mwhudsonjelmer: what were you trying to do?  just push?00:05
jelmermwhudson, yes00:48
mwhudsonjelmer: did anything odd happen client-side, like bzr spinning and sucking up 100% cpu?00:48
jelmermwhudson: it did spin, not sure whether it used 100% cpu00:49
mwhudsonjelmer: what version of bzr?00:49
jelmerI had to abort it and break the lock00:49
jelmerclient-side: 1.600:49
jelmerI mean, 1.500:49
tjsjust a small curiosity. why do bzr pushes not count towards a persons contribution to a project?01:43
tjsAre code changes not the best type of contribution?01:43
mwhudsontjs: in progress01:45
tjsmwhudson: neato :)01:45
tjsjust had someone file a bug against my little project and noticed they were top contributor01:45
tjsnot that I'm an ego-maniac or anything.. ;D01:46
mwhudsonheh yes01:46
mwhudsonthat can get a little strange01:46
Peng_I have 3500 points from registering branches for one tiny tweak. :\02:17
ToyKeeperYeah, that gives a ridiculous amount of karma.02:19
ToyKeeperOr it used to...  dunno if it still does.02:19
ToyKeeperAs far as I can tell, I haven't gotten any from it lately, but I've only been using bzr to do it -- not the web UI.02:19
Peng_Hmmm. Could I register a bunch of empty +junk branches? :D02:20
kikoPeng_, well, if you keep doing it enough, the karma levels out!02:20
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jumpkickhow do I untarget a bug from a release?06:26
wgrantjumpkick: It's not possible - perhaps mark it as Invalid or Won't Fix, whichever is appropriate.07:04
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coolbhaviPlease promote my idea its a long bugging thing I think09:16
Hobbseecoolbhavi: of all the places you *could* have put that, brainstorm was not a good one.09:17
Hobbseecoolbhavi: do you really think launchpad == ubuntu?09:17
Hobbseeand that places to record ubuntu ideas is *really* an appropriate place to put requests for launchpad, in general?09:17
coolbhavino Hobbsee option was there to report it against the website so I did09:18
Hobbseeubuntu.com != launchpad.net09:18
coolbhaviyes I agree09:19
Hobbseethe website it refers to, oddly enough, is ubuntu.com09:19
Hobbseeand in no way does your request even mention ubuntu09:21
Hobbseeinteresting.  there is a launchpad.net field hidden in there.  still, it really should relate to ubuntu.09:24
Hobbseecoolbhavi: you should report it at bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad09:24
Hobbseeotherwise it will completely be ignored.09:24
Hobbseebug 13028509:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 130285 in launchpad "most active in should disregard deleted projects" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13028509:25
Hobbseecoolbhavi: oh well.  wait patiently then.  bugs regularly take many months to get fixed.09:25
coolbhaviHobbsee, so i ve posted it under others and against launchpad.net09:27
Hobbseecoolbhavi: regardless, it's absolutely useless on ideastorm.  but OK.09:27
coolbhaviHobbsee, ok ! cya09:30
IntuitiveNippleOn edge I'm seeing PPA DKMS kernel module package build failures for gutsy hardy and intrepid packages because the make clean tries to operate on the non-existent directory "/lib/modules/" whereas (with hardy) locally it'll be " /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/build" - is this a buildd error (previous package builds were successful) ?10:34
IntuitiveNippleI'm wondering where it is getting "2.6.16-15" from!?10:35
* IntuitiveNipple stamps on clumsy fingers! ""10:35
gnomefreakthat sounds more like a package error than a LP error10:36
IntuitiveNippleI thought that initially but they build fine locally, and previous uploads have also built correctly.10:36
IntuitiveNippleThe debian/rules is using vanilla CDBS build10:37
gnomefreakit should be but its error is with
IntuitiveNippleCould the "" be the buildd kernel version?10:37
elmoIntuitiveNipple: yes, it is10:37
elmoIntuitiveNipple: the package needs to not look at the running kernel version during build, that'll just lead to all sorts of pain and suffering10:38
IntuitiveNipplehmmm... so how the *&^% is CDBS suddenly getting that version instead of the chroot version?10:38
IntuitiveNippleCould the inclusion of CDBS's 'makefile' scripts do this? Although not-used I added that entry to be compatible with other similar packages. One way to find out I guess!10:40
IntuitiveNippleOkay, confirming that including CDBS's 'makefile.mk' in debian/rules caused that failure10:53
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mptGooooooooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!12:30
effie_jayxhello, how does one change a ssh key in lauchpad with the new interface. I can't seem to find the edit link for adding more keys12:52
mwhudsoneffie_jayx: change details -> ssh keys in the second level of tabs12:54
mwhudson(maybe third level, depending how you're counting)12:54
effie_jayxmwhudson,  are beta launchpad and regular launchpad  the same right now.12:55
mwhudsoneffie_jayx: no12:55
effie_jayxmwhudson,  ok. is ther a way to disable the beta page for a while... I need to take some screenshots12:55
mwhudsoneffie_jayx: yeah, go to launchpad.net and click the button12:55
mwhudsonas in https://launchpad.net/, the front page12:56
mwhudson(though this part of production does look pretty similar to edge)12:57
mwhudsonLarstiQ: sure, where's the bucket of molten zinc?12:58
mpt(cue Larstiq hurriedly changing a password somewhere)12:59
Spadshttp://linuxmafia.com/pub/humour/zinc <-- mwhudson12:59
LarstiQmwhudson: ref 'click the button'12:59
mwhudsonLarstiQ: oh right12:59
LarstiQthough it should be 'push the button', ah well13:00
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TuniX12cant upload patch to bazaar14:07
TuniX12any suggestion?14:07
spivTuniX12: depends on what the problem is :)14:11
spivTuniX12: are you getting an error?14:11
spivOr just don't know where to start?14:12
spivOr something else?14:12
TuniX12spiv i have a patch for Gufw14:12
TuniX12so i follow instrcutions14:12
TuniX12bzr push14:12
TuniX12but i get an error14:13
TuniX12upload locked14:13
TuniX12or something like that14:13
Peng_TuniX12: That means either someone is in the middle of some operation on the branch, or they were, and their connection went out or something and they never finished.14:21
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andrea-bsmpt: the "Latest questions" portlet on a person page does no longer exist; should I report a bug or this is correct?15:42
mptandrea-bs, it's correct15:43
mptIt's still available from the Answers tab15:44
andrea-bsok, thanks!15:44
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fbondHi, hate to be a bother, but I don't suppose I could persuade someone to take a look at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/39961 ?16:53
salgadomatsubara, can you help fbond?17:05
* matsubara looks17:05
matsubarafbond: in  https://edge.launchpad.net/~forest-bond/+editwikinames you should be able to change the wikpage to point to the desired page.17:06
matsubaraI don't know about the ppa. if the merge doesn't take care of that, we'll need some sort of db intervention17:07
matsubaracprov: do you know how difficult it is to move a lingering ppa from a merged account to the new account?17:07
fbondmatsubara: WRT +editwikinames, thanks, didn't know about that.17:15
andrea-bsHello! When I try to browse staging I get a 50317:41
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BjornTandrea-bs: staging is being updated at the moment. it should be back in a few minutes.17:43
andrea-bsBjornT: will the database be reset?17:44
BjornTandrea-bs: i don't think so. i think this is a code update only.17:46
andrea-bsBjornT: thanks for the info17:46
matsubara-lunchfbond: btw, the ppa part from your question is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/8709817:52
ubottumatsubara-lunch: Error: This bug is private17:52
matsubara-lunchwhich is private and you'll not be able to see.17:52
matsubara-lunchsorry about that17:52
fbondmatsubara-lunch: That's okay :)17:53
matsubara-lunchanyway, that's a known bug and there's discussion going on how to properly fix that17:53
fbondmatsubara-lunch: Can the PPA be moved to the new account manually?17:53
fbondmatsubara-lunch: If not, I can just active the PPA for the new account and re-upload everything.17:54
matsubara-lunchdon't know, I'll ask cprov and follow up on the question. I'll also leave a comment in the bug report pointing to your question to raise awareness17:54
fbondmatsubara-lunch: Okay.  I actually spoke with cprov yesterday.  He instructed me to post the question that you are addressing.17:55
cprovfbond: point me to the question you filed and I will move it right now.17:55
matsubara-lunchcprov: cool, thanks duderino!  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/3996117:55
fbondcprov: Okay.17:55
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cprovfbond: done18:01
cprovfbond: let me know if it's working as expected.18:01
fbondcprov: Thanks, I will.18:03
fbondcprov: Everything seems to be working perfectly.  Thanks!18:07
cprovfbond: you are welcome.18:07
cprovfbond: try a new upload soonish, if you can.18:08
fbondcprov: I'll see what I can come up with.18:08
cprovfbond: thank you.18:09
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fbondcprov: Just did an upload.  Worked fine.18:50
cprovfbond: fantastic!18:52
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_deleted_hi all!20:02
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treeformi am trying to do a cvs import into a bzr branch ... how long should that take?20:03
treeformor more accurately i am wondering when it should start, i have "requested the import" about 24 hours ago - maybe there is an error some place i am not catching?20:05
treeformthanks in advance for any help provided20:06
beunotreeform, it sometimes takes a few days to start. I'd say, give it a day or two, and, if not, file a question20:06
treeformbeuno: ok will do!  Do you know haw fast it would take? the repo is 800K sloc and about 8 years old?  Would that take weeks or months?20:08
beunotreeform, I think it depends on how busy LP is, but I'd say weeks rather then months20:13
beunomwhudson knows much more about this, but he may not have had his morning coffee yet20:13
beunoif you stick around for an hour or two he may pop up20:13
treeformok ill stick for 6 more ...20:14
beunotreeform, are you starting to use LP for that project, or just code hosting in bzr?20:14
treeformi love bzr - use it for all my projects (not open source)20:15
treeformthen only open source project i use alot is panda3d20:15
treeformbut its on cvs - i cant stand it20:15
treeformso i wanted to have a bzr repo to pull from and give other people the option20:15
beunotreeform, cool20:16
treeformalso project - sort of lost its maintainer - i want to see if i can push into bzr direction20:16
treeformand use the rest of launchpad goodies20:17
beunotreeform, great, if you do manage that, you can import bugs from some common bug trackers20:18
treeformbeuno: i dont think it can import bugs from phpBulletinBoard  ...20:20
beunotreeform, ah, probably not20:20
treeformi would like to get a better bug tracking ...20:20
beunoright, I don't even want to know why you use a forum to track bugs  :)20:21
treeformbeuno: the project is open sourcing of Disney's 3d engine ... which they did jointly with CMU ... but the main panda3d contact at CMU left ...20:22
treeformbeuno: the Disney contact said that at one time they did have a bug tracker but it was not used much and bugs still where posted to forum20:22
treeformi bet they have their own internal bug tacker but it tracks more projects then panda3d so they cant give us access20:23
beunotreeform, then I suppose you can enable bugs on the project, and let people file bugs/questions against it20:24
beunoand see if that catches on20:24
treeformyeah thats the plan20:24
beunoshould be easier to track than forums threads20:24
treeformoh yeah20:24
treeformi cant track what i said ... let alone other people20:24
treeformbeuno: another thing that worries me is that the project is huge - 800K lines of code - would it take a lot of space as a bzr because it keeps reversion info with every checkout unlike cvs?20:29
treeformah probably cant be much the current source code compresses to 63 Megs ...20:30
beunoright, the MySQL branch, if IIRC, is around 600mb20:31
treeformhopefully panda3d will be under 200 when imported - but 600 is a little pushing it :)20:32
beunotreeform, I suspect it will be smaller as a bzr branch than in cvs, but that's just a wild guess20:33
treeformwell 63 megs is just the trunk files compressed20:33
treeformnot the branch20:34
beunoright, well, you'll find out soon enough20:34
treeformthe cvs branch that i have is 409MB20:37
levanderIs there any way to edit a bug report on Launchpad?20:38
levanderI accidentally put some info in there that I really can't make public.20:38
beunolevander, a bug or a comment on a bug?20:39
levanderSome info I put in the bug description.20:39
beunolevander, sure, there's an edit icon on the top right20:39
beunoclick that, and edit out the descroption20:39
levanderI don't see it.  I'm looking around where it says "Convert to a question".20:40
beunolevander, are you logged in?20:40
matsubaralevander: there's a "Update description" link below the description itself20:40
matsubarabut that might not be enough, since the original description will be available20:41
persiaOne can also make bugs Private, which restricts them to subscribers.  With only the reporter as a subscriber, it has fairly limited potential for viewing.20:42
levanderEasily available to the public, or available to admins?20:42
levanderI just can't have anyone who does a public google search be able to read it is all. It's that I post a lot on the internet and my employer has told me not to use my real name when I post on technology topics is all.20:43
levanderAnd yes, they've done google searches to check.20:43
levanderThere are PR consequences.  I don't really care, but they do.20:44
matsubaralevander: the original description will be available to whoever has access to the bug report. if you mark the bug private then it won't be avaiable in a general google search20:44
kikolevander, can I see a URL to the report?20:44
matsubaralevander: notice that this channel is publicly logged and might be searchable by google :-)20:44
levandermatsubara: Note that I haven't put my real name in channel.20:48
levanderWhere is the link to get the original bug report?20:49
matsubaralevander: besides the "Update description" link20:49
kikolevander, in your browser URL box.20:50
levanderDamnit.  I can't put in a request to just have the bug report deleted and I'll put another bug in?20:50
kikolevander, what's the bug url?20:50
levanderWhat I'll do is mark it private, re-enter the bug, then add a comment marking it as a duplicate.20:52
levanderkiko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gmailfs/+bug/25126120:56
ubottulevander: Error: This bug is private20:56
kikolevander, what's sensitive in that bug report?20:58
levanderkiko: just delete it.20:59
levanderkiko: I'm not giving you ammo to run around the internet liek a 5 year old.20:59
kikolevander, what are you talking about, exactly?20:59
levanderkiko: just delete it20:59
* kiko shrugs21:00
kikoI can't, so I guess keeping it private will have to suffice. I'd need more information to be able to actually help.21:00
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kiko-afklevander, you also seem to have duplicated the bug description in the follow-up bug you filed, btw.21:03
kiko-afkI'm off to oscon again, catch you all later21:03
levanderMan that kiko guy was stalking me.  He was working hard to find the info.  Thing was, the info isn't even that important.  It's just paranoia by my employers.21:04
beunolevander, kiko is Launchpad's lead developer. I'm pretty sure he just wanted to help you, not stalk you21:06
persialevander: kiko is *THE* LP guy.  Only trying to help.21:06
levanderbeuno: Well then, why does it matter what the info was?21:08
levanderbeuno: He's probably not a bad guy, curiousity just got the better of him is all.21:08
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beunolevander, probably to give you a good answer21:10
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TuniX12hello anyone knows how to upload binaries into ppa?21:45
cprovTuniX12: it's not allowed, sources should be built in the PPA infrastructure atm21:46
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mrevellJust to confirm - Launchpad will be offline for a few minutes from 22.00 UTC today (i.e. 23rd July) - that is, in roughly 1 hour and 10 mins.21:48
TuniX12it is 22:5521:55
mwhudsonnot UTC it's not21:56
TuniX1222.00 according to what time region?21:56
cyberixWhere can I find explanations for the bug status messages?22:32
beunocyberix, https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/Statuses22:34
cyberixbeuno: thanks22:49
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