FlannelPriceChild: mind pinging me in here?00:01
PriceChildFlannel: yes00:02
FlannelPriceChild: mind doing it again?00:04
PriceChildFlannel: still yes00:05
FlannelAlright, thanks.00:06
* elkbuntu reads the scrollback and takes the espresso pot away from myrtti01:34
Mezelkbuntu, lol01:41
Mezshes an addict01:41
Flannelnickrud: interesting02:02
nickrudok, who's the ubottu expert here02:02
Flannelnickrud: We've had this problem in the past, it was fixed02:03
Flannelits becaue your parenthetial included "is"02:03
Flannel!install | cxo (not sure if pxe02:03
ubottucxo (not sure if pxe: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:03
nickrudyeah, ok that's very lucky02:04
nickrudFlannel figured it was the is. I thought there was a rollback command for ubottu, but not needed I guess02:04
Flannelnickrud: http://jussi01.com/web/factoids.cgi?db=ubuntu&search=&order=added%20DESC&page=002:04
Flannelthere it is02:04
Flanneldefinately a bug02:05
nickrudubottu forget install | cxo (not sure if02:05
ubottuI know nothing about install | cxo (not sure if yet, nickrud02:05
nickrudok, this will be fun02:05
Flannel!search cxo02:06
ubottuFound: install | cxo (not sure if pxe02:06
Flannel!-install | cxo (not sure if pxe02:06
ubottucxo (not sure if pxe: install aliases: nocdinstall - added by Seveas on 2006-06-18 00:40:32 - last edited by nixternal on 2008-03-20 01:28:5602:06
Flannelits an alias?02:06
Flannel!forget install | cxo (not sure if pxe02:07
ubottuI'll forget that, Flannel02:07
Flannel!search cxo02:07
ubottuFound: install | cxo (not sure if pxe*02:07
nickrud!search install02:07
ubottuFound: kdeincludes, xen, newton, proxies, firefox, font, blender, usb, installdeb, picard02:07
nickrudhum, wonder why it liked !forget but not the ubottu forget.02:07
Flannelbut, its definately a bug with the parser (which means its a regression)02:07
Flannelnickrud: you missed the pxe02:08
nickrudFlannel ah, that would be it02:08
* nalioth hands nickrud a pxe02:09
nickrudprobably wouldn't be helpful to file a bug against ubotu02:10
Flannelnickrud: the issue is because someone commmented out line 355, with 356 in its place.02:10
Flannelthis is... the second edit like that that I've seen in my few days of looking at that plugin02:11
nickrudI'll take your word for it02:11
FlannelMmm, that was nuked when they added the forwarding to here regarding factoids.02:11
Flannelbazhang: That wasn't even french.  odd.02:21
bazhangFlannel, yeah, weird. maybe creole :)02:21
FlannelSome regional one I guess, yeah.02:21
nickrud!forget channels | ubuntoo, here02:33
ubottuI'll forget that, nickrud02:33
nickrud!forget ask | windowsuser (that02:34
ubottuI'll forget that, nickrud02:34
nickrud!bunnies | ?02:34
ubottu?: bunnies is z0mg! fluffy bunnies! Guaranteed to bring out the tweenage girl in everyone: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Widget+Background:+Fluffy+Bunny+?content=7448002:34
Flannel!away > gardar`afk02:48
ubottugardar`afk, please see my private message02:48
AlgorithmicContrI'm innocent!03:06
* Flannel takes partial responsibility for that.03:12
FlannelWhen you run virgin ubottu code, and someone tries to add a silly factoid and it tells them its being forwarded here, they get embarassed.03:12
nickrudsome of the factoids we see here are worth being embarassed about03:13
naliothin the olden days when anyone could add a factoid, some of them were k-line worthy03:18
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:55
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:55
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:55
FlannelNice.  Only one person snagged.04:55
naliothnot sure why some peoples kids are manic like this05:03
nalioththe guys like clockwork05:03
naliothor girl05:03
Flannelso many server questions.05:12
nickrudI'm always amazed. My machine always Works for Me™06:25
bazhangis the fglrx just bad news?06:27
nickrudno, always works for me. What chip is he running? and has he used envy?06:28
bazhangradeon 960006:28
bazhanghe used the hardware drivers he said06:28
nickrudI'd look at his log file, but what's the issue? I've been helping a newbie in pm recently06:29
bazhangbad_hacker blank/black screen and freezing, though would think the freezing is unrelated06:30
elkbuntujussi01, are you around?07:15
jussi01elkbuntu: in and out, whats up?07:27
elkbuntujussi01, i'll PM07:33
bazhangno need to run envyng on kernel updates07:44
nickrudI read there was work on that, it was completed?07:45
nickrudI should probably subscribe to changes.07:45
bazhangyes; and going to be in linux-restricted-modules for ibex iirc07:46
nickrudI spend enough time in mail, what's one more?07:47
wgrantbazhang: NVIDIA and ATI drivers have been moved out of lrm for Intrepid.07:49
bazhangwgrant, aha thanks07:49
bazhangturns out bsims issue was unrelated to envyng07:49
elkbuntuwgrant, into linux-ewwyuck-modules?07:51
wgrantelkbuntu: Into their own packages using DKMS.07:51
elkbuntuyou're using an acronym i do not recognise...07:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dkms07:52
FlannelDynamic Kernel Module Support07:52
wgrantI always forget what it stands for. Everybody just knows it by DKMS.07:52
elkbuntu!dkms is Dynamic Kernel Module Support07:52
ubottuI'll remember that, elkbuntu07:52
ubottudkms is Dynamic Kernel Module Support07:53
ubottuWe don't need factoids for *everything* ;)07:54
nickrudyou should add that, bazhang07:55
bazhangor http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Tech/DKMS07:55
jussi01!no, dkms is <reply>DKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://edge.launchpad.net/dkms for more.08:00
ubottuI'll remember that jussi0108:00
ubottuDKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://edge.launchpad.net/dkms for more.08:00
elkbuntudriven by The Dell Team. interesting...08:03
jussi01oh yeah08:06
wgrantAnd they seem to have removed a lot of info from that page.08:06
Flannel!dkms ~= /edge\.//08:06
ubottuI'll remember that Flannel08:06
ubottuDKMS is Dynamic Kernel Module Support. See https://launchpad.net/dkms for more.08:06
=== Mez is now known as Mez|Moving
geniiJust noticed a potential bug of the bot09:21
geniieg: mentioning  Ubuntu 606  and perhaps Ubuntu 704     maybe09:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 606 in baz "botched invariant for import" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60609:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 704 in launchpad "Default value for "Arch branch" on +sourceadmin should be "MAIN", not "main"." [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70409:21
FlannelYeah, thats a design decision09:22
Tm_Tgenii: it's like ubuntu 109:23
geniiUbuntu 1         ? he asks09:24
Flannelasdfsadfsadf ubuntu 109:25
Flannelasdfasdfsdfasdfasdf asdfasdfasdf Ubuntu 109:25
Flannelok, fine.09:25
Tm_Tubottu: hug me09:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hug me09:25
geniiFlannel: Anyhow, if by design then. Just thought some oddness about it09:25
FlannelThere must be a minimum size for the number09:25
Flannelgenii: Yeah, there's really no way to get around it, 606 and 704 (and all version numbers if concatted) are valid bug numbers09:26
geniiThanks for explaining09:26
FlannelAnd I doubt anyone wants to code a HMM into Ubuntu to get around it09:26
Flanneler, into ubottu09:27
Tm_THMM ?09:27
Tm_THours Minutes Minutes?09:27
FlannelHidden Markov Model09:27
Tm_TI see09:27
FlannelBasically diagraming the sentence based on probability09:27
Tm_TFlannel: couldnt it use basic Stetson-Harrison?09:28
* genii considers the Elizabottu09:28
FlannelAlthough even then, but "Ubuntu 606" the release and "Ubuntu 606" the bug are both nouns09:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 606 in baz "botched invariant for import" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60609:28
FlannelTm_T: Did you know that 74% of all statistics are made up on the spot?09:28
geniihehe That can certainly get annoying as you see09:28
Flannelgenii: Yeah, well, use the proper terminology, (Ubuntu 6.06) and it won't happen.09:29
Tm_TFlannel: I thought that statistic especially09:29
geniiOk OK09:29
Flannelgenii: :)09:29
* genii puts on a pot of coffee before he /parts09:30
Flannelhey, Tm_T, I just got done reading an article I found interesting.  Did you know that 58% of all statistics are made up on the spot?09:31
Tm_TFlannel: where's that spot?09:32
FlannelTm_T: I'm not really sure.09:32
Tm_Tarticle didn't mention?09:32
FlannelUnfortunately not.  But apparently 17% of people know where that spot is.09:33
Tm_TI bet Mez|Moving knows, because he have many spots in his socks09:33
* jussi01 is about to start driving home... I hate long drives...09:37
Tm_Tjussi01: mmmm, have a safe trip09:37
jussi01Tm_T: been working this weekend??09:38
Tm_Tpartly yes09:38
Tm_Thave to make major housecleaning today and then work, if there's time left09:38
FlannelHey, anyone who has ops in -offtopic, starbyte should need it soon.09:46
Flannelmmmm.  Was that a netsplit?09:53
* Myrtti has her first pot of espresso09:57
Myrttigood morning09:57
elkbuntuFlannel, no, SendQ10:22
Flannelelkbuntu: What causes sendQ, do you know?10:26
elkbuntunot a clue10:26
elkbuntunal might know10:27
elkbuntuor any of the staffers. i'd assume they'd have more irc clue than us10:27
FlannelI know its caused by too much traffic, but what would it look like from the clientside? since I went up to 300s lag, and then my recon kicked in10:27
FlannelWas wondering if it had to do with the person I had banned at the time, since an invite from her was the last thing I recieved10:28
jussi01my usb sticks arent recognised anymore...10:29
Dave2Flannel, you split off before; it's not overly uncommon for people to get SendQ exceeded after rejoining after a split.10:30
Flannelah, so netsplit, and then sendQ after the rejoin?10:31
Dave2(i.e. they split off, rejoin, then try to /who everyone and end up getting a SendQ exceeded)10:31
FlannelAlright, that makes me feel better10:31
FlannelIve gotten rid of /names on join for a number of reasons, butI don't doubt my queue was too big anyway10:32
Dave2Many clients /who channels as they join them10:32
Dave2I'm not sure if it'd actually be feasible for a third party to trigger a SendQ exceeded.10:34
FlannelDave2: If there was a split, then that's what caused it.  It was just odd for me to have such a large lag spike10:36
Flannelbut, that was the server hiccupping10:37
Dave2Indeed, I was just wondering if it would actually be feasible for a third party to directly trigger it.10:37
FlannelOnly thing I could think of would be spamming stuff, a mini-DOS10:39
Dave2Even then I doubt it could trigger a SendQ exceeded, unless it had an extremely large collection of hosts, though I could be wrong.10:41
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
jpdstonyyarusso: -otr binaries have landed.11:43
* Myrtti stabs her bum11:43
* jpds hugs Myrtti 11:47
AlmightyCthulhuwell, this is nice12:14
AlmightyCthulhuWhere's Sparky at?12:14
AlmightyCthulhuyou guys got a coffee machine in here?12:15
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, that is the wrong place to discuss it.12:15
AlmightyCthulhuwhat, in the open12:15
AlmightyCthulhuwhere people can see what you have done12:15
AlmightyCthulhuyou don't like that much, do you?12:15
AlmightyCthulhuI've noticed this12:15
Tm_TAlmightyCthulhu: have you seen topic?12:16
AlmightyCthulhuyou slowly assassinated me instead of jsut killing everything off12:16
Myrttiwhat is this about?12:16
AlmightyCthulhuthere'd have been some more splainin to do if every damned site around was linking to a dead end12:16
AlmightyCthulhuand I had an explanation of THAT12:16
bazhanghe is banned in ot just checking about #u12:17
Tm_TI see12:17
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, what name were you banned under? this one or baron198412:17
AlmightyCthulhumy IP address never changes12:17
AlmightyCthulhuand btw, every customer of my ISP is behind this proxy12:17
bazhang@banlog baron198412:18
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu-offtopic: 2008-06-15T12:00:49 <Baron1984> http://www.linuxinsight.com/files/images/gnome_old.png12:18
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu-offtopic: 2008-06-15T12:00:50 <Baron1984> :)12:18
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu-offtopic: 2008-06-15T12:01:21 <Baron1984> 7 Mbps12:18
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu-offtopic: 2008-06-15T12:02:07 <Baron1984> oh, nm12:18
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu-offtopic: 2008-06-15T12:02:16 <Baron1984> I was looking at a clip from an x.264 rip12:18
ubottubazhang: --12:18
AlmightyCthulhuso you've banned over 150,000 people12:18
Tm_TAlmightyCthulhu: because of you?12:18
Tm_TAlmightyCthulhu: that's _your_ fault then, isn't it?12:18
AlmightyCthulhuyeah, they have their network set up weird12:18
AlmightyCthulhunot really12:18
AlmightyCthulhuI just would like an explanation of why you banned me for something so trivial12:19
AlmightyCthulhuin the first place12:19
bazhangot, ubuntuforums and ubuntu12:19
AlmightyCthulhuon the forums12:19
AlmightyCthulhuas well12:19
bazhangno the channels12:19
AlmightyCthulhuso what have you just dumped into the room?12:21
bazhang@banlog Baron1984 #ubuntuforums12:21
ubottubazhang: No matches found for Baron1984 (Baron1984!*@*) in #ubuntuforums12:21
AlmightyCthulhuyeah, Kwinz and p_quarles seem to be constipated or something12:21
AlmightyCthulhuI could bake them some chocolate cookies if you like?12:21
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, you should read the following documents:12:22
bazhang!coc | AlmightyCthulhu12:22
ubottuAlmightyCthulhu: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/12:22
bazhang!guidelines | AlmightyCthulhu12:22
ubottuAlmightyCthulhu: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:22
AlmightyCthulhuask your moderators to read the first freaking sentence of that12:22
AlmightyCthulhuat their leisure12:22
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, you are not helping your case here.12:23
AlmightyCthulhuwhat? I'm telling the truth12:23
AlmightyCthulhuthey see this as some kind of popularity contect12:23
AlmightyCthulhuand so they fished for a reason to get rid of me12:23
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, the fact that such a wide cross-section of people find your behaviour objectionable points not to them as being the problem here.12:24
* Myrtti doesn't get it12:24
AlmightyCthulhuwhat have I done? name something12:24
AlmightyCthulhuyou still haven't12:24
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, there are tons of logs.12:25
bazhangthat speak quite eloquently for themselves.12:25
AlmightyCthulhuok, what exactly have I done lately?12:27
AlmightyCthulhubesides letting you leech off a bunch of free attention?12:27
AlmightyCthulhuby the way, you're welcome12:27
MyrttiI just love the snarly way of conversating12:27
Myrttimakes me not to want to participate more and more12:27
* Myrtti goes to dress up12:28
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, at this point in time, you should read those documents and then come back at some later date as you seem ill-disposed to discuss this in a dispassionate manner12:28
AlmightyCthulhuwell, when you are condescending, it gives me gas12:28
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, best is to part now and come back at some later date when you are ready to discuss in a rational manner.12:29
AlmightyCthulhuI'll probably think this is stupid and petty, about as much as I do now12:29
AlmightyCthulhuregardless how long I stew on it12:29
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, then it will be not resolved; that is up to you entirely.12:29
AlmightyCthulhuI'll ask again12:29
AlmightyCthulhuWhat have I done wrong?12:29
AlmightyCthulhubesides not having a sunny disposition12:30
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, and discussing it in the other channels will almost certainly lead to a ban there as well.12:30
AlmightyCthulhuwhy not, it's obvious how hostile you people are towards me12:30
AlmightyCthulhuwhy not go for broke?12:31
AlmightyCthulhuam I wrong?12:31
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, again; that is your choice-->if you want to resolve this then your current path will not do it.12:31
AlmightyCthulhuI even tried to find out why your forum moderators were attacking me12:32
AlmightyCthulhuand calm the situation down12:32
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, you have so many comments in the other direction one could compile a *best of* Baron1984 and still have loads more.12:33
AlmightyCthulhuyou're funny12:34
AlmightyCthulhuI like you12:34
bazhangthis can be resolved amicably; however you have to allow for some give on your end.12:34
bazhangand currently you do not seem willing to do so.12:34
AlmightyCthulhuWhat _has The Almighty Cthulhu_ *done*?12:35
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, which is why I suggest reading the docs and then coming back when you are ready.12:35
AlmightyCthulhu350+ Thank Yous12:35
AlmightyCthulhuover one post12:35
AlmightyCthulhuand I'm Satan12:35
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, I have said what I have to say; this seems not be even close to resolution as you are not willing to admit any wrongdoing on your part.12:36
AlmightyCthulhuwhat? I admitted creating a new account12:36
AlmightyCthulhubecause you torpedoed my last one over something silly12:36
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, if there is nothing else you wish to add please read the /topic and act accordingly.12:37
AlmightyCthulhuI don't understand, you keep saying "I" am the problem12:37
AlmightyCthulhuWell, my blog is getting hits from people asking me why this happened12:40
AlmightyCthulhuand I've told them12:40
Myrttiurl, please?12:42
Myrttiin pm, preferably12:42
Myrttifound it, nvm12:44
AlmightyCthulhumost of them already had my email anyway and were asking what the hell happened12:44
* PriceChild looks in12:44
AlmightyCthulhuI've been helping people with BIOS issues anyway12:44
Myrttiwonderful behaviour12:45
* Myrtti washes her hands12:45
AlmightyCthulhuso killing me is just going to make this look worse12:45
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: are you the author of the foxconn bios thread thing?12:45
AlmightyCthulhubut, things have a tendency to go around12:45
* Myrtti is disgusted12:45
AlmightyCthulhuso I guess this stays up then?12:46
AlmightyCthulhuyou can be as disgusted as you like12:46
AlmightyCthulhuwelcome to my world12:46
AlmightyCthulhuhey, you can be as petty as you want12:47
MyrttiI could say a thing or two about what you've done wrong - and what the other people have done wrong...12:47
AlmightyCthulhuyou can censor things12:47
AlmightyCthulhubut not on my blog12:47
Myrttibut I see you're not intrested so why bother12:47
* Myrtti goes to mind her own business.12:47
AlmightyCthulhuif they want to be belligerent, I'm not going to stop them12:47
Myrttiso there is nothing wrong with what you've done?12:48
Myrttinothing what so ever?12:48
AlmightyCthulhuMyrtti: I'm giving my point of view12:49
AlmightyCthulhuthey fired first12:49
Myrttinothing wrong?12:49
Myrttithey're just being meanies?12:49
AlmightyCthulhuessentially, yes12:49
AlmightyCthulhuthats a funny word12:49
Myrttiok, so there you go12:49
Myrttihave fun12:49
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: hello there, could we slow the pace down a bit?12:50
AlmightyCthulhuand how would we "resolve" this?12:50
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: Could I first hear what you want resolved?12:50
AlmightyCthulhuthis stupid, childish crap12:51
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: could we be more specific?12:51
AlmightyCthulhuwell, I would like my account back12:51
PriceChildwhat account?12:51
AlmightyCthulhuunless I have been so grossly heinous12:51
AlmightyCthulhuas to be permabanned12:51
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: what account?12:52
MyrttiI assume he's talking about ubuntu forums12:52
Myrttiassumptions is all we can work with12:52
MyrttiAlmightyCthulhu: you never told that in clear plain text12:53
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: you want us to unban you on ubuntuforums.org?12:53
AlmightyCthulhuit would go a very long way to establishing a dialog12:53
Myrttihe's got bans in #ubuntuforums and #ubuntu-offtopic too12:53
AlmightyCthulhucause right now, my blog is getting a little bit of traffic12:53
Myrttibut anyway12:53
AlmightyCthulhujust throwing that out there12:53
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: I am afraid that those who run ubuntu's irc presence do NOT run ubuntuforums.org12:53
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: We cannot unban you on ubuntuforums.org12:54
MyrttiAlmightyCthulhu: and it feels so fuzzy and warm to see you bashing admins12:54
AlmightyCthulhuand if this is all just a horrible "misunderstanding"12:54
AlmightyCthulhusee, this is how people are going to take that12:54
AlmightyCthulhu"He did that for all of us, and you BANNED him?"12:55
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, so you dont care about being unbanned as Baron1984 in the irc channels? thought that was what you sought here12:55
AlmightyCthulhuwell, that would be great too12:55
MyrttiI've got no idea what he's after12:55
AlmightyCthulhubut hell, I don't know12:55
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: we do not run ubuntuforums.org12:55
bazhangubuntuforums.org the web presence has no relation to irc AlmightyCthulhu12:55
AlmightyCthulhuuhhhm, most of you are moderators on the forum too12:56
AlmightyCthulhuunless I am too far off12:56
Myrttinot official relation12:56
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, although going off on irc about that will have adverse effects here12:56
Myrttiif there are moderators of forums here, that is coincidental12:56
MyrttiI couldn't name even one moderator of the forums on irc12:56
Myrttior perhaps one, but that's it12:56
AlmightyCthulhuso could you go "coincidentally" look at this?12:57
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: you seem to have gone through the forums resolution centre, if you want to continue your complaint, email forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com12:57
MyrttiI don't even remember if I've got account on forums12:57
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, no reason to, they are a separate entity with whom which you will have to resolve this.12:57
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: there is nothing else we can do to help you.12:57
AlmightyCthulhuwell, that is a shame12:57
Myrttiunless you want to discuss your IRC bans12:58
* bazhang thinks there was one too many whoms or whiches in there12:58
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com again, that's the way forward.12:58
AlmightyCthulhuwell, they'll listen to me when hell freezes over12:58
AlmightyCthulhuI'd totally be wasting my breath12:58
bazhangAlmightyCthulhu, word to the wise: dont go off in channels here about that.12:58
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: That is the process. Please go through that, then message me on irc if it isn't resolved.12:58
AlmightyCthulhuif they blow me off, I'll put the email address on my blog13:04
AlmightyCthulhuand let THEIR box fill up B-)13:04
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: that email address is already public.13:04
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: threats are also not nice :)13:04
AlmightyCthulhuright, I'll just put it right there for them13:04
AlmightyCthulhuI'm saying, you're pulling a Foxconn13:04
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: we have nothing to do with this.13:04
AlmightyCthulhuthey said I was making idle threats13:05
AlmightyCthulhuI make promises13:05
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: Talking about this with us here is not going to change anything.13:05
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: I suggest you step back, and try to resolve it via email without threats. Anything else we can help you with13:06
AlmightyCthulhuThey locked the Foxconn thread and then swept me under the rug.13:07
AlmightyCthulhuSo please, by all means, email the mods, tell them what you think: forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com13:07
AlmightyCthulhufrom the end of my blog13:08
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, talking here about it, is about as relevant as talking about it on speakers corner london ... wrong audience - please follow forums thread13:10
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, talking here about it, is about as relevant as talking about it on speakers corner london ... wrong audience - please follow forums process (what a typo ;-))13:10
ompaulis there anything else we can help you with (irc based?)13:11
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, ^^13:12
AlmightyCthulhupossibly, let me check13:12
AlmightyCthulhu* Cannot join #ubuntuforums (You are banned).13:12
AlmightyCthulhu* Cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned).13:12
ompaulthat would be for being off topic I guess, do you concur?13:12
PriceChildgrr power gone13:13
AlmightyCthulhuI think it was cause I was on topic13:13
ompaulthe beep of the ups13:14
AlmightyCthulhuon topic in off topic13:14
AlmightyCthulhuand off topic in on topic13:14
ompaulwhat nick were you using then?13:15
ompaulone could construe your nick change as an attempt to ban evade, please be aware of this13:15
AlmightyCthulhuit was over something minor13:16
AlmightyCthulhuback months ago13:16
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, no it was not13:16
ompaulyou wished death on someone13:16
ompaulgo away13:16
AlmightyCthulhuwho have I wished death on?13:17
AlmightyCthulhuother than a lot of politicians? B-)13:17
ompaul2008-06-17T04:21:31 <Baron1984> root is he who's name shall not be spoken13:17
ompaul2008-06-17T04:21:49 <Baron1984> this user once cast the death curse on Mark Shuttleworth, but he survived13:17
ompaulnow go away13:17
ompaulbefore I remove you13:17
AlmightyCthulhuno sense of humor13:17
ompaulthat is _not_ funny13:18
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: The bans will not be removed at this time. I've given you advice on how to further the appeal on the forums ban.13:18
AlmightyCthulhua sarcastic Harry Potter reference13:18
AlmightyCthulhuis cause for ban?13:18
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, as the man said deal with your forums thing firsty13:18
AlmightyCthulhuyou are kidding, right13:18
PriceChildAlmightyCthulhu: you ban evade, threaten, antagonise and have generally not been very nice in each incarnation I've seen you in the ubuntu community. The irc bans are not going to be lifted at this time.13:19
AlmightyCthulhuyou people13:19
ompaulnow for the third and final time, go away13:19
AlmightyCthulhudoes the word "Vogan" mean anything?13:19
ompaulI'll take them down shortly13:19
ompaulscript misses one thing interesting13:27
ompaul<FloodBot1> artagnon (*!*@ is being let into #ubuntu from a gateway13:28
ompaul<FloodBot1> artagnon-banned (*!*@ is being let into #ubuntu from a gateway13:28
ompaul<FloodBot1> artagnon (*!*@ is being let into #ubuntu from a gateway13:28
ompaulit may be a long time ago but should we let *banned* get into #ubuntu13:28
ompaulI think there is a level of irony about same13:29
ompaulI would be willing to keep banned banned13:29
ubottuTiredWolf called the ops in #ubuntu (_606_)13:38
* jpds moniotrs.13:39
ompauljpds, nice one ;-)13:43
jpdsompaul: ;-)13:44
dmsegi need to ask a few questions does anyone have time here?15:04
PriceChilddmseg: whats up?15:08
ompauldmseg, ?15:10
ompauldmseg, if you have nothing to discuss, please see the topic15:11
ompaulPriceChild, you got a pm going on there?15:12
bazhang<HarpyFiend> i'm being attacked by raptors!!!15:14
ompaulbazhang, ..... that makes the most silly comment on irc that I have seen in the last week at least15:15
ompaulyou should have used "quick hide over here!" in the ban message15:17
TheSheepit's his fault, he shouldn't have used goto15:17
ompaulwho says I don't have a sense of humour15:17
bazhanghehe sorry I didnt add that15:17
TheSheepompaul: nobody would dare to say somethiing like that ;)15:18
ompaulTheSheep, lastlog  humour / humor15:19
TheSheepompaul: that was him just caring for you, to make surey ou don't have any regrets for banning him :)15:21
ompaulTheSheep, baahaaa15:21
PriceChildompaul: yes15:22
ompauldmseg, you do now?15:22
ompaulPriceChild, you do now?15:22
dmsegok so i have got supybot but its not up and running right now i have some questions15:22
PriceChilddmseg: #supybot is probably better15:23
ompauland what has this to do with -ops was the evil version of that question ;-)15:23
dmsegPriceChild: about the behaviour15:23
dmseg1) when some one is asking too many questions when the bot is busy should the bot take it as abuse or ignore the person leaving a messeage to wat15:24
PriceChildWe have no idea about the situations this bot will be in, and so I think you'll have to make the decision youself, or alter it when needed as you learn.15:25
PriceChild#supybot might have people running these bots in similar situations, so perhaps they will have some good advice if you explain your situation15:25
dmsegPriceChild: ok #supybot is empty now (dead) i really cant find support or any bot rigaht now so i thought you guys might help15:26
PriceChildI joined a few moments ago and it seemed like it had quite a few people in it.15:27
dmsegPriceChild: as in dead no one responds for 1 hour even with pings to random people i saw to join and then leave15:27
Hobbseetry #defocus or something?  we're still not a support channel.15:28
dmsegHobbsee: i see sorry to bother you i will try thankyou all for your time thnakyou very much and Myrtti hello and bye al toghter bye guys15:29
Tm_Thi kids16:05
Myrttihiya luv16:09
* Tm_T hugs Myrtti 16:09
MyrttiI haz red shoes ♥16:12
ompauland that was not going to happen?17:20
bazhangin PM with AMC now17:25
ompaulbazhang, from where17:27
bazhangheads up in -ot17:34
ompaulheads down17:36
* bazhang heads down17:37
ompaulnot all things belong in #ubuntu-offtopic17:44
ompauland somethings are offtopic for there also17:44
lgcompaul: Is there something sensible you have to say here? Or just throw him out and ignore him?17:44
lgcompaul: I suppose Myrttis's toenails are more appropriate for #offtopic.17:45
ompaulthat would be correct17:45
* Myrtti sniffs17:45
Myrttimy toenails are always ontopic!17:45
Myrttiand my guinea pigs17:45
ompaulMyrtti, ehh not for #ubuntu17:46
Myrttimeh, true17:46
Myrttibut on -offtopic!17:46
Myrtti(I thought that was what we were talking)17:46
ompaullgc, your ban is not for discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic17:47
ompaullgc, you were removed from #ubuntu for being offtopic17:47
lgcompaul: It seems one just can't break through your stubbornness.17:47
lgcompaul: Can you prove my banning is less appropriate for #offtopic than Myrtti's toenail colors?17:48
lgcnickrud: Hi. Guess what?17:48
naliothoh, hi lgc17:49
nickrudyou got banned?17:49
lgcnalioth: Hi. I've been chasing you since #windows.17:49
Myrttithat logic is bewildering17:49
lgcMyrtti: I want to understand you people's logic.17:49
ompaullgc, you were offtopic you got banned, is there anything else?17:50
* nickrud doesn't have scrollback, which is made irrelevant by not having ops in -offtopic, so he just goes about his business17:50
Myrttianything else but Ubuntu support is offtopic for #ubuntu17:50
lgcMyrtti: What is offtopic for #ubuntu-offtopic?17:50
Myrttieverything else but Ubuntu support and things mentioned in !o4o are offtopic for #ubuntu-offtopic, with some space for personal opinions of #ubuntu-offtopic's ops17:50
Myrtti!040 are ontopic for #ubuntu-offtopic17:51
ubottuMyrtti: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:51
naliothlgc: /msg ubottu o4o17:51
Myrttieverything else but Ubuntu support and things mentioned in !o4o are ontopic for #ubuntu-offtopic, with some space for personal opinions of #ubuntu-offtopic's ops17:51
lgcMyrtti: What is "!040"?17:51
naliotheven though it's "off topic", it still has limits17:51
Myrtti!o4o > lgc17:51
ubottulgc, please see my private message17:51
ompaullgc, and don't take that as a definitive list - because it has limits as nalioth points out, common sense should help you there17:51
naliothlgc: tipea /msg ubottu o4o y mira su message17:51
naliothlos robots tenga !factoids con informacion17:52
ompaullgc, is there anything else?17:53
Myrtti#ubuntu-offtopic = <anything> - (#ubuntu + !o4o)17:54
Myrtti#ubuntu-offtopic = <anything> - (#ubuntu + !o4o + soylent green)17:54
ompaulbut we are not sure about soylent red17:54
nickrudsoylents fall under religion or politics anyway17:55
lgcompaul: Indeed. But in order to brief others of the whole issue, I refer you people to the following graph: http://www.howarddarkes.com/photos/linuxposter.jpg .17:55
TheSheepnickrud: ass everything related to diet17:55
Myrttilgc: and how does that relate to this discussion?17:55
MyrttiI fail to see your point17:55
naliothlgc: what did you want to talk to me about?17:55
ompaullgc, which is from a crack pipe of extraordinary size17:55
lgcMyrtti: I suppose it's more interesting to talk on #ubuntu-offtopic about your toenails than about other Ubuntu-related issues.17:56
ompaulthe numbers are very wrong ;-)17:56
Myrttilgc: you're welcome to talk about ubuntu related issues (other than Ubuntu support, which should be at #ubuntu) there17:56
ompaullgc, at this point you seem not to be discussing something for ubuntu ops to deal with17:56
ompaullgc, so is there anything else?17:56
Myrttilgc: as this is Sunday and I'm procrastinating cleaning, I like to talk about Radioheads artistic wizardry and my toenails17:57
bazhanglgc you were politely warned and then persisted anyways17:57
lgcnalioth: I just wanted to say hi. ("How's the weather in Houston", maybe.)17:57
ompaulyes paddy17:57
MyrttiI'm really really failing to see your point17:57
lgcbazhang: I agree it was offtopic.17:58
ompaulMyrtti, lgc does not have a point, which is the point17:58
nickrudompaul for what it's worth I see similar numbers in the web logs for a non-technical site. But it's always the one-percenter's that drive the future anyway ;_17:58
ompaulnickrud, it turned out that 6% of the traffic on the BBC site was GNU/linux afik17:59
nickrudompaul us centric, so that may bias the numbers17:59
naliothlgc: if you have nothing else, please read and heed the /topic17:59
bazhanglgc you pasted knowing it was offtopic, then complained about the offtopicity being called? we asked politely and you persisted nonetheless.17:59
lgcI  pointed out I received no less than 3 answers in less than 15 seconds warning me of the fact. And then some moron telling me to get some education. And I suppose such moron is still hanging in there waiting to jump at the next one's throat.17:59
AlmightyCthulhuso can someone please unban me now?18:00
naliothlgc: there is no accounting for manners18:00
AlmightyCthulhuI'll be a good monkey or whatever18:00
MyrttiAlmightyCthulhu: hold on, were dealing one issue at a time18:00
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, given your attitude earlier I won't18:01
lgcnalioth: That's what I mean people making #ubuntu so unfriendly, and it's my longstanding battle against purists. If there were not so many users eagerly waiting for someone not abiding by the rules, minor incidents would just go by.18:03
AlmightyCthulhuI don't have a bad attitude when I'm not being approached sarcastically18:03
ompaulAlmightyCthulhu, come back in an hour please18:03
AlmightyCthulhuwhy not?18:03
lgcAnd then there's the issue of ops abusing their powers.18:04
naliothlgc: op abuse?18:04
Myrttioh great.18:04
ompaullgc, there is no space for that when there are 1300 people there, as for abusing powers ....18:04
tritiumlgc: to make such a claim, you had better have solid evidence18:05
ompaullgc, you were asked there is no abuse if you step outside the accepted community norms for a channel to be removed, in fact it should be expected18:05
ompaulthe norms are stick to support18:05
ompaulyou failed, you are here, having a pointless non discussion18:05
lgcompaul: As I said, a kind reminder should do if there were not so many eager channel guardians and so many ops wanting to pull the trigger on the infractor.18:05
ompaullgc, you were asked by others18:06
ompaulthey should not have to show they have power or otherwise18:06
ompaultherefore you had been "reminded" as I see it18:06
lgcompaul: the whole thing didn't last 30 seconds. I didn't get the chance of even replying and I was out.18:06
ompaulyou kept it up18:07
lgcompaul: I just asked the moron what he meant by "go get some education". That was all. I didn't get any other chance.18:08
ompaulit started at 16 minutes and thirty seven seconds past the hour, your last comment was some three minutes and twenty three seconds later18:08
ompaulthe moran is actually an op18:08
lgcompaul: you dazzle me with irrelevant facts.18:09
ompaulyou have abused a fellow human being18:09
Myrttipardon but there are people who are trying to look at their backlogs to see what happened18:09
ompaulyou are going to say this is in the spirit of Ubuntu18:10
ompaulsomehow I think not18:10
ompaullgc, you were asked not to do so by a few ops a few times18:10
ompaulyou kept it yo18:10
ompaulyou lost the right to participate in that channel18:10
lgcompaul: worse yet: someone who doesn't have the temper has been bestowed with operator powers!18:10
ompaulbuild a bridge, get over it18:10
Myrttihow about you all get a cup of hot chocolate and lets start over?18:11
MyrttiI'll get that coffee cup of mine18:11
* nickrud gets a mocha frappuccino out of the fridge18:11
lgcompaul: you contradict yourself: you say "get over it" but you also say "you were asked not to do so by a few ops a few times". Seems like there's an unofficial blacklist.18:11
Myrttithere's something not right in this conversation and I think that if we start it all over again, we might do better18:12
ompaullgc,lets do the play back18:12
Mez@bansearch lgc18:12
ubottuMez: Match: *!*@ by ompaul in #ubuntu on Jul 27 2008 16:19:5718:12
lgcMyrtti: As I said: for me it's a longstanding issue: unfriendliness on #ubuntu.18:12
Mezlgc, you're complaining that you were banned from #ubuntu-offtopic?18:12
Myrttihe's not18:12
lgcMez: no.18:12
Mezseemed that way...18:13
Mezlgc, #ubuntu has rules and guidelines. If you break them, you're liable to get banned.18:13
MezAccess is a privilege, not a right.18:13
ompaullgc, read this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30962/18:13
MezYou can continue your off-topic discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic, as long as it abides by the rules for that channel...18:14
lgcMez: I know that. The thing is people are more important than rules.18:14
ompaullgc, you are trolling as far as I can see18:14
Mezlgc, indeed. Which is why the rules are there. We need to keep #ubuntu clean so people can get support without having to read through a load of offtopic stuff.18:14
Mezlgc, the rules are there for a reason, you broke them.18:15
lgcMez: It's not that I have any trouble abiding by the rules, but when I -or anyone not from the ops club- strays gets hit with everytyhing. And that, IMHO, does not make #ubuntu a friendly place.18:15
Mezlgc, you were asked to goto -offtopic multiple times.18:15
ompaullgc, I count three times before you made your second comment and you were told after that - so I think you fail to make a case here, is there anything else?18:16
lgcMez: In 30 seconds. Or 3 minutes, whatever. If you're looking at the log, please look at my replies.18:16
ompaulThree almost-instant replies to tell me this is off-topic! Jeez! <<<18:17
ompaul<lgc> Gnea: why do 'newcomers' like you have to make #ubuntu such an unfriendly place?18:17
ompaullgc, you fail to make your case and abuse people18:17
lgcompaul: You see I don't deviate from my central point. Which you miss.18:18
Myrttiso, how much of things have we agreed so far?18:18
ompaullgc, well state it again in some other language given I seem to be missing it18:18
lgcMyrtti: None.18:18
Myrttilgc: ok, that is a way to start...18:18
lgcompaul: No the hagas pendejo y haz de #ubuntu un lugar amigable.18:19
bazhanglgc no need for that language18:19
nickrudMyrtti good will is pointless right now.18:19
lgcompaul: I'm Mexican, your request is not a problem.18:19
Myrttinickrud: sorry, can't give it up yet18:19
Mezlgc, if you continue to abuse people, you will be removed from HERE too18:20
* bazhang hugs nickrud 18:20
MyrttiI need a blackboard and chalk18:20
lgcMez: 'abuse people'?18:20
Myrttiand alphabet building blocks to spell things out for people too18:20
bazhangwe can read spanish18:20
ompaulmore than one person here can18:21
* jpds waves.18:21
ompaulin fact more than three18:21
Mezlgc, calling ompaul an asshole...18:21
lgcbazhang: I bet you can't read coloquial Spanish correctly.18:21
bazhanghi jpds :)18:21
Mezor Myrtti - whoever it was aimed at18:21
jpdshey bazhang18:21
ompaulMez, actually a w* but anyway18:21
ompaullgc, goodbye18:21
MezLe pidieron el un montón de épocas de trasladarse al canal correcto. Las reglas están en el lugar por una razón. Si usted no puede obedecerlas, después a le no se permitirá incorporar el canal.18:21
* Myrtti faints18:22
ompaullgc, are you still here?18:22
* Mez fans Myrtti 18:22
lgc"No the hagas pendejo": "Don't play fool on me". It's not for a CEO meeting but on the street it'll do quite good. It's not an insult.18:22
ompaullgc, well here is a little clue18:23
lgcompaul: ?18:23
ompaulneed I say more?18:24
Mezlgc, se va por favor aquí. No vamos a venir a una resolución. I' d sugiere que usted se vuelva en una semana, quizá más18:24
lgcompaul: yes.18:24
ompaulwell I have run out of things to say, so the clue was ""18:25
lgcMez: I'm not sure what you mean.18:25
jpdsMez: Trust me, you really shouldn't use Google Translator.18:25
ompauljpds, well you do it then ;-)18:25
ompaulin one line or less18:25
* Myrtti blinks her eyes open to the smell of espresso18:26
jpdslgc: Usted puede volver en una semaña por favor?18:26
lgcPeople: Apart from the -minor, if you will- incident of being thrown out, I insist on my main line: There's no need of so many moral guardians in #ubuntu. If you people *randomly* sample the channel log, will perhaps find way too many scoldings directed at unaware -or else- infractors. I beg you to please consider this for the sake of all.18:28
Myrttilgc: and pray tell, how can we stop the normal users who want to keep the channel going from being moral guardians?18:29
Mezlgc, there were no scoldings, infact, the first person to tell you it was offtopic was someone I've never even heard of...18:29
nickrudlgc you certainly have been around long enough to not qualify as an 'unaware' user. I'd say that you _wanted_ to be argumentative, regardless of any perceived abuse targeted at you.18:31
lgcMez: that's somewhat the point: people follow examples. One of the first thing I learned in #ubuntu was "!offtopic", "!rtfm" and the like. I firmly believe that if operators use their role as moderators this doesn't have to happen all the time.18:31
lgcnickrud: that's why I said -or else- :).18:32
Mezlgc, if you feel the ops aren't doing their role, please, feel free to take it to the IRC Council18:32
nickrudlgc and argument is not tolerated, you also know that.18:32
nickrudlgc whether between ops/non-ops or non-ops/non-ops18:33
lgcMez: that's an option, but I believe things can be smoothened out by being allowed to explain oneself on the normal channels.18:33
ompaullgc, channel is too busy to allow "conversation"18:33
ompaulergo no that is not going to happen and why offtopic is offtopic18:34
lgcnickrud: remember when I told you that all a normal user gets to do is to "bend down and take it like a man" from ops? There.18:34
lgcompaul: I completely agree on that.18:34
* Myrtti is confused18:35
ompaulif you concur, you were trying to start a conversation from where I stand18:35
ompaultherefore by your own admission being offtopic18:35
lgcWouldn't it be a good idea to have #ubuntu-2 for support also?18:35
ompauland divide helpers ?18:35
ompaulnot going to work18:35
nickrudlgc I disagreed then, I disagree now. If you choose not to use the regular grievance procedures, then you won't get your side heard.18:35
NafalloMyrtti: -2 would be feisty I think :-)18:35
nickrudnah, that's for edgy and prior18:36
ompaul-3 would be called out of support?18:36
MyrttiNafallo: noooooooooo, really?18:36
MyrttiNafallo: ;-)18:36
lgcompaul: divide traffic, which is the main issue. If you don't find the help on one, you get to go to the other channel. Besides, it's hard to take notice of all what's happening on a 1300+ users channel.18:36
ompauland have the helpers divided that is not going to happen18:36
Nafallolgc: that's part of why we have local support channels18:37
ompaulyou might have a #ubuntu-mx18:37
lgcNafallo: usually with much less traffic and much less chance of support.18:37
ompauland this would happen with lgc18:37
ompauland this would happen with your suggestion lgc18:38
lgcompaul: There is #ubuntu-mx, but I've never been there!18:38
Nafallolgc: I can only speak for the Swedish one, I can only agree to less traffic :-)18:38
ompaulso try it, you might like it, it might be useful for you18:38
jpdslgc: #ubuntu-es is also available... a little.. else.. but available.18:38
lgcompaul: there are 9 persons in -mx. No big deal.18:39
jpdsMyrtti: España // Spain.18:39
lgcMyrtti: 72.18:39
Myrttijpds: but as for language goes ---18:39
* Myrtti checks -fi18:40
nickrudMyrtti by the way, build up your karma some more, add saved window state to terminator ;)18:40
MyrttiIrssi: #ubuntu-fi: Total of 124 nicks18:40
Myrttinickrud: sorry, haven't yet read even the preface of "Learning Python"18:40
Nafallo-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-se: Total of 118 nicks18:41
ompaullgc, so what next18:42
* Myrtti giggles and finds it funny that GUADEC/aKademy is organized in Spain again next year :-P18:42
ompaulMyrtti, bet they end up with some hacked lowerlevel common api and then they have more common aps up top a post x pre desktop level and then some other strange stuff18:43
ompaulwhere d-bus meets them all18:44
ompaulone d-bus to route them all or some such argh18:44
Myrttiso, where are we now then18:44
* nickrud thinks ompaul just likes throuwing out buzz words ;)18:44
lgcompaul: I hope I have gotten my point to some extent in the way of being considered. I suppose you can't disagree completely with me.18:45
ompaulnickrud, I had a chat with someone at lrl about this "desktop.org" stuff and it all seems like some kind of a thing to sandwich above X below the themes18:45
ompaullgc, (A) many support channels - not going to work (B) telling people to chill - when others have done so and they appear to argue then I think they should be removed but that is me (C) was there something else18:46
lgc(By the way, as I posted on #windows, the said offtopic graph, http://www.howarddarkes.com/photos/linuxposter.jpg, must be a graph of os-related problems. I didn't have the chance to say this before I was banned on #ubuntu :-[.)18:47
Mezlgc ....18:47
* ompaul looks on in disbelief18:48
ompaulsomeone else do it18:48
* Myrtti remembers emmajane's talk18:48
lgcMez: pardon?18:48
ompaulI am going for a tea18:48
* jpds follows ompaul's suit.18:48
nickrudompaul it's late enough, have a brew18:48
Mezlgc, is there anything else that you're here for... or are you just going to sit around wasting our time.18:48
MezWe've asked politely for you to come back in a week. And you continue to waste our time.18:49
* Mez taps foot... 18:50
Mezif he comes back - I'm not dealing with it.18:52
* Mez is gonna dissapear in a sec anyways18:52
MezI need a shower18:52
lgcThe Higher Authorities here didn't let me say my last thing:18:58
* nalioth enjoys marmite tea18:58
* Myrtti has never even sniffed marmite18:58
lgcI know your time is too valuable so I'll keep it short:18:58
bazhanglgc best to part and come back in a week or so18:58
* nickrud notes again that nalioth has disgusting taste 18:59
lgcbazhang: I'm leaving, but please wait.18:59
tonyyarussojpds: so they have - nifty18:59
lgcCan someone remove the ban on me?18:59
jpdstonyyarusso: Enjoy!18:59
naliothnickrud: chicken bovril is in the mail18:59
Myrttilgc: was that the last thing you were trying to say?18:59
naliothlgc: come back in a few days, ok?18:59
* nickrud reaches for a frappuccino19:00
* nalioth tosses some marmite in it for flavor and vigor19:00
lgcMyrtti: if someone can remove my ban on #ubuntu.19:00
bazhangun semana = one week?19:00
lgcbazhang: I know that, thanks.19:00
MyrttiI'd personally say few days19:00
Myrttibut YMMV19:00
TheSheepbazhang: month? month is similar in French..19:00
* Myrtti shrugs19:00
Myrttimore coffee19:00
nickrudI'm unspeakably grateful it's only virtual marmite19:01
TheSheepbazhang: no, week19:01
bazhangTheSheep, haha19:01
MezTheSheep, semaine = french for week19:01
TheSheepno frog legs for me :(19:01
Mezlgc, are you finished?19:01
lgc(Why do I smell some authoritarian attitude here?)19:01
lgcMez: yes. Till whenever.19:01
bazhanga week imo19:01
ompaulnice cuppa - you still here?19:01
* Mez headdesks repeatedly19:02
ompaulMez, don't19:02
ompaulit is a waste19:02
* Myrtti hands a pillow19:02
TheSheepyou will spill your beverage19:02
nickrudMez a nice hot shower washes away much19:02
* Mez looks to his left19:02
* Mez realises it's actually his right19:02
TheSheepthich alcohol can be sneaky ;)19:02
* Myrtti tries to avert her thoughts19:04
nickrudbazhang here, something for your autocomplete:  Works for Me™19:04
bazhangnickrud, wish I could get that tm sign; darned !cn kb's19:05
* Mez adds it as an auto-replace19:05
MezWorks for Me™19:05
* Myrtti pokes Mez with The Pink Fluffy Pen of Poking™19:06
Mezpink... fluffy... pen ?19:06
nickrudyeah, it's politically correct, no possible damage from fluffy stuff19:06
MyrttiI don't want to associate the Union Jack to violence19:06
Meznickrud, but - british poking pencil :D19:06
Nafallonickrud: mental health is good, mkay? :-)19:07
nickrudmental health, shmental health. It's more fun to be antagonistic and keep up the blood pressure, makes me feel *alive* and *important*19:07
Myrttiimport antigravity20:27
* Myrtti sighs20:34
PriceChildWhat's up Myrtti?20:36
NafalloPriceChild: she still have to obey gravity ;-)20:37
Myrttimy niece just called, wanted me to help her use Wifi on her new laptop which I've not yet had chance to install Ubuntu on20:37
* Myrtti looks down20:37
MyrttiNafallo: I've noticed that gravity thing about ten years ago, to my great sorrow20:37
PriceChildso what's with the gravity?20:37
* Myrtti leafs thru her copy of "Learning Python"20:38
Myrttiperhaps I should check my medicine cabinet too20:38
jussi01oh cry... I just bought a dvd and it doesnt play...FAIL!! :/20:38
Myrttiwhich dvd?20:39
jussi01scrubs... :D20:40
Myrttiand here I am, considering buying Top Gear dvd's20:41
jussi01Myrtti: stop using acronyms I dont know...20:41
Myrttivoi elämän kevät20:41
MyrttiFor Crying Out Loud20:41
jussi01oh, thanks20:41
MyrttiI guess I'll have to go to Valkeakoski tomorrow to install that Ubuntu20:41
MyrttiI can't help her with the damned Vista Home and it's problems20:42
Myrttioh dear lord help me20:42
jussi01its weird, my other dvds work, this one comes up with the language screen and then stops20:42
* jussi01 hugs Myrtti20:42
Myrttijussi01: clean out the drive20:42
Myrttiand check there is absolutely no dust on the disk20:42
Myrttifor heavens sake, now she's calling me the fifth time20:43
* Myrtti mutes her phone20:43
Myrttiwhooo she managed to get it connect to the fonero \o(20:48
jussi01Myrtti: what is she used to having??20:49
jpdsHmm, Top Gear.20:50
jussi01Myrtti: so shes not an ubuntu user normally20:51
Myrttijussi01: no, but she's either going to have *buntu on her laptop and me helping with all her problems, or stick to Vista and not going to get any other support from me other than giving her a F-secure cleaning cd and installing Avast or some other ****** antivirus programme on it20:52
MyrttiI'm *not* going to help her with her problems with Windows Vista20:52
jussi01Myrtti: give her Kubuntu!!20:52
jussi01Kubuntu is sexier than ubuntu... :P20:53
Myrttiif I knew it better I might20:53
Picisexy like a fox20:53
* Nafallo disagrees :-)20:53
jussi01Myrtti: what did you do?20:55
FlannelMyrtti: I recommend avira AV and comodo FW20:56
ubottuIn ubottu, kenkku said: no, python is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org21:02
ubottupython is a popular Oject Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org21:03
FlannelX is X, no X is X?21:05
ubottuMyrtti: The operation succeeded.21:08
Myrtti!python ~= /Oject/Object/21:08
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti21:08
MyrttiI guess that was his point21:09
Nafallonot just included... installed by default21:10
FlannelNafallo: Not on servers21:11
NafalloFlannel: really? it was in minimal on hardy.21:12
Flanneler... gah.  Why on earth is python in -minimal?21:12
Nafalloexactly :-)21:12
Nafalloright next to python-minimal as well ;-)21:13
Flannelpython should definately *not* be in minimal21:13
Nafallowe do agree :-)21:13
FlannelWhat in minimal depends on it?21:14
Nafalloapt-cache show ubuntu-minimal | grep python | wc -l21:14
* Myrtti laughs at her ubuntuforums.org stats21:14
Myrttihttp://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=21392 <-- LOOOOLLLLL21:15
Nafallothat was not a clever command :-)21:15
MyrttiJoin Date May 20th, 200521:15
MyrttiTotal Posts 721:15
NafalloFlannel: ubuntu-minimal Depends python21:15
FlannelNafallo: thats not what I asked.21:15
FlannelNohing else in -minimal depends on python. That would be the only reason I could see for having it21:16
NafalloFlannel: ah. I think the reason is that Ubuntu tries to push python a bit to hard ;-)21:16
FlannelNafallo: That's a bug as far as I'm concerned. Python does none of the following: Boot, Detect HW, Connect to a network, Install packages, perform basic diagnostics21:17
Flannel-standard would be fine, but -minimal is just stupid21:18
NafalloFlannel: I agree :-)21:18
FlannelNafallo: Have you filed a bug report yet?21:18
NafalloFlannel: recommends of standard maybe... or rather not have it included at all tbh.21:18
NafalloFlannel: nope21:18
NafalloFlannel: if something needs python they could depend on it themselves imho :-)21:18
* Myrtti lols at herself21:20
MyrttiRecent threads "Mark Shuttleworth looks exactly like Roger Federer (1:1 clone)"21:20
* nickrud is sure he registered with the forums, but doesn't remember name and/or password ;(21:21
* nalioth offers nickrud a tattoo gun (and some marmite tea)21:23
nickrudI probably don't need the tattoo gun, the marmite tea would stain my skin permanently I suspect21:24
naliothso long as it stained it in the shape of the letters that make up your user / pass21:24
MyrttiI hate pulseaudio with a passion21:31
Myrttiwell... now it atleast works. I think.21:31
nickrudso, I've discovered I registered on the forums so long ago it has an email I lost years ago. When i click the administrator contact, it tells me to login :/21:34
Flannelnickrud: You can talk to Vorian21:34
nickrudFlannel ah, thanks.21:34
Flannelnickrud: He'll ask you humiliating personal questions to verify your identity, then I think he can change your email address21:35
nickrudI'm immune to humiliation, I've been in 'relationships'. He's away right now, I'll try later21:35
Flannel"relationships" eh? I'm not sure I want to ask.21:36
nickrudwait till you try marriage ;)21:36
* Myrtti will enroll nunnery21:36
FlannelMyrtti: get thee to a nunnery!21:37
nickrudoooh, will you take me flying?21:37
Myrttiin the mean time I'll drool over pictures of kyuuuut linux geeks21:37
* nickrud doesn't have a stick long enough to poke that statement safely21:39
Myrttinothing wrong with drooling over piccies of Zak and Mark... or is there?21:39
Myrttimah bwain huwts21:41
nickrudgaahhh! I just switched back from icanhazcheezburger, did I infect the channel !??!21:43
ikonial3x is back in #ubuntu22:19
FlannelWhat'd he do?22:19
Flannelnot in bt it looks like22:20
ikoniahe's been kicked or run away on his own22:21
ikonia"ubuntu is poor" "how do we do attacks" etc et22:21
Mez@bansearch l3x23:09
FlannelThere are none23:10
ubottuMez: No matches found for l3x!n=l3x@ in any channel23:10
ikoniahe's  been in a few times23:14
ikoniahe's on my "notify" list23:14
Myrttimeh. almost fell asleep on the laptop23:57

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