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ganeswhere to myself in register the driver08:37
ganeswhere to register myself in driver  section & kernel08:38
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xivulondoes anyone know how to parse an armoured public key into dsa y/p/q/g longs?15:06
xivulonah http://www.pgpdump.net15:15
xivulonnextq how do I parse an armoured signature? pycrypt takes a list of 2 longs...15:16
xivulonhttp://www.pgpdump.net helps but this part I need to replicate in python15:18
persiaFedora has a python-gpg: it may be something that could be added to Ubuntu (or we may have it under a different name)15:39
xivulonperia I am trying to cut down the size of wubi in python and in particular avoiding gpg/gpgv binaries and using python modules since I only need signature checking given an hardocded pubkey15:40
xivuloncdimage key15:40
xivulonI found I can use pycrypt to do that, but I will need to parse the signature file15:41
xivulonas for the key I can use pgpdump and hardcode the numbers as opposed to using a keyring15:42
persiaxivulon: This is the point at which I should say "I have no idea about GPG internals, nor am I particularly goof with python" :)  Google tells me there are a few interfaces, but I don't know if they all depend on gpg binaries.15:44
xivulonpgpdump.exe is 96K which is an improvement over gpg/gpgv but still largish15:52
xivulonI guess I can live with that for the time being15:52
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udit99I need to run a script as a part of my preseed file, to dynamically change the contents of the preseed. My question is, where do I put the script so that it ends up as part of the CD and is accessible to the preseed file ?20:02
superm1udit99, ideally you need to do an early command for that i believe20:42
superm1udit99, and you wouldn't modify the preseed, but likely just toggle some other stuff in debconf20:42
superm1the preseed is read as one of the very early actions in boot20:42
udit99so the way i thought it works is that I have an if statement in my preseed file which executes a script and depending on the output, echos 1 of 2 possible cfg files20:56
udit99so I started with this :20:57
udit99 d-i preseed/include_command    string20:58
udit99if [ "true" = "true" ]; then echo option1.cfg;20:58
udit99else echo option2.cfg; fi20:58
udit99Turns out, that its not even including the cfg files on the ISO for now... am trying to figure out how to get the files included20:59
udit99any idea how to get a .cfg file inot the iso as a part of the preseeds ?21:38

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