kahrytancrimsun»  You try ibex in vbox?00:22
crimsunI ran it for a week or so on another laptop00:22
kahrytancrimsun»  http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o200/kahrytan/vboxkernelpanic.png00:23
crimsunmostly for install/upgrade/downgrade/deinstall testing00:23
kahrytancrimsun»  Livecd kernel panics00:24
gluer__acer extensa 5620z way to unpredictable with intrepid, testing halted00:25
kahrytani thought acer was good for linux00:25
gluer__yes but is linux good for acer?00:25
kahrytangluer»  try freebsd00:26
gluer__ive got 10 or 11 different laptops here, just testing each with intrepid00:26
kahrytangluer»  I test with vbox00:27
gluer__once i get the laptop working with intrepid..i move on to the next one00:28
kahrytangluer»  and the kernel panics with desktop cd. Livecd, Install, and Check for defects dont work00:28
gluer__its my hobby and it drives my wife crazy!!00:28
kahrytangluer»  thats because she would rather you spend time doing other stuff :wink:00:29
gluer__she is so sick of hearing the gui login sound that she forces me to turn sound off00:29
kahrytangluer__» I'm sick of that sound00:30
kahrytanYou would think by now, they would change that ubuntu start sund00:30
gluer__there is a nice sound theme on gnome i changed my desktop to.. its called dream or something00:31
kahrytanMy fav startup sound of all time is embedded in the firmware of every comp made by this one company00:31
kahrytanits become a trademark of this one comp00:31
gluer__at least its not the damn xp logo..man i built over 20000 desktops with that logo00:32
kahrytangluer»  what sound am i talking about00:33
gluer__you tell me00:33
kahrytangluer»  mac startup sound00:33
kahrytanshort, sweet and to the point00:34
gluer__in relation to our discussion this is quite humerous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt1bgsvsWms00:35
gluer__make me laugh everytime00:39
kahrytanI was expecting everyone to clap at the end00:40
kahrytanif they did, video would be funnier00:40
kahrytanBut ubuntu needs new start sound00:42
DanaGI use the really short "logout" sound as the log-IN sound.00:43
kahrytanI wonder if Ubuntu live cd has enough room for 3-5mb more.00:43
kahrytanIt would be interesting if Canonical could do deals with indie music artists and add one song to music player00:43
crimsunquite a few people actually use dapper's startup sound in hardy00:44
kahrytandaekdroom»  whats funny00:45
gluer__how about an ibex mating call? as sound?00:45
daekdroomkahrytan, I, trying to imagine ubuntu coming with one free indie song when you open rhythmbox00:45
kahrytangluer»  just as long as it's not the peacock mating song00:46
daekdroombut that's because of my odd sense of humor00:46
gluer__someone go to africa and record one on DAT00:46
daekdroomI'm kinda sure there might be some Ibex mating sounds in CC..00:46
kahrytangluer»  peacock, http://youtube.com/watch?v=9MhZPqHeEAQ00:47
kahrytangluer»  now imagine hearing that every single day and night00:48
kahrytanover and over again00:48
gluer__kayhrytan: thanks mate, you just found me the perfect alarm clock for my wife00:48
aguitelhow is running intrepid?00:49
kahrytangluer»  it is my alarm clock00:49
kahrytangluer» There is peacocks around this condo building. they quieted down a bit.. mating season seems to be over. but i wanted to kill them00:50
gluer__the ibex are quite aggresive00:51
gluer__1 minute into this clip might be a good sound http://youtube.com/watch?v=956NMeTNWrY00:51
kahrytanAlpha male thing00:53
kahrytandebian testing is done downloading00:54
gluer__kahrytan: i have a similar problem with my neighbours dogs barking, only thing that seems to work is 'red hot chilli peppers' californication for some reason they go quiet00:55
kahrytanDebian test works in vbox but not Ibex Alpha 300:56
kahrytanIbex Alpha 1 works in vbox but not 2 and 3 apparently00:56
daekdroomAlpha 2 does work00:57
daekdroomIt's just random00:57
gluer__well i can install alpha 1 -2 but not alpha 300:57
daekdroomYou can boot now, but not in the next 2 tries00:57
daekdroomOr was it alpha 1? I can't remember xD00:57
SergeantPonydoes anyone know how to tone down the system tracker so it doesn't use 14 gig of hard drive space?00:57
kahrytandaekdroom» i tried repeatedly with alpha 3 with desktop cd00:57
kahrytandaekdroom» alpha 1 had weird screen flashes in vbox00:59
kahrytanThey wont be using that ugly dark colored theme in Ibex will they?01:00
daekdroomThey won't01:00
daekdroomThey are testing dark schemes only01:00
kahrytanThey need to change icon theme01:01
daekdroomWhy? I think it's perfect.01:01
kahrytanmetacity, i can live with  but human icon theme. its starting to grate thin on me01:01
kahrytanhuman icons arent modern anymore01:02
daekdroombut the damn human icon theme didn't change! O.o01:02
daekdroomI'm beginning to think Ubuntu is getting deprecated.01:02
daekdroomThey aren't even updating their GTK engine01:02
gluer__i think overall the desktop theme is severely lagging behind the compiz stuff01:03
* DanaG uses this theme:01:03
* JontheEchidna grabs screenshot01:04
daekdroomDanaG, Is that icon theme tangerine?01:04
daekdroomtoo late01:04
daekdroomDanaG, Is that icon theme tangerine?01:04
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
kahrytani use these icons, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Elementary+Icons?content=7343901:05
=== TheImp_ is now known as TheInfinity
DanaGI do use Tangerine.01:07
* JontheEchidna made that Plasma theme01:08
kahrytanlast time i tried kde4. it crashed when I try kde3 classic theme01:08
gluer__me to01:09
daekdroomI think the fact KDE4 doesn't have desktop icons is a regression :x01:09
JontheEchidnaIt does, folderview01:09
DanaGYeah... but it can't fill the desktop nicely.01:10
DanaGYOu can't fill the whole desktop with it... and you can't even resize the damn thing from the corners.01:10
lagayou can't resize your desktop either ;)01:10
DanaGOn Nautilus, the icons fill the desktop.01:11
DanaGThey're not in a draggable window thingy.01:11
JontheEchidnait's a workable compromise until 4.201:11
JontheEchidnabetter than icons in 4.001:11
* DanaG wishes VirtualBox would use QT4.01:12
JontheEchidnaQt4 is nice01:12
DanaGOh, and Amarok 2 (amarok-kde4) sucks compared to the old one.01:12
DanaGYou can't right-click and "add folder to playlist"01:12
* DanaG sticks with QuodLibet instead.01:12
JontheEchidnajust drag the folder over to the playlist?01:12
JontheEchidnaunless you mean you can't do it from dolphin or konqueror01:13
JontheEchidnain that case that's not amarok's fautl01:14
kahrytanKDE4 and Vista have something in common01:14
kahrytanThey both werent ready for release.01:14
DanaGDragging is bad for accessibility.01:15
DanaGOh yeah, speaking of dragging....01:15
crimsunDanaG: get your libc6 issue sorted?01:15
DanaGtry dragging the column headers in Dolphin, to bring "type" to the left of "date"01:15
DanaGYeah, the reboot fixed the ldconfig illegal instruction.01:15
DanaGMust've been a fluke.  Download corruption, or disk corruption, or some oddity of CPU or RAM.01:16
DanaGIt's on an older, not-guaranteed-stable laptop.01:16
crimsunnah, you just hit the corner case of libc6 upgrades01:16
crimsunit happens and isn't hardware-related01:16
kahrytanhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/238191 <--- who thinks thats nvidia issue ? (hardy bug)01:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238191 in ubuntu "Addon card conflict between graphics card and tv tuner" [Undecided,New]01:18
DanaGOh yeah, have any of you used Hamachi?01:18
DanaGIf I have two Hamachi clients behind the same router, and I try to ping one from the other, I get "destination host unreachable".01:19
DanaGI do think it's odd that the Intel NIC has so much more trouble with PulseAudio than the Broadcom does... even though the former connects at 54 megabits, and the latter at 16 or so.01:20
crimsunit's not that surprising01:25
DanaGWhich? The Hamachi thing, or the network thing?01:28
crimsunthe latter01:30
DanaGWhy's that?01:33
DanaGOh yeah, and if Intel wireless is so much better for Linux..... why does it suck so badly?01:33
crimsunmy experience has been that bcm performs better than iwl01:34
crimsunso it's not at all surprising that there's either interrupt hell or something else01:34
crimsunmy only iwl machine runs gutsy, so it's not a good comparison01:34
DanaGI wonder how different WLAN and WWAN antennae (antennas?) are.  My next laptop will likely have two mini-PCIe slots, so I could stick one card of each type in the thing -- but the one in the WWAN card slot would need some sort of antenna.01:37
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGOh heck, even VNC suffers from the crappiness of iwl.03:21
DarkMageZ2hey, i changed the screen resolution via the preferences > screen resolution to something that trips out xorg. since other user accounts are fine then i guess it's account specific. where does that tool store the setting?04:31
murlidharHobbsee: hi04:47
murlidharHobbsee: obconf and openbox cannot be installed simultaneosly04:48
murlidharHobbsee: can u fix this04:48
murlidharthe bug has already been registered in lauchpad04:49
murlidharHobbsee: libparser16 and librender16 is required by obconf and libparser21 and librender21 is required by openbox .  One cannot install both of these in a single machine due conflicting dependencies04:51
* Hobbsee is not the personal fixing stone?05:17
* Hobbsee wonders what happened to filing a bug.05:17
crimsunit appears to be 24379505:19
crimsunoh that's unfortunate.05:53
crimsunobconf 2.0.3-3 built on 5 june.  openbox built on 13 june.05:55
crimsunthus, obconf built against an older openbox-dev.05:55
crimsunpretty trivial debdiff, really.05:55
fyrestrtrfolks -- is there a problem with networkmanager 0.7.0 in that you cannot save custom profiles?06:02
fyrestrtrI did not see it posted at lp, so I was wondering if its something with the hardy port or maybe I need to click the buttons in the right order or something.06:03
crimsunHobbsee: your wish is my command.  (bug 243795, debdiff included)06:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243795 in obconf "can't install install obconf and openbox at the same time, conflicting dependencies" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24379506:08
fyrestrtrcan anyone validate a bug for NetworkManager please?06:09
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Hobbseecrimsun: cool...but don't you have upload powers?06:11
crimsunHobbsee: no, not since early this year.06:11
RAOFfyrestrtr: Where are you getting network-manager 0.7.0 from?  It's not in the official repositories, so it shouldn't have bugs reported against it.  At least Ubuntu bugs.06:13
Hobbseecrimsun: thanks, uploaded.06:13
HobbseeRAOF: ~network-manager ppa?06:14
crimsunHobbsee: thanks!06:14
Hobbseeyou're welcome :)06:14
fyrestrtrRAOF: https://launchpad.net/~network-manager/+archive06:14
RAOFHobbsee: Yeah, that was my guess.  But that's not the only possible option :)06:14
Hobbseeoh, true06:14
fyrestrtrso I shouldn't file bugs against that?06:15
RAOFfyrestrtr: Right.  So, not an Ubuntu package, so no launchpad bugs please.06:15
fyrestrtrhrmm ... isn't it a part of Ibex?06:15
RAOFIf it doesn't come from archive.ubuntu.com or one of the mirrors, it's not a part of Ibex.06:15
fyrestrtrYou mean it won't be included in Ibex ... ie, its not in the feature list?06:16
DanaGIf you're wondering why I'm popping in and out repeatedly... it's because I'm mucking around with my router.06:16
RAOFThat's a 3rd party PPA.  It's run by an Ubuntu dev, where he pushes experimental packages that may or may not make Ibex.06:16
fyrestrtr!+ PPA06:16
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.06:16
RAOFfyrestrtr: I don't know whether n-m 0.7 will be included in Intrepid.  That depends on how released it is in a couple of weeks time, I'd guess.06:17
fyrestrtrI would like to recommend that it be included, as its quite an improvement over the current network manager.06:17
fyrestrtrignoring the fact that I can't seem to save profiles in it.06:17
crimsunit's a pretty big regression for my hardware06:17
RAOFSeems to work OK for me, but it's new and substantially rewritten; I'm not surprised there are regressions.06:18
fyrestrtrI'm not sure what's the different in F9, but there it works without any hiccups.06:18
RAOFAlso, some software doesn't seem particularly happy that my lappy has 2 IP addresses associated.06:18
DanaGwtf... my other computer disappeared from pulseaudio's devices.06:21
DanaGThat's so lame.06:21
DanaGAnd service-discovery-applet still sees it.06:21
DanaGNow I have to quit my music player and kill and restart the local pulseaudio server.06:21
DanaGAnd Intel wireless is so sucky.06:22
* DanaG is now compiling ipw3945 to see if it works any better than iwl3945.06:24
RAOFWho wants to try shiny new GNOME Do crack?06:24
RAOFThe do-core PPA now has packages of 0.5.97, the first of 3 beta releases leading up to the 0.6 that will be released in time for me to get it into intrepid :)06:25
DanaGWow, it IS better.06:26
DanaGIt's official: iwl3945 sucks.06:26
DanaGDoes PulseAudio use a fixed port?06:26
DanaGI'd like to QoS it to high priority on my router.06:27
fyrestrtrDanaG: you just found that out now @ iwl3945 ?06:27
crdlbRAOF: ok, now rewrite it in vala06:27
DanaGNo, I've known it for a while, actually.06:27
crimsunyou can make PA use whatever you want it to.06:27
DanaGiwl3945 is t€h suck.06:27
RAOFcrdlb: Because the goal is always to compile to C :P06:27
crimsunnc, stunnel, ssh, whatever.06:27
* RAOF gets mad karma filing obvious bugs against the new Do.06:29
crdlbRAOF: yep, that is always the goal :)06:30
fyrestrtrhas the new visual theme been decided yet?06:35
fyrestrtrI was disappointed it wasn't released with hardy06:35
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGWow, if I use the broadcom card with my router, and have the router set to use some specific tcp congestion-avoidance algorithm (I don't remember which), I get far far better behavior than with the Intel card, even at its best.06:44
DanaGFar better.06:45
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGIs there a standard port pulseaudio sends its audio data over, for those tunnel sinks?  I don't want to give up the zeroconf-ness of it to get a fixed port number.06:50
DanaGfrom an old pre-zeroconf bug report: " I'd also vote for this, or maybe just improved error handling when a tunnel goes down.   The only reason I've been using pulseaudio is to be able to seemlessly switch between local audio and remote network audio without having to restart applications.  This seems to work pretty well w/ a local sink and a tunnel sink...   But, if the link goes down for any reason, I have to restart the local pulsea06:58
DanaGOh yeah: http://www.pulseaudio.org/ticket/6906:59
DanaGAirport Express support.... any chance of seeing that in Intrepid?06:59
DanaGOh yeah, is there an app that'll show bandwidth usage of various applications?07:05
RAOFDanaG: How'd you like to package up the GData.NET libraries for me?07:06
RAOFGet packaging!  Chop chop!07:07
DanaGCan't say I even know what GData.NET is.07:07
RAOFGoogle's .NET API.07:07
DanaGI'd offer up my CPU time for distcc... but my internet connection speed would probably make it slower than local.07:07
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
RAOFWhy is your network so crap?07:09
osmosishow can I install just a single packages from intrepid? (Im on hardy)07:10
DanaG1... and that last dropout.... totally random.  And I even got a little freeererererereererererereeze in audio like that.  Oh, I see... it was an "IRQ 17: Nobody cared"07:12
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGthat repeating is a sound effect... trying to convey the impression of a repeating sound.07:12
RAOFosmosis: Generally, you don't.  It's a bad idea.07:13
DanaGAah.... and the cardbus slot and my Intel card share an IRQ.07:13
DanaGiwl3945 gives me nice dropouts of multiple seconds.07:14
DanaGPulseaudio through iwl3945?  FOrget it, it doesn't work.07:14
osmosisRAOF: I need a newer version of the KVM binary. The one in hardy is ancient!  And all the updates have been nearly all bug fixes. http://kvm.qumranet.com/kvmwiki/ChangeLog  But no updates are going to be applied to hardy,..only patches. Since the hardy current one if obsolete and my kvm guests hosts are crashing, I need to get a newer KVM.07:14
RAOFosmosis: Do you also need the kernel modules?07:15
RAOFosmosis: Also, it's not particularly ancient; it's a couple of months old :)07:16
osmosisRAOF: thats what I would have thought, but everytime I try and report a crash to #kvm, they all just tell me it is an old issue that was long ago fixed.07:18
RAOFRight; that's why you should be reporting to launchpad :)07:18
osmosisand the only suggestion is to upgrade07:18
DanaGhmm, new in Intel wireless drivers: packet injection for iwl3945.07:18
osmosisRAOF: did.07:18
DanaGHmm, anything interesting-but-not-malicious I should try doing with it?07:19
RAOFosmosis: Right; so, this is a problem.07:19
osmosisRAOF: my reports to launchpad fall upon deaf ears. I got a response that said, "sorry, we can't duplicate."   Well yah, I cant duplicate it either. Its random crashes.07:19
RAOFosmosis: So, you can try building the Intrepid package against Hardy; that'll give you the binary & a way to build the new kernel module.07:20
osmosisRAOF: and thats for the ones where I have clear error messages!07:20
osmosisargh, im screwed with KVM. I should have stayed with Xen.07:20
RAOFYou could also ask for a backport07:20
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging07:20
osmosisi got no way to fix this, and my hosts are crashing. I thought KVM was going to be officially supported?!  Yah, backports. Thats a great idea.07:21
RAOFHm.  kvm _is_ in main.07:21
osmosisRAOF: yah, its in the official server docs too. Its just not really maintained. Its out of date, and not many patches have been applied to it.  The docs are rather incomplete. Quite depressing.07:22
RAOFosmosis: Well, out of date is expected; the presumption is no new versions after a release.07:23
RAOFosmosis: Maybe it shouldn't be in main if the development is so fast, though.07:23
osmosisRAOF: yah, just one of those strange cases where the "stable" version of software is less stable then the "edge" version. And the edge version is more stable then the stable.  I hate it when that happens.07:24
osmosisRAOF: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hardy-backports/+bug/25225707:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252257 in hardy-backports "please backport kvm" [Undecided,New]07:29
RAOFIt would be excellent if you could test that the backport works; there should be instructions on the !backports page.07:30
osmosisRAOF: you mean like use the package from intrepid ?07:31
RAOFI mean: check that the package from intrepid builds on Hardy, installs on Hardy, and works on Hardy.07:31
osmosisRAOF: cool. That brings me to, how do I get the kvm package from intrepid ?07:32
osmosisusually i would look for it on  http://packages.ubuntu.com/  , but the site is down07:32
RAOFI'd suggest the 'prevu' package is likely a good start; I'm not sure how much that does, though.07:32
RAOFFailing that, you can grab the source from launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kvm07:36
Laneyprevu will grab the source and build a .deb from it07:40
osmosisLaney: how do I use prevu?  I installed it, did  DISTRO="hardy" prevu-init07:42
Laney!prevu > me07:42
ubottuLaney, please see my private message07:42
osmosisLaney: but when I do  prevu kvm,  it looks like its just rebuilding the hardy package. Not the latest from inrepid07:43
osmosis!prevu > me07:43
ubottuosmosis, please see my private message07:43
Laneyosmosis: Try DIST=hardy prevu lp:kvm/intrepid07:44
osmosisLaney: looks like its working07:45
osmosisLaney:   Im a bit worried because i see in the version history for intrepid  "- Change kvm-data conflict/replaces version to 68+dfsg-1, to properly"   So it looks like there is a kvm-data  dep ?07:48
Laneyosmosis: I don't know any of the specifics of kvm, sorry :(07:49
osmosisdpkg -i  worked fine07:52
RAOFYou'll probably want to module-assistant the kvm kernel module, too.07:53
osmosisRAOF: not sure what that means. It appears I am using kvm-71 now though, and it is working fine.07:53
RAOFosmosis: The kvm package also builds a 'kvm-source' package that contains the source for the kernel module; you can build & install that by using the 'module-assistant' program.07:54
osmosisRAOF: ah, okay. I think I am going to hold off on that because I think most of the fixes I need are just in the kvm binary.07:55
osmosisRAOF: how can you tell it builds a kvm-source package ?07:56
RAOFBecause I've touched the kvm package in the past; unless things have changed, it builds a kvm-source package :)07:56
Hobbseewould it be too much to ask to have working flash?07:57
Hobbseeor at least flash that wouldn't crash firefox?07:57
RAOFHobbsee: Yes.  You have a number of differently broken alternatives, though.07:57
Hobbseewhich is the best?07:58
RAOFHobbsee: There's swfdec, which seems to have problems embedding in firefox, and gnash, which crashes as soon as it tries to play video.07:58
RAOFI'd use swfdec; its problems are the least troubling.  You'll just get a bunch of extra windows.07:58
osmosisRAOF: its working for now. will let you ( and launchpad ) know how it goes. thanks, bye.08:00
RAOFswfdec will play Quaq quao, though.08:02
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HardeIs open office 3 shipping with Ibex?10:44
HardeRight now?10:44
gnomefreaknot atm10:51
HardeI'm about to install it today. I mean Ibex11:20
murlidhari am not able to log in with sudo accounts11:49
murlidharonly root login is workin11:49
murlidhargdm fails to load11:49
murlidhardbus daemon fails to load11:50
murlidhardo i have to reinstall intrepid11:50
murlidharusing 8.04 to come here11:50
murlidharintrepid was a custom install11:51
plaguehello all - can I ask what a .mof file is and how I would find out whats in it using Hardy?11:57
lagaplague: file /path/to/your/file.mof11:57
bazhangplague, you just asked about ibex in hardy channel11:58
bazhangplague, +1 is for 8.10 questions; #ubuntu for currently supported releases12:00
AlmightyCthulhuwell, I've been banned for my Foxconn post12:12
AlmightyCthulhuso much for trying to help people12:12
lagawhat was the explanation?12:12
lagato be honest, that "foxconn is doing this intentionally to screw us poor linux users" thing was a bit extreme.12:12
AlmightyCthulhumultiple accounts, he listed 8, I only had one other, and the only reason it got banned was cause I explained the concept of ROOT to someone12:12
AlmightyCthulhuand it's implications12:13
AlmightyCthulhuhe's a jerk12:13
AlmightyCthulhuI used stronger language to describe Kwinz and p_quarles on my blog though12:13
AlmightyCthulhuwhere I even posted a screenshot of the message they left for me12:14
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, please come to #ubuntu-ops12:14
Sonicadvance1Anyone else getting bad video in the Flash Beta?12:34
Sonicadvancehttp://bdo.ktserv.com/Users/Sonicadvance1/FlashBadVideo.png example of the "faulty" video12:35
SonicadvanceBlack pixels around the person, usually it's much worse then that, but that's just an example I got12:36
SonicadvanceIt seems to only happen with Youtube videos with what I see12:36
=== catweazle_ is now known as catweazle
=== catweazle_ is now known as catweazle
bopfermanI am trying to install Intrepid Alpha 3 in a VM and it keeps failing.  I just got a kernel panic -- not syncing, Code: Bad EIP value15:06
lagain virtualbox?15:07
lagabopferman: if your CPU is new enough, you can enable VT-x mode as a workaround15:08
bopfermanits not :(15:08
bopfermanI guess ill have to wait for a release that will boot then15:10
lagai wonder if this a known problem in launchpad15:10
bopfermanIt is a known bug :( 24606715:15
Finnish_What is the easiest way to upgrade? I did a dist upgrade and my boot locks up in "starting up"-screen? Did I do something wrong? (I'm just experimenting with this old desktop)15:22
Finnish_Latest number in kernel is 20, it lock ups. 19 works ok15:22
Hobbseeboot without the splash screen?15:26
=== catweazle_ is now known as catweazle
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
Sylphiddunno if this is the best place to ask (if not could you point me in the right direction) but is intel turbo memory utilized in either hardy or intrepid?16:51
bazhangSylphid, not in linux yet (or at least ubuntu) yet17:10
AlmightyCthulhubug 25235417:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252354 in linux "Calgary should not be enabled in Intrepid's stock desktop kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25235417:11
AlmightyCthulhuthis is a freaking STUPID compile time option for the desktop kernel17:11
AlmightyCthulhuno desktop has Calgary17:11
Sylphidthanks bazhang17:12
AlmightyCthulhubazhang: PM?17:14
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, sure17:15
alexurc1Hello, I just got an ipod shuffle, what program do I use to put music on it17:22
alexurc1ok ill try that17:23
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FinnishI upgraded to Ibex, but I'm having a GDM-error during boot. What's this?17:59
LSD|NinjaFinnish: How'd you upgrade?17:59
FinnishUpgrading via update manager18:00
FinnishThe error was about some user and group rights18:03
LSD|NinjaOh, not what I was thinking of then18:03
LSD|NinjaI had problems with the greeter a while back but it's all good now18:04
FinnishOh, I booted in recovery-mode, and after that (when I went back to normal boot) it booted normally18:09
UnNaturalHighhi guys18:50
UnNaturalHighI was curious if anyone here knows how to change the default cpu governor from ondemand to conservative?18:50
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AlmightyCthulhuyeah, use the CPU Frequency applet19:08
UnNaturalHighumm, ondemand makes my music skip19:16
UnNaturalHighconservative does not19:16
UnNaturalHighand seems to work better on my laptop, does anyone know away to adjust the default setting?19:16
bopfermanHello, is there a way to upgrade from hardy to intrepid alpha 3?19:28
LSD|Ninjabopferman: update-manager -d whould take you through the steps19:28
bopfermanthank you19:29
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hou5tonanyone know how I can get 8.10 to recognize a usb mass storage?20:53
crimsungenerally or a specific model?20:54
hou5tonIt says the name Antec on the outside ... it's a large USB external drive I use for all my file backups20:56
crimsunso what is the kernel spewing that it doesn't recognise the device?20:56
hou5toncrimsun:  don't know ... I'm not a developer and probably don't have any business trying 8.10 ... but Hardy refused to do wireless on this laptop, so I thought I'd just try something newer20:57
hou5toncrimsun:  just hoping to get lucky, I guess20:58
hou5tonbut ... before I start working with the wireless on 8.10, I will need the usb external drive to show up20:58
crimsunI recommend you try the kernel and lbm from hardy-proposed before you tinker w/ 8.10 alpha 320:59
hou5toncrimsun:  so ... are you saying with the hardy-proposed the rtl 8185 wireless might work?21:01
crimsunyou have to try it first.21:02
DanaGWow, I just had the Hardy system hard-lock, trying to view a qtvr file.22:22
DanaGThe "savage" driver must not like qtvr.22:22
Volkodavis there nvidia drivers for inrepid ?22:56
VolkodavI did apt-cache search nvidia and what option do I go with?23:17
VolkodavI am on 64 bit though23:17
RAOFVolkodav: The restricted manager should install them for you now.23:18
Volkodavwell I can not get to it since I am on 800x600 and hardly see half of screen23:19
VolkodavI'd rather do it from cli23:19
inspyrewhat needs work23:20
Volkodavwhat package do I need?23:21
RAOFVolkodav: That depends on your card.23:23
VolkodavIt boots in low-graphics mode23:23
Volkodav8400 GS23:23
RAOFVolkodav: nvidia-glx-177, then.23:23
Volkodavit works for 64 bit as well?23:23
VolkodavI'll try it anyway23:26
VolkodavI installed nvidia-glx-177 but it still defaults to nv23:39
Sylphidi have xchat installed which requires tk8.4 as a dependency however i need tk8.5 for homegrown scripts. how can I get xchat to not report as broken with tk8.5 installed instead of tk8.4?23:40
Sylphidoop.. wrong channel... muh bad23:41
G_009DBus is faulty23:44
DanaGGreat, stupid flash crashes... and spams my desktop with nspluginwrapper windows.23:44
DanaGNow I have like 20 of them around.23:45
DanaGFlash seriously needs to go DIAF (die in a fire).23:45
inspyrewhat do you think should replace it?23:46
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/23:46
inspyreya im for that. you think it will be good?23:47
G_009nah.. not for now.. and progress is very much slow on dev side23:47
crimsunswfdec works pretty well.23:47
crimsunDanaG: surely you're using some semblance of the pulse pcm+ctl routing?23:48
crimsunDanaG: (I presume you're running 8.10, that is)23:48
inspyrewhat about an open source flash23:48
inspyrei mean for making flash23:49
DanaGI'm using the alsa-to-pulse wrapper.23:49
DanaGso !default ctl and pcm are type pulse.23:50
crimsunDanaG: and you're using a Flash 10 beta?23:51
crimsunhopefully you're just running across the FF issue to be fixed in 3.0.223:51
DanaGI'm also using nspluginwrapper, since otherwise my browser would be crashing. repeatedly.  repeatedly.  repeatedly.  repeatedly.   /me repeats himself every 2 pages.23:52
crimsunheh, I have better luck w/ than with
DanaGYeah, at least 9 crashes only every third tab closure.23:54
DanaGNow it doesn't even take one.  It just crashes almost every time.23:54

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