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loolasac: Hey, would you have a minute to discuss my email (merge of langpacks and xulrunner to intrepid)?09:57
* lool goes afk for 2 minutes10:00
asaclool: sure. lets talk in a few10:06
loolasac: I'm here10:06
loolasac: Shall we have a phone call?10:06
loolOr I'm happy to discuss it here, whatever you think is best10:07
asaclool: lets try here ;)10:16
asacif we need to be more verbose we can go for call10:16
asaclool: let me open the mail ;)10:16
asaclool: ok. gconf backend:10:16
asacthe gconf code needs to be moved to a different place in the xulrunner tree10:17
lool(I think that's the only delta between ubuntu-mobile ppa's xulrunner and hardy's/intrepid's)10:17
asacso it can be build as a dynamic module10:17
asaclool: yes. at least its the only big chunk that prevents me from putting it into the "main" xul10:17
loolOk; is this something complex or something I'd manage to do without ever having looked at this?  :-)10:18
loolI can try in all cases10:18
asaclool: @langpacks: the midbrowser template needs to be imported into the distro translations thing10:19
loolSo it would mean moving files, updating build system, then updating packaging10:19
asacand then we need to enable midbrowser in the po2xpi processor10:19
asaclool: basically yes.10:19
asacthere are a few more details. but in general it should be that "easy"10:20
loolHmm concerning the templates, it looks midbrowser is in main and so what needs to be done is probably converting the xpis to po for import, correct?10:21
asaclool: not sure. let me check something10:21
loolpo2xpi: that's the thing running after langpack export which was written by davidm and you, and it needs to be told to also act on midbrowsers translations?10:21
asaclool: right. let me check something. then i will go into details ;)10:22
* asac gets midbrowser packaging source10:22
asacoh dear. whats going on with my connection ;) ... sloooow10:24
loolMy adsl is now too slow to display tv   :-(10:25
lool(I'm receiving tv over adsl and they increased the quality slightly to the point that the bandwidth I have is insufficient)10:26
loolthat said I'm fetching midbrowser at 515 kB/s which is decent10:26
asacturn off the tv ;)10:26
loolI did!10:26
loolI'm mostly watching during the long hours in the night where I'm trying to calm the baby as to allow the mother to sleep  ;-)10:27
asaclool: actually i am not really sure what is missing10:27
asacfor midbrowser10:27
asacwe produce the template to the place the should get auto imported10:27
loolTo enable its translations?10:27
asace.g lp-export-xpis/en-US.xpi10:28
loolzip lp-export-xpis/en-US.xpi?10:28
asaci think jeroen has still the allow midbrowser10:28
asacthats the place where the template gets auto imported from10:28
loolOk, I'll poke Jeroen10:28
asaclool: point is that jeroen hasnt even enabled intrepid yet :(10:28
asacso there is not really something we can do now10:29
loolArgh right I recall reading that10:29
loolI thought this was fixed already10:29
asaclool: for now midbrowser translations are done in the midbrowser product10:29
asacthose dont get auto exported to the distribution10:29
loolasac: Anyway, this simply mean we have nothing to do on this part10:29
asacand more confusingly the export has a different directory layout10:30
asacso we cannot relly test the po2xpi10:30
loolWhen translations become available we will pick up this task again10:30
loolRight I agree we can't possibly try to enable it if we don't have the proper sample data10:30
asacimo we need to kick jeroen to enable it and then enable midbrowser in po2xpi transformer10:30
loolasac: Ok, I think it deserves poking10:31
loolasac: Ok, I think I understand what remains to be done; I see no major blocker here which is cool10:31
loolasac: Could you give more details on where xulrunner's gconf backend should be moved?10:32
asaclool: remember that the xpi support is still moving in launchpad10:32
asacmost likely we wont need to do it that way anyway, as real xpi support might happen soon10:32
asacbut i woulndt count on that10:32
loolWell last time I heard about it it was almost complete but not enabled10:32
asaclool: you have the xulrunner packaging code?10:32
loolThe one for ubuntu-mobile ppa or for intrepid?10:32
asaci think it doesnt matter10:33
asacthe gconf patch is everywhere ... just not enabled in the official builds10:33
loollp:~ubuntu-mobile/xulrunner/xulrunner-1.9.hardy is what I have10:33
loolWeird, I don't see any occurrence of gconf in debian/rules in this branch10:34
loolasac: So it's in extensions/pref/system-pref ATM IIUC10:35
asacyes that gconf patch it is10:35
asaclool: itst disabled in series10:35
asac(just stupidly ;))10:35
loolOh ok10:36
asaclool: ok... what needs to be done is to move the system-pref/gconf bits out of libxul10:36
loolAh right I recall you didn't want to include the code path at all in hardy10:36
loolYou want to move that to midbrowser?10:36
asac(currently everything there is statically linked into libxul.so)10:36
asaclool: no. i want to have that in xulrunner tree10:36
loolOr a new source?10:36
asacit just should be somewhere else ;)10:36
asaclool: so basically the gconf/ subdirectory needs to be moved elsewhere 10:37
asacand the changes to toolkit/library/libxul-config.mk toolkit/library/libxul-rules.mk and toolkit/library/nsStaticXULComponents.cpp can be dropped10:37
asaclool: one idea to test that is to move the gconf directory to mozilla/extensions/ directory10:39
asace.g. name it system-pref-gconf10:39
asacand in the extensions/Makefile.in make:10:39
asacDIRS            = $(MOZ_EXTENSIONS) system-pref-gconf10:40
asac(hack alert here of course)10:40
loolasac: I'm trying to understand where libxul begins10:41
asacand in the gconf/ makefile.in10:41
asac+IS_COMPONENT = 110:41
loolasac: It's in libxul because of mozilla/toolkit/library/* changes?10:41
asacyou need to change that to FORCE_STATIC_LIB = 0 and LIBXUL_LIBRARY = 010:41
asacmaybe even FORCE_SHARED_LIB10:42
asaclool: the extensions/pref directory isnt in MOZ_EXTENSIONS ... it gets hooked in from somewhere in toolikit/library ...yes10:42
asaclool: so  if you dont move it out of the extensions/pref it will get built too early10:43
asace.g. at that time you cannot yet build any shared component10:43
asacsimply speaking: you cannot biult any shared component before libxul.so is built10:43
loolThere are many top level dirs in xulrunner10:43
asacyes ;)10:43
loolmozilla/extensions/system-pref-gconf alright10:43
asacright. try that. and add that dir hackish to DIRS in extensions/Makefile.in10:44
loolasac: Ok, I'll try to poke this today and come back to you with more questions almost immediately after starting :-)10:44
asacif you dont get it in a day, better dro pit ... there are a bunch of tricky issues that i might not yet forsee. if we have luck it just works with a bit build system tweakage10:44
asaclool: when would you start trying this?10:55
loolasac: I could try over the afternoon10:58
loolI have some small stuff to do, but I don't quite know what I'll start with yet10:58
asaclool: do other things first. i have to think abit.11:00
loolasac: FYI, the patch was updated to apply cleanly in ~ubuntu-mobile/xulrunner/xulrunner-1.9.hardy but not in the current version in the archive11:43
loolasac: Hmm I wonder whether I should really be using extensions/pref/system-pref-gconf instead of extensions/system-pref-gconf11:47
loolasac: I understand we intend to use autoconfig + system-pref-gconf for midbrowser11:48
loolAnd system-pref + autoconfig for firefox11:49
loolSo the pref extensions group will be enabled all the time and seems to be the place to drop the new gconf one11:49
loolWe might need a toggle to disable system-pref when pref is enabled, but that's not too hard11:49
asaclool: let me test something11:50
asaclool: i think that the complete system-pref directory has to be moved somewhere else11:50
asaclool: the extensions/pref goes into libxul11:51
asacso if you keep it there it will be built too early as well11:51
asacis what we need11:52
asacand then make a shared componente out of it11:52
asacinstead of punching it into libxul11:52
asacwhen that is done we can just put that into a separate package which midbrowser can depend on11:52
asaclool: what you can do to develop is to build the package11:53
asacabort after patch application11:53
asacthen remove the system-pref directory from DIRS = 11:53
asacand build the application11:53
asacthe you should be able to run make in the system-pref directory after tweaking the Makefile.in files to do the SHARED component11:54
asacprobably easiest way to develop that i guess11:54
loolasac: I didn't understand what you meant with extensions/system-pref11:55
loolYou want me to split pref/autoconfig and pref/system-pref in pref/autoconfig and system-pref?11:55
asacautoconfig and system-pref are independent11:56
asacthe idea is to move system-pref directory one level up in directory hierarchy11:56
loolOk; agreed11:56
looland then add a system-pref-gconf11:57
loolThen we don't really need pref/11:57
asaclool: no ... thats not needed anymore then11:57
asacmy initial idea was just to move the gconf directrory somewhere11:57
asacbut i think its better to move the complete system-pref directory up11:57
asacso sorry for the confusion11:57
loolOh ok11:57
asaclool: gconf/ directory provids the service and the sources in system-pref/ are abstract classes that are backend independent11:58
asacso all in system-pref should go in a asingla shared lib11:58
asacs/service/platform dependent service/11:58
loolOk; I wasn't sure that the system-pref gconf patch wasn't simply switch the default implementation to gconf based; I didn't read it in full11:58
loolBut it was really adding a backend11:58
asaclool: no ... it provides the service implementation11:58
loolsure, understood11:59
asacwhile the system-pref provides general logic for system prefs11:59
loolyup, got that now11:59
loolasac: It might be hard to maintain the patch moving files in the future though  :-/11:59
asaclool: the system-pref files havent been changed for ages12:02
asacnobody cares about them upstream12:02
asaclool: if we have done the move they probably will allow us to commit that change upstream12:02
asachowever, they surely dont want that patch in libxul.so ... at least not in the way its currently done12:02
asac(e.g. the mapped keys are hard coded in source)12:03
loolasac: Okay12:05
loolMeeting on #ubuntu-meeting in 4 minutes12:56
davidmlool I'm here12:57
loolPerfect :)12:58
davidmCup a coffee in hand :-)12:59
BenLauDCAnybody know how is the progress to make udev boot faster?13:04
shishirmkhi guys13:25
shishirmki am on ume mc caslin13:25
shishirmki am using khojinsha sh series13:25
shishirmkcan any1 tell me how to get the mouse pad and touch screen working??13:26
shishirmkor even better how to install software on this os??13:26
persia shishirmk: For installation, you want to use the command line, with apt-get or aptitude.  To get the mouse pad and touchscreen working, you want to alter your xorg.conf13:31
persia(not the standard one, but the special one), to use /dev/input/mice as the mouse input.13:31
shishirmkhow do i do it??13:32
shishirmkpersia: please tell me how to make it functional??13:33
shishirmkand can i dual boot it with vista or regular ubuntu13:34
persiashishirmk: exit /etc/X11/xorg.conf-samsungq1ultra (or a similarly named file: I don't have Ubuntu Mobile on my kohjinsha today), and use /dev/input/mice for the configured pointer.13:35
persiaYou can dual boot, but the installer reformats your drive, so this isn't simple, and is undocumented.13:36
shishirmk persia: is it documented somewhere13:37
shishirmkor can i use this driver as i used for ubuntu 8.0413:38
persiashishirmk: Not to my knowledge.  I tend to reinstall to switch between desktop and mobile.13:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 227183 in xserver-xorg-input-penmount "no calibration tool" [Undecided,In progress] 13:38
persiaYeah, the calibration on the Kohjinsha touchscreen is pretty bad.13:39
shishirmkok then better switch back to ubuntu 8.04 with bad callibration is a good idea i guess??13:40
persiaWell, depends on what you want.  I switch back and forth on my kohjinsha.13:41
shishirmkok i have decided not to switch can you guys help me configure it??13:56
shishirmkatleast tell me where it is documented how to get the touch screen and mouse pad working13:56
shishirmkbe right back from my desktop13:57
persiaIt's not documented.  As far as I know, I'm the only person who regularly runs Ubuntu Mobile on the Kohjinsha, and getting all three pointers working is a matter of editing xorg.conf.13:58
shishirm1persia: kindly tell me now or direct me to a place where i can get my khojinsha working minimally atleast14:00
persiashishirml: oneseg just plain doesn't work.  I've not calibrated my touchscreen.  Changing the pointer configuration in xorg.conf lets use use the touchpad, the little joystick, and the touchscreen all at the same time.14:02
persiaWhat else do you need?14:02
shishirm1what do you mean when you say "oneseg just plain doesn't work."14:03
persiaI mean there aren't any drivers for it.14:05
persiaEverything except the pointers and oneseg worked out of the box for me with Ubuntu Mobile.14:05
shishirm1but what about the driver which penmount has given for ubuntu 8.0414:05
shishirm1will the same thing work for this??14:05
persiaoneseg hasn't any drivers that I could find.  touchscreen needs calibration, and pointers need xorg.conf manipulation.14:05
persiaMight work.  I've not tried it.14:06
shishirm1ok atleast tell me how to get the mousepad working14:06
persiaedit xorg.conf14:08
shishirm1ya but wat exactly14:08
shishirm1there is only one entry for mouse14:08
persiaChange the pointer configuration to use /dev/input/mice instead of what it has now.14:08
persiaRight, but /dev/input/mice multiplexes all the pointers in the kernel, and presents a unified event stream.14:09
persiaThis means that in addition to the touchpad, the touchscreen, and the joystick, you can use a USB mouse with no trouble.14:09
shishirm1instead of core pointer i should type in what you said?14:10
persiashishirml: You're running Mobile or Desktop?14:12
shishirm1hey i got knocked off14:15
shishirm1can you please tell me that path?14:15
shishirm1path of the mice??14:15
shishirm1i should write it instead of core pointeR??14:16
persiaAre you running Mobile or Desktop?14:16
shishirm1i am running the ume on my khojinsha14:16
persiaOK.  can you pastebin /etc/X11/xorg.conf-samsungq1ultra (or a similarly named file)?14:17
shishirm1i am using khojinsha not samsung ultra14:18
shishirm1i cant pastebin bcoz i have internet only on desktop14:18
shishirm1as of now14:18
shishirm1but i can type the mouse part for you14:18
shishirm1select "inputdevice14:19
shishirm1identifier "configured mouse"14:19
shishirm1driver "mouse"14:19
shishirm1option "corepointer"14:19
persiaSee, none of that looks like a device.14:20
shishirmknow i have internet on the lkhojinsha14:22
shishirmkso i can copy paste it hold on14:22
persiaNo.  I'll dig it up.14:23
shishirmkthere it is14:24
persiaThat doesn't match what I have for /etc/X11/xorg-samsungq1ultra.conf at all.  From where is that?14:26
persiaIf you're loading that config, all three pointers ought work fine.14:26
shishirmkits from my khojinsha sh series14:27
persiaIs it /etc/X11/xorg-samsungq1ultra.conf?14:27
ograno, thats the generic file that its there alongside (unused)14:28
persiaOh, yeah, that file is never used.14:29
ografix the /etc/X11/xorg-samsungq1ultra.conf14:29
persiaEven though you have a kohjinsha, you need to look at the samsung xorg14:29
persiaspecifically, you need to change /dev/input/mouse2 to /dev/input/mice14:29
shishirmksorry sorry i copied wrong file14:30
shishirmkthis is the one14:30
persiathat one crashed my browser :/14:31
ograOption      "Device" "/dev/input/mouse2" 14:31
ograchnge that to point to /dev/input/mice instead14:31
shishirmkok how to restart the os 14:32
persiacall sudo reboot from the Terminal14:32
shishirmki got it running great 14:33
shishirmkthank you guys14:33
shishirmki will try out the penmount driver and get back14:33
persiashishirmk: Please do let me know if it works.  I don't use the touchscreen much, but I wouldn't mind trying.14:34
shishirmkok i will let u know14:35
shishirmkmean while is it possible to use my hard disk completely14:35
shishirmkit says i got only 4 gb space where as i have a 80 gb hard disk14:35
persiaIt made a small partition.  Add a larger partition if you like.14:36
shishirmkok and how should i do that?14:36
shishirmkdoest it have gparted or any such tool?14:36
persiayou can install gparted.  Te menu looks a bit odd, but it should work.14:37
persiaWhich sh6 do you have?14:37
shishirmki dont know the exact model 14:38
shishirmkbcoz i have bought a rebranded indian version14:39
shishirmkhey how to unzip the penmount .zip file unzip command not working14:39
persiaAh.  Probably SH6S or SH6K then.  Some of the newer models have 3G, but I'm not sure the chips they use would work there.14:39
persiaapt-get install unzip14:39
shishirmkhi 14:55
shishirmkhey guys how to switch between programs apart from alt tab15:02
shishirmkdo u hv tht feature or u guys dont have it a all15:03
persiashishirmk: alt-tab is the only way15:04
shishirmkhow to restart xserver?15:11
shishirmkand that driver wont work as all its entries are to the xorg.conf15:11
shishirmkif u wanna have a look what it did to xorg i will paste it in pastebin15:11
shishirmkwht is the command used to restart xserver15:28
shishirmksomebody please answe15:28
persiaCtrl-Alt-Bksp ought work.15:29
shishirmkwell penmount driver i dont know how much of it is working15:31
shishirmkbut it makes changes to xorg.conf15:31
shishirmkbut you guys have made it a unused file15:32
persiaYou'd need to port the changes to the xorg.conf that is being used.15:37
shishirmktried using penmount15:57
shishirmksomehow calibration isnt happening reason not known15:58
shishirmki think its using whatever driver is provided15:58
shishirmki mean i think its using penmount driver15:59
persiaThat mostly matches my experience with calibration tools for the Kohjinsha with a MID install.16:00
persiaBe great if you could figure out how to make it work, but it's not a simple problem.16:01
shishirmkguys please port that penmount driver to work on ume 16:12
shishirmkif somebody wants to be a mentor i will do it16:12
shishirmki have been wishing to  contribute to ubuntu since long16:14
shishirmki want a mentor i will send my cv if u wanna have a look16:14
shishirmkhey no sound on my khojinsha with ume16:37
persiaI don't get sound if I boot with the headphones attached, but sound works if I boot with them not attached, and attach them later.16:47
persiaAlso, I lose sound on suspend/resume.16:47
shishirmkactually where is the shutdown gui in ume??17:08
persiaThere is no shutdown GUI.  It's designed for the pocket computers that one never turns off, just suspends.17:42
persiaWhile my pocket computer (Zaurus 3100) isn't compatible with Ubuntu Mobile, I think I've intentionally turned it off about twice since I've had it (several years now), and I turned off the 760 that it replaced only once.17:43
wirelessdreamerif i want to try out the interface of ubuntu-mobile in a vm on my laptop, whats the fastest way to do that with how it stands now? i've got moblin image creater installed18:47
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gfcsOne question21:57
gfcsubuntu mdi works in a Nokia N800 ?21:57

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