keeshm, should openldap2.3 be removed from the archive to avoid confusion?00:07
ograalex-weej, so, here i am ... what do you want to discuss ?00:26
ogra(i think michael r. head explained the filtering very well already ... and youself pointed out the broken threading on the webpage ... so i dont actually see any point on going on to discuss it, but i'm available if you want to)00:31
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jdongpitti: poor you with rm --one-file-system.... I had the same problem a few months ago zapping a temp home dir, not knowing ~/.gvfs mounted a samba share I viewed04:12
LaserJockjdong: yeah, I'm a bit leary of the .gvfs stuff04:17
jdongLaserJock: particularly since I was unaware of the .gvfs automounting behavior.... boy that should really get some release note red warnings!04:21
LaserJockjdong: yeah, I almost did some stupid stuff because of it04:25
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cjwatsonnxvl: dude. include a payload with your pings. :)06:41
Chipzzcjwatson: feeling better? :)06:44
pittiGood morning06:45
StevenKMorning pitti06:49
nxvlcjwatson: yes, sorry i just ping you and then realiza that you were sleep06:51
nxvlcjwatson: i didn't take the tz in account, so i just left there06:51
cjwatsonChipzz: not really06:54
cjwatsonI wouldn't be up before 7 if I were feeling well06:54
NCommanderI'm stumped07:53
pittitkamppeter_: ping08:08
* thorwil waves to sabdfl 08:08
sabdflhey thorwil08:09
thorwilsabdfl, i'm wondering whether you got my mails?08:10
AlexCONRADhi, I installed the glfrx-control to tweak my ATI card via the control panel. But settings I set in here, where are they stored ?08:42
stgrabercjwatson: did you file a bug on LP about that bug when doing a manual install with encrypted LVM ?08:57
stgrabercjwatson: It complains of unsafe swap space :( (it's in the encrypted LVM so shouldn't)08:58
slangasekbryce: could you have a look at bug #251059 when you're up?09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251059 in xorg "Intrepid: Monitors with incorrect EDID have no display and no safe mode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25105909:23
AlexCONRADah, a new ATI driver came out09:40
AlexCONRADit says it introduces product support for Ubuntu 8.04 production support...09:41
AlexCONRADim not sure what that means09:41
AlexCONRADand it supports new cards09:41
Keybukcjwatson: so, I've had some time to look at your auto tools problem10:08
seb128hey Keybuk!10:10
seb128Keybuk: I've some libtool2 issues10:11
pittigood morning Keybuk10:11
Keybukseb128: what are your issues?10:12
seb128Keybuk: sec, getting the details again, I fought with that yesterday10:13
pittiasac: ah, sorry, my fault; I didn't copy epy to -updates yet10:17
seb128Keybuk: in fact that's gtk which seems to do something stupid, I'm wondering why that works when using libtool1.5, http://people.ubuntu.com/~seb128/configure.in has "deplibs_check_method=`(./libtool --config; echo 'eval echo $deplibs_check_method')" or there is no "libtool" in the gtk source so the ./libtool call fails10:20
Keybukyeah, that won't work until after libtool has run ?10:20
Keybukit may be that the different versions generate the script at different times, of course10:21
seb128well, that doesn't work when relibtoolizing using libtool210:21
seb128but that works when using libtool1.510:21
seb128I'm trying to figure why now10:21
tseliotAlexCONRAD: I'll add that driver ASAP10:21
AlexCONRADtseliot: FYI, when I install the restricted drivers, I don't have antialiasing in flash. But when I install the ATI drivers (from their web site), I do have antialiasing enabled, after a reboot, I have nothing to do.10:22
AlexCONRADenabled in *flash*10:23
AlexCONRADI'm still trying to figure out what's the difference bewteen the settings you set in "amdcccle" and the onces you set using aticonfig10:23
AlexCONRADand the ones*10:24
asacpitti: all fine then - nothing to be sorry ;) (especially now that it turned out to be a none issue)10:24
pittiasac: btw, what about nspr and nss? AFAIR there was something still not 100% clear?10:25
asacpitti: sorry, have to run to doctor ... will be back in 30 minutes or so.10:26
AlexCONRADtseliot: nevertheless, I still have "SGI" set as the "client glx vendor string" via glxinfo10:26
Keybukseb128: this exact case is covered in the libtool doc10:26
pittiasac: no problem; good luck!10:26
Keybukseb128: if you simply delete that line, everything works10:27
Keybuk$deplibs_check_method is available to any configure code after LT_INIT / AC_PROG_LIBTOOL10:27
seb128Keybuk: ok, thanks10:27
seb128that was working when using libtool 1.5 because something copied "libtool" in the build directory apparently10:28
seb128which is not the case in the current version and expose the bug10:28
Keybuklibtool was generated at the point inside configure where AC_PROG_LIBTOOL happened10:29
Keybukand all the variables were lost to configure10:29
Keybukit's now generated by config.status10:29
NCommanderhey seb128!10:29
Keybukwhich means the variables are all available, and can even be changed by other configure bits10:29
seb128hello NCommander, sorry I've been busy working on the new GNOME updates and didn't reply to your mail yet10:29
NCommanderseb128, it's fine. Anything I can do to help with those updates?10:30
seb128Keybuk: ok10:30
seb128NCommander: help is always welcome ;-) But the remaining updates are mostly non trivial ones10:30
NCommanderTHat's fine10:30
NCommanderI've packaged a few non-trival apps before10:31
NCommanderAbout the only thing I haven't done in that respect is a kernel module10:31
pittigcalctool should be trivial, and is needing an update to meet the SRU policy :)10:31
seb128NCommander: want to have a look at updating evince to 2.23? it'll require a main inclusion report for libspectre which is used now to display .ps in the new version10:31
pittithat might be a good target10:31
seb128pitti: huats did both stable and unstable one yesterday10:31
pittinot yet uploaded then, it seems10:32
seb128pitti: bug #25076610:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250766 in gcalctool "Please sponsor gcalctool 5.23.5 into intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25076610:32
seb128pitti: no, I've been too busy to do sponsoring yesterday, thanks for sponsoring the hardy update btw ;-)10:32
pittide rien10:32
seb128new GNOME is quite a challenge this week10:33
seb128gnome-keyring has a new lib, seahorse has been splitted and the tarball drop all the addons for gedit, epiphany-browser etc which are in a new source10:33
NCommanderseb128, SUre, no problem10:33
seb128gnome-desktop changed soname (not updated yet due to CD build)10:33
seb128evolution-data-server has sonames changes too and they switch to on disk sqlite storage for mail indexes10:34
seb128the new gnome-session dbus code should land soon10:34
seb128epiphany-browser has a webkit backend only now10:34
seb128etc etc ;-)10:34
seb128NCommander: cool, let me know if you have any question on the update, or feel free to ask here or on the #ubuntu-desktop channel10:35
seb128pitti: where is the MIR guide again? There is a zillion MainInclusionReport* pages in the wiki and I never remember how to find the guide one in the list10:37
pittiseb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements10:37
pittiseb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess is the policy10:38
seb128NCommander: ^ to read if you didn't yet10:38
pittisince it links to both the Requirements and the template, it's a better page to bookmark, I think10:38
NCommanderseb128, yup, I saw that10:39
Keybukpitti: on --one-file-system10:39
Keybukyou know that if you bind-mount from the same filesystem, that doesn't work, right? :)10:39
pittiKeybuk: I know, yes10:40
* NCommander doesn't get the autoreconf patch ...10:40
pittiit's not perfect, but helps a lot already10:40
KeybukNCommander: ?10:41
NCommanderIn evience, the old version has an autoreconf patch, but it doesn't appear to be necessary10:41
* liw wants "rm --keep-the-important-stuff", but settles for kvm running a bunch of virtual machines for experimentation10:41
seb128NCommander: oh, if you have interest in C++ the g*mm bindings also need to be updated and maybe somebody looking after the bugs10:41
NCommander(evience is still building though the new version, so it may not have exploded (yet))10:41
seb128NCommander: autoconf update is required due to the lpi changes, they add launchpad-integration to the configure.in10:42
NCommanderThanks, I didn't catch a new file was added10:42
seb128NCommander: and the other autotools are required because the hildon patch change the Makefile.am10:42
NCommanderWhy not just add it properly it, and then call the autotools scripts to rebuild on the fly?10:43
NCommanderI always found patching configure directly will make updates harder10:43
seb128NCommander: "add it properly"? that's what 01_launchpad.patch does10:43
seb128NCommander: we just run autoreconf in a patch rather than a build time10:43
NCommanderOk, I can understand that10:43
seb128that's something which might be discussed and different people have different opinion10:44
seb128there is pro and con for both way10:44
NCommanderI perfer calling autoreconf to do it, but if you perfer I do it as a patch10:44
NCommanderyou are my mentor thus I shall follow your lead :-)10:44
seb128well that's what we do for desktop packages10:44
seb128and at least the result is constant10:45
seb128which is not the case when you call whatever automake version is installed at build time10:45
NCommanderMakes sense10:45
NCommanderI'm running cdbs-edit-patch now10:45
seb128to update the patch just remove the previous version, it'll not apply cleanly anyway10:46
seb128cdbs-edit-patch 99_autoreconf10:47
NCommanderYeah, I know10:47
* NCommander has working with autohell before10:47
seb128autoreconf -v -f && rm -rf autom4te.cache10:47
seb128ok, good10:47
Keybukseb128:  + -i10:47
seb128Keybuk: usually -f works for me but right10:48
NCommanderat least autoreconf works10:48
NCommanderIt always ticks me off on packages which it breaks miserably on because of missing aclocal macros10:49
Keybukseb128: without -i, it'll fail to update one half of libtool if ltmain.sh already exists in that directory10:49
Keybukit's a bug imo, colin found it yesterday10:49
* NCommander rm's the patch and redoes it with +i10:50
tseliotAlexCONRAD: antialiasing can be set through amdcccle and - if I'm not wrong - is not stored in the xorg.conf (AMD uses its own configuration file). When you install the driver from either EnvyNG or Jockey amdcccle is not used. I don't know what happens when you use aticonfig.10:50
seb128Keybuk: ok10:50
AlexCONRADtseliot: I'm doing some tests right now...10:50
NCommanderok, now its building10:51
AlexCONRADtseliot: OpenGL screensavers seem to be affected by the amdcccle (from the ati drivers)10:51
seb128Keybuk: btw if a program has C and C++ sources, should AC_PROG_CC and AC_PROG_CXX be used or is CXX enough?10:52
seb128Keybuk: that's for gnome-system-monitor10:52
NCommanderseb128, I've used both, but you could probably get away with AC_PROG_CXX10:52
Keybukseb128: both10:52
Keybukyou need CC for the C sources, CXX for the C++ sources10:52
seb128ok, that's what I did yesterday but I was not sure, building using CXX only seems to be working too10:52
Keybukyou'd even need to use CC if g++ could compile C code, since it needs to be set in CC10:53
Keybukoh, it might *work*10:53
Keybukthe check for a C compiler is pretty much required by everything10:53
Keybukbut it might stop working one day ;)10:53
tseliotAlexCONRAD: just FYI AMD's configuration file is /etc/ati/amdpcsb10:53
AlexCONRADtseliot: I see that things are stored in /etc/ati/amdpcsb10:53
AlexCONRADtseliot: :)10:53
seb128Keybuk: alright, thanks ;-)10:54
NCommanderseb128, ok, its building now10:54
NCommanderseb128, (this machine for some reason takes forever to run autotools, but builds very quickly)10:54
AlexCONRADtseliot: Im having a hardtime to figure out which or amdcccle or aticonfig (xorg.conf) takes over10:54
seb128NCommander: ok10:55
zygamvo: hello :-)10:55
AlexCONRADtseliot: also, what does "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" does really ?10:56
zygamvo: I'd likte to patch a command-not-found bug, could you tell me where are the current ubuntu sources for that package? (as in bzr tree, not apt-source sources)10:56
zygamvo: I think I finally understand the cause of all the locale issues that pop up since c-n-f was introduced and I know how to fix that10:57
tseliotAlexCONRAD: don't do it unless you really need it. It reconfigure your xorg.conf without asking questions.10:57
seb128NCommander: some other desktop updates if you are looking for other things to do after this one: gucharmap (the new version adds python binding and might have changed the soname), glibmm and gtkmm if you have interest in C++ bindings10:59
NCommanderseb128, I assume you want me to add the libspectre support to this package instead of just having it use the existing gs code10:59
seb128NCommander: what tarball did you get?10:59
NCommanderWHich was the latest on the ftp.gnome.org site10:59
seb128NCommander: the upstream NEWS mentionned that they dropped the gs support10:59
seb128but yes, we want to use libspectre now10:59
NCommanderThe README says optional10:59
AlexCONRADtseliot: well, things are pretty clear now: aticonfig --fsaa=on/off and all antialiasing options are no longer available in the latest ATI drivers11:00
NCommanderATM, its FTBFS because it can't find the launchpad support library11:00
NCommanderundefined reference to `launchpad_integration_add_ui'11:00
AlexCONRADtseliot: sounds like you can only do it through amdcccle11:00
seb128NCommander: did you apply 01_launchpad before doing the autoreconf?11:00
NCommanderI thought I did11:00
seb128NCommander: 01_launchpad should add launchpad-integration to the configure.in and the autoreconf should apply that to the configure11:01
seb128NCommander: maybe look if the configure lists it correctly?11:01
mvozyga: hello! nice to see you :) the current bzr tree is at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/command-not-found/ubuntu11:01
NCommanderI don't see it in configure ...11:01
NCommanderArgh, if I had to bet, cdbs-edit-patch unapplied it when I ran edit-patch11:01
seb128it should apply in order11:02
seb128ie, cdbs-edit-patch 99_autoreconf apply 01_launchpad normally11:02
NCommanderI'm checking now to see what went wrong11:02
NCommanderNo, it did end up in the right place11:02
zygamvo: thanks, I'll work on a fix and give you a branch back when I'm finished!11:03
seb128NCommander: maybe they restructured the code and the launchpad-integration pkg-config check should be moved somewhere else in the configure.in11:05
NCommanderI'm checking now11:05
NCommanderThis is personally why I don't like autoreconf in patches11:05
NCommanderI find its easier just to patch configure.ac, and then let autoreconf run at build time11:05
seb128well, autoreconf at build time would not have produced a better result11:06
seb128but right, you wouldn't have to update the patch again and again ;-)11:06
seb128well, you just have to run autoconf in this case11:06
seb128which is quick enough usually11:06
NCommanderNeat, libtool is now tossing a nice warning about AC_CONFIG_MARCO_DIR which it didn't before11:07
mvozyga: excellent, thanks a lot11:07
seb128NCommander: right, I noticed that too, not sure if really makes a difference to use that though11:08
NCommanderseb128, I usually ignore autotool warnings cause then tend to be a tad paranoid11:08
seb128I was pondering sending upstream patches for that on the packages I updated yesterday11:08
NCommanderMost upstreams don't touch the configure script once its done11:08
NCommanderWe still have quite a few packages that build with 1.4 version of said tools11:09
* NCommander also works now on clearing the lintian warnings11:10
NCommanderseb128, since your an archive admin, can you help me resolve an issue with my package which got rejected?11:11
seb128_hum, got disconnected11:14
seb128_yeah, most upstream tend to copy configure from an another project, do some changes to get it working and don't touch it when that's not really required11:14
NCommanderseb128_, yeah, well as an added bonus, this doesn't properly list a build-dep on ghostscript, it just FTBFS looking for -lgs ...11:15
NCommanderI'm suprised it built on the buildds11:15
seb128_well, gs is optional no? it probably built not using this option11:17
NCommander/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgs11:18
NCommanderIt seems it isn't11:18
NCommanderIt needs ghostscript if you want postscript viewing enabled11:20
NCommanderseb128,_ anyway, I was hoping you could resolve a license ambiginity with regards to the copyright file, which lead to codeblocks being rejected11:22
seb128_NCommander: there is no lgs mention in the evince source and the 2.22 configure is using the gs command to check if gs is available11:22
NCommanderI have the command available, but I didn't have the development library headers installed11:23
NCommanderI just added the dependency on libgs-dev; its already a core package11:23
seb128_NCommander: I've read the codeblocks rejection11:23
seb128_ok, cool11:24
NCommanderI also think having postscript rendering isa  good thing11:24
NCommanderTHe archive admin says the package is LGPL11:24
NCommanderBut that's only true for the SDK11:24
seb128_Riddell: ^11:24
seb128_NCommander: Riddell is the archive admin who rejected the upload11:24
NCommanderI emailed him asking how I should clarify copyright11:25
NCommanderI assume I need to add LGPL for the files under that specifically11:25
NCommander(in the copyright)11:25
seb128_right, if you have sources under the LGPL the LGPL licence text should be distributed in the tarball and the debian/copyright should list those11:25
NCommanderthe COPYING file only has the GPL311:26
seb128_right, you need to add A COPYING.LGPL for example then11:26
seb128_or COPYING.LIB11:26
seb128_which has the LGPL text11:26
NCommanderCan I simply add it as a patch, or do I actually need to repack the upstream?11:26
seb128_I know some archive admin want it in the upstream tarball11:26
seb128_otherwise the tarball is not re-distribuable11:27
NCommanderI was under the impression if something was shipping as GPL3, the collective work was GPL3, expect for the files that are LGPL, which can be used under the LGPL by themselves if they are removed from the package11:27
* NCommander recalls his time as a FSF Savannah admin11:27
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
seb128not sure about that11:28
seb128cjwatson or pitti might know better11:28
seb128but if you have LGPL sources you should have the LGPL text in the tarball11:28
NCommanderThe LGPL says that it can be replaced with the GPL11:28
NCommanderSo by having the later, you can meet the requires of the former11:28
Riddellit is, but it's a separate issue.  if the code is under a licence, the licence text should be included so we know the full terms of the licence11:28
NCommanderDoes that alone warrent repacking the source to add a COPYING.LGPL file, or should it simply be added via a patch (and in the copyright file of course)11:29
pittiNCommander: addding license documents via a patch is always wrong IMHO11:30
Riddellit's upstream who would need to add the file since they're the ones licencing it11:30
pittieither you don't need it at all(because of some GPL implies LGPL situation), or it needs to be in the orig.tar.gz11:30
NCommanderI'll ask upstream to add the file (I already had to file a bug with them over a rendering bug in wxWidgets)11:30
NCommanderI assume if I want it to go them, I need to repack the source, right?11:31
seb128NCommander: yes11:33
NCommanderThat makes sense11:33
seb128NCommander: or get upstream to fix the issue and roll a new version ;-)11:33
RiddellNCommander: I expect my e-mails to you are in your spam box, gmail doesn't like my server sometimes11:34
NCommandercode::blocks already stinks when it comes stable releases11:34
NCommanderseb128, http://paste.ubuntu.com/29569/ - evidence seems to hate me :-P11:34
* NCommander looks up the extension he needs to add to the mime file11:34
seb128I'm not convinced that's authorized11:35
tyfonhmm if i make a new package with some changes (libqt4-sql-psql) since the default one does not support postgres 8.3 that ships with ubuntu, how can i make it not want to download a "updated" package from the standard repo?11:35
NCommanderI found the fix on their bugzilla11:35
* NCommander adds the patch11:35
tyfondo i need to bump the version somehow?11:36
seb128NCommander: good, don't forget to add those to debian/evince.mime too11:36
NCommanderno, its a typo in the desktop file thats causing that11:37
seb128NCommander: application/x-cb7 seems to be new and should be added to debian/evince.mime no?11:38
NCommanderI'm checking11:38
NCommanderIts new11:38
NCommanderBut I can't figure out what extension is x-cb-711:38
NCommanderAccording to the source, its some sorta comic book format11:39
seb128NCommander: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=532312 indicates cb711:40
ubottuGnome bug 532312 in general "Comic Book compresses with 7zip (aka .cb7)" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]11:40
NCommanderthanks :-)11:40
NCommanderok, new mime type in place, autoreconf patch updated again, now to see if it will build11:42
NCommanderseb128,  internet trouble?11:48
seb128NCommander: no, restarting session to try updates sometimes11:48
seb128I should configure an IRC proxy or something11:49
* NCommander edits the changelog11:53
seb128ok, it's lunch time, see you in a bit11:56
NCommanderI should be more or less done by then seb128 ;-)11:56
seb128NCommander: I'm away for lunch, I'll read the backlog when I'm back11:56
seb128ok, cool11:56
seb128it must be late for you, there is no hurry for the update, feel free to continue tomorrow11:56
seb128late or early12:00
seb128anyway lunch time, bbl12:00
NCommanderseb128, its all built, but it has a bunch of lintian warnings like debian-copyright-line-too-long, but no errors12:14
NCommanderseb128, uploaded to PPA sonicmctails on LP12:26
zygamvo: is there any sane way to make bug repots from python that will identify ubuntu version?12:30
zygamvo: (so that the "report this bug" URL will point to correct ubuntu release, not the generic package12:31
zygamvo: I was thinking about optionally reading /etc/issue12:31
brooniezyga: lsb_release?12:31
zygaor using lsb12:31
broonie/etc/issue is commonly customised by users so you can't rely on it.12:32
zygalsb_release looks as a sane way to do that12:32
zyganow just for a simple way to tie that to launchpad12:32
zygathanks I think calling subprocess.call("lsb-release", "-a") is enough for bug maintainer to re-assign the bug as needed12:33
PiciI was under the impression (and correct me if I'm wrong) that the current Ubuntu bug workflow was to assign bugs to the 'generic' package and not to the release specific version.  Unless of course you're talking about reworking that workflow.12:36
zygaI wasn't aware of that12:36
zygaI was just looking for a way to get default bug reports more meaningful than before12:36
Picisee https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin vs https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/pidgin12:36
mdzthat was exciting...I just installed the latest intrepid daily desktop12:53
pittimdz: and it actually worked?12:54
mdzpitti: almost12:54
mdzlots of problems12:55
sistpoty|workmdz: out of interest: did you get read errors from the cd? (I got that with testing the last two daily images from faumachine... just curious if that's a faumachine bug or a bug in the live cd)13:03
mdzsistpoty|work: no13:05
sistpoty|workok, thanks13:05
=== RainCT is now known as RainCT_
zygamvo should I add something to debian/control when I want to use lsb_release?13:28
zyga(like lsb-release package)13:28
mvozyga: yes, a depends on the lsb-release package13:29
zygaok, done13:29
DktrKranzlamont: do you have any clue about this FTBFS on hppa? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/16253078/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-hppa.gnustep-base_1.16.1-2ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:32
lamont"iz feature" :-<13:33
lamontI wouldn't worry too much about it13:34
lamontonce hppa catches back up (is it??) I expect that infinity will throw everything that failed back against the wall to see what sticks13:34
lamontthat looks like one of the standard "that threads bug" (it isn't actually, but it is...) failure modes13:35
zygamvo: http://suxx.pl/~zyga/command-not-found--locale-issues-fix/13:35
DktrKranzok, I'll leave it alone for now, thanks13:35
zygamvo: I didn't test it with python 2.4 though13:36
mvozyga: thanks, I will merge and review now13:36
zygamvo: I did one more change that is not in the changelog13:36
zygaI replaced /usr/bin/env python with /usr/bin/python -S13:37
zyga-S omits import site that often got to crash reports13:37
zygahmm, doesn't work with 2.413:37
zygaif that's a problem I can work around it but I think it needed 2.5 before (try/except/finally)13:38
seb128NCommander: ok cool, I'll have a look in a bit and comment here or by mail13:38
NCommanderseb128, cool13:38
ogrageez, intrepid daily doesnt even survive unpacking the kernel in my vbox14:26
ion_ogra: Is it perhaps running compcache?14:27
ograion_, nah, just the alternate CD, no fancy stuff14:27
ograth eodd part is that the oops scrolls indeed out of sight14:28
ograwe should really do something that it doesnt get bigger thn a standard terminal at some point ... or put the intresting stuff at the bottom14:28
ograBenC, ^^^14:28
superm1ogra, perhaps can you set up a "serial" console easily on a VM, and then capture using minicom or similar?14:29
ograhmm, thats way more work than i planned to get an intrepid VM quickly :)14:30
sistpoty|workogra: what are you using? kvm? or s.th. else?14:31
ogravirtualbox on hardy14:32
ograand the current daily alternate14:32
* sistpoty|work tries hardy kvm atm with the current daily desktop *g*14:32
ograuuuh, desktop is like gambling i bet :)14:32
tkamppeter_pitti, hi14:32
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
ograi just need a working env. for ltsp stuff (going to the ltsp hackfest today)14:33
pittitkamppeter: could you please update system-config-printer to a recent snapshot? I need it for the jockey printer bits14:33
tkamppeterpitti, OK14:33
superm1sistpoty|work, i had just read some bugmail that indicated the current daily desktop has a few bugs in ubiquity14:33
pittiit seems you need to run some autoconf stuff in order to produce an orig.tar.gz from git?14:33
pittitkamppeter: ^14:33
pittitkamppeter: ok, thank you!14:33
tkamppeter(The Intrepid version is hopelessly outdated ...)14:33
superm1but if you make it to the desktop, you are in better shape than virtualbox right now14:34
superm1sistpoty|work, as in bugs preventing install due to errors14:34
ograbut it would be really helpful (not right now but in general) to have oppses printed out in reverse order ... usually only the first lines re the intresting ones and they always scroll off the visible area14:34
sistpoty|worksuperm1: I kind of made it to the desktop :)14:34
tkamppeterpitti, yes. You must do (in the main directory):14:35
tkamppeterrm -rf autom4te.cache14:35
tkamppeterThen you must create a tarball with --exclude=.git14:36
ograhmm, not even the CD selftest will run ...14:36
ogramust be a serious kernel issue (or isolinux)14:36
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
superm1ogra, well i dont know that i entirely agree.  perhaps having a kernel parameter to "allow" then to be printed in reverse order would be better14:36
superm1especially in the case of entirely reproducible oopsses14:37
ograsuperm1, that would be fine too, but its a thing that bothered me often already14:37
ograif your keyboard doesnt work after the crash there is simply no easy way to reach the wanted info14:38
ograand things like vprintk or show_fault_oops dont really tell me something ...14:39
ogrageez ... dropping quiet from teh bootopts gets me funny colored squares on the screen14:40
BenCogra: there's ways to scroll back to the oops14:43
ogranot in my vm it seems14:44
ograwhat was the command to disable tickless ? noticks=on ?14:44
ograi saw somethng about ticks in the last round14:45
BenCogra: no, it's nohz or nohz=114:45
ograheh, ok14:45
seb128NCommander: ok, I'm looking at your evince update, first note: you did use the upstream tarball and a diff.gz, that's wrong ;-) you need to rename the tarball evince_2.23.5.orig.tar.gz so it's used and the debian changes are stored in a diff.gz14:45
seb128NCommander: the ppa upload didn't build on lpia, seems that the hildon patch needs some changes14:46
NCommanderThe former was just stupid error14:46
NCommander(I went away after uploading to my ppa, I didn't even check to see if I made a native version of not)14:46
NCommanderAs for the second, look closer at the lpia log14:46
ograbut dynticks=off seems to change something as well ... now it hangs without any oops14:46
NCommanderIts one of the dependencies failing to configure14:46
seb128NCommander: looking14:47
NCommanderseb128, it fails before it even tried to build14:47
seb128NCommander: otherwise you added .debhelper.log files in the debian directory, those should probably not be in the source14:48
seb128NCommander: hum, no14:48
ograah, nohz gets me the same result ... hangs at ACPI: XSDT ....14:48
NCommanderer, your right14:49
seb128NCommander: the log I'm reading has lot of undefined reference to gtk function which indicates a -lgtk-x11-2.0 is missing somewhere14:49
NCommanderWTF was I on ...14:49
NCommanderI see that14:49
NCommanderI've got an lpia chroot14:49
NCommanderI'll see if I can run that down14:49
seb128you should be able to use --enable-hildon on i386 too14:50
NCommanderI did have an orig tarball, I just had an - instead of a _14:50
* ogra grins ... nohz=1 and acpi=off gets me "BUG: Unable to handle kernel <1>"14:50
seb128just change the rules14:50
ograabout 100 times repeated and then it stops14:50
seb128NCommander: the build-depends on list in the changelog I not there, I suspect you changed the control rather than the control.in14:51
seb128ups, can't write14:51
NCommanderYeah, I did14:51
seb128NCommander: the build-depends you listed in the changelog are not there, I suspect you changed the control rather than the control.in14:51
persiaBest to change both, generally14:51
NCommanderd'oh * 214:51
* NCommander has not encountered a control.in file before14:52
seb128persia: why bothering? just run the clean target14:52
NCommanderI'm not off to a very good start as showing you my mentee skills14:52
seb128faster than typing everything twice14:52
ograbut less educating :)14:52
persiaseb128: Some packages don't do control.in -> control in clean.  I just tend to be careful to avoid confusion.14:52
seb128NCommander: don't worry, you clearly know what you are doing, those are just small mistakes due to different workflows14:52
NCommanderI must worry, I once managed to tick off the Debian archive admin ...14:53
NCommanderYOu can guess how that played out14:53
NCommanderOk, I changed the control.in file14:53
NCommanderok, I modified the control.in file14:54
NCommanderI'm duplicating myself14:54
* NCommander drinks coffee14:54
seb128how did you manager to get those .debhelper.log in the source? I'm just curious ;-)14:54
NCommanderI dunno, it tends to happen to me when I build CDBS packages ...14:54
NCommanderNo clean rule is usually why14:55
NCommanderI explicately add rm debian/*.log to my clean rules14:55
seb128what is creating those log?14:55
seb128that's the first time I see some of those14:55
NCommanderseb128, I see them all the time ...14:55
persiaNCommander: You might want to check your build environment: it oughtn't do that.14:55
NCommanderBoth on sid and intrepid14:55
seb128something in your config I would say14:55
NCommanderMaybe its time to rm -r the chroot and do it again14:55
NCommanderI use dpkg-buildpackage over debuild14:56
NCommanderMaybe that's what's doing it14:56
seb128I do use debuild too14:56
NCommanderer, I don't use debuild14:56
tkamppeterRiddell, have you already seen bug 251111?14:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251111 in system-config-printer-kde "Intrepid: Kubuntu printer dialogue doesn't open" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25111114:56
* NCommander should probably alias debuild to dpkg-buildpackage14:56
* ogra uses dpkg-buildpackage but doesnt see any logs 14:57
NCommanderseb128, how was my changelog? I didn't list the upstream changes yet, but I did list what I did to the package14:57
seb128NCommander: the changelog is correct, we usually list NEWS item for desktop packages but that's not required, I just know some users like to read those on the change lists14:58
NCommanderTHere are some lintian warnings14:59
NCommanderI'm not sure if you want me to clear them though (all of them but one involve the copyright file)14:59
seb128they were already there before14:59
persiaFixing copyright is usually a good thing though.14:59
seb128well, we try to no divert from debian when not required14:59
seb128but if you do clean and send the patch to the bts that's good ;-)14:59
NCommanderOk, everything is resolved expect the lpia issue15:00
seb128dh_clean is supposed to remove those debhelper.log, weird that it doesn't for you15:00
seb128and that's "dh" which seems to create those15:01
seb128but we don't use "dh" yet, especially not in cdbs packages15:01
NCommanderif I run debian/rules clean manually, it disappears15:01
NCommanderer, the logs go away15:01
seb128that's expected, the clean target call dh_clean15:02
seb128do you have some magic to use the new "dh" in some way?15:02
NCommanderI avoid CDBS like the plague15:02
NCommanderSO no ;-)15:02
seb128dh is not cdbs15:02
NCommanderI thought you wanted to use dh with cdbs15:02
seb128it's debhelper 715:02
seb128no, I say that cdbs doesn't use dh15:02
seb128so that's weird that you get those logs15:02
seb128since they seem to be create when using dh15:03
NCommanderseb128, I thought CDBS used dh internally15:03
seb128no, cdbs is way older than dh15:03
brooniecdbs does use debhelper by default15:04
broonieBut not the new version 715:04
NCommanderI've seen those logs on the old versions as well15:05
seb128ok, I just greped quickly in /usr/bin/dh*15:05
seb128and they seem to be a "dh" thing15:05
seb128and I've never seen those before15:05
NCommanderI'm working in an intrepid chroot15:05
NCommanderDunno if it would make the difference but15:05
NCommanderI kicked the mostly fixed evince onto my PPA15:06
NCommanderI'm now waiting for apt-get update to finish destorying my lpia chroot15:06
seb128ok, good15:06
NCommanderseb128, I'm probably going to guess its going to need some autoconf love15:09
seb128NCommander: I guess something lacks a gtk+-2.0 in the configure.ac15:10
NCommanderWell, its easy to localize the problem ;-)15:10
NCommanderIs lpia still on ports?15:12
seb128no, it's an official architecture15:12
seb128see https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid15:12
NCommanderIt was erroring out15:13
NCommanderbut now its not15:13
seb128maybe different build sequence when using gs15:14
NCommanderErr http://archive.ubuntu.com intrepid/main Packages15:14
NCommander  404 Not Found [IP: 80]15:14
NCommandergetting apt to be happy15:14
NCommanderI can't get apt to work with this15:15
NCommanderWhich means my dreams of fixing lpia packages just died :-P15:15
seb128well, as said before using --enable-hildon should work on i38615:15
NCommanderOk, i got it15:16
NCommanderITs still on ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports15:16
NCommanderI perfer just testing in a real environemnt15:16
persialpia is still on ports.15:16
NCommanderBecause other packages may be configured differently15:16
persiaAlso, where possible, reorganising packages that have special --enable-hildon for lpia to instead do something architecture neutral (e.g. detect hildon at build time, produce additional binary packages, etc.) is appreciated.15:17
pittitseliot: do you have a minute to test the new jockey with the new nvidia handlers?15:17
NCommanderseb128, lpia fixes are a pain :-P15:20
seb128right ;-)15:20
* NCommander looks at his checklist15:20
NCommanderFix lpia stupidity15:20
superm1pitti, do you have binary packages ready, or a bzr branch?15:20
NCommanderFix OpenID-REVU stupidity15:20
NCommanderFix C::B Stupidity15:20
NCommanderI think I need a new noun15:20
pittisuperm1: bzr get lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/jockey/ubuntu/ , then debuild15:20
pittisuperm1: I didn't upload it yet15:20
pittiI tested it with a fake modalias entry, but that only gets me that far...15:21
superm1pitti, okay, i can take a shot in an hour or so if no one else gets a chance to take a look15:21
pittisuperm1: thanks15:21
pittiif anyone else with an nvidia card is eager to help with testing the new jockey, please speak up15:21
Riddelltkamppeter: yes, fixing system-config-printer-kde is quite high on my priority, but so far I've not found time15:22
superm1pitti, are you sure that you've uploaded the full set of changes?  according to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/jockey/ubuntu the last revision is about a week old?15:23
pittisuperm1: ugh, it should be about 3 minutes old...15:23
superm1were you referring to trunk perhaps?15:24
pittisuperm1: loggerhead (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/jockey/ubuntu/changes) does have the latest15:24
pittiso maybe the LP UI is just slow15:24
superm1ah okay15:24
pittisuperm1: trunk is recent, too, but rather useless (or difficult) for nvidia testing15:24
NCommanderseb128, ok, its building, if it doesn't FTBFS, I'm going to break down and starting smacking my head on my desk15:24
Riddellevand: kde ubiquity doesn't want to get past the partitioning stage, no errors produced, don't suppose you've any ideas?15:26
evandRiddell: hrm, let me pull down a Kubuntu image and take a look.15:26
Riddellevand: needs fixes in ubiquity from bzr15:27
evandok, noted15:28
pittisuperm1: I don't know how sane it works if you have the old nvidia-glx packages installed (or whether that still works at all in intrepid, I guess not); so maybe start with just 'nv'15:30
NCommanderseb128, ping?15:30
seb128NCommander: the package built correctly?15:31
NCommanderseb128, nope15:31
NCommanderFound the issue15:31
seb128ah ;-)15:31
seb128what is it?15:31
NCommanderThe hildon pkgconfig files don't list libgtk-x11 as a dependency15:31
NCommanderso autoconf doesn't suck it in15:31
seb128the log is a bit weird, the line before the error seems to have the correct -llibgtk-*15:32
NCommander(hildon is added via PKG_CHECK_MODULES, which if I remember my autotools, loads the pkg files from /usr/lib/pkgconfig, right?15:32
seb128pkg-config --cflags --libs hildon15:32
seb128or whatever the .pc is named15:33
NCommanderNope, its there15:33
NCommanderSo much for that theory15:33
seb128gdk != gtk15:33
NCommanderI know I need more caffiene at this point15:34
seb128did you find the issue? ;-)15:34
NCommanderI just copy and pasted the wrong entry15:35
NCommander(gtk was right next to gdk)15:35
seb128oh, I know15:35
seb128that's going to be my fault15:35
seb128I need to talk to the mobile guys about that15:35
NCommanderThe soname of gtk-x11 is just plain weird15:35
seb128gtk was patched to expose private fileselectors apis in hardy15:36
tseliotpitti: sure. What shall I do?15:36
seb128but the fileselector has been rewritten to use gio this cycle15:36
seb128and I didn't port all the gtk changes or at least didn't try those15:36
pittitseliot: bzr get bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-core-dev/jockey/ubuntu/ jockey-ubuntu ; cd jockey-ubuntu; debuild -us -uc -b15:36
* NCommander debates whacking his mentor, but htings better of it15:36
seb128so it's likely libhildon needs to be updated for the gtk changes15:36
pittitseliot: I'd like you to use the branch, so that you can test fixes from my side quickly15:37
NCommanderseb128, upload the debdiff once I reupload to PPA, and then bug the mobile guys15:37
pittitseliot: then install the .debs, run jockey-gtk (from the menu or shell, not sudo!), and check whether it detects your nvidia card15:37
pittitseliot: and if you can install the correct driver with it15:37
tseliotpitti: ok15:38
seb128lool, persia, ogra: somebody will need to port hildon to gtk 2.13 in intrepid, the fileselector has basically been rewritten and libhildon used to access private datas there which changed15:38
NCommanderseb128, uploading to PPA (since it seems my chroot seems broken)15:39
NCommanderwhere is upstream for hildon?15:39
seb128I'm too busy and don't know how to test those changes and what you guys need so somebody in your team will need to do that15:39
pittitseliot: thanks muchly15:39
persiaseb128: So hildon is broken entirely for intrepid?15:39
seb128NCommander: nokia? in ubuntu #ubuntu-mobile usually work on those15:39
* persia celebrates15:39
NCommanderAll we got to do is break dak, and suddenly life would be much nicer :-P15:39
seb128persia: no, only the custom fileselector thing I guess15:39
* NCommander has a personal hatred of dak15:40
persiaOh well.  That's small enough that someone might fix it.15:40
NCommanderseb128, so other then the fact that hildon is broken, is my update good enough for you?15:42
tseliotpitti: no problem ;). I'll have to boot into Intrepid now15:42
* tseliot reboots15:42
seb128NCommander: yes, it you fixed the things I pointed before15:42
ograseb128, i'm not sure how intrested we are in hildon in intrepid :)15:42
NCommanderwhat is hildon more specifically?15:43
NCommanderseb128, it won't let me upload to my PPA, it keeps rejecting15:43
seb128NCommander: why does it reject it?15:43
seb128NCommander: did you update the revision number?15:44
persiaNCommander: hildon is a UI framework that embeds GTK applications within a common address space and provides a unified UI (hildon-desktop is the Parent window for all windows, dialogs, etc.)15:44
seb128NCommander: the ppa will not accepted to publish again an already published version15:44
NCommanderI deleted the old one15:44
persiaDeletion does not remove the history of publication, only direct access from ppa.launchpadnet15:45
NCommanderseb128, want me to just upload it to the PPA with ~ppa0 on LP, or should I shove it someplace like REVU where you won't have to rebuild the source package15:46
seb128NCommander: I'm not sure that the ppa will let you downgrade the revision number, maybe just copy the debdiff on http://paste.ubuntu.com? it should be small enough15:47
NCommanderits the original source file I was more worried about15:47
seb128which one? the tarball? I can get it from the GNOME server15:47
* NCommander just wanted to save you work15:47
NCommanderAnd the debdiff is 122985 lines ...15:48
NCommanderFor the love of - it included the source package changes15:48
* persia recommends attaching the new diff.gz to a bug, as packages are fairly easy to regenerate from a diff.gz15:48
seb128NCommander: right, other option is to open an evince bug and attach the diff.gz and .dsc15:49
NCommanderThat's how I do all my FTBFS fixes15:49
NCommander(replacing diff.gz with debdiff)15:49
persiaseb128: Why the .dsc?15:49
seb128bonus point if you use open the bug first, then modify the source to add "lp: #nnnnn" to the changelog and then attach the diff.gz ;-)15:49
NCommanderI was doing that15:50
seb128persia: because I'm lazy and prefer to run dpkg-source than gunzip && patch, and that also gives you the md5sum for the orig tarball which has been used15:50
persiaseb128: Ah, right.  The diff.gz -> package script went missing.15:51
tseliotpitti: I had already installed the driver. Jockey now says that the driver is in use however the checkbox in the "Enabled" column is not toggled15:52
pittitseliot: so the nvidia module is loaded, but perhaps xorg.conf doesn't have "nvidia" driver?15:53
tseliotpitti: what you're saying is (currently) not possible15:54
tkamppeterpitti, system-config-printer_1.0.2+git20080723-0ubuntu1 uploaded.15:54
pittitkamppeter: thanks muchly!15:54
tseliotpitti: if there's no "nvidia" driver specified in the xorg.conf the driver won't be loaded15:55
pittitseliot: ok, so let's debug this15:55
pittitseliot: -> /msg, to avoid too much noise here15:55
superm1pitti, are these handler changes right now nvidia specific, or should I be able to test at least the "detection" on fglrx too?15:55
superm1assuming modaliases are installed etc15:56
pittisuperm1: I didn't update the fglrx handler for the new structure yet, sorry15:56
superm1pitti, no problem.  just wasnt sure how generic the solution was15:56
pittisuperm1: I'll do that as soon as I get nvidia working (currently figuring out with tseliot)15:56
superm1pitti, okay15:56
ogramm, no way to make intrepid boot in vbox it seems ...15:56
* ogra just tried a hardy upgrade 15:57
pittisuperm1: shouldn't take much time to get it fully right, probably two lines of code changed, or so; the solution is very generic now15:57
superm1pitti, ah15:57
NCommanderseb128, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evince/+bug/25117215:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251172 in evince "[diff.gz attached] New Upstream Version 2.23.5" [Undecided,New]15:57
NCommanderYou've got debdiffs15:57
NCommanderer, diff.gzs15:57
superm1ogra, this the sort of things you are seeing too: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=847425 ?15:57
superm1ogra, they posted a (possible) solution there15:58
ograyou mean the videobuffer ?15:59
ograi deliberately set it to 2M15:59
ogra(to get 800x600 by default without fiddling)15:59
* ogra tries15:59
seb128NCommander: the md5sum for the orig you used doesn't match the upstream one, did you download the .bz2 and repackaged it or something?16:00
NCommanderno, I just grabbed the .gz16:00
ograsuperm1, still ooopsing16:00
NCommanderhold on16:00
superm1ogra, oh well :(16:00
seb128I just gunziped the diff.gz and applied to that's alright16:00
NCommanderLet me redownload, and remake the dsc16:00
seb128no that's ok, no need for that16:00
NCommanderOr that16:00
ograsuperm1, but thanks, was at least worth a try16:01
* NCommander is used to bowing down for the archive admins and doing everything but signing the upload :-P16:01
* NCommander is used to then getting the signed changes back and then uploading :-P16:01
* persia advocates working get-orig-source rules16:01
* NCommander would put it in if it wasn't a CDBS package16:02
seb128NCommander: note the "-include /usr/share/gnome-pkg-tools/1/rules/gnome-get-source.mk" in the rules ;-)16:04
* NCommander waits for seb128 16:04
NCommanderlike I said16:04
NCommanderCDBS is evil ;-)16:04
persiaNo reason not to add it there as well.  CDBS allows adding additional targets.  While I don't recommend going to the extent of sendmail, some are certainly OK.16:04
seb128persia: it's already there16:04
NCommanderpersia, should I download the sendmail package and take a look?16:04
persiaseb128: Yep.  My backscroll reading isn't keeping up with my slow typing :)16:04
seb128NCommander: the update looks good, I'll upload, libspectre will need to be promoted before it can build though so it's time to start on the main inclusion report ;-)16:05
persiaNCommander: Only if you want a counter-example16:05
NCommanderseb128, want help?16:05
seb128NCommander: if you could write the mir for it that would be nice16:05
* NCommander copies the template to a new wiki page and begins working on it16:06
seb128NCommander: no need to copy the template, if you create MainInclusionReportComponent page the wiki lists the templates matching the name that you can use and you just have to click on the one to use ;-)16:07
NCommandertoo late16:08
RiddellBenC: linux-restricted-modules isn't on the CD currently, do you know what brought it in before?16:08
seb128NCommander: that's for the next one ;-)16:09
BenCRiddell: linux-image?16:15
BenCRiddell: I mean "linux" meta package, or maybe "linux-generic" meta package16:16
ogramdz, hmm, i think discover was just deliberately demoted to universe in intrepid ... i'm not sure what to do about hotkey-setup now16:16
RiddellBenC: that brings in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.26-4-generic but not l-r-m-common16:17
ogra(i did the merge so feel kind of responsible for the breakage)16:17
mdzogra: fix it to stop using discover?  it's doing the wrong thing anyway16:17
BenCRiddell: ah, missing dep on my part then16:17
ograah, k, i'll look into that16:18
mdzogra: it wants to know which driver X is using16:18
mdzogra: and if it can't find out from xorg.conf, it tries discover16:18
BenCRiddell: I can upload a new lrm quickly, or you can get lrm-common added to the cd manually to get things moving16:18
ograi wonder anyway if we stll need it with hal-input16:18
mdzdiscover isn't actually very good at that16:18
mdzI assume it got harder because xorg.conf is emptier16:18
RiddellBenC: I think a quick l-r-m upload would work16:18
mdzmaybe bryce has an idea16:19
ograbut looking at all the fdi commits hal saw the last months, the IBM situation might already be handled there anyway16:19
mdzyeah, hal fdi is a better place for all this anyway16:19
ogranot sure about other stuff hotkey-setup is used for16:19
ograi'll look into that if i'm home next week and see if we can drop it completely ... that goes actually hand in hand with some plans persia and i discussed for certain special input devices anyway16:20
mdzideally I think hotkey-setup should go away16:21
ograright, but to unbreak the CD i'll just coment out the dicover call for now16:21
ograthats something i can do immediately16:21
ogra(not sure how useful it is without that though :) )16:22
* ogra lives with the curse to have a laptop where everything works :)16:22
BenCIf someone tells me how to get hal to do what hotkeys-setup does, I'm willing to convert it16:22
persiaogra: Do you anticipate we'll get enough input changes for intrepid?  I had the impression it was more an intrepid+1 goal.16:22
ograpersia, but we have to start at some point16:23
ograand there was the plan to switch all of X input to hal-input anyway at UDS16:23
persiaAh.  Good.  I missed that UDS session.  If that's already planned, I'm less worried.16:23
ograso at least the basics will be covered i assume16:23
ograi think that was one of the sessions where tons of notes were taken that got lost in the depths of gobby16:24
ograKeybuk, was there irc16:24
ograand cjwatson ... i entered only at the end of the session since i was hogged in another one16:25
persiaWasn't there a backup gobby store somewhere from which to recover the lost text?16:25
ograyes, but not all was recovered16:25
persiaOh :(16:25
ograanyway, hal-info should have tons of fdi files to cover the most input things we need already16:26
* ogra mumbles and decides to set up his intrepid vm with the hardy kernel for now ...16:27
NCommanderseb128, A page with the name 'MainInclusionReportlibspectre' already exists. Try a different name.16:28
NCommanderI can't win16:28
seb128NCommander: weird16:28
seb128https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportlibspectre gives a "This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates. Before creating the page, please check if a similar page already exists. "16:29
NCommanderTHe wiki not having fun16:29
seb128hum, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportLibspectre16:29
alex-weejcan someone tell me off hand... does ubiquity ask you for your keyboard model?16:29
alex-weejor just the layout?16:29
seb128NCommander: sorry about that, looks like somebody already did the case and the case is different16:30
NCommanderseb128, oh geeze16:30
NCommanderI can't get a break today16:30
seb128note for next time "check for existing reports before starting writting one" ;-)16:30
NCommanderI thought you did check, hence why saying one had to be done16:31
seb128and it has been accepted and promoted according to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libspectre/+bug/23611116:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 236111 in libspectre "main inclusion report for libspectre" [Undecided,Fix released]16:31
NCommanderhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/29627/ - care you look it over, since its still a learning expierence16:31
BenCRiddell: uploading16:31
cody-somervilleslangasek, Do you know why Xubuntu isn't on the ISO tracker?16:32
seb128NCommander: yeah, I looked at it on the wiki already, looks good, sorry about the work duplication16:32
NCommanderits fine16:32
NCommanderIts a learning experience16:32
BenCslangasek: new lrm uploaded to get proper lrm-common deps for lrm-flav packages16:32
seb128NCommander: on the good side I'm about to upload the new evince version, thanks for your work ;-)16:32
NCommanderAny MOTU should have a full set of skills16:33
NCommanderI already have experience hating dak ;-)16:33
slangasekcody-somerville: because it has livefs build failures that point to a problem which is likely to also make the alternates uninstallable16:33
slangasekcody-somerville: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/intrepid/xubuntu/20080722/livecd-20080722-i386.out16:33
ograNCommander, but most MOTUs simply start with a subset of skills, you cant know everthing in the beginnig :)16:33
slangasekBenC: uploaded to where?  hardy, intrepid?16:33
ogradebian :P16:34
BenCslangasek: intrepid, sorry :)16:34
alex-weejogra: i was gonna say last night, looking at pipermail, it doesn't seem to indent more than 4 levels... ever...16:34
NCommanderogra, it helps I created and ran an unoffical debian testing for m68k16:34
NCommanderHence why I have run dak16:34
NCommanderHence why I got sick of trying to remember which women did what16:34
ograalex-weej, hmm, you are right, sorry then :)16:35
ogra(that doesn fix the filtering though ... )16:36
alex-weejogra: are you using Evo?16:36
* NCommander can only remember what britney and madison did16:36
alex-weeji used to use Evo up until a few months ago and i always used "Reply to All" even then16:36
ograbut i know TB users with reply to list extension and kmail users have the same prob16:37
alex-weejand i don't remember it breaking any of my filters16:37
alex-weeji was using vFolders to filter on "list"16:37
alex-weejlet me see...16:37
ograthe way you do it simply wipes the X-Mailing-List from the headers16:37
alex-weejthat's probably a bug in gmail then. damnit.16:37
seb128alex-weej: ubiquity ask you for the layout, not the model16:37
alex-weejseb128: thanks for the confirmation, as i suspected16:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251187 in ubiquity "Ubiquity does not ask for keyboard model" [Undecided,New]16:38
ogralikely, gmail is bad with lists anyway ... (unless you are using google lists i bet :) )16:38
seb128most people will not care about keyboard modeles or don't know what to put there16:38
NCommanderseb128, says you and your QWERTY keyboard, I'm quite happy being DVOARK16:39
alex-weejogra: i guess pipermail gets it right because it has In-Reply-To: <1216748124.17165.121.camel@osiris>16:39
NCommander(actually, the dvorak users outnumber the QWERTY users in our local LUGS)16:39
seb128NCommander: I'm using azerty not qwerty :-p and dvorak is a layout no?16:39
ograyeah, it sorts by msg id16:39
NCommanderseb128, d'oh. If I didn't just shoot myself in the foot16:39
alex-weejanyone know what's going on with the logout dialogue stuff in Intrepid16:44
alex-weejhas the patch just been dropped inadvertently or are we going back to upstream?16:44
alex-weejand if so, they have bugs to be fixed.16:44
cody-somervilleslangasek, was there some sort of e-mail or notification sent out?16:45
slangasekBenC: so is this lrm-common upload something I need to roll into the alpha-3 images?  I don't know what problem you're fixing, though I've seen comments that lrm is missing from some CDs16:46
slangasekcody-somerville: not by me; and the automated emails only report failed CD builds, they don't tell you when a CD build is using a stale livefs16:47
zygamvo: is the code okay or should I work on something more?16:47
BenCslangasek: yes...the dep was required to pull everything in16:48
slangasekBenC: ok, thanks16:48
BenCslangasek: lrm modules are there, but without lrm-common, there are no firmware blobs and no linked lrm modules16:49
slangasekcody-somerville: do you or someone else have time to look into this livefs failure today?  And is there a role address you would like me to send mail to about such issues if I notice them and you're not aroud?16:50
alex-weejmvo: in the synaptic source, we have tango icons for everything yet they're not used... bug or just ENOTIMPLEMENTED?16:51
cody-somervilleslangasek, My e-mail is forwarded to my blackberry so if you mail xubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com then I'll get it16:52
cody-somervilleslangasek, If you need to get in contact quickly, I have a second e-mail which is priority delivered to my blackberry.16:52
cody-somervilleslangasek, I've sent you that e-mail address in a private query.16:53
mvozyga: looks good to me, I'm not sure if we really need the custom crash handler now that apport is availabe, but it should be fine16:54
mvoalex-weej: not implemented16:55
zygamvo: the crash handler is the same, the only difference is lsb_release information16:56
zyga(and moving it to util.py16:56
alex-weejmvo: ok16:56
zygahmm, how does apport help?16:56
zyga(technically python never crashes)16:56
mvozyga: I know, while looking at it, I was wondering if we should keep it, but I'm fine with having it16:57
mvozyga: I merged it into the ubuntu branch, many thanks!16:57
zygathank you :-)16:57
NCommanderseb128, anything else for me to do?16:58
zygamvo: one thing makes me curious though... is there any support for apport-like system for python crashes?16:58
seb128NCommander: easy or hard tasks? ;-)16:58
NCommanderseb128, whatever it takes to prove my skills ;-)16:58
mvozyga: yes and its enabled by default on the devel release, it installs a system-wide crash handler as part of the apport package16:59
seb128NCommander: as said before there is gucharmap to update to 2.23, I think they changed the soname again (not sure now about this one) and they added python bindings which should be some packaging fun (adding a new python-gucharmap, using python-central or python-support, etc)16:59
seb128NCommander: otherwise g*mm need to be updated which is probably easier if you don't dislike c++ bindings ;-)17:00
NCommanderPython or C++ ...17:00
NCommanderGot any pure ASM ;-)17:00
sabdflthorwil: yes, am travelling at the moment17:01
seb128NCommander: on the "would be nice to do but not trivial list" there is also the new epiphany-browser 2.23.5, it has a webkit backend only but we likely want to keep epiphany-gecko too for a while, so that will likely require packaging the new version as a different source17:01
NCommanderseb128, I assume webkit would probably need a main inclusion request?17:02
NCommanderand http://gucharmap.sourceforge.net/ - gucharmap seems to not have been updated in quite awhile17:02
seb128NCommander: no, that has been done some days ago, epiphany-browser builds epiphany-webkit at the moment in intrepid17:02
seb128NCommander: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gucharmap/2.23/gucharmap-2.23.4.tar.gz17:02
seb128most GNOME projects have no updated websites17:03
seb128they tend to just code, use bugzilla and upload tarballs ;-)17:03
NCommanderok, lets see here17:04
NCommanderWell, this hsouldn't be too bad ...17:04
stgraberBenC: something looks buggy in 2.6.26-4 framebuffer handling17:04
stgraberBenC: booting an intrepid system gives you no usplash but a black screen instead (no boot messages)17:04
seb128NCommander: probably not too difficult no, and a good occassion to look at the python policy if you didn't yet ;-)17:04
stgraberBenC: loading with vga=791 and no "splash" gives you a black 1024x768 screen17:05
NCommanderThose binding look fun17:05
mvocjwatson: does ubiquity write the proxy information only to /etc/apt/apt.conf? or does it also write it to a place in /etc/default (or /etc/environment) or something similar?17:05
stgraberBenC: I get that in kvm but mdz and davmor2 seem to have the same on real HW17:05
slangasekBenC: ^^ this is me getting out of the middle of the conversation between you and stgraber :)17:06
NCommanderseb128, care to explain the ltmain_as-needed.patch? seems like a clunky way to pass a linker flag ...17:08
NCommanderseb128, upstream has a nice shiny new libtool ltmain.sh17:08
seb128NCommander: that comes from debian, apparently reordering is required to get --as-needed to do its job17:08
NCommanderWhats that do?17:09
* NCommander loves how these patches have no comments attached to them17:09
seb128that limits inflated depends17:09
seb128man ld and search for --as-needed17:10
NCommanderseb128, I see17:10
seb128NCommander: I think the corresponding bug is http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=34765017:10
* NCommander sees if LDFLAGS work now since libtool got updated17:10
ubottuDebian bug 347650 in libtool "libtool: Incorrect argument reordering" [Important,Open]17:10
BenCstgraber: does it stay black (never shows text console)?17:12
seb128NCommander: speaking about comments, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PatchTaggingGuidelines, something we don't do enough but that we should try to do, documenting the changes ;-)17:12
NCommanderI am always very good at filling out dpatch ehaders :-P17:13
NCommanderseb128, I can't figure out if its fixed in libtool 1.5.28-0ubuntu117:15
NCommanderOff hand, I'm going to say no though17:16
seb128NCommander: I don't think that's fixed no, you can try to drop the change, build the package and see the depends difference between the current version and the new one17:16
seb128or try to apply the patch, do a build using it and one not using it and debdiff those17:16
NCommanderits never easil :-P17:17
NCommanderseb128, it doesn't apply cleanly17:17
NCommanderNor does the lp intergration patch17:17
seb128right, but it's easy enough to update17:17
NCommanderthe lt one, or the lp one :-P17:17
seb128that's just 2 code blocks to copy to the similar context17:17
NCommanderI'm too tired to work on this right now17:17
NCommanderI'll attack it when I'm slightly more work17:17
NCommander... awake17:17
NCommanderHaw, proving my point!17:18
seb128alright ;-)17:18
seb128you already did quite some work today17:18
NCommanderseb128, well, yeah, I implemented openid logins for REVU (and became a REVU hacker ;-))17:18
NCommanderseb128, I also added a PPA importer, and apt-get source support to revu17:18
NCommanderor, almost got the last one17:18
calcseb128: so should i be changing the %U to %f for OOo (remember we talked about this the other day?)17:18
calcseb128: one of you mentioned it might be better to do some stuff to nautilus instead?17:19
seb128waouh, lot of revu changes ;-)17:19
NCommanderseb128, http://nemesisnetworks.com/revu-openid17:19
seb128calc: maybe mail ubuntu-desktop list about that just to get comments before doing it17:19
calcseb128: is it a lowercase or uppercase f?17:20
seb128depends of what you want17:20
calcah, probably should look at the specs ;-)17:21
calcthanks for the url :)17:21
seb128%f is one file, %F a list of files17:21
seb128probably %F if you had %U before17:21
calcyes it looks like %F is the correct one, thanks for the help :)17:22
* calc sending an email to the list now17:23
=== mdomsch_YOW is now known as mdomsch_ols
seb128slangasek: the session change is not really a "bug"18:11
slangasekseb128: ok; do you have a better place to track it other than a bug report, such that the rest of the team knows it's an outstanding issue? ;)18:12
seb128not really, though I don't really consider it as an issue ;-)18:12
seb128but point, we should have a bug milestoned about "what to do to the session dialog"18:12
slangasekheh, ok18:12
* slangasek nods18:12
seb128I'll open one and reply on the list18:13
slangasekcheers, too18:13
stgraberBenC: sorry I was away, when starting with vga=791 I get nothing until X starts. Without vga=791 and using usplash I just get a shell cursor at the top right corner, not even blinking IIRC and that's it. No text displayed until X starts.18:14
calcany big breakage in intrepid for a i945 laptop? i'm considering upgrading my dev machine to intrepid but don't want it to fall apart on me18:15
calcit has intel graphics18:15
seb128slangasek: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/25121118:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251211 in gnome-session "intrepid uses the upstream session dialog" [Undecided,New]18:15
BenCstgraber: but does switching to the console after X starts give you a login prompt?18:21
pittisuperm1: I just commited an 1-line fix for jockey's fglrx handler which (I think) is everything it takes to make it work in intrepid18:21
stgraberBenC: well, I have no idea how I can do ctrl+alt+f1 in kvm without doing that on the host system.18:22
stgraberdavmor2: can you try that on real HW after the QA meeting ^^18:22
BenCstgraber: keyboard grab should isolate it (or can kvm synthesize the key strokes somehow?(18:22
pittisuperm1: would you be up for a quick test?18:23
davmor2stgraber: on what sorry?18:23
mvostgraber: you can do "ctrl-alt-2" to enter a monitor mode18:24
mvostgraber: then run "sendkey ctrl-alt-f1"18:25
mvothat should work18:25
BenCstgraber: you could also try "splash quiet single" on the command line to avoid going into X18:29
stgraberctrl+alt+f1 doesn't seem to work, keyboard stop working but I still see the X server, that's a bit weird18:30
slangasekseb128: thanks :)18:31
davmor2BenC: stgraber: is this to sort out the issue with usplash?18:33
davmor2when do I hit ctrl+alt+f1 as soon as grub finishes?18:34
davmor2cursor does flash just slowly18:34
stgraberso during the whole boot process you don't see anything other than a cursor (doesn't blink here) ?18:35
stgraberthen when you get to gdm/kdm, can you switch to tty1 (ctrl+alt+F1) ?18:35
davmor2right I hit it on hw with a Kubuntu install (same issue) and I get a message that says there is no suitable usplash image found for 640x48018:37
kelemengabor1mvo: hi, i'd like to ask some questions about ddtp-ubuntu18:38
stgraberdavmor2: ah ? so you can switch to tty1, that's good :)18:38
kelemengabor1particularly, i'm interested in the code that generates the po files18:38
stgraberoh yes, I can also reproduce using a livecd image18:38
stgraber"usplash: No usable theme found for 640x480"18:38
kelemengabor1I fount this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/bzr/apt-ddtp-tools--main/  - is this it?18:38
stgraberso that's usplash bug it seems18:38
mvokelemengabor1: yes, that is the code18:39
kelemengabor1great :)18:39
mvokelemengabor1: there is a file "UbuntuChecklist" that explains the steps that are needed and what tools are used18:39
mvokelemengabor1: what do you plan to do with it :) ?18:40
BenCdavmor2: if the message is usplash doesn't have a suitable image, that's a usplash bug18:40
kelemengabor1well, we want to add package name information to the po file18:40
stgraberpitti: ^18:40
=== mdz_ is now known as mdz
kelemengabor1to make easier the cooperation between other distros18:40
mvokelemengabor1: aha, good idea!18:40
BenCstgraber, slangasek: The message davmor2 reported is a usplash bug and sounds like no theme is installed (or the theme is messed up somehow)18:40
pittihi stgraber18:41
kelemengabor1mvo: we faced a problem, that ddtp is huge18:41
mvokelemengabor1: let me know if you have anything for me to merge, I had some other ideas, but launchpad is not that flexible18:41
stgraberBenC: I checked, the theme is installed (so is it on my lappy)18:41
slangasekBenC: ok, progress \o/18:41
stgraberpitti: "usplash: No usable theme found for 640x480"18:41
mvokelemengabor1: I would love to see the strings split per package instead of this giant table18:41
BenCstgraber: must dig deaper into usplash then18:41
pittistgraber: uh..18:41
kelemengabor1and we want to simply reuse existing translations from fedora and suse18:41
stgraberpitti: that's with usplash and usplash-theme-ubuntu installed18:41
mvokelemengabor1: do you know about http://ddtp.debian.net/ddtss/index.cgi/xx ?18:42
kelemengabor1mvo: what? 5k small po files instead of one huge with 15k strings?18:42
pittiusplash: can't get console font: Invalid argument18:42
pittiusplash: No usable theme found for 1024x76818:42
pittistgraber: I get that for sudo ./usplash-test.sh -v18:42
mvokelemengabor1: afaik the code for this is available18:42
kelemengabor1will see18:43
pittistgraber: hm, lemme try something18:43
stgraberpitti: we then just get a black screen instead of usplash causing things like entering the passphrase for encrypted LVM to fail :(18:44
mvokelemengabor1: for ubuntu having it as a extra po file in launchpad/rosetta for each source package would be great because we have the po files there anyway, that would give people a easier time to translate the descriptions along the way when they transate the app itself18:44
pittiright, I'm currently running without "splash" in  intrepid, since it's totally broken for me as well18:44
pittistgraber: can you try a no-change rebuild of usplash-theme-ubuntu?18:45
pitti  * usplash-theme.h: Add a "void* private" pointer to the theme, so that18:45
kelemengabor1mvo: if i had a team with lots of people...18:45
pitti    themes have an easy way of storing some custom data. Bump THEME_VERSION to18:45
pitti    3 to reflect the ABI change. Thanks to David Härdeman for the patch!18:45
BenCstgraber: that sounds like a bug in itself...lvm password shouldn't fail if usplash fails18:45
pitti^ I tested that usplash still worked without rebuilding -theme-ubuntu after that patch, and it did work at the time; but maybe it stopped18:45
mvokelemengabor1: indeed, keep me updated :)18:45
pittistgraber: without "splash" I get text-mode prompt for luks passphrase18:45
stgraberBenC: indeed, it should bring you back to standard text-mode boot and in this case you get prompted for the passphrase (that's how I do on my lappy)18:46
BenCpitti: was that private pointer added to the end of the struct?18:46
stgraberpitti: me too18:46
pittiBenC: yes (deliberately)18:46
kelemengabor1but currently, what we do is organize IRL translation weekends, and assign work to volunteers, adding 400 packages to this equation would be overcomplicated18:46
pittioh, hm, I'm currently running on 2.6.24, so usplash should actually work18:47
BenCpitti: guess check for NULL on older ones didn't work though18:47
BenCpitti: does usplash have a check for which ABI the theme was compiled against?18:47
kelemengabor1so i think splitting it is not that good idea18:47
pittiBenC: (after some hours my computer gets unbearably slow with 2.6.26-4)18:47
kelemengabor1perhaps the suse way, by splitting it alphabetically18:47
pittiBenC: since it worked at at that time, I guess it's only a compile-time check18:47
kelemengabor1is somewhat more manageable18:48
slangasekpitti: blink, is the 2.6.26-4 kernel built without CONFIG_FEED_THE_HAMSTERS?18:48
pittiBenC, stgraber: looks like a rebuild fixes it, uploading18:49
slangasekpitti: did you get the bug # for that one?18:49
kelemengabor1but lots of small units to handle would make me crazy18:49
pittislangasek: :/ I wasn't able to track it down; the load is < 1, no particular CPU usage18:49
pittislangasek: bug# for usplash? haven't looked yet18:49
pittistgraber: ^ got a bug #?18:49
stgraberpitti: cool, I just pushed the theme to my build server so I can test here (without waiting > an hour)18:49
kelemengabor1anyway, another question: how often are the ddtp po files updated, and translations pushed to production?18:50
stgraberpitti: sort of: bug 249037 (the user may have mixed two different problems though)18:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249037 in usplash "After upgrade, nothing shows up on screen during and after boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24903718:50
stgraberis X seems to be broken as well but the boot part sounds like that usplash bug18:51
pittihm, I think I just upload it without a bug # now; I searched the usplash and usplash-theme-ubuntu bugs, nothing really 100% matching18:52
kelemengabor1mvo: where is that UbuntuChecklist file you mentioned?18:52
pittibtw, what happened to seahorse? I don't get an agent...18:53
pittioh, PEBCAK18:53
mvokelemengabor1: isn't it in the toplevel of the checkout?18:53
kelemengabor1well, i did not checked it out18:53
kelemengabor1but can't see it on the web18:54
mvokelemengabor1: yeah, you need to checkout18:54
mvokelemengabor1: or get / pull18:55
pittianyone here with an Ati card (fglrx) who is willing to test a new jockey on intrepid?18:55
pittislangasek: ^ FYI, I'd like to get that test before I upload18:55
pittislangasek: as usual, things took a little longer to get everything in shape; nvidia reasonably works now18:56
slangasekI have no such hardware, alas18:56
stgraberpitti: fglrx is broken in Intrepid due to the new X server18:56
pittislangasek: lucky you :)18:56
pittistgraber: oh, ok; so nothing to test ATM?18:56
slangaseklucky, or picky about my hardware :)18:56
kelemengabor1mvo: got it, thanks18:56
stgraberpitti: well, I can try it if you want but that will give me a xorg module I can't load anyway18:57
pittiso I guess I can just as well upload now, to at least make the nvidia users happy18:57
pittistgraber: if it doesn't work anyway, we can test it later, too, I think18:57
slangasekcody-somerville: not sure if I saw an answer from you about whether you're in a position to work on the livefs build failures today?18:57
stgraberpitti: indeed, next ATI module should be in a bit less than a month18:57
stgraberso until that I have to use the good old radeon driver :)18:58
slangasekmdz: did you find that the kernel lockup was reproducible/debuggable?18:58
cody-somervilleslangasek, I will be able to this evening.18:59
slangasekcody-somerville: ok, cheers18:59
slangaseksoren: ubuntu server images disabled for respin, due to the pervasive usplash problem18:59
* cody-somerville pokes mr_pouit and gpocentek to see if they can help in the mean time.18:59
mdzslangasek: yes, I just posted to -devel@ about it18:59
mdzslangasek: and targeted the bug for intrepid19:00
slangasekpitti: so you said you have splash off in intrepid; is whatever bug is preventing you from using it targetted to intrepid?19:00
slangasekmdz: ah, thanks; mail hasn't arrived yet19:00
pittislangasek: last time I disabled it was when it caused X to crash19:01
stgraberpitti: confirmed, usplash works again after a nochange rebuild19:01
pittislangasek: I just enabled it again, and will do a test-boot in some minutes19:01
slangasekpitti: thanks19:01
mdzslangasek: I just filed bug 251227 about my usplash issue on the desktop CD19:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251227 in usplash "No usable theme found for 640x480" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25122719:02
slangasekmdz: darn, pitti just uploaded the fix for that without a bug reference ;)19:02
pittimdz: nice race condition; right before I uploaded, I didn't find a matchign bug :/19:03
mdzslangasek: I also have/had an issue with screen corruption when it does run19:03
pittiyeah, me too, but I still think that this is a kernel problem, since it works fine with 2.6.2419:03
slangasekmdz: does "have/had" mean it's confirmed to be ongoing?  I know we had a bug report about that for alpha-2, but I don't see it open anymore19:04
slangasekRiddell: ^^ bug #251223 for mdz's kernel crash which might be the same one you're seeing19:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251223 in linux "BUG: Dentry ffff81003ac17410{i=161b,n=cow} still in use (1) [unmount of rootfs rootfs]" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25122319:05
stgraberslangasek: we don't have working usplash at the moment so hard to reproduce :)19:05
slangasekwell, yes.19:05
stgraberslangasek: I didn't notice any screen corruption in the kvm I booted a minute ago with the fixed usplash but I may just be lucky ...19:05
mdzkudos to the reporter of bug 243682 for attaching a video clip demonstrating the problem19:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243682 in usplash "[Intrepid] Usplash Screen Corruption" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24368219:09
mdzbut it's not the same bug as mine19:09
mdzoh, actually, the shutdown video clip is very similar19:10
mdzto what I see at startup19:10
tyfonhmm on the mini.iso and netboot via pxe in a kvm the dhcp client gets a new address every second or so .. during the install19:17
BenCtyfon: could that be a misconfigured dhcp server?19:23
tyfoni don't think so, it works fine on all my other computers and hardy running in kvm19:23
slangasekif you somehow have two dhcp clients running on the same interface, that could explain it19:23
tyfonwell the br0 interface in the hardy host is configured as dhcp, but the kvm guest has a very diffrent mac and gets a diffrent ip19:24
slangasekright, I meant two dhcp clients running within the guest itself19:26
tyfonnope, ps aux | grep dhclient only reports one..19:26
slangaseka buggy dhcp server would also certainly account for it, if for some reason it sets a low lease for particular macs19:26
tyfonkind of strange though, i will see if it continues when the guest is installed19:26
pittihmm, no luck19:29
pittiI tried new usplash-theme-ubuntu after update-initramfs -k all -u19:29
pittiworks perfectly on hardy kernel, but on current intrpeid kernel I just get red-white stripes in text mode, and no usplash at all19:30
pittihm, I still have uvesafb blacklisted, maybe that's it19:30
pittiBenC: do we install v86d now? last time, I tried all possible combinations of uvesafb and v86d, but that was the time when usplash still worked (although only corrupted)19:31
pittiso, "uvesafb blacklisted" and "no v86d" -> usplash corrupts screen for me19:32
pitti(dell latitude, intel945GM)19:32
tyfonhmm i think this might be a clock issue in the kvm thing :p.. i get "Login timed out after 60 seconds" about 0.5 sec after i type inn the username in the console19:40
emgentbig lol!19:45
mario_limonciellpitti, sure i'll take a look19:46
pittimario_limonciell: stgraber told me that the current fglrx driver is broken ATM?19:47
mario_limonciellpitti, well with the current xorg yeah doesnt boot fully to X19:47
mario_limonciellwas wanting to make sure detection worked, and booting with the old X server until fglrx is rev'ed for the new x server19:47
pittimario_limonciell: that would be useful indeed19:49
BenCpitti: then that sounds less like a kernel bug and more like a usplash issue to me19:50
slangasekmathiaz: where can I find the ServerGuide, to review the samba section?20:08
mathiazslangasek: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/20:08
mathiazslangasek: doc.ubuntu.com has the latest version of all the work from the documentation team20:08
pittiBenC: so I did some experiments: uvesafb+no v86d -> I get the kernel complaints about "v86d not found blabla", text mode; uvesafb+v86d -> "cannot detect vga mode" and usplash wants to start up as 320x200 (fails, no theme); howver, it works fine in all configurations when I start usplash out of the running system; so maybe something is missing in the initramfs?20:11
pittiI'm still unsure what role uvesafb and v86d have; they primarily seem to affect initramfs booting; since hardy's kernel works all the time (even with intrepid-generated initramfs), I guess .26 moved some important bits into userspace?20:12
pittidoes usplash work for anyone else in intrepid?20:12
tyfondoes not work in my kvm intrepid20:12
tyfonbut anyway 2.6.26 seems to have major timer issues running under kvm20:13
DktrKranzpitti, FYI, it doesn't work with 2.6.24 kernels on intrepid20:14
DktrKranzas much as 2.6.2620:14
pittiDktrKranz: "no usable theme found"?20:16
DktrKranzpitti, yes, and I see also "no resolution available" or similar20:16
pittiDktrKranz: that's fixed in the latest usplash-theme-ubuntu20:16
slangasekmathiaz: ok, where do I send bugs about grammar errors? :-)20:20
mathiazslangasek: it seems that doc.ubuntu.com is not up-to-date20:20
slangasekoh :-)20:21
mathiazsommer: ^^20:21
mathiazsommer: I'd submit the bzr branch to LP20:21
mathiazslangasek: we (me and sommer) are discussing the most efficient way to get reviews on the server guide done20:21
sommermathiaz: gotcha, but I think some folks would be more likely to give reviews if they didn't have to involve bzr (or any commands other than a browser)20:22
tseliotpitti: about --debug mode, maybe there's a problem with policyKit. The non-debug mode worked as if it didn't have the authorisation to install the packages. Maybe you should let Jockey display a dialog if policyKit fails. Just a thought.20:22
mathiazslangasek: grammar errors -> fix them in the bzr branch and submit it20:22
slangaseksommer: well, I'm more likely to give you a *useful* review if I don't have to touch my stinking browser and can just commit patches ;)20:22
slangasekwhere's the bzr branch then?20:22
mathiazslangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/ubuntu-intrepid20:23
mathiazslangasek: you'll get all of the ubuntu documentation20:23
slangasekwhich ISTR is painful :P20:23
mathiazslangasek: I'm looking into splitting the server guide into it's own branch20:24
mathiazslangasek: things have improved since intrepid - it doesn't take as much time as it used to20:24
slangasekmathiaz: does the branch still include autogenerated files?20:24
mathiazslangasek: a lot of the history hasn't been dropped IIRC20:24
sommermathiaz: correct20:24
sommershould only take a couple of min20:25
pittitseliot: the frontend should just crash if you don't get the authorization20:25
mathiazslangasek: I don't know - the branch is 87M now20:25
mathiazslangasek: instead of the 400/500 M it used to be for hardy20:26
tseliotpitti: really? Aren't you using something like "if authorised:"20:26
pittitseliot: I just try, and if I get a PermissionDenied dbus error, I do ObtainAuthorization and try again; but I don't intercept errors from the second attempt20:27
tseliotpitti: ah, ok20:27
sommermathiaz, slangasek: another issue with reviewing the docs from bzr is that you need to view them in yelp, and some peeps don't like gnome shtuff20:34
mathiazsommer: is yelp really needed ?20:35
slangaseksommer: well, /I/ don't have to, I'm happy to view and edit raw xml ;)20:35
mathiazsommer: using yelp is to make sure that they look good in yelp20:35
sommerthat's true too20:35
sommermathiaz: it also lets you focus on the content20:36
mathiazsommer: I'd rather focus on reviewing the *content*, rather than the *look*20:36
sommermathiaz: right, I was just thinking that sometimes the xml gets distracting20:36
sommereither way... I'm not really even sure how many reviews have been done using the doc.u.c anyway :-)20:37
mathiazsommer: hm - which tools are you using to edit the xml ?20:37
mathiazsommer: may be we should advise reviewer to use a tool that focuses mainly on the content20:38
sommermathiaz: I used vi during hardy, but for whatever reason the spell checking didn't work so I've switched to gedit20:38
sommermathiaz: I guess I like the idea of having the development content available from multiple sources20:38
slangaseksommer, mathiaz: so whose idea was it to suggest the use of security=share here...?20:40
sommerslangasek: mine, as there was a couple of bugs about it20:41
slangaseksommer: ok, well security=share is crap20:41
sommerslangasek: it is stated that it's not secure, and there's a whole section on security... but that was kind of an iffy thing20:41
sommerslangasek: the use case I was thinking of was home user situation20:42
slangasekanything you want to achieve using security=share can also be done with securty=user, and then you don't have to completely reconfigure your security model to switch between use cases20:42
sommerslangasek: so with multiple users using multiple workstations you wouldn't have to setup a username for each user on the server?  or I guess they could all use the same username20:43
sommerslangasek: but if they're all using the same username, why have a username?20:43
sommerslangasek: least that was my thinking20:43
mathiazsommer: couldn't anonymous share be used to achieve the same ?20:44
slangaseksommer: guest ok = yes; map to guest = Bad User; force user = user-to-access-as (the last part only if there's a reason not to use 'nobody')20:44
sommerooooohhhh, gotcha20:45
sommerokay, well I can re-write that20:45
sommerso why is security=share even there?  I guess I've totally missed the plot on that one20:46
slangaseksommer: security=share is the way Win9x did it; and samba is old, so it also supports the Old Way. :)20:47
slangasekbut I think you can't even configure XP/Vista to use the share-based security model if you wanted to20:48
sommerslangasek: I see, ya that's about the time I was first learning it20:48
sommerslangasek: I'll fix those sections... does the "no-login", then security, samba as domain controller format work?20:50
slangasekI don't think I've gotten to that yet20:51
sommerokay, well if you find any other issues please let me know20:51
sommerslangasek: thanks for reviewing it :)20:51
slangaseksommer: oh, chmod 777?  That's not a good thing either; that's definitely a security hole if there are any untrusted local users20:53
sommerslangasek: will the "guest ok = yes; map to guest = Bad User; force user = user-to-access-as" take care of the need for that?20:54
slangasekthen it just needs to be owned by user-to-access-as20:55
mario_limonciellpitti, oooh, jockey has policykit support now? cool :)  well it detected fglrx correctly, but didn't install it for me.20:59
mario_limonciellpitti, is there a debug mode to activate in jockey?  i didn't see one in jockey-gtk --help anymore21:00
keeswhy did ffmpeg get split into ffmpeg-free and ffmpeg-debian?21:01
keesoh, nm, just soyuz confusion.21:03
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mario_limonciellpitti, tseliot what was the plan for the metapackage that will grab the modaliases packages (nvidia-*-modaliases and fglrx-modaliases)?  perhaps lrm-common?21:12
mario_limonciellpitti, tseliot oh nvm it looks like jockey recommends nvidia-common which depends on all the modaliases stuff21:14
mario_limonciellpitti, so perhaps can you add a recommends to fglrx-modaliases too then to jockey-common?21:14
geserslangasek: I assume the gnupg merge has to wait for alpha-3?21:14
persiagnupg is definitely on the CD :)21:15
slangasekgeser: yes21:15
geserslangasek: are there any issues with the merge or does it just need till the archive is open again?21:17
slangasekgeser: I'm not aware of any other issues21:17
slangasekbut then, I haven't looked too closely yet21:17
tseliotmario_limonciell: nvidia-common is a real package and contains a program which makes the transition to the new name schemes easier21:21
mario_limoncielltseliot, ah didn't realize21:23
mario_limonciellbut nonetheless, that's how the modaliases are installed by default21:23
mario_limonciellfrom that dependency21:23
tseliotmario_limonciell: right, and nvidia-common would fail otherwise21:24
mario_limoncielltseliot, okay.  did you get to test out if installation via jockey worked properly, or only if it detected correctly after already installed?21:24
tseliotmario_limonciell: Jockey works well in debug mode in both cases. There must be something that prevents it from installing the driver in normal mode.21:26
mario_limoncielltseliot, how do you activate debug mode?21:26
tseliotmario_limonciell: --debug21:26
mario_limonciellyeah i tried that, but it said no such option: --debug21:27
tseliotmario_limonciell: the backend has that option21:27
mario_limoncielltseliot, well how do you pass that to the backend then?21:27
tseliotmario_limonciell:kill any instance of jockey and type:21:28
tseliotsudo /usr/share/jockey/jockey-backend --debug 2>&1 | tee /tmp/debug.txt21:28
mario_limoncielltseliot, ah.  well and it appears to be working when i did it that way too in debug mode21:29
tseliotthen run jockey-gtk in another shell21:29
mario_limonciellthe progress bar isn't exactly accurate21:29
mario_limonciellbut it worked21:29
tseliotthe progress bar is WIP21:30
mario_limonciellpitti, well as a summary to the above, fglrx detection and installation works properly in jockey debug mode, but in regular mode only detection works21:32
mario_limoncielltseliot, did you make sure that nvidia-177-kernel-source was removed after you "deactivated" the driver?21:35
mario_limonciellit looks like for me just xorg-driver-fglrx was, but the kernel source remained21:35
tseliotmario_limonciell: I reported the problem to pitti and he told me that he would deal with it21:36
mario_limoncielltseliot, okay21:36
slangaseksommer: I believe the 'acl' option is something that can be set on the ext3 filesystem itself rather than as a mount option, which seems preferable21:38
slangaseksommer: (tune2fs -O acl)21:39
sommerslangasek: ah thanks, that's simpler21:45
pittimario_limonciell: I didn't add the recommends yet, since fglrx is still in multiverse; you said I should keep it there for the time being?21:58
pittimario_limonciell: hm, weird; I have no real idea why it doesn't work in non-debug mode; I tried it with some small packages like pmount, and they install well22:00
mario_limonciellpitti, yeah keep it there for the time being still22:02
mario_limoncielli'm waiting for another soyuz bug to be fixed before i ask the tech board to have an acl for it22:02
mario_limoncielland there's not a point to have it activated anyhow until it is compatible w/ xorg 1.522:03
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mario_limonciellpitti, ah well in non debug mode i just got it to work, but only when i started the jockey-backend manually first22:04
mario_limonciellthe frontend didn't spawn it it appears22:04
pittinow, that's curious22:05
pittimario_limonciell: if you run "jockey-gtk --list", you don't get a driver list, but an error?22:05
mario_limonciellpitti, let me clear the jockey cache, all the fglrx stuff, and do a fresh boot to make sure there is nothing stale sitting around22:06
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* pitti jumps for joy22:12
pittiapport retracers are back!22:12
mario_limonciellpitti, jockey-gtk --list worked correctly, but installing still didn't work.  i manually restarted jockey-backend myself (without debug this time) and it works22:14
mario_limonciellso its just the spawned jockey-backend process that isn't working right22:14
pittimario_limonciell: how did the "didn't work" manifest? did you get a correct display of drivers in the UI? a progress bar for package installation?22:15
mario_limonciellpitti, yes22:15
mario_limoncielli got both, but the bar jumped by really quick without error22:15
mario_limoncielland i checked installed packages, and they weren't installed22:16
pittimario_limonciell: did you get the PK auth both times?22:20
mario_limonciellhm, i didn't pay attention22:20
mario_limoncielli'll start again and see22:20
pittimario_limonciell: hang on22:20
pittimario_limonciell: I can reproduce it22:20
slangaseksommer: I would also argue that netlogon belongs under /var/lib/samba, not in /srv22:21
mario_limonciellpitti, ah okay good :)22:21
slangaseksommer: does this scp-based BDC actually work?  I thought samba resets file permissions on its tdb files22:28
slangaseksommer: also, I think this clobbers secrets.tdb, which is where the PDC/BDC trust is stored..22:28
pittidpkg: dpkg - error: PATH is not set.22:30
pittitseliot, mario_limonciell: ^ argh, I get that...22:30
pittiso, that shouldn't be too hard22:30
tseliotpitti: great :-)22:31
pittiugh, seems dbus-spawned processes have a VERY limited initial environment...22:31
mario_limonciellpitti, why aren't you using a gdebi like method for doing the install?22:32
pittimario_limonciell: the system dbus spawned program doesn't have any desktop access22:33
pittimario_limonciell: previous versions just called synaptic22:33
pittibut that doesn't fit well into the unprivileged client <- dbus -> privileged backend model22:33
mario_limonciellpitti, i thought gdebi used python-apt though (hence not really needing a gui)?22:33
pittiright, using python-apt directly would be better, and it's on my list22:33
mario_limoncielloh okay :)22:33
pittimario_limonciell: well, *actually* I want to make it work with PackageKit :)22:34
pittibut I need to find a workaround for the dbus-glib bug which currently breaks that22:34
pitti(I have a packagekit branch already)22:34
pittimario_limonciell: using apt-get was just a quick hack to get something for alpha-322:35
lagapitti: are you aiming for distribution independence by using PackageKit?22:35
mario_limonciellpitti, yeah that makes sense22:35
pittilaga: that's the plan; it's an upstream project now, and RedHat and OpenSuSE plan to adopt it22:35
pittimario_limonciell: there, fixed; thanks for pointing out!22:36
* pitti commits and uploads22:36
mario_limonciellpitti, great, so it looks like that's the last piece to converting to this style of restricted drivers then  :)22:36
pittimario_limonciell: astonishing that fgrlx just worked, I didn't test it at all22:37
tseliotpitti: having only 1 driver helps22:37
mario_limonciellpitti, well i'm sure little things will pop up here and there, especially when the driver is functional with the rest of the ecosystem here22:38
pittimario_limonciell: oh, absolutely; also, there's still a ton of things on my TODO list already22:38
pittimario_limonciell: the current progress bar, as well as apt-get calling is horrible, and there are quite a lot of other bugs22:38
pittimy aim today was to get *something* working for a322:38
tseliotmario_limonciell: we can't complain since your driver and 2 out of 4 drivers of mine don't work ;)22:39
mario_limoncielltseliot, well the nice thing about the way this is architected though; in the event that nvidia doesn't rev their driver by the time intrepid goes live (which would be very unfortunate), then these can easily be added into intrepid-updates via an SRU22:41
mario_limonciellwould just need to zero out the modaliases file for release, and then the SRU'ed one would contain valid modaliases22:41
tseliotmario_limonciell: that wouldn't be necessary since those 2 drivers are legacy drivers and I doubt that their lists of pci-ids will change anytime soon22:43
tseliotan SRU would be enough22:43
mario_limoncielltseliot, yeah but you don't want to have a broken driver offered in the first place22:43
mario_limonciellso that's why you would want those modaliases zero'ed out until it was fixed22:43
tseliotmario_limonciell: ah, I misread your message22:44
mario_limoncielltseliot, and same thing goes for fglrx too22:44
tseliotmario_limonciell: let's wait and see. There's still time22:45
tseliotgood night everybody22:45
mario_limonciellnight tseliot22:46
tseliotit's 23:46 here22:46
sorenslangasek: What is "the pervasive usplash problem" actually? I haven't really followed that.22:52
slangaseksoren: usplash was pervasively broken because of a theme incompatibility, now it's not22:52
slangasek(it may still be broken for other reasons, We Shall See)22:52
sorenOh, so "disabled for respin" just means that spinning them was(/is) deferred for a bit and not completely cancelled for this alpha release then?22:54
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jdstrandhmm... php5 in intrepid won't build in my intrepid schroot22:59
slangasekok, who broke language-support-writing-en / myspell-en-au?22:59
jdstrandconfigure: error: cannot run /bin/bash ../config.sub23:00
slangaseksommer: https://code.launchpad.net/~vorlon/ubuntu-doc/ubuntu-intrepid for a few minor mergeable fixes23:00
jdstrandkees: would you mind doing a quick build of php5 in an intrepid schroot? ^^23:03
slangasekArneGoetje: was there a milestone-critical reason for revving language-support-writing-en the day before during the freeze?  It's now uninstallable because myspell-en-au is in universe...23:04
ArneGoetjeslangasek: pitti did that...23:06
slangasekpitti: gar23:06
slangasekpitti: you were asking me about shoving in jockey, when you should've been asking me about this :)23:06
slangasekwell, it's just an override23:07
slangasekso, fixed in the next pulse :/23:07
slangasek(assuming it doesn't conflict with something else \o/)23:07
keesjdstrand: giving it a shot, one sec23:07
jdstrandkees: thanks-- if it actually starts compiling stuff, you can kill it23:08
keesjdstrand: oh, does it fail out immediately?23:08
jdstrandkees: early in the configure phase, yeah23:09
jdstrandfakeroot debian/rules configure23:09
jdstrandkees: that's enough ^^23:09
keeshrm, my schroot is slightly behind, one sec23:11
jdstrandkees: that might be a good thing!23:11
kirklandmario_limonciell: hi, are you there?23:11
mario_limonciellhi kirkland23:11
kirklandmario_limonciell: bluez-utils question for ya23:12
kirkland    - debian/rules:23:12
kirkland      * Turn off hidd, dund, and pand to try the plugins again.23:12
kirkland        If bug #191704 or #192043 crop up again, feel free to re-enable23:12
kirkland        these.23:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 191704 in bluez-utils "hidd binary removed form bluez-utils package unable to connect as a result" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19170423:12
* jdstrand wonders if it's the recent autoconf update23:12
kirklandmario_limonciell: no more dund in Intrepid...  what are these plugins you speak of?23:12
mario_limonciellwell that wasn't me that did that was it?23:13
mario_limoncielli had done a more recent merge however23:13
kirklandmario_limonciell: well, that's a not in your last merge23:13
kirklandmario_limonciell: perhaps you copied it from elsewhere23:13
mario_limonciellkirkland, let me check something.23:13
kirklandmario_limonciell: k23:13
mario_limonciellare you having trouble without the existance of dund then i take it right now?23:13
mario_limonciellkirkland, ah yeah i remember now.  so the deal was that upstream wanted to migrate people to the new plugin interface23:14
mario_limonciellso you are looking for the bluez-network package23:15
* kirkland goes check23:15
kirklandmario_limonciell: okay, i've got that, but the only binary in that is /usr/lib/bluetooth/plugins/libnetwork.so23:17
kirklandmario_limonciell: what provides the dund functionality now?23:17
kirklandthe documentation on this is sadly lacking23:17
mario_limonciellkirkland, so when you install that package, you should get a plugin interface from the bluez applet23:17
keesjdstrand: configure: error: cannot run /bin/bash ../config.sub23:19
jdstrandkees: ok, I'll try to track that down later-- thanks for confirming23:19
mario_limonciellkirkland, let me see if i've got any intrepid boxen sitting around with bluetooth that i can see myself23:21
kirklandmario_limonciell: on completely a different note, we just got hit with a band of the hurricane winds/rains at my house :-)23:24
mario_limonciellkirkland, oh no.  no damage i hope right?23:25
mario_limoncielli didnt expect much effects  this far up north23:25
kirklandmario_limonciell: nah, nothing like that...  the sky just turned black :-)23:25
kirklandmario_limonciell: not hurricane force winds23:25
mario_limonciellah okay good23:25
kirklandmario_limonciell: i suspect the bluetooth thing is probably just a matter of documenting the new methods23:26
kirklandmario_limonciell: there's a number of Ubuntu wiki (and 3rd party) webpages that give instructions on tethering and syncing and surfing the internet over bluetooth devices, all of which talk about dund/pand/hidd23:27
mario_limonciellkirkland, oh i can teach you how to do that on sprint without dund via bluetooth23:28
mario_limonciellbut i think there is a genuine Bug here, because i installed bluez-network and don't see it in the list of services on my intrepid box with bluetooth23:28
kirklandmario_limonciell: nice... i'd like to know.  i've been using dund over sprint and several Treos since FC3 and Dapper23:29
mario_limoncielloh there we go, had to restart the bluetooth service23:29
mario_limonciellits now in my services23:29
mario_limonciellkirkland, -> /msg23:29
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pwnguincan we just put a bounty on thunderbird and evolution to fix up text analysis and quoting to handle threading either way?23:40
pwnguinbeacuse im a bit tired of the threads about the subject when there really isnt a community consensus23:41

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