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meoblast001if anyone is here i have to say something funny21:21
meoblast001my friend wants to install ubuntu21:21
meoblast001but its his mom's computer21:21
jonpackardlet's here it friend :)21:21
meoblast001and his mom said "do you think ur gonna learn it so u know it in the future. no ones even heard of it"21:21
jonpackarder hear lol21:21
meoblast001i said i would tell the hundreds ubuntu users on the various ubuntu channels that21:22
jonpackardCurrent ubuntu counter users: 2312121:23
jonpackardregistered linux counter users: 13600521:23
jonpackardnobody indeed =D21:23
meoblast001jonpackard: thats not a lot of ppl21:28
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jonpackard´╗┐meoblast001: keep in mind not every user is registered ;-)21:44
jonpackardgotta catch a bus.. see ya later ´╗┐meoblast001 :)21:45

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