cody-somervilleDon64, makes it stick on all the workplaces.00:07
Don64i don't completly follow00:08
cody-somervilleAlexJP, Is it hardware or software based?00:08
cody-somervilleDon64, see bottom right. See that thing next to the garbage? Gray boxes? Click on them.00:08
Don64Ok i see.  thanks00:08
cody-somervilleAlexJP, you can get the cisco vpn client docs here: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/vpn_client/cisco_vpn_client/vpn_client46/linux_solaris/uglinsol.html00:09
bassboi_both threads are actually working on this p4D ?!00:26
bassboi_i've only noticed 1 thread on XP most of the time00:26
HaikaidoAny one here have time to help me with some installing wireless card drivers?02:21
cody-somervilleHaikaido, probably best just to ask your actual question/describe your problem02:22
cody-somervilleIf someone does, they'll respond02:22
Haikaidogot these drivers02:23
Haikaidofor a Dlink DWL-650+ laptop wireless card02:23
HaikaidoNO idea how to install them02:23
Haikaidoanother bit of information on a side note02:23
Haikaidoi plug the card in02:23
Haikaidoand i can see wireless networkd02:23
Haikaidobut it never connects02:24
Haikaido(this is without installing these drivers i found of course)02:24
Haikaidoyeah so...thats where im at now...anyone out there able (or willing rather) to help?02:26
Haikaidoyeah its wierd..the fact that it sees them..but refuses to connect02:30
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cody-somervilleQuick google search turned this up: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-48146.html02:32
Haikaidoim rather confused as to where the solution in that post is02:40
Haikaidoive run across that before02:40
Haikaidobut didnt think they fixed anything02:40
Haikaidoso i continued on02:40
ecanoob question- when pasting to open office word from a pdf, i have to delete the end of every line to get the text to go to the end of the margin, - im trying to print a pdf and conserve paper, but deleting the spaces at the end of the line is tedious. Paste Special gives only 1 option. 54 pages of deleting spaces makes me pertrubed, plz help04:12
bassboi_dig around :-P04:13
ecasweet i got it- paste special then autoformat04:15
bassboi_can i put a data-speed plugin in my WM so I can see how fast i'm transferring, lets say, from usb-hdd to ide-hdd, usb-hdd to sata-hdd, sata/ide-hdd to network drive, etc..?04:25
bassboi_or something to tha teffect04:25
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toulousehi guys, i am looking to use the 'write' command over a network, does anyone know how?05:34
l815how do you install icon sets ?06:25
j1mcl815: extract the icon folder into a ".icons" folder in your home directory.06:27
j1mc(note the period in front of "icons")  >  .icons  :)06:27
l815jlmc, thanks06:28
j1mcyw.  you can do the same for themes.  just create a .themes folder in your home directory.  (i.e.  /home/l815/.themes)06:29
l815oh i just put themes in the /usr/share/themes folder06:29
j1mcthat works, too.06:29
j1mc/usr/share/themes will make them available to all users.06:29
j1mc~/.themes will make them only available to you as a user.06:29
l815ah i see06:29
j1mc/usr/share/icons would make the icons available to all users, too.06:30
l815that works!06:30
l815oh i'm having an issue with firefox not remembering default applications06:31
j1mcme, too.06:31
j1mchaven't tried to fix that yet, really.06:31
l815okay at least i know it's not just me :D06:31
j1mcyeah, sorry.  :/06:31
l815no problem, i can deal with it06:32
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Raz0Rif i delete stuff as root, is it pujt in the trash or is it actually deleted?13:08
ablomenRaz0R, in the terminal or in thunar?13:13
ablomenthen it will be send to /root/.Trash but ehm.. never run thunar as root13:16
ablomenif you want to remove something, use rm, if your not 100% sure you can/want to remove it, mv it to filename.old or something like that13:18
Raz0Rits just i had to delete a load of old mpg files13:19
Raz0Rand it wouldnt let me do it in thunar?13:19
Raz0Rso i though i had to be root13:19
ablomenthat _certainly_ doesnt need root13:19
Raz0Rso why wouldnt it let me delete them?13:20
ablomenmight have mounted the media its on wrong, or did something with the permisions13:20
Raz0Ri looked at the permissions it said read and write for root, all else read only13:21
Raz0Rso i thought that meant only root could delete them?13:21
ablomenyeah thats right13:21
Raz0Rbut i shouldnt do it with thunar?13:21
ablomenbut if you need to remove it with root, use a terminal13:21
Raz0Ris there any particular reason for this?13:21
Raz0Rnot meaning to sound rude! just wondering why? :)13:22
ablomenmore then one, you make mistakes easyer with something like thunar (you dont remember your root and do something, you drag something to somewhere where its not supposed to be, etc) then with the terminal, and every application you run as root deminishes the security of your system13:22
ablomenif you run thunar as root and there's a security hole in it, somebody that exploits that hole can have access to everything on your pc, not just your personal files13:23
Raz0Rthanks for the tip :)13:23
ablomennp :)13:23
* Raz0R starts up a terminal to rm /root/.Trash13:24
ablomenRaz0R, watch everything your gonna do twice/three times though13:24
Raz0Rbut as long as it's trash its ok yes?13:24
Raz0Rits just that the trash folder is taking up about 40 gb of space !!13:24
ablomenyeah, but i'd first cd to the trash folder, ls to see if you are in the right folder and there is no stuff you want to keep, and then remove13:25
Raz0Ryeah cool13:25
ablomenand best is, if its all mpg's you want to remove, to type rm *.mpg, just to be shure :)13:25
Raz0Rcool :)13:26
Raz0Rhey man, im in the root folder but when i do dir or ls nothing happens13:26
Raz0Rdo i need to do sudo?13:26
ablomenls  -a :)13:28
Raz0R:) im a n00b lol13:28
Raz0Rthere is no trash folder though?13:29
ablomenhmm, no .Trash?13:30
Raz0Rshall i pastebin?13:31
ablomenoh whait, .Trash is gnome, its in .local/share/Trash/files13:31
ablomenand .local/share/Trash/info13:32
Raz0Rthanks mate13:32
Raz0Rlol sorry ive got another problem13:33
Raz0Ralex@desktop:/root/.local$ cd share13:33
Raz0Rbash: cd: share: Permission denied13:33
Raz0Rany ideas why that would be?13:39
ablomenyeah you have to be root first13:47
ablomensudo su and then cd to the right folders :)13:47
Myrttisudo su?13:48
Myrttisudo -i works fine13:49
Myrttidon't use sudo su13:49
ablomenor that :)13:49
ablomensorry, old habbit of mine13:49
Raz0Rwhats sudo su do?13:52
ablomenRaz0R, it makes you log in as root, but sudo -i is better, should use that13:52
Raz0Ri used -i13:53
Raz0Rall done now13:53
Raz0Rback to 60 gb free instead of 20 gb free :)13:53
TailsfanHi There, What is the minimum RAM Needed for Xubuntu?14:02
microwaveranyone experience installing openoffice.org on xubuntu?14:24
viddis there a setting in synaptic to make it auto-update on launch?14:29
th0rmicrowaver, just install openoffice.org via synaptic...it will install all the pieces14:32
microwaveris there a xubuntu variant voor the desklet in gnome?14:49
ablomenmicrowaver, if you mean gdesklets, you might wanna give conky a try, might be what you are looking for14:49
microwaverablomen, conky looks a lot like qps14:50
microwaverWhat i meant is, in gnome you have something called deskbar or something14:51
microwaverin which you put a piece of the name of the app and it searches for thinges called like that14:51
ablomenah the deskbar applet, you can use that on xfce too, install >> xfce4-xfapplet-plugin - Gnome applets plugin for Xfce panel14:52
ablomenthen add that applet to your panel, when you added that, you can use that applet to add deskbar14:53
ablomen(and other gnome applets if you want to)14:53
jan___hi all. May I ask a question related to mutt?14:54
viddjan___, you can ask....if anyone knows the answer, they will tell you =]14:58
jan___cheers vidd14:58
viddso what is your question14:59
jan___I access my ISPs IMAP mailbox. Everything works fine, except for switching to different folder with 'c'14:59
jan___I can see the actual folders in my mailbox, but if I select one, there is no content14:59
jan___I guess I miss a configuration option in my .muttrc14:59
viddand you verified there are actual files in the folder?15:00
jan___yup. When I access my mailbox with thunderbird. all is fine15:01
jan___I change for example into the folder info15:02
jan___-- Mutt: Directory [=Info/], File mask: !^\.[^.]15:02
jan___this is what I see on the bottom15:02
jan___but I don't see the actual content of the folder info15:02
viddis the folder "info" a seperate folder from "Inbox" or a sub-folder of "Inbox"?15:03
jan___info is a seperate one15:04
microwaverablomen, haha :) problem is, I want a similar for my xcfe applets (since I don't even have the gnome one installed anymore15:04
ablomenwell you have verve commandline applet, but it has a lot less features... (as in only one... you type the command you want and press enter and it runs it)15:06
viddok...im looking15:07
jan___thanks a lot vidd. highly appreciated15:07
microwaverablomen, something alike, well, i'll just click in the menus's and terminal then15:08
wolsis xubuntu just as logalized to german as ubuntu is?15:09
wolsie a non english speaking user can use it?15:09
jan___wols it is, at least partly15:10
TheSheepit uses the same translations15:10
wolsthat partly I don't like :P15:10
TheSheepwols: you can always help transalting at http;//translations.launchpad.net15:10
jan___e.g. it's Applications > Büro15:11
wolsthe user in question has a K7 900 with 256MB so I thought xubuntu is a better fit. comes from windows and not really a clue about linux or computers in general but the constant spyware cleaning and fixing has to go15:11
jan___or Places > Papierkorb15:11
wolsbetter fit than ubuntu that is15:11
jan___nahh performance wise use xubuntu15:11
wolsTheSheep: my personal love is debian and debian only :)15:12
jan___or recommend gOS15:12
wolsyes I thought so. with his ram xubuntu is a better fit than ubuntu15:12
TheSheepwols: I think these translations go upstream so you'd also help debian15:12
jan___That's a nice one for a complete newbie to linux15:12
jan___as I'm on holiday right now I guess I can help to translate TheSheep15:13
wolsinstalling on a C2D but latter putting the hdd into a k7 should pose no problems right?15:13
jan___That should be fine wols15:14
wolsthank you15:14
jan___you're welcome15:15
jan___@TheSheep: Should I search for xfce on the translations page?15:16
TheSheepjan___: I suppose you should just search for the apps that are missing translations on your system15:16
viddjan___, im getting flooded with calls today....15:21
viddperhaps someone else can help you =\15:22
* vidd is @ work15:22
jan___don't worry vidd. Thanks a lot anyway15:23
jan___now the TheSheep got me interested into giving something back to the community anyways :P15:24
viddjan___, check out http://wiki.mutt.org ... it might help you15:31
Raz0Ris it possible to see the chipset of my wifi card using some command?15:33
jan___cheers vidd15:35
jan___Raz0R: check out http://linux-wless.passys.nl/index.php15:37
Raz0Rjan___ thanks mate15:37
jan___you're welcome15:38
th0rRaz0R, lspci -v | less15:38
jan___Raz0R: what kind of wifi card is it?15:38
jan___express, usb?15:38
jan___does lspci give you any information?15:40
Raz0Rnot on chipset15:40
Raz0Ri just get this: http://pastebin.com/m6e9e4a8915:40
wolsRaz0R: if you have network access, sudo update-pciids15:42
Raz0Rok thx15:42
wolsthen the unknown device should go away. I presume you have ausb WLAN adapter?15:42
Raz0Rno its pci15:43
Raz0Rthe unknown device is my wifi adapter15:43
wolsthat's odd15:43
Raz0Ryes, esp. as im connected throught it now15:44
wolsRaz0R: lspci -nn15:44
wolsthere are numbers in brackets at the end then. tel us those numbers15:44
Raz0R00:09.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Belkin Unknown device [1799:700f] (rev 20)15:45
wolsrealktek 8185. ugly15:45
wolsrtl8185 driver if you are lucky or ndiswrapper othrewise15:46
Raz0Rim using ndiswrapper at the moment, didnt realise i could get the proper driver15:46
Raz0Rwols how did you find that out?15:47
wolsgoogling 1799:700f15:48
Raz0Ri see, and that is only relating to this card yes?15:49
wolsyes. PCI IDs are unique15:56
Raz0Rits a realtek 8185L :)16:04
Raz0Ri took the card out to check16:05
Raz0Rto change the driver from the ndiswrapper one what do i have to do remove all the old stuff?16:07
Raz0Rdo i need to remove ndiswrapper, etc?16:11
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:13
viddRaz0R, http://paste.ubuntu.com/29624/16:14
viddhello cody-somerville16:14
Raz0Rvidd thanks ill try that16:14
cody-somervilleHello! :)16:14
Raz0Rhi can anyone help me installing driver for my wireless interface card16:32
zizou03I'm kind of in need of some help (somewhat new with linux)16:39
cody-somervilleRaz0R, whats your problem?16:41
zizou03I installed Xubuntu on my old pc (p3, 256mb ram) and figured I'd use it as small home server.. I installed xubuntu and now would like make it possible to access it with both the Macs and PCs in the house... I installed Samba (at least, I think I did) and well, when I connect to the xunbuntu box I can connect with my username & password which I made but it just shows an empty directory..16:41
zizou03I've changed the home directory of the specific account to root just to see if it would show something yet nothing appears..16:41
cody-somervillezizou03, can you pastebin /etc/samba/smb.cnf ?16:41
zizou03Sure, give me a sec16:42
Raz0Rcody-somerville my wireless card has no drivers installed16:42
Raz0Rcody-somerville when i do lshw -C network it lists my device, but there is no driver, i have the native linux driver buti dont know how i set it up16:42
cody-somervilleRaz0R, what is your device?16:43
Raz0Rcody-somerville its a wireless adapter (belkin f5d7000) using chipset rtl 8185L16:43
Raz0Rcody-somerville i downloaded the linux driver for this chipset from the realtek site, i just dont know how to install it, etc16:44
Raz0Rcody-somerville its just sitting on my desktop16:44
zizou03Cody-somerville, do you mean smb.cnf or smb.conf?16:44
zizou03(the latter I assume?)16:44
cody-somervillezizou03, which ever one exists :)16:44
cody-somervilleRaz0R, No documentation on their website? :(16:45
cody-somervilleRaz0R, link to where you got it?16:45
zizou03conf ;) For a second I got confused and though I didn't install it properly, that's why I asked.16:45
Raz0Rcody-somerville http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=1&PFid=1&Level=6&Conn=5&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#RTL8185L16:46
zizou03should be ik16:47
tech404I have a file .suspended in my root.... i'm guessing its from a failed attempt to suspend my computer. Is that correct? Can I delete it? I don't need the computer to suspend but I am curious about the file.16:47
cody-somervilletech404, I wouldn't touch it if I were you.16:48
cody-somervilletech404, playing around like that is what messes up people's computers :)16:48
zizou03Cody-somerville, cheers for the help you're giving =-)16:49
tech404yeah.... it belongs to root and is in my root file so I am very hesitate to do anything to it but for the same reasons I want to know what it is and why it is there16:49
tech404root directory that is16:50
zizou03Cody-somerville, nevermind16:50
zizou03I forgot to remove a whole lot of comment signs in the conf file16:50
cody-somervillezizou03, hehe16:50
zizou03that's probably why it's not really working :)16:50
* cody-somerville has to get back to work.16:50
zizou03I'll uncomment them and let oyu know :)16:50
zizou03ok, have fun! :p16:51
Raz0Rcody-somerville did you have any ideas?16:55
Raz0Rcan anyone please help me16:56
Raz0Ri need to specify a driver for my wireless adapter16:56
cody-somervilleRaz0R, calm down : ) no need to panic16:57
cody-somervilleClick Applications > System > Hardware Drivers16:57
cody-somervilleThat should take care of it, I believe16:57
Raz0Rcody-somerville thankyou, and sorry :)16:57
Raz0Rcody-somerville all thats listed there is nvidia graphics driver?16:58
cody-somervillehmm... Okay.17:00
cody-somervilleRaz0R, I have to get back to work. I'll see about assisting you further later.17:00
cody-somerville#ubuntu might also be a place to get help17:00
Raz0Rcody ok thanks, im already there :)17:00
jan___I've mounted a vfat formated external drive17:21
jan___/dev/sda1 /media/STUFF vfat rw,user,auto,umask=000 0 017:22
jan___whenever i mv or cp something on it17:22
jan___I receive a cannot preserve userrights error17:22
jan___can I turn this off somehow?17:22
jan___preserving times for > Operation nor permitted17:24
jan___any idea?17:24
thinkmassivejan___, is it formatted as ntfs or fat?17:31
thinkmassivethat would probably prevent you from preserving permissions, since they don't store unix permissions17:31
thinkmassiveoops, I mised the vfat part, but yeah that's probably why17:31
jan___thanks thinkmassive17:32
jan___so there's nothing I can do about this perserving permissions thing17:33
jan___unless I format the device to ext3, which I can't :P17:33
thinkmassivejan___, you could make a tar file and store that on the vfat filesystem17:39
TheSheepthinkmassive: fat can only store files up to 4GB17:40
thinkmassivecompression might save a good amount of space17:40
TheSheepthinkmassive: tar doesn't compress by itself17:40
Raz0Rhow do i tell xubuntu what driver to use for a piece of hardware?17:41
TheSheepRaz0R: it oautodetects, for the ones where there is choice, go to system->hardware17:41
thinkmassiveTheSheep, right, but using a z or j flag does17:41
viddis there a way to force synaptic to reload (like apt-get update) on launch?17:44
Raz0RTheSheep but it doesnt have the driver for this hardware17:45
viddRaz0R, what hardware?17:45
Raz0Rbelkin f5d7000 wireless network card17:46
Raz0Rusing rtl8185L chipset17:46
Raz0Ri have the linux driver for it17:46
Raz0Rbut when i try and run the ./wlan0up part of the driver installation i get this17:46
vidddid you verify that the driver is not blacklisted on your system?17:47
Raz0Rvidd that device has no blacklisted drivers as far as i can tell17:47
Raz0Rsorry i dont understand?17:47
viddwhat device?17:48
Raz0Rthe interface card17:48
viddthe computer17:48
Raz0Rits a desktop pc17:48
evilbughow can i access the gnome audio preferences panel? (something like gnome-power-preferences but for sound?)17:48
viddok....the issue is that the intalation program you are running is looking for files that are either not on your machine, or are not in the folder the app is looking at17:49
viddhow did you get this driver?17:49
TheSheepevilbug: click on the whistle icon on your panel17:49
TheSheepevilbug: or in the settings manager17:50
Raz0Rvidd its from here: http://willdaniels.co.uk/articles/howto-guides/10-howto/12-r8180-hardy17:50
viddTheSheep, is the volume applet active by default now?17:50
evilbugTheSheep- there is no way to access the exact gnome pref panel for that?17:50
TheSheepevilbug: sure, you can install gnome and then you can access the gnome panel17:51
evilbugTheSheep- right.17:52
viddRaz0R, where did you unzip the folder to?17:52
Raz0Rvidd desktop17:52
viddand did you "cd Desktop/[name of folder] before step 4?17:54
Raz0Rim in the right place :)17:57
viddif you browse that folder, do you see the files listed?17:57
vidd.... are you working as root?17:59
viddor are you using sudo?17:59
Raz0Rand i dont see the files18:00
Raz0Ri see some, but not those18:00
viddrun the ./makedrv again....pastebin the output for me18:00
viddRaz0R, ill be back in a little bit18:02
Raz0Rok ill pastebin it:18:03
* vidd is back18:13
viddok.... Raz0R ...18:17
viddcd to /home/alex/Desktop/rtl8185/rtl818518:17
Raz0Rvidd yes18:18
viddthen run sudo ./wlan0up18:18
viddany luck now?18:19
Raz0Rjust a se18:20
viddwhoops....drop the last directory18:22
viddcd to /home/alex/Desktop/rtl8185/18:22
Raz0Rsame thing as before18:23
viddpastebin the wlan0up file for me?18:24
Raz0Ris it because the device is in use???? i also see that thjere are errors from the makedrv part18:26
viddthe device is in use?18:27
Raz0Ryeah im using a ndiswrapper driver on it18:27
Raz0Rotherwise no internet connection18:27
viddyeah....that would mess it up18:28
Raz0Reven though the makedrv isnt installing the ko files?18:28
viddbut it IS making the files18:28
Raz0Ryou sure?18:29
viddat least....its supposed to be18:29
Raz0Ri did locate r8180.ko and it found nothing18:29
Raz0Rman this is confusing :)18:31
viddi would disable the ndiswrapper and retry18:31
viddthe worst thing to happen is nothing =]18:31
Raz0Ris there a way to diable ndiswrapper without deleting it all, because otherwise i have to re set up ndiswrapper18:31
viddTheSheep, does modprobe -r ndiswrapper turn off ndiswrapper or unintall it?18:32
TheSheepunloads it from teh kernel18:32
th0rTheSheep, it removes it18:32
viddso modprobe -a ndiswrapper would reload and he would not have to restart from scratch?18:33
viddRaz0R, if you "sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper" it will take ndiswrapper "offline" and you can bring it back with "sudo modprobe -a ndiswrapper"18:37
Raz0Rok thanks ill try that in 5 minutes18:38
Raz0Rim talking to someone else who says they know what the problem is18:38
viddah...if they get it to work....give me a heads-up =]18:38
Raz0Rok :)18:42
Raz0Rvidd it seems i didnt install build essential19:04
Raz0Rlol i know what a n00b!!!19:05
viddit was step 119:05
Raz0Ryeah i assumed i had it :)19:06
vidda good rule of thumb....19:06
Raz0Rbrb just disabling ndiswrapper19:07
jan___vidd: regarding my mutt question earlier on.19:20
jan___it was a pebtac19:21
jan___I selected the Imap folder with 'enter' instead of 'space'19:21
jan___'space' shows the content of the selected folders19:21
whileimhereHey folks I was wondering is there a way to open up the volume dialog without placing it into your panel?19:41
Odd-rationalewhileimhere: well, in terminal do "alsamixer"19:42
whileimhereI was hoping that I could find it under the appliications buttone19:43
th0rwhileimhere, install the alsamixergui and it will appear in Multimedia19:46
whileimheregot disconnected there19:50
whileimhereWill gnome icons work with XFCE?19:50
th0rwhileimhere, install the alsamixergui and it will appear in Multimedia19:50
whileimhereokay cool on that.19:51
th0rwhileimhere, you will have to install a lot of gnome support libs19:51
whileimhere Darn.19:51
whileimhereNot worth it then19:51
whileimhereI am just working on making it look good and xfce-look has very little to go on.19:52
whileimhereWhy is it that my Trash icon and the home icon on the desktop cannot be positioned to close to the screen border or the panel?19:53
viddIf i understand your question correctly.....19:54
viddthe desktop icons are posistioned into a grid and each grid-square is larger then the icons19:55
whileimhereyeah that sounds right19:55
viddim sure there is a method to "trim" the padding around your icons19:56
whileimhereProbably a real pain to do19:56
viddbut i never cared enough to fool around with it =]19:56
Raz0Rhow do i prevent ndiswrapper from running at bootime?19:57
whileimhereI would like to run AWM but it goes slow on my machine.19:57
TheSheepwhileimhere: xfce4-mixer19:57
viddI only found this out when i had too many desktop icons, and when i removed items, it didnt auto-arange19:57
TheSheepwhileimhere: you can make a launcher for it19:57
Raz0Ri want to see if i can load alt driver but dont want conflict19:57
TheSheepRaz0R: add it to the balcklist19:58
TheSheepRaz0R: in /etc/modprobe somewhere19:58
viddTheSheep, ya beat me to it again19:58
whileimhereTheSheep thanks I will check on it.19:58
TheSheepRaz0R: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist19:58
Raz0Rthesheep just type ndiswrapper?19:59
Raz0R(in that file()19:59
TheSheepI guess so19:59
whileimhereOkay here is a tough one. Is there a way to get rid of the trash and home icon on the desktop?19:59
TheSheepwhileimhere: yes, you should have checkboxes in teh desktop settings19:59
whileimhereIn the behaviors tab of the Desktop Settings I see that my SHOW ICONS FOR: boxes are all unchecked.20:00
whileimhereyet I still have them on the desktop20:01
TheSheepwhileimhere:type 'xfdesktop --reload' in terminal20:02
whileimherewill that close whatever I am downloading?20:03
TheSheepno, it will just reload your background20:03
whileimhereOkay they are still there.20:03
TheSheepok, then try killing it and starting again: killall xfdesktop20:04
TheSheepthen alt+f2 and type xfdesktop20:04
whileimhereokay once more does this stop my downloads?20:04
TheSheepno :)20:04
whileimhereno change20:07
whileimhereoh hold it20:07
whileimherethey just all went away20:07
whileimhereof course I cannot do anything on the desktop20:08
whileimhereI cannot right click for a menu or anything20:08
TheSheeppress alt+f2 and type xfdesktop20:08
whileimhereokay desktop back but so are the home adn trash icons20:09
TheSheephrm :/20:09
TheSheepweird, maybe it's taking them from defaults20:09
whileimhereoh never mind its not a big deal really.20:09
whileimhereI just turn all icons off20:09
TheSheepdefaults are define in /etc/xdg/xfce4/desktop20:09
TheSheepyeah, that's a good idea, icons on dekstop are only distracting20:09
whileimhereLOL yes20:10
whileimherehow can I tell what the name of my wireless device is?20:10
TheSheeptry lshw20:10
whileimhereThat tells me alot but not what the name of the device is.20:11
evilbughow can i see and connect to other computers in my network?20:11
whileimherelike etho1 and such20:12
TheSheepah, then try ifconfig20:12
th0rwhileimhere, also try lspci20:12
whileimherethat was it20:12
ewomermy sister did an update and now her wireless wont connect20:13
whileimhereWhere are icons stored that are not user installed?20:13
ere4siwhileimhere:  /usr/share/icons20:15
whileimherei see that the compositor doesnt differentiate icons on the panel from the panel itself so making the panel transparent takes the icons with it.20:15
TheSheepwhileimhere: yeah, it sucks20:17
Raz0Rhello, ive just updated to the 2.6.24-21 kernel and i can only have my resolution as 640x48020:21
Raz0Rcan anyone help20:21
viddRaz0R, you must have the wrong display adaptor selected20:23
Raz0Rvidd a message came up at boot saying running in low graphics mode or something?20:24
Raz0Rplease type in caps as it is very hard for me to see anything20:24
viddthen pm me20:24
ewomerRaz0R, you need to re enable the restricted drivers20:34
Raz0Rno i checked that already :P20:35
ewomerATI OR NVIDIA20:36
Raz0Rgeforce 4 ti 420020:36
Raz0Rno im on pc20:37
ewomerafter updateing the kernel will my sister need to reinstall ndiswrapper and or the atheros drivers20:40
ewomerwhat is the dpkg reconfigure command is it dpkg-reconfigure or dpkg-configure -?20:42
=== favfro is now known as ere4si
ewomeris ndiswrapper and the windows atheros drivers still needed for the wireless atheros cards20:44
RandyboYCan i/how can i open a .uif image? (Not by burning on cd)20:47
th0rRandyboY, you might try fuseiso, but I don't know if it will do a uif or not20:56
th0rRandyboY, I know it handles iso files just fine20:56
RandyboYmh, ok, could try that20:58
th0rRandyboY, you might also want to follow up on this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68928520:58
DARKUSi installed xubuntu on my p3 256m ram20:59
DARKUSand i don't have sound20:59
DARKUScan somone help me?21:00
DARKUSi have another problem21:00
viddDARKUS, laptop or desktop?21:00
viddhave you verified the speakers are on/plugged in/volume up?21:01
DARKUS00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 05)21:01
DARKUSi really don't have the icon of the sound21:01
DARKUSnear the time...21:02
DARKUSit's ubnormal21:02
viddyou can add the icon for the volume control by right-clicking on the panel, add, volume manager21:02
=== w4ett-Away is now known as w4ett
viddso you have sound....just not the icon?21:03
Raz0Rfixed it but i can now only get in to xubuntu using the recovery mode for that  kerenel21:03
viddRaz0R, im out of ideas then21:03
DARKUSi don't have sound at all21:04
Raz0Rseems to be working21:04
viddDARKUS, did you add the volume control icon?21:04
TailsfanHi There, Can Xubuntu can installed on a 64 MB RAM System?21:04
viddDARKUS, right-click and choose "properties"21:05
Genelyknot , very low ram21:05
viddhit the drop-down for "Device"21:06
TailsfanSo I can't run it21:06
viddwhat choices do you have?21:06
viddTailsfan, 64mb would be better served on something like Damn Small Linux21:07
viddDARKUS, intel and default?21:07
DARKUS#0: Intel 82801BA-ICH2, default, #1: MPU-401 UART21:08
viddselect #021:08
viddset the slider to maximum, and set the speaker volume (if you can contol it) to about halk21:11
viddthen play a sound21:11
DARKUSi have an icon near the time21:14
DARKUSit says unable to get data21:14
viddwhat app are you using to play a sound?21:15
viddis totem's volume turned up?21:15
vidddouble-click your volume control icon21:16
DARKUSit's in max21:16
viddare you playing a cd?21:16
viddset pcm to max21:17
viddwhen you open the volume control applet,21:18
DARKUSi have turned all in max21:18
viddyou have a slider for Master, Master Mono, 3D Control Sigmatel-Depth, .....21:18
vidddo you have a cd you can play a real song from?21:19
viddone that you dont need a codec installed to listen to?21:19
vidd(i.e. not an MP3)21:20
* vidd does not know if MP3 playback is auto-enabled by default21:21
DARKUSi rebboot21:24
jan___vidd: might this help DARKUS? > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats21:24
jan___I guess mp3 is also a restricted format21:24
viddwelll....it depends....21:25
jan___he should do a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras21:25
viddi dont know if it is or is not21:25
viddi just want to see if it's his card or the file21:25
jan___I see21:26
jan___could also be a DRM issue21:27
jan___so a good point to let him test21:27
* vidd does tech suport for an ISP....21:28
viddtroubleshooting from the ground up is always the path of least resistance.....if the client co-operates!21:28
jan___that's true21:30
jan___I do the same for an insurance company21:30
jan___sometimes it's a pretty hard job21:30
jan___it's a great thing that you help other people here21:31
jan___hi Dark_Shadow21:31
Dark_Shadowthat's me DARKUS21:31
viddok....you get a music cd?21:32
Dark_Shadowafter installing the new packets21:32
Dark_Shadowmy pc don't boot21:32
Dark_Shadowit says starting...21:32
viddwhat new packets?21:32
Dark_Shadowand stop there21:33
Dark_Shadowthe update21:34
Dark_Shadowi don't know what to do21:34
viddis it still trying to load?21:34
Dark_Shadowit stops21:34
viddok....let me re-phrase....21:35
viddare you talking to me on that machine or a different machine?21:35
DrarokIs there a pre-made image for USB booting a xubuntu image? I'm on a Mac, which it would appear syslinux doesn't support.21:36
jan___you could make your own stick21:37
jan___follow the instructions on www.pendrivelinux.com21:37
DrarokI'm trying to, but I can't use syslinux to make it bootable...21:37
DrarokAh, a new link. I was following the ubuntu wiki21:37
jan___there are some manuals for ubuntu, that will work with xubuntu as well21:37
jan___follow this one: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/05/21/usb-xubuntu-804-persistent-install-from-live-cd/21:38
Drarok"via a running Xubuntu 8 Live CD. "21:38
DrarokBah :(21:38
jan___you have it installed somewhere?21:39
jan___Or you wanna create it out of windows?21:39
jan___or MacOS?21:39
DrarokI don't have Windows...21:39
DrarokIt'd be nice to just get an img and dd it onto my stick, tbh.21:39
DrarokI'll have to buy some CDs at this rate. I thought it'd be trivial to make an ISO boot on a USB stick21:40
viddDrarok, you have an intel-based mac?21:41
DrarokSeems everything requires syslinux in some way or other.21:41
Drarokvidd: Yeah21:41
jan___It would be if you find and image that you could dd onty your stick21:41
viddthat you want to install linux on?21:41
DrarokXandros is annoying the tits offa me21:42
viddthere is a eeepc version of ubuntu or xubuntu out there21:42
jan___yeah one for a sd card installation21:43
DrarokYeah, they still all follow the same steps as regular 'buntu21:43
Drarok"Burn this to CD, then insert stick, blah blah".21:43
DrarokSeems a waste.21:43
viddbut you can make it off the eeepc21:43
jan___Seems like a handy script is on the way21:43
Drarokvidd: You'd think so, huh?21:43
DrarokNo gcc on Xandros... O_o21:43
viddhow much extra hd space you have on that?21:44
DrarokA gig, maybe?21:44
thinkmassivemy ctrl, alt, and shift keys just quit responding normally, and pressing ctrl made firefox crash21:44
thinkmassiveanyone seen this?21:44
thinkmassiveit happened after I ran vmware server console21:44
viddim thinking qemu21:45
viddbut you dont have enough hd space21:46
viddyou have a real computer?21:46
* Drarok rolls eyes21:46
vidda desktop or laptop?21:46
DrarokWas inevitable, really :P21:46
viddsomething with more hd space21:47
DrarokI'd say a dual dual Xeon is pretty "real"21:47
DrarokI've got shedloads of space on the Mac21:47
viddso do this....21:47
viddget qemu running on the mac21:47
viddget the iso of the instalation disk21:48
viddand mount the iso as a "fake" cd21:48
viddmake the qemu run xubuntu21:48
DrarokBoot a VM from the live CD, follow guide?21:49
DrarokGeniusly hacky.21:49
viddthen have the qemu'd xubuntu make the usb stick'21:49
DrarokUnlike my typing >_<21:49
viddmy motto is "Hack till it hurts....i mean works"21:49
jan___nice idea!21:50
jan___he could also set up an tftp hosting a netbood image21:50
jan___and then ...21:50
DrarokI've done that before, took a while.21:50
jan___netboot even21:50
viddthis is how i got it on a system that had a burned out cd rom21:50
DrarokI've already got a BSD box doing my internet routing...21:50
Dark_Shadowvidd, i'm talking from another machine21:51
viddDark_Shadow, ok....does [ctrl][alt][f1] bring you to a command line?21:51
Dark_Shadowhave i to reinstall xubuntu?21:51
viddDark_Shadow, reboot into recovery mode21:52
Dark_Shadowanything happen21:52
Dark_Shadowafter opening the pc21:52
Dark_Shadowand the grub start21:52
Dark_Shadowit says starting...21:52
Dark_Shadowthat's all21:52
Dark_Shadowi can't run recovery mode21:52
Dark_Shadowi don't have the log in screen21:53
viddso do you see the count-down?21:53
Dark_Shadowi rebooted 4 times21:53
viddyou should see a 3 second countdown21:53
Dark_Shadowthe same thing21:54
viddhit [esc]21:54
viddhit [esc] befor the count-down is done21:54
Dark_Shadoweuuh grub start21:54
viddyou should see a list21:54
Dark_Shadowthe problem is after that grub runs21:54
Dark_Shadowi don't see anythig21:55
viddwhen you see the list, choose an older kernel21:55
viddthen re-install =[21:55
viddif i was there, i might be able to do something else21:55
Dark_Shadowi don't have any other OS21:56
viddbut from here, i see no other option21:56
Dark_Shadowtell me what can i do21:56
Dark_Shadowi'll try21:56
viddi have to go home now =[21:56
viddwork day is done21:57
viddill be back on in about an hour or 221:57
DrarokMan oh man qemu is sloooooooow21:58
DrarokEither that or 'buntu has crashed at the slash screen...21:58
DrarokOoh! Progress bar!21:58
ewomerin /etc/init.d/ should there be ant eth0.* or wlan0.* files or only just networking22:04
ewomerim trying to help my sister after an update issue with atheros wireless card on a laptop22:06
ewomerndiswrapper dosent work anymore22:07
ewomerso im trying to get her to install madwifi from source22:07
ewomerbut she cant even get lan running22:07
Odd-rationaleewomer: just networking in /etc/init.d/22:09
ewomerok thanks22:09
=== RedSonja is now known as scarletrae
ewomermy sister has a toshiba sattlite with a realteck lan card and after the update neither wired nor wireless works22:29
ewomerany one else have a problem with lan not working after an update22:29
ewomershe has hardy xubuntu installed22:30
maxamillionRaz0R: hi22:35
Raz0Rhave you any experience with the new kernel (2.6.24-19)22:35
Raz0Ri mean -21 :)22:36
Raz0Rdont know hwy i just did that22:36
DrarokArghghghghg I can't get a Terminal in Q >_<22:38
Raz0Rcan anyone tell me how i prevent the splash screen when booting xubuntu??22:39
th0rRaz0R, in /boot/grub/menu.lst change splash to splash-verbose...I think that will do it. But it then displays the startup messages that are being recorded by the system22:40
Raz0Rthats what i want22:40
th0r(splash=verbose)...note the equal sign22:40
Raz0Ralso, for some reason i dont have the network manager connection symbol at the top right anyone know why?????????????22:43
Popolonis there any project to subdivide by default the multimedia menu by several menues (audio/video/disk/...)23:06
Popolonthis loooong list is really a pain23:06
Raz0Rare there any alternatives to network manager??23:07
Raz0Rare there any alternatives to network manager??23:08
glitsj16Raz0R: some swear by WICD, never used that personally .. there's a thread at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=587010 that might be of use ..23:11
Raz0Rive tried wicd23:12
Raz0Rdidnt work23:12
Raz0Ri think i have a problem with nm because i have no connection icon is sys tray23:13
floatingdid you see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/23/shuttleworth_apple_challenge/23:31
ewomerafter installing modules/drivers from source and then installing them will she need to update modules23:32
Raz0Rcan anyone tell me why xubuntu hangs at boot? its hanging at the part where it says "setting the system clock"? thanks.23:45
cody-somervilleRaz0R, Is this on a hard drive install or live cd?23:51
Raz0Rcody-somerville hdd23:52
cody-somervilleDid it just start doing it?23:52
cody-somervilleIs it intermittent?23:52
Raz0Rits only when i try and boot into the new -21 kernel23:52
cody-somervilleIt sounds like you need to file a bug report :)23:53
cody-somervilleYou can do so by visiting http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug23:55
Raz0Rok thankyou ill do that23:55
Raz0Ralso, how can i check if my wireless driver is installed correctly? i have no wlan0 device?23:55
cody-somervilleI have a wireless device and I have no wlan0 device :)23:56
Raz0Ri have no wlan device23:57
Raz0Rat all no wireless interface shows up when i do iwconfig23:57
=== aanderse_ is now known as aanderse-64bit
cody-somervilleRaz0R, then no, your device isn't detected correctly.23:58
Raz0Rcody-somerville ok is there anyway to see what driver it is trying to use??23:58
cody-somervilleRaz0R, you could try looking through the logs, I suppose23:59
* cody-somerville is not a wireless guru :(23:59

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