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_2can someone point me at my problem here   http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d308f1395  ?01:41
tbielawahello everybody01:45
RAOF_2: I'm not sure what you're actually asking.  What are you trying to do?01:46
_2RAOF just get the package manager un hung01:47
_2RAOF can't install xorg  because of that dependancy01:47
RAOF_2: Oh, right.  Well, that's probably a question for #ubuntu (or a question on launchpad.net, or a bug), not here.  How did the libgl1-mesa package get installed?  Also, is your root partition writeable?01:49
_2RAOF heh in #ubuntu i was sent here  :)01:49
RAOF_2: #ubuntu was wrong, this is a development channel :)01:50
nxvlRAOF: maybe it's a bug01:50
nxvllet me chech01:50
RAOFnxvl: Yeah, possibly.01:50
RAOFIndeed.  Oldschool.01:50
RAOFIf it's a bug, it's an infrequently triggered one :)01:51
nxvl_2: can you please include your sources.list?01:51
_2sure what it here ?  only three lines01:51
nxvlon pastebin please01:52
_2well more than three anyway    http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d3a3294ee01:52
_2i had forgotten adding src01:53
neurobuntucondor? Look at my pm01:54
_2oh crap  that shell is not chrooted in that system.   this is the sources list for that system   http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d28980f5201:56
_2sorry nxvl my bad.01:56
* Hobbsee waves01:58
_2Hobbsee :)01:59
RAOFYo!  Hobbsee!01:59
* Hobbsee apparently has a USB stick of doom.01:59
_2you too ?01:59
_2nxvl apt-cache policy on that package  http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d34abe004  if you want it too02:00
Hobbseeyeah.  it keeps shutting down the machine whenever i plug it in, anywhere in the lab.02:01
Hobbseei'm not sure why.02:01
_2oh my.   mines not that bad...  ;/02:01
nxvl_2: i'm creating a dapper chroot to check :D02:02
Hobbseewhich is odd, as it doesn't shut down the machines in the first year labs.   yet it does the third.02:02
Hobbseego figure...02:02
_2nxvl k.02:03
foxbuntuI would appreciate it if someone could take a look at my package for revu: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=mythbuntu-log-grabber02:03
Hobbseethe problem is SP3 of XP.02:15
tbielawais it wrong of me to have to: touch config.status; $(MAKE) clean; rm -f config.status;02:16
tbielawato have a dependable` fakeroot debian/rules clean` system?02:17
RAOFDoesn't autotools-dev recommend that you copy their config.* on clean?02:20
tbielawaRAOF: I've never heard of that before.02:21
tbielawaRAOF: my rules file does do checking for config.sub and config.guess files.02:21
tbielawaWhen lintian checking in the past I've gotten errors about there being a config.{status,cache} file in my source. So I've had to delete it... then trying to make clean freaks out because there is no config.status file02:22
tbielawaIs there a proper procedure for this that you can point me at?02:22
RAOFI think, by default, dh-make will produce something which copies the config.{sub,guess} from the autotools-dev package.02:26
RAOFBut I'm not aware of a canonical source for this info.02:26
tbielawaRAOF: You are correct02:26
RAOFJust do that :)02:26
tbielawaRAOF: test ! -f config.status && touch config.status02:27
_2ummm touch is safe without testing.  it only sets the timestamp02:28
nxvl_2: i don't have any problems here, so it's not a bug02:28
tbielawa_2: I've had good results so far. THe upstream makefile seems to just hate makeing clean without config.status existing02:28
_2i mean it wont blank an existing file02:28
_2nxvl hmmm ok.   thanks.   that means something other than that package is borked causing it...     ;/02:29
_2nxvl i do apreicate that.   although it means more work for me... ;/       so thank you.02:30
nxvl_2: try to reinstall the package which ships that library02:31
_2nxvl that is the package.02:32
nxvl_2: than why is it already in your system?02:32
nxvl(i'm talking about libGL.so.1.2)02:33
_2and yes i know.        i copied the files out of the archive testing to see if there was a problem with the package in that respect.02:33
_2the files copy ok  but the package when installing blanks one of them. and errors out.02:34
_2see that pastebin was after i had already "given up" on being able to find it myself.    and yes i tried removinf the files contained in the package from the system and installing,  same results.02:36
_2but if it installs cleanly for you.  then it's something on my system. and not the package.    which makes me pull hair and screem...   0.o02:37
_2i.e. i can copy /usr out of the package just fine.   but dpkg can't02:38
NCommanderI've got a question02:38
NCommanderUpstream for a package is adding a linking exception to allow adeone and openssl to be linked02:39
NCommanderIs it sufficient to just having this in the COPYING/LICENSE file, or does something more need to be done?02:39
james_wdebian/copyright as well at the least I would say02:40
NCommanderUpstream doesn't get the problem linking with OpenSSL -_-;02:41
RAOFIf they've got copyright headers on each file, I think they may want to add the exception to each header.02:41
NCommanderI've never seen linking exceptions in the headers02:42
RAOFI certainly have, but I'm not sure whether they're necessary.02:42
RAOFYay licensing!02:43
NCommander*rolls eyes*02:43
RAOFdebian-legal has _surely_ had to answer this at some point; maybe search the archives?02:43
NCommanderThey just said add a linking exception02:43
NCommanderI can't find anything stating if it has to go in the headers02:44
NCommander(and I've seen headers that just say "Licensed under the GPL", which flew with arch admins)02:44
_2nxvl are you done with me ?     or am i waiting on something,   cause i'll go if i'm just taking up space here...02:45
nxvlsorry i get distracted02:46
_2not a problem.   i just don't want to become a nusense in here.02:47
_2and i type a lot...02:47
NCommanderpersia, ping?02:50
nxvl_2: sorry, i can't find where the problem is02:56
_2nxvl ok.    again.  my "thank you!"    and i hate that i have spent both yours and my time in vain here.     peace man.02:57
_2i'll work it out somehow. ...02:58
nxvl_2: it's never a waste of time02:58
StevenKArgh, he was IRCing as root?02:59
foxbuntuCartman: "I've got a a golden ticket..."03:09
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ScottKNCommander: As long as it's in the upstream license file, I think it's fine (per file would be better).  I've seen packages accepted that had no per file copyright statements at all as long as the verbatim copy of the license was in the tarball.03:28
tbielawa4 hugs to anyone who will give me a revu (and hopefully ACK) of lucidlife: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=330803:33
foxxtrotI have a package that I'm working on that contains a single perl script, but mostly C code compiled binary.  Should I have an 'indep' section in my control file for the Perl script?03:33
RAOFAre you building an arch: all package as well as the arch: any from this source?03:36
foxxtrotWasn't planning on it.  The perl script probably wouldn't be that useful on it's own03:37
ScottKHow big is it?03:37
ScottKI think I wouldn't bother.03:38
foxxtrotGreat.  Didn't seem worth while at this time03:39
ScottKThe only point in splitting it out would be to save archive space and if it's that small, I don't know that you'd actually save any.03:39
ScottKRight, but we do lots of stuff that doesn't seem worth the trouble.03:39
foxxtrotWhich is why I asked03:40
foxxtrotI'd rather do the right thing now than be asked to fix it later03:40
xgfhsdgfhsdso I am trying to upload a translated .PO I made for xulrunner but there's no upload option; what do I do?03:45
xgfhsdgfhsd(in Launchpad)03:46
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tgm4883_laptopAre you a MOTU that has no time to REVU http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=mythstream-parser-google ?  Take some Ambien and REVU it while you sleep ;)05:01
nxvltgm4883_laptop: commented05:12
tgm4883_laptopthanks nxvl05:13
tgm4883_laptopFixed, thanks again nxvl05:27
dholbachgood morning05:35
tgm4883_laptopgood evening dholbach05:36
dholbachhi tgm4883_laptop05:37
tgm4883_laptophow are you?05:37
dholbachgood, just waking up - how are you?05:38
tgm4883_laptoppretty good.  Tired (2138 here).  Have a bunch of packages i'm trying to get REVUed05:39
tgm4883_laptopso if you are ever bored, let me know05:39
dholbachtgm4883_laptop: I'm still a bit in catching up mode after nearly 3 weeks of holidays, so I'm likely not to be bored05:39
dholbachtgm4883_laptop: which of the packages in the best shape you think?05:39
tgm4883_laptopbest shape?05:40
dholbachgive me the URL and I might check it out later05:40
tgm4883_laptopthis one is best shape05:40
tgm4883_laptopall are pretty similar, but this one has been revued the most and has 1 ack05:40
tgm4883_laptopI'm trying to come up with alternative ways of asking for a REVU05:42
nxvldholbach: good morning! you are early today!05:42
dholbachhiya nxvl05:42
dholbachnxvl: Mimi had to get up earlier today, so I decided to get up as well05:42
nxvloh ok05:42
nxvldholbach: btw, have already uploaded the pictures of india?05:48
dholbachno, f-spot and friends have all been letting me down for flickr05:48
dholbachso I uploaded just a few to picasa to try picasa out05:48
dholbachbut it sucks somewhat05:49
nxvlyes it does05:49
dholbachand I really want a tool that scales images for me, uploads them, etc05:49
nxvldholbach: have you tried with igal?05:49
dholbachah, no I didn't05:51
nxvligal scales all the images in a folder (with some options) and creates a plain html gallery05:52
nxvlyou can always drop the html05:52
dholbachI'd need to select images before I do that05:53
dholbachI did like 1100 pictures in India05:53
nxvligal can handle it05:53
dholbachmaybe I don't want to upload them all ;-)05:54
nxvland IIRC it's python05:54
* dholbach hugs nxvl05:54
* nxvl HUGS dholbach back05:54
* dholbach is a tricky customer today05:54
nxvlah no igal is perl05:54
* nxvl remembers his perl coder days05:54
nxvlit's good that the nightmares are finished05:55
StevenKWhat's wrong with coding in Perl?05:55
nxvlStevenK: the problem is not coding, is the code!05:56
StevenKnxvl: Oh?05:56
nxvlStevenK: try to remember 2 months later what the hell did you do on a script05:57
StevenKnxvl: Meh. If I wrote the script, that usually isn't a problem.05:59
* StevenK tries to find some Perl he wrote05:59
nxvlStevenK: actually it is some times05:59
StevenK$self->{IP_MAPPING}{$self->{ID_MAPPING}{$_}} = [$name, $_];06:00
StevenKSee! Perfectly understandable.06:00
* nxvl runs06:02
nxvldholbach: oh, btw, your fanclub is growing06:05
nxvldholbach: we have 9 members06:05
StevenK~we-love-dholbach ?06:05
dholbachyooohooo! :)06:06
nxvldholbach: can you please confirm if the versioning thing is right06:09
nxvldholbach: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=mythstream-parser-google06:09
nxvldholbach: i find it odd06:09
dholbachnxvl: best to ask the archive admin06:10
superm1nxvl, i believe sistpoty recommended that type of versioning06:14
superm1nxvl, to point out the changed orig.tar.gz06:14
nxvlsuperm1: yep, it's on the response, but i still find it odd06:14
nxvlsuperm1: in that case why do we have the extra -0ubuntu106:15
superm1because the debian directory is'nt in the changed orig.tar.gz06:15
superm1but yeah nxvl i agree it does seem a bit out of place06:19
nxvlsince it's 1ubuntu1-0ubuntu106:20
nxvlon the second part of it i see that it's not in debian but it is on ubuntu06:20
nxvlbut how did you read the first one?06:21
nxvlit is in debian and it the 1st ubuntu revision?06:21
tuxmaniacheya gang06:27
nxvldholbach: oh, btw some guy ping me some days ago, he posted the spanish video on his blog -> http://www.blogubuntu.com/379/video-como-ser-un-motu-de-ubuntu/06:27
nxvlheh, my CPU is at 99% building in experimental and sid06:31
nxvli love making my CPU work06:31
foxxtrotWhat is a "watch file" in relation to packaging?06:37
RAOFA file which describes how to get the upstream source and work out its version.06:37
nxvlit helps you when you need to update your package (as in package the new upstream version) and knowing when you have to update it06:38
foxxtrotI'm having trouble finding documentation which describes what this should look like06:38
RAOF"man uscan" describes the format.06:38
nxvltake a look at one package that ships with a watch file06:38
dholbachnxvl: NICE :)06:39
nxvlfoxxtrot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/DebianWatch06:40
nxvldholbach: we have almost 3K of pontential spanish contributor that saw the video06:42
dholbachnxvl: I hope they'll all show up here! :)06:42
nxvlme too06:43
dholbachso we need 1) more videos and 2) more spanish videos, right? :)06:43
tuxmaniacfoxxtrot: http://cypherm0x.blogspot.com/2008/08/more-packaging-fun.html this might help too06:43
dholbachplease add videos (and suggestions too) to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Videos06:43
foxxtrotnxvl, RAOF: thanks06:43
nxvland 3) TIME!06:43
foxxtrottuxmaniac: I'll bookmark that06:43
nxvltime to sleep07:02
nxvlhave a nice day07:02
dholbachsleep tight nxvl!07:03
nxvlor sleep tight, or whatever applies to your timezone07:03
nxvldholbach: thank you, have a nice day!07:03
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tuxmaniacdholbach: thanks a lot for the acks08:34
dholbachtuxmaniac: np08:37
IulianGood morning.08:52
Devendragood morning09:03
FlannelWhat are "hardy", "hardy-updates", hardy-security, hardy-backports, and hardy-proposed called? not components (those are main, universe, etc, yes?)09:05
directhextechnically a distribution, afaik09:07
csrealized7hi all09:08
IulianI'm not sure if they have a name.09:09
IulianHello csrealized7.09:09
csrealized7hi lulian09:09
csrealized7i have gone thru the packaging guide for motu beginners09:10
csrealized7and have achieved packaging for the software on my machine09:10
IulianThat's great.09:10
csrealized7I want to know how should i package the new software on launchpad bug list09:10
csrealized7i have an acount with launch pad09:10
csrealized7I want to have a start for contributing in ubuntu09:11
Iuliancsrealized7: Look for needs-packaging bugs - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=needs-packaging09:12
Iuliancsrealized7: Those are programs requested by users to be packaged.09:13
csrealized7thnks lulian...09:13
Iuliancsrealized7: You might want to have a look at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize too. Those bugs must be easy to fix. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to ask here.09:16
joaopintogood morning09:16
csrealized7lulian : thanks a lot...09:16
IulianNo problem.09:17
csrealized7I have gone thru the documentation and will try my best..to package some software09:17
Iuliancsrealized7: Ok, it is your choice.09:18
joaopintocsrealized7, I am  not sure packaging software is the best activity at this time, judging from the lack of activity on REVU09:18
csrealized7actually, i want to have a hands on packaging ........09:19
joaopintoand also if I am not mistaken the UVF is getting close09:19
RAOFThis time next week, I believe.09:20
csrealized7so that i can fix the bugs for the packages09:20
joaopintocsrealized7, sure, but I would not expect to get those packages still available on Intrepid :P09:20
joaopintofixing bugs and creating packages are different activities, to fix a bug you usually only need to provide the diff for the bug, you don't need to understand how to create  a package (except maybe for the build command)09:21
RAOFFixing bugs you'll learn most of the things you need to create a package from scratch, just not all at once.09:21
joaopintoRAOF, I do not agree, you are not expect to understand what is a debian/copyright or a debian/rules or even debian/control for fixing a bug...09:22
RAOFjoaopinto: You should certainly start developing a working knowledge of some of them.09:23
directhexjoaopinto, you're not fixing the right bugs then!09:23
directhexand debian/rules and debian/control are hotbeds for bugs09:23
RAOFjoaopinto: NOt debian/copyright, perhaps, but you'll need to be touching the other files!09:23
joaopintodirecthex, those are packaging related bugs, not application bugs :)09:23
csrealized7thnks guys....i have learnt the packaging.....and i could understand most of it debian/...so would be very happy to have a hands on fixing bugs :)...09:23
directhexjoaopinto, and equally valuable to the project09:24
joaopintodirecthex, that was not the subject, he was mentioning that he wanted to learn package, and at the same time fix application bugs :P09:24
directhexjoaopinto, look at it this way, if he fixes an application bug, he needs to know about debian/patches and possibly hack debian/rules too09:25
joaopintodirecthex, assuming he will use debian/patches :P09:25
directhexjoaopinto, if not, it's slappin' time!09:26
slytherincsrealized7: Reading the documentation is not exactly ... learning the packaging. There is lot more under the hood. :-)09:27
csrealized7i believe it....09:27
csrealized7so i tried to some practical also...but i trully believe commiting to ubuntu would tell me much more....09:28
csrealized7just a small question....09:33
csrealized7what is triaged status ????09:33
RAOFReady to go.09:36
RAOFAs in: all the needed information is there, the priority is set correctly, and all that remains is for a dev to swoop in and fix whatever the well-identified problem is.09:36
Iuliancsrealized7: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status09:37
Iuliancsrealized7: And see /Importance too if you're interested.09:38
RAOFWell, that's convenient.  gnome-main-menu is libslab's only rdepend.09:41
RAOFCan there be anything more fun than updating debian/copyright?10:16
\shRAOF: yes...changing licensing and then updating debian/copyright10:16
directhex\sh, even better, DFSGing a package by deleting things. then updating debian/copyright to mention it10:17
RAOFTranslations should be mentioned in copyright, shouldn't they.  WOOOOOOOOO!10:20
slytherinDoes anyone have any idea if elisa 0.5.x is going to land in intrepid?10:28
RAOFIt'd probably be kinda cool, but elisa's in main, right?10:29
slytherinRAOF: yes. Let me see if there is already a bug for update10:30
RAOFAsking in #ubuntu-devel would be a better bet; but when is 0.5 out?10:30
slytherinRAOF: It has been out for a while. Current version is 0.5.510:30
RAOFOh.  Go package it up, then~!10:30
slytherinRAOF: Nah, no python expertise here.10:30
RAOFPython's _easy_.  GO!10:31
directhexehm... why is elisa in main?10:34
RAOFI have _no_ idea.10:34
RAOFBecause we want to support it with security fixes for 3 years?10:34
* wgrant likes it when insecure things enter main.10:37
directhexi propose moving it to restricted, since it's utterly broken with Free 3d drivers ;)10:37
RAOFdirecthex: Not so!  Nouveau runs it!10:40
* NCommander lurks in10:40
NCommanderI'm bootstrapping kfreebsd-i386 for lenny10:40
RAOFPerhaps with an unusually generous definition of "run", however :)10:40
directhexRAOF, okay. runs it without showing white rectangles or red dots instead of labels10:41
wgrantIntel cards are too bad?10:41
RAOFdirecthex: It does pass that definition of 'run', yes.10:43
RAOFIt might accidentally segfault in mesa when playing stuff, but the _interface_ certainly works :)10:43
jpdsmorning RainCT, you have new commits \o/10:43
RainCTjpds: don't flood my inbox too much while I'm away ;P10:44
directhexRAOF, better than ati, intel, or via then!10:44
directhexwgrant, intel cards are fine. elisa is not10:44
RAOFdirecthex: Really?  Score one for gallium, then!10:44
jpdsRainCT: Why, I would never do such a thing!10:45
directhexRAOF, cell-based driver? O_o10:45
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k0phi all.11:05
k0pwhy my package is yet in the queue? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text= :(11:05
k0pI'm concern with it.11:05
k0pRainCT, do you know something about that?11:06
Hobbseek0p: because every package that is new to ubuntu goes in there?11:06
k0pHobbsee, yes. But is it a queue?11:07
k0pYesterday I have 48 packages in the queue. Today I see 23.11:08
k0pwhat's priority of this queue? do you know?11:08
Hobbseesome of them come from different places, so get thru quicker.11:08
Hobbseeie, new stuff to ubuntu, from debian, is quicker, so might get done faster.11:08
Hobbseemain stuff tends to get done faster, too11:09
k0pHobbsee, sure :)11:09
k0pI don't know about this priority.11:09
k0pHobbsee, is it added manually?11:10
Hobbseedefine "it"?11:10
k0pI only have a sources on the archive.11:11
k0psoren, is the pacakges added manually to archive?11:11
Hobbseeonce the sources get built into binaries, they go into another queue, then get added11:12
k0pHobbsee, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds?build_text=umit&build_state=all11:14
k0pI think it is already built11:14
k0pso now it's on the queue :)11:14
Hobbseeprobably :)11:16
jpdshttp://tinyurl.com/5dan4f \o/11:23
RAOFdirecthex: Cell-based driver?  Gallium isn't cell-specific, although there is a cell driver, I believe.11:32
RAOFdirecthex: Gallium is the swanky new GPU abstraction layer in mesa; driven, as always, by Intel.11:35
directhexcan't they finish their hardware video decoding lib first? O_o11:37
RAOFdirecthex: It's the same thing.11:37
RAOFThe deal is: you write the gallium driver, which is meant to map fairly cleanly to modern GPUs, and then there are a bunch of "state trackers" on top of it; OpenGL is one, there's a xvmc tracker being done as a part of GSoC, etc.11:38
RAOFIntel have a DirectX state tracker, although I don't think it's open-source.11:39
directhexhm, the description of gallium looks all 3d related. i'm unconvinced that it's related to vaapi11:39
RAOFPossibly they have special video acceleration hardware, although the trend seems to be against such hardware.11:43
RAOFdirecthex: But the problem with vaapi is that not only do you have to write the library, and implement it in the drivers, but you also need applications to _use_ it.11:44
directhexwell, yes11:45
RAOFAlthough that's probably more likely than using xvmc, since it actually accelerates something people care about..11:47
directhexif you build it, they will come11:49
directhexanyway, i'd rather see a mature vaapi used by multiple vendors than rubbish like VeMP11:49
RAOFdirecthex: They build xvmc.  Who came? :)11:52
directhexRAOF, epia users, snice they still don't have enough mhz to play SD MPEG2 convincingly?11:53
directhexreally, that's the XvMC problem. it helps with mpeg2. whoop. a $50 cpu can eat HD mpeg2 for breakfast11:54
jorgenptvaapi? What's that?11:54
RAOFYou mean lpia?  Ok.  But no player that I use supports xvmc :)11:54
directhexRAOF, mythtv! also things like mplayer11:54
directhexjorgenpt, xvmc, but for all the "current gen" codecs instead of just mpeg211:55
RAOFRight.  No player I use :)11:55
jorgenptIt relies on hwacc with a sw fallback?11:55
jorgenptOr is it a spec for a type of hwacc?11:55
directhexRAOF, vaapi should be more embeddable into other things. gstreamer sinks, that'd be nice11:55
directhexjorgenpt, i don't think it'll have software fallback, but it should allow any card with vaapi drivers (and appropriate back-end hardware) to accelerate playback in a way they aren't currently11:56
jorgenptAh, okay. Anything support it yet?11:57
jorgenptis it aimed at motherboards or at gpus?11:57
RAOFBecause motherboards generally don't have video decoding hardware on them ;)11:58
jorgenptThe problem with hw accelleration is that "no-one" ever supports it. :|11:58
jorgenptMy VIA Epia has, I think? (mpeg2)11:58
RAOFNot totally true; Xv is well supported.11:58
RAOFjorgenpt: But that's going to be on the GPU, the integrated video.11:58
directhexxv takes care of one or two of the major steps in decoding video. colorspace conversion and scaling, iirc11:59
directhexRAOF, right.11:59
RAOFdirecthex: Correct, yes.11:59
jorgenptI mean, you need to first define a good API/library that people can use to get backend-ignorant decoding of formats, and then you need to find all the types of hardware that supports hw acc and use it to decode, and then you need to get hw producers to add hw acc, _and_ release specs so you can port your lib to support it.11:59
jorgenptLike, it's going to use the actual GPU to do the decoding, not specialized hardware?12:00
jorgenpt(using shaders or whatnot)12:00
RAOFjorgenpt: With the nice caveat that modern graphics cards _don't_ generally have hardware to accelerate specific codecs.  They have stomping great parallel cores.12:00
RAOFUsing shaders can be done already, at least experimentally, in GStreamer.  I believe there's a shader-implemented dirac decoder.12:00
directhexrealtime dirac playback?12:00
jorgenptYou'd need to implement the "big" codecs like xvid and h264, though. Those that're used for high-res video and people can have problems decoding.12:01
jorgenptand that's _gotta_ be a lot of work to do efficiently.12:01
RAOFI'm pretty sure a reasonably powerful CPU can decode 720p dirac at the moment, with the schrodinger elements.12:02
directhexonce again, we're gonna have cpus comfortably decoding these things before we get the drivers to do it in hardware12:02
RAOFNot that I've tried it, myself.12:02
directhexffmpeg's frame-level parallelism should help enormously with h26412:02
jorgenptBut what's vaapi about? Using GPUs with shading language?12:02
jorgenptOr using the display drivers to decode?12:02
RAOFjorgenpt: No.  It's basically extending xvmc to handle modern codecs.  How drivers implement it is up to them.12:03
jorgenptdirecthex: Is that already in place? (Frame-level parallelism?)12:03
directhexjorgenpt, in trunk, in unfinished form, yes12:03
jorgenptCan't wait, that'll be pretty neat.12:04
RAOFMan, it'd be awesome if the ffmpeg devs considered ffmpeg a library.12:04
jorgenptWhat do they consider it?12:04
jorgenptMy media center has 2 cores on ubuntu, so frame-level parallelism would rock. :)12:04
RAOFI'm not entirely sure.  :)12:04
directhexRAOF, never heard of libavcodec?12:04
directhex(and libavformat)12:05
RAOFdirecthex: Care to point me to a release? :P12:05
directhexapt-cache policy libavcodec1d?12:05
RAOFSo, not so much a release as Debian finally saying "no, all ffmpeg apps can _not_ have their own private copy of ffmpeg.  Link against this svn snapshot we've taken"12:06
jorgenptffmpeg apps usually link statically against the ffmpeg source 'library'?12:06
directhexerm, yeah. generally they still have their own private copy12:07
RAOFjorgenpt: Right.  Because there's no guarantee that the next svn revision doesn't break your app.12:07
directhexpartly because the symbols change weekly12:07
directhexperhaps daily12:07
jorgenpthaha :p12:07
RAOFIndeed.  They don't treat it like a _library_.12:07
jorgenptThat's a strange dev model. Isn't ffmpeg a few years old?12:07
RAOFIf they thought of it as a library, they'd make it possible for other apps to use it.12:07
directhexffmpeg is a melting pot for development. making it useful for real use is other peoples' problems12:08
RAOFjorgenpt: If you ask the ffmpeg devs, releases are an unnecessary waste of time, and are boring.  Plus, static linking is, like, 0.001% faster.  Also, a stable API would mean we'd need to design ahead of time.12:08
bhavi_How to write a detailed changelog? its confusing me12:09
RAOFAlso, a stable API would mean we couldn't have different APIs for different codecs, and that would reduce efficiency! </rant>12:09
jorgenptSo they mostly run gentoo?12:09
sistpoty|workhi folks12:09
RAOFsistpoty|work: Howdie.12:09
bhavi_hello sistpoty|work12:09
jorgenptAPI _additions_ aren't that much of a problem, are they, RAOF? And they could still maintain different APIs for different codecs? ;)12:09
sistpoty|workhi RAOF and bhavi_12:09
bhavi_sistpoty|work, Can you please guide me in writing a changelog?12:10
sistpoty|workbhavi_: dch -i, write all stuff you changed there. enjoy :)12:10
sistpoty|workor was that too short? *g*12:11
bhavi_sistpoty|work, yes but most bugs are marked incomplete coz of the same reason12:11
directhexjorgenpt, they're always changign though. the ffmpeg command line is hell since it needs modifying for every new svn snapshot12:12
jorgenptStrange people. :p12:12
jpdsmok0: You'll have to wait a while - he just left.12:27
mok0Ah, thx12:27
slytherinis there any shortcut available on wiki.ubuntu.com to specify a bug, something like bug #xxxxxx12:55
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KopfgeldjaegerMy first (new) package has no FTBFS \o/14:48
superm1sistpoty|work, did you talk to nxvl and tgm4833 about that version naming scheme on that mythstream youtube package?14:49
superm1sistpoty|work, pitti put some feedback in and doesn't like two ubuntu1's in the version14:50
sistpoty|worksuperm1: nope14:50
bddebianHeya gang14:50
sistpoty|workhi bddebian14:50
sistpoty|worksuperm1: oh that, yes14:50
bddebianHi sistpoty|work14:50
superm1sistpoty|work, i think you were the first one that recommended that name14:50
sebnerhiohoi sistpoty|work :)14:50
sistpoty|workhi sebner14:50
sistpoty|worksuperm1: well, I recommended to change the name of the upstream tarball, giving that as an example.14:51
superm1sistpoty|work, ah14:51
sistpoty|worksuperm1: pitti shouldn't be too picky about that :P14:51
superm1well i gave a positive revu on it (everything else looked good, and it seemed that you came to an agreement on the versioning), but nxvl wasn't happy so he asked pitti14:51
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huatsraphink: hey16:05
huatsare you around ?16:06
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
raphinkhuats: yes I am16:08
raphinkwhat's up?16:08
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asachi. do i need to be subscribe to motu-council list in order to send there?16:22
asacsistpoty|work: ?16:22
sorenasac: Strictly speaking, yes, but we moderate things through *very* quickly.16:23
asacsoren: ok.16:23
asacsoren: is motu-council still the place to send motu applications to?16:23
sorenasac: I doubt anything ever sits in the queue for more than an hour. dholbach's a frickin' machine!16:23
sorenasac: Yes.16:23
sorenasac: You want to be a MOTU? :)16:23
asacok cool16:23
sebnerasac go go go go for MOTU \o/16:24
dholbachsoren: I wish that was true for the sponsoring queue!16:24
asaclets write a "auto-sponsor" bot ;)16:25
dholbachasac: right - "grumpy groundhog"! :)16:25
dholbach./grumpy -q --ignore-all16:26
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geserdholbach: isn't -q --ignore-all the default?16:29
dholbachgeser: probably :)16:29
dholbachI wanted to make sure we get our daily crack16:30
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* sistpoty|work heads home... cya17:30
Hewanyone here from motu-sru?17:52
cody-somervilleHew, I am18:01
Hewhey cody-somerville. Bug 248055 has been around for a while and users are getting pretty restless about a SRU, since gtk-gnutella is completely broken for all except Intrepid. I was wondering what motu-sru thought about the bug, and if the nominated releases were going to be accepted?18:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248055 in gtk-gnutella "gtk-gnutella cannot connect to newer network - ancient version detected" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24805518:03
cody-somervilleNo. I won't approve the entire version to be uploaded to Hardy.18:07
cody-somervilleI will accept a minimally invasive patch.18:08
cody-somervilleYou might want to affect that bug against the hardy backports project to get a backport for the entire version going18:08
cody-somervilleOh, already is18:08
Hewcody-somerville: yep18:08
cody-somervillejdong, ping ^^18:08
Hewcody-somerville: The problem is that the network requires the new version in order for it to function. I don't think there's anything that can be "patched", unless it's to lie about a version number somewhere, which would be a bad thing to do.18:09
cody-somervilleHew, If the network won't allow that version to connect any longer than a backport might be the only recourse18:10
Hewcody-somerville: I see. So even though everyone has completely broken clients, it's not possible to push the new version as a SRU? What regression could possibly occur?18:12
Hewcody-somerville: I know it's not the normal SRU process, but this case seems to be an exception.18:13
cody-somervilleI'm not convinced the entire version needs to be backported to fix the issue18:14
cody-somervilleI suggest getting in contact with upstream to get their opinion.18:14
Hewcody-somerville: ok then18:15
cody-somervilleHew, I see someone commented on the bug about who is responsible for this bug, yada yada. You're now responsible :P18:15
HewThanks for your help. Looks like the immediate fix is to get that backport :-)18:15
Hewhaha ok.. and I'm on Intrepid! :P18:16
cody-somervilleHew, nothing stopping you from installing the hardy version to test :P18:16
sumanchi. trying to submit my first sync request. can someone help. requestsync command is failing. bug 23506318:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235063 in 2vcard "mistake in the package description" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23506318:18
Hewcody-somerville: I tested it already before I switched to Intrepid and it worked fine.18:18
cody-somervillesumanc, just mark the bug as confirmed18:19
cody-somervillesumanc, subscribe the ubuntu archive team18:19
Laneycody-somerville: A MOTU needs to ACK the sync18:20
cody-somervilleLaney, I'll ack it18:20
LaneyThen you should be the one to confirm ;)18:21
* cody-somerville rolls eyes. :P18:21
cody-somervilleOkay okay.18:21
cody-somervilleI guess I should actually make sure the sync is good too? :P18:21
LaneyHah, now that would just be asking too much!18:21
* Laney gets on u-u-c app18:22
kirklandmathiaz: could you have a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=update-motd ?18:46
mathiazkirkland: ok18:46
asacsoren: moderate ;)18:59
sumanccody-somerville: sorry dint see your update in time. also subscribed ubuntu-universe-sponsers19:02
sumancis that alright?19:02
cody-somervillesumanc, I unsubscribed them19:02
cody-somervilleAnd subscribed archive team19:02
cody-somervilleand all that jazz19:02
sumancoh, sorry. so the sync request is all set then?19:03
Laneysumanc: You should dupe it the other way round19:03
sumancyou mean mark 257959 as duplicate of 235063?19:05
sumancjust to clarify for future purposes: when i submit a sync request bug, i mark it as duplicate for the original bug leading to the sync request?19:09
emgenthello people19:09
sebneremgent: \o/19:10
jpdssumanc: Using the "requestsync" script in ubuntu-dev-tools may help.19:12
jpdssumanc: In Intrepid it checks for you if you need sponsorship.19:12
sumancjpds: i tried that first but the socket timed out. but thanks, i will try that first in future.19:14
sumancbut i dont understand why the sync request bug should be marked as duplicate ?19:15
jpdssumanc: Did it say where it timed out?19:16
Laneysumanc: You didn't need to file a new bug at all for that one19:20
LaneyIt's alright to retitle the existing bug and subscribe u-{u,m}-s19:22
sumancok. got it. first sync request ;(19:23
jpdssumanc: Please report all problems you find in any ubuntu-dev-tools you find - and I'll do my best to fix them.19:23
jpds..and maybe Laney too.19:25
sumancjpds: socket connection timed out, thats the error it gave.19:27
sumancit was after i entered my gpg passphrase and hit ENTER to submit19:28
sumanci mean the prompt after the gpg prompt, where it says ENTER to submit or something else to abort19:28
jpdssumanc: Did it say: "Using cookie file at"...19:29
Laneygpg prompt = submitting by mail, afaik19:29
LaneyHmm, might be a good idea to have an option to submit to staging for debugging19:30
jpdsLaney: Yay, in that case I didn't break it.19:30
sumanci found the error txt :) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37502/19:30
sumancshould have done this in the first place ;)19:31
LaneyAh, you probably need a working local mail setup for that19:31
jpdssumanc: Are you using a STMP server, other than the default?19:31
* Adri2000 suspects port 25 closed19:32
sumanci havent configured any mail. just default hardy. but i am behind a firewall, dont know what kind19:32
* Laney thinks we should make LP the default19:32
Adri2000the default is fiordland.ubuntu.com19:33
jpdssumanc: OK; it sounds like Adri2000 is right.19:33
Adri2000sumanc: what does telnet fiordland.ubuntu.com 25 says?19:33
Adri2000it should tell you something like "220 fiordland.canonical.com ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)"19:33
sumancnope. just says Trying
jpdssumanc: Next time try running requestsync with the "--lp" flag.19:34
sumancthat wont use mail?19:35
jpdssumanc: No, it connects to Launchpad directly.19:35
jpds...with python-launchpad.bugs19:36
sumanccool. will use it in future.19:36
sumancshould the program suggest that though, when it fails like it did for me?19:37
jpdsWell, "man requestsync" shows the available options.19:38
sumancagreed :)19:38
jpdsOne can simply choose the one that tickles there fancy. :)19:39
sebnernorsetto: \o/20:22
norsettosebner: \o/20:22
jpdssebner: \o/20:22
sebnerjpds: cody-somerville \o/20:22
norsettocody-somerville \o/20:23
jpdsAll do the IRC wave!20:23
norsettonorsetto \o/20:23
cody-somervilleomgz!! \o/20:23
DktrKranzrest-of-thw-world, \o/20:23
* norsetto does the wave20:23
sebnerwell, at least we 420:23
sebnernxvl: congratulations :D :D :D20:23
nxvlsebner: thank you20:23
DktrKranznxvl, now... pay us some good wine20:23
norsettomaster nxvl :-D20:23
nxvlnow i need to learn how to upload to the archive20:24
cody-somervillenxvl, congratz :]20:24
jpdsnxvl: \o/ on your MOTUness.20:24
nxvlDktrKranz: i owe you one! i really do20:24
cody-somervilleWe all rock! :D20:24
nxvlthank you all!20:24
DktrKranznxvl, apt-get install checkinstall20:24
norsettoDktrKranz: doh?20:24
RainCTnxvl: congrats!20:25
bdrung_where can i see which packages hanging in the new queue?20:25
nxvlTheMuso: around?20:25
DktrKranzok, now upload your first piece of crack20:25
nxvlRainCT: thank you!20:25
nxvlyes i need to find where it is20:25
DktrKranzNEW queue should go20:25
jpdsgeser: My goodness, your limbs have come off.20:25
sebner!ohmy | DktrKranz20:26
ubottuDktrKranz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:26
RainCTnxvl: ah, regarding your question: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/New20:26
sebnerDktrKranz: checkinstall!?!?!?! :P20:26
sebnerRainCT: put it as topic :P20:26
DktrKranzsebner, I always used checkinstall, any problems? ;)20:26
Laneybdrung_: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+queue20:27
sebnerNow I know why intrepid is so b0rken :P20:27
bdrung_Laney: thx20:27
DktrKranzsebner, not my fault, blame some other developers who prefers devscripts20:28
RainCTsebner: btw, boson still needs to be fixed :P20:28
* sebner hides 20:29
sebnerRainCT: damn you :P20:29
sebnerDktrKranz: sure ^^20:29
sebnerRainCT: but, yes on my todo list :)20:30
* jpds watches RainCT do: "buildd boson intrepid status" for the rest of the evening.20:31
DktrKranzsebner, is it a FTBFS?20:32
jpdsAll archs.20:32
sebnerDktrKranz: yep20:32
sebnerDktrKranz: because of kde4 black magic20:33
DktrKranzI see20:33
DktrKranzall yours20:33
emgentnxvl: congrats! :(20:47
nxvli just did my first upload to the archive20:47
nxvlemgent: thank you!20:47
nxvli'm so exited20:47
sebnernxvl: Successfully built  (ACCEPTED)   <--- that's always good ^^20:49
norsettonxvl: oh oh, your upload was rejected ...20:50
* norsetto tries to revive nxvl20:52
sebnerbad norsetto :P20:52
jpdsToo much excitement, heart attack!20:52
norsettoI think I need an hand sebner, can you please fetch some salts?20:53
* norsetto slaps nxvl20:53
* norsetto slaps nxvl hard20:54
sebnernot that fast reaction ^^20:54
nxvli was watching the DPL dance20:54
* norsetto goes to find medications for his hand20:54
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nxvlit's always funny for a LatinAmerican to see a non-LatinAmerican dance LatinAmerican dances20:55
* sebner gives norsetto a "first aid box"20:55
* warp10 runs towards norsetto with a giant syringe21:09
* norsetto screams, jumps and flees21:10
cody-somervilleWhats up with all the Norsetto love today?21:10
warp10cody-somerville: norsetto is always looking for love21:11
* norsetto hugs cody-somerville :-)21:11
sebnercody-somerville: you just *can't* love norsetto :D21:12
* norsetto looks at sebner suspiciously21:12
* norsetto remarks that sebner has no beed glass on his hands21:13
* warp10 installs a gunsight on the giant syringe21:13
* norsetto concludes sebner has gulped it down already ...21:13
sebnernorsetto: straight :P21:14
norsettowarp10: hmmmm, what is in the syringe?21:15
warp10norsetto: mmm... well... just a gooood medicine for your hand 0:-)21:16
nxvlwarp10: you have already worked with revu-tools package, it's always so lintian unfriendly?21:17
* norsetto never trusted a doctor in his life, and is not going to start NOW21:17
* nxvl get's always the same greeting from the doctors: "What did you do NOW?"21:18
warp10nxvl: congrats, first of all! :) Regarding revu-tools: I just made an upload to fix an unmetdep, not actually worked on it a lot21:19
norsettois it only me that can't edit wiki pages anymore?21:19
warp10norsetto: resistance is futile!21:19
* cody-somerville yawns.21:20
nxvlwarp10: thank you! But when you build it lintian show his unhappines?21:20
norsettowarp10: what was it, all your syringes belongs to us?21:20
norsetto\o/ mok021:20
warp10nxvl: it does, but nothing very hard to fix, IIRC21:21
warp10norsetto: and we assimilate more and more every day!21:22
nxvlwarp10: it's complaining about the versioning21:23
* warp10 take a look21:23
porthosenxvl:  Congrats :)21:23
nxvland that it was an empty directory21:23
nxvland that it has a non executable script21:24
nxvlporthose: thank you21:24
nxvlsome has used revu-tools?21:24
warp10nxvl: it complains indeed. Looks like lintian thinks it's a NMU21:24
emgentheya norsetto21:25
norsettoemgent: o/21:25
nxvlraphink: around?21:30
nxvlRainCT: did you use revu-tools?21:30
RainCTnxvl: nope21:34
RainCTright.. seems like revu-tools is using wrong versioning21:36
RainCTif it's a native package it shouldn't have a - in the version21:37
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mouznxvl: i do not understand your question in the 4th comment in bug 24610622:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246106 in revu-tools "revu-tools always say lintian not happy" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24610622:14
norsettomouz: I guess he means the version, he was talking about that before22:20
mouznorsetto: current version in intrepid is 0.6.1-3. What would you suggest I make it?22:24
norsettomouz: they were discussing that its not appropriate since the package is a native one, so, it should just be 0.6.1 (or, depends from the tarball version)22:25
LaneyWe just appended "ubuntuX" to the version of ubuntu-dev-tools, I believe this was to appease lintian with native packages - maybe revu-tools should do the same?22:26
Laneyjpds: Is that ^ right?22:26
jpdsLaney: Yeah, it was complaining about NMU. RainCT did the change.22:27
norsettomouz: ^^ ask RainCT to have a look at your debdiff for inclusion, since he is working on revu-tools right now apparently22:28
mouznorsetto: ok thanks22:29
Laneynorsetto, mouz: No, I was just talking about u-d-t.22:29
RainCTnorsetto: Uhm no I aren't; I just did 'aptitude changelog' :).  I can have a look at the debdiff but that would be in 10 days as I'll leave tomorrow (and I'm about to poweroff now) :P22:32
norsettoRainCT: don't come back sunburned ...22:33
jpdsRainCT: Good bye, have fun!22:33
sebnerRainCT: yeah, hf =)22:36
RainCTthanks :)22:36
Laneyjpds, RainCT: Sent my app ;)22:36
norsettoLaney: gracious? RainCT GRACIOUS?22:45
LaneyBut of course!22:46
jpdsnorsetto: We are loveable.22:47
* RainCT kicks norsetto 22:47
norsettoRainCT: you see, and he is calling you GRACIOUS! OML!22:47
=== Igorot_ is now known as Igorot
jpdsnorsetto: OML?22:48
norsettojpds: Oh My Lord ...22:48
RainCTWell, answered to Laney's application, so.. see you in 10 days! :)22:49
LaneyDon't miss us too much...22:49
jpdsLaney: Fear not, he'll have 10 billion commit emails from us poking u-d-t.22:50
james_wthere's going to be a MOTU School session on merging in #ubuntu-classroom in a few minutes if anyone is interested22:53
Laneyjames_w: At 2300 BST?22:53
james_wLaney: that's the badger22:53
LaneyExcellent, time for a quick shower22:53
* Laney sprints22:54
jussi01anyone know what Im missing?22:57
jussi01checking for snd_pcm_open in -lasound... no22:57
jussi01configure: error: Ogg support on Linux requires the alsa library22:57
Laneyjussi01: A build-dep22:59
jpdsjussi01: libasound2-dev22:59
LaneyThat build-dep!22:59
* jpds hugs Laney.22:59
* Laney high fives jpds 23:01
LaneyTo the classroom!23:01
tbielawayay! #ubuntu-classroom merging from debian!23:02
tbielawaI'm so glad we have these classrooms23:08
tbielawamerging was something I was hoping there would be a session on :)23:08
LaneyMerging is good fun23:10
tbielawathe cutoff date for intrepid is approaching, right?23:11
tbielawa+new packages into intrepid23:11
Laneytbielawa: Yes, Aug 28 :(23:11
tbielawaoh noes23:12
tbielawacan anyone check this revu out for me? Ive been working hard on it http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lucidlife23:12
tbielawalet me add 'please' to that request.23:13
tbielawahey there nxvl23:35
TheMusonxvl: I'm around now.23:39
nxvlTheMuso: can you please add me to uus?23:43
TheMusonxvl: Whats your launchpad ID?23:43
nxvlTheMuso: nvalcarcel23:43
TheMusoOk doing now.23:44
nxvlthank you!23:44
james_wcongratulations nxvl23:44
nxvljames_w: thank you!23:44
TheMusonxvl: done23:45
TheMusoAnd congrats.23:46
nxvlTheMuso: thank you (2 times)23:46
TheMusonxvl: No problem.23:46
bdrung_vorian: did you sponsored some xmms2 related packages?23:46
=== bdrung_ is now known as bdrung
kirklandnxvl: my congrads to you as well ;-)23:58

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