Kohlrakjust installed the ubuntu server and now it's hanging on "Loading hardware drivers..." Is this common?00:17
miraageufw question: i just enabled NAT table rules for MASQUERADE packets for internet connection sharing, and now i get ERROR: problem running init script when I execute sudo ufw enable01:30
Kohlrakis anyone here?02:18
Kohlrakfuck it02:20
osmosis_i just had the strangest problem. My kvm virt guest was hung, but as soon as I logged into the virt console, the host became responsive on ssh and http again. What would cause it to be offline, but to become responsive as soon as I do a console login?06:38
osmosis_is there a way to console into a kvm libvirt guest without using virt-manager and a gui desktop? Can I just do it from a CLI?06:39
osmosishow can I install just a single packages from intrepid? (Im on hardy)07:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #252303 in nut (universe) "nut 2.2.2-3ubuntu1 postinst error on Intrepid alpha3 : /sbin/udevtrigger: not found" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25230312:31
InsomniaCity`Hi! I've brought up an alias to eth0 with a different IP/mask etc, but is there any way I can automaically write that to /etc/network/interfaces ?15:05
_rubenInsomniaCity`: sure, just use eth0:0 instead of eth0 for that definition15:07
InsomniaCity`yeah, I've already got the interface up on eth0:115:09
InsomniaCity`but I want to write my working settings to the interfaces file, so that i don't make any errors and strand the box when I do networking restart15:09
_rubenInsomniaCity`: uhm .. just put those settings in that file using eth0:1 then15:11
InsomniaCity`and try hard not to make an error? or would it just ignore the one it doesn't understand?15:12
_rubenyou cant clone the current settings to ur interfaces file automagically (though there might be scripts for that, out there somewhere) ..15:12
_rubenthe syntax of the infterfaces file is rather simple15:12
_rubenjust duplicate the stuff for eth0, replace eth0 with eth0:1 and the appropriate ips/masks15:13
trappistI just upgraded to hardy, and my saslauthd is broken, so I can't do smtp auth w/ postfix. I get SASL authentication failure: Password verification failed. Permissions were all messed up (root:root, 600) in /var/run/saslauthd. Fixed those, same problem.  But if I restart saslauthd it resets those perms.  Help?16:50
trappistit also looks like the upgrade re-chrooted postfix without leaving me a backup master.cf :/16:55
trappistand took postfix out of the sasl group :/16:57
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ScottKHe didn't stick around so long.18:12
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GodSyn_BBso, is there an easy way to convert an existing x86 server install with 64bit chip20:52
GodSyn_BBto 64bit os?20:52
GodSyn_BBsorry for the multi line feed. Blackberry with fat fingers. Thanks.20:53
_rubenreinstall is the only path to switch between architectures20:53
Nafallo_ruben: not really, but the easiest :-)20:54
_rubenNafallo: for mere mortals there's no alternative ;)20:55
Nafallo_ruben: ;-)20:55
sCOTTogday ppl21:38
sCOTTohey guys anyone awake ?21:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cpanel21:40

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