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TheMusoIs anybody else able to boot the latest ubuntu amd64 intrepid daily in kvm under hardy?02:31
pittiGood morning06:01
mathiazhie pitti !06:45
pittihey mathiaz, how are you?06:55
pittiso, ubuntu desktops look good now, thank $DEITY06:59
pittianyone who could test kubuntu desktops and alternate?07:05
pittiara: good morning07:05
mathiazpitti: good - about to go to bed now :D07:05
arapitti: morning07:05
pittiara: do you have some time to give a spin to the kubuntu CDs?07:05
arayes, I'll give them a try :-)07:05
mathiazpitti: I've left you some failing test cases for the ubuntu-server isos07:05
pittirsync should be quick, there wasn't a lot of change size-wise07:06
mathiazpitti: the print-server task doesn't install cups :/07:06
pittimathiaz: noticed07:06
pittimathiaz: however, that's the only bug which is noted in the iso tracker, are there more?07:06
mathiazpitti: not that I know of07:07
mathiazpitti: I've just run all of the Test Cases07:07
pittiara: thanks07:07
mathiazpitti: I don't think it's a blocker for alpha4 though07:07
pittimathiaz: no, I'll add it to the caveats of the release notes07:07
davmor2pitti: are the iso's okay?08:00
davmor2Morning Everybody08:00
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aradavmor2, pitti: i have tested kubuntu live and it looks good08:36
aradavmor2, pitti: i will test now the alternate08:37
pittiara: *hug* finally08:43
pittiara: can you please put your results into the tracker, for a general overview?08:44
arapitti: ^08:45
pittiara: thanks08:45
davmor2pitti: I think the best attack now is to blitz test.  That is one install test per cd version.  Ie live whole disc, alt manual partition until all the test cases are covered and then hit the missing ones after so at least the release can go out on time.  What do you think?08:53
pittidavmor2: sounds good09:00
pittidavmor2: we had pretty good coverage with yesterday's images, so we don't need to exercise all variants again09:00
davmor2cool :)09:03
davmor2pitti: what's the issue with Xub desktop?09:05
pittidavmor2: the CDs fail to build for an unknown reason09:06
pittihaven't had time yet to track down09:07
davmor2pitti:   okay np's just saw it was missing :)09:08
davmor2I'm going to take Xub64 alt and Ubu64 desktop if no one else is?09:10
pittiI'm not09:10
pittilooking at xubuntu desktop builds ATM09:10
pittiaaah, xubuntu live CDs!09:18
pittiunfortunately still with the old ubiquity, refreshing09:19
pittidavmor2: working xubuntu lives ETA 1 hour09:19
davmor2no probs pitti ping me when they are up and I'll re-sync09:20
pittidavmor2: done: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20080814.1/10:00
davmor2pitti: cool :)10:01
davmor2ara: how are the Kubuntu cd's looking now?10:36
aradavmor2: so far, so good10:37
davmor2ara: Cool we might get there yet :)10:37
aradavmor2: i have tested the installation (manual partitioning) of the live & the alternate i386 cds10:37
araand it went well10:37
davmor2cool :)10:38
aradavmor2: i have to switch to other tasks now :-(10:38
davmor2np's :)10:38
pittidavmor2: did you happen to have done a xubuntu desktop test already?11:06
pittiI am preparing the release now11:06
davmor2no sync is still running11:06
pittiok; well, I can always update it again if it's horribly broken11:07
davmor2not long now and then I'll test it11:07
* pitti hugs davmor211:07
davmor2pitti: start on the Xub desktop11:22
davmor2Xubuntu seems to have an Ubuntu usplash?11:24
davmor2cody-somerville: ^11:25
davmor2pitti: the live part seems okay install at 28% percent so fingers crossed11:34
* pitti -> off for a bit, bbl11:54
davmor2pitti: Xub seems okay YAY \o/12:07
davmor2just burning xub 32 bit12:47
pittidavmor2: thanks!13:49
pittiso, most CDs have coverage now13:56
pittiremaining 0/x ones are kubuntu amd64 desktop/alternate13:56
pittianyone on those?13:56
pittiif not, not the end of the world, we did test them yesterday, and then we just had the ubiquity fix13:56
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davmor2I'll test it after14:12
davmor2pitti: Right burning it now14:14
pittidavmor2: you rock14:14
davmor2edubuntu will be the only system not tested I'll ping stgraber to see if he can fire them off tonight14:15
pittiI think we have to release them "blindly"14:15
pittinot much we can do, I plan to release in some 2 hours14:15
davmor2right I'll fire off this last test on xub and then do a kubuntu 64 bit one so all have at least one test case14:16
davmor2pitti: kubuntu installing now :)14:29
stgraberI don't have an intrepid testvm around14:30
stgraberso can't test edubuntu now14:30
stgraberbut anyone with ubuntu installed can just use the CD-Rom14:30
stgraberthe testcase is easy and won't take long14:30
stgraberit's just disabling the network and try installing all packages from the cd-rom14:30
davmor2stgraber: np's I'll cover it quickly shortly14:31
stgraberfor alpha-3 due to the recommends, some packages had to be downloaded from Internet but we releassed it anyway (better than nothing)14:31
pittistgraber: if you don't have http apt sources, it shuold still work, though14:32
stgraberpitti: indeed14:34
pittiand if you do, networkless apt-get update will freak out anyway, I think14:34
davmor2pitti: Kubuntu installed :) no issues that aren't already known14:46
pittidavmor2: *phew*14:46
pittidavmor2: ok, I think we have sufficient coverage now15:02
pittithe main thing I'm blocking on is someone to try out the torrents15:03
davmor2stgraber: already did15:03
pittialthough I could try that on my server, is there a working BitTotrent CLI?15:03
stgraberpitti: bittorrent or bittornado15:05
stgraberpitti: then use btdownloadcurses15:05
pittiright, installing bittornado on my server now (Debian Etch)15:05
pittialpha-4 released!!15:46
pittithanks to all testers, in particular davmor2!15:46
arapitti: cool, congrats!15:50
cr3pitti: thanks for the email!15:50
pittithanks to you, too, ara15:50
pittihey cr315:50
davmor2YAY \o/ hugs pitti job well done :)15:54
bdmurraystgraber: what revision of of py-lp-b are you running?16:15
bdmurraystgraber: If it is 139 please talk to me about upgrading16:18
sorenAnyone still on hardy and wants to test a kvm fix for me? It's supposed to fix X in Intrepid guests.16:19
sorenI'll take that as a resounding "no", shall I? :)16:28
stgraberbdmurray: no idea, sysadmins do the upgrade from time to time ...16:28
stgrabersoren: -ENOHARDY sorry16:28
bdmurraystgraber: okay, I think it really could use an upgrade16:28
sorenstgraber: No worries :) I'll find another poor sucker I can lure into my net.16:28
bdmurraystgraber: also would some script be looking for the 'ubuntu-iso-tests' project on launchpad?16:30
stgraberbdmurray: ok, just asked for an update in #canonical-sysadmins16:30
stgraberbdmurray: dl-iso ?16:31
bdmurraystgraber: there are some OOPS reports on launchpad of a py-lp-b script trying to go to the 'ubuntu-iso-tests' project which doesn't exist16:33
bdmurraystgraber: it looks like the same 139 revision of py-lp-b to me16:33
bdmurraystgraber: so if you could you see if that is you it'd be quite helpful16:37
bdmurraysoren: is bug 257887 kvm or ubiquity?16:40
sorenNo ubottu in here?16:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 257887 in ubuntu "intrepid installer fails to format/mount partitions on virtio disks" [Undecided,New]16:41
bdmurraywell, that's silly16:41
sorenbdmurray: Good question. I'd need to look closer to be sure. it could also be the kernel or udev. :)16:42
sorenThe reporter is a kvm developer, FWIW.16:42
bdmurraysoren: okay, I'll leave it in your hands then16:42
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persiasoren: What test do you need?  I have hardy on a VMX system.17:46
sorenpersia: Too late. dholbach tested it for me. Thanks, though.20:47

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