kemicwould it be worth it to try proprietary drivers00:00
lagait's using the vesa driver. odd00:00
lagaare you using mythbuntu 8.04?00:00
lagahum. well, go into your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add the radeon driver00:01
lagainstead of VESA00:01
lagaassuming there actually is a driver name entry00:01
kemicwhere it says "vesa" what should i change that to for the ati driver?00:03
lagai dont think fglrx still supports the 9550, but i could be wrong00:06
kemicnot getting any video now00:07
kemicthe monitor is a tv would that matter in just changing the driver?00:07
lagado you use the tv-out?00:07
lagathe radeon driver has support for that, but it needs special setup00:08
lagaor maybe just xrandr00:09
lagaif you have another computer, you could ssh in and play around with xrandr00:09
lagathe open souce driver has tv-out support these days00:09
kemicxrandr gives me cannot open display00:12
kemicas for the open source driver is that something i can just change the "radeon" too?00:13
lagaradeon is the open source driver00:13
lagakemic: try00:13
lagaDISPLAY=:0 XRANDR00:13
lagaDISPLAY=:0 xrandr00:13
kemick that works00:14
kemicit says vga-0 disconnected dvi-0 disconnected s-video disconnected00:22
kemici think it's just a matter of changing the 1280x768 to something the tv can display? but the not sure about the svideo disconnected.00:24
lagai never did it, sorr00:25
lagabut it's possible somehow ;)00:26
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vbman11Hi all I'm having problems with my frontend03:08
foxbuntuvbman11, ask and you shall receive03:09
darthanubisyou my frontend slows down, on better hardware03:10
darthanubisit never slowed up on my slower box03:10
foxbuntuslows down with what?03:10
darthanubisjust slow to respond to input03:11
darthanubisfrom the keyboard remote03:11
darthanubisit should never slow down with my hardware03:11
darthanubisnot even during recording03:11
foxbuntudarthanubis, there are two common causes of that with MythTV .21, the deinterlacer, and the theme Painter03:12
vbman11yea, I was just posting the frontend log here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37303/03:12
darthanubisfoxbuntu, I'll look into it03:13
vbman11foxbuntu, my frontend crashes when I go to watch tv on the "server" that I have, but works fine on all other computers03:14
vbman11(across network)03:15
foxbuntuvbman11, it appears to be a broken alsa/unsupported sound card03:15
vbman11but exaile and all other programs work with it03:15
foxbuntuare you using alsa or oss?03:16
vbman11the sound card is a really old riptide03:17
foxbuntuand you are getting audio from other apps?03:17
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foxbuntuvbman11, did you check your audio setting in the frontend on that machine?03:20
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vbman11oops, I just tried the "test" in "system->pref->sound" and alsa returned a LARGE error so I switched to oss and I'm going to try it again03:22
balzI have an almost fully fucntional mythtv setup using the Phillips MCE remote with a hauppauge pvr150 tuner card.  I can do everything with this remote except change channels.  I can access channels 2-9 with the respective number buttons on the remote, but not with the chan-up/chan-down buttons.  i don't even know where to start to diangose the problem... any ideas?03:31
rhpot1991balz: what about what I told you earlier :)03:31
balzwell i can't read anything on the tv as far as config files go... but i did get a friend to pastebin the lirc and MCEUSB files. would that help?03:32
balzor do you really need the raw outputs?03:32
balzlol good to see you again though, rhpot1991 =)03:33
rhpot1991no, just ssh in, use irw and press the buttons you want to work03:33
rhpot1991make sure those keystrokes do what you want them to do in mythtv03:33
rhpot1991and it should all work03:33
balzi'm on a windows client though... can i still ssh into ubuntu/03:34
foxbuntubalz, download putty03:36
balzfoxbuntu:  will do, thanks03:36
vbman11foxbuntu: it still doesn't work here is the log now: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37310/03:37
vbman11foxbuntu: I'm going to try /dev/dsp103:38
foxbuntuvbman11, alright03:38
vbman11foxbuntu: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37311/, any Ideas03:41
foxbuntuvbman11, you should switch back to alsa, then verify in the Mythfrontend that you have the right card selected03:42
balzrhpot1991: okay SSHed in!  That was way easier than i thought it would be... the two buttons seem to be properly mapped03:42
balzthe raw output shows up followed by 00 ChanUp mceusb and 00 ChanDown mceusb03:43
balzso what gives?03:43
vbman11foxbuntu: ok, but alsa doesn't even work out of mythtv (as of 10 minutes ago)03:46
vbman11foxbuntu: this is the error I get when do the test in the sound menu "audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback."03:48
foxbuntuvbman11, well try a reinstall of alsa: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa03:49
vbman11k just a sec03:51
darthanubisfoxbuntu, turned of the realtime priorities03:51
darthanubisseems to have made the frontend more responsive03:51
darthanubisI've been using lossless transcoding to remove commercials with a cutlist. But I've been wondering, do I need to use lossless for commerical editing to work?03:52
foxbuntudarthanubis, I think for the best results03:53
foxbuntugive it a try and see what you think03:53
vbman11foxbuntu: no luck03:53
foxbuntuvbman11, hmm03:54
vbman11well I need to go03:54
foxbuntuim stumped03:54
foxbuntuwhat card are you using?03:54
balzDoes anybody know why when I go to map the channel up/down buttons from my phillips MCE remote in the myth frontend, the show up as "up" and "down" ... irw correctly identifies them.  Could this be related to my inability to change channels?04:01
superm1balz, you have to modify ~/.lirc/mythtv04:09
superm1change then to PgUp04:09
superm1and PgDown04:09
balzsuperm1:  sorry change what to pgup and pgdown?04:09
superm1balz, find the block that maps to chan+/chan-04:09
superm1and there is a key binding04:09
superm1in ~/.lirc/mythtv04:09
balzsuperm1:  okay.  why pg up and pgdown though?04:10
balzi just want to make sure i understand before i touch anything04:10
superm1that's usually what people are looking for when changing the chan+/- buttons04:10
balzoh so myth treats the chan +/- button on the remote as pgup and pgdown?04:11
superm1well currently it treats them as up/down04:11
superm1but most people who complain want pgup/down04:11
balzi see. okay thanks!04:11
balznow brace yourself for a noob question... when you say ~/. ... does that mean /etc?04:12
superm1no that means your home directory04:12
balzokay. that's... /username/home?04:12
balzsorry i'm sort of new to all fo this and my memor is aweful04:13
balzokay thanks04:13
balzthanks a bunch04:13
superm1you can literally type cd ~ and that gets you home04:13
balzoh cool04:13
superm1or refer to things in scripts as ~04:13
balzi'll write that down04:13
superm1and that represents home too04:13
balzhaah who knew =)04:13
ZinnThere are no noobs here.  Only users that haven't yet hardened their skills.04:13
balzI guess this is not counter strike...04:14
* tgm4883_laptop equips his AWP04:14
superm1neat headshot04:14
superm1i got a voice out of it04:14
tgm4883_laptopChanServ, I love you!!!!!!04:15
* tgm4883_laptop knows how to sweet talk the bots04:15
tgm4883_laptopChanServ, you have a nice rack04:16
balzsuperm1:  maybe i'm completely blind but i'm not seeing the block you're referring to.  Can I pastebin and have you look at it?04:18
superm1balz, you have a basic config already generated right?04:18
superm1using mythbuntu-lirc-generator or similar04:18
balzsuperm1 ... i believe so?  the remote works perfectly except for the channel changing, so I'd assume so04:18
superm1this is the block you are looking for: http://paste.ubuntu.com/37314/04:19
superm1similar to that04:19
balzsuperm1:  and i'd be changin config - down and config = up to pgdown and pgup, respectively?04:20
superm1yeah i think that would do the trick04:20
balzokay done! let's see how it goes04:22
balzthanks a bunch, superm1 ... cross your fingers!04:22
balzsuperm1... no go04:28
balzchan +/- rewinds and fast forwards livetv04:29
superm1okay then put it back how you had it beforei  suppose04:29
balzany more ideas?04:29
superm1don't watch live tv ;)04:31
balzhaha... yeah i was hoping to to have to do that... what if i went into the frontend and tried to bind an unused key to chan +/- and then put that in the config file as well?04:32
superm1well are you sure that other channels work in live tv mode?04:33
superm1(perhaps the low level solution)04:33
balzsuperm1:  channels can not work in livetv mode?04:35
balzi can get to channels 2-9 by hitting the respective number keys on the remote04:35
superm1oh okay04:35
superm1i was just checking to make sure that worked04:36
balzhmm. so can you suggest two unused keys to bind?04:36
superm1not offhand no04:36
balzno worries... where can i find a list of what these keys are called...?  or are they just labeled as they are on the keyboard?04:37
superm1i think they are just labeled as on the keyboard04:38
superm1i do remember having a hard time finding this list myself too though04:38
balzdid you have issues changing channels?04:39
superm1well the only time i watch live tv is for olympics and superbowl, but no i didnt04:40
balzgotcha... oh you know what04:40
balzi may have it figured out04:40
balzthe bindings are weird on the frontend04:40
balz... so now that they're correctly set up in the config file (the way you suggested) i should just be able to bind the proper ones...04:40
balznvm... still no go04:43
balzis my backend maybe improperly configured?04:43
superm1its all frontend settings for this04:45
balzthis is the most annoying thing ever...04:51
balzof all the functions that could go wrong... it just had to be changing the channels04:51
superm1you tried just hitting up and down on live tv?04:56
superm1it should bring up the next and previous channels then04:56
superm1and have you made sure that you have a valid OSD chosen?  eg the OSD does work?04:56
balzi tried it04:57
balzwhat's OSD again?04:57
superm1on screen display04:59
superm1you do see stuff like the information for the channel etc04:59
balzyou know what. i haven't seen any of that at all05:00
balzwhere do i configure that/05:00
superm1tv settings05:01
superm1in the frontend05:01
tgm4883_laptopshouldn't that be preconfigured?05:02
balztgm4883_laptop:  possibly?  Then again, so should changing channels =)05:02
balztgm4883_laptop:  when you say preconfigured, do you mean when mythbuntu is installed?05:03
tgm4883_laptoplike it should have a default05:03
balzit does. but it doesn't show up...05:04
balzthis is so weird. think it's related to my channel changin problem, tgm4883_laptop?05:04
superm1balz, is this adding onto an existing backend?05:06
superm1or just a standalone setup that you are fisr doing05:07
balzsuperm1:  no this was a fresh mythbuntu install:  combined backend/frontend05:07
superm1balz, then its awfully odd that this stuff isn't presetup for you05:07
balzi agree...05:07
superm1did you remove themes from the install?05:07
balzbut the osd only appears when you use chan +/- so that might be why...05:08
superm1well it also appears when you hit "i"05:08
superm1for information05:08
tgm4883_laptopand you should be able to change channels from a keyboard05:08
balzlol i can't even figure out what character you entered. is that 1 (one) or l (lowercase L)?05:09
superm1neither actually05:09
balztgm4883_laptop:  i can't change from the keyboard either05:09
superm1that's an i05:09
balzaah okay05:09
superm1as in the first letter in information05:09
balzYeah no luck with the keyboard and no luck with "i"05:10
balzis there any other place i can go to for support on this issue?05:11
balzi'm on basic analog cable if that matters05:12
balzi'll be back in a bit. thanks for everythign guys05:14
balzokay back05:49
balzanybody home?05:59
aaacreolHey all!07:08
aaacreolgot a little problem... Cannot get channels using Avermedia AVerTVHD MCE A180 card07:08
aaacreolI have been searching for days and have tried so many things my head is spinning. Any help would be appreciated!07:08
aaacreolcan someone just say "Hi" im not sure this is working07:10
aaacreolcan someone just say "Hi" im not sure this is working07:11
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aaacreolI've been having problems with irc can I get a hello from someone thx07:15
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SirSAZiN_Hi, I need some help getting my IR blaster to work, can anyone help?13:00
SirSAZiN_i have a hauppage PVR150, it works as in I can see it flickering when I issue irsend commands but I can't get it to work with my STB. even thou it is listed as being supported... I have also tried a home brew receiver, but also to no avail, this one works in windows under WinLirc13:02
MythbuntuGuest72hi all13:14
MythbuntuGuest72I'm trying to install Mythbuntu 8.04.1, but I'm facing some issue, after the first menu, where I can select livecd, installation,..., I get busybox prompt, and no other things, do you have any tip, please?13:16
lagaare there any error messages on the screen?13:19
MythbuntuGuest72yes, it's says that a pci device has an unrecognized id, my mobo is a abit AN52, maybe I have found out something in internet, about a switch to set at boot, I'm going to check it, sorry for the disturb. :-)13:23
MythbuntuGuest72yes, it's works, I needed to add pci=nomsi. :-)13:26
MythbuntuGuest72maybe I'll come back when I'll have a real problem. :-)13:27
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balzMy MCE remote for my PVR150 does everything perfectly except change channels... I have mceusb config file and lircrc files available if needed.  Any help?18:10
balzanybody home?18:12
balzMy MCE remote for my PVR150 does everything perfectly except change channels... I have mceusb config file and lircrc files available if needed.  Any help?18:27
sabhainbalz can you pastbin your files?18:31
balzsabhain.  I opened a thread on ubuntuforums with all those files... why don't i just point you there?18:31
sabhainyep .. that'd be good18:32
balzsabhain:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5588577#post558857718:32
balzSabhain:  just to be clear, the remote works fine except that i cannot change channels.  I can't do that from the keyboard either.  the only thing I can do is hit buttons 2-9 on the remote to get the respecitve channels.18:33
balzsabhain:  let me know if you need any other config files18:42
sabhaincan you post the /etc/lirc/hardware.conf file?18:43
balzsure hang on18:44
sabhainand what's in your /home/louist/.lircrc  file?18:44
balzi'll pastebin both of those as soon as this thing boots up...18:45
balzsabhain:  http://pastebin.com/m5f893e3018:47
sabhainok .. as a general rule, the button labels in the .lircrc file should match those reported by IRW .. which in turn will match what is specified in the lircd.conf18:47
sabhainit seems to me that you have good agreement there .. but you may want to check that.18:47
balzand http://pastebin.com/m6f7729de18:48
sabhainit's curious to me that you can't change channels on the keyboard.  That may mean that you have keybinding issues in mythtv, rather than lirc issues with your remote.  All lirc does is tie remote commands to keystrokes .. and if the keystrokes don't work in the first place, the remote won't either.18:48
balzthat's what i was thinking but the general concensus was that i should be looking at lirc...18:49
balzbut that did seem weird18:49
balznowi ran irw yesterday and the chan +/- button was correctly identified... is taht what you meant when you said i shoudl check for agreement?18:49
sabhainsort of .. we'll come back to that.18:50
sabhainFirst ..18:50
sabhaincan you verify the location of the #3 file you posted on the forums?18:50
balzsure.  it's /home/louist/.mythtv/lircrc18:51
balzwould it help you to ssh in?  i don't mind18:52
sabhainso what do you find if you look at /home/louist/.lircrc/mythtv?18:53
sabhainperhaps .. but you'll feel better when you fix it yourself.18:53
balzi get an empty file there18:53
balzi'm running mythbuntu so maybe they switched out the default location?18:54
sabhainok, if you look at your pastebin of the .lircrc file, it's looking to ~/.lircrc/mythtv for the commands18:54
sabhainso my opinion is that you've got the file in the wrong spot .. let's try to copy it over (not move).18:55
sabhainso open a command prompt as louist and run the following:18:55
balzok prompt is up18:55
sabhaincp ~/.mythtv/lircrc ~/.lircrc/mythtv18:55
balzdo i need super user rights for that/18:56
balzhmm i get this:  cp: accessing `/home/louist/.lircrc/mythtv': Not a directory18:57
sabhainok .. that means there's a file there .. do this, and pastbin the result ..18:57
sabhainmore /home/louist/.lircrc/mythtv18:57
balzi'm still getting "not a directory"18:58
balzlouist@server:~$ more /home/louist/.lircrc/mythtv18:58
balz/home/louist/.lircrc/mythtv: Not a directory18:58
sabhaintry this ..  cd ~/.lircrc18:59
sabhainthen pastebin the results of "ls -al'18:59
balzhaha it's still telling me it's not a directory18:59
sabhainsorry .. my bad .. I've got an extra rc in there ...19:00
balzso cd ~/.lirc ?19:00
sabhaindo --- cd ~/.lirc and then .lirce19:00
sabhainyep .. then ls -al19:00
balzokay i cd'ed into .lirc .... now i cd into .lirce?19:02
balzi tried typing .lirce as a command but apparently that's not a command...19:02
sabhain no .. that's a typo.19:02
sabhainjust do an "ls -al"19:02
sabhainok .. and then pastebin that mythtv file that is in that directory?19:04
sabhainthe mythtv file in that directory is what lirc is looking for to interpret the remote commands .. not the one you've been listing in .mythtv/lircrc19:08
sabhaindoes this make sense?19:08
balzok got it:  http://pastebin.com/m5ac10139   it's such a pain to copy and paste with PuTTY =)19:09
balzooh i see19:09
balzso the other one is more or less useless?19:09
balzthat makes sense bc as I was trying to get the remote to work, i got desperate at one point and just copied a file i found on the internet into the directory it suggested19:10
sabhainyeah .. mythbuntu isn't using that other one .. but the config's are the same so it shouldn't matter much.19:11
sabhainso what happens in mythtv when you push the up or down arrow?19:11
balzi tried that since it's bound as up/down19:11
sabhainand nothing with the keyboard up & down?19:11
balznope. i just checked again. they both do nothing19:12
balzwhen i hit the buttons on the remote, i do see the confirmation light come on on the reciever19:13
sabhainrun irw and then push them on the remote .. do you get ChanUp and ChanDown back?19:13
balzwhen i hit the up and down arrows i get "Up mceusb" and "down mceusb"  ... dunno if that's of relevance19:15
balzbut i do know the changing of the channels is mapped as up and down19:15
sabhainok .. i want you to change something in the hardware.conf file in /etc/hardware.conf .. are you comfortable doing that?19:15
sabhainyou'll need to be su19:15
balzhaha as long as you walk me throught it step by step19:15
balzhow do i cd back to my starting point?19:16
balzor do i not need to19:16
sabhainjust do cd /etc/lirc19:16
sabhainthen make yourself a superuser: sudo su19:17
javatexanman install says that it can copy multiple files, but i cant seem to get it to work.  I am trying to copy a bunch of files/subdirs in one directory to another and change their chmod and owner along the way...Can someone help me?19:17
balzok done19:17
javatexanIs this possible19:17
javatexanor should I cp, then chmod and chown?19:18
sabhainbalz: then cp /etc/lirc/hardware.conf /etc/lirc/hardware.conf.bak19:18
balzsabhain:  doen19:19
balzdone, even19:19
sabhainwhat editor do you use .. comfortable with that?19:19
balzi use nano since i'm in ssh19:19
sabhainok .. so edit hardware.conf19:19
balzi'm in19:20
sabhainand then change line #5 to be:  REMOTE="mceusb"19:20
sabhainthen save & get out ..19:21
sabhainout of the file ..19:21
balzhmm. remote= is line 4 for me19:21
balzcan i just pastebin to confim?19:21
sabhainthat's right .. the pastebin has an extra line .. I'll past the original to be sure..19:22
SHADOW__Xis that way close to binding the volume controls on the mce remote to the system volume?19:22
sabhainREMOTE="Windows Media Center Remotes (new version Philips et al.)"19:22
balzright that's the original19:22
sabhainmake that say  -- REMOTE="mceusb"19:22
* sabhain thinks it's a little bug in the default setup .. but not sure yet19:22
balzokay done19:22
sabhainnow, still as su, do -->  /etc/init.d/lirc restart19:23
sabhainok, you can exit su, and close the shell .. you'll need to log out and back in as louist, but you don't need to reboot19:24
balzwhat's the command for that?19:24
sabhainoh .. you have no mouse or keyboard on the system?19:25
balzi have a keyboard, but i can't read anything on the tv19:25
NToleranceanyone get red-colored "failed" lirc startup messages in the terminal when the system boots?  I notice them when i go to shutdown, my remote works fine, it's just odd19:25
balzso once i'm out of the myth frontend it's all unreadable19:25
balzNTolerance:  i get those and lirc works just fine19:26
sabhainNTolerance: all the time on almost all my front ends .. it's a big splinter in my a$$ ..19:26
NTolerancedmesg looks ok too19:26
NTolerancethat red thing just bothers me :P19:26
balzNTolerance:  punch it =)19:26
sabhainbalz, just do a restart then ..19:26
balzsabhain okay19:26
NTolerancei want to punch it when my VGA card turns off the signal to my HDTV19:27
* sabhain thinks that lirc is in general pretty unstable .. & he REALLY loves it when a standard update overwrites his config files without asking for confirmation.19:27
NTolerancegotta love that, my rsync home backups keep me sane though19:28
NTolerancemy lirc is heavily customized too, i don't ilke the defaults19:28
balzyeah i should look into that... i'm definitely not trying to have to deal with this again19:28
sabhainI learned after 2 times (perhaps I'm not smart) .. to rename the config files .. but it still swaps out the main ones ..19:28
balzsabhain:  restarted19:28
sabhainbalz .. any change?19:28
NTolerancei always keep copies of any configs in the same directories as the original files, like lirc.conf.bak19:28
superm1sabhain, to work around that behavior, choose the "Custom" remote option in lirc19:29
balzsabhain:  negative19:29
superm1it won't overwrite configs at all when custom is selected19:29
NTolerancesuperm1: thx for answering my questions about that dell lappytop19:29
sabhainsuperml .. thanks for the tip .. this is in /lircd.conf?19:29
superm1sabhain, backup your (current) config and then run dpkg-reconfigure lirc19:29
superm1NTolerance, noprob19:30
sabhainsuperml .. thanks .. I'll give that a shot.19:30
NToleranceare you guys talking about the file in ~/.lirc19:30
superm1sabhain, the bug is an ugly one because you cant have automated configuration tools handle things unless its done this way19:30
superm1but i agree it's a bug still19:30
superm1NTolerance, no its /etc/lirc/lircd.conf that gets overwritten on lirc updates19:30
superm1or upgrades19:30
superm1so if you haven't customized it, it's not a problem19:31
NTolerancei have noticed that some updates prompt for config file changes when you run update-manager19:31
superm1but if you have, you seem to lose customizations19:31
balzsabhain:  channels still aren't changing19:31
superm1NTolerance, yeah this one i don't know if it actually prompts19:31
superm1it should.19:31
sabhainin the 6 months since I've done a full house mthtv deployment (high WAF) .. lirc has been the only source of discontent and frustration ...19:31
sabhainbalz .. not on the keyboard either?19:31
balzaah good point. let me try19:32
balzsabhain:  not on the keyboard either19:32
SHADOW__Xhow do i get the volume on a mce remote to control the volume on a fe19:32
NTolerancei really like how WAF is known mythtv acronym, no explanation needed :D19:33
superm1sabhain, ideally though, why do you need to customize the lircd.conf?19:33
superm1perhaps get it working out of the box is the better solution19:33
NToleranceanyone ever used an MCE keyboard on Hardy?19:34
NTolerancei have access to one but it doesn't appear to have much support19:34
NToleranceyou talking about overall system volume, like alsamixer?19:35
sabhainsuperml, because in 3 different frontends, with different remotes, I've NEVER had luck getting the system to function the way I desire .. and so I configure everything custom .. to your point, I should be configuring downstream of that, so that particular file doesn't change .. but it's an old habit19:35
NToleranceand not volume of whatever you're running, say xine, mplayer, mythtv player?19:35
SHADOW__XNTolerance: right now when i am in mythtv frontend and i try and use the volume the volume bar comes up and it moves the audio volume doesn  change19:36
sabhainsuperml .. I meant to say that the out of the box remote configs never work for me ... dynamic mappings or otherwise .. I always have issues and have to chase them down myself.19:36
NToleranceyou using analog or digital connections?19:36
SHADOW__Xwhat is this or you speak of19:36
SHADOW__Xi am also using firewire19:36
NTolerancei have seen cases where software volume control has no effect on digital connections19:36
balzsabhain:  any idea what's wrong?19:36
NToleranceSPDIF, optical, etc...19:36
NToleranceHDMI maybe?19:36
sabhainI've also found that things perform better when the "REMOTE=" line in the hardware.conf file matches the remote line in the .lircrc  .. but in the default setups it never does19:37
SHADOW__Xso i guess total volume would be nice19:37
SHADOW__Xi am using 2 digital tuners 1 analog and firewire19:37
NTolerancei'm referring to your audio connection from the PC To your speakers19:37
sabhainbalz .. I think your keybindings are AFU .. can you use the remote to navigate to the setup / keybindings?19:37
balzsabhain;  i'm in the edit keys menu19:38
sabhainand verify what the bindings for channel up and channel down are19:38
balzyou want the tv playback heading?19:38
SHADOW__XNTolerance: just regular stereo out19:38
balzsabhain:  that should be "up" and "down" right?19:38
SHADOW__Xlike pc speakers19:38
NToleranceso 1/8" jack ?19:38
NTolerancegot it19:38
sabhainbalz: it ought to be ..19:38
balzyeah that's what i have19:39
NTolerancei guess the volume does go down if you use alsamixer right?19:39
SHADOW__Xi have that going to a stero to rca19:39
SHADOW__Xhold on brb19:39
sabhainbalz .. do the up and down arrows work in the menus of mythtv?19:39
SHADOW__Xneed to get power stupid laptop batteries19:39
balzsabhain:  yes19:39
sabhainSHADOW__X, I've had the problem that you mention ..19:40
sabhainbalz, do ALL your other buttons work?  Pause, play, FFW, REW?19:40
balzsabhain:  yes, they do19:41
superm1sabhain, ah so what i'm saying is to track down the deltas in the dynamic config to your favored config.  such things can be adjusted so the dynamic config makes more sense19:41
superm1eg so like for ubuntu 8.10, if you did a fresh install, your current config would be a lot closer to whta the dynamic one spits out19:41
sabhainsuperml .. I guess I don't follow completely .. is there a thread on this where I can better understand the dynamic mappings process, because it would be nice to get it working once, and leave it alone even during the upgrades.19:43
superm1sabhain, well i'm the one that packages lirc19:43
superm1hence why i'm well aware of  the overwriting config bug, just dont have a good solution yet19:44
sabhainbalz, I'd change the channel up and down bindings to something else just to try  .. say a & z? then restart mythtv and check the behavior using the keyboard19:44
superm1sabhain, but i'm saying that we can try to get the out of the box dynamic config to match your preferred config, or at least get closer to it, then that would be a step in the right direction19:44
superm1sabhain, but i'll try to give you an overview of how th lirc dynamic config process works;19:44
balzsabhain:  i've tried changing them to Pgup and Pgdown before... that didn't really work.  should i still try it again/19:45
superm1sabhain, so first off when you install mythbuntu or just lirc, you are presented w/ a remotes and transmitters list.  there is a hardware database that is shipped with lirc that matches the remote you select to a lircd.conf, driver, etc19:45
superm1so it writes out the selections it made to /etc/lirc/hardware.conf19:45
balzSabhain:  which file would i be changing that in, anyway?19:45
sabhainsuperml .. understood .. btw, I don't mean to criticize LIRC entirely .. you guys are doing a great job .. it's notable in that it's really the only piece I've had to futz with.19:46
superm1sabhain, the lircd.conf is then added as an "include" line in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf19:46
sabhainbalz .. change the keybindings in the front end .. not in a file ..19:46
superm1sabhain, so if you have a great config, you could even just keep it somewhere else, and mark it as an include in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf19:46
superm1it would never get damaged in overwrites19:46
balzsabhain:  so change it to a completely different button?19:47
superm1but ideally, the config that is included out of the box should match what you are looking for here19:47
superm1as for the dynamic lircrc button mappings, that's a separate step, the main lircd.conf problem needs to be fixed first19:47
sabhainbalz .. think "keys"  .. you're changing the keyboard key press to initiate channel changes .. put the remote away for a few minutes .. in the setup / keys ... tweak it there first19:47
balzsabhain.  i see. okay19:48
sabhainsuperml .. very helpful.  Can you verify that the "REMOTE=" line in the hardware.conf needs to match what you have on each remote= line in the .lircrc?19:49
sabhainthat was something that with a snapstream RF remote (which on it's own merits sucks) I needed to sync before anything worked.  Once those 2 items matched, I was off and running.19:50
superm1sabhain, actually that isn't the case at all w/ REMOTE line matching19:51
superm1that's only for pairing the lircd.conf19:51
sabhainbut my observation is that the packaged database doesn't match these up .. in the hardware.conf, the REMOTE= line is a descriptive title, whereas in the .lircrc .. it's the module19:51
superm1you need  the remote line in the lircd.conf however to match stuff in the lircrc19:51
superm1i think there is a bug about that snapstream remote actually19:52
superm1does it use the atiusb driver?19:52
sabhainperhaps it was a coincidence then for me, and a change to sync the lircd.conf fixed it.19:52
balzsabhain:  i can't find any keys that don't conflict19:52
superm1sabhain, eg this bug: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lirc/+bug/24053719:53
SHADOW__XNTolerance: so what shall i do19:54
balzsabhain:  nvm.  i used pgup and pgdown... now what?19:56
sabhaintry those keys on the keyboard19:57
balzsabhain:  doesn't work19:57
sabhainok .. put those bindings back to original19:58
balzokay they're back19:59
balz*hoping my hardware isn't defective...20:00
sabhainpvr 150?20:00
balzsabhain:  yes.  i just plugged the cable straight in the back of it20:00
balzsabhain:  so back to square one?20:05
balzi'm going to take a break.  thanks for all the help, sabhain20:07
sabhainbalz .. youre welcome .. I don't think you have any remote issues ... I think it may be tuner issue instead.  The fact that the keyboard doesn't change 'em tells me it may be a tuner problem20:10
sabhainare you able to change channels in the guide?20:10
NToleranceShadow__X: hmm, if alsamixer works i suppose you could do a crude hack that would use irexec to send alsamixer commands20:14
NTolerancebut that would be pretty messy20:14
Shadow__Xwell isnt mce remote supposed to control audio?20:14
NToleranceyeah, it should20:14
Shadow__Xhmm how do i figure out what its controlling them20:15
NToleranceyou tried going into mythtv set -> general -> audio?20:16
NTolerancethere's supposedly a "mixer control" setting there20:16
NTolerancemaybe mythtv isn't manipulating the correct control in alsa20:16
NTolerancei'd maybe run alsamixer, and hit the volume buttons on the remote to see if one of the sliders moves as you do it20:17
Shadow__Xaudio output device currently is alsa default20:18
Shadow__Xand the passthrough output device is default20:18
NTolerancewhat other options do you have?20:18
Shadow__Xand use internale volume control is checked20:18
Shadow__Xother option for what20:18
NToleranceaudio output device20:18
NTolerancecheck the drop-down for audio output device and see what else is there20:22
NTolerancealso try unchecking internal volume control to see if that has any effect20:22
NToleranceput the settings back if they don't give the effect you want20:22
Shadow__Xyeah i am looking20:23
Shadow__Xi changed audio output to alsa analog20:23
Shadow__Xthat didnt work20:23
Shadow__Xniether did mixed analog20:23
NToleranceput the settings back to default20:23
Shadow__Xand i also changed passthrough output device that didnt help20:23
NTolerancefire up a recording, press the volume buttons while you watch alsamixer20:24
NTolerancesee if one of the mixers goes up/down as you hit the button20:24
Shadow__Xhow do i still look at alsa mixer20:25
NToleranceSSH would do it20:26
NTolerancegot another PC handy?20:26
Shadow__Xyeah i am on another pc20:27
NToleranceyou can run alsamixer in ssh20:27
NTolerancewhat i'm getting at here is that sometimes mythtv is controlling the wrong slider in alsamixer, therefore having no effect on the actual volume20:28
NToleranceseems to be a common issue on the mailing lists20:28
Shadow__Xactually i got it20:28
Shadow__Xthanks man20:28
Shadow__Xthanks NTolerance20:29
NTolerancewhat was it?20:29
Shadow__Xwhat i did was change the mixer to alsa default and set the control to pcm20:29
Shadow__Xbecxause without pcm there is no audio20:29
NTolerancei'll get you back when i get my HVR-180020:29
Shadow__Xsimpler than what i though20:29
Shadow__Xi have one20:29
Shadow__Xdigital is great20:29
NToleranceright, you're my tech support for that20:29
Shadow__Xanalog works in linux................20:29
Shadow__Xno in mythtv though20:29
Shadow__Xnot with my experience anyway20:30
Shadow__Xthats why i bought a hvr 1600 :)20:30
Shadow__Xanalog to hold me over20:30
NToleranceyeah, i need PCI-E though20:30
Shadow__Xi think we had this talk20:30
Shadow__Xyou have a pvr 150 right20:30
Shadow__Xbuy the 1600 and replace the pvr 15020:31
NTolerancei suppose i can tell the HVR-1800 to only tune the digital channels20:31
Shadow__Xand ill even buy the 150 off of ya20:31
Shadow__Xyes you can20:31
NToleranceand then i would hope that mythtv would only allow my MCE-150 to be available for the analogs20:31
NToleranceon top of that, i suppose i could remove the digital channels from the MCE-15020:31
Shadow__Xyou set it up as a dvb device and a analog device20:31
Shadow__XNTolerance, mythtv is pretty intelligent with that20:32
Shadow__Xwith digital you can record  the multiplexes20:32
Shadow__Xi have 3 diff sources20:32
NTolerancewhich is still a bit confusing to me20:32
Shadow__Xanalog qam and tv box20:32
Shadow__XNTolerance, thats ok because mythtv will be smart enough to record something on the same tuner if its on the same multiplex20:33
NTolerancei'm still leaning towards the HVR-1250 because i don't care about recording multiple things at once and i can use the MCE150 for analog stuff20:33
NTolerancebasically just use MCE150 for analog, HVR-1250 for digital20:33
Shadow__Xwell the beneft of the 1800 would be20:33
Shadow__Xwhenever analog works20:33
Shadow__Xyoull have box20:34
Shadow__Xand you will only be taking one slot20:34
NToleranceyeah, it would free up a slot20:34
Shadow__Xi mean you could do what i did20:34
NToleranceless coax to run to the mythbox20:34
Shadow__Xi have a 1800 and a 1600 currently20:34
Shadow__Xwhen the 2250 is supported i am gonna get that20:35
Shadow__X2 analog tuners 2 qam tuners20:35
Shadow__Xone card20:35
NTolerancesounds expensive20:36
Shadow__Xonly 15020:36
Shadow__Xto be honest thats cheap to me20:36
Shadow__Xfor what your getting20:37
Shadow__Xits 2 1800s20:37
Shadow__Xindividually is 20020:37
Shadow__Xsaving 50 bucks and a slot20:37
Shadow__Xso NTolerance  the idea of it is that with qam lets say usa fx and mtv or 106.1 106.2 106.3 respectfully20:38
Shadow__Xif you want to record usa fx and mtv at the same time20:38
Shadow__Xmythtv will know20:38
Shadow__Xand record all of em using one tuner20:38
Shadow__Xget it20:41
NTolerancewhat's stopping you from recording all digital channels at once?20:48
Shadow__Xyou cant20:50
Shadow__Xunless you can tune all of them20:50
Shadow__Xyou can record all channels on the same multiplex20:50
Shadow__Xlike 106.1 106.1020:50
Shadow__Xbut not 106.1 and 105.120:50
NToleranceso you can record all the 106s at once20:51
NTolerancebut not the 105s if you're recording the 106s20:51
NTolerancenow it makes sense20:51
Shadow__Xi have mine set to record upto 520:51
Shadow__Xthats the limit thats in mythbackend20:51
Shadow__Xi am sure you could change that20:51
Shadow__Xbut i am sure thats there for a reason20:51
balzsabhain:  hey again20:51
Shadow__Xanyway with the ability to record upto 5 channels on each digital tuner and me having 2 thats 10 channels20:52
Shadow__Xi havnt done that20:52
balzWhen watching livetv i cannot change channels with either the remote or the keyboard.  I'm not sure where to even start... any help?20:52
Shadow__Xi have recorded like 4 at the same time20:52
Shadow__Xcan you watch recordings on it20:52
MaxflaxI have an twinhan 3030 DVB-t card which I can't get to work? anyone know how to?21:08
Shadow__Xcheck linuxtv.org21:11
Shadow__Xcheck their wiki21:11
MaxflaxShadow_X - I've checked it... don't help much.. thats why I asking here if anyone has one and has it working21:12
Shadow__Xah well cards that are supported are mostly documented there21:13
Shadow__Xdoes it have any info there21:13
Maxflaxnot about that card21:16
Shadow__Xhmm i dont know21:16
MaxflaxI know that some guy Manu was working on something with those cards21:16
Shadow__Xhmm well does it say some twinham cards are supported21:17
MaxflaxTwinhan even does have linux drivers for the card.. but only fedora21:18
Shadow__Xare they rpm21:18
Maxflaxtried compiling those with no luck21:19
Maxflaxit's source code21:19
Shadow__Xhmm what compiling issues are you having21:19
MaxflaxI use debian system21:19
Shadow__Xwhat is it saying21:20
Shadow__Xyou might be missing dependencies21:21
Maxflaxnope, dl all deps..21:21
dupondjeany id ? :s22:14
lagano, unfortunately not22:20
lagathere's also a bug report about that in the mythtv bug tracker22:20
dupondjewhere ? :D22:21
lagago look for it yourself22:22
sabhainShadow__X .. your sound problem .. solved?22:53
Shadow__Xthe volume controls sabhain ?22:56
Shadow__Xthen yes22:56
sabhainok .. good .. I saw you post a ? about 2 hours ago, and only now getting back in here .. I had that problem, but solved it .. was PCM / alsa mix issue for me22:57
Shadow__Xyeah same22:58
Shadow__Xi am glad that it works22:58
sabhainglad to hear you got it solved.22:58

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