szkodnikhi is anyone here?00:54
szkodnikI've got a little problem. I've just installed xubuntu, and there is very noisy system beep. I'be found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=859176 but here, in this desktop (slim-desktop dhell) the beep is coming out nopt from thr pc-spealer module, but from normal, integrated speaker. How can i disactivate this beep?00:58
szkodniksorry for the spelling, i haven't been using the desktop for few month, and have some problems with keyboard;) )01:00
wols02:01 <dpkg> rumour has it, bell is "xset b off" in X, or "setterm -blength 0" in console .  For some reason, bash beeps excessively when in emacs (default) mode.  "set -o vi" puts it in vi editing mode, which doesn't beep on partial completions.  See also <shell beep>.  or "set bell-style none" in ~/.inputrc, or in konsole, Settings->Bell->Visible Bell01:01
szkodnikypu know I'm  blonde..01:02
whileimhereI have been playing with my panels and stuff and was wondering is there an easy way to restore the desktop to its defaults?05:35
whileimhere:-D Anyone?05:36
preben_hi! How do I turn off that f-spot is opened when I connect a camera. I got a dialog and misunderstood it so now it opens f-spot which I don't use every time I connect camera. I would like to change it to ignore09:09
preben_I have set a custom command I want to run, but f-spot gets run too09:09
cwillupreben_, (you didn't find anything under photos in nautilus, right?)09:10
preben_cwillu: yes, but didn\t work09:21
preben_another question. Is it possible to get xfce4-terminal not to run in background in a script? I want the script to wait until the xfce4-terminal is closed to continue09:21
preben_works like this with xterm09:21
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Nix3r i got struck by a virus while runing windows. and all my video / audio files were deleted. then i re partitioned all drives. any good utility to recover my data, i havnt formated them yet.i heard there are softwares that can recover from formated partitions too..?11:04
D4vidhello i have som problems with my xubuntu11:50
D4vidafter i login nothing happens11:51
D4vidit shows the cursor and a blue background but nothing else11:51
D4vidsomeone know what might be the problem?11:51
TheSheepD4vid: there was a bug that made it lock up randomly like that sometimes11:52
TheSheepD4vid: try pressing alt+ctrl+backspace and logging in again11:53
TheSheepD4vid: it's fixed in updates11:53
D4vidok i will try that11:53
D4vidTheSheep, hmm it doesnt seem to wotk11:55
D4vidit locks up every time11:55
TheSheepD4vid: you can switch to text console with alt+ctrl+f1, log in, do updates, then switch back with alt+ctrl+f711:56
D4vidok i will try that12:00
D4vidTheSheep, seems like i cant run apt-get update since im not connected to the internet, im connection wirelessy, is there a way to connect to a wireless network in the console?12:06
TheSheepD4vid: yes12:13
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:13
TheSheepD4vid: there should be some howto there12:13
TheSheepD4vid: you can also just do 'ps x', look for the dbus daemon and kill it with 'kill PID', where PID is the number displayed next to the process name12:18
TheSheepD4vid: it shuld unblock the graphical login12:19
D4vidTheSheep, ok i have kind of a stupid problem there12:25
D4vidhow do scroll up?12:25
TheSheepD4vid: shift+page up12:25
TheSheepD4vid: or you can add '| less' at the end of your comamnd to make it open in a nicely scrollable and searchable viewer12:26
D4vidTheSheep, ok thankyou, i restarted it now and it works12:31
ChaosguardHello - i just installed xubuntu hardy heron on my laptop and i dont get an osd volume display when i change the volume with the hotkeys of my laptops - what might cause this. I couldn't guess any useful search keywords to find support in the forums13:02
TheSheepChaosguard: xubuntu doesn't have an osd for that13:02
TheSheepChaosguard: you can add volume control to your panel13:02
Chaosguardhmm do i need gnome pannel addons?13:03
Chaosguardyeah i have that ofc13:03
Chaosguardthere is a bug whilst adding it manually13:03
Chaosguardbut drag and drop with tha panel works fine13:03
TheSheepyes, I remember there were some problems with it13:04
Chaosguardthe bug is known as far as i could read13:04
TheSheepI suppose you could use the gnome's volume control13:04
TheSheepalthough I'm not sure which part of it is responsible for the osd13:04
Chaosguardi saw it on a xubuntu install at a college13:04
Chaosguardbut as of the philosophy of xfce it sounds logical that there is no such feature ;)13:05
Chaosguardhmm ok TheSheep thanks for your help - i will ask him on monday how he got this workin13:05
TheSheepnot necessarily, it doesn't have to be expensive, you know13:06
TheSheepit just so happened that nobody implemented it :)13:06
Chaosguardthats another possible reason ;D13:06
PsynoKhi0Hey, is there a list over the packages that ship with xubuntu's ISO, like the one for ubuntu (categorized packages and whatnot)?13:23
PsynoKhi0I've done dpkg -l however that gives me an alphabetical list, I'd prefer to know what belongs where13:26
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: you would have to look for all dependencies of the xubuntu-desktop package, I think13:27
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: I'm primarily interested in the sound subsystem13:29
PsynoKhi0especially in what changed in it since Guts13:30
PsynoKhi0Gutsy* heh13:30
* TheSheep has no idea13:30
PsynoKhi0are you running Hardy yourself?13:31
PsynoKhi0have you installed PulseAudio?13:32
TheSheepI have bad experiences with pa13:32
TheSheepespecially when I use MPD which works from another user13:33
TheSheepI use dmix instead13:33
PsynoKhi0crash testing the puter, brb13:47
PsynoKhi0hi again... so trying to remove esound-common would pretty take away everything that plays sound in a way or another (why the heck doesn't ALSA suffice anyway?), and pulseaudio gets mixed reviews... what other alternatives do I have?14:21
PsynoKhi0any gutsy user here? if so could you please put the content of your /etc/podprobe.d/alsa-base file in the pastebin? thanks14:34
PsynoKhi0oy... modprobe.d*14:35
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: esound-common is for providign support for esd in your app14:41
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: so any app that *can* work with esd needs it14:42
PsynoKhi0Obviously... though I still find it ridiculous that something that CAN use it CANNOT just say "oh what the hell I'll just do without"... guess I'll still have to deal with that fact heh14:44
PsynoKhi0k crash test again, anyone wanna place bets on, how fast it'll lock up?15:32
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:08
whileimhereI have been playing with the MENU EDITOR on XFCE and I cannot seem to find out what adds a menu and what doesnt. For example how on earth would I know to put an include with the word system on it. Is there a page out ther with the commands it uses?16:12
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs16:17
bassboii like banshee16:18
Aliksyhello everybody.  Having an issue that's probably painfully easy on xubuntu.  My dad is trying to listen to some internet radio thing. When he clicks 'play' in firefox, it says it downloads a play.pls file.. I imagine if I opened that in vlc it would connect to the radio? but I can't find the file 'cause it doesn't appear to be on the desktop.  And doing "open containing folder" asks me to choose an application.  And, being a newb and all, I don't know h16:19
Aliksy... bueller?16:22
TheSheepAliksy: you could right-click on the link and select 'save as'16:26
TheSheepAliksy: a .pls file is normal text file containing the real address of the radio16:26
AliksyIf I could find the file I could open it in mousepad, right?16:26
Aliksythe link to download the playlist appears to be some sort of javascript thinger16:27
TheSheepyes, but vlc or mplayer wil lalso open them, read the ddress from them and use that16:27
TheSheepAliksy: you can also set /usr/bin/thunar as the default application for opening directories in firefox16:27
TheSheepAliksy: I wonder why it's not configured by default16:27
AliksyAha.  They all went into \tmp\16:30
AliksyWhat the.. /now/ when I hit 'open' from the downloads menu it opens it in vlc.  It wasn't doing that before.16:33
AliksyWell, I guess that's a problem solved.  Thanks16:35
AliksyIs there a way to remove an application from the "Choose an application to open this file.." window?16:36
TheSheepAliksy: yes, they are saved in .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications16:38
AliksyOk.  Now that the internet-radio is working, my dad's gone back to using the computer, so I'll mess with that later.16:40
AliksyHe thinks I'm so smart, figuring things out.  "I went on irc and asked someone.." apparently makes me look smarter to him.16:40
TheSheepit is :)16:41
SyderoDoes anyone know how to improve the fonts in xfce?17:05
Syderoit looks kind of ugly compared to kde :(17:05
Syderofont wise17:05
TheSheepSydero: sure, there is a font editor called fontforge, the guys from dejavu project accept all improvements17:05
Syderowell the fonts don't look right at all :/17:06
Syderoand I'm using tahoma as my system font17:06
TheSheepSydero: that's why17:06
SyderoWhat should I do?17:07
SyderoI'd like the fonts to more emulate windows17:07
TheSheepSydero: Tahoma is MIcrosoft's font, and they use various technologies in it that they patented, so they cannot be used outside of Windows.17:08
SyderoWhat system font would you recommend?17:08
TheSheepDejaVu Sans is nice, I like the condensed version as the system font best17:08
TheSheepTerminus is nice for terminal17:09
SyderoI wonder if running at 96 dpi is also contributing to the problem17:11
TheSheepmake sure to enable hinting17:12
Syderoyeah I have full on17:12
TheSheepad use the proper subpixel hinting for your monitor17:12
TheSheepdpi can break hinting, but 96 is Windows' default, so it should work fine with Tahoma I guess17:13
SyderoDo any of you guys run snort on a home computer?17:17
Syderoif you're not even using it as a server on the net17:18
Syderohmmmm verdana doesn't look too bad17:21
lc2has anyone had sound stop working on them since one of the recent updates? :\19:00
* lc2 has no sound, is panicking.19:00
bassboii've been seeing a lot of people with sound issues19:04
bassboii get wonky video trying to use 8.04 on my other PC19:04
bassboii use 7.10 mythbuntu, it works19:04
lc2it was working fine until i did an update today (which i had been putting off for too long, but whatever)19:05
lc2post-reboot, sound stopped working, in all programs19:05
bassboicheck your sound card settings19:05
bassboimake sure digital out is off19:05
bassboii had that issue with my audigy19:05
bassboiif you're not using digital that is19:06
* lc2 doesn't have a digital out setting.19:06
bassboihm odd19:06
bassboii have sound, but no mixer controls.. so i can't help much19:06
bassboiodd, yes19:07
lc2oh this is more interesting19:07
lc2i wonder if it's detected my onboard soundcard rather than my other one, for some reason19:07
lc2*plugs it into the onboard one*19:08
bassboilol that happened to me too, believe it or not19:08
bassboii rebooted, one quit working and the other started19:08
lc2i just checked, it wasn't that19:09
lc2the odd thing, is that after the update, my mixer looked totally different, like there were controls there that didn't exist before, etc :\19:09
lc2and some which had disappeared altogether19:09
bassboimost of the time i play with settings, and usually it works most of the time19:11
bassboimute and unmute devices, move sliders19:11
lc2so it turned out i had a whole load of non-existent devices listed in audacious' preference19:17
* lc2 has sound again!19:20
lc2and two soundcards listed in the alsa plugin's settings that don't exist19:21
lc2sound in everything else isn't working19:23
lc2but that's okay19:24
spasticteapotI have a bit of a problem.19:29
spasticteapotMy laptop takes forever to get a network address from an ethernet connection, and when it does, it still won';t let me connect to the internet.19:29
spasticteapot(I'm connecting a thinkpad X61 to a cable modem.)19:29
Syderodisable iptables?19:30
SyderoHave you actually configured it19:31
Syderoduring setup19:31
spasticteapotsydero: I set it to both "roaming mode" and DHCP - neither worked.19:31
Syderowhat does it say in ifconfig?19:32
spasticteapot...I should've checked.19:33
spasticteapotI have a bit of a problem: To pick up a wifi signal (and use Xchat) I need to exit the house.19:33
spasticteapotThe modem in question is INSIDE the house.19:34
spasticteapotWhat should it say?19:34
Syderomaybe you need to set priority or something19:34
Syderonot sure19:34
Syderolike use eth0 now instead of eth119:35
Syderodo you have nm-applet open?19:36
bassboicrack kills19:37
Syderogood to know19:38
spasticteapotAm I still connected?19:38
SyderoDo you have nm-applet open?19:38
SyderoOMG xubuntu is SO much better with hinting disabled :D19:41
Syderokind of ironic in a way19:41
SyderoIs bytecode interpreter enabled by default?19:45
TheSheepSydero: bytecode interpreter of what?19:58
SyderoTheSheep: for fonts20:00
SyderoI think it's an alternative form of hinting20:00
Syderothat works better with ms fonts20:00
TheSheepSydero: ms has his font hinting and kernng technologies patented, you won't see them anywhere outside windows20:02
SyderoI know20:03
Syderobut apparently bytecode interpreter does a better job than the default20:03
bassboiwhat if i have turretts ?20:14
akaakahello.. what would be the system - preferences - sessions.. for xubuntu?20:16
ere4sixfce akaaka20:16
akaakaxfce not gnome20:16
akaakabut i was use to gnome20:16
akaakai need to go to startup programs20:17
Syderoautostarted apps20:17
akaakawhere is that20:18
bassboisettings manager, top left20:21
akaakacompared to ubuntu there very lil startup programs20:24
akaakai just had to take out the printer one20:25
akaakabut there are not useless startups as evolution alarm notifer or cheeck for new hardware drivers20:25
akaakaor the bluetooth one20:25
akaakaxfce rules20:26
x14q0246z5hi all ... random question.  i have xubuntu installed on a laptop, i had a few ssh sessions open with another local box & forgot about them when i suspended my laptop.  to my surprise the sessions were resumed with no problem (same session, could resume background procs).  my question is - how is that done :-)20:31
Myrttihmm, about the same way as in Windows ;-)20:33
Syderomagic x14q0246z520:35
x14q0246z5that's why i ask... in windows i lose my sessions ;-)  currently using putty there... haven;t really tried other ssh clients - which one you using ?20:35
Syderowell it would have to reinitiate them20:35
Syderoor it doesn't send a termination signal20:36
TheSheepx14q0246z5: it all depends on how long it was suspended and whether anything was sent during that time20:36
TheSheepx14q0246z5: this trick only works for short time spans20:37
x14q0246z5to be honest... I had assumed it wasn't an option to keep them with the network connection being dropped.  so could very possibly have config options i haven;t been looking into.  and yes... this was a quick suspend/resume. (and sorry about the user name... been a while since i've been on irc & my first couple trys were allready taken ;-) )20:38
x14q0246z5thanks for the info all... i'll see if I have similar luck in windows.  not required behaviour... but certainly nice to have.20:41
akaaka_ hello can someone help me, i need to check what level number its my vm.swappiness what command do i need to type20:51
zOaphi I´m using compiz as my window manager in xubuntu 8.04. but it doesnt load before after xfcewm is loaded. which makes all windows make weird before it goes normal. is there any way to load compiz from login? as the defualt wm for xfce?21:10
akaaka_hello... if i have a solid state drive and 512 of ram.. which swappiness level you recommend?21:13
akaaka_more swap or less21:13
Syderomore than 51221:14
Syderoon what you run21:14
akaaka_just basic applications21:15
akaaka_and i dont have a swap partition21:16
JorophoseIs xubuntu getting more and more bloated, or is it just Xfce gaining this weight? From what I hear requirements have ballooned from ~128MB of RAM ideal to 256MB+... Currently I've got a celeron 500MHz with 192MB of RAM and from what I understand hardy will run much slower than dapper did. Anyone feel like commenting on that? =/22:25
nikolamhi i have interesting problem22:30
nikolamMy monitor on my desktop machine just died dhis evening22:31
nikolamI am writing this from asus eee connected to home machine with dead monicor, that is conected to internet22:31
D4viddo you think its xubuntu related?22:32
nikolamI have xubuntu on desktop :*)22:32
D4vidit sounds like something hardwarerelated22:32
nikolamso How do i regain control on desktop xubuntu22:32
nikolamwith no monitor attached?22:32
D4vidthat might be hard22:33
D4viddo you have any warranty left?22:33
nikolamMachine is working, with no monitor, firestarter firewall is active and I am on local network of it22:33
nikolamI am not thinking about monitor right now22:33
nikolamI am thinkimghow do I regain control over desktop machine running Xubuntu22:34
nikolamSo that I can copy some files from it fortommorow`s work22:34
nikolamNo samba, nfs is started but never used etc22:35
nikolamSo what shoud I do wihout obviously replacing monitor22:35
D4videnter the text console on it and then copy files to an external drive maybe?22:35
nikolamtext console is on the monitor. Monitor is dead22:36
D4vidyeah but you can still write stuff right22:36
nikolamI have working network connection to it22:36
D4vidi dont know what else you can do without a monitor22:36
nikolamhmm.. yes, BUT i don`t think that ctrl22:37
nikolamctrl+alt+f1 works on xubuntu22:37
nikolamIf I just started sshd ...22:37
nikolamIs there any way to boot from alternate cd .. does alternate cd enables serial console connection on boot?22:38
nikolam.. or something22:39
bassboihey how i take a screen shot23:55
bassboiprt scr dont work23:55
D4vidyou can add a screenshot utility to your toolbar23:57

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