Odd_Blokejelmer: Are they general changes, or bzr-git specific ones?  (i.e. will they be forwarded upstream?)00:00
a7pbpeterson, and you do get the progress bar?00:00
a7psomething really seems to be messed up here ...00:00
jelmerOdd_Bloke, they're generic00:01
bpetersonas in [                          ] Transferring ?00:01
Odd_Blokejelmer: Do you think it's worth getting the package uploaded and waiting for the patches to make it into mainstream (as bzr-git isn't production-ready yet anyway), or would you prefer them to be included in the packaging and forwarded upstream that way?00:03
a7pbpeterson, exactly, that's the thing I am talking about.00:03
bpetersona7p: it's not doing anything if that's what you mean00:03
a7pnot even [ .. ] get's displayed here ...00:05
* a7p will read the manual and come back in a few minutes00:05
bpetersonmaybe your terminal is messed up00:05
a7pworks fine with anything else ... and I did not change anything from the defaults ...00:07
a7pbut nevertheless, likley ..00:07
a7p-v also gives me nothing00:08
a7pahhh ...00:08
jelmerOdd_Bloke, I don't think it's worth bothering to include them in the package atm00:09
Odd_Blokejelmer: OK, that makes my life easier for the time being. :)00:10
bpetersona7p: the branch complete successfully for me00:16
a7pbpeterson, okay, thanks for your help ... something really seems to be messed up with my MacOS installation ...00:18
Odd_Blokejelmer: If you have time, I'd appreciate you giving the package a quick once over, as it's the first package I've created from scratch. :)00:20
jelmerOdd_Bloke, is there a bzr branch I could review ? (-:00:20
Odd_Blokejelmer: I haven't made the jump to using bzr to version my packages.00:21
Odd_Bloke(So no. ;) )00:21
a7pmmm ... does not work in xterm either ... so I guess I can exclude terminal-compatibility problems.01:04
Verteroka7p: are you still having problems with bzr-eclipse branch?01:12
Verteroka7p: I'm upgrading the branch to packs ATM01:17
a7pVerterok, I'll give it another try01:29
a7pVerterok, but my MacOS-bzr installation seems to be at least partial guilty ..01:29
Verteroka7p: it's still upgrading, I'll let you know when it's done01:30
a7pVerterok, thank you very much.01:30
Verteroka7p: are using the Tiger DMG?01:30
a7pno, Leopard01:30
Verteroka7p: I asked, because I'm the maintainer of  the Tiger DMG :)01:31
a7psorry, do not have a tiger at hand.01:32
a7pVerterok, but your bzr displays the progress bar, doesn't it?01:32
Verteroka7p: it did the last time I tested it (I'm using bzr.dev ATM)01:34
Verteroka7p: did you upgraded bzr from a previous dmg install?01:34
a7pVerterok, nope, fresh install ..01:35
a7pVerterok, strange the progressbar ist displayed when I co with --lightweight ...01:37
a7pI'll give the trunk a try, see if my problem is fixed there.01:38
Verteroka7p: maybe it's a knit<->packs problem (I'll digg the reported bugs)01:39
Odd_BlokeIs there any chance I could get http://blog.daniel-watkins.co.uk/tags/Planet%20Bazaar?flav=rss added to Planet Bazaar?01:47
jelmerOdd_Bloke, please mail poolie01:51
awmcclainI have a remote, read-only SVN repo. I've created a bzr branch from it, made changes, and checked them in. Now, I want to use bzr diff to make a patch of all the changes I've checked in against the HEAD revision of the svn repo; how do I do that?01:56
Odd_Blokejelmer: Will do.01:58
Odd_BlokeThanks. :)01:58
a7pVerterok, just gave 1.6b4 a try - it works fine01:58
Verteroka7p: great to know01:58
a7pVerterok, am able to checkout bzr-eclipse and the progress-bar gets displayed.01:58
* Verterok wonders if it's time to build a 1.6bx DMG for tiger01:59
Verteroka7p: the upgrade to packs is still running :P01:59
jelmerawmcclain, bzr diff -rbranch:svn://....02:02
a7pthought so, got a warning from the new bzr.02:02
a7pso, thanks for your help and the trunk-hint ... have to sleep now02:02
awmcclainjelmer: Ah, of course. Thank you. When you branch off of an svn repo, does it save the original path anywhere?02:03
jelmerawmcclain: .bzr/branch/branch.conf should contain the original url02:03
awmcclainHrm, empty.02:03
a7pone more thing *g* ... should I file a bug for the nonexitant progress bar and the knit fail of bzr 1.5?02:04
awmcclaini'll just look it up again02:04
awmcclainjelmer: Any way to see what SVN revno I originally branched from?02:06
Verteroka7p: I assume it'll be marked as fixed, but do it anyway if you think it should be there for ccurrent 1.5 users :)02:10
jelmerawmcclain; in newer versions of bzr-svn, the revno is listed in "bzr log"02:15
rockyis there anything similar to psvn.el for bzr/emacs ?03:43
bob2does vc-bzr.el count?03:44
rockynot really ;)03:45
bob2vc in recentish emacs cvs (or bzr;) has apparently incirporated incorporated some psvn features03:46
rockyweird... anyone using DVC because i have no idea where to begin with it04:04
mtaylorrocky: ?04:17
rockynvm ;)04:17
rockydecided i'll stick with cmdline bzr until i get familiar enough with it04:17
mtaylorfair enough04:18
ToyKeeperrocky: Bzr has lots of good documentation, plus built-in help.  'bzr help' or 'bzr help commands' is a good place to start.  :)04:47
Ryan52Can I combine 2 commits somehow?07:42
bob2you could branch from before the first one, then merge them in together07:44
Ryan52then will there be no way to tell that it was ever 2 separate commits?07:44
Ryan52(that's what I'm trying to get...)07:44
luksif they are the last commits on the branch, you can just uncommit twice and then commit07:46
* Ryan52 will try that next time07:49
markhis anyone able to help me diagnose why bzr-svn says "not a branch" for a URL that svn is working fine with?08:17
dwtHey guys, I'm having a problem compiling the bzr-svn exgtension on mac os x08:31
dwtbecause I't complains that my svn libraries are not fat08:31
dwtbut instead thing (only for i368)08:31
dwtbut I couldn't find a way to teach setup.py to only build i368 binaries08:32
dwtas a result of this, bzr now always segfaults when loading08:32
dwtwhich makes it a bit hard to use...08:32
bob2markh: is bzr-svn working in general?08:35
markhbob2: I'm not sure to be honest08:36
markhI'm trying to find out :)08:36
markhI'm on windows, but there are no obvious deps missing.08:37
bob2bzr selftest -s bzrlib.plugins.svn08:37
markhouch - "exceptions.ImportError: cannot import name make_file_knit"08:38
bob2are you using bzr.dev?08:39
markhyeah, about a week or so old08:40
bob2and which version of bzrsvn?08:41
markhlatest I could find - 0.4.10 - but it complains about being too old08:42
bob2get the bzr-svn 0.4 branch08:42
bob2I'm pretty sure bzr.dev generally requries dev bzr-svn08:42
markhok cool, thanks.  I'm actually trying to package windows binaries, so was trying to stick to "known" versions when I could - I'll give that a go.08:43
bob2then you'd want bzr 1.5 and bzr-svn 0.4.whatever08:43
markhtrying to package ready for 1.6 ;)08:44
markhand include the current state of tortoise which I'm working on. I'm hoping to be able to include the svn plugin as a convenience.08:45
markhand trying to learn how it working in the meantime :)08:45
bob2you want 0.4.11, which is unreleased08:49
bob2so 0.4 trunk08:49
dwtPing.... can anyone help me with my bzr-svn compile problem?10:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sunday10:02
dwtbob2: so thats the problem... nobody in. :)10:04
bob2it's the weekend, yo'll have better luck during the week or asking on the list10:08
dwtah well, probably.10:10
dwtThanks for the answer bob2!10:11
AnMasterwell I'm in but I never used bzr-svn10:15
LarstiQdwt: I have never seen that error.10:15
LarstiQdwt: so I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, could you elaborate on it a bit?10:16
dwtLarstiQ: Well, I'l paste a complete build log if you like - maybe I'm hunting for completely the wrong thing10:16
LarstiQdwt: sure, I can try and look at that.10:16
dwtuhm, which paste is preffered here?10:16
LarstiQdwt: your libsvn is i386 only?10:16
LarstiQubottu: paste?10:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about paste?10:17
dwtjup, installed via fink10:17
LarstiQdwt: I don't really care, use rafb.net/paste/ myself10:17
LarstiQI see.10:21
dwtits a bit strange really, if I look at the backtrace of the crash10:21
dwtit looks like its really the libsvn that has the error10:21
LarstiQdwt: I'd be interested to know where setup.py gets its gcc line from, notably the -arch ppc10:21
dwtyeah, me too.10:21
dwtthe setup.py file itself doesn't contain a thing in this direction, sadly.10:22
dwtSo it probably is something from distutils.extension10:22
LarstiQdwt: what does apr-config give you?10:23
LarstiQdwt: apr-config --cflags  I guess10:23
dwt-g -0210:23
LarstiQok, that's not it then10:24
LarstiQdwt: can you print the repos SvnExtension extra_compile_args?10:25
dwtjust a second10:25
dwtlooks innocent too:10:27
dwtkwargs: {'libraries': ['svn_client-1', 'svn_subr-1'], 'extra_link_args': ['-L/sw/lib', '-lapr-0'], 'library_dirs': ['/usr/lib'], 'include_dirs': ['/sw/include/apr-0', '/usr/include/subversion-1']}10:27
* LarstiQ dives further into distutils10:28
dwtis there a way to get those out after distutil did it's magic with them?10:29
LarstiQdwt: to test if it is really the fatness of the lib, you can rerun the gcc commands yourself, without -arch ppc10:30
* dwt slaps his head10:31
dwtwhy didn't I think of that before?10:31
* LarstiQ still searches on for distutils knowledge10:31
dwtI'l try that10:31
LarstiQdwt: it's early? :)10:31
dwtLarstiQ: I did have a nice breakfirst with self-baked bread before though.10:32
LarstiQdwt: also, try: from distutils.sysconfig import get_config_vars; get_config_vars()['CFLAGS']10:33
LarstiQdwt: ooh10:33
* LarstiQ skipped breakfast today since he is going to a Nepalese restaurant for lunch in half an hour (and I got up at 11.00)10:34
dwtLarstiQ: Well, no luck there either:10:35
dwtGet Config Vars: -fno-strict-aliasing -Wno-long-double -no-cpp-precomp -mno-fused-madd -fno-common -dynamic -DNDEBUG -g -Os -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -DMACOSX -I/usr/include/ffi -DENABLE_DTRACE10:35
dwtnot even in any of the config vars. :/10:36
LarstiQah, but that does mean it is gcc $CFLAGS -arch stuff etc10:39
dwtLarstiQ: Sorry, I don't follow...10:41
dwtgot it10:41
dwtstill unsure where it comes from though10:41
* LarstiQ plods on10:42
LarstiQdwt: hmm10:49
LarstiQdwt: do you have $CFLAGS set in your env?10:49
dwtLarstiQ: well, not at all: echo $CFLAGS10:50
* dwt returns nothing10:50
* dwt is currently looking at the distutils source of Extension.py10:50
LarstiQdwt: I'm looking at syconfig.py customize_compiler()10:52
LarstiQdwt: how about CCSHARED?10:53
dwtthe environment variable?10:53
dwtno env of that name here10:53
LarstiQdwt: does it still segfault if you build thin by hand?10:54
* LarstiQ starts rounding up to leave the house10:54
dwtdamn, I'm not done with that yet10:54
dwtI'l hurry10:54
bob2not using distcc or ccontrol or anything?10:56
dwtbob2: Not that I know of10:58
dwtLarstiQ: Compiling it by hand, it still segfaults10:58
dwtnot sure thogh that distutil isn't doing any more commands it doesn't show on the shell10:58
* LarstiQ runs off10:59
LarstiQdwt: maybe jelmer has an idea10:59
dwtHe probably has. :)10:59
dwtThanks a lot for your help though!10:59
dwtjelmer: you don't happen to be around?11:00
_amanica_jelmer: Is the loggerhead and bzr-gtk bundles supposed to show up in bundle buggy?11:18
_amanica_because I know that bundle buggy can now support multiple projects, but I'm not sure how one is supposed to know from the frontend which bundles are for which project..11:20
jelmerdwt, Hi11:29
jelmerdwt, I'm around but I have no idea about Mac OS X11:29
dwtjelmer: well, first Thanks for answeing11:30
dwtand second: after investigating this a bit it doesn't seem so much like a problem of building fat binaries vs thin binaries11:30
dwtburt more like maybe a bug in the bindings11:30
dwtwhich causes a null pointer to be used11:30
dwtjelmer: Maybe you could have a look at the stacktrace after a crash? http://rafb.net/p/p4boYu29.html11:31
dwtI had a look at initrepos in repos.c - and it did look innocent to me - but I don't know the subversion libraries at all11:31
dwtso maybe you can see something there11:32
jelmerdwt: not sure what could be buggy there11:35
jelmerdwt, so it could indeed be a local issue11:36
dwtmaybe my svn libraries are buggy?11:37
dwtI'm still on 1.5.0 something11:37
dwtand not on 1.5.111:37
dwtDo you know anything there?11:37
jelmerdwt, not sure, it seems strange this sort of bug would end up in a release11:40
jelmerdwt, I would suspect it's related to Mac OS X11:40
dwtok, thanks a bunch11:40
dwtI'l look into this more11:40
dwtif I see something I'l report it back here11:40
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mrZebyhi all15:44
mrZebythere is somebody here ?15:44
mrZebysomebady read me ?15:47
mrZebyhello bob2 thanks for answering... i just would to be sure my irc client run correctly :-) have a nice day.15:51
nico-inattenduHi, i m a almost newbie on bazaar i try to set up a Distributed development workflow. And i ahave som e questions on the usage? and when to make commits. In the example given in tutorial http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/index.html#distributed-development , a branch mirror is created , then each modifications are made in new branches ( features branch). But i don't understand  what action to do when a modification is d16:22
bob2(truncated after "modification isd")16:23
luksanyway what's causing this: bzr: ERROR: Directory not empty: "/srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/push-branches/00/00/1d/59/.bzr/repository/lock/lzvfsm4v4t.tmp": [Errno 39] Directory not empty ?16:44
lukson bzr push16:44
luksoh, nevermind, it's probably a new "repository locked" message16:44
Peng_Is it possible to convert a lightweight checkout to a stacked branch?17:18
Peng_Really? Where do you set what it's stached on?17:23
jelmerPeng_: i would imagine it would create a new branch that is stacked on the branch your lightweight checkout is using17:28
Peng_I'm just not seeing this.17:37
Peng_"bzr reconfigure --tree" obviously turns it into an independent branch. Where do you tell it to stack?17:38
Peng_Oh, right, isn't stacking on rich-roots broken anyway?17:39
jelmerPeng_: I would imagine it to be possible to use a --stacked argument to reconfigure17:42
jelmernot sure if such a argument is there yet though17:42
Peng_jelmer: There isn't one in the help17:43
Peng_Yeah, there isn't one.17:44
Peng_Is it supposed to be possible to run "bzr branch --stacked some_rich_root_pack_url"?17:50
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jelmerPeng_: yes18:00
Peng_I think there's a bug open about it?18:07
Peng_jelmer: Is it just me, or is "bzr log" not showing the svn revisions anymore?20:17
jelmerPeng_, I think it's you :-)20:17
jelmerPeng_, you mean the "svn revno" entries in bzr log, right?20:18
Peng_jelmer: Yes.20:18
Peng_Great, it works on one branch, but not another.20:18
Peng_In fact, it works on one branch of the project, but not another.20:19
Peng_jelmer: It doesn't show it on new revisions I just pulled, but it does on older revisions.20:19
jelmerPeng_, it doesn't list them for revisions that have been created with bzr20:19
Peng_jelmer: They weren't.20:20
jelmerPeng_, does "bzr log --show-ids" show svn-v3: revids?20:20
Peng_jelmer: No.20:20
* Peng_ blinks.20:21
jelmerare you sure that branch was created with bzr-svn?20:21
Peng_I've had the branch for months, and I frequently "bzr pull" new revisions from svn.20:22
jelmerwhat do the revids look ?20:22
Peng_Like normal bzr revids.20:22
jelmerthat would suggest the branch you pull from is either a regular bzr branch or the revisions in svn were created with bzr20:24
jelmeror perhaps it's not a bzr-svn branch but a launchpad import ?20:24
Peng_The developers are transitioning to bzr-svn, so that's probably it.20:24
jelmerit's not possible to retain the svn revno for that sort of revision since revisions are immutable20:25
Peng_Yeah, they were made using bzr.20:26
Peng_Thanks. :)20:26
awilkinsmarkh: bzr-svn win32?20:37
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awilkinsmarkh: ping?21:44
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pooliehello all23:55

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