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RussellGeeCould some have a look at this please: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/+bug/25052403:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250524 in synaptic "[Intrepid] Synaptic should depend on apt-xapian-index" [Undecided,New]03:20
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crimsonredmkhey, i've got a question, downloaded alpha 305:11
crimsonredmkhow is vmware intergration done, is it a package?05:13
crimsonredmkor a new X driver or...well, what is it?05:14
fabbioneFjodor: nope... cph05:44
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andy_jsAccording to Google, the patch for Visual effects is not publicly available.  Please prove otherwise.10:07
jazzkutyaandy_js_: patch for what?10:10
andy_js_Patch for the "Visual Effects" tab in ubuntu's gnome-appearance-properties10:11
jazzkutyawhat packaget it is in?10:12
jazzkutyai guess apt-get source should retreive it correctly10:12
jazzkutyabut i am not an ubuntu developer10:13
andy_js_A post on the Ubuntu forum led me to believe the patch was not included in the sources in the repos10:13
jcristauandy_js_: you believe everything you read on web forums?10:14
jpdsandy_js_: apt-get source gnome-control-center10:17
andy_js_I've heard a lot of things about ubuntu, maybe they are just rumors10:17
jpdsandy_js_: Look in the source, debian/patches/95_desktop-efffects-intrgration.diff10:17
jpdsandy_js_: And voila, i's GPLv2.10:17
andy_js_thank you10:18
andy_js_jpds: You work for canonical?10:18
jpdsandy_js_: No.10:18
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devfilHobbsee: can you please take a look at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/imlib2/1.4.0-1.1ubuntu1 ?14:11
Hobbseeoh, shucks.14:13
devfilit needs a package in universe, but imlib2 is in main14:14
Hobbseeyes, i can see that....14:14
devfilin this case the dependency is added manually?14:14
Hobbsee!info libltdl3-dev14:14
ubottulibltdl3-dev (source: libtool): A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU libtool. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5.26-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 361 kB, installed size 1640 kB14:14
Hobbseeadded manually?14:15
Hobbseeyes, i'ts not via shlibdeps.14:15
devfilthere are other packages with the same problem14:15
* Hobbsee wonders why libltdl7-dev never got promoted.14:15
Hobbseewhat, that they require hte old lib?14:15
devfilno that they need a package in universe to build but there are in main14:16
Hobbseewhich others?14:16
devfiluhm I don't remember now let me search14:17
Hobbseepitti: do you know why libltdl7-dev was never promoted?  libltdl3-dev was in main, then appears to have been NBS'd out.  I presume this is an oversight?14:17
Hobbsee(presumably it got forgotten about with the sync)14:18
devfilHobbsee: denemo (main) needs libaubio-dev (universe)14:25
Hobbseedevfil: can you file a bug on that, and assign it to ogra?  (if there's not already one there)14:26
Hobbseeoh, wait, he already knows about it14:26
ion_Oh, denemo is in main? In that case, why is lilypond not?14:26
HobbseeMIR is probably already on it's way14:26
Hobbseeion_: *shrug*14:26
devfildirectfb needs libts-dev14:27
Hobbseeah yes, that's on http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt14:29
* Hobbsee assumes that the MIR's will get processed soon14:30
alex-weejare "apport-bug" tagged bugs given less priority than normal?17:39
alex-weeji use ubuntu-bug -p all the time to file bugs because it attaches all the right info17:39
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theclawis the bytecood interpreter in the hardy version of freetype disabled?18:49
theclawI encounter exactly the same problem as describe in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/freetype/+bug/6076018:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 60760 in freetype "turning off autohinting has no effect" [Undecided,Invalid]18:51
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LaserJockanybody know what happened to the Network system config GUI?20:36
Rocket2DMnLaserJock, see bug 24816320:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248163 in gnome-system-tools "Network menu item missing in Intrepid Alpha 2" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24816320:38
LaserJockRocket2DMn: ah, thank you very much. I suspected something like that20:40
Rocket2DMnyou can install the program from the repos in the meantime20:40
LaserJockyeah, that's what I'm doing20:40
LaserJockhmm, it still seems sort of messed up20:42
Rocket2DMni havent checked lately, feel free to add to the bug report if needed though20:42
LaserJockI can't turn a Connection off from the gnome-network-admin20:43
LaserJockI can only set whether I want roaming or not20:43
LaserJockI guess if I set it to not roam bug leave it unconfigured it might suffice20:43
LaserJockyuck, I can't even do that20:44
Rocket2DMngood luck, im on my way out the door20:44
slangasekKeybuk: does libltdl7-dev not provide API compatibiltiy with libltdl3-dev?  (Or if it does, is there a reason it doesn't have a Provide: that's a consistent build-dependable interface?)20:53
Keybukslangasek: ask Debian ;)20:56
alex1hi guys. I've created a patch for the appleir kernel module in the linux-ubuntu-modules package. what mailing list should I send the patch to?21:01
crimsunkernel-team at lists dot ubuntu21:02
crimsunyou may wish to subscribe prior21:02
alex1crimsun, thanks21:03
pwnguinis this sslv2 stuff about servers or clients?21:14
geserpwnguin: it's about sslv2 support in openssl, so servers and clients are affected21:23
pwnguinwell then21:23
pwnguinthis might be stupid21:24
pwnguini can't say I know enough about ssl and the history, but there are embedded devices that run ssl21:24
pwnguinif they happen to predate v3, that's kinda dangerous territory21:25
geserand they use sslv2 and not sslv3?21:26
pwnguinmaybe, I don't know enough about it21:26
pwnguinbut i havent really seen that discussed on the ML and I thought it was worth mentioning21:28
Mithrandirpwnguin: IMNSHO it's better with a visible breakage than having devices which are silently broken.21:29
Mithrandirsince SSLv2 has vulnerabilities21:29
pwnguinwouldn't a warning be appropriate?21:29
pwnguini guess some uses of SSL desire to be as invisible as possible21:29
pwnguinbut i mean, you can force ssh to accept older protocols, cant you?21:31
ScottKSSLv2 should not be considered cryptographically secure in 2008.  Continuing to support it would be irresponsible.21:32
pwnguinbreaking it would be user hostile21:32
ScottKPersonally, I wanted this done for Intrepid, but didn't get to it.21:32
ScottKAnyone who needs v2 can run Hardy for 3 to 5 years.  That's plenty of warning.21:33
pwnguinfair enough21:33
pwnguinScottK: do we still ship telnet?21:33
ScottKYes, but it does not pretend to be secure.21:33
ScottKftp too.21:34
ScottKShipping things that are, by design, not secure and that lack of security is well known is fundamentally different than shipping with support for ancient versions of security protocols that are known not to be secure any longer.21:35
Mithrandir(as well as ktelnet, kftp, telnet-ssl and similar relativetly secure solutions)21:35
* ScottK is a big user of sftp.21:35
LaneyScottK: Would you be in favour of removing WEP support then?21:35
ScottKLaney: That's a good question.21:36
MithrandirLaney: if barely no users used it, yes, please.21:36
pwnguinMithrandir: and that's the right question to be asking21:36
pwnguinHow many people are affected by the change and how?21:36
Mithrandirbut a fairly significant amount of the user base needs it; no.  We might want to add more visible warnings when WEP is in use, though.21:36
ScottKLaney: I think at this point we should be encouraging WPA.21:36
ScottKPlanning for getting rid of obsolete cruft is not something we do very well.21:37
ChipzzMithrandir: ah yes. http://chipzz.livejournal.com/39111.html :)21:37
Mithrandirpwnguin: TTBOMK, nobody has pointed at anything concrete actually needing SSLv2?21:37
LaneyOf course. I was just going for a similar example that would (probably) have more impact21:37
pwnguinMithrandir: how could they? ubuntu-devel is moderated21:37
ScottKpwnguin: The moderation queue gets cleared regularly.21:38
LaneyCould it be temporarily disabled for the alphas and then we watch the bugs and confirm/revert later?21:38
pwnguinMithrandir: plus, there's a selection bias21:38
ScottKivoks reply to my GnuTLS question only lagged on ubuntu-devel by a couple of hours.21:38
ScottKLaney: I'd suggest something like announcing NOW that the next LTS, 10.04 will ship without WEP support, so get ready.21:39
Mithrandirpwnguin: what I'm seeing is people trying to find anything that needs SSLv2 and failing, so this is more widespread than "I don't use it myself, so drop it".21:39
LaneyScottK: I was referring to SSL, but yes that could be a plan.21:39
MithrandirScottK: probably too early, I'm afraid. :-/21:39
LaneyI'd like to be able to get other distros/upstreams on board for a change like that though21:40
pwnguinMithrandir: The thing is, I dont have the world's supply of embedded network devices handy21:40
ScottKPersonally I pitched all my WEP only gear in ~2001, but I know a lot of people still use it.21:40
Mithrandirbut I'm all for adding big, fat warnings to NM when you connect to a WEP "secured" network.21:40
ScottKThat sounds good.21:40
ChipzzScottK: nintendo ds doesn't do anything but WEP21:40
pwnguinMithrandir: I used to have a stargate at work for a base station for TinyOS stuff. it ran an ancient kernel and it wouldn't surprise me if it were SSLv221:41
ScottKOK, so maybe 12.0421:41
Mithrandirpwnguin: most of the embedded network devices I've seen that people are using at home (which means routers etc) don't even use SSL at all.21:41
Mithrandirsince using SSL means you have to have a match between host name and SSL cert and be able to update the cert when it expires.21:41
ScottKMy father hired someone to come set up his wireless network (he lives a long way from me) and they set it up as WEP, even though all the devices supported WPA.  I have no idea why.21:42
ScottKIME WPA is actually easier to set up.21:42
pwnguini believe bruce runs wep21:42
LaneyFirst option on the list?21:42
Laneypwnguin: Schneier? I thought he ran unencrypted21:43
Mithrandireven Windows XP and such warns that WEP isn't secure.21:43
pwnguinLaney: perhaps.21:43
pwnguinWEP is protects against a certain threat model21:43
ScottKI've noticed now that when I'm in a position to see a lot of networks is about 10% unencrypted, 80% WEP, and 10% WPA.21:43
ScottK3 years ago it was about 90% unencrypted.21:43
MithrandirWEP is like closing your office door, signalling that you don't want to be disturbed.21:43
pwnguinthe idiot neighbor and marginally interested internet thieves21:44
ScottKWhich is useful when lots of other people don't have doors at all, but if everyone has the door closed, no so much.21:44
pwnguinafter reading that, I think it might be okay21:46
Mithrandirheh, yngve blogs now?21:47
pwnguinit was the first hit for "sslv2"21:47
pwnguinwell, among them21:47
Mithrandirand FF doesn't support it either, AIUI?21:48
Mithrandirwell, libnss doesn't21:48
pwnguinwell who's libnss21:48
pwnguinours or firefox's?21:48
MithrandirNSS is the Firefox SSL library.21:51
MithrandirNetscape Security Support or somesuch21:51
MithrandirDescription: Network Security Service libraries21:51
pwnguinactually, some wierd stuff uses libnss, and if I read a bug correctly, mozilla demands we ship THEIR library21:59
pwnguinI believe the fix was to build the libnss they ship and link mozilla to it, but leave the rest alone22:01
cjwatsonin general I would advise against trying to reverse-engineer discussions with mozilla from reading random bug reports22:01
pwnguinin specific?22:02
cjwatsonI haven't read this one22:02
cjwatsonmozilla have asked that we put our patches through their review process (aside from some classes generally agreed to be unobjectionable) in order to use firefox branding22:03
cjwatsonthat doesn't equate to "must use mozilla's libnss" as far as I know22:03
pwnguinlemme dig up the bug for ya22:04
cjwatsonno thanks, it's approaching bedtime22:04
cjwatsonI'm confident in asac's ability to deal with it appropriately :)22:04
pwnguinthe reasoning i saw is that our libnss broke weave, and that not shipping their libnss sounded like a branding problem22:04
pwnguinweave works today, so i guess we're ok22:05
IntuitiveNippleIs there a recommended way for an application to determine the system-default file manager (so whether it is Ubuntu, Xubuntu, etc. a file-manager can be started) ?23:27
ion_If “xdg-open .” doesn’t do exactly that, it should be fixed. :-)23:28
IntuitiveNippleion_: Thanks... that'll be good for [XK]*ubuntu ? (I'm creating a patch for an app that currently does "os.system("nautilus --browser  obex://["+dest+"] &")"23:35
ion_intuitivenipple: Sorry, i’m not sure it works anywhere. It doesn’t seem to work in Gnome.23:36
IntuitiveNippleoh... it did for me just now :)23:37
IntuitiveNippleI'm on Ubuntu Hardy23:37
ion_Heh, interesting.23:37
ion_I’m on intrepid.23:37
IntuitiveNippleahh well!23:37
IntuitiveNipplethanks anyway... Googling wasn't helping solve that one23:37
ion_But i think it should be the right way to do it, as soon as it’s fixed to work in every environment. :-)23:38
IntuitiveNippledarn. xdg-open fails with an obex:// service ("Error showing url: Service not available")23:49
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