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Verteroka quick Q: is there a way to recover from a failed upgrade to a launchpad hosted branch?05:27
krowIs there an open bug on the "not everyone getting all email" issue with LP right now?05:48
wgrantkrow: On mailing lists or otherwise?05:50
ToyKeeperVerterok: You could probably delete the affected branch and re-push it, though the delete branch function seems to be missing ever since the last UI change.06:26
VerterokToyKeeper: thanks, that sounds ok.06:31
ToyKeeperA 'push' with some other options may do it too.06:31
wgrantNo need to delete it.06:31
wgrantbzr push --overwrite or so.06:31
Verterokwgrant: nice :), I'll try it06:32
Verterokwgrant: it worked like a charm, thanks06:35
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ion_Any of the links to resulting binaries at https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.26-5.13/+build/677140 do not seem to work.11:39
jpdsion_: It was built 11 hours ago. I believe it thinks time for the binaries to move around.11:42
wgrantion_, jpds: It's in NEW.11:43
wgrantOtherwise the binaries will be there as soon as the links are.11:43
ion_I was hoping to get the binaries no matter whether it’s in NEW or not. :-)11:43
wgrantion_: You'll have to hunt the queue for that.11:43
ion_Ah, will do.11:44
ion_Would be nice if those links pointed to the binaries in the queue. :-)11:44
vadi2Hello. What is the name of the string that Launchpad makes when people translate your app? I couldn't locate it in the help files12:57
vadi2(a string with the translators names)12:58
BowasiluIs it possible to host a project that has a BSD-like licensed GUI and a LGPLed module as one project on launchpad?17:15
beunoBowasilu, yeap, as long as they're free, absolutely17:16
Bowasilubeuno: Thanks.17:17
BowasiluI found little comparison between Google Code and Launchpad. Why am I better off with Launchpad? :)17:17
beunoBowasilu, well, Launchpad has bugs, answers, PPA's for your own debs, etc17:19
beunogoogle uses svn, which is sub-optimal for open source development (VCS vs DVCS)17:19
mdkein a document describing Launchpad, is there any way to generically link to a person's homepage so that the link will be valid for whoever clicks on it? e.g. launchpad.net/~myaccount?17:20
Bowasilubeuno: svn is suboptimal for open-source?17:21
beunomdke, there is a URL...17:22
* beuno tries to remember17:22
beunoit was something like +me17:22
beunowhich doesn't work17:22
mdkei tried that one :)17:22
beunoBowasilu, well, centralized version control17:23
beunodistributed gives you so much additional liberty...17:23
Bowasilubeuno: I'll read up on this topic, thanks. :)17:23
beunomdke, I can't remember17:23
mdkebeuno: no worries, thanks17:24
stgraberbeuno: /people/+me/17:24
beunostgraber, that's it, thanks. mdke ^17:25
mdkestgraber: thanks very much17:29
mdkevery useful17:29
vadi2What is the name of the translation string that contains all people who helped translate?17:30
mdkeor something like that17:33
LaibschWhat does "RF 5324" stand for?17:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 139619 in soyuz "Allow orig.tar.gz from distribution repos" [High,Fix released]17:42
mdkeLaibsch: it means that the bug was fixed in code version 5324 of launchpad17:46
mdkesee https://help.launchpad.net/LaunchpadReleases for more info17:47
Laibschthanks mdke18:34
Laibschwhat does it stand for exactly18:34
Laibschrelease $something?18:35
LarstiQfersion? :)18:35
elmowhich is the nick/codename for the Launchpad source code18:35
Laibschso many names ;-)18:36
LaibschLarstiQ: I like the "fersion"18:36
Laibschpronounced in a way you need a wischmop to clean up afterwards18:36
affluxIs it possible to rename a project to avoid a name conflict? I registered pyotr a while ago and noticed that there seems to be a sourceforge project called pyotr (though it does not seem too popular, as was unable to find it using google).18:51
zyx386anyone from translation team her?18:53
Laibschzyx386: ping jtv when he is around19:08
vadi2Is there a help file somewhere on how to use 'translator-credits' in rosetta? I can't find any information.19:15
vadi2Nevermind, I figured it out. It's a special string in the GtkAboutDialog.19:18
warrenHmm, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ltsp-upstream/ltsp/ldm-trunk/changes20:02
warrenone person pushed 882 but I don't see it20:02
beunowarren, it takes a minute20:04
beunoit's up now20:04
warren    push branch: bzr+ssh://wtogami@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eltsp-upstream/ltsp/ldm-trunk/20:07
warren  parent branch: bzr+ssh://wtogami@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eltsp-upstream/ltsp/ldm-trunk/20:07
warren  submit branch: /home/warren/work/k12linux/ldm-glibc20:07
warrenhmm, what does submit branch mean?20:07
Peng_The default branch to diff against when you run "bzr send".20:13
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zethErm, no offence, but when did the new launchpad site design happen?22:04
zethIt looks like a 1980s tape player22:06
zethwhich is cool or not cool depending on your perspective22:06
zethbut I personally don't like the buttons22:06
ion_I like the new color scheme much more.22:07
zethokay, I just went to a big screen, and it looks ok on large monitor; but on my little 1024x800 subnotebook, it looks bad22:08
zethWell I liit that below the buttons is more minimal, although the "Report a bug" etc buttons at the bottom of some pages are still in old button format22:09
zethmaybe I get used to it22:10
zethI give it a chance22:10
_steven_I keep getting connection timeout when attempting to push a bzr branch to launchpad. Anyone have any ideas?22:43
_steven_are there server problems? Or am I doing something wrong?22:45
afflux_steven_: looks like I can't connect either22:47
_steven_I've been trying for 3-4 days to push a branch with the same thing22:48
affluxoh. well, It has worked quite well for me about 3 hours ago22:49
_steven_so it's only down when I try I guess :D22:50

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