zachLAnyone around?00:08
zachLThat's rude...00:09
zachLSomeone else around?00:10
zachLArkansas kid gets no love...00:11
zachLHey Cody... Know where I can change the sound that plays when loading the Ubuntu OS?00:13
cody-somervilleAre you running Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu?00:13
zachLUbuntu Studio00:13
zachLI am really looking for the directory... So, I can pull that file and check the run time.00:15
cody-somervilleYou would change it in the login/gdm settings00:16
zachLunder system-preferences?00:16
kwwiizachL: the file that is played is symbolicaly linked to a real file, just change that link00:25
kwwiior you could use the gconf editor but that is almost like cheating :-)00:27
zachLWell, who do I talk to about submitting a sound to ubuntu?/00:27
kwwiime :-)00:28
kwwiimy nick at ubuntu dot com00:28
zachLe-mail address?00:28
zachLjust making sure :)00:29
_MMA_zachL: A single sound or a whole theme?00:29
zachLsingle sound... intro00:30
_MMA_Or at least login/out.00:30
_MMA_Does it fit the current feel?00:30
_MMA_Does it work with the logout sound?00:30
zachLI can submit both login and logout sounds...00:31
zachLas for feel00:31
zachLi dunno exactly how you want feel...00:31
kwwiizachL: _MMA_ is right, it should be something which fits with the parts we have or replaces all or most of them as need be to make a coherent whole00:31
kwwiithe end goal is to have a nice sound theme which fits together00:32
zachLof course00:32
zachLbut I do believe this will fit right in... let me do some audio editing and I will send you what i have00:32
_MMA_You don't know how you feel music/sound? :)00:32
zachLi meant00:33
zachLfeel OS sound00:33
_MMA_There's no difference.00:33
_MMA_Just as the art should evoke something, so should the sound. There's no difference in the thought that should go into it.00:34
zachLMMA: You just have to hear it... I will check and see how well it integrates00:34
zachLI understand completely... everything just mix together sounding as if it was a whole00:34
kwwiizachL: feel free to send it to the ubuntu-art list as well00:35
kwwiior anyone else who can test it00:35
zachLalright... i just did not want it to be overlooked that's why i came here00:35
zachLthanks for all your helps guys... and I will send those sounds within the next day or two00:36
zachLhelps haha thanks for the help00:36
kwwiican't wait to hear your stuff00:38
zachLawesome thanks00:38
kwwii_MMA_: btw, which icon theme is -studio-intrepid supposed to use?00:40
_MMA_kwwii: I cant remember if I set it.00:42
_MMA_Could be some crack or UbuntuStudio.00:42
kwwiihere is something neat...rgba in inkscape!00:45
cody-somervilleSo, can you guys do some artwork for Xubuntu? :P00:47
zachLYou asking me?00:47
zachLohh my bad00:47
zachLi'll shut up now00:47
_MMA_kwwii: Neat00:48
_MMA_cody-somerville: If you come up with a particular design direction as to its look-n-feel, maybe.00:49

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