legend2440is no sound on Shutdown or Reboot a common problem in Hardy?00:00
ChadDoes anyone know why i cannot enable my desktop effects i have the radeon driver already enabled00:00
Flannelndo: Then you didn't successfully add your groups in the recovery console00:00
sorin-mihain-iCe, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades but i sugest too to install 8.04.1 from scratch.00:00
n-iCeOdd-rationale: my machine won't support it00:00
Odd-rationalen-iCe: your machine won't support 8.04? why not?00:00
Khisanthlegend2440: checked the usual suspects?00:00
chriswranyone know of any free open source rpg's?00:00
IntelliI am trying to use some Optical Character Recognition software. So far having poor results with gORC, and I don't think I've got tesseract to do anything. Can anyone assist me?00:00
n-iCepentium 3, 256 ram 10 hd Odd-rationale :)00:00
Odd-rationalen-iCe: that is fine specs...00:00
Flanneln-iCe: That'll work fine.  Although you might want xubuntu instead.00:01
n-iCeOdd-rationale: nope, I have tries it00:01
Odd-rationalen-iCe: use the alternative cd to install , though...00:01
Flanneln-iCe: You'll need the alternate CD to install.  But once installed, it'll run00:01
* Flannel stops stepping on Odd-rationale's toes.00:01
legend2440Khisanth: well tried changing Autodetect to Alsa in Sounds00:01
Odd-rationaleFlannel: out of my way! :)00:01
cvxi didnt think anyone still ran a p300:01
soundrayIntelli: it's a bit of a weak spot in Linux00:01
Odd-rationalen-iCe: i would even argue that hardy may use less resources than edgy... :)00:02
ndoFlannel: what i did was "usermod -G adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev lpadmin scanner admin -a ndo" is it right?00:02
n-iCei will try00:02
IntelliSo I read from google searching, soundray, but surely I can get better results than what I am currently getting.00:02
DeRoXXCan anyone help me Upgrade pidgin... ?00:02
ndoFlannel:cuz what i noticed that output wasnt really right00:02
unopcvx, i still use one00:03
soundrayIntelli: I've played with tesseract and got reasonable result from it when I fed it a plain text page without fancy stuff like embedded pictures ;)00:03
Jack_SparrowDeRoXX getdeb.net  if you are trying to fix irc00:03
Khisanthlegend2440: I mean making sure you the option to play a sounds is enabled :)00:03
bobertdosChad: Is Visual Effects set to Extra? Do have the compizconfig-settings-manager installed?00:03
AlexJPsoundray im not using the network manager tho im using wicd00:03
Intellisoundray, I am trying to scan a book and use an ORC program to convert the pictures to text.00:03
zach__Can someone help me?00:03
soundrayAlexJP: I see, don't know then00:03
AlexJPsoundray thx anyway00:04
Chadbobertdos: it's set to non because when i try and enable to anything it goes all white for like 20 seconds then when i can finally see desktop it's set at non again00:04
Dediis there a hardy howto how to install from console/chroot ?00:04
legend2440Khisanth: yes when i click Play button they play fine. bit on shutdown or reboot nothing.  Startup sound plays fine00:04
Flannelndo: no, you need commas in between each group.  adm,dialout,cdrom,...00:05
soundrayIntelli: I had to do that once -- gave up and used a trial version of Abbyy Finereader00:05
Don64in Xfce, on the title bar what does the stick button in the upper right do?00:05
sorin-mihaiDeRoXX, echo deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/pidgin-developers/ubuntu hardy main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list00:05
Chadbobertdos: no i do not have the setting manager installed.00:05
ndoFlannel: ohh, if i knew :)00:05
Flannelsorin-mihai, DeRoXX: don't do that00:05
darkscriptis there an ncurses interface to NetworkManager00:05
Flannelsorin-mihai, DeRoXX: sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list00:05
arcadjosjakis polak mi pomoze00:05
Don64in Xfce, on the title bar what does the stick button in the upper left do?00:06
bobertdosChad: Well, is it the Ubuntu restricted driver you're using?00:06
Odd-rationalelegend2440: iirc, the reason you don't have shutdown sounds is that ubuntu now shutsdown too fast before the sounds gets to play...00:06
hiptobecubic^what's the difference between tee, echo >>, and cat >> ?00:06
Chadbobertdos, no im using the radeon driver00:06
Flannelhiptobecubic^: tee -a is the same as >>, tee is >00:06
Odd-rationalelegend2440: it started since gutsy, i beleive...00:06
ndoFlannel: "usermod -G adm,dialout,cdrom,floppy,audio,dip,video,plugdev,lpadmin,scanner,admin -a ndo" like that?00:06
bobertdosChad: the binary from ATI?00:06
Flannelhiptobecubic^: or "| tee -a" and "| tee" that is.00:06
legend2440Odd-rationale: oh ok thanks00:06
Flannelndo: yes00:06
Chadboertdos: it's the only driver Odd-rationale and I could get to work00:06
hiptobecubic^Flannel, so nothing?00:07
NiMa91ok, i'ma try boot on the non-ACPI computer and see where exactly it stalls00:07
ndoFlannel: ok good brb00:07
NiMa91*where it stalls exactly00:07
Chadbobertdos: how do i do that?00:07
Odd-rationalebobertdos: no. the open source ati drivers...00:07
Flannelhiptobecubic^: Well, "tee" allows you to sudo it00:07
Flannelhiptobecubic^: but other than that, right.  nothing.00:07
hiptobecubic^you can't sudo cat or echo?00:07
bobertdosOdd-rationale: That's what I thought. His card is new enough where the ATI binary may be the only way to go. I don't know if we dare even go there though :p00:08
soundrayhiptobecubic^: you can, but the redirection won't be sudo'd (as the calling shell handles it)00:08
jfschey does ubuntu include dd_rescue00:08
Odd-rationalebobertdos: are you thinking envyng?00:08
soundray!info ddrescue | jfsc00:09
ubottujfsc: ddrescue (source: ddrescue): copies data from one file or block device to another. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.13-3 (hardy), package size 17 kB, installed size 76 kB00:09
Chad*watches the smart people talk*00:09
bobertdosOdd-rationale: either that or follwoing the dkms procedure, but again, I don't know if I'd have the stamina, if you catch my drift.00:09
jfschmmm im looking for dd rescue on the cd, or a dvd download of ubuntu00:09
Odd-rationalebobertdos: me too. i'm too scared/tired to go there...00:09
hiptobecubic^foo | sudo echo >> bar  doesn't do the same thing?00:09
soundrayjfsc: it's in universe -- you'll have to get it from the repos00:10
unophiptobecubic^, no00:10
soundrayhiptobecubic^: no00:10
unophiptobecubic^,  foo | sudo tee -a bar00:10
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cj_hello ppl, am i in the correct place for a n00b question?00:10
soundrayhiptobecubic^: just try to write to a file in /root/ to see the difference00:10
SebNaitsabesyes you are00:10
SebNaitsabesin the correct place00:10
hiptobecubic^ok i see00:10
ChadBobertdos,Odd-rationale, I have no idea what you guys are talking about but if it even has a slight chance of working I'm up for it.00:11
unophiptobecubic^, or.  sudo sh -c "foo >> bar"00:11
bobertdosChad: Please don't take this the wrong way, but Odd-rationale and I know what needs to be done, but we're not sure we're ready to take you there :D00:11
SebNaitsabescj_:  what's the question?00:11
Chadbobertdos cool, I think :-/00:11
unophiptobecubic^, >> will try to create the file even before sudo is invoked and since that is done by your current user, your command could fail00:11
ndoFlannel: iguess its fixed, God bless you :)00:11
cj_thank you. I've got ubuntu 8.04 installed on my laptop. and i want to connect to my windows pc. To gain access to the shares. But i cannot seam to do it, using the connect to server application00:11
hiptobecubic^unop, ok thank you00:12
unopndo, i guess you had to use commas there00:12
Odd-rationalehey Chad, i gtg mow the lawn... hope you get some help!00:12
ndounop: yes00:12
ChadOdd-rationale: I hope so to00:12
cj_please bare in mind, im a total linux noob and i use a gui00:12
unopndo, cool - does groups list all the right groups now?00:12
bobertdosChad: It is a........delicate procedure, and the older the install of Ubuntu, the less likely it is to work properly.00:12
Ale1If I install Ubuntu 6.06, will it update to the latest version?00:13
SebNaitsabes!samba |  cj_00:13
ubottucj_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:13
ndounop: ndo adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin admin vboxusers00:13
LordMetroidit will update to 7.0400:13
cj_thankyou seb!00:13
unopndo, sounds good :)00:13
Ale1Are there no later versions?00:13
soundrayAle1: yes, you can upgrade from 6.06 to 8.0400:13
Ale1Oh, alright.00:13
SebNaitsabescj_: no problem00:13
soundrayAle1: but it's better to install 8.04 direct00:13
Intellisoundray, in lieu of using an ORC program, what would be the best way to go about creating a readable, small PDF file?00:14
jsheedyhi in trying to install ubuntu 8.04, the dvd boots, says loading kernel, then then keeps rebooting.  I have tried safe mode, and a new dvd-rom, memory check came out good too.00:14
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
NiMa91YES, I'm getting somewhere.00:14
Chadbobertdos:  i have the newest install of ubuntu00:14
SebNaitsabesfault DVD maybe00:14
Ale1soundray: Why is it better? ANy problems with updating?00:14
NiMa91Anyone here know how to install GRUB on a MBR, etc, etc from a LiveCD?00:15
MuzikJunkieanyone able to help with new video card? Just installed the nvidia 6200 and I cannot start X.  I have tried the dpkg-reconfigure command and even tried to run xfix in recover mode...nothing seems to make X want to start.00:15
jsheedyok maybe00:15
kyncanijsheedy: tried 8.04.1 or 7.10 ?00:15
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:15
kyncanijsheedy: (that's why I would do)00:15
NiMa91oh, thanks00:15
jsheedyI just downloaded the alternate 8.04.100:15
jsheedywill try that00:15
bobertdosChad: Well, I meant, the longer you have Ubuntu on your system and the more you do to it...........but we can try it if you really want to.00:15
SebNaitsabesno problem00:15
kyncanijsheedy: good luck ;)00:16
legend2440Chad: open system>administration>hardware drivers is there a box there for ATI and if so is it checked?00:16
ChadBobertdos: i have had ubuntu installed about 2 days now00:16
IntelliGoing on 2 years for me.00:16
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie  NOt the easiest way.. but..  http://pastebin.com/m49654db500:16
Chadbobertdos: and I'm also dual booting so if it does mess up I can always boot into windows00:16
SebNaitsabesBobertdos:  also to get into Ubuntu in the first place he needs to have the Live CD in and to tell that to boot from the hard disk00:16
Chadlegend2440: no because im not using that driver00:17
* sorin-mihai wonderful netsplit \:D/00:18
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  Think this will work?  Is this risky?00:18
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie No, it is just the binary driver for nvidia00:18
legend2440Chad: so there is no box there at all? or its just not enabled?00:18
bobertdosWhat just happened with that mass exodous??00:18
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:18
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  Ok so I'll run through those 15 steps00:19
Chadlegend2440: it's not enabled but its fine like that according to Odd00:19
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  actually, how can i DL the nvidia driver with no way to sign on?  Another cpu?00:19
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie I am working on writing a tutorial that will let you wget the driver00:20
MuzikJunkieahh that's what I need...I do have another cpu here, will that work u think?00:21
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie which card again..00:21
=== Sad`Panda is now known as sad`panda
MuzikJunkieXFX GeForce 6200 AGP 512MB00:21
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie if you have another pc or even livecd will let you get it and save to usb00:22
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  I have a live cd, and another cpu.  or I can install the old vid card and go that route...in the essence of not wasting yout time, which will be quickest?00:23
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  Even the live CD does not boot with this card.00:24
hdevalenceso my sound has just died. when I try to run speaker-test I get "ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:874:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave \n Playback open error: -16,Device or resource busy". Is there a way to reset it?00:24
chicoxlsof|grep snd00:25
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie try livecd with noapic acpi=off options.. F6 at frist menu in order to enter those modifiers00:25
friedtofuanyone know what pulseaudio is good for?00:25
grokeni need to confirm my understanding of the /etc/resolv.conf file. if my server is accessible at some.domain.address.com, do i want "domain some.domain.address.com" or "domain address.com"? i presume the first?00:25
NiMa91I just reinstalled grub, and it still fails to boot.00:26
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  Starting Linux Kernel00:27
NiMa91I wonder if grub has something against my system... is there any easy way to install, like, lilo or something, with no access to the target system's OS?00:27
=== beaver is now known as Beaver_
kitchegroken: all resolv.conf is used for it name resolition mainly DNS00:27
igorwhey guys, when I make a bridge br0 (, and add 2 interfaces to the bridge tap0 and eth0 (208.x.x.x), I can not use eth0 to connect to internet anymore.. how could I go around that?00:27
legend2440Chad: well its up to you but i'm 99.9% sure that if you enable the ATI proprietary drivers you will be able to use compiz with no problem. you can alway uncheck the box and go back to the open source driver. i noticed in your xorg.conf it says Driver "radeon". i'm pretty sure that should say Driver "ati" but the proprietary   fglrx drivers are very good in my experience. i have Radeon 9600 card00:27
unopgroken, that totally depends on how you want to resolve names that are not fully qualified.   if you are looking up a host named foo, do you want it to be resolved to foo.some.domain.address.com or foo.address.com00:27
Chadlegend2440: except when i enable them i can't boot ubuntu black screen at login00:28
grokenunop: i would want it to be foo.some.domain.address.com00:28
ScuniziI need some advice on VM's.. VMware won't install and function on one of my machines.  I notice that virtualbox is in the repo's. Do I install virtualbox-ose & virt-manager to get it going?  Also is the vm accessible from another machine on the same lan?00:28
unopgroken, right, then "domain some.domain.address.com"00:28
hdevalencechicox: OK, there are 3 programs using it. If I try closing them, could that work?00:28
grokenunop: perfect. thanks! and thanks kitche !00:29
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  After the loading bar completed, it looked like it was going to try and start X but then I got green and red flashing lines00:29
=== sCOTTo_ is now known as sCOTTo
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  The CD is done reading and the lines are still wigging out00:30
dougydecimateSo, my terminal is messing up. When I open one it's blank, allows me to type, but no commands work. I can open a root terminal fine and it works properly.  how can I fix it?00:30
unopigorw, i suspect that it is because you have used a private IP address there  - private IP addresses cannot be used over the internet00:30
hdevalencechicox: nvm, it was okular causing the problem. Thanks for the help!00:30
unopigorw, can you ping hosts on your LAN ok?00:30
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie can you get to cli in your regular install00:30
cyphahow do you enable wireless in ubuntu?00:30
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie and are you running 32 bit00:31
cyphaubuntu doesn't see my broadcom wireless card00:31
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  Only in recovery mode (root Shell)00:31
cyphai have network-manager installed00:31
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow:  Yes 32 bit00:31
kitchegroken: ah my mistake it's pretty much the same thing as search :)00:31
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie get to a shell00:31
legend2440Chad:  if you follow Method 1 here it will work    http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide00:31
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie Lets see if we can do this00:31
igorwunop: i have a crazy firewall around me, and ping would not work. but when I try ping -I eth5 google.ca I get Destination Host Unreachable,00:32
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: done00:32
Chadlegend2440: tried that00:32
igorwunop: when i take down the br0 and remove tap0 and eth0 from the bridge, i can ping -I eth0 google.. err previous eth5=eth000:33
legend2440Chad: ok00:33
Chadlegend2440: bobertdos said he would help me out. he knows what the problem is, Thanks alot for your help though00:33
unopigorw, well, is eth5 ever part of br0?00:33
legend2440Chad: ok good luck00:33
unopigorw, sorry sorry, i got ya00:33
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: ready at the shell00:34
igorwunop, ya, when i put eth0 as part of the bridge I can not ping google, if i remove it then it works again00:34
AndoreaCan someone tell me what is the command for "show desktop" [i wanna add it to my AWN launcher]00:35
unopigorw, if you attach an interface to a bridge, it becomes quite unusable by itself  -- and since your bridge uses a private IP address, it is not surprising you cannot ping a host on the internet.00:35
JoelitoHi all, got this question..I installed cairo-clock and I like it, is there any cairo or similar that shows a calendar with the day of today?00:35
MuzikJunkieAndorea: Do you have the latest AWN where you can add the Show Desktop Applet?00:35
bastid_raZorAndorea; doesn't AWN have an applet for that?00:35
unopigorw, what is eth0's address normally? when not part of the bridge?00:35
Andorea<MuzikJunkie> i have the latest versioni believe, didn't know there is applet00:35
igorwit is
Andorea<MuzikJunkie> i will try to find it, thank you~00:36
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie one sec00:36
unopigorw, and tap0 ?00:36
bastid_raZorAndorea; i've actually switched to cairo-dock .. i'm enoying it much more00:36
Andorea<bastid_raZor> i will try that one too then :) thanks00:36
igorwhaven't given tap0 Ip, but i plan to give it either or (not sure if .1 will work, since br0 got that ip)00:36
bastid_raZorAndorea; you'll have to add a repo.. google for it. there is a howto.. i could give you a link if you like?00:37
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie  lets try this..  wget http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/173.14.05/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.05-pkg1.run00:37
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: Ohh that is gonna take a while to type...here goes...00:37
KenBW22sometimes when i connect to this channel it says that KenBW2 is already taken. I set it as kenBW22 but when i log in there's no KenBW2. Why?00:37
Andorea<bastid_raZor> yes please :)00:38
unopigorw, remove any ip addresses from eth0 and tap0, create the bridge and set the ip address of br0 to  (or if this address is not a static one, try updating it via dhcp)00:38
bastid_raZorAndorea; >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CairoDock00:38
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie  I will try to help but may need to leave soon00:38
Andorea<bastid_raZor> thanks :***00:38
igorwunop: i get ya, and then I can have tap0 with local ip, that can use eth0 as gateway to the net00:38
unopigorw, errm, you'll have to give br0 a secondary IP address - a private one00:39
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: Does it matter if I am logged on as Root@hostname when i run this?00:40
unopigorw, tap0 and eth0 go out of use when part of a bridge, administering them becomes a no-op when they are a part of a bridge00:40
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie nope you will sudo if needed anyhow00:40
dethnullwhats a good desktop recording app?  dosnt matter if it has a gui or not00:40
histoMuzikJunkie: why ar eyou logged in as root00:40
dumplesIs there an easy setting to find to switch over to an s video cable?00:41
unop!screencast | dethnull00:41
ubottudethnull: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.00:41
bastid_raZordethnull; gtk-recordmydesktop00:41
zerogatei didn't have my menu.lst ubgradet during my gutsy to hardy upgrade but i should have, how can i00:41
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: 404 Not Found00:41
zerogatewhat can i do now00:41
histodumples: what kind of video card are you using?00:41
GunniHI haz a problem00:41
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: gotta be a type00:41
dumplesnvidia something, im not sure00:41
histodumples: nvidia-settings00:41
igorwunop: awesome, I was thinking of adding 2nd ip to eth0, but that did not work all too well00:41
dumpleswhere would i get to that?00:42
igorwunop: thanks for the advice00:42
histodumples: in a terminal00:42
marcelodoes anybody hear me?00:42
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie  wget http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/173.14.05/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.05-pkg1.run                  I just tested it..00:42
unopigorw, i am not sure if a bridge is the answer to your requirements .. but then again i don't fully understand your network setup.00:42
=== andatche_ is now known as andatche
zerogatei didn't have my menu.lst ubgradet during my gutsy to hardy upgrade but i should have, what can i do now?00:43
unopzerogate, does this command still want to upgrade packages?   sudo aptitude dist-upgrade00:43
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie You got build-essential already right00:43
histomarcelo: yes00:43
GunniHok hey00:44
igorwunop: basically I am tryin to set up OpenVpn where remote clients can get their IPs from a our local DHCP server, I read that it requires ethernet bridgin00:44
marceloOh Thanks.00:44
GunniHanyone here who knows a bit about everything ?00:44
GunniHI'm trying to configure my flash drive ready00:44
zerogateunop, yes00:44
marceloI have never used this chat00:44
GunniHDetermine which device your flash drive is on (/dev/sdb, etc)00:44
GunniHok how can I determine where it is ?00:44
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: lemme get that now00:44
unopzerogate, i guess you will have to complete the upgrade then, it seems the upgrade failed.00:45
zerogateoh, okay00:45
histoGunniH: plug it in and lsusb00:45
marcelothis is just a test00:45
GunniHBus 00300:45
GunniHDevice 00400:45
FloodBot1GunniH: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:45
unopigorw, hmm, and is the DHCP sever on another machine on the local subnet?00:45
GunniHand the ID00:45
histoGunniH: try lspci00:45
zerogateunop, but during the upgrade i was asked if i want the menu.lst upgraded and i said "no"00:45
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: that is instaling now...for some reason (and I have two sets of eyes) I do not know where the typo is00:45
dumpleshisto: ok, i installed it00:46
histoGunniH: hrm.. you need the dev00:46
zerogateunop, but now i want to say yes but i think it is too late00:46
histodumples: okay open a console and run it.00:46
dumplesok, its up\00:46
histodumples: look for tv out settings.00:46
unopzerogate, hmm, yea.  maybe this does it.  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow grub; sudo update-grub00:47
RonBurgundyCan someone help me out through PM. Im trying to get linux on the computer.00:47
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: is that a 1 opn the end of the string or an L00:47
zerogateunop, thx i will try00:47
unopzerogate, do that once aptitude has finished upgrading tho00:47
igorwunop: and dhcp server will give local ips to OpenVPN client,  usually dhcp serves out - to "onsite" connected clients.00:47
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: ahh it was a 100:47
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: package is downloading and build-essential is in place00:48
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: package is done downloading00:48
Jokihello everyone00:48
Jokii am a ubuntu newbie00:48
unopigorw, i see, but how do you route between the 10.10.30/24 and 10.10/16 subnets?00:49
Jokii need help because today my buttons for close minimize etc on windows dissapeared00:49
Jokinow i can only move it using alt00:49
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie  http://paste.ubuntu.com/29437/       here is what I have so far00:49
histoJoki: what version of ubuntu are you running?00:49
zerogateunop, hmm it says that it has updated menu.lst but it has not00:49
unopigorw, sorry, that's not 10.10/16 - but 10.10.1-10.10.1000:49
histoJoki: your window decorations disapeared huh.00:49
jimmmymJoki: running compiz?00:49
zerogateunop, there is still the gutsy kernel00:49
Guest68309how can I clean $? variable from a script ?00:49
Jokiyes i am running compiz00:49
igorwunop: we have a linux router box set up, same one I am installing openvpn on00:49
jimmmymJoki: try disabling it00:50
Jokii might have done something in compiz00:50
unopigorw, cool00:50
Jokihow do i disable compiz00:50
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie If I understand where you are at now, you should try    sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.05-pkg1.run00:50
Jokii am totally new to this00:50
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: trying now...00:50
friedtofu? isnt 173.14.09 the latest?00:50
igorwunop: ye, taking it step by step :-), i ll deal with dhcp/firewalls later00:50
unopGuest68309, $? is just the return status of a script/command.  there isn't much you can do with it00:51
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie I appreciate your trust in this..00:51
Jokican you explain how do i disable compiz00:51
jimmmymJoki: System -> prefs -> Appearance00:51
RonBurgundyis it possible to get ubuntu on a computure that has no os??00:51
Jokigot u00:51
histoJoki: go in to system preference > appearence and turn the effects down a bit.00:51
Jack_SparrowRonBurgundy yes00:51
Guest68309unop, it does always take cero result :S !!!00:51
histoJoki: also your problem would prbably be fixed if you log out and back in.00:51
RonBurgundyjack: how do i get that loaded up00:51
histoRonBurgundy: yes00:51
Jokiits back guys00:51
histo!install > RonBurgundy00:51
ubottuRonBurgundy, please see my private message00:51
Jack_SparrowRonBurgundy Boot the livecd00:51
Guest68309unop, and I don't know what to do :(00:51
Jokithank you so much for your help guys00:52
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: I trust ya and I think I have seen you around before...anyways, I am at the menu and i appreciate your help.  i will say yes to the prompts00:52
Jokiits back00:52
unopGuest68309, you mean zero?00:52
Guest68309unop, yes zero00:52
jimmmymJoki: I had the same problem, its a compiz issue...I solved it by installing emerald and using it for window decoration00:52
Jokii just put appereance effects to normal00:52
histoJoki: basically the part that controls window decorations crashed. So you windows still come up but with no buttons.00:52
unopGuest68309, is this your script?00:52
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie Yea, I am here quite often00:52
histoJoki: did you get your buttons back now?00:52
Jokii like compiz a lot00:52
JokiHisto, yes my buttons are back00:52
Jokijthank you so much for your help00:52
histoJoki: try putting the settings back up.00:52
Jokii ve put them back up Histo00:53
Jokiits good now00:53
Guest68309unop, I am using xdialog, and when you press ok button come out 0, and when you press cancel button it takes zero value00:53
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: the first prompt is asking me to switch to run level 3...the question is do I want to quit (YES/NO)00:53
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie The instructions say to answer yes to all00:53
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: it is warning saing that run level 1 is not really the way to go here...haha ok00:53
JokiYou guys are the best00:53
JokiUbuntu is so much better than Windows00:53
Jokinow that i have switched00:54
JokiI aint going back00:54
Guest68309unop, but my script is into cicle while, and I don't know what happen because it always takes zero value00:54
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: Clicked yes and back to a shell00:54
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: I think it does not want me in recovery mode...00:54
JokiHisto: And the rest of the crew. I appreciate your help once again.00:54
JokiYou have a good night.00:54
jimmmym3 out of 4 times my laptop doesnt come back up from suspend, where are the logs I should check?00:55
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie ok.. try booting  again but this time once it boots and you have no screen try this.. ctrl+alt+F200:55
Dedijimmmym: are you shure it does not come back? i need 1-3 min until it comes back :>00:56
unopGuest68309, what does this return?  echo $(xdialog ...)00:56
histojimmmym: /var/log00:56
histoDedi: jimmmym mine comes back in seconds00:56
histojimmmym: look for acpi logs or syslog maybe00:56
Guest68309unop, let me pass you one piece of my script, wait00:57
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: cntl alt F2 brings me to a screen wuith stripes all over the place00:57
histoMuzikJunkie: you have a problem with your framebuffer driver then.00:57
Guest68309unop, it is big jajaj00:57
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie Something is really wrong there00:58
jimmmymhisto: should i bother looking now, or wait till it fails00:58
unop!paste | Guest6830900:58
ubottuGuest68309: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:58
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Guest68309unop, I know jaja00:58
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: If I run with an old xorg, I may be able to get it to a TTY00:58
histojimmmym: you can look now if it just failed. There should be some old logs in there to00:58
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie I need to run, service call to fix windows and I am already late...00:58
histojimmmym: just check around /var/log so you are familiar00:58
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: thanks for the help...I will sit here contemplating00:58
Jack_SparrowMuzikJunkie keep at it..  you have a good idea what we are trying to do..00:58
Jack_Sparrowyou have the driver ..00:59
MuzikJunkieJack_Sparrow: yep....good luck with the service call!00:59
histoJack_Sparrow: why doesn't he just use restricted?00:59
aboughifarles mek00:59
histoMuzikJunkie: aren't you trying to install an nvidia card?00:59
histoMuzikJunkie: what version of ubuntu and what nvidia card?00:59
MuzikJunkiehisto: Hardy, geforce 6200 512MB AGP01:00
histoMuzikJunkie: your just trying to install video drivers? do you have any GUI right now?01:00
Guest68309unop, check 538 line http://paste.ubuntu.com/29440/01:00
MuzikJunkiehisto: no gui, X will not start even after dpkg reconfigure01:00
Guest68309unop, it is really big, jaja I hope you could read it01:01
nabcoreIs it possible to add the GUIness of Desktop to an existing server install using the magic of apt-get ?01:01
=== helpdesk is now known as techsupport
kitchenabcore: yes01:01
histoMuzikJunkie: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:01
=== RandomCake__ is now known as RandomCake
histoMuzikJunkie: remove the nvidia binary driver if you were trying to install that.01:01
histoMuzikJunkie: I don't know how far you got.01:01
histo!nvidia > MuzikJunkie01:02
ubottuMuzikJunkie, please see my private message01:02
nabcorekitche; is it something like apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?01:02
kitchenabcore: if you want gnome yes01:02
histonabcore: yes01:02
unopGuest68309,  $? is only current right after you execute a command. you are testing $? after palabra=`cat /tmp/xdialog.tmp` which is too late01:02
nabcoreok.. I will pass this onto my uncle; thanks01:02
histonabcore: ubuntu-desktop would add a normal gnome ubuntu set up. kubuntu-desktop would add kde ubuntu setup or kubuntu01:02
nabcoreok; thanks histo01:02
histonabcore: and I would use aptitude instead of apt-get01:02
nabcoreok... noted01:02
unopGuest68309, put line 538 just before line 53501:03
AbedI am using ffmpeg to convert from ogg to mp3 but when i set ffmpeg -i test.ogg -acodec mp3 -ab 192k test.mp301:03
Abedit says unsupported codec while mp2 is and when i type ffmpeg -formats mp3 is available at the codecs so?01:03
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MuzikJunkiehisto: I think I unpacked it.  I ran this command: sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-173.14.05-pkg1.run01:03
nabcoreThanks again for the help... bye01:03
Guest68309unop, mmmm jaja well let me try, thanks for the advice01:03
histoMuzikJunkie: did it finish installing the drivers?01:03
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stripboy0131m make0131ng wank and pen0131s show on my sn webcame 0131f yu want tosee my adress safaktimQhotmail.com01:03
MuzikJunkiehisto: it brought me to an on screen menu and then immediately exited01:03
unopAbed, try -acodec lamemp3   or  -acodec mp3lame01:03
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!01:03
MuzikJunkiehisto: i did not get far01:04
histoMuzikJunkie: okay try sudo sh NVIDIA-blahblahblabh --remove01:04
unopAbed, also make sure you have the latest version of libavcodec01:04
Abedunop, ok01:04
naliothkitche: what's up?01:04
Myrttikitche: a bit too late01:04
=== SunWuKung|away is now known as SunWuKung|away|a
histoMuzikJunkie: replace the blah blah with the real file name.01:05
kitcheMyrtti: was it :) I m getting some text lag a bit from compiling gnome01:05
histoMuzikJunkie: you can hit <tab> to auto complete the name of the file.01:05
MuzikJunkiehisto: I'll need to get back into recover mode and then i'll run the remove01:05
Guest68309unop, it still come out zero :(01:06
histoMuzikJunkie: I don't think you installed it but when its done removing then sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:06
histoMuzikJunkie: you should be good to go then.01:06
MuzikJunkiehisto: Didnt know about the tab...neat..  Unrecognized option --remove01:07
kerinI'm trying to get my wireless card working, according to google the card's supported - an intel 2200B/G.  but if i try using ifup or the Network Tools panel to configure the connection, it says "Ignoring unknown interface eth1=eth1"01:07
histoMuzikJunkie: I'm not sure what the nvidia remove switch was hold on one second.01:07
Abedunop, when i try mp3lame or lamemp3 it gives unknown codec but mp3 tells me unsupported codec for output stream #0.001:07
histoMuzikJunkie: its --uninstall01:08
MuzikJunkiehisto: It brought me to the screen about you should not be in runlevel 1...do you want to quit.  This is where I got last time and said Yes to quit01:09
MuzikJunkiehisto: I dont think it installed01:09
histoMuzikJunkie: okay then do sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx01:09
ani1Hello all, wondering if anyone can shead light on my issue. Its a little long so i pastebin'ed it http://paste.ubuntu.com/29442/01:10
fxcmhI have an Ubuntu 8.04 with the 'home' directory on its own partition on the hard drive.  How do I set a storage quota for that partition for all users?01:10
MuzikJunkiehisto: done.  shutdown -r now?01:10
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah01:11
boboanil: try alsaconf?01:12
tovmeodhello, I have a sierra aircard 880e, can I use it with ubuntu?01:12
iratsuif i go guided LVM partitioning in a hardy installer, where does it put /boot?01:12
ani1bobo: alsaconf? no package named that...01:12
tyler_d1I am attempting to run 'dpkg --configure -a' my machine hangs indefinately from term and from gdm on 'Generating locales...' 'en_AU.UTF-8...01:13
MuzikJunkiehisto: after the splash, i go to a black screen with an on screen display floating all around stating that Not Optimum Mode Recommended Mode 1280 X 1024  60hz01:13
tyler_d1any feedback or help to resolve this would be swollen01:13
rockyrockguys, Ubuntu doesn't recognize my Bluetooth!01:13
rockyrockI have Ubuntu 8.0401:13
tovmeodI got the 8.04 cd, does it comes with drivers to it or do I need to download something?01:13
histoMuzikJunkie: did it get in to a GUI?01:13
MuzikJunkiehisto: no01:14
histotovmeod: comes with drivers for a lot of hardware01:14
MuzikJunkiehisto: if I flip the monitor to the digital cable, i see an all grey screen01:14
techsupportcan anyone get me a link to instructions on how to set-up ventrilo server ?01:14
histoMuzikJunkie: hrm.... wth.  Well alright then i would sudo aptitude purge nvidia-glx01:14
tovmeodhow can I check if it has mine?01:14
Guest68309unop, thanks anyways, I think because the variable $? I use it so many times after that line, when it come back takes the zero value, but I don't know how to reset it, or am I wrong ?01:14
histoMuzikJunkie: get to run level 1 and use the nvidia installer01:14
unopGuest68309, hold on a sec01:15
MuzikJunkiehisto: as i was doing earlier you mean?01:15
histoMake sure you have the build-essentials package.01:15
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah nvidia-glx should have worked for you fine.01:15
histoMuzikJunkie: but you can always try the nvidia installer as well.01:15
Guest68309unop, don't try to execute my script because it requires a lot of files as well01:16
tovmeodare drivers the same for 64 bit or running 32 bit would be better?01:16
inocentpcI encountered a problem with not recognizing the USB flash drives. I installed linux Mint and other flavors of linux that came from ubuntu, and no USB. under XP, the laptop worked well, so it's not a hardware problem, I think. if you have suggestion let's talk in private, please. tnx.01:16
ani1any other thoughts on my sound issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/29442/ ?01:16
votanI have a Problem, somehow my Sound-Control stopped working recently after an update. I still hear the sound jsut fine, but I can't controll the volume and (I use a laptop) the internal speakers don't get muted after I plug in external Speakers. Does anyone have an idea what's broken ?01:17
kevinOanyone know how to configure the xserver-xorg-input-elographics driver?01:17
=== manticore is now known as Guest5214
boboanil: my mistake.  no alsaconf on ubuntu01:17
ani1bobo: alsamixer is all unmuted too01:18
boboanil: maybe this helps? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544901:18
smeebobo: isnt hardy using pulse audio now?01:18
ani1ive done all the troubleshooting from the link that ubottu gives01:18
smeeas a connector type thingy01:18
Abedi can't enable my built in bluetooth toshiba A200-1M501:18
itai-michaelsonMy Nvidia X server settings sees my monitor as CRT while its actually LCD , there are no other options in the drop-down menu ,how do i change that?01:18
ani1bobo: ive been through this guide and it has not fixed my problem :*(01:19
smeeitai-michaelson: same with me but it doesnt affect my peformance01:19
boboanil: sound on linux is still more art than science01:19
histotovmeod: I would run 32bit more support for stuff there.01:19
itai-michaelsonsmee, it does affect mine! the fonts are all smeared , they look much better when i disable nvidia01:20
histotovmeod: but its up to you. Depends on yoru experience etc...01:20
histo!better > tovmeod01:20
ubottutovmeod, please see my private message01:20
yujihey guys, with two x screens, is there a way to move windows between screens? I want a firefox instance on both screens..01:20
histoitai-michaelson: and this is a problem why?01:20
xTheGoat121xI've noticed that with my sound, there is a delay... the mouse will freeze for just a moment before the sound plays, then unfreeze and the sound plays.01:20
histoyuji: ctrl+shft+alt+right arrow01:21
histoyuji: or you jsut drag the window to the other desktop.01:21
yujihisto: two x screens, not workspace01:21
itai-michaelsonhisto, because it makes the fonts look bad01:21
boboanil: i assume you went through the routine of removing all the alsa stuff?  base and utils? and tried reinstalling?01:21
smeeitai-michaelson: i have two screens setup in twinview mode, in the nvidia settings panel it calls my lcd(main) crt-0, and my other screen crt-1..01:21
histoyuji: you have two instances of X running?01:21
histoitai-michaelson: check the font settings.01:21
ani1bobo:  This happens every reboot so im fairly familiar with the purge reinstall01:22
techsupportcan anyone help me install and setup ventrilo server ?01:22
histo!resolution > itai-michaelson01:22
ubottuitai-michaelson, please see my private message01:22
Abed!virtualbox | Abed01:22
ubottuAbed, please see my private message01:22
itai-michaelsonhisto, but when i cancel the nvidia driver the fonts instantly become nicer!01:22
=== RxDx is now known as Guest34240
yujihisto: yeah01:22
histoitai-michaelson: perhaps its something nvidia driver is adding to the xorg.conf01:22
histoyuji: I believe when you start the instance of firefox you have to tell it which display to be on :0 or :1 etc...01:23
ani1techsupport:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41737  but i prefer teamspeak its a super easy setup https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak01:23
itai-michaelsonhisto, how can i check that?01:23
histoitai-michaelson: gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:23
Aletheuois there a way to disable ext fsck checks on bootup?01:24
unopGuest68309, /usr/bin/Xdialog  --yesno "foo" 10 30; if [[ $? == 0 ]]; then echo yes $?; else echo no $?; fi01:24
histo!fstab > Aletheuo01:24
ubottuAletheuo, please see my private message01:24
kerin_Tilda doesn't always grab window focus - in fact it never seems to, I am using Metacity - any ideas?01:24
WatchDragonhmm, i have to know, is ubuntu 8 comparable to visa, as far as stuff not working right?01:24
techsupportani1, the tutorial talks about wine, there is ventrilo for linux01:24
histoAletheuo: you can change the options for when the drive is checked01:24
smeeyujiL if you want to sepcify which screen to start up on gnome has a paramter for it : "--screen = 0" i thinks01:25
Majostis there an easy way to get all the package maintainers gpg pubkeys?01:25
histokerin_: ask the tilda people. Or use devilspie and add a terminal to your desktop01:25
MuzikJunkiehisto: I am going back to the basics...basic xorg and old geforce 2 card...just so that I can see the logs for a bit01:25
yujihist: is it possible to ever move a window from one X to another? I'm torn because having 2 Xs is very useful to have 2 different sets of workspaces.01:25
histoMuzikJunkie: probably a good idea. Might want to double check the card you have. with lspci01:25
smeeWatchDragon: everything works for me, even have wow running same as it does in windows01:25
yujihisto: i mean :)01:25
MuzikJunkiehisto: also need some piece of mind that this system is working :)01:25
kerin_histo: not terrifically helpful on any level, but thanks for playing.01:26
histoyuji: I don't know how but I don't run two different X.01:26
ani1techsupport: check there website they have a how-to http://www.ventrilo.com/setup.php#Server_Installing01:26
WatchDragoncedega or wine?01:26
ColOfNaturecan someone tell me how to remove grub from my windows hd?01:26
histokerin: well they would be the ones that would know the most about it.01:26
MuzikJunkiehisto: Ahhh, my sanity is in tact...everything is still as it was before the new card...but I want this new card working!01:26
xTheGoat121xAnyone familiar with PulseAudio?01:26
=== mcasadevall_ is now known as NCommander
Aletheuohisto: hmm, so set 1 to 0 to disable the check?01:26
smeehisto: if its an nvidia card, then there is  an option to use twinview or spereate x screen01:26
histoMuzikJunkie: ahh you are swapping cards in teh same machine?01:26
MuzikJunkiehisto: yes, i pulled out an old geforce for a new Geforce01:27
histoAletheuo: you would have to follow the directions from ubottu I can't rmeember right now.01:27
smeeWatchDragon: wine as described in the help.ubuntu site01:27
histoMuzikJunkie: The problem is probably the drivers for the old card still being there.01:27
MuzikJunkiehisto: the old card is ok, hust a lil slow01:27
smeeWatchDragon: helps that i have a core duo and a 8800gt01:27
AMDpenguiny did ubuntu fucking nuke my windows partition?01:27
MuzikJunkiehisto: could be...is there a way to purge?01:27
MISIHi all. i have a problem, i just installed Ubuntu 8.04, all was ok, and rebooted PC, now i get "run COMMAND with root directory set to NEWROOT" and can't run it, can someone help?01:28
histoMuzikJunkie: depends what is installed and how you installed them.01:28
ani1!language > AMDpenguin01:28
ubottuAMDpenguin, please see my private message01:28
WatchDragonhmm, does wine not liek ATI cards?01:28
histoMuzikJunkie: dpkg -l | grep nvidia01:28
smeenothing likes ati01:28
smeeati < good01:28
votanincase my problem got scrolled away earlier :) --> somehow my Sound-Control stopped working recently after an update. I still hear the sound just fine, but I can't control the volume and (I use a laptop) the internal speakers don't get muted after I plug in external Speakers. Does anyone have an idea what's broken ?01:29
smeeon my old computer using a ati 9600,  caused me heaps of problems and was restricted to a bare few potions in terms of 3d01:29
MuzikJunkiehisto: glx-legacy and glx nvidia kernel common01:29
unopMISI, can you log on ok? does this message stop you from logging on? if so, where are you seeing it?01:29
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah the glx-legacy drivers hanging around would definately be an issue.01:29
itai-michaelsonhisto can u have a look ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/29447/01:29
histoMuzikJunkie: remove those and the kernel module then put the new card in and install nvidia-glx01:29
histoMuzikJunkie: sudo aptitude purge nvidia-glx-legacy    etc....01:30
robdigvotan: try right clicking on speaker icon by clock, then select preferences. see if PCM is selected. if not, try selecting it01:30
MuzikJunkiehisto: same way, aptitude purge?01:30
histoMuzikJunkie: yeppers01:30
XavuraSo I was just sat here, happily coding away, then all of a sudden all my screen started flashing and stuff. All my windows kind of moved and, well I don't know, it was weird01:30
histoitai-michaelson: is that the proper monitor?01:30
MISIunop, i boot up pc, there is a loading screen and after 3 sec i get this01:31
moshejust completed an update,have compiz enabled but now I cannot resize windows.Can't remember how to fix this one.any ideas?01:31
Xavuraand then all of my programs were moved onto my first virtual desktop thing01:31
=== entropy is now known as Guest24331
XavuraBut before they were all spread out across the virtual desktops01:31
itai-michaelsonhisto, my monitor says " SyncMaster 943nw" ,however i'm afraid it could a China-only model01:31
smeemoshe: ccsm -> window utils01:31
XavuraLooking at it, I think compiz fusion decided to shut down as my transparency is gone but, it just happened out of nowhere01:31
histoMuzikJunkie: the new card should at least work in vesa mode then you can install the restricted driver01:31
unopMISI, so this is before you enter your username and password?01:31
histoitai-michaelson: and its just a problem with the clarity of fonts?01:32
MISIunop, yes01:32
smeemoshe: ccsm -> window managment -> Resize Window01:32
unopMISI, and that is the exact error message you get?01:32
itai-michaelsonhisto, yes01:32
histoitai-michaelson: I would check the font settings for dpi if not perhaps someone else would know here.01:33
smeemoshe: bindings -> initiate window resize for mouse01:33
MuzikJunkiehisto: check http://paste.ubuntu.com/29449  is this ok to remove?01:33
MuzikJunkiehisto: looks serious01:33
votanrobdig: PCM is selected01:33
MISIunop. yes i see only this01:33
smeeitai-michaelson: i usuall change teh dpi in settings -> appearance -. fonts to 72 instead of 9601:33
histoMuzikJunkie: what are you trying to remove that wanted to remove that?01:33
MuzikJunkiehisto: nvidia kernel common01:34
unopMISI, i would reinstall grub if i were you.01:34
unop!grub | MISI01:34
ubottuMISI: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:34
histoMuzikJunkie: okay leave the kernel common then.01:34
MuzikJunkiehisto: ok01:34
moshesmee,which option?01:34
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah its part of normal ubuntu install forgot about that.01:34
moshesmee,which option?01:34
histoMuzikJunkie: just remove the nivida-glx-legacy stuff.01:34
madfrancisI'm having an issue with my xorg.conf.backup. Specifically, when I try to save a new config it says it cannot remove the old backup. When I went to the actual DIR to do it manually it says I can't because I don't have permission. How do I remedy this?01:35
MISIunop, ok, i will try this, thx01:35
pan034234how do i install firefox32 on amd64?01:35
smeemoshe: you have compiz config settings manager open?01:35
mosheyes I do01:35
MuzikJunkiehisto: legacy is removed...install new card and reboot?01:35
itai-michaelsonhisto, smee playing with the dpi helps - thanks01:35
smeemoshe: you want the resize window section01:35
pan034234done scripts and firefox deb file01:35
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah shut the computer off install new card and boot up.01:35
mosheresize is checked01:36
histoMuzikJunkie: you'll probably get and X error and need ot install nvidia-glx01:36
smeemoshe: then when your in that part, open the bindings tab01:36
robdigvotan: hmm, then you might be running into this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/10944201:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 109442 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Volume Control Doesn't Work on Notebook" [Medium,Incomplete]01:36
MuzikJunkiehisto: I would be thrilled to see that error01:36
unopmadfrancis, you need to use sudo or gksudo as needed01:36
overlordpuppyI seem to have sample rate issues recording.01:36
madfrancisI tried using "sudo rm xorg.conf.backup but had no luck.01:36
unopmadfrancis, open up your editor in this way.  gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:36
madfrancisIt said that no file or directory existed01:36
histoMuzikJunkie: well lets see what happens.01:36
smeemoshe: you will see siz binding options01:36
hoontekequestion: where is the cvs/svn repository for the nm-applet code?01:37
smeemoshe: six*01:37
smeemoshe: disable the top four01:37
histohoonteke: did you try finding their homepage?01:37
unopmadfrancis, well, you can't delete a file that doesn't exist, can you? :)01:37
unopmadfrancis, that's quite pointless01:37
madfrancisperhaps not. But I've seen the file with my own eyeballs01:37
hoontekehisto: yes, but I got lazy after 2 minutes hoping it would be a quick url paste for someone.01:37
unopmadfrancis, does the file exist?  ls -ld /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:37
moshehaving problems seeing the top of the window.it is above the top of screen.cannot see the bindings tab01:37
* hoonteke goes back to google grind01:37
histohoonteke: isn't that part of gnome.01:37
hoontekehisto: I dunno?01:38
histohoonteke: I thought that was now part of gnome now.01:38
hoontekehisto, k, loooking there now01:38
smeemoshe: for me i have set the mouse binding to alt + button1 to initiate a window resize01:38
histohoonteke: try #gnome01:38
hoontekehisto, great thanks01:38
drwelbyHi, I have 4 scripts in cron.hourly. If I run-parts /etc/cron.hourly, all 4 run. However, when cron runs that folder, only 3 run. the scripts all have similar permissions. Where to troubleshoot next?01:38
smeemoshe: if you cant see the top of the window, then try pressing alt + drag to move the window01:38
MuzikJunkiehisto: X started and I have a normal looking login screen01:39
madfrancisunop: yes01:39
smeethis drag behaviour can be changed in System -> Preferences -> Window01:39
unopmadfrancis, what does that return?01:39
moshethat works smee,but I used to be able to drag the window with left mouse btn and no alt01:39
histoMuzikJunkie: okay so its using the vesa driver now you just have to install the nvidia-glx driver it should actually prompt you01:39
histoMuzikJunkie: and tell you that a restricted driver is availible.01:39
jokkaahttp://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshffot1ru0.jpg ended up pretty good=)01:39
MuzikJunkiehisto: so far, no prompt but I do have a desktop01:39
smeemoshe: oops i tell l lie, i have it set to super+middle click to start resize01:40
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah you are using the non open gl driver basically now you just have to install nvidia-glx and you will be good to go.01:40
madfrancisunop: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2743 2008-07-21 18:49 /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:40
mosheok.just trying to get back to the old method using just left mouse btn and dragging01:40
orgthingyI *need* cmd for linux01:40
orgthingyyes, i know about terminal01:41
orgthingyi LOVE terminal01:41
orgthingybut, there are stuff i want to test in cmd01:41
unopmadfrancis, ok,  what does this do?  sudo mv -v /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.bkp}01:41
overlordpuppyMy sound is fine, but my recording is picking up a lot of static and is making my voice really deep. http://www.underscorelive.com/Voice.wav <-- Sample saying "Test Test Test"01:41
histoMuzikJunkie: try going to System > Administraiton > Hardware Drivers you should be able to do it from there.01:41
mosheit worked b4 the update.can't remember how I fixed it last time01:41
smeemoshe: maybe have a look through those sections in the ccsm to see which ones would affect window resizing.01:41
smeemoshe: make sure there are no rules preventing winow resizing01:41
kitcheorgthingy: depends what you mean by test but myself I would buy a shell book really to learn everything01:41
MuzikJunkiehisto: enabling now01:41
orgthingykitche: no, i want to do "windows" stuff01:42
histoMuzikJunkie: then you will ahve 3d support.01:42
madfrancisunop:`/etc/X11/xorg.conf' -> `/etc/X11/xorg.conf.bkp'01:42
=== _lifi is now known as lifi
mosheok.smee.will look at it again and may get back on in a few. thx for the assist01:42
MuzikJunkiehisto: it actually installed glx-new01:42
=== mike is now known as Guest98728
histoorgthingy: what sort of stuff are you trying to test?01:42
kitcheorgthingy: well you still didn't really anwser my question since I asked what do you want to test01:42
histoMuzikJunkie: thats fine.01:42
victor_can anyone look at my dmesg output for my TV Tuner Kworld ATSC 120:  http://pastebin.com/m2eb867ba01:42
Guest98728Anyone here able to help me with Thin Client setup? Any help would be awesome, thanks.01:42
histoMuzikJunkie: it should be able to pick okay. If not you can always change it back.01:42
orgthingyhisto: command line programs and some stuff..01:42
unopmadfrancis, great, that indicates you have moved that file and made a backup.  you can go about doing what you were doing now01:42
histoorgthingy: like what?01:42
MuzikJunkiehisto: rebooting01:42
unopmadfrancis, the backup is there incase you need it later.  i.e. /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:43
orgthingyhisto: but.. u forgot my actual question01:43
madfrancisunop: alright. I'll give it a shot. :)01:43
orgthingyis there a way i can get cmd in linux?01:43
lifebughello together!01:43
histoorgthingy: dos now01:43
histoorgthingy: no01:43
histoorgthingy: I'm sure there is an emulator or something.01:43
victor_xtknight: can anyone look at my dmesg output for my TV Tuner Kworld ATSC 120:  http://pastebin.com/m2eb867ba01:43
unoporgthingy, why would you want cmd.exe when you have a number of shells that do everything better?01:43
kitcheorgthingy: yes terminal and ctl+alt+F1 will take you to the shell but if you want dos go get dosbox01:44
histoorgthingy: you could run a virtual machine with dos installed.01:44
smeeorgthingy: cmd? as in windows cmd.exe?01:44
nonewmsgshow do i mount a bin/cue combo01:44
orgthingyunop: because i want to do a windows thing01:44
orgthingyi love terminal, but i *have* to use cmd01:44
unoporgthingy, like what exactly?01:44
madfrancisunop: Crap! Now when I go to save the settings I get this... "Failed to open existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!"01:44
histoorgthingy: then you need dosbox or wine to use windows apps01:44
orgthingyunop: i dunno, ask my school man01:44
buzzsawi am trying to compile a program and i got http://pastebin.com/m60110c02   however apt-get does not like   makeinfo or textinfo for packages01:44
orgthingyi told my teacher i only have linux01:44
histoorgthingy: its kind of hard to answer you questions if you wont' explain.01:45
orgthingyshe told me that sometimes, terminal is fine but not for all classes01:45
histoorgthingy: we've told you that you can use dosbox probably01:45
victor_xtknight: can anyone look at my dmesg output for my TV Tuner Kworld ATSC 120:  http://pastebin.com/m2eb867ba01:45
SUPEROGTGood nite, i want to load some modules at start up so i added to /etc/modules but it don't work. I guess i'm writing something wrong. The commands i use for enable my modules are modprobe ath_pci and modprobe wlan_scan_sta and i added these commands with and without the modprobe but nothing... Anyone have another alternative?01:45
histo!info dosbox > orgthingy01:45
ubottuorgthingy, please see my private message01:45
orgthingyhisto: I need cmd.. because we're taking "cmd courses" in school01:45
unopmadfrancis, what are you using to adjust settings?01:45
histoI give up01:45
MuzikJunkiehisto: x did not start01:45
smeeorgthingy: i would suspect your teacher is not aware of what the terminal in linux is capable of01:45
MuzikJunkiehisto: black screen01:46
histoMuzikJunkie: hrm. okay remove nvidia-glx-new01:46
iptelhi ALL01:46
orgthingysmee: yes yes.. but some commands in cmd are different01:46
histoMuzikJunkie: and install nvidia-glx01:46
bastid_raZororgthingy; have you thought about a virtual machine? i just caught the last of your issues01:46
victor_xtknight: can anyone look at my dmesg output for my TV Tuner Kworld ATSC 120:  http://pastebin.com/m2eb867ba01:46
orgthingyvirtual machine.. nah, it  barely works01:46
iptelнарод плиз01:46
MuzikJunkiehisto: aptitude purge nvidia-glx-new?01:46
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:46
smeeorgthingy: but if you need to have ait, best way is to use virtualbox and run windows/dos in there01:46
JFCakeanyone know a good distro based on Ubuntu 8.04 with kernel 2.6.24 or higher?01:46
orgthingymy computer is so old :(01:46
xtknightvices, umm well 2.6.26 added support for kworld 120 btw01:46
iptelпожскажите плеер для Убунту01:46
xtknightvices, sorry wrong nick01:46
xtknightvictor_,  umm well 2.6.26 added support for kworld 120 btw01:46
unoporgthingy, wine cmd.exe01:46
MuzikJunkiehisto: i cannot even get to a TTY01:46
histoorgthingy: use dosbox or virtualbox.01:46
smeeorgthingy: there is also a dos emulator in the repos01:46
JFCakeNice one.01:46
victor_xtknight: did you look at my dmesg output01:46
MuzikJunkiehisto: recovery mode i guess?01:46
histoMuzikJunkie: reboot and at the grub screen hit esc and select recovery mode.01:46
SUPEROGTAnyone has any idea about load modules at startup ?01:47
smeeorgthingy: the dos emulator would be less of an exercise to get up and running too01:47
orgthingywine has cmd :D01:47
spiritwalkerhello does anyone knows why i have sdl libs installed and when i compile something ubuntu says they are not i'm relative new in linux01:47
xtknightvictor_, yes i did.  i dont know what it means01:47
orgthingywine cmd.exe01:47
orgthingythanks a lot01:47
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah atleast we know your card is working we just have to figure out which driver it wants. IT should be nvidia-glx I don' know why it would try -new01:47
WatchDragonvirtualbox = easy stuff01:47
orgthingyand yes, ill try dos emulators01:47
kitchespiritwalker: most likely need -dev01:47
victor_xtknight: i also see this [ 4387.674395] cx88[0]: Calling XC2028/3028 callback01:47
xtknightvictor_, compile a 2.6.26 kernel and try01:47
smeeorgthingy: you want to make sure when dealing with permissions that the wine cmd is representing the situation as per normal windows lunacy01:47
MuzikJunkiehisto: and you want me to run the aptitude purge...is this the same as unchecking the package in synaptic?01:48
histoorgthingy: yeah wine cmd.exe will work for you.01:48
histoorgthingy: just install wine sudo aptitude install wine01:48
xtknightvictor_, p.s. enable CONFIG_SND in the new kernel if you want sound (and the proper module for your card), something most kernel compilation guides neglect to mention01:48
orgthingyi have wine already01:48
histoMuzikJunkie: purge will remove the configuration files01:48
MuzikJunkiehisto: is this what i need to run?01:48
unoporgthingy, wine does not have cmd.exe -- you need to run the cmd.exe that exists in your wine installation with wine01:48
histoMuzikJunkie: but yes aptitude purge just removes the package and its configs01:49
histoMuzikJunkie: sudo aptitude purge nvidia-glx-new01:49
histoMuzikJunkie: then sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx01:49
histoMuzikJunkie: hopefully that should fix it all.01:49
spiritwalker-dev ??? sorry i'm really a small pidgin01:49
orgthingywell, it seems that it has cmd.exe :)01:49
smeeorgthingy: ha, you have to use the "wine cmd" in an existing terminal though...i assumed this wasnt the case..01:50
unoporgthingy, actually wait. wine has it's own cmd.exe but it isn't the fully compatible version with the actual microsoft cmd.exe - you'll need to get cmd.exe off of a windows CD01:50
kitchespiritwalker: libsdl-dev package if your trying to compile a program01:50
orgthingyunop : oh, i see01:50
unoporgthingy, the cmd.exe that comes with wine is wine's implementation of cmd.exe01:50
histowhat is wrong with him just using dosbox01:50
orgthingyi see01:50
MuzikJunkiehisto: installed nvidia=glx...rebooting01:50
orgthingyso, Ill get the real cmd01:50
orgthingyms's cmd :)01:50
SebNaitsabes if I remember correctly  Outlook can just have it's settings imported into Thunderbird  when both are running on Windows.  however what I am wondering is if I can get the settings from Outlook running in Windows into  Thunderbird  running in Ubuntu,  without  having to say  first install Thunderbird  into Windows and then copy the relivant setting files over to the one in Ubuntu01:51
histoMuzikJunkie: cross your fingers if not we'll just remove that and use the regular vesa driver temporarily01:51
histoorgthingy: yes01:51
SebNaitsabesalso like THunderbird, outlook wil have it's own settings per user?01:51
Ultraputzthunderbird works with mapi?01:51
orgthingyok, thanks for your help01:51
smeeorgthingy: depending on which version of dos your class is using for the exercises, dosbox might be your better option01:51
iratsuwhat's a good terminal application to burn DVDs?01:51
unophisto, if his teacher want's him to use cmd.exe and he uses dosbox, he isn't guaranteed to get the same results01:51
histoiratsu: dd01:51
SUPEROGTGood nite, i want to load some modules at start up so i added to /etc/modules but it don't work. I guess i'm writing something wrong. The commands i use for enable my modules are modprobe ath_pci and modprobe wlan_scan_sta and i added these commands with and without the modprobe but nothing... Anyone have another alternative?01:51
iratsuhisto: seriously?01:52
MuzikJunkiehisto: black screen01:52
orgthingysmee: im downloading "freedos" (free DOS )01:52
orgthingyand dos emulator01:52
kindofabuzzwhat school is still teaching DOS???!!??01:52
histo!better > iratsu01:52
ubottuiratsu, please see my private message01:52
MuzikJunkiehisto: recover mode?01:52
kitcheiratsu: growisofs is the only way to burn dvd isos unless you use dd but have not tried using dd on dvd isos01:52
histokindofabuzz: a lot of them unfortunately01:52
orgthingykindofabuzz: theyre teaching us how to use cmd actually01:52
spiritwalkerha ok that one i don't have so for what i understand -dev packages are for when we try compile things and the others are for programs use only right??01:52
smeekindofabuzz: any school that holds history in high regard01:52
unoporgthingy, freedos does not have a cmd.exe .. iirc, it only has a command.com01:52
kindofabuzzthey should teach you linux commands01:52
Ultraputzkindofabuzz - a lot of technical schools mention it because there are still a lot of systems that use it01:52
orgthingyoh :(01:53
iratsukitche: hmm what i want to burn isn't an iso though01:53
unopkindofabuzz, the schools that expect you to work on windows ..01:53
kindofabuzzUltraputz, true01:53
SUPEROGTthey should teach how to read and think01:53
histoiratsu: make it an iso then burn that.01:53
smeekindofabuzz: true, but they are funded and indoctrinated by pay slips that dictate a microsoft world01:53
Ultraputzsuperogt - there'd be no point.01:53
iratsuhisto: ah, ok01:53
kitcheiratsu: then dd is not what you want01:53
JFCakeYo if I compile and update my kernel on hardy, will that bug/slow it a bit?01:53
Ultraputz"now that idiots have critical thinking skills, they can be stupid, critically."01:53
kindofabuzzJFCake, only if you screw it up, which is possible01:53
unopJFCake, depends on what exactly you do01:53
spiritwalker<kitche> any way thank you very very much my monitor and my head just say thanks01:53
yyy_JFCake: only if you do it wrong :P01:54
MuzikJunkiehisto: in recovery...purge nvidia-glx?01:54
lifebugis it possible to get a seperate sound for dropping a file into trash on the desktop? i use hardy with gnome ...01:54
orgthingyDOS aint working :(01:54
SUPEROGTgosh... anyone knows any good ubuntu related forum ?01:54
histoMuzikJunkie: nvidia-glx didn't work either?01:55
the_darkside_986How does one listen to internet radio as *.asx file? Totem keeps saying "Location not found" ???01:55
MuzikJunkiehisto: nope01:55
histoMuzikJunkie: wth01:55
orgthingyDOS emulator****01:55
histoMuzikJunkie: yeah I guess to get back to working X01:55
yyy_the_darkside_986: try vlc or mplayer maybe?01:55
kitchethe_darkside_986: vlc or mplayer but most likely need win32codecs01:55
MuzikJunkiehisto:  i get through the splash and then the last four or so lines from the startup commands blink on the screen about 5 times and then the screen goes black with no access to TTY01:55
JFCakeany how-not-to-fuck-up kernel upgrade method?01:55
kindofabuzzJFCake, good guide here: http://www.howtoforge.com/roll_a_kernel_debian_ubuntu_way01:56
kitche!language | JFCake01:56
ubottuJFCake: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:56
kindofabuzzis what i used01:56
* xTheGoat121x is back01:56
JFCakeUbuntu is about love, caring and all that01:57
smeeSUPEROGT: i assume you have tried the obvious ubuntuforums,org01:57
MISIunop, i get a "find: /boot/grub: No such file or directory" when i use ""find /boot/grub/stage1" at grub, any idea?01:57
the_darkside_986I'm using the _LATEST_ moblock in Ubuntu Hardy and I have no idea how to whitelist specific IPs now. They changed the format or something.01:57
Ultraputzgeneral question -- how is everyone's experience with flash under hardy ?01:57
SUPEROGTsmee: not so obvious for me, i'm spanish talker :P tks01:57
unopMISI, where are you now? within the live CD?01:57
Ultraputzafter about 3 youtube flicks, it fails, sometimes restarting the browser helps.01:57
MuzikJunkiehisto: now i still get a black screen01:58
neothecathas anyone have problems with 8.04 where certain apps, like vmware and rhythmbox, where i open upa  preference box, and it just freezes?01:58
histoMuzikJunkie: after removing nvidia-glx?01:58
kindofabuzzUltraputz, try Flash 10 beta, solved alot of crashing for me01:58
MuzikJunkiehisto: yes01:58
smeeSUPEROGT: ah. but english is not a problem to deal with no ?01:58
histoMuzikJunkie: and it worked the first time?01:58
MuzikJunkiehisto: yes01:58
unopMISI, did you mount your linux partitions?01:58
MuzikJunkiehisto: restore an old xorg/01:58
Ultraputzkindof - is it in backports or ?01:58
iloweanybody know about console-kit-daemon taking up 100% of one of my cpus?01:58
generato1OK lets see if I can word this correctly. I get authentication failed when attempting to connect to ftp-server running pure-ftpd over SSH. Any help please.......01:58
smeeSUPEROGT: since im not aure about a spanish ubuntuforums01:58
histoMuzikJunkie: it should have on its own.01:58
kindofabuzzUltraputz, no, you gotta d/l it01:58
kindofabuzzgoogle it01:58
histoMuzikJunkie: edit the xorg.conf and change the driver to vesa from nvidia see what happens.01:58
Ultraputzfrom adoobie?01:58
histoMuzikJunkie: or nv01:58
SUPEROGTthey are mhhhh slow?01:58
histoMuzikJunkie: I would try nv first then vesa01:59
kindofabuzzlol adoobie01:59
MISIunop, i installed in on same partiyion as windows01:59
MuzikJunkiehisto: where do i go from here?01:59
histoMuzikJunkie: you can restart sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:59
SUPEROGTthey don't respond ever... so i tried another option like irc but is useless01:59
unopMISI, eh? you mean you installed linux on an ntfs partition?01:59
MuzikJunkiehisto: no access to TTY...have to pull the power01:59
kindofabuzzimposible ain't it?01:59
SUPEROGTthey don't respond ever... so i tried another option like irc but is useless01:59
histoMuzikJunkie: Are you sure this is an nvidia card?01:59
SUPEROGTtks smee02:00
MuzikJunkiehisto: XFX NVIDIA GEFORCE02:00
histoMuzikJunkie: reboot the recovery mode and sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:00
smeeSUPEROGT: most of what i have learnt about linux over that last 4-5 years has been through my own experimentation and friends02:00
MISIunop, yes, its bad?02:00
histoMuzikJunkie: you are going to want ot change the driver section to nv from nvidia02:00
histo!nvidia > MuzikJunkie02:00
ubottuMuzikJunkie, please see my private message02:00
MuzikJunkiehisto: ok never used nano02:00
jimd1hi guys.  I'm trying to add a new user to my ubuntu desktop set up.  When I create the account using System > Administration > Users and Groups, after the account appears to b created it is missing a number of folders such as music, pictures, public, etc. Anyone have any ideas on how these other folders "should" get created?02:01
histoMuzikJunkie: its an editor02:01
unopMISI, yes indeed, grub does not know how to read off of ntfs partitions to get the boot images02:01
smeeSUPEROGT: not being a stagnant project means it always presenting new things to learn02:01
histoMuzikJunkie: the keys ont he bottom are Ctrl then the letter02:01
MuzikJunkiehisto: i know, just not familiar with it02:01
histoMuzikJunkie: well use which ever editor your are familiar with.02:01
smeejimd1: this  behaviour you want is like windows server profiles ?02:01
histoMuzikJunkie: nano will ask you to save any changes on exit.02:01
smeejimd1: it is possible with linux, but i forget how02:01
MISIunop, i jusy used the option that was in the installation, so what can i do now>02:01
MuzikJunkiehisto: nothing in there about nvidia...there is a glx module though02:02
unopjimd1, these directories get created as and when needed by applications that the user runs02:02
MuzikJunkiehist: gedit :-)02:02
unopMISI, the best thing to do is create a new partition with gparted, and install linux on that one02:02
jimd1unop:  when my first account was created by the installer (when I first installed ubuntu) it created these folders for me.02:03
smeejimd1:ahh i think i remember now, there is a folder somewhere with this blank setup that gets used02:03
MuzikJunkiehist: device sectiojn has "Configured video device"  Driver nvidia...there it is02:03
unopjimd1, edit /etc/skel then02:03
unopsmee, ^^02:03
smeejimd1: try searching on ubuntu forums for these words : new user profile home02:03
jimd1unop:  I am supposed to copy those?02:03
generato1does anyone here know how to configure SSH??02:04
smeejimd1: no, this folder is copied by the 'new user' app when you create the user02:04
unopjimd1, no, create all the files and folders that you expect the new user to have in /etc/skel .. whenever you create a new user from then on, those files and folders will be copied to the user's homedir02:04
MISIunop, ok, i will try, i have also a qurstion, how yo uninstall that one from the ntfs partition, the wondows installer cant do it02:04
MuzikJunkiehisto: driver is nvidia and glx module is present02:04
jimd1smee:  i used the System > administration > users and groups to create the new user.  i simply filled in the dialog box and clicked.  those folders are not copied or made at that time02:05
madfrancis I'm trying to set up dual monitors VGA + DVI and no matter what I try I can't get it to work. I'm working with the sudo nvidia-settings and even though it seems to be setup right I'm not seeing anything on my second display. Any ideas?02:05
LostFaythWhile building a kernel (from git, following instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile) I got this: http://pastebin.com/d7848ddd1 Any ideas on how to fix?02:05
pale-yafalspci -v shows me this02:05
pale-yafa03:01.1 Multimedia controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Audio Capture (rev 11)02:05
pale-yafaFlags: medium devsel, IRQ 2102:05
pale-yafaMemory at fdfff000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=4K]02:05
pale-yafaCapabilities: <access denied>02:05
unopMISI, you'll probably need to boot up into windows and delete all the linux directories from C: (or the drive letter your windows install uses)02:05
smeejimd1: yep follow waht unop said02:05
pale-yafais this <access denied> ok?02:05
Ultraputzkindofabuzz -- the installer hangs on "warning: please enter a valid installation path"02:06
smeejimd1:  "/etc/skel " hold this 'new user's home folder setup' template02:06
unop!paste | pale-yafa02:06
ubottupale-yafa: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:06
Ultraputzwhen i give it /usr/lib/mozilla, it just repeats the warning02:06
unoppale-yafa, you might need to use sudo as needed02:06
MISIunop, ok, thanks for your help02:06
kindofabuzzUltraputz, are you using the flash right now from the repos?02:06
pale-yafaunop: I would use paste if it was long, but I think 4 lines are ok02:06
kindofabuzzUltraputz, abort the installer02:07
unoppale-yafa, no, 4 lines is still a disruption -- if it's more than a line, use a pastebin02:07
Ultraputzit's quit02:07
kindofabuzzUltraputz, do you know how to cp command line?02:07
Ultraputzpull it from apt/synpatic?02:07
Ultraputzja, command line proficient02:07
=== carpedie2 is now known as carpediem
rockenrola1hi. anyone knows whay Brasero only burns dvd up to 4.3GB ?02:07
pale-yafaok, any way Iam trying to get tv on my monitor for 5 hours now,02:08
pale-yafaNO RESULT02:08
kevinOanyone know how to configure the xserver-xorg-input-elographics driver?02:08
Windsurfer619because 4.3 GB is the size of a DVD?02:08
kindofabuzzUltraputz, cp that libflashplayer (the new one) into /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree02:08
EruditeHermithey, when I play videos on my intel GMA3100 laptop with the intel Xorg driver, the colours seem off. Is there a way to fix it?02:08
kindofabuzzUltraputz, libflashplayer.so02:08
rockenrola1Windsurfer619: no. I forget to say that. the dvd's are 4.702:08
Ultraputzkind - permissions?02:09
kindofabuzzUltraputz, close any browsers open first02:09
Windsurfer619rockenrola1: Oh. My bad. Is there something on the DVD already?02:09
kindofabuzzUltraputz, sudo cp02:09
ambrosyoanyone can help me here?02:09
rmullHello, is it possible to get a "rush delivery" of a large number of Ubuntu CDs to Boston MA before September? I need around 50 and am willing to pay up to $20.02:09
overlordpuppyMy recording sound is picking up a lot of static and is making my voice really deep, but my regular sound is fine. It was suggested yesterday by someone that it's my sampling rate. How can I fix it? If you want to hear the sound, http://www.underscorelive.com/Voice.wav <-- Sample saying "Test Test Test"02:09
rockenrola1Windsurfer619: no. virgin DVD's02:09
Ultraputzfiring up ff. kirie eleyson.02:10
kindofabuzzUltraputz, sudo cp /whereverflash10is/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree02:10
Xsss4hellI want to stream my screen how do I do that over amsn?02:10
Windsurfer619rockenrola1: I'm sorry then, I can't help you :(02:10
ambrosyois it ubuntu supported for a webcam?02:10
Xsss4hellHowto setup a fake camera that streams the screen02:10
JFCakeambrosyo, yarly02:10
Ultraputzbuzz - doing the youtube test.02:10
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: vlc ?02:10
ambrosyoenglish pls JFCake02:10
=== robert__ is now known as Guest29957
smeeXsss4hell: i wasnt aware that amsn could even do voice not to mention video02:10
JFCakeambrosyo,  yes really.02:11
kindofabuzzUltraputz, if you read the flash 10 release notes, hardware acceleration in linux does not work with compiz02:11
ambrosyoJFCake can i talk to u in private to help me02:11
unoprockenrola1, 4.3 Gibibytes translates to about 4.7 Gigabytes02:11
Xsss4hellsmee I just talk with a designer who shows me his screen, no He streams his screen. he has windows I have ubuntu ;)02:11
smeekindofabuzz: you mean that compiz + hardware accel does not work with the flash player02:11
rockenrola1unop: that is interesting02:11
smeeXsss4hell: and ?02:11
smeeXsss4hell:amsn is not msn02:12
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, I need a fake hardware device that I can select as v4l2 device02:12
kindofabuzzsmee, no flash hardware accel does not work with compiz on02:12
Xsss4hellsmee, correct02:12
Ultraputzbuzz -- "about flash 10" in the menu, so good so far, except... didn't actually load video02:12
ambrosyoJFCake: im using ubuntu 8.04 LRS how do i install a web camera,02:12
kindofabuzzUltraputz, something else is screw then lol02:12
smeeXsss4hell: and i'm not sure why you want to use a instant messenger to stream video02:12
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: fake? you don't have a camera? then I don't know.02:12
Ultraputzrestarted again, now it's happy,02:12
Ultraputzand fast.02:12
unoprockenrola1, storage vendors count in increments of 10^3 .. while disk usage utilities count in increments of 2^1002:13
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, I have a camera, I don't want to adjust my camera to record my screen02:13
kindofabuzzUltraputz, better?02:13
smeeXsss4hell: because it's possbile to setup vlc as a stream server02:13
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, I want to directly stream my screen02:13
Ultraputzwatching the compiz fusion demo video, wondering what it woudl be like to have a graphics card built during the present decade :-)02:13
Ultraputzrocks so far, thanks a lot man02:13
ani1Hey all, I am having a problem with my sound. After reboots it stops working correctly i have purged the alsa installs and restarted alsa-utils. The only thing that will produce sound, and only in 1 ear, is to `sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload` but if i modify the volume sound stops working. This isn't a hardware issue since it worked before the reboot... My ALSA output is found here http://pastebin.ca/108020502:13
unoprockenrola1, meaning. a gigabyte is 1000 megabytes but a gibibyte is 1024 mebibytes02:13
Xsss4hellsmee, what if he has no vlc ;)02:13
Xsss4hellsmee, just msn02:13
Xsss4hellI know it is possible02:14
smeeXsss4hell: it's a trival matter since vlc is free02:14
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: that is a interesting project. good luck02:14
ambrosyoguy, teach me how to install a web camera in ubuntu?02:14
Guest29957what do you do with web cam02:14
=== Guest_669 is now known as sysx
Ultraputzget paid to take your clothes off.02:14
jimcooncatXsss4hell: I don't remember which package it is, but I used to stream a jpeg image. Any firefox could see the cam02:14
rockenrola1unop: I knew tha,. but didn't remember. It seems that it must be that02:14
=== sysx is now known as systemx
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, it's not a project, that's something that exists I don't know the name of the app02:15
Ultraputzmost people just point them at webs and watch them. it's like the weather channel, but more exciting.02:15
=== systemx is now known as jsjhhjas
ambrosyoi want to install my webcam02:15
Guest29957clothes off02:15
=== trucMuche is now known as WalloO
ambrosyobut i dont know how to install it02:15
smeeXsss4hell: have you tried searching in synaptic for screen recording apps?02:15
=== WalloO is now known as trucMuche
jimcooncatambrosyo: I believe camorama is a good package to test it with02:16
filsufI have a lot of problem with firefox02:16
smeeXsss4hell: and searching forums for vlc stream server?02:16
filsufit keeps on crashing02:16
Ultraputzambrosyo -- look for a wiki for video4linux02:16
ambrosyohow about im using yahoo messenger02:16
Ultraputzthey have a list of hardware and drivers, if your equipment is on there, it may save you some trouble02:16
Guest29957any other good chat irc02:16
Xsss4hellsmee, vlc is not my thing. I want to just use a different video device. A fake video device that streams my screen02:16
smeeXsss4hell: which vlc does i believe02:17
ambrosyoim trying to download camorama but they cannot install02:17
=== hym is now known as DarkInside
Ultraputzxsss - does Istanbul do what you need?02:17
DARKGuyhey guys, any way to control mpd through audacious ?02:17
jimcooncatXsss4hell: you could use vnc, but I'm afraid it would be very choppy02:17
Xsss4hellUltraputz, no Istanbul doesn create a virtual webcam02:18
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: in a quick google it seems that vlc also does screencast. if true then the streaming comes along.02:18
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, he streams to me and is surfing and photoshopping very fluid02:18
smeeXsss4hell: but he is using windows02:19
LostFaythWhile building a kernel (from git, following instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile) I got this: http://pastebin.com/d7848ddd1 Any ideas?02:19
Xsss4hellsmee, yes I want something like this for linux http://www.fakewebcam.com02:19
smeeXsss4hell: so you see his situation can not be used as a guidline for yours02:19
filsufdoes anybody know that Obama uses Ubuntu?02:20
DARKGuyhey guys, is there any way to control mpd through audacious ?02:20
filsufMcCain is computer illiterate ... Bush uses Mac, Clinton too02:20
filsufObama uses Ubuntu?02:20
smeeXsss4hell: ok i just googled for "stream desktop via vlc" and got this : http://schiralli.wordpress.com/2008/02/05/stream-your-desktop-as-a-video-using-vlc-maclinuxwindows/02:20
=== sCOTTo_ is now known as sCOTTo
ani1Hey all, I am having a problem with my sound. After reboots it stops working correctly i have purged the alsa installs and restarted alsa-utils. The only thing that will produce sound, and only in 1 ear, is to `sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload` but if i modify the volume sound stops working. This isn't a hardware issue since it worked before the reboot... My ALSA output is found here http://pastebin.ca/108020502:20
Xsss4hellsmee, obviously yes ;) but it should be possible maybe it is out there and we don't know the name of the app02:21
Ultraputzyeah, so he doesn't need an MS Office license to write press releases about his capitulation to the right and the militarism. yay ubuntu?02:21
Windsurfer619DARKGuy: I highly doubt it's possible.02:21
Ultraputz"check out! charles manson uses fedora!" :-)02:21
DARKGuyWindsurfer619: there's not a plugin? :(02:22
Xsss4helltoo complex http://allonlinux.free.fr/Projets/AVLD/02:22
Xsss4hellbut it does it02:22
djs Hey guys, the first meeting of #southeastlinuxfest has just started, if you want to come, you are most warmly welcome.02:22
smeeXsss4hell: the other issue is that no IM in linux will stream video02:23
Ultraputzsoutheast what?02:23
djsThink SUPERLUG02:23
Xsss4hellsmee, amsn does!02:23
Xsss4hellX.Org X server -- void input driver02:23
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: what is your ultimate goal?02:23
Ultraputzsoutheast antarctica? southeast ukraine?02:23
kitchedjs: please go to #ubuntu-offtopic to say that02:24
metalpreshow do you get hardware video decoding working in ubuntu?  when using both vlc and mplayer I use the same cpu% playing a video using XVideo, X11, and OpenGL (in mplayer) since opengl wont work at all in vlc02:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:24
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, to show him my desktop and the project I'm working on with him02:24
metalpresi have the latest nvidia drivers installed and working02:24
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, like vnc but over a webcam session in msn02:24
Scunizianyone know how to enable usb support in virtualbox?  #vbox is dead right now.02:24
Guest29957any interesting irc servers02:25
=== jsjhhjas is now known as VAMPIRCHO
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: ok. but why not vnc then? it will do the trick02:25
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, but he need vnc also right?02:25
kdb424Can someone help me? I have a tripple boot system, windows XP, Mac and Ubuntnu, and want to access my music files in Ubuntu. Any ideas?02:25
smeeXsss4hell: if you run vlc screen:// you get what you want02:26
SebNaitsabeskdb424: on  an Apple Mac?02:26
smeeyou then need to redirect vlc output to amsn02:26
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: yes. I see your problem now02:26
tech0007kdb424: where's ur music stored?02:26
DeltsHi all, I was wondering how to build a custom keymap.  Anyone able to help me?02:26
kdb424SebNaitsabes : Yea. I'm official02:26
Guest29957any interesting irc servers02:26
kdb424My music folder in my username's folder02:26
tech0007kdb424: i mean in what partition? ubuntu, mac or xp?02:27
kdb424ohhh. mac02:27
Scunizihow do I enable sharing of folders/directories?02:27
SebNaitsabeskdb424:  how did you get Windows on there boot camp?02:27
Guest29957any interesting irc servers02:27
kdb424When I am in ubuntnu, it won't allow access02:27
SebNaitsabeskdb424: is Windows on a NTFS partition?02:27
tech0007kdb424: 'sudo fdisk -l' and paste the output in paste.ubuntu.com02:27
kdb424SebNaitsabes : Boot camp02:27
bonhoffertrying to decide between freenas and ubuntu for my new file server -- any recommendations either way02:27
overlordpuppyHelp! X( This is the 3rd day in a row I came on here to fix the same problem02:28
kdb424Windows is on Fat 3202:28
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, it is a very simple idea. LOOPBACk from screen to another virtual v4l2 device02:28
bonhofferit looks like freenas might do what i need, but i am not sure about using it as a print server02:28
bonhofferand if i use ubuntu i am not sure if i can do software raid02:28
bonhofferstill confused about how software raid works02:28
kdb424I'm in mac now, Will it still work?02:28
SebNaitsabeskdb424: well on PC's anyway with Ubuntu Hardy Heron.  there is a built in driver for Windows that is on a NTFS.  and  files can as a result easily be moved/copyed into Ubuntu02:28
tech0007bonhoffer: there's lots of soft raid howto's out there02:28
ZoemHi, is there a way to see which process originated a network packet?02:29
bonhoffertech0007, sure, i've been poking at them02:29
SebNaitsabeskdb424: bootcamp hummm do you know about Mac virtualmachine software?02:29
bonhoffercan ubuntu do that?02:29
kdb424I want them to remain where they are, because I can access all mac files, except my username protects them from accessing them02:29
bonhoffersomeone told me i can do different hard-drive sizes on freenas -- with software raid02:29
tech0007kdb424: do u see the xp partition under Places menu?02:29
bonhofferthat doesn't make sense02:29
kdb424SebNaitsabes : Yea, I prefer trippleboot because I can still use them as virtual machines too02:29
Xsss4hellso I redefine the question02:29
bonhofferi guess the drobo does something like that02:29
kdb424Yea. I see the linux and XP02:30
SebNaitsabeskdb424: oh right using a psyical install as a VM?02:30
kdb424SebNaitsabes : yep02:30
smeeXsss4hell: look to see if amsn accepts video in via a pipe command02:30
Xsss4hellHowto loopback the Xservers output to a virtual device02:30
=== astro76 is now known as jtaji
smeeXsss4hell: vlc screen:// --stdout = <amsn pipe in >02:30
tech0007kdb424: you cant access your music when you're in ubuntu?02:31
Xsss4hellsmee it doesn't02:31
kdb424tech0007 : I can see and use all files on every partition in mac and lunix02:31
bonhoffertech0007, not sure if this is the best room for freenas /software raid discussions, any recommendations where i can go?02:31
tmapjhey could someone please explain to me how to get your microphone working in ubuntu?02:31
smeeXsss4hell: then  you need to setup a virtual vidoe device that amsn can see02:31
jimcooncatsupports no commandline options. Everything is done via the GUI.02:31
kdb424No. It's protected. I can see everything but what's in the username folders02:31
kdb424tmapj : Depends on the system02:32
=== Odd-rationale_ is now known as Odd-rationale
tmapjkdb424, what do you mean the "system"02:32
tech0007bonhoffer: try #freenas02:32
smeeXsss4hell: once you got that , then you use : vlc screen:// --stdout <virtual video device>02:32
bonhoffertech0007, yeah -- it is dead02:32
anteayai am trying to get skype working in hardy with an usb Edirol UA-25 sound card.  I found skype_dsp_hijacker and am not sure if that is the correct direction, I havn't had any success so far.  Any takers?02:32
tech0007kdb424: so waht do u want to do?02:32
kdb424tmapj : Hardware02:32
tmapjyou mean my microphone?02:32
smallfrywhat is a program that you can use to uncompress .rars?02:32
kdb424tech0007 : I want to leave the music where it is, but be able to play it in ubuntnu also02:32
tech0007smallfry: file-roller in ubuntu02:33
moshe_smallfry,try unrar.it's in the snaptic package manager02:33
SebNaitsabessmallfry:  or 7zip  in the command line or the GUI one under Wine02:33
kdb424tmapj : That and the computer, which I guess determines the mic. My drivers are different than yours, but I had to install some02:33
tech0007kdb424: i use rhythmbox in my dualboot box, my music is in ntfs xp02:33
ZoemI am watching network traffic on wireshark, and see a lot of dns requests originating from my computer to an IP address it can't reach, for locations I've never heard of. Any ideas how to track down what is causing this?02:33
R0b0t1I've just tried to run a windows game, and it tried to go fullscreen and now my screensize is stuck at 800x600 on a 19200x1600 monitor. How can I change it back? Theres no way to access the normal menu, for some reason its overlapped with other stuff and all.02:34
tmapjkdb424,  how do i determine what drivers i need to install and where do i find them02:34
lifebug<tmapj>: rightclick on your volume applet in the bar - or use alsamixer in a shell & try to mute/unmute the mic with key "m"02:34
kdb424tech0007 : I am trying to use rythembox too, but because of me using itunes and an ipod with mac, I don't want to change the location02:34
Mr_Giraffeoh, speaking of sound, it seems that some system update killed sound on my computer02:34
Xsss4hellI found something02:34
Xsss4hellbut need help to understand the package02:34
Mr_Giraffei'm running a vanilla hp tx2000 on 8.04, my system is fully updated, and the sound works on vista02:34
Mr_Giraffeso it's not a hardware problem, but a driver problem02:34
AranelIs using "sudo apt-get autoremove" secure ? Its trying to remove lot of things :)02:35
kdb424tmapj : Sorry to say it, but the only way I can think of it is to look up your computer specs, or maybe try a generic driver. I have a Mac, so drivers are easy to find, because there are so few different types of macs02:35
tech0007kdb424: my music stays in xp, i just changed the folder monitored by rhythmbox02:35
tmapjlifebug how do you run alsa mixer02:35
ZoemI am watching network traffic on wireshark, and see a lot of dns requests originating from my computer to an IP address it can't reach, for locations I've never heard of. Any ideas how to track down what is causing this?02:35
anteayaZoem, i found this link to be an interesting read: http://blog.gnist.org/article.php?story=HollidayCracking02:35
rockenrola1Aranel: yes. I use it all the time02:35
Xsss4hellcan somebody tell me if this can create a virtual device that can stream my desktop ? xserver-xephyr in combination with xoo02:35
Zoemanteaya thanks I'll have a look02:35
Xsss4hellxserver-xephyr & xoo02:35
tech0007Aranel: autoremove is like cleaning up unneeded packges, its safe02:35
kdb424Yea I get that. My mac partition is the big one though. Windows is too small to be used for holding that kind of stuff02:35
anteayaZoem, HTH02:35
Aranelok thanks :)02:35
Kernelhello all. i have a old laptop with a broken cdrom drive and i want to install kubuntu. the only way i can think of is using a usb pendrive to install it..but i have not been sucsessfull02:36
Aranelbut Isnt gnome-bin , xserver-xorg-video-amd etc. packages neccesary ?02:36
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
evonhow to I build flash from source?02:36
kdb424tech0007 : Do you know how to make the files in the userfolder be able to use with ubuntnu?02:36
jimcooncatKernel: you have internet connectivity?02:36
evonI have no idea02:36
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:36
Kerneljimcooncat: its only got wireless....02:36
evoni've downloaded the tar file already and unzipped02:36
tech0007kdb424: userfolder is in which OS?02:36
evonjust don' know what to do from there02:37
kdb424tech0007 : mac02:37
captain_Can anyone point me in the direction to lear how to Auto Mount my second hard drive and not have an icon on my desktop02:37
kdb424mine is /userskylebrown/02:37
=== adam_ is now known as Guest15386
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:37
kindofabuzzevon, just copy the new libflashplayer.so to  /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree02:38
kdb424It keeps other users from going through my files like windows does with my doccuments, my music, ect02:38
tech0007kdb424: paste the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' in paste.ubuntu.com, we need to mount it02:38
kdb424I'm in mac...02:38
kindofabuzzevon, that's if you've installed the one from repos already02:38
kdb424and all of the drives are mounted02:38
lifebug<tmapj>: try "sudo apt-get install alsa-utils" and start with "alsamixer" in shell02:38
tech0007Aranel: im using gnome (ubuntu) and i dont have gnome-bin installed02:38
kdb424and they mount fine in ubuntnu too.02:38
tmapjlifebug: thanks02:38
Mr_Giraffeseems to be an alsa bug02:38
Mr_Giraffewas there a recent alsa update in ubuntu?02:38
Mr_Girafferecent meaning within the last couple days02:38
Araneltech0007: :P Im using kubuntu and i have it. it can be really old package :/02:38
kdb424tech0007 : It says I do not have permission to access the files02:39
kindofabuzzevon,  sudo cp /whereverflash10is/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree02:39
kdb424and I can't change them in ubuntu02:39
tech0007Aranel: yup, autoremove is safe (most of the time)02:39
Xsss4hellI FOUND IT02:39
jimcooncatKernel: this may help: http://www.debuntu.org/book/export/html/16002:39
rockenrola1captain_: check this out http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/hide-removable-drive-icons-from-your-ubuntu-desktop/02:39
Xsss4helldie you who don't believe02:39
Araneltech0007: ok, did autoremove now, thanks :) ("most of the time"  is scary too :)02:39
captain_rockenrola1 thank you02:40
djlenoirHello all! I am having a problem trying to get SlingPlayer installed in WINE 1.0 using this guide -- http://www.cyberpunkcafe.com/page.php?7402:40
Xsss4hellrockenrola1, http://www.makesweet.com/webcam/ucanvcam/02:40
rockenrola1Xsss4hell: good02:40
lifebug<tmapj>: you can navigate to the single in/outputs. use "m" to mute/unmute and try the tab-key02:40
evoni need to build it from source because i have an AMD6402:41
evonflash movies work so far but not games02:41
tmapjlifebug: i found it, thank you02:41
smeeXsss4hell: does that actually take your screen ? or what?02:41
tmapjlifebug what does your name mean02:41
smeeXsss4hell: website doesnt seem clear on this02:41
Xsss4hellsmee, EXACTLY what I need02:41
Kernelhmm ok thanks jimcooncat02:41
tech0007kdb424: is your mac mounted as hfsplus filesystem?02:41
Xsss4hellsmee, I will install and report02:41
Xsss4hellI hope it works02:42
kdb424tech0007 : yep it is, Journaled02:42
c0deb1uebeatrix is a windows user tell her y she should switch02:42
djlenoirWhen I launch wine /home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Sling\ Media/SlingPlayer/SlingPlayer.exe I get these errors:02:42
djlenoirwine: Call from 0x7b844b20 to unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipCreateTexture, aborting wine: Call from 0x7b844b20 to unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipCreateTextureIAI, aborting02:43
lifebugtmapj: nothing in special - just a little world pain ;-)02:43
xtremejuiceim trying to tie two commands together so that i can manage a file that keeps getting downloaded, is there a way to set that up in a script or something02:44
ubuntu_when i try to install kubuntu it doesn shows me the partitions i have made but only shows one partition .. that is the hardisk. now i used qtparted and it gave the following msg. whats wrong any help? ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo qtparted02:44
ubuntu_Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.02:44
evonkindofabuzz:  i need to build it from source because i have an AMD6402:44
bonhofferit is possible to ssh to my ubuntu box over port 443 -- my work has things locked down -- as in all non-web ports -- but i would like to get my files at work02:45
Zoemanteaya that doesn't look quite like what I am seeing. Fun read though ^_^02:46
ZoemI am watching network traffic on wireshark, and see a lot of dns requests originating from my computer to an IP address it can't reach, for locations I've never heard of. Any ideas how to track down what is causing this?02:46
kindofabuzzevon, then you build it just like you'd build anything else, when in doubt, read the README or INSTALL, should be in with the source02:46
ubuntu_when i try to install kubuntu it doesn shows me the partitions i have made but only shows one partition .. that is the hardisk. now i used qtparted and it gave the following msg. whats wrong any help? ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo qtparted    Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.02:46
kdb424tech0007 :  can access most of the mac files. Just not the "Users" files02:46
evonkindofabuzz: i've looked for those files and couldn't find them02:47
kindofabuzzevon, should be in the same folder of the source, did you unpack the source yet?02:47
evonkindofabuzz: i'm very new to linux so i still don't know how to build anything from source02:47
evonkindofabuzz: yes i unpacked it02:48
kindofabuzzevon, send me the link to what you d/l'd02:48
tech0007kdb424: check this https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+question/1318802:48
kdb424tech0007 : Checking02:48
evonkindofabuzz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/
troythetechguy I think I found a solution that will allow me to run 8.10.  The VESA video driver appears to work great, but how do I remove the "nv" driver that is installed by default, and install the Vesa driver?02:49
kdb424tech0007 : How do I know what number to put in? Is it always the same?02:50
rafaelscjZoem, is there any "suspicious" running app?02:50
komputeshey everyone, in Hardy, I seem to be sharing a print$ share that I did not set up, does anyone know anything about this? I did not set up any shares or printers on this computer.02:50
Zoemtroythetechguy edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to say Driver "vesa" under the device section02:50
vilemaximtroythetechguy:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:50
Zoemrafaelscj no, everything looked pretty normal. lots of dups of winbindd, apache2, and samba, though02:50
san_zzztroythetechguy, just edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf find nv and replace vesa02:50
vilemaximtroythetechguy: I think02:51
djlenoirThe better half needs me... ignore my SlingPlayer question for now please. I will be back later. :P02:51
vilemaximsan_zzz: don't that get overwritten when he upgrades?02:51
Mr_Bad_Newshow do i make awn start up when my window manager loads02:51
tech0007kdb424: check the UID by doing 'ls -lh /directory/path'02:51
kushal_12_27_200hello, I have Ubuntu 8.04 on Wubi on a Toshiba Satellite M55-S135. I have several applications (DeVeDe, Rhythmbox, Update manager, and File manager) open. It seems the computer has frozen up. is there a way [without a hard reboot] to quit all applications except for update manager? thanks02:52
kdb424command not found. Then again, I'm in mac. Can I do that in mac?02:52
troythetechguyThanks all, I'll give it a try!02:52
tech0007kdb424: nope do that in ubuntu02:52
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vilemaximkushal_12_27_200:  can you drop to a terminal  alt + control + F102:53
kdb424I'm never going to get this...02:53
lifebug<Mr_Bad_News>: system / preferences/ session - add "avant-window-navigator" to the startup-files02:53
rafaelscjkushal_12_27_200, xkill02:53
GibbsterI have some weird things going on with my hard drives. So I just installed ubuntu server on an old machine with 1 ide drive, plus 2 sata drives on a promise sata card. Installed ok, but when I rebooted afterwards, it wouldn't boot until I changed the boot type to 'scsi', even though I installed on the ide drive. weird. when I look at mount, the ide drive is described as /dev/sdc. Now I set up raid using the two sata drives (sda and sdb), everything work02:53
kushal_12_27_200no, vilemaxim I seem stuck02:53
uriel_i need help changing my user interface  i know i can do this with a built in customizer but ive seen it done, well better does any1 know where and how i can get a better interface manager?02:53
=== tshine_ is now known as tshine
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: if nothing works then no... Control + alt + backspace might restart X, though it's not what you want02:54
ZoemAm I supposed to have 6 instances of getty?02:54
rafaelscjkushal_12_27_200, press Alt+F2, type "xkill"02:54
Xsss4hellsmee, http://ucanvcam.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/linux_tips.html02:54
Mr_Bad_Newswhat does AT stand for lifebug "visual" start the prefered at?02:54
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: you could see if you could ssh into the machine02:54
vilemaximfrom another02:54
GibbsterOr failing that, at least some words of sympathy ;-)02:55
kushal_12_27_200alt + f2 still does nothing. trying ctrl + alt + backspace ...02:55
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=== il is now known as ill
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: that will restart X... which will kill all apps02:55
=== Beaver_ is now known as geekjoyeux
kushal_12_27_200vilemaxim, even that is not working ...02:55
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: not exactily what you were asking for.02:55
=== ill is now known as phonetix
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: ssh?02:56
kushal_12_27_200have not tried ssh yet02:56
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: if that doesn't work... you willl have to hard shutdown... sorry02:56
Zoemrafaelscj my ps -A: http://pastebin.com/m4af2fe5f02:56
tyler_d1errors updating ubuntu -- ran dpkg -configure -a and now its frozen at Generating locales - en_AU.UTF-8...02:57
ubuntu_when i try to install kubuntu it doesn shows me the partitions i have made but only shows one partition .. that is the hardisk. now i used qtparted and it gave the following msg. whats wrong any help? ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo qtparted    Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.02:57
captain_rockenrola1 thanks for the link how to remove icons, do you any resources for automounting my second HD at boot?02:58
=== geekjoyeux is now known as Beaver_
kushal_12_27_200how can I find out what to put in the ip address in ssh username@ipaddress ?02:58
vilemaximubuntu_: I'd try deleting the partion and recreating them.  Sometimes rebooting after messing with the partitions helps02:59
Zoemkushal_12_27_200 to connect to yourself?02:59
uriel_kn thanks for nothing02:59
uriel_jk i know u guys r busy02:59
tech0007kushal_12_27_200: that's the ip of the machine u want to connect to02:59
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: if you have access to the dhcp server you could look there02:59
evonkindofabuzz: anything yet?02:59
kushal_12_27_200well, i am on a macbook now but it is the ubuntu machine that is frozen02:59
evonkindofabuzz: thanks for the help by the way https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/
rockenrola1captain_: do you know your way around the fstab file ?02:59
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  i have data in them02:59
GibbsterIs there any reason that having the sata drives in the system would make ubuntu think the ide drive is a scsi drive?02:59
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: a lot of the router's web interfaces can show you the dhcp client leases03:00
holyguyverI recently updated my software trough synaptic & there was an update to the nividia stuff & now although the screen resalution on my desktop is alright, my log in screen is very messed up showing me only the upper left hand corner of it, the rest of the log in manager being far too big for my screen & being far beyond the edge of it. could someone please help me?03:00
Zoemkushal_12_27_200 your IP adress is
lifebug<Mr_Bad_News>: sry!? you just have to put the program to the files named under "startup-programs" in your session-preferences.03:00
kdb424I'm off to ubuntu. I'll be back03:00
pan03243how do i get firefox32bit to work on 64bit ubuntu?03:00
captain_rockenrola1 nope, does this look like a solid tutorial? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=802699&highlight=automount03:00
GibbsterHaving my system unbootable as soon as a drive fails would kind of defeat the point of raid03:00
Zoemkushal_12_27_200 greetings from lakewood ^_^03:00
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  i have data in them. i will get deleted if i recreated them03:00
captain_rockenrola1 just trying to be cautious03:00
Mr_Bad_Newsi already added that lifebug does it matter?03:00
kushal_12_27_200connection refused03:00
ZoemI am watching network traffic on wireshark, and see a lot of dns requests originating from my computer to an IP address it can't reach, for locations I've never heard of. Any ideas how to track down what is causing this?03:01
craigbass1976I'm booted to a livecd on a busted windows box.  Is there ANY way to import the IE bookmarks into the livecd mozilla so that I can then dump them out and restore once I've reinstalled windows?03:01
vilemaximubuntu_:  you were installing ubuntu on a partition you have data on?03:01
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: did you have ssh installed?03:01
craigbass1976Right now windows partition in is /mnt03:01
holyguyverHow do I resize my login manager?03:01
Zoemkushal_12_27_200 is there an ssh server on the computer you are trying to connect to?03:01
kushal_12_27_200no, vilemaxim, I guess I will have to hard boot.03:01
rockenrola1captain_: always backup before experimenting and you are safe. Worst case scenario use a livecd to restore any files03:01
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: sorry03:01
kushal_12_27_200thanks a lot for helping03:01
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  i have other partitions on a hd. and i want to install ubuntu on one of them. but the installed or g/qtparted isnot showing any partitions. just the hd.03:02
rockenrola1captain_: yah, you can follow that tutorial03:02
lifebugMr_Bad_News: hmm - then it starts 2 times, when your window-manager starts03:02
vilemaximkushal_12_27_200: no problem... linux gives you more options when you are having these kinds of problems, but there is no magic bullet03:02
captain_rockenrola1 thank you03:02
rafaelscjZoem, if your computer is resquesting, look at /etc/resolv.conf03:02
rockenrola1captain_: what filesystem is your second hardrive ?03:03
vilemaximubuntu_: hmmmm.... sounds like the partition table got messed up.  I would test the harddrive first03:03
Mr_Bad_Newsi didnt add it to xsession lifebug does that matter?03:03
Mr_Bad_Newswhy would it load twice03:03
captain_rockenrola1 it is NTFS03:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about resize03:03
kushal_12_27_200I understand, vilemaxim. I am now booting into Windows before rebooting to go back to ubuntu.03:03
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  how03:03
holyguyver!login manager03:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about login manager03:03
lifebug<Mr_Bad_News>: no03:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xkill03:04
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  fdisk -l is show partions good.03:04
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:04
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  how would you check the hd03:04
Zoemrafaelscj /etc/resolve.conf lists the DNS servers my ISP provides me. The requests are going to I am not on a local network03:04
vilemaximubuntu_: I use UBCD http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ ... Seagate puts out a harddrive diagnostic tool03:04
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  and ya. when runing windows. it got held 2 times.03:04
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  held = no keyboard mouxe usage.03:04
Zoem!login-manager | holyguyver03:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about login-manager03:04
Gibbsterhmm... no drive geeks arounnd?03:05
ubottuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:05
vilemaximubuntu_: hmmm... I might not be able to help you.  I don't believe I ever ran into that situation.... And I work as a repair shop that uses linux a lot.03:06
holyguyverPici how do I resize the login manager?03:06
Piciholyguyver: I dont know, sorry.03:06
chuckhi, when i tried to upgrade my server with apt-get upgrade, it said all the packages under "the following packages have been kept back" how do i upgrade them03:06
vilemaximubuntu_: I would still test the drive03:06
Picichuck: apt-get dist-upgrade03:06
tech0007chuck: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:06
holyguyverPici, well we was trying to pick ubottu's brain about it, be ubotu doesn't seem to know either.03:06
Zoemholyguyver System->Administration->Login Window03:07
tech0007how can i get file-roller to support 7z archives?03:07
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  which tool do you sue again?03:07
Zoemholyguyver just didn't know the package name :\03:07
chuckthank you Pici and tech000703:07
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* MISI`afk is now auto-away after 1h idle03:07
vilemaximubuntu_:  http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/03:07
chuckk i'm downloading the kernel at like 3620B/s lol03:07
Pici!away > MISI`afk03:07
ubottuMISI`afk, please see my private message03:07
lifebug.<Mr_Bad_News>: i hope i understand you in the right way. you can start your window-manager from console by making a file ".xinitrc" with your wm in it (gnome-wm, fvwm2 for instance)03:07
smeetech0007: sudo apt-cache search 7zip03:07
holyguyverZoem, where in that can I resize the resalution for it?03:08
tech0007smee: 7zip or p7zip?03:08
holyguyverseperate from my system rez03:08
Mr_Bad_Newslifebug, i want avant to start when gnome loads03:08
vilemaximubuntu_:  and  http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/seatools/03:08
Mr_Bad_Newsand conky03:08
hydroponicWhat are the correct permissions for /home/ directories? I don't want other users on the system to be able to see and copy my files03:08
rafaelscjZoem, check your ip settings, with "ifconfig", it is like a gateway's ip03:08
smeetech0007: it shows me only p7zip03:09
FF|h0lusi have one problem :P I have installed Windows and Ubuntu03:09
lifebug<Mr_Bad_News>: yes - ok. than you don't hab03:09
hydroponicMr_Bad_News: Go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions03:09
FF|h0lusIn windows i have Wireless and normally connecting03:09
Gibbsterhydroponic: 600 would work03:09
Zoemholyguyver resolution is set with with the X server, so, change the resolution of your X and it will take the login window with it03:09
hydroponicGibbster: I still want my public_html to work, would it?03:09
ubuntu_vilemaxim:  thx03:09
tech0007smee: i installed p7zip, but it's not extracting an archive i got from torrent03:09
FF|h0lusIn ubuntu i have wireless but I can't connect03:09
lifebug<Mr_Bad_News>: yes - ok. than you don't have to handle the xsession. just add it to startup-progs in sessions03:09
Mr_Bad_Newsis there a way to get nautilus permission preferences like they were in dapper with the check boxes instead of the pull down menus03:10
holyguyverZoem, but my resalution is fine, only on my loginwindow it is different then the rest of my system.03:10
vilemaximGibbster: huh? hydroponic that will not work03:10
smeetech0007: your in gnome?03:10
Mr_Bad_Newsthe menus dont have all the options03:10
Gibbsterhm... probably not03:10
tech0007smee: yup03:10
craigbass1976I'm booted to a livecd on a busted windows box.  Is there ANY way to import the IE bookmarks into the livecd mozilla so that I can then dump them out and restore once I've reinstalled windows?03:10
hydroponicvilemaxim: Any way around that?03:10
smeetech0007: can you try right clicking on the file and using extract?03:10
Zoemrafaelscj I have no gateway, nat, or other device that would use a 192 block address. I have an IP direct from my ISP, with their gateway03:10
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vilemaximhydroponic: Gibbster: oh sorry... I miss read what he was sasking for.  you are right03:11
tech0007smee: "Unsupported Method" Sub items Errors: 103:11
Zoemholyguyver hmmm... I believe there are setting for the login window appearance *in* the login window... but you would need to login again to check. so, maybe thats a long shot03:11
snmpeeWhat is the package for galga??03:11
smeetech0007: and double clicking it opens fileroller?03:11
ColOfNatureokay, so: if i plug in the ide drive which has ubuntu installed, then if i chose my sata drive from the bios boot menu grub loads but returns error 17 if i try to load ubuntu, or err 13 if i choose windows. if, on the other hand, i chose the ide drive with ubuntu installed from the boot menu i don't get grub, i just get "Missing operating system". I've unplugged the ubuntu drive, and win is...03:11
ColOfNature...working fine (or as fine as it usually does). Anyone have any ideas?03:11
FF|h0lusWhy ubuntu can't connect to my internet03:11
tech0007smee: yup, it shows me the contents of the archive, i cant just extract it03:11
vilemaximhydroponic: use chmod -r 0600 /home/username03:12
FF|h0lusWindows connecting without problems03:12
hydroponicvilemaxim, Gibbster: OK thanks03:12
xtrxfrcraigbass1976: I don't think you can get the file to the livecd, but if you have an internet connection, you can email and attached those files to yourself.03:12
holyguyverZoem I cannot mess with my login settings from within the window for the resalution is so badly off that I cannot see anything when I am in my loginwindow.03:12
vilemaximFF|h0lus: ifconfig will tell if you have an ip address03:12
GibbsterSo... any takers on why an ide drive would pretend to be a scsi drive?03:12
ace_suaresGibbster: i think most sata drives do that03:13
gam3r111i neeeeed help03:13
gam3r111rlly bad03:13
holyguyverGibbster, maybe for fun, maybe it thin's it is at a masquerade.03:13
craigbass1976xtrxfr, well, I've got the favorites folder; just have to copy that and hope for the best.  If he was running Ubuntu, this wouldn't have happened.  :P03:13
vilemaximFF|h0lus: that needs to be run in a terminal if you are a new03:13
tyler_d1errors updating ubuntu -- ran dpkg -configure -a and now its frozen at Generating locales - en_AU.UTF-8...03:13
smeetech0007: one sec03:13
vilemaximtyler_d1: frozen?03:14
xtrxfrthere you go :)03:14
thefoolanyone here know much about pulseaudio?03:14
thefoolit is the default in hardy yet I can't actually "use" it as it was meant to be used, I can't figure out how to control individual applications volumes etc. and pavucontrol (the program that does that) seg faults after installing via apt-get03:14
ace_suaresgam3r111: help with what03:14
tyler_d1vilemaxim: stuck frozen - not processing03:14
Gibbsterace_suares: it's a pata. holyguyver: but there's no chamber music...03:14
vilemaximtyler_d1: kill it and see if you have enough disk space  df -h03:14
FF|h0lusvilemaxim ye I write to terminal this03:14
ace_suaresGibbster: maybe your bios emulates pata trough sata ??03:14
FF|h0lusand what is the next step ? ; p03:14
tyler_d1vilemaxim: I did and there is03:14
Gibbsterace_suares: I doubt it... it's a really old system (and bios)03:15
Gibbsterace_suares:think 200003:15
gam3r111i have vista and ubuntu dual booted on a computer and i wasusing bcd in windows to let the vista loader be incharge instead of grub and i cant boot back into ubuntu03:15
tyler_d1vilemaxim: just prior to this there is a message relating to firefox 3.0 - dependency problems - leaving unconigured03:15
tyler_d1vilemaxim: unconfigured03:15
ColOfNatureanyone know how to stop grub from running unless i boot to the drive it is installed on?03:15
holyguyverGibbster 2000 is not old, until this year I was running on a 1998.03:15
Gibbsterace_suares: I do have another sata drive using a sata card, but that's for a different set of drives03:16
ace_suaresGibbster: well then I dont see how an ide drive can become a scsi drive... you mean /dev/sda or something ?03:16
vilemaximtyler_d1: hmmm.. the next think I would do is start modifing the post and pre install scripts to see how far they are getting... but I would be afraid to direct you to do that.03:16
ace_suaresgam3r111: i have no clue about MS products, including the boot laoder.03:16
gam3r111i have vista and ubuntu dual booted on a computer and i wasusing bcd in windows to let the vista loader be incharge instead of grub and i cant boot back into ubuntu03:16
Gibbsterace_suares: I have three drives: a pata drive sdc, and two sata drives running off a sata card: sda and sdb03:16
tyler_d1vilemaxim: care to give me a hint as the system is unusable in teh current state03:16
gam3r111well can someone help me03:17
chh111i got a critical problem trying to upgrade from 8.04.1 to 8.10,can any one help me?03:17
ace_suaresGibbster: well if your pata is connected to the normal ide0 , then it should be /dev/hda03:17
Gibbsterace_suares: the trouble is when I disconnect either of the sata drives, my system doesn't boot03:17
vilemaximtyler_d1: but if you are up for the adventure the scripts are in /var/lib/dpkg/info03:17
Gibbsterace_suares: yeah, that's what I thought03:17
IdleOnechh111, #ubuntu+103:17
tyler_d1vilemaxim: always up for an adventure03:17
ace_suaresGibbster: it's your bios that does that.03:17
vilemaximtyler_d1: I just put echo "here"03:17
gam3r111i have vista and ubuntu dual booted on a computer and i wasusing bcd in windows to let the vista loader be incharge instead of grub and i cant boot back into ubuntu03:17
gam3r111i have vista and ubuntu dual booted on a computer and i wasusing bcd in windows to let the vista loader be incharge instead of grub and i cant boot back into ubuntu03:17
gam3r111i have vista and ubuntu dual booted on a computer and i wasusing bcd in windows to let the vista loader be incharge instead of grub and i cant boot back into ubuntu03:17
FloodBot1gam3r111: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:17
Zoemholyguyver hmmm, I think also the startup manager might have something to help you. its in the Add/Remove Programs03:17
vilemaximtyler_d1: you understand bash scripts03:17
smeetech0007: did you "sudo apt-get install 7zip"  or  "sudo apt-get install 7zip-full"03:17
yclianHi guys, I am upgrading one of my server from Gutsy to Hardy, but it seems that the locale is screwed. Am seeing "perl: warning: Setting locale failed." whenever a package is installed.03:18
gam3r111i have vista and ubuntu dual booted on a computer and i wasusing bcd in windows to let the vista loader be incharge instead of grub and i cant boot back into ubuntu03:18
ace_suaresGibbster normally, ide0 goes before the sata drives... and in the bios, in boot order, you must be able to set it03:18
yclianThing thing is hanging there btw: Setting up locales (2.7.9-4) ... Generating locales...   en_AU.UTF-8...03:18
tech0007smee: apt-get install p7zip03:18
tyler_d1vilemaxim: somewhat03:18
smeetech0007: also, is the 7zip a multipart?03:18
Gibbsterace_suares: yeah... that's another thing. I installed on the ide drive, but it wouldn't boot until I set the boot sequence to scsi03:18
troythetechguy_ System/prefrences/screen resolution states my refresh rate is 76 Hz, but my on screen display for my monitor says it's 60 Hz.  Which one is probably correct?03:18
tech0007smee: just 1 file, it has an iso inside it03:19
Gibbsterace_suares: this was before the sata drives were even formatted03:19
uriel_customizing my user interface03:19
Gibbsterace_suares: or partitioned, for that matter03:19
chuckwow why is the kernel downloading at 33kB/s >_>03:19
IdleOneit seems that my browser has been hi-jacked. I have some porn site comming up on firefox startup. anybody seen this happen lately?03:19
uriel_i need help with costomixing my user interface03:19
CarlFKwhere can I import slugify from so I can use it in a view ?03:19
vilemaximtyler_d1: if you messed with them at all you should be able to find the line that it is sticking at.  That might explain what is happening.  Once you find the line you can run it directily and see the error you get.03:19
ace_suaresGibbster: can't be anything else then your bios. Or maybe the ROM of you sata adapter does this ? Can you disable that rom or set it uo (Ctrl-M ?)03:19
ace_suaresuo up03:19
uriel_anybody know somthin bout that?03:19
FF|h0lusvilemaxim plz check the pm ;)03:19
smeetech0007: to eliminate corrupted archive, download an entirely seperate 7zip file and try using that03:19
tech0007IdleOne: recreate your firefox profile03:19
CarlFKwhoops, this isn't #django...03:19
vilemaximtyler_d1: you might have to manually figure out the vars03:20
ace_suaresuriel_: what do you want to customize..03:20
tech0007smee: ok will do03:20
smeetech0007: preferably a 7zip file  not made with the p7zip program03:20
IdleOnetech0007, my question is more how did this happen ?03:20
GibbsterCarlFX: your python talk ain't welcome here ;-)03:20
ndoguys, ive got trouble. when i run virtualbox, my gnome goes broken. system is still working, but i cant use it.. :(03:20
uriel_i meen like the windows and stuff03:20
uriel_ive seen other people download them03:20
tech0007IdleOne: some pages have scripts on them, i have adblock and noscripts extensions03:21
vilemaximFF|h0lus: You do not have an IP.  Are you connecting through a wire or wireless?03:21
uriel_is there a prgram to use these downloads with or a prosses03:21
Sylphidndo, how much memory do you have?03:21
Gibbsterace_suares: I really don't mind that the drive shows up as sdc. my problem is that when I disconnect another sata drive, I can't boot03:21
Shish_what would cause ubuntu to transfer at usb 1.0 speed on usb 2.0 mem stick? (i'm getting 1.2 Mb/sec in nautilus file transfer dialog) / same usb port on xp transfers at 2.0 speed, please help?03:21
FF|h0lusvilemaxim Wireless03:21
ndoSylphid: 1gig03:21
Gibbsterace_suares: grub hard disk error when I disconnect one drive, and nothing at all when I disconnect another03:21
ndoSylphid: why?03:21
vilemaximFF|h0lus: well.... do you know if your card is supported under ubuntu?03:21
FF|h0lusvilemaxim I don't know ;(03:22
SylphidSylphid, you may not have enough to run 2 systems simultaniously03:22
vilemaximFF|h0lus: lspci03:22
Sylphidndp, you may not have enough to run 2 systems simultaniously03:22
vilemaximFF|h0lus: another terminal command03:22
uriel_ace_suares,did ya get that?03:22
ace_suaresGibbster: but that is also done by your bios03:22
Sylphidndo, you may not have enough to run 2 systems simultaniously03:22
Sylphidman i cant type tonight...03:22
Gibbsterace_suares: what is?03:22
vilemaximFF|h0lus: that will tell you all PCI devices03:22
NDPMacBookI run 3 systems!03:22
vilemaximFF|h0lus: we are looking for the wireless card03:23
ace_suaresuriel_: I dont understand you question. Can you rephrase it ?03:23
ace_suaresGibbster: determining what drive can boot03:23
Sylphidndo, what is your load avg?03:23
HappyHaterhow do I switch between channels in irssi?03:23
vilemaximFF|h0lus: not all cards are supported, but it is much better now that it was a few years ago03:23
ndoSylphid: but what have my ram to do with blacking out gnome? oke i understand if i have not enough ram, i can be slow, but not crashing gnome tough, or is it?03:23
ace_suaresGibbster: oh and there is a whole slew of stuff like 'hd0' in grub which changes if you change drives. hd1 will be hd0 etc.03:23
FF|h0lusvilemaxim In PCI I don't have but in Network Controller: Texas Instruments ACX 100 22Mbps wireless interface03:23
chuckis the ubuntu archive server slow or something03:24
uriel_ace suares, how do i change my desktop interface to look well better ive seen downloads in the gnome website but i dont know how to use them is there a program to use them with or a prosses?03:24
Gibbsterace_suares: yeah, that probably explains the 'Grub Hard disk error', but not the blank screen03:24
FF|h0lusthis is PC not notebook and this is extrenal card03:24
Gibbsterace_suares: only the pata drive is marked as bootable\03:24
smeeuriel_: can you please explain yourself more03:24
vilemaximFF|h0lus: now if I was trying to figure this out on my own, I would drop that in google with the word linux and or ubuntu to see if anyone has gotten that card working.03:25
ace_suaresGibbster: well on what drive you have the grub installed... !?03:25
ace_suaresGibbster: marked as bootable in the partition table ? ha ha only for DOS 6.x important03:25
Gibbsterace_suares: the pata drive.03:25
Sylphidndo, what do you mean by 'blacking out'03:25
tech0007chuck: go to software sources and find the fastest mirror03:25
ace_suaresGibbster:  I have NONE marked as bootable in partition table03:25
Gibbsterace_suares: oh really! I had no idea03:25
chucktech0007: too late now >_> it's already downloading03:25
smeeuriel_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=203093&highlight=gnome+themes+icons+fonts03:26
ace_suaresGibbster: it's a weird concept having a bootable bit ;-)03:26
uriel_ace suares, ok well how to i use the new interfaces i download i mean interfaces like Crux and Human interfaces i have downloaded packages but i dont know ho to use them03:26
uriel_smee, thanks ill take a look03:26
FF|h0lusvilemaxim ok thx for all I trying tomorrow again but I must go03:26
ndoSylphid: when i start vb, after 5 mins or so, screen gets black, i hear that the system is still doing its things, but i cantt use it because of black screen03:26
vilemaximFF|h0lus: I see someone talking about an experimental driver03:26
ace_suaresuriel_: okay.. follow the link smee sent you :-)03:26
Gibbsterace_suares: my bios has the usual options for booting: ide0, ide1, etc. none of those worked after installing. What worked was an option called 'scsi'03:26
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:27
vilemaximFF|h0lus: see ya... good luck03:27
uriel_ace suares, nice03:27
Gibbsterace_suares: but since I have three drives that are interpreted as scsi, I don't see how that will help03:27
FF|h0lusvilemaxim thx :) see ya ... hmmm tomorrow ;D03:27
ace_suaresGibbster: so, your ide drive is reigned by your sata card !03:27
smeeuriel_: but normally, if its a gtk theme package, just open system -> preferences -> appearance and drag+drop the tar.gz on that window03:27
ace_suaresuriel_: the bot is great !03:27
vilemaximFF|h0lus: probably not... sorry03:27
Gibbsterace_suares: seems that way...03:27
vilemaximFF|h0lus: good luck03:27
smeeuriel_: fonts for just yourself can go in ~/.fonts03:27
smeeuriel_: icons in ~/.icons03:28
ace_suaresGibbster: you have an external pci card for sata, yes ?03:28
Gibbsterace_suares: it certainly shows up as /dev/sdc03:28
uriel_smee, gtk wont work on mine03:28
Gibbsterace_suares: yes03:28
uriel_smee, it opes and wont respond03:28
smeeuriel_: wait03:28
smeeuriel_: your using gnome?03:28
jeff__Good evening, does anyone here know something about gnome keyring manager/daemon?03:28
Gibbsterace_suares: old computer03:28
ace_suaresGibbster: during POST it doesnt tell you hit 'ctrl-something' to configure SATA card ???03:28
Gustavowho has ever worked with usb mass storage , please send me a PVT, please, mine is 50KB/s03:28
ace_suaresGibbster: is your pata connected to your ide controller or your stat card ?03:29
smeeuriel_: aka plain vanila ubuntu03:29
Sylphidndo, when running vb what do you get from free -m03:29
smeeuriel_: if you are...it means you are already making use of gtk03:29
GustavoHELP ::: who has ever worked with usb mass storage , please send me a PVT, please, mine is 50KB/s03:29
smeeuriel_: gtk is the thing that displays buttons, scrollbars , input fields etc03:29
Gibbsterace_suares: ide controller03:29
ndoSylphid: euhm, sry, what do u mean agane?03:30
ace_suaresGibbster: okay so you installed grub on the MBA of one of the sata drives; when you choose in bios to use the ide drive, then there is no MBA ?03:30
lixuserplz can sombody give me a good source list?03:30
ace_suaresGibbster: I mean no grub !?03:30
vilemaximjeff__: general irc manners are just to ask the question...  For example I know a little, but still might not be able to help you.03:30
Gibbsterace_suares: no, I installed on teh pata drive03:30
uriel_smee, oops im srry i was confused03:30
Neod192hey guys and gals03:31
Gibbsterace_suares: the sata drives are the biggies for raid storage03:31
Sylphidndo, start a terminal, then start vb, go back to your terminal and type in free -m03:31
ace_suaresGibbster: so if you rip out the sata card what happens ? and I wrote MBA but I meant MBR03:31
jeff__Problem for the gurus:  I can load key-ring manager, and create a key-ring.  But I can't seem to do create an entry. "gnome-keyring-daemon" doesn't do anything03:31
Neod192can anyone help me with some newbie questions about ubuntu ?03:31
jeff__vilemaxim: thanks and my apologies for bad manners03:31
uriel_smee, explain that to me again please and im using ubuntu 8.0403:31
ndoSylphid: oke, sec, brb03:31
=== itrebal is now known as [itrebal_sleep]
ace_suaresGibbster: what happens when you just say in bios ide0 ?03:31
OneDayOneDayhi, some kind guys help me to register google app engine03:31
Gibbsterace_suares: it doesn't boot03:31
smeeuriel_: well sincey ou are using 8.04 it means that gtk is in action03:31
ace_suares!ot > OneDayOneDay03:32
ubottuOneDayOneDay, please see my private message03:32
squarebracketis there a way to set up a seperate X server for a seperate GPU?03:32
GustavoHELP ::: who has ever worked with usb mass storage , please send me a PVT, please, mine is 50KB/s03:32
GibbsterGibbster: it needs to be set to scsi before it boots03:32
uriel_smee, ok whinch means?03:32
Neod192im trying to load Ubunto to my laptop from the live cd and it keps rebooting03:32
vilemaximjeff__: managers... too strong a word... but you got the picture.  Don't mean to come across as a jerk.03:32
ace_suaresGibbster: did you install while the scsci was in there ? the satas?03:32
smeeuriel_: you dont run it as a normal user level program03:32
jeff__vilemaxim: no offense taken03:33
ace_suaressquarebracket: why do you want to do that ?03:33
uriel_smee, ok then what do i do?03:33
squarebracketis it possible to set up a seperate X server (not just a seperate screen) for a seperate GPU? a yes/no would be a good starting point.03:33
smeeuriel_: to change gtk themes?03:33
uriel_smee, what do i type03:33
squarebracketace_suares, media server like thing03:33
geniisquarebracket: Yes03:33
uriel_smee, yeah03:33
Gibbsterace_suares: i installed ubuntu while the sata card and drives were there, yeah. but I installed to the pata. The sata drives remained unpartitioned and unformatted after the install03:33
Neod192if anyone has time to help me out, please IM me in private03:33
smeeuriel_: goto : system -> preferences -> appearance03:33
squarebracketgenii, thanks03:33
geniisquarebracket: You can have as many X servers going as you have display adapters03:33
ace_suaressquarebracket: i dont really know. I think it's not easy. Or.. well.. you could do in in xorg.conf maybe.03:33
jeff__Am I correct to type "gnome-keyring-daemon" to manage passwords inside a key-ring?03:34
Gustavowho has ever worked with usb mass storage , please send me a PVT, please, mine is 50KB/s03:34
Sylphidsquarebracket, yes you can....are you using an nvidia GPU03:34
smeeuriel_: customise one03:34
jeff__The documentation is poos on this03:34
squarebracketgenii, what about different outputs on one GPU?03:34
uriel_smee, do u men that one that comes with it with themes like Crux?03:34
squarebracketSylphid: yes03:34
smeeuriel_: the sction presented as controls is what gtk is03:34
ace_suaressquarebracket: with different X server you meanr like X :1 ? open  a shell as root and type "X :1" and then alt-ctrl-f8 and f7 to swithc03:34
smeeuriel_: the sction presented as windows, is the realm on metacity03:34
=== mike is now known as Guest69876
geniisquarebracket: Yes. Just run it on for instance :1 xterm instead of default :003:34
squarebracketace_suares, ya, like that.03:34
smeeuriel_: realm of*03:34
Sylphidsquarebracket, install nvidia-settings(?) and use it to set up dual X03:34
=== Guest69876 is now known as b2z
squarebracketSylphid: i don't want dual X, that uses same03:35
smeeuriel_: the section that is icons, is just alist of your ~/.icons folder03:35
vilemaximjeff__: I though you managed those through Applications -> accessories -> Password and encryption keys03:35
squarebracketSylphid: i don't want dual X, that uses same X server across multiple screens03:35
ace_suaresGibbster: I am out of answers and I need to go... so sorry... it SHOUDL boot from ide0 but yoru sata card might trouble you ...03:35
uriel_smee, dude im srry you misunderstood me03:35
vilemaximjeff__: though I could be wrong03:35
tech0007smee: solved it! i had to use p7zip-full to decompress a password-protected 7z archive03:35
smeeuriel_: then please explain yourself03:35
uriel_smee./ i know how to do that but i meen downloaded themes lemme send u a link of what i meen03:35
Gibbsterace_suares: if I reinstall without the card, do you think it'll revert to scsi when I put hte card back in?03:35
jeff__vilemaxim: I don't have any such application showing03:36
b2zHi guys, I have a question regarding NIC bonding (round robin). When I do /etc/init.d/networking start, I get errors saying that the eth0 and eth1 are already a slave...03:36
=== andrey__ is now known as totec
vilemaximjeff__: really03:36
vilemaximjeff__: just a sec03:36
geniisquarebracket: So long as a dualhead adapter has separate gpu for each output it's do-able03:36
Gibbsterace_suares: thanks for your help anyway. You've given me things to think about03:36
ndo             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached03:36
ndoMem:           980        969         10          0         32        38403:36
ndo-/+ buffers/cache:        552        42703:36
ndoSwap:          295          0        29503:36
ace_suaressquarebracket: I really dont underatnd. If you want X :0 on screen0 and X :1 on screen1, it should be possible. These are 2 x servers.03:36
FloodBot1ndo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:36
Sylphidsquarebracket, ok i see what you mean.. sorry bout that.... theres xinerama and twinview, cant say ive tried either though03:36
uriel_smee, like these/ http://www.gnome-look.org/03:36
Sylphidndo, yea your low on memory03:37
ace_suaresGibbster: I'd rather give you a solution buyt I can't look into the hardware. Watch your post screen whil bopoting, it might have a setup function for the sata card.03:37
GustavoHELP ::: who has ever worked with usb mass storage , please send me a PVT, please, mine is 50KB/s03:37
smeeuriel_: yeah im using aurora leopard engine and meatcity skin with gtk theme03:37
ace_suaresGustavo: what is a PVT ?03:37
Sylphidndo, you may want to try increasing your swap space03:37
Gustavoace_suares: private chat03:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:37
Gustavoace_suares... doesnt matter, can you help me?03:37
ace_suaresSylphid: squarebracket xinerama and twinvioe is to make one large screen, so not what square b wants.03:38
rockenrola1what defines my system as 64 or 32 bit? is it the kernel only or more than that?03:38
tech0007rockenrola1: your cpu03:38
squarebracketSylphid, what ace_suares said03:38
ace_suaresGustavo: no... didn't work with mass storage, but if your usb port is USB2.x then it shoudl be faster.03:38
ndoSylphid: dou know maybe, gparted supports HFS?03:38
vilemaximjeff__: sorry that is part of seahorse.03:38
ace_suaressquarebracket: you can make different severlayouts in xorg.conf.. ?03:38
Neod192hey guys, I need some help with ubuntu, can someone help ?03:38
ace_suaresi gotta go now bye bye03:39
uriel_smee, ok well then i am completely lost :) srry03:39
b2zJust repeating my question... When I do /etc/init.d/networking start, I get errors saying that the eth0 and eth1 are already a slave...03:39
Gustavoace_suares: Ubuntu automount my UBS device (that is a 2.0) although it is slooooow03:39
tech0007!ask | Neod19203:39
ubottuNeod192: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:39
squarebracketgenii, ok, i think it should be doable. nvidia's auto-X-config utility seems to have different device sections for each screen, so i think that means i can do it .. ?03:39
ace_suares!ask |Neod19203:39
rockenrola1tech0007: yes. but I can install either 32 or 64. and that is software. So where is the difference?03:39
smeeuriel_: search on that site for : Aurora Steel03:39
Gustavoace_suares: on other SO, it is much faster03:39
geniisquarebracket: Make another xorg.conf for the other gpu/adapter. Then run X with wm specified, :1 and alternate xorg.conf   bingo bango03:39
Neod192hey tech, im trying lo load ubuntu from the live CD on my laptop and it keeps rebooting03:39
squarebracketace_suares, i thought you could only have one serverlayout per xorg.conf?03:39
smeeuriel_: normally most of those themes make use of the currently installgtk engine03:39
elhoiri am unable to configure compiz fusion03:39
squarebracketgenii, that's what i was planning03:39
jeff__vilemaxim:  I can load other utilities, but I guess I'd rather use the default if possible.03:39
geniisquarebracket: Needs to be in separate VT/Console of course as well03:39
elhoircould anyone help me?03:40
Neod192as soon as I hit enter to run it, it loads the linux kernel, gets to 100% and reboots03:40
ace_suaresGustavo: ubuntu 8.04 ? 32 or 64 bit ?03:40
squarebracketgenii, of course. thanks!03:40
GustavoHELP ::: who has ever worked with usb mass storage , please tell me, mine is 50KB/s03:40
geniisquarebracket: np03:40
CaptainMorgan!question | elhoir03:40
ubottuelhoir: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:40
smeeuriel_: but some like the aurora leopard theme require you to install an engine to support some things that the default gtk engine wont render03:40
Gustavoace_suares: 3203:40
ace_suaressquarebracket: maybe sorry :-)03:40
ndoanyone, does gparted supportsHFS?03:40
Sylphidndo, im pretty sure it does but not positive03:40
squarebracketace_suares, Sylphid, thanks for your help as well. i'm gonna try this out now.03:40
uriel_smee, ok gimme a sec i have to look 1 by 1 they dont have a site search engine03:40
tech0007Neod192: try noacpi03:40
Neod192then I hit F6 and turned off the power management feature and it loaded, but took forever03:40
smeeuriel_: yes it does03:40
ace_suaresGustavo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/177235 might help ?03:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 177235 in ubuntu "slow USB 2.0 drive: it's mounted as USB 1.0, not USB 2.0!" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:40
smeeuriel_: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/search.php03:41
ndoSylphid: hfs+ u mean?03:41
Neod192I first tried noacpi and nolicp and it still didn't load03:41
Neod192it didn't reboot, but errored out03:41
Neod192with ACPI off I was able to load it 10 minutes later03:41
tech0007Neod192: did u check your burned disk?03:41
Neod192yeah, it works fine in another PC03:41
* ace_suares leaves03:42
geniisquarebracket: You may want to look into what is called multi-seat system. One guy has a laptop which another user can be using same box with external screen,kb and mouse03:42
uriel_smee, very nice thnx03:42
smeeuriel_: ok so03:42
tech0007Neod192: try the alternate CD03:42
Neod192then , after you got it to load the video drivers were all messed up03:42
=== phantasmik is now known as curlybrace
smeeuriel_: most of them can be recieved from that site as tar.gz files03:42
Neod192what's the difference ?03:42
smeeuriel_: which you jsut drag drog into the appearance panel in system prefences03:42
uriel_smee, found it03:42
tech0007Neod192: alternate is textbased, needs less ram, but not very user friendly03:43
geniisquarebracket: Here for instance http://netpatia.blogspot.com/2006/09/multiseat-computer-with-ubuntu.html   You can dissect his xorg examples03:43
murlidharE: Broken packages03:43
squarebracketgenii, google for "ubuntu multi-seat" or some such thing? that's pretty much exactly what i want, except i don't need another kb and mouse for the other screen, as it will just be running a presentation of sorts.03:43
Neod192ah, I like the user interface :)03:43
murlidharthis is what i get when i try to install obconf03:43
squarebracketgenii, ah, thanks03:43
geniisquarebracket: np03:43
tech0007Neod192: do u have ubuntu before on this laptop?03:43
Neod192no, it's the first time I was trying it03:43
Neod192never actually used ubuntu before03:43
uriel_smee, save the file?03:43
Flannelsquarebracket: You just need a dual head display then.  Or a thinclient/dumb terminal03:43
smeeuriel_: my gtk & emerald  themes go in this folder : ~/.themes03:44
Neod192there might be some compatibility problems too03:44
tech0007Neod192: better google if your hardware will work w/ ubuntu03:44
uriel_smee, so save ok03:44
Flannelsquarebracket: If you have a second computer you want to use, you can just use XDMCP to log in with that, and then show the presentation03:44
b2zHelp please: I'm trying to set up Link Aggregation, and when I start up the networking service, I get 'Illegal Operation: The specified slave interface 'eth0' is already a slave". Any ideas? Thanks...03:44
smeeuriel_: yes save the file to your desktop, and try first to install it via the appearance widget03:44
uriel_smee, ok03:44
=== gaminggeek_ is now known as gaminggeek
Neod192hmm, its an Asus M3N laptop03:44
squarebracketFlannel, i don't want the mouse/keyboard to enter into the other screen03:45
smeeuriel_: it could be easier in future to just unpack these files into ~/.themes03:45
curlybraceis there a program I can use to detect wireless printers something kinda like bonjour03:45
unopcurlybrace, zeroconf perhaps03:45
Flannelsquarebracket: What do you mean?  What are you trying to set up, ultimately?03:45
tech0007Neod192: this might be helpful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam03:45
uriel_smee, ok well it wont even show up in the desktop through the install button03:45
squarebracketFlannel, i've been debating about doing that as well. i'm going to discuss with the guy i'm doing it for when i see him, and see what he wants to do.03:45
PuPpYAnyone know how to install ubuntu from windows ? Can't remember what the method is called , laptop with broken dvd drive or I'd just burn iso03:46
squarebracketFlannel, it's for an information display in a school.03:46
Odd-rationale!wubi | PuPpY03:46
ubottuPuPpY: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.03:46
Neod192thanks tech ill check that out03:46
tech0007PuPpY: use the liveCD03:46
smeeuriel_: open the package see wahts inside03:46
geniiGah, wubi03:46
Dr_willisPuPpY,  wubi perhaps? but I wuld perfer to use the other methods to install without using a cd03:46
smeealso give me the link to the one you just downloaded03:46
Juano__is there any ubuntu that i can use to make a live cd that runs an RDP session automatically (in other words make a thin client CD) ?03:46
squarebracketweb server runs all the necessary backend and stuff, puts it together, have firefox running the display part of it.03:46
Dr_willis!install | PuPpY03:46
ubottuPuPpY: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:46
Flannelsquarebracket: Ah, yeah.  Just start up a second X server on tty8 or something, set it to autologin with the other user, and set the presentation thing to just start going03:46
geniiJuano__: edubuntu has this sort of feature03:46
squarebracketFlannel, that's what i was planning on doing, i just wasn't sure if i could do a seperate X server...03:47
vilemaximjeff__:  the only thing I know right now is where the keyring is stored03:47
Juano__genii: can it be customized to run automatically at boot time rdesktop?03:47
PuPpYGood stuff, thanks I'd iso if the laptop drive wasn't dead.03:47
uriel_smee, i see frame gap/ menu/others/scrollbars/shadows/tabs/gtkrc/scrollbar.rc03:47
Kernelhello all im trying to install froma usb pendrive but i keep getting this error: error while running modprobe -v yenta_socket and it wont install03:47
uriel_smee, all those hings03:47
Flannelgenii: You're talking about LTSP?03:47
smeeuriel_: give me the link please :)03:47
geniiFlannel: Yes03:47
squarebracketFlannel, i've done it with VNC and stuff, but that's been on a different computer doing remote serssions. wasn't sure if it would work using the same computer/card03:47
smeeuriel_: seems you can move that folder into ~/.themes03:48
uriel_smee, website u meen?03:48
Flannelgenii: Not edubuntu specific anymore, all the *buntus have it (as edubuntu is now just an add on CD)03:48
smeeuriel_: ja the page you clicked download on03:48
geniiJuano__: Flannel seems to be more up on it03:48
uriel_smee, http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Aurora+Steel?content=7737703:48
Juano__genii: ok thanks03:48
Flannelgenii: No, I just know about the changes re: edubuntu/ubuntu03:48
uriel_sme, there ya go03:48
smeeuriel_: ah right...kek03:48
geniiFlannel: Heh. I don't normally use the Edubuntu so not that up on it03:49
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org03:49
smeeuriel_: ok to get that running will require some extra wwork since the default gtk engine wont support it03:49
geniiI wonder...03:49
ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project03:49
Juano__Flannel: what can i use to make this kind of live CD that executes rdesktop automatically? ive tried anywherets but it's to expensive, i know this can be done with a free tool03:49
Kernelwhat are the command to try if your having issues with hardware?... noapic? or something...iirc theres 2 of them03:49
smeeuriel_: try this one as a starter instead03:49
geniiJuano__: See above, the bot seems to have some info on  it and a URL03:49
uriel_smee, ugh lol ok if uve got the patiance to explain it to me im willing to learn03:50
Juano__genii: oh thanks03:50
tech0007Kernel: what issues with the h/w?03:50
smeeuriel_: ok open terminal : alt+f2 : type gnome-terminal03:50
Kerneltech0007: long story...but i think its not seeing my hard drive correct.03:50
uriel_smee, ok03:51
Kerneltech0007: im trying to install from a usb pendrive and its erroring when its looking for the iso file located on the usb03:51
Kernel*so* i came to the conclusion it may be related to that.03:51
uriel_smee, location or folder can not be found03:51
Kernelbut i cannot get this freaking thing to install from the usb...ive tried 3 different ways03:52
Kerneldamn cdrom drive is dead :(03:52
smeeuriel_: ? strage03:52
smeeuriel_: ok try it another way03:52
uriel_smee, ok03:52
smeeuriel_: menubar : applications -> accesories -> terminal03:53
uriel_smee, k03:53
smeeuriel_: all good so far? terminal window up03:54
uriel_smee, yeps03:54
smeeuriel_: type : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev03:54
uriel_smee, can i copy past all that?03:55
IdleOneuriel_, of course03:55
tech0007Kernel: did you try this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-from-usb-stick.html03:55
alraune /msg ubottu etiquette03:56
sliverchairhow I launch a program in Terminal that won't terminate after I close the Terminal?03:56
leftyfbsliverchair: <programname> &03:56
uriel_smee, its done... i think03:56
tech0007sliverchair: add &, ex.. 'command &'03:56
uriel_smee, yeah its done03:56
sliverchairtech0007, I tried that, emerald --replace &03:56
Kerneltech0007: i don think i tried that exact how to. i will try it though. thanks.03:57
smeeuriel_: should be ok to paste and run, now im just finiding the engine for you one sec03:57
sliverchairKernel, Oh it's working now thanks03:57
tech0007sliverchair: alt-f2 then try that command03:57
uriel_smee, thnx03:57
Dr_willissliverchair,  do NOT use the close button... use the 'exit' command after running stuff with &03:57
sliverchairDr_willis, ohh that's why03:58
smeeuriel_: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Aurora+Gtk+Engine?content=5643803:58
vilemaximtyler_d1: any luck?03:58
jay__I recently installed ubuntu and youtube videos are not working i think i installed flash correctly03:58
smeeuriel_: download that and pull out the aurora-1.4.tar.gz file and extract that to your desktop03:58
uriel_smee, do i save that?03:59
smeeuriel_: ja03:59
jay__I recently installed ubuntu and youtube videos are not working i think i installed flash correctly, can anyone help?03:59
uriel_smee, saved now what?03:59
IdleOne!flash | jay_03:59
ubottujay_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:59
shaun-marlinI just thought I would ask in here, but I am using SAMBA to share to a Vista machine.  I want vista to be able to write to a folder, but cannot seem to get the permissions setup properly.  Any suggestions?04:00
smeeuriel_: unpack it to your dekstop04:00
uriel_smee, done04:00
uriel_smee, next04:00
haryantohai ubuntu all04:00
haryantohelp me04:00
edzwith what?04:01
IdleOneharyanto, ask a question04:01
smeeuriel_: one sec04:01
uriel_smee, kk04:01
overlordpuppyI've got a question perhaps someone can help me with. I seem to have sample rate issues recording. Can anyone help me?04:02
smeeuriel_: inside 56438-Aurora-1.4 you should find anotehr ttwo packages04:02
tuxnotehi any body04:02
smeeuriel_: aurora-1.4.tar.gz we want unpacked there04:02
BeepII... what was the command to install something again?04:02
BeepIII have the installer saved to my desktop04:02
IdleOneoverlordpuppy, #ubuntustudio wouyld be a better place to ask.04:02
uriel_smee, to desktop u meen?04:03
smeeuriel_: so you end up with : ~/Desktop/56438-Aurora-1.4/aurora-1.404:03
Dr_willisshaun-marlin,  i normally uncomment/share the users home directory. or manually add an entry for a 'public' share in the samba config. the 'samba-doc' package has several books on the topics with examples. :) worht a read if you are going to use samba a lot.04:03
IdleOneBeepII, install what? and is it a .deb?04:03
overlordpuppyIdleOne: Thanks04:03
smeeuriel_: doesnt matter where really, desktop is fine04:03
smeeuriel_: directly on the desktop would make it easier for you in the terminal infact04:03
uriel_smee, done04:04
IdleOneBeepII, what are you trying to install. it may be in the repositories already04:04
BeepIIidleone:  It's flash player04:04
uriel_smee, i howpe so anywayz04:04
smeeuriel_: so you have ~/Desktop/aurora-1.4 ?04:04
smeeuriel_: or  : ~/Desktop/56438-Aurora-1.4/aurora-1.4 ?04:04
IdleOne!flash | BeepII check out this link04:04
ubottuBeepII check out this link: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:04
bobertdosBeepII: version 10 beta 2?04:04
greg_anyone know where i might acquire a stack of ubuntu hardy desktop ed. cds? I'm a member of a university club called the Free Software Advocacy Group, and we'd like to hand out some copies of the distro to interested folks on campus.04:04
uriel_smee, im not sure where to read that from04:05
smeeuriel_: ctrl + l04:05
greg_the shipit site seems that it only sends one at a time...04:05
=== lifi is now known as _lifi
smeeuriel_: in your file browser04:05
IdleOnegreg_, www.ubuntu.com click on the shipit link and you will get more info there04:05
smeeuriel_: ~ is another way of saying /home/UserName04:05
overlordpuppyIdleOne: Is Ubuntu Studio a separate edition of ubuntu?04:05
IdleOnegreg_, it does but they make exceptions for schools and .orgs04:05
ezequielhow can i use my ipod in ubuntu04:06
chuckhi, for some reason, my ubuntu installation keeps using up tons of CPU and Memory with a "kacpid" process, *and* i can't reboot it with shutdown -r now or reboot. any ideas?04:06
chuckcan i force a reboot some other way?04:06
greg_IdleOne, exc. thank you.04:06
baron1984chuck: It's been fixed in the upstream kernel04:06
baron1984for a while now04:06
smeeuriel_: what im asking is dod you pull the aurora-1.4 fodler ou onto the desktop ? or just extract it in the folder it was laready in?04:07
chuckbaron1984: oh good, too bad i can't boot into that kernel without rebooting :P04:07
chucki'll just keep pestering my friend to pull the plug :P04:07
nickrud!find kapcid04:07
BeepIIidleone: I can't click that link . . .04:07
BeepIIubottu: I have ubuntu 8.04... that site doesn't mention anything about that.04:07
ubottuPackage/file kapcid does not exist in hardy04:07
BeepIIbobertdos: maybe?04:07
ubottuBeepII: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:07
nickrud!find kacpid04:07
ubottuPackage/file kacpid does not exist in hardy04:07
HappyHaterhow do I restart gdm?04:07
uriel__smee, r u still there?04:07
nickrudHappyHater sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:07
baron1984just hold in the power button04:07
smeeuriel__: ja04:07
smeeuriel__: what im asking is dod you pull the aurora-1.4 fodler ou onto the desktop ? or just extract it in the folder it was laready in?04:08
bobertdosBeepII: What kind of installer is it and where did you download it?04:08
IdleOneoverlordpuppy, ubuntustudio is more of a front end but not officially supported. they should be able to help you with recording issues04:08
uriel__it sais host/uriel04:08
cchanceGuys there are alot o Control Panels out there but which ones are you guys using?04:08
uriel__smee, it sais host uriel04:09
uriel__smee, host/uriel*04:09
BeepIIbobertdos: I got it from the adobe website. . . http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash04:09
BeepIIIt's the tar.gz version04:09
overlordpuppyIdleOne: I've gotten a little interest there. Thanks.04:09
ezequielhow i ca use ipod in ubuntu04:09
smeeuriel__: ah so its one the desktop?04:09
moraI am trying to run apps through SSH with x forwarding - i'm using -X, but when i run the apps they display their windows on the remote machine instead of the client.04:09
uriel__smee,i think so04:09
cchanceWhats a good Control Panel for hosting04:10
smeeuriel__: ok lets try getting there in terminal then04:10
uriel__smee, ok04:10
tuxnotemay i ask about S-VIDEO Out in Ubuntu 8.0404:10
moraI have "X11Forwarding Yes" set in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, and I've verified that I can do x forwarding fine on a different machine04:10
bobertdosBeepII: I warn you, Flash 9 has problems with PulseAudio, so in most hardy systems, the audio doesn't work.04:10
smeeuriel__: back in terminal window, type : cd ~/Desktop/aurora-1.404:10
normlomanhas anyone had a problem getting brasero to recognize a cd-r? I put one in the drive and brasero says there is no disc04:11
ezequielhow wants help me04:11
uriel__smee, no such file o directory04:11
tuxnotehi anybody04:11
tuxnoteplease help04:11
uriel__smee, i suck at this04:11
tuxnoteS-Video on ubuntu04:11
smeeuriel__: ok its not on the desktop, try this instead04:11
DeadKennedy2880tuxnote: just ask, someone might answer04:11
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
smeeuriel__: cd ~/Desktop/56438-Aurora-1.4/aurora-1.404:11
BeepIII've had it before, I just reformatted04:12
ezequielcoman mieda estupidos04:12
BeepIIbtw, I found instructions, but is it safe to install as sudo?04:12
uriel__smee, same thing04:12
BeepII*using sudo04:12
tuxnotehi bro04:12
smeeuriel__: if that doesnt owrk then im going to get you to find the path for me04:12
tuxnoteplease help04:12
bobertdos BeepII: yeah, it's safe04:12
tuxnoteto use S-Video Out on ubuntu04:12
=== jonny_ is now known as Prefix
tuxnoteanybody listen to me please04:12
smeeuriel__: ok go back to your file browser and open the last folder we unpacked04:12
smeeuriel__: aurora-1.404:13
uriel__smee, look im no good with computers and im fairly new to linux04:13
uriel__smee, ill try it04:13
BeepIIcool. thanks04:13
tuxnotedid nobody help?04:13
tuxnotehi all04:13
smeeuriel__: this folder we want should have another folder in it called "src"04:13
uriel__smee, ugh command not found04:13
BeepIIDo you know the default installation path for firefox?04:13
smeeuriel__: not in your terminal :)04:13
smeeuriel__: from the desktop folder browser04:14
uriel__smee, where then?04:14
normlomanim trying to burn a cd. When I put a blank cd-r in the drive, should ubuntu do anything? Does it put a cd-r icon on the desktop or anything?04:14
uriel__smee, k04:14
bobertdosBeepII: normally /usr/lib/firefox-3.004:14
tuxnotehi all04:14
cchanceWhats a good Control Panel for hosting04:14
smeeuriel__: can you see a "src" folder in there?04:14
tuxnotei try to connect my laptop to television using S-Video Out on my laptop. But it can't work. Any solutions please.04:14
uriel__smee, no u know what forget it its ok im wasting your time04:15
BeepIIbobertdos: where does that file path start?04:15
kevinOanyone use ubuntu mobile?04:15
smeeuriel__: your almost done04:15
smeeuriel__: dont give up04:15
smeeuriel__: lol04:15
uriel__smee, fine04:15
uriel__smee, ok ok04:15
bobertdosBeepII: that's the whole path04:15
uriel__smee, run me through it again im slow04:16
bobertdosBeepII: Graphically, you find it under Filesystem04:16
smeeuriel__: lets backtrack to the initial file you downloaded04:16
uriel__smee, ok04:16
smeeuriel__: you saved it to the desktop yeah?04:16
uriel__smee, yeah04:16
smeeuriel__: and it's named : 56438-Aurora-1.4.tar.bz204:16
spastic_teapotIs there any way to roll back from an update?04:16
BeepIIoh ok.  Gonna see if it worked now04:16
spastic_teapotThe latest 7.10 update left my computer FUBAR.04:17
uriel__smee, yes04:17
BeepIIyep. looks like it did.04:17
BeepIIThanks bobertdos04:17
smeeuriel__: ok right click it and click 'extract here'04:17
uriel__smee, kk04:17
smeeuriel__: wait04:17
smeeuriel__: woops04:17
uriel__smee, ... wat?04:17
smeeuriel__: is there a folder there with a similiar name?04:17
uriel__smee, what do u meen?04:18
uriel__smee, i dont think so04:18
smeeuriel__: ok then extract it like i just described, using right click menu on the file04:18
=== PV1 is now known as PrivateVoid
uriel__smee, done04:19
smeeuriel__: ok now there is a folder with a similar name04:19
uriel__smee, yeah04:19
smeeuriel__: open that folder04:19
uriel__smee done04:19
uriel__smee, done04:20
khaije1what is the apt-get command to get the smallest working X server?04:20
timmulvihillcan some one help me out04:21
khaije1i wanna use fluxox04:21
smeeuriel__: woops, sorry back04:21
uriel__smee, k...04:21
smeeuriel__: ok in that folder is yet more archives04:21
smeeuriel__: two morearchives04:21
IndyGunFreakkhaije1: then download fluxbuntu04:21
smeeuriel__: we want the "aurora-1.4.tar.gz"04:21
uriel__smee,the box you meen?04:21
timmulvihillhey guys im a student in some need for a some one to interview for a project can any one help me that is atleast credited in linix systems like ubuntu ? Some one with atleast 2yrs expeience work related on the Operating System and or have a degree.04:21
smeeuriel__: yeah the icon is a box04:21
Dr_willisfluxbox is not a 'x server' its a window manager.04:22
smeeuriel__: right click it and click 'extract here' on aurora-1.4.tar.gz04:22
smeeuriel__: should also make a folder called aurora-1.404:22
AutoMatriXHi folks, I just backed up nest of CD with Pictures .... since I have over 7000, many of them must be double ...; which program should I use to clean and organise that ?04:23
thenecromancerHow do I install qmake04:23
uriel__smee, no luck it never showed up?04:23
smeeuriel__: should do04:23
uriel__smee, no luck maby it wont work on mine]04:23
jlulian38amarok: ERROR: : couldn't create slave : Cannot talk to klauncher04:23
SebNaitsabes!info qmake04:23
smeeuriel__: are you in the folder with the two archives ? gtkrc_themes.tar.bz2 & aurora-1.4.tar.gz04:23
ubottuPackage qmake does not exist in hardy04:23
jlulian38what did I do04:23
normlomanHELP: Can't mount cd in my cdrw drive. Anyone want to help?04:24
yyy_AutoMatriX: there's a findimagedupes package you could use.04:24
ubottuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter04:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cd04:24
uriel__smee, yea i clecked extrac t and everything04:24
sdakakI can't remove a theme. The window borders of mac4lin theme are not going away. I changed the pref in Appearance dialog box. Deleted the theme in /home/de/.themes/mac4lin also.04:24
smeeuriel__: ok try this : double click on the file aurora-1.4.tar.gz04:24
AutoMatriXyyy_, thanks a lot for this start of info ... could you be so kind telling me moree about it ?04:24
SebNaitsabessdakak: mac4lin yeah that's an emulateR?04:24
bobertdostimmulvihill: Hmm, that's certainly a different reason to come here. May I be of assistance? I suggest we go to a quiter channel. If you want to, join me i #ubuntu-classroom04:24
thenecromancerwhat am I looking for with !info qmake?04:24
sdakakSebNaitsabes: It is a simple gtk theme04:25
SebNaitsabesas it says it's not in hardy04:25
SebNaitsabesor it is, but you got the name wrong04:25
uriel__smee \, kk04:25
smeeuriel__: so it opened up a window with a folder in it?04:25
AutoMatriX!info findimagedupes04:25
ubottufindimagedupes (source: findimagedupes): Finds visually similar or duplicate images. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7-1 (hardy), package size 26 kB, installed size 120 kB04:25
uriel__smee, yeah04:26
yyy_AutoMatriX: it's a tool that finds visually similar pictures from amoung a set, so something like        find . | findimagedupes -        should do what you wantt04:26
alraune normloman: I'm tired, your cd rw ...04:26
thenecromancerHow do I install qmake?04:26
smeeuriel__: right click the folder and then extract04:26
AutoMatriXyyy_, thanks dear, I'm going to try that out ;)04:26
uriel__smee, still nothin04:26
Vereux0How do I know if I have an opengl 2.0 video card?04:26
sdakakHow to remove all traces of a theme from my system?04:27
pabixsdakak, cd ~/.themes04:27
pabixand then remove the directory04:27
smeeuriel__: so it opened up a window with a folder in it? go back to this part04:27
alrauneVereux0; what model is it04:27
smeeuriel__: open the folder04:27
uriel__smee, maby its not even worth it ll wait for a friend to help me he has this to04:27
sdakakpabix: Already cleared it. Still the theme exists. Deleted it from Appearance also.04:27
uriel__smee, wait i see a folder src04:27
sdakakI know it's a freakin' emerald window border. Sorry.04:28
smeeuriel__:  close this window04:28
uriel__smee, thanks for trying tho im just no good at this04:28
smeeuriel__:  and go back to our window of two archives04:28
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
Vereux0alraune: I don't know.04:29
kaudiosomebody know a software like calamari that make a report of iptables's log ?04:30
kevinOhow do you set the default desktop?04:30
=== greg_ is now known as greg1234
Vereux0I think NVIDIA04:30
khaije1kevinO: u mean like gnome, kde, etc?04:30
Ursinhahi all, anybody having issues with Amarok and gnome?04:30
kevinOkhaije1, yeah04:30
kaudiosomebody know a software like calamari that make a report of iptables's log ?04:30
khaije1kevinO: usually people pick the install cd w/ the one they prefer, you can load which ever you like afterwards and set the defaults at the sign-on screen04:31
alrauneVereux0: lshw will tell you what type of chips you're using04:31
smith469i just finished building a computer, and cannot install ubuntu04:32
alrauneVereux0: lshw will tell you what type of chips you're using  (pastebin output...)04:32
khaije1smith469: well then apparently you aren't finished04:32
CaptainMorgansmith469, what problems are you having specifically, or the errors being reported ?04:32
Vereux0What does that mean?04:32
=== sgallinger is now known as gaslinger
citizen42aerm, you should run as root.04:32
Odd-rationale!sudo | Vereux004:32
ubottuVereux0: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)04:32
ndoSylphid: r u here?04:32
khaije1kevinO: did that answer yr question or was it something else?04:32
smith469it gets the the preparing partitioner page stays at 46% for a while, the progress bar disappears, and the prepare partitions page comes up, but I cannot select any options04:33
Vereux0so, "sudo lshw"?04:33
smith469bad grammar, sorry04:33
Vereux0NV44A [GeForce 6200]04:33
alrauneVereux0: if you talk to me , please use my nick, otherwise your message goes under04:33
CaptainMorgansmith469, did you try more than one copy of ubuntu cd? you might have had a bad burn...04:33
t35t0rlol holding down alt and the left mouse causes the sound to freeze !!!04:33
squarebracketgenii, Flannel, X :1 makes tty7 no longer visible, i have to switch back and forth... is that how it's supposed to be?04:33
Vereux0alraune: kk04:33
Vereux0alraune: NV44A [GeForce 6200]04:34
smith469captainmorgan:  I ran cd check, and everything was ok04:34
smith469i also cannot access the internet, I am using the asus p5q-pro04:34
geniisquarebracket: Yes04:34
zcat[1]gah! stoopid udma/33 bug..04:35
CaptainMorganwhich option did you check at the partition page smith469 ? manual? guided? which?04:35
qweqweqwehere's a dumb one - i've just bought a virtual ubuntu server, but i only have a root login, and ubuntu won't allow them -  what do i do here???04:35
Vereux0alraune: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29487/04:35
squarebracketgenii, ok. maybe i'll give this multi-seat thing a try.04:36
Flannelqweqweqwe: Ubuntu can have a root account.  You'll just set up a normal user, and then use that instead.04:36
CaptainMorgansmith469, did you select anything before the partition page?04:36
smith469let me see04:36
qweqweqweFlannel, but how do i log in for the first time?04:36
Flannelqweqweqwe: Log in with the root user.04:37
smith469this computer is so fast04:37
qweqweqwefrom the console?04:37
CaptainMorgansmith469, if you selected nothing - ie: using its defaults, then it will do "use the largest continuous space" or guided, I believe and will not ask for your input04:37
CaptainMorgansmith469, so.. you must use Manual :)04:37
smith469how do i not use defaults04:37
Flannelqweqweqwe: Are you sitting at it? or you connect through ssh?04:37
CaptainMorgansmith469, if your intention is to use the partitioner04:37
smith469i am at the language page, i click english04:38
CaptainMorgansmith469, to not use defaults, select "Manual"04:38
smith469i click install ubuntu?04:38
qweqweqweFlannel, neither and both, but through an RSA session i'm "sitting" in front of it, ssh just says no as soon as I enter "root"04:38
tmapjcan anyone tell me how to automatically unlock the keys when you login?04:38
qweqweqweFlannel, so I do have console04:38
smith469the orange bar under ubuntu is now moving04:38
Flannelqweqweqwe: you have a terminal prompt? or what?  I'm confused about what you have and whta you don't have.04:39
qweqweqweFlannel, both ssh and console04:39
CaptainMorgansmith469, look here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/installinghardyplus10.png04:39
Lenaud01I have my webcam working with Ekiga but does not work with any flash apps on the net??04:39
Flannelqweqweqwe: console being... you're logged in already?04:39
tmapjcan anyone tell me how to automatically unlock the keys when you login?04:39
smith469captainmorgan, I have never seen that page04:40
Lenaud01tmapj, System | Administration | Users and Groups04:40
CaptainMorgansmith469, do you get here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/installinghardyplus09.png ??04:40
garyxI have a problem , when I try to change my picture at Amsn the user session restart04:40
garyxcan anybody help me04:40
qweqweqweFlannel, is cool, i got it, not used to ubuntu (sles and rhel guy) - last time i tried ubuntu on a desktop it told me 'root login not allowed' i thought that might be true for console (ie tty) access too04:40
CaptainMorgan!question | garyx04:40
* qweqweqwe looks forward to trying 8.0404:41
ubottugaryx: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:41
smith469captainmorgan, it is loading04:41
Lenaud01I have my webcam working with Ekiga but does not work with any flash apps on the net??04:42
mouser-Is there a way to forcefully kill a runaway process that's more effective than kill?04:42
Lenaud01ps -a04:42
Lenaud01mouser-, then xkill04:42
Lenaud01xkill you might like04:42
smith469captainmorgan, i get to that page, it sticks at 46%, and then it skips the next process04:42
jordanhey guys, quick question04:42
smith469captainmorgan, i think04:42
mouser-Lenaud01: I can't xkill, it's a command line process.04:43
CaptainMorganwhat process is it skipping ? smith46904:43
Ganandorfhelp please my ubuntu won't boot it just goes to the boot screen th emarker moves then stops stays at that point and my keyboard capslock and scroll lights begin to flash on and off04:43
Lenaud01then ps -a04:43
Lenaud01and kill pid#04:43
jordanmy dad's network ip is, how can I connected to a shared folder on that address in terminal?04:43
garyxI have a problem , when I try to change my picture at Amsn the user session restart04:43
tmapjcan anyone tell me how to automatically unlock the keys when you login?04:43
alrauneVereux0: nope , max open GL 1.5, google is a friend :http://www.computerhandlung.de/SUPER_GeForce_6200_31517.htm04:43
ndoguys, anyone, ive just resized my partitions, and now swap is not in use anymore. how can i enables swap agane?04:43
CaptainMorgangaryx, read above04:43
Windsurfer619Ganandorf: Gah! That's a kernel panic. Can you revert to an earlier kernel?04:43
mouser-Lenaud01: I've tried that as well.  Even "kill -9 [pid]"04:43
jordanany help for me?04:43
yyyjordan: what kind of share is it?04:43
CaptainMorgansmith469, ok... so it's setting up partitioner ... ?04:43
bazhangGanandorf, remove quiet and splash from the boot parameters and see the exact errors04:43
smith469captainmorgan, it looks like it puts me in the manual partition04:44
alraunendo: .. pastebin fstab ...04:44
jordanyyy: what do u mean?04:44
smith469captainmorgan, but none of the hard drives are there04:44
jordanits just a shared folder on the network04:44
CaptainMorgangaryx, **ask*** your question04:44
squarebracketis there any way i could find out if the latest xephyr package in the repo includes evdev support?04:44
Flanneljordan: there's a number of methods of sharing.  Is it a windows machine?04:44
Ganandorfbazhang i don't know how to do that04:44
yyyjordan: in what way is the folder shared? From windows? nfs? samba?04:44
jordanyes, his is a windows machine04:44
jordanfrom windows04:44
CaptainMorgansmith469, it does this automatically ?04:44
jordanand id like to access is from my mac terminal04:44
jordani figure the command should be the same04:44
jordanfor ubuntu04:44
Flannel!samba | jordan04:44
ubottujordan: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:45
Ganandorf<Windsurfer619> i tried the kernal that said  at the end and nothing04:45
bazhangGanandorf, get into grub and hit e then edit the kernel you are booting from04:45
Windsurfer619Ganandorf: listen to bazhang04:45
alraunendo :?04:45
jordanand i can do this thru terminal?04:45
garyxhow can I change the picture in amsn , without restart the section ?04:45
smith469captainmorgan, after it gets to 46% and says "scanning discs" I have no control until it puts me at step 4 of 704:45
Ganandorfbazhang how do i get into grub04:45
Flanneljordan: yes.  Read those pages.04:45
ndoalraune: what do i doagane to fstab ? plz:)04:45
CaptainMorgansmith469, ... oh.. check that your hdds are good then if it's not seeing them it could be a connection or a bad hdd04:45
alraunendo: open a terminal, type : gedit /etc/fstab04:46
smith469but the bios on the motherboard say it04:46
bazhangGanandorf, you know the countdown from 3 2 1 after the bios screen?04:46
mouser-Lenaud01: Never mind, I got it.  top was giving me the wrong process.04:46
Ganandorfbazhang yeah i do04:46
ndoalraune:aha, oke, ty04:46
Lenaud01glad hear mouser- sorry I could not be more help04:46
bazhangGanandorf, hit esc when you see that before it reaches one04:46
jordanis there any way i could do it with the ssh command instead?04:46
Ganandorf<bazhang> ok and do what after04:46
Flanneljordan: samba is not ssh, no.04:46
zcat[1]limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable  --- BUT IT ISN'T!  How do I fix this bug?04:47
garyxhow can I change the picture in amsn , without restart the section ?04:47
jordanand can i use samba on mac osx?04:47
alraunendo: mark the content of fstab-file, copy to clipboard.....04:47
jordanbecause thats rele where i need to do this04:47
bazhangGanandorf, choose the kernel you are booting from and hit e (for edit) and remove those two lines quiet and splash then save and boot04:47
ndoalraune: now ive to figure out what to do with that pastebin thing.. ;)04:47
zcat[1]I just switched to the most recent generic kernel.. the mobo and drive and cable should all be OK with udma10004:47
jordanbecause loginwindow.app corrupted and mac osx terminal wont connect to any of my HDs04:47
alraunendo: open a browser, go to :   http://www.paste.ubuntu.com04:47
ndoalraune:  oke alredy copied04:47
Ganandorfok but it was a fresh install of ubuntu will it happen again04:48
jon_high9000Is there any to find out for certain which Video Card i have? does ubuntu 8.04 do that by that by chance?04:48
alraunendo: open a browser, go to :paste it there,  gimme url...04:48
ChadGot a question, what is the dafult windows fonts, right now web pages look bad and argh id no't know what font to change it to.04:48
bazhangGanandorf, we need to first see what the exact error is to figure it out04:48
garyxbecause when I try to change the picture the sistem restart the session04:48
ndoalraune:  ohh, just that, oke sec04:48
smith469captainmorgan, I am running seatools, hard drive diagnostic, we shall see :)04:48
Windsurfer619Not Ubuntu strictly, but what is it called when a command line program takes over the terminal and makes it "full screen"? I am wondering how to do that in perl.04:48
yyyjon_high9000: sudo lshw -C video | less    <-- that will get you what you want04:48
Ganandorfbazhang o ok cool rebooting brb04:49
jon_high9000yyy: thank you very much.04:49
CaptainMorgansmith469, you say have more than one disc? any chance you got a hardware raid set up?04:49
CaptainMorgansmith469, diags, good ;)04:49
alraunendo: close gedit, in terminal ,type : fdisk -l  , paste the output to     http://www.paste.ubuntu,com, url here...04:50
CaptainMorgansmith469, but if the BIOS sees it, the installer should too.. in theory04:50
ndoalraune:  http://pastebin.com/m398a80f104:50
smith469captainmorgan, plural grammar was a mistake04:50
ciscawyhey ,all04:50
smith469captainmorgan, i only have one04:50
CaptainMorgansmith469, what type of mobo and hdd ?04:50
ciscawyiam new here can any one tell me what rooms about linux adminstrations04:51
smith469asus p5q-pro, seagate 7200.11 500gb 32mb cache 7200rpm04:51
bazhangciscawy, please clarify04:51
ndoalraune:  strange fdisk -l dont show anything04:51
CaptainMorgansmith469, personally, and only in my experience, asus sucks04:51
smith469they were the best deals04:52
smith469im not overclocking or anything04:52
ciscawyiam cocerned with linux/unix adminstrations,, is there any room for linux admin04:52
alraunendo: l <>i,   L04:52
XCHATDUDEtry sudo fdisk -l04:52
CaptainMorgansmith469, maybe a good deal.. but there's an adage; we get what we pay for :)04:52
bazhangciscawy, you mean administering a server?04:52
zcat[1]anybody got an easy fix for my problem..04:52
smith469captainmorgan, i get a 3 year warranty04:52
ciscawyyes bazhang04:52
debianhi all04:52
=== debian is now known as debian_akroyd
Lvl21nerddoes mplayer have a function to raise the maximum volume or go higher than 100%?04:52
CaptainMorgan!question | zcat[1],04:52
ubottuzcat[1],: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:52
xuHey, I have a seriously f'ed up problem04:53
alraunendo:  paste out from                         type : blkid04:53
bazhangciscawy, you can ask here, or in #ubuntu-server04:53
xumy friend just opened totem...and now his laptop mouse doesn't work. across restarts.04:53
zcat[1]limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable  -- It's definately an 80-wire cable, I tried two othrs.. the drive and mobo both should support ata/100 just fine..04:53
CaptainMorgansmith469, I'm running out of ideas though... :( hopefully someone can provide more assistance with your issue04:53
ciscawyok thanks bazhang ,,, iam new here,, tell me description about this room04:53
debian_akroydi wonder why no body shows up when i use tirc?04:53
smith469captainmorgan, i am running drivetest as we speak04:53
unavailableI have a windows question and no one in windows is answering at all...   http://paste.ubuntu.com/29495/04:53
bazhangciscawy, best to just ask your question in as clear a manner as possible04:53
debian_akroydwell uh04:54
zcat[1]and this is on a squid/dansguardian server, the drive speed is crippling the cache performance04:54
Lvl21nerddoes mplayer have a function to raise the maximum volume or go above 100%?04:54
bazhangunavailable, come to #ubuntu-offtopic04:54
ciscawythanks bazhang ... i mean what topics usually discussed here ?04:54
debian_akroydwhy come to a linux room and ask windows questions? thats like going to a windows room and asking linux questions...04:54
NetEchoSebNaitsabes mac4lin is a themeing project to make Linux look like OS X04:54
bazhangciscawy, ubuntu support; folks have questions or problems with their ubuntu systems/installs04:55
Windsurfer619No kidding. Stop bringing us your closed-source woes.04:55
NetEchoif someone asks about that have them go into the theme manager and customize their metacity theme back to the original Human settings04:55
Lvl21nerddoes mplayer have a function to raise the maximum volume or go above 100%?04:55
alraunendo:  paste out from  :                      ( type :)   blkid   , fdisk -l04:55
ciscawythanks bazhang and sorry for my silly questions04:55
Seven_Six_Twocan someone tell me the cpan command for installing perl modules, like cgi::session?04:56
CaptainMorganah.. smith469 I recall having to do this myself months ago... I forget the setting, maybe this will help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4848704:56
CaptainMorgansetting in bios04:56
bazhangciscawy, no worries; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic if you have other than support questions :)04:56
NetEchoLvl21nerd I don't think so but VLC does04:56
Lvl21nerdok that brings me to my next question04:56
Lvl21nerdhow to get XviD asd to play in VLC...04:56
Lvl21nerdi keep getting an error04:56
Brollihi all04:56
=== kogepathic is now known as IceWewe
CaptainMorganactually, that page wasn't very detailed, sorry04:56
debian_akroydhi brolly04:56
NetEchonot sure04:56
Brollianyone know where i can find info on the fdisk commands that arent listed in the man?04:57
CaptainMorganbut I did have to change something04:57
debian_akroydlvl >> can you play it back in somehting like totem?04:57
Lvl21nerdim not sure what totem is04:57
alraunendo: :-/04:57
Dr_willisBrolli,  Hmm.. ive never seen any commands or heard of any not mentioned in the man. *you do mean the man pages for 'fdisk'* right?04:57
CaptainMorganBrolli, what are you trying to do ? which switches specifically with fdisk command?04:57
debian_akroydTotem is a movie player for Gnome04:57
debian_akroyddo you use gnome lvl?04:57
Lvl21nerdi do04:57
Brolliwhen i run fdisk04:58
Brollithere are options such as x04:58
debian_akroydlvl >> well they retitled totem to "Movie Player"04:58
debian_akroydlvl >> just FYI04:58
Brollibut those arent listed in my man04:58
brEzHi, anyone know how to remove psyBNC from ubuntu?04:58
ciscawyhey all I have problems with java applet chat in ubuntu 8.0404:58
bullgard4Wikipedia: "Make menuconfig is an alternative to editing the .config file by hand." Is 'the .config file' /.config? (There are several other .config files in Hardy.)04:58
CaptainMorganBrolli, try doing: whereis fdisk to locate proper man pages04:58
geniiBrolli: When you are in fdisk you can just issue m     for the command list04:58
smith469captainmorgan, im going to check the bios04:58
SitUbuntuSitLvl21nerd: they sometimes list things by their description in menus... movie player is the description.04:58
Lvl21nerddebian_akroyd: im getting totem now....i really hope it works04:59
xuhey, speaking of totem/movie player--has anyone heard of the system crashing after totem is opened04:59
xuand then the mouse is disabled afterward?04:59
alraunendo: :-/04:59
smith469captainmorgan, i set it to go under raid not ide04:59
SebNaitsabesNetEcho: Apple logo is not bundled with Mac4lin, but I can get that else where I guess04:59
Lvl21nerdxu: way to make me nervous:-(04:59
smith469captainmorgan, lets hope this works04:59
xuLvl21nerd: hey man, my friend's laptop no longer has mouse functionality =P04:59
debian_akroydlvl >> ok..and if it doesnt, you will need to install one of the gstreamer codecs (Totem will tell you which one.thats the nice thing about the new version of totem..it tells you what you need if you dont have it)05:00
brEzHi, anyone know how to remove psyBNC from ubuntu?05:00
baudthiefAny way to forward an email to another address while preserving the sender address? Ie: an email was sent to the wrong address and needs to be passed on05:00
debian_akroydbrez >> try sudo apt-get remove psybnc?05:00
brEzthe file isn't in the resp05:00
brEzwould that matter, had to get manually05:01
ndoive go agane that problemwith blackuoting gnome05:01
baudthiefbrEz: just remove the directory05:01
Lvl21nerdhmm....totem is not a separate app?....instead sorta a patch of MPlayer?05:01
brEzhow would I do that?05:01
baudthiefrm -rf PsyBNC05:01
brEz2nd day newb to ubuntu :P05:01
phantasmikwelcome brez05:01
phantasmikyoull love it05:01
baudthiefor just shift+delete :P05:01
CaptainMorganbecareful with that command brEz05:01
alraunendo: how much ram do you use ?05:01
debian_akroydlvl >> if you actually used mplayer and compared it to something like XINE, you would notice that totem is nothing like mplayer05:01
brEzthanks, I had it about a year ago, but my machine blew up :D05:01
smith469captainmorgan, now i know why my internet doesnt work, its not supported :(05:02
brEzI ran the program fine, set it up, now even with terminal closed I can still log into the acct ;x05:02
ndoalraune: 1gig and just resized swap to 1.5gig05:02
phantasmiki switch from windows to mac to linux exclusively05:02
CaptainMorgansmith469, eh?05:02
Lvl21nerdum.....but i installed totem and its not showing up....do i need to restart system?05:02
CaptainMorgansmith469, I'm confused... how would you get internet if you can't even install the OS ?05:02
debian_akroydlvl >> what does it tell you when you try to run the command "totem" in the terminal05:02
brEzI don't so much want to 'remove' - just stop it rather ;D05:02
jon_high9000i currently have a GeForce 6150 LE which came with my system. any chance i can do anything with Compiz Fusion on my ubuntu concerning the GeForce 6150 LE ?05:02
ndoalraune: dont tell me i need more then one gig ram to run gnome ^^05:03
baudthiefbrEz: tried hitting shift+escape, and looking for psybnc?05:03
Lvl21nerdhmmm thats odd why is totem not in the app list05:03
baudthief* ctrl + sescape05:03
Lvl21nerdthe totem command opens totem though:)05:03
nickrudLvl21nerd it's called Movie Player in the menus05:03
alraunendo: with a gig missing swap shouldn't crash the sys ;, paste output   blkid     fdisk -l05:03
debian_akroydlvl >> yes thats the one you want05:03
brEzdidn't know I could :D let me vnc to it now05:03
nickrudLvl21nerd 'generic naming'05:03
debian_akroydlvl >> now try playing the file and see what it does05:03
baudthiefbrEz: hopefully vnc doesnt strip out that key combination :p05:03
brEzit did :P05:04
ndoalraune: sec, ill brb in linux, imin mac now :)05:04
smith469captainmorgan:  look http://forum.ncix.com/forums/index.php?mode=showthread&msg_id=1746104&threadid=1746104&forum=101&product_id=30418&msgcount=6&overclockid=005:04
Lvl21nerdok so yeah it works............i need to increase the volume though05:04
Lvl21nerdlike above 100%05:04
debian_akroydlvl >> good :)05:04
alraunendo: c05:04
baudthiefbrez: lol, try "ps -A | grep bnc" in a console05:04
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
brEzfound it in system monitor :D05:05
baudthiefhooray ;p05:05
CaptainMorgansmith469, I had to play with the "Try changing the SATA mode in your BIOS to AHCI mode" and "....legacy" modes...05:05
smith469captainmorgan:  do you know if ahci is slower than ide mode?05:05
baudthiefbrez: KILL THAT MOFO!05:05
CaptainMorgansmith469, sorry... no :(05:06
thorny_sunhow do i change the name of my host form the commandline?05:06
Lvl21nerdno way to increase the volume on MPlayer above 100%?...vlc can so i thought maybe mplayer could05:06
brEz<-psyBNC> Wed Jul 23 12:45:04 :User brez got disconnected from server.05:06
brEzHappiest day ever!05:06
yyythorny_sun: edit /etc/hostname05:06
Flannel!hostname | thorny_sun05:06
ubottuthorny_sun: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab05:06
alraunekernelcheck is running since 6 hours on my athlon 800 /600M Ram Box,  muahrmuahr05:06
baudthiefbrez: yay :P05:06
smith469captainmorgan:  raid doesnt work ;)05:07
thorny_sunyyy, Flannel, ubottu: do i have to reboot after?05:07
brEzso basically, next time I run it, I would just cd psybnc ./psybnc :D?05:07
smith469captainmorgan:  VERY slow05:07
Lvl21nerdno way on mplayer to raise volume above 100%?05:07
baudthiefbrez: yep!05:08
alraunethorny_sun: ubottu is a bot ..05:08
jbroomeLvl21nerd: it doesn't go to 1105:08
K350Where's the startup scritp located?05:08
crashsystems@Lvl21nerd I'd think not. Is your system volume low in general?05:08
Shish_hey  im sorry, im new.. .this must be somethin real basic.. but my volume just stopped working all of a sudden.. its not on mute, lol, and its up and everything.. any ideas?05:08
Lvl21nerdwell darn....i dunno what to do now.....particular video file has quiet audio05:08
thorny_sunalraune: how do i know you're not a bot?05:08
baudthiefShish_: have you tried turning it off an on again :P05:08
CaptainMorgansmith469, last resort: you may want to try a different mobo05:08
SebNaitsabesShish_: try this open a terminal and killall pulseaudio05:08
Lvl21nerdcan usually make it out but sometimes not05:08
smith469shish_:  are your speakers on :)05:08
CaptainMorgansmith469, just to confirm that your hdd is good05:09
Shish_baudthief: lol, yea i tried that05:09
crashsystems@Lvl21nerd turn up your system volume, instead of just the volume % in totem05:09
Shish_smith469: yup, laptop speakers05:09
smith469captainmorgan: I ran a test from seagate, everything is good05:09
alraunethorny_sun: may a bot is more intelligent, lol05:09
xuHey, anyone have any tips on re-enabling a disabled mouse? getting desperate here...05:09
khaije1do i need to add something in order to manage virtual networks via virt-manager ?05:09
=== creativex is now known as Creatie
debian_akroydlvl >> are you sure that the volume is at 100 in the sound mixer?05:09
ndoalraune: sry, how was it agane plz?)m05:09
=== Creatie is now known as CreativeX
smith469captainmorgan:  but, I dont have the internet connection05:09
CaptainMorganShish_, you may have another process that is requiring sound useage, find that and turn it off05:09
Shish_SebNaitsabes: what do i type exactly? just what u said there, killall pulseaudio?05:09
Lvl21nerdcrashsystems: everything is at max and im using a headset with its volume maxxed....05:09
smith469captainmorgan:  and my soundcard doesnt work05:09
SebNaitsabesShish_:  yes05:09
alraunendo: with a gig missing swap shouldn't crash the sys ;, paste output   blkid     fdisk -l05:09
Shish_CaptainMorgan: thanks, lemme check05:10
smith469captainmorgan:  and my video card ati hd4850 needs to be update05:10
crashsystemscheck out settings in alsamixer05:10
Lvl21nerdi just need the Xvid asd codec for VLC and i would be set05:10
TorrentialEh, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my new XPS M1530 laptop, but I'm having problems getting the wireless card to work.05:10
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:10
crashsystems@Torrential what wireless card do you have?05:10
joanki123can anyone recommend a program that will crop photos?05:10
xuif not, how do i even access terminal with through the keyboard?05:11
Torrentialcrashsystems: I believe a 489505:11
brEzI love it, installed right onto my laptop, no errors, no problems, dual boot aswell :D05:11
SebNaitsabesjoanki123: yes05:11
xujoankil123: use picnik05:11
xuit's a webapp, and it's quick & easy05:11
Shish_CaptainMorgan: nothin usin the sound05:11
unopjoanki123, gthumb05:11
crashsystems@Torrential what company?05:11
Odd-rationalejoanki123: gimp?05:11
joanki123which one is easier?05:11
alraunexu :alt + F"  : gnome-terminal05:11
Shish_SebNaitsabes: did that on terminal, no sound05:11
joanki123to use05:11
joanki123gthumb or picnik05:11
Lvl21nerdhow to get XviD asd codec for VLC?05:11
joanki123what is gimp05:11
alraunexu :alt + F2  : gnome-terminal05:11
FloodBot1joanki123: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:11
SebNaitsabesjoanki123: you can use fotoex have to get from the site though05:11
ndoalraune: if i enter "blkid fdisk -l" i get "The lookup option requires a search type specified using -t"05:12
xualraune: thanks! any tips on the mouse while you're at it? =P05:12
joanki123which one can i use just by using the repositories... like sudo apt-get install xxx?05:12
phantasmikanyone try out auto-ndiswrapper05:12
phantasmikany good?05:12
unopjoanki123, gimp is quite like photoshop05:12
TorrentialWait, crashsystems: Right off my invoice I have a Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N Mini-card05:12
Odd-rationalejoanki123: gimp == GNU Image Manipulation Tool05:12
joanki123unop, thanks will check it out05:12
smith469captainmorgan:  my hard drive workS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:12
Shish_my speakers seem to work when i hit backspace on the text box here, and there's nothin to delete, gives that annoying beep05:12
alraunendo: with a gig missing swap shouldn't crash the sys ;, paste output     fdisk -l05:12
Ganandorfhi bazhang are you here05:12
CaptainMorgansmith469, ?? what happened?05:12
Lvl21nerdxvid asd codec for vlc? how?05:12
unopjoanki123, if you are looking just to crop photos - gimp might be overkill, though it does do it05:12
Odd-rationalejoanki123: http://gimp.org/tutorials/Lite_Quickies/05:12
TorrentialOther than wireless, everything appears to work fine.05:12
smith469captainmorgan:  in bios I switched it to ahci05:12
alraunendo: with a gig missing swap shouldn't crash the sys ;, paste output   blkid05:12
CaptainMorgansmith469,  ah :)05:12
Ganandorfhi bazhang are on05:13
smith469captainmorgan:  now, to fix the three other things05:13
crashsystems@Torrential lspci | grep Network05:13
CaptainMorgansmith469, so all's good that wasn't before ?05:13
SebNaitsabesjoanki123:  this is a good program :)  easy to use very easy to use indeed  http://kornelix.squarespace.com/fotoxx/05:13
bazhangGanandorf, yes05:13
alraunexu: mouse ?05:13
artagnonMy hard drive doesn't work with either Native IDE/ AHCI settings in BIOS. What's wrong? Is my motherboard broken or is Debian netinst (what I'm trying to use) too minimalistic?05:13
ndoalraune: i get no output if i enter "fdisk -l"05:13
xualraune: my friend tried to update totem to totem-xine05:13
bazhangartagnon, debian?05:13
Torrentialcrashsystems: Broadcom Corp BCM432805:13
CaptainMorganndo,  you need sudo05:13
CaptainMorgan!sudo | ndo05:13
ubottundo: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)05:13
xualraune: and then when he opened totem to watch a DVD, his whole system crashed hardcore, and the mouse is disabled even after 2 restarts05:13
artagnonbazhang: yes. But I'm banned from the Debian channel for apparently no reason05:13
debian_akroydman debian is fun when it comes down to hardware issues lol!05:14
crashsystemsah, that makes since. You'll need to use ndiswrapper to use your broadcom chipset, I think.05:14
bazhangartagnon, that is offtopic here05:14
xudefinitely the nastiest ubuntu problem i've ever run into, and i've certainly had my share of silliness05:14
ndoCaptainMorgan: ok, ty05:14
Ganandorfok cool i got panic not syncing vfs:unable to mount root fs on unknown - wn-block(0,0)05:14
* artagnon sighs05:14
alraunexu: paste your  /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:14
crashsystems@Torrential lsmod | grep bcm43xx05:14
smith469captainmorgan:  I selected the guided, use entire disc method, what does that mean05:14
Ganandorfmy install is 64 bit05:14
bazhangartagnon, try unetbootin05:14
CaptainMorganxu not here, use pastebin05:14
Torrentialcrashsystems: Returns nothing05:14
CaptainMorgan!pastebin | xu05:14
ubottuxu: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:14
smith469captainmorgan:  I'm not used to linux formats05:14
crashsystems@Torrential lsmod | grep bcm05:15
Torrentialcrashsystems: Nothing still05:15
CaptainMorgansmith469, pretty much it means what it says it's going to do :)05:15
alraunendo: fdisk -l  is the small "L"05:15
artagnonbazhang: No point. Even my installed Debian doesn't start05:15
xualraune: how do i do that from my friend's computer sans-mouse?05:15
CaptainMorgansmith469, use the whole disk? guided with largest *free* space? or manual? etc....etc.05:15
artagnonwith either of the drivers05:15
tonisiusTrying to get IMwheel working with firefox3 on the latest ubuntu 8.0405:15
artagnonAHCI or native IDE05:15
tonisiusany advice or assitance?05:15
debian_akroydart >> then its probably your bios...05:15
xunvm, i'll figure it out05:15
debian_akroydif your system wont boot to debian, then its probably your bios05:16
debian_akroydart >> can you atleast get to grub?05:16
tonisiustrying to find the right resource for it, but imwheel -c -d isn't giving me the title of the firefox3 window05:16
artagnonIt's a new motherbarod05:16
alraunexu: oh yeah....05:16
Ganandorf ok cool i got [191.7539087 kernel panic - unt root fs on unknown - wn-block(0,0)05:16
artagnonyes, I can get to GRUB05:16
pan02342is it ok to mount hdd to desktop?05:16
smith469captainmorgan: it gave me only one choice, most likely since it was brand new and nothing was on it05:16
debian_akroydkk well then its not somethingw ith your bios05:16
xualraune: I can just paste it to firefox and then manually type the link, i guess?05:16
Shish_SebNaitsabes: actually the terminal message says pulseaudio:no process killed05:16
artagnonin fact it boots until it gets to the stage where it tries to mount disks05:16
Neod192hello, I have a problem loading ubuntu from the live cd. when it loads, it goes to a text screen telling me to type help for the built-in comands. anyone know what's going on?05:16
pan02342mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/hda3 ~/Desktop05:16
alraunexu :alt + F2  : gnome-terminal, type : cd /etc/X11/05:16
smith469captainmorgan:  manual was an option, but I didnt know what to do05:16
xuyeah, i have it copied05:16
artagnonthen it drops to the busybee shell and says no hard disks were found05:16
CaptainMorgansmith469, hmm... strange though.. even new disks you partition if you wish05:16
xuand i'm navigating to paste.ubuntu now05:16
ndoalraune: http://pastebin.com/m56620db205:17
SebNaitsabesShish_:  ok so it's not a pulseaudio issue then hummmmmm meaning your sound is not working at all probably05:17
CaptainMorgansmith469, ok, that's good, just go with guided for now until you get the hang of it05:17
bazhangdebian_akroyd, feel free to go to PM or create a channel #artagnon to talk about debian05:17
smith469captainmorgan:  its working, currently at 41% install05:17
crashsystems@Torrential doing some research, brb05:17
tonisiusblarg, this IMWheel configuration helper isn't very helpful05:17
Shish_SebNaitsabes: thats strange... cause i still get the "beep" on this window when there's nothin to delete, and i hit backspace...?05:17
Torrentialcrashsystems: Ok, thank you.05:17
debian_akroydok sry05:17
alraunendo: blkid                    ,pastebin...05:17
SebNaitsabesShish_:  that's not from the speakers though05:17
yujiI'm convinced the new default wallpapers red dot spins when you are not looking05:17
toulousehi there, i was wondering how can i use the unix 'write' command over my wifi network?05:18
Shish_SebNaitsabes: oh..lol, mah bad, sounded like it05:18
Brolliim having trouble finding the descriptions for the fdisk commands05:18
toulouseor wall will work05:18
alraunexu: are in X11 now ?05:18
xualraune: what kind of syntax is it?05:18
ShishireI have a program which crashes occasionally, and leaves a socket open.  It refuses to work with any other port.  Does anyone know a bash command that can close an open socket?05:18
xualraune: i'm at paste.ubuntu05:18
SebNaitsabesShish_: problem with lap tops is some of their hardware is not suppourted by Linux,  their may be a driver some where that can be used though05:18
artagnonbazhang: any suggestions on where I can get some help?05:18
debian_akroydart i just sent you a pm did you get it?05:18
xualraune: can I just use plaintext?05:18
SebNaitsabesShih_:  depending on what sound card you have, but I can't really help you with that, but someone else here probably can05:18
debian_akroydart >> well you could either reply to my pm or go to a debian list05:18
khaije1btw to answer the question i asked before about how to load the minimal X server is 'xorg' - i was thinking xserver-xorg at first but thats wrong05:19
alraunexu: for what ?05:19
Ganandorf<Ganandorf> hi bazhang i got this as the error message [191.7539087 kernal panic - not syncing vfs: unable to mount ro05:19
ndoalraune: http://pastebin.com/m4d6e840a05:19
bazhangartagnon, #linux perhaps or #ubuntu-offtopic not sure really05:19
Shish_SebNaitsabes: ok cool.. i guess i can check around for that.. but this just happened all of a sudden tho... like the sound was fine before... is that supposed to be like that tho? if hardware not supported?05:19
artagnondebian_akroyd: replied to PM05:19
xualraune: for the /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:19
yujiShishire do: lsof | grep yourport, and you will see what process is using it. just kill it?05:19
Brollianyone know where i can find info on the fdisk -x commands?05:19
SebNaitsabesShish_:  I guess it's something else then05:19
SebNaitsabesShish_:  did you re boot since then?05:19
fooolanyone here05:19
bazhangGanandorf, this is vm or wubi? has it ever reached the desktop (ie logged in)?05:19
CaptainMorgan1236 of us05:19
Shish_SebNaitsabes: yea just did before i came on here05:19
bazhangfoool, yes05:19
Odd-rationaleBrolli: man fdisk ?05:19
smith469does anyone know how I can moniter my cpu temp, as well as my ati hd4850 temp?05:19
CaptainMorganShishire, what's the issue ?05:20
=== |Aryn| is now known as aRyn
Ganandorfi am not sure what is wubi or vm05:20
Brollimy man fdisk doesnt have any desc of the -x options05:20
Ganandorfits installed on the hard drive05:20
un_davehey, i have an issue with a computer running 7.10, i installed some updates, and now when i restart it, it loses it's network card driver. I run "modprobe r8169", and it loads the driver and corrects the issue. But how can i get this to happen automatically?05:20
ShishireI'm running uTorrent in wine, and when it closes, it doesn't close cleanly, I have to manually kill it, and it leaves a socket open05:20
crashsystems@Torrential Check out this site (http://linuxwisdom.blogspot.com/2008/07/install-ubuntu-hardy-heron-8041-on.html), and scroll down until you get to the part where the author installs his BCM4328 card, about one third down.05:20
bazhangGanandorf, have you ever successfully logged in?05:20
foooltotally new to ubuntu - how do i make a shortcut to desktop, when i drag n drop it says permission denied, must be root05:20
CaptainMorganShishire, how did you manually kill it?05:20
SebNaitsabesShishire:  utorrent hummmm why not just use ktorrent :)05:20
Ganandorfyes i have been using it for 3 weeks now05:20
Odd-rationaleBrolli: neither does mine... ;)05:20
bazhangfoool, shortcut from where05:20
Torrentialcrashsystems: Ok, thanks. I'll check it out.05:21
Shishiresystem monitor05:21
Brolliis it possible they havent been written yet?05:21
ShishireSebNaitsabes, doesn't matter, I'm currently using utorrent05:21
Ganandorfand the hard drive is brand new05:21
Brollithe man05:21
Shish_SebNaitsabes: wellt hanks for ur time -- appreciate it05:21
xualraune: Okay, Pasted as plaintext: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2949805:21
bazhangfoool, why do that? just right click add application launcher to panel05:21
floweryah, Shishire.. there are plenty of good torrent progs that are not needed to be run in wine05:21
SebNaitsabesShish_:  yeah good luck with that05:21
toulousehow can i use the *nix 'Write' command over my network?05:21
pan02342y is it everytime i save in gedit i get another file that has ~ in the end?05:22
CaptainMorganShishire, agreed, no need to use Wine for this issue05:22
alraunexu: 3 min, brb05:22
Odd-rationalepan02342: for backup05:22
SebNaitsabesShishire: well ktorrent is a native Linux app :)  unlike  utorrent05:22
fooolwhere do i do that? bazhang - sorry for my ignorance05:22
bazhangGanandorf, when did this start messing up? (also type baz and hit <tab> to prepend my nick to message)05:22
Shishireregardless of what application I use, I still have an open port05:22
Shishirehow do I close it?05:22
ndoalraune: so, is there some way to let it be mounted or no?:)05:22
SebNaitsabesCaptainMorgan: I think that might mean like back up file05:22
luzaiHi, I keep getting download error when I want install programs either from Add/Remove or Synaptic "Can not fetch blablabla". Seems that the download link is broken. Is it normal?05:22
anathematichow do i update the time on my ubuntu server to be my correct time zone?05:22
SebNaitsabesCaptainMorgan: or tempory file05:22
bazhangfoool, on top panel right click and add application launcher then choose the ones you want05:22
alraunendo: your corrected fstab : http://pastebin.com/defad9d605:23
Brollifdisk -v gives "(util-linux-ng 2.13.1)"05:23
flowerShishire, what do you mean, like it's holding the port open?05:23
CaptainMorganShishire, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-167477.html05:23
ndoalraune: hmm05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about utorrent05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ktorrent05:23
crashsystems@Torrential This might also be useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/internet/C/ndiswrapper.html05:23
Ganandorfbazhang well it just started doing it just now when i tried to boot and that tab thing seems not to work will type out your name then05:23
toulousehow do i use write over a network05:23
Odd-rationale!info ktorrent05:23
ubottuktorrent (source: ktorrent): BitTorrent client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.5-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2711 kB, installed size 10316 kB05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about write05:23
CaptainMorganSebNaitsabes, what?05:23
alraunendo : know what to  do ?05:24
CaptainMorganoh, sry, nvd05:24
bazhangGanandorf, what changes have you made? new kernel update broke it, third party repo added or other05:24
SebNaitsabesOdd-rationale:  yeah, but the guy was to noob to use Ktorrent :(  utorrent in wine hummmmmm05:24
yujiis there a way to hotkey switching active X screens? Right now, the cursor must be IN the x screen in question, AND a window focused for anything to work (like alt + tab, workspace switching, etc)05:24
ndoalraune: was just thinking about it, replace right?05:24
SebNaitsabesOdd-rationale: I was hoping  ubotut would say something about it05:24
Odd-rationalesebastien: k05:24
Odd-rationaleSebNaitsabes: k05:24
Ganandorfthird party repo i think was added i tried to get the mac look for my desktop and i add some repositries so that i could get avant05:25
alraunendo : quick n dirty :  (terminal ): sudo gedit /etc/fstab05:25
Torrentialcrashsystems: Ok, cool. Thanks, this should work.05:25
Ganandorfbazhang but i did all that like three days ago05:25
ndoalraune: oke :)05:25
crashsystemsyour welcome05:25
bazhangGanandorf, awn is in the repos; were you adding a ppa repo?05:25
Odd-rationaleSebNaitsabes: but you know that transmission is default in ubuntu hardy...05:25
ahornerhow do i change permissions of a folder?05:26
Ganandorfawn was not in my default repos not sure what is a ppa repo05:26
alraunendo : see the line swap  with the wrong uuid, correct  code is UUID= 967140f8-1f52-4481-995f-c76b75fdd34405:26
CaptainMorgan!chmod | ahorner05:26
ubottuahorner: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview05:26
toulousehow do i use the Write command over a network plz05:26
bazhangGanandorf, this is gutsy then?05:26
SebNaitsabesOdd-rationale: sure, but ktorrent :)05:26
ndoalraune: from your pastebin link, do i copy from upper side or from down side, or doesnt matter?:)05:26
crashsystems@ahorner you could ether right-click and hit properties/permissions, or chmod -R xxx my/folder05:26
Ganandorfhardy heron i believe its 8.0405:26
CQmorning... I would like a script to run before sleep or hibernate to unmount truecrypt volumes... do I need to stick something in an init state or do I need to stick it in /etc/acpi?05:26
crashsystems@ahorner where xxx is the octal numbers for your permissions05:27
bazhang!info avant-window-navigator05:27
ubottuavant-window-navigator (source: avant-window-navigator): A MacOS X like panel for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 215 kB, installed size 1152 kB05:27
bazhangGanandorf, ^^05:27
alraunendo : delete or comment old uuid, paste right uuid, save file, close gedit,  type mount -a05:27
Ganandorfbazhang i used this site to get the look and followed it instruction http://rockmanx.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/make-your-linux-ubuntu-look-like-a-mac-hardy-heron/05:27
alraunendo see yo in 5 min05:28
=== a is now known as siqenm
fooolbazhang it isn't there in custom app launcher /usr/bin/ when I try to make shortcut it says I need to be root05:28
ndoalraune: kk05:28
Ganandorfbazhang i read the above does that mean it can be found in default repo05:28
crashsystems@Ganandorf I wonder when people are going to start talking about "macing your mac look like linux"05:28
eaglejazz_lol nice crashsystem05:29
alraunexu : hmm, mouse is still in xorg.conf05:29
bazhangGanandorf, the ppa repo is there05:29
crashsystemsalready Ubuntu blows mac out of the water, with compiz fusion05:29
xucrashsystems: When Linux starts giving a shit about graphic design, although I agree with your general sentiment05:29
bazhangfoool, which app05:29
xualraune: Yeah, I compared it to my own and so it seemed. But--it is totally unresponsive05:29
Ganandorfwhat is ppa in terms of ppa repo bazhang05:30
ahornercrashsystems: i tried that but it said cannot access 77705:30
alraunexu: just a generic mouse, ps2 ?05:30
Lvl21nerdok new idea05:30
xualraune: it's a laptop touchpad mouse05:30
CaptainMorganahorner, what permissions are you trying to set ?05:30
Lvl21nerdi need an ubuntu video file converter.....05:30
smith469how do i eject usb devices in ubuntu05:30
xuon a hp pavilion dv400005:30
crashsystems@ahorner can you paste the exact output?05:30
ahornercrashsystems: read write and execute for all05:30
bazhangGanandorf, it is a personal repo that people can make available; I would suspect that or the rapidshare themes as the culprits in this case05:30
xusmith469: right-click, eject05:30
ahornerroot@andy-desktop:/# chmod -r 777 dev/vboxdrv05:31
ahornerchmod: cannot access `777': No such file or directory05:31
smith469there is no eject05:31
CaptainMorganahorner, remove -r05:31
Lvl21nerdubuntu compatible video file converter? eh?05:31
crashsystemschmod -R 777 my/directory05:31
Lvl21nerdconvert XviD to AVI eh?05:31
Ganandorfbazhang hmm cause the theme was giving some trouble and it only started working yesterday and i had not turned on the sys till then so it could be the theme05:31
CaptainMorganahorner, man chmod for even more info :)05:31
ahornerchmod 777 dev/vboxdrv05:31
ahorner worked05:31
luzaiHi, I keep getting download error when I want install programs either from Add/Remove or Synaptic "Can not fetch blablabla". Is it just me or it happens to you guys too? I'm using 8.0405:31
Ganandorfbazhang what can be done05:31
bazhangGanandorf, boot in recovery mode05:32
smith469how do i eject usb devices in ubuntu05:32
ahornerok i just got an error in virtualbox, The VirtualBox support driver which is running is from a different version of VirtualBox. You can correct this by stopping all running instances of VirtualBox and reinstalling the software..05:32
ahornerVBox status code: -1912 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_VERSION_MISMATCH).05:32
luzaismith469: right click on the item and click eject05:32
Lvl21nerdis there a program that will work on Ubuntu that can convert video files?05:32
bazhangsmith469, right click safely remove if usb05:32
Ganandorfand do what after that05:32
alraunexu : you have another (mouse-working) lap with the same mouse-section in x-conf ?05:32
crashsystems@smith469 right click the drive on your desktop, and hit unmount/eject05:32
xualraune: my laptop is a lenovo, so it's not quite the same...05:33
deserteaglehello alll05:33
alraunexu: but also a touchpad ...05:33
jezezis there a way to get 2.6.17 kernel image without compiling the whole thing? right now the depositories only have 2.6.15 only05:33
xualraune: yep05:33
crashsystemsit might say ether one, but I'm not sure which05:33
crashsystemsthey mean the same thing05:33
xualraune: want me to pastebin mine?05:33
alraunexu: no05:34
fooolbazhang i want to make a shortcut for /usr/bin/kompozer05:34
alraunexu : did you try to remove (purge) the totem stuff ?05:34
unopjezez, what version of ubuntu are you on at the moment?05:34
Lvl21nerdis there a program that will work with ubuntu for converting video files??05:34
xualraune: what do you mean, purge?05:34
bazhangfoolano, right click add application launcher then navigate to the folder it is in and add kompozer05:34
unopLvl21nerd, ffmpeg or mencoder05:35
tonisiustrying to get firefox3 working with x11/imwheel.  The forward/backward buttons don't work so well, X11 sees it, and firefox just moves left and right. trying to get the resource of the firefox3 and it isn't working with firefox, or firefox-3.0 as the title/resource05:35
debian_akroydok back05:35
tonisiushow can I find the resource for firefox3's window05:35
smith469how do i find drivers05:35
tonyyarussofoool, bazhang:  Applications > Internet > KompoZer in the menus, right-click, "add this launcher to desktop"05:35
toulouseanyone know how to use 'write' or 'wall'?05:35
deserteagledoes anyone know why vlc isnt playing any sounds while audacious and gnome's sound test thing will05:35
jezezunop: i'm on xubuntu.. latest one with kernel
alraunexu: purge is a option , together with (auto)remove that cleans a paketinstallation cpltly05:35
t35t0rhttp://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/spinach-rice-gratin-recipe.html does the header on this website look blurry to people?05:35
bazhangcheers tonyyarusso05:35
unop!version | jezez05:36
ubottujezez: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell05:36
smith469i need to know the name of my ethernet driver05:36
debian_akroydrofl @
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wall05:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about write05:36
bazhangt35t0r, no05:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about talk05:36
xualraune: Okay, how do i do that to totem?05:36
luzait35t0r: looks fine here05:36
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.05:36
jezezunop: 6.06 dapper05:36
bazhangtoulouse, what are you looking for05:36
toulousethe 'write' command05:36
toulouseand how to use it over a network05:36
ahornerlol i love that.05:36
bazhangtoulouse, please clarify05:36
toulousei want to use 'write' to send a message to another user on my wireless network05:37
bazhangahorner, please /msg ubottu in PM for fun if you wish05:37
ahorner*sigh* ok05:37
alraunexu: little time,  checking out the packetnames..05:37
unopjezez, wow, never had the need to upgrade?  i guess you will have to either upgrade or backport the kernel from a newer version of ubuntu (i.e. compile from source package)05:37
toulousebazhang, im trying to send an 'instant message' if you will over the wifi from my mac to my ubuntu machine05:38
ahornerwhat package do i install for virtualbox?05:38
toulousebazhang, or vice-versa05:38
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:38
jezezunop: i thought i was on the latest one. i went to the website and downloaded what i thought was latest iso lol05:38
bazhangtoulouse, using what protocol05:38
luzaisomeone please. I'm only a 2 days Ubuntu user. I almost can not download anything from Add/Remove or Synaptic. Looks like all links to those packages are broken. Am I doing something wrong?05:38
crashsystems@ahorner I would recommend that you download it from the virtualbox website05:38
unopjezez, 6.06 is not the latest -- that's over two years old :)05:38
jezezunop: gonna download 8.04 then05:38
Flannelluzai: pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list05:38
toulousebazhang, I guess DHCP? -I dont know much about networking05:38
Flannel!paste | luzai05:38
ubottuluzai: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:38
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. It is now in end of life, and is unsupported. Please upgrade to a newer release.05:38
smith469lmao, asus didnt add the linux driver on the new ati hd4850!05:39
bazhangluzai, yes; you need to enable the repos in software sources (hardy)05:39
ubottuDNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and is an internet system used to translate names into IP Address.05:39
ubottuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. See !lts for more details.05:39
crashsystemsI love ubottu!05:39
debian_akroydhehe me too05:39
ubottudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP05:39
bazhangguys, take the ubottu love to PM with /msg05:39
luzaiOK, sorry. I don't know the rules yet05:39
unop!msgthebot > ahorner05:39
ubottuahorner, please see my private message05:39
Flannelluzai: You've nothing to apologize for05:40
ahornerany good games for linux?05:40
luzaibazhang: and how do I enable the repos in software source?05:40
Flannel!games | ahorner05:40
ubottuahorner: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php05:40
debian_akroydquake 405:40
debian_akroydunreal tournament [anything]05:40
nullmin1get drunk and try to run wine :-/05:40
debian_akroydopenarena is good too05:40
fooolbazhang - went to Add to Panel - Custom App Launcher - Browse to /usr/bin/ - doesn't show the app kompozer there, but in the filesystem it is there.05:41
bazhangluzai, system administration software sources set them there05:41
iceninewine is kind of an ironic name, those vb apps get better with age.05:41
crashsystemsI think wine has progressed to the point where most geeks can even use it while drunk. For non-geeks, I'd only recommend wine while sober.05:41
bazhangfoool, navigate to the internet folder and right click on kompozer icon and choose add to panel05:41
deserteagledoes anyone know why vlc isnt playing any sounds while audacious and gnome's sound test thing will?05:42
iceninedeserteagle: audio output driver, check it05:42
rafaelscjI would like to know a good DNS server tu put on /etc/resolv.conf05:42
nullmin1my VLC just recently started hanging and then stopped... seemed to be related to being on a network05:42
fooolok got it. thanxs05:42
nullmin1you may wish to use gstreamer-properties to change the output type05:42
fooolthanks behang05:42
iceninerafaelscj: how about the one your ISP provides you with?05:42
* nullmin1 faedes into code05:42
luzaibazhang: wow! thanks a bunch! it works now05:43
smith469how can i unrar in ubuntu05:43
bazhangluzai, nice going05:43
alraunexu: apt-get autoremove --purge totem totem-xine totem-common totem-gstreamer totem-plugins05:43
taime1smith469: install unrar05:43
deserteagleicenine: o.O? the driver? but it works with audacious05:43
bazhangsmith469, /msg ubottu unrar for info05:43
iceninedeserteagle: go into vlc's preferences05:43
thinman1189how do I format a usb drive? I haven't since dapper, I'm sure it's changed, lol.05:43
xualraune: "Could not open lock file"05:44
luke-jrthinman1189: probably not05:44
iceninedeserteagle: you will see an option to select the output drivers for video and audio, make sure alsa is selected.05:44
xushould i sudo it?05:44
Amunhow do i allow Kino to read/write access to my firewire camcorder? I have to run it as root to get it to access my camcorder. is there a simpler way?05:44
smith469i dont have an internet connection05:44
ahornerhehe im installing vista through vitbox05:44
deserteagleicenine: it is :(05:44
iceninedeserteagle: oh noes05:44
alraunesmith469: google for unp ubuntu (multiple unpacker-util) ,one for almost all05:44
iceninedeserteagle: what is selected in audacious?05:44
bazhangsmith469, how are you on irc then05:44
crashsystems@ahorner may God have mercy on you.05:44
deserteagleicenine: oss05:45
iceninedeserteagle: set up alsa on your system.05:45
ahornercrashsystems: i just switched to ubuntu todat05:45
NetEchoSebNaitsabes as of newer versions that is correct, you can either grab it from the 0.3 version or make your own using images found in different places on the net05:45
rafaelscjicenine, I can't connect when I use dhcp for dns05:45
smith469im not on the ubuntu05:45
diegoHow can I remove a group of files from the /usr directory without removing each file separately using terminal?05:45
crashsystems@ahorner congrats, and welcome!05:45
alraunexu: synaptic open ? no sudo in front ?05:45
iceninerafaelscj: oh noes. call your ISP and let 'em have it.05:45
xualraune: working now w/ sudo, thanks!05:45
SebNaitsabesNetEcho: ok thanks05:45
tonyyarussodiego: define this "group"05:45
rafaelscjluke-jr, what's the name of that server?05:45
ahornerI like it alot, especially because of compiz05:45
xualraune: the uninstall, that is, not the mouse =P05:45
alraunediego: rm -r, carefull !05:45
smith469nothing is working!!!!05:45
Amunhow do i allow Kino to read/write access to my firewire camcorder? I have to run it as root to get it to access my camcorder. is there a simpler way?05:46
luke-jrrafaelscj: the name?05:46
diegotonyyarusso: many files (images)05:46
bazhangsmith469, will the ubuntu box ever have internet?05:46
taime1Amun:  add the device to fstab05:46
* ahorner wonders if i will get banned from irc for telling users to delete usr directory05:46
deserteagleicenine: you mean the sound preferences?05:46
diegotonyyarusso: not a "foulder"05:46
bazhangahorner, yes05:46
tonyyarussodiego: if they have similar naming schemes, then rm with some wildcards will be fine05:46
iceninedeserteagle: no, I mean configure alsa on your box.05:46
ahornernot suprised.05:46
crashsystems@ahorner Yeah, compiz is real nice. Most people ask me to put Ubuntu on their laptops when they see compiz on mine.05:46
diegotonyyarusso: wildcards?05:47
tonyyarussodiego: *, ?, and the like.05:47
alpha255compiz is nice05:47
iceninedeserteagle: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59556505:47
deserteagleicenine: but if i choose it for audacious, it also works05:47
ahorner@crashsystems i just wish i had another nice sized monitor05:47
iceninedeserteagle: that explains your problem, I think05:47
iceninedeserteagle: because you've seelected OSS05:47
alraunexu: it's hard for me to guess what caused the missbehaviour, but a reconfiguration of any poss should maybe be done when the occur is deleted05:47
thorny_sunif i add an executable to /etc/init.d will it automatically get called when the computer reboots?05:47
diegotonyyarusso: oh!, sorry, I'm a newbie05:47
iceninedeserteagle: no, that link is no good05:47
rafaelscjicenine, My modem don't connect because it's for windows05:47
iceninerafaelscj: winmodem?05:48
deserteagleicenine: i just changed it to alsa and it still works05:48
crashsystems@ahorner Do you have the cube set up? I've found that for me, it is almost as good as having two monitors. Way cooler looking, too.05:48
iceninerafaelscj: you gots 56k?05:48
KattmanCompiz ? how to I get the inside of the cube view ?05:48
diegotonyyarusso: But I don't think they have similar names05:48
ahorneryeah i set all the effects up05:48
rafaelscjicenine, so, i MUST edit /etc/resolv.confg manually05:48
alraunethorny_sun: or /etc/rc.local05:48
ahornercube is nice, havent made use of it yet05:48
Brollidoes fdisk x f change partition UUIDs?05:48
iceninerafaelscj: I know.05:48
rafaelscjicenine, No, it's a cellphone05:48
bazhangKattman, set in ccsm05:49
rafaelscjicenine, USB05:49
iceninerafaelscj: so, they don't provide you with DNS?05:49
crashsystemsThe expo plugin is also rather useful.05:49
kushal_12_27_200hello, I have a bin file and a cue file from DeVeDe. How can I burn it on a cd correctly?05:49
tonyyarussodiego: Ah, np.  I'm trying to come up with a good starter document on the subject, but my mind is blanking atm.  Possibly "man regex".  Alternatively, you can pass each name on the line (eg. 'rm file1 file2 file3'), or put the names in file and pass that as input.05:49
diegotonyyarusso: Is there a way to use the graphic interface (as in KDE) for removing these files as root?05:49
iceninedeserteagle: hm, now that you changed the other apps all to alsa, try using vlc again.05:49
KattmanBazhang: whats the name of the icon05:49
deserteagleicenine: grrr.... i restarted VLC and it works now.... to an extent05:49
iceninedeserteagle: see :D alsa05:49
diegotonyyarusso: Nice!05:50
iceninedeserteagle: it works because you changed the other driver to alsa.05:50
xualraune: it's done, should I restart now?05:50
deserteagleicenine: plays fine on an .mp4 sticks like hell on an avi05:50
rafaelscjicenine, when chose dynamic DNS, the connection don't start05:50
alraunediego : could you specify the directory you want to delete ?05:50
tonyyarussodiego: Yes, although it's not preferred (primarily because if you forget and keep doing other things with that window open as root you can mess other things up)05:50
bazhangKattman, icon? not sure what you mean there05:50
alraunexu : give it a try, though I think we... see then05:50
majortoo1is there something special i have to do to the apache config to have it process .htaccess files?05:50
diegotonyyarusso: How can I make that file? ie what kind of file should be?05:50
ahorneroh crap, i forgot i need to set up apache05:50
iceninerafaelscj:_call_ your _internet_ provider or cell phone company, and ask them for the IP of their dns server? why doesn't this work for you?05:51
tonyyarussodiego: plain text, one filename per line.  Details in #bash (not yet my strongest suit)05:51
diegoalraune: yes05:51
xualraune: can i restart from the command line?05:51
alpha255dns stuff might give you a listing of their dns servers too05:51
diegoalraune: wait05:51
alraunexu: type: reboot05:51
KattmanBazhang: i have the cube with outside view, but want the inside view05:51
alpha255dnsstuff.com I think05:51
benanzoanyone else having trouble with Samba after updates?05:51
rafaelscjicenine, "whose" this dns server is?05:51
taime1sudo reboot*05:51
michael_can someone help me, conky and system monitor show my processor running at 800mhz even when the load is great. how can i get it to run at 1.8ghz like it should?05:51
alpha255it hasn't affected my dancing ;)05:52
iceninerafaelscj: your are connecting to the internet with your cell phone, right?05:52
xualraune: taime1: kthx!05:52
rafaelscjicenine, yes05:52
iceninerafaelscj: your cell phone company, has dns servers. you can call their tech support and ask for the IP05:52
z0x1cmajortoo1: disable any "AllowOverride None" directives (e.g. /etc/apache2/apache2.conf)05:52
un_davei have an issue with a computer running 7.10, i installed some updates, and now when i restart it, it loses it's network card driver. I run "modprobe r8169", and it loads the driver and corrects the issue. But how can i get this to happen automatically?05:52
bonez45is there any utility I can run to see if my system would support compiz?05:52
iceninerafaelscj: then you can put it, in resolv.conf.05:52
diegoalraune: /usr/share/amule/skins/05:52
rafaelscjicenine, I know that, but sometimes that don't work05:52
crashsystems@Kattman Inside cube is in the desktop cube plugin, behavior tab05:52
crashsystems@Kattman first check box05:53
icenineso use that that luke-jr gave you05:53
alraunediego: in the dir skins are the files yo wanna delete ?05:53
nickrudbonez45 ask in #compiz-fusion, I've seen one but don't know the current state of it05:53
xualraune: Nope, mouse still doesn't work =(05:53
rafaelscjicenine, :)05:53
diegoalraune: I accidentally unziped a file there05:54
diegoalraune: yes05:54
diegoalraune: images most of them05:54
bonez45nickrud: thanks..05:54
alraunexu : terminal as root(sudo <command> or sudo -s ((root)) ) = T05:54
kushal_12_27_200hello, I have a bin file and a cue file from DeVeDe. How can I burn it on a cd correctly? I am using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on a Toshiba Satellite M55-S13505:54
deserteagleicenine: meh, changed everything in the Sound Preferences to OSS and now it works... except on some .iso videos05:55
diegoalraune: images from an incorrectly unziped skin file05:55
xualraune: Uhh...what?05:55
iceninedeserteagle: but they all have to be at the same volume, i bet.05:55
arooni-mobilewhat do you do if you run: sudo grub; find /boot/grub/stage1; root (hd2,0); setup hd2;  then you reboot and you dont see grub?   (ubuntu hardy live cd)05:55
deserteagleicenine: they sound all scratched up even when i press the mute button :S05:55
alrauneT: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf      /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup05:56
smith469what does cd mean in terminal talk?05:56
diegoalraune: I should have unziped It in another directory inside /usr/share/amule/skins/05:56
crashsystems@smith469 change directory05:56
michael_smith469: cd means change directory05:56
alraunediego : all files in that dir(skins) shall  be deleted ?05:56
jsheedyI am still getting a kernel fault when trying to install:  I have tried new power supply, 2 dvd-roms, memory, different hard drives.  versions 7.10, 804 and 8.04.1 install cds/dvds05:56
michael_can someone help me, conky and system monitor show my processor running at 800mhz even when the load is great. how can i get it to run at 1.8ghz like it should?05:56
anathematichow do i change the local date on my server?05:57
luke-jrjsheedy: different mobo/CPU?05:57
diegoalraune: no, not all files05:57
=== debian is now known as Guest71352
jsheedyI just went through a whole install of XP with out issue, and my gentoo live cd boots up05:57
Guest71352jsh> what proc are you using?05:57
jsheedywell I don't have an extra motherboard/CPU05:57
luke-jrjsheedy: Ubuntu is known for poor hardware support. Not sure how to help though.05:57
=== Guest71352 is now known as debian_akroyd
alraunek, diego: open a shell..05:57
debian_akroydjsh >> 64bit?05:58
Lenaud01I am trying to use the imageflow in calibre and it says that API v 3.7 anyone??05:58
bazhangjsheedy, did you md5 the iso and do an integrity check on the disks in question; also what speed did you burn the iso to cd at05:58
alraunexu: copied xorg.conf ?05:58
xualraune: It hasn't changed, I don't think, but okay05:58
jsheedywell I burnt the cds at 24x05:58
jsheedyon two different systems05:58
bazhangwhat about md505:59
slashydotif my graphics card reserved part of the hosts system memory how would i know?05:59
diegoalraune: but maybe i colud move the few files I don't want to remove to another directory, remove the entire directory, then mkdir /usr/share/amule/skins and then move the files I saved to that directory05:59
jsheedyI do have an adaptec 29160 scsi adapter05:59
thorny_sunhow do i know when my /etc/init.d/script will run?  i.e. after mountnfs.sh?05:59
diegoalraune: Is that ok?05:59
jsheedyyes md5 check came out good05:59
debian_akroydjsh >> could you get something like ubuntu 6.06 or 6.10 to work?05:59
xualraune: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29515/05:59
jsheedyand I have used the 7.10 cd to install an old laptop without issue.05:59
tonisiuswhere are the login scripts defined so I can run something when I log into my account via GDM?05:59
jsheedyI have not tried, but I guess I could look into it.06:00
alraunediego: or you simply delete em and unzip at the right place again ...06:00
Ahadiel!session | tonisius06:00
ubottutonisius: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot06:00
bazhangjsheedy, what boot params have you tried, eg acpi=off, remove quiet splash to see errors, all_generic_ide etc06:00
debian_akroydjsh >> sometimes, depending on your chipset and such, ubuntu wont work with certain motherboards or computers. it will give you errors like that06:00
Lenaud01I am trying to use the imageflow in calibre and it says that API v 3.7 anyone??06:00
unop!tab | debian_akroyd06:01
ubottudebian_akroyd: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:01
alraunexu: that was just a backup,  (T): dpkg-reconfigure  -phigh  xserver-xorg06:01
xuoh okay06:01
tonisiusAhadiel: thanks06:01
ManacitSo I have a bit of a problem with gcc, every time I try to compile something, it exits with the error "collect2: cannot find 'ld'"06:01
debian_akroydoh ok got it06:01
alraunediego : in a shell now ?06:01
xualraune: done06:01
Manacitand I can't seem to figure out why, I have ld at /usr/bin/ld, and /usr/bin is in my $PATH06:02
slashydotdoes anybody know if TotalMem in /proc/meminfo includes or excludes reserved video memory (when it is not dedicated)06:02
kushal_12_27_200hello, I have a bin file and a cue file from DeVeDe. How can I burn it on a cd correctly? I am using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on a Toshiba Satellite M55-S13506:02
alraunexu : pastebin out from : lspci06:02
debian_akroydkushal_12_27_200: use gnomebaker06:02
jsheedywell I will try a few more things, if that does not get it I may have to try another version.  thx06:03
debian_akroydi think brasero can do those files to if im not mistaken06:03
kushal_12_27_200do I burn it as a data disc or is bin an image?06:03
debian_akroydjsheedy: no problem06:03
bazhanghttp://www.majorsilence.com/devede/docs/faq.html kushal_12_27_20006:04
ManacitSo I have a bit of a problem with gcc, every time I try to compile something, it exits with the error "collect2: cannot find 'ld'", ld is at /usr/bin/ld, and /usr/bin is in my $PATH :\06:04
xualraune: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29517/06:04
bazhangkushal_12_27_200, answer near the top06:04
unopManacit,    what does your $PATH look like?   echo $PATH06:04
lichenI'll think about it06:04
JensBruyou tell me ;)06:04
kushal_12_27_200thanks bazhang06:04
Manacitnick@manacit:~$ echo $PATH06:05
ManacitIt works as root, just not a normal user06:05
normlomanMy cd-rw drive wont read or burn cds. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867520 anyone have any idea what could be the problem?06:05
Lenaud01I am trying to use the imageflow in calibre and it says that API v 3.7 anyone??06:06
Manacitand I know ld works06:06
unopManacit, what does root's $PATH look like?06:06
Manacitnick@manacit:~$ sudo echo $PATH06:06
Manacitsame exact thing06:06
unopManacit, err, that's not displaying root's path .. it's displaying yours06:06
Manacitoh :\06:07
Manacitwell it works when I sudo gcc blah.c06:07
Manacitif you want to know06:07
Manacitroot@manacit:/home/nick# echo $PATH06:07
=== C7543287 is now known as chalcedony
dubbyhey anyone know of a nice alert notification thing for if there are failed ssh logins ?06:08
ManacitI've uninstalled binutils and everything multiple times06:08
dubbyim getting a tun of logs from someone trying to root ssh into my box06:08
Manacitand ld --version works as a normal user06:08
alraunexu: (T) :apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics             (should be installed already)06:08
xualraune: done06:09
kushal_12_27_200can I use Brasero to burn bin/cue files instead06:09
RazorBeamzDoes anyone have icons that look like the Human icons but are green?06:09
Ahadielkushal_12_27_200, Instead of?06:09
thinman1189for some reason I can't unmount my usb. it keeps saying an app is preventing it from being closed, but I don't have anything running other than firefox and pidgin06:09
bazhangLenaud01, this is emulating the coverflow of OS X?06:09
Lenaud01RazorBeamz, gnome-look06:09
kushal_12_27_200I am not really fond of terminal06:09
Lenaud01coverflow of itunes lol06:09
zoreauthinman: gotta umount it06:09
Ahadielkushal_12_27_200, of course you can use brasero06:09
alraunexu:(T) gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:10
bazhangLenaud01, calibre is in the repos?06:10
arooni-mobile__i'm trying to swap out my old hard drive.  old drive has two partitions: sdc1(/) and sdc2 (/home).   i copied partitions to the new drive sda1 (/) and sda2 (/home).  when i boot, ubuntu has mounted /home from sdc2 NOT sda2.  / is mounted correctly from sda1.  how to fix?06:10
thinman1189zoreau: ?06:10
Lenaud01bazhang, http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/wiki/Screenshots06:10
kushal_12_27_200but I don't know if bin is a CD image or if I should burn the bin as a data disk06:10
alraunexu : add the section : Section "InputDevice"         Identifier      "Synaptics Touchpad"         Driver          "synaptics" EndSection06:10
bazhang!info calibre06:10
ubottuPackage calibre does not exist in hardy06:10
kushal_12_27_200DeVeDe spit out two files: one is a bin file (which is huge) and another is cue (which is tiny)06:10
normlomanthinman: this may be a shot in the dark, and i am no expert, but have u tried logging as root in terminal then using the umount command?06:10
normlomanits only a guess i dont know what im doing06:10
Lenaud01is how i installed it bazhang06:11
alraunexu: 4 lines06:11
normlomanand i apologize if uve already tried something like that06:11
zoreauagh nvm its not lettin you 'umount' is it? I was thinking it would prevent you from06:11
michael_can anybody help me with a processor scaling problem?06:11
zoreauremoving it06:11
RazorBeamzLenaud01: gnome-look isn't a package06:11
unopManacit, i can't think of anything but maybe to strace your gcc/make command.06:11
kushal_12_27_200DeVeDe spit out two files: one is a bin file (which is huge) and another is cue (which is tiny)  but I am not sure what I should do with them06:11
cpk1kushal_12_27_200: you have a bin and cue and want to burn it to a cd?06:11
kushal_12_27_200cpk1, yes06:11
cpk1kushal_12_27_200: try bchunk06:11
smiti am following this tut, but I dont know what to do at step 4 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:12
Lenaud01no its a site RazorBeamz06:12
xualraune: even if there is already a section "InputDevice" with all of that in it?06:12
RazorBeamzThere are no green icons on gnome-look.org that look like the Human icons06:12
debian_akroydmike >> im sure that we would be glad to help..whats up with your cpu scaling?06:12
debian_akroydoh woops06:12
debian_akroydmikearr: ^^06:12
normlomando u mean you dont understand what they are asking you to do in step four?06:12
normlomancd is a command for change directory06:12
smithow do i do that06:13
normlomanin terminal you type cd and then whree u want to go06:13
bazhangLenaud01, you are running gutsy or hardy06:13
debian_akroydmichael_: ^^ not mike06:13
normlomanso try cd ~/linuxdrivers/l1e_lan/etc etc etc06:13
smiti dont know where i want to go06:13
normlomanor wherever you put the files06:13
smitwhere i put the files?06:14
normlomanit depends on where you unpackeed everything06:14
normlomanone thing I noticed to is that06:14
normlomancd /06:14
michael_debian_akroyd: in conky and system monitor it shows it running at 800mhz no matter how big the load. how can i get it to run at the normal 1.8ghz?06:14
smitnow i got it06:14
normlomanif u type the slash before everything thats your file system06:14
normlomancd ~/ starts out in whatever your home directory is06:15
kushal_12_27_200cpk1, searching bchunk produces no result in add remove software06:15
alraunexu: yes06:15
cpk1kushal_12_27_200: its in universe06:15
kushal_12_27_200how do I install it then?06:16
alraunexu : in the section server layout, add a line :     InputDevice     "Synaptics Touchpad"    "SendCoreEvents"06:16
normlomancan anyone help me? When I put a cd in my cdrw drive, filebrowser reports "no medium in drive". I cant mount cds. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867520 is where I posted my fstab and lshw06:16
cpk1kushal_12_27_200: activate the universe repository then update apt then install it06:16
arooni-mobile__i'm trying to swap out my old hard drive.  old drive has two partitions: sdc1(/) and sdc2 (/home).   i copied partitions to the new drive sda1 (/) and sda2 (/home).  when i boot, ubuntu has mounted /home from sdc2 NOT sda2.  / is mounted correctly from sda1.  how to fix?06:16
smitnormloman, now im stuck at step 706:17
xualraune: k06:17
smitwhat do i do06:17
normlomanim not sure about that one.06:17
unavailableanyone have any reasons not to use ubuntu on this?   http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683422034606:17
normlomani think they mean06:17
livani cant install beryl06:17
dubbylivan try compiz06:17
normlomanwell no ... i dont know06:18
debian_akroydlivan: use compiz it comes preinstalled with ubuntu 8.0406:18
normlomancan someone else read it  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:18
debian_akroydlivan: the beryl project has been merged with compiz06:18
swubooDoes fsck need to be run as root or on an unmounted partition?06:18
jbroomeswuboo: yes and yes06:18
Lenaud01bazhang, any luck??06:18
dragonim on a hp nx9420 right now unavailable.. laptops work06:18
swuboojbroome:  Okay on the former; how would I manually run it on the root partition, then?  Unmount it?06:19
cpk1normloman: do you know the dev point of your cd drive?06:19
unavailableyah but i was asking about hardware compat06:19
kev_I've downloaded the new linux kernel .26 how do i now compile it?06:19
normlomancpk1 would that be in fstab?06:19
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:19
livanthank but06:19
kev_That didn't help :(06:19
cpk1normloman: usually it is06:19
dubbyhey anyone i have a hacker attack problem, i was wondering if there was an application that make an alert on things like someone trying to connect root to sshd06:20
livanwere i find xompiz06:20
debian_akroydlivan: im not sure if beryl is even in hardy's repo06:20
=== dan is now known as dany317
burn_hi guys i have an O2 xda stealth and was wondering whether i can put Ubuntu Mobile on it or not.?06:20
normloman/dev/scd1    /media/cdrom1   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       006:20
dragonlooks like it would work06:20
dany317я где????06:20
lyohaa gde neznaju06:20
smitwhat do i do!06:20
macodubby: um well if you have no root password, they cant do so.  you can use fail2ban to ban their IP after x failed attempts06:20
debian_akroydright click on the desktop -> change Desktop background -> Visual effects -> then click either normal or extra06:20
alraunexu :http://paste.ubuntu.com/29519/06:20
macolivan: beryl is gone06:20
normloman/dev/scd1       /media/cdrom1   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       is hat fstab says about my drive. What would be the mountpoint?06:20
unopdubby, or you can totally hide sshd using knockd06:21
dany317так это млин точно не айсикушный клиент06:21
normlomanwould it be /media/cdrom1 ?06:21
macolivan: compiz is included as part of hardy...it is enabled by default if your hardware supports it06:21
cpk1normloman: so what happens when you try mounting /dev/scd1 yourself?06:21
smitim using this tut, im stuck at step 7  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:21
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:21
arooni-mobile__are UUIDs specific to DRIVES or PARTITIONSso i even have to use uuids?  cant i just use /dev/sda2 /home?06:21
normlomanwhen I mount it myself? What do you mean? Like in terminal?06:21
xualraune: Yep, I have all of that in my xorg.conf06:21
jduckett2.6.24.X, the mac80211 and iwlwifi modules were built-in to the kernel06:21
jduckettRegardless of kernel version, you have to install the microcode for the card. It should be in the Ubuntu repositories06:21
alraunexu: save, close gedit ...06:22
jduckettanyone have any experience in this area??06:22
bazhangLenaud01, not seen any errors related to that api; did you follow all the steps as in the wiki?06:22
unoparooni-mobile__, they are specific to filesystems not necessarily partitions -- and you can use the old style device names too06:22
macoarooni-mobile__: yes you can do that but UUIDs make it so that if the naming changes (2 releases ago that disk might have been /dev/hda2) it doesn't break06:22
unopmaco, 2 releases ago? what do you mean?06:22
xualraune: ya?06:22
arooni-mobile__macd, how do i get the UUID for a drive06:23
smitim using this tut, im stuck at step 7  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:23
unoparooni-mobile__, sudo blkid /dev/blah06:23
macounop: 2 ubuntu releases ago libata changed and IDE stopped being /dev/hda and started being /dev/sda06:23
smitim using this tut, im stuck at step 7  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:23
smitim using this tut, im stuck at step 7  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:23
alraunearooni-mobile__: uuids are unique descritors: if for example you add a drive or put one out ,the whole hdxx-stuff gets messed, but not the remaining uuids06:23
arooni-mobile__unop, does UUID change if you physically move the drive06:23
normlomancpk1 when I type mount /dev/scd1 it says no medium found06:23
Lenaud01I did bazhang did you get imageflow to go?06:24
debian_akroydmaco: true with some systems, however on one of the systems i had, ubuntu 7.04 onto the current release sees my hard disks as /dev/hda and they are ide disks06:24
bazhangLenaud01, am using hardy here06:24
unopmaco, libata really does not affect how UUIDs are generated or stored on the device .. so i don't see how it would have been different06:24
Lenaud01maybe why06:24
discobeefinter-uterine devices?06:24
unoparooni-mobile__, no, not unless you format the device or recreate the filesystem06:24
l815how do you install icon sets in xubuntu?06:24
dragonZesty Zebra06:24
discobeefbirth control is for pussies06:24
kev_I've downloaded the new linux kernel .26 how do i now compile it?06:24
l815oops wrong channel06:24
smitim using this tut, im stuck at step 7  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=770173&page=206:25
bazhangdiscobeef, take that elsewhere06:25
alraunexu: (T)  /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:25
discobeefwhat is this channel?06:25
bazhangdiscobeef, not here06:25
alraunexu: log in again..06:25
normlomandiscobeef this is for ubuntu06:25
normlomanthe operating system06:25
discobeefafrican tribalism?06:25
legend2440smit: ok to pm?06:25
cpk1normloman: firstly it would have to be something like mount -o loop /dev/scd1 /media/cdrom06:25
dragon31337 h2x0rz06:25
normlomanlemme type that in06:25
macounop: right, that's why you should use UUIDs, because when libata changed if you used /dev/hda naming, you were screwed06:26
smitlegend2440, yes06:26
cpk1normloman: also if you have more than one cd drive you might be using the wrong cd drive06:26
debian_akroydkev_: if i were me i would just wait until they come out with .26 in the repo. but when i compiled kernels for gentoo, i used genkernel (i think thats its name)06:26
normlomancpk1 i know scd1 is my cdrw drive06:26
normlomani checked in lshw06:26
Lenaud01bazhang, here is what I get during install06:26
Lenaud01WARNING: You need PyQt >= 4.4.2 for the GUI. You have 4.3.306:26
Lenaud01You may experience crashes or other strange behavior.06:26
alraunexu: ?06:26
kev_thanks, debian_akroyd06:26
debian_akroydkev_: then all i had to do was update GRUB and i was good to go06:26
xualraune: it is taking a long ass time06:27
macokev_, debian_akroyd:  .26 is the intrepid kernel.  it will not be in hardy.06:27
legend2440smit: do you see my pm?06:27
unopmaco, well, forget 2 releases ago then .. device names are not consistent even now, especially with removable devices06:27
normlomancpk1 i just typed in the different mount command u gave me06:27
normlomanstill no medium found06:27
debian_akroydmaco: ah ok06:27
alraunexu: did gdm restart ?06:27
xu"Running local boot scrtips"06:27
macounop: of course, but i know that some people swithed their fstab to that and had things like their /home partition go missing06:27
cpk1normloman: is it a blank cd or has data on it?06:27
xualraune: blink blink blink06:27
normlomanit is a data cd06:28
xualraune: should it be taking so long?06:28
normlomanand it works in my other cd drive so its not bad06:28
macounop: a new mount point for a flash drive is one thing...having / and /home be unmountable is completely different06:28
alraunexu: what is taking long ? blink ?06:28
debian_akroydkev_: genkernel is not in the repo. you will have tod wonload it from the web06:28
xualraune: "Running local boot scripts"06:28
macokev_: why do you need .26?06:28
macokev_: some incredibly new hardware?06:29
DethrayIs it a good idea to install ubuntu in a ntfs partition?06:29
macoDethray: no.06:29
macoDethray: it cant handle the permissions necessary for a unix system06:29
kev_i just hear its safe to have the latest software upgrades such as the  kernel.06:29
bazhangDethray, wubi?06:29
macokev_: we have the latest security upgrades06:29
unopmaco, unmountable really means nothing, if you were to create a new partition or even add a new physical disk .. you affect the naming/numbering of devices06:29
macokev_: its not as if .24 is unmaintained06:29
macoDethray: that doesnt really install ubuntu in ntfs06:29
kushalsejwal I wanted to start WordWeb dictionary which I installed via wine to be launched at startup so I added it to the startup list. but when I restated it. instead of lauching in the system tray(which it normally does), it got launched in "Wine system tray". What can I do to make it start at startup in the system tray only. please help06:30
macoDethray: it creates an ext3 disk image that happens to sit on an ntfs partition06:30
kev_thanks maco!06:30
macoDethray: ubuntu is then installed in the ext3 disk image06:30
macokev_: no problem06:30
alraunexu: did you reboot or just logged out ? local boot sripts ?06:30
kushalsejwalGuys anyone have any idea regarding this ??06:31
alraunexu: anyhow, are you running kde or gnome ?06:31
xualraune: I ran that restart thing you told me to06:32
xualraune: and I'm running gnome06:32
DethrayI needed it for a class and I'm borrowing my gf's laptop.  I would install it properly but the hd in the laptop has a few bad sectors in it and I didn't wanna resize the ntfs partition and risk loosing windows.  So I figured this might be a good option06:32
arooni-mobilewould folks recommend using nvidia drivers (currently using restricted) on ubuntu hardy if i have a nvidia geforce 7950 card... and my system has been crashing/hanging recently?06:33
debian_akroydDethray: have you tried wubi?06:33
macoDethray: yeah, that should work06:33
michael_how do i get my processor to run at full speed in ubuntu?06:33
dragonlaptop sata drivers are like $6006:33
alraunexu: if you go to system in the top panel>preferences>mouse...then ?06:33
macodebian_akroyd: thats what he's asking about :)06:33
macodragon: depends on the size06:33
debian_akroydoh lol06:33
dragon80 gb06:33
debian_akroydok i will shut up now06:33
DethrayOk I'll give it a shot...Thanks! :)06:34
alraunexu: can u activate the Touchpad now ?06:34
xualraune: A) Mouse doesn't work, so that doesn't fly, and b) I'm still "Running local boot scripts"06:34
xualraune: should I ctrl-c or try to force restart or what?06:34
khaije1pulseaudio crashes on me more than any other app06:34
itai-michaelsonanybody knows how to play VCDs (.dat files) on Ubuntu?06:34
michael_debian_akroyd: my process will not run any higher than 800mhz according to system monitor but its a 1.8ghz processor06:35
DethrayAre your jumpers set correctly, Michael?06:35
normlomanitai, did you see this http://alternativenayk.wordpress.com/2007/01/20/playing-vcds-on-ubuntu-linux-how-to/ ?06:35
alraunexu: wait a little, lets say 3 minustes, meanwhile : Alt+F2, type gnome-terminal..06:35
Lenaud01im on gusty with newer versions is there a way to downgrade?06:35
Lenaud01On linux you need pyqt4 >= 4.4.2 and sip >= 4.7.6 for it to work06:35
michael_Dethray: its on a laptop and it ran fine with vista06:35
xualraune: screen just went blank...06:35
debian_akroydmichael_: are you monitoring your process while running on the battery?06:35
kushalsejwal I wanted to start WordWeb dictionary which I installed via wine to be launched at startup so I added it to the startup list. but when I restated it. instead of lauching in the system tray(which it normally does), it got launched in "Wine system tray". What can I do to make it start at startup in the system tray only. please help06:36
DethrayMaybe your cpu is stepping.06:36
alraunetype: sudo apt-get install gsynaptics06:36
xualraune: oops, it just blanked from disuse. it's still running local boot scripts...and it's doing so like it's booting up or booting down06:36
debian_akroydmichael_: thats normal if your doing that on the battery according to your bios settings06:36
Lakjinhey guys, how would i write a script or something so that I have to just click on one file to make it run two programs? i.e. warcraft 3 and autorefresher?06:36
debian_akroydim getting 800mhz right now though06:36
debian_akroydfor some reason06:36
debian_akroydand im plugged in06:36
dragonwhy does linux have to hate ATI06:37
michael_i just plugged in and still 800mhz06:37
DethrayAgreed, dragon06:37
normlomanits more like ati hates linux06:37
macomichael_: probably because if it was running much faster other, more important things, might not get done06:37
nogagplzhehe, 800mhz is the speed of my pentium 3 :D06:37
debian_akroydmichael_: yah mine too...06:37
macomichael_: read up on niceness06:37
dragoni been trying to get CSS woking for the last 2 days06:37
debian_akroydive never had this problem before06:37
debian_akroydmichael_: in the system monitor, it reports 2 ghz06:37
debian_akroydon my end06:37
normlomancss like the web code? or the game?06:37
macodragon: what's wrong with your style sheet?06:37
dragonhehe, CS:S06:38
debian_akroydmichael_: does the sytem monitor report the normal speed on your end when plugged in?06:38
normlomanoh ok06:38
normlomandoes that run in wine?06:38
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Lakjinim sorry to ask again but how would i write a script or something so that I have to just click on one file to make it run two programs? i.e. warcraft 3 and autorefresher?06:38
dragonrunetime error: CSS is a reserved word.06:38
debian_akroydmichael_: oh its when the cpu turns on the fan that it scales the speed too06:38
dragonlak, yah06:38
debian_akroydmichael_: when the fan turns off, i get the full 2 ghz06:39
Lakjinyes dragon?06:39
debian_akroydmichael_: but when its on, it reduces to 800 mhz06:39
Lakjindo i write a script? if so how?06:39
Lakjinim newbie to linux06:39
debian_akroydmichael_: i guess its to keep the laptop from over heating or drawing excessive power06:39
dragonyou can write a script or something to run frozen throne and a refresher06:39
swubooHow could I manually get fsck to run on bootup?06:39
Lakjinokay thats good. but do you know how? i dont =(06:39
SaEeDIRHAhi, i have new host which has Ubuntu, and i have remote access to that box, but i dont have X installed, how can i install X remotely so i can use Remote desktop application ?06:40
dragonwe are in the same boat06:40
Lakjinokay well im gunna have to try it out06:40
Lakjinafter i finish installing06:40
Lakjinill let u know06:40
luzaiHi, I've just installed KAddressbook from Add/Remove but it doesn't show in Applications menu. How do I add it to the Application menu list?06:40
michael_debian_akroyd: hmm thats weird. hey i cant find out how to tell how fast my processor is running in system monitor. my friend that was helping me left06:40
dragonpython or something06:40
=== fair is now known as natalia1979
Lakjinif its anything like windows (which i doubt) i will just have to insert the right commands into a txt file06:40
debian_akroydmichael_: the system monitor (system -> administration -> system monitor) doesnt tell you the processor speed06:40
xualraune: I logged in, but now it is in full terminal mode06:41
alrauneswuboo: its best to have fs2chk running from a different drive, e-g- live cd06:41
xualraune: how do I start gnome?06:41
debian_akroydmichael_: cat /proc/cpuinfo will tell you proc speed06:41
alraunexu: gnome&06:41
debian_akroydmichael_: but not what its running at at the moment06:41
xualraune: command not found06:41
SaEeDIRHAanyone can help ? how can i activate remote desktop , remotely?06:42
Shish_hey, my sound just stopped working on my laptop -- running hardy... shutdown and restarted -- still no sound...  any ideas why? help please!06:42
michael_debian_akroyd: ok im using conky to tell me the speed at the moment but it wont change from 800mhz no matter what i do06:43
SaEeDIRHAi have SSH access, how can i activate remote desktop access ?06:43
arooniwhats that cool linux program to: print out how many bad sectors on a drive, how many unmapped good sectors are left etc... low level hard drive stuff?06:43
debian_akroydmichael_: tell me the output of what running cat /proc/cpuinfo is when you run that in the terminal06:43
mkquistxu: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart06:43
swubooalraune:  A liveCD would be ideal, except that I don't have one and my burner's shot.06:43
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alraunemkquist: since then we're hanging ...06:44
xualraune: mouse still doesn't work after reboot06:44
debian_akroydmichael_: conky only tells you what the processor is doing speed wise at the moment..it doesnt describe what the processor is capable of doing06:45
alraunexu: but again in usaul desktop ?06:45
mkquistalraune:  ctrl/alt/bachspace does nothing?06:45
xualraune: yep06:45
Odd-rationaleSaEeDIRHA: do you have X forwarding as well?06:45
mkquistor xu ctrl/alt/backspace does nothing?06:45
michael_debian_akroyd: it says that cpu 0 and 1 are 800mhz. i dont know how to use the paste bin yet to post the whole thing06:45
xumkquist: past that problem, thanks06:45
DethrayHmm Kbuntu, unbuntu, kbuntu-kde4 or xubuntu....What would you suggest as a wm?06:45
alraunexu: how to get in gnomes toppanel without mouse ?06:46
xualraune: isn't there a command-line command i can use to access the same?06:46
debian_akroydmichael_: open the terminal, type cat /proc/cpuinfo and _tell me_ what the output of that is06:46
cpk1Dethray: the one you like is usually a good bet06:46
alraunexu: you don't have an usb mouse around ?06:46
DethrayHeh, I dunno what they look like. ;)06:46
xualraune: nope, everyone in the house is on a strict laptop diet06:46
alraunexu: most probably, or function keys, muharr06:47
SaEeDIRHAOdd-rationale: u mean in sshd.conf file?06:47
Odd-rationaleSaEeDIRHA: yes. and the -X option. e.g. ssh -X user@
fooolwhich is the best user friendly FTP proggy to use in Ubuntu?06:48
Dethraycpk, if I don't like one can I change to another?06:48
cpk1Dethray: yes06:48
Dethraysearching for screenshots now.06:48
unop!best | foolano06:48
ubottufoolano: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:48
h2ii can´t ssh into root, hoping someone can help ¨PermitRootLogin yes¨ is set in sshd_config06:48
brian_hermanfoool:sudo apt-get install filezilla06:48
unopoops, foool ^^06:48
brian_hermanfoool: or you could just use nautlius06:48
h2ii can ssh into any other user though06:49
SaEeDIRHAOdd-rationale: i cannot see Xforward option in my sshd_config file06:49
coz_foolano,  here is a list and reviews of most onlinux I believe   http://linuxreviews.org/software/ftp-clients/06:49
Odd-rationale!ftp | foool06:49
ubottufoool: FTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd06:49
cpk1h2i: ssh and then su?06:49
Mycah_can anyone help me with my sound? it's not working at all :/06:49
michael_debian_akroyd: did u get it?06:49
Shish_hey, my sound just stopped working on my laptop -- running hardy... shutdown and restarted -- still no sound...  any ideas why? help please!06:49
unoph2i, by default ubuntu does not have the root account enabled -- and therefore you cannot log on directly as root .. log in normally and then become root (also a good practise)06:49
DethrayDoes ubuntu come with compwiz?06:49
coz_Mycah_,   open a terminal  tyep  alsamixer   and see if the card is recognized06:49
Mycah_same here, Shish06:50
Odd-rationaleSaEeDIRHA: you must enable Xforwarding on the server machine. and use the -X option on the client...06:50
Odd-rationaleDethray: yes06:50
Shish_Mycah_: any ideas on how to fix that?06:50
SaEeDIRHAi will try06:50
alraunexu: another try06:50
h2iunop: how would you temporarily allow direct access?06:50
Shish_Mycah_: sweet...lol06:50
Odd-rationaleSaEeDIRHA: after that. try starting vino-preferences06:50
alraunexu:  Alt+F2, type gnome-terminal..06:50
OverandI've got a brand-new SATA drive in a somewhat older system, and it's building/syncing a RAID 1 array.  I got an error in dmesg that 'feels like' it might be indicating a probem with the drive.06:50
Mycah_coz_ it has bars on it, master, headphones, pcm...06:50
unoph2i, what do you mean?  log in and then sudo -i06:50
xualraune: uh huh06:51
alraunetype: sudo apt-get install gsynaptics06:51
Overandhttp://pastebin.org/56223 <-- the error06:51
coz_Mycah_,  ok and does it tell you the name of the card there as well?06:51
h2ii´ll just rewrite the program, thanks for your help unop06:51
hardy-flowhola alguien habla castellano?06:51
alraunexu: muharr06:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:51
Overandworth noting, It's only occured *once* - and the array is about 85% done building06:51
Mycah_the chip?06:51
Mycah_SigmaTel STAC9250  is the chip06:51
coz_Mycah_, yeah thats would do   ok  is anything muted?06:52
alraunexu: got it ?06:52
xualraune: terminal? yes06:52
Mycah_its all at 10006:52
alraunetype: sudo apt-get install gsynaptics06:52
xualraune: okay06:52
coz_Mycah_,  ok look for one names "pcm" see if the volume is turned down06:52
Mycah_nope its at 10006:52
alraunexu: when finished : gsynaptics06:52
arooniwhats that cool linux program to: print out how many bad sectors on a drive, how many unmapped good sectors are left etc... low level hard drive stuff?06:53
coz_Mycah_,  could you take a screenshot of that    alt+printscree when it is focused and upload to maybe speedyshare.com?06:53
Shish_coz_:  hey my pcm is all the way down.. how do i turn that up?06:53
xualraune: Gsynaptics couldn't initialize. You have to set SHMConfig 'true' in xorg.conf06:53
xualraune: investigating xorg.conf...06:53
coz_Shish_,   arrow buttons should do it06:53
coz_Shish_, up arrow06:54
alraunexu: seen linux before, lol ..06:54
Shish_coz_:  do i turn all of them up all the way? pcm, iec958, capture?06:54
xualraune: what should SHMConfig go under?06:54
centralhello every body :)  i have a little problem with the virtualbox , i am installing XP but how to make the mouse working in to the virtualbox ?06:54
coz_Shish_, you will have to experiment with them but I wouldnt turn them all up to 100% anyway06:55
alraunexu: I have no idea06:55
sravanhow to run manually 'dpkg --configure -a'  ...?06:55
xualraune: k, i'll look under my xorg.conf...06:55
coz_Shish_,  if you type   sh   when the termainl is focused you should get a short keybindins list06:55
alraunexu: its written as on, seems like set to true..06:56
coz_Shish_, sorry that is just     h06:56
Mycah_coz_ sorry for the delay, im having another serious problem with my install that is annoying the heck out of me. randomly programs start freezing and I cant open any new ones and its like GNOME is frozen, too.06:57
alraunexu: it's the second input device block, giv it a try, set it from on to true06:57
coz_Mycah_, ooo that sounds real bad  is this a fresh install?06:57
Mycah_yes, fairly fresh06:57
diegoalraune: thank you, I soved my problem06:58
Mycah_i've had it for about 5 days now06:58
coz_Mycah_,  was this an upgrade from one version to the next?06:58
diegotonyyarusso: thank you too06:58
xualraune: the second Synaptics Touchpad? or the first one?06:58
alraunediego rm ? mv ?06:58
kindofabuzzMycah_, could be failing memory, boot to the livecd and run memory test06:58
xualraune: in other words, the one with all the other options or not?06:58
alraunexu : yep06:58
sravanhow to run manually 'dpkg  --configure  -a' ...  any know about this..?06:58
xualraune: It wasn't set to "on" in either one, btw, it didn't exist at all06:58
Mycah_it seems as though the two problems im having go hand and hand because the sound will stop working then it won't open any new programs06:58
coz_sravan, in terminal ?06:59
kindofabuzzsravan, man dpkg06:59
Mycah_no, coz_06:59
xualraune: do i have to restart gnome?06:59
kindofabuzzxu, ctrl alt bakspace06:59
Mycah_and what do you mean by failing memory, kindofabuzz? how do i run a memory test06:59
kindofabuzzoh nvm06:59
kindofabuzzMycah_, i just told you how06:59
sravanyeah do u know the command06:59
alraunexu : ?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/29519/       | yes restart or reboot06:59
kindofabuzzMycah_, failing memory, as in your memory is failing06:59
Shish_coz_:  wow... WOW... my sound works.. lol06:59
xualraune: k06:59
smitlegend2440 is my hero06:59
coz_Mycah_,   when you put in the live cd  there is a list of options one is memory test06:59
coz_Shish_, :)06:59
sravancoz, do you know the command07:00
mkquistxu u dont have to reboot07:00
mkquistxu:  just restart x server07:00
Shish_coz_: thank you so much man, appreciate that .. i have no idea why that was down tho.. its weird.. but thank you so much07:00
Shish_Mycah_: best of luck dude07:00
coz_stroyan, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a ?07:00
xumkquist: i know, i was wondering whether i had to restart x at all, thanks =)07:00
Mycah_So i have to download the live cd version?07:00
Mycah_and ty Shish you too07:00
coz_stroyan, what is happening and what gave  you t his?07:00
coz_Mycah_,   how did you install ubuntu?07:00
legend2440!beer | smit07:00
ubottusmit: Beer is always appreciated.07:00
Mycah_i downloaded it and burned it to a disk07:00
xualraune: mouse still dead =(07:00
coz_Mycah_,  ok and that disk   did it boot to the desktop and then you installed from there?07:01
=== allen_ is now known as Bob_Sagot
alraunexu: (T) gsynaptics07:01
Mycah_umm yes i believe so, it looked as if it was on a desktop, yes.07:01
xualraune: it still claims it doesn't work. oh, i bet i should get rid of the other InputDevice that we added in...07:02
coz_Mycah_,  ok then put that cd in the drive and reboot  if it is the live cd the first thing you will see is the ubuntu symbol and a list of options below   one should be memory test07:02
Mycah_ok ill brb then07:02
alraunexu: or the one with all this options...07:02
XazzzaXok ive got a huge problem now07:03
* kushal_12_27_200 does not know why Ubuntu wants to freeze every now and then when I update ... 07:03
Miksag1hey; um, where could i find a list of supported network cards for ubuntu?07:04
zcat[1]If I want to add something to Preferences > Sessions > Startup Programs from the shell, I create a .desktop file somewhere right? Where should I be putting that?07:04
xu# is a comment in *.conf, right?07:04
coz_Miksag1, try here   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport07:04
XazzzaXeverytime i restart my pc, my screen shows green split pixels and goes into low gfc mode. it asks if i want to reboot my pc shut it down proced it add a driver. if i hit proced and go into ubuntu and try to reinstall the driver it works, but everytime i reboot after activating it. its gone and its the same story,07:04
alraunexu: yes, line doesnt do anything then07:05
Miksag1okay, thanks; because my network cards been playing up under ubuntu..07:05
xualraune: k, i commented out all the other extra options07:05
debian_akroydxu: yes # is a comment in *.conf and so on07:05
xualraune: damn, gsynaptics STILL isn't working...wtf?07:06
XazzzaXOr could someone tell me how i can format my linux drive im on atm so i can reinstall it it?07:06
XazzzaXwhats the terminal command to format the drive?07:06
debian_akroydwell gtg, gnite all07:06
XazzzaXBn mate07:06
Shish_coz_: i got another question for you if u dont mind... vlc freezes my comp every now and then.. is that a compatibility issue or just my computer?07:06
zcat[1]XazzzaX, mke2fs -j /dev/sdxn07:07
alraunexu: Option"SHMConfig" = "True"     (don't forget restarting gdm after saving xorg.conf)07:07
Shish_or anyone for that matter -- relating to the vlc issue07:07
xualraune: ohh capital T, might be it07:07
zcat[1]If I want to add something to Preferences > Sessions > Startup Programs from the shell, I create a .desktop file somewhere? Or what?07:07
alrauneXazzzaX: man fdisk07:08
coz_XazzzaX, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55472207:08
kushal1help, update problems http://pastebin.com/m2823500607:08
zcat[1].config/autostart...  sheesh you guys are helpful!07:09
alraunequest : how can I access the gnome panel without mouse ?07:09
coz_kushal1, you are trying to install kde-icons-oxygen?07:09
xualraune: nope, still not working07:09
Odd-rationalealraune: alt-f107:09
xuOdd-rationale: wow, thanks!07:09
Odd-rationalexu: huh?07:10
kushal1well, auto update is07:10
coz_kumelk, mm07:10
xuOdd-rationale: alraune was asking for me.07:10
xualraune: now....what? =P07:10
kushal1I don't use kde4 anymore07:10
Odd-rationalexu: oh, i see...07:10
coz_kushal1, what do you use now?07:10
alraunexu: right arrow to sytem>preferences>mouse07:11
XazzzaXThanks for your help all07:11
kushal1I am on gnome stable07:11
xuOdd-rationale: you wouldn't happen to know a magic command that makes a touchpad work again, do you?07:11
xualraune: i'm there, i don't see anything that looks promising...07:11
LSD|NinjaWhere does vino get the settings for stuff like "<username>'s Remote Desktop" for the broadcast name or the account name from?07:11
Shish_well thanks for your time everyone.. and coz_  peace out07:11
coz_kumelk, system/adminstration/sysnaptic pacakge manager07:11
coz_kumelk, sorry07:11
coz_kushal1,  system/adminstration/synaptic pacakge manager07:11
Odd-rationalexu: i suppose you already pastebined your xorg.conf file? can i see it?07:11
coz_kushal1,   it should pop up a dialog telling you broken pacakge or something to that effect07:12
coz_kushal1, you can most likely fix it in synaptic07:12
xuOdd-rationale: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29515/07:12
kushal1it is opening now07:12
[1]ApacheChiefhow do I remove VNC from my ubuntu install?  trying aptitude remove vncserver/tightvnc/xtightvnc/etc.07:12
alrauneodd-rationale: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29519/07:12
LSD|Ninja[1]ApacheChief: vino07:12
[1]ApacheChief0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded. :(07:13
=== gaslinger is now known as makesitpainfullt
Odd-rationalexu: it worked before? then?07:13
alraunexu: its the first tab n my system bar >preferences>mouse07:14
kushal1strange, synaptic pm did not ask for root password07:14
Lakjinhey again07:14
Lakjincan someone tell me how to turn off compiz07:14
LSD|Ninjakushal1: did you use another admin level program in the last five minutes?07:14
coz_kushal1,  mm were you just using in the last few minutes/07:14
alraunexu: left to r., apps,places,sytem07:14
kushal1yes, terminal07:14
xuOdd-rationale: My friend installed totem-xine to try to get a dvd to work, then the system crashed and the mouse has not worked since (several restarts)07:14
LSD|NinjaLakjin: System -> Prefs -> Appearence -> Desktop Effects07:14
xualraune: I know, i'm IN the mouse thing07:14
alraunexu: can't activate/disable there ?07:15
kushal1and udpate manager ... got it07:15
xuno, can you on yours?07:15
fooolI have a philips cam but it doesn't work, anyone any ideas what I should do? newbie to Umbuntu07:15
xualraune: oh shit, the whole "touchpad" tab is missing07:15
LSD|NinjaOh, lame. All the vino options I want to change appear to be hardcoded >_<07:15
kushal1thanks, LSD|Ninja07:15
alrauneodd-rationale: its a touchpad in a labtop07:15
Odd-rationalexu: system --> pref --> keyboard --> mouse keys :D07:16
frenzy42i have questions about the new mobile ubuntu07:16
xuOdd-rationale: Hahaha....not a good permanent solution, but good suggestion07:16
Odd-rationalexu: does a usb mouse work?07:17
xuOdd-rationale: don't have one in the house07:17
kushal_12_27_200for some strange reason, after a hard boot my usb flash drive is no longer working in Ubuntu.07:17
=== fdd is now known as mem
kushal1its working now. (please don't kick me for sock puppeting because these two names are on two separate machines)07:18
=== mem is now known as core0
alraunexu:serched synaptic (run no notebook), want to install mising items ?07:19
Miksag1hey, um, with those network cards, is there a way to become a tester or get notified when a particular card becomes supported?07:19
=== core0 is now known as fdd
Odd-rationalexu: have you tried to "sudo apt-get reinstall xserver-xorg-input-synaptics"?07:19
Lenaud01what card you need Miksag1 ?07:19
Miksag1sec, gotta find the number again07:20
alrauneMiksag1: google hardwarelist ubuntu07:20
Blaqlightyou just gotta love fluxbox's window tabbing.07:20
Miksag1RTL 8111C07:20
xualraune: I don't follow--what?07:20
Miksag1I've got the list open, it says that it can be auto-detected but it doesn't work07:20
xuOdd-rationale: nope, trying now07:20
alraunexu:searched synaptic (run no notebook), want to install mising items ?07:20
mkquistfoool got mine to work phillips webcam, try camorama07:21
xualraune: Yeah, I read that...I just don't understand what it means. Do you want me to run synaptic package manager?07:21
citizen42ahello chaps07:21
Blaqlightxu: open a teminal and type synaptic07:22
Blaqlightit'll open07:22
alraunexu:(T):synaptic, there search tochpad...07:22
xuBlaqlight: yes, i understand this07:22
xualraune: okay, got it, thanks07:22
xuOdd-rationale: reinstall is an invalid operation07:22
Odd-rationaleumm. hmm. i forgot my apt commands...07:22
alraunexu:toughpadd öhmtuffpad,,arggnn07:22
Ayabarawhat's the keyboard shortcut for tracker search?07:23
FAJALOU!apt | Odd-rationale07:23
ubottuOdd-rationale: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)07:23
BlaqlightOdd-rationale: apt-cache, apt-get, aptitude?07:23
Odd-rationalexu: anyways, can you pastebin "cat /proc/bus/input/devices"07:23
SaeidZebardast1How to get memory information (like brand)?07:24
Odd-rationalethanks. i've been using pacman too long... :D07:24
Miksag1Lenaud01: It's the RTL 8111C from realtek07:24
xuOdd-rationale: will do, one sec07:24
Lenaud01works with ndiswrapper? Miksag107:24
=== SaeidZebardast1 is now known as SaeidZebardast
alraunexu(T): apt-get install tpconfig07:25
cpk1aptitude accepts reinstall as a command...07:25
Lakjinanyone know07:25
Lakjinhow i can turn off compiz?07:25
Lakjinits messing with wine/warcraft 307:25
xualraune: just did that, right before you said it =P07:25
Miksag1Lenaud01: what's ndiswrapper?07:25
xuOdd-rationale: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29527/07:25
SaeidZebardastHow to get memory information (like brand)?07:25
Miksag1I'm kinda new to ubuntu; I know the basics like buildin g from source and stuff; but for anything much above that.. well..07:26
alraunexu:alt+F1..  or (T): tpconfig ???07:26
xualraune: installed tpconfig07:26
SupahDavehi everyone07:26
bullgard4intelfb "This is a framebuffer driver for various Intel 8xx/9xx compatible graphics devices." Is this not available for Hardy?07:26
SupahDaveI have a quick question...07:27
alraunexu: (T): tpconfig07:27
Lenaud01it will get that card working Miksag1 it allows you to use windows drivers on network cards in linux07:27
cpk1!ask | SupahDave07:27
xualraune: "Could not open PS/2 Port [/dev/psaux]07:27
ubottuSupahDave: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:27
UBestBhi, I need to replace text in files and subdirectories, I need to change <? to <?php, any idea how to do it in terminal?07:27
Miksag1Lenaud01: okay.. so sorta similar to wine?07:28
Lenaud01but for network cards yes Miksag107:28
Odd-rationalexu: backup your xorg.conf file and then try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/29529/07:28
cpk1UBestB: I think sed will do it07:29
Ayabarahow can I find out which key 0xe5 is on my keyboard?07:29
alraunexu:alt+F1, now an item under mouse or keyboard ?07:29
Odd-rationalexu: wait. wrong link...07:29
UBestBdoes sed take regular expressions?07:29
Miksag1hmm.. the latest ubuntu.. that's kernal 2.6.x07:30
Miksag1isn't it?07:30
SupahDaveI am installing ubuntu 8.04, I have 2 scsi drives and 1 pata drive, the scsi drives are listed as sda and sdb properly but the pata is listed as sdc when it should be hda why would this be?07:30
cpk1UBestB: I am guessing since it has an option that lets you "use extended regular expressions in the script." I am going to say yes07:30
Odd-rationalexu: here... http://pastebin.com/m13a35f4707:30
pan03422how do i make ubuntu live cd run on a usb thumb drive?07:30
UBestBI'll give sed a go07:30
xuOdd-rationale: On that second link...what am I changing?07:31
SaeidZebardastHow to get memory information (like brand)07:31
jc6pan03422: try www.pendrivelinux.com07:31
Odd-rationalexu: this line "Option          "Device"                "/dev/input/mouse0""07:31
Odd-rationalexu: from the touchpad section...07:31
Odd-rationalexu: then you'll have to restart X for chages to take effect..07:32
xuOdd-rationale: oh i see, working on it now07:32
cpk1UBestB: "info sed" should give you the whole manual07:32
UBestBanyone know of a command that can extract just a directory inside a tar file to a location?07:32
UBestByea, how do I switch to the other pages in info?07:32
=== adam is now known as Guest5821
Odd-rationalexu: all the other lines are the same... so no need to touch then...07:33
xuOdd-rationale: still no worky07:33
xuOdd-rationale: should I try tp-config?07:33
Odd-rationalexu: you restarted X?07:33
xuOdd-rationale: yup07:33
Odd-rationalexu: ok. restore your original back...07:34
xuOdd-rationale: yeah, even now when i try tpconfig it tries to open PS/2 port /dev/psaux07:34
xuOdd-rationale: that means that that's the right port, right?07:34
Odd-rationalexu: the thing is, i don't see your touchpad device in "cat /proc/bus/input/devices"07:35
xuOdd-rationale: the mouse preferences don't see it either07:35
=== Svenstar0 is now known as Svenstaro
alraunexu: to restore original xorg.conf:(T): cp /etc/xX11/xorg.conf.backup     /etc/X11/xorg.conf  (as I might leave..)07:36
xualraune: thanks!07:37
bullgard4intelfb "This is a framebuffer driver for various Intel 8xx/9xx compatible graphics devices." Is this not available for Hardy?07:37
Odd-rationalexu: see, this is yours http://paste.ubuntu.com/29527/ and this is mine http://pastebin.com/m76414ac1 See, i have an entry for my touchpad...07:37
alrauneOdd-rationale,xu : hmm, ervthings through already, port-configuration..07:38
xuOdd-rationale: yeah, i see, i compared my laptop and the problem laptop's already07:38
smiti just followed method 2 of this tut, but i still can use desktop effects07:39
SaeidZebardastHow to get memory information (like brand)07:39
heyman12does anyone know how to fix root errors?07:39
heyman12wait, not errors, ownship07:40
jbroomeSaeidZebardast: usually have to actually look at the stick and see07:40
coz_SaeidZebardast,  try    free -m  in terminal07:40
Odd-rationaleheyman12: like?07:40
heyman12i cant write to anything07:40
smiti just followed method 2 of this tut, but i still can use desktop effects  http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide07:40
alrauneSaeidZebardast :lshw07:40
sherl0ckcan someone tell me how to tell if my kernel has IP CONNMARK target support?07:40
heyman12its all owned by root07:40
smiti just followed method 2 of this tut, but i still CANT use desktop effects  http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide07:40
Odd-rationaleheyman12: how about your home directory?07:41
crdlbsmit: can you be more verbose? what video card model? what error do you get?07:41
Odd-rationalexu: i'm out of ideas...07:41
heyman12the filles im trying to edit arent in the home, they're in etc07:41
powertoo108how do I mount a bin image with mount? sudo mount -o loop /path/to/bin /mnt/ asked for filetype07:41
Odd-rationaleheyman12: then use sudo or gksudo07:41
surfup23Does anyone have trouble with rhythmbox after upgrading?07:41
Odd-rationale!sudo | heyman1207:41
ubottuheyman12: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)07:41
smitcrdlb:  i am using an asus ati hd485007:41
xuOdd-rationale: Yeah, me too. no such thing as "system restore" without having to install all the programs over?07:41
smitcrdlb: i just cant use effects07:42
SaeidZebardastalraune: Thanks07:42
heyman12ok, thanks, i really needed a sudo guide07:42
Odd-rationaleheyman12: e.g. gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:42
jbroomeheyman12: there's one at man sudo.  :)07:42
joanki123does anyone have any problems with the new firefox CONSTANTLY crashing?07:42
SupahDaveI am installing ubuntu 8.04, I have 2 scsi drives (not sata) and 1 pata drive, the scsi drives are listed as sda and sdb properly but the pata is listed as sdc when it should be hda why would this be?07:42
alrauneOdd-rationale,xu : what made me wonder in beginning is that lspci doesnt list any ps2 or  mouse, only an smb port07:42
Ayabaraanyone know the hotkey for the tracker search??07:42
crdlbsmit: glxinfo | grep direct07:42
heyman12cool thanks07:43
surfup23Can anyone help me with my rhythmbox trouble, please07:43
=== iSephr is now known as Sephr
Odd-rationaleAyabara: if you have the deskbar on the panel, you can use alt+f1207:43
coz_surfup23, let me check mine here hold on07:43
smitit says yes07:43
surfup23thanks coz07:43
xualraune,Odd-rationale : Yeah, but the laptop was working just a few hours ago. What could a totem install possibly have changed?07:43
smitdo i need to download effects?07:43
Odd-rationalexu: i dunno...07:44
AyabaraOdd-rationale, hm. I have it in the panel, but the mentioned combo don't work. It says "0xe5" in the shortcut settings07:44
joanki123does anyone have any problems with the new firefox CONSTANTLY crashing?07:44
jbroomejoanki123: no07:44
xuOdd-rationale: alraune: i literally did the totem-xine install and the decss install...that's it =/07:44
smitcedlb:  it says yes07:45
AyabaraOdd-rationale, oh well. just changed it to alt-f12 :-)07:45
coz_surfup23, well I put in a cd of music and it opened rhythmbox07:45
coz_surfup23,  and it is playing07:45
brian_malicehello someone know where go the video of youtube when you dowload with youtube-dl?07:45
Odd-rationaleAyabara: ok...07:45
surfup23it works for a while07:45
smitnow its working07:45
surfup23but it freezes after say 30 mins of playing normally07:45
coz_surfup23, and then does what stop?07:45
fooolmkquist which rpm should I use?07:45
smiti dont know why it wasnt07:45
coz_surfup23, ok let me try again hold on07:45
surfup23i think i found a bug report somewhere about it07:46
surfup23but it was outdated with no solution07:46
coz_surfup23, ah ok hold on its opening the cd now07:46
jbroomeSupahDave: http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Ubuntu/2008-02/msg00608.html07:47
xuOdd-rationale: alraune: So this is way weird...his laptop doesn't even have "Hardware Information" on it under preferences07:47
coz_surfup23, it is still playing here did you try another cd  to test t his out ?07:47
surfup23i don't ve trouble with cds07:47
coz_surfup23, ah ok  what do you have trouble with07:48
surfup23when i first turn on, it works well for about 30 mins07:48
Sephrhow do I get desktop effects to work on ubuntu through virtualbox?07:48
SupahDavejbroome: thanks man07:48
coz_surfup23, right but what media are you playing07:48
surfup23then when i pause it or close it and open again, it won't start07:48
surfup23its on my harddrive07:48
surfup23its not just rhythmbox, its all music players07:49
xuOdd-rationale: do you think i should try messing with xf86config?07:49
surfup23vlc, media player07:49
coz_surfup23,   do you have xmms or audacitous installed  to test the mp3 on them07:49
bullgard4intelfb "This is a framebuffer driver for various Intel 8xx/9xx compatible graphics devices." Is this not available for Hardy?07:49
surfup23i have audacity07:49
Odd-rationalexu: no...07:49
coz_surfup23, let me find an mp3 and test it on this hold on07:50
xuOdd-rationale: yeah, just read that ubuntu doesn't have that. *scratches head*07:50
alraunexu: reinstalling takes max 2 h for core system, an usb mouse is an invetment of.. no, /dev/mice, /dev/mouse, /dev/psaux07:50
xualraune: i've already spent 2 hours trying to fix this thing, so reinstalling sounds like a good option.07:51
alraunexu: but where keeps the honour, lol07:52
xualraune: mouse is not an option, it's a laptop and that's annoying.07:52
xualraune: probably for my friend, windows is an option if ubuntu keeps f'ing up =P mine works just fine...07:53
robf_hrm,   firefox's flash plugin crashed or something07:53
robf_and all flash opbjects are like this peachy color07:53
robf_any idea how to get flash back to working?  ,  cos restarting the browser has no effect07:53
brEzdoes anyone know how to use ipv6 as my vhost?07:54
alraunexu:I've got old cheap or worthless hardware, works fine, all of them....07:54
arooni-mobiledoes anyone know the cool linux program/utility to: output how many good unmapped sectors remain on a hard drive, and get other good info about the drive?  i did this once but forgot how to do it07:55
surfup23coz, this is the one i was talking about07:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 219848 in pulseaudio "rhythmbox freezes after playing for an hour or more and locks all sound until reboot" [Medium,New]07:55
alraunexu:(T) hwinfo ?07:55
arooni-mobilerunning eclipse: i see this on the command line:  using specified vm: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- ... and then i seethis output:  The custom VM you have chosen is not a valid executable.  how do i fix?07:57
coz_surfup23, and did you take the suggestion listed on that bug report?07:57
surfup23there is none07:57
surfup23aside from degrading07:57
coz_surfup23,  no the part about making sure alsa is used only07:57
coz_surfup23, you are on gnome?07:58
xualraune: Odd-rationale: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2953407:58
surfup23no hardy heron07:58
surfup23err, yes?07:58
coz_surfup23,  and you went to system/preferences/sound and checked the devices being used?07:58
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode[0]
surfup23its in alsa advanced linux ....07:59
brian_malicehow i can convert a .flv to a mp4?07:59
coz_surfup23, try setting it to autodetect first07:59
Odd-rationalexu: i gtg. hope you find a solution!07:59
coz_surfup23,  all three08:00
=== avg is now known as avrg
Socrat_erhi people :-)08:01
surfup23hey scrate_er08:01
brian_malicehow i can convert a .flv to a mp4?08:02
Socrat_erI have a litle trouble with my ubuntu 8.04 :) Can't ping local network between ubuntu & XP pro08:02
coz_brian_malice,   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60085508:03
Socrat_erI turned off IPv6 but still don't work )08:03
coz_brian_malice, sorry that is not informative hold on08:03
Socrat_ersurfup23: morning08:03
xualraune: I give up. thanks for all your help! g'night08:04
brian_maliceno reply XD08:04
xazzzaxOk, so my old linux drve is formated a drive of 57gig is free, but i cant install linux to it keeps saying no root systems is chosen08:04
xazzzaxit just wants to make a nother drive on my 500gig store drive08:05
xazzzaxany ideas?08:05
IcemanV9Socrat_er: check your file(s): /etc/hosts & /etc/resolv.conf08:05
alraunexu: tomorrow:psmouse  PS/2  , its there somewhere, n808:05
xazzzaxsays no roofilesystem can be found, fix it thu the partition menu. i dont get what to do08:06
Socrat_erIcemanV9, and what's looking for?08:06
xazzzaxi cant even install it now>.< nor start my windows part08:06
kushal_12_27_200I am burning the cue file using gnome baker08:06
IcemanV9Socrat_er: see if your router's ip is in /etc/resolv.conf08:07
mkquistfoool: sry just got back, i used this one  camorama_0.16-1_i386.deb08:07
unopxazzzax, what's on the olf linux drive? apart from this 57G space?08:07
Socrat_erIcemanV9: ok, thanks08:07
xazzzaxnothing, clean space08:08
coz_brian_malice, I am not finding a quality how to on tha t  sory08:08
victor_does anybody know if can I find out if my PC does not have temperature sensors?, I tried sensors-detect loaded the modules it told me to, and sensors is still not working, Im using a vaio PCG-GRZ61008:08
brian_malice:S but thx08:08
unopxazzzax, so why not use the whole disk?08:08
xazzzaxThats what im trying mate08:08
HymnToLifevictor_: which were the modules ?08:08
xazzzaxit just keeps telling me no roofilesystem found fix it thru the partiton manger, i cant do shit from there08:09
unoplanguage dude08:09
xazzzaxSorry mate, im foulmouthed by nature08:09
victor_HymnToLife, i2c-i801 and eeprom08:09
xazzzaxMy main problem is that i cant get around it and jump back into windows either now08:10
unopxazzzax, open up a terminal. and issue this command.  sudo fdisk -l  # see if your partition is listed there08:10
xazzzaxYes i can see it there08:10
xazzzax   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System08:11
xazzzax/dev/sda1   *           1        7296    58605088+   7  HPFS/NTFS08:11
xazzzax/dev/sda2            7297       14593    58613152+   5  Extended08:11
xazzzax/dev/sda5            7297       14289    56171241   83  Linux08:11
xazzzax/dev/sda6           14290       14593     2441848+  82  Linux swap / Solaris08:11
FloodBot1xazzzax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:11
unopdon't paste in here08:11
HymnToLifevictor_: didn't sensors-detect tell you that eeprom is not actually a monitoring chip ?08:11
xazzzaxok, soz08:11
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
unopxazzzax, how about this?  sudo file -s /dev/sda508:11
victor_HymnToLife, yep, I dont know what i2c is though, or if it does have temp sensor but its not supported in linux08:11
xazzzaxsays it needs a journal recovery08:12
HymnToLifevictor_: so in short, you either don't have one, or it's disabled somehow08:12
victor_ok, HymnToLife thx08:12
HymnToLifethe one on my Asus laptop is disabled too, I need to patch my kernel to enable it08:12
HymnToLifeyou can ask the lm-sensors mailing lists08:13
kaudiocan i used "cat ejemplo.sh | grep "mal" | rm" ?08:13
kaudioi need find some line in script and deleted08:14
unopkaudio, not really.  grep "mal" ejemplo.sh | xargs rm -v08:14
HymnToLifehold on08:14
HymnToLifekaudio: what exactly do you want to do ?08:14
unopkaudio, you want to delete a line in a file or delete a file named from a line in a file?08:14
Oprtzhello there, any body knows how to