stgraberubiquity doesn't work in alpha-3 candidate :(10:36
davmor2help please intrepid A3 testing in progress and ubquity fails at 87% but exits with no bug I've run ubiquity --debug where does it store it's debug files?10:36
stgraberdavmor2: /var/log/installer/debug ?10:38
stgrabernope, that's /var/log/debug, the interesting one is /var/log/installer/debug10:43
stgraberyeah, I have a nice crash :)10:47
davmor2stgraber: try http://www.davmor2.co.uk/ubiq-debug.txt10:51
stgraberI have the same, I'm opening a bug on LP10:52
davmor2are you going to add your copy of the file?10:52
stgraberdavmor2: bug 25108910:55
stgraberdavmor2: please confirm10:55
CIA-12ubiquity: cjwatson * r2724 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs):12:26
CIA-12ubiquity: Preseed netcfg/dhcp_ntp_servers from install component rather than12:26
CIA-12ubiquity: clock-setup, since the latter doesn't have debconf database access at12:26
CIA-12ubiquity: the right time (LP: #251089).12:26
mons88Please help , am i able to pose a question re. successful net install but keyboard issue as described here, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81839012:32
cjwatsonconsole-setup/layoutcode should be en not en_US12:35
cjwatsonI've no idea whether that's actually your problem - I'm off sick today, but would be happy to help tomorrow if I'm better then12:36
cjwatsonconsole-common is completely wrong in modern Ubuntu12:36
cjwatsonwe don't support it any more12:36
cjwatsonoh, er, console-setup/layoutcode should be us, not en or en_US :-)12:37
cjwatsonen_US isn't a defined keyboard name so goodness only knows what you'll get12:37
mons88okay thanks alot for the response, I'll try 'us' again tomorrow, this post mentions it worked for hardy, actually I'm sure I tried us originally12:40
cjwatsonif you got 'd-i console-setup/layoutcode string en_US' from some documentation, I'd like to know where that documentation is so that it can be hit over the head^W^W^W^Wfixed12:41
CIA-12ubiquity: jriddell * r2725 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/language.py):12:42
CIA-12ubiquity: * language.py: Change string to unicode, fixes crash when using KDE12:42
CIA-12ubiquity:  frontend, closes LP: #25109712:42
mons88actually as per that post, I'm using 'd-i console-setup/layoutcode string us'12:43
cjwatsonare you kai4785?12:44
cjwatsonanyway, sorry, I'm going back to bed, check back tomorrow and I can try to help you12:45
mons88No, he successfully got around this using kickseed, I tried using a ks.cfg12:45
mons88no worries , thanks12:45
CIA-12ubiquity: jriddell * r2726 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py): kde_ui.py: comment out dcop code13:33
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2727 ubiquity/ (18 files in 8 dirs): Bump to 1.9.515:32
CIA-12ubiquity: jriddell * r2728 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/kde_ui.py): add set_hostname method17:27
CIA-12ubiquity: jriddell * r2729 trunk/ (bin/ubiquity-wrapper debian/changelog): temporarily force sudo until we work out why kdesudo stops it passin partitioning stage, bug 25120317:33
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2730 ubiquity/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):17:48
CIA-12ubiquity: Automatic update of included source packages: user-setup17:48
CIA-12ubiquity: 1.20ubuntu3.17:48
CIA-12oem-config: cjwatson * r489 oem-config/ (44 files in 10 dirs): Upgrade to current autotools in Intrepid, including libtool 2.2.17:48
CIA-12oem-config: cjwatson * r490 oem-config/ (configure configure.ac): bump to 1.4317:51
CIA-12oem-config: cjwatson * r491 oem-config/lib/components/language.py: port Jonathan's language component fix from ubiquity r272517:52
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2731 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.9.518:01
mdzevand: did you happen to read my install test report on -devel@?18:04
evandmdz: reading now18:04
mdzevand: there's a ubiquity bug in there which was fatal but doesn't look too complex18:05
mdzevand: but at the moment I'm working on the kernel issue.  I'm able to reproduce it18:05
mdz2 out of 2 attempts, the system hangs during the final stages of ubiquity18:05
mdzI'm trying to narrow it down to a more useful test case18:06
mdzand am wondering if you have any guesses about what might be triggering it18:06
mdzit looks vaguely aufs related so far18:06
mdzI'm trying to get a trace now, but it takes forever to use the install process as a test case, which is why I want to narrow it down18:06
mdzcan you think of anything interesting that ubiquity does with the aufs filesystem toward the end (after the copy is finished)?18:08
mdzit might be when it's copying the installation logs18:08
mdzbut they don't make it across to the target, so I don't have much to go on18:08
evandit hard locks?18:09
evandI don't suppose you have a serial cable or vmware (not sure how to create that setup in kvm)?18:09
mdzevand: it's a laptop, so no serial18:11
mdzI can't even get intrepid's kvm to boot the iso at the moment18:11
mdzevand: I'm trying it with a klogd running in /target to try to capture the crash18:11
mdzbut this takes forever with such a long test case18:12
mdzevand: can you give me a log from a successful installation with current ubiquity, so I can see which steps come after the point where it hangs for me?18:13
evandmdz: Sure, but bare with me for a few moments as I'll have to set up vmware to do it (kvm is failing for me with the intrepid kernel).18:14
mdzevand: even a hardy one would do if you have one handy18:15
evandah, will do18:15
mdzevand: also, I noticed (as noted in the report) that apport didn't trigger when ubiquity crashed.  do you know why that is?18:24
evandoffhand no, but I've made a note to look into it18:25
mdzevand: the crash is happening when dpkg is running, removing packages18:32
mdzI've got a digital photo of the call trace now18:32
evandhttp://evalicious.com/tmp/syslog-8.04-20080723.txt curiously enough, the debug log didn't get copied over.  That or I mistyped 'debug-ubiquity'.19:08
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2732 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): Bump to 1.9.619:09
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2733 ubiquity/debian/ (changelog control): Add a dependency on intltool to fix a build failure.19:09
evandhrm, that was a mistake.19:13
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2734 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.9.620:09
evandI'll fix that up after the alpha is out the door.  I didn't want to hold it up any longer.20:09
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2735 ubiquity/ (configure configure.ac): Bump to 1.9.720:36
CIA-12ubiquity: evand * r2736 ubiquity/ (5 files in 3 dirs):20:48
CIA-12ubiquity: Properly fix intltool dependency. Remove old copies of intltool20:48
CIA-12ubiquity: scripts.20:48
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