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duncan-nzanyone watching?08:56
duncan-nzcould you review a wiki page a bit for me? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundVideoDefault08:58
duncan-nzjust some feedback.08:58
coolbhaviYou can add a link to restricted formats in case of extra codecs installation I think09:00
coolbhavifor newbies it ll be more comprehensive also I think09:01
duncan-nzYou don't think that Hardy handles this without needing explanation? I suppose we could add a link under 'see also'. Do you have a link handy? Preferably from the official docs.09:02
coolbhaviyes but a lot of questions are there in LP in hardy multimedia09:03
duncan-nzI suppose many people are just not used to dealing with codecs. Do you have a link?09:04
duncan-nzI think I'd go for the two official pages linked from there. https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/musicvideophotos/C/codecs.html and https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html#video-badformats ok?09:08
duncan-nzDo you feel like adding those links, I'm dashing around the wiki like a madman just now.09:08
coolbhaviyes just edit the totem part and add https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html#video-badformats as playing proprietary formats09:12
coolbhaviand dont forget to edit rythmbox and sound recorder mate...:) Nice work...:)09:14
duncan-nz.. don't have time, I'm just trying to set the layout so that when there is time people will do it consistently.09:17
duncan-nzWhat do you think of the whole 'Applications Guide' from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Applications09:17
coolbhaviLooks fine to me09:22
coolbhavirecommended apps need updating09:23
coolbhavilike for mp3 podcats and ipod mounting amarok is the favourite of many I think09:33
duncan-nzlots of things need updating, that's not what I'm tring to achieve. I'm trying to establish a structure so people can find things in the same (hopefully logical) way that the Main Menu works. Of course you're right though.09:51
duncan-nzanyone watching?10:23
duncan-nzwiki question comming10:23
HellowI wish to create a page in the troubleshooting area on how to get help when none of the other pages work19:45
Hellowunless that has already been done19:46
Hellowhow should i go about doing it?19:47
FlannelHellow: what do you mean?19:52
HellowOld_Soldier is helping me19:53
Old_SoldierFlannel he's talking about wiki pages , i'll walk him through making sure he doesn't duplicate effort19:54
FlannelOld_Soldier: No, I know.  Just wasn't sure what sort of "how do I do it" help he was asking (creating the page, creating the content, something else, etc)19:55
Hellowi found a page on my topic, and i added onto it19:56
duncan-nzI'm not working on it at the moment but since some people are watching I'd like to draw attention to a project I'm trying to start on the wiki. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Applications/ProjectHome19:56
Alan_MFlannel I got confused myself, we were trying to make a team effort on it and i was just like stumped :)19:57
duncan-nzHellow, but are there useful links to it in useful places?19:57
Hellowi was suggesting making a "How to get additional help" sort of page in troubleshooting in the community docs, but i found a very similar page on the front page, so i added how to get help via irc19:58
Hellowfront page of the community docs19:59
Hellownice idea duncan-nz, and i would like to help19:59
duncan-nzgreat, just add a link to your userpage and subscribe to the page and say what you think.20:00
Hellowhmm, i have not created a userpage on the docs yet, can i just link to my wiki?20:03
Hellowmy wiki is the most descriptive page about me20:03
duncan-nzbut you have a user name, use that20:05
duncan-nzif it's not a wikiWord put it in square brackets20:06
Hellowright now i am working on going through the pages and cleaning up a few mistakes i found20:06
duncan-nzum, okay, cool20:07
Hellowlike Tee Wars is not teewars anymore, the name was copyrighted by someone else, so they are Teeworlds now20:07
Hellowhow do i make my name a link?20:08
Hellowo, and i am adding a ToC to the front page20:12
Hellowhow do i add a new page to the community docs?20:25
Hellowi want to do it for duncan20:25
duncan-nza new page where, on the wiki?20:26
Hellowfor discussion20:27
duncan-nzJust type a WikiWord and then follow that link. But if you're quite new to the wiki it might be best if you stick to editing existing pages for a while. It's easy to accidentally duplicate effort.20:27
duncan-nzin this case you might type OpenDiscussion, preview the page, if it's right then save. Then follow the link.20:29

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