RAOFcskmax: There's a list of mirrors and their freshness on launchpad, I know.00:03
RAOFcskmax: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors , for example :)00:04
cskmaxgreat, got one in my state - that's the sort of list I couldn't find through Google, thanks again00:13
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scyrmakde 4.1, nvidia driver, new xorg.conf ... I think I'll like this new kde :)03:15
DanaGHeh, just came back from OS X.  It's a great feeling booting back into Linux, for me.03:41
DanaGs/it's/it gives/03:41
DanaGHeh, try to find an app like Amarok or QuodLibet, that can play music by folders..........03:42
DanaGIt simply doesn't exist.  Not a one!03:42
DanaGDon't think that's available for OS X, is it?03:42
DanaGThe only thing remotely close is the thing formerly known as xbox media center.03:43
Hobbseeoh, osx.  right.03:44
DanaG... and using a media center app for music playback does not cut it.03:44
DanaGTherefore, I shall never be able to use OS X as a main OS; in fact, you couldn't pay me to do so.03:44
pwnguinwait what?03:44
DanaGNope, that does tags only.03:44
LSD|NinjaDanaG: I feel that same way about Linux :P03:45
pwnguinah, music by folder03:45
pwnguinnot music IN folder03:45
DanaG... and then you have the Verizon music phones, which can't comprehend folders.03:45
DanaGI don't mean they don't do by folders (yeah, they do tags instead)...03:45
DanaGI mean they open the MyMusic folder... and use all the files in that one folder.  Non-recursively@!03:45
DanaGMy portable media player: Cowon iAudio6.03:46
DanaGwtf... somehow my PCM volume got set to zero.03:49
DanaGHow do you set the default application for certain filetypes?03:50
DanaGI want to use gmplayer for mkv and ogm, but it insists on using Totem.03:50
RAOFIt's under "nautilus preferences"03:50
DanaGOh yeah, setting it in Gnome doesn't set what xdg-mime uses.03:51
RAOFSorry, that's a barefaced lie.03:51
RAOFI was thinking of removable media.03:51
DanaGOdd... I open "downloads/" in alt-f2, and it pops open my quodlibet window?  That's just bizarre.03:51
RAOFxdg-mime is likely broken right now, given that xdg-open can't detect GNOME at the moment, and so falls back on crapness.03:51
DanaGdownloads is a folder.03:52
DanaGEven in Hardy, I had issues with not being able to set some things.03:52
DanaGthat's screwy.03:52
DanaGIt even LAUNCHES quodlibet for it.03:52
DanaGOpening from Nautilus uses the Gnome setting, but opening from Azureus does not.03:53
DanaGAah, quodlibet was set as the default for folders.03:55
yellowzjust installed intrepid and xserver doesnt want to load04:10
yellowzis this a common issue in this alpha release?04:11
Hobbseeboot without splash?04:11
Hobbseedoes it still happen then?04:11
hwildedoest thou havest an error perchance04:11
yellowzit boots but it sends me to the console mode04:11
yellowzno errors just sais xservers failed04:11
yellowzand system clock failed04:11
yellowzi cant paste it, so what do u want me to do ?04:13
RAOFPastebin it.04:14
yellowzdidnt i justsay i can't?04:14
RAOFThe package "pastebinit" may be useful for you :)04:14
yellowzi have no gui04:14
yellowzall just console04:14
RAOFYou don't need one.04:14
RAOFInstall pastebinit, and run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"04:14
yellowzk let me install that package...how do i exit vim?04:14
RAOFPossibly with an <esc> at the start.04:15
yellowzi always have a xorg.o.log.old04:16
RAOFThat's the previous Xorg.0.log, yes.04:16
hwildeumm line 172  #04:17
hwilde(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!04:17
yellowzthat means a need a new nvidia kernel? which i dont know how to get..04:18
RAOFyellowz: Have you manually installed the nvidia driver?04:18
hwilde!nvidia | yellowz04:18
ubottuyellowz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:18
yellowzRAOF: no i used the update manager04:19
RAOFhwilde: How sure are you that that's relevent for Intrepid?04:19
hwildethe bot knows all04:19
Jordan_UIt seems that my madwifi modules aren't being unloaded like they should be before suspend04:19
LSD|Ninjamadwifi is back?!?!04:19
RAOFhwilde: It does, but I don't think that the page it links to is relevant :)04:19
DanaGdkms somedimes doesn04:19
DanaGdkms sometimes doesn't run in time, for me.04:19
RAOFyellowz: I'd suggest running "sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-177".04:19
DanaGDepends on the video ard.04:20
DanaGIs there any reason to have both 173 and 17704:20
RAOFHe's got a nv5x, you can tell from the log :)04:20
yellowzi have 8800 gtx 640mb04:20
Jordan_ULSD|Ninja: What do you mean "back" ?04:20
RAOFDanaG: Yes.  177 supports more cards, I believe.04:20
yellowzRAOF: so u want me to use that?04:20
DanaGDoes it not supersede 173?04:20
RAOFyellowz: Yes.  You should run "sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-177".04:21
yellowzk 1 sec04:21
LSD|NinjaJordan_U: It wasn't in Intrepid to begin with, ath5k was inflicted on us instead04:21
RAOFDanaG: Perhaps, I forget.04:21
Jordan_ULSD|Ninja: The only reason it wasn't working before ( AFIK ) was bug 25403404:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254034 in linux-restricted-modules "Tries to create 'volatile' directory on read-only filesystem" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25403404:21
Jordan_ULSD|Ninja: ath5k wasn't working for me, so I ran "sudo lrm-manager" and boom, working wireless :)04:22
DanaGAah, that'd be it.04:22
DanaGThe 'volatile' issue.04:22
yellowziys telling me that i had 17304:22
DanaGOh yeah, /me wonders: how does a Radeon HD3650 compare to a GeForce Go 7600?04:22
hwildedepends if you like ati or nvidia04:23
yellowzRAOF: restart?04:23
DanaGI just mean in terms of performance.04:23
RAOFyellowz: Actually, shouldn't be necessary.04:23
yellowzim still in the console mode04:23
yellowzdo i need to run a command maybe?04:23
DanaGsudo invoke-rc.d dkms_autoinstaller stop04:24
yellowzw\e im restarting04:24
DanaGsudo invoke-rc.d dkms_autoinstaller start04:24
yellowzwell hig-five for RAOF ;]04:25
yellowzhigh* lol04:26
yellowzwell is there any other bugs in this alpha release?04:26
DanaGWell, my gnome-session breaks if I update to a newer version, for some reason.04:26
DanaGs/ a / the /04:26
yellowzwell im not actually using the normal ubuntu distor, im trying out ubuntustudio04:27
yellowzalready sent my first crash error04:27
hwilde<yellowz> well is there any other bugs in this alpha release?04:34
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:34
yellowzlol well i found a good bug...banshee sources are in universe!04:34
yellowzthat is good rite?04:34
RAOFThey're meant to be in Universe.04:36
RAOFYou might notice that the binaries are there, too :)04:36
yellowzwell no sound though04:36
* DanaG is irked at the broken uvesafb.04:36
yellowzhm well alsamixer has the wrong card set-up...how come asoundconfg doesnt work?04:37
yellowzi need to change the default card..i remember it was 'asoundconfg set-default-card blah' in hardy04:38
yellowzwhat has it been changed to?04:38
yellowzmaybe not..lol im so stupid04:39
Hobbseeyellowz: are you *sure* you want to run a development release?04:39
* Hobbsee notes that hand-holding help usually isn't given for development releases, as people are actually busy testing and fixing things.04:40
DanaGThat reminds me... I need to file a bug on something (in Hardy, actually).04:40
hwildeyellowz, man asoundconf04:46
DanaGargh, how do you find bugs with specified package?04:46
hwildeDanaG, google     <packagename>  site:bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/04:48
ubottugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux04:48
DanaGIt turns out you have to go through https://launchpad.net/ubuntu04:48
DanaG.... you can't get to packages specifically from "bugs.launchpad.net"04:48
DanaG!info guidance-backends04:50
ubottuguidance-backends (source: kde-guidance): collection of system administration tools for GNU/Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.0svn20080103-0ubuntu20 (intrepid), package size 252 kB, installed size 1404 kB04:50
DanaGodd that it's installed on non-kde.04:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 257809 in kde-guidance "guidance-backends overwrites xorg.conf without confirmation or notification, if video card has changed since last boot" [Undecided,New]05:26
DanaGIsn't that a lovely feature?05:51
DanaGAgh, I wish the new laptops would be available NOW (or at least some time this month).... or at the very least, I wish I knew when (to the week) they'll be available.05:54
scyrmanew laptops?05:54
yuriyDanaG: guidance-backends is used for displayconfig-gtk05:54
DanaGer, "the" would be definitive ... but I typed it in the wrong channel.05:56
DanaGNew HP EliteBook models.  The 15" ones.05:57
DanaGIf there's one thing more annoying than waiting a month for a product release date.... it is this: waiting for a product release MONTH.05:57
DanaGas in, "Available in September"05:59
scyrmanice one..06:09
scyrmasuse certified, will run ubuntu, eh.. :)06:10
DanaGPlus, with the whole shpiel of defective nvidia chips (along with all the issues I've had with nvidia), I'll be glad to go to ATI.06:20
DanaGs/shpiel/snafu/  (or debacle.  or whatever you want to call it.)06:22
DanaGHP also likes giving kernel.org new servers.  Look at the news on kernel.org home page.06:30
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Freddis this just happening to me or does the ¨shut down¨ and the ¨restart¨ buttons dont work?06:35
LSD|NinjaThat functionality was still broken last I checked06:35
Freddso i need to use ¨shutdown¨ and  ¨reboot¨ as root to do does things?06:36
LSD|NinjaThey work from GDM, just not from within gnome (they just log you out back to GDM)06:36
Freddhm i have also got another problem while trying to write ´ ¨ and ^06:37
Freddi have to press the keys twice to get those working for some reason06:37
Freddits so annoying i could like write ⁶06:52
Freddwtf is that06:52
Freddu guys do see that rite?06:53
RAOFThat appears to be a superscript 606:53
Freddwhen i press ctrl+6 lol06:53
Freddbut my problem is when pressing shift and 6,´ or just ´06:53
Freddi have to press the buttons twice to get them working...is this keyboard layout issue or interpid?06:54
RAOFI suspect that your compose key is somewhere unexpected.06:54
Freddhow do i fix this then?06:54
RAOFYou sæ, hitting the ménü button eats the néxt keypress.06:55
RAOFAlløwing people to do çrazy things with punctuation.06:55
RAOFYou probably want to look in System->Preferences->Keyboard06:56
Freddi been looking in there for a while06:56
Freddcant find anything related i guess06:56
Freddother than layouts -> layout options06:56
Freddwhich i just dont understand06:56
RAOFLayouts->Layout options->Compose key position?06:56
Freddand then what? everything is un-selected in there fort me06:57
RAOFThen perhaps file a bug :)06:57
RAOFSo, pressing shift+6 doesn't get you ^?06:58
Freddno it doesnt but pressing shit-6-6 gets me ^06:58
Freddoops lol sry06:58
Freddand pressing ´ twice gets me ´ and pressing shift-´-´ gets me ¨06:59
RAOFIt seems that shift may be playing 'compose' for you.  Alternatively, you may be using a keyboard layout with deadkeys, but I don't think that'll be happening in Intrepid now.07:04
Freddso what would u do if u were me...07:05
Freddwait my layout that is selected has (dead keys) in it07:06
Freddwhich is USA international (with dead keys)07:06
Freddcould that be the problem?07:06
RAOFThat is the problem.07:07
RAOFIf you're running a current Intrepid system, you probably want the "evdev" thingy07:07
Freddwhat layout should i be oooon then?07:07
RAOF"Evdev-managed keyboard" is what I'm using, and I believe that's what should be used.  As long as you're up-to-date.07:07
Freddi dont see it under us07:07
RAOFIt isn't07:08
Freddwhere at?07:08
RAOFSorry.  That should be the keyboard _model_.07:08
Freddoh mine is on my actual model07:08
Freddis that a problem too?07:08
RAOFGah, sorry.  I'm confusing you and myself :)07:09
Freddok i restore everything to defaults07:09
RAOFYou won't need to change the model (although I'm not sure why it's not evdev).07:09
Freddand my keyboard is on the evdev thingy07:09
RAOFSelecting any keyboard layout variant that _doesn't_ contain "dead keys" should work.07:10
* RAOF suggests dvorak!07:10
Freddwow im so stupid07:10
Freddnow it works lol07:10
Freddman this is too good to be true....i could play mkv files, play flash and my keyboard is working so as my video card...i just hope this lasts for more than a week07:11
Freddnvm lol audio is flash just stopped working07:24
DanaGOh yeah, how do you use Compose?07:38
DanaGI've used AltGr, but never Compose.07:38
RAOFYou go <menu>"o to type ö07:39
FreddRAOF: lol i got the mkv to work but now the audio in firefox flash videos stopped working? could it be one of the gstreamer packages i installed is causing the problems? or is there anything better than "flashplugin-nonfree"07:43
DanaGI do that with AltGr.07:43
RAOFDanaG: THen AltGr is probably your compose key.07:46
DanaGNot quite.07:46
DanaGAltGr does these directly: äéëéþëðüfúíüþgëe07:46
DanaGand 'þ'07:46
RAOFIt'd be your 3rd level chooser then?07:47
RAOFFredd: The audio is probably flash and pulseaudio fighting over your ALSA device.07:47
Freddhow do i fix it?07:47
Freddremove pulseaudio?07:47
crdlbremove flash07:48
RAOFProbably not a winner there :)07:48
RAOFInstall libflashsupport.07:48
* crdlb runs07:48
RAOFAnd watch flash crash!07:48
Freddwait why did he say remove flash?07:48
RAOFThe take-home message here: Flash sucks.07:48
RAOFYou could install either swfdec-mozilla or gnash; they'll play nicely with pulseaudio.07:48
Freddim using alsa though07:49
RAOFNone of your gnome apps are, I'll wager.07:49
Freddand i dont want pulseaudio but if i try to remove it it will like remove alot of other packages07:49
RAOFAt least, not directly.07:49
DanaGThere's only one thing I hate worse than the nvidia (windows and linux, both!) drivers:07:55
DanaGCrashitty crash crash..... crash.....07:55
DanaG... and crash again.07:55
Freddwell u should tell that to everybody who uses07:55
DanaGAnd oh, apparently 10 < 8.07:55
Freddso there is no way to make the flashplugin-nonfree to work with alsa?07:58
DanaGArgh, compose does not work for me.07:59
DanaGasoundconf set-pulseaudio07:59
DanaGbut be prepared for Flash to crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash,07:59
Freddthat will?07:59
DanaGOh wait, it does that already in Flash 10 anyway.07:59
DanaGbug 19288808:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 192888 in libflashsupport "firefox crashes on flash contents when using libflashsupport" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288808:00
DanaGRead from the bottom upwards, perhaps.08:00
DanaGAnyway, I'm going off to bed now.  Good night.08:00
DanaGThu Aug 14 00:00:23 PDT 200808:00
Freddlibflashsupport is for pulseaudio and im using A L S A08:00
DanaGWell, Flash opens the device in blocking mode.08:00
DanaG.. or so it seems.08:00
Freddyou talk too much.08:01
Freddcould of just gave me an answer and thats it.08:01
gnomefreakFredd: libflashsupport has nothing to do with pulse audio08:08
Freddstill no audio with flash08:08
Freddthats what the package describtion says..08:09
gnomefreakFredd: make sure you are using pulse audio08:09
Freddim not using pulseaudio though08:09
Freddbecause im using alsa which works fine for me.08:09
gnomefreakFredd: pa uses alsa08:09
Freddif pulseaudio is freaking amazing then why does the ubuntu team leave alsa?08:10
gnomefreakpulse audio uses alsa08:10
RAOFFredd: "Alsa works fine for me" is a fine sentiment.  On the other hand, it _doesn't_ work for you, since you haven't got sound in flash :)08:10
Freddfine fine fine08:10
Freddi will use pulseadio08:10
RAOFI, personally, haven't had any problems with sound in flash.  So it's harder to help others :)08:11
* gnomefreak doesnt care either way what you use but the sound problem was fixed in pulse audio. libflash support causes crashes and we are thinking of removing it from intrepid08:11
Freddbecause u r using pulseaudio?08:12
gnomefreakFredd: you should be using pulse audio by default in INtrepid08:12
gnomefreakbut only for ubuntu not kubuntu or xubuntu08:12
Freddok just changed to pulseaudio in "system -> prefs -> sound" and now i cant hear anything in banshee08:14
gnomefreakFredd: here is info on PA and how to set it or check if you are using it.08:14
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions08:14
Freddwell i cant seem to change my own privileges08:17
Freddwell i followed the instructions and everything..now i have the system sound working with pulseaudio but not  a single application is giving me sound08:31
Freddtotem, banshee, and flash it self is not working neither08:31
Freddor do i need a restart? because i followed the instructions and it said i need to restart the session08:32
Freddnothing about restarting the machine08:32
FreddRAOF: ?08:33
Freddim going to avoide seeing a big red screen with blue dots everywhere on start up but yeah sound is still not working08:40
BUGabundo_workon ibex Fredd08:40
Freddand current getting the hell rid of pulseaudio configs08:41
BUGabundo_workhave all those strange kernel modules instaled?08:41
BUGabundo_workyeah, PA still sucks08:41
Freddi believe so08:41
BUGabundo_workdid It work on hardy?08:42
Freddalsa worked fine on hardy but even better because i was able to hear flash videos08:44
Freddi just love how ubuntu is so freaking random08:50
Freddi removed most of the pulseaudio packages and now flahs is working08:50
Freddwow and mkv 5.1 channels are all working08:52
Freddgotta write this down 1:52:14 everythign is working08:52
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DanaGUgh, I hate nvidia.10:11
DanaGI switched to metacity to save power while leaving the laptop on overnight, and then I tried to start compiz again.10:12
DanaG.... and X crashed.10:12
* RAOF hands DanaG !nouveau10:13
DanaGCan't do compiz with it.10:17
DanaGAnd I'm going to be going ATI... as soon as that damn laptop is released.10:17
DanaGOh yeah, and if you're wondering why "overnight" was so short... it's because I couldn't fall asleep.  I'll try again a bit later.10:18
DanaGOh yeah, why does Intrepid support ext4?  If I try to mount as ext4, I get "unknown filesystem type" (not the exact string).10:21
DanaGsame for ext4dev.10:21
RAOFNo, we don't currently build ext4.10:22
RAOFYou can see the mailinglist for details; basically, still unstable, and upstream recommends applying patches if you're going to run it.10:22
DanaGWell, I'm fine with "deciding not to use it" -- if it were just "ignoring" it, I'd be peeved.10:23
gnummcan i upgrade from kubuntu hardy kde3 to kubuntu intrepid kde4 in oktober? or should i reinstall?10:47
duncan_busyhiredgoon, I just wanted to make sure you're aware that (at least until my last update yesterday) OpenOffice.org is still on version 2.4. Shouldn't 3.0 get some testing soon? Anyway, that was just an observation, no reply needed.11:23
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joaopintowill Intrepid ship OO 3 ?11:53
RAOFAs yet undecided.11:53
joaopintoisn't a bit late for such decisions :P ?11:54
RAOFNot really.11:54
joaopinto2 months from the release date, I don't see how those will be sufficient to test OO311:55
RAOFWell, it wouldn't be, if OOo 3 wasn't already being tested.11:55
joaopintoI mean by Ubuntu Dev users :P11:56
RAOFMost testing is done in Beta, anyway.11:57
duncan_busyOOo 3.0 has worked fine for me so far in Hardy. But I haven't used it as default.12:38
Hondo_KitsuneHello, I'd like to upgrade my 8.04 to 8.10 alpha, how can I go about this and what is guarenteed to stop working?13:46
ikoniaHondo_Kitsune: nothing is guarenteed13:47
ikoniaHondo_Kitsune: it's a development release13:47
Hondo_Kitsuneikonia: true, with it being an alpha13:47
ikoniaHondo_Kitsune: things will break all the time while it's in development13:47
Hondo_Kitsuneikonia: I would still like to upgrade to it.13:47
ikoniaok, go for it13:47
virtualroadsideHondo_Kitsune: you're guaranteed to catch a cold unless you hold your nose while upgrading13:47
Hondo_Kitsuneikonia: How do i go about it?13:47
Hondo_Kitsunevirtualroadside: so the upgrader is broken then?13:48
virtualroadsideno, it works13:48
ikoniaHondo_Kitsune: you upgrade the same as any other upgrade13:48
ikonia!upgrade > Hondo_Kitsune13:48
ubottuHondo_Kitsune, please see my private message13:48
Hondo_KitsuneI mean to the alpha, the site does not reference it.13:49
Hondo_KitsuneI think I'd need a new repository.13:49
* Hobbsee notes that if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't be running it...13:50
Hondo_KitsuneHobbsee: Point taken13:51
Hondo_Kitsunegotta go, thanks anyway13:51
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rbrunhuberMy update always hangs on "generating Initramfs". Anyone else seeing this behaviour?15:16
IdleOnerbrunhuber, hangs for how long?15:16
rbrunhuberIdleOne: A few minutes now.15:17
IdleOneI usually get a 3 to 5 seconds15:18
rbrunhuberIdleOne: I know thats taking some time, I've seen this often before, but it took never this long. And I'm on a quite fast machine C2D 760015:18
rbrunhuberOk still hanging on initramfs. So I will kill it.15:24
ZirodayIn intrepid does the desktop installer do encrypted partitions or still only the alternate installer?17:34
lavishhi all17:50
lavish- I have a backup - anyway, is it possible to downgrade from 8.10 to 8.04?17:51
s0u][ightalpha 4 is out?18:48
geseraccording to the topic in #ubuntu-devel, yes18:48
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Hardy, and help keeping the servers' load low!18:48
s0u][ight!i need the link to alpha418:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:49
s0u][ight!why did your developers not give you some ai18:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alpha18:49
s0u][ightwhere can i obtain the live cd of alpha 418:50
Flannels0u][ight: The future18:51
s0u][ightoops meaning the iso image18:51
Flannels0u][ight: Yes, I know.  Its not out.18:52
s0u][ight... http://tinyshell.be/aircrackng/forum/index.php?topic=3954.45 the last but one post check it18:53
Flannels0u][ight: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/alpha-4/18:55
s0u][ightFlannel: why did you not give me the link in the first place :P18:56
Flannels0u][ight: Because all of the other information indicates it not out yet18:56
s0u][ightits funny: i know it is out but dunno the link18:57
s0u][ightyou dunno if it is out but know the link :D18:57
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beckyupgraded my t61p to the alpha and my video driver got hosed. if I do dpkg-reconfigure -a when I get to the video driver part it doesn't display right and I can select the nvidia driver and it works and my screen resolution display's properly but when i click to keep the settings they go right back... :(19:24
johninlexhello all19:26
beckywhat do I do to reconfigure the video drivers only?19:27
igormorgadohi there.. is there any know bugs in intrepid about X wrong key mappings? because after upgrade to intrepid my numeric keyboard, arrow keys and control keys (home. end. del, up, down) stopped to work properly. xev do not return the right mappings to these keys (example when I press arrow up it returns prt scr ). any tips?19:39
igormorgadoif you need more info just ask me.19:40
johninlex does anyone know what Ubuntu uses for a trivial file transfer protocol???19:50
beckyupgraded my t61p to the alpha and my video driver got hosed. if I do dpkg-reconfigure -a when I get to the video driver part it doesn't display right and I can select the nvidia driver and it works and my screen resolution display's properly but when i click to keep the settings they go right back... :(19:51
Unksijohninlex: i use gftp19:51
johninlexok sudo apt-get install gftp19:52
beckyjohninlex: wrong channel anyway stick to the ubuntu channel19:52
johninlexI am using Ibex19:52
johninlexthat is the only reason I am in here.19:53
beckybut it's not an ibex question19:53
beckysudo apt-cache search tftp you'll find a lot19:53
johninlexThank you Becky and Unksi19:53
BlinkizCan't get nvidia drivers to work with intrepid. They simply don't load. I have a geforce FX 5200 AGP card. It should be the nvidia-gtx-173 driver19:54
beckyBlinkiz: join the club19:55
beckyi'm sitting without video right now :(19:56
beckyt61p with 8 series card19:56
beckyBlinkiz: I installed envyng and it said it wasn't compatible19:56
Blinkizbecky: yeah, I also installed directly from repository.19:57
zniavreyou should try the .run of nvidia19:57
Blinkizbecky: And I tried to install driver from nvidias homepage.19:57
beckyBlinkiz: this sucks I kind of need my laptop back :(19:57
Blinkizbecky: Well, you running intrepid alpha so... :P19:58
beckyBlinkiz: yeah I know i installed it on my other lapton (intel) and no issue so I stupidly made the leap on my main laptop...19:59
s0u][ightwhat are the changes between alpha 3 and 4?20:04
Blinkizs0u][ight: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha420:05
Blinkizs0u][ight: I guess...20:06
s0u][ightty :D20:06
beckyBlinkiz: let me know if you figure it out will ya?20:06
Blinkizbecky: k20:07
s0u][ighthmmm some of the known bugs are easily fixed20:11
s0u][ightwhy didnt they got fixed?20:12
beckyBlinkiz: what version of the drivers are you using?20:12
BlinkizTried 173.14.1220:13
joaopintognome-terminal is crashing when selecting a section is of text, is anyone aware of a record for this bug ?20:16
joaopintoerm, a section of text20:16
jpds!bugs | joaopinto - try searching Launchpad for one.20:22
ubottujoaopinto - try searching Launchpad for one.: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:22
beckywoot! fixed it Blinkiz20:23
joaopintojpds, erm, I was hoping someone else experienced it and report :P20:23
joaopintoit's not reported, it's time to gdb20:23
svuanyone having trouble with libtool on intrepid?20:32
svu(a lot of "command not found" errors)20:32
G_009apport is useless, if every time one needs to send the report from /var/crash manually for a more complete bug report20:33
G_009am tired of getting "where is the stacktrace?"20:35
Blinkizbecky: what? Are you using nvidia now? Have tried half hour now to get it to work...20:35
beckyBlinkiz: no temporary fix was to change to "nv" driver... but I can atleast see something now!20:36
Blinkizbecky: oh, that simple. Gonna try it20:38
beckyBlinkiz: got it using nvidia again. I got back in after installing nvidia-glx-173 then downloaded driver from nvidia website and compiled and then works :) :) good luck20:47
doggymenzfix so you can shutdown and restart ubuntu, it no work20:55
doggymenzalso fix so audio works in rhythmbox, i have to kill pulseaudio to get it work20:55
komputesAnyone know how to fix audio On Intrpid when using a Intel 82801H Audio Controller?20:57
doggymenzyeah, "killall pulseaudio"20:58
doggymenzworks for me20:58
DanaGNeed a USB 2.0+Firewire+GbE card all in one?  That's a big funny.21:06
doggymenzGIGAbit respond! Network is fast!21:08
doggymenznice charts too "FAST!!"21:08
doggymenz"In order to suppress fever, heat sink was implemented."21:09
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGI just got a random shutoff... due to empty battery.21:13
DanaG... and Ubuntu seemed to think I was on AC, so I didn't know I was on battery.21:13
Freddlibflashsupport does have issues but no crashes so far..but im getting random blank windows poped up while playing any flash video21:25
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots21:25
doggymenzi've noticed my flash sometimes have white pixels on em21:25
Freddwell i has seen that too but only when i fast forward21:26
G_009seen it too while video is playing21:27
Freddwhat is the applet name to show the desktops in the gnome panel?21:32
doggymenzsometimes when i skip in the video, then flash get laggy or wont resume immediatly21:32
G_009even though i got the nvidia drivers in use they are not enabled. i guess that means am using vesa21:32
doggymenzFredd, "Show Desktop"21:32
Freddnot that...the ones that lets u switch between desktops21:32
Freddlike desktop 1, 2, 3..etc21:33
Freddbecause i dont have it for some reason21:33
G_009try desktop switcher21:33
Freddwell its not in the list of "add to panel"21:34
slavecoder250linux is broken!21:42
cskmaxFredd: "Workspace Switcher"21:50
DanaGOoh: USB 2.0 and GbE in one Cardbus card.21:50
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Oli```Okay I'm bored of life and I'm considering moving from Hardy to Intrepid. How broken is it?22:20
DistroJockeyOli```, doesn't sound that broken to me. See:  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha422:24
doggymenzcant restart/shutdown easy, you must first logout, then restart/shutdown from gdm22:24
doggymenzcant play rhythmbox/totem-plugin-in-browser without first 'killall rhythmbox'22:25
Freddwho uses ryhthmbox anyways22:27
dupondjedmraid crap :P23:49

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