sebasteanis the content in the help wiki licensed under an open license?01:31
Old_Soldierthe community wiki is CC-BYSA 2.501:33
Old_Soldieror possibly 3.0 now01:33
Old_Soldierits been said that help.ubuntu.com is open source but its a derivative work of the ubuntu documentation which is also CC-BYSA 2.5 (soon to be 3.0)01:34
Old_Soldieri'm no expert sebastean but thats my take on it.01:35
sebasteanOld_Soldier: oki thanks, I will look up what BYSA stands for ;)01:38
Old_Soldierits creatic commons share alike (with attribution)01:38
sebasteanOld_Soldier: do you know have I should attribute?01:43
sebasteanis there information about this in the wiki? I couldn't find it..01:43
Old_Soldieri'm not 100% certain. I would suspect that an acknowledgement or link would be good enough.01:44
Old_Soldier<- I'm not an authority on the subject, just a new member of the syudents team01:44
sebasteanOld_Soldier: thank you for your help, got to go..01:49
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seisenwhat was that for18:58
Old_Soldierare there any admins for the mailing list here?18:58
Old_Soldiercool, I changed my email address and confirmed it, but now my replys are being held in moderation18:59
Old_Soldiershould i just quit and rejoin using my ubuntu.com address?19:00
cody-somervilleJust login19:06
cody-somervilleand update19:06
Old_Soldierok cody-somerville  i logged in and updated again. i had to login using my new email address so i dont understand why i got put in moderation19:07
* Old_Soldier shrugs. hopefully it stuck this time19:07
cody-somervilleDid you actually send it using your new address? ;]19:07
Old_Soldierlol now i feel like the idiot- digging in my sent mail shows i sent under the old address, pebkac error on this end19:09
Old_Soldieri'll cancel the post request19:11
* Old_Soldier hangs his head in shame and slinks to the corner19:11
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