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menblackanyone online?02:52
menblackif my pc has an amd card, should I download the amd64 version?02:52
kgoetzdoes someone have a good explaination of how the TCNG htb works? i'm unsure how the rate and ceil relate03:45
kgoetzand how they relate to the whole connection03:45
b2zHey all: I'm trying to set up Link Aggregation, and when I start up the networking service, I get 'Illegal Operation: The specified slave interface 'eth0' is already a slave". Any ideas? Thanks...03:49
michael_b... anyone??03:53
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kgoetzanyone what?03:54
b2zi changed my nickname accidentally03:55
b2zI'm trying to set up Link Aggregation03:55
b2zthe original question i posed is:03:55
b2zHey all: I'm trying to set up Link Aggregation, and when I start up the networking service, I get 'Illegal Operation: The specified slave interface 'eth0' is already a slave". Any ideas? Thanks...03:55
b2z... any ideas on this kgoetz?03:57
Chipzzb2z: if no-one is answering, that's most likely because there is no-one present who can answer. There is no need to repeat yourself04:08
b2zok - had no acknowledgement until now.. I thought my internet connection may have been a bit dodgy!04:13
Chipzzyou may have noticed the general absence of activity - which is most likely because most people are asleep04:13
b2zahh ok, tried asking on #ubuntu but nothing at all!04:14
Chipzzgood luck getting any usefull answer on #ubuntu other then an answer to a FAQ ;P04:15
b2zits kinda an urgent one too... i'm removing all traces of link aggregation and I'll give it another go04:15
Chipzzyou could try the wiki, although somehow I have my doubts :p04:16
b2zyeah i tried - found a few resources through Google, but they say a few different things04:17
b2zmaybe i should look for nic bonding in debian? do you think I'd have more luck??04:17
Chipzzthat would be a good bet04:20
Chipzzevery debian (and ubuntu) package includes some form of documentation in /usr/share/doc/<package>/04:20
ChipzzREADME.Debian (if present for your package) would be a good bet to read04:21
Chipzzsuch file (if present) includes documentation on how things are done in debian/ubuntu04:21
Chipzzfor example, /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.Debian includes a pointer to /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.modes.gz, which is one way of setting up wireless with wpa in Debian04:25
nxvlsoren: where is u-vm-builder branch stored? is it still lp:~ubuntu-virt/ubuntu-jeos/python-rewrite ?06:52
nxvl(cause that branch is buggy)06:52
sorennxvl: Yes, that's the right url.07:06
nxvlsoren: :D07:07
nxvlsoren: distro.py has identation errors07:07
nxvlis there any reason for the error being raised with the whole backtrace or just random behavior07:08
soren"the error"?07:09
nxvlsoren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29525/07:10
nxvldistro.py patch07:10
nxvlsoren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29526/07:10
nxvlugly and not friendly error07:11
sorenHm... I seem to have neglected to push a few things.07:11
nxvlplease push them to work on the latest version07:11
nxvli'm wrinting (or understanding the code to write) debian support07:11
sorenI've not yet entirely split errors into user errors and internal errors. Until then, it's more helpful to provide a full backtrace.07:12
nxvlwell yes, it's development still, so it sound fair enough07:12
nxvli love -o option07:14
sorenI can't really push my changes right now. It's in the middle of a rewrite of certain core things, so it's break a lot of stuff.07:14
sorennxvl: Why?07:15
nxvlalso i was wondering, why do all ubuntu version depend on the previous one07:15
nxvlsoren: because i hate to write: "rm -rf folder; ubuntu-vm-builder bla bla bla"07:15
nxvlalso if i can configure it on ~/.ubuntu-vm-builder it will not even needed to write -o07:17
sorenIt's called inheritance... Every Ubuntu version is based on the previous one. We don't scrap everything every time we start a new release. We build upon the previous one.07:17
nxvlyes, i know07:17
nxvlbut when dapper comes out of support would yo need to move things from one .py to other?07:17
sorenWhat do you suggest instead?07:18
nxvlso, then why not to write a library that handles that and having the classes inheriting from it instead of from the previuos version07:19
nxvl(i have only take a quick look so i might be saying bullshit)07:19
nxvlbtw, have you already being working on a manpage or are you accepting patches?07:21
sorenNo documentation yet at all.07:22
nxvlsome register setting can also be striped out of ubuntu/distro.py into a generic distro library07:23
sorenI just don't see the point of putting it into a base class and having everything inherit from that. What's the gain?07:23
sorenI'd have to e.g. duplicate all the quirks from Gutsy into Hardy and Intrepid.07:23
sorenThat's pointless.07:23
nxvlsome of the options can be used on other distros also and avoid code duplication07:24
sorenThey inherit in the real world, so why not in the code?07:24
sorenWe can deal with that when other distros come along.07:24
nxvlyeah, that's why i'm commenting on that, i'm working on debian support07:24
nxvlthe gain? easy of maintaince07:24
nxvland avoid the need to move code every 6 months07:25
sorenBut that's the entire point! This is the the way that gives the least maintenance.07:25
sorenThis is the way we *avoid* copying the code.07:25
sorenDapper is supported until 2011.07:25
sorenWith your approach I'd have to copy everything from Gutsy into Hardy and Intrepid.07:26
nxvlbut not edgy07:26
sorenAnd every time I fixed a bug in Gutsy,  I'd have to copy the fix to Hardy and Intrepid.07:26
nxvlor use a library07:26
sorenIf you really think that's a more useful approach, write up a patch, and I'll consider it.07:27
nxvlyep i will take a better look07:28
sorenI doubt it'll be much use, though.07:28
nxvlas i said before i just taked a quick one and have that question on mind07:28
sorenHardy inherits from Gutsy. That's simply a matter of facts. Also, Ubuntu inherits from Debian.07:28
nxvlafter seeing the distro inherit chain, so i kind of found it odd, so i was just asking07:29
nxvlbut yes i will consider on sending a patch after a better look07:29
nxvlbut be sure i will work on a manpage07:29
nxvlevery option is documented on the code, isn't it?07:30
nxvlit will be just a matter of getting them from there and write a nice file07:30
sorenThe most useful approach to writing a man page would be to extract it programmatically.07:30
nxvli get really impressed to see you documenting everything to the point that i understan everything on the first and quick look07:31
sorenYou could write a pluging that does it.07:31
nxvlsoren: yes, that's a man page07:31
nxvlactually i was about to write a shell script to do it07:31
sorenErm... ok.07:34
sorenSo you'd parse python.... using shell?07:35
nxvlalso, it's a bug or a feature that using ./vmbuilder --help i have a limited set of option and using ./vmbuilder kvm ubuntu --help i get a complete set of options07:35
nxvlsoren: no, parse --help output07:35
nxvl(btw, it's 1:36 am here, so don't expect much from my tired brain)07:36
sorenWell, the --help output doesn't list all the options from all the plugins.07:36
sorenWell, you don't know which options will be available until you've chosen the distro and hypervisor.07:37
nxvlyeah, but it sould be mentioned somewhere on the ./ --help output07:37
nxvlsomething like "to see more options try: bla bla bla"07:38
nxvli will work on it07:38
nxvlbut tomorrow when my brain works again07:38
nxvlit's a PITA to work on an IT audit area having an economist as a boss07:39
nxvlit's just wrong07:39
sorenYeah, I've been there too, actually.07:41
nxvlhe want's me to write a tool that allows he to manage tables as in a spreadsheet document, having permision per column, and add or delete columns whenever he want07:42
nxvlmy brains goes upside every time i need to look at the database or model it07:42
nxvlhe wants the tool to import from xls files07:43
sorenSounds like fun.07:43
sorenHeh :)07:43
nxvlnot fun at all07:43
nxvli was like "fine, django and everything would be perfect"07:43
nxvlbut then i realize that it would be really hard to manage dynamic tables on django07:44
nxvlso i just decide to use crapy php for crapy aplication07:44
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nxvlsoren: i forgot to ask you08:19
nxvlsoren: what versioned build-dependency on nasm?08:19
nxvl(Bug 247470)08:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 247470 in qemu "Please merge qemu qemu_0.9.1-5 from debian sid" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24747008:19
sorennxvl: Ok, sorry. Not nasm. binutils.08:20
nxvlsoren: what's a change done on debian08:21
sorenSo the debdiff is between which two versions?08:21
* nxvl checks08:21
sorenStill, documenting that you've done something that is mandatory, and *always* happens is pointless. It's just noise.08:22
nxvli removed the changed line08:23
sorenI'm not sure I know what you mean.08:23
nxvldon't worry is not important08:25
nxvlfor some reason i removed the debian changed line and left the ubuntu (on build-depends)08:25
nxvlnew patch uploaded08:25
sorenLooks great.08:27
sorenJust one last thing I want to check... hang on.08:28
sorenOh, one last thing:08:30
sorendebian/control now has Vcs references pointing at Debian's repository.08:30
soren...but seeing as we have changes, and "apt-get source" tells you to get the source from whereever the VCS headers are pointing, we need to fix that.08:30
sorenThat way we do that is to prepend "XS-Debian-" to the Vcs headers.08:31
nxvlso it would have the same issues as the maintainer field08:31
nxvlDD's complaining of people who ping them for ubuntu stuf08:32
sorenI thought you meant that changing it would cause issues.08:34
nxvlsoren: anything else before generate and upload the patch08:35
nxvlheh, no08:35
sorenNo, I think that's it.08:35
nxvli meant non changing will cause08:35
sorenGot it, thanks.08:37
sorenI need to fix up my intrepid schroot... Give me a minute.08:37
nxvlnow i need to sleep08:37
nxvlread you! and have a nice day!08:38
sorenOk. I'll be uploading it in half an hour or so, probably.08:38
nxvlyeah, you have like 5 hours until i cna notice it08:38
manuvaiIs there a way to log a message in a specific file (/var/log/myapp.log) var the logger facility 'logger -i mymsg' ?09:58
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incorrecti am looking for a guide to setting up n-way replication with slapd,  i have followed the howto from the ldap site however it seems to be for a point revision ahead of the version in hardy12:41
incorrectare there any plans to package vmware server for hardy?14:06
stgraberhey, I'm doing some ISO testing for alpha-3. Installing all tasks at once create a conflict about the MTA (exim vs postfix).14:23
lamontstgraber: yeah - don't do that14:24
stgraberInstalling only the mail server task seems to work so I'm not really sure with which other task it conflicts14:24
stgraberlamont: well, you give the choice to the user so that shouldn't happen14:24
lamontstgraber: OTOH, it's akin to telling synaptic to install everything in main.. -> error for good reason14:25
lamontas to what is depending on exim, dunno14:25
lamontif you install postfix, and then walk through installing the other tasks one at a time, one of them will remove postfix14:25
lamontthat'd be your problem child.14:25
lamontbeat it (or not), as appropriate. :-)14:25
stgraberI'd bet on LAMP :) php probably depends on a MTA and apt selects exim (that's the bug)14:26
lamontexcept that when postfix is selected later, it would just remove it, since exim was only soft-selected14:27
_rubenincorrect: afaik this is up to vmware .. they provided the packages for feisty/gutsy14:28
sorenincorrect: Yes. Please shout at VMWare to make it happen.14:30
darthmarth37|WkIs Ubuntu's BIND package compiled with support for LDAP?14:33
lamontmaking it do that without dragging in ldap on all machines is on my todo list14:34
darthmarth37|WkNot likely to happen in the near future, I take it?14:34
stgraberthat's the installer log for what happens when installing both the "LAMP server" and "Mail server" task from the Ubuntu server amd64 cd-rom14:55
stgraberJul 23 13:52:26 in-target:   exim4-config: Conflicts: postfix but 2.5.2-1 is to be installed14:56
stgraberJul 23 13:52:26 in-target:   exim4-daemon-light: Conflicts: mail-transport-agent14:56
stgraberJul 23 13:52:26 in-target:   postfix: Conflicts: mail-transport-agent14:56
lamontstgraber: I wonder if LAMP is specifically depending on exim4?14:57
lamontor is it just exim4|MTA?14:57
mdzsoren: I can't seem to get kvm to boot the desktop CD on intrepid - amd64 seems to fail to even start X, and i386 gets to X but never finishes logging in14:57
mdzsoren: are others experiencing similar problems?14:58
stgraberI don't know but if it's exim4|MTA then the installer is doing the wrong choice :(14:58
stgrabermdz: I have the same issue with amd64 but i386 works except that you don't get the mouse and have to do the install using only the keyboard14:58
sorenmdz: I sent a few patches to the kernel team that should fix it. I must admit I'm not sure what the status is.14:58
mdzsoren: is there a bug report I can watch?14:59
mdzstgraber: I'll try i386 again and see if it's any different14:59
sorenI believe so. Hang on.14:59
sorenmdz: I thought I referenced it in my e-mail to the kernel-team, but I did not. It'll take me a bit longer to find it.15:00
mdzsoren: should it work if I go back to the hardy kernel?15:02
sorenmdz: Ironically, no. There's a bit of an ABI disconnect between the hardy kernel on the host side and Intrepid kernels on the guest side. I've not yet completely worked out how to fix that one with an Intrepid userspace.15:03
sorenIt's fixed by a kvm userspace patch in hardy-proposed, but with Intrepid kvm userspace, and hardy kvm kernelspace... not so much.15:04
mdzstgraber: i386 definitely doesn't work for me here15:05
sorenmdz: I need to wait for my desktop iso download to finish before I can tell you if it's the same issue. I have a meeting right now. I'll find the bug and get back to you when I'm done. Cool?15:05
sorendone with the download and the meeting, that is.15:06
mdzsoren: sure15:06
abwhostwi want help15:10
abwhostwI want make my pc serve15:10
abwhostwany one can help me15:10
sorenhelpfulness increases proportionally to quality of questions.15:11
sorenabwhostw: so if you ask a question, someone might be able to help you.15:11
abwhostwok  I want to make my pc as like server15:12
darthmarth37|WkWhat sort of server?15:12
abwhostwweb hosting15:12
aljosai'm using gutsy and i can't execute "dpkg-reconfigure localeconf", how do i change locale on system level?15:14
abwhostwno one want help me15:28
lukehasnonameThat's not a sentence.15:29
lukehasnonameAnyway, if you want to run a webserver from your linux DESKTOP without reinstalling, and run tasksel15:30
lukehasnonameam I right? Is taskel in desktop?15:30
lukehasnonamego to a terminal15:31
abwhostwsudo tasksel install lamp-server15:31
abwhostwdo mean to type that cmd15:31
lukehasnonamesomething like that15:31
abwhostwafter that what i do15:31
lukehasnonamethe server should be running. Go to a web browser and type "localhost" in the address bar.15:32
lukehasnonameIf it's up, then you can go to /var/www/ and put your web files there15:32
abwhostwIt works!15:32
abwhostwfrom  where I go to /var/www/15:33
lukehasnonamewhat? /var/www/ is where all the web page files are saved15:33
abwhostwfrom where can i get it15:34
lukehasnonameI don't understand the question./15:34
abwhostwu said15:34
abwhostwweb files15:34
abwhostwu mean the web from another server15:35
abwhostwwhen I type localhost on the web bar broswer it said to me it's work15:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #251160 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "Mythbuntu CC fails to shutdown MySQL when adding primary server role. " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25116015:36
lukehasnonameabwhostw: You should google "LAMP" or check out exactly how a web server works15:36
abwhostwI all ready didi15:39
lukehasnonameI'm at work, so I can only point you in the right direction. I can't give you specific directions.15:40
abwhostwlike I all ready but the root password15:40
abwhostwand like that15:40
abwhostwbut when I go to broswer bar type15:41
abwhostwLocalhost it's said it's work in index page15:41
abwhostwthat's only15:41
Deepslook at the ubuntu server guide15:44
abwhostwsee when I put the password15:44
abwhostwsu -root is not wroking why15:45
Deepsdo sudo -s15:45
abwhostwok any one here15:52
abwhostwtell me the exatly how to install lamp15:52
sorenYou did that half an hour ago?15:58
sorenmdz: I see the bug now. It's different from the one I fixed the other day, though.15:58
abwhostwdo u know16:00
abwhostwabout lamo16:00
abwhostwhow to install without having a problem16:00
mdzsoren: which bug?16:01
mdzabwhostw: try asking on http://tinyurl.com/59ldec if you need more detailed answers16:02
sorenmdz: I'm filing it now.16:02
sorenmdz: I'm filing it now.16:04
sorenmdz: I meant that I'm experiencing the problem now too. I couldn't find a bug /report/ about it.16:05
abwhostwwhy I cann't find16:07
abwhostwNot Found16:07
abwhostwThe requested URL /~abwhostw was not found on this server.16:07
abwhostwApache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) mod_ssl/2.2.8 OpenSSL/0.9.8g Server at localhost Port 8016:07
Deepsenable userdir16:09
abwhostwhow to enable16:11
Deepsman a2enmod16:13
abwhostwNot Found16:17
abwhostwThe requested URL /~abwhostw was not found on this server.16:17
abwhostwApache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) mod_ssl/2.2.8 OpenSSL/0.9.8g Server at localhost Port 8016:17
abwhostwany one help me16:17
sorensudo a2enmod enable userdir16:18
abwhostwsudo a2enmod enable userdir16:18
abwhostwThis module does not exist!16:18
sorenEr.. Sorry, I meant16:19
Deepsheh, hense me telling him to read the man page, a2enmod / a2dismod, no need to specify the action as a perameter ;)16:19
sorena2enmod userdir16:19
abwhostwhow to enable16:19
abwhostwModule userdir installed; run /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload to enable16:21
abwhostwso where is the problem16:23
sorenWhat problem?16:27
abwhostw[11:21] <abwhostw> Module userdir installed; run /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload to enable16:27
sorenHow is that a problem? It's telling you that it has done what you asked it to. It then asks you to return the favour by running "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload"16:28
abwhostw * Reloading web server config apache2                                   [ OK ]16:29
abwhostwcool and after16:29
sorenIs that a question of some sort?16:30
sorenOr a statement?16:30
abwhostwi don't nothing about linux that only but in windows i'm perfect on  it16:31
sorenI'm not sure how that answers my question.16:32
sorenWhat do you mean by "cool and after"?16:32
abwhostw * Reloading web server config apache2                                   [ OK ]16:32
abwhostwafter that16:32
sorenafter that *what*?16:32
sorenWhat is your question?16:32
abwhostwhow to make16:33
sorenIf you expect people to spend time helping you, it's good manners to spend a bit of time working out what your question is.16:34
sorenYou want to know how to make a PHP index file?16:34
abwhostwyeah man16:35
abwhostwI appericate ur time man16:35
sorenI recommend you find a book on PHP programming or perhaps a tutorial of some sort on the internet. It's a bit out of scope for this channel.16:35
abwhostwok no problem16:35
abwhostwthx for ur time16:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #250998 in cyrus-sasl2 (main) "Unable to use saslauthd with postfix for smtp_auth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25099816:47
lamontyay.  another 'oh it's chrooted' bug, I bet16:47
psufanhow do I edit grub menu.lst so that certain kernel command line options *ALWAYS* are enabled even after kernel package updates etc16:50
psufanand also that it is the *FIRST* thing on the command line since it doesn't seem to work later down the line16:51
sorenpsufan: Add it to the kopt line16:52
sorenIt's commented out with a single #.16:52
psufanok thx16:53
abwhostwman help with this problem17:06
kirklandmathiaz: howdy17:30
mathiazkirkland: hello !17:30
kirklandmathiaz: got your email, did you get a chance to look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InitScriptStatusActions ?17:30
kirklandmathiaz: a sanity check of the scripts, as I broke them down?17:31
mathiazkirkland: I'll review your list in a couple of minutes17:32
kirklandmathiaz: cool, thanks.17:32
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mathiazkirkland: your breakdown of the init scripts list looks good17:47
mathiazkirkland: I would remove the udev mention17:47
kirklandmathiaz: k17:47
abwhostwany one know how to config tha apache17:47
kirklandmathiaz: you can edit it appropriately17:47
mathiazkirkland: if Scott said no, I wouldn't question that17:47
mathiazkirkland: ah ok17:47
mathiazkirkland: I'll edit the wiki page while you're writting up a blog post :)17:48
kirklandmathiaz: k ;-)17:48
kirklandmathiaz: i can do that today17:48
zulhey kirkland17:48
kirklandzul: howdy dude17:48
keeskirkland: thanks for the security team roadmap updates!  I like it.  :)17:54
kirklandkees: wow, fast reader ;-)17:54
kirklandkees: my browser hasn't even stopped spinning from saving it17:54
kirkland*now* my browser thinks its done17:55
kirklandkees: you might take a look at these slides, http://download.boulder.ibm.com/ibmdl/pub/software/dw/library/os-ltc-standards/LWE-Boston-06.pdf17:55
kirklandkees: regarding certifications17:55
kirklandkees: or, rather, file it away, and take a look at it if certifications come up again17:55
* kees nods17:56
kirklandkees: btw...  i worked on the manpage repo a bit last night17:57
kirklandkees: fixed almost everything we talked about17:57
kirklandkees: save 2-3 little things17:57
kirklandkees: i'm regenerating it now, with the new code17:57
* delcoyote hi17:59
goukiHi. Any recommendations for a ticketing service (if that's even a name)? Web-based, if possible.18:00
keeskirkland: cool, I saw the email, excellent work.  :)18:02
kirklandkees: what's next?18:02
kirklandkees: I assume you'll want to review the diff18:02
kirklandkees: then can I file the RT with IS?18:02
keeskirkland: let me review the final work, and then we can poke IS18:03
kirklandkees: okay, give me about 4 hours to do a complete run18:03
osmosisI want to allow a user to  use  sftp (ssh)  to upload files, but I dont want them to see the rest of my file system. Not sure how to do this.18:07
mathiazsoren: is that the place to your python-rewrite of ubuntu-vm-builder: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt/ubuntu-jeos/python-rewrite ?18:30
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mathiazkirkland: I can see your draft post19:28
kirklandmathiaz: can you review it for me?19:28
mathiazkirkland: It says that you're currently editing the post19:29
mathiazkirkland: do you have the editor open ?19:29
kirklandmathiaz: try now19:29
mathiazkirkland: hm - the message is still there19:30
kirklandmathiaz: i have closed all FF browser tabs to wordpress19:31
kirklandmathiaz: do i need to press the publish button?19:31
mathiazkirkland: could set the state of the post to pending review ?19:31
kirklandmathiaz: done19:32
mathiazkirkland: hm - I still get the warning message19:34
mathiazkirkland: could you try to publish it instead ?19:34
kirklandmathiaz: done19:35
kirklandmathiaz: and it's now the top post at http://ubuntuserver.wordpress.com/19:35
Koonnealmcb1: hey19:36
Koonnealmcb1: still at that enterprise management talk ?19:36
mathiazkirkland: meh - I've unpublished it19:37
kirklandmathiaz: k19:38
mathiazkirkland: ok - the warning message is gone now19:38
mathiazkirkland: however, you should not be able to publish it19:38
mathiazkirkland: I will update the post now19:38
osmosishow do I do a chroot ?19:39
Koonnealmcb1: I've sent a question by mail, ask it if you have the opportunity (and Rick is not already in the room asking it)19:43
nealmcb1Koon: sorry - that one is over now, but I'll send you the email addr for the guy that did the ws-management/wbem/cim stuff and http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2008/public/schedule/detail/475819:46
Koonnealmcb1: ok - it was interesting .19:48
nealmcb1(via email)19:49
* nealmcb1 is in another session now19:50
mathiazkirkland: I've made some modification to the post - let me know what you think about it19:53
* kirkland looks19:53
kirklandmathiaz: i fixed one grammatical error19:54
kirklandmathiaz: other than that, i'm okay with it19:55
mathiazkirkland: great19:55
kirklandmathiaz: I'm pulling a few changes from ecryptfs upstream and creating a debdiff19:55
kirklandmathiaz: as soon as that makes it into intrepid, i'll finish the ecryptfs blog post19:56
mathiazkirkland: I've changed your role to be an contributor - could you check if you can publish your post ?19:56
kirklandmathiaz: i cannot...  instead of a publish button, i have a "submit for review" button19:57
kirklandmathiaz: which i just pushed19:57
mathiazkirkland: awesome !19:57
mathiazkirkland: the post will be published tomorrow20:00
kirklandmathiaz: cool, thanks.20:00
mathiazkirkland: can you see the date and state of the post in your view ?20:01
kirklandmathiaz: 24 hours from now  Adding a status action to init scripts20:01
kirklandmathiaz: shows up in a "Scheduled (1)"  view20:01
mathiazkirkland: great20:01
mathiazkirkland: it seems that the workflow works well :)20:02
kirklandmathiaz: yup ;-)20:02
mathiazkirkland: now you can write your ecryptfs blog post and I'll review it :D20:02
kirklandmathiaz: true, however, I have written about a dozen manpages that I want in the Intrepid package20:03
kirklandmathiaz: and 3 utilities have changed names20:03
kirklandmathiaz: from ecryptfs-setup-confidential to ecryptfs-setup-private20:03
duiuI'm configuring my iptables firewall, does anyone know if IPP/CUPS uses udp or tcp packets? I know this isn't the best question for this channel, but CUPS is poorly documented.20:08
mathiazkirkland: ahh... man pages - that's awesome :)20:08
kirklandmathiaz: true dat yo20:08
kirklandmathiaz: made good use of my 3 hours on the plane on Monday, without internet connectivity20:08
kirklandmathiaz: and wrote 12 manpages ;-)20:09
mathiazkirkland: well - at least you have a baterry that last 3 hours20:09
jdstrandduiu: both20:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #235560 in samba (main) "Connect to smb server by name doesn't work, but by IP address does" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23556020:09
duiujdstrand: thanks a ton, I've been searching for a while :)20:09
jdstrandduiu: IIRC one is for browsing and the other for printing20:10
duiujdstrand: ah, makes sense20:10
kirklandmathiaz: it's all about cpu frequency scaling ;-)20:11
mathiazsommer: is the version of the server guide on doc.ubuntu.com the latest that is available from the bzr repository ?20:11
kirklandmathiaz: 5400rpm hard drive helps too20:11
jdstrandkirkland: ha!20:11
kirklandjdstrand: ha, you don't believe me?20:11
jdstrandkirkland: no-- I most certainly do-- it's kees who has other opinions20:12
kirklandjdstrand: oh yeah :-)20:12
duiuWhile I'm asking port questions, what port does "ping" use? And is it the same in both windows and linux?20:13
jdstrandduiu: not a port, but an icmp type20:13
jdstrandduiu: what version of ubuntu are you using?20:13
jdstrandduiu: have you tried ufw?20:14
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).20:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw20:14
jdstrandhmm, didn't get updated yet20:14
duiuah, pings not that important20:14
jdstrandduiu: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html20:15
duiuah whatever, pings not that important on my network20:15
sommermathiaz: no that's from hardy... I don't think it's been updated since the release20:16
keesjdstrand, kirkland: while not being entirely direct, here's some details from the slides I saw: http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/applications-power-management/race-to-idle.php20:16
jdstrandduiu: basically, assuming the machine in question can send anything out, you just need to run on it 'iptables -A INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j ACCEPT'20:16
jdstrandduiu: but ufw takes care of all that for you20:16
afief_there seems to be no mentioning of anything other than loopback in my /etc/network/interfaces, where is the configuration for the rest of the stuff?20:16
duiuthanks again, jdstrand20:16
mathiazsommer: meh - slangasek asked me how he could review the samba section of the server guide20:17
mathiazsommer: I've pointed him to http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/20:17
sommermathiaz: ya, I emailed mdke about it this morning... haven't heard back yet20:17
sommermathiaz: maybe by this evening20:17
sommerbut if someone else has access...20:18
mathiazsommer: do you think that we can ask potential reviewers to review directly from the bzr branch ?20:18
mathiazsommer: or we should point them to doc.ubuntu.com ?20:18
sommermathiaz: doc.ubuntu.com would be a lot easier, but I've also emailed the xml files to reviewers20:18
jdstrandkees: I don't doubt you have support for your 'theory' ;P -- I've just witnessed longer battery life on my laptop at slower speeds.20:19
kirklandkees: interesting.....20:19
sommermathiaz: plus I think the main purpose of doc.u.c is reviewing20:19
mathiazsommer: right - but reviewing means you'd expect people to send comments20:19
mathiazsommer: what I found annoying is to get review email that lists spelling mistake20:20
keesjdstrand: yeah, I think it's only a valid argument when a machine is running tickless, with good timers, and modern CPU.20:20
mathiazsommer: submitting a branch would make more sense IMO20:20
jdstrandkees: nice dig at my laptop :)20:20
sommermathiaz: where would you submit the branch to?20:20
sommermathiaz: the doc ml?20:20
keesjdstrand: hah, actually, I meant to dig at mine.  :P20:21
keesjdstrand: at least I have tickless care of Hardy.20:21
keesjdstrand: but my CPU is crap, and both my video and my wireless wreck the timers.20:22
jdstrandit's probably similar here20:22
afief_My server suddenly won't connect to the network anymore, and /etc/netowrk/interfaces contains no info about eth1 or anything like that... could someone help me?20:36
levanderIs there any way to edit a bug report on Launchpad?20:37
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uvirtbotNew bug: #251299 in squid (main) "squid init script status action" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25129922:51
sorenmathiaz: Yes, that's the right URL for the new code.22:59
maw_after completing a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" how does one know if a reboot is necessary to apply the patches?23:08
maw_with gui ubuntu, usually a icon appears in systray advising a reboot is needed23:08
Deepsgood question23:10
mathiazmaw_: was the kernel updated ? if yes, you need to reboot - if no, you don't have to23:10
maw_I could just reboot out of superstition... but many times one can be avoided23:10
maw_mathiaz: ya that has been my rule of thumb23:11
Deepsthere's no 'easy' 'friendly' mechanism in the cli though, is there?23:11
keesanyone that runs DNS server, make sure you and your ISP have updated your DNS software.  The DNS spoofing exploit is now in the wild.23:21
maw_I patched everything last night23:21
maw_could call ISP.. will they listen if they haven't patched?23:22
keesdunno.  I still see that comcast is vulnerable:23:30
keesdig @ +short porttest.dns-oarc.net TXT23:30
kees" is POOR: 26 queries in 0.7 seconds from 24 ports with std dev 328.32"23:30
keesthough I'm not sure if porttest.dns-oarc.net is a full test.23:30
maw_is that basically the problem... submit a query with many sub domains?23:31
infinitykees: Hrm.  Can you renew my ubuntu-server membership?23:39
infinitykees: Just cleaning up old mail, and I realised it's lapsed.23:39
keesinfinity: sure, one moment23:40
keesinfinity: done23:41
infinitykees: Danke.23:41
bitsbamhey there all23:48
bitsbamI am running an email server, i also run a script in python that every 3 minutes checks my new mail and processes any mail there. These emails are generated from industrial equipment, and i process the data as it comes in.23:49
bitsbammy question is, when i pull all the email from my inbox,23:49
bitsbamwhat order is it in?23:50
bitsbamfirst in first out?23:50

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