naliothserkan`c: here is where you can ask your questions pertaining to Ubuntu and Kubuntu and the other official channels02:03
serkan`ci am not asking an ubuntu channel problem :D02:03
serkan`cbut thank you so much02:03
naliothwhat are you asking?02:03
TiredWolfhow to get a channel out of his /whois list02:04
nalioth  /msg chanserv help           /msg chanserv help set                      will show you your options02:04
serkan`ci looked there of course02:04
TiredWolfactually, it's more like /mode +s02:04
serkan`cbut first i thought private does that, misunderstood02:04
nalioththere are two different settings02:04
naliotha channel mode and a channel flag02:04
nalioththey both do similar things02:05
serkan`cok +s isnt the flag? am i right?02:05
serkan`cit is mode02:05
TiredWolf+s is a mode02:05
serkan`cok what is the equiavalent flag?02:05
TiredWolflocking +s into chanserv makes it a flag, i guess02:05
naliothit does not02:06
TiredWolfwell yes, mlock is a flag02:06
nalioth+s will keep your channel off the /whois of others02:06
serkan`cso the only way is setting the +s flag?02:06
naliothfor your purpose, yes02:07
TiredWolfor setting yourself +i02:07
TiredWolfbut then everyone else in the channel has to do that too, if you want nobody to show up02:07
nalioththat won't hide the channel (if he's the owner)02:07
serkan`ci was actually +i02:07
serkan`cthis is the problem i guess02:07
TiredWolfi really doubt you are +i02:08
TiredWolfsince i see #freenode #tuxhacker #ubuntu-irc #ubuntu-locoteams #turklug02:08
serkan`c* [serkan`c] is signed on as account heartsmagic02:08
TiredWolfand i'm only in #ubuntu-irc and #freenode02:08
serkan`cit is normal TiredWolf02:08
serkan`cnot all the channels +s i am in02:08
TiredWolf+i doesn't mean "identified"02:08
TiredWolfit means "invisible"02:08
serkan`cbut i dont want to be invisible for all the channels02:09
naliothserkan`c: +e is identified02:09
TiredWolfthen +s is the way02:09
serkan`cpoor me :D02:09
serkan`cyeash +s is so good for my purpose02:09
TiredWolfjust, if you want it to stay, /msg chanserv set #channel mlock on02:09
TiredWolfeh, what did i say02:09
TiredWolfjust, if you want it to stay, /msg chanserv set #channel mlock +s02:09
serkan`cyes i did it like that02:10
TiredWolfstill, i have my doubts on the usefulness of making an ops' channel secret02:10
TiredWolfbut, whatever suits you i guess02:10
serkan`cit is the mod channel02:10
serkan`cnot for a regular user, we have an official channel for that02:11
TiredWolfand the people here have #ubuntu, yet #ubuntu-irc isn't secret02:11
serkan`cbut is not just mod channel :D02:12
serkan`cactually i see your point02:12
TiredWolfwell actually yes it is02:12
TiredWolfit says "International Ubuntu IRC operators channel"02:12
serkan`coh according the desc. on topic, yes it is02:12
serkan`cbut isnt it preferrable?02:13
TiredWolflook, if you want to keep it private, keep it private. but if regular users have an issue to discuss with you mods, or operators as you prefer... then it's generally better to discuss it in a dedicated channel, than to clutter the main support channel02:14
serkan`cactually i didnt create this channel for this purpose, we talk those in the regular channel but this is not a serious problem, i can make it -s02:15
TiredWolfyou can make it as you prefer, as far as i know, i was merely suggesting02:15
serkan`cso this is an oppinion and i can see your point02:16
serkan`cbtw thanks for helping both TiredWolf and nalioth02:19
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myrtlebeachbumsHey guys - anyone got a minute for some questions on an Ubuntu cloak?18:29
myrtlebeachbumsOkay. So I've registered my nick, I'm an Ubuntero, and I'm a member of two teams. Is that what I need for a cloak, and if not what else do I need? (I RTFM'd, and I think I'm good but I thought I'd ask to make sure.)18:31
Myrttiyou need to be not only Ubuntero, but an Ubuntu member18:32
RoAkSoAxmyrtlebeachbums, what you need to obtain a cloak is become an Official Ubuntu Member: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership18:32
myrtlebeachbumsGotcha. A little more work to do. :) Thanks guys. I'll work on that and bug you some time in the future. I appreciate the help.18:33
jpdsmyrtlebeachbums: Good luck!18:33
myrtlebeachbumsThanks! TTYL18:33
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