SylphidI have a 1U server I just bought but the wife is complaining bout the noise from the fans ... how can i modify fan speeds?00:01
J_5lolz,  darn wife's00:03
* Sylphid nods00:04
J_5fans, for the power supply? cpu? or all00:05
Sylphidtheres 4-5 chassis fans those are the main ones00:06
Sylphidi dont wanna mess with the cpu fan if i can help it and its only a small PS fan so it cant be making to much noise00:06
J_5hmm, im stumped on adjusting the thoes to. all i can find is how to adjust the CPU :(00:10
Sylphidugh... might have do disconnect 1 or 2 of em00:11
J_5is what im searching...if that helps00:11
jmedinaSylphid: go put your 1U in the basement and plug a wifi card00:12
jmedinaput it under the bed doesnt help00:13
Sylphidaww then i cant use my gig E00:13
J_5well, then, just put your wife in the basement :000:13
jmedinais it going to stay at home that server?00:13
jmedinaor yous temporaly while setup?00:13
Sylphiddepends on if my employer lets me colo for free =D00:14
Sylphidright now im anticipating that it will prolly stay at home00:15
* jmedina thinks there is nothing better than working aside form a 2U rack with lots of fans under presure :P00:17
* Sylphid wishes his wife felt the same00:19
Sylphidi got 3 cisco's i cant turn on unless i need em cuz of the noise....00:19
Sylphidi love my desk =D 1 lappy , 3x desktops and a 1U server on a kvm and a rack with 3 cisco devices in it00:23
J_5=D. if only your other half shared that love00:24
jmedinaI bet your wife doesnt loves your the same...00:24
J_5still searching...i can find anything on adjusting the fans. only thing i locate is CPU fans and such00:25
jmedinadoes that mobo even support it?00:27
Sylphidshould ... it has 3 settings in bios... but even the lowest is "to loud"00:33
Sylphidmobo is a PDSMi if that helps00:36
J_5oh, so you are able to set then in the bios?00:39
Sylphidnot manually00:53
Sylphidall i can do is select full speed server or workstation00:53
Sylphidworkstation being the slowest but its apparently still to loud00:54
Sylphidgonna try updating bios ... well see01:00
kirklandkees: i do have an mdadm patch awaiting sponsorship, though03:22
ScottKnxvl: I don't think your real problem is libtool.03:59
ScottKnxvl: If I give you a hint, would you take another shot at it?03:59
nxvlScottK: yeah04:04
nxvlfor sure04:04
ScottKnxvl: If the package fails because you need to relibtoolize, how come the debian package will build on Ubuntu?04:04
nxvlit actually doesn't even build on experimental04:05
nxvli tried that04:05
nxvl(the debian package)04:05
ScottKI just built the Debian package on my Intrepid pbuilder and the Ubuntu package failed in my Sid pbuilder.04:06
ScottKLet me attach my diff to the bug (I found a few more things that needed changing.04:07
nxvllet my tried04:07
nxvlbut that's odd04:07
nxvlsince i loged in into my experimental pbuilder downloaded the source04:08
nxvland then tried to build it using debuild04:08
nxvland it failed with the same error04:08
ScottKMy diff is in the bug04:11
ScottKActually I got it backwards.04:11
ScottKMy diff builds on Sid, but not Intrepid.04:11
ScottKThe Debian revision fails on Intrepid.04:11
nxvlthe problem is that intrepid uses experimental libtool's version04:11
ScottKThere's one rules change in there about trying to avoid parallel builds.  You may want to look into the (I don't think I specified it correctly)04:11
nxvland sid the same as hardy04:12
ScottKI see.04:12
nxvlsame error with the original debian pcakage04:13
J_5is there something i can install to tell me what files have been changed? for security04:28
taconeJ_5: have you searched synaptic for "files changed" ?04:48
J_5no.can i search via the command line?04:50
taconeI have no first hand experience, but I guess "fileschanged" ora "aide" packages could help you04:51
lukehasnonameattn everyone: I will mail $20 to the first person to publish a book on KVM: Installation, getting guests up and running, saving/loading machines, advanced features and tasks, and available graphical tools to manage virtual servers, like virt-manager, oVirt, enomalism. Also cover vm-builder, p2v (or similar tool), plug Ubuntu JeOS.05:10
lukehasnonameYou could release it like "Dive into Python": Under the FDL but get it published by Apress or No Starch or O'Reilly05:11
sommerthere's no book better than experience05:13
nxvlsommer: that is SO true05:13
lukehasnonamethey're called 'guides' for a reason05:13
sommerman is short of manual :)05:14
nxvlubuntu-vm-builder is an awesome tool for kvm05:14
sommerand I'd be willing to bet that when such a book is released it'll be more like $40-$50... just fyi05:15
lukehasnonameI'm not going to argue the merit of books in helping people learn topics. They're helpful. And without good, clear, detailed, (prevalent) documentation, KVM will not be as useful to as many people05:15
lukehasnonameand sommer I know, that's why I don't buy books that often.05:16
sommerI don't disagree, but KVM is relatively new and has a rapid pace of development, which means it may be a while... at least IMHO05:18
sommerin the mean time trying stuff out in a test environment is the best way to learn... from my experience :)05:19
lukehasnonamewhich is what I plan do much more of beginning next week05:19
* nxvl waves on sommer 05:19
sommernxvl: I try enlighten, I try... heh05:21
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lukehasnonamenext week I'm going to be back in my dorm for a week before school starts and I'm going to set up an Ubuntu/KVM machine, then load up a FreeBSD/Xen machine, then maybe an ESXi machine, and see which one I find easiest/fastest, etc. based on completely unscientific methods.05:30
sommerlukehasnoname: that's cool, you should blog about your results05:34
lukehasnonameI don't have a blag05:34
sommerbut it'll be more scientific if you publish :(05:35
* nealmcb arrives home after 3.5 weeks :)05:35
lukehasnonamehi nealmcb05:36
nealmcblukehasnoname: howdy!05:36
lukehasnonamesommer, link me up or tell me some commands on testing disk speed and CPU usage of virtual machines with those hypervisors and I'll use a scientific method. <_< Or I'll look it up myself some time.05:36
sommerlukehasnoname: only one I can think of off hand is hdparm... never tested it in a vm myself though05:37
To1hello - I was wondering how to solve an apt-get which complains about dependencies ?05:41
To1lukehasnoname: its in the opsview-users mailing list "Installation troubles"06:02
To1mm sory thought it was #opsview here lol06:03
To1I cant even completely remove it from linux06:03
To1tried sudo dpkg –remove –force-depends –force-remove-reinstreq06:03
To1--purge and all06:04
To1yet apt-get install -f still tries to install it06:04
mdadmfrusteratedhey everyone.i am really having trouble with setting up a raid. im trying to use mdadm and now i have a lot of extra stuff "md0p1-md0p4" so i have 2 hard drives and both are 750gb and i just want to make a raid 006:07
mdadmfrusteratedand i am trying to make it all ntfs06:07
hadsUmm. NTFS?06:09
mdadmfrusteratedwell its a file server for a windows network06:09
mdadmfrusterated mdadm --detail /dev/md0 shows that its doing ok but now im worried about the md0p4 stuff06:10
mdadmfrusteratedand when i go to parted i get the following message when i try to "print all" "Error: Unable to open /dev/sda - unrecognised disk label.06:11
mdadmfrusteratedand that is scary because sda is one of the drives making up the raid06:11
hadsJut because you're serving a Windows network doesn't mean you need to use NTFS on the server. That's where Samba comes in.06:12
mdadmfrusteratedbut i want the fiel speed to go as fast as possible thats why im excited to utilize ntfs-3g06:13
hadsUse ext3 or JFS or XFS06:14
mdadmfrusteratedwell filesystem aside whats up with the md0p4 stuff? should i worry about the disk label thing?06:14
mdadmfrusteratedhads: well even if i decide to use ext3... which would possibly work for me here i still need to lay out my drives and partitions first..06:18
lukehasnonamesommer, a gift for you http://tinyurl.com/sommer107:17
OntologSome things I'm not sure how to do from the command line. Now that I am using Ubuntu Server I am a little lost. How do I change the Software Sources stuff from the cli?08:16
sorenLook in /etc/apt/sources.list08:17
OntologI have to change all that shit by hand?08:17
sorenHow would I know?08:18
_rubenfind and replace ftw! :p08:18
sorenWhat are you trying to do?08:18
Ontologi want to set the mirror to the finland ones08:18
sorenAnd what's it pointing at now?08:18
Ontologcan I just copy this sources.list from another box that has the correct setup?08:18
Ontolognow it's pointing at the HK ones08:18
_rubenif its same version, yes08:18
Ontologmy other box is desktop08:19
_rubenversion as in hardy/gutsy/etc08:19
Ontologbut both are 8.0408:19
sorensed -ie 's/hk.archive.ubuntu/fi.archive.ubuntu/g' /etc/apt/sources.list08:19
_rubenwith a sudo in front ;)08:19
Ontologhaha but that doesn't setup which lists i want08:19
Ontologi also want restricted stuff08:19
_rubenthen copying over from other box is easiest08:20
_rubenmight wanna make a backup of ur current sources.list in case smth breaks08:20
sorenOntolog: I don't mean to be offensive, but if something as simple as changing your sources.list makes you react this way, you're in for a rough, rough ride with Ubuntu server.08:20
Ontologyeah i learned ubuntu starting with desktop08:21
Ontologi have no idea how it's all structured underneath the gui08:21
Ontologi'm trying to run: apt-get update08:22
Ontologbut i get loads of  Bad header line errors08:22
sorenWell, that's fair enough. We've all been there at some point.08:22
sorenI'm just saying that if modifying sources.list makes you exclaim "I have to change all that shit by hand?", pretty much everything else you're going to need to do on that server is going to be no fun at all.08:23
Ontologi see, i just didn't realize all the URIs were the same08:24
lukehasnonamewhen will compiz be ready for the grub menu?08:25
Ontologwhat's up with all this bad header line stuff?08:25
Ontologwhat does it mean?08:25
* _ruben wonders how compiz/grub/ubuntu-server relate to eachother08:28
_rubenOntolog: whats the exact error you get?08:28
OntologBad header line08:28
Ontologi'll paste the entire thing if you want08:29
_rubenplease do, to a pastebin ofcourse :)08:29
lukehasnoname_ruben, don't worry about it08:30
_rubenOntolog: pastebin your sources.list as well08:30
Ontologi have tried several sources.list files all the same result08:31
Ontologi have also tried with the hk and fi mirrors08:32
_rubenhmm .. are you behind some kind of proxy perhaps?08:35
Ontologshouldn't be08:36
Ontologi have no problem on my laptop08:36
Ontologjust on new installations i have this problem08:36
Ontologfuck fuck fuck08:42
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:47
Ontologyes yes I know the problem08:48
Ontologmy ducking lovely IT department08:48
Ontologputting the HTTP firewall up against machines in the server room08:48
\shwhich is a very good idea08:54
Ontologit's retarded08:56
Ontolog because you need a web browser to "log in" to the firewall08:56
Ontologobviously you can't do that with a server (that has no GUI installed and such)08:57
\shOntolog: well, you shouldn't have a server in your office network...but apt knows very well to use a proxy server08:58
Ontologexactly, we shouldn't have the server on our office network08:59
Ontologwhen they were assigning the IP address08:59
Ontologthey asked me what's the IP of my desktop machine08:59
Ontologducking retards08:59
hadsDo we have an !attitude?09:00
Ontologyes I do have an09:00
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:00
Ontolognot appropriate, i have an attitude against those i work with not against those in the channel09:00
\shOntolog: I think it's better you go to your it department and discuss your company policy with them...your problem is definitly not solvable by us...please ask your sysadmin to help you09:02
Ontologhaha yes I know that09:02
Ontologi am just complaining09:02
Ontolognot seeking you folks to solve retardation in my IT department09:02
\shwell, as most of us are working here as sysadmins I'll take that as a compliment that the IT people actually did something right...09:09
dusty_Anyone with experience using iptables module recent, could you explain this to me: http://rafb.net/p/XGD4zc77.html I am trying to figure it out, how long does an ip stay in the blacklist for ?09:09
OntologTrust me, any of the people in my IT department would never be found in an IRC channel09:15
OntologThey don't even know what IRC is09:15
Ontolog(not joking)09:15
* lukehasnoname is away: sleep09:16
edmooreI asked yesterday about putting a gui (ubuntu-desktop) on my server for occassional desktop use - electronics hobby related stuff, mainly - and was linked to the ubuntu wiki that first warned me how dodgy it was for servers and how it'll add crap you don't need. I'd still find it useful for the occassional use - maybe a couple of times a month. Is there a way to completely sandbox the GUI part? Not have it start normally, but instead ha09:32
_rubenedmoore: why not do stuff that requires a gui on a/your workstation?09:34
edmooregood question - I have a mac and the tools are linux based, but i could still virtualise. However, being electronics development, it invariabley requires ye olde serial ports and parallel ports, which my server mobo does have, but my macbook doesn't09:35
edmoorethat said, I will investigate squirting stuff over ethernet and having the server do the actual comms bit, and maybe forward it to my mac09:36
edmoorebut I am green with all this linux stuff, so I'm not sure how possible that is09:36
edmooreand maybe the server could also do the compiling for the fpga too.09:37
_rubenthe only "sandboxing" solution i can come up with is the (in your case not-usefull) virtualization approach09:38
edmoorewell I dont necessarily need sandbox, I guess I was wondering if it is equivalent to just start and stop the gnome stuff as I use it/finish with it09:39
edmooreand once I finish it, for any of the associated insecurities of cpu-cycle-munching bits to go away with it09:39
edmooreinsecurities or*09:39
exalt__hello, what you think guys to backup my HD into another HD inside the same box10:26
Kamping_Kaisercan you rephrase that?10:27
micheluntuexalt__: if you want the exact copy you could use dd10:27
micheluntuexalt__: otherwise you can do it with rsync10:28
exalt__maybe rsync better .. cause dd will kill my box10:29
micheluntuI'm trying to find where asterisk package searches for sound files, somebody knows?10:30
_rubenmicheluntu: /usr/share/asterisk/sounds and/or /usr/local/share/asterisk/sounds it seems10:41
micheluntu_ruben: me too... but: file.c:871 ast_streamfile: Unable to open were-sorry (format 0x100 (g729)): No such file or directory10:41
micheluntu_ruben: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37380/10:42
micheluntuI was going crazy with keys directory... In all documents I found asterisk looks for keys in /var/lib/asterisk/keys..10:43
micheluntuin ubuntu searchs only in /usr/share/asterisk/keys ...10:44
_rubenmy collegue is our asterisk expert, but he's on vacation atm .. only know the very basics myself10:44
micheluntu_ruben: you run asterisk on ubuntu-server?10:44
_rubenyes (migrated it off an fedore box like 1-2 weeks ago)10:45
micheluntu_ruben: I think it could be a good idea to create a ubuntu-server-voip group10:46
micheluntuto promote asterisk on ubuntu10:47
hadsFrom memory Asterisk will warn for files that don't exist while it's looking for different formats.10:47
micheluntuhads: ah.. maybe asterisk expects no .gsm codecs ?10:49
hadsIt's looking for g729 sounds files there which you quite possibly don't have. It should fall back to some other format.10:50
micheluntuhads: yes it is on the upper warning... Unable to find a codec translation path from g729 to gsm :-(10:50
hadsYou don't have g729 licenses?10:51
hadsIf you want to transcode from/to g729 you need a license.10:51
micheluntuhads: no i don't. I'll try to use another codec10:51
hadsFrom memory it's 'show translation' or something from the Asterisk CLI10:51
hadsThat will show you what you can use.10:52
hadsIf you're on a LAN go for g71110:52
micheluntufine now command is core show translations10:52
micheluntuno, g723 isn't supported10:53
hadsYah, I haven't used Asterisk for a while, they've change a bit in that time.10:53
hadsAre you on a LAN or WAN?10:53
micheluntuhads: now i'm on a lan10:54
hadsUse g711 then10:54
hadsThat's the highest quality you'll get without going wideband.10:54
micheluntuok done10:55
micheluntuyou are great! works!!10:57
hadsCool, easy fix :)10:57
micheluntuand the dir is:10:58
_rubenyay! ;)10:58
hadsSounds about right10:58
hadsLike _ruben said :)10:59
micheluntu_ruben: about your architecture, how many asterisk do you have?10:59
hadsIf you're just starting out you should take the time to look into FreeSWITCH - it's really very nice.11:00
_rubenjust one .. well .. 2 .. one active, one cold standby11:00
micheluntuhads: usually we use trixbox11:01
_rubenhooked up to a isdn15 i think .. and roughly 100 sip clients11:01
micheluntuand it works fine for several clients11:01
micheluntunow a big client asked us for a very complicated project11:01
_rubenbeen looking into trixbox and the likes for home use .. but dont really have to the time figure out all the details (concerning the trunks and stuff)11:02
hadsAsterisk is scary11:02
micheluntuhads: yes... but is there something else?11:04
hads22:00:31 < hads> If you're just starting out you should take the time to look into FreeSWITCH - it's really very nice.11:05
micheluntuah sorry I think it was an asterisk interface11:07
hadsAh no, it's a competing product.11:07
byte_slavehello everyone!11:55
byte_slaveweird situation here: in crontab i've 1 bash script that just runs fine just after i've other entry pointing to an perl script. both were set as executable files, why perl doesn't run and the other does.... regarding syslog no error appears. if i run that perl script from command line works fine11:57
byte_slaveanything i'm missing?11:57
micheluntubyte_slave: path?11:58
byte_slaveof that script?11:58
`6ogbyte_slave, is the perl script in crons path11:59
micheluntubyte_slave: maybe I don't understand, pastebin crontab11:59
hadsAnd make sure shebang is correct12:01
byte_slaveyeap she bang is ok. shebang = #!/usr/bin/perl -w12:01
hadsAnd file is executable?12:02
byte_slaveyes file = chmod +x12:02
hadsOdd. Have you tried doing a `sudo -i` and then trying to run the script?12:03
byte_slavethe script runs fine from commandline12:05
micheluntutry running: sudo sh -c /root/scripts/est_disk_space_monitor.pl12:05
byte_slaveok, ill do that12:05
byte_slavemicheluntu, in command line runs ok but via cron no luck :(12:09
micheluntuok, now we'll see why12:09
micheluntubyte_slave: see here http://pastebin.com/d373cebe i'll come back in few minuts, now i'm going to eat something..12:12
byte_slavemicheluntu, sure dont be starved bc of me! thanks ill check it out ;)12:13
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byte_slavemicheluntu, FYI that script doesn't produce any output - it sends an email only. The pastebin solution you gave me seems that doesn't work12:25
micheluntubyte_slave: is the email emtpy?12:59
deviusi just wanted to ask if i should update my hardy heron alpha release via internet or download and make a new installation13:04
lamontScottK: sorry - I got distracted a little by <20080814120528.AE0611F3EA0@spike.porcupine.org>13:17
lamontI'll get your feedback today13:17
lamontrather I'll get you feedback today13:17
byte_slavemicheluntu, im back sorry...i has to eat something as well ;)13:57
uvirtbot`New bug: #241142 in samba (main) "cannot access network shares on a local-only connection" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24114213:57
byte_slavemicheluntu, email empty? you mean the mail box? sure... it is, when i execute the command manually i receive the mail with no prob.... only cron couldn't execute the job13:59
micheluntubyte_slave: so /tmp/est_disk_space_monitor.log is empty?14:03
byte_slavebut im not printing anything from inside the perl script file14:04
micheluntubyte_slave: yes..sorry  I forget a "little" piece..14:07
byte_slaveand what is that little piece?14:22
micheluntubyte_slave: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/37414/14:27
byte_slavemicheluntu, stills nopt working.... never thought that would be that hard...14:32
micheluntuand the /tmp/xxx.log is still empty?14:33
uvirtbot`New bug: #257893 in postfix (main) "Please sync postfix 2.5.2-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25789314:40
uvirtbot`New bug: #257892 in php5 (main) "PHP (Cli) generates invalid output when it exceeds 4kB" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25789214:41
lamontdear requestsync: please let me edit the subject of the bug before submittal as well.14:42
lamontthere.  title of Bug#257893 fix0red14:43
byte_slavemicheluntu, nope14:51
byte_slaveit has this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/3742714:52
trakinashi all! Im having problems with a cronjob which is loaded but not being executed14:59
trakinasif any one can help me, id be glad.15:00
byte_slavepastebin the cron and script entry plz15:06
trakinasbyte_slave: sorry for the delay. I was busy with other things. here it is: http://pastebin.us/?show=d38a8c2d15:37
[yzf600]I've got group issues when using LDAP and local files15:47
[yzf600]I have an ubuntu client, connected to an LDAP server15:47
[yzf600]the LDAP server config has been changed to remove me from some groups15:47
[yzf600]problem is, any terminals I run under gnome still show me being a member of the old groups15:48
[yzf600]if I login via text console (ctl-alt-f1), the groups show up correctly15:48
[yzf600]I even re-booted and the old group memberships still show up15:49
[yzf600]is there some sort of groups cache somehwere  >15:49
uvirtbot`New bug: #257909 in bind9 (main) "bind9 doesn't bind to IPv6 interfaces" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25790915:52
jazzkutyai've zeroed out raid superblocks with mdadm --zero-superblock after booting with init=/bin/sh rw. now boot stops at "Begin: Starting up RAIDs. Please wait, the process may take a long time!"16:46
jazzkutyahow can i resolve this and remove raid completely?16:46
jazzkutyait were raid1 arrays, i want to separate the 2 drives. currently only one drive in the pc16:46
jazzkutyaboot stops here even when booting with noinitrd init=/bin/sh rw16:46
jazzkutyahow can i disable initramfs on booting?17:00
symtabin ubuntu /etc/fstab is not the same as in other distributions17:05
symtabwill the old mounting work?17:05
symtabor only based on UUID?17:05
jazzkutyaon ubuntu you can use either uuid or /dev/sdX, both will work17:06
Fenix|workI'm setting up a secondary IP address on a single homed box... I've modified interfaces and added auto eth0:1 and the appropriate iface eth0:1 inet static and entered in an address, netmask and gateway...17:19
Fenix|work... when I restart the networking process I get a SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address       [ OK ]17:19
Fenix|workeverything appears to work, as I can ping the new address... but I'm not sure if everything is alright.17:20
Fenix|workwhat can I do to check17:20
Fenix|workIs there a Gutsy to Hardy upgrade doc?17:33
Fenix|workor is it stupid simple?17:33
leonelFenix|work: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading  <-- if you have all updated   a     do-release-upgrade  will do ..17:55
* delcoyote hi18:29
kirklandmathiaz: ping18:43
mathiazkirkland: howdy ! :)18:45
kirklandmathiaz: dendrobates pointed me to you for a package review18:45
kirklandmathiaz: i suppose we should move this over to #ubuntu-motu18:45
Fenix|workI seem to have a bit of a problem... running do-release-upgrade, I appear to be stuck on 'Generating locales...'19:37
Fenix|workanyone awake?19:55
slicslakjust us bots!19:56
MezFenix|work, that can sometimes take time... just let it ride...19:58
Goosemoosehi guys19:58
Goosemooseanyone installed ubuntu in a hyper-v virtual machine before?19:58
Goosemoosei have it installed but can't seem to get a network connection19:59
Fenix|workMez, 13343 pts/1    R+    36:28 localedef --no-archive --magic=20051014 -i en_CA -c -f UTF-8 en_CA.UTF-820:01
MezFenix|work, R+ means it's running...20:02
Fenix|worknever seen is run for so long20:02
Fenix|work40 minutes now20:04
Fenix|workMez, any way I can verify that it is indeed running?20:08
Mezthe R+ says it is...20:08
Fenix|workI've found bugs...20:15
Fenix|workbug 24934020:15
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 249340 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Gutsy->Hardy upgrade hangs in localedef" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24934020:15
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Fenix|workMaz, I think there is something wrong... 64 minutes @ 100% CPU.  That can't be normal.20:29
nxvlkirkland: i'm shocked about persia's comment20:37
edmooretrying to set up a wireless point as per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint20:52
edmoorehowever, when I get to 'sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward'20:52
edmooreI get permission denied20:52
edmooreany ideas?20:52
sommeredmoore: try sudo sh -c "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward"21:00
edmooreseem to not be able to log int through ssh after restart21:01
edmooremight have broken it somehow21:01
lamontScottK: and 2937 is a bug that only exists if you have an insanely stupid config (/var/mail mode 1777)21:08
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Fenix|workhow do I install an unstable debian package?22:10
jmedinaFenix|work: dpkg?22:12
jmedinaFenix|work: which package?22:12
jmedinaisnt it in intrepid?22:13
jmedinaI guess you want to install it in hardy22:14
Fenix|workthe 8.04 version doesn't work (see bug 157424), so the recommendation is the unstable version22:14
Fenix|workbug 15742422:14
uvirtbot`Fenix|work: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out22:14
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 157424 in libapache2-mod-xmlrpc2 "mod_xmlrpc.so: undefined symbol: xmlrpc_registry_new" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15742422:14
Fenix|workjmedina, yes, in hardy :)22:15
Fenix|workbut I have no clue on unstable packages22:15
Fenix|workI just download the unstable one from debian and use dpkg?22:15
jmedinaif nothing bracks, you can download the package and installit22:16
jmedinaprevios backup of coure22:16
Fenix|workwhere do I find the unstable version?22:23
Fenix|workhow do I find out the version I'm currently running?22:26
jmedinadpkg -l | grep libapache-mod-xmlrpc222:27
gopatworkwhat a good backup tool for ubuntu server22:44
gopatworkthat will do differtianals22:44
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning22:45
jmedinagopatwork: a really good one, I would recomend bacula22:45
jmedinagopatwork: but it depends what you want to backup22:45
jmedinaI use bacula as a network backup solution22:45
jmedinabackuing up from freebsd, linux, windows, to har disk, tape and lately dvds22:46
gopatworkbacking linux apache server to terra station22:46
gopatworki.e. NAS22:46
jmedinajeje, then you can use cp22:47
jmedinarsnapshot it is simple22:47
gopatworkbut that won't create a image of the whole drive22:47
jmedinayou never said that22:47
gopatworkI want a recovery image, incase the system goes down22:48
gopatworkthat I can recover22:48

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