joaopintoHello, someone related to Canonical alive :P ?16:50
shahriar86hi guys can anyone give me articles on why we need open source18:19
shahriar86we will use it in the schools to atract students18:19
* svaksha points to fsf.org 18:21
shahriar86ok thanks18:21
shahriar86there is a problem...18:21
svakshashahriar86: some good articles there, a bit high on philosophy though18:21
shahriar86why Richard Stallman differentiate Free software and open source software18:22
shahriar86svaksha: actually I am collecting metarials so I can write one myself18:22
shahriar86*for the kids18:22
shahriar86yes I agree. but again why then he is actually against using open source as a term18:24
shahriar86why he prefers open source18:24
shahriar86I mean open source is much more meaningful than Free.. (by free many dont get the Free as in Freedom)18:24
* svaksha asks shahriar86 to _read_ links18:25
shahriar86yes I am checking svaksha18:25
shahriar86perhaps I have not made myself clear18:26
shahriar86what I am asking is why still Richard Stallman insists on using Free Software when it creates ambiguity, Open source is much more meaningful and easily explained18:27
shahriar86many dont get "Free as in Freedom not in Free Beer"18:28
shahriar86I have seen many people failing to understand the term Free (as in price) and the philosophy of Free (as in freedom) even though they are very vocal in promoting FOSS18:29
svakshashahriar86: use 'libre' word - no ambiguity18:30
shahriar86ok... then :)18:30
shahriar86that was just a personal question, 18:30
shahriar86any way we go our goal is same :)18:30
svakshashahriar86: :)18:30
* svaksha uses libre always 18:31
shahriar86it does not matter what we call it as long as it means Freedom in Use, distribution and modification18:31
shahriar86ok svaksha :)18:31
svakshashahriar86: dont forget contribution 18:31
shahriar86ohh yes contribution :)18:32
* shahriar86 is searching Bengali dictonary for the word 'libre'18:32
svakshamukt ?18:33
svakshamukti 18:33
shahriar86Unmukto is the correct one18:33
shahriar86though less uses it18:33
shahriar86svaksha: are you familiar with bengali?18:34
shahriar86can you help with my article?... actually I am stuck18:34
shahriar86that is why I am searching around18:34
svakshano bangla, try #linux-india , may find some translators there18:35
svakshaor #mukt.in18:35
svakshaon freenode18:35
shahriar86ok btw18:35
shahriar86#bangladesh is also Bengali speaking18:35
Feravoloare you still looking for information about free software ?20:08
shahriar86yes kinda20:09
FeravoloLinux vs. Microsoft ?20:10
shahriar86Feravolo: sorry not about linux vs. microsoft really20:11
Feravolowhat then ?20:11
shahriar86because I really dont think there is any reall comparison20:11
shahriar86I am trying to write up a short article where I am describing 5-10th grade students what open source is about20:12
shahriar86these students wont understand much about software coding20:12
shahriar86and such20:12
shahriar86so need something simpler to explain20:12
Feravolohave you looked at the open source foundation web site20:13
shahriar86humm those talks about the philosophy.20:13
shahriar86I understand the philosophy as a whole, but not sure about whether students will understand them20:14
shahriar86and I am actually not interested much into just translating any documents20:14
shahriar86I am trying to write in Bengali20:14
FeravoloFree software is about the free exchange of ideas in the computer science community. 20:15
shahriar86humm yes.20:15
shahriar86I guess that is why I am making it so complicated20:15
shahriar86but I dont want to focus just on the software side20:16
shahriar86I want to discuse about the open source as a whole20:16
FeravoloWhich means that the quality of the product is not influenced by business politics or making some deadline or the need to make money20:16
shahriar86like open standard, etc20:16
FeravoloIt doesn't ,matter what you call it open source or free software, which ever works better for you20:17
shahriar86humm no no you dont get it20:18
FeravoloHere in the US the word open is used by American Express and IBM as trademarks which also makes it confusing in the business world20:18
shahriar86I am not just focusing on "SOFTWARE"20:18
shahriar86the philosophy as a whole20:18
shahriar86like open standerd in production20:18
Feravolooh, i though you didn't like the philosophy ?20:19
shahriar86no no why would not I like the philosophy?20:19
Feravoloi know I have no use for it , i am just a programmer20:19
shahriar86any way you call it its the same20:19
shahriar86any way I think I myself is quite confused now :P20:20
FeravoloThat isn't always a bad thing, when trying to understand something :-)20:20
shahriar86the problem is I quite understand what it is, but its hard to explain to other20:21
Feravologot to go, good luck20:21

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