XJmanHow long does it typiclly take to install samba?00:00
XJmanObviously not as long as the article said00:00
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guidoI'm having a BadMatch Error with KWin, anyone knows how to fix this?00:22
Atheossapiensis there anybody here that can help me with the configuration of a broadcom 4310 for wpa00:25
Atheossapiensi am running kubuntu00:25
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:26
Atheossapiensthe internal card works with routers that dont have encryption turned on00:27
crimsunAtheossapiens: AFAIK you'll have to use ndiswrapper.  b43 does not support it yet.00:27
Atheossapiensit works with the wl.o broadcom driver00:28
Atheossapiensdoes that mean that only non-secure routers will work with that driver00:29
gooseiberApparently Netgear now do an open source router00:29
crimsunno, that is not the case, Atheossapiens.00:29
gooseiberI was looking at getting one00:29
guidoI'm having a BadMatch Error with KWin, anyone knows how to fix this?00:29
Atheossapienscrimsun: the wl driver works great for non-secure routers00:30
gooseiberSome routers provide for mac code locking even without WPA00:30
crimsunAtheossapiens: what is "wl"?  ndiswrapper?  b43?  b43legacy?00:30
Atheossapiensi have a versalink 327w router/modem. wl is the broadcom driver that comes with ubuntu00:31
crimsunAtheossapiens: so...b43?00:31
crimsunAtheossapiens: (you can check via lsmod)00:31
Atheossapiensall it says is wl00:33
Atheossapiensit is a proprietary driver00:33
gooseiber_I recently installed Kubuntu after using Gnome for a while and I am puzzled as to why the Konqueror start page link "Kubuntu Documentation" doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else experienced this? Where is the link "help:/kubuntu/" meant to point to?00:43
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Atheossapiensjust now i tried using wlassistant to connect and i received this error: network is unreachable, connection failed, stderr: error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A): set failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument00:53
Atheossapienswicd gets as far as trying to get an ip address and then it fails00:54
hatmanhi all !00:55
g16hi hatman00:56
hatmanI'm trying to use my ATI card with dual-head (dual screen), but it only works before I login to KDE... Any Idea ? It seems KDE stop dual screen mode :-(00:56
hatmanI have the proprietary driver of ATI...00:56
Taladanhere's a question - how do I change my default file browser in Kubuntu in 7.1001:01
inavathello.  I've been messing around with aticonfig and other stuff, trying to get my svideo-out to work.   I must've screwed something up, because the next time I rebooted, I just get a black screen.  When I went into recovery and had it reinitialize my xorg.conf, it worked again, but I'm not using the fglrx drivers anymore.01:02
inavathello.  I've been messing around with aticonfig and other stuff, trying to get my svideo-out to work.   I must've screwed something up, because the next time I rebooted, I just get a black screen.  When I went into recovery and had it reinitialize my xorg.conf, it worked again, but I'm not using the fglrx drivers anymore.01:02
BluesKajTaladan: sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser, then some apps like IRC clients01:02
inavatanyway, When I switched back to the copy of xorg.conf I had been using before I started messing around, I still get the black screen01:02
BluesKajwill need to reconfig01:03
Agent_bobi'm having an issue with k3b   it fails to burn anything.   is there some specital module i might need to modprobe?   ide dvd burner  ?01:03
BluesKajinavat:  which ati card ?01:04
TaladanBluesKaj: Not the webbrowser...the file browser01:04
TaladanThat's for the web-browser, ne?01:04
Agent_bobdoes k3b need hald to work ?01:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about d3lphen01:05
Agent_bobwell spelli it right and it will work01:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about d3lphon01:06
Agent_bobf ?01:06
BluesKajTaladan:  sorry , open konq /settings/configure konq/file associations/inode/directory/ choose konq , move up ..same goes for system directory01:06
ubottuDolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.01:07
Agent_bobTaladan   ^01:07
TaladanAwesome...you guys rock!01:08
TaladanThanks to both of you01:08
BluesKajNP Taladan01:08
TaladanAnyone else ever notice that the icons slowly 'fade' out in Dolphin as you mouse over them?01:08
Agent_bobif i could spell pea without doing it,  i might be more helpful01:09
TaladanOr is that just an oddity that I've seen?01:09
Agent_bobnow why won't my k3b burn a dvd ?01:09
Agent_bobhmmm odd output    http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d6d496e6d01:11
zabbadappAgent_bob: is there a file > 4Gig on the dvd? i think there was (is?) a general problem with that ... several files that together is >4Gig or an iso that is >4Gig is no problem to burn ...01:12
Agent_bobthe dvd is blank01:13
TaladanBad dvd maybe?01:13
zabbadappi mean that you try to put on it01:13
Agent_bobTaladan second disk same error  so i doubt01:13
Agent_bobzabbadapp the total size is  < 2g01:14
TaladanYou burning an ISO or just creating a Data disc?01:15
Agent_bobdata disk01:15
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Agent_bobi'm thinking that something that k3b relies on is not active.   hal  dbus   udev   something....01:17
guidoWhenever I logout or restart from KDE, KDM crashes and the computer just hangs in there until I hit ctrl-alt-backspace01:18
guidothoughts anyone?01:18
Agent_bobguido yeah  try  ^C  to see if it's a command loop01:18
Agent_bobwhen it hangs01:18
guidook, I'll give that a try now, brb01:19
Agent_bob 01:20
TaladanAgent_bob: what version of K3b do you have?01:21
substratewhenever I try to startx it tells me it doesn't have write access to ~/.ICEauthority.  This started happening after I tried to install KDE4 using "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop".  I'm wondering if a bunch of permissions got messed up because I used sudo?  Wouldn't this happen to everyone that tries to run that command (pulled from kubuntu's website)01:23
guidoAgent_bob: I tried that ctrl c thing but nothing happened01:23
guidoI had to ctrl-alt-del to kill kdm01:23
Taladansubstrate: you can always try sudo chmod 777 ~/.ICEauthority01:25
substrateyea i was thinking of doing that last night but I haven't used linux in so long I forgot the chmod mask (or whatever you call it)01:27
substratei'll try right now01:27
inavathi.. I'm trying to get svideo out.  I have a mobility x1400.  I run the "ATI Catalyst Control Center", which is supposed to auto-detect the svideo out as a second display, but it doesn't01:27
TaladanAnd Agent_bob Looks (from googling) like this is a known bug with K3b, but I'm not finding a fix for it yet01:27
substratelemmie restart x .. brb01:29
Agent_bobguido i hope you mean  ctrl+alt+backspace   not ctrl+alt+del    ?01:29
guidoAgent_bob: nope.. had to do ctrl-alt-del, it just froze there without responding01:30
guidoAgent_bob: I did the chkdisk afterwards01:30
Agent_bobTaladan don't waste your time.    it's not a bug per'se cause it works when i boot with *buntu defaults  but not in  lean/mean mode.01:30
Agent_bobguido use gdm ?01:31
Agent_bobguido more than one way to defur a feline01:31
guidoAgent_bob: but wouldn't that create conflicts or whatever with my kubuntu?01:31
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TaladanAgent_bob: Are you by chance trying to burn an mp3 or mpeg on there?01:31
Agent_bobto both questions   ^01:32
substrateyea i still get a bunch of other errors after kde starts about write permissions.  anyway, i installed kde4 using the command from the kubuntu website but if I just type "sudo startx" at the console it starts kde 3, not kde 4.  any ideas?01:33
Taladanhm, well, the only other suggestion that I saw that might work is set multisession mode off and set it to DAO burning.01:33
Agent_bobsubstrate own your home.   you probably did something with sudo that you should only do with kdesu01:33
Agent_bobTaladan i'll let you know when i find it.   and i will find it.   thanks for the effort.01:34
* Taladan nods01:34
TaladanJust like to return the favour when I can01:34
substrateAgent_bob:   umm,  own you home?  what?01:35
TaladanAnd I'm like you - I'll sit there and stew about an issue for months if I have to, but eventually work out a way to find the answer.01:35
Slurbanyone know anything about a microsoft laser mouse 600001:35
substrateit shoots lasers01:35
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Slurbyes invisible ones at that01:36
substrateand i prefer led to laser01:36
Slurba laser is brighter01:36
substratei find the led mice dont have as much shutter on rough surfaces.01:36
Agent_bobsubstrate    sudo chown $USER -R $HOME01:36
Agent_bobjust like i typed it   ^01:37
substrateif i use my razer copperhead (laser) on a cloth surface it tracks worse than my razer diamondback (led)01:37
Slurbthis one is pretty nice, it plays warsow well01:37
substrateAgent_bob:   ok tu i will try01:37
Slurband its wireless01:37
substrateme no likey wireless  (laggy)01:37
guidodoes anyone know why could a vbox windows lose its shared clipboard ability?01:38
Slurbi can scroll across four desktops in about 10 inches of space01:39
substrateAgent_bob:  well i did the sudo chown but it says cannot start kde something config01:41
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substratei just want to try to get kde4 working01:41
Agent_bobsubstrate what "something" ??01:43
substrateahhh i could restart x i suppose ... i tried remembering it but im baked01:43
guidoOk, fixed the clipboard thing.. it had been disabled by vbox01:43
substrateAgent_bob:     kstartupconfig01:44
substrateagain, using "sudo startx" i get no errors01:44
substratewhat is the proper command to start kde4 from console/01:45
substratei use startx but it doesn't start kde401:45
Agent_bobsubstrate sudo startx ????  why on earth would you start it as root ?01:47
substratethe reason is that i cannot start it otherwise01:47
substratei get the kstartupconfig error01:47
substrateand the .ICEauthority error01:48
substratethis was all after trying to install kde4 as root01:48
Agent_bobyeah becaue root owns you now....01:48
substrateme thinks it overwrote a bunch of files with root permissions01:48
substratebut kubuntu's fucking website said to do it that way01:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sisusb01:49
Agent_bobyes.  so kill xorg   and run   sudo chown -R $USER $HOME01:49
Agent_bobthen without sudo....     startx and see if it errors01:49
substrateAgent_bob:  do you run kde3 or 4?01:49
Agent_bobsubstrate not if i can help it i don't01:49
substrateconsole or gnome / other?01:50
substrateyea me likes console too01:50
* mlLK just installed kdebase, kdm, and xorg w/ apt-get on a heron server and the login screen displays (along w/ a functioning cursor) but doesn't respond01:50
Agent_bobi run console and typo mostly01:50
mlLKis there a way to install kdebase bypassing acpi ?01:51
substratei just wanted to see kde4 ... that's all .... that's all ... so simple.  no ?01:51
* Agent_bob couldn't see why kdebase would depend on acpi01:52
mlLKi've had the same issues before w/ ubuntu-desktop and i would often boot the live cd to safe-graphics mode and this fixed my problem01:52
substrateright on Agent_bob that works good01:52
mlLKcept i don't really know what to do in context of apt-get01:52
Agent_bobsubstrate for the record.   if you ever have to startx as root   either use   sudo -i    and then startx   or  sudo su - startx   or something that will set the full environment to root   and not just execute the command as root....   saves lots of headaches   "MINR"01:54
simuladoes anyone have an opinion on the best video card for kubuntu (x86)?01:55
simulai'm swapping out the guts of my main box01:55
substrateafter the kernerl and stuff is done loading, what file does it read from to start x and your wm and stuff?  it seems to start up x in a different way than "startx" does from the console.  fresh boot = kdm with kde4 look, but startx from console starts kde301:55
Agent_bobsubstrate init  and the inittab file in /etc01:55
substratekk tu me go look01:56
Agent_bobsubstrate don't ask me to explain the "upstart" aproach that *buntu now uses.  i'm a sysV init guy01:56
Agent_bobsimula yeah i have one.     best is the card that will do what you want it to do at a reasonable price and is fully supported by FOSS      that last phrase would exclude ati and nvidia01:58
ubottufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing01:58
Agent_bobfirst link   ^01:58
simulaso agent_bob, what card would that be?02:00
simulai would love to grab an open spec card, but i don't know of any02:01
substrateso, let me get this straight, kdm is the kde desktop manager, and it controls which version of kde starts?  if i wanted to start kde4 instaed of kde3 i would have to modify some sort of kdm config file?02:02
Agent_bobdoesn't have to be open spec,  just fully supported.     i.e.  if they will only furnish propritary driver for linux    avoid it if possable.   if it's supported natively  in linux and some are,  then see if it meets the other conditions02:03
Agent_bobsubstrate no.   kdm is kde's   "display" manager.   i.e. it's responsable for the graphical login process02:04
substrateok, so for some reason i have kdm4 running (i.e. the new look with smooth black finishes on the windows) but after the login is complete kde3 starts.02:05
Agent_bobsubstrate and no.  no modification should be required.  there should be an option at login to "change session"  and you should see the kde4 listed02:05
substrateoh yes i remember that now.  i saw that a couple days ago.  the fonts are microscopic in kdm for some reason so i haven't bothered looking at it again02:06
Agent_boball  *dm's try to respect the users "default session"02:06
substrateanother thing screwed up =)02:06
substrateis it possible to logout of kde back to kdm without shutting down x ?02:06
substrateso that i can start kde4 instead of 3 ?02:07
Agent_bobsubstrate for magnifying  try   ctrl+alt+-    and use the mouse to mover the screen around02:07
substrateok brb02:07
Agent_bobsubstrate in theory yes.   in practice   well  not exactly02:07
Agent_bobsubstrate let me explain that02:08
Agent_bobsubstrate when you select to "end current session"  it does kill the xserver and restart it back to the kdm login.    it's a quick blink  that most don't notice02:09
substrateoh ok i see02:09
Agent_bobbut it is actually killing x there.  or "resetting" it.02:09
substrateyou would have to edit the logout process02:10
substrateto not kill x then02:10
substrateif its possible02:10
Agent_bobyeah.  but there is no point in it.02:10
substrateyea most ppl wouldnt bother02:10
substrate1 sec brb going to try kde402:10
Agent_bobthat half second saved wouldn't be worth the added "possable left running" processes02:10
simulaagent_bob, do you know of any video cards that meet that criteria?02:12
Agent_bobi think i will build another initramfs image that doesn't use udev and test k3b with static device nodes.   "Agent_bob isn't a udev fan anyway"02:12
Agent_bobsimula haven't kept up with the newer stuff  but intel has built several02:13
simulathanks for the intel suggestion agent_bob, i'll look into it02:14
Agent_bobs3  used to was.      i don't think they are even in business anymore02:14
Agent_bobthat was an old skewl thought,  disreguard it.02:14
Agent_bob!hardware | simula02:15
ubottusimula: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:15
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag02:15
simulathanks for the hardware list agent_bob... much appreciated!02:16
Agent_bobsimula there are other lists on the interweb too02:16
Agent_bobmaybe better suited to your search.02:16
simulacool, i'm searchin02:16
simulathat page has two great links02:17
Agent_boblink is big ?02:17
Agent_boboh great as in "you likey"   never mind.02:17
Agent_bobsubstrate root ?02:18
substrateyo yo02:18
substrateumm no02:18
substratejust regular startx02:19
substratebut kde4 has microscopic fonts02:19
substrateso now im back in kde302:19
Agent_bobk just making sure you are fully aware of the implications of irc'ing as root02:19
substratefunny how kde4 is all black except for the "start menu"  (I'll call it)  and applications02:19
substratei know i know .. someone hosed my box a long time ago when i did that02:20
Agent_bobsubstrate i'm not familear with kde4  does it not have kcontrol ?    you should be able to "zoom in" use kcontrol and set all fonts to a larger size...  err at least that would work in kde302:20
substratei dunno.  i dont even know what kcontrol is :o/02:21
substrateyou're talking to a complete linux noob here =)02:21
* Agent_bob likes xorgs native ability to zoom the entire display02:21
* Evil_DuDe likes to bring his head really close to a monitor02:22
Agent_bobsubstrate it's found in kde3 under kmenu > system settings    or you could just  alt+f2 type in kcontrol02:22
substrateyea i did ctrl-alt-+ but it just made the microscopic blurry fonts macroscopic blurry fonts   (i.e. the fonts were 3 point so that on the pixel level they were blurry.  even if blown up you can tell what the letters are, LOL)02:22
Evil_DuDesounds kinda serious02:22
substrateis ctrl-alt-+ the same thing as kcontrol ?02:22
Agent_bobsubstrate did you hit it again and again till it looped all the way back to normal ?02:23
Agent_bobsubstrate no.  it is nothing like it.02:23
substratena i left it on macroscopic level02:23
Agent_bob!kcontrol | substrate02:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kcontrol02:23
Agent_bob!info kcontrol | substrate02:24
ubottusubstrate: kcontrol (source: kdebase): control center for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu7.2 (hardy), package size 2841 kB, installed size 9096 kB02:24
substratekcontrol = windows control panel?02:24
Agent_boband is installed by default in kde302:24
Agent_bobsubstrate more like windows  "my computer"  in some ways02:24
Agent_bobi.e. control pannel is in there too02:25
substrateoic oic02:25
substratelike system -> manage02:25
substratebut not really02:25
substrate i mean right click my computer -> manage02:25
Agent_bobhave a look and make up your own mind.02:25
Agent_bobthe structure is very reasonable after you stop thinking in M$ terms and think about kde in linux terms02:26
Schuenemannhey, how do I install a screensaver from kde-look.org ?02:28
user1what are the ways to install a .deb ?  i cant install it with gdebi ?02:28
* Agent_bob thinks that if M$ wants to "own" software, they should pay off the national debt of their home country.02:29
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Agent_bobuser1 sudo dpkg -i file.deb02:29
Agent_bobSchuenemann the kde-look site should explain how02:29
user1Agent_bob:  ok02:30
phil66Which apps to use compiz-kde or compiz02:30
Agent_bob!compiz | phii6602:31
ubottuphii66: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion02:31
user1Agent_bob:  thx. it works02:31
SchuenemannAgent_bob, checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X libraries. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!02:32
Schuenemannthis is my error when running ./configure02:32
Agent_bob!find xorg-dev02:32
ubottuFound: libglu1-xorg-dev, xorg-dev, xserver-xorg-dev02:32
Agent_bobprollly install  xorg-dev, xserver-xorg-dev02:32
geniiSchuenemann: Install the -dev packages02:33
Schuenemanngenii, which ones?02:33
genii(for compiling)02:33
geniiSchuenemann: xorg-dev   at very least02:33
Agent_bobSchuenemann build-essential  for one02:33
Agent_bob!be | Schuenemann02:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about be02:34
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:34
Agent_bob!b-e | Schuenemann02:34
ubottuSchuenemann: please see above02:34
SchuenemannI already have that one02:34
Schuenemanninstalling xorg-dev (almost 13 MB)02:34
geniiSchuenemann: You may want libx11-dev besides the xorg-dev02:35
Schuenemanngenii, it's already in the dependencies02:35
mad-maxxIs anyone here a mentor in the mentoring program?02:35
Agent_bobgenii have a coffee and take over  :)   i have life in the way of irc now.02:36
geniiAgent_bob: I'll do what I can, although I AM trying to enjoy Sat night at home02:36
Agent_boblet them eat cake  :)02:37
* genii puts on another pot of coffee02:37
Schuenemanngenii, can I make a .deb from that screensaver and avoid this pain for further times?02:38
geniiSchuenemann: If you get it to the point where it could successfully do: sudo make install            then use checkinstall   instead to make the deb02:39
Schuenemannwell, checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.2 and < 4.0) (headers and libraries) not found. Please check your installation!02:39
SchuenemannI guess I need qt-dev02:39
Schuenemann!info qt3-dev-tools02:40
ubottuqt3-dev-tools (source: qt-x11-free): Qt3 development tools. In component main, is optional. Version 3:3.3.8-b-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 1205 kB, installed size 4124 kB02:40
Schuenemannis it this one, genii?02:40
geniiSchuenemann: For kde3 it's qt302:42
leba__hey, how do I change my nick here ?02:43
Schuenemannit's the headers package02:43
Schuenemannleba__, /nick yournick02:43
=== leba__ is now known as leba
geniiSchuenemann: I think the usual package is libqt3-mt-dev02:44
lebacool, thank you Schuenemann ! ;)02:44
Schuenemannchecking for KDE... configure: error: in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.02:46
Schuenemanngenii, this sucks02:46
geniiSchuenemann: It's tedious yeah02:47
Schuenemannyou know what is needed now?02:47
guido_I'm getting an error while doing a poweroff ia vbox windows: http://paste.ubuntu.com/30730/ any thoughts?02:47
geniiSchuenemann: The kdelibs-dev but forget exact version02:48
Schuenemannkdelibs4-dev is the only one I see02:48
geniiSchuenemann: I think for kde3 it's kdelibs4-dev02:48
Schuenemanntons of dependencies and 12 more MB02:49
SchuenemannI hope the screensaver is worth this all :-)02:50
Schuenemanngenii, it passed, but sudo make does not: /bin/bash: ./configure: No such file or directory02:54
geniiSchuenemann: Don;t use sudo for ./configure or for make. Only for last step of (sudo) make install02:55
SchuenemannI don't have automake anyway, do I need it?02:56
geniiSchuenemann: But in this case anyhow, to make a deb you need sudo checkinstall02:56
geniiSchuenemann: automake is part of build-essential so you have it02:56
SchuenemannI don't...02:57
Schuenemannjust checked, I have build-essential but not automake02:57
geniiSchuenemann: Well, you can just apt-get install it if neccesary. I was pretty sure it came with that package for some reason, I don't recall specifically installing it seaparately02:59
Schuenemanngenii, ok, look what I get anyway: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30735/03:00
Schuenemannwith make03:00
geniiSchuenemann: Try with -k03:01
Schuenemanngenii, now this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30736/03:01
geniiSchuenemann: Looks like something amiss with your ./configure options which made the Makefile03:02
Schuenemannany easy way to find it out?03:03
geniiSchuenemann: Usually there is an INSTALL or README which documents the ./configure options. Occasionally opening the configure.in file itself sometimes they are listed in a place there as well (but not always)03:04
Schuenemanngenii, yes, I always following INSTALL... nothing really helpful for me03:06
nonewmsgshow can i tell if i have a trojan?03:06
geniinonewmsgs: On your windows computer?03:06
Schuenemannthere is cache, help, quiet, silent, -q, srcdir, version...03:06
nonewmsgsgenii no on ubuntu03:06
nonewmsgsgenii i downlaoded a linux program from a torrent and it didnt work but it seems like some of my other torrent saves are going to my desktop instead of my normal save spot.  i checked and ktorrent is set to put them in a different folder, or am i just being paranoid?03:07
geniinonewmsgs: No windows trojans can infect linux. However some macros which may come in a MS doc file that call Visual Basic might register as some trojan. But they can't really do to much03:08
nonewmsgsgenii i am not talking about wine i am talking about installing a tarball03:08
geniinonewmsgs: Firefox will put downloads in one spot and your torrent programs will each put their files in their own specific locations03:09
XJmannonewmsgs: You should be fine03:09
nonewmsgsthanks guys.  i knew i should be fine but to hear it again always helps03:09
Schuenemanngenii, is there anything I could do now about that screensaver?03:11
geniiSchuenemann: Is te source fr it available from repositories?03:12
SchuenemannI downloaded from kde-look.org03:12
Schuenemannhere: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/KMatrix3d?content=5248303:13
geniiSchuenemann: Gimme a while. I'll look into it03:13
geniiSchuenemann: It says the source versions are for Kubuntu Edgy (6.10)03:15
geniiAnd also AMD64 kubuntu Which I figure likely for 6.10 version also03:16
Schuenemannwhere do you see that?03:16
geniiSchuenemann: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=18820403:16
SchuenemannI thought source codes like... independed from a particular version03:16
geniiSchuenemann: Not particularly. The stock or vanilla sources are "patched" for specific flavours like debian or so on. Because libraries and other things are different03:17
geniiSchuenemann: Anyhow on that same page is an i386 deb file which *might* work03:18
Schuenemannwell, how would someone not having those platforms compile it, then?03:18
Schuenemannthe .deb is for edgy03:18
geniiSchuenemann: You can try install and see if it groans about dependencies or such.03:19
Schuenemannlet me see03:19
Schuenemannit seems to be working03:20
Schuenemannand it's beautiful :D03:21
Schuenemannthank you03:21
Schuenemann(although I think it's pretty simple, I expected more)03:21
baudthiefWhen I try and start Audacious, I get the following:03:22
baudthief** (audacious:16766): WARNING **: Unable to connect to dbus: Failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus session03:22
baudthiefthen it segfaults.03:22
baudthiefTried reinstalling, etc, no luck. Any ideas?03:23
baudthiefok just installed dbus-x11, no more dbus error - but it still segfaults03:24
Schuenemanngenii, is it possible to remove the default screensavers? Most of them are very boring03:25
guido_I'm trying to fix KDM, whenever I try to close a session or restart the computer it hangs and I have to kill it from another terminal. Any thoughts?03:26
=== xyber is now known as XyBeR
=== XyBeR is now known as XyBeR9
baudthieffixed, erased config03:29
guido_I'm trying to fix KDM, whenever I try to close a session or restart the computer it hangs and I have to kill it from another terminal. Any thoughts?03:30
tomahasamootwhy does x11 need the rt kernal?03:31
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=== info is now known as intreq
BluesKajSchuenemann:  you can use your pictures as a slide show screensaver if you wish  system settings /desktop/screensaver/banners and pictures/slideshow /setup/ your pictures folder03:32
SchuenemannBluesKaj, I actually want to choose a random one, but remove those boring so they won't show up03:33
BluesKajI prefer my own pics in a random setup03:33
SchuenemannI don't want pics, I want those nice opengl ones :-)03:34
BluesKajwell , to each his own ...03:35
SchuenemannBluesKaj, any way to remove some of the default ones?03:35
tomahasamootwhy doesn't xorg start w/out the rt kernel?03:35
BluesKajdunno, never used 'em , Schuenemann03:35
guido_I'm trying to fix KDM, whenever I try to close a session or restart the computer it hangs and I have to kill it from another terminal. Any thoughts?03:36
dubbyhey anyone here know how to install kubuntu on a raid array that i set up through bios ?03:41
sooryaI am in India03:45
alt-hello soorya, i'm in france :s03:46
sooryaWhat is your nAME?03:46
BluesKajdubby , just install it like any other OS , afaiak03:47
sooryaI am using Kubuntu03:47
BluesKajcongratulations soorya  :)03:48
dubbyBluesKaj: on a raid array, its weird, i have /dev/mapper/jmicron that i can see but whenever i try to write to it it says that the file does not exist03:48
dubbyjmicron is my bios that created the raid array03:48
BluesKajwhich raid setup are you using dubby ?03:49
sooryaI am not an Linux expert03:49
BluesKaj0, 1 , 5 ?03:49
dubbyi read on google and ubuntu forums from live-cd instal dmraid first and then it would work, yet i am unable to install any application while using live cd, and i am using a striped raid-003:49
sooryaDo you know anything about ISRO?03:50
BluesKajstriped raid 0 is not recommended for safe backup of files , there's no redundancy03:50
alt-kubuntu is ubuntu with kde instead of gnome ?03:51
dubbyBluesKaj i did not want it for redundancy infact I wanted a jbod just to put like 3 200g hard drives together into a single 600, if they degrade then so be it, im trying to learn03:51
BluesKajall hdds are acting as one in raid-0 ...if one fails , your setup is screwed03:52
sooryaI want some hot websites03:52
alt-my inglish may be dirty..03:52
BluesKajif you used raid5 , then you could stripe 2 and use one as the backup03:53
sooryaLooks very dirty03:53
alt-sry :D03:53
alt-yours too03:53
sooryaAre you male or female?03:53
BluesKajalt-, yes kubuntu uses kde desktop environment03:54
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde403:54
alt-thanks BluesKaj03:54
sooryaWhere do you live?03:54
sooryaI am in Tirunelveli, South India, India03:55
duubyhey again sorry03:55
=== duuby is now known as dubby
alt-stupid question: is kde better than gnome ?03:56
sooryaHave you ever been to India?03:56
dubbyBluesKaj: sorry yes, I know the risks of a raid-0 array and still would like to place an installation upon it03:56
alt-never :s03:56
BluesKajalt-, it's a matter of taste and preference03:56
sooryaIndia is a superb country!03:57
dubbyEvery tech support call i ever made has gone to someone in inda03:57
dubbyindia *03:57
dubbyYes I know the risks involved in a raid-0 array and a jbod (which i would have preferred further) , BluesKaj, do you believe if it was a raid-1 array it would be any different?03:58
dubbyand then easier to install03:58
BluesKajyes, i think so dubby03:59
sooryaWhat's special in your country?03:59
dubbyok then that is what i shall try03:59
alt-wine !03:59
dubbythank you03:59
sooryaWhat about your countries girls?04:01
alt-they're nice :p04:01
alt-we have a lot of tourist...04:02
sooryaSaree is the sexiest dress!04:02
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:02
alt-wine is a drink :s04:03
BluesKajnot on linux04:03
sooryago to www.aol.in/bollywood to see hottest pictures04:03
sooryaAre you using linux?04:03
alt-yes !04:03
alt-for the first time04:03
alt-i'm a little bit lost04:03
sooryaWhich Linux are you using?04:04
BluesKajalt-, what are you trying to do04:04
alt-i love it :x04:05
sooryaKubuntu is better in Appearance than Ubuntu!04:05
alt-i think i gonna try to get kde04:06
sooryaWhat is the speed of youe connection04:07
BluesKajalt-, you can install kubuntu-desktop , then when you login you can choose between gnome and kde , whichever suits your fancy that session .04:07
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde404:07
sooryaDo you have any blog account?04:07
sooryaGive me some hot websites that you know?04:08
kryp7iki have a problem with my internet connection being slow04:08
alt-what do you mean by "hot"04:09
kryp7iki know in the gnome desktop enviroment in firefox you can type about:config edit options04:09
kryp7ikthis doesnt work in kde konqueror04:09
alt-what fancy mean BluesKaj ? :s04:10
=== bascule is now known as Sho-Kosugi
sooryasexy i mean04:10
kryp7iki have dsl but connecting with dial-up speed04:10
BluesKajalt-, well in this case fancy means , mood04:11
mhz128How do I force VLC or other mp3 players to open a file in the same window? instead of opening a new instance each time04:11
kryp7ikit was the ipv6 that i changed to true in firefox does anyone know if this works for kubuntu or how to access these options?04:11
alt-ok i understood ;)04:12
=== Sho-Kosugi is now known as bascule
kryp7ikis there anyone that can help me or someone that can point me to somewhere else where someone might be able to help04:12
alt-not me, sorry :s04:15
kryp7iktheres like 968759907 people in here that use kubuntu someones gotta know what the hell they are doing04:15
BluesKajkryp7ik, change it back to false then do this :open the Run Command (alt+F2) & type; kdesu kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist...then add this line : blacklist ipv6 , save the file and reboot. then open the konsole and do:' ip a | grep inet6 If there's no output, IPv6 is disabled04:16
alt-i think kde has failed to install04:16
kryp7ikthank you04:17
kryp7ikand i didnt change it to true only on another harddrive with gnome04:17
kryp7iki was trying to access it but wasnt sure how04:17
kryp7ikthanks for the help04:17
BluesKajok YW04:17
alt-"not enougth space" T_T04:18
kryp7ikkdesukate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist04:18
kryp7ikis that right04:18
kryp7ikit said could not run specified command04:18
BluesKajkryp7ik, use the run command , alt+F204:19
kryp7iki did04:19
kryp7iki didnt use the space04:19
alt-how to check space avables on my hard-drive partition for linux ?04:20
kryp7ikbetween kdesu kate04:20
BluesKajkryp7ik, let copy & paste be your friend :)04:20
kryp7ikyea yea04:20
kryp7iki did lol04:20
kryp7iki just like typing :D04:20
BluesKajI type as little as possible ..I'm so crappy at it04:21
=== Sevenhill is now known as Seven_Away
BluesKajsacktime for old guys ... night folks04:22
kryp7ikthanks for the help04:22
alt-can someone help me ?04:23
sooryaSorry I went to take my breakfast. Shall we continue France Guy?04:23
sooryaHow old are you alt?04:25
sooryaI am only 1604:26
sooryaI a Female04:26
alt-from india :o04:27
sooryaguido! want to chat with me?04:28
alt-if u want04:29
alt-but last cig for me, and i go to sleep :)04:29
sooryaNice Dreams I am leaving04:33
alt-do you have unbuntu ? i need a litte help :s04:37
bdizzleI'm using Hardy and I'm trying to get firefox to work, but it takes at least a minute to load, often freezes to a grey screen after a minute or two, and then always claims that it crashed when I try to reload it04:37
bdizzleanyone know how to fix it?04:38
bdizzlealt-, I might be able to help, though I use Kubuntu, not Ubuntu04:38
sooryaGo to http://getfirefox.com/releases Bdizzle!04:38
alt-i just need to know how to list process in the terminal04:39
alt-like to kill one...04:39
bdizzleps -A04:39
alt-thank you !04:39
bdizzlethen kill (process number)04:39
alt-you have firefox 3 K?04:39
bdizzleyeah, both firefox 2 and firefox 304:39
bdizzleneither of them worked04:39
alt-i can't help you sorry :(04:39
bdizzlewhich is angering,  I had them working before I had to reformat harddrive and reload everything04:40
sooryaTry asking you question in Yahoo Answers04:40
sooryaDownload and Install Alien Package. Then convert them to deb packages04:40
bdizzleyeah, I've got alien, but I thought that only works for .rpm files04:41
bdizzlehow would I use alien for .tar.bz files?04:41
bdizzleokay, silly question. On the package manager, it says that Firefox 3.0 gnome support is installed. Shouldn't that be KDE support for Kubuntu?04:43
alt-bdizzle:  you should try to install it :s04:46
sooryabdizzle are you female as I04:47
alt-i have to quit you04:48
alt-cya :)04:48
bdizzlehold on, I'm almost done trying to re-install04:48
bdizzlethough I'm not entirely sure how to use alien04:48
alt-i'm totally noob in linux and my english sux-a-lot04:49
=== linuxwizard_ is now known as linuxwizard
alt-i realy can't help you04:49
alt-and my bed is calling for me :p04:49
bdizzleyeah, it won't let me install it04:49
alt-so have fun04:50
alt-good night04:50
sooryaI want any Indians Please!04:53
sooryabdizzle are you an Indian?04:54
bdizzleum, no04:55
bdizzlevery very tired american04:55
bdizzlegrr, and I still can't get firefox to work properly04:55
bdizzlethis is annoying now04:56
bdizzlewhat dependencies does firefox have?04:57
bdizzlemaybe I'm missing something there04:57
=== smerx is now known as `brooks
sooryaI don't know05:00
sooryaLet's start discussing hot politics05:04
sooryaAranael! i am from India05:09
Daisuke_Laptop!ot | soorya05:10
ubottusoorya: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!05:10
guido_hey guys, can anyone tell me if my sources.list has anything wrong? http://paste.ubuntu.com/30785/05:30
Nickmeister2006greetings fellow kubuntu users05:53
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!05:59
Valros_ok i know this is very off topic but whats the price for a few gigs of data recovery off of a 2.5 inch usually run, because im sure geek squad is overpriced as hell06:05
enterusernameI am having a problem withmy overclocking for CPU and usnig speed step06:14
enterusernameand was wondering if anyone solved the issue. When i run with speedstep linux doesnt go pass the 2.406:14
enterusernamehowever ive got my system overclocked to 3.206:14
enterusernameim using cat /proc/cpuinfo06:14
Darkrift411my laptop just stopped booting.. not sure whats wrong but sometimes it will load kde and the kicker, others it wont. when it does, nothing works (doesnt finish loading my auto start programs)06:15
Darkrift411sometimes i can click the kde button and a menu will come up, but it kinda locks there06:16
Darkrift411cannot boot to console06:16
Darkrift411only thing that seems to work every time is ctrl-alt-backspace, which lets me relogin and watch it fail all over again06:16
Darkrift411anyone got any ideas?06:16
sooryaI am Online. Any one want to talk with sexy girl like me?07:07
geniisoorya: This is not a channel for that kind of discussion. Here we discuss technical issues and problems concerning the linux distribution of Kubuntu07:08
sooryaI am Sorry07:09
sooryaI am just joking07:09
sooryaInfact I am male07:09
geniisoorya: If you do not have some technical support issue involving the use of Kubuntu linux which you require assistance with then you are in the wrong place.07:10
chackal_sjchey guys07:18
chackal_sjcwhy my ~/.profile is not sourced when the system starts??07:18
Jucatochackal_sjc: http://docs.kde.org/kde3/en/kdebase/faq/configure.html#id255960407:19
Darkrift411i came home tonight to my kubuntu 7.10 laptop having internet problems (irc worked, that is all though). after trying to reconnect, i rebooted. since then i have not been able to boot up fully. kde will sometimes load, but nothing runs (my autoload programs dont even start). nothing works at all except ctrl-alt-bkspc which just restarts the loop. renaming .kde didnt help. im at a recovery console, is there anything i can do?07:19
MeWow, I have never heard of anything... like that at all.07:20
MeHave you done any console or cut and paste any script you didn't fully understand?07:20
geniiDarkrift411: In recovery kernel does it have internet?07:21
Darkrift411lately the only thing i did was installing java vm07:21
Darkrift411no genii07:21
Darkrift411ifup eth1 gives error07:21
Darkrift411unknown interface07:21
chackal_sjcJucato: and here can I edit the Xsession file?07:21
MeIs KDE your only Enviro?07:22
geniiDarkrift411: PErhaps try:         dpkg --configure -a07:22
Darkrift411gave no output07:22
Jucatochackal_sjc: "here"?07:23
geniiDarkrift411: If you shut the machine down while it was applying updates and this is the root cause of the issue, this will compell it to finish configuring whatever it was in the middle of configuring.07:23
Darkrift411nah, that didnt happen07:23
Darkrift411i rebooted normally07:23
chackal_sjcJucato: but do you know?07:23
Darkrift411and last updates i did myself (was some php updates but nothing else)07:23
geniiDarkrift411: OK. Have you scanned the drive for errors?07:23
Darkrift411no because fsck needs it unmounted07:23
Darkrift411and its mounted07:23
Darkrift411nobody can tell me any other way :(07:23
MeWhat about if he did a "sudo apt-get uninstall kubuntu-desktop" and then a "sudo apt-get install Kubuntu-desktop"?07:24
Darkrift411cant, no internet07:24
MeWould that solve the problem?07:24
Jucatochackal_sjc: what do you mean? Do I know what?07:24
sooryawilliam iam ready07:24
MeBoot up a Live CD.07:24
chackal_sjcJucato: do you know where is located Xsession file?07:24
geniiDarkrift411: If you are already in recovery kernel it's fine. Just issue:   mount -o remount ro /      then run the fsck on the / partition07:24
MeDownload the package.07:24
Darkrift411i c07:25
MeThen install in recovery.07:25
Jucatochackal_sjc: just edit (or create) your ~/.xsession file and make it source your ~/.profile file07:25
Darkrift411gave error about scanning mounted filesystems07:25
Darkrift411just continue?07:25
MeWould that work? or can you save in a live?07:25
MeNever tried.07:25
geniiMe: First to discover if hardware or software is at fault then to proceed forward once this is known.07:25
geniiDarkrift411: Yes, continue07:26
Darkrift411. /dev/sda1: recovering journal07:26
MeI'm kinda  a newbie, I may not have the best advice.07:26
geniiDarkrift411: Good.07:26
Darkrift411. /dev /sda1: clean, 560353/9535488 files, blah blocks, (check after next mount)07:27
chackal_sjcJucato: okay, thanks.. and do you know about the Xstartup??07:27
Jucatochackal_sjc: no07:27
geniiDarkrift411: OK, so software is the issue. You've already eliminated settings in .kde folder. So then most likely suspect is some modification to the xorg.conf file07:27
chackal_sjcJucato: okay, thanks anyway07:27
Darkrift411i dont see how/why07:28
Jucatochackal_sjc: also see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html07:28
Darkrift411kde LOADS, just nothing will run07:28
Darkrift411it loads, i get kicker and i get tooltips if i hover over icons on my desktop07:28
Darkrift411but clicking on anything basically locks me up07:28
geniiDarkrift411: Hmm. OK.07:28
Darkrift411kde button opens menu, but then locks it up07:28
geniiDarkrift411: What is the name of your user which logs in there?07:28
Darkrift411i created a new user, but when trying to login to that user it gave error07:29
chackal_sjcJucato: ok, is .xsession a bash script?07:29
geniiDarkrift411: It seems then to be a permissions issue07:29
geniiDarkrift411: Did you try to change permissions of the users home folder or similar lately?07:30
Jucatochackal_sjc: probably, or a shell script (not necessarily bash), that's sourced by X07:30
MeWould it load up with permission from "xinit"?07:30
Darkrift411ok, last things i did was install java vm (used isntructions on ubuntu forum)07:30
MeOr are you in an environment?07:30
MeYOu said it won't load right?07:30
Darkrift411told me to create /usr/java, download the .bin and run it. which i did07:30
Darkrift411i then installed a java web stats program07:31
Darkrift411what wont load?07:31
Darkrift411it loads07:31
chackal_sjcJucato: okay.. one stuff.. I need to start a program as root.. so the autoload will not handle it, right?07:31
Darkrift411but after it loads, nothing works07:31
geniiDarkrift411: Does: ls -la /home/darkrift       show all the things there as owned by user darkrift and group darkrift ?07:32
Mexinit, you would load as root.07:32
Jucatochackal_sjc: if you put it in /usr/share/env/, it might. if it doesn't, not sure how07:32
Darkrift411well, one thing is owned by root and in group darkrift, but thats my .lightscribe folder07:32
Darkrift411and that works fine07:33
Darkrift411well, has worked fine07:33
Darkrift411.nano_history is root root07:33
simihi, i compiled my own kernel(build my drivers and other required module into kernel), i tried 3 difrent .configure (in some i do not disable any modules) Problem is that i do not have sound or network driver07:33
geniiDarkrift411: Did part of the instructions involve adding the user to a new group?07:33
simiany ideea ?07:33
Darkrift411i did hav eto do apt-get someting alternatives-java07:34
Darkrift411and change someting in there07:34
Darkrift411which didnt work, so i used a different method07:34
geniiWait. Is this kde3 or kde4 ?07:35
geniiOK. So /kde would have been correct and not .kde407:35
geniibah typos07:35
chackal_sjcJucato: okay, I iwll try it07:35
geniiThe / -> .07:35
carib909Running  kubuntu 8.04 and kde4 trying to set up samba but error in terminal after "sudo etc/samba/smb.conf" 'cannot connect to xserver'07:36
Darkrift411is there a log somewhere i can read?07:37
chackal_sjcJucato: there is no /usr/share/env07:37
Darkrift411when kde is trying to load?07:37
carib909Any ideas why, how to fix?07:37
geniiDarkrift411: They would be mostly in /var/log07:37
geniiDarkrift411: The xorg.0.log  mostly be of interest I imagine07:37
Jucatochackal_sjc: you'll have to create it I think07:38
Darkrift411doesnt exist07:38
Darkrift411and nothing with *kde*07:38
geniiDarkrift411: Xorg.0.log    I forgot uppercase X in this instance07:38
=== ares is now known as Guest13321
geniiDarkrift411: kde does not keep it's logs there07:39
geniiDarkrift411: The logs of individual kde apps are in like /home/username/.kde/share/apps/             then appname directory. Then in there is a specific log to that specific kde app07:40
Darkrift411dont see anything that loooks like an error near the end of the Xorg log07:40
carib909Anyone well versed with samba?07:41
geniiDarkrift411: There are other logs in the main /var/log  which can also be useful for study. mostly:    messages   dmesg user.log syslog faillog and daemon.log07:43
Darkrift411dmesg looks normal07:43
carib909genii good morning07:44
geniidmesg is mainly for hardware issues07:44
geniicarib909: Hello. Although 2:44AM in my case could sort of still be evening :)07:44
carib909Only 12:44 here in Cali.07:45
carib909any idea why my editor cannot connect to Xserver?07:45
geniiWhat is the editor named?07:46
carib909genii I was using kate07:47
geniicarib909: Did you by accident use   sudo        to run it sometime previous?07:47
carib909genii sudo kate /etc/samba/smb.conf07:47
geniiInstead of for instance in this case proper kdesu07:47
carib909I sure have. Is that a bad thing?07:48
geniiYes, a bad thing but not irrepairable07:48
carib909genii please advise why and what to do next time...07:48
Darkrift411i created a new user using useradd, how do i make it so that user can be loaded with kde?07:49
Darkrift411right now i get "could not start kstartupconfig. check your installatoin"07:49
geniicarib909: Always run KDE graphical apps with kdesu when you wish to use them in admin mode. For gnome apps always use gksu07:49
carib909genii so now I broke something... how do I fix it?07:50
geniicarib909: What is the username you login as? Things in their home directory need to be changed all back to their permissions regarding kate07:50
carib909ok, so if I used "carib", how do I reset permissions?07:51
geniicarib909: Then like:   sudo  chown -R carib:carib /home/carib/.kde07:52
carib909genii sudo and not kdesudo?07:52
Darkrift411kde has no reinstall or restore?07:52
geniicarib909: sudo is for command line commands. kdesu if for running graphical apps as temporary elevated privelege07:53
carib909genii ok, let me try it..07:53
geniiDarkrift411: Unfortunately not really. You might want to last ditch try  something like sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop07:53
Darkrift411will that require internet?07:54
geniiEmphasis on "last ditch" part07:54
Darkrift411well at this point, im there07:54
geniiDarkrift411: Not usually07:54
Darkrift411im in 3 linux/kde related channels and nobody has any other ideas07:54
geniiDarkrift411: You might want to make cdrom the only repository07:54
carib909genii error says "chown: invalid option -- r"07:55
geniicarib909: upper case Rwith a - directly before it07:56
geniieg:   -R07:56
Darkrift411fsck forced a check on my drive... letting that finish07:56
carib909genii it accepted that command07:57
carib909now kdesudo kate?07:57
Darkrift411if i boot to a kde live cd, is there a way to restore or anything?07:57
Darkrift411i cant believe there is nothing i can do here07:57
geniicarib909: Good. alt-f2    then kdesu kate /file/place/name.here07:57
Darkrift411this isnt windows..... it shouldnt just die on me07:57
Darkrift411and yes..... drive errors it seems07:57
geniicarib909: kdesu is generally better at this time to use than kdesudo07:57
Darkrift411exception Emask and buffer io errors on sda107:58
geniiDarkrift411: Hmm. Maybe on partition if separate than / whic could be /home or so07:58
carib909genii type exactly that? or do I need to change to specific file names?07:59
Darkrift411automatic fsck failed. manual must be peformed then system restarted, root fs mounted in r/o mode.07:59
geniicarib909: Well, put for instance /etc/fstab   if you want to edit /etc/fstab    or so on. Use common sense07:59
geniiDarkrift411: Weird, we already did this07:59
Darkrift411last check took less then a second08:00
Darkrift411this one took a few minutes08:00
Darkrift411and the manual one im doing now is taking longer08:00
carib909genii my sense is not as common as yours. I don't know what file I need to edit to fix the problem; I am guessing /etc/samba//smb.conf?08:01
Darkrift411well, the good news is I have a dead laptop (faulty power jack) that i can take the 120g drive from and use08:01
geniiMaybe some errors developed in the meantime08:01
Darkrift411problem is i have my install perfect :(08:01
Darkrift411how do i make fsck fix problems if fs is in read only mode?08:02
Darkrift411live cd?08:02
simianyone compiled a custom kernel here?08:02
geniicarib909: If you are trying to configure samba then likely /etc/samba/smb.conf      yes. However edit with caution. In command line after saving changes run: testparm       to see that the file is corrctly formed before restarting the samba process08:02
geniiDarkrift411: No, the fsck is run as root and so doesn't care about ro mounts. It is examining the /dev/name  usually08:03
Darkrift411i c08:03
Darkrift411so it CAN fix errors?08:03
geniiDarkrift411: The readonly on mounted partition is so that things are not dynamically changing on the partition being scanned WHILE in process of scanning08:04
Darkrift411i c08:04
geniiThis leads to circular errors, etc08:04
simiis mysql requird in kubuntu? who uses it? can i stop it to start or remove it?08:08
geniisimi: 1) no    2) many people use it    3) you can stop or start it by it's startup script in /etc/init.d like: sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld stop        4) You can remove it through the package manager08:11
simigenii: thx, i will stop it starting automaticaly, maybe i will need it sometime08:12
simigenii: i belived that is posible that some kde apps store data in mysql tables08:13
geniisimi: Yes, there are many applications which can do this08:13
simigenii:  but not the core application no?08:14
geniisimi: You mean KDE itself?08:14
simigenii: i seen you here almost all the time, are you working for kubuntu ?08:14
simigenii: yes i meant kde iteself08:15
geniisimi: No, I am not even a member yet although likely I could be accepted for that if I made an application. I just use ubuntu a lot and so like to assist and socialise a bit while at my regular work, or sometimes from home as now.08:16
simigenii: what i like in kde are the apps :kate, amarok, adept , , nice application,08:16
geniisimi: As for kde itself using mysql , i have not an idea.08:16
simigenii: then i will try to see what happens, o you compiled ever a kernel?08:17
geniisimi: When i used other unix-like operating systems I compiled many kernels. But I do not bother much in ubuntu since this makes all the packages unavailable08:18
=== allen is now known as silly
lebahi !08:18
genii!hi | leba08:18
ubottuleba: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!08:18
lebaIf I want to copy the entirely contents from a windows partition from a free one using linux which command I should be using please ?08:19
simigenii: when you compiled the kernel did you tried to optimize it and build your drivers into the kernel to not be loaded as modules08:19
geniisimi: Yes, i did those things.08:20
geniileba: You want to copy your windows files to an empty partition someplace?08:20
jdbartis there a way to make my laptop moniter not come on when it's closed and i push the multimedia buttons on the front?08:20
lebagenii, yep.08:20
simigenii: and did your kernel boot faster? i made the same thing but i have problems with the sound card and network and maye other08:21
Darkrift411so those errors in fsck mean hd failure and not just bad files?08:21
lebagenii, in reality I want to move everything from d: to c: for example.08:21
Darkrift411meaning unfixable?08:21
geniileba: There are 2 possible answers depending on what you intend. The C: and D: ideas/metaphors do not exist as such in linux08:22
simigenii: i do not know what steps, data to collect to find out where is the problem08:22
geniiDarkrift411: My guess is yes impending HD booboo soon08:22
genii!compile | simi08:22
ubottusimi: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:22
lebagenii, yeah I know. I want to copy/move *everything* which is in sdb to sdb for example.08:23
geniileba: In linux you splice devices to a directory name then they are available when you list the contents of that directory. This is called mounting08:23
lebagenii, how do you call a hdd partition on Linux ?08:24
geniileba: If the destination is same size/larger you could use dd. Other option is to mount both partitions (source and destination) then to do an archival type cp command from one to the other08:24
geniileba: hdd in linux normally would be 4th IDE device08:25
geniieg: slave on second IDE cable08:25
ubuntu_I wanna mount an encrypted filesystem, but after giving the password the system says: IOCTL: LOOP_SET_DEVICE Unknown Argument08:26
geniileba: dd usage is simplest method, does a bit by bit copy including master boot record and so on.08:26
lebagenii, if I choose to use cp command it would transfer *everything* from one partition to another ?08:26
simigenii: i will restart now , i will try to extract more info about the problem08:27
ubuntu_anyone an idea?08:27
geniileba: Some Windows names are not compatible and also there is a recursing depth of directories so perhaps not all things would get copied08:27
lebagenii, so there is no way to copy the full contents from one windows partition to another using linux ?08:28
elo_u'll get errors on certain files08:28
elo_i always do08:28
lebaand how about a *blind* copy...08:29
geniileba: The dd command then. Syntax is like:  sudo dd if=/dev/inputplace of=/dev/outputplace08:29
lebasomething like copy everything08:29
geniileba: There is nothing like a "blind copy". The closest thing is like cp -dpR source destination08:30
lebagenii, but the dev units have to have the same size or doesn't matter ?08:30
geniileba: But cp chokes on directory dpths Windows allows as well as non standard characters in filenames and directories like !@#$%^&*   and so on08:31
lebagenii, dd will solve my problem, do you think ?08:31
geniileba: So log as destination device is larger than source device dd makes an exact copy of original. If the destination is larger, the extra space becomes unpartitioned hd area08:32
geniileba: You can use dd to copy a HD to a file as well, not just another partition08:32
geniileba: Then you can loopmount the file as if it was a HD08:32
lebagenii, both source and destination devices have free amouth of space.08:33
geniileba: With dd it doesnt know about "free space" on source. If sda1 has 100Gb free it doesn't care it copies those 100Gb as well to the destination08:33
geniiIt's an *exact* copy08:34
geniileba: So if source partition is say 50Gb but 40 is unused  you still need 50Gb or larger partition to copy it to, not 10Gb08:34
geniileba: To use dd to copy to a filename, use like:   sudo dd if=dev/sda1 of=/somedirectory/filename.img      where in this case sda1 gets archived to a file called filename.img   which could be mounted like a hard dive08:36
genii* hard drive08:36
lebagenii, sorry but I don't think I follow your idea. Why create a .img file ?08:38
lebagenii, what I intent to do is copy windows from one disk partition to another.08:38
geniileba: Because you don't for instance need to have a partition set aside to devote to the copy of your files08:38
geniileba: You can restore a file image of a hard drive back to a partition for instance as well08:39
geniiwith:   sudo dd if=/home/me/myoldwindrive.img /dev/sda1            for instance08:40
lebagenii, I could use xcopy from windows or robocoy from vista, but I was thinking in to use a neutral system to do that...08:40
geniileba: I've already shown you the most powerful archiving tool there is08:40
* genii puts on another pot of coffee for everyone08:43
dotancohenThanks for the coffee...08:44
geniidotancohen: Anytime08:44
dotancohenI'm having a hard time configuring Digikam08:44
dotancohenFrom SVN08:44
dotancohenI get this at the end of cmake:08:44
dotancohenCMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.08:44
dotancohenPlease set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:08:44
dotancohen    linked by target "kipiplugin_slideshow" in directory /home/hardy/digikam-notes/graphics/kipi-plugins/slideshow08:44
dotancohen    linked by target "kipiplugin_imageviewer" in directory /home/hardy/digikam-notes/graphics/kipi-plugins/imageviewer08:44
dotancohen-- Configuring done08:44
geniidotancohen: There is some feature of it the premade package does not supply which is required?08:45
dotancohenSeems that way08:45
lebagenii, if I intend to download a ubuntu live cd version can I use the desktop one or alternate would be better or none of those ?08:45
dotancohenI had to compile lots of other stuff too08:45
dotancohenLike exiv2 libgphoto and others08:45
dotancohenI did compile kipiplugins, but I cannot get around this error08:46
dotancohenAny ideas?08:46
dotancohenLeba, the alternative CD does not have a LiveCD option08:46
dotancohenSo use the Desktop CD08:46
geniileba: The desktop one boots up into a version of ubuntu which runs from the cdrom and allows a nice graphical way to install. This is good for most uses. If problems are experienced then the tactic is to go then to the alternate which offers drivers for more equipment and can work in most scenarios08:46
carib909 every time I try to browse smba shares using Dolphin, dolphin opens and then goes away. Cannot browse or see windows shares... Any help for tis?08:47
jdbartis there a way to make my laptop moniter not come on when it's closed and i push the multimedia buttons on the front?08:48
geniidotancohen: I would have recommended instead of svn to only add the deb-src repository of Intrepid Ibex into your sources and then download the alredy patched-for-ubuntu source code and try that under Hardy08:48
dotancohengenii: I am triaging bugs for digikam, so SVN it must be!08:48
geniijdbart: You want it to display only through the external port when you use the multimedia keys or some such thing?08:49
lebadotancohen, ok, thank you.08:49
lebagenii, thank you for your support ! ;)08:50
jdbartgenii, no i listen to music on it and i don't want the monitor to cause it to overheat when it's closed and it comes on08:50
Darkrift411tried to switch my drive out, but this damned laptop has a proprietary hd connector ive never seen08:50
geniicarib909: I hope you are not again using   sudo    to run this program previously08:50
dotancohendarkrift: What laptop? Are you sure it's not SATA / IDE?08:50
=== bascule is now known as [bascule]
dotancohenI doubt that you have a proprietary hard drive!08:51
geniiDarkrift411: At heart they are all either SATA or mini IDE laptop kind. But there are 3 main different kinds of connectors they generally put onto the standard drive for their specific laptop internal plugs08:51
geniiTheir converters can usually be detached with a small Philips scredriver and re-used on a standard drive08:52
geniileba: You're welcome, hope to see you soon here assisting ;)08:53
geniidotancohen: You may get more help in either #kubuntu-devel   or possibly #ubuntu-motu (they generally assist there more with packing however)08:54
birnissonhi, I don't seem to be able to start akregator in kde4... anybody else with this issue?09:00
jdbartwell I'm off, thanks to anyone trying to help me09:02
geniibirnisson: #kubuntu-kde4 please09:02
dotancohenThanks, genii, I will try there09:12
Darkrift411genii im familliar with most laptop drives and the pin converter09:13
Darkrift411but this one has 3 card edge connections under the adapter09:13
Darkrift411might be sata09:13
Darkrift411never seen a laptop sata drive before09:13
chackal_sjcdoes anyone here compiled qt4.4 ????09:20
=== qqq is now known as esay
geniichackal_sjc: PErhaps ask in #kubuntu-kde4 or so, qt4 is about kde4 and not kde3 which is here09:23
chackal_sjcgenii: no.. qt4.4 is independent about kde4....09:24
sooryaCome on Let's Chat?09:32
geniisoorya: this is not the channel for idle chat09:33
geniisoorya: Thats what offtopic channels are for09:33
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!09:34
sooryaWhat you are saying09:34
sooryaIs you real name genii?09:34
Tm_Tshe is Iineg09:35
sooryaWhat is your real name?09:36
sooryaAre you Male or Female?09:37
geniiI am gender neutral09:37
Tm_Tsoorya: that means, both if you like that way09:37
sooryaAre you nine?09:38
Tm_TI'm 113 years old09:38
sooryaI am 16 years old hot and sexy girl.09:39
sooryaDo you want me?09:39
geniiDo I have to feed you?09:40
sooryaYes feed me "Milk" if you are female09:42
geniiDoes anyone actually have any support issues which are not currently being worked on?09:43
sooryahow is that genii09:43
sooryaDo you have breast!!!!!09:44
* genii sips coffee and thinks about approriate responses in such a family oriented channel09:45
sooryaTell me whether you are a mail or female09:46
geniisoorya: If you persist in sex talk in this channel, an operator will be forced to kick you from here09:46
sooryaSchorfi Shall we Chat09:46
Schorfiwe could email09:46
sooryaWhat is your mail ID09:47
Tm_Tsoorya: behave, this is only for Kubuntu support09:48
sooryaThen where I can go for Sex Talks!!!09:49
Tm_Tsoorya: somewhere else09:49
sooryaAroo want to chat with me09:49
* genii waits for the next tech support question09:51
MilhousePunkRockHello everyone!09:56
* genii hands out coffees09:57
MilhousePunkRockDoes anyone have a link to a list of grub parameters at hand? My google foo is really bad this sunday morning...09:58
mkquistMilhousePunkRock: what the hell is going on?09:58
geniiMilhousePunkRock: You mean kernel options you could put there or the grub file itself?09:58
MilhousePunkRockgenii: Like acpi=force and all these... I am trying to make hibernate and/or suspend work on my desktop machine, seems I need to play around with those parameters...09:59
geniiMilhousePunkRock: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions10:01
MilhousePunkRockgenii: Exactly those  kernel options i was looking for, thanks a lot10:01
geniiMilhousePunkRock: You're welcome. There is also a very good generalised Grub page which i want to add here for completeness in irclog searches http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm#How_to_add_Grub_to_your_USB_thumb_drive10:02
MilhousePunkRockgenii: Now there is a lot of trial and horror ahead of me... Unfortunately I did not find anything on my mainboard and those power savings are always a pain in the behind, I spent weeks messing with it on my laptop...10:04
geniiMilhousePunkRock: Yeah I've had systems like that10:05
lebagenii, hey, do you know a linux command to compair two different partition contents ?10:06
Seven_Awayleba you mean 2 diffrent disk ?10:08
geniidiff unfortunately would likely chew up your swap space til it dies10:09
JohnFlux2Hey all :)10:09
romunovi can't write to my disk after a reboot10:10
JohnFlux2How do I get my Atheros wireless pci card working?10:10
JohnFlux2i can see the device in lspci, but ifconfig and iwconfig can't see it10:10
JohnFlux2so I guess the appropritate hasn't been loaded ?10:10
JohnFlux2it's a AR241310:10
=== cafe2 is now known as cafe2_
=== cafe2_ is now known as cafe2
romunovoh cmon, this is rediculous10:14
romunovi can't even open files without them being read only10:15
lebaSeven_Away, no, two different disk partitions, same disk.10:15
romunovhow the hell can developers allow this? i don't have time to tinker with my computer all day :/10:15
lebagenii, so the is no way ?10:15
geniiromunov: Does:   mount    command show / mounted as ro  instead of rw  or so?  Possibly /home as ro ?10:15
geniileba: I'm searching for one but no immediate way comes to mind. Normally to compare files the app diff  is used. But it was designed in a way that it wats to load all into memory then compare. So if your swap is smaller than the two things to compare it will always fail horribly.10:17
romunovthis is my fstab file partaining the drive i'm trying write to: /dev/sda1 /data vfat auto,fmask=111,umask=000 0 010:18
lebagenii, yeah, ok. I understand. I will be checking for it as well .10:18
bibsthaquestions for kde4 goes here?10:18
romunovhere is the mount output: /dev/sdb1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)10:19
romunov/dev/sda1 on /data type vfat (rw,fmask=111,umask=000)10:19
geniiromunov: Remove the part "auto" since it conflicts with the next 2 options given10:19
romunovthese are my two harddrives10:19
geniiromunov: Also filemask of 111 gives files 666 attributes10:20
romunovis that good or bad or what? :)10:21
geniiromunov: Should be fine for files which just need read/write and you do not want to be executable10:22
geniiromunov: May want to add option of uid=1000     if you are first default name created10:22
romunovso i save the fstab and try to remount?10:23
geniiromunov: Just sudo mount -a    should do10:23
geniiromunov: (after saving fstab)10:23
geniibibstha: No, #kubuntu-kde410:23
romunovok, this is my new fstab line: /dev/sda1 /data vfat fmask=111,umask=000 0 0,uid=100010:24
romunovdoes order of commands matter?10:24
geniiromunov: No, the two separate 0 must be last things10:24
geniiYes it matters10:24
geniiOne sec10:24
romunov/dev/sda1 /data vfat fmask=111,uid=1000,umask=000 0 010:25
romunovthis is the last version10:25
geniiromunov: This should be better:     /dev/sda1 /data vfat users,fmask=111,umask=000,uid=1000 0 010:25
geniiromunov: But yes, you get the idea now. I added users so that regular users could mount it10:25
romunovromunov@lycanidae:~$ sudo mount -a10:27
romunovmount: special device /dev/hdc does not exist10:27
romunovcan't umount the drive i'm trying to write on10:28
geniiromunov: Try:  sudo mount -o remount -a      instead10:30
romunovmount: you must specify the filesystem type10:31
geniiromunov: If you have something using files or such on the affected mount open right now , close it first since that means system will see it as in use and refuse to un-mount it10:31
romunovi closed all the applications that i think were using the data on the mounted drive10:32
geniiromunov: "specify filesystem type" indicates wrong type of directive like vfat   or else missing one. Please pastebin  the fstab for scrutiny10:32
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:32
geniiHmm. All looks good there, oddly10:35
romunovlemme try to open the location as root and writing on it10:36
geniiromunov: Root will always be able to10:36
romunovcan't write as root either10:37
geniiromunov: Is one of these drives a usb or otherwise removeable?10:38
romunovyes, i'm trying to copy from a stick10:38
romunovgenii: but i get blocked if i try to make a directory on the HD10:38
romunovso i doubt this is causing the problem10:39
romunovbut the two drives that you mention are both (s)ata drives10:39
romunovmaybe the drive's full10:40
geniiI doubt drive is full10:40
romunovthat would be emberrasing10:40
romunovgreat, now i cna't delete the fless as well10:41
geniiromunov: Try prhaps like /dev/sda1/datavfatiocharset=utf8,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000  0    010:41
genii1 sec10:42
geniiromunov: /dev/sda1   /data   vfat   iocharset=utf8,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000   0   010:42
geniirather. The <tab> key doesn't translate well here10:42
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!10:43
romunovgenii: any ideas how can i remount the hd?10:44
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
geniiromunov: Try:   sudo mount -o remount,rw /data10:45
* genii hands Jucato a coffee10:46
Jucatogenii: does coffee mix well with coke?10:47
romunovgenii: great, it's working10:47
romunovi just don't know if it's the fstab changes or the mount command :)10:47
geniiromunov: Good10:48
* Agent_bob passes genii coffee10:48
geniiAgent_bob: Yay!10:48
geniiJucato: Probably not!10:48
Jucatotoo bad. :(10:48
=== karina is now known as Guest65706
geniiromunov: Try then:   sudo mount -o remount,ro /data     to make readonly force. Then just:   sudo mount -o remount /data      without the rw specified and try then10:49
* genii grabs Jucato's coffee and starts drinking coffee with both mugs now10:49
* Jucato continues chugging his coke10:49
Agent_bobcoke ?    oh  coca cola  ?10:50
Agent_boborigenally a cocain drink,  later reduced to cafine10:51
Agent_bobor was that  *upgraded to* ?10:51
geniiI'm definitely addicted to caffeine. Although not in the fizzy carbonated pop way. But I'm sure they snag a lot that way10:52
Agent_bob"yesh"  is that a unix shell ?  :)10:53
Agent_bobif not it should be10:53
squid0hi. I'm trying to connect to a wifi network in ubuntu. I can connect fine in windows xp, but no joy in ubuntu:( I have logs and output from iwconfig and ifconfig. should I paste them somewhere?10:53
Agent_bobyesh == ye shell10:53
Agent_bob!wifi | squid0 have you been here10:54
ubottusquid0 have you been here: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:54
squid0Agent_bob: thanks, I'll have a look. I've used wifi in linux perfectly fine on other networks before... can't understand why it's problematic here. I'll give it a look10:55
Nix3r i got struck by a virus while runing windows. and all my video / audio files were deleted. then i re partitioned all drives. any good utility to recover my data?10:55
Agent_bob!wpa | maybe10:55
ubottumaybe: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:55
geniiGotta love the !factoid | someone Add a specific comment here before the factoid appears                           thing10:55
Agent_bobgenii ?10:56
Jucato!helpersnack | genii, because you are ever so helpful10:56
ubottugenii, because you are ever so helpful: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!10:56
* genii munches and sips !coffee10:56
ubottuChocolate! And Raisins! And ICE CREAM! ooo! and 60 minutes +m!10:57
geniiAgent_bob ?10:57
geniiooooo nice10:57
geniiNix3r: After a repartition it's pretty hopeless10:57
=== JohnFlux2 is now known as JohnFlux
* Agent_bob wonders if it was a virus or "drm" that deleted the media files10:58
geniiSame result10:59
Agent_bobNix3r if you weren't using any disk/fs encription it's probably possable.  assuming you only rebuilt the partition table.   if you reinstalled OS's then not likely11:00
Nix3ri heard there are softwares that can recover from formated partitions too..11:01
Nix3ri just del the partition table11:01
geniiNix3r: Did you just repartition or also format them afterwards as well?11:01
Nix3rjust made one partition and installed linux on it. other is not made available yet........11:02
Nix3rAgent_bob genii ^11:02
Agent_bobNix3r not sure it won't restore the virus (if it was one) but testdisk can restore the partitions.11:02
Nix3rAgent_bob i need a data recovery utitily11:02
Agent_bobNix3r /me points @ google -->11:03
geniiCan also just use fdisk    to change type to 6 for ntfs or so then write. Then it would be accessible again for ntfs-3g or so11:03
Agent_bobi don't know any off hand.11:03
genii!info autopsy11:04
ubottuautopsy (source: autopsy): graphical interface to SleuthKit. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.08-2 (hardy), package size 370 kB, installed size 1376 kB11:04
genii!info sleuthkit11:04
ubottusleuthkit (source: sleuthkit): Tools for forensics analysis. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.09-2 (hardy), package size 3038 kB, installed size 8400 kB11:04
Agent_bobext3grep for ext3   *it's new and beta*11:04
Agent_bobbut it does show promice.  i hope that someone develops it into a full robust data recovery tool for ext# fs's11:05
* genii waits for "xfsgrep"11:07
Agent_bobone thing that it despretly needs is a switch to read an alternate superblock.  it uses the main superblock and if the fs is corrupt that is generally not the one you want.11:07
geniiAgent_bob: Program it in :)11:08
Nix3rthe partitions were fat32 btw11:08
Agent_bobgenii i do not C++11:08
Agent_bobNix3r heh.  restore the partitions and use dos's undelete11:09
Agent_bobJucato yeah it's writen in C11:09
Agent_bobor C++11:09
Agent_bobor what ever   i really didn't pay much attention  cause i don't  C11:10
* Agent_bob is blind and doesn't V11:10
Agent_bobbut he does typo11:10
Nix3rAgent_bob thats a windows app?11:10
Agent_bobNix3r it's a ms dos app11:10
geniiIf fat32 and not ntfs then partition type of b and not 6 would be in order11:11
Nix3ri hope its free11:11
Agent_bobNix3r used to be provided with all dos installations   back in the day11:11
Nix3ri just need a powerful tool. let me try11:12
shreyashello anybody there ?11:12
Agent_bobup to and including 7  iirc      which win9x ran on.11:12
shreyashello agent bob11:13
shreyashello agent bob11:13
shreyasu there ?11:13
Agent_bobNix3r also  you might ask in ##windows  someone in there may know a good tool11:13
shreyashello anybody there please reply11:13
geniishreyas: We all see you fine. Is there some question regarding kubuntu you wanted to ask?11:13
Agent_bob"no, i'm not there."11:13
shreyasthanks for replying11:14
shreyaswat i wanted to ask about kubuntu ut11:14
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:14
shreyasin kubuntu there is no firewall11:14
* Agent_bob nudges ubotu in that dirrection too late11:14
shreyashow can we install firewall in kubuntu or enable it11:14
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).11:15
shreyasok thank u11:15
shreyasand one more thing11:15
Nix3rAgent_bob i have test disk. can you guide a bit how to use it11:15
Agent_boband six more lines11:15
Agent_bobNix3r ummm   man testdisk   ?11:16
shreyasis there a tool for converting media formats in kubuntu coz all players dont support mp3 n avi11:16
Nix3rAgent_bob iam just using testdisk. i dont see the other name11:16
geniiffmpeg and mencoder mostly. But try to install the codecs for those other formats from medibuntu11:16
genii!codecs | shreyas11:17
ubottushreyas: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:17
Agent_boblol  i just noticed that the testdisk programmer wrote it for M$  the switches are  /blah11:17
shreyasmedibuntu u mean from where adobe reader comes from right ?11:17
Agent_bobNix3r you know about man pages ?11:17
geniishreyas: Sort of11:17
shreyasgot it11:17
Nix3rAgent_bob ya..11:18
shreyasand one more thing abou kubuntu11:18
shreyaswhen my system boots up11:18
shreyasd compiz effects crash of slows down the gui11:18
Agent_bobNix3r   man testdisk     and while you run it, be sure to read all it's saying to you.11:18
shreyaswhen i kill the process it works fine i mean all windows move without drag11:19
shreyaswhy is it so? do i need to install new patches r remove effects ?11:19
Nix3rAgent_bob thanks!11:19
Agent_bobNix3r welcome.11:19
geniiI'm thinkin !enter ain't gettin through11:19
shreyasgenii : pardon ? shud i repeat ?11:20
genii!compiz | shreyas11:20
ubottushreyas: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion11:20
Agent_bobgenii i'm agreeing with you.       some things don't soke in very fast...11:20
shreyasshud i remove compiz and install compiz fusion?11:20
geniishreyas: Please don't make one statement over many lines.11:20
shreyasok sorry for inconvenience11:21
geniishreyas: We do not support Compiz in this channel but the informatin above can diect you to the channel which has assistance for that11:21
shreyas@ genii : ok thanks a lot for all those rest of the solutions11:22
Agent_bobNix3r one thing i found about testdisk that i liked was that it does seem to follow the "safty first" approach,  it won't change anything without asking you first.11:22
shreyashope to see ya soon11:22
geniishreyas: You're welcome and best luck with Compiz issues11:22
shreyas@genii : bye thanks again :-)11:22
shreyasya will find out somehow .... :-)11:23
Nix3rAgent_bob k11:23
* Agent_bob admits that testdisk is totally useless on his "partitionless" system though... ;/11:24
geniihence the fdisk solution I proposed earlier to restore partition type11:25
corpsicleso um11:27
corpsicleamarok gives me errors when i try and start it11:28
Agent_bobgenii not his  mine.11:28
Agent_bobgenii testdisk is more likely to work for him than fdisk   but neither would help me.11:28
geniigeneralised errors or something a bit more specific?11:29
geniicorpsicle:  generalised errors or something a bit more specific?11:29
enautcorpsicle: you may start it in console and copy its output to a pasteservice11:29
corpsiclei got something about sockets when kubuntu booted11:30
Agent_bobJucato do you happen to know what part of "kde" k3b uses?11:30
corpsicleand there are leftover amarok processes11:30
corpsicleand <defunkt> ruby processes11:30
corpsiclewhich i think have to do with amarok11:30
corpsicleand when i try to start it from commandline now it just doesnt do anything =P11:30
geniicorpsicle: Use   kdesu amarok11:31
corpsicleis that some sudo thing ?11:33
corpsiclebecause it started just fine now, but without my collection11:33
enautyes it is some sudo... now we know that you canfigs are broken11:33
corpsicleactually no, it works fine now =)11:34
corpsiclestarting amarok normally and then quitting it seems to have removed all the little shitty processes11:34
enautah ok11:34
enauteven better11:34
squid0hey, I'm having trouble connecting to a wifi network, which I can connect to fine under windows xp. Here are some logs: http://paste.linuxassist.net/35 I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this for me!11:35
Agent_bobanyone know any way to keep udev from mounting a tmpfs on /dev   ?11:37
=== [bascule] is now known as bascule
floownhow to decompress some tar.gz in a directory? find *.tar.gz -name -exec tar -xzvf {} \; doesn't go11:41
floownfind /. -name *.tar.gz11:42
Agent_bobwhy will my k3b not work outside of kde ?11:44
Agent_bobit runs but doesn't burn anything11:44
Nix3rAgent_bob testdisk didnt recovered11:51
Nix3rAgent_bob iam going for windows apps. i think linux dont have so many for that purpose11:52
Agent_bobNix3r i think you are probably right.   data recovery of free software is not nearly as important as data recovery of over priced software.11:53
Nix3ryou use windows. and app you like?11:53
Agent_bobi don't do windows  no.11:53
=== Guest65706 is now known as skabet_
engineeri couldn't disagree more12:00
Werzi2001i have a usb mouse but the middle button doesnt work... any ideas why?12:03
engineeremulate 3 buttons might be on12:04
Werzi2001where can i find this?12:07
engineergrep emulate /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:09
Werzi2001nothing :(12:10
engineergrep Emulate /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:11
Werzi2001nothing too :(12:11
Werzi2001i am sorry but i have to go... thanks for the try12:11
engineermarine@bodyguard:~$ grep Emulate /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:11
engineerOption "Emulate3Buttons" "no"12:11
Werzi2001k ill try to insert that12:11
engineerhi benecrom what's up12:12
engineerWerzi2001 inside the mouse section12:12
Werzi2001k :)12:12
Werzi2001ill give it a try12:12
Werzi2001thanks :)12:12
Agent_bobwell i did a work around and got things cooking again for now...12:23
engineerfor now..12:24
engineerit will come back to get you12:24
Agent_bobengineer heh  that's the software game isn't it.12:28
=== nevermore is now known as joerns
nonewmsgsagent_bob aren't you that _2 guy12:29
=== joerns is now known as joern-s
Agent_bobbase 2    :)12:30
chackal_sjchow to install svn???12:31
Agent_bobman man12:31
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/12:31
chackal_sjccome on12:32
chackal_sjcno package??12:32
Agent_bob!find svn12:32
ubottuFound: libapache2-svn, libsvn-dev, libsvn-doc, libsvn-java, libsvn-javahl (and 37 others)12:32
Agent_bob!find ^svn12:32
ubottuFound: svn-arch-mirror, svn-autoreleasedeb, svn-buildpackage, svn-load, svn-workbench (and 1 others)12:32
* Agent_bob wonders what the other was12:33
chackal_sjcwich one i pick??12:33
lil-romeohey ya all12:33
Agent_bobchackal_sjc you could search your repos      apt-cache search ^svn12:34
lil-romeohey how to make a shortcut from a game in a menu i have to open it with admin so otherwise it cant write :D12:34
lil-romeonormaly i open it in console but i want shortcut:D12:34
Agent_boblil-romeo not the right way to do that.    give the game permission in the aproprate dir    don't run it as root12:34
engineerlil-romeo sudo command12:35
snirpHi there: installing kubuntu-restricted-packages failed on sun-java6-bin and now i cannot use adept anymore :-(12:35
Agent_bobrunning games as root is about as dumb as irc'ing as root12:35
chackal_sjcAgent_bob: Subversion12:35
lil-romeoi give examle12:35
chackal_sjcthe package12:35
engineersudo doom3 to run as root12:35
lil-romeohmm i try12:36
lil-romeothanks friends12:36
snirpit says: another process is using the packaging system12:36
snirpbut i do not see any instance of adept running!12:36
Agent_boblil-romeo find where it's having issues "writing"  and  chmod that dir  or shown it12:36
snirpany way to resolve this, please12:37
lil-romeowell cant write hunkusage12:37
lil-romeoor smtng12:37
lil-romeoin command i point it to et12:37
lil-romeothe game but.... it launches but cant connect server12:37
lil-romeoi need to run it in admin so i dont know run in terminal is a box to12:37
engineeredit the item12:38
engineerbehind the command12:38
engineerwrite sudo12:38
lil-romeoexample '/usr/local/games/enemy-territory/et' sudo12:38
engineersudo /usr/local/games/enemy-territory/et12:39
bAgent_boengineer   do you really think that helping him run a game as root that is probably connecting to a remove server is a good idea ?     i breaks all kinds of security wisdoms ...12:40
engineeri don't think anything12:40
engineerthat's what he wanted12:40
engineerhe probably should move the game into his home dir12:40
lil-romeohmm 1 try12:42
lil-romeothan i place it in my home12:42
lil-romeosudo /usr/local/games/enemy-territory/et not works boys12:43
skipI've got a question about KXDocker if anyone feels eligable to field this one12:44
lil-romeohow to login as admin?12:46
lil-romeoin file systm with dolphin manager12:46
skipright click actions on mine12:46
skipI killed a program with ctrl-alt-esc (on the system tray icon) Its no longer loading into systray when i load the program, i cant for the life of me find it12:47
nonewmsgsskip have you tried starting it with konsole12:50
lil-romeowell forget making a shortcut then not works for me :P12:53
lil-romeoim such a noob12:53
skipdrag your icon somewhere romeo12:54
skipwhen you release it it will ask you if you want to link it (shortcut)12:54
lil-romeoskip, listen normal wise i have to do cd/location12:54
lil-romeothen sudo sh et12:54
lil-romeohow i make that in a shortcut12:54
frybyehi - what to do when an appl. looses its icon and just shows a "?-" icon .. how to restore the correct icon...13:16
frybyeit has happend to this appl = Konversation - irc client... - using kde4.113:16
=== emilsedgh__ is now known as emilsedgh
=== root is now known as Guest14851
pushaxAnyone know of a program to copy websites and their deeper links?14:07
GreySimpushax: I think the Scrapbook extension for Firefox will do it, if you use that. I know there are definitely commandline tools too, but I haven't used any in forever.14:08
pushaxGreySim: ok will lok.  thanks14:08
pushaxGreySim: works.  thanks again14:15
serzholinopushax: wget can do this from command line14:17
pushaxserzholino: ok.  I do prefer gfx interface14:17
pushaxserzholino: theres a cli program called harvestman that's a spider/crawler too14:19
serzholinowill know14:20
hatman_Hi all !14:24
hatman_someone know where kcontrol fetch its monitor & display resolution ? It seems it is distrib specific and not directly coming from xorg.conf (I got this info from #kde) ?14:24
simihi , a GUI tool for repartitioning the harddrive? i want to add an other linux partition14:29
chi_sudo aptitude search gparted14:29
chi_gparted is a gui for resizing and create partitions on ur harddrives14:29
chi_instead of adding new partitions, u may also add just new kernels...14:30
simido you know how many partition can you have on a hdd?14:30
chi_of casue14:30
simii am reading but i am not understend14:30
chi_its 4  primary14:30
chi_and primary are the ones you can boot from14:31
chi_normally, you should think about partitions before settingh up the system14:31
=== CyberSix_ is now known as CyberSix
simii have 4 partitions but i want to try othed distro, and i want to keep kubuntu14:31
tibbarhow do I know what os im running14:32
chi_be careful with deleting the content of the very first partition if you are running NTloader14:32
tibbarcan I type a command in konsole?14:32
chi_tibbar :) well you are in a remote connection?14:32
tibbarbecause I installed both x86 and amd64, don't know which one im in14:32
chi_uname -a14:33
tibbarx86_64 GNU/Linux14:33
tibbardoes this mean I have 6414:33
tibbaror 8514:33
tibbaror x8614:34
hatman_Any idea about where Kcontrol -> "Monitor & display" fetch its resolution ?? xorg, xml file, etc. ?14:34
pagtibbar, that's 64 bit system, if that's what you're asking14:36
simihatman_: tell me  when you find out,14:36
hatman_simi: ? what do you mean ?14:37
tibbarthanks pag :O14:38
simihatman_:  i searched that answer here too and i do not find out the answer, google too14:39
hatman_simi: are you having trouble with dual monitor too ?14:40
chi_simi, you can extend a bootloader to a partition, and then you can load up to 64 different OSes ... but if you even dont know how many partitions are bootable, this might be very hard to do ...14:40
simihatman_: no i wanted to modify something to the video driver14:41
hatman_simi: you could directly edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf for that purpose...14:41
simihatman_:  i seen today tthis https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DisplayConfigGTK maybe is releated with your problems and you will find tmore info14:41
simichi_:   i have an ideea , to resize the partition with windows(give space from the  partition for data) and the data partition to format it as ext3, but i must see if ths can be done, if are one near other14:44
TimSCould someone help me with forwarding my xbox 360 to the internet via my linux px14:45
TimSI have internet coming through wlan0 and thats configured through KNetworkManager, and my 360 is plugged in via ethernet to eth014:45
TimSI would be very happy if there was a gui way, but I could do the CLI if thats the only possible way14:46
fredthemonkey1hello. i am trying to run a program but it says:  error while loading shared libraries: libclanApp-0.8.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory . I know that this file is in /usr/local/lib (whereis says that). how can i make the program find it?14:49
simiit seams o can edit the partitions with gparted, them appear do be locked14:51
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=== patrick is now known as Guest3821
chi_simi:  are you raunning gparted as root?14:58
gmorphisnew to linux here (well fairly new). I upgraded to 8.04 and getting a DCOP error when I run dcopserver.. google searched and havent found much help15:00
vidarI've installed tor and privoxy and started tor by running /etc/init.d/tor start - shouldn't Tork then be able to contact Tor on my machine?15:01
simichi_: yes with sudo15:01
gmorphismenu items fail to work, click on Konsole on desktop and I get "KLauncher could not be reached via DCOP15:01
=== root is now known as Guest24800
simichi_:  i have an extended partition with my bigest partition and the linux one, so i can add one more in this extended partition no?15:04
gmorphisran kdeinit, dcopserver is running15:06
=== vidar is now known as weedar
gmorphiskcontrol loads, just can't launch menu items or desktop items.. wtf?15:08
chi_and you restarted allready?15:09
gmorphisyeah, after the update this morning it restarted fine (I initially saw the error when I clicked on FireFox) but it worked initially just gave some DCOP error but FirFox loaded15:12
gmorphisI didnt think anything of it until I went to open eclipse and found that no menu items worked15:13
gmorphisthen I clicked on the Konsole desktop item and got the KLaucher error..15:14
gmorphisI've ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade, everything looks god15:14
gmorphisI get a dcop error when I run dcopserver, something about .ICEauthority, I rm'd that file, still get error15:15
TimS!info airsnort15:15
ubottuPackage airsnort does not exist in hardy15:15
gmorphisI'm going to reboot again.. <crosses finger> hopefully it'll go away15:16
gmorphislooks like rebooting has solved the issue or at least helped15:25
viniciuspt_Expensive friends, I have a problem in inicialization of the  Compiz fusion. I have kubuntu version 8.0615:26
viniciuspt_The icons of the systray they are in taskbar15:26
viniciuspt_he problem is that if the Compiz is initiated before the icons, them is in taskbar15:26
=== hardy is now known as dotancohen
viniciuspt_the problem15:28
viniciuspt_Somebody assist could me15:28
reesehi! I have internet gprs connection on a cell phone, through a vodafone access point. I was wondering: how could I use this internet connection on a computer?15:32
zibii have a question15:39
chi_state em all ;D15:39
zibihow can I install kde 4.1 rc 1 on kuuntu 8.0415:39
chi_i am not sure what rc1  means15:40
zibirealese candition15:40
lebaI tryed to set a disk label in one of my disk partition using linux and it removed all partitions from my hdd. But from windows xp I still can see the partitions and files, I wonder how to fix this ?15:41
chi_sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop ==> that is not rc1?15:41
d_o_r_i_a_ni have a movie dvd on my hdd and i want it to be an .iso image; with which software can i accomplish that ?15:41
d_o_r_i_a_nthe files are like VTS_VOB..15:42
LynoureIs there any software for measuring one's normal typing speed? E.g. software that would either count all keyboard presses or hook to OO.o, or an editor?15:44
ubunturosLynoure: there's one called Ktouch, which could be helpful for one to determine his/her typing speed15:46
LynoureKTouch only measures your speed at typing the scrolling text it gives. Not normal typing situation.15:47
LynoureSo not what I'm looking for, though it's handy for learning to touchtype :)15:47
auriosPlease i need help i'm noob16:36
auriosHow to read a video file CPS with Kubuntu ?? It can make video file and can't read them ? lol16:37
auriosCPS files seems to be PostScript files16:38
scriptedhi.. can someone tell me what i have to restart ufw on every startup?16:38
SSJ_GZaurios: http://apachelog.blogspot.com/2008/07/kwin-desktop-recorder-cps-usable-format.html16:41
auriosSSJ_GZ: unknown host :/16:43
SSJ_GZaurios: Works fine here.16:44
aurios404 error :/16:44
auriosSSJ_GZ: 404 error plz check again :/16:44
=== david is now known as Guest18965
simichi_: hi16:45
SSJ_GZaurios: Are you clicking on the URL or typing it in manually?16:45
simichi_:  i restarted, the names of the partitions had changed and i must edit my fstab, i am ucky  because my system boot up normaly, my data partition is not availeble16:46
auriosSSJ_GZ: i'm clicking, and after you said me it works fine, i have copy/pasted the full URL to Firefox16:46
auriosand i got error 40416:46
simihow can i list detais abot my sda partitions so i can identify them to edit fstab16:47
enautaurios: works fine for me too16:47
SSJ_GZaurios: I have no idea what's going wrong, then :)16:47
simisudo fdisk  -l16:48
auriosSSJ_GZ:  i've got troubles to access Gmail.com i have 404 error too, i think its routing from FR to US... :-(16:48
chi_ls -l ... mom16:48
auriosSSJ_GZ: do you have another mirror ?16:48
chi_$ ls -l /dev/disk/by-16:49
chi_by-id/   by-path/ by-uuid/16:49
SSJ_GZaurios: Oh dear :/ No, sorry.16:49
TimSSSJ_GZ: Does KDE4 log? Every time I try to load a KDE4 session, it gets just past the splash screen, then the session crashes.16:50
SSJ_GZTimS: Some information can be found in ~/.xsession-errors16:52
TimSSSJ_GZ: That dir does not exist16:53
SSJ_GZTimS: It's a file, not a dir :)16:53
john_howdy all16:53
TimSSSJ_GZ: I don't understand most of this, but these look like the explanation:16:56
TimSXIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":1.0"      after 4630 requests (4625 known processed) with 293 events remaining.16:56
TimSkdeinit4: Fatal IO error: client killed16:56
SSJ_GZTimS: Yep, looks like.16:57
TimSAny ideas as to what they mean?16:57
SSJ_GZTimS: No idea, I'm afraid :/ Probably best to file a bug report, with the full log, and see what the devs make of it.16:58
TimSThanks for your help :D16:58
SSJ_GZTimS: np - sorry I couldn't have been of more use.16:59
TimShaha, no need to apologise :p17:00
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Tarski2hi, my /var/lib/apt/extended_states and /var/lib/dpkg/avilable are mashed. ls -l prints out question marks in every column and when i try to rm or touch them i get "cannot access available: Input/output error"17:18
TimSIn konqueror, is there any way to show the size of a folder in the size collumn?17:22
JucatoTimS: you mean the size of the contents of the folder right? afaik, nope17:23
TimSYeah :(17:23
TimSThat is annoying17:23
TimSIs it possible on the command line?17:23
JucatoTimS: righ-click the folder -> Properties17:24
Jucatooh CLI.. hm... with ls? not sure17:24
TimSYeah, but I want to compare the sizes of folders easily, ah never mind, Ill experiment with ls17:24
White_Pelicanis there any way to play colecovision rom files in kubuntu?17:24
White_Pelicanis anyone going to answer my question?17:41
JucatoWhite_Pelican: if someone knew and saw your question earlier, they will17:41
White_Pelicanis there any way to play colecovision rom files in kubuntu?17:42
Tarski2try posting on the forums17:42
JucatoWhite_Pelican: "colecovision emulator linux" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56963017:44
White_Pelicanty Jucato17:46
White_Pelicanguess there's some building in my future :)17:46
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scriptedhey guys does anyone know why i would have to reenable ufw on startup?17:54
GS3Userhi, i have a question18:02
GS3Userwhenever i put my mouse over an application in the taskbar, a get a tooltip with its name and the desktop that it's on, how do i shut that off?18:03
JucatoGS3User: KDE 3? right-click on the panel -> Configure Panel -> I forgot which page, but there's an option called "Enable mouseover effects".18:06
GS3Userjucato: i'm on kde 4 unfortunately18:07
* Jucato wonders why he doesn't have that...18:07
minsu0806when boot from Linux , Internet OK., but booting from Window xp service pack2 cause Internet False18:08
JucatoGS3User: you might want to ask in #kubuntu-kde418:08
GS3UserJucato: will do18:08
Jucatominsu0806: ask in ##windows maybe18:08
minsu0806oh ~thanks u^^18:08
mgdmRiddell: ping18:12
matissehas anyone an idea why k3b is running, but no window is showing up ? (k3b is really running, no error in bash)18:12
corpsicleuh, how do i move widgets in the bar at the bottom ?18:16
corpsiclewhen i add something it ends up on the far right18:16
corpsicleand i cant move it18:17
GS3Useryou might try #kubuntu-kde418:18
Riddellmgdm: hi18:24
mgdmRiddell: Hi, it's OK, I had a daft question so I bothered seaLne instead :)18:24
vtiszacan someone help me? I just installed ubuntu and I hear no sounds18:26
scriptedhey guys does anyone know why i would have to reenable ufw on startup?18:28
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto18:29
White_Pelicanis there a way to change the start (K) button in kubuntu?18:49
bazhangWhite_Pelican, sure; get themes18:50
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy18:50
White_Pelicanok I will look into it18:50
enautminsu0806: stopp spaming!19:00
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Nyadhi, I'm trying to compile qemu and I need gcc 3.x but I have gcc 4.  how do I get gcc 3  -dev19:03
=== bmk789 is now known as Guest65844
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789
enautit is in the repos i think19:05
Nyadis it possible for me to have gcc4 and 3 installed19:05
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!19:06
enautguess so because there are no antidependencies19:06
enautbut I never used it19:06
Nyadok, thanks19:07
NyadI'm gonna test it19:07
Nyadwill ubuntu work on a pentium 2?19:08
=== t is now known as tomaw_
enautdepends on what you define as work :)19:09
=== emeric is now known as emeric__
enautbut forget about kde419:09
=== emeric__ is now known as emeric
Nyadas long as it will boot19:10
AMDpenguinis kubuntu going to theme kde 4.1?19:10
enautNyad: terminal should be no proplem and some graphical ui shoul work to but rather not the complex ones19:10
Nyadenaut, perfect. thanks19:11
Nyadif I press control+z while some program is doing something, I think it sends it to the background, but it says stopped in the window. is it really stopping?19:17
FilipNyad: yes, it's suspended. Type fg to bting it back19:26
enautNyad: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/misc/27281-how-detach-running-process.html19:27
carib909Adept manager says some other application is using the packaging system database (nothing running) and attempts to fix it returns this. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30996/  Can anyone help?19:37
Taggnostrthe bot should have a fix but I don't know the command19:38
ubottuadept is the Kubuntu package manager. Howto: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdeptHowto19:38
Taggnostr!adept fix19:38
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »19:38
Taggnostrmaybe this one19:38
carib909The solution the bot gave returns an error "unknown option -vki"19:41
kossinghow to install my cam on kubuntu;;;19:41
carib909Also dpkg: status database area is locked by another process. How can I fix this?19:42
enautclose the process19:43
carib909no process running19:43
bmk789is there a way i can set a directory for konqueror to not load any previews for files?19:43
PhilRodcarib909: the bot's solution is two commands - the first (presumably) is to find out what processes are using the package list, and the second relies on that having happened successfully19:43
PhilRodcarib909: so the first command is failing (with "unknown option"), which means the second doesn't work19:44
Zopiachow do i get Compiz Fusion working?19:44
PhilRodso, the upshot is, we should go look at "man fuser" to see if we can work out what the correct command is19:44
enautcarib909: simple thing could be restarting... if possible19:45
carib909Thanks guys. The first command worked19:46
PhilRodcarib909: what version of kubuntu are you using?19:46
carib909Thanks guys. The first command worked19:46
PhilRodoh, ok19:46
carib909PhilRod 8.0419:46
carib909I am having the worst time with Samba and firefox. Cannot install addons to Firefox and Samba shares just don't work?????19:47
Zopiacsamba doesnt work for me either19:48
carib909When starting Firefox3 I get an Assertion error. Anyone know what's causing this? How to fix? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30999/19:59
PhilRodso, knetworkmanager correctly configures my wireless network when it starts. But, I save and restore my kde session by default. This means that my apps get started before knetworkmanager has set up the network20:02
PhilRodcan I get NetworkManager to connect to the network at system startup time instead?20:03
Darkrift411anyone here familliar with laptop drives?20:07
ubunturos!ask | Darkrift41120:08
ubottuDarkrift411: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:08
Darkrift411http://www.getpartsonline.com/120gbhd-pav-dv6000-sata.html <--- on this page it shows a drive enclosure and an adapter. the adapter looks like the one i need, just wondering if that looks like it fits a standard sata laptop drive20:09
geniiDarkrift411: Still trying to find out what those strange 3 edge connectors are for?20:09
Darkrift411my hd died last night and i need to get a new one and get the hell off of windows before it go nuts again20:09
Darkrift411yes genii20:09
Darkrift411i found a pic of the adapter in teh link above20:09
Darkrift411i need to find a pic of a standard sata, but they keep showing me general laptop drive pics and not of the connections20:10
geniiDarkrift411: Yeah it would be good if they showed the reverse side of that connector there20:12
Darkrift411found it :) http://techreport.com/articles.x/937820:12
Darkrift411first time ive had a sata drive in a laptop20:12
Darkrift411good news is they are fairly cheap20:13
Darkrift411$50 and up20:13
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Darkrift411bad news is that would still hurt the wallet for a couple more weeks20:13
geniiDarkrift411: I just got a regular 3.5" one yesterday of 1Tb for $17020:13
Darkrift411what sucks is my dead laptop has a brand new 100g pata drive in it20:13
Darkrift411my OTHER dead laptop lol20:14
geniiDarkrift411: Too bad when you use those sata to pata converters they don't fit in the laptop bays :/20:14
Darkrift411and the problem begins at HOW THE HELL do i get the info off the drive to my new one20:14
Darkrift411i guess i could boot into recovery mode and mount my external drive20:14
Darkrift411copy everything over and then back again later20:15
jussi01Darkrift411: that should work20:16
Darkrift411now.. once i install kubuntu back on the new drive, is there a way to import all my old settings etc?20:17
Darkrift411i dont even remember all the stuff i had installed20:17
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate20:17
geniiThe clone thing will replicate your packages. If you copy /home into same username on new box all else should stay same as well20:18
Darkrift411except that part of my home folder is corrupted :(20:18
Darkrift411something kde related anyways20:18
geniiWell at least the previous packages will get reinstalled. Wallpaper and other preferences aren't horrible to customise again one time20:19
AshexDoes anyone else have issues using sftp (fish://) in konquerer?20:20
AshexI'm using key authentication with a passphrase, and it refuses to accept the passphrase20:21
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tomaskois konqueror not compiled with hal support?20:34
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jdbartis there a way to make my front multimedia buttons not turn on my monitor on my laptop when it's closed20:49
sourcemakerare ther usenets for linux?21:15
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PhilTrunksourcemaker: yes21:18
sourcemakerPhilTrunk: there is a nice feature in kontact for usenet.... but I haven't been used usenet... :-)21:19
PhilTrunkit's pretty much moribund now, although I quite like reading mailing lists via gmane21:19
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icelabhi everybody21:40
=== root is now known as Guest41960
icelabi can't see you tube on konqueror, what i have to do?21:41
icelabinstead whit firefox i able to see21:42
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about miro21:46
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:47
icelabubottu how are you?21:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about how are you?21:47
sourcemaker!search miro21:48
icelabflash plug in21:48
sourcemaker!info search miro21:48
ubottu'miro' is not a valid distribution21:48
sourcemaker!info miro21:48
ubottumiro (source: miro): GTK+ based RSS video aggregator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.2-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 1908 kB, installed size 7316 kB21:48
sourcemakercool... is there a alternative application for miro in kde???21:49
icelabubottu you know anything abaut konqueror plugin?21:49
ubottuicelab: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:49
sourcemakerjoin kde21:49
sourcemaker!flash |icelab21:50
ubottuicelab: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash21:50
sourcemaker!gnash |icelab21:50
ubottuicelab: An open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/21:50
icelabbut i have installed restricte extras and flash plugin that work on moziila21:51
icelabthey don't work on konqueror?21:51
icelabit is possible?21:51
sourcemakericelab: yes21:52
icelabok therefore whot i have to do?21:52
sourcemakericelab: apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree and restart firefox21:55
icelabsorry but i wanna see it on konqueror21:57
sourcemakericelab: restart konqueror21:58
sourcemakericelab: or scan for plugins in preferences21:58
icelabno good news22:03
icelabhowewer thanks a lot sourcemaker22:04
sourcemakericelab: it's working fine for me22:04
icelabnow i'm am tired i'll try tomorrow22:05
lamerGuten abend22:11
l3xit is scary quiet here :)22:13
l3xis anyone alive???22:17
mefisto__I'm alive22:18
l3xwhy is it so quiet here?22:18
apacheloggerl3x: everyone partying I guess ;-)22:18
l3xi am lonely and bored, so i said to myself, hey, u have konversation22:19
NotWiredi'm using kubuntu gutsy... is there an easy way to upgrade to firefox 3.0? the only version i see in the repos is a development version22:20
jaakkomeIs there an easyish way to mount a remote samba connection as a directory?22:21
jaakkomeLike I can connect to smb://foo on dolphin, but I'd like to mount it to /media/samba-foo or something22:22
Valroswhat are the differences between installing kubuntu or installing ubuntu then kde 422:22
l3xValros: there is no difference22:25
l3xValros: but why?22:25
apacheloggerNotWired: I don't think so22:25
namansomeone speak in spanish?22:25
l3xthey use the same repos, the only difference is the desktop environment and programs...22:25
NotWiredi was afraid of that apachelogger22:25
apacheloggerNotWired: I would suggest to upgrade, but maybe you can find some unoffcial repsitory with 3.022:25
apacheloggerI doubt that though22:25
apacheloggerjaakkome: you can use the disk management tool in systemsettings22:26
NotWiredi'm afraid i don't have enough free disk space to upgrade22:26
Valrosjust wondering22:26
Valrosputting it on a laptop22:26
NotWiredi've got 2.6GB free22:26
apacheloggerdepending on how much software you got installed, this might be just enough ;-)22:27
NotWiredapachelogger: i'm not sure i can risk it :) i guess i'll just use the mozilla files directly22:27
NotWiredcheers mate22:27
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs22:43
l3xis compiz improved in hardy??? or is it still just "working" like in earlier releases???23:05
l3xit was never stable, always buggy...23:05
besitzersalutare all23:09
besitzerma ajuta si pe mine cineva23:09
besitzerva rog23:09
besitzerma juta si pe mine cineva23:11
besitzerva rog23:11
l3xbesitzer:  speak english23:15
besitzermah esti roman23:15
juantuahkwhat is this?23:16
l3xitalisn, spanish??23:16
besitzerlummeeeeeeeeeeee ce mai romani23:20
besitzernu vb23:20
besitzerce beleA23:23
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stevenHello all. I have the stable release of Kubuntu with KDE 3.5. What do I need to install to upgrade to 4.0? I don't want to overwrite 3.5, but I just want to have 4.0 as an option.23:35
ubottuKDE 4.0.5 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.5.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde423:38
basculekubuntu-kde4 will have more info for you23:38
cyberponixhas anyone elses thumbdrives and or dvd roms stopped working out of the blue?23:46
stevenbascule, thank you.23:47
GS3Userquestion: kubuntu 8.04, kde3, no compiz fusion... my screen resolution resets itself to 800x600 after every reboot (as opposed to the 1280x1024 that i set it to using nvidia-settings)23:48
GS3Useractually, this might 640x480, i'm not really sure23:48
cyberponixhas anyone elses thumbdrives and or dvd roms stopped working out of the blue?23:50
cadooGS3User: are you hitting Save to X Configuration File after changing setting?23:51
GS3Usercyberponix: just plugged mine in, it still works23:51
GS3Usercadoo: yes, and i'm running it using sudo as well23:51
not-alonePOSIX Message Queues (POSIX_MQUEUE) is this option need for the desktop system?23:52
mefisto__GS3User: could you pastebin your xorg.conf ?23:52
zabbadappGS3User: can you change res in system settings -> monitor & display ?23:53
GS3Userzabbadapp: no, i have to use nvidia-settings23:53
GS3Usermefisto: my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/m5af70e2523:54
zabbadapptry to workaround the problem by using "nvidia-settings -l" to load your config on start up23:55
GS3Userhow do i do that?23:55
memo_please watch my emo: http://emogochi.eu/index.php?page=show&id=11347&lang=en thx:D23:56
zabbadappactually, i don't know the proper place to put shellscripts to autostart in kubuntu ...23:56
hellhoundi just installed kde4.1 and i accidentally removed my bottom panel.  i tried adding a new panel but it always appears on the top of the desktop.  how can i move this to the bottom?23:57
GS3Userhellhound: i think if you right click on it and choose configure (or something like that), you can choose its location23:58
hellhoundzabbadapp: if i understand you correctly you can place scripts in the <home>/.kde/Autostart folder23:58
zabbadapphey, now i remember it when you mention it! :-)23:58
hellhoundGS3User: ahhh thank you... it was right click and go to Panel settings than hold-click and drag ont he panelsettings bar.... thank you23:59
GS3Userso now i do what?23:59
GS3Userhellhound: np23:59

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