asacmaybe you did that once00:00
Jazzvayeaah, sounds possible :)00:00
asacthat would also explain why you dont see a warning with my patch ;)00:00
asacit uses the same pref00:00
Jazzvawhat is the name of the pref?00:03
Jazzvakept in about:config?00:03
asacJazzva: not sure00:05
asacor something00:05
asacor *tabs*00:05
Jazzvabrowser.warnonrestart. that's the only that is modified00:06
Jazzvayep... here's the dialog :)00:07
asacok. i am off. most likely not back for ~26h from now ;)00:42
saivannasac : Just a little note : my ethernet card on my laptop now works correctly with latest network-manager update in the PPA. The bug isn't here anymore.02:26
=== asac_ is now known as asac
JazzvaVolans, you and gnomefreak have prepared meeting schedule for the next six months?14:27
JazzvaI'm updating the minutes from the last meeting... I would like to know if I can set it to "Done" :)14:28
VolansHi Jazzva, yes14:28
JazzvaVolans, great :)14:28
Volansthe only thing I don't know is if gnomefreak have reserved the meeting channel for all the dates14:28
Volans(if this is possible)14:28
Volansor will ask the fridge guys every month or two14:29
Jazzvaok, I'll take it as done :)14:29
Jazzvareserving shouldn't be a big problem :)14:29
Volansok, also an automatic system of email alert in the mailing list is done14:30
Jazzvanoticed :)14:30
Volansperhaps you have read the email today morning at 914:30
Jazzvayep :)14:30
JazzvaIf anyone care to review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Team (new page) and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Packaging (Update section), I'd be thankful... just to know if it's readable enough :)14:31
Volansthe first one is clear and shor... +1 :) looks at the second one14:34
Jazzvayay :).14:35
VolansJazzva: just a note... in the MozillaTeam page I don't see any reference to the Extensions page... how an interested people can find that page?14:36
JazzvaThrough MozillaTeam/Extensions/ page, which I'm writing now14:37
JazzvaThere'll be a pointer on MozillaTeam/ page to that one...14:37
Volansok, perfect14:37
Volansa note on the Packaging page, on the requisites, maybe change at the second line: "packages:" -> "Ubuntu installation with those packages installed:" or similar and specify if the latest ubuntu is needed or also a previous version can be enough14:39
Jazzvamaybe Ubuntu's is expected if someone's reading that page ;)14:39
Jazzvathen again, better be safe than sorry :)14:40
Volansof course but perhaps I can understand that I can build those extensions also in another distro, debian for example14:40
Jazzvaright :)14:40
Volansthe bzr branch of XPI.TEMPLATE is repeated in the prerequisited and in the packaging procedure14:42
Jazzvamaybe someone skips the prerequisites :). I don't think it's really a problem if it's mentioned twice.14:43
Volansmaybe can be useful to point in the " create an upstream branch in the firefox-extensions" paragraph to add a LICENSE file in the root dir of the upstream branch14:44
Jazzvalicense file should be there...14:45
Jazzvaand added by upstream.14:45
Volansor just a reminder to check that... I see that is a common "bug" in the packaging process14:45
Jazzvain case it's not there, then we contact upstream to provide one, and stop packaging until then. the extension goes to "missing details" table :)14:45
Jazzvaa reminder is good :)14:46
Volansvery good page for me! Just to make it even better a note on the update procedure for extension packaged in previous Ubuntu releases (backports) can be added14:51
Jazzvahmm... well, to put a link to the usual backports page. I think it should be the same: get into current release, prepare a backport, file a bug :)14:52
JazzvaVolans, I added your suggestions15:04
Jazzvaalso, this is finished https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions15:04
Jazzvaand now to add pointer on MozillaTeam15:04
VolansJazzva: the pointer in the table SubPages is automatically added15:05
Jazzvaoh, that one :)15:05
Volansbut adding a little paragraph explaining what is it is better15:06
Jazzvahmm... it might need some time to appear in SubPages15:06
Jazzvait's there :)15:06
JazzvaI was looking for /MozillaTeam/Extensions :)15:06
Volansmaybe I'm wrong but seems that in the MozillaTeam/Extensions there isn't a link to the MozillaTeam/Extensions/Team  page with title like "how to join us"15:08
Jazzvaright :)15:09
Jazzvamissed that one15:09
Volansyou can use the [[MailTo(ubuntu-mozillateam AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com)]] to show the mailto: link to registered users that have made the login ;)15:12
Jazzvayeah :)...15:12

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