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SolarWarcan someone take a look at this and tell me why pbuilder is failing to build my debian source package? http://rafb.net/p/R0R1fg77.html04:18
vorianwhat delper version are you using?04:20
SolarWarvorian 6.0.404:21
vorianwhat about your compat?04:22
SolarWarits a 404:25
vorianah, should be 6 then04:27
SolarWari'm not sure what this compat file does04:27
SolarWar"the only file that is new is compat, which is a file that contains the debhelper version (in this case 4) that is used. "04:28
ScottK-laptopvorian: Why?04:28
SolarWarwho/what needs that number?04:29
ScottK-laptopvorian: compat and the version required in the debhelper build-dep should be the minimum version needed to build the package, not the current version you happen to be using.04:29
voriani see04:30
ScottK-laptopSolarWar: compat is the major version number of the minimum debhelper version needed to build the package.04:30
ScottK-laptopcompat lower than 4 is deprecated, but 4 - 7 are potentially OK as long as you can build with that version.04:31
SolarWaroh i see, so it must correspond to the version number of the system that created the dsc file, that way when pbuilder goes to fetch the package, it gets the correct scripts04:33
SolarWarvorian, i fixed the compat level, and rebuilt the source file, however pbuilder is still complaining about the same issue04:35
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Riddellvorian: did koffice get anywhere?09:20
Riddellhi Sime, congratulations on becoming pyKDE overlord10:05
_Simeyes, I believe the role also comes with its own "army of minions to do my bidding", but they haven't arrived yet.10:08
Xand3rhey folks, yesterday while i was working in the garden i had a strange idea, buy the rights of an old cool pc game, and port it to kubuntu,  is that a strange idea? or could it real possible?10:17
WubbbiXand3r: you are working in the Garden and think about Kubuntu and Computers? Realy Strange xD10:19
Xand3rWubbbi: it was realy hot, and the sun burnd on my head10:20
Xand3rthe question is now, who holds the copyright of this game now?10:21
WubbbiXand3r: and who spent the money for the rights? ;)10:23
Xand3rWubbbi: first i have to know ho has the rights, than how much it will cost10:24
Wubbbiyes ^^10:25
Xand3rWubbbi: but you dont know where i can got such a information10:27
Xand3rah and there is a third problem10:27
Xand3ri need developer^^10:27
Wubbbihihi ... no I dont knwo sorry10:32
davmor2Riddell: ping11:16
Riddellhi davmor211:20
Riddellhi devfil11:20
davmor2Ubiquity on kub=Fail11:21
devfilhi to all11:21
devfilhi Riddell11:21
davmor2Riddell:  bug 25109711:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251097 in ubiquity "Ubiquity fails on the language selection page with Kubuntu desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25109711:21
Riddelldavmor2: tried ubuntu?11:24
davmor2Riddell: Yes it fails elsewhere11:24
Riddelldavmor2: before or after the language bit?11:24
davmor287% of the install11:25
Riddelldavmor2: how's the live kubuntu desktop looking?11:34
davmor2Not tested it yet I'm about to confirm stgraber's bug just burning the cd11:37
Riddelldavmor2: you ran ubiquity without loading the desktop?11:38
Riddelloh, it's not your bug11:38
davmor2Riddell:  :) stephanes bug11:38
Riddellthe kubuntu CDs are suspiciously small, I'm wondering what's missing11:39
davmor2booting up now11:41
davmor2oh pretty11:41
davmor2Riddell: I'll have a quick scan through the app list.  Still 1/3 of the screen taken up by those 2 icon :(11:42
danimohi Riddell11:43
danimoRiddell: am I missing something or is there no gui way to change which soundcards volume slider the hardware buttons change?11:44
danimo(in kubuntu, I know ubuntu has such)11:44
Riddelldanimo: no, it just calls kmix masterVolume change as I recall11:45
danimoRiddell: do you know where it does that?11:45
Riddelldanimo: kmilo11:45
davmor2trying konq11:46
danimoRiddell: is that hardcoded?11:47
davmor2Riddell: Planet ubuntu looks quite cool with all the shading etc in place :)11:48
davmor2Riddell: plasmoids work11:49
davmor2File manager looks really grey but works11:50
danimoRiddell: nevermind: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kmilo-controls-kmix-selected-sound-card :(11:51
davmor2Riddell: looking down the apps list quickly you've got rid of a lot of the duplication in apps that were there before that might explain some of the reduction :)11:51
danimoRiddell: does this work in KDE 4 at all? looks like kmilo didn't get ported11:55
danimo(to dbus(11:55
davmor2Riddell: printing doesn't open11:55
davmor2Riddell: just confirmed ubiquity issue on 64 bit11:59
Xand3rapachelogger: what i have to do with the watch file?12:03
Xand3rapachelogger: hi btw12:03
apacheloggerXand3r: which one, where, why, what?12:03
apacheloggerXand3r: a bit more information would be quite cool ;-)12:04
Xand3rapachelogger: digikam, you said in the reviw the watchfile would not work, i have no clue what todo, for me it looks like it is not solveable12:04
apacheloggerthat is digikam-1.1.1-something.tar.bz212:06
Riddelldanimo: no, for kde 4 I'd like to just add it as a global accelarator for kmix12:07
Xand3rapachelogger: ok, but for the stabel i t have to be changed12:10
apacheloggerXand3r: I doubt this is working for unstable either12:10
apacheloggergmail is having serious server problems :S12:11
Xand3rapachelogger: what you pasted is what is written in the watchfile12:12
apacheloggerconsidering I complained about the watchfile12:12
apacheloggerI probably think the pasted line is wrong12:12
Xand3rwhy shoul be wrong?12:13
Xand3rthe verion is like  digikam-1.1.1-something.tar.bz212:13
apacheloggerit is not12:13
apacheloggerdigikam-kde4 (0.10.0~beta1-0ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low12:14
apacheloggerXand3r: notice any difference in the version number?12:14
Xand3rapachelogger: yea the package got the ~ in version, but the file on the server is -12:14
apacheloggerso, how should be evaluated wheather 0.10.0-rc1 is > than 0.10.9~beta312:15
davmor2Riddell: what the name of the package for the printing dialogue in Kubuntu please?12:16
apacheloggerXand3r: find out12:16
apacheloggerXand3r: check12:16
apacheloggerXand3r: know12:16
* apachelogger updates his suse12:17
Riddelldavmor2: which printing dialogue?12:18
Xand3rapachelogger:  0.10.0-rc1 is > than 0.10.9~beta3?12:18
Riddelldavmor2: the printer setup tool is system-config-printer-kde12:18
Xand3rso now i understand nothing12:19
davmor2That's the one ta12:19
apacheloggerXand3r: change the version in the changelog to ~alpha112:19
apacheloggerXand3r: alpha < beta, right?12:19
apacheloggerXand3r: then run uscan12:19
Xand3rapachelogger: it works^^12:26
davmor2Riddell: bug 25111112:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251111 in system-config-printer-kde "Intrepid: Kubuntu printer dialogue doesn't open" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25111112:29
Xand3rapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29577/12:29
davmor2Riddell: I just had a thought about the missing 80 meg and the ubiquity crash  you have installed some language packs haven't you :)12:31
Riddelldavmor2: no I always remove language packs until beta time, but I don't think we had any for previous alphas and they didn't have as much space12:32
davmor2just a thought12:33
Riddellthe ubiquity issue I've got a workaround for12:35
Riddellbut now I've discovered another one12:35
apacheloggerXand3r: well12:37
apacheloggerbe being stupid12:37
Xand3rapachelogger: the problem is if i change it back to beta1 uscan thinks the version from the server is newer one -.-12:37
apacheloggerXand3r: because it is12:37
apacheloggerversion~anything is making the release < than version12:38
Xand3rapachelogger: no it isnt, may be for uscan it looks like12:38
apacheloggerand version-anything is > version12:38
Xand3rapachelogger: -.-12:38
apacheloggerversion-something is a revision, revisions are > normal versions12:39
Xand3rknoleg comes slow back12:39
apacheloggerthat is why -beta1 is > than anything12:39
Xand3r http://sf.net/digikam/digikam-([\d\.]*)~(.*)\.tar\.bz212:39
apacheloggerXand3r: try it12:39
apacheloggerdon't guess, try :P12:40
Xand3ri am eating now, and than in driving school12:40
Xand3rand than working 1 hour12:40
Xand3rso after it i will do it12:40
Xand3rapachelogger: please review digikam, so that i can finish it, thx a lot12:41
Xand3rc ya12:41
davmor2Riddell: stgraber has added a trace back on bug 25111112:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251111 in system-config-printer-kde "Intrepid: Kubuntu printer dialogue doesn't open" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25111112:41
Riddelllooks fixable, but not a priority for alpha 312:42
davmor2Riddell: like the back drop very redesque12:43
Riddellyou think?  how so?12:44
danimoRiddell: yes, please make it so12:46
davmor2Riddell: just look at some of the older redhat release it's just got that feel to it12:48
vorianRiddell: devfil said he was going to fix koffice12:50
vorian(but what i ran into last night was koffice-data failed on installing icons)12:50
davmor2Riddell: http://www.phoronix.net/image.php?id=895&image=fedora_20071024_06_lrg as an example12:51
davmor2Riddell: http://video.linux-noob.com/screenshots/fedora/9/post-67-1210463706.png or this one :)12:53
apacheloggervorian: did you start on kde4libs yet?12:56
apacheloggerahoy echidnaman12:58
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JontheEchidnaWow, it got all the way to the third fallback nick and beyond >.>12:58
* JontheEchidna wonders why his connection is so bad overnight12:58
Riddelldavmor2: don't suppose you still have a kubuntu live desktop up?13:17
HobbseeRiddell: you have a new team.  it's going to be deleted.13:27
HobbseeRiddell: you had the first LP id that i thought of13:33
davmor2Riddell: no but I can put it back on it's only a disc away I was at lunch14:02
davmor2don't know what happened then14:06
davmor2did you reply Riddell?14:07
smarterI assume adept3 will not be ready for intrepid?14:08
* stdin pokes Riddell with http://stdin.me.uk/diffs/kdebase-4.0.98_0ubuntu4_to_0ubuntu5.diff14:30
stdinmakes sure libkonq5-templates is installed by removing alternative dependency on kdesktop14:31
stdinhmm, should I re-add that conflicts kdesktop too?14:32
apacheloggerstdin: I think there is already a lowlevel conflict causing kdesktop to be removed upon upgrade14:38
apacheloggerwe will see at upgrade testing ;-)14:38
davmor2stdin: how's things dude.14:40
apacheloggerstdin: btw, do you join the 4.1.0 packging fun?14:41
stdindavmor2: things are good at the moment, if a little too hot for me :p14:43
stdinapachelogger: hopefully I will, just need to make sure real life doesn't get in the way14:43
davmor2stdin: muggy as hell, I know that much for sure :)14:43
MezRiddell, have you done something to intrepid, I'm getting a pbuilder-satisydepends fail for it (but not for debian)14:52
* Mez doesnt want a debian/ubuntu delta14:52
davmor2Riddell: your still get the desktop container that should house the about Kubuntu and install on an alternative install of Kub14:56
* apachelogger pokes smarter14:56
smarterhey apachelogger14:57
apacheloggersmarter: howdy... do you want to join the kde4 fun as well?14:58
smarterof course (:14:58
davmor2Riddell: adept notifier tells me there are 6 updates but when I click on it the applet nothing happens :(14:59
smarterapachelogger: kde 4.1 is released?15:00
apacheloggersmarter: nope15:00
apacheloggernot for about 3 months15:03
vorianyo nixternal15:13
Jucatonixternal: how are things going?15:13
* Jucato is sooo behind Kubuntu dev these days... feels ashamed :(15:14
* JontheEchidna will be back to assist packaging in an hour or so15:14
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: Do the current kdeutils packages need that extra dep on libzip?15:14
JontheEchidnaIf so, I'll probably take that one when I get back15:15
JontheEchidnaor I"ll just do it anywasy :P15:15
davmor2Riddell: Adept doesn't start up :( grrrr15:15
nixternalJucato: way to busy15:16
nixternalI am trying to schedule my new busy life so I can dedicate time to free software more than I do now15:16
Jucatonixternal: aw.. hope you're being laid enough for your busy-ness15:16
nixternalI have been strapped, as I have been working and then riding my bike a lot15:16
Jucatoomfg!! I meant "paid"15:17
Jucatonot "laid"15:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: nope15:17
nixternalI was about to say, damn15:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: libzip is not in main (yet)15:17
Hobbseehey vistalover, and everyone else.15:17
HobbseeJucato: haha.  these people are geeks.  they don't get laid, remember?15:18
Hobbseethey'd miss their keyboards too much :P15:18
nixternalspeak for yourself :P15:18
nixternalthough, I think you spoke elloquently enough for me as well :P15:18
JucatoI *wish* I could leave my keyboard... the spirit is willing but the flesh is stuck15:18
Hobbseei could set it on fire?15:18
nixternalget a bike and ride!15:19
* Hobbsee can't ride a bike.15:19
nixternalit is funny, when I wasn't working, I could stay on the computer for 24 hours15:19
Jucatonixternal: I have a bike.. but homeskillets don't ride :)15:19
nixternalnow I work on it for 8 hours here and I don't want to look at my computers at home15:19
Riddelldavmor2: well I fixed the ubiquity problem but now there's another one (won't go past partitioning stage) that doesn't even produce an error :(15:20
JucatoI'll be giving a talk on "Experiences in contributing to upstream KDE development and supporting the Kubuntu community." next month in our LoCo. Need to catch up with what's hot in Kubuntu :)15:20
Jucatobtw, do we have slide templates/backgrounds I can use?15:21
RiddellMez: I've done many things to intrepid, but without knowing the pbuilder-satisydepends fail error I don't know what would cause it15:21
Riddelldavmor2: adept is possibly a kdesudo issue15:21
Riddelldavmor2: desktop container will appear as long as there's a ~/Desktop directory15:22
nixternalRiddell: do you still love me? :P15:24
nixternalI know Jucato does :)15:24
nixternaland Hobbsee just loves to hit me with a stick15:24
JucatoI will never cease loving you nixternal :)15:24
Jucatogosh that sounds so...15:24
nixternalromantic? :P15:24
Hobbseesadistic, was more what i was thinking.15:25
Riddellnixternal: sure, why what have you done?15:25
nixternalnothing unfortunately :(15:25
Jucatooh btw nixternal, my grandma watches something church thingy daily... there's one priest there that reminds me of you :P15:25
nixternalI need to get back into it hardcore15:25
nixternaloh lord, a priest reminding you of me, that is not good15:25
voriani read that as "i need to get back into hardcore"15:25
Jucatonixternal: yeah.. because that guy is big and scary face :P15:26
vorianyou naughty15:26
nixternalperverts! all of ya15:26
nixternalI think this is the longest I have been on IRC while at work in a long time15:27
nixternalbut yesterday I fixed their "we can't hot swap" issue they have been working on for a year15:27
nixternaldumb arses15:27
nixternalICH7 chipsets don't have AHCI support, so SATA drives act as ATA drives, there's your problem15:28
nixternallsmod answers that15:28
nixternalI saw 'libata            ata_piix'15:28
nixternalthat means no go15:29
nixternalnow, with our new hardware, I see 'libata        ahci' which equals the win15:29
MezRiddell, seems kdelibs4-dev is broken... http://rafb.net/p/HRrlMf67.html15:32
Mez(or kdesdk-scripts)15:33
Jucatonixternal: you running intrepid?15:34
apacheloggerMez: neither of them I say :P15:34
apacheloggerscripts is kde4 and kdelibs4 is kde 315:35
Mezapachelogger, well, scripts is being pulled in somehow...15:35
Mezfrom a B-D of15:35
MezBuild-Depends: cdbs (>= 0.4.46ubuntu5), debhelper (>= 5.0.0), kdelibs4-dev (>= 3.3), docbook2x, libxi-dev, autoconf, automake1.9, sharutils15:36
apacheloggerkdelibs4-dev depends on it15:37
apacheloggerthat needs fixing pretty much15:37
* apachelogger goes showering for tonights party though15:38
davmor2Riddell: Sorry about that just talking with heno.  I just ran kdesudo adept and I get the following "kdesudo(6039) KdeSudo::KdeSudo: [ /build/buildd/kdesudo-3.2/kdesudo/kdesudo.cpp: 157 ]  creating xauth file:  "/usr/bin/xauth -q -f /tmp/kdesudo-Ti6039-xauth generate :0.0 . trusted timeout 60 >/dev/null 2>&1"15:41
nixternalJucato: not running intrepid yet, haven't had time to update, and on my work box i need stable right now15:42
Jucatonixternal: ok.. you're really out of it :)15:43
davmor2Riddell: do you need a second test on the ubiquity fix?15:44
Riddelldavmor2: no complete fix yet15:49
davmor2Riddell: okay np15:50
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JontheEchidnaAh darn, forgot that pbuilder won't work until kdepimlibs 4.1.0 is up..16:06
JontheEchidna...for kdeutils16:06
vorianyou'll have to keep the same deps for now16:08
JontheEchidnahopefully that won't hurt things... it shouldn't though.16:09
JontheEchidnaoh wow, suprise trip to Pizza Hut16:09
vorianthey can be changed when needed16:10
* JontheEchidna pbuilds and goes to pizza hut16:11
davmor2Riddell: you get screwy gfx when the second shutdown/restart box appears16:15
Riddelldavmor2: I get screwy graphics at usplash16:15
davmor2I get no gfx at usplash :)16:16
nixternalI hate Red Hat officially now, I don't care how good their software is supposed to be16:23
Riddellharsh words16:23
nixternalif I can't find information behind a security bug because it is blocked to Red Hat employees only, and their security eratta notices suck, how do I go to the board and inform them that we need to update packages?16:23
nixternalI need to start cracking skulls around here to get them to switch distros16:24
nixternaland it sucks for CentOS because it is a good community distro, but you can't track bugs from Red Hat because they lock them down16:24
davmor2Riddell: I only get the screwy gfx with the intel gfx card :D16:26
Riddellright, that's what I have16:27
RiddellI know X is funny with intel currently, compositing doesn't work for example16:28
nixternalworks for me16:30
voriannixternal: in intrepid?16:38
nixternalhardy of course16:39
nixternalI need stable here at work16:39
vorianya, mine worked in hardy16:39
voriannot in intrepid16:39
vorianheya Xand3r16:41
Xand3rhi vorian16:41
Xand3rapachelogger: ahoy16:44
Xand3rthe uscan line with ~ dont work, i think it will not be interpreted16:45
apacheloggerXand3r: run --debug :P16:48
Xand3rapachelogger: nice idea16:48
apacheloggeruscan is fetching an html page and runs a regexp on it16:48
Xand3rapachelogger: and are you celebrating to day?16:48
apacheloggerconsidering upstream doesn't have an ~ in the tarball name that regexp will not catch anything16:48
apacheloggerXand3r: in about 1 minuten :P16:49
Xand3rapachelogger: kk^^ have fun16:49
* apachelogger heads off16:50
Xand3rapachelogger: c ya16:51
Xand3rwhat is the ~ syntax for uscan, what i have to use vor the same effect?17:01
vorianbut, you may have to demagle the url17:08
devfil_Riddell: some icons in koffice2 are installed into /usr/share/icons/oxigen... is this ok?17:25
Riddelldevfil_: sure17:28
devfil_Riddell: ok, so I need only to update install files with the correct paths17:28
Riddellrun dh_install --sourcedir=debian/tmp --list-missing17:30
Riddellupdate install files17:30
Riddellrepeat until complete17:31
Tm_TRiddell: are we backporting cmake 2.6 to hardy?17:34
RiddellTm_T: we should, fancy testing if it builds ok?17:35
RiddellTm_T: by the way, did you ever start on migration assistant?17:36
Xand3rvorian:  cant find the word demagle17:38
yuriydevfil_: oxygen not oxigen I hope17:39
devfil_yuriy: yes, my error17:39
Xand3rvorian: dont know what you mean17:48
Xand3rvorian: could you please explain it?17:49
vorianXand3r: man uscan17:49
Tm_TRiddell: it's atm on halt, because of my reallife things, family and work, but will look and try to push it forward next week17:52
Xand3rvorian: the word demagle dont exist i dont know what to do, and not what i have to loking for17:53
vorian/home/steve/motu/kde/kdelibs/kde4libs-4.1.0/kate/document/katedocument.cpp:4476:2: warning: #warning "that's a bad idea, can lead to stray endings, FIXME"17:58
vorianXand3r: some urls are mangles17:58
RiddellTm_T: fairy nuff17:58
vorianyou have to use various tricks to get uscan to read them17:58
RiddellTm_T: want to do cmake?17:58
Xand3rvorian: thats mean from uscan18:03
devfil__Riddell: how I can see in witch install put a file?18:04
Riddellyou have to work it out18:06
Riddellfind . -name <filename>  will show where it comes from in the sources18:06
devfil__Riddell: what are the differences between <package>-kde4 and <package>-data-kde4?18:15
Riddelldevfil__: -data is for files which are the same on all architectures (i386, amd64), images and settings files usually18:16
devfil__Riddell: ... krita-kde4 already includes usr/share/kde4/services/kritatoolgrid.desktop18:17
devfil__so this 2 files need to be moved to -date18:17
Riddellyes, they should be18:19
Riddellif there's a krita-data-kde4 package18:19
Riddellit's only worth making a -data package if the data files are so large it would be worth saving the space on the repository server18:19
Xand3rvorian: i realy dont know, i dontgot it from the man18:19
devfil__Riddell: yes, I know. if the non-arch-dependent files are bigger they are installed by another package with all in architetture18:21
ryanakcaRiddell: would there be interest in having a start page for 8.10?18:41
* ryanakca is willing to propose it to the ML to see if there are any takers / people interested in taking care of it18:43
Riddellryanakca: for firefox?  or konqueror?18:48
Riddellor are you talking about something else?18:48
ryanakcaRiddell: start page, it could be for both, similar to what Ubuntu has, except much simpler, and KDE-ified.18:50
ryanakcaRiddell: http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/ ... it could be similar to the current Konqueror start page, with a Kubuntu logo, a google search box that has [x] Search the web  [ ] Search Kubuntu Documentation (Go!) , and underneath a tip of the day...18:53
RiddellI think the intrepid-firefox-kde spec may mention something like that18:59
Riddellyes, it would be nice18:59
ryanakcaok, I'll include it in the email, along with a mockup. I'm hoping to get all this out to the ML today or tomorrow19:02
Riddellvorian: what's that?19:22
voriantook three tries to get it right19:22
smarteryay, my wireless card is finally working with intrepid :)19:26
smarterRiddell: kubuntu-desktop should depends on kde-core, noN19:32
smarteror at least on kdelibs/kdebase19:32
devfil__Riddell: koffice2 build fine, now I'm fixing lintian warnings, some bugs etc...19:37
Arby_Riddell: you around?19:59
Arby_Riddell: I'm trying to backport ktorrent19:59
RiddellArby_: for a bit19:59
Arby_currently it fails with http://paste.ubuntu.com/29688/20:00
Arby_I'm guessing it's a different filepath between hardy and intrepid20:00
Riddellare you using the deina/cdbs from hardy?20:00
RiddellI suspect it's easiest to use the whole debian/ from ktorrent-kde4 in hardy20:01
Arby_I did initially20:01
Arby_it filaed20:01
Arby_failed even20:01
Arby_can't remeber the error, let me look20:01
Arby_Riddell: hmm, to my surprise that built ok this time20:16
Arby_Riddell: now for the complications20:16
* Riddell out20:17
Arby_nevermind then20:17
Arby_any motu type folks around who could offer some advice/sanity checking on a backport?20:19
Arby_JontheEchidna: you around?20:25
Arby_JontheEchidna: thought you might like to know that ktorrent 3.1.1 fixes the crash on closing for hardy20:26
JontheEchidnaArby_: Cool. :D20:45
Arby_JontheEchidna: another test would be nice. if I put the .deb up somewhere could you give it a spin?20:46
Arby_hang on then20:46
Arby_JontheEchidna: http://drop.io/sirkasg20:49
Arby_package ^^20:50
Tm_TRiddell: yes, I should try cmake20:51
JontheEchidnaArby_: Works here too :)20:55
Arby_the package needs a bit of sanity checking20:56
Arby_hopefully I can get it finished and uploaded tomorrow20:56
JontheEchidnabtw, I noticed you changed the version from 1:3.0.1 to 3.1.120:57
Arby_yes, should I have kept the 1:20:57
Arby_that's exactly why I said it needs checking20:58
Arby_among other things20:58
theunixgeekI think there should be a Kubuntu/SuSE merge: KuSE :D21:07
theunixgeekthat way, both debian and opensuse compatibility21:08
davmor2Riddell: ping21:09
theunixgeekwill the kde 4 spin later be updated to include 4.1 ? and if I update to 4.1 will I get the new plasma window theme?21:13
JontheEchidnaDoes make -f debain/rules list-missing work for pbuilder?21:14
theunixgeekJontheEchidna: no21:14
theunixgeekJontheEchidna: I think you mean debian instead of debain :P21:15
JontheEchidnayes, I did21:15
Xand3rvorian are you there?22:10
vorianyes sir, i am now22:11
Xand3rsorry i dont want to sound like this22:12
vorianwhat can i do ye for?22:12
Xand3rits still the watch file sorry22:13
vorianno worries22:13
vorianis this for digicam?22:13
Xand3rhttp://sf.net/digikam/digikam-([\d\.]+)%(.*)\.tar\.bz2 debian uupdate22:13
Xand3rits dont work22:13
Xand3rvorian: yes for digikam22:14
voriantry http://sf.net/digikam/digikam-([0-9].*)\.tar\.bz222:14
Xand3rvorian: i am creating an watchfile for 0.10.0-beta122:16
vorianthat should work then22:16
voriangive it a whirl22:16
Xand3rvorian: what shuld work?22:17
Xand3ri try it22:17
Xand3rvorian: Newest version on remote site is 0.10.0-beta1, local version is 0.10.0~beta122:18
Xand3rthat shuld not happen22:18
Xand3rvorian: thats why i have no clue22:24
vorianis it the same source package?22:27
Xand3rJontheEchidna: have you an idea?22:43
JontheEchidnaabout what?22:43
JontheEchidnaoh, the watch file?22:43
* JontheEchidna doesn't have a clue either22:44
Xand3rJontheEchidna: ok but thx22:44
Xand3rJontheEchidna: ok but thx22:45
Xand3rvorian: and thx to you22:45
vorianXand3r: i gave you the answer to your question twice22:46
vorianlocal version = the package you are working on22:47
vorianremote site = place the .tar.gz comes from22:47
Xand3rvorian: i see i am to stupid to under stand your hints 3 times22:48
vorianno, that's not what I'm saying22:50
Xand3rvorian: sure you dont say it^^, but i cant understand it, dont know why22:54
Xand3rvorian: if you have time and fun, may be you could it explain slow an in litle steps22:58
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jtechidna<3 ccache23:10
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JontheEchidnaIt makes pbuilding much more pleasent23:11
Riddelldavmor2: pong23:16
davmor2Riddell: did you want bugs writing for each of the issues I found or have you nailed some since?23:17
Riddelldavmor2: best file them23:18
Riddelldavmor2: have you done a successful install yet?23:18
davmor2Kub alt installed but was missing usplash which should be fixed now and had all the post install issues all the live are being redone again and ubiquity on Ubuntu seems to be working now23:19
Riddelllooks like there's new images from 22:0023:20
davmor2broken usplash on live still23:21
Riddelland that would never do :)23:21
Riddelldevfil__: what news with koffice?23:25
devfil__Riddell: all ok, it build fine and I've fixed some lintian warnings, errors23:26
Riddelldevfil__: have you uploaded it to your PPA?23:27
devfil__Riddell: no, I'm looking at other lintian warnings in order to upload it23:27
devfil__but I think I've finished23:27
Riddellgroovy, upload it to the PPA when you're done and I can copy it over to the main archive in the morning23:28
devfil__there are only 2 types of warnings23:28
Riddelldebian-changelog-file-is-a-symlink is a feature not a bug usually, it's done to save disk space23:28
Riddellbinary-without-manpage, well with GUI apps most people will start the app to find out what it is23:29
devfil__Riddell: there is also a arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share info23:29
devfil__for kformula-kde4 package23:29
* JontheEchidna is away23:30
devfil__do you think I should make a data package for this?23:30
Riddelldevfil__: no, it would just add a greater diff compared to debian23:30
devfil__Riddell: ok, then I'm going to upload the package to my ppa23:31
Riddellevening sebas23:32
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davmor2Riddell: seems the the livefs build was old so it hasn't updated the fix to ubiquity either :(23:37
sebashi :)23:38
davmor2Riddell: bug 251315 the printing one is already done 251111 IIRC23:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251315 in kdesudo "intrepid: Kdesudo is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25131523:39
davmor2I think the others were to do with kdesudo not functioning23:40
devfil__Riddell: however I think the debdiff between the new koffice2 and debian koffice is very huge23:48
devfil__Riddell: 7496 lines of debdiff23:54

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