asacJazzva: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jazzva/firefox-extensions/firefox-sage.ubuntu ... please fix the INSTALLDIR variable to not use firefox (e.g. just firefox-addons) if you remove the firefox-2 from depends09:28
asacJazzva: everything else is uploaded09:28
asacJazzva: also please open a bug for that against firefox-extensions, document it in changelog and link the branch to it ;)09:28
asacJazzva: another nifty thing: please always add firefox-extensions project for all bugs :)09:29
asacbetter to track our work in a single place (e.g. like bug fixed, packages uploaded) ... another argument is that i actually read those bugs ;)09:29
asaci explicitly opted-in to get them not to /dev/null ... if they are filed against firefox-extensions ;)09:29
asachi XioNoX09:29
asachi gnomefreak09:30
gnomefreakasac: hi.09:31
gnomefreakasac: can you take a look at bug 194970 it seems all patches are there but it is still at triaged, the whole bug is a bit long for me this early in morning to go through.09:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 194970 in firefox-3.0 "[Hardy] Incorrect .desktop files" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19497009:32
XioNoXasac, the searchbar appear normaly09:37
asacJazzva: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/16248228/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.foxyproxy_2.7.5-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz09:44
asacXioNoX: looks good ;)09:44
asacXioNoX: next thing you want to do is to open that addons dialog with that tab preselected when the user pushes the "Install Missing Plugins ..." button in the notification box09:45
asacor the puzzle piece09:45
asac(guess you remember that from your work on ubufox)09:45
gnomefreakoh this meeting is gonna be fun for all :(09:46
XioNoXI have to modify the ubufox extention09:46
asacXioNoX: nope09:46
asacXioNoX: thats all inside firefox09:46
asacwe are not working on ubufox right now09:46
asacon ffox 3.1 :)09:46
XioNoXdo you know which source file control the "puzzle piece" or the notification bar ?09:48
asacXioNoX: the puzzle piece is in the nullplugin09:50
XioNoXasac, this one : src/modules/plugin/samples/default/unix/nullplugin.c ?09:52
asaci think so, yes.09:54
asacthats another place09:56
gnomefreakasac: is Fabian Rodriguez the Ubuntu developer (cant think of his nick atm)09:58
gnomefreaki believe ubuntu-core-dev to be more accurate09:59
* gnomefreak thinks next CC meeting is going to be a circus of people bitching, i invite anyone that wants a laugh please join us10:00
gnomefreakmorning jussi0110:00
* asac moves irssi window to meeting ;)10:01
asacgnomefreak: magicfab10:01
asacgnomefreak: i think he is not a ubuntu core dev10:01
asache is canonical employee for support10:01
asacok ... i am off for some food and then seeing the doctor for some basic checks :/10:01
gnomefreakah ok than i think i know who it is. but its not fabian that owns ubuntulog10:02
jussi01gday gnomefreak10:02
asacgnomefreak: there is nothing going on on -meeting right now10:02
gnomefreakasac: good eats to ya :)10:02
gnomefreakasac: august 5th10:02
gnomefreakits about planet posts10:02
asacXioNoX: ./modules/plugin/default/unix/nullplugin.c10:04
XioNoX src/modules/plugin/samples/default/unix/nullplugin.c10:05
XioNoXi don't have ./modules/plugin/default10:05
asacyeajh .... probably gets copied there during build10:05
asacXioNoX: the notification ares is implemented in browser.js10:06
asacsearch for missingpluginsMessage.button.label10:06
asacok PluginNotFound event is triggered by http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/mozapps/plugins/content/missingPlugin.xml10:08
asacand http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/content/base/src/nsObjectLoadingContent.cpp10:10
asacwhat happens is most implemented in browser.js. so try to start there ;)10:10
XioNoXi'll try to understand this code10:11
asacXioNoX: yeah. read around10:11
gnomefreakanyone recall the flash bug that flash is hiding menus?10:18
gnomefreakasac: you ate already?10:18
asacgnomefreak: nope ... going directly to doctor right now10:24
gnomefreakgood luck10:25
saivannasac : Concerning bug 19497010:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 194970 in mozilla-thunderbird "[Hardy] Incorrect .desktop files" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19497010:28
saivannasac : You said "Saivann, maybe consider to propose your branches for merging to the branches you feel they should end up in.", do you need me to do it with the current branches?10:28
gnomefreaksaivann: i already brought hat up10:28
gnomefreaksaivann: hes gone for a while10:29
saivanngnomefreak : Oh sorry, thanks10:29
gnomefreaki think he means open your branches LP page and click on merge and merge them with mozillateam branches? im guessing since he had me do that with one or two not to long alog10:30
saivanngnomefreak : When you say, he's gone for a while, do you mean many days or many months10:30
gnomefreaksaivann: a few hours10:31
saivanngnomefreak : Oh, sounds better :)10:31
saivanngnomefreak : Ok, I'll do it during the next day, thanks10:31
gnomefreaksaivann: make sure that is what he wants first10:32
saivanngnomefreak : Ok, I will speak to him tomorrow then10:33
* saivann is away10:33
gnomefreakok im still suffering from headache from the damn frying pan & dinner being thrown at me ill be back a bit later10:46
gnomefreak/win 1310:59
asacsaivann: not if you want them to get into the "head packages" aka intrepid11:29
asacif you want them to go into .hardy or .gutsy just indicate that by asking for merging through launchpad for that.11:29
* asac reboots ... testing latest kernel11:34
XioNoXi've try many solutions for showing the get addon tab11:53
XioNoXbut they dont work :(11:53
asacXioNoX: so did you manage to open the addons dialog?12:00
XioNoXnot really12:01
XioNoXyes yes12:01
XioNoXi can open the addon dialog12:01
XioNoXbut not showing the good tab12:02
XioNoXand only from the notification bar12:02
asacXioNoX: thats a good start at least ;)12:02
asacXioNoX: i think you have to do it like "activating radio buttons"12:02
asacafaict the tabs are radio buttons ;)12:02
* asac has issues with ssh-agent12:07
asacrestarting X12:07
XioNoXasac, when we click on the button in the notification bar, it call the function pluginsMissing() witch call the xul file : chrome://mozapps/content/extensions/extensions.xul12:13
XioNoXso the extensions.js file should detect if he is call by a missing plugin message or by the "normal" menu12:15
XioNoXso i've think about passing arguments12:15
XioNoXbut i don't know why, this don't work12:16
asacXioNoX: the idea is to remove all current use of extensions.js and such12:16
asacpluginsMissing function should open the addons dialog and select the "Get Plugins" tab for now12:17
asacoh sorry ;)12:18
asaci missed the point :)12:18
asaci somehow mismatched the extensions with pluginFinder... :)12:18
asacsorry for that12:18
asacXioNoX: the idea is right12:19
XioNoXanother point, it that there are normally 2 arguments passed to the pluginInstallerWizard.xul window, a browser variable and a tabbrowser.selectedBrowser.missingPlugins12:19
XioNoXGet addon have to get these 2 variables ?12:21
XioNoXthe fact is that i don't know how to open the get addon dialog :/12:21
asacXioNoX: look in Startup12:26
asacfunction in extensions.js12:27
asacthere you see the code that processes the arguments12:27
asac(a bit further down in the function)12:27
asacXioNoX: we want something similar to updates-only12:28
asace.g. plugin-by-mime12:28
asacso: argument[0]="plugin-by-mime"12:29
asac(or whatever is passed atm to pfs12:29
asacthe updates-only code then hides some elements and showView on its own panel12:30
asacwe want to do the same12:30
asacjust that our plugin-wizard panel is displayed ;)12:30
asacmakes sense?12:31
XioNoXso, i add an argument, or i replace one ?12:31
asacXioNoX: ?12:31
asachuh? just take care that you open that window with the three arguments above ;)12:31
XioNoXfor the moment, the pluginsMissing() function open the extensions.xml with 2 arguments : {plugins: missingPluginsArray, browser: tabbrowser.selectedBrowser}12:32
XioNoXvar tabbrowser = getBrowser();12:33
XioNoX  var missingPluginsArray = tabbrowser.selectedBrowser.missingPlugins;12:33
XioNoXso, i add another argument to tell the extension.xml/js that I want to open the get addon tab12:34
gnomefreakasac: saivann was looking for you about your post to the .desktop file bug12:35
asacgnomefreak: i think i answered that already12:40
gnomefreaksomething is wrong here12:40
gnomefreakasac: about what you meant with the merge comment12:40
asacXioNoX: you have to pass a command (string) as first argument12:40
gnomefreakhe wanted to know what you meant12:40
asace.g. "install-mime-plugins"12:40
asac(i said plugin-by-mime for the same thing above)12:40
asacadd that as the 0-argument12:41
gnomefreakasac: i just grabbed bzr branch for mozilla-devscripts and it no longer has the option to grab tarball it looks like its extensions only12:41
asacgnomefreak: the only things that are still provided for tarball are .mk files12:42
gnomefreakasac: where?12:42
asaci agree that we might want a convenient wrapper12:42
gnomefreakthey are not in mozilla-devscripts12:42
asacgnomefreak: build a package, install it12:42
asaclook at dpkg -L mozilla-devscripts12:42
asacXioNoX: got it?12:43
gnomefreak/usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/mozclient i guess is what i want ;)12:43
asacXioNoX: look for the code i mentioned above to find the right place12:43
asacto add your special logic ;)12:43
gnomefreakcant remember command to read .gz files without unpacking them anyone know it off hand12:47
asacgnomefreak: gunzip -c FILE.gz .... will dump it to stdout12:47
gnomefreakoh gunzip12:47
asacgunzip -c FILE.gz | less12:47
asacallows you to read it ;)12:48
XioNoXasac, it is working12:49
asacXioNoX: see ;)12:49
XioNoXnow i have to find where is the puzzle piece thing12:49
asacXioNoX: search for where the pluginFinderWizard was opened ;)12:50
asacthe .xul file12:50
asacyou probably should be able to search for it in full source ;)12:50
XioNoXin witch file ?12:50
asacXioNoX: that is what you have to find ;)12:51
asacshould be simple to find where the old finder wizard was opened12:51
asacyou can use that too :)12:52
asacbut not when you are on a flight12:52
asacusually you cannot access internet when you are on a trans-atlantic flight ;)12:53
asacok away for 30 min12:54
XioNoXJust have to get a long RJ cable12:54
XioNoXFound 6 matching lines in 3 files12:54
XioNoXok away for 30 min12:54
gnomefreakwhat is wrong with my date and time? DEBIAN_DATE=20082107t0753 cvs says it cant parse it i know what parse means but that is the format for date and time :(12:57
gnomefreakim fairly sure its year/day/month12:57
gnomefreakmake -f /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/thunderbird-3.0.mk get-orig-source DEBIAN_DATE=20082107t0753  is the full command and the full error is at http://pastebin.mozilla.org/497726  what is the problem with date and time :(13:01
bripedHello. Is this the place to ask about Thunderbird related problems?13:02
gnomefreakbriped: yep13:08
gnomefreakdepends on the problem13:08
gnomefreakbut lets see what you got13:08
gnomefreakah it was backwards13:10
* gnomefreak really needs more memory13:13
ubottufreenode is the IRC network that you're on! See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml13:15
ubottugnomefreak: gnomefreak13:16
gnomefreakgood :)13:16
gnomefreakbriped: do you still have a question?13:16
gnomefreakok well im off for a while just wanted to get tbird started13:18
bripedgnomefreak: yes, I do. It's regarding mozilla thunderbird and migrating from outlook. I can import all my old mails, but for some reason the address book won't come along.13:38
bripedsorry, had to go afk. I'm lookign after my shop while setting up a new ubuntu installation.13:39
bripedLet me give you a brief rundown on what I've done. While I still had my old xp installation with outlook, I installed thunderbird, and imported from outlook. I copied the relevant tbird folder ( profiles) to an external HD, and made a fresh dual boot installation xp/ubuntu 8.04). Installed tbird, deleted the profiles folder from home and replaced it with my copy.13:48
bripedI have tried this several times to varying degrees. Either replacing the complete profiles folder, or the subfolders. When I replace the complete profile folder  and reopen fbird, I get an error msg saying that a copy of tbird is still running, and to reboot. Rebooting doesn't change anything. If I replace subfolders and files I get the old mails, but not the address book.13:53
Jazzvaasac, I'm confused with that error in foxyproxy build report13:56
JazzvaI am testing it again, and it's building13:56
asacJazzva: do a fresh bzr checkout13:59
asacand see13:59
bripedI have searched ubuntuforums.org, but not found anything that addresses my problem.14:01
Jazzvaasac, done... both from mine and ~ubuntu-dev's branches... They're all building :/14:05
Jazzvain intrepid chroot14:06
Jazzvathough I've noticed I might drop ant build-dep... but that's not making this problem14:06
asacbriped: try to start the profile manager and explicitly setup a new profile14:07
asacyou should be able to select a folder there14:07
XioNoXasac, done14:07
asacanyway, dual boot on the same folder is kind of scary ;)14:07
asacyour own risk :-D14:07
asacXioNoX: everything?14:07
bripedasac: I did that before replacing the new profile folder with my copy.14:07
XioNoXit depend of what you call everything14:08
Jazzvaasac, I have also checked med-xpi-pack I put inside foxyproxy and ctxextensions, they're both the same..14:08
XioNoXbut the get addon dialog show everytime14:08
asacbriped: find $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird | grep lock$14:08
asacrun that on a terminal14:08
asacfurther run:14:08
asacps -eaf | grep thunderbird14:08
asacpaste both results14:08
XioNoXif we clic on the puzzle piece or in the notification bar14:08
asacXioNoX: my question was ironic, because you just said: "i am done" ;) ... without specifying what works now14:09
asacJazzva: ah14:09
asacJazzva: you need to chmod a+x debian/med*14:09
XioNoXI know, the "done" was for fun too14:10
asacor use sh debian/med*14:10
Jazzvaasac, I do?14:10
asacJazzva: i guess you didnt include it in orig.tar.gz?14:10
bripedasac: pasted $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird | grep lock$ into terminal, but got no such file or directory. Pls. bear with me. I'm still new.14:10
asacJazzva: build system will just apply diff.gz and chmod a+x debian/rules14:10
Jazzvaasac, aaah...14:10
asacso you definitly have to chmod during build14:10
Jazzvathat's how deb/rules get x flag...14:11
asacJazzva: i think dpkg-buildpackage ... dan debuild do that14:11
asacbriped: do exactly what i told you ;)14:11
Jazzvaok, i'll test with sh med-xpi14:11
asac15:08 < asac> briped: find $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird | grep lock$14:11
asacJazzva: did all builds fail?14:12
asacwhy did the others succeed?14:12
Jazzvabut I think in some of them I do chmod a+x deb/med-xpi deb/rules14:12
Jazzvabecause some of them ship some files as executables, then I remove x flags on all files, and put x flag on med-xpi and rules14:13
asaci really think we should get mozilla-devscripts up. we also need a backport of the med-xpi... part to the hardy and gutsy-backports mozilla-devscripts14:13
XioNoXasac, what should i do now ?14:13
Jazzvaasac, you might want to check med-xpi-{un,}pack... I think it has some bashisms...14:14
asacJazzva: try to run it wish posh ;)14:14
Jazzvasince sh med-xpi-pack fails, and bash med-xpi-pack doesn't14:14
asacor dash14:14
asacbut i think posh is the one that gives the ultimate posix feeling14:15
Jazzvaok, give me a sec to install posh14:15
Jazzvayep, it fails with posh14:16
asacand with dash?14:16
Jazzvayep... :)14:17
asacXioNoX: so where are we now?14:17
Jazzvaat this part: function usage() {, it reports unexpected (14:17
asacXioNoX: you can click either on install missing plugins or on the puzzle thing to open addons dialog14:18
asacwith "install plugins" preselected?14:18
bripedasac: Sorry, looked for $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird | grep lock$. Is | grep lock$ a file? It is not there.14:18
XioNoXGet plugin :o14:18
Jazzvai should correct those :)14:18
asacbriped: ok then you dont have a lock file :/14:18
asacwhich means that something else makes tbird choke when starting14:19
asacXioNoX: ok. you still get the extensions view i guess?14:19
bripedwhich presumably is bad lock (sorry, couldn't help it)14:19
XioNoXthe list of recomended extensions14:19
asacXioNoX: dump that. we only want the search thing and richlistbox14:19
asacin that we want to write a xul template to present the users with search results14:19
XioNoXi've let that for the moment to see how it work14:20
asacbased on rdf datasource14:20
bripedasac: ah, ok. is there anyway I can get this file? Any other remedy?14:20
asacfor now you can use a static rdf example file to code that14:20
XioNoXthe most difficult part ?14:20
asacXioNoX: what? the xul template?14:20
bripedasac: Sorry found it, but it says 'link broken'!14:20
asacXioNoX: all this is just the start ;) ... i try to give you small chunks until we reach the ultimate goal :)14:21
XioNoXthe rdf and the xpcom come here, no?14:21
asacXioNoX: for now xpcom is not needed14:21
XioNoXok cool14:21
asacwe just do rdf ....14:21
asacXioNoX: do you have liveheaders extension?14:21
XioNoXi'll try that14:22
Jazzvahmm... checkbashisms report use of echo, pushd, and popd as possible bashisms. damn... and pushd/popd were cool to use here :)14:22
asacXioNoX: ok. install that extension please14:22
asacthen record a session and do a ubufox search14:22
XioNoXok, another one14:22
asacyou need the url14:22
asacto get the static rdf file you want to use to code the UI against14:22
XioNoXLiveHTTPHeaders  ?14:22
asacJazzva: argh. push and pop are evil14:23
asacJazzva: you programmed too much assembler i guess ;)14:23
asacXioNoX: ok. record a session and run the ubufox plugin finder14:24
asacthere you will see the URL used to get the result rdf14:24
asacwhich you want to get using wget or something and save to a file so you can use that14:24
asacXioNoX: most likely you need to start ffox 3 to use ubufox ;)14:24
Jazzvaasac, I haven't... but.. they are useful sometimes :)14:25
Jazzvayep... that's why I used it. I had absolute path, and I wanted an easy way to return to start dir :)14:26
Jazzvahm, I guess I could set start dir in some var with pwd and than just cd to it later14:27
bripedasac: thanks.14:27
Jazzvaseems it works14:30
Jazzvais it ok if I use echo?14:31
XioNoXasac, this one : http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/cgi-bin/plugin-finder.py?mimetype=application%2Fx-shockwave-flash&appID={ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}&appVersion=2008071717&clientOS=Linux%20x86_64&chromeLocale=fr&distributionID=8.04 ?14:32
asacJazzva: for what?14:32
asacXioNoX: yes. wget that url14:32
asacand paste that to paste.ubuntu.com14:33
Jazzvaasac, in a script... for writing something as output14:33
asacso i can take a look14:33
asacJazzva: that should be ok14:35
Jazzvait reported the use of echo -e as possible bashism. I suppose I put -e because I wanted to get newline with \n, but it seems to work without -e too14:35
asacJazzva: i think echo -e is in posix:14:36
asacecho "read this" 1>&214:36
Jazzvaah... and 1>&2 is bash's operator, so that's why it's possible bashism14:38
asaci think 1>&2 is the stupid (non-bash) way14:38
asacat least if -e is really reported as bashism14:38
Jazzvaasac, ok14:39
asacXioNoX: yeah14:40
asacso save that file somewhere14:40
Jazzvaanyway, this should be good now, I'll push it later with med-xpi-unpack to mozilla-devscripts14:40
asacand write a template that displays the items in the get plugins view ;)14:40
asacthe "plugins" tab probably has something similar14:41
saivannasac : Ok, well no I suggest to merge my braches only with intrepid branches. This should not qualify for a SRU14:43
asacJazzva: tell me when i shall upload14:56
XioNoXasac, i don't understand how it works14:57
asacXioNoX: yeah ;)14:57
asaci dont expect to you understand that right now ;)14:57
asaci guess you need to excersize half a day14:57
asacXioNoX: (i guess template)?14:58
asacXioNoX: what is your problem?14:58
XioNoXi don't see how the xml file arrive in the js14:58
XioNoXor, how the javascript get the xml14:58
asacXioNoX: which xml?14:58
XioNoXfrom internet14:58
XioNoXthe rdf14:59
asacXioNoX: thats not an issue right now14:59
asacfor now you can just reference the absolute file path14:59
asactry to focus on understanding how to properly layout the result14:59
XioNoXwhere ?14:59
asacand not about how to get the results14:59
XioNoXit is not in the extensions.xml14:59
asacXioNoX: in the xul template you can specify a file as datasource14:59
XioNoXand i don't understant all the showView(aView) function15:00
XioNoXin the xul template there are just un little richlistbox15:01
Jazzvaasac, foxyproxy should be ok, at rev 1715:02
XioNoXeven in static, i don't see how to implement it15:02
asacXioNoX: yeah. its tricky for sure15:03
asacXioNoX: read updateView and createRule functions15:05
asacthey just create the xul template rules programmatically (from javascript instead of coding them in xul)15:05
asacfor that they expect a certain rdf datasource format ... which we probably dont have directly here ;)15:05
XioNoXin update view15:11
XioNoXthere are a loop, at each passage it add a new item in the list ?15:11
XioNoXlike a new extentions for exemple ?15:11
XioNoXby using create rule15:12
asacXioNoX: it adds a rule (not result item)15:12
asacfor each iteration15:12
XioNoXwhat is a rule exactly ?15:13
asacXioNoX: read the xul template tutorial?15:13
asacwhat page did you read?15:13
XioNoXBasics of XUL Templates15:15
XioNoX    * Introduction15:15
XioNoX    * Rule Compilation15:15
XioNoX RDF Template Syntax15:15
XioNoX    * Result Generation15:15
XioNoX    * RDF Query Syntax15:15
XioNoX    * Actions15:15
XioNoX    * Recursive Generation15:15
XioNoX    * Simple Example15:15
XioNoX    * Bindings15:15
XioNoX    * Additional Navigation15:15
XioNoX    * Filtering15:15
Jazzvaasac, bug 251156, branch is ok at rev1115:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251156 in firefox-sage "Please update firefox-sage to 1.4.2" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25115615:17
asacok relogin15:17
XioNoXwhen there are something like content.setAttribute("uri", "?uri");15:21
XioNoXthe ?url come from the rdf, no ?15:21
* gnomefreak hasnt used bzr in so long and didnt have any notes saved so i have to relearn as i go along15:26
gnomefreakJazzva: wasnt that pushed already? i thought i saw asac comment that it was ok or he was pushing or something on sage15:32
gnomefreakit was in my email this morning15:33
Jazzvagnomefreak, it's not pushed yet. I had to update something in the packaging first. To set not to install to firefox dir, since it's not compatible with Fx2 anymore15:33
Jazzvagnomefreak, maybe it was about livehttpheaders or ctxextensions...15:33
gnomefreakno it was sage15:33
Jazzvahmm... weird. I opened the bug report for update 10-20 minutes ago.15:34
gnomefreakwish thunderbird up+down scroll bar would start at the top of the box15:35
gnomefreaki see the one you filed im opening gmail to search since i save all email when i download to tbird15:40
gnomefreakah foxyproxy i think it was15:41
Jazzvaprobably :)15:42
gnomefreakguess im spending better part of today screwing with email in one way or another15:50
gnomefreakcleaning out over 12,000 emails from saved in gnomefreak at gmail plus the other 1053 in spam15:51
gnomefreakanyone use gmails interface much?15:57
gnomefreakim not sure how to make folders15:59
Jazzvahave to go now... see you later in the evening16:05
gnomefreakyay only 10976 left to go through :(16:06
gnomefreaksmoke break16:06
gnomefreakit seems gmail doesnt allow it16:16
asacgnomefreak: what are you doing? bugmail?16:19
gnomefreakasac: cleaning out my all mail folder in gmail16:19
gnomefreakbug mail is today if i get done with tbird and this gmail crap16:20
XioNoXasac, i'm still stuck with this rdf stuff16:24
gnomefreakmight give up around ~5000 or lunch time16:25
asacXioNoX: look at http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/XUL:Template_Guide:RDF_Query_Syntax16:38
XioNoXi've already read that16:39
XioNoXi've find a french version16:39
asacreading is probably not enough. try to play around with it ;)16:39
asace.g. write simple xul templates that display content of easy rdf files16:39
XioNoXi undrestand how it works (i think)16:40
XioNoXbut i donet understand how it works in this case16:41
XioNoXand how i can modify it16:41
XioNoXand gandalf is in russia now16:46
XioNoXwhen he will be back i think that he will explain me with a pen & a paper16:47
XioNoXi have to move16:59
XioNoXcu tomorrow asac17:00
fretchenasac : can you tell me what is going wrong here ?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/29400/17:13
asacfretchen: 1st. go to language support in administration. select en-US as you main language and re-login ;)17:25
asacfretchen: i already told you yesterday ... you have an invalid distribution in your changelog17:25
asaci am pretty sure you changelog is busted ;)17:25
fretchenokay, asac : seems like i didn't get your message. So the comment for the changelog must be : dch -v0.8~cvs20080507t1256-0ubuntu1 -DUNRELEASED ?17:27
asacfretchen: npe17:33
asacthats the command you can use to generate a new changelog entry17:33
asacnot the changelog entry itself17:33
fretchenasac : I already restarted everything to understand what I am doing there. I think I no where I did my mistakes. All ask more slowly now, as I am on vacancies and less stressed, sry for trouble17:34
fretchenI think I know17:35
asacfretchen: welcome ;)17:35
asacfretchen: just save the backlog in your chat client when exiting quickly ;)17:35
Jazzvahey asac :)20:21
asacJazzva: i think i forgot an upload ;)20:23
Jazzvahehe :)20:23
Jazzvai suppose that's ok20:23
Jazzvaboth foxyproxy and firefox-sage should be fixed now (sage had the same problem as foxyproxy)20:23
Jazzvaand i should fix med-xpi-unpack now and push to mozilla-devscripts20:24
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fretchenasac : I can use the internet pretty normally, but the bzr upload takes already an hour now, is this normal ?20:39
asacfretchen: what bzr upload?20:40
asacwhat size does the .bzr directory have?20:40
fretchenthe push of my sunbird branch20:40
asaci think the ffox 2 derived branches are quite heavyweight20:40
asacyeah most likely true for that20:40
fretchen34 mb20:41
asacmight take a bit then20:42
asacdepends on you rupload bandwidth obviously ;)20:42
fretchenasac, are all patches noted in the bugzilla or are noted patches marked ?20:43
asacnot 100% sure20:45
asacsome come from bugzilla ... some elsewehere i guess20:45
asacfretchen: the upload will only take long for initial push20:45
fretchenasac : the calendar project has a testday tomorrow and I am thinking about a way how to make easy for ubuntu users to use the deb for this pupose20:46
asacfretchen: push it to PPA20:46
asacif you have a launchpad account you can have your own private archive. you push the sources and the package gets build as in the real archive ;)20:46
asacand you can hand out apt lines that users can add20:47
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.20:47
asacfretchen: ^^20:47
fretchenso i'll use this package :D20:48
asacyou can just push a snapshot to a PPA, but please sync the version you will use with me20:49
asacits important to choose it wisely20:49
fretchenasac : I asked fallen from the calendar team. There will be some less important changes until tomorrow20:52
asacdebian bug #39383720:53
ubottuDebian bug 393837 in epiphany-extensions "epiphany-extensions: Unable to edit or delete certificates" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/39383720:53
fretchenhe said that the best time to start branching is with the rc's, but well i didn't want to wait until then20:53
asacfretchen: doesnt really matter. if you choose the version wisely you can package now and update the package more easily when rc is out20:55
fretchenasac : what does wisely mean for a packager ?20:55
asacin such a way that upgrades to the beta/rc/final version will be possible20:56
asacask me before releasing a certain version to the masses ;)20:56
fretchenasac : so is it wisely to take a snapshot of the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH today and to try to package it. It is the branch that will serve as the base for the 0.9 release21:00
asacfretchen: yes. still you have to choose a version for your package21:32
asaclet me know before you upload so i can check that its ok21:32
fretchenasac: I think I get it now. I can't use this ubuntu-0.x.head branch as this is a general branch. So for creating a 0.9 package I'll have to create a new branch ubuntu-0.9 and use the cvs snapshot of a wisely choosen moment. That's the right direction ?21:37
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Nukeadorthunderbird released!23:33

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