mneptokany opers active?02:24
Flannelnot you!02:24
mneptokquite right. i may be a bit crazy, but not enough to take a position as Freenode staff ;)02:24
ajmitchmneptok: 'a bit'?02:35
mneptokajmitch: i love you, too. :/02:36
* ajmitch feels loved02:36
xgfhsdgfhsdGramps and KiteWhamoBall spammed me when I joined #ubuntu03:44
Flannelxgfhsdgfhsd: alright, we'll look into it.03:49
Peloevening folks03:49
PeloI joined the network about 2 min ago and I've gotten 2 pms from nicks that instantly disapears03:49
FlannelWhich nicks?03:50
Pelo Sheri-Preston Micah2939293923903:50
PeloFlannel, dmsuperman says he's getting them to03:51
FlannelPelo: yeah, the problem is they03:51
Flanneltheyre not actually in the channel, so its someone else doing the watching.  We'll see what we can do though.03:51
Pelothey ? are we not blaming "them" anymore ? we're blaming "they" now ?03:51
* Pelo is getting slow in his old age03:51
FlannelPelo: You're welcome to leave now.  Don't want to keep you here more than you're comfortable. :)03:52
PeloI feel dirty already03:52
FlannelAll four of htose names have a gecos and realname of "m", and the same IP03:53
Hobbseewho else is on that IP?03:53
FlannelLast person with a name of m in #ubuntu is alraun(e|1)03:53
FlannelNot in my lastlog03:53
Flannelbut alraune/alraun1 isn't on that same IP03:53
Flanneland isn't currently in the channel03:53
Flannel(and had real conversations while here)03:54
FlannelAd, more people with same IP03:56
Myrtti#freenode been told?03:58
FlannelOr, not that I know of03:58
MyrttiI think I might try to get few more hours of zzZZzz's04:26
ubottuBigUrsis called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()05:21
ubottuGnea called the ops in #ubuntu (Phipho)07:24
* nalioth hates disconnections07:26
* Flannel disconnections nalioth.07:26
mneptoknalioth: murp?07:37
jussi01mrgh... who invented hangovers... :/07:37
bazhang* [Herma] (n=m@ m  another 'm'07:38
bazhangthink that was a hitchcock movie07:39
Flanneljussi01: just be glad the patent has expired07:39
mneptokwhy not just ban the "m" ident?07:39
Flannelmneptok: Theyre not in the channel, theres someone in the channel sending nicks to rotating nicks07:39
jussi01mrgh. shush you07:39
nalioththey are gone.07:40
naliothif they come back, it's because they forgot their k-ticket07:40
bazhangthat sounds final :)07:40
naliothno, they left on their own07:40
Flannelbazhang: Don't talk about the people who have disappeared07:40
mneptoknalioth: could i get a /canonical/staff/ubuntu/member/mneptok cloak for this nick?07:40
Flannelmneptok: want a /kitchen-sink/ in there as well?07:41
nalioth hunky/dory/07:41
mneptokFlannel: both my role as a staffer and as a community member are important to me07:41
Flannelmneptok: I'm not trying to diminish the cloak in any way.07:42
bazhangbut would it make the floodbots react?07:42
bazhangjust kidding btw.07:44
mneptokgunh ... Tokyo is HOT today07:44
* mneptok is meeeeeeelting07:45
bazhangthats close to here07:45
bazhanghot here as well :(07:45
mneptokbazhang: where are you?07:46
* mneptok is actually in Kawasaki0ku, Kanagawa07:46
bazhangtaipei mneptok07:47
mneptokbazhang: fancy a swim? we could have dinner. ;)07:47
bazhanghave to work mneptok :(07:47
robotgeekhmm, had to kickban a troll after a long time!07:59
mneptokrobotgeek: hmm?07:59
robotgeekposting links to obviously racist things.08:00
mneptokrobotgeek: i got 'im08:00
robotgeeksporkf , i guess08:00
robotgeeksporkf n=root@
robotgeeka bit rusty, have not opped in a long time.08:01
robotgeekobviously, i am missing some piece of information :)08:10
davidwhitewingsabout what?08:10
robotgeeki was trying to try out the new bantracker commands08:11
robotgeekwell, its time to go to bed. works beckons tomorrow. have a nice day08:14
FlannelWhat are09:04
jussi01Flannel: ?09:07
Flanneljussi01: walrus.09:08
mneptokOMG OMG OMG09:08
mneptokthe HDTV in the hotel room has an SD card slot!09:08
Flannelmneptok: What about your god?09:08
* mneptok transfer videos09:08
mneptokhmmm ... the TV remote has a button labelled "BS"09:10
mneptoki pressed it and got FoxNews09:10
mneptok*bah dum tish*09:10
ubottuBa Dun Tshh! http://instantrimshot.com/09:12
=== cjo20 is now known as Seeker`
Mezhaving issues Seeker` ?09:49
Seeker`trying to get irssi sorted to connect to 3 networks properly09:50
Seeker`managed to do everything but set up a different nick on this network to the others09:50
mneptokSeeker`: /network add -nick efnetnickname -user efnetusername -realname efnetrealname EFnet /network add -nick freenodenickname -user freenodeusername -realname freenoderealname Freenode09:53
mneptoketc etc09:53
Seeker`yeah, just saw that09:54
Seeker`found the syntax in the config and updated it09:54
Seeker`hopefulyl this wil be the last restart09:54
* jpds suggests Seeker` add: /wait 2000 to the end of his autosendcmd09:55
ikoniamneptok: don't bother arguing it, he's like this with everything09:56
Seeker`jpds: I dont have it auto-identify - I dont like having stuff store passwords on my laptop09:57
mneptokSeeker`: you don;t use LVM encryption?!!?09:58
ikoniamneptok: I try to ignore him and just give a correcting stance to the user in question09:58
Seeker`mneptok: nope09:58
ikoniaor a more "objective" stance I should say09:59
jpdsEncryption FTW:09:59
Seeker`hmm, ive got 2 channels with the same name on different networks; any way to get the statusbar to reflect which network they belong to?10:00
jpdsSeeker`: So why identify at all? Since anyone can just packet sniff your connection to Freenode as you /msg NickServ ?10:00
jpdsSeeker`: Which theme are you using?10:00
ikoniamneptok: easy tiger, your feeding him10:01
mneptokikonia: extra salty10:01
ikoniaI know he's a pain/jerk about things,10:01
mneptokand he's about to be outclassed in the "painful jerk" competition >:)10:02
Seeker`jpds: skan I think10:02
Seeker`ikonia: who are you talking about?10:03
jpdsSeeker`: /set theme10:03
jpdsSeeker`: #ubuntu, joansomething.10:03
Seeker`jpds: yup, skan10:04
Myrtti*I* roll my own themes.10:06
Seeker`jpds: any ideas?10:10
jpdsSeeker`: I'm reading the .theme file.10:10
jussi01Seeker`: use quassel :P10:10
ikoniajussi01: that should be your standard bot respond ;)10:11
Hobbseemneptok: oh, the head of getdeb.10:12
* Myrtti larts jussi01 10:12
jussi01ikonia: yeah... I should have it snarf "irssi" and respond with "Use Quassel!"10:12
mneptokwtf is "getdeb?"10:12
* jussi01 larts Myrtti10:12
jussi01mneptok: horrible10:12
Hobbseemneptok: you don't know?10:12
Hobbseemneptok: http://www.getdeb.net/10:12
ikoniaha ha10:12
* jussi01 larts mneptok10:13
mneptokdo i want to?10:13
Hobbseemneptok: it's where kmos helps out with, if that helps.10:13
Myrttimneptok: whhhuuttt?10:13
Myrttimneptok: you're so... out of date10:13
mneptoki pay attention to technologies that matter10:13
Hobbseemneptok: it's similar to automatix, except that you download each bit separately, and you have to uninstall it all before upgrading (at all), as they don't support upgrades.10:13
Myrttimneptok: even I knew getdeb... IN FREAKING 2003!10:13
jussi01mneptok: you are so 200610:13
Myrttior something alike10:13
mneptokthat explains why i don't know it.10:14
* Myrtti runs sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude safe-upgrade to mneptok 10:14
Hobbseemneptok: ie, it's crack10:14
Myrttimy laundry duty starts in 4510:14
jpdsSeeker`: Whay does "window =" in "statusbar" in your .irssi/config say?10:15
Hobbsee#ubuntu's very quiet...it's disturbing10:20
Myrttinot as quiet it was 14 hours ago10:20
MyrttiI saw five minutes nobody said a thing10:25
ikoniamost rare10:26
ikoniaflannel your way too quick10:43
ikoniaadvice time please11:05
ikoniawho's awake11:05
jussi01ikonia: ask11:05
ikoniaok the user Lifeisfunny in #ubuntu11:05
ikoniawas a bit of a jerk last time he was in11:05
ikoniarepeating the question every minute, getting a bit arsey when no-one responded and parting with a smart ass comment11:06
ikoniawhen he came back in, I asked him to calm down in a, be a little patient and people will help if you give them time11:06
jussi01ikonia: im reading.11:06
ikoniahis response was 1:04 <Lifeisfunny> oh go the hell a way11:06
ikonia11:04 <Lifeisfunny> you freakin idiot11:06
jussi01ikonia: I think he will earn a forward here soon anyway11:08
ikoniayes it would appear that way11:08
ikoniabut I didn't want it to "start" in the channel, I wanted it to not start, hence pm'ing him11:08
jussi01hehe, maybe he just needed to be told... ala Flannel :P11:11
jussi01spoke too soon11:12
ikoniahe's done11:12
Flannelikonia: I had to go look at my /var/www (but don't remember setting them +x anyway, perl/cgi usually needs +x though.11:15
ikoniaFlannel: ahhh maybe thats why I have +x in my mind11:16
ikoniabut I would have put money on it until you said it needs +x for php too11:16
Lifeisfunnyhow about a take a number system assigned to Ubotu or something11:16
jpdsHost looks familiar.11:16
Flannelikonia: doesn't, you mean11:18
jussi01meh, there must be thousands on comcast11:18
Lifeisfunnyjust to let me know,  a mandated half hour delay doesn't guarantee a person would be next, huh?11:22
ikoniaFlannel: no, I meant I would have put money it needed it until you said the opposite11:23
Flannelikonia: Ah I see11:23
ikoniaLifeisfunny: there is no queue system11:23
Flannelikonia: I think fast_cgi doesn't require +x, but I honestly don't remember.  Its because php is run by apache itself, whereas the perl stuff would be run on the OS, with the output going through apache11:23
ikoniaLifeisfunny: people will help when they are free/or can help11:23
Lifeisfunnyas I thought11:23
FlannelLifeisfunny: Half hour delay between repeats of the question.11:24
ikoniaFlannel: ah, I see the difference11:24
FlannelLifeisfunny: Thats a safe rotation for new people waking up, etc.11:24
LifeisfunnyFlannel, is that not what I posted?11:24
FlannelLifeisfunny: While you wait, search the forums/google/etc11:24
Lifeisfunnymaybe you don't knwo what mandated means11:24
ikoniaLifeisfunny: it's not "mandated" it's a guide to help the channel flow11:24
FlannelLifeisfunny: also, I was clarifying, not correcting.11:25
Lifeisfunnysounds mandated to me11:25
ikoniaLifeisfunny: eg: asking every 2 minutes as you have been doing with such a long question is the same as flooding the channel for other users11:25
elkbuntuLifeisfunny, we mandate against excessive repetitiveness. however we only advise half an hour delay. it's up to common sense.11:27
Lifeisfunnyelkbuntu wants to get in on it now11:28
elkbuntucommon sense indicates that if it's still on your screen, it's still on other peoples screens, so you dont need to repeat it11:28
Lifeisfunnyanyone else want to take a turn at the flog?11:28
ikoniaLifeisfunny: that attitude is not helpful11:28
ikoniaLifeisfunny: you've come here for clarification, your getting clarification and your mocking it11:28
elkbuntuLifeisfunny, if you're not going to take advice, just move along and stop wasting people's time.11:28
jussi01Lifeisfunny: anything else we can help you with?11:34
Lifeisfunnyhey,   I'm sitting watching the clock11:34
Lifeisfunnywhat's this latest problem?11:34
* Hobbsee notes that it's becomming a disturbingly popular trend to waste time, here11:37
elkbuntuis he one of the unnameables?11:39
Seeker`Hobbsee: what else are ops for?11:39
Hobbseeelkbuntu: not sure.11:39
HobbseeSeeker`: oh, i don't know.  actual useful stuff?11:39
Hobbseeelkbuntu: i don't recognise the nick, but there are lots of people, from many places, in that category.11:40
Seeker`Hobbsee: pfft, lies11:40
Myrttielkbuntu you go, girl!11:44
elkbuntuit just grates me every time some horny idiot in there talks about picking up chicks11:44
Flannelelkbuntu: but... dude!  dude, hot babes! dude!11:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pickup11:45
* Flannel notes that person in question is *not* from California.11:46
elkbuntu!pickup is <reply> Just a tip: talking about finding and/or picking up chicks is rude to the girls and women who are in this channel and dont feel like being 'found' or 'picked up'. This is not a speed dating channel.11:46
ubottuI'll remember that, elkbuntu11:46
MyrttiElkbuntu hes an allround one, not just horny.11:46
elkbuntuMyrtti, i dont doubt it11:46
FlannelDon't want you all getting the wrong idea about Californians.11:46
Hobbseei prefer "sorry, I will never, ever sleep with you."11:46
Seeker`i'm assuming that factoid is for the benifit of -women?11:46
elkbuntuSeeker`, no, it's for the benefit of stopping -ot being the 'talk about picking up chicks' channel11:47
MyrttiOh, that factoid means I cant try to pick up guys... Meh.11:47
* jussi01 slaps Myrtti11:47
* Myrtti cries11:48
elkbuntu!no pickup is <reply> Just a tip: talking about finding and/or picking up guys/chicks is rude to the people of whichever gender who are in this channel and dont feel like being 'found' or 'picked up'. This is not a speed dating channel.11:48
ubottuI'll remember that elkbuntu11:48
elkbuntuprobably safer from the trolldiots11:49
* Flannel mentions that meta-discussion about the above topic is probably safe. Not that it ws the original purpose of factoid. And also, not that I think factoids *ever* get misused.11:54
FlannelBut, its always editable if it gets misued, so I'm not going to worry about it currently.11:55
FlannelSeriously though, what is this guys obsession with J-_?11:55
elkbuntuFlannel, meta discussion is, someone like Z blurting out about picking up chicks after an interrogation session... not cool11:55
elkbuntuit's not saying it's forbidden, just that it's rude.11:56
Flannelelkbuntu: Yes, Im aware.  But factoid seems to imply its not.  But Im not worried about it, because we can edit factoid if it gets used.11:56
Flannelbut, more pressing issues: I can only imagine how uncomfortable J-_ is11:57
MyrttiFlannel: he's not obsessed with j-_12:01
Myrttihe's obsessed with EVERYONE12:01
Myrttihe pm'd me the other day12:01
Myrtti"please tell me about Finland and it's culture and people"12:01
Myrttihe's been on my ignore and still is, the problem is that he changes his nick and ident and ip more often I change my socks.12:02
ikoniawho's this user ?12:02
Seeker`Myrtti must have manky socks :P12:02
jussi01ikonia: which name you want?12:02
FlannelIts obvious that J-_ doesn't appreciate it though.  His responses have been increasing in reluctance.12:02
MyrttiASUS-tek, ZAXSES, MSI whatever12:02
ikoniahe has many nicks12:03
Myrttiand his English really SUCKS. no matter how many times you lart him with !u - no effect12:03
Seeker`lo J-_12:03
J-_You can take care of it if you want. :)12:03
* Myrtti hugs J-_ 12:04
MyrttiI feel for you12:04
Myrttithe problem is...12:04
* J-_ huggles12:04
MyrttiI'd love to kick him12:04
Myrttibut there is no rule against that that I know of12:04
Myrttihe's just being a general pain in the butt12:04
FlannelMyrtti: "Don't be annoying", "Be considerate", "Be Respectful"12:05
Myrttibut where do you draw the line?12:05
Seeker`about 10ft <- way12:05
Myrttihis behaviour is borderline teenager12:05
FlannelMyrtti: Its stifling other conversations in the channel, which is against freenode policy as far as I know (from memory anyway)12:06
J-_I don't mind really. But just hate how the conversing is directed directly to me, and I dunno. Feeling weird, but I don't care. :) I'm an adult.12:06
Myrttisomeone should have a talk with him - I however am not volunteering since I really don't know what to tell him12:06
MyrttiI'm not motherly enough to know what to tell him12:06
FlannelAlright, Ill see what I can do.12:07
Myrttihe should just be taken into pm and have a chat12:07
Myrttithere's plenty of people his behaviour has been putting off12:07
MyrttiI for one take a deep breath whenever I see him saying "I'm going to bed now" and he quits12:08
FlannelMyrtti: six lines in already :)12:08
* Myrtti hugs Flannel 12:09
FlannelWell... Ive technically talked to him about it.12:23
FlannelIn that Ive mentioned it on two ocassions now12:24
Flannelbut we'll see if he takes it to heart, even without acknowledging that Ive mentioned it.12:24
Flannelikonia: If he has a root password set, it will.12:32
ikoniaFlannel: yes, but he says it's not - it's scrabmled12:33
ikoniaif he's set the root password, then he should know it12:33
Flannelthats the theory anyway :)12:33
ikoniayou set it - you should know it12:34
ikoniaor how to hack it12:34
FlannelUnfortunately, people follow stupid guides that tell them to set root passwords and they don't know what theyre doing12:35
* elkbuntu waits patiently for the relevent bits of the array.org kernel to get into the intrepid kernel12:38
* elkbuntu wants eee with wifi kthxbai12:38
jpds-> #ubuntu-kernel12:39
elkbuntuyeah, because i will be the first person to have gone in there to bitch today12:40
elkbuntuit'll happen when it happens12:41
elkbuntu(-eeepc is also relevent to the interests)12:41
elkbuntuit's just boring to keep getting updates that are not 'really cool kernel fixes to make your stuff work' updates.12:42
Flannelmneptok: actually, it was SSL12:48
mneptokFlannel: i beg to differ12:49
Flannelmneptok: http://www.debian.org/security/2008/dsa-157112:49
mneptokFlannel: the weakness was in SSL. the problem manifested itself in SSH.12:50
Flannelmneptok: the vulnerability was in OpenSSL12:50
mneptok(SSL certs were *mostly* OK)12:50
FlannelI can't think up a good analogy right now, but if X happens because of Y, fixing X doesn't actually fix the problem.12:52
Myrttihoneypuff cereal <313:11
MyrttiFlannel: bridge broken, cars drop to river; solution: make cars that fly.13:12
elkbuntucan we make them fly anyway?13:16
ikoniajrib: nice spot !13:29
jribikonia: I was really confused the first time someone started talking about the sabayon distro and I had learned of the program first as well :)13:32
ikoniagood spot though,13:33
* Myrtti sighs14:01
soundrayHas IdleOne been banned from #ubuntu ?15:06
Myrtti16:34 <+FloodBot1> WARNING: Channel CTCP/NOTICE from IdleOne, banned15:06
Myrtti~30 mins ago15:06
ubot3Factoid 30 mins ago not found15:06
soundrayMyrtti: I don't know what that means... I have him in PM, can you unban him?15:07
Myrttisoundray: why does he need you as a proxy?15:07
soundrayOkay, I'll ask him to join here15:07
soundrayNot banned here, good15:08
soundrayIdleOne: Myrtti said she'd brb15:08
IdleOnecan I get some help being unbanned from #ubuntu please. not sure why I was banned in the first place15:08
IdleOnethanks soundray15:08
pleia2IdleOne: 10:06:29 <+Myrtti> 16:34 <+FloodBot1> WARNING: Channel CTCP/NOTICE from IdleOne, banned15:08
IdleOnectcp notcie?15:09
pleia2apparently you issued a channel wide ctcp notice?15:09
IdleOnelol that is nuts. I would never flood notice15:09
IdleOnewhat did it say? any idea?15:09
jribI don't even see one in my scrollback15:11
Hobbseehmm.  not an irssi user.15:11
soundrayIdleOne: it was when we were playing around with Ctrl-Shift-U combinations. I suspect you triggered it with a special key :)15:11
IdleOnesoundray, hahah that was it15:11
IdleOneyes I did issue a notice somehow but was not sure how I did it. using shft ctrl u7c or somesuch15:12
HobbseeIdleOne: removed.  see the usual stuff on "please don't ping the channel, it's annoying", although i can tell it was an accident ;)15:13
IdleOnelol Hobbsee /me will read the irc ettiquette :P15:13
IdleOnethanks for your help folks :)15:13
soundrayThanks Hobbsee15:15
Myrttiah jolly good15:16
* Myrtti looks at -ot15:18
MyrttiI'll lart ZAXSES to kingdom come some day15:23
Myrttimy brain seriously hurts15:28
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»16:34
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.16:35
ikoniajussi01: is your website down ?16:40
ikoniaI can't get to BT16:40
ikoniaof course16:41
Myrttianswers to ping...16:41
jussi01why of course?16:41
ikoniathe bots working16:41
ikoniabut the URL appears dead16:41
ikoniajussi01: of course as in "of course it works for you...typical"16:41
ikoniaHmmm I can't get dns resolution on your domain16:42
ikoniajust your domain failing16:43
stdinworks for me too16:43
ikoniaHmmmm I'm getting no available servers,but only on your domain16:43
stdinwhat DNS(es) are you using16:43
ikoniamy own16:43
ikoniaand my ISP's now16:44
ikoniasame result16:44
ikonia(just tested against them)16:44
bazhangworks here16:44
ikoniajust tried Demon Internet (another UK ISP) and it can't find an SOA record16:45
ikoniaare your dns servers alive and well, and are people just running of cache ?16:46
ikoniaor is it just me ?16:47
ikonia(could well be just me, but 2 UK isp's and my own dns servers are failing)16:47
ikoniaHmmm now I've got a different UK server responding16:48
ikoniastdin: dnstools.com doesn't resolve either, looks like some uk dns servers are having issues16:48
stdinikonia: resolves for me on that site, and I'm in the UK16:49
ikoniareally ??16:49
ikoniastdin: who are you on ?16:49
stdinblueyonder/virgin media16:49
mc44http://mjg59.livejournal.com/97151.html  <-- in case mr Almighty show up again, fyi16:50
ikoniaok, as I've got some uk servers (one of my own in London and a Clients) resolving fine, but my own ISP, my Own DNS and my ISP's refusing16:50
ikoniaMyrtti: yeah, got the IP16:50
Myrttimc44: intresting16:50
Myrttimc44: thank you16:50
mc44I thought it would end up being him ;)16:51
PriceyAll well?18:12
Myrttiso so18:25
FlannelMyrtti: He did mention that he'd try and be better18:43
Myrttiwell he was *marginally* less annoying18:43
Myrttiexcept doing /me is watching Some Pirated [lololo]XVid.avi18:44
FlannelMyrtti: No idea how well he's doing, having just woken up of course18:44
Myrttiand hugging people out of the blue, and greeting everyone joining the channel, and asking me to tell MORE about midori and webkit and what not18:44
FlannelMyrtti: I think he justdoesn't know when he's doing it. It might be that just mentioning "hey, youre doing it right now" will be enough18:45
Myrttiand there he is again18:45
FlannelPerhaps he's merely an untrained Bayesian filter.18:45
FlannelOr, maybe not, who knows.18:45
Mezjussi01, I just did a quick scan over your DNS server, and cant find anything wrong other than your MX setup19:14
jussi01MX setup?19:14
Mezjussi01, yeah... your MX records point to a CNAME record, rather than an A record, which is against about... 4 RFCs?19:15
jussi01Mez: hehe - its the generic godaddy setup...19:15
PriceChildWho runs ubot5?19:59
naliothPriceChild: /whois it20:00
PriceChildgawd I'm rubbish lately20:00
PriceChildhmm and its caught up anyway, thanks nalioth20:00
* jpds is going to get bashed.20:08
* Mez is going to get zsh's20:09
jpdsYay, zsh!20:09
Mezjpds, Ah yes, I hear you recently discovered it ?20:10
jpdsMez: I've been using it for months.20:10
* Mez has been using it for years :D20:10
jpdsMez: http://ks33313.kimsufi.com/~jpds/configs/zshrc20:11
* jussi01 recently dicovered it...20:12
Mezsee, me... I have a nice simple .zshrc20:13
Mezjpds, I like it simple20:15
Mezjussi01, oh, twas you20:15
jpds'Tis... compat. Yes.20:15
* jussi01 just added his blog to planet...20:16
* Myrtti curtseys20:17
jpdsMez: But, I need my Zsh powered Tetris.20:18
jussi01jussi01.com for all interested parties...20:18
Mezjpds, I did notice that20:18
Mezjussi01, no SEF urls?20:18
* Myrtti giggles20:19
Mezjussi01, Human Readable URLs20:19
Mezhttp://www.sourceguru.net/archives/category/ubuntu/ to http://jussi01.com/?cat=1620:19
Myrtti"the other one is shorter!"20:20
jussi01meh, thought about it, like shortness.20:20
Mezjussi01, what's more important to you. That people can find easily where they are on your website by manipulating the URL, or the URLs not changing?20:20
Myrttinote to self: HOT WATER IS FRICKING HOT!20:22
Myrtti</end of public informational notice>20:22
MezMyrtti, that just broke my mind20:23
Mezit should have been either20:23
Mez<end of public informational notice />20:23
Mez</public informational notice>20:23
MyrttiI gots a booboo :-<20:23
Mezgo run it under cold water20:24
Mezfor 10 mins20:24
Myrttibut I don't want to get undressed...20:24
Mezwould you rather horrid scars then ?20:25
Mezgo run it under cold water..20:25
MezI'm a trained medic..20:25
Myrttiactually the pain subsided as I screamed loudly by opened window the F word20:25
* Myrtti whimpers20:25
Myrttino spankin20:25
Mezgo run it under cold water if you've burnt yourself...20:26
Myrttiit's FINE.20:26
Mezthe pain WILL subside, but thats due to tormented nerve endings20:26
* Mez growls20:26
* Myrtti goes to have a cold shower20:27
Myrttiand you can think in your sick little minds *what* for20:28
MyrttiMez is a meanie20:29
FlannelMyrtti: You'll thank him later20:29
* Mez hugs Myrtti20:32
* nalioth issues a curse towards his ISP20:36
* Myrtti peeks out behind the shower curtain20:41
Mezyou must already be20:42
* Myrtti shows her tongue at Mez20:43
Myrttifooled you20:43
* Mez sighs20:43
=== ubot3_ is now known as ubot3
* jpds just noticed: http://mjg59.livejournal.com/97151.html21:04
Flanneljpds: Some people only have fun by causing trouble21:04
Myrttijpds: you're lagging21:04
Myrtti18:50 < mc44> http://mjg59.livejournal.com/97151.html  <-- in case mr Almighty show up  again, fyi21:05
Myrtti23:04  * jpds just noticed: http://mjg59.livejournal.com/97151.html21:05
jpdsBlah, I never bother with blogs.21:05
Myrttijpds: that was mc44 here21:06
Myrttion this channel.21:06
Myrttiyou're lagging, as I said.21:06
* Myrtti sighs21:31
PriceChildMyrtti: what's up?21:32
Seeker`the ceiling21:32
MyrttiI should leave home tomorrow morning to first have a meeting with The Customer and then off to drink alcholic beverages supplied by my employer.21:33
MyrttiI really couldn't be bothered to do either, as I'd rather be someplace totally else, but...21:33
Myrttialso, bored to pieces21:34
mneptokikonia: around?21:51
ikoniajust about21:51
ikoniaI'd just set my status to asleep21:51
mneptok05:03 -joaopinto(n=future@nat/ibm/x-411bd08e5e5937aa)- You really need to control your "show-off" abilities21:51
ikoniabut saw your highlight21:51
ikoniamneptok: what's that about ?21:51
mneptokdunno. just woke up and had that /notice21:52
ikoniamneptok: from who ?21:52
ikoniamneptok: about who ?21:52
mneptokjoaopinto, to me21:52
mneptokpot. kettle. etc.21:52
ikoniatook me a second for the nick to kick in21:53
ikoniahe's an issue21:53
mneptokhe is for me. now.21:53
mneptoki note the IBM hostmask21:54
mneptoknice way to address a longtime shareholder.21:54
ikoniaha ha ha21:54
ikonia"fire him"21:54
ikoniayou pay his wages21:54
mneptoknah. i wouldn't do that, as i'm not a vindictive show-off.21:55
ikoniaha ha21:55
mneptokif i was, we'd know each other better because i'd attend Guild meetings.21:55
ikoniahe is worth keeping an eye on, as he doesn't do what's best for the user, just what's best in his mind for an elite status21:55
mneptok"show off"21:56
ikoniamneptok: I get that sort of thing from him all the time21:56
ikoniabecause I don't tell the normally new user in question the %100 correct way to do something, rather the best way to achieve there goal21:56
ikoniaanyway, bed, you caught me as I was about to log off21:57
mneptokheya ompaul22:05
ompaulmneptok, welcome22:05
mneptokgunh. 16 hours of flying today.22:08
PriceChildmneptok: how come you're all over the place?22:08
mneptokPriceChild: training22:09
PriceChildyou're training others?22:09
PriceChildI'm going to allow that.22:10
PriceChildhave fun :)22:10
* Myrtti huggles mneptok 22:11
ompaulmneptok, where you these days?22:11
mneptokompaul: this morning? Tokyo. this afternoon? Montreal.22:12
mneptok(yay for the international dateline)22:12
ompaulmneptok, and you are where?22:14
MyrttiI need a way to crash something so badly it evokes apport22:16
ompaulMyrtti, what kind of a program?22:17
* ompaul grins evilly 22:17
Myrttioh, did that already22:17
Myrttish -c 'kill -SEGV $$'22:18
Myrttinow I need to poke pitti22:18
naliothMyrtti: Microsoft can oblige you.22:18
ompaulnalioth, they would never support apport22:19
ompaulreveal what the program was doing22:19
ompaulohh noes couldn't have that22:20
MyrttiI just need to ask him if it's possible to make such a version of apport that would allow me to modify some information of the report before sending it to launchpad22:20
Myrttibecause I'd really love to send in all the bug reports I can, but I need so check that they don't contain any unnecessary information and sanitize them if needed...22:21
Myrttioh sigh22:22
MyrttiI'm procrastinating going to bed again22:22
ompaulMyrtti, go22:24
ompaulno don't22:24
ompaulwhatever ;-)22:24
Myrttiyou're definitely lagging22:40
MyrttiPriceChild: hop into a time machine, go back six hours22:40
Myrttireally, really going to bed now.22:40
PriceChildMyrtti: hehe sorry :)22:41
PriceChildjust noticing this on planet22:41
jussi01ooh, thanks for the mail PriceChild :D22:41
ompaulthat is nice22:42
ompauldon't mess with mr angry22:43
PriceChildDaniel Stone's blog also makes me happy.22:46
PriceChildwell not happy seen as it was a bad thing that happenned22:47
PriceChildbut I'm sure you know what I mean22:48
jussi01hehe, yeah22:55
moo_cowthe colors arent displaying correctly with videos in ubuntu. the people are purple.23:09
PriceChildmoo_cow: you might want to try turning compiz off, and asking in the support channel, #ubuntu23:11
moo_cowPriceChild: when i go to system>preferences>appearance, it is set to none. here's an example of what im talking about. http://img123.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn6595kf3.jpg23:53

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