheyou should be able to get dpkg on other distros.  If you can't there are directions somewhere about how to open up a .deb archive without dpkg or anythign else19:26
PsynoKhi0have you consideres tarting from a net install?19:26
wersdfxcvwell, part of the thing I was looking for was the helpful "autodetect hardware" I'd get from a liveCD :)19:27
wersdfxcvI suppose I could just get and tweak the kernel source or something but I was looking for a lazy way out19:28
zoredachethe autodetection is more then just the kernel... you would probably also need udev and several other things19:28
wersdfxcvthe only problem with my kernel is that it's not accessing19:29
wersdfxcvoops... all of my ram19:29
wersdfxcvall the other aspects of the filesystem like udev and things, are all fine19:30
PsynoKhi0wersdfxcv: google for "script comine iso" and yes, WITH the typo on combine, could point you towards the files you need19:30
zoredachea 32 bit OS cannot have more then 4gb of ram...  At least not without some performance killing hacks19:30
wersdfxcvzoredache: yeah but by OS you mean kernel, I think19:30
wersdfxcvPsynoKhi0: ok haha19:30
* zoredache shrugs19:31
PsynoKhi0some guy on the ubuntu forums/fora came up with a script to shove several small isos on one disk19:31
PsynoKhi0he copies kernel and filesystem to temporary folders afaik, might be what you need19:32
wersdfxcvthe problem with the 64bit distros is that there ends up being so much cross-contamination of /lib64 and /usr/lib64 and /lib and /usr/lib .... that the 64bit part of it is just not really worth it, EXCEPT for accessing the 8g of ram19:32
PsynoKhi0better idea19:32
PsynoKhi0give me your excess ram19:32
wersdfxcvha no I'd like to use it with blender and lives, thank you though :)19:33
PsynoKhi0I'll happily help you with that burden19:33
PsynoKhi0so much for philanthropy19:33
wersdfxcvit's dirt cheap anyhow19:33
PsynoKhi0am dirtier and cheaper19:33
zoredacheif some of those libraries aren't complied for 64bit I find it difficult to believe that you would be able to actually use any of the ram even if you got the kernel to recognize it19:33
wersdfxcvzoredache: well, that's an interesting point. but I believe it will make a difference, as even morrowind in wine slowed to a near-halt when I switched back to 32bit from some half-failed 64bit distros19:34
wersdfxcvit was speedy as hell in slamd64 and some others19:34
wersdfxcveven though wine is a 32-bit application19:34
glitsj16wersdfxcv: LiVES works by converting every video frame into a separate JPEG image file .. that'll always be a performance hog .. or has this changed recently ?19:39
wersdfxcvglitsj16: not sure, and true that I haven't tried lives often enough (usually couldn't get it installed on the 64distros) to make a case study, but I imagine (and am frequently wrong) rendering will be aided by +5 gigs or so, which the 32bit kernel is not allowing for.. not to mention the realtime effects, etc19:45
wersdfxcvand in the rendering case, there's many video/audio codecs that lives can use19:46
glitsj16wersdfxcv: yes codec support seemed fine last time i used it, it takes quite the effort to experiment with all the possible candidates out there for video editing19:47
wersdfxcvindeed... lives, once I got it working (woo zenwalk), is just totally amazing.19:48
maxamillionhi hi19:59
AlexJPhey maxamillion20:03
AlexJPmaxamillion thanks for those links, im just running photorec20:16
AlexJPmaxamillion seems to be recovering loads20:16
AliksyHi. Question here.  I downloaded because I have an older computer with windows ME on it and I thought I'd try xubuntu on it.  When I go to burn the image to disk, it says "The entered block size does not correspond to the image length.  The block size may be wrong."  Do I want to hit 'correct' or 'ignore' on that?20:25
AliksyI downloaded xubuntu-6.06.1-desktop-i386.iso , that is. *20:25
jessejazzawhy not try one of the more up todate versions20:26
Aliksywhich one's more up to date?20:26
jessejazzacurrent one 8.04... previous 7.1020:27
zoredacheAliksy: did you check the md5 sums of the file you downloaded?20:27
jessejazzai've never bothered doing that... what exactly do you do?20:27
Aliksyzoredache: no.  A bit newbie-ish at this. How would one do that?20:27
zoredache!md5 | Aliksy20:28
ubottuAliksy: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:28
AliksyHuh. Why did I get 6.06.. I'll download 8.04 then20:28
Valsumgood choice :)20:28
maxamillion6.06 was an *awesome* release ... but horribly outdated now20:29
AliksyWait, no, I did download xubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.  I don't know how I pasted the wrong thing into here.20:29
wersdfxcvpeople are always talking about updating and outdating like it's some kind of freakin arms-race20:29
AliksyWatch as I make a fabulous good impression!  I promise I'm not completely inept!20:29
wersdfxcvjeez, you DON'T need to upgrade if things are working fine. unless it's a security thing20:29
wersdfxcvcase and point kde4 :D er um...20:30
zoredachewersdfxcv: it is... if you don't keep your network client software (web browsers) up to date bad things could happen20:30
zoredachesame with servers and some other things20:30
wersdfxcvwell that's one thing, but people I've noticed especially in the *ubuntu/debian arena tend to always upgrade if there's any little upgrade available20:31
jessejazzathat's is the drawback with linux. you don't need to upgrade but it is quite fast moving so it is worth it. alternatively you can compile certain apps you want but... might as well upgrade to latest release. I keep all working files on a remote drive20:32
wersdfxcvlike audacity, taking out (at least in synaptic's build of it) soundtouch :(20:32
maxamillionsynaptic is crap20:32
ValsumI tend to trust in that an update will be even better20:32
AliksySo anyway.  My purpose for all of this is to put xubuntu on an older machine I have that currently has windows ME.  My dad uses it, and he keeps installing crap ("it says it'll make it run faster!").  I think the thing is on its last legs.  Is it going to be a relatively painless process to put xubuntu on it and make some sort of limited account for him to use?20:32
wersdfxcvValsum: not always the case, at all, I've noticed20:32
* Valsum nods20:32
Valsumbut still, I tend to trust :)20:32
jessejazzawhat's wrong with synaptic?20:32
maxamillionAliksy: yes, after you install everything and make the administrative account, make your dad another account as a regular user ... he will have full freedom to use the machine, just won't have enough power to hurt himself20:33
wersdfxcvthe people upstream in the buntu world seem to be pretty trustworthy in that regard, so it's probably safe :)20:33
Valsumno offense Aliksy but Windows ME is the worst OS ever :P20:33
jessejazzabetter than avast on suse. Most of the time now i use aptitude!20:33
maxamillionjessejazza: its horribly obfuscated20:33
jessejazzaavast - sorry yast!20:33
wersdfxcvwhaaat.. it's easy as heck120:33
AliksyValsum: I know.  Only redeeming quality was that it could run System Shock2 when XP couldn't20:33
* Valsum nods :)20:33
maxamillionjessejazza: have you used yast on opensuse11? it *owns* synaptic in the face20:34
wersdfxcvI don't like not being able to configure stuff... and it makes me feel bad if I install something from source, or want to install something another thing depends on20:34
jessejazzamax...: No i must admit. I used suse 10.3 and then decided to go back to ubuntu20:34
jessejazzai prefer debian package management. lots of things in suse are very good. wish ubuntu desktop was improved a bit... suse is great and a nice green20:36
Aliksymaxamillion: Ok, cool.  I've only used ubuntu before, and only for a few hours.  Hopefully I'm smart enough to do this without breaking anything.20:36
maxamillionjessejazza: yes, opensuse 10.3 was a pain and its package manager was horribly slow ... but now zypper (the yast back end) is faster than apt because they rewrote it from the ground up with an extremely elegant boolean logistics algorithm20:36
maxamillionAliksy: i think you are, you should be able to just go to system->users and groups and then add the user account through the GUI20:37
jessejazzaon suse 10.3 i used smart... which was pretty good. allegedly they had teething problems with it but that was sorted. i must say i like command line for package management. try aptitude... that's what i use. the interface isn't so good but it is a high level package manager20:39
AliksyUh.  Why does it say "Enter User Password: " when the system boots up with the xubuntu disk in?20:39
maxamillionAliksy: no idea20:40
Valsummaybe BIOS password to boot from CD?20:40
jessejazzamax'm: why do you use xubuntu?20:40
AliksyValsum: Huh. Maybe.  Hm.  I wonder if I can remember a password I set 8 years ago. [swearing]20:40
maxamillionjessejazza: i've used aptitude, its good but i enjoy running debian sid and aptitude attempts to be "too smart" and ends up doing so much dependency checking it shoots itself in the foot because of how fast the development branch changes20:41
maxamillionjessejazza: i don't use xubuntu anymore actually20:41
maxamillionjessejazza: i used to be a developer20:41
ValsumAliksy: it's the only explanation that came up here...maybe it's something else20:41
maxamillionjessejazza: but i didn't get along with the old project leader so i left, but now the new project leader is a friend of mine and i have been trying to find time to help out with the project again ... but between work and school i lack free time20:42
AliksyIf I can't remember that password, am I boned?20:42
wersdfxcvare you installing xubuntu for the first time?20:42
wersdfxcvoh, wait, is it the BIOS password? ... if it is, that might suck20:43
jessejazzamax'm: i tried xubuntu and it was quite good on a slow machine which is what it is designed for. i tried kubuntu as well but settled with ubuntu. i think they put more effort into ubuntu20:43
maxamillionAliksy: depends ... i don't know what password prompt you are getting20:43
wersdfxcvif it's just xubuntu it might only want you to hit enter20:43
maxamillionjessejazza: well ubuntu is the distro with the money behind it, both kubuntu and xubuntu are products of volunteer efforts and nothing else20:43
AliksyI used to have a bios password on here when it was my primary computer.  Kept people from messing with it too much.  Didn't look like quite the same prompt, though.  Maybe if I hit 'install inside windows' ?20:44
maxamillionwait ... what?20:45
jessejazzamax'm: ah so that's the histroy behind it... i have wondered. kubuntu v xubuntu and i'd say xubuntu has less problems. I used konsole the other day and it crashed somehow.. first time i've had a pron20:45
jessejazzapron = problem... typing awol this evening20:45
PsynoKhi0is hardy not supposed to work on i586 architectures?20:45
jessejazzain a year20:45
zoredachePsynoKhi0: define work20:46
Aliksyhm. just hitting enter didn't do anything.  This is unfortunate.20:46
zoredachePsynoKhi0: I suspect you can get a cli or server system to work on a 386 with sufficient ram...20:46
AliksyIf I select "install inside windows" from that autoplay menu, wonder if it would bypass this password prompt.20:46
ValsumAliksy: guess you can try it...either that, or you restart the BIOS -which I've never done-20:48
jessejazzamax'm: as your a developer could you refer me to a good link to learn about compiling. i wanted to compile vym 1.10.0 from the 8.04 repo before Xmas and didn't get far.20:48
maxamillionjessejazza: kubuntu has a lot of issues but a decent number of their issues are due to the complexity of KDE ... where as with xubtunu using XFCE, its a much more modular, more simplisticly design piece of software and makes for much easier development and management20:48
Aliksy...the heck.  It won't even go into the bios setup.  Lousy thing.20:52
maxamillionxfce also has a more clean interface ... but that's just my opinion20:53
maxamillionsome people prefer the "gloss" of kde20:53
wersdfxcvyou shouldn't have to go into the BIOS to boot from a CD20:55
maxamillionon older machines you might20:56
wersdfxcvthough my friend had to eventually give up trying to install linux because her stupid computer and stupid support seemed to have no way of actually booting from anything but the harddisk!! ridiculous! f10, f12, almost every key on the keyboard tried during bootup :P20:56
maxamillionthere's a tool on the net somewhere that can force your computer to boot to something that it doesn't support booting from, does some sort of I/O redirect20:57
maxamillioncan't really remember the name of the tool right now though :/20:57
AliksyHm.  Think I got it to boot from the disk21:00
AliksyI did. I may have broken windows, though.21:00
Valsumnow you can't look behind :)21:01
AliksyWonder if System Shock2 will work in xubuntu21:02
AliksyHm. Little progress bar thing going back and forth.  How long's it supposed to do that?21:03
Valsumnot much21:03
AliksyWatched pot never boils, I guess.21:03
Valsumif machine is very old, maybe 1-2 min21:03
Aliksyit's a p3 866mhz 256mb ram21:04
Valsumshould do well21:04
AliksyHey, a desktop. Whee.21:04
wersdfxcvisn't it perty21:05
wersdfxcvxfce is my favorite, though fluxbox is a close 2nd21:05
AliksySo far it's just the wallpaper21:05
Aliksyoh, here's a box.21:05
maxamillionopenbox > fluxbox21:05
wersdfxcvfluxbox's ~/.fluxbox/keys file and /menu file are so nice21:05
wersdfxcvI haven't tried openbox yet!21:05
wersdfxcvis it really super21:06
wersdfxcvi'll try it now21:06
maxamillioni like it bettery, i think its got a cleaner interface and has a more logical window placement algorithm21:13
maxamillionand it doesn't have the annoying slit21:13
AliksyHm.  The partition thing suggested a split of the HD, and I selected "guided," and it said "Too small space" when I hit okay.21:13
AliksyNot sure what I should do..21:15
zoredachehow big is your hard drive?21:15
Aliksy28 gigs, apparently21:16
zoredacheand how much free space do you have?21:16
wersdfxcvyou say "apparently" do you know it to be larger than that?21:16
Aliksyit suggested 74% for windows (21gigs) and 26% 7 gigs for linux21:16
wersdfxcvprobably you're looking for 100% linux :)21:16
Aliksy28 gigs sounds right.  It's been like 6 years since I've used this computer21:16
AliksyNot counting fixing things my dad broke21:17
zoredacheyou might need run a defrag in windows21:17
AliksyI, uh, don't know if I can get back into windows21:17
AliksyI was going to ask if it mattered that the hard drive hasn't been defragmented in quite some time21:18
Aliksyif I tell it to use the whole disk, does that erase everything on it forever?21:18
PsynoKhi0it might21:18
PsynoKhi0I mean it might be problematic if it's too fragmented21:18
wersdfxcvif you were concerned, you could reboot and check if you can get back into windows21:18
PsynoKhi0Aliksy: do you need to recover stuff from your windos files?21:19
AliksyThe only things I can think of that I want to keep are old games21:19
wersdfxcvwhat I'd recommend: rebooting back into windows now that you know you CAN install xubuntu. backing up everything (shame on you if you haven't already done this, actually) that you want to keep, and then installing linux 100% because there's basically nothing you do with windows that can't be done in linux.21:19
wersdfxcvAliksy: for windows emulation, you have "wine" and "dosemu" and of course plenty of nes/snes/n64/............. emulators :P21:20
PsynoKhi0WINE = Wine IS Not Emulation21:20
wersdfxcvthe latter which aren't windows emulation like the beginning of the sentence was leading you to believe the sentence was all about but yeah you get it21:21
AliksyMaybe I should ask my dad if there's anything he put on here that he wants to keep21:21
wersdfxcvwell yeah yeah21:21
PsynoKhi0and not 100% guaranteed to work ;)21:21
wersdfxcvAliksy: that would be a good idea. just burn a couple cds of anything you might even remotely want to keep.21:21
PsynoKhi0Aliksy: sounds wise21:21
wersdfxcvalso true, but there are enough native linux things to cover the gaps of things that don't work with wine :P21:21
AliksyIs there a proper "shut down" procedure I should do from here, or can I just hit the reset button?21:22
wersdfxcvprobably a little powerish looking thing in some corner21:22
PsynoKhi0Aliksy: I'd do the following if I were you: get System Rescue CD21:22
wersdfxcvbrings up a dialog like "wanna power down, reset, log out or wut"21:22
AliksyOnly thing on the screen is the "Install" window. Maybe if I hit cancel on that first21:22
wersdfxcvit should be like a bar, like horizontal on the top of the screen or something21:23
PsynoKhi0top right corner21:23
AliksyYeah, that wasn't present.  I hit cancel and now it's... booting from the cd, live-disk style, I think21:23
AliksyI think?  Background turned blue.  Yeah, there's that top bar thing21:23
wersdfxcvoh right, ever helpful *buntus :P21:24
* wersdfxcv is a zenwalk fan meself :D21:24
PsynoKhi0what file system does your windows partition use?21:25
Aliksywindows me default is... fat32 I think?21:25
wersdfxcvjust back up the essentials and kill it :P21:25
AliksyAm I not going to be able to see what's on the hard drive from here?21:25
wersdfxcveasiest way is to reboot into windows21:25
PsynoKhi0ouch Win ME... yep you can only benefit from the switch to linux21:25
PsynoKhi0good question, it's been a while since I last used  fat32...21:27
PsynoKhi0as I said, using System Rescue LiveCD first might be wiser21:27
AliksyPsynoKhi0: What's that?21:27
PsynoKhi0a Live CD that will let you play around with partitions and files regardless of file system21:28
PsynoKhi0so you can check youf winME files, backup what you see fit on a separate partition, wipe windows and install xubuntu21:29
AliksyEhh.  Dad says he doesn't need anything that can't be reacquired easily, but he wants to use the computer now-ish. Let's try 100% linux, I guess.21:30
PsynoKhi0ok hehe21:30
PsynoKhi0I'd suggest 3 partitions still21:31
PsynoKhi0one for the root system (mount point /), primary partition21:31
PsynoKhi0one for the /home folder (think personal esttings and My Documents from windows)21:32
PsynoKhi0as a logical partiton21:32
PsynoKhi0and one for swap, primary partition21:32
PsynoKhi0that way, if your comp goes loopy and requires a reinstall you keep all your personal stuff21:33
PsynoKhi0how much ram do you have?21:33
Aliksy256 mb21:33
PsynoKhi0yeah so a swap is pretty much a given21:33
AliksyI moved most of my personal stuff off that computer when I got this one.  I won't cry too much if my epic level baldur's gate characters get erased21:34
AliksyTo do what you're saying I would need to stop installing xubuntu now, download and burn that live cd, and then get that to work, yes?21:35
PsynoKhi0no not anymore21:35
PsynoKhi0installing xubuntu now will be fine if you don't need to recover anything21:35
Aliksyok, cool21:35
Aliksyyou said 'but' after I hit 'forward.'  I hope this isn't a bad butt.21:36
PsynoKhi0I'd check the BIOS first, to make sure "PnP OS" and "BIOS virus detection" or whatever they're called are set as no21:37
AliksyPnP OS.. plug and play, not "pen and paper."  I'm pretty sure they were set to no.  What happens if they're not?21:38
PsynoKhi0linux might not boot21:39
AliksyOh.  That's bad.21:39
wersdfxcvI loved when I got an external drive finally to keep everything on, and got to blaze through stuff I knew nothing about and KERNEL PANIC'd and randomly canceled installations to see how far it got or whatever, because nothing would be permanently hurt21:39
wersdfxcvoh, you fear-monger you... I've never heard of that happening21:39
PsynoKhi0also, what do you mean your father wants to use the computer "nowish"?21:39
AliksyHe wanted to play his online chess that he plays all the time.  I told him this might take an hour21:40
wersdfxcvhaha. especially with 256M of ram, yeesh! :P21:40
AliksySome people visit places on vacation. Some go fishing.  My dad plays internet chess.21:42
=== leche_y_galletas is now known as leche
Aliksyinstall complete.  now it's restarting.  Hopefully things will work smoothly.22:09
maxamillionAliksy: i've got my fingers crossed for you22:15
wersdfxcvgood lucks22:15
wersdfxcvI am heading across the street to mail a check. may both of our journeys be fruitful and productive. godspeed on our quests.22:16
AliksySeems to be working22:17
AliksyHm.  No defaults for what things open with?22:21
TheSheepAliksy: right-click on a file and you can select there22:24
AliksyTrying to setup my dad's chess program22:24
AliksyDoes this come with java set up already?22:27
maxamillionAliksy: no, i don't believe so22:28
Aliksynor flash, looks like. Ok.  How.. uh... do I do that in xubuntu, here?22:29
maxamillionAliksy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java22:29
maxamillionAliksy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FlashPlayerStandalone22:29
* maxamillion feels dirty for having gone back there .... >.>22:30
Aliksytoo bad i can't copy and paste from one computer to the other22:30
PsynoKhi0Aliksy: I think the easiest22:34
PsynoKhi0is, to first install the package called xubuntu-restricted-extras22:34
Aliksyhow do I do that? (newbie aura)22:35
PsynoKhi0that should be available from Applications > System > Add/Remove22:35
PsynoKhi0type resttricted extras in the search field22:36
PsynoKhi0you should get all the stuff that can't be shipped on the CDs for legal mumbo jumbo reasons22:36
Aliksyit's currently downloading some updates or something because there was a big red exclamation point that seemed important22:36
Aliksyis my dad going to be able to get internet radio like he had with winamp? he's whining.22:38
PsynoKhi0yes you can22:39
AliksyI'm almost certain he can, but I don't know what program would be used for that22:39
AliksyDon't really do internet radio myself22:39
PsynoKhi0plugins for firefox22:39
PsynoKhi0for example22:39
cody-somervilleAliksy, Applications > System > Add/Remove22:39
PsynoKhi0don't get too hasty we'll get there in time22:39
cody-somervilleAliksy, lots of software in there to download :)22:40
AliksyIt's about 60% done with installing these updates22:40
PsynoKhi0ok gonna crash test that comp *puts helmet on, takes a deep breath*22:43
Aliksyrestart required.  PsynoKhi0- good luck22:43
AliksyHm.  Should I be concerned if some stuff said "failed" real fast during that bootup sequence?22:44
Aquinaceck out your logs.22:46
Aliksyhow so?22:46
Aquinaenter "sudo nano /log/var/syslog" and read everything from...22:48
Aquina..."Jul 21 22:49:58 TRON kernel: Inspecting /boot/System.map-2.6.24-xx-generic"22:49
Aquinaafter that about 10 lines with BIOS and hex stuff occours.22:50
Aliksyhow do I get a command prompt?22:50
bassboii think it's the 1st or 2nd one after u click applications... "Terminal"22:51
bassboinot sure22:51
bassboitryin to move my data from windows to xubuntu right now22:51
AquinaRead carefully from then on.22:51
Aliksysettings, accessories, games, graphics, multimedia, network, office, system22:51
AquinaSearch for everything like "WARNING" and "failed".22:51
Aquinarun --> enter: "xterm"22:52
Aquinaor use a filebrowser and open /log/var/syslog by hand with an editor.22:53
bassboii think it could be in settings, the terminal22:53
AquinaIt's virtually the same22:53
AliksyDon't see terminal under settings submenu..22:54
bassboiAquina, would ya know how to safely resize linux partitions?22:54
bassboibecause i installed it on my 250gb hdd with only a 4gb boot and 2gb swap22:54
Aliksyfailed to reset NO_REBOOT flag, reboot disabled by hardware22:56
AliksyDon't see anything else about failing in here22:56
AliksyMildly disconcerting that I can't find 'terminal.'  Is there a keyboard shortcut for it?22:56
TheSheepyou can start it with alt+f222:56
TheSheepand typing the name22:56
TheSheepor set the shortcut in keyboard settings22:57
AliksyPsynoKhi0 - it was Ubuntu Restricted Extras I should add?22:58
PsynoKhi1xubuntu restricted extras if you're runnin xubuntu22:58
AliksyI don't see that one.  Ubuntu and Kubuntu22:58
PsynoKhi1hang on22:59
* bassboi hangs23:00
* Aliksy hangs as well.23:01
AliksyHm.  That's not a good sign23:01
=== PsynoKhi1 is now known as PsynoKhi0
PsynoKhi0I was crash testing the computer, that locked my nick for a while :)23:02
AliksySo... there's only 2 things that a search for 'restricted' brings up.  ubuntu and kubuntu restricted.23:03
PsynoKhi0yes wait please...23:04
bassboii wonder what'll happen if i unplug my IDE cable23:04
AliksySorry. My dad's getting antsy. I'll try not to pass that on. haha23:04
bassboidamn, i get a webpage to develop23:05
Aliksysnack run, back in a few minuted23:07
PsynoKhi0Aliksy: ok for some reason they don't appear in the Add/Remove list... close that one and choose "Synaptic package manager" instead23:07
PsynoKhi0then serach for xubuntu-restricted-extras there23:08
PsynoKhi0*and in the meantime, Hardy's still being a b**ch with my sound card if anyone cares...*23:10
AliksyOk. Downloading that package23:27
PsynoKhi0Has anyone had issues installing icewm? it keeps failing with error 223:34
AliksyIf I want the little volume control thingy by the clock, is that something I find in the add/remove packages thing?23:38
PsynoKhi0it should be there already23:38
PsynoKhi0if not, right click on hte panel, add element23:39
AliksyAha. Thanks23:40
Aliksyif I log out and log back in, does it 'remember' what windows and things I had open?23:41
PsynoKhi0yes unles you tick off "Save session" when logging out23:42
AliksyI don't want it to remember things like that.  Where's the 'save session' thing to uncheck, in the 'quit' box?23:43
AliksyAnd I got the chess program to work, and my seat at the xubuntu machine has been usurped23:43
AliksyThank you very much, though23:43
PsynoKhi0you're welcome23:43
PsynoKhi0enjoy your computer's new life23:43
Aliksyoh.  one thing- how do I make a shortcut?23:44
PsynoKhi0if I were you I'd install Firestarter from Add/Remove, so as to easily setup your firewall23:44
PsynoKhi0shortcut to what?23:44
AliksyMy dad doesn't want to have to open the folder w/ the program. He wants a thing to click on directly on the desktop23:45
Aliksyin windows I think they're .lnk and have a little arrow in the corner of the icon23:45
PsynoKhi0if it's a program, right-click on the desktop and add a launcher (or add it to the pnael like you did for the volume control)23:46
wersdfxcvalso install "xaos" and make fractals for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours!!! :D23:49
AliksyWhere 'should' I put application folders?  Not on the desktop, maybe?23:49
AliksyHaha, i've played with xaos before.  My desktop background here is a pretty pretty fractal23:49
=== wersdfxcv is now known as uouou
AliksyHow do I make a "shortcut" that will run a short terminal command?23:57
AliksyThis 'scrabble' game he has requires you to do "java -jar wordbiz.jar" to run it23:57
PsynoKhi0as I said, create a launcher23:58
PsynoKhi0there should be a command field in there23:58
AliksyI tried that23:59
AliksyI got the launcher for the chess game to work23:59
AliksyMaybe I typed something wrong for the scrabble one..23:59

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