chh111any one can help me,i got a problem when upgrading to 8.1003:18
chh111Errors were encountered while processing:03:19
chh111 python-cairo03:19
chh111 samba-common03:19
chh111 bash-completion03:19
chh111 ufw03:19
chh111 libsensors303:19
chh111 libpaper103:19
chh111 linux-image-2.6.26-4-generic03:19
chh111 libxau603:19
chh111 libxcb103:19
RAOFYou don't want to paste the rest of that :)03:20
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:20
chh111btw,can you help me with that03:22
RAOFRead only file system? :)03:22
chh111i don't know why03:23
RAOFThe more interesting information would be: how did you update, and at what stage did it fail?03:23
* RAOF is also somewhat surprised by root@hostname; that's not particularly common :)03:24
chh111i changed my sources.list file,replace the "hardy" with "Intrepid"03:24
chh111and apt-get dist-upgrade03:24
RAOFThen fired up a bit of a dist-upgrade?  Hm.03:24
RAOFSo, it looks like your root is mounted read-only, possibly due to errors?03:25
RAOFAlso, that's not really the way you're meant to upgrade (but should work, regardless).03:25
chh111i think there may be some thing with the harddisk03:25
RAOFYes.  And this is a symptom of crazy harddisc hijinks.03:26
RAOFThe output of dmesg may be enlightening.03:26
chh111here it is03:29
RAOFHm.  And the output of 'mount'?03:30
RAOF !!!03:37
chh111the owner of these files have errors03:37
RAOFNice filesystem corruption :)03:37
chh111i used e2fsck to have a check ,but it's no use03:38
RAOFWell, you could try chown'ing everything there to root, but who knows what else has been broken?03:38
chh111brwxr-xr-x 1 root  604306992 69, 139 1939-09-13 00:41 /var/lib/dpkg/info/libxau6.postinst03:39
chh111here i changed one03:40
RAOFYes; your filesystem's at least partially corrupt.  Any idea what caused that?03:40
RAOFBecause if it's just some hardware dying there's not much point in fixing the current problem!03:40
chh111can't we just chang the ownership to fix these problems03:41
chh111when i upgrading the system,i got tons of dependency errors and i fix it all,leaving only these critical ones03:44
murlidhar this is what i get when i try to install obconf03:45
murlidharE: Broken packages03:45
RAOFAfter changing the ownership you should be able to run "sudo dpkg -a --configure" again.03:45
RAOFMaybe you'll need to fix some permissions, to.03:46
chh111these files "time" also have problems03:46
chh111srwxr-xr-x 1 1166746692 2332558473   0 1989-04-13 19:48 /var/lib/dpkg/info/libxcb1.postinst03:46
murlidharhow should i fix it03:46
RAOFYou can probably ignore that.03:47
chh111i'll try,thank you03:47
RAOFBut, again, filesystem corruption means many bets are off.03:47
RAOFOh, and that file is apparently 0 bytes long, which is going to be somewhat of a problem.03:48
murlidharhow should i fix the package dependency problem of obconf03:48
* RAOF suggests chasing down the source of the filesystem corruption, and then reinstalling.03:48
murlidhar!info obconf03:48
ubottuobconf (source: obconf): Preferences manager for Openbox window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.3-3 (intrepid), package size 91 kB, installed size 656 kB03:48
RAOFmurlidhar: Dunno.  That depends on how it's broken.03:48
murlidhar libobparser1603:49
RAOFAgain, that's not very informative.03:49
RAOFAnd it's entirely possible that it's just broken.03:49
murlidharcan i paste four lines here?03:50
izanbardprinceI actually got my hopes up that GRUB was no longer stupid03:50
izanbardprinceUbuntu's alternate installer lets you use XFS for /boot03:50
izanbardprinceand *then* tells you you need LILO03:50
murlidharThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:50
murlidhar  obconf: Depends: libobparser16 but it is not going to be installed03:50
murlidhar          Depends: libobrender16 but it is not going to be installed03:50
murlidharE: Broken packages03:50
RAOFmurlidhar: Might be better in a pastebin.  And you want to paste the whole output of whatever you're trying to do.03:51
RAOFBut now you need to work out why libobparser16 isn't installable.03:51
RAOFSame for libobrender16.03:51
RAOFSomewhere in there you'll find the problem, and can file a bug.03:52
izanbardprinceI'm pretty sure that when GRUB is fixed to work with ext4, XFS will also work03:52
murlidharRAOF, http://paste.ubuntu.com/29472/03:52
izanbardprincefor some reason it think's it's ok to sleep right after initializing the boot partition03:52
RAOFWhy?  Sure, they both support "extents", and that might make it easier to support XFS, but surely it's still extra work.03:53
murlidharno i did it in 7 minutes . the base installation of course03:53
LSD|NinjaGRUB works with XFS, the problem is the godawful grub-install program doesn't03:53
murlidharizanbardprince, ^03:53
izanbardprinceext4 is basically a cheap knockoff of stuff that was already in Reiser4 and XFS03:54
izanbardprinceI really have no idea what the point was03:54
murlidharRAOF, should i file a bug?03:54
crdlbto be compatible with ext3?03:54
RAOFThat you can extend an already nice and stable and supported filesystem rather than writing a new and crazy one?03:54
crdlbalso, XFS has no place on a system without a very good UPS03:54
izanbardprincemeh, it's not that hard to tar and untar03:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:55
RAOFSee point: dataloss with XFS, and unsupportedness of Reiser403:55
izanbardprinceRAOF: XFS has been around forever03:55
RAOFAnd it _still_ regularly loses data on powerloss.03:55
izanbardprinceand most of the data loss bugs are due to Linux not being as good as IRIX in many ways03:55
izanbardprinceand were fixed in 2.6.25 anyway03:55
izanbardprincewhich Hardy doesn't have03:55
RAOFWhen I lose data, I don't care what the reason was.03:55
izanbardprinceXFS is reliable as long as you are not using a kernel earlier than 2.6.2503:56
LSD|NinjaActually, SGI machines runnign Irix had the hardware to signal the OS to dump the write cache on XFS before the power went out. PC hardware doesn't03:56
murlidhari am pretty satisfied with ext303:56
LSD|NinjaI ran XFS without a UPS for years with no dramas - even on a machine that was getting shutdown uncleanly all the time03:56
izanbardprincethats why you use a UPS03:57
LSD|NinjaThe only time I ever had significant data loss using XFS was back with 2.4.22 and that was a crappy kernel anyway03:57
izanbardprinceLinux 2.6's VM made running XFS a lot easier03:58
izanbardprincethe only excuse to run 2.4 is on an embedded system or something04:00
murlidharRAOF, bug:24379504:30
murlidharcan u too confirm it?04:30
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murlidhar hi04:48
sharpieIs it safe to upgrade?05:37
AtomicSparksharpie, no.05:37
sharpieI'm already running intrepid, i mean is there any major breakage?05:38
AtomicSparksharpie, well since you're already running it. I would upgrade. It's fun! But to answer your question, I don't know.05:39
sharpieheh okay thanks05:39
sharpieI dont have a wireless card or ethernet card unless i run intrepid05:40
sharpiethey aren't picked up by hardy05:40
sharpieHow do I disable PCspeaker in Intrepid, the module doesn't seem to be the same.  Anyone have an idea?05:56
LSD|Ninjasharpie: It's something to do with PulseAudio as far as I can tell05:59
sharpiepcspkr goes through pulseaudio?06:00
LSD|Ninjasomething like that06:03
LSD|NinjaI honestly have no idea why they've decided that the PC Speaker is a valid output source, it's not like there aren't better options available these days06:04
RAOFIt's and ALSA problem; alsa is now presenting the pcspk as an output source, which seems not totally unreasonable, but pulse then tries to use it for the default output (because it gets the primary ALSA number).06:11
LSD|NinjaAh, so once again, it's ALSA's fault. Figures.06:12
RAOFWell, a combination of ALSA and pulse, really.06:13
LSD|NinjaThe fact we need crap like Pulse is ALSA's fault too06:13
RAOFNot really.06:13
RAOFEven if ALSA were a perfect driver framework we'd still want pulse; it does different things.06:13
LSD|Ninjalike what?06:16
RAOFNetwork transparency is really nice.06:17
RAOFAlso, sample caching.06:17
RAOFPer-stream volume?06:18
RAOF"Ability to play 2 sounds at once" is pretty much the least of pulse's capabilities.06:19
LSD|NinjaYeah, but if ALSA had been designed properly in the first it'd be able to handle this stuff without additional crap on top06:24
LSD|NinjaThe problem with a lot of open source development though is that it focusses too much on the present and nowhere near enough thought is given to the future06:26
RAOFI don't think you want network transparency in your kernel driver framework.06:26
RAOFThis seems to be very much the right idea; kernelspace should do as little as possible.06:27
Honcho501is anyone having problems with add/remove applications?06:34
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tanathanyone know why mouse thumb buttons work in some apps, but not others?11:04
tanathmine work in firefox, and a windows file manager i run with wine, but not in other browsers, like opera, nor in nautilus11:05
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jbroomewoohoo, kvm update in hardy lets me run ibex VMs now16:51
baron1984Intrepid was horribly fubar, at least on this machine16:58
baron1984I'll probably check back when it hits beta16:59
jbroomebaron1984: yeah, that's why i have it in a VM. :)17:00
* w00t is running it on his laptop17:05
w00tworks okay, though a few upgrade hiccups17:06
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lieterHello :)22:45
lieteri've got a question: In the alternative install CD, how can i tell the installer to install GRUB on the partition i've installed II (which is (hd0,2) for GRUB)?22:47
TheInfinitylieter: afaik you can set this in grub options22:47
lieterok, but in my experience with the alternate installer ive never once found that option22:48
TheInfinityalternate cd, not the first boot entry22:48
TheInfinitythe first entry is just a default system installed without live system but not with much more options22:48
lieterTheInfinity, ok when it's done burning the cd i'll try :)22:49
kint[o]hello, i'm having some driver problems :( .. namely, my nvidia stuff isn't detected, and 'system > admin > hardwaredrivers ... doesn't open anything22:53
TheInfinitykint[o]: searched launchpad for it?22:54
kint[o]i have not22:55
TheInfinitydo so :)22:55
kint[o]ohh found it22:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 245972 in linux-restricted-modules "nvidia driver broken" [Undecided,New]22:57
lymecaI'm using radeonhd and my Xorg process consistently takes over 50% CPU time on KDE4.23:01
lymecaI have a dual core processor with 2.0GHz each core23:01
lieternetttttttttt splittttttt23:06
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