persianalioth: Thanks.01:37
kevinOhello, is there a image i can download that will install on my pc?03:58
kevinOi see mccaslin and menlow but id do not see one for just normal pc03:59
cody-somervilleYou can run it in Xephyr04:02
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kevinOi cant run it in xorg?04:11
kevinOcsomerville-ume, i have hardy installed, i just installed ubuntu-mobile so how do i set ubuntu mobile to start instead of gnome04:14
csomerville-umeI installed it in a chroot myself.04:16
kevinOi dont know what that means04:19
kevinOi just want to try it out04:20
csomerville-umeSorry, I'm preparing for bed.04:23
csomerville-umeBut lots of helpful information can be found here at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded04:24
kevinOhow do i make hildon-desktop the deafult desktop? or is that the wrong way to do it04:31
BenLauDCkevinO : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4093600&postcount=604:45
frenzy42can you install the mobile ubuntu on any device?07:18
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burn_hi guys, can i install UBuntu Mobile on my o2 xda stealth?12:52
DNi2is ume a real image now ? 14:07
DNi2i mean with installer , possibility of making dual-boot durring install14:08
DNi2and others things...14:08
DNi2another question, is there a difference with ubuntu netbook-remix ?14:08
guruzhello folks.16:48
guruzIs there any ETA when the netbook remix will come out/16:50
guruzI know, I could install now.. but I'd prefer to wait until all rough edges are gone16:50
persiaguruz: How do you mean?  While I'm not deeply familiar with the netbook remix, I thought it was released with the announcement some time ago.17:02
swirvguruz the acer aspire one, which I also have a few of, are almost identical to the wind... smaller screen and 1.8" hdd or sdd17:03
swirvI think the wireless card in the one will work better than the Wind.17:03
swirvthen netbook remix is just a handfull of packages that you install ..17:04
swirvBe sure you turn off desktop effects before you install the packages.. 17:04
swirvYou do not need/want compiz running with the netbook GUI.17:05
whadarcan I test the remix on a normal PC?17:20
whadarI want to check out hildon GUI17:20
persiawhadar: I don't think netbook remix uses hildon.17:20
persiaIf you want to look at hildon, I suggest using the mccaslin image for ubuntu-mobile (URL in the /topic).17:21
persiaThat ought to work (mostly) on many normal PCs, although it will reinstall.17:21
persiaThe more common choice is to try the interface in a VM, for which the KVM image (at the same URL) is likely the best choice.17:22
whadarso other than being compatible with these laptops hardware, what makes the remix image different than plain ubuntu?17:23
whadarI thought it uses some special gui17:23
persiawhadar: I'm not very familiar with the remix, but it does have some GUI changes, but it's only four packages.  Ubuntu Mobile is a mostly different set of packages, and has a completely different interface.17:31
GrueMasterI'm trying to track an ALSA power issue, and noticed that the core of the sound drivers are built into the kernel.  Is there a reason for this?  They should be loaded as modules, so that they can be reloaded with debugging info compiled in.18:39
persiaGrueMaster: Most of the modules were compiled into the kernel just before the hardy release to reduce boot times.18:41
GrueMasterhmmm.  I don't see alsa providing much gain there, but ok.18:42
persiaIt's not alsa specifically, it was to skip the modprobe delay when parsing modules.dep, etc.18:43
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loolGrueMaster: Actually alsa modules are numerous and interdepedent; for some reason modprove is slow, and serializes loads; with the modules in kernel, 21:00
loolmodule init is much faster21:01
GrueMasterWell, there are some issues with the version of alsa that is built in, namely that the audio codec never sleeps.  21:01
GrueMasterI'm trying to debug it, but I guess I'll need to rebuild the kernel first.21:01
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ajehalsJust looking at the Ubuntu MIB pages at present, wondered if there is any chance that older devices that are currently well supported under linux (like the some of the Ipaq's) are likley to see support in the future (I know its ARM) or if anyone is quietly working on it atm, I have a few Ipaqs currently running Gentoo and would like to play with this at some point...22:23

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