Jokihello guys00:45
Jokii am a newbie with ubuntu00:45
Jokii did something now i dont see options on the right hand side of my firefox for it to be closed minimized etc00:46
Jokiand thats for every window thats open00:46
Jokii can move them with alt00:46
Jokibut there are no options on the right top corner for it to be closed00:46
Jokican anyone help please?00:46
jmarsdenJoki: That doesn't sound like a Ubuntu Java packaging issue.  Try /join #Ubuntu and ask in there?00:47
Jokii searched for ubuntu chat00:48
Jokihow do i join /join ubuntu00:48
jmarsdenJoki: in most IRC clients you type in  /join #Ubuntu to join the #Ubuntu channel -- does that not work for you?00:54
cody-somervillejmarsden, I guess he figured out /part00:54
jmarsdenOK :-)00:54
jmarsdencody-somerville: I have a question/issue for you sometime when I am at home (am at work now) re getting rid of old config.sub/config.guess in an updated package of koverartist.  There's a debdiff attached to the bug but it has lintian errors still.00:56
jmarsdenbug #236140 .I'll be home in maybe 90 minutes or so.00:57
jmarsdencody-somerville: OK, can you take a look at my koverartist debdiff and help figure out why it doesn't really get rid of the old config.{sub,gues} files please?02:36
jmarsdencody-somerville: ping?02:43
cody-somervillejmarsden, link?02:44
jmarsdenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/koverartist/+bug/236140 is the bug #236140 link02:44
* persia notes that koverartist is not Java, and suggests #ubuntu-motu02:52
jmarsdenFIne with me.  staying here keeps this one separate from the copyright/etc discussion over there.02:53
persiaYeah, but the audience is sufficiently different to be confusing.02:53
Vamkiiranyone around? :)23:40
VamkiirI had a question about the Scanner class.23:55
VamkiirNot actual java syntax or anything.23:56
cody-somervilleIs it a packaging question? ;]23:56
Vamkiirwell see I am not quite sure.23:57
VamkiirIt is a compiler error, and I think it has to do with what version of java I am using23:58
cody-somervillewhat happens when you try it with a different version?23:58
Vamkiirwell, I am currently using build

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