MythbuntuGuest89where do i modify it?00:45
MythbuntuGuest89if I goto setup--> general it is the ip address of the backend.00:46
MythbuntuGuest89Laga>is there another place?00:47
lagathere are two ip addresses listed there00:47
lagawhat are these?00:47
MythbuntuGuest89I only see the one in general.  Hostname:
MythbuntuGuest89which is the backend00:50
lagathere should be another one below00:51
MythbuntuGuest89all on this page is ; ping test server port;database name; usre; password00:52
MythbuntuGuest89laga, am i in the right place?00:54
lagaprobably not ;) i can't look right now because i shut down my master backend00:56
lagabut your problem really is a FAQ, it'd be surprised if google didn't turn up something00:57
laga"mythtv remote frontend" might be a good starting point for google00:57
MythbuntuGuest89Ill see what turns up00:58
MythbuntuGuest89is it located in the setup or in the control center?00:59
lagasetup usually, but you can also set it in the control centre. the problem is that mythtv also supports auto configuration over upnp which can mess things up ;)01:00
lagait's necessary to configure your master backend correctly and to have the correct information for the mysql server on the remote frontend01:01
MythbuntuGuest89in general setup on the server the is 2 ipaddress both the same as above01:06
jalexWhere may I get 8.04 instead of 8.04.1?01:15
lagaum. nowhere, probably. why would you want to do that?01:16
jalex8.04.1 install doesn't really work for me.  I tried multiple times but it has weird issues.01:17
jalexI might just put ubuntu 8.04 and then add mythbuntu on there...that should work.01:18
lagawell, 8.04 shouldn't be much better - these point releases shouldn't introduce regressions01:18
lagawhy don't you report these issues in the bug tracker? http://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu01:18
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massiplease guys i need help01:55
ZinnPlease don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.01:56
jalexThe 8.04.1 alt iso seems to have some inconsistencies with the cdrom identity and apt-get.01:57
massiI run mythtv-setup for the first time but I get error about database01:57
jalexxubuntu installed ok...I'll just add mythbuntu after the fact.01:57
jalexmassi: I've only setup mythtv form the source, so far.  you are using the mythbuntu packages?01:58
massijalex: yes01:58
jalexand you put in the mysql info ?   mysql pass is in /etc/mysql.txt or somewhere like that.01:59
jalex(in case you forgot from the install screen01:59
massiI ve found 2 passw in mysql.txt01:59
massiwich ones?01:59
jalexmaybe one is the username?01:59
massi1 pass is mythtv and tthe other one is h38jid or something02:00
massiusername is mythtv as well02:00
massiso the correct one is "DBPassword" value?02:01
jalextry them in the terminal02:02
jalexmysql -u mythtv -p02:02
jalexand enter what you think the pass is02:02
massii ve got ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)02:02
massii ve tried without password and I ve got "mysql>" prompt02:04
jalexhah, that's funny.02:05
jalexdon't enter a mysql pass in mythtv-setup then02:05
massii've just tried but it does not change nothig - i ve got error "cannot find (ping) database host on the network"02:06
jalexcrud, what do you know.  my hard drive is going seriously bad...well, that accounts for the install issues.02:08
NTolerance_just had a HDD die on my old Gutsy mythtv setup03:11
NTolerance_restoring went beautifully03:11
NTolerance_just copied the recording directory over and restored the mysql database03:11
chronographerMy via 12000 nehemiah locks up sometimes when playing videos. It locks up so that I can't restart X (ctrl alt backspace) nor switch to v.term (ctrl alt F1) anyone know what may be happening?05:55
hadsPossibly heat05:59
hads(or many other things)05:59
levanderAlright, I've been trying to get off this Mythbuntu developers email list for months.  How the hell do I get off?06:04
hadsLook at the source of the email, it more than likely has unsubscribe instructions.06:05
chronographerI don't think its heat... but it hasn't happened for a little while... I have removed my network card, will see if that fixs it.06:05
levanderI've followed those instructions about 10 times now.06:05
rhpot1991levander: the one about the team meeting?06:11
rhpot1991levander: you should be removed06:24
levanderI hope so.  They've said that the last 3 times I've come in here fussing.06:24
rhpot1991you may still get an email tomorrow, but you shouldn't get them for any new meetings06:24
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TheBlasphemerHow can I change the subtitles in mplayer, or if that's not possible, switch to VLC as the standard video player?16:46
zabbadappTheBlasphemer: in your lircrc file, put (in a begin-end block like the other keys): config = sub_select and config = sub_select -1 for two different remote buttons, then you can switch between available subs back and forth16:55
oltermananyone here know anything about mythbuntu 8.04 and Hauppauge dvb nova t 50016:56
oltermanI have installed a fresh install and can scan channels but cannot get mythtv to start up (ie show any tv )16:57
zabbadappolterman: i use mythbuntu 8.04 (upgraded from 7.10) and a T-50016:57
oltermanzabbadapp: cool16:57
oltermanzabbadapp: what did you have to do to get an image etc16:57
zabbadappdo you know it works outside of myth?16:58
oltermanwell not really16:58
oltermannew card16:58
oltermanand new install16:58
oltermannever had a tv card before16:58
oltermanhow can i test it16:58
oltermanit seems to load fine in /var/log/messages16:59
oltermanand I can get channel names from it that is as far as I get16:59
oltermanbut I dont know what to test really16:59
zabbadappdo you have the following line in /etc/modprobe.d/options: "options dvb-usb-dib0700 force_lna_activation=1"17:00
oltermanill dubbel check that I think I put that in another file17:01
oltermanhang on17:01
oltermanyes i do17:01
zabbadappand the firmware has loaded? (dmesg | grep -i dvb)17:02
oltermanit starts cold loads firmware states that it found it warm etc17:02
zabbadapp"sudo apt-get install dvb-utils" ... stop mythbackend (or if you checked the option that myth should release the device if not in use) and then "scan scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/<country-code>-<geographic-location>"17:04
zabbadapp(oops, two scan .. only one of course)17:04
zabbadappyour closest transmitter should be in that dvb-t-directory17:04
oltermanhmm ok then I need to install my modem on that machine17:05
oltermanIll try that and then come back17:05
zabbadappno net? :-)17:05
oltermannot on the mythbox17:06
zabbadappok .. you don't have to if you can get a channels.conf file some other way17:06
oltermanisnt that what I get when I scan for channels ?17:06
zabbadappyes, but then you can put that in ~/.mplayer/channels.conf and run "mplayer dvb://<device-unit>@<channel-name> " ... i.e. mplayer dvb://1@TV317:07
zabbadappyou card has 0 and 1 available (but mplayer can't play video from both dvb-t devices at once .. an mplayer limit ... mythtv can of course do that) ... you maybe can get some sensible error output this way17:09
oltermanwhat does the internals of channel.conf look like17:10
zabbadapp(btw: i never get any sound when I play tv with mplayer on the dvb-device like that,  but i get picture .. good enough)17:10
zabbadappeach line per channel looks like this: SVT2:682000000:INVERSION_AUTO:BANDWIDTH_8_MHZ:FEC_2_3:FEC_1_2:QAM_64:TRANSMISSION_MODE_8K:GUARD_INTERVAL_1_8:HIERARCHY_NONE:1029:1028:502017:11
oltermanyou in sweden?17:11
zabbadappyes .. jaha17:11
oltermanjag är Svensk i exil (London)17:12
zabbadappojoj, många freeview-kanaler där!! ("many freeview channels over there" -- for the non swedes)17:13
c3rb3rus5can anyone explain to me the differences in playback profiles?17:19
zabbadappolterman: do you get absolutely no picture/sound at all, or do you get green-screen or black, with sound? ... some mpeg-decoding libraries won't work for me ... there are a few to select from in the myth-settings ... i've had moments with no picture because the video-acc layer seemed to be out of order .. but after i changed to libmpeg (or whatever it was) i've never had that problem17:20
zabbadappc3rb3rus5: a good deinterlacer takes more cpu, and a hw-accelerated decoder (xvmc) takes little cpu .. good for old 'puters. If you don't have enough power to use the best deinterlacer for HD-content you can set up rules for when to use a specific profile ... never used them since I don't have HD and my machine handle the load17:24
c3rb3rus5i am using this for HD and SD17:24
c3rb3rus5and i'm using an onboard geforece 615017:25
zabbadappwhat cpu?17:25
c3rb3rus5x2 3200+, i think17:25
c3rb3rus5make that an x2 3600+17:27
c3rb3rus5in any case on the CPU+ profile, there seems to be a slight audio sync problem17:27
c3rb3rus5on high def stuff at least17:28
zabbadappyadiff x2 and the other ??? x2 deinterlacers produce a  progressive 50/60 fps (double rate) picture from the interlaced information, looks good for sports and such .. they take quite a lot of cpu ... maybe that + decoding HD is too much for your cpu? ... is the audio ok with lesser profiles?17:28
olterman_ok intenet on the mythbuntu machine17:29
olterman_could you give me that line to do with dvb-utils again17:29
olterman_zabbadapp: ???17:30
zabbadappscan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/se-Vannas > channels.txt17:30
c3rb3rus5i had hd running correctly w/ xvmc before i updated / reinstalled in the box17:30
zabbadappwell, is the cpu+ profile using xvmc? i don't think so .. the name suggests it's a heavy profile and xvmc is easy on the cpu (but can't be deinterlaced/postprocessed)17:31
zabbadappolterman_: apt-get install dvb-utils ?17:32
olterman_done it17:32
olterman_resource busy17:32
olterman_need to kill myth I guess17:32
zabbadappmythbacknd is locking it17:32
c3rb3rus5really? xvmc can't be deinterlaced?  thought that they had limited options, but still some17:32
zabbadappolterman_: (yes, and there is an option as i said to make myth release the dev when not recording anything)17:33
zabbadappc3rb3rus5: that's what i've read, but since i can't run xvmc anyway (only xv) i haven't tested. Anyway, simply xv (and probably xvmc) suck because it doesn't support more than 8bit color for overlays ontop of the video layer .. so the OSD becomes greyscale, if i remember correctly17:35
laga8 bit is grayscale? huh17:36
c3rb3rus5yea, i think that i had it enabled for hd and disabled for sd17:36
zabbadappno, but it is the easiest way to convert a 24-bit osd-graphics into something that looks ok-ish in 256 colors17:36
zabbadappthe myth-people never bothered to implement fancy dithering to make it look better, because 256 colors will still look bad :-)17:37
lagaxvmc can be deinterlaced, AFAIK17:38
c3rb3rus5the slim profile seems to work ok...17:38
c3rb3rus5the options are bob and one field17:38
olterman_zabbadapp: ok that works perfectly17:38
lagayeah, the slim profile seems to work for most people.. it should be the default IMHO17:38
olterman_still no go in myth17:38
olterman_mplayer rocks with sound17:38
c3rb3rus5so what is the diff between xvideo and xvmc?17:39
zabbadappc3rb3rus5: bob and one-field are not really deinterlacers .. bob is ok if you have a CRT-tv, because it is exactly how the picture is displayed (alternating fields) ... one-field is just skipping odd fields and gives you half the resolution of the lines.17:39
c3rb3rus5i see17:40
olterman_zabbadapp: got any advice now ta17:41
zabbadappc3rb3rus5: xvmc has Motion Compensation ... a process implemented in hardware in the graphics card to extrapolate the motion vectors of the mpeg-stream ...17:41
olterman_zabbadapp: that I know the card works17:41
zabbadappolterman_: great ... hmm, what happens when you start live-tv?17:42
olterman_I get blacksvcreen and then back to menu17:42
zabbadappif you start a recording? are you tail -f :ing the mythbackend-log?17:43
olterman_I vcant start a recording I17:44
zabbadappdo you have correct permissions so myth can store the stream to disk?17:44
olterman_zabbadapp: hmm17:44
olterman_my directoruy is in my home catalogue17:44
olterman_that is17:44
olterman_my user has permissions ... does myth run as me otr mythtv17:44
zabbadappas user mythtv17:45
olterman_ill try that then17:46
olterman_ok it works now but how do I17:50
olterman_change channels17:50
zabbadapparrow up/down17:51
zabbadappyou should probably change a setting so that browsing channels doesn't change them until you hit enter (i don't remember if that is the default) ... channelchange is a bit on the slow side .. but with a good epg-source you can browse the channels and see what is on (whil still watching whats currently on) .. and the hit enter to finally actually change .. works great17:52
olterman_I can only ewatch `17:53
olterman_I cant change at all17:53
olterman_I get teh view of all the channels and the shows17:54
olterman_I can miove up and down17:54
olterman_but when I hit enter I get a menu of do not record etc17:54
olterman_any suggestions _17:55
zabbadappthen you're in the epg? or?... i meant that arrorw down will show in the osd what the next channel is currently showing .. and if that is what you want, enter changes to the next channel17:57
zabbadappthere is a key that changes to the channel the cursor is on, in the epg too .. but i don't remember ... (i have all keys a use mapped on the remote .. and that's not one of them)17:59
c3rb3rus5do the myth-reboot and myth-halt scripts work?18:21
c3rb3rus5nm... works when there is no ssh session connected18:27
miv2Hi. Anybody ever experienced that using a remote control (in my case the one coming with a Hauppauge PVR-350) is kind of slow in Mythbuntu 8.04.1? Slow meaning I'm having quite a long delay after pressing the button until something happens. In TV mode, screen freezes for a second or so. When I use the PS/2 keyboard, everything is just fine ...19:26
superm1just the guide miv2 ?19:32
superm1or general usage in menus etc too?19:32
miv2General use19:32
superm1well so as to rule out mythtv bugs, i'd say go and give irw a shot19:33
miv2in the menus it's not a big issue, but it is a bit of annoying if changing the volume freezes the movie19:33
superm1and see if its reading delayed on those too19:33
miv2irw workes in "realtime"19:33
miv2as does MPlayer19:33
darthanubisI'd like to know how to get mythzmserver to run upon boot like it used to before .21?19:33
superm1miv2, then in your ~/.mythtv/lircrc, do you have repeat/delay in use at all?19:34
superm1darthanubis, does it need user information?19:34
superm1or is it just a daemon app19:34
miv2superm1: Most buttons don't have repeat or delay, some do. I copied the configuration from my old debian mythtv box, but I also tested the supplied lircrc from mythbuntu, there is not difference in behaviour19:35
darthanubissuperm1, just a daemon app19:35
darthanubisno user info19:35
miv2the funny thing is also, that the CPU is not used while the system freezes ...19:36
darthanubisI have to manually run mythzmserver from CLI19:36
superm1darthanubis, then maybe just /etc/rc.local19:36
superm1miv2, well that's crazyness then :)19:36
darthanubisI thought of that19:36
darthanubisbut it really is not a script?19:36
darthanubisits a binary19:37
darthanubisthe web says to have zoneminder start it from zm.conf. But I have yet to figure that one out?19:37
darthanubisI just am wondering why do I have to do this now, when before just installing mythzmserver just ran19:38
darthanubiszoneminder is set up and working19:38
darthanubisthere is a bug report about it19:38
darthanubisdoes not look like it will ever get resolved though?19:39
superm1well we are very far behind on bugs yes, but hopefully someday resolved :)19:39
superm1you can launch binaries from /etc/rc.local though19:39
superm1so that would work19:39
darthanubisI have to copy or symlink the bin to the script dir, then run update.rc or something?19:42
darthanubisI don't manually play with scripts at all19:43
superm1no just edit /etc/rc.local19:47
darthanubisnever knew this was here19:48
olterman_zabbadapp: hwhat steps tdo I need to take to get the remote working ?20:01
darthanubisremember when mythtv-setup would stop the backend when it was started, and not just warn that the backend was still running?20:14
darthanubisWhat happened to that functionality?20:15
darthanubisSeems like some auto-functionailty I'm missing20:15
darthanubisLiek when viewing a recording, then exiting, it used to ask me whether or not I wanted to bookmark/delete/or just leave?20:15
darthanubisWhat happened to that?20:16
rhpot1991_laptopI believe thats an option within mythtv itself20:16
rhpot1991_laptopcrawl the setup menu and see if you can find it20:16
darthanubisI keep looking20:16
darthanubisI'm pretty sure I have overlooked it20:17
darthanubisbut I must be going blind?20:17
darthanubissetup>tv sttings.playback?20:17
darthanubisexcuse my wireless KB20:17
olterman_anyone know how to get the remote to work on hauppauge nova t 50020:30
oltermanneed help with hauppauge 500 nova t getting the roemote to work20:53
olterman Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC                              [fail]20:56
olterman have followed every howto there is20:56
oltermandont know where to get better feedback to troubleshoot20:57
oltermanany help with a tremote _ ?21:01
oltermanzabbadapp: e du daer ?21:01
oltermananyone here ?21:27
MythbuntuGuest73Hi there! Would anybody give me a hand trying to get a front-end running? I've got a realiable backend running22:44
MythbuntuGuest73I followed the instructions of mythbuntu's page turn ubuntu into mythbuntu, when I type in the terminal mythfrontend I get no application opened.22:46
TheBlasphemerI'm wondering if there is any way to easily watch videos from an external HDD from the MythFrontend UI...22:58
biohazardok, I messed up the database on my Mythbuntu 8.40 box23:11
biohazardI have  a backend/fronend box, and a box currenly running the live CD23:11
biohazardI could not get it to connect23:11
biohazardthe live cd to the backend server23:12
biohazardI ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database, as recomended, and afterwords, neither is able to access the database23:12
MythbuntuGuest73Hi there! Would anybody give me a hand trying to get a front-end running? I've got a realiable backend running23:34
bmathiswhatcha need help with?23:59
bmathisits better to just ask your question then askin if anyones here to give you help23:59

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