Jack_SparrowYou dislike all of that?00:00
* Flannel has no idea what one would do for four days at Comic Con00:00
Jack_SparrowI have no idea.. but I have the option of leaving any time00:01
* nalioth grumbles00:04
ubottukitche called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:04
PiciAnd the floodbots have reached normality.02:22
Flanneljussio1: you talk to whomever regarding the btlogin thing yet?04:31
* Flannel supposes he should just look to see if its still broken.04:31
bazhangits fixed04:38
ubottuFlannel: Error: You don't have the bantracker capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.04:39
Flannelno its not04:39
Flannelbut its just me, because I'm special.04:39
* Flannel was put into the DB with a capitalized name for some reason.04:40
bazhangit was fixed; must have been re-broken04:40
Flannelbazhang: no, mine was never fixed.04:40
bazhangworks for me04:40
Flannelunless it was fixed this afternoon,04:40
bazhangyesterday my time04:40
Flannelyes.  You wouldn't have the problem, because you're not in the user DB with a capital letter04:40
* nickrud thinks someone might be sending a message. What message is the question04:47
Flannelnickrud: The code to verify (before last night's changes) didn't convert to lowercase first, so by fixing that bug, we discovered another one (that it allows you to enter into the DB sans lowercase)04:48
naliothCode Fourty-Seven!04:48
nickrudFlannel that is too prosaic an explanation, I prefer conspiracy ;)04:49
Flannelnickrud: well, conspiracy is good too.04:49
* nickrud has been lurking on websites that are pickling his brain04:50
Flannelnickrud: I think that's a vulnerability in your browser if websites can pick at your brain04:51
nickrudno, I have little but native defense against things like http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/07/atlas-exclusive.html04:52
naliothwhich one of you wants ops in #defocus ?04:52
* bazhang defocuses nickrud 04:54
* Flannel has no idea what #defocus is.04:54
naliothFlannel: you don't?  :004:55
nickrudFlannel http://freenode.net/pounddefocus.shtml04:55
bazhangnalioth> which one of you wants ops in #defocus ? <--me points to nickrud04:56
nickrudyou see him here, you see him there, you see him everywhere, but where you point04:57
bazhangnice exit timing :)04:57
FlannelRandomest people.  I've tried to talk to someone about going afk and gotten no response a few days ago, then today the same, I kick him and he immediately jumps up and says he hasn't had time to fix it but will do it right now.05:13
bazhanggardar is really bad about that05:15
bazhangno bot in #defocus?05:18
naliothbazhang: no bots in #defocus05:27
bazhangnalioth, aha05:27
jussi01hrm.. can anyone see a problem with this as a ban mask ? *!*@gateway/tor/*!#ubuntu-proxy-users07:27
jussi01ahh nvm, its fine :)07:29
* jussi01 hides from nalioth so he _never_ ever gets ops in defocus - that has to be the scariest placeto have ops...07:30
jpdsAnd right now has two nicks which are the same person talking to each other.07:41
naliothso bust 'em07:49
Tm_Thi kids08:21
bazhang@banlog kirk #ubuntu10:55
ubottubazhang: 2008-07-22T09:33:07 <kirk> wtf10:55
ubottubazhang: 2008-07-22T09:33:13 <kirk> iOsiris: wtf?10:55
ubottubazhang: 2008-07-22T09:33:53 <kirk> hm10:55
ubottubazhang: 2008-07-22T09:34:51 <kirk> âîò øëÿïà10:55
ubottubazhang: 2008-07-22T09:35:16 <kirk> )10:55
ubottubazhang: --10:55
gnomefreakit doesnt say who banned him :(10:56
* gnomefreak not really here just happened to be pasing by10:56
bazhangthink it is the first name11:03
bazhang@banlog Mr_Bad_News11:03
ubottubazhang: No matches found for Mr_Bad_News (Mr_Bad_News!n=johnny@ in any channel11:03
bazhanghmm guess not11:03
ubottuelkbuntu: No matches found for (!*@*) in any channel11:17
elkbuntu@banlog @
ubottuelkbuntu: No matches found for @ (@!*@*) in any channel11:17
* elkbuntu stabs ubottu 11:17
bazhangubottu *smack*11:17
ubottuOuch, that hurt!11:17
elkbuntuplease tell me it's not limited to nicks11:17
bazhangcant recall11:18
bazhangjust read the email the one time :)11:18
bazhangyup; nick only11:18
jussi01elkbuntu: as I understand it, its is limited to nicks at this time - when stdin gets back...11:19
bazhanghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/29566/ elkbuntu11:19
bazhangthe email ^^11:25
Seeker`om nom nom nom nom11:52
TheSheepkame hame ha11:52
Myrttiapparently things are pretty well in Ubuntu universe11:58
Myrttiatleast I feel like it11:58
Myrttiin compared to http://nicubunu.blogspot.com/2008/07/mixed-stuff-fonts-photos-games.html12:01
bazhangwow talk about creepy12:03
PiciI know.12:51
elkbuntuMyrtti, eww. to be honest that's even creepier than the wet tshirt photo12:53
Myrttielkbuntu: yup12:54
elkbuntui wonder if guys realise that a fair number of women who wear hideously short skirts like that do so because it's uniform for wherever they work12:55
elkbuntumust be delightful to not have to choose between dignity and well, dignity12:55
elkbuntugah, indignity*12:56
PiciRegardless of why someone wears that, its pretty tasteless to post a picture entitled 'upskirt' on a syndicated blog.12:56
PiciAnyway, breakfast.12:56
elkbuntuPici, damn straight12:56
elkbuntubut 'she deserves it becuase she's not covered up' is foul12:56
elkbuntulike, what else does she 'deserve'12:57
* elkbuntu ceases before she goes too far from the CoC12:57
elkbuntummm... i think popcorn will cure me of this ail12:57
gnomefreakanyone feel like working?12:57
gnomefreakill give you the command to run you just need to find out what is wrong with date and time12:58
gnomefreakelkbuntu: making a tbird-3.0 tarball12:59
elkbuntuooh. i had to abandon tb this evening because starting all my filters from scratch was not working. at all.12:59
elkbuntupreviously fine filters were failing :(12:59
* gnomefreak wonders if i have day and month backwards12:59
elkbuntudepends on your locale12:59
gnomefreaki havent even started my filters other than junk ones but i have to make some for mailinglists bugs ect..13:00
elkbuntuyou mean tb3 has mailing list filters :D13:00
elkbuntuit's the reason i've run to evo :(13:01
dmsegscince iam unable to get ubotu source code so is it possible for ubotu to join a requested channel?13:02
Myrttisince when have you been unable to get ubottu source code?13:02
dmsegMyrtti: that page, i cannot go trough it or find a link if you could assist me please?13:03
elkbuntuif you cant find a link on that page, then the sourcecode is going to be out of your level of comprehension anyway13:04
dmsegelkbuntu: may i suggest you help rather than commenting please (if it is possible for you) i have to go now bye13:05
Myrttiit's one click and one copy paste to a terminal away13:05
* elkbuntu does not chase geese13:06
* elkbuntu picks the non-burned popcorns out of her popcorn :(13:06
* Myrtti yawnsighs13:07
* gnomefreak thinks hes becoming a pain13:09
elkbuntuno, he's beyond 'becoming'13:09
* Myrtti doesn't comment13:09
* Mez pokes Myrtti 13:56
* Myrtti is poked13:57
* Pici wonders why hes getting pokes on digg all of a sudden from people13:57
* Myrtti tosses a ball of socks at Mez13:58
* Mez chuckles :D13:59
* Mez prepares a release13:59
* Myrtti pokes Pici with a Big British Pencil of Poking14:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about opendus14:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about opendns14:16
jpds!opendns is <reply>To set up OpenDNS in Ubuntu, see https://www.opendns.com/start?device=ubuntu14:16
ubottuI'll remember that, jpds14:16
* Myrtti blinks14:17
jpdsPici: What's up?14:17
PiciJust normal $user stuff14:17
PiciJust needed to vent14:17
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Frogging101 said: !What is kde14:24
PiciI need to do some work, so I can't watch #ubuntu, /me wanders off14:37
nickrudmadafaka <-- borderline nick?15:23
bazhanghe was calling me that; in #kubuntu now15:23
nickrudnice pass ;)15:23
nickrudbazhang you're from taiwan, right?15:25
bazhangnickrud, live here, yes15:25
nickrudbazhang ah. I was thinking that your command of english slang was awesome for a non-native speaker, this explains much ;)15:25
bazhangnickrud, the kids in taiwan these watch mucho english tv :)15:26
nickrudok, I am really out. Time to prep for work. See you later bazhang15:27
bazhangmuff_divr  family friendly?15:27
PiciI think thats a problem, people don't really talk like they do on TV.15:27
bazhangnickrud, cya :)15:27
bazhangPici, though few here know that :)15:28
* bazhang is reluctant to help those with such risque names15:29
Jack_Sparrowbazhang See if he is reluctant to changing it..15:48
bazhangJack_Sparrow, he seems to have quit15:50
bazhangwill catch him next time :)15:50
Jack_Sparrownp  and morning15:50
bazhanghi :)15:53
ubottuccsm is To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion16:05
ubottuccsm has no aliases - added by Pici on 2007-10-17 19:28:01 - last edited by Seeker` on 2008-06-02 21:51:1116:05
jussi01!no, ccsm is <reply>To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion16:05
ubottuI'll remember that jussi0116:05
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion16:06
Jack_Sparrowbaz what is the command for glx-gears..16:36
Jack_Sparrowbazhang  what is the command for glx-gears..16:36
bazhangglxgears Jack_Sparrow16:37
Jack_SparrowI have nvidia 6600 and I do not have nvidia-glx installed ...  I get 5500 fps and games seem to work fine.  What am I missing.  I am trying to write a tutorial and my mind is blurry16:39
bazhangI'm not one to clear fuzzy thinking :) , glxgears needs the opengl correct? is that available in the non-proprietary driver Jack_Sparrow ?16:41
Jack_SparrowI am currently on a gutsy box with restricted drivers enabled but not the binary driver installed.  everything is fine with how it is.  but it says clearly tha glx isnt installed16:42
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: are you sure you dont have the proprietry driver installed?16:43
Jack_SparrowIll let you know what all I find out16:43
Jack_Sparrowjussi01 I dont remember installing it16:43
Jack_Sparrowtrying to define restricted vs the latest from nvidia site16:43
* bazhang uses envyng-gtk16:44
jussi01restricted==binary from repos16:44
Jack_Sparrownot the latest from nv.. but surely restricted have been enabled16:44
Jack_Sparrowjussi01 correct16:44
jussi01glxgears wont even work with the basic nv drivers16:44
Jack_Sparrowso when is nvidia-glx or -legacy or new needed?16:45
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: they are the restricted drivers16:45
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: thats what is installed when you install through jokey16:45
jussi01as far as I understand it...16:45
Jack_SparrowI just installed nvidia-glx and got a jump of 500fps to 5650 or so16:46
Jack_Sparrowwhat is jokey16:46
=== bazhang is now known as jokey
jussi01!info jokey-gtk16:47
ubottuPackage jokey-gtk does not exist in hardy16:47
jussi01!find jokey16:47
=== jokey is now known as bazhang
ubottuPackage/file jokey does not exist in hardy16:47
jussi01damn, I never remember the correct name16:47
jussi01!info jockey-gtk16:47
ubottujockey-gtk (source: jockey): GNOME user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.3-0ubuntu8 (hardy), package size 6 kB, installed size 100 kB16:47
Jack_Sparrownot much difference even after I took out nvidia-glx16:48
bazhangjokey would be a nice nick but it is registered16:48
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: jockey is the thing that pops up on a new install saying - your device needs binary drivers, do you want to install them16:48
Jack_Sparrowjussi01 ah.. this is gutsy box atm.. I dont use the hardy box;s much16:49
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: ahh, restricted drivers manager or something similar16:49
Jack_SparrowI am personally not having issuses, just trying to build a better help for thise wishing to install the latest binary drivers16:50
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: and the wiki page is no good?16:51
jussi01!ati | Jack_Sparrow16:51
ubottuJack_Sparrow: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:51
Jack_Sparrowjussi01 still see too many people having problems with it16:51
MyrttiI've got a bad feeling about where the discussion is going to progress to at -ot17:26
* Pici blinks17:27
PiciI dont even know what to say in there17:28
=== unaffiliate is now known as unafiliated
Piciompaul: not that you seem to be falling for it, but dmacnutt appears to have a pretty strong grasp of the english language.20:15
ompaulI know20:15
ompauland is using a US isp20:15
ompaulwrong word I think in #ubuntu20:17
=== ubot3_ is now known as ubot3
* Myrtti yawns21:23
Myrttihiya unca ompaul21:24
* Myrtti feels left out, sulks.21:45
Seeker`lo Myrtti22:06
Myrttilo Seeker`22:07
Seeker`enjoy your trip to england?22:07
Myrttivery much :->22:08
Dave2(she just liked having new people to torture)22:12
MezDave2, ;)22:14
MezDave2, did she torture you?22:14
Dave2On the Sunday night. On Saturday it wasn't torture. *nod*22:15
* Myrtti comments not on which nights she was a torture22:16
Mezhow *did* she torture you22:16
Seeker`Mez: You aren't old enough22:18
* Myrtti chuckles22:19
* Seeker` is old tomorrow22:19
Mezreally Seeker` ? how so?22:20
Myrtticorrect me if I'm wrong, but Dave2 to my knowledge is younger than Mez22:20
Myrttiand right I was, according to Facebook22:20
Mezhaha - mine was too slow loading22:21
Seeker`Mez: how so what?22:23
Mezhow am I too young22:23
Seeker`it was meant to be a joke22:27
* ompaul wanders around behind Myrtti and says cloud berry boooooo22:27
Myrttiompaul: enjoyed your ice cream?22:28
ompaulMyrtti, I drank it with the angry dpl in the middle of the night on Saturday22:28
Myrttinickweb: haha22:28
Myrttiompaul: haha22:28
ompaulMyrtti, he and I got so angry we rang a guy in Ireland22:29
ompauland said hello22:29
ompauland it turned out he was having his angry birthday party in a pub at that hour so all was fun22:29
ompauletc etc etc22:30
ompaulall good clean angry fun22:30
Mezangry dpl?22:30
Mezdebian project leader?22:31
ompaulMez,  I hate to say it, google it22:31
* Mez wants to try the cloudberry liquor, but havent tried it yet22:31
Dave2one would assume so.22:31
ompaulhe never was the dpl22:31
ompaulhe was the angry dpl22:31
ompaulnot Steve who was far too sensible and was driving around22:32
ompaulSteve is the dpl22:32
Myrttimjg ♥22:32
Mezhttp://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/DPL < - ?22:32
ompaulMyrtti, he now knows what cloudberry is22:32
ompaulMez, but that is not the angry one ;-)22:32
Mezompaul, Im not in with the in jokes22:33
ompaulMez, in the pm you see joke explained :)22:33
Mezompaul, which id just found on google22:33
Myrtticherry juice22:34
* Mez cracks open the cloudberry liquor and sniffs22:34
Mezsmells nice22:34
=== Mez is now known as random
=== random is now known as Mez
=== ubot3` is now known as ubot3

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