wesker-netc'è qualke italiano?00:00
ActionParsnip!fonts | beardbar00:00
ubottubeardbar: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer00:00
sharperguypat5star, except i dont know what that would be00:00
ActionParsnip!it | wesker-net00:00
ubottuwesker-net: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:00
pat5starsharperguy: whereis java00:00
siefnypat5star: u know any fix that???00:00
Beta-guywhat is the default root password for ubuntu?00:00
ozzloyunop: i'm reading that page, but there's a lot of vocabulary i'm unfamiliar with on it00:00
sharperguypat5star, No idea00:01
pat5starsiefny: sry, I'm not very good with boinked mbr's, I'd check grubs docs because you have a limited shell upon boot with grub that might help you00:01
pat5starsharperguy: I meant for you to type that into a shell00:01
Cutterbobertdos: why a server?00:01
kitcheBeta-guy: that isn't one00:01
bobertdos!sudo | Beta-guy00:01
ubottuBeta-guy: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)00:01
jordo2323__Beta-guy: there is none, its the password you set at install.....Ubuntu technically doesn't use a root account00:01
jurocan I get a 32bit Software to run on Ubuntu?00:01
siefnypat5star: kk ty00:01
sharperguypat5star, I know but I don't know what the path of the right JVM is00:01
zikitiHello all00:02
ActionParsnipBeta-guy: you never need to be root as long as your username is a member of the sudo group00:02
Beta-guythere is NO root account?00:02
ActionParsnip!hi | zikiti00:02
ubottuzikiti: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:02
kitchejuro: yes need to install lib3200:02
ActionParsnipBeta-guy: there is but it is moot00:02
kitcheBeta-guy: there is a root account just that it's locked down00:02
ActionParsnipBeta-guy: you dont need it00:02
Beta-guycan I still SU?00:02
jurokitche: can I do that through synaptic (trying to install Aptana Studio on 64bit machine)00:02
ActionParsnipBeta-guy: if you dont use it it will make your system more secure00:02
bobertdosCutter: Because it isn't possible for two users to use the same physical computer at the same time....??00:03
kitchejuro: yeah don't know the name of the package but hang on a sec ubottu knows the anwser00:03
ActionParsnipBeta-guy: you can sudo -s if you REALLY gotta but its not advised at all00:03
Cutterbobertdos: that's what I want to do00:03
zikitiI want to reinstall ubuntu on my laptop but have about 30 gigs of information that I cannot get delete. I was thinking that I can create a new partition from free space and during the install, elect not to format that partition... how do i go about doing that?00:03
zikitiWhat tools do I need?00:03
Beta-guyI had some trouble trying to install the ATI drivers it wasn't me to be root or su00:03
pat5starsharperguy: use find to find where and how many jvm's you have installed, then try different eclipse -vm /path/* to see if any will boot up eclipse so you can make the correct permanent changes00:04
zikitiI want to do a clean install00:04
ActionParsnipBeta-guy: then put sudo before the command and you will appear as root for the life of the command, then revert back to user00:04
weirdbroHas anyone installed the banshee 1.21 yet?00:04
pat5starsharperguy: or, apt-get --purge remove eclipse; then reinstall it and see if it will work00:04
Beta-guyok I'll give that a shot, thanks!00:04
jurokitche: so what does ubottu say?00:05
weirdbroI've been having trouble with sorting in banshee 1,2100:05
kitchejuro: can't remember the switch really to see the factoid on it but in synaptic there is 32bitlibs00:05
ladyfantasyanyone know if there's a way (besides editing grub config) to turn off the ubuntu splash screen during boot to see boot messages?00:05
paolounop: yes they do00:05
juroladyfantasy: switch to a different console00:05
ladyfantasythanks juro00:06
kitcheladyfantasy: f1 I believe might get rid of the splash or esc00:06
onelivv_Anyone familiar with mpeg4ip on Ubuntu Hardy?00:06
ActionParsnipkitche: i think its ia3200:06
ladyfantasywill try that too kitche00:06
Marko84any1 from Europe in here?00:06
kitcheActionParsnip: nope but ia32 is not 32bit since ia64 is not the same as x86_6400:07
ubuntuhow can I stop logging of system events? I know /etc/syslog.conf and 'System > System > Session'00:07
pat5starladyfantasy: also you can stop it in your /boot/grub/menu.lst, it's the splash directive. (backup menu.lst first just in case!)00:07
kitcheActionParsnip: ia32 might be some odd arch. that they might have tried using before they got ia64 working :)00:07
ladyfantasyyeah, i always edit the grub config, but sometimes forget after a kernel upgrade puts it back in there without asking me... :/  thanks pat5star00:07
ActionParsnipkitche: they let you run 32bit apps00:07
pat5starladyfantasy: n/m, just seen your original post\00:07
skalper1jest ktoś z polski00:07
* pat5star feels dumb lol00:08
kitcheActionParsnip: yes but ubottu does not have that as a switch :)00:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 32bit00:08
kitcheladyfantasy: well if you wanted you could copy the kernel lines and put them at the end of the file then updates won't effect it really00:09
jmichelsen_is there a way to replace Thunar in Xubuntu with pcman?00:09
ladyfantasyhmm... good point00:09
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ActionParsnipjmichelsen_: install pcman00:09
jmichelsen_ActionParsnip: its installed00:09
pyrexlooks like lenovo will send me a windows restore disk for free.00:10
kitcheladyfantasy: it says something like ##put kernel lines under this line if you don't want updates to effect it00:10
pyrexi fudged my partition during ubuntu install00:10
Kernelhello all. i have a program running(converting a vmware disk image to virtualbox image) and sfce just geeked out and i need to log out then back in...but i am running the converter program in a console and im wondering how i can switch it to the background...so i can log out and it will stay running00:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about logging00:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about services00:11
bobertdosCutter: Well okay, but that's a bit more of an undertaking than we can solve very quickly in this channel so I suggest some reading00:11
bobertdos!server | Cutter00:11
ubottuCutter: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 8.04. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support00:11
utnubuhello, I am about to install a ubuntu 8.04, but I would like to know how can I encrypt my files..?00:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:12
sharperguypat5star, turns out i just didnt have java fully installed or something00:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelligent00:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encrypt00:12
ubuntu!yeah, and I -see it!00:12
Frozen_Northhey all, are some of the repo's down currently?00:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:12
Kernelhow can i force a program to run in the background? its currently running in a console?00:12
bobertdosutnubu: bcrypt is a simple command line utility that uses the blowfish algorithm00:12
bobertdos!info bcrypt | utnubu00:13
ubottuutnubu: bcrypt (source: bcrypt): Cross platform file encryption utility using blowfish. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-5 (hardy), package size 17 kB, installed size 72 kB00:13
ladyfantasyKernel: one way is to start the process with "nohup"00:13
Kernelutnubu: best encryption app is truecrypt.00:13
ladyfantasybut i don't believe you can do that once the process is already running, so you'd need to start it over00:13
gsdDoes anyone know if there is a tool similiar to prime95 for linux?00:13
Kernelladyfantasy: see the program is already running..and i need to log out then back in...without it stopping00:13
ActionParsnipgsd: what does it do?00:13
ladyfantasyyeah, best thing is probably to wait til it finishes if you don't want to restart it00:13
utnubuok, you already told me encryption methods, but could someone tell me where can I find a tutorial on how to do it?00:14
gsdActionParsnip: uhm its a cpu/memory torture test, used for overclocking :)00:14
ActionParsniputnubu: search for encryptfs00:14
ActionParsnipgsd: theres a cpu burn in test on the ultimate boot cd, takes about 6 days to run00:14
gsdActionParsnip: ... ouch ><00:15
Swishthat sounds like overkill to the extreme00:15
ActionParsnipgsd: yeah its a proper test00:15
ubuntuQuestion: JFS, and 'klogd' and 'syslogd' are stopped. Next boot causes disability to start X-system. Can this 2-b- true?00:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encryptfs00:15
jmichelsen_gsd: you could make a bartpe cd with prime embedded that can run from the disk, like ultimate boot cd00:16
didooofidooohey everbody... i can't switch to my virtual terminals (VT) using (Alt +Ctrl + Fx)00:16
ActionParsniputnubu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedFilesystemHowto00:16
Cutterubottu: thanks but I want to do this with only one computer00:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:16
public_yukamai forgot my password on irc00:16
public_yukamahow cani get a password from irc ?00:16
Cutterbobertdos: thanks but I want to do this with only one computer00:17
utnubuActionParsnip, thank you ;)00:17
didooofidooohi everbody... i can't switch to my virtual terminals (VT) using (Alt +Ctrl + Fx)00:17
Cutterbobertdos: however I will ask on the forums00:17
ActionParsnipgsd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22762500:17
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rwhi guys. I'm having a bit of a problem with compiz fusion. My windows constantly dissapear behind the top panel. How can I change this behavour?00:18
ActionParsnip!compiz | rw00:18
ubotturw: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:18
KenBW2rw: you mean if you drag them up?00:18
rwkenbw2, no some apps when they open, like firefox don't respect the top panel and is partialy covered by it00:18
didooofidooohii <rw> just press alt+F2 then write ... #compiz --replace00:19
legend2440gsd: http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm00:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stardict00:19
KenBW2rw: even if you maximise it?00:19
ActionParsnip!hi | frsandstone7700:19
ubottufrsandstone77: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:19
juroI have one program (Aptana Studio) that I want to use the 32 bit java I have installed for, how can I change the used java only for this program?00:19
rwkenbw2, no when I maximize the windows, everything is fine. Just when I start firefox it isn't fine.00:19
gsdlegend2440: Ah yes, there seems to be a version for linux called MPrime, but I guess it wouldn't be in the repos. :/00:20
ActionParsniprw: id ask in #compiz00:20
KenBW2rw: that a problem?00:20
didooofidooorw   just press alt+F2 then write ...   compiz --replace00:20
ActionParsnipgsd: compile it00:20
jmichelsen_Is there a fairly simple way to uninstall something that was installed with from source?00:20
kindofabuzzcould someone test a VNC for me? let me know if you get the password prompt.  kindofabuzz.homelinux.net:100:20
rwkenbw2: well everytime I open firefox, I have to alt click it to fit my screen00:21
kitchejmichelsen_: well if you have the source still try make deinstall00:21
gsdActionParsnip: ;) alrighty.00:21
rwbut I'll ask in #compiz00:21
KenBW2rw, that reminds me (moves to general question)00:21
* ActionParsnip hates compiz00:21
KenBW2why does ubuntu have seemingly random placement of windows when you open them?00:21
jmichelsen_kindofabuzz: i didnt get it00:21
gleyvewhat is brazilian ubuntu channel?00:21
jmichelsen_kitche: thanks il try that00:22
ChousukeKenBW2: that depends on the window manager00:22
kitche!br| gleyve00:22
ubottugleyve: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt por ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:22
kindofabuzzjmichelsen_: try :0 ?00:22
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=== dmoerner_ is now known as dmoerner
iMatteri fixed my USB problem with modprobe -r ehci_hcd but now im having problems with the data transfer rate being way too slow and in dmesg im getting this FAT: Directory bread(block 1798552) failed Alot and when transfering files to the deivce it lags alot00:23
KenBW2Chousuke: GTK/Compiz00:23
jmichelsen_kindofabuzz: nope00:23
didooofidooojmichelsen go to the source directory then write   make uninstall00:23
ChousukeKenBW2: I think it tries to remember where the window was last but fails :p00:23
=== tuna-fish is now known as tuna
gleyveWhat's a good softwrae for downloading youtube video throght ubuntu linux?00:24
CostaRicanQuakerwhat's the lightest window manager i can run ubuntu on? i'm currently on xfce00:24
gleyveWhat's a good software which I can download youtube videos throught ubuntu linux?00:24
didooofidooogleyve   a firefox extention will do it perfect00:24
legend2440gsd: no compiling necessary just extract and run   ./mprime00:24
rwgleyve, take a look at pytube00:24
CostaRicanQuakeri want something that takes even less memory00:24
KenBW2Chousuke: fix?00:24
frsandstone77I was wondering how this system would perform under these circumstances:   System:  2.5ghz quad core, 8gb of ddr2800 ram and running ubuntu as core OS.       Circumstances:  doing intensive work (web design)  in vmware workstation running osx leopard 10.5 and 4-5gb allocated to the OS.  I'm really worried i wont be able to run leopard fast in the vmware.   Any ideas/suggestions?00:24
gleyvethnks guys..i'll look for it00:24
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: dwm twm openbox, fluxbox, blackbox00:24
ChousukeKenBW2: dunno :/00:24
rwthere is an article about it on linuxowns.wordress.com00:25
jmichelsen_didooofidooo: the thing is there is no makefile, it was a script named something else. Think it will still work that way?00:25
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: probably fluxbox/openbox/blackbox00:25
KenBW2Chousuke: ah well00:25
ActionParsnipfrsandstone77: should be fine00:25
CostaRicanQuakerkitche: are those downloadable from the repositories?00:25
kindofabuzzjmichelsen_: i sent you a pm if ya don't mind00:25
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: well fluxbox is00:25
CostaRicanQuakercan i install them all and try them out and choose which session to log into?00:25
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: you should be able to00:26
frsandstone77acionparsnip:  because i wouldnt be using ubuntu very much during the work, do you think that i would be able to maintain decently smooth operation with even 6-7gb allocated to the vmware?00:26
CostaRicanQuakerlike kde/gnome/xfce, i don't want to install another distro i just want a lighter windows manager00:26
bobertdosCutter: Well, I was going to say, if that's the case, you could set up additional user accounts.00:26
CostaRicanQuakerkitche so i sudo apt-get install fluxbox ?00:26
kitchefrsandstone77: yes that machine out powers most machines here most likely00:26
ActionParsnipfrank23: yeah it runs fine on my semperon am2 with 1gb DDR2 so you shuld be fine00:26
didooofidooojmichelsen :  i dont think so ... it will work only if there is a makefile ... any way applications that is are installed from source code are hard to be uninstalled :-(00:27
frsandstone77thanks a bunch guys!00:27
jamie25Hello, I have java enabled on my firefox browser that allows me to play youtube.. after clicking on the 2nd or 3rd youtube video my PC shuts down & will reboot back into ubuntu.. I have also seen the black screen with a bunch of codes & what not.. What could I do to fix this?00:27
Daisuke_Laptopwell, since youtube is flash, not java...00:27
CostaRicanQuakerkitche: so i sudo apt-get install fluxbox ?00:27
ActionParsnipfrsandstone77: you could always reduce ram to vmware if its slow which id imagine its not due to your cpu00:27
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: yes00:27
utnubucan I encrypt my OS after I have it installed, or do I need to do some extra step before installing?00:28
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: yeah, if you wanna install fluxbox (which KICKS ASS!)00:28
ActionParsniputnubu: no idea, I only know of it. ive never used it00:28
CostaRicanQuakerActionParsnip: can i install freebsd without erasing anything from ubuntu?00:28
jamie25so would it be an issue with flash then?00:29
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: its a totally different OS dude00:29
CostaRicanQuakeryes, but can i?00:29
dmoernerjamie25, you use flash, not java, for youtube.00:29
utnubuActionParsnip, I'll do my research and will experiment on my PC. I'll tell you the outcome, if you're interested00:29
CostaRicanQuakeri hear that all linux applications run on it00:29
rwKenBW2: if you are wondering on how I fixed it (you asked something similar), take a look at the place plugin in compiz fusion. It did the trick for me and you can specify window placement there00:29
ActionParsniputnubu: sure00:29
dmoernerCostaRicanQuaker, if your harddisk is big enough to dual boot, of course00:29
didooofidoooutnubu   yes here is the link   http://www.cat-hackers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2894&p=18339&hilit=encrypt+file+system#p1833900:29
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: if you backup your ~/ you should be fine00:29
CostaRicanQuakerdmoerner: currently have about 63 GB left00:30
dmoernerCostaRicanQuaker, if you want to stick a freebsd kernel in ubuntu then you are out of your mind00:30
jmichelsen_didooofidooo: ah yea I worried about that, o well thanks00:30
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: its a different OS altogether, you'll be format / reinstalling00:30
CostaRicanQuakerdmoerner: i want to be able to dual boot, but when i installed ubuntu i used the entire disk option so i only have one partition00:30
planetxanyone know how i can get my exit and minimize/maximize buttons back on all applications, they dissapeared for some reason00:30
didooofidooojmichelsen    you are welcome .... try to delete the installed files manualy .. this is the last way00:31
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: then you need to resize the partitions or buy a second drive00:31
dmoernerCostaRicanQuaker, you will need to repartition to create free space for freebsd, which will in turn create a disklabel on the partition you give for it00:31
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: or run it virtually00:31
droopsta915anyone got aspare vmware key? I got a few from my teacher, but they are all for windows?.?.?00:31
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: not all linux applications run on FreeBSD really but all open source ones do00:31
jmichelsen_didooofidooo: yea I still have the source and I will look through the script to see where everything was placed, thanks lol00:31
CostaRicanQuakermost of all ubuntu applications are GPL no?00:31
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: some are some arent00:32
droopsta915or a website that i can find a key.00:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pirace00:32
utnubuIs there a way to restore the files I delete in ubuntu using some piece of software? Like in Windows?00:32
CostaRicanQuakeri mean all of the official ones...right?00:32
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o00:32
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: realplayer for example00:32
CostaRicanQuakerrealplayer is proprietary00:32
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: its an example of a non gpl ubuntu app00:32
CostaRicanQuakerif i install freebsd grub will let me dualboot right?00:33
CostaRicanQuakernot like windows00:33
droopsta915piracy? Whatever fellas, buh buy. lol.. Ubuntu/Linux for Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:33
webfarmerhow do I in the terminal copy one directory into another00:33
jmichelsen_webfarmer: cp /foo /foo/bar00:33
jmichelsen_webfarmer: cp /source /foo/dest/00:34
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: you can edit boot.ini to fireup linux but its better to install windows then linux so grub adds the dual boot garbage00:34
CostaRicanQuakerno i mean00:34
didooofidooowebfarmer     cp -r [sourcedir] [distdir]00:34
CostaRicanQuakerif i install freebsd it won't do like windows00:34
CostaRicanQuakeri will still be able to dualboot or not?00:34
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: how do yuo mean "do like windows"00:34
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: you can add windows boot options to yur grub config00:34
CostaRicanQuakerwindows ate grub or something once i installed it after ahving isntalled ubuntu00:34
webfarmerleading /?00:35
simotempler hi there - is it possible to install mac os x on virtualbox??00:35
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: thats because it overwrites the boot sector00:35
CostaRicanQuakerdoes freebsd do that?00:35
ActionParsnipsimotempler: absolutely00:35
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: you'll get options, id jump on googlevideo or youtube to watch an install00:35
kitcheCostaRicanQuaker: well FreeBSD will overwrite the mbr as well but you can boot using the command line really should ask in ##freebsd00:35
didooofidoooCostaRicanQuaker   it must be .... but you came to the wrong place to ask ;-)00:36
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: id check out pcbsd too, simpler to use00:36
CostaRicanQuakerthanks fellas00:36
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simotemplerActionParsnip: does it run mac osx leopard on vbox inside ubuntu ok00:36
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eligoshey pepole, I've got a serious issue with booting, can anyone help me?00:36
=== felix-da-catz_zz is now known as felix-da-catz
ActionParsnipsimotempler: depends on your pc, if you're running an eeepc then no00:36
Guest14431Q: theoretically, if I use all the winxp libs with wine, will I get better compatibility with different apps?00:36
planetxso anyone know how to get my exit/maximize and minimize icons back..tried changing themes didnt help00:36
cambazzhello. I am installing a remote server from an image, and really a ubuntu newbie. but i am veteran linux user. right after install what do I have to do to update the portage cache?00:36
didooofidoooeligos   what is the problem?00:37
sun01techhow can i have my home folder encrypted when logged off and automatically decrypted while logged in?00:37
simotemplerActionParsnip: so what on say a p4 chip dell00:37
simotemplerthats not good no00:37
ActionParsnipsimotempler: means nothing. it also depends on config of virtualisation too00:38
eligosI got a live Comfusion install DVD and it's not getting along with my Nvidia graphica card, and it's odes not even load the installer00:38
frsandstone77anyone remember my question before?00:38
Asterix_Are there any stress tests that can work the northbridge to try and make it overheat?00:39
didooofidoooeligos   check the DVD for deffects first before you start installation00:39
kitchecambazz: well looks like your a gentoo vetern which doesn't really show you much in linux really but sudo apt-get update00:39
sun01techAsterix_: prime95?00:39
simotemplerActionParsnip: so will i prob not be able to setup virtual box on ubuntu to run os x then on my dell?00:39
eligosit asks me to choose an option but when I choose load or install ubuntu, a black screen comes on and says: native_apic_write and a bunch of numbers00:39
Daisuke_Laptopeligos: it's not a supported release00:39
eligosthe disc is fine, that is not the problem00:40
ussercambazz, theres no portage ubuntu is a package base distro00:40
ussercambazz, sudo apt-get update00:40
cambazzkitche :) yes i am gentoo person00:40
Daisuke_Laptopand reading the description, i threw up a little in my throat00:40
cambazzhave to install this server quickly00:40
ActionParsnipsimotempler: like i said it depends no so many things there is no black and white answer, you may have to try it which could be expensive as you will need a license to install it00:40
frsandstone77how would running osx 10.5 server vs the leopard desktop version in a vmware differ in performance?00:40
Asterix_sun01tech: it looks like that's a cpu stress test... not a northbridge stress test00:40
ActionParsnipsimotempler: and if its bad you'll have wasted your cash00:40
Daisuke_Laptopeligos: just install hardy00:40
kitchefrsandstone77: how are we suppose to know?00:40
frsandstone77kitche, maybe someone has needed to do this00:41
frsandstone77to run final cut pro or something for their work00:41
IndyGunFreak!hardy | eligos00:41
ubottueligos: Hardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents00:41
didooofidoooeligos   the latest UBUNTU release00:41
eligosoh, ok00:41
simotemplerActionParsnip: to hell with it so will stick with my ubuntu and xp inside my vbox - pitty the linux cad programs are rubbish00:42
Daisuke_Laptopeligos: it has compiz-fusion included, and it's still really easy to install anything else you might need00:42
reidmsI  can not log in because my bluetooth keyboard is not working after a fresh install.  I have no access to a usb keyboard.  Is there anyway around this?00:42
kahrytanWho knows how to register plugin with Firefox 3?00:42
RageMachineWhere would I be able to find an error log for when my computer freezes?00:42
simotempleri wish the major CAD companies would release linux versions00:42
eligosso you think that will solve the problem?? and ubuntu will finally get along my my graphics card?, because whe I remove the graphics card and use the integrated video, ubuntu installs with no problem00:42
RageMachinesimotempler, wine & other such programs are getting better.00:43
kitcheRageMachine: well /var/log/messages is one place but you would need to look at one of the bz2 ones00:43
roe_Qcad isn't bad for 2d stuff00:43
kitchesimotempler: they do00:43
simotemplerRageMachine tried that b4 not a hope in hell they will run CAD00:43
RageMachinekitche, /var/log/messages, but which specific file?00:43
kenzyt would be nice if ubuntu support my x-fi sound card00:43
RageMachinesimotempler, I've ran autocad via wine00:43
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash00:43
simotemplerRageMachine what version00:43
bobertdoskahrytan: Which plugin?00:43
kitcheRageMachine: this one messages.0.bz200:44
kahrytanbob42» flash00:44
cavscout66is is possible to install x into the 8.04 server edition?00:44
RageMachinesimotempler, .9 something or other. It was a bit buggy, but their always improving.00:44
kitchecavscout66: yes00:44
bosan4edosHello i am running linux ubuntu 7.10 and i cant to login on amsn whats the problem when i press login its just loading.. ?00:44
RageMachinekitche, and how do i view .o.bz2 files?00:44
rubyphyte1can anyone recommend me a good tutorial on setting up a pop/smtp server on ubuntu...I've got my own domain and would like to host emails from it...I'd prefer simple setup/config to high volume00:44
ActionParsnipcavscout66: sudo apt-get install xorg00:44
kitcheRageMachine: by bunzip2 them in another directory00:44
bobertdoskahrytan: Downloaded from Adobe or installed from the repos?00:45
simotemplernever heard of it must be real old the new ones are so buggy they wont work at all on wine00:45
kahrytanbob42» adobe. repos one is buggy00:45
simotemplerare microsoft paying them off to not release linux versions or what00:45
kitchekahrytan: well the one in the repos is the same one at adobe really00:46
RageMachinekitche, i dont have that file00:46
geirhacavscout66: Just X or a desktop environment or window manager as well?00:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:46
IndyGunFreakkahrytan: what do you mean by register, just install flash off of using the tar file off adobe.com00:46
kitcheRageMachine: you don't have /var/log/messages.0.bz2?00:46
kahrytanKitar|st» Nope. One in repos is Flash 900:46
bobertdoskahrytan: yes, I know :p; Well you should be able to run the installer from the terminal.00:46
bosan4edosHello people i am running Linux Ubuntu 7.10 and i need some program Like AMSN Or Gaim can somebody help me ?00:46
RageMachinekitche I have  messages.0 , messages.1.gz messages.2.gz00:46
NutzebahnHello, when I try to install kde4 in Synaptic, I get this: http://pastebin.com/d676fdaaa00:46
kitcheRageMachine: well ubuntu uses .gz instead of .bz2 :)00:46
usserbosan4edos, pidgin00:46
kahrytanbob42»  not for root install ie, /usr/lib/mozilla00:46
bobertdoskahrytan: I warn you though, I haven't had as much luck with the RC of 10 than the other two betas.00:47
TDJACR|AwayRageMachine: sudo apt-get instal pidgin00:47
RageMachinebosan4edos, whats wrong with amsn or gaim?00:47
usserbosan4edos, is former gaim00:47
cavscout66can this install be done offline by downloading the the package first?  today is my second day with ubuntu.00:47
bastid_raZor!pidgin > bosan4edos00:47
ubottubosan4edos, please see my private message00:47
RageMachineTDJACR|Away wrong user00:47
bosan4edosRageMachine: i can't login on that00:47
StargazerHow do i get Quake 1 for Ubuntu ?00:47
simotemplerbosan4edos - use pidgin00:47
bobertdoskahrytan: I've had no trouble using the installer with root.00:47
bosan4edospidgin sux dude :S00:47
ActionParsnippidgin is awesome00:47
RageMachinekitche, but i dont have .0.gz either. just .000:47
kitcheRageMachine: then just go the the next number00:47
bosan4edosI need some program like windows live messenger00:47
RageMachinekitche whats the different between .0 and .1.gz and .2.gz?00:47
bosan4edosbut for linux00:47
RageMachinekitche ok.00:47
jamie25Hello I am running Ubuntu 8.04. I reinstalled flash for firefox & I am having the same issue, after the third consecutive video that I play, my PC reboots byitself00:47
TDJACR|AwayIf a 7.10 install CD works, can I use abt to upgrade to hardy?00:48
ActionParsnipbosan4edos: kopete, amsn, pidgin00:48
StargazerBosan4edos, Emesene (not perfect, but good)00:48
kitcheRageMachine: different versions of the file same file just one from like two days ago and such00:48
kahrytanbob42»  i've got the plugin lib in /usr/lib/mozilla and .mozilla/plugins and it doesnt work00:48
simotemplerbosan4edos pidgin is the best00:48
geirhaTDJACR|Away: Yes00:48
bosan4edosok thx guys00:48
landonabhave a question, i just bought a new laptop and HP specs say it has a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection but Ubuntu 8.04 is reporting it as an Atheros and wireless does not work.. Is it possible that Ubuntu is reporting wrong in Restricted Drivers or did HP build this laptop with a different card?00:48
kitcheNutzebahn: looks like the packages your trying to install has the same files in it so it's just complaining00:48
dvswuts the 1/4 circle thing in the upper right hand corner of kubuntu and can i install it in ubuntu00:48
StargazerBosan4edos, open Synaptic and search for MSN00:48
bobertdoskahrytan: Install to /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.100:49
dvsit says add widget00:49
bosan4edosok thx00:49
ActionParsniplandonab: run lspci, it will tell you what it is00:49
IndyGunFreaklandonab: pastebin your lspci00:49
kitchelandonab: well it's a intel card with a Atheros chipset00:49
IndyGunFreak!paste | landonab00:49
ubottulandonab: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:49
Asterix_If my computer crashes only while playing 3D games but it can't be an overheating problem because I have a brand new video card, what else could be the source of a problem like this?00:49
IndyGunFreakkitche: i didn't think any of the intel devices, used anything but intel..00:49
bobertdoskahrytan: Otherwise, you can always create symbolic links.00:49
usserAsterix_, buggy drivers00:49
kahrytanbobertdos»  plugins folder there is a link00:49
RageMachinekitche, it doesnt give me much from the log00:50
kitcheIndyGunFreak: no clue why you told him to pastebin but yes intel uses atheros chipsets as well00:50
dvsdoes anyone know what i'm talking about ?00:50
usserAsterix_, video card drivers00:50
RageMachinekitche, it says -- MARK ---00:50
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:50
landonabok...so sounds like i have to use ndiswrapper00:50
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:50
IndyGunFreakkitche: so i could see the device?.. and i didn't know that intel used atheros.00:50
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:50
Asterix_usser: I've got the latest nvidia drivers installed...  it was doing this with some previous drivers too00:50
RageMachinekitche, then it says Ubuntu restarted (which would be me having to cold-boot from a frozen screen00:50
kahrytanbobertdos»  /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.1/plugins is a link00:50
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:50
IndyGunFreaklandonab: don't use ndiswerapper w/ that device, use madwifi00:50
bosan4edosStargazer: why i can't see my contacts on emesene?00:51
landonabindygunfreak, thanks00:51
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:51
bosan4edosits online 0/000:51
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:51
bobertdoskahrytan: follow that link and make sure libflashplayer.so is present.00:51
kitchelandonab: well looks like you don't have intel that's for sure you probably looked up the wrong version of your laptop00:51
lenswip1cWhat is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:51
* dvs boots lenswip00:51
landonabnever used madwifi, i will see what i can figure out00:51
bosan4edosStargazer: why i can't see my contacts on emesene?00:51
Asterix_usser: it doesn't crash right away either...  with my previous card I could play for 5-10 min before a hard lockup but with my new one I played for several hours and then it finally crashed00:51
StargazerBosan4edos, View ->00:51
* lenswip1 cries00:51
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:51
Proton23I'm searching for serverlayouts 2 monitors and 1 monitor + TV. Somebody got a link? :)00:51
Svishjust installed?00:51
kitcheIndyGunFreak: well intel uses atheros as well but they mainly use intel but his laptop has nothing to do with intel anyways it's an AMD00:51
landonabboboertdos, i am looking at the specs now...00:52
dvswuts the 1/4 circle thing in the upper right hand corner of kubuntu and can i install it in ubuntu00:52
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:52
Svishis there a way to see what packages I just installed?00:52
IndyGunFreakkitche: lol, well that would make a big difference00:52
usserAsterix_, crashes like deadlocks completely up to the point where u have to press power button00:52
usserAsterix_, ?00:52
kitcheRageMachine: well that doesn't help but that was the file you needed to look at00:52
lenswip1What is scrollkeper-up? And why is it hogging 85% of my cpu?00:52
RageMachinekitche, thats my point, it didn't log anything :/ anything else I can do.00:52
RageMachinelenswipl http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/debian-linux-help/90345-scrollkeeper-up.html00:52
kahrytanbobertdos»  still doesnt work00:52
Asterix_usser: correct...  caps lock doesn't even do anything00:52
RageMachinelenswipl next time google, and don't spam. kthnx00:52
Asterix_usser: I've tried checking system logs but nothing shows up because it's a total freeze up00:53
kahrytanbobertdos» It's in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins now.00:53
eligosdoes anyone know if the intel dual core processors are 32-bit or 64-bit??00:53
bosan4edosStargazer: in View its ok but i still can't see my contacts00:53
kitcheRageMachine: nope not really well you could dig in the other log files in that directory00:53
usserAsterix_,  hm the only cause i can think of is overheating really00:53
legend2440Svish: open synaptic >file>history00:53
kitcheeligos: depends if they are new or not00:53
bobertdoskahrytan: If you go into firefox, type about:config, and enable full plugin path exposure, it will tell you where your plugins are coming from00:53
RageMachinekitche, do you know of any diagnostic tools then?00:53
rzecI finally got ubuntu installed on my computer apparently i needed to us a cd and not dvd but know i have another question.  how do i change the brightness of my laptop monitor, it is very difficult for me to look at it right now?00:53
RageMachinerzec are you running on a battery?00:53
kitcheRageMachine: nope myself I just look at the debugging information the kernel spews out at me00:53
kahrytanbobertdos»  enable how00:54
Svishlegend2440: oh really? I had no idea... thanks :D00:54
StargazerBosan4edos: View -> Show Offline, Show by nick00:54
bobertdoskahrytan: *in about:plugins, that is00:54
RageMachinekitche, is that the file I was looking at, or somewhere else?00:54
rzecno, AC RageMachine00:54
geirhaeligos: "sudo lshw -class cpu" will tell you if it is 32-bit or 64-bit00:54
kitcheRageMachine: what file? you talking about00:54
bobertdoskahrytan: Go into firefox and type about:config00:54
RageMachinekitche messages.000:54
kahrytanbobertdos»  NOT IN THE LIST00:54
ramontayaghey all. i need a bit of help making monit automatically start/restart via init.  i followed this book but it doesn't seem to work. basically, i edited /etc/inittab to contain this: http://pastie.org/252629.  It doesn't restart when i boot the server. i'm on hardy00:55
Asterix_usser: I thought it was too with my old card.  But this new card runs cooler and I've also tried running the computer with a fan blowing into it.  The temperature sensors are steady too.  It's a brand new card and I don't understand how it's overheating already.00:55
eligosgeirha: I don't have linuz installed, I want to download it and it's asking me wich one do I want00:55
usserAsterix_, maybe its the cpu?00:55
bobertdoskahrytan: In the filters, search for plugin.expose_full_path00:55
kitcheRageMachine: nope that's for this boot your on right now00:55
zzl i was wondering if i could put my belkin g plus mimo usb network adapter into raw form?00:55
RageMachineeligos, you pick based on your processor. which processor do you have?00:55
zzl i was wondering if i could put my belkin g plus mimo usb network adapter into raw form?00:55
kahrytanbobertdos»  the plugin isi n the right directories. and firefox cant freakin find it00:55
RageMachinekitche, so where do you find the kernel messages?00:55
bobertdoskahrytan: Double-click it to enable and then go to about:plugins. If Flash is there, it'll tell you the version and the path of the plugin.00:56
geirhaeligos: Well, 32-bit will work no matter which bitness the cpu is.00:56
kitcheRageMachine: /var/log/messages.* but I compile debug information into the kernel so it outputs to a file which I doubt ubuntu has in theirs00:56
kahrytanbobertdos»  it doesnt sya00:56
summatusmentisdoes ubuntu have ssh installed by default?00:56
rzecRageMachine: do you know to change brightness?00:56
kitcheeligos: just go with i386 really if you want it to be easy to use00:56
ramontayagif this channel is not the right one to ask about monit and init, where should i go?00:56
RageMachinerzec give me a sec00:56
kitchesummatusmentis: ssh command yes but not the server00:56
kahrytanbobertdos»  I told you before and ill tell you again... ITS NOT IN ABOUT:PLUGINS00:57
bosan4edosStargazer: yes yes thats it :S00:57
Asterix_usser: I tried running a cpu stress test that maxxed it out completely and it didn't lock up for a couple hours worth.  I think it was hitting around 75 degrees with that test running.00:57
mariusia there a way to aktivate the wlan in ubuntu over the terminal?00:57
summatusmentiskitche: oh, no server? that'd be why I keep getting denied connections00:57
bobertdoskahrytan: In which case, you should probably delete all references to the plugin and fresh install to /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.100:57
usserAsterix_, what kind of game were u playing was it running in wine?00:57
StargazerBosan4edos: on a side note, MSN Messenger is updating their codes and some programs may not function properly, go to the website for further info00:58
kahrytanbobertdos» The plugin directory is /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins00:58
bosan4edosStargazer: i am not good with english plz dude help me :S00:58
kahrytanbobertdos»  so How do i tell firefox to find the freakin plugin that is there00:58
Asterix_usser: I tested it with WoW and Portal and it did the crashing thing with both of them with my previous card00:58
RageMachinerzec, are you using ubuntu, or xubuntu / kubuntu00:58
kahrytanbobertdos»  if you dont know how, then tell me.00:59
Asterix_usser: and with my new card it has crashed once with both of them but only after a much longer time than the ~5 min I was getting with the old card.00:59
StargazerBosan4edos: MSN Messenger is getting new stuff and the people making Emesene don't know how to use it -_-00:59
alraun1 ramontayag: type :  /list00:59
rzecRageMachine: Ubuntu 8.04 32-bit00:59
usserAsterix_, hm... that is weird i dunno what to tell u, try running a linux native game like openarena or tremulous see how that works out00:59
RageMachineAsterix_ you could try Crossover Games  (google) its basically wine you pay for. It has a trial, and it comes with the proper settings to run most games at optimum00:59
kahrytanbobertdos»  There is the vlc plugin in that directory that is detected just fine. but not libflash00:59
bosan4edosStargazer: i know how to use it just i can't see my contacts i will make a screenshot look00:59
Asterix_ragemachine: I've never had problems with wine before...  I was 99% certain it was a heat problem that was causing my card to crash but now I'm not certain anymore.01:00
bobertdoskahrytan: One way or another, a link, or a copy of the plugin itself should be directly in /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.1/plugins. I really suggest deleting everything and starting from scratch with that.01:00
RageMachinerzec, it seems there is a bug with KDE/Gnome that gamma does not change. If you install Xubuntu (sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop) you can change the gamma, then log back into gnome01:00
ramontayagalraun1: I did.. but not sure what i'm supposed to do with it01:00
RageMachineAsterix_ new versions of wine can mess things up01:00
kitchebobertdos: you do know firefox3 uses a different dir hiearchy for plugins besides what firefox2 had right01:00
kahrytanbobertdos»  the plugin directory is /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and not /usr/lib/flash-3*01:00
Asterix_usser: I'll have to try out a native game and see what happens.  It's just so disconcerting to have been so sure it was a heat problem and now it's cropping up again albeit in a limited fashion.01:01
RageMachineAsterix_ it only takes a second or two to setup crossovers, and if it works via that, you know its the wine version your using :)01:01
bosan4edosStargazer: http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/1209/screenshotjs4.png here look01:01
kahrytanbobertdos» please stop trying to mislead me01:01
casdfhi; i have a problem with the powerdown options menu (the one with logout, restart, shutdown, etc.). namely, it doesn't show up, and partly freezes my comp when I select it01:01
bobertdoskahrytan: Yes, I know, but I'm just saying that this is what works for me.01:01
kahrytanbobertdos»  welcome to ignore/01:01
youknowmehow do I send an active CLI operation to the background?01:01
Asterix_ragemachine: well I did step back with older versions of wine on the old card and it still gave me the issues.  Same with some older versions of the nvidia drivers.01:01
kitchekahrytan: well that is good for firefox2 unless ubuntu changed it since firefox3 uses a different system then what firefox2 used01:01
qr_youknowme: ctrl+z then bg01:01
kahrytanbob42»  i want to know how to register the plugin. you dont know how01:01
zzlbobertdos:what kind of linux disto was that in the screenshot?01:01
RageMachineAsterix_ odd, are you using closed or open source drivers?01:02
kitchekahrytan: firefox3 uses xulrunner now01:02
ActionParsnipyouknowme: if you want it backgrounded add & at the end and you'll get control back01:02
kahrytankitche»  vlc plugin is in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and it works.01:02
alraun1 ramontayag: type :  pm me for ur question01:02
bobertdoszzl: Which screenshot?01:02
zzl http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/1209/screenshotjs4.png01:02
rzecRageMachine, I just notice the fn F5 opn my laptop had a sun with a up arrow and that fixed it.01:02
kitchekahrytan: and I bet it's symlinked to where the real plugin directory is01:02
bosan4edosStargazer: plz help me dude01:02
kahrytankitche»  nope01:02
youknowmeqr_ Thats what I thought, but I can't get folding@home to do that..01:02
Asterix_ragemachine: I'm using the closed drivers...  I tried the open ones and they were horrible.  I could start wow but it looked really bad and was very choppy.01:03
kitchekahrytan: well then ubuntu changed where xulrunner is then01:03
RageMachinerzec, oh good. That is the way your supposed to do it, the bug prevents that though. but it worked for you so good to hear.01:03
casdfanyone? powerdown menu causing freezes?01:03
redneck862can someone help me with please? I installed powerpoint reader 2007 + compatibility pack via wine to my ubuntu but it can't read ppsx-files01:03
qr_youknowme: what is the problem, exactly?01:03
kahrytankitche»  in /usr/lib/xul*01:03
RageMachineAsterix_ okay, and what are the two cards youve tried?01:03
StargazerBosan4edos, open Synaptic Package Manager, hit Search, type in MSN and hit enter (just look around and read the description and test them)01:03
ActionParsnipredneck862: so if you click file -> open you cant read the file?01:03
ActionParsnip!msn | bosan4edos01:03
ubottubosan4edos: The Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/GaimHowto) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !Kopete01:04
Asterix_my old card is a 6800GT and the new one is a 7600GT... both AGP01:04
youknowmeNo problem other than the program not going into the background, I started folding manually, but I don't wanna keep that window open the whole time.01:04
Asterix_ragemachine: I never had issues with my old card until around a couple months ago... things just started getting flakier and flakier01:04
bobertdoszzl: Well, that certainly looks like Hardy (or a predecessor). It just looks like a really tricked-out theme to me ;)01:04
RageMachineAsterix_ have you updated any software? Also hows the inside of your case looking? could just need cleaning if youve got some dustballs01:04
kahrytankitche»  is the user plugin folder  in ~/.mozilla/plugins?01:05
eligosoh i found it, it's x86 family so it has to be 3201:05
qr_youknowme: what do you mean by "not going into the background" though? Does ctrl+z not work? Does it not keep running after ctrl+z? I can't help you if you don't tell me what the problem actually is.01:05
ActionParsnipkahrytan: thats what i use01:05
javolatra 01:05
javolatrathe ubuntu 8.04 lt does not install on my notebook, someone could help me?01:05
kitchekahrytan: yes for the user01:05
qr_youknowme: and please say my name when talking to me, this channel moves fast and I'll probably miss it if you don't.01:05
kahrytanActionParsnip»  it doesnt work in there either01:05
redneck862ActionParship: no, I can't... doesn't open with ubuntus presentation nor ppt reader 200701:05
ramontayagjavolatra: start with the model, etc01:05
Bruceehow do i open up a file name clock24.tar.bz2 and what do i run it with? on ubuntu hardy01:06
javolatrapositivo mobile v5501:06
Asterix_ragemachine: I've got a shuttle case and I did clean it out just recently.  Come to think of it... the biggest change I did a couple months ago was updating to ubuntu 8.04.  But there were a lot of changes around then including wine so it's somewhat tricky to pinpoint it exactly.01:06
casdfalso, i have a problem with setting up dualboot01:06
javolatramainboard clevo 660se01:06
rubyphyte1can anyone suggest a very simple to configure pop/smtp server combo01:06
ramontayagjavolatra: what are the errors? please be descriptive01:06
qr_Brucee: you can tar -x clockwhatever to extract it01:06
ActionParsnipkahrytan: you can symlink it too01:06
casdfi installed xp after i installed ubuntu, so i've gone into linux, reset grub, and added windows to menu.lst01:06
Asterix_ragemachine: I have checked all the fans and they seem to be blowing just fine.01:06
kahrytanActionParsnip»  huh?01:06
youknowmeqr_ WHen I hit ctrl+z the programs remains open in the CLI window when it should run in the background and give me back my terminal.01:06
RageMachineAsterix_ have you installed anything graphical recently? maybe added a dock or something, or some widgets?01:06
casdfbut when i try to select windows in grub, it says something like device is wrong01:06
* |wizard| looking for assistants with wi-fi01:07
ActionParsnipkahrytan: there are .so files all over the shop you can symlink to there01:07
casdfi've tried root (0,1) and root (0,2)01:07
redneck862ActionParship: ppt reader 2007 complains about the compatibility pack even it is installed01:07
kitcheyouknowme: ctrl+z just suspends01:07
eligosgeirha: do you know if this is a common problem or is it just me and my Nvidia card???01:07
kahrytanActionParsnip»  not making sense for me01:07
RageMachinecasdf what type of drives do you have, and do you have an external one?01:07
DamianFinolHey guys; where can I download a single .deb file for ubuntu?01:07
deepfriedsquirreQuake 4 is now telling me that my cd key is in use and demanding a new one. Could this to do with me having installed it on more than one partition?01:07
neurobuntuDamianFinol, what deb do you want?01:07
casdfRageMachine: its all on one drive01:07
qr_youknowme:  try running it as 'command_to_run_folding@home &' the ampersand should send it directly into the background01:07
ActionParsnipkahrytan: id get websearching to achieve what you need01:07
Asterix_ragemachine: Nope...  I used to run Beryl but that was a year ago or so...  haven't messed with it since then.01:07
RageMachinecasdf okay, what are you using, grub? and whichversion?01:07
casdfRageMachine: its partitioned pretty weirdly; does the order in which i created the partitions matter?01:07
DamianFinol(don't have Internet on the other laptop) so must download it manually and copy it with my usb drive01:08
leachim6_whenever I try to start gnome-settings-daemon from openbox I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/37281/01:08
zzldeepfriedsquirre: don't pirate01:08
ramontayaghey all. i need a bit of help making monit automatically start/restart via init.  i followed this rails deployment book but it doesn't seem to work. basically, i edited /etc/inittab to contain this: http://pastie.org/252629.  It doesn't restart when i boot the server. i'm on ubuntu hardy01:08
leachim6_what's up with that ?01:08
casdfRageMachine: grub, whatever comes with grub-install on hardy01:08
kahrytanActionParsnip»  the plugin is in ~/mozilla/plugins It doesnt work01:08
Bruceeits not doing anything when i type tar -x clock24.tar.bz2 qr_01:08
RageMachinecasdf, the order they are on the drive matters. if your not sure boot up gparted and look01:08
ActionParsnipkahrytan: whats the plugin for?01:08
kahrytanActionParsnip»  Flash 10. Flash 9 in repos is buggy01:08
javolatra 01:08
youknowmeqr_, I'll give that a try. Thanks!01:08
javolatrathe ubuntu 8.04 lt does not install on my notebook, someone could help me?01:08
qr_Brucee: ahh, oops that should have been tar -xf file01:08
casdfRageMachine: right, i guess im asking, is it the order on disk, or the order in which they were created01:08
neurobuntuDamianFinol, you can use sudo apt-get install -d <package name>01:08
DamianFinolneurobuntu, There is no internet.01:08
RageMachinecasdf the order on the disk.01:08
DamianFinolhence why I'm looking for it manually01:08
|wizard|what type of notebook?01:09
ActionParsnipkahrytan: you running 64bit or 32bit01:09
neurobuntuDamianFinol,  then you'll have to download it on a machine that has internet01:09
casdfRageMachine: right now the disk has: ubuntu partition, ntfs filestore, ntfs windows, and linuxswap01:09
Bruceeqr_ done..... now what do i do?01:09
DamianFinolneurobuntu, That01:09
kahrytanActionParsnip»  32bit.01:09
DamianFinolThat's what I'm doing, d'oh01:09
casdfRageMachine: so it should be (0,2) for the windows right01:09
DamianFinolLooking for the repository url01:09
DamianFinolto download it manually.01:09
RageMachinecasdf boot up gparted. it will take a while, but it will tell you exactly what they are01:09
ActionParsnipkahrytan: just head over to adobe.com and it will  install there01:09
neurobuntuDamianFinol, so what is OS on the other machine01:09
casdfRageMachine: it is up.01:09
DamianFinolIt doesn't matter.01:09
qr_Brucee: no idea. That should have created you a folder with a bunch of files in it.  I don't know what was in the archive, I just told you how to extract it.  What are you trying to do?01:09
neurobuntuDamianFinol, well if its ubuntu you can use apt-get to download the deb01:09
leachim6_so ... about my issue ?01:09
kahrytanActionParsnip»  which is linked to flashplayer-installer script. which i used to install the plugin.01:09
neurobuntuDamianFinol, if its not Ubuntu then you'll have to download it from the repo manually01:10
kitcheDamianFinol: http://packages.ubuntu.com01:10
DamianFinolIt's not ubuntu, I would've done that.01:10
DamianFinolkitche, Thanks01:10
RageMachinecasdf it should tell you what partition is what. for example windows might be sda1 or hda101:10
DamianFinolWas looking for that.01:10
casdfRageMachine: in order of their position on drive, it goes like this: sda1 (ubuntu), sda4 (ntfs filestore), sda2 (ntfs windows), sda3/5 (swap)01:10
dmsupermanI have an iso mounted to /media/mounted-iso however when I try to unmount it (sudo umount /media/mounted-iso) it says the device is busy. How can I figure out what's using it?01:10
kahrytanActionParsnip»  does it matter plugin mime is application/x-sharedlib ?01:10
RageMachinecasdf okay so windows is (hd0,1)01:10
ActionParsnipkahrytan: no idea man, sorry01:10
eligosdoes aby one know what "native_apic_write" is?01:10
casdfRageMachine: how did you get that?01:10
CostaRicanQuakerActionParsnip: how do i open swiftweasel from fluxbox?01:10
leachim6_please ?01:10
leachim6_someone ?01:10
casdfRageMachine: also, i tried that and it didnt work01:11
CostaRicanQuakerit dissappeared from the list of browsers01:11
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: is it installed?01:11
neurobuntuleachim6, what is your problem?01:11
candiveHi all, I am trying to put my 8.04.1 CD on USB so I can install ubuntu to all pcs. I have been trying for 3 days straight. Many links and instructions do not work. Please help me spread the linux.01:11
qr_dmsuperman: do you have any open files from the iso? Are any terminals sitting in directorys on the iso? If the answer to both of these is no, try umount -l path/to/iso01:11
RageMachinecasdf ubuntu is the letter after sd corrosponds to the first number, the number after corrosponds to the second.01:11
leachim6_whenever I try to start gnome-settings-daemon I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/37281/01:11
RageMachinecadf ignore that ubuntu bit :P01:11
ActionParsnipCostaRicanQuaker: in terminal type swift (press tab to complete) then put a spce then & and press enter01:11
RageMachinecasdf but they start at 0 and not one01:11
Beta-guyI'm having difficulty, I tried installing the ATI drive and when I rebooted I just got a black screen when X tried to load, I got ubuntu to fix X and it loads now but when I try to log in to gnome, it goes to a white screen but failsafe gnome loads fine, any suggestions?01:11
RageMachinecasdf so a1 means first drive first partition, or (hd0,0)01:11
casdfRageMachine: ok, the problem is i have this in grub's menu.lst:01:11
Odd-rationaleleachim6: try "sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart"01:11
RageMachinecasdf if its long use pastebin01:12
dimitrisI am trying to install ubuntu 8.04 but the partitioning utility during installation cant find any hard drives. I have 2 sata drives. I01:12
neurobuntuleachim6, do you have dbus installed?01:12
kahrytanCan someone else help me install and/or register Flash 10 plugin? it is in ~/.mozilla/plugins01:12
casdftitle windows; root (hd0,1) ; makeactive ; chainloader +101:12
dmsupermanqr_, no errors, but when i go to /media/mounted-iso it's still mounted01:12
ActionParsnip!find swift > ActionParsnip01:12
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message01:12
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i get the right click menu to go away01:13
qr_dmsuperman: oh my.  Try sudo umount -f maybe?01:13
dmsupermanqr_, yeah, said device busy 4 times01:13
ActionParsnip!find swift01:13
ubottuFound: gnome-speech-swift01:13
RageMachinecasdf okay, could you try just root (hd0,1) ; chainloader +1 ?01:13
CostaRicanQuakerActionParsnip: how do i get the right click menu to go away, i have a window open and it's blockimhg my view01:13
leachim6_who suggested I try sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart ?01:13
dmsupermanqr_, oh, weird01:13
leachim6_who was that ?01:13
dmsupermanqr_, now it worked01:13
kahrytanCan someone else help me install and/or register Flash 10 plugin? it is in ~/.mozilla/plugins01:13
qr_dmsuperman: excellent.01:13
onelivv_Please help Guru Masters: How can I suppress this when compiling? cc1plus: warnings being treated as errors01:14
leachim6_Odd-rationale, ...I did that01:14
leachim6_Odd-rationale, it didn't work01:14
casdfRageMachine: which brings me to problem #2 (concurrent)01:14
leachim6_Odd-rationale, anything else I can try ?01:14
casdfRageMachine: btw that did work, thanks!01:14
Odd-rationaleleachim6: did it fail?01:14
casdfRageMachine: could you explain why make active caused it to fail?01:14
phoenix_Hello everyone.  Is there a Parallels Desktop for Ubuntu? I'm trying to run a windows partition (not just .iso or what ever they use) as an active window in ubuntu.01:14
Beta-guyI tell you, it's fusterating moving from Windows a system I know like the back of my hand, and moving over to Linux, I feel like a noob :p01:14
RageMachinecasdf, no effing idea. lol. Basically all you need is to tell grub where the file is, and to let the MBR boot.01:14
dimitrisAny ideas how to make the ubuntu install utility recognise my sata drives during installation? I tried setting the options in the bios in something other than sata as ide but then the pc becomes sluggish and takes forever to get past bios.01:15
casdfRageMachine: and in case you could help with this, my reboot/shutdown commands menu is messed up, as in it causes freezes01:15
dmsupermanWhy is it that DVD's are sooooo much quieter than, for instance, an avi?01:15
RageMachinecasdf which means you need chainloader+1 and root ()01:15
leachim6_Odd-rationale,  restarting dbus ... no dbus restarted fine01:15
CostaRicanQuakerActionParsnip: swift and swiftweasel are commands not found01:15
leachim6_Odd-rationale, but gnome-settings-daemon still doesn't work01:15
RageMachinecasdf the other options are for if that doesnt work properly, usually anyways.01:15
RageMachinecasdf as for the menu freezing. when it freezes can you use alt+ctrl+backspace?01:15
NutzebahnIs Ubuntu 8.0.4 much better than 7.10?01:15
centrexphoenix_, You can use vm player or vmware workstation but it's not free.01:15
casdfRageMachine: the menu isnt even showing up after i select to open that menu tho (for example, clicking on the power icon to top right)01:15
centrexphoenix_, there isn't any free open source utility to do that though that I'm aware of.01:15
Odd-rationaleleachim6: does reboot help?01:16
the|navigatorhow can I use b43 fwcutter with a livecd?01:16
casdfRageMachine: and while mouse still moves, no other clicks trigger afterwards01:16
leachim6_Odd-rationale, no01:16
phoenix_I don't mind paying, but they actually manipulate my current NTFS partition?01:16
eligosdoes aby one know what "native_apic_write" is?01:16
the|navigatorCan I install from a USB?01:16
phoenix_I didn't know that they did that...01:16
RageMachinecasdf, so you click the icon. Nothing at happens, can you just go about your merry way and keep using programs etc.?01:16
qr_phoenix_: try virtualbox, it's free and should do what you want.01:16
RageMachinethe|navigator, yep. guides all over google01:16
casdfRageMachine: nope, mouse clicks dont trigger anymore01:16
centrexphoenix_, oh not sure about that, sorry01:16
casdfRageMachine: and same happens with ctrl-alt-bksp01:17
leachim6_any more help for me ?01:17
RageMachinecasdf, but programs still run?01:17
the|navigatorMy Ubuntu install keeps stopping on bootup, and saying its on routine checks and I get streams of {DRDY ERR}{UNC}01:17
casdfRageMachine: the ones that are running i think still continue01:17
RageMachinecasdf. Okay. Well, your best bet is to try different shutdown commands via the terminal, and see if any work01:17
casdfRageMachine: control alt backspace logged me out01:17
RageMachinecasdf thats good.01:18
Odd-rationaleleachim6: i'm out of ideas, sorry..01:18
RageMachinecasdf ctrl+alt+bckspace restarts gnome01:18
Beta-guyI need help getting into gnome or I'll have to reformat, and I don't want to reformat everytime I hit a bump in the road with Linux...01:18
casdfRageMachine: i see01:18
alraun1the|navigator:hardy is installed and you get drive errors at bootup ?01:18
leachim6_Odd-rationale, I figured it out01:18
kitcheBeta-guy: well what is the issue?01:18
the|navigatoralraun1: yes01:18
phoenix_But all this VBox does is create an ISO/VMB file and install the OS there, I don't want to do that.  I want to fully run my existing windows XP in a virtual machine environment to eliminate rebooting.01:18
Beta-guyI'm having difficulty, I tried installing the ATI drive and when I rebooted I just got a black screen when X tried to load, I got ubuntu to fix X and it loads now but when I try to log in to gnome, it goes to a white screen but failsafe gnome loads fine, any suggestions?01:18
Odd-rationaleleachim6: cool01:18
RageMachinecasdf. So, this means gnome isn't frozen or anything like that, just the command ubuntu is using to shutdown etc. isnt working.01:19
cambazzin the /etc/passwd file if i have user:x:1000:1000 which one of the 1000's is the group id?01:19
alraun1the|navigator:have a live cd ?01:19
casdfRageMachine: oh, well i didnt try to freeze it first01:19
redneck862can someone help me with please? I installed powerpoint reader 2007 + compatibility pack via wine to my ubuntu but it can't read ppsx-files01:19
kitchephoenix_: look at vmware-server it should have the feature you want really01:19
RageMachinecasdf oh >.<01:19
RageMachinecasdf thats okay.01:19
casdfRageMachine: when i freeze it first the same happens tho, it still logs out01:19
RageMachinecasdf kk01:19
casdfRageMachine: so thats good!01:19
RageMachinecasdf can you open a terminal and type 'sudo shutdown -h'01:19
moolcoolAG I had my ubuntu perfectly configured with all the compiz stuff, all my accounts on pidgin, all my firefox stuff. It was perfect! So that was great of like a week but now every time i try to boot it goes to BusyBox01:19
alraun1boot up with live, reconnect with live pidgin, see you then01:19
moolcoolIm stuck in slow windows01:20
the|navigatoralraun, I can't.01:20
the|navigatorI use wifi.01:20
RageMachinecasdf note you'll either freeze or shutdown :)01:20
the|navigatorb43 isn't installed by default01:20
casdfRageMachine: -now as well right/01:20
_2well i have managed to move the problem form su to the package manager.  dpkg is hung up. with this loop now. http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d308f139501:20
casdfyeah it shuts down01:20
eligosis ubuntu always hard to install when you have an Nvidia graphics card or am I just plain ignorant???01:20
kitchethe|navigator: actually bcm43xxx is installed by default just the firmware isn't01:20
alraun1the|navigator:laptop ?01:20
IndyGunFreakeligos: usually nvidia is about the easiest their is... lol01:21
casdfeligos: i had problems with nvidia and kubuntu, but not nvidia and ubuntu01:21
qr_eligos: nvidia is usually the easy one01:21
the|navigatorI have VIsta on one, ubuntu on one, so can you walk me through it on this one>01:21
alraun1eligos:huum, card modell ?01:21
RageMachinecasdf okay so shutdown works if you do it messily.01:21
RageMachinecasdf I am not sure the command ubuntu uses by default.01:21
moolcoolAG I had my ubuntu perfectly configured with all the compiz stuff, all my accounts on pidgin, all my firefox stuff. It was perfect! So that was great of like a week but now every time i try to boot it goes to BusyBox. This happend with my laptop as well as my desktop a number of times. is this a common problem?01:21
RageMachinecasdf but its that particular command thats causing you trouble :)01:21
casdfwell, its just that the menu isnt even showing up01:22
casdfthe one with the 5 buttons01:22
RageMachinecasdf yea, thats 'shutdown'.01:22
the|navigatoralraun1: so boot into live, yeah, now what?01:22
_2anyone on the borked package ?01:22
casdfreally? hmm.01:22
eligosthen I don't get this, my comfusion works just fine if I remove my graphics card, but when I try to use it, it won't even launch the live cd installer01:22
RageMachinecasdf you could try  alt + f2 then typing shutdown01:22
alraun1the|navigator:little dangerous, any very important data on the ubu book ?01:22
casdf"quit" under the system menu, is what im referring to01:22
MrWizeGuy1983hey, i have a simple question that probably 9/10 of the people here could answer01:22
the|navigatorI'd prefer to keep settings and stuff though.01:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:23
eligosalraun1:NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS pci express 256mb.01:23
MrWizeGuy1983how do you make the totem web browser plugin for firefox use the xine backend?01:23
Beta-guyis there a way I can reset gnome?01:23
RageMachinecasdf I dont have that menu (using a dock) so I am not sure if thats any different, but the default manager for shutting down / logging off / standby etc is shutdown01:23
viceswhat's the command to see which version of kernel i have?01:23
IndyGunFreakBeta-guy: coitrol alt backspace will restart X.. probablyd o what you want(just make sure anything you need to save, is saved)01:23
casdfperhaps i should move to this dock then lol01:23
casdfwhich is the one you're using?01:24
RageMachinecasdf what you can do as a kinda hackish way of shutting down the computer is closing all programs then going ctrl + alt + backspace and shutting down from the login screen01:24
alraun1the|navigator:1) boot live 2)umount -a 3) terminal-root : e2fsck -p  /dev/sda-z01:24
the|navigatoralraun1: so?  What do I do after being on live...01:24
the|navigatorwhat does that do?01:24
mrpiracyi have 3 soundcards in my system. how can i find which is which since /dev/audio1 /dev/audio2 and /dev/audio3 exist?01:24
alraun1eligos:mom, have a look01:24
primistryThanks for making a great OS01:24
MrWizeGuy1983how do you make the totem web browser plugin for firefox use the xine backend?01:25
RageMachineprimistry, your welcome. it was all me :)01:25
_2moolcool it's a kernel update     try booting an older kernel01:25
Odd-rationaleMrWizeGuy1983: install totem-xine01:25
IndyGunFreakRageMachine: liar, you know i helped tol.01:25
lavishprimistry: do you mean ubuntu?01:25
RageMachineprimistry :P don't believe me?01:25
MrWizeGuy1983Odd-rationale, i have that, how do i make the plugin use it?01:25
primistryOf course Lavish01:25
RageMachineIndyGunFreak, dude, it was just one patch.01:25
RageMachineIndyGunFreak, hardly worth mentioning :P01:25
bigdiskoolHey guys i can't connect to amsn any more since i installed trillian on wine...whats wrong? do i need to switch ports?01:26
alraun1the|navigator:checking your filesystem and hopefully automatical repair, make shure your hd -partits are not mounted01:26
primistryI'm looking forward to Alpha 401:26
lavishprimistry: :| nite.01:26
_2moolcool the busybox shell is within the initramfs and means that the root fs was not mounted... you can "if you know how" mount the root fs and continue to load the system from there.01:26
Odd-rationaleMrWizeGuy1983: it should automatically... especially if you unstalled totem-gstreamer01:26
moolcoolhow do i boot to another kernel? and why is this one phailing me?01:26
mrpiracyi have 3 soundcards in my system. how can i find which is which since /dev/audio1 /dev/audio2 and /dev/audio3 exist? Is there a way i could get a device description from one of these paths?01:26
Beta-guyIndyGunFreak: I don't want to restart X, I want to return Gnome to it's default settings, I can load failsafe gnome, but not Gnome.01:26
deepfriedsquirrezzl: What? I didn't...01:26
deepfriedsquirreI own the damned game.01:26
````bulldoggI need someones help.... my buddy had a death in the family across... country I am going to let him have this laptop while he is gone... how do I add him so that he can sudo... I could google but I need info very quick01:26
MrWizeGuy1983Odd-rationale, i have three versions of totem on here, one that uses xine one that uses gstreamer and one that's just standard totem, do i have to uninstall the gstreamer one to make my firefox plugin use the xine backend?01:26
moolcoolso what exactally do i do to get my linux back?01:26
IndyGunFreakBeta-guy: oh ok, i'm sorry, misunderstood your problem.. i believe there's a way to do that, but i'm not sure how.01:26
qr_````bulldogg: visudo01:27
````bulldoggso if I do a vi sudo I can add his user?01:27
IndyGunFreakmoolcool: sacrificial lambs, onions, garlic, and the thorn of a rose.01:27
moolcoolits weird because it worked fine and then on boot one day BAM busybox01:27
_2moolcool i would love to explain all the whyfor's and hithertoo's about it.  but there are lots of docs already writen on the web.    select an older kernel at boot time   in the grub menu.01:27
````bulldoggwhat is the path?01:27
qr_````bulldogg: no, the command is visudo. It will open the sudoers file and you can add him there.01:27
Odd-rationaleMrWizeGuy1983: three versions? It used to be that they conflicted with each other so that only one is possible... try uninstalling the thers...01:27
````bulldoggokay thank you very much I appreciate it qr_01:28
````bulldoggthanks very much01:28
````bulldoggbye for now01:28
MrWizeGuy1983Odd-rationale, just did that, going to check if it works differently, it was refusing to play real media which my xine backend works wonderfully for01:28
bastid_raZorqr_; you're wrong.. he needs added to the admin group01:29
_2dpkg is hung up. with this loop now. http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d308f139501:29
alraun1eligos:should be no problem01:29
eligosis xmms configurable to paly video??01:29
casdfeligos: i'd just suggest vlc01:29
_2somebody have a sujestion ?01:29
IndyGunFreakeligos: xmms pretty much sucks for playing music, but o, it doesn't play videos01:29
qr_bastid_raZor: no, I'm right.  adding him to the admin group is another way of doing it.01:29
casdfRageMachine: did you have a dock recommendation?01:29
MrWizeGuy1983Odd-rationale, i'm not sure if it's using the xine backend now or not, should be, but it's giving me a message that i need reaplayer to play something (i have it but it's not using it because firefox doesn't have a realplayer plugin on my computer)01:29
alraun1the|navigator:you're done for the first ?01:30
bastid_raZorqr_; he'll have issues figuring out visudo.. hopefully he gets it. admin group would have been much easier.01:30
eligoswhat would you recommend to be the best music player??01:30
EugenMayerhow could i upgrade the subversion client to a newer version with ubuntu hardy ?01:30
casdfeugenmayer: sudo apt-get install svn should do it01:31
Odd-rationaleMrWizeGuy1983: idk then... sorry... :(01:31
IndyGunFreakeligos: for a small, light player(like xmms), i like audacious... even uses xmms skins if you want.01:31
MrWizeGuy1983thanks for the try Odd-rationale i appreciate your time01:31
qr_bastid_raZor: why are you telling me this.  I think it would have been a lot more productive to tell _him_ this if you really feel this strongly about it.01:31
EugenMayercasdf: the word "upgrade" is quite important01:31
IndyGunFreakeligos: if you're looking a full featured music program(like itunes), i'd recommend banshee or rhythmbox01:31
casdfEugenMayer: when you say install, it will tell you if it can be upgraded.01:31
neurobuntuEugenMayer, sudo apt-get install subversion01:31
bastid_raZorqr_; i jumped in too late. he was gone before i could respond.01:31
neurobuntuEugenMayer, svn isn't a package01:31
ladyfantasyor amarok01:31
dimitrisAnyone knows how I can get my sata drives recognised by the partioning utility during installation of ubuntu?01:31
eligosindigunfreak:oh, and to play video???01:32
IndyGunFreakladyfantasy: i consider kde libs a virus..lol, but amarok is a pretty good program01:32
EugenMayerneurobuntu: the current stable one is not new enaugh for me01:32
alraun1eligos:want to install it now ?01:32
ladyfantasywell, everyone has their own opinions :)01:32
IndyGunFreakeligos: no, audacious will not play video and music..01:32
qr_bastid_raZor: fair enough.  Either way, he's gone now, and did seem to know what vi was, so I think he'll be ok (or he'll be back, I guess).01:32
EugenMayerneurobuntu: i cannot use it with eclipses subeclipse plugin, because its to old01:32
IndyGunFreakladyfantasy: indeed-o01:32
MrWizeGuy1983openjdk just got an update, any ideas if it works better than it did before?01:32
eligosalraun1: that's what I've killing myself attempting to do01:32
alraun1eligos:want to or not ?01:33
eligosalraun1: yes01:33
alraun1eligos:open a terminal..01:34
_2i think i put togather a large enough list of package to remove to dump libgl1-mesa and thereby fix dpkg.   but this does mean that that system will have to remain x-less01:34
primistryHi Condor01:35
bigdiskoolhey guys i can't connect to amsn anymore...after i installed trillian on wine i think they're interfering..can anyone help?01:35
neurobuntu_2 have you tried asking for help in #ubuntu_motu?  they will know more on what to do then people here01:35
eligosalroun1: oh, maybe I was not clear, I don't have ubuntu installed, I can't since my video card is set to my mother board, hence my problem01:35
alraun1eligos:sudo apt-get install pastebinit hwinfo && hwinfo > pc.txt && pastebinit pc.txt01:35
condori need help01:35
condorcondor@condor-laptop:~/Desktop/mp3blaster-3.2.0$ ./configure01:35
condorloading cache ./config.cache01:35
condorchecking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c01:35
condorchecking whether build environment is sane... yes01:35
FloodBot1condor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:35
neurobuntucondor use www.pastebin.com01:35
MrWizeGuy1983bigdiskool, is trillian running while amsn won't connect?01:36
EugenMayerwhat is the "ubuntu" way to only install that package http://packages.ubuntu.com/de/intrepid/subversion from interpid01:36
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: nope01:36
alraun1eligos:i didn't get you01:36
MrWizeGuy1983bigdiskool, i have that too and it doesn't interfere, have you checked your password etc.? it shouldn't change anything, it's just wine software01:36
eligosalraun1: I need to find a way to install ubuntu without having to phisically remove my graphics card01:36
SuperQEugenMayer: You want to install teh intrepid versino of subversion on hardy?01:36
_2neurobuntu #ubuntu_motu  ???01:37
EugenMayerSuperQ: 'xactly01:37
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: i think my amsn is out of date...01:37
alraun1eligos:why should you ?01:37
SuperQEugenMayer: The best thing to do is download the source and build it01:37
neurobuntu_2, they are the packaging team responsible for maintaining the ubuntu packaging universe01:37
MrWizeGuy1983bigdiskool, i'm going to get you a link, do you use 32 or 64 bit?01:37
neurobuntu_2 they will probably know better then people here01:37
_2neurobuntu that channel is empty01:37
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: im not sure how do i find out?01:37
EugenMayerSuperQ: well ok01:37
bigdiskoolim new to ubuntu :(01:38
neurobuntu_2 /join #ubuntu-motu01:38
SuperQEugenMayer: step 1: deb-src http://MIRROR/ubuntu/intrepid main01:38
MrWizeGuy1983what processor is it bigdiskool?  if it's a core 2 duo it's probably 64 bit01:38
SuperQEugenMayer: apt-get update to get the intrepid sources01:38
SuperQEugenMayer: apt-get build-dep subversion01:38
_2neurobuntu that's not what you siad  ^  up there  :)))    /join #ubuntu_motu    like you first said  and it's only me...01:38
neurobuntu_2, ok so I misspelled it01:38
SuperQEugenMayer: that will get all the requirements for building subversion01:38
neurobuntu_2 sorry for trying to help01:38
greggeWhen I was asked to install a flash-plugin I had three options. Does anyone know if one of them is faster than the others?01:39
SuperQEugenMayer: then apt-get -b source subversion01:39
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: i forgot wut kinda processor is there anywhere i can look to b sure?01:39
MrWizeGuy1983bigdiskool, try this link  http://www.getdeb.net/download/3001/0  if it works u have 32 bit, if not tell me and i'll get the 64 bit file01:39
SuperQEugenMayer: does that make sense?01:39
EugenMayerSuperQ: but that will force my hardy to upgrade, or01:39
MrWizeGuy1983bigdiskool, i have a program called sysinfo i recommend to you, i'll get you a link once we know and it will tell you everything01:39
_2neurobuntu heh.    we all typo.    and seeing that i had never heard of  #ubuntu_motu or #ubuntu-motu  i didn't know the differance.   thanks for the heads up.01:39
SuperQEugenMayer: if you add deb-src instead of deb to sources.list, it will only bring intrepid stuff in when you "apt-get source"01:40
SuperQEugenMayer: you keep everything else in sources.list the same01:40
SuperQEugenMayer: once you apt-get -b source it will create debs that _should_ work01:40
SuperQEugenMayer: I do this all the time to backport apps to my servers01:40
alraun1eligos:why should you remove your graphics card for installation ?01:40
EugenMayerSuperQ: actually iam looking for a mirror01:41
SuperQEugenMayer: I even keep my own apt repo01:41
SuperQEugenMayer: archive.COUNTRY_CODE.ubuntu.com should work01:41
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: it says an older version is available in software channel Generally u are recommended to install the version from the softwarechanel, since it is usually better supported01:41
SuperQother way around01:41
EugenMayerSuperQ: archive.de_de.ubuntu.com or archive.de.ubuntu.com ?01:41
greggeWhen I playback a flash-video it goes too slow.01:42
SuperQEugenMayer: de.archive.ubuntu.com01:42
IndyGunFreakeligos: thats a really good question, why would you do that01:42
neurobuntucondor what is your problem? if it is long post to a pastebin01:42
SuperQEugenMayer: whatever is already in sources.list should work01:42
energY_Anyone here?01:42
energY_Is hardy stable?01:42
SuperQenergY_: Yes01:42
neurobuntuenergY_, VERY01:42
IndyGunFreakenergY_: no, there's almost 1300 lurkers here01:42
_2energY_ no.01:42
mrpiracyi am trying to get the path /dev/* for my soundcard ... dmesg | grep 0d8c:000c doesn't show anything. how can i get it?01:42
energY_Would you rather use etch?01:42
SuperQenergY_: no01:43
condor make sets ${MAKE}... yes01:43
condor<condor> checking for working aclocal-1.4... found01:43
condor<condor> checking for working autoconf... found01:43
condor<condor> checking for working automake-1.4... found01:43
condor<condor> checking for working autoheader... found01:43
FloodBot1condor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:43
condor<condor> checking for working makeinfo... missing01:43
IndyGunFreakenergY_: to me, its 6 on one hand, half dozen on the other, but if you're inexperienced, i'd use Ubuntu01:43
_2energY_ yeah i would.01:43
alraun1EugenMayer: sudo apt-get install subversion   ??01:43
IndyGunFreakcondor: thats like the second or 3rd time you'ev done that, use a freakin pastebin01:43
bastid_raZorcondor; what are you compiling?01:43
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: ok its installed now...so does that mean msn should b upto date now?01:43
MrWizeGuy1983yes bigdiskool and i'll get you a link for sysinfo, you made me curious01:43
bastid_raZorcondor; shell what?01:44
IndyGunFreak!paste | condor half the time we're not seeing everything you paste anyways, if you want us to see an error, then pastebin it and we'll se it01:44
ubottucondor half the time we're not seeing everything you paste anyways, if you want us to see an error, then pastebin it and we'll se it: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:44
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: curious about wat?01:44
mrpiracyi am trying to get the path /dev/* for my soundcard ... dmesg | grep 0d8c:000c doesn't show anything. how can i get it?01:44
MrWizeGuy1983bigdiskool, what kind off computer yours is lol01:44
energY_IndyGunFreak: I once installed an ubuntu package on etch, it only complained on the dependecies.01:44
kahrytanAnyone know how to FORCE firefox-3 to detect flash10rc plugin01:44
bigdiskoollol its a pOS intel01:44
bigdiskoolwell its an acer01:44
_2mrpiracy /dev/snd/*01:45
neurobuntuWhy do people think Hardy isn't stable?01:45
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IndyGunFreakenergY_: do as you want, i don't care, but Ubuntu is easier than Etch01:45
kahrytanbigdiskool»  Acer makes good laptops01:45
IndyGunFreakneurobuntu: whoever told you hardy is not stable, is nuts01:45
kahrytanneuro_»  one word. pulseaudio.01:45
bigdiskoolactually ya mines lasted me a good while ..its pretty beaten up and still tickin01:45
MrWizeGuy1983neurobuntu, i'm not sure, they must be paranoid, hardy is a miracle to me01:45
EugenMayerSuperQ: cant get subversin, because "default-jdk" is missing, is what i get01:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:45
MrWizeGuy1983oh ok bigdiskool does your amsn work now?01:45
bigdiskooliv just gotten a lot of shit from mac users about the hardware01:45
neuro_kahrytan: watch your nick references please :)01:46
mrpiracy_2, I have 3 soundcards, i want to know which one is /dev/audio1 2 and 301:46
SuperQEugenMayer: Hrm, one sec01:46
kahrytanneuro_»  my bad01:46
lithium! askFS partition at boot01:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:46
bigdiskoolbingo!..thanks v much mrwize guy01:46
_2mrpiracy asound -l01:46
neuro_kahrytan: np :)01:46
alraun1EugenMayer: so your missing java01:46
kevinO!language | bigdiskool01:46
ubottubigdiskool: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:46
_2mrpiracy or something like that01:46
kahrytanAnyone know how to FORCE firefox-3 to detect flash10rc plugin01:46
EugenMayerSuperQ: http://packages.ubuntu.com/de/intrepid/default-jdk-builddep01:46
bigdiskooloops sry01:46
EugenMayerSuperQ: guess its that one01:46
alpharesearchneurobuntu: I use Hardy since beta and I think it is stable...01:46
Flackerfor some reason when I type iwconfig it says no wireless exstension is there any way to fix this?01:46
mrpiracy_2, "asound: command not found"01:47
bigdiskoolMrWizeGuy: so you use trillian also?01:47
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mttrhey how about the corvair i had one01:47
kahrytanNo one knows how to force firefox to detect a plugin?01:48
=== lithium is now known as LiTHiUM0XiD3
_2mrpiracy ever hear of tab completion    asoundconf01:48
kitchekahrytan: it's because you can't01:48
rambo3kahrytan, what are you talking about01:48
SuperQEugenMayer: Yea, default-jdk is a new thing in intrepid01:48
kahrytankitche»  then Ubuntu/Firefox has a bug01:48
alraun1mrpiracy:    asoundconf-gtk  ??01:48
EugenMayerSuperQ: i see01:49
neurobuntukahrytan, the only thing I know you can do is install Nightly Developer tools and force ubuntu not to check for compatability01:49
EugenMayerSuperQ: anyway to solve that "cleanly"01:49
rafaelbuenas tardes alguien sabe como puedo darle internet a mi compu por medio del USB que biene en el router, en windows se puede pero hay que tener el archivo de instalacion de del roter01:49
SuperQEugenMayer: You will need to hack up the control file a bit to make it build (and manually verify you have a jdk installed)01:49
rambo3kahrytan, about:robots01:49
EugenMayerSuperQ: sure i have the jdk installed01:49
SuperQEugenMayer: if you go into the subversion-.../debian/ dir01:49
kahrytanrambo3»  been there, doen that. its not funny. try again01:49
mrpiracy_2, alraun1, asoundconf list .... it lists all the cards i have, but i need to know which one is /dev/audio101:49
EugenMayerSuperQ: actually iam more going to get the normal sources and install01:49
ace_suareshi there my server won't boot after I converted  a single /dev/sda to raid1 (/dev/md0 = /dev/sda1 + /dev/sdb1)01:49
SuperQEugenMayer: and edit "control" it should be easy enough to just rm the requirement01:49
SuperQEugenMayer: then go ../ and dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot01:50
rambo3kahrytan, what ever , ain't my fault you fail01:50
EugenMayerWhere is it located. Never touch ubuntu build-files yet, only gentoos01:50
ace_suaresit drops me into initramfs and says there are no md devices but hte initrd kernel loads the devices correctly01:50
kahrytanrambo3»  just firefox's fault01:50
_2mrpiracy the card0 is 0  the card1 is 1 ....01:50
SuperQEugenMayer: in the dir you did apt-get source it will extract the build tree01:50
SuperQEugenMayer: and there will be a debian/ dir that contains the build rules01:50
SuperQoh, it might have failed at apt-get build-dep01:51
neurobuntuEugenMayer, have you ever tried packaging deb files before?01:51
Flackerfor some reason when I type in iwconfig to troubleshoot my wireless is says no exstension is there any way to fix this01:51
mrpiracy_2, so the last one listed there should be /dev/audio3, rite?01:51
ace_suaresand if I do ls /dev/md* in the initramfs, then I don't see /dev/md001:51
SuperQEugenMayer: sorry, this is not really a quick and easy thing to do.. backporting packages is never fun :)01:51
EugenMayerneurobuntu: no. Only with the kernel-package for custom kernels01:51
neurobuntuEugenMayer, if you havne't I would recommend installing Intrepid's subversion with ./configure, make, make install01:51
EugenMayerneurobuntu: i could then use the sf sources of svn ?01:52
kahrytanneurobuntu»  Well, Firefox-3 is buggy from this moment on until it properly detects flash10 rc.01:52
SuperQEugenMayer: why do you need intrepid's subversion anyway?01:52
EugenMayerSuperQ: Eclipse + subeclipse01:52
neurobuntuEugenMayer, packaging isn't hard per-se but it is confusing and complex and takes time to learn... I can imagine that if you're going to get very frustrated trying to build the intrepid Subversion .deb for hardy.... yes I would just build from sources obtained from SF01:52
SuperQEugenMayer: only works in 1.5.x?01:52
EugenMayerSuperQ: its svn format is >1.401:52
EugenMayerSuperQ: yes01:52
SuperQEugenMayer: are you on x86 or x86_64?01:53
SuperQI could build you some debs if you want01:53
SuperQbut not right now, I just got paged for on-call work :(01:53
ace_suareshi there my server won't boot after I converted  a single /dev/sda to raid1 (/dev/md0 = /dev/sda1 + /dev/sdb1)01:53
ace_suaresit drops me into initramfs and says there are no md devices but hte initrd kernel loads the devices correctly01:53
ace_suaresand if I do ls /dev/md* in the initramfs, then I don't see /dev/md001:53
EugenMayerSuperQ: take you time :)01:53
EugenMayerSuperQ: thank you in any way01:53
mrpiracydoes anyone here play Second Life?01:54
ace_suaresmrpiracy: sometimes01:54
neurobuntucondor look at my pm01:54
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matjanhi, over the past couple of days i have been experiencing system crashes... but but no messages were left in the logs... i am using hardy with the 2.6.24-19 kernel01:54
matjanhowever, yesterday, something was logged01:54
matjanlet me post quickly one line here:01:54
matjanAug 12 11:32:30 quadpc kernel: [101268.517063] Pid: 11524, comm: hadam3_um_5.03_ Tainted: P    B D (2.6.24-19-generic #1)01:54
matjanthis is followed by 40 (or so) more messages and then it stops with: ==================01:54
FloodBot1matjan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:54
matjanwhat could be the problem?01:55
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LeefmcQuestion: My monitor resolution is like 1650 by 1050 (or something to that affect). I chose that in Ubuntu and all was well, but now when i booted back up it is set to 1600x1200 and there isn't even an option for my monitors proper resolution. What gives?01:55
neurobuntumatjan have you tried updating your kernel to 2.6.24-20?01:55
LeefmcThe aspect ratio is all jacked, etc.01:55
Snares`1680 x 105001:55
Snares`Leefmc: did you ever turn off twinview?01:55
Snares`it's a nasty bug that screws a lot of stuff up01:56
LeefmcSnares`: I dont even know what twinview is01:56
Snares`edit xorg.conf01:56
matjanneurobuntu: uhm... nope... did not see an update notice for that01:56
Snares`and do Option Twinview "disable"01:56
Snares`I think01:56
Snares`h/o let me check01:56
LeefmcSnares`: K i'll give it a peek01:56
neurobuntumatjan, are you running hardy?01:56
matjanneurobuntu: strange thing is that i had these crashes before, then for quite a while none of them, and now since last weekend every day...01:57
* Pelo just threw out about 200 floppies worth 1600$ at purchase ( dos 6.2, win 3.11, win95, ms office 4.2 etc ...)01:57
LeefmcSnares`: The word "twin" doesn't exist in my xorg01:57
matjanneurobuntu, yes, hardy01:57
Snares`Option "DynamicTwinView" "False"01:57
IndyGunFreakPelo: oh noeeezzz01:57
LeefmcSnares`: Oh i know what it may be, i updated my gfx driver01:57
neurobuntumatjan, ok ok... never mind you have the latest kernel01:57
Snares`that's the xorg command01:57
neurobuntumatjan, I lied ;-)01:57
LeefmcSnares`: IIRC, i changed my gfx driver to fglxr (or whatever)01:58
Snares`once I disabled it it fixed my resolution/refresh rate probs01:58
Snares`do you have an ATI card?01:58
Snares`obviously so01:58
matjanstill, i'd like to know what goes wrong01:58
LeefmcSnares`: Should i "add" that? Because my xorg doesn't even HAVE "twin" in it. And yes, ATI01:58
Snares`no I added it, but I think it only affects nvidia cards01:58
Snares`I guess it wouldn't hurt to add it and see what happened lol01:58
LeefmcSnares`: I used this command, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI01:58
Snares`ok did you do the aticonfig?01:59
LeefmcSnares`: Any idea how i could switch back?01:59
Snares`well you could just edit your xorg.conf with the proper resolution01:59
Snares`but you should have xorg backups01:59
Snares`you could just replace the new xorg.conf with a backup01:59
LeefmcSnares`: I do, since i often edit it because ubuntu doesn't recognize my mx revolution heh.01:59
Snares`sudo aticonfig --initial02:00
Snares`did you do that?02:00
Snares`and then this sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv02:00
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LeefmcSnares`: Doesn't ring a bell, i never saw a config section. But i assumed all was fine b ecause after a reboot nothing bad happened. But now when i booted up after i got home.. well you know.02:00
newkanyone know how to change the gnome background from the terminal02:01
=== Snares` is now known as Snares
bigdiskoolanyone here use trillian?02:01
leachim6_...since trillian is not IN FACT a linux application02:02
leachim6_I would say probably not02:02
* _2 only uses million02:02
leachim6_pidgin works just as well02:02
leachim6_unless you actually need your IM client to be an Rss News Reader02:02
bigdiskooli want an app that supports web and audio02:02
LifeisfunnyI've got a lock on a file and in permission it says I own it  ....  how can I get rid of it?02:02
leachim6_just rm it02:03
IndyGunFreakbigdiskool: trillian is pretty shaky under wine02:03
PeloLifeisfunny,  terminal ,  sudo rm  /path/filename02:03
bigdiskooli hear trillian supports web and audio but i can't seem to get it to work02:03
LifeisfunnyPelo, doesn't rm delete it?02:03
leachim6_bigdiskool, once again ... why would you need trillian02:03
Bigmack83i have just installed ubuntu 8.04. when updating my sources list, adding a program, or trying to do updates i get the erroe: "E: ERROR: could not create configuration directory /home/root/.synaptic - mkdir (2 No such file or directory)" . How can i fix this? i havent seen it before02:03
IndyGunFreakbigdiskool: are you using it on Ubuntu(via wine), or on windows?02:03
PeloLifeisfunny, I thought you wanted to get rid of the file,  sorry then,  just permission ?   sudo chmod 755 /path/filename02:04
bigdiskoolim using it via wine on ubuntu02:04
Lifeisfunnypelo, no I wanna keep it.   I'll try that thanks02:04
Pelob-real, are you trying to goatsee the channel ?02:04
_2no ?02:05
EugenMayerSuperQ: i just did it the gentoo way and compiled the sf sources and installed, worked nearly perfectly02:05
Pelob-real, so you are spaming the channel with political propaganda ? this is a support channel, please stay on topic02:05
SuperQEugenMayer: Yea, it will work, but it makes a mess of the install, not to mention it's hard to un-install and upgrade02:05
IndyGunFreakbigdiskool: well, if you read the wine appdb, ther's several problems w/ running trillian in Wine02:06
bigdiskooldoes any one know of a ubuntu app that supports webcam for yahoo msngrr02:06
LifeisfunnyPelo, the lock remains  and now it seems I've added an X to the scenario02:06
casdfEugenMayer: my ubuntu experience has taught me to never compile from source anymore. what SuperQ talks about, the inability to uninstall and upgrade, is a real big problem02:06
bobyada_When I launch ubuntu hardy it locks up and doesn't have title bars. I load terminal and do sudo compiz and that seems to fix it for that particular boot. So there is a problem with compiz.02:06
PeloLifeisfunny, very odd,   are you using your admin username and passw ?02:06
bobyada_that is what I have gathered. lol02:07
bobyada_any ideas?02:07
EugenMayerSuperQ: actually installing a 26.2 kernel with the current ati drivers, sound and even phc patches was a mess to. Ubuntu is not that far there, its nearly unusable in the "standard" stable build on my T60p02:07
LifeisfunnyI'm just using sudo02:07
PeloLifeisfunny, not what I mean ,  how many accounts do you have ?02:07
EugenMayerhow do i disable HDD shutdown in the laptop mode ?02:07
PeloLifeisfunny, gimme the full path and name of this file please02:08
LifeisfunnyPelo, one as far as I can tell02:08
gregorHello all!! Im new to IRC Chat02:08
Lifeisfunnyand ~/pic02a.png02:08
casdfEugenMayer: put another way, "well, i certainly applaud anyone wanting to do a hundred compiles from source, but take it from this old gym rat, I've spent my entire adult life compiling from source, and a program like this can do more harm than good"02:08
TenseiWhats the PHP question channel?02:09
PeloLifeisfunny, ok try this   sudo chown username:username /path/filename && sudo chmod 775 /path/filename02:09
PeloTensei, #php ?02:09
casdfTensei: #php02:09
bobyada_When I launch ubuntu hardy it locks up and doesn't have title bars. I load terminal and do sudo compiz and that seems to fix it for that particular boot. So there is a problem with compiz.02:09
pajamianif done properly you can easily uninstall after you've compiled from source and installed.02:09
EugenMayercasdf: actually, iam an old gentoo`ner, compiling from source feels like home to mee. And until even wlan is not wokring, beside my ati card is also not working, i have to.02:10
Pelobobyada_, try asking in #compiz they probably know the solution offhand02:10
PeloLifeisfunny, replace username with your username02:10
gregorAnyone know how to install PhpMyAdmin and MYSQL?02:10
_2pajamian what are the commands for that "compile from source and install through dpkg"  thingy ?02:10
EugenMayergregL: apt-get install mysql02:10
EugenMayeror mysql-server02:11
Pelogregor, did you check in synaptic ?02:11
pajamian_2: I don't compile from source with dpkg02:11
FarrisGI'm running gutsy, with an integrated intel 965 video adapter. I know the mode is supported, but I can't get xorg to allow me to use 1280x72002:11
_2pajamian of course not.   maybe you misread my Q02:11
EugenMayerhow to disble hdd power management in the laptop mode? i really need to do this, until my hdd does not crash02:12
debCarlosFarrisG: If you're using gusty maybe you should check /etc/X11/xorg.conf :)02:12
uoaphysOMG, i just plugged in a photosmart 7200 printer usb and it just "worked"02:12
uoaphyshow is that possible?02:12
PeloFarrisG, open the xorg.conf file and manualy add the resolution you want to every color depts,  save and restart X02:12
Lifeisfunnypelo,   yes,  bingo  thanks again02:12
casdfuoaphys: welcome to the world of ubuntu02:12
* Pelo still has "IT"02:12
gregorOk thanks, anyone know what things use port 7171? Becuase i need this port for server, but something is using this port how i can check this?02:12
Lifeisfunnydang straight he does02:12
uoaphyscasdf: ; well, windows didi it fine, so now finally linux does it02:12
alraun1EugenMayer: in bios02:12
uoaphyscasdf: but what about other printers, does this work just with inkjet hp usb printers mostly?02:13
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:13
EugenMayeralraun1: well, that wrong :)02:13
Lifeisfunnyhave a good evening02:13
casdfuoaphys: i find ubuntu to have better driver support, in that even a lot of things which don't "just work" in win, "just work" in ubuntu02:13
FarrisGPelo & debCarlos: So if I've done that, and it still doesn't show up as an option after I restart X? :)02:13
Daisuke_Laptopuoaphys: most printers are okay in linux, just stay away from lexmark.  avoid it like the plague because that's about what it is.02:13
uoaphyscasdf; any idea an easy way to share this printer with windows users on my network?02:13
PeloFarrisG, pastebin your xorg.conf file02:13
sotamangahello. Is it necessary the file wpa_supplicant.conf for the wireless lan to work fine?02:13
Pelo!pastebin | FarrisG02:13
ubottuFarrisG: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:13
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casdfuoaphys: of this i am not versed02:13
Daisuke_Laptopthere are some others that are iffy, but i can't think of them right off the bat02:14
srdan\connect irc.smoothwall.org 666702:14
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gregorHow to check ports? I need port 7171 but some other program use this port02:14
Pelouoaphys, you'll need to setup samba and share your printer through that ,  more I cannot tell you02:14
rubyphyte1can anyone tell me how I might reset my root mysql password?02:14
Efreakwhoa, a lot of people02:14
greggeis any of the flash-players better than the others?02:14
Pelorubyphyte1, maybe the ppl in #mysql can02:14
EugenMayercasdf: thats a myth.02:15
danbhfive  gregge the adobe one02:15
Pelogregge, gnash is FOSS , but it is still in dev02:15
casdfEugenMayer: of what are you referring to?02:15
uoaphyswhats a myth eugenmayer02:15
Pelo!hi # aeq02:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hi # aeq02:16
uoaphyscan someone help me share my usb hp inkjet printer with a windows computer on my same network?02:16
greggedanbhfive: Ok.. that's the one I have and it annoys me it "stutters" on my new laptop.. Pelo: What is FOSS?02:16
eyeslocalHmm.. I installed icecat and it works fine but my window listing doesn't have an icon, just the 'generic icon'. Is there a way to fix this?02:16
EugenMayercasdf: nothing ca stand any comparision against driver support agains windows. No ubuntu and nothing else. Its the fault of the hw manufacturer though, but its a fact. Thats the only usefull thing you have in windows, beside solitaer02:16
Pelo!hi | aeq02:16
ubottuaeq: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:16
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Pelogregge, Free and Open Source Software02:16
uoaphyseugene: well there is something to be said about hp printers "just working" in ubuntu and in winXP you ahve to go to hp.com and download a driver for it and reboot02:16
casdfEugenMayer: well, I speak from my own experience. my cell phone, ipod, and usb drives all work fine on ubuntu OOTB. not so on windows.02:16
aeqI'm saudi02:17
_2gregor did anyone give you a way to see what was using that port ?02:17
uoaphyseugene: why xp doesn't offer all current certified drivers up in windowsupdate is beyond my comprehension, but its still the case02:17
uoaphysbut your right about windows drivers, it will always be better until or unless they become less than 50% of the market02:17
Peloaeq, good for you , but this is a support channel for ubuntu ,  if you have question feel free to ask02:17
EugenMayercasdf: then you use the "wide spreaded tools", devs use.02:17
jigpaeq : hows saudi?02:17
greggePelo: ok. thanks. I've tried it once and it's annoying to click on everything you want to run02:17
casdfEugenMayer: now i don't even know what you're talking about.02:17
FarrisG1280x720 is the resolution I've added, but still doesn't show up in the list when I try to change02:17
aeqin makkah02:18
EugenMayercasdf: i mean, printer support under ubuntu, no under unix, is actually somewhere from crap to nearly crap02:18
_2gregor    lsof +c 0 -i -n -R -S2 -Ts -w | grep ESTAB | grep "<port number here>"02:18
jigpaeq : i see. what is your internet connection speed there in saudi? i heard no vat nor tax there02:18
uoaphyseugene: i think inkjet hp printers usb work pretty well by default, but i have heard nightmare stories about others02:18
Pelolater folks02:18
EugenMayercasdf: until you buy a laser brother printer > 800$ with direct ps support and print it &w02:18
casdfEugenMayer: i have not attempted any printers, so i should clarify; i am speaking from the devices that i have in my experience attempted02:18
debCarlosEugenMayer: To disable APM or, at least, control it.... well, there's a script you can add in /etc/init.d/ , here is the link, but check it first:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/37298/02:18
bobyadawhere do I go in ubuntu to find out what video card I have?02:18
gregorpriv channel02:19
qr_bobyada: sudo lshw -C video02:19
gregor_2 pirv channel02:19
EugenMayercasdf: glad you have such good exp thought, mine are much worse. But anyway, unix is my first choice for daily work since years02:19
debCarlosFarrisG: Try doing a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:19
sotamangaHello. I problems with wpa_supplicant. Is necessary the file wpa_supplicant.conf? because seems to be dissapeared02:19
uoaphyswill someone help me share my usb printer (which currently works in ubuntu) with windows computers on my network?02:19
Athenis there a way via a command to open a program in another workspace ?02:19
aeqspik arabic02:20
gleesondwhat would cause a torrent file to be automatically opened with transmission rather than download the file?02:20
aeqبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم02:20
gleesondare there any w3m users in here?02:20
daffuey was soll euer keiner | wtf is up with your kernel -|- you dont even have conntrack enabled aand and some  netfilter stuff02:20
Daisuke_Laptop!en | aeq02:20
ubottuaeq: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:20
FarrisGdebCarlos: I've just tried that as well. It won't give me that resolution as an option, whether I tell it to auto-detect my hardware or not02:21
aeqالحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام لعى رسول الله محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم02:21
debCarlosFarrisG: man, that's bad...02:21
Daisuke_Laptopdaffu: that's how the default kernel is set up, if you find you need more configurability, you might be better suited to a distro tailored toward customization02:21
Flannel!sa | aeq02:21
ubottuaeq: For the Arabic language or Saudi Arabia you are invited to join للغة العربية رجاء انظم #ubuntu-sa02:21
daffuwell just tell me the reason why u dont have conntrack enabled02:22
debCarlosFarrisG: Try installing 915resolution02:22
FarrisGdebCarlos: What does it mean, though? I was able to run at this res on this machine with previous versions, and other OSes02:22
gregoranyone know command for checking ports? If i want know what port is using for.02:22
aeqyes i'm sa02:22
Daisuke_Laptopdaffu: nice attitude you've got there02:22
Flannelaeq: Please speak english only here.02:22
_2gregor no.   just use the command if you like.  i was only offering a way to detect what had established a port.02:22
_2gregor    lsof +c 0 -i -n -R -S2 -Ts -w | grep ESTAB | grep "<port number here>"02:22
FarrisGdebCarlos: Giving it a shot (after a quick rtfm)02:22
debCarlosFarrisG: Ubuntu works in a mysterious way :).02:22
aeqno speak english02:22
Flannelaeq: /join #ubuntu-sa02:23
sotamangasomeone knows about wireless cards wpa and wep?02:23
=== Minuo_ is now known as Minuo
Daisuke_Laptopdaffu: that would be a question better left for the devs.  i've got no idea why it isn't there or even what it is02:23
vicesanyone have a bcm4318 wireless card?02:23
gregorlsof +c 0 -i -n -R -S2 -Ts -w | grep ESTAB | grep "<7171>" this dosent work in terminal02:23
_2gregor not <>   that's only a place holder02:23
uoaphyshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingFromWinXP <-- to print from windows to a linux shared printer02:23
aeqthanks <Flannel>02:24
_2gregor and you may need sudo for it to work correctly02:24
DevourerHow do I install flash player?02:24
Flannel!flash | Devourer02:24
ubottuDevourer: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:24
DevourerOh, I shoudl ahve thought of that.02:24
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gregorcan you speak with me on private?02:24
ThedjatclubrockDoes teh text-based CD offer good partitioning options?02:24
_2i can but i wont02:24
FlannelThedjatclubrock: yes02:24
bobyada_When I launch ubuntu hardy it locks up and doesn't have title bars. I load terminal and do sudo compiz and that seems to fix it for that particular boot. So there is a problem with compiz.  http://pastebin.com/d564aa082 is my xorg.0.log02:25
FarrisGdebCarlos: Yikes, 915res doesn't list it as an available mode either02:25
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: If I have a C:\ D:\ and 40 GB of unallocated, how can I make it only use the unallocated.02:25
debCarlos!repeat | bobyada02:25
ubottubobyada: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:25
erixnHi. I really messed up my graphic at my Ubuntu 8.04. I tried to install ATI Radeon 9250 because I want Beryl. Can anyone please help? /q me02:26
gregor<_2> speak with me on private channel02:26
debCarlosFarrisG: .... maybe google02:26
_2gregor no.02:26
_2Thedjatclubrock manual partitioning.02:26
Thedjatclubrock_2: I'll try :)02:26
_2Thedjatclubrock it's an option in the installer02:26
uoaphyshi guys, I just installed virtualbox in a brand new ubuntu 8.04 system. I don't know exactly how to describe what I am wanting to do, but here goes: I have a home network setup on 192.168.1.x which the linux host is on. Then I have the virtualbox which installed by default a NAT behind the linux host at 10.2.2.x. What I want to do is give the virtualbox system a 192.168.1.x ip and completely avoid the double NAT. Is this possible?02:26
rustychickenhow do i create a password-protected zip archive?02:27
uoaphysdoes this require a bridge setup in the linux network?02:27
FlannelThedjatclubrock: You'll just create partitions out of the unallocated stuff, and use those.  Its real straight forward, I like the alternate CD better than the desktop when it comes to partitioning02:27
jschoolchow would I switch window managers to metacity?02:27
Daisuke_Laptopjschoolc: alt+f2: metacity --replace02:28
LordFDiskmay I ask what the ~ means after a file name.02:28
danbhfiveuoaphys: you may have better luck in the vbox chat, wherever that is, maybe #vbox02:28
crdlbLordFDisk: that is a convention used by gedit and other apps to mean that it's a backup02:28
gregorwhat about this command netstat -l02:28
ThedjatclubrockLordFDisk: ~ is == to /home/<user>02:28
Daisuke_LaptopLordFDisk: usually means it's a backup copy created by whatever program ...  yeah, what crdlb say02:28
qr_LordFDisk: usually it means it's a backup file if it's at the end of the name, if it's used like ~/things it means your home dir.02:28
jschoolcDaisuke_Laptop: thanks, do I have to restart x or something?02:29
ari_stressmorning all :)02:29
LordFDiskSo I can delete it? right?02:29
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: So I'd need 5 Partitions?02:29
erixnI was just following a guide on how to install beryl & ATI Radeon. So, I restarted my comp. And now Im running on low-grapic. Anyone?02:29
ThedjatclubrockHi |DAMAGE|02:29
Daisuke_Laptopwhy beryl?02:29
Thedjatclubrock|DAMAGE|: Do you mind me asking where in LI you live?02:29
erixnI want my desktop to look nice..02:30
Daisuke_Laptopberyl's dead though02:30
Thedjatclubrock|DAMAGE|: Consider #lilug02:30
crdlbLordFDisk: if it's in your home directory and you don't need it, sure02:30
FlannelThedjatclubrock: You have two, so you'd need two more if you were going to have a swap partition.02:30
ari_stresserixn: beryl is now compiz02:30
crdlbLordFDisk: nautilus hides them by default though02:30
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: No /boot / and swap?02:30
FlannelThedjatclubrock: But if you wanted a separate home, that'd be five yes, so you'd have to make an extended partition, and then make logical partitions02:30
erixnBut i still messed up my graphic driver, tho.02:30
FlannelThedjatclubrock: Why do you want a separate boot?02:30
Daisuke_Laptophowever, it sounds like a driver problem more than a beryl issue02:30
sotamangais someone using iwl3945?02:30
LordFDiskAnd thank you all for you help and answers02:30
erixnYes, its not beryl issue yet. I messed up my graphic driver02:31
ari_stresserixn: no problem, usually there's a backup copy of /etc/X11/xorg.conf, revert to it02:31
erixnBut I also disabled flgrx02:31
crdlberixn: trying to use fglrx would have been the problem, as fglrx does not support that model02:31
erixnWhat you mean? I disabled fglrx, and did some edit in xorg.conf to install ATI Radeon Driver02:32
erixnI got a backup of my xorg.conf but dont I need to enable fglrx again?02:33
crdlberixn: that 'ATI Radeon Driver' you installed is fglrx02:33
erixnHmm, Im confused02:33
erixnIs it possible to talk to you over PM crdlb?02:33
pajamiansorry _2 got sidetracked ... you wanted the command to install build dependancies for a package?02:33
crdlberixn: I'd rather do it here. Restore that backup and see if it at least gets you out of low graphics mode02:34
erixnYes, ok. Thank you very much. Ill be back, gonna restore the backup and restart the comp.02:34
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:36
Gnea!ask | sotamanga02:36
ubottusotamanga: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:36
sotamangaIve problems with my wireless labn02:36
Gnea!wireless | sotamanga02:37
ubottusotamanga: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:37
adelie42hello, wondering if there is any program someone could recommend for testing circuits02:37
gregorsee ya guys to much on my computer bye xDDD02:37
sotamangaok ok. it works without security, and with wpa, but not with wep02:37
adelie42diagram / simulation02:37
Gneawpa > wep anyway02:37
sotamangaI found the file wpa_supplicant.conf do not exist.02:38
sotamangais it neccesary?02:38
gregorOOOO One more question how i can do the 3D Dyskopt? anyone can post tutorial?02:38
Gneaif you want WPA, yes.02:38
Gnea!compiz-fusion | gregor02:38
ubottugregor: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:38
sotamangaand how can I remake this file?02:39
lenswipeWhere can i get the default config file for samba?02:39
lenswipeWhere can i get the default config file for samba?02:39
lenswipeWhere can i get the default config file for samba?02:39
FloodBot1lenswipe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:39
Gnea!enter | lenswipe02:39
ubottulenswipe: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:39
* IndyGunFreak sighs02:39
lenswipeGnea: I said sorry02:39
Gnealenswipe: behave, if you want help.02:39
ThedjatclubrockIs there any way I can login as root after an OEM install so I can install media packages?02:39
lenswipeI SAID SOORY02:39
lenswipeit was an accident02:39
IndyGunFreakGnea: lol, i don't think the issue was enter.. i think he was being impatient02:39
FlannelThedjatclubrock: You don't log in as root, you login as OEM, and then do whatever you want there.02:39
GneaIndyGunFreak: so do i. it's pretty obvious.02:39
erixncrdlb: I just restored the backup of xorg.conf file. It worked back to normal graphic. Thanks :)02:39
lenswipeIndyGunFreak: It didnt apear at first so i pasted it a few times02:39
_2lenswipe try the samba package02:40
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Will I have sudo?02:40
FlannelThedjatclubrock: After that, you run the oem-config-prepare, and turn it off, on next boot it asks for the real user02:40
FlannelThedjatclubrock: yes02:40
IndyGunFreaklenswipe: well, patience is a virtue i guess02:40
lenswipe_2: What do u mean?02:40
Flannelgregor: compiz-fusion is installed by default02:40
_2lenswipe purge and reinstall  should give you a default conf02:40
Gneasotamanga: that's what the wifi docs page is for.02:40
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: I want to be able to install packages, without the OEM welcome disappearing02:40
lenswipe_2: ive screwed the samba config somehow and i want the default config file for a fresh start02:40
lenswipe_2: K how do i purge and re-install?02:40
FlannelThedjatclubrock:  the oem user is meant for OEMs to configure the system prior to the end user getting it.02:41
ThedjatclubrockHi Martinp2302:41
OmletteCan someone help me with setting up filesharing between my Hardy laptop and my girlfriend's Macbook?02:41
=== Rabbitbunny is now known as Rabbit|sleep
FlannelThedjatclubrock: after you're done configuring it to your liking, you run oem-config-prepare and turn it off, and then *dont* turn it back on.02:41
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: OK, where would I log in?02:41
_2sudo apt-get --purge remove packagename && sudo apt-get install packagename02:41
Gnea!samba | Omlette02:41
ubottuOmlette: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:41
lenswipe!spam Thedjatclubrock02:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:41
Thedjatclubrocklenswipe: ?02:41
_2lenswipe  ^02:41
Sindaciouswhats the command for terminal that shows what distro a user is using02:41
FlannelThedjatclubrock: Through gdm02:41
jmichelsen_Im having VM issues. Using vmware server on xubuntu, when I launch a vm it just closes. dmesg tells me somethin about vmmon: Had to deallocate AWE 817 pages from vm driver dc2c400002:41
FlannelSindacious: lsb_release -a02:41
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: But wouldn't I have to disable the OEM welcome for the GDM to start?02:42
_2-n ?02:42
Efreakdoes anyone know where ubuntu keeps firefox's config data?02:42
FlannelThedjatclubrock: what? no02:42
sotamangaI'll try there. thank you Gnea02:42
FlannelThedjatclubrock: What oem welcome are you talking about?02:42
Gneajmichelsen_: check #vmware02:42
jmichelsen_Efreak: /home/username/.firefox02:42
_2sorry -d02:43
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Alright, I don't know, I have never OEMed before02:43
taxmanhi all, dumb question that didn't seem to be answered in the docs I saw. Is the server iso a livecd at all or just an installer? I need an ultrasparc livecd02:43
jmichelsen_Gnea: checked, pretty silent there, thought id try here as well02:43
FlannelThedjatclubrock: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview is a kinda walk through, just old.02:43
GneaEfreak: ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>02:43
FlannelThedjatclubrock: Still valid though02:43
NutzebahnHello. I would like to have voice conversations with MSN in Ubuntu, how can I?02:44
hal_v2Oooh! I have a new problem to be annoying about! My laptop screen (hp pavilion dv2000) is darker than usual. Kinda like it's trying to save power, but it's connected to the wall so I don't get it.02:44
taxmanNutzebahn: sudo aptitude install amsn02:44
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: When you OEM, on startup you see custom message asking you for a new user?02:44
erixnOk. I read a guide on how to Compiz Fuzion. And it says that I can find my graphic driver in here: Administration > Hardware Drivers. But it's nothing there.02:44
NutzebahnI can't have voice conversations in aMSN, taxman.02:44
FlannelThedjatclubrock: After the oem (that's you) runs "sudo oem-config-prepare"02:44
taxmanoh, then maybe it's not possible yet. Empathy is supposed to be able to do that soon if not now02:45
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: So I have a shell before the OEM02:45
FlannelThedjatclubrock: The OEM installer gives you a temporary OEM user, you use oem to login and make changes (setting up drivers, wallpapers, etc) then sudo oem-config-prepare and then next boot it asks for the "real" users information02:45
jmichelsen_Nutzebahn: try pidgin02:45
FlannelThedjatclubrock: No, a full system02:45
NutzebahnI can't do that in Pidgin either.02:45
ThedjatclubrockOK :)02:45
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: But I only have one shot02:46
NutzebahnWhat about for AIM?02:46
hal_v2Oooh! I have a new problem to be annoying about! My laptop screen (hp pavilion dv2000) is darker than usual. Kinda like it's trying to save power, but it's connected to the wall so I don't get it.02:46
IndyGunFreakNutzebahn: pidgin02:46
IndyGunFreak!info pidgin | Nutzebahn02:46
KarmaRoguePidgin is great02:46
ubottunutzebahn: pidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.4.1-1ubuntu2.1 (hardy), package size 505 kB, installed size 1856 kB02:46
FlannelThedjatclubrock: This is all after you've installed, there's no image for it there, but there is a paragraph, saying "after doing the necessary changes...."02:46
FlannelThedjatclubrock: No, you have until you run oem-config-prepare02:46
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: After that, I can not log in as root again?02:46
FlannelThedjatclubrock: We had a user a few years back who didn't know, and was running as the oem user.02:46
ThedjatclubrockOEM rather02:46
FlannelThedjatclubrock: You've never logged in sa root02:47
IndyGunFreakNutzebahn: pidgin signs on to multiple IM clients, all at the same time, from one program(if you're familiar w/ Trillian on Windows.. think of it as Trillian on steroids)02:47
erixnI'm following a guide on how to install compiz fusion, and it says that I can find my graphic card driver in here: Administration > Hardware Drivers. It's nothing there..02:47
FlannelThedjatclubrock: once you run oem-config-prepare, the oem user is deleted02:47
NutzebahnIndyGunFreak: Pidgin does not support voice, I use it already. I want to be able to have voice conversations, how?02:47
FlannelThedjatclubrock: But the preferences (wallpaper, etc) get moved to the new user that gets created on first boot02:47
IndyGunFreakNutzebahn: depends on what service you use.02:47
teratoma_Nutzebahn: skype!02:47
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Alright, do I need the Disc in at that time.02:47
FlannelThedjatclubrock: No02:47
hal_v2Oooh! I have a new problem to be annoying about! My laptop screen (hp pavilion dv2000) is darker than usual. Kinda like it's trying to save power, but it's connected to the wall so I don't get it.02:47
IndyGunFreakNutzebahn: AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc.02:47
NutzebahnI want to talk to MSN users on voice.02:47
NutzebahnMSN and AIM.02:47
Thedjatclubrockhal_v2: Try a brightness setting?02:48
hal_v2I can't find it. :(02:48
IndyGunFreakNutzebahn: yo might try aMSN.. but i'm not sure.02:48
IndyGunFreakAIM, you're probably hit02:48
NutzebahnIt can't do that.02:48
candiveTrillian on steroids? shhhh the olympics02:48
hal_v2Where is brightness settings?02:48
_2speaking of.  is there a command to turn the backlight off on a lappy ?    console command ?02:48
IndyGunFreakhal_v2: you can add the brightness applet to the panel, see if that helps02:49
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Thanks for the help ")02:49
taxmanNutzebahn: I think it might just not be possible yet. msn makes it pretty hard to interoperate with them02:49
hal_v2Perfection! <3 thanks sir.02:49
taxmanNutzebahn: look into empathy though02:49
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:50
erixnI'm following a guide on how to install compiz fusion, and it says that I can find my graphic card driver in here: Administration > Hardware Drivers. It's nothing there..02:50
Gneaerixn: what video card?02:51
erixnATI Radeon 920002:51
EfreakI had ubuntu installed, and after I installed kubuntu-desktop, i opened firefox under kde (same user as in gnome). Now the open tab looks exactly the same as the closed tabs, which means that if I have multiple tabs with the same name open, I don't know which one is open.02:51
Efreakdoes anyone know how to fix this?02:51
uoaphyscan someone help me setup a bridged network for a virtual machine? the instructions I found on the web seem pretty crappy, and breaks networkmanager, and other parts of the distro02:51
uoaphysis there a way to hook up a bridge without breaking the network manager?02:51
jmichelsen_Im having VM issues. Using vmware server on xubuntu, when I launch a vm it just closes. dmesg tells me somethin about vmmon: Had to deallocate AWE 817 pages from vm driver dc2c400002:51
Gnea!radeon | erixn02:51
ubottuerixn: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:51
erixnOk. I'll check it out, thanks.02:51
candiveerixn, system, Preferences, appearance, Visual effects02:52
taxmanuoaphys: bridged networking in vm's is just pretty hard as I understand it02:52
taxmanok all, is the server iso a livecd?02:52
rustychickenhow do i create a password-protected zip archive?02:52
uoaphystax; not to bridge the VM's together, I'm talking about bridging a VM to the standard network02:52
Gnearustychicken: -e02:52
Nutzebahntaxman: Could you link me to Empathy's website?02:53
taxmannever had reason to use it and I don't want to dl 600mb just to check02:53
uoaphysits pretty straightforward in the instructions, except that it forces you to hardcode the network setup files, and thus breaks networkmanager02:53
uoaphys'so is there a way to do it with network manager?02:53
Gneataxman: yes.02:53
Gneataxman: and bridging vm's is a piece of cake.02:53
taxmanGnea: except the instructions suck for it and make it sound like the most difficult thing on the planet. 18 hoops02:54
rustychickenthanks Gnea02:54
taxmanGnea: would it be safe to assume the 7.10 sparc64 server iso is live as well?02:54
LordFDiskis there a program that will cache, links to files and and missing packages?02:55
LordFDiskoops clean02:55
CostaRicanQuakerwhat's faster/less memory expensive fluxbox or jwm?02:56
_2taxman technelly all install disks are "live" but by modern definition of "live cd"   no.   server install is not "live"   it has no gui  and a cd must run a gui to qualify under modern def.02:56
Snaresanyone here use chatzilla?02:56
ThedjatclubrockFlux is bettr02:56
CostaRicanQuakeri installed fluxbox on ubuntu and i'm lñiking how fast it is but i don't know how to add desktop icons02:56
ThedjatclubrockSnares: Me02:56
bobertdosLordFDisk: Some techniques for doing that sort of clean up is to use apt-get clean/autoclean and also when there are residual packages to deal with, Synaptic can sweep those up.02:56
candiveLordFDisk, yes remove orphaned02:56
joker_how come I get  a hardwarer driver problem when I installed ubuntu.02:56
Thedjatclubrockjoker_: What is the problem02:57
taxman_2: console live is fine, I just need something more than a straight installer. I need to be able to work with what's on the system already. Is it live in that sense at least?02:57
CostaRicanQuakerThedjadclubrock: how do i set desktop icons on fluxbox? i went ot hte fluxbox chat but didn't see anyone who's using it on ubuntu and i can't seem to see a fluxbox folder at hte home02:57
IndyGunFreakjoker_: logic says, you have a hardware problem02:57
LordFDiskthank you guys02:57
bobertdosLordFDisk: also--what cadive said, but do that with caution02:57
jmichelsen_I have a NTFS disk attached internally and all the files on it have inproper size readings from within Thunar. Is there a way to fix that?02:57
LordFDiskwitch one should I do ?02:58
joker_When I installed it it tells me  proprietary driver are being used to make this computer work Atheros wire land card and access layer HAL02:58
joker_After booting it is not there but when I installed it it was02:58
bobertdosLordFDisk: I'd try all of the above, actually. Just be careful with orphaned packages, sometimes removing those removes ones you don't necessarily want removed.02:58
IndyGunFreakjoker_: well, what atheros driver are you trying to install?02:58
pyrexalright, ubuntu partitioning software failed while it was resizing my disk for an install. Now i cannot repair my mbr.02:59
Thedjatclubrockjoker_: System>Admin>Hardware Drivers02:59
_2taxman as i said.   you can, it's live.     but not in the modern sense.02:59
pyrexbecause vista disk cannot see any valid installations02:59
LordFDiskok thank you yet again02:59
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Gneataxman: every ubuntu cd .iso is a livecd, unless it says so otherwise.02:59
joker_Ok I think I know where I have to go been thanks02:59
pyrexhow do i repair this problem? it was in the middle of resizing when it ended with an error.02:59
_2Gnea "unless..."   they all are.03:00
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taxmanok good to know, just never had a reason to use them yet03:00
summatusmentisanyone know of a way to get an onscreen keyboard popup in gdm?03:00
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_2i'm out .03:00
Efreak|Beowulfsummatusmentis: keyboard popup?03:01
hackezhey guys03:01
hackezI am looking for some help03:01
jmichelsen_I have a NTFS disk attached internally and all the files on it have inproper size readings from within Thunar. Is there a way to fix that?03:01
IndyGunFreakhackez: well, i dont' think we have any psychics here, so i'd suggest asking your question03:01
hackezI would like to find out if anyone know how to make a lan accelerator in linux03:01
hackezsomething like riverbed but all cli03:02
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Are all files in oem's home copied over?03:02
bobertdossummatusmentis: This thread looks like it has something promising->http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29261103:03
tiggersWhere can I go to learn about Encryption and Signing ?03:04
saikyo78hello all! i'm new but i had a question.  i'm running linux on a gateway laptop, and i'm having trouble getting wireless working.  i got it before by following an online guide, which i'm trying now and i get stopped in the middle of one of the terminal steps. does anyone have a minute where they can help me? thank you!!03:04
sotamangaDear Gnea, I didnt find anything about how to obtain a wpa_supplicant.conf. Ive reinstalled the wpa_supplicant from the deb package, but the file didnt appear03:04
jeefers:saikyo78 what wifi card do you have03:04
saikyo78thank you! broadcom03:05
saikyo78i'm following this guide03:05
xal2I am having trouble getting VLC to produce audio when playing an MP3 file03:05
saikyo78for some reason i get stopped on the last step03:05
xal2in fact none of my applications will play mp3 despite having installed the codecs03:05
IndyGunFreakxal2: is it just not playing them?03:05
xal2VLC actually moves the bar to "play them"03:06
xal2but the other apps do not03:06
tiggersHow do you ask the ubuntu bot a question again?03:06
erixnHow do I change every instance of "xserver-xorg-driver-ati" with "xserver-xorg-video-ati"?03:06
IndyGunFreakxal2: do you get any errors when you get errors w/ the other programs03:06
IndyGunFreak!msgthebot | Tigge03:06
ubottuTigge: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:06
ari_stresssaikyo78: here's another good tutorial: http://invaleed.wordpress.com/2007/11/20/install-bcm94311mcg-wlan-mini-pci-ubuntu-710/03:06
IndyGunFreak!msgthebot | tiggers03:06
ubottutiggers: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.03:07
saikyo78oh great thank you! i'll give it a shot03:07
xal2I get no errors, IndyGunFreak03:07
candivetiggers !03:07
xal2It just sits there not playing the file03:07
IndyGunFreakxal2: do you get sound, other than from mp3s?03:07
ari_stresssaikyo78: i have a broadcom too in my lenovo g400, i follow that tutorial03:07
saikyo78really? that's good to know03:07
tiggersthank you03:08
saikyo78i really don't want to go back to windows! thank you guys so much03:08
pajamiansaikyo78: what model is the laptop?03:08
erixnHow do I change every instance of "xserver-xorg-driver-ati" with "xserver-xorg-video-ati"?03:08
crdlberixn: in what?03:08
saikyo78it's a gateway m35003:09
hosifiedanyone know how to fix slow transfer speeds on an external usb hard drive?  I'm only getting 12MB/s....the device shows up as highspeed in dmesg03:09
erixnWhat you mean "in what"?03:09
saikyo78i've gotten wireless to work OK before with linux on this03:09
saikyo78but for some reason it's not going this time03:09
xal2actually no03:09
xal2I only get systems sounds and sound from Flash player03:09
crdlberixn: xserver-xorg-driver-ati was renamed to xserver-xorg-video-ati a long time ago; so what are you trying to do exactly?03:09
erixnIm following a guide03:10
pajamiansaikyo78: ahhh, ok, I have a gateway 6020 laptop and have had no problems with the broadcom wireless in ubuntu.03:10
IndyGunFreakxal2: sounds like you're having a pulse audio problem03:10
Athenis there a way via a command to open a program in another workspace ?03:10
candiveWho Needs TV haha. Chow03:10
xal2I switched VLC to use pulse audio03:10
orb360erixn: run a find command with no args in your root... Then pipe the results into xargs and use that to run sed to change the string... every instance of it will be replaced on your system... Dangerous? yes... Fun? also yes!03:10
ari_stresserixn: maybe booting into rescue mode, there you can reconfigure the X into default mode again03:10
crdlberixn: if the guide mentions xserver-xorg-driver-ati, then it's really out of date03:10
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IndyGunFreakxal2: are you using pidgin, to be here in the channel?03:11
erixnIm really confused03:11
xal2I'm using xchat03:11
erixnI just want to install ATI Radeon driver03:11
crdlberixn: a driver for your card is installed by default03:11
saikyo78awesome, thanks pajamian03:11
crdlberixn: what does 'glxinfo | grep direct' say? (yes or no)03:12
uoaphyshow do I edit files as a user from gnome? ie, sudo, but in the GUI?03:12
xal2would that have anything to do with it?03:12
xal2i do have pidgin running03:12
ari_stressuoaphys: sudo nautilus03:12
IndyGunFreakxal2: i'd say almost definitely03:12
erixncrdlb: YES!03:12
sotamangasudo wpa_supplicant -c/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf -i wlan0 -D wext -d                            Reading configuration file '/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf' Failed to read or parse configuration '/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf'. Failed to add interface wlan0 Cancelling scan request Cancelling authentication timeout03:12
IndyGunFreak!gksudo | ari_stress03:12
ubottuari_stress: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:12
xal2so close it or uninstall it?03:12
pajamiansaikyo78: All I did was go into the restricted drivers manager and enable the wireless through there.  It had to download and install the firmware but it was all straight forward and automated.03:12
ari_stressok ubottu03:12
IndyGunFreaklol, now they're spamming the channels03:13
saikyo78really i'll try that too, i'm going to finish this new guide and if it doesn't work i'll try that03:13
saikyo78thank you guys so much!!03:13
Reformer81I'm currently using this command ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/37305/ ) to convert videos.  However, I have several videos with different resolutions and would like to know how to convert a video into it's original resolution.  Anyone know?03:13
pajamiansaikyo78: of course you will need an internet connection when it does so, so you'll need to plug in via the ethernet port, just temporarily.03:13
saikyo78it's ok i'm actually on ethernet right now03:14
pajamiansaikyo78: ok03:14
erixncrdlb: It says "Yes"03:14
typedestereowhat's the command to view computer temp?03:14
xal2IndyGunFreak, , what do i need to do to fix the problem?03:14
crdlberixn: so it's working03:14
dunasIs it possible for #ubuntu to provide help for Linux Mint, since it's based on Ubuntu? The #linuxmint channel isn't exactly active.03:14
IndyGunFreakxal2: i switched everything over to alsa.. and have had no problems since03:14
erixnThis it what is says in my xorg.conf - Identifier"Configured Video Device"03:14
xal2so i just switch vlc to using alsa and the problem should be solved?03:15
ari_stresstypedestereo: depends, on mine: sudo cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ00/temperature03:15
pajamiandunas: stricly speaking no, but if you ask a question maybe someone will be able to help.03:15
IndyGunFreakdunas: sometimes, just don't tell anyone you're using mint, or they'll send you away03:15
crdlberixn: the identifier is just for matching the device section to the screen section; it has no meaning except as an identifier03:15
xal2okay that did the trick03:15
xal2so pretty much03:15
waeyem hi03:15
xal2pulse doesn't work?03:15
erixnAh, thanks.03:15
IndyGunFreakxal2: it works, just kinda buggy..  you'll also want to change pidgins sound prefs, from "auto".. to "alsa".. otherwise it will keep trying to use pulse for some reason03:16
dunasIndyGunFreak, pajamian: Thanks.03:16
waeywhy when using pidgin, if for Yahoo account, i just can talk with who in my list contact, cannot enter chatroom03:16
xal2So does it actually have advantages over alsa?03:16
saikyo78i'm sorry, this might be a dumb question, but where can i find "restricted drivers"03:16
dmsupermanWhere can I install transmission-daemon?03:16
IndyGunFreakxal2: i imagine it does.... but what those are, i really don't know, Alsa is fine w/ me03:17
xal2I never had problems with alsa03:17
ari_stresssaikyo78: it's in System03:17
crdlbxal2: yes, there are many potential ones at least03:17
pyrexis there a way for me to restore a vista after a failed manual partitioning?03:17
IndyGunFreakxal2: well, there you go, would you rather drive a chevy that was dependable, and never broke down, or a porsche that you couldn't get to the end of the block w/o a problem?03:17
waeywhy using pidgin cannot enter chatroom like yahoo account?03:17
crdlbxal2: ie. it's a good idea, but it probably shouldn't have been enabled by default yet03:18
quilbyhow do i start an svn rep on my comp (i have subversion installed)03:18
LSD|Ninjapyrex: did you make a set of recovery CDs before messing with it?03:18
IndyGunFreakcrdlb: that was my understanding on it, when it finally works right, it will be great, but it was rushed into hardy, prolly shoulda been held off till ibex03:18
xal2well thank you for the solution03:19
saikyo78I have "hardware drivers" but no restricted drivers under system--administration03:19
xal2because i didn't have much luck in my searches, although, i thought avi was working for some reason, so my search wasn't as general as it should have been03:19
dmsuperman!info transmission-daemon03:20
ubottuPackage transmission-daemon does not exist in hardy03:20
quilbyinfo svn03:20
LSD|Ninjaheh, PulseAudio probably works better in Hardy than it does in Intrepid. At least in Hardy it doesn't assume the PC Speaker is a valid output device03:20
quilby!info svn03:20
ubottuPackage svn does not exist in hardy03:20
dmsupermanHow can I get transmission-daemon?03:20
quilby!info subversion03:20
dmsupermaneverything says it's a package but I don't see it anywhere03:20
ubottusubversion (source: subversion): Advanced version control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.6dfsg1-2ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 237 kB, installed size 3400 kB03:20
ari_stressdmsuperman: i dont see transmission-daemon in my apt03:21
dmsupermanari_stress, right, neither do i03:21
dmsupermanari_stress, but all these guides say it is03:21
dmsupermanari_stress, everything tells me how to start it, but not where to get it03:21
saikyo78can anyone tell me where to find "restricted drivers" in ubuntu?03:21
tuxmes frere03:21
FloodBot1tux: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:21
IndyGunFreaksaikyo78: system/admin/hardware drivers03:22
tuxtru du cu03:22
FlannelThedjatclubrock: I believe so, but I don't know for sure (I think it removes the oem user, and recreates a new user with the same UID)03:22
jigphello ive downloaded a .deb and its now in my desktop coz i cant save it in usr/apt/archive ...i cannot even paste it there...how to run this thing?03:22
Flanneljigp: Just double click it03:22
pajamiansaikyo78: System / Administration / Hardware Drivers03:22
saikyo78i'm in hardware drivers, and I have a "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system." message03:22
TooplexHey guys03:23
LSD|Ninjasaikyo78: what do you need proprietary drivers for?03:23
TooplexI need some quick help03:23
IndyGunFreaksaikyo78: then whatever you're wanting a proprietary driver for, is not available.03:23
LegendarioI've got a new computer and I have to copy all my files to the new one. Usually i would install the old HD on the new one and copy all the stuff. But i can't do that because the new one has no space left for another drive, so how do i connect them together and backup my files?03:23
IndyGunFreakLSD|Ninja: i think a broadcom wireless device03:23
pajamianLSD|Ninja: IndyGunFreak: it's for broadcom wireless03:23
TooplexI have the CompizConfig Settings manager and it says one of the shortcut keys is called "Super" What key is "Super"?03:23
Legendariocan anyone briefly guide me on it?03:23
saikyo78that's strange, i had wireless working on here a few weeks ago03:23
saikyo78i'm not sure, i'm still pretty new at this so i'm sorry, thank you all for being patient03:24
choudeshLegendario, sure. what kind of equipment do you have available?03:24
d0wn__I accidentally deleted me /dev/dsp1, is there anyway to recover it?03:24
rinovanwhere is ip1880driver03:24
choudeshLegendario, IE, USB-HD, USB-JUMPDRIVE, NETWORK03:24
LSD|NinjaOh, then you won't see anything in the restricted manager until you install the fwcutter03:24
viceswhere is the wpa_supplicant.conf ?03:24
Legendariochoudesh, i guess i will need to make a network03:24
saikyo78ah i must not have done that correctly then apparently03:24
pajamianLSD|Ninja: I thought the restricted manager installed that for you.03:24
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Legendariohave about 40 gigs to backup03:25
choudeshLegendario, not necessarily. What did you mean early by "no room in the new PC"03:25
jigpFlannel : it works. thanks.. but after installing all the debs and download the packages (300+) .. is it possible to copy it and save to usb then paste it to another pc in usr/apt/archive? then i can use it or click install it?03:25
BartGAHey guys03:25
sdae3hello do you know of a program that lets you write and listen to music?03:26
viceswhere does the wpa_supplicant file go?03:26
Legendariochoudesh, there is no space on the gabinet (i don't know the word in english... ;P03:26
Reformer81Is there any reason to think that some commands execute faster in a virtual terminal than in a gnome terminal.03:26
ari_stressd0wn__: sudo mknod -b 14 3 /dev/dsp103:26
BartGAPretty new Ubuntu user here and having 1 problem I can't seem to solve...03:26
Flanneljigp: Check out AptOnCD03:26
Scorp_Hey guys, ran into an error !! I formatted my second hard disk, but after remounting, it fails to be accessible for writing. What could be the reason ?? How do i solve it ?03:26
saikyo78ok so now it's starting to make more sense, the last part of the guide i was originally following was installing the package for hte fwcutter03:27
saikyo78that's where i was getting hung up03:27
LSD|Ninjapajamian: I don't know for sure, I try and avoid Broadcom wireless where I can. However, it does seem to be the case from what I've noticed here.03:27
ari_stressScorp_: u need permission to do that03:27
Scorp_ari_stress: How do i set those permissions for the current user ???03:27
Scorp_ari_stress: permanently that is..03:27
pajamianLSD|Ninja: I seem to recall that when I isntalled it on my gateway laptop it just did everything for me.03:27
danbhfiveBartGA: whats the problem?03:27
ari_stressScorp_: sudo chown -R youruser /themountpoint03:27
choudeshLegendario, since I don't know "gabinet".03:27
BartGAI've installed Ubuntu on a server at home that I can access over the internet.  I've installed V:C so I could stream media from it over the net.  However, it will stream everything but AVI files, which is mainly what I would like to stream.  Any idea how to have it stream AVI?03:28
saikyo78this is the last command it says to paste:03:28
choudeshLegendario, if you can make a quick network - you can use SAMBA to share the files over the network03:28
choudesh!samba | Legendario03:28
ubottuLegendario: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:28
Scorp_ari_stress: Is it a permanent way? And will another user added be able to use it ???03:28
saikyo78export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR="/lib/firmware"03:28
saikyo78wget http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl-
saikyo78tar xjf broadcom-wl-
saikyo78cd broadcom-wl-
saikyo78../../b43-fwcutter-011/b43-fwcutter -w "$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR" wl_aps03:28
FloodBot1saikyo78: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:28
BartGA**Installed VLC03:28
LSD|Ninjapajamian: people are always coming a cropper with Broadcom because they insist on trying to set them up without having a wired connection handy03:28
jigpFlannel : sudo apt-get install Apt0nCD?03:28
ganymedehello, i'd like to use cron to run a job every two minutes. i have used crontab to add this: "15 */2 * * * bash /home/ganymede/Scripts/encaldus.backup.sh" but it is never run. i followed the wiki howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto but it's extremely vague. for instance, it says, "To use cron, simply add entries to your crontab file." that is obviously not true since you also have to have it both installed03:28
ganymedeand running on the current runlevel. is that anything further that i need that it doesn't mention?03:28
IndyGunFreaki swear people should be banned for pasting03:28
ari_stressScorp_: yes permanent. you have to add more permission for other user03:28
pajamianLSD|Ninja: yeah, that would make a difference.03:29
Scorp_ari_stress: thanks.. I'll just try !!03:29
Flanneljigp: I think the package is apton-cd, but I'm not sure03:29
Flannel!aptoncd | jigp03:29
ubottujigp: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers03:29
justin_join #network03:29
saikyo78whoops, can't paste it, but it's the last step on this page http://penkin.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/ubuntu-804-broadcom-wireless/03:29
Flanneljigp: Hmm, thats rather informationless.  Let me find a wiki page for you03:29
saikyo78it looks like it won't finish in terminal when i hit enter03:29
IndyGunFreakjustin_: "/join #network"03:29
=== MTecknol1gy is now known as MTecknology
pajamiansaikyo78: you're doing it the hard manual way03:29
ari_stressganymede: it should be */2 * * * *03:29
IndyGunFreak!paste | saikyo78 and for good reason03:29
ubottusaikyo78 and for good reason: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:29
Legendariochoudesh, do i still need samba if they will both be running ubuntu?03:29
Scorp_ari_stress: Hey, it works... Thanks..!!03:29
jigpFlannel thank you :) cant just copy the downloaded deb in usr/apt/archive?03:29
Flanneljigp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/APTonCD03:29
Scorp_ari_stress: So the -R is for ???03:29
saikyo78my apologies03:30
ari_stressScorp_: -R means recursive03:30
Scorp_ari_stress: umm, that would basically do it to all contents, ryt ???03:30
choudeshLegendario, yes - or some other transfer protocol -- FTP, RSYNC, WWW03:30
ganymedeari_stress: can you explain why that doesn't run it every two minutes, since the commented line at the top reads: # m h  dom mon dow   command03:30
ari_stresssaikyo78: dont give up. you'll manage eventually, and it gives great knowledge03:30
saikyo78that's what i'm hoping, thank you!03:30
Flanneljigp: Depends on what you're doing exactly.  AptOnCD does make it a lot easier, especially if you're missing some for whatever reason03:30
lenswipeHow do i do a complete fresh install of samba and delete all the old config files?03:31
ganymedeari_stress: oh, i'm sorry, i meant to say that i'd like to run it every two hours03:31
ari_stressganymede: if you type 15 */2 it means runs every two hours pass 15 minutes03:31
choudeshlenswipe, look at man apt03:31
LSD|NinjaGetting Broadcom working is fiarly simple, people just tend to make it more complicated than it actually is.03:31
Scorp_What is the best config for maximizing performance of an ext3 partition in /etc/fstab ??? Anyone could tell me there own ???03:31
ari_stressganymede: it should be */2 * * * *03:31
Legendariochoudesh, only nfs is not enough tough?03:31
choudeshlenswipe, you want to use purge option03:31
choudeshLegendario, NFS will work.03:31
xgfhsdgfhsdI used poedit to edit a .PO translation for xulrunner on launchpad, but theres no upload option?!03:31
Reformer81Is there a simple way to setup a VERY small server (just to host a couple of files)?03:31
saikyo78ok, so i think i have gotten the link made03:31
lenswipechoudesh: it doesnt delete the configuration files though03:31
ganymedeari_stress: okay, i have it to 15 */2 * * * but it is not run at 6:15 and 8:15. should i also need to add myself to crontab group?03:32
lenswipecan someone just guide me through it03:32
Myrttixgfhsdgfhsd: sure there is03:32
hal_v2Last question of the night! PROMISE! How do I set up a program (such as kiba dock or conky) to start up when my computer starts up?03:32
Flannellenswipe: purging a package will remove config files03:32
Drezardwhats the diff between jeOS and normal ubuntu server?03:32
lenswipeFlannel: Obv no in my case03:32
ari_stressganymede: i dont think we should add ourselves into the group03:32
lenswipei have to go03:32
Legendariochoudesh, will they both need the nfs-common package installed?03:32
=== blaqlight_ is now known as Blaqlight
ganymedeari_stress: what is the file where stdout is redirected? for vixie-cron, all stdout is written into ~/dead.letter. is there a correpsonding file with ubuntu's cron?03:33
hal_v2Last question of the night! PROMISE! How do I set up a program (such as kiba dock or conky) to start up when my computer starts up?03:33
choudesh!nfs | Legendario03:33
ubottuLegendario: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.03:33
ari_stressganymede: it's in /var/log/syslog03:33
Ahadielhal_v2, System => Preferences => Sessions03:34
ari_stresshal_v2: if you use gnome, add the program into gnome-session03:34
hal_v2Thank you sir. I knew it was something simple!03:34
jigpFlannel : its a waste of cd...443mb03:34
xgfhsdgfhsdwhere is the upload link in launchpad exactly?03:34
madagascari need major help03:34
Flanneljigp: You should be able to put it on a thumbdrive just as easily03:34
choudeshxgfhsdgfhsd, upload for what?03:34
madagascari deleted my oxygen theme and now i no longer have a gui03:35
jigpFlannel : how about save it in usb?03:35
jigpFlannel : there is no menu for saving in usb there03:35
xgfhsdgfhsdI downloaded a .PO file to translate for xulrunner, I translated ~500 lines, now I cannot find an option to upload my changes\03:35
madagascari deleted my oxygen theme and now i no longer have a gui03:35
amicrawlerneed help i'm getting a private ip address not a real address03:35
CostaRicanQuakeranyone here uses fluxbox? i need to figure out a way to set icons on the desktop03:35
Flanneljigp: Just save it to a disk image03:36
amicrawlercan any body help me ?03:36
madagascarwhen i log in all it shows is the command line03:36
CostaRicanQuakersomeone mentioned rox at the fluxbox channel, is this available from the repositories=?03:36
madagascarhow do i get my gui back03:36
rinovanhow to setup resolution monitor in ubuntu03:36
pajamianamicrawler: help with what?03:36
SeveredCrossIs there a known reason why I'm not allowed more than four keyboard layouts?03:36
ari_stressmadagascar: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:36
madagascaranything else03:37
amicrawleri'm geting a private ip will not come off of it03:37
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: yes, rox-filer03:37
CostaRicanQuakersudo aptitude install rox-filer then03:37
pajamianamicrawler: that tells me nothing03:37
lithiumum wtf is a .mojo file?03:37
Flannelamicrawler: You're going to have to give us more information the words "private IP" don't mean a whole lot03:37
amicrawler169 ip03:37
ari_stressrinovan: sudo gnome-display-properties03:38
amicrawlerwill not get a ip from my router03:38
madagascarwhat does ' sudo aptitude install rox-filer' do03:38
pajamianamicrawler: getting it from what?  how? what are you trying to do?03:38
Flannelamicrawler: We know what a private ip is, we have no idea what you're doing when you get/set/whatever one.03:38
xgfhsdgfhsdwhere is the upload option in Launchpad (en_CA) for xulrunner?03:39
amicrawleri load my os and try to get on the net and i get a priv ip03:39
amicrawlerwill not go any where03:39
Legendariochoudesh, look. I have this second hd on my old pc which is mounted as my /home folder on it. What i wanna do is partition my new hardrive and copy all the stuff on this old hd to the new partition to mount it again as my /home folder and so, keep all my configuration. Will i be able to do it if i connect both network cards and use the nfs?03:39
Flannelxgfhsdgfhsd: try #ubuntu-motu03:40
xgfhsdgfhsd.join #ubuntu-motu03:40
CostaRicanQuakerFlannel: ok the rox filer has eben installed now how do i go about using it?03:40
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: I have no idea.03:40
pajamianamicrawler: it's normal for most home routers to assign private IPs to the computers that connect to them.  That's how they work.03:40
ganymedeari_stress: thanks, i may have figured it out03:41
amicrawlerbut i all ways get a 192 befor03:41
dmsupermanI'm trying to build transmission from source, but it keeps saying I need libcurl or that it's not in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH03:41
dmsupermanI want transmission-daemon03:41
pajamianamicrawler: why don't you tell us what the problem really is, instead of assuming that you have an issue with something that may be completely unrelated to your problem?03:42
lithiumanybody able to help as to what a .mojo file is/does?03:42
jigpFlannel : the problem is, GnomeBaker wont add write if you already writen a data to a disk...03:42
amicrawleri'm not shure if my ethernet is working03:42
Flanneljigp: Just write to an image, then copy it in the filemanager03:42
pajamianamicrawler: well, you're onlien chatting to us, I'd say it's working.03:42
Flanneljigp: then mount the iso with a loopback on the other computer03:42
charles_dmsuperman: you need to install libcurl-dev, I think03:42
amicrawlerno i'm on my other computer03:43
AdrianCostaRicanQuaker: you will need to start it when you start fluxbox, i thing there is a startup file in ~/.fluxbox/ but you are probably best to ask in #fluxbox03:43
xgfhsdgfhsdcould someone please ban spammers Gramps and KiteWhamoBall please?03:43
Flannelxgfhsdgfhsd: Come to #ubuntu-ops03:43
lithium!ask could anybody tell me what a .mojo file is?\03:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:44
pajamianamicrawler: ok, so you have a problem connecting to the internet on your ubuntu computer?  and you suspect it's the IP because it's getting an Ip in the 169 range instead of the 192 range?03:44
dmsupermancharles_, I have libcurl-dev installed03:44
CostaRicanQuakerAdrian: how do oyu mean when i start fluxbox? i'm already on fluxbox03:44
dmsupermancharles_, rather, libcurl4-dev03:44
amicrawleryes  in words or less03:44
CostaRicanQuakeri already asked at fluxbox and they just said rox, i got it but i don't know hwo to use it yet03:44
dmsupermancharles_, there is no libcurl-dev03:44
charles_dmsuperman: what happens when you type "pkg-config --modversion libcurl"03:44
AdrianCostaRicanQuaker: but you will want it to start everytime you startup03:45
pajamianamicrawler: ok ... type ifconfig in the terminal (on the computer that has the problem) and paste the results to the pastebin, please.03:45
jigpFlannel : what tool image to use?03:45
dmsupermanPackage libcurl was not found in the pkg-config search path.03:45
dmsupermanPerhaps you should add the directory containing `libcurl.pc'03:45
dmsupermanto the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable03:45
dmsupermanNo package 'libcurl' found03:45
CostaRicanQuakerAdrian: so i reboot or log out and back in?03:45
FloodBot1dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
charles_dmsuperman: one user in the #transmission channel says he was able to compile on Ubuntu after installing: build-essential automake autoconf libtool pkg-config libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev intltool libxml2-dev libgtk2.0-dev03:46
AdrianCostaRicanQuaker: for now you can try and start it from the command line03:46
amicrawleri wish i could  i can not get out on to the net with the other computer03:46
charles_dmsuperman: wheeee03:46
Flannel!iso | jigp03:46
ubottujigp: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:46
amicrawlertried to ping my modem and my router03:46
Legendariochoudesh, what can you tell me?03:46
amicrawlerwill not ping03:46
balzwhat is the command to install all available updates?  I'd like to be able to update my headless server via ssh03:46
Pelodmsuperman, compiling from source ?  try installing the related -dev package03:46
Flannelbalz: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:47
dmsupermanPelo, I have03:47
charles_dmsuperman: and libssl-dev libnotify-dev03:47
dmsupermanPelo, I have tried all the various libcurl packages03:47
Pelobalz, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y03:47
balzpelo: thank you!03:47
orly_owlWhere can I get a deb package of libming >= 0.4.0.beta5 for hardy?03:47
pajamianamicrawler: ok ... and when you click on the network icon in the system tray what does it show you for your connection?03:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about libming03:47
balzpelo:  what's the difference between both of those commands?03:47
Peloanyone else gettng a butlod of pms ?03:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ming03:47
amicrawlernot ta03:48
FlannelPelo: report it in #ubuntu-ops03:48
dmsupermancharles_, I already have all of them up to date :(03:48
charles_Pelo: yep.  random crap from bots03:48
Pelobalz, update check the repos of updated packages , upgrade installs them03:48
PeloFlannel,  you know I don'T like to go in there03:48
charles_dmsuperman: you might want to ask around in #transmission03:48
balzmakes sense. thanks pelo03:48
FlannelPelo: all you have to do is pop in, mention it, and leave.03:48
rand0m-yo anyone ever have an issue with trying to save changes in openoffice and it not saving changes? (ie: resulting in sending retarded-looking, half-finished resumes)03:49
PeloFlannel, still , it means I'll hve to be in there for at least a minute03:49
pajamianamicrawler: it doesn't show you anything?  can you see options for different connection types?  or at least, "manual configuration"?03:49
amicrawleri can03:49
pajamianamicrawler: what does it say, anything other than manual configuration?03:50
ganymedeis there a way to log into a user automatically via gdm on startup but then lock the screen directly afterwords, so a password is still needed to use gnome? i don't recall seeing that option in the gdm configuration in gnome-control-center.03:50
dmsupermanPelo, I've been getting them too03:50
amicrawlerguess i fixed it03:50
amicrawlerwith a defult gateway ip03:50
phun_hey guys, do you know of a terminal command that opens the file w/ the default program?03:51
madagascarokay im back03:51
madagascarit did not work03:51
dmsupermanphun_, gnome-open03:51
pajamianamicrawler: so it's working now?  ok, good.03:51
=== pioto is now known as Guest40338
madagascarsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:51
VipOrXganymede: under security in administration, login window, security you can auto login, then maybe set screensaver to come on within 5 seconds and requiring a password03:52
rand0m-yo anyone ever have an issue with trying to save changes in openoffice and it not saving changes? (ie: resulting in sending retarded-looking, half-finished resumes)03:52
=== Guest40338 is now known as pioto
VipOrXSystem, Administration, Login Window, Security, enable automatic login03:53
ganymedeVipOrX: how should i startup screensaver in five seconds? add it to my session startup? but then it'll be locked even when i log in manually03:53
ganymedeVipOrX: i got the automatic log in part figured out, but not the lock screen part03:54
lukehasnonameHow can I edit mp3 tags? I can't do it through GNOME/ Nautilus?03:54
VipOrXsystem, preferences, screensaver, have screensaver start after 5 seconds of idle, and require password when not idle maybe03:54
Pelolukehasnoname, try easytag03:55
IndyGunFreak!info easytag | lukehasnoname03:55
ubottulukehasnoname: easytag (source: easytag): viewing, editing and writing ID3 tags. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.4-1 (hardy), package size 963 kB, installed size 3076 kB03:55
IndyGunFreaklukehasnoname: easytag really is the way to go.. its great for that.03:55
VipOrXwhen your at the computer, turn screensaver off03:55
xgfhsdgfhsdis there an irc channel for ubuntu translators?03:56
ganymedeVipOrX: that seems like a suboptimal solution, especially considering many other distros have an option to log in automatically and lock the screen, so maybe the GUI just isn't exposing the option03:56
lukehasnonamehmmm. I'll check it out. I mean, I can edit it through Exaile (individual tracks) but (don't kick me for this) in Windows you can edit ID3 tags through the properties of the file.03:56
Peloxgfhsdgfhsd, I don't think there are any translators for ubuntu specificaly, language support is app related as far as I know ,  for gnome or specific apps03:56
VipOrXthere probably is a more optimal solution, just don't know of one03:57
VipOrXmaybe there is an option using gconf-editor03:57
xgfhsdgfhsdwell I downloaded and edited a rather large .PO file, now I cannot find anywhere to send this file03:58
LSD|Ninjamaybe a PO box :P03:58
Flannelxgfhsdgfhsd: Isn't that done via rosetta?03:58
Peloxgfhsdgfhsd, what language and app ?03:58
lukehasnonamexgfhsdgfhsd, #ubuntu-translators03:59
xgfhsdgfhsdlanguage: en_CA app: xulrunner 1.9 source03:59
Peloisn'T xlrunner part of firefox ?04:00
webmanPelo: you mean xulrunner ...04:00
Pelowebman, yeah typo, it's getting late04:00
webmanPelo: I think firefox uses it, but I don't think it is only used for firefox ....04:00
ffeneci wonder what is the best ubuntu version?04:01
f4hyWhat do you all recommend for a gnome IRC client04:01
Thedjatclubrockffenec: Hardy!04:01
xgfhsdgfhsdthen I click on English (Canada)04:01
ffenecbecause i am not that happy with my feisty04:01
Thedjatclubrockf4hy: Kvirc, Xchat04:01
xgfhsdgfhsdthere is a download, but no upload04:01
* Pelo wonders why xsensors shows temp3 0.0°C and sensors in the teminal shows temp3 21.5°C04:01
webmanI'm trying to run a linux binary application, and I get "error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" but that library exists in /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.3 any suggestions on how to resolve this ?04:01
ffenechardy is a beta version04:01
Pelof4hy,  xchat , not xchat-gnome04:02
Thedjatclubrockffenec: No it is LTS04:02
Peloffenec, hardy is final,  ibex is in alpha04:02
f4hyThedjatclubrock, I am on xchat right now and seems low on features.04:02
LegendarioLook. I have this second hd on my old pc which is mounted as my /home folder on it. What i wanna do is partition my new hardrive and copy all the stuff on this old hd to the new partition to mount it again as my /home folder and so, keep all my configuration. Will i be able to do it if i connect both network cards and use the nfs? Can anyone tell me that?04:02
f4hyPelo, what do you mean not xchat-gnome04:02
VipOrXf4hy: mIRC works perfect under wine04:02
webmanLegendario: probably better to avoid NFS, but yes, you could do it that way...04:03
Pelof4hy, in the repos there are two versions of xchat ,  xchat-gnome which most ppl hate and regular-vanila xchat which most love04:03
f4hyVipOrX, Thanks but I would prefer an F/OSs client04:03
Pelof4hy, check the about screen to know which on you have04:03
Thedjatclubrockf4hy: KvIRC is ok04:03
gaspipe1hey peeps04:03
Legendariowhy avoid nfs, webman?04:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wtfworks04:03
f4hyPelo, ahh yes i have the gnome one, alright ill look into the vanilla one04:04
gaspipe1lil issue I have...04:04
Pelogaspipe1, just state the problem04:04
f4hyThanks all!04:04
gaspipe1I have a dual boot system (ubuntu and xp), seems I'm having issues booting xp... (go figure)04:04
webmanLegendario: I think the best method is something like this (but syntax is likely all wrong, so check it out first) tar -Cvf - /home | nc ... and on the other machine do a nc ... | tar -xvf -04:04
gaspipe1anyway i want to copy some files I have on that (xp) partition via ubuntu04:05
Pelogaspipe1, is xp on the same hdd ? what is the nature of the problem , please make your next statement as complete as possible04:05
webmanLegendario: basically avoid nfs because if you don't need it, then there is little point in going to the trouble of setting it all up just for a one time transfer of data....04:05
lenswipeI am Currently Unable To Add Samba Users Using The smbpasswd -a <<username>> command04:05
gaspipe1seems I can't mount the "hdd"04:05
lenswipeDoes anyone know why this is the case?04:05
gaspipe1says I'm not privliged to mount04:05
f4hyalright now using just the regular xchat client04:05
Pelolenswipe, try asking in #samba04:05
gaspipe1anyidea on how to mount a hdd?04:06
lenswipePelo: theres nobody there04:06
lenswipePelo: i have asked04:06
lenswipePelo: There all afk04:06
lenswipeNow can someone hlp me here?04:06
gaspipe1Pelo: yes they are both on the same hdd04:06
webmangaspipe1: maybe sudo mount /dev/blah /mnt/blah04:06
Pelogaspipe1,  sudo mkdir /media/WIN  && sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/??? /media/WIN04:06
lenswipeSeriously wtf is tthe point of joining an IRC channel then not chatting and going AFK?04:06
Legendariowebman, could you help me out with it?04:06
lenswipei have problems04:06
lenswipesamba wont let me add users04:07
lenswipedoes anyone know why?04:07
hwilde!samba | lenswipe04:07
ubottulenswipe: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:07
pkchulenswipe: if i did not remember wrongly, the users you want to set a samba password for must already be users on your local machine04:07
Pelogaspipe1,   /dev/sda1 will probably the devtree for your windows partiton then04:07
hwildelenswipe,   man useradd04:07
Pelof4hy, do you like vanilla better ?04:07
f4hyPelo, yes much thank you so much04:07
f4hyPelo, I saw that it was not in the main repository though, know the reason for that?04:08
Legendariowebman, i have no idea on how to do this transference?04:08
Pelof4hy, it's got some restrictions on it04:08
lenswipehwilde: no theres something wrong with samba04:08
Legendario!nc | Legendario04:08
ubottuLegendario, please see my private message04:08
lenswipeBut im gettin help now i think04:08
hwildelenswipe, no just add the user first then it will work.04:08
Pelof4hy, stuff in main is totaly free and open source, stuff in the others is free but may hve some restrictions on it04:09
dmsupermanFor some reason torrentflux didn't setup it's database04:09
lenswipehwilde: it wont let me aadd any users04:09
dmsupermanI've tried dpkg-reconfigure torrentflux but that just changes the mysql details04:09
webmanlegendario: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-copy-compressed-drive-image-over-network.html04:09
f4hyPelo, Really? hmm. Ill go look up the license on it04:09
hwildelenswipe, go to System-> Admin -> Users04:09
dmsupermanHow can I setup the database to be ready for torrentflux04:09
webmanalthough that doesn't use tar, it uses dd ...04:09
ThedjatclubrockDoes OEM transpher all the /home/oem to the main acct04:10
webmando you have ssh server installed on one of the machines ?04:10
PeloThedjatclubrock, oem does not setup any accouint , it waits until the first official user logs in as far as I know04:10
Pelo!away | Thedjatclubrock04:10
ubottuThedjatclubrock: You should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»04:10
ThedjatclubrockPelo: But it first logs in as OEM04:10
FlannelPelo: It sets up an oem account, which gets removed04:11
FlannelThedjatclubrock: I believe it does, but can't say for sure.04:11
ThedjatclubrockFlannel: Thank you.04:11
FlannelThedjatclubrock: I believe it removes oem, and re-adds a user with the same UID04:11
=== foka_ is now known as foka
* Pelo thinks the nick are getting curiouser and curiouser04:12
Legendariowebman, if i connect both computers together (one to another directly) will they see each other, or is there any package i have to install?04:12
f4hyPelo, This program is released under the GPL with the additional exemption that compiling, linking, and/or using OpenSSL is allowed. You may04:13
f4hyprovide binary packages linked to the OpenSSL libraries, provided that all other requirements of the GPL are met.04:13
gaspipe1Pelo: do i leave a "space" btwn /dev/sda1 and /media/win?04:13
ffeneccant upgrade fisty 7.04 to 7.1004:13
Pelogaspipe1, yes04:13
f4hyPelo, good enough for me still. Thanks again04:13
ffeneci dont understand why04:13
ffeneci am using synaptic04:13
gaspipe1Pelo: still won't let me mount and I tried w/and w/out space04:13
Pelogaspipe1, /dev/sda1 might not be it for you, run   sudo blkid in the terminal to get a listing of your partitions04:14
xgfhsdgfhsdlol I couldnt upload because I hadn't joined the translator team04:14
gauravhow do I change my username04:14
hwilde!mount | gaspipe104:14
ubottugaspipe1: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter04:14
ffenecany help guys04:14
Flannelffenec: have you followed this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades04:14
Pelogaspipe1, you don'T need to run the sudo mkdir part of the command every time  only once just the stuff after && after that04:14
hwildegaurav, System -> Admin -> Users04:14
hwilde!enter | ffenec04:15
ubottuffenec: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:15
hwilde!upgrade | ffenec04:15
ubottuffenec: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:15
ffenec i followed the unstruction04:15
gauravno my username for IRC04:15
hwildegaurav, /nick04:15
f4hySo I am interested in getting involved contributing to ubuntu, whats the best place to start, beyond bug triage04:15
ffenecand it cant fetch all the package during the preparation04:15
ffenecit quit at the Ast step04:16
Pelof4hy,  there is a how to contribute section on the ubuntu.com site04:16
ffenec1st step04:16
hwildef4hy, http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate04:16
=== gaurav is now known as shumsher
hwilde!enter | ffenec04:16
ubottuffenec: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:16
shumsherthank you04:16
hwilde!enter > ffenec04:16
ubottuffenec, please see my private message04:16
f4hyhwilde, Pelo, thanks04:16
* Pelo hates sharing credits 04:17
pyrexhow do i get my wireless working?04:17
Pelo!wifi | pyrex04:17
ubottupyrex: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:17
pyrexplus i took out network manger reading a tutorial online04:17
hwildepyrex, man iwconfig04:18
* Pelo butchered his case making a vent for the cpu fan, but now, his cpu temp never goes above 50°C , even at 100% cpu and his fan doesn'T even go full speed,, before 100% cpu, 100% fanspeed, 55-60°C04:19
* Pelo just felt like telling someone 04:20
f4hyPelo, you seem awfully helpful, you just chill in the channel and help people out?04:20
Pelof4hy, not so much lately but I've been a regular helper for the last 2 years04:20
ffenecmy synaptic cant find a package to upgrade from feisty 7.04 to 7.10. what could be the problem?04:21
Pelof4hy, I'm just bored because there is nothing left for me to fix on my computer04:21
ffeneci hate feisty04:21
m1xedanyone know why only nautilus can view all of my drives??  I can't view any of my drives using Konqueror04:21
Gnea!upgrade | ffenec04:21
ubottuffenec: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:21
Peloffenec, if you don'T have a lot of customisation done, just backup your /home folder to a seperate partion and clean install hardy from cd ,  it will be quicker04:22
f4hyPelo, ya right there with you. Just finished a huge project where I broke grub 100 times, now I feel empty without a problem04:22
Flannelffenec: We could upgrade manually if you want.04:22
gaspipe1Pelo: says that it's in use by windows.... will shut dwn then power up again04:22
hwildeffenec, it would be faster to backup your stuff and install 8.04 from the cd anyways.04:22
plouffeI downloaded a mp3 to my desktop, then I copied it to another disk, suddenly it starts playing in totem (but no GUI visible) and I cannot kill it even using sudo kill -9 pid. What the heck is that?04:22
Gneahwilde: fiesty *can* upgrade directly to hardy.04:23
ffenecit the 8.04 stable?04:23
dmsupermanI'm trying to build transmission from source, but it keeps saying I need libcurl or that it's not in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH04:23
Gneaffenec: yes, in fact it's 8.04.1 now04:23
hwildeGnea, I stand by whatI said.04:23
Flannelffenec: install ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-minimal, linux-generic.  then make sure you're up to date (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade), making sure you have feisty-updates enabled, then switch your sources.list to gutsy, and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:23
m1xedhwilde, and if you attempt to upgrade it **might** crash, so make sure you back up all your settings04:23
Gneahwilde: not saying you're wrong, it's a good fallback plan.04:23
FlannelGnea: no, feisty can't upgrade to hardy directly.04:23
hwildeGnea, look at his attitude.  point him to livecd.  end of story04:23
Pelodmsuperman, why are you doing this ? transmission is installed by default ?04:23
plouffethe process shows up in system monitor as uninterruptible04:23
f4hyPelo, so what was your question? :P04:23
ffenecok Flannel04:24
ffeneci am gonna take a shot04:24
ffenecthank you04:24
hwildeffenec, it would be faster to backup your stuff and install 8.04 from the cd anyways.04:24
Pelof4hy, I solved that problem a long time ago ,  I just needed to add the extra resolution I wanted to the xorg.conf file04:24
m1xedanyone knows of a File Manager that's similar to remond's explorer?04:24
ffenecalright i will try to do manually then if it doesnt work for me i will install 8.0404:24
ffenecbye guys04:25
Pelom1xed, go in the display seciton ofthe menu and add th side pannel04:25
GneaFlannel: From 7.10 or 6.06 LTS to 8.04 LTS   what?04:25
dmsupermanPelo, I want transmission-daemon, so I can use the Clutch web GUI04:25
FlannelGnea: You can only go from 6.06 to 8.0404:25
FlannelGnea: (well, and then 7.10 to 8.04)04:25
Pelom1xed,  you can also go in menu > applications > add-remove and do a search on file manager04:25
m1xedPelo, im currently using nautilus04:25
GneaFlannel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades#Upgrade from 6.06 LTS to 8.04 LTS04:25
FlannelGnea: Yes.  Feisty is 7.04, which is neithe Dapper nor Gutsy.04:26
hwildeGnea, Flannel, that would take hours to dl all those packages, three times04:26
Pelom1xed, yes you can get side panel in nautilus,  what feature of explorer are you wanting anyway ?04:26
hwildebest just get the cd04:26
Flannelhwilde: Twice you mean.04:26
m1xedPelo, I already did that, I installed all the ones I saw there and none are able to either view all my hard drives or they wont allow me to pick more than one file at the same time04:26
Gnea...ok, guess i have the birthday blues then04:26
m1xedPelo, all I want to do is to be able to grab more than one mp3 at the same time and then drag it to an mp3 player04:27
hwildem1xed, hold control or shift04:27
pretenderi am having trouble setting up citrix client on hardy does anyone have a script file for the install or an easy method of installing citrix ica client on citrix on hardy04:27
dmsupermanI'm trying to build transmission from source, but it keeps saying I need libcurl or that it's not in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH04:27
Flannel!repeat | dmsuperman04:27
ubottudmsuperman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:27
Pelom1xed, to select multiple files use  the control and shift key when you click ,  and drives in linux aren't like in windows,   in linux ,  partions are mounted just like anyother folders , you won'T see drives04:27
m1xedhwilde, right so now I have to click all of the files, in konqueror i can use the mouse04:28
Pelodmsuperman, maybe you need a transmission channel04:28
f4hym1xed, ctrl clicking mutilpule files will highlight them and then dracking one of them should work. Dragging files into an MP3 client will be supported differently based on client04:28
jribdmsuperman: so install the -dev package for libcurl04:28
dmsupermanjrib, did04:28
dmsupermanPelo, I asked in there almost an hour ago04:28
m1xedPelo, i mean that I can view my partitions in nautilus but I can't see them using konqueror04:28
dmsupermanPelo, there hasn't been one thing said04:28
dmsupermanPelo, so I'm trying to see if somebody here knows04:28
jribdmsuperman: sudo apt-get build-dep transmission04:28
hwildedmsuperman, install libcurl already04:29
Pelodmsuperman, try asking in ##linux as well,  they probably know how to fix compilation problem btter then ubuntu users04:29
f4hydmsuperman, i just built transmission from source yesterday what was the problem?04:29
russKI'm locked out of a fresh install inside Windows --- any way to add a user/password to ubuntu or change root password from Windows?04:29
dmsupermanf4hy, when I run ./configure it complains libcurl isn't found or PKG_CONFIG_PATH doesn't contain it04:29
f4hydmsuperman, install libcurl-dev04:29
dmsupermanjrib, I'm building it from source, not the package, I want transmission-daemon04:30
plouffethis is a fucking joke, it's hogging up my CPU04:30
f4hydmsuperman, sudo aptitude install libcurl-dev     should fix the problem04:30
dmsupermanf4hy, hwilde, I already have it installed04:30
m1xedf4hy, so I have to ctrl-click all of the files?? LoL  In Konqueror I can highlight them all using the mouse and then just drag them to the mp3 player playlist04:30
Pelook I'm out for the night, don't stay up to late guys04:30
hwildedmsuperman, echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH04:30
kevinO!language | plouffe04:30
ubottuplouffe: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:30
m1xedPelo, have a good night!04:30
f4hydmsuperman, could you give me the output of `whereis libcurl`04:30
dmsupermanhwilde, empty04:31
dmsupermanf4hy, libcurl: /usr/lib/libcurl.la /usr/lib/libcurl.a /usr/lib/libcurl.so /usr/share/man/man3/libcurl.3.gz04:31
f4hydmsuperman, are you on 64 or 32 bit UBUNTU04:31
hwildeI don't think PKG_CONFIG_PATH should be empty for you04:31
dmsuperman32 bit gutsy04:31
dmsupermanhwilde, it is though04:31
hyperairhwilde, actually it is04:32
hwildewell then his error message is correct, it's not in PKG_CONFIG_PATH04:32
raspacHi. Can any 1 help me, with installing VMware Tools in Ubuntu 8.04. I dont know how to run or make. The file in .tar.gz and the files inside in .pl04:32
f4hydmsuperman, getdeb has a .deb of the newest version of transmission if thats all your looking for http://www.getdeb.net/app/Transmission04:32
jribhwilde: that just gives you a way of telling it to look somewhere non-standard.  It shouldn't have to be set04:32
Thedjatclubrockraspac: perl *.pl04:32
dmsupermanf4hy, I want transmission-daemon04:32
dmsupermanf4hy, which isn't included in the normal transmission package04:33
dmsupermanI'm trying to get Clutch to work04:33
raspacThedjatclubrock: New to Linux.04:33
shumsherhow do I join server Coldfront?04:33
Thedjatclubrockraspac: No04:33
jribdmsuperman: dependencies are the same...04:33
Thedjatclubrockraspac: Oh04:33
raspacThedjatclubrock: I am new04:33
Thedjatclubrockraspac: Go to Apps>Acc>Terminal and enter that command in the vm directory04:33
dmsupermanjrib, alright, I ran that but it only installed doc related packages04:34
f4hydmsuperman, ya I have clutch and the deamon install when I compiled from source, not sure why yours isnt working, have you asked in the transmission channel?04:34
raspacThedjatclubrock: I unzipped the tar.gz to /home/raspac/04:34
f4hydmsuperman, #transmission is the offical chanel for transmission. charles is often in there04:34
dmsupermanf4hy, yeah, not a word's been said since I asked an hour ago04:34
raspacThedjatclubrock: I went to terminal and wrote cd Vmware-tools04:34
dmsupermanf4hy, charles_ told me to go in there earlier04:35
hwildedmsuperman, you did    sudo apt-get build-dep transmission   ?04:35
dmsupermannobody's there04:35
Thedjatclubrockraspac: No give the command perl *.pl04:35
dmsupermanhwilde, yes04:35
raspacThedjatclubrock: the is vmware-install.pl04:35
hwildedmsuperman, then what04:35
=== JohnTortugo is now known as JohnT
raspacThedjatclubrock: I dont know how to work on LInux. nor what is Phyton.04:35
raspacI m just trying to learn.04:35
=== JohnT is now known as JohnT_
raspacybefore I migrate from windows04:35
ThedjatclubrockI don't knoe04:36
hyperairdmsuperman, ls /usr/lib/pkgconfig | grep curl04:36
ThedjatclubrockDoes anyone know why I have no audio in DVDs but I have other Audio04:36
dmsupermanhyperair, libcurl.pc04:36
hyperairhmm it should be there04:36
dmsupermanhwilde, same thing, configure still says libcurl missing04:36
f4hyraspac, it is really easy to install VMWare, you can just install it from synaptic04:37
hyperairdmsuperman, pkg-config --libs libcurl04:37
MrHoisingtonI have a question04:37
ThedjatclubrockMrHoisington: Ask it.04:37
* andres is away: Go to VLT Telescope04:37
f4hyraspac, you just click on it and install.04:37
jribdmsuperman: pastebin the actual output04:37
Flannel!away > andres04:37
ubottuandres, please see my private message04:37
MrHoisingtonSiunce ubuntu is compleatly Customisable. Is it possible to program Ubuntu to run window apllicatiopns04:37
andresFlannel sorry04:38
dmsupermanjrib, http://pastebin.com/d2eca488f04:38
hwildedmsuperman, sudo apt-get install libcurl4-dev04:38
raspacf4hy: I am runing WinXp pro as Host and ubuntu as guest.04:38
hyperairdmsuperman, this is just darn strange. pkg-config looks in /usr/lib/pkg-config by default04:38
hyperairi mean /usr/lib/pkgconfig04:38
raspaclet me try the perl thing04:38
ThedjatclubrockDoes anyone know why I have no audio in DVDs but I have other Audio04:39
hwildeThedjatclubrock, close all your programs then only open the dvd04:39
dmsupermanhwilde, every time I do that it switches between libcurl4-gnutls-dev and libcurl4-ssl-dev (or whichever those 2 are)04:39
raspacThedjatclubrock:  Download Codec Pack I guess04:39
dmsupermanhwilde, it'll remove the current one and install the other04:39
hwildeThedjatclubrock, turn off your away message if you want help04:39
dmsupermanhyperair, you're telling me :P04:39
hwildedmsuperman, sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev04:39
skygenetici am new to ubuntu , just want to make sure one thing , while i install ubuntu in window04:40
KenthreeI'm using Samba server to share a folder; from the client machines I can run/copy files from two of the three subfolders. But the files from one of the subfolders are access denied ( a multipart rar). Any idea why this discrimination?04:40
dmsupermanhwilde, that's the one it's about to install now04:40
jribdmsuperman: libcurl4-gnutls-dev is what you need... If I remove it, I get your error04:40
hyperairdmsuperman, okay do this: pkg-config --debug --libs libcurl04:40
MrHoisingtonSo is it possibleThat ubuntu can be able to run windows applications ?04:40
dmsupermanjrib, just installed it, same libcurl error04:40
skygenetici am new to ubuntu , just want to make sure one thing , while i install ubuntu in window it shows that my partition has 45 gb free but when i am in ubuntu in the file system it said i only left 8 gb free04:40
MrHoisingtonif it;s coded too>04:40
hwildedmsuperman,   http://paste.ubuntu.com/37320/04:41
ThedjatclubrockIt works in gxine but not totem or mplayer04:41
jribdmsuperman: what are you compiling exactly? What version?04:41
dmsupermanhyperair, http://pastebin.com/d792e8df104:41
hyperairjrib, libcurl4-gnutls-dev and libcurl4-openssl-dev provide libcurl-dev and conflict with each other. if you have /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libcurl.pc then you have eithero ne of them installed04:41
skygeneticanyone help me04:41
dmsupermanjrib, transmission, from source, 1.3204:41
hyperairheh. i thought so04:42
ThedjatclubrockGxine works, others fail, Ideas?04:42
hwildehow did you get up to 1.3204:42
hyperairdmsuperman, did you compile your pkg-config package from source or something?04:42
hwildefrom svn ?04:42
hyperairdmsuperman, where did you get your pkg-config package from?04:42
dmsupermanhyperair, nope, aptitude04:42
hwildeI can create and fix the error here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/37320/04:42
dmsupermanhwilde, this guide directed me to a directory: http://www.mybook-linux.co.nr/transmission.html04:42
hwildeit's not hard04:42
GneaThedjatclubrock: did you upgrade your dvd playback functionality?04:42
hyperairdmsuperman, pkg-config --version04:42
ThedjatclubrockGnea: Via apt?04:42
Gnea!dvd | Thedjatclubrock04:43
ubottuThedjatclubrock: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:43
hyperairdmsuperman, apt-cache policy pkg-config04:43
hyperairdmsuperman, which pkg-config04:43
jribdmsuperman: throw in 'which pkg-config'04:43
GneaThedjatclubrock: check the quotes....04:43
jriboops :)04:43
ajhtiredwolfHey is anyone here good with proftp? I am trying to set it up, it seems to be running but when a user trys to connect, it verifies their username/pass but then hangs there04:43
hyperairjrib, hahah04:43
ThedjatclubrockGnea: They are fine, Gxine works, mplayer and totem fail04:43
jribhyperair: good catch04:43
hyperairjrib, ?04:44
GneaThedjatclubrock: i will try to be a bit more clear without breaking protocol: did you run the shell script?04:44
skygeneticAnyone here can tell me how to extend my filesystem storage size04:44
haostunsome one know some gui to c++... like visual studio?04:44
hyperairdmsuperman, dpkg -L pkg-config04:44
ThedjatclubrockGnea: Ideas? Can I get gxine to open by default on insert. Which shell script?04:44
jribhyperair: if he deletes /usr/local/bin/pkg-config, I'm sure he'll be fine04:44
Gneaskygenetic: install a larger hard drive.04:44
goanookiehaostun, eclipse c++04:44
haostungoanookie: tnx04:44
hwildedmsuperman, should say hardy not gutsy fyi04:44
pyrex!wlan0 | pyrex04:45
ubottupyrex, please see my private message04:45
skygeneticGnea : when i am in vista it shows that my hard drive had 45gb free04:45
dmsupermani'm on gutsy04:45
hyperairjrib, looks to me like he needs to make uninstall04:45
skygeneticGnea : but in ubuntu it shows that i only had 8gb left04:45
pyrexi read the wifi help and my wifi wont kick up04:45
Gneaskygenetic: that's not the same partition.04:45
hyperairdmsuperman, from what i can see you've at least done it once.. sudo make install pkg-config thati s04:45
jribhyperair: yes, that's probably best04:45
pyrexi have the intel4695abg card. iwconfig sees it.04:45
daggerxgreetings, my miro locks up at times and i have to force quit, can anybody help?04:45
Gneadaggerx: miro?04:46
dmsupermanso what should I do?04:46
hyperairpyrex, what seems to be the problem?04:46
skygeneticGnea : where can i see the current partition which is 45gb ? i only can see C drive (window ) instead of D drive (ubuntu)04:46
Gnea!info miro04:46
ubottumiro (source: miro): GTK+ based RSS video aggregator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.2-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 1908 kB, installed size 7316 kB04:46
daggerxyeah, miro internet tv - did i say something wrong?04:46
hyperairdmsuperman, do you still have the installation source for pkg-config?04:46
hyperairdmsuperman, what you need to do is open a terminal in the installation source directory of pkg-config04:47
dmsupermani installed it from aptitude04:47
MrHoisingtonStill havn't got my question answers :C04:47
skygenetic!info skygenetic04:47
hyperairdmsuperman, and run sudo make uninstall04:47
Gneano, i just wasn't familiar with it :)04:47
ubottuPackage skygenetic does not exist in hardy04:47
* Gnea installs04:47
pyrexhyperair: i get a wmaster0: unknown hardware address type 801 plus DHCPDISCOVER goes to sleep.04:47
hyperairdmsuperman, it looks to me likve you've got more than one pkg-configs installed04:47
pyrexi used network-admin & to configure it.04:47
hyperairpyrex, grep iwl dmesg04:47
pyrexand sudo ifup wlan004:47
charles_dmsuperman: do you have the curl pc file installed anywhere on your system?04:47
raspacThedjatclubrock: I tried the command > sudo perl vmware-install.pl04:47
f4hyDoes anyone have tips to install virtualbox. Installing from packages fine or should I install from source?04:47
charles_dmsuperman: locate curl | grep \.pc04:48
raspacThedjatclubrock: I ran but then.. It gave me error in the end04:48
dmsupermancharles_, I saw it somewhere...04:48
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:48
jribf4hy: from the repositories gives you a fine open source setup as long as you don't need their other version04:48
dmsupermancharles_, /usr/lib/pkgconfig/04:48
Kernelhello all. is anyone familier with fail2ban? i want to know if its possible to have it ban a ip system wide when it bans...instead of just banning the one protocol(like just port 22 for ssh)04:48
dmsupermancharles_, libcurl.pc04:48
daggerxfor virtualbox, go to sun's site and grab the deb file and that installs fine, i have virtualbox installed and it runs great04:48
f4hyjrib, What is the key difference? Under what situation would I need the non open source version04:49
charles_dmsuperman: and when you run "pkg-config --modversion libcurl" what do you get?04:49
dmsupermancharles_, no package libcurl found04:49
MrHoisingtonWhat does virtual box do?04:49
demletanyone know how to take grub off?04:49
jribf4hy: the only one I know is that usb doesn't work in the open source version04:49
f4hydaggerx, what are the differences between the deb's on their server and the ones in the repository04:49
skygeneticwhere can i see the current partition which is 45gb ? i only can see C drive (window ) instead of D drive (ubuntu)04:49
f4hyjrib, thanks04:49
daggerxwell, ive had probs with the one in the repository04:50
dabEnter text here...04:50
raspacIt game error04:50
raspacUnable to find the answer LIBDIR in the installer database04:50
raspac(etc/vmware-tools/locations). you may want to re-install VMware Tools.04:50
Gillpy\!vbox | MrHoisington04:50
ubottuMrHoisington: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox04:50
keppivirtual box = virtual machine, so you can run another OS in a shell04:50
HAL_9001Which dir should I put my swap file?04:50
demletforgot about grub when i took off ubuntu04:50
daggerxand i had absolutely no issues with the one on the sun site  - first shot  - winner winner chicken dinner04:50
pinshyperair: pyrex@mjolnir:~$ grep iwl dmesg04:50
pinsgrep: dmesg: No such file or directory04:50
demletand now im stuck at grub error 2204:50
hyperairpins, sorry, i meant dmesg | grep iwl04:51
raspacf4hy: any help04:51
hyperairdmsuperman, dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/pkg-config04:51
dmsupermanhyperair, I don't have an installation source because it's from aptitude04:51
pinshyperair: 26.462758] iwl4965: Detected Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN04:51
pins[   28.281767] iwl4965: Tunable channels: 11 802.11bg, 13 802.11a channels04:51
HAL_9001is there a unix dir that was made to hold a swap file???04:51
pins[   26.462603] iwl4965: Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN driver for Linux, 1.2.004:51
dmsupermanhyperair, dpkg: /usr/local/bin/pkg-config not found.04:52
raspac How to Delete a folder in the /etc directory. It says No permission Error..04:52
siefny-spidaggerx what name have this movie??04:52
hyperairpins, any more? did you accidentally turn your wifi off?04:52
hyperairpins, any hardware button to turn it on?04:52
dabany body seen "intrafms" when installing ubuntu>04:52
dmsuperman!sudo | raspac04:52
ubotturaspac: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)04:52
MrHoisingtonI seee04:52
hyperairdmsuperman, very well. gimme a moment04:52
dmsupermanhyperair, sure04:52
MrHoisington Can virtual box run windows applications too04:52
pinshyperair: i have more but i dont want to paste 4 lines04:53
HAL_9001should I put my swapfile in /mnt04:53
hyperairpins, pastebin.com04:53
dabhi can someone help me in installing ubuntu?04:53
jribMrHoisington: virtual box can run windows.  Then you run windows applications in windows...04:53
legend2440raspac: sudo rm /etc/<filename>04:53
demletAnyone know of a way to disable or get rid of grub?04:53
jribraspac: what are you deleting?04:54
hyperairdmsuperman, sudo rm -rf /usr/local/{lib,share}/pkgconfig /usr/local/bin/pkg-config04:54
raspaclegend2440: Thanks04:54
Ozzie212I am having problems using the live ubuntu live cd. I am NOT able to login using normal mode. I have to login using graphics safe mode. Also I installed ubuntu but I am not able to login either04:54
pinshyperair: http://pastebin.com/m5f74b1f604:54
dmsupermanhyperair, done04:54
legend2440raspac: be careful theres no getting the file back04:54
hyperairdmsuperman, also it'd be nice if you could do this: sudo dpkg -R --force-all pkg-config followed by sudo apt-get install -f04:54
t1n0m3nI bought an Ubuntu magazine today, it has both 64 bit and 32 bit disks in it... hehe04:55
pinst1n0m3n: nice04:55
raspaclegend2440: I installed Vmware using the perl command I received earlier in this chat.04:55
dabanyone know how to install ubuntu on toshiba without getting "intrafms" error?04:55
t1n0m3n14 bucks, worth it for me to have printed disks04:55
raspacit asked me.. many things.. I just pressed enter. in all 4 or 504:55
MrHoisingtonI had a question earlier and that I asked if it's possible to me ubuntu Run windows applications, since ubuntu is very customizable04:55
raspacythen it gave error04:56
hyperairpins, search for a hardware wifi switch04:56
dmsupermanhyperair, that first one says "dpkg: need an action option"04:56
hyperairdmsuperman, sorry replace -R with -P04:56
pinsi have it here. its on04:56
pinshe blue light lights up.04:56
dmsupermanhyperair, alright, done04:57
hyperairdmsuperman, okay try pkg-config --libs libcurl04:57
dmsupermanhyperair, bash: /usr/local/bin/pkg-config: No such file or directory04:57
raspaclegend2440: I get error with > sudo rm vmware-tools04:57
raspaclegend2440: rm: cannot remove 'vmware-tools': Is a directory04:57
hyperairpins, very strange. could you try sudo rmmod iwl4965, wait for 30-60 secs, and then sudo modprobe iwl496504:57
hyperairpins, then pastebin your entire dmesg.04:58
ramontayagi'm running nginx web server.. what's the best way to keep it alive if it crashes and stuff? init?04:58
daggerxwhat name have this movie? k, ur confusing me, miro is a program, and i run hardy - it locks up at times, can i fix the fact that it locks up at times?04:58
hyperairdmsuperman, echo $PATH04:58
legend2440raspac: sudo rm -rf vmware-tools04:58
dmsupermanhyperair, /home/dmsuperman/bin:/home/dmsuperman/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games04:58
hyperairdmsuperman, which pkg-config04:59
pinshyperair: ERROR: Module iwl4695 does not exist in /proc/modules04:59
dmsupermanhyperair, /usr/bin/pkg-config04:59
hyperairpins, lsmod | grep iwl04:59
hyperairdmsuperman, try /usr/bin/pkg-config --libs libcurl05:00
pinshyperair: iwl4965               105844  005:00
pinsiwlwifi_mac80211      219108  1 iwl496505:00
pinscfg80211               15112  1 iwlwifi_mac8021105:00
dabcan anyone help with installing ubuntu with out intrafms error?05:00
dmsupermanhyperair, "-lcurl -lgssapi_krb5 "05:00
crdlbhyperair: dmsuperman: that's just caused by bash caching the path05:00
pinswill it help if i say i took out network-manager.05:01
pinsi was following another tutorial. sudo apt-get remove network-manager05:01
jribdmsuperman: 'hash -r' should make bash look again for pkg-config05:01
hyperairdmsuperman, close your terminal, start another terminal and try pkg-config --libs libcurl in the new terminal05:02
dmsupermanjrib, cool, thanks05:02
dmsupermanhyperair, k, yeah, it gives me "-lcurl -lgssapi_krb5 "05:02
Ozzie212 I am having problems using the live ubuntu live cd. I am NOT able to login using normal mode. I have to login using graphics safe mode. Also I installed ubuntu but I am not able to login either05:02
hyperairpins, you've been trying to remove 4695. it's 496505:02
xtknightdab, what chipset are you using and is this a laptop?05:02
crdlbjrib: nice; I was wondering if there was something like that05:02
hyperairdmsuperman, now try running configure05:02
raspacLegend2440: Thanks. Another Question (please dont mind. Installing my first software on Ubuntu).05:02
hyperairpins it wont help if you took out networkmanager05:03
pinshyperair: i did not remove anything else other than that one up05:03
dmsupermanhyperair, it's passed that spot, seems to be going good :D05:03
hyperairpins the first thing is to get your wlan0 interface to show up05:03
raspacLegend2440: What is the directory that contains the init directories (rc0.d/ to rc6.d/)?05:03
pinsi put it back right now05:03
dsl_chanopt confmode on05:03
hyperairmeh. my wifi led won't light up, but my iwl4965 driver is running all good05:03
legend2440raspac: /etc05:03
Gneahyperair: is the little switch set to the 'on' position?05:04
skygenetici cant view my other partition which i had been seperated05:04
rand0m-wow ive been having this extremely annoying problem and have no idea how to fix it as i am rather a noob.  Earlier i was watching youtube videos, then just browsing random news sites while listening to music via amarok... then I closed amarok and went back to trying to watch youtube videos, but now the videos won't play without the tracker bar being dragged along manually and of course - no sound.. can anyone give pretty descri05:04
rand0m-ptive instructions on what to do ?05:04
skygeneticanyone can help me05:04
pinswhat is my problem then?05:04
hyperairGnea, _my_ wifi is working. led doesn't light up unless i upgrade to 2.6.27 and use the iwlagn driver05:04
Gnearand0m-: that's pretty bizarre... hardy?05:04
pinsNo DHCPOFFERS received.05:04
pinsNo working leases in persistent database - sleeping.05:05
Gneahyperair: OH..05:05
hyperairGnea, pins' wireless is not working. LED is on, but no wlan005:05
rand0m-Gnea, yep05:05
hyperairpins, iwconfig wlan005:05
abwhostwabwhostw@abwhostw-laptop:~$ sudo05:05
abwhostwsudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by gid 1002, should be 005:05
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:05
abwhostwi can't fix the problem05:05
skygenetici cant view my other partition which i had been seperated ayone can help me05:05
xtknightpins, wireless?05:05
Gneapins: have you found your laptop on one of the aforementioned sites?05:05
jribabwhostw: have you recently run a recursive chmod on system files?05:05
abwhostwyeah but doesn't work05:06
jribabwhostw: what did you run exactly?05:06
jrib!who | abwhostw05:06
ubottuabwhostw: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:06
pinshyperair: http://pastebin.com/m5bdfba3205:06
Newbuntu2Can someone recommend good CVS server software that runs on linux & windows?05:06
xtknightpins, it's having trouble finding an access point.  type "sudo iwlist scan" and see if you can identify any ......05:06
pinsxtknight: yes, wireless. intel4695abg card05:06
kao_does anybody hear gloomy sunday before?05:07
hyperairpins, iwlist scan05:07
hyperairpins, are you sure your wireless isn't working? looks fine to me05:07
xtknighthe's not associated with an AP05:07
xtknightand has no dhcp lease05:07
GneaNewbuntu2: sudo apt-get install cvsd05:07
hyperairxtknight, meh. and all the while i thought he had an issue with the driver05:07
Robinson_Crusoeanyone familiar with "Access denied, unable to connect" XP to printer-on-samba ?05:08
Gneakao_: hear what?05:08
xtknighthyperair, it could be, not until we rule out AP tho05:08
kao_gloomy sunday05:08
xtknighthyperair, i mean mine constantly reassociates with the AP, some driver problem05:08
pinshyperair: wlan0     No scan results05:08
hyperairpins, are you confident your access point is on?05:08
Gneakao_: what does that have to do with ubuntu?05:08
Cpudan80Robinson_Crusoe: that is an XP problem - but yes05:08
hyperairif so, then do what i told you earlier05:08
xtknighthyperair, if your AP is not advertising itself, you can try manually typing in the MAC address of it (access point is in a router if you have that)05:08
hyperairpins, sudo rmmod iwl496505:08
hyperairpins, wait 30 seconds,05:08
Cpudan80Robinson_Crusoe: You need a user account with a password to connect to a XP samba printer05:09
xtknightpins, sorry i meant you ^^05:09
hyperairpins, sudo modprobe iwl496505:09
Cpudan80err XP smb printer05:09
hyperairxtknight, i think it's a driver problem. i remember there was a time when my iwl4965 wouldn't scan and wouldn't associate05:09
Robinson_CrusoeCpudan80: well, the weird part is XP can still send jobs and they print05:09
xtknighte.g. sudo iwconfig wlan0 ap 00:11:22:33:44:5505:09
hyperairi had to bring down the wireless for a while...05:09
jribabwhostw: still with me?05:09
kao_Gnea gloomy sunday just a song but is a crazy one i wanna try it  but i can't find it05:09
pinshyperair: i am very confident it is on.05:09
Robinson_CrusoeCpudan80: I just can't *see* or cancel the jobs it sent05:09
hyperairxtknight, i had to bring down the wireless for a while and turn it back on after 30 or so secs05:09
abwhostwyeah with u05:09
pinswas using it before i wiped the lappy to install ubuntu.05:09
xtknightpins, hyperair, ya maybe a sudo modprobe -r driver_ && sudo modprobe driver will do it?05:09
Cpudan80Because you need to access the share with a user/pass05:10
Cpudan80Not the guest account05:10
Gneakao_: so go search google, that's offtopic05:10
Cpudan80the account *must* have a password05:10
jribabwhostw: what chmod command did you run exactly?  please prefix your response with my nick05:10
abwhostwhow to do05:10
hyperairpins, sudo rmmod iwl4965 && sleep 45 && sudo modprobe iwl496505:10
Cpudan80MS does some weird stuff to allow other MS machines to print over the guest account05:10
pinshyperair: sudo rmmod iwl4965 nothing happened. just a new line05:10
hyperairpins, copy it exactly, don't misspell it as 4695 this time05:10
xtknightthat means a  success05:10
abwhostwchomd root.root /ect/sudoers05:10
hyperairpins, that's exactly what's supposed to happen05:11
djhashabwhostw: just type first few letters.. press tab.. then add ur comment after...05:11
hyperairokay now wait 30 secs or so05:11
jribabwhostw: that doesn't make sense.  You ran something else05:11
hyperairmaybe more05:11
hyperairand then run sudo modprobe iwl496505:11
hyperairthen try iwlist scan05:11
abwhostwjrib u mean go to where05:12
jribabwhostw: if you aren't sure what you ran, use your shell's history05:12
CRASH69I need to connect to a vista/xp from ubuntu and viceversa, any reccomendation? (graphically)05:12
pinshyperair: modprobe gave me a new line.05:12
pinswlan0     No scan results05:13
hyperairpins, that's alright, it means it loaded successfully05:13
abwhostw-r--r----- 1 root root 470 2008-08-10 21:15 /etc/sudoers05:13
xtknightpins, get the MAC address of the access point and enter it manually?  also, is there a wireless switch on your laptop if you're using a laptop????05:13
pinslet me reboot05:13
pinsxtknight: yes there is a switch and it is on.05:13
xtknighttoggle /retoggle that too i suppose05:14
hyperairxtknight, if the wireless switch is off, wlan0 doesn't exist05:14
pinsthe led is lit05:14
djhashcrash69: remote desktop.. to connect to ubuntu from XP you can use TightVNC viewer...05:14
Bodsdahey guys, when i was booting up i saw an error about ntfs-3g -- where can i find a log of what was shown during boot -- dmesg doesnt have it05:14
xtknighthyperair, depends05:14
hyperairpins, toggle/retoggle that with 30 secs lapse05:14
hyperairxtknight, for iwl4965 it is like that. i speak from experience.05:14
hyperairxtknight, i had a similar issue a few days ago05:14
demleti guess my real question is how do i restore my mbr back to the windows one instead of grub mbr05:15
orangeyj #xml05:15
orangeyoops : 005:15
xtknightdemlet, you can run fixmbr from the windows recovery cd05:15
xtknightrecovery console rather05:15
demletnever got one05:15
Bodsdademlet, boot your windows cd, get to the recovery prompt and type   fixmbr05:15
djhashCRASH69: try remote desktop..05:15
osxdudedemlet: erase the ubuntu partition.05:15
xtknightthat wont even do it05:15
pinsrestore huh. vista has no restore. so i just nuked it and installed ubuntu05:15
HAL_9001Does anyone know where the most common place to put your swap file is?05:16
demletthats what caused it in the first place05:16
osxdudeoh really? interesting.05:16
xtknightHAL_9001, type cat /proc/swaps to find05:16
Bodsdaosxdude, that wont remove the mbr05:16
xtknightMBR is independent of partitions.  it contains a partition table and bootcode05:16
osxdudegood point05:16
hyperairpins, if all else fails you could try using the 2.6.27 kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/pub/next/2.6.27-rc2/hardy/05:16
* osxdude cleans out his ears05:16
dumbdumHi Does anyone know how to resize a partition once created in virtualbox?05:16
HAL_9001I mean if I'm making a swap file  not searching05:16
hyperairpins, together with the package that gives iwlagn the appropriate firmware.... linux-restricted-modules-common from intrepid05:16
CRASH69djhash: windows home doest have rdp05:16
obf213hello, how can i get my broser to pretend its windows firefox or mac firefox05:16
xtknightdumbdum, pretty sure it's possible with virtualbox cmd line, try google05:16
pinshyperair: what is it? and how about a cold hardy reboot!!!05:16
osxdudeHAL_9001: at the end of your partition table?05:16
obf213cuz i sick of these "not compatible" things05:16
djhashCRASH69: Get yourself TightVNC...05:16
BodsdaHAL_9001, a swap file is just a partition used for swap05:17
xtknightHAL_9001, it can be anywhere doesnt really matter05:17
jribobf213: google "user agent switcher firefox extension"05:17
xtknight /swap  ??05:17
obf213jrib thanks05:17
CRASH69djhash: thx05:17
HAL_9001Is /mnt good?05:17
hyperairpins, huh? i don't understand your question05:17
jribabwhostw: I can't help you if you don't answer my questions :/05:17
xtknightHAL_9001, not really . /mnt usually contains HDs and such.  i saw /swap05:17
djhashCRASH69: get both the viewer and server.. In ubuntu VncViewer and server is already installed..05:17
osxdudeHAL_9001: it has no mount point05:17
osxdudeat least from what I remember05:17
BodsdaHAL_9001, i dont think it needs a mount point05:17
pinsi will reboot, brb. in the meantime.. i am pyrex in the room05:17
Ozzie212 can anyone help me with my login problem05:17
pyrexhyperair: me now05:18
BodsdaOzzie212, ask away05:18
abwhostwwhat's ur question05:18
abwhostwuse your shell's history05:18
jribabwhostw: the chmod command you ran...05:18
hyperairpyrex, i have to go and buy lunch. be back in 30 minutes or so05:18
pyrexhyperair: i saw a nasty error during power down.05:18
abwhostwin recovery doesnt' work05:18
abwhostwcuz i need root account05:18
Bodsdapyrex, define nasty05:18
WVistaest incense this to every hero-soul,05:18
Ozzie212I installed ubuntu and can't log in. I am now using live cd but can't login normally. I have to used "graphical safe" mode05:18
WVistaForging in supple youth an iron heart!05:18
pyrexit disappeared way to fast.05:18
WVistaBanish, Bishop, all these black discourses;05:18
jribabwhostw: that's not an answer to my question!05:18
WVistaFor men should bravely bear while women weep:05:18
WVistaWhat wailing chief e’er wrought his people’s good!05:19
FloodBot1WVista: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
WVistaThou art not chief without some good support:05:19
pyrexlike about 5lines long and something to do with intel 496505:19
abwhostwso I will that cmmd back05:19
Ozzie212the login screen just keeps rebooting when correct username and password are input05:19
abwhostwI reboot and I back05:19
hyperairpyrex, did you see anything else?05:19
Bodsdapyrex, check dmesg05:19
osxdudepyrex maybe a kernel panic? lol05:19
jribabwhostw: I have no idea what you are saying05:19
raclehey, got newest ubuntu, and i wonder, is it possible to make windows effect (like when i click windows under another, both move away, and then window what i click cames to front) little hard to explain =)05:19
xtknightpyrex,  did you see lots of ___ 0xfa342423 stuff ? :)05:20
Bodsdaracle, yes, you want raise on click05:20
demleti guess this is why i made a elb05:20
raclehow i do that?05:20
Bodsdaracle, check in ccsm05:20
osxduderacle: Settings>Prefrences>Appearance>Special Effects tab05:20
Bodsdaracle, do u have compiz?05:20
t1n0m3nany way to get grub to load off of a ICH9R software raid?  I had Vista installed on it, and I tried to install Ubuntu onto another HD, and now I am getting Error 2105:20
raclei think i got combiz :P05:21
Ozzie212I don't know if this helps but I have a amd64  athlon with the 32 bit cd.05:21
raclegot that advaNDEC panel here installed05:21
demletlooks like grub errors are quite the talk05:21
Bodsdademlet, yeah, grub isnt very stable05:21
osxdudet1n0m3n: rebuild the OS list for GRUB?05:21
t1n0m3nnah, it's stable, just not with raid I think05:21
pyrexman, dmesg is too confusing. what am i looking for?05:21
kingfishrwhy wouldn't someone want raise on click, out of curiosity?05:22
Bodsdat1n0m3n, no, its just not stable05:22
demletim on mobile right now05:22
hyperairpyrex, stuff to do with iwl05:22
demletso yea05:22
=== siefny-spi is now known as siefny
demletdoing what i can05:22
FloodBot1demlet: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:22
lolohow does one use wget recursively to download all files in one folder (no descending or ascending)?05:22
mark__can anyone help me with my sound problem?05:22
hyperairkingfishr, there are many kinds of people in this world. some/most of which you and i won't understand05:23
kingfishrsome people juggle geese, i guess...05:23
demletanyway, more or less i saw a program thats suppose to fix mbr05:23
demletand errors like these05:23
osxdudelolo: Did you try the -R option (if there is one in wget)05:23
demletits called super grub05:23
Bodsdalolo, wget -r05:23
Ozzie212anybody know what could be the problem05:23
Bodsdaosxdude, little r not big R05:23
t1n0m3nso, I guess, I need to install and boot off of the Linux drive, and point grub to the RAID0 for windows?05:24
osxdudeBodsda: Usually it's big :P05:24
raclemark_ you got porblem whit alsamixer? :P05:24
BodsdaOzzie212, get to login screen, press   ctrl+alt+F2    then login05:24
* osxdude isn't too farmilliar with wget05:24
hyperairOzzie212, bad driver. if you're using AMD then i suppose the GPU is ATi?05:24
Bodsdaosxdude, no its not, look at the man page05:24
pinsok back hyperair05:24
mark__When i use flash on firefox i dont get any sound: example youtube everything plays but sound, anyone have a fix?05:24
pinsiwlist scan returns no results05:24
loloi only want the current directory... this will descend...05:24
MDKSIGNAnyone know if triples are explicit to subject, predicate, object or can it be subject, predicate, predicate, object?05:24
hyperairpins, hi again,05:25
osxdudeno I understand, yes it's little, i'm just saying in chmod and such it's -R.05:25
demletanyone familiar with super grub disk05:25
Bodsdalolo, wild cards?05:25
hyperairpins, how very strange indeed.05:25
pinsheh, did you get your sandwich yet?05:25
bazhang!grub | demlet05:25
ubottudemlet: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:25
Bodsdademlet, yes i am05:25
hyperairpins, what sandwich05:25
pinslunch break?05:25
hyperairnah. i'm at home and waiting for my mom to wake up so i can go drive her out and get some lunch05:25
hyperairback home05:25
Bodsdaosxdude, in chmod yes, but in most cases little r is recursive, big r is usually used when something else is done with little r05:26
=== Silence is now known as Guest63342
pinsso whats my deal here? can i start this whole process from scratch step by step hyperair ?05:26
hyperairpins, i'm kinda stumped right now. i can't remember what i did to get my wifi working again05:26
hyperairi think it came from restarting quiet a few times05:27
hyperairafter that it went off how eh...? =\05:27
osxdudeah. ok, Bodsda.05:27
hyperairi think i did a cold reboot a few more times05:27
hyperairor something like that05:27
Bodsda!enter > hyperair05:27
ubottuhyperair, please see my private message05:27
osxdudehyperair: did you try static IP?05:27
hyperairosxdude, i'm not asking a question, and i'm not having problems with my wifi. pins is.05:28
osxdudeah, hyperair. then did pins try a static IP? thats what smacked my wifi in. Or, or, reboot the wireless router05:29
pinswhats up with my screen? the light is sooo low and im plugged in.05:29
raclegot that working, its called focus effect, dodge =)05:29
osxdudepins, your light is slow?05:29
pinslow, on lcd05:29
hyperairpins, backlight? there should be a button for it05:29
osxdudeoh, lol pins05:30
hyperairpins, my notebook comes with an fn key option to increase or decrease brightness05:30
t1n0m3nmine is Fn+Up Arrow05:30
hyperairif not use the panel applet05:30
* hyperair needs to go buy lunch.05:30
pinsthats strange. I have to press - to get more light05:30
pinswhy is it flipped from windows.05:30
osxdudeomg pins that is strange05:30
pinsand + gets less light. dude!05:30
osxdudemeh, I have to press Fn+Home and Fn+End to lighten or darken the screen,05:31
osxdudeFn+PageUp turns on the keyboard light!05:31
pinsmaybe my switch has to be off for wireless to work.05:31
Bodsda!lol > osxdude05:31
ubottuosxdude, please see my private message05:31
t1n0m3nthat makes mine louder05:31
osxdudeow, my brain is full of IM language.05:32
debeeehi, anyone able to get the mic to work on 901?05:32
t1n0m3nwhat is a 901?05:32
pinsection reset by peer)]05:33
pins23:32 -!- e1mer [n=erivera@unaffiliated/e1mer] has joined #ubuntu05:33
pins23:32 < osxdude> ow, my brain is full of IM language.05:33
pins23:32 -!- oddalot [n=oddalot@adsl-159-177-175.bhm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu05:33
t1n0m3noh asus05:33
FloodBot1pins: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:33
djhash!pastebin | pins05:33
ubottupins: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:33
pinsoops sorry.05:33
pinsits my touchpad... darn!05:33
pinsSET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.05:34
pinsThats after I did sudo ifdown wlan005:34
osxdudedebeee: you might just not see the mic volume level. go to Proprerities in the Volume Control (double click the speaker icon on the panel) and make sure you have any microphone stuff checked05:34
dbtidi'm having no luck in getting VPN set up.  no matter what i do (reboot, reinstall, etc) nm-applet never shows me anything about VPN.  can someone lend a hand?05:34
mark__guys my sound does not work with flash it works with everything else any suggestions?05:35
t1n0m3ndbtid: Mine works fine, what kind of VPN device are you connecting to?05:35
bobertdosmark__: 9 or 10?05:36
dbtidt1n0m3n: wel,l since I can't even configure it, nothing05:36
mark__15 lol05:36
dbtidthere's no "VPN Connections" under nm-applet05:36
mark__new to ubuntu and looking for help lol05:36
t1n0m3ndbtid: hmm, maybe I should have tried the word "attempting"05:36
abhi_hi , I just want know that whether ati or nvidia video card in laptops are supported or not?05:36
teethdoodhow do I display the battery power history?05:37
abhi_that is un ubuntu05:37
dbtidwell, i installed the VPN COnnection Manager for pptp generic05:37
bobertdosmark__: If you have 15 or something, that must mean you have gnash, which sucks05:37
osxdudedbtid: it's a panel applet right? did you try to right click? left click? check /etc/nm-applet?05:37
dbtidthen i restarted dbus05:37
dbtidosxdude: right/left click hasn't changed anything05:37
dbtidnothing ni /etc/nm-applet05:38
dbtidno such dir05:38
XiXaQin system monitor, you can see how much data is actually being transferred back and forth through your network interfaces. Is there a panel applet that can show that constantly?05:38
osxdudeXiXaQ: Yes, and it comes with Ubuntu. System Monitor. lol05:39
bazhangXiXaQ, you might consider conky05:39
osxdudeXiXaQ: You have to configure it, though, to show network usage05:39
t1n0m3nhmm, I am using vpnc05:39
dbtidt1n0m3n: tried that too05:39
Kernelhello all. im trying to use fail2ban to ban ssh brute force attacks and id like it to ban the ip from everything on the machine..but i cannot get it to do this05:40
MrKeunerhi all, using 8.04.1 automount does not work on my laptop, what could be the problem? When I explicitly ask it mounts however, when I umount the name of the cdrom stays on the cdrom device in computer:/// view in nautilus05:40
Kernelits only banning from ssh05:40
Kernelthe banned ip can still goto the website05:40
Cpudan80teethdood: you right click the power icon and hit properties IIRC05:40
osxdudeMrKeuner: did the CD drive eject?05:41
MrKeunerosxdude: yes05:41
osxdudeMrKeuner: was the CD taken out and the tray was closed (if applicable) and the CD drive checked for a CD?05:41
Cpudan80teethdood: it does a nice graph thing -- its part of the gnome power thing05:41
MrKeunerosxdude: yes. moreover when I insert a new cdrom the name does not change05:42
teethdoodCpudan80: I have no power icon :(05:42
MrKeunerosxdude: it still shows the old cdrom's name05:42
pinsim trying to install flash but it keeps asking for a location to install. I gave it /usr/lib/mozilla/ and it continues to ask me to enter a valid location yet its valid. whats up?05:42
UbuntuDefaultUseSomeone here is a LInux...professional? or at least really good with computers?05:42
Cpudan80teethdood: system --> perfs --> power manager --> general --> show icon...05:43
bazhangpins, install via synaptic05:43
Flannel!anyone | UbuntuDefaultUse05:43
ubottuUbuntuDefaultUse: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:43
Cpudan80teethdood: err always display icon maybe05:43
Cpudan80teethdood: then you can right click the icon and hit power hist05:43
osxdudeMrKeuner: take a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15974405:43
emmanplease help my internet loads very slow on my 8.04 lts...any suggestion on how to make it faster?05:43
UbuntuDefaultUseHey! I installed PCLinux and it says "Please press Any key to continue" I have a Windows keyboard, so I don't have the any key, what should I use? can I just click with my mouse?05:44
bazhangemman, we need much more specific info that that.05:44
sim new here..05:44
teethdoodCpudan80: thanks that works. default install hides the icon from me05:44
cautionaryxUDU... dont troll05:44
bazhangUbuntuDefaultUse, you should choose the pclinuxos forums for that; this is for ubuntu05:44
XiXaQosxdude, no, that doesn't display the transferred data on the panels. It displays a diagram, but I'd like to have digits.05:44
UbuntuDefaultUseoooooh, so Ubuntu isn't linux?05:44
Cpudan80teethdood: yeah I cant remember --- I think the battery panel icon thing is better than the gnome icon05:44
astrutthttp://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&id=817763 Hey, if you have a slashdot account please vote this up =) and comment, hackers are people too =) great documentary =) premiered @ defcon on 08.08.0805:44
Cpudan80teethdood: the battery panel item doesnt have the graphs though05:45
bazhangUbuntuDefaultUse, this is the wrong channel for you05:45
UbuntuDefaultUseis there a PCLInux channel?05:45
jacob_nHow can I use the command line to compute HMAC-SHA1 (crypto function)?05:45
bazhang!irc | UbuntuDefaultUse check the last link05:45
emmanhi bazhang! before it loads I found normal...but last night it loads too slow.05:45
ubottuUbuntuDefaultUse check the last link: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:45
osxdudeUbuntuDefaultUse: when it says Any Key, it means you can press any of the keys on your keyboard05:45
ozzie212okay that worked ctrl alt f2 at login. Except one problem. I am extremely new to linux. have been a windows user. I kinda need the gnome to work05:45
Cpudan80teethdood: both meters are equally accurate, they both read the same underlying data05:45
bazhangemman, loads too slow gives us zero info.05:46
Cpudan80teethdood: The display is where the two meters differ, and only slightly05:46
MrKeunerosxdude: that did not help but thanks anyways05:46
osxdudeI tried, MrKeuner05:46
bazhangemman, go to a site like speedtest.net and check there05:46
UbuntuDefaultUseosxdude, OH, so I don't have to buy the linux keyboard? cuz I actually found one under $55 but it has to be shipped from panama. Does it work with a Windows keyboard? cuz at the bottom of my keyboard it has the lil windows sign05:46
armrpwhat is a good benchmarking program for linux?05:46
ozzie212I am logged in now logged in under failsafe gnome. not normal, and not live cd05:46
emmanevery time I click for a particular website....it takes time to load.05:47
osxdudeYes, UbuntuDefaultUse. In fact, it works with any keyboard of your choice!05:47
UbuntuDefaultUsealright! thanks alot osxdude!05:47
=== miguel is now known as Guest57016
astrutthttp://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&id=817763 Hey, if you have a slashdot account please vote this up =) and comment, hackers are people too =) great documentary =) premiered @ defcon on 08.08.0805:47
Guest57016The required library file libstdc++.so.5 is not found on the system.    <---- how fix this problem?05:48
=== Guest57016 is now known as jak2000
bazhangastrutt, dont post that here05:48
astrutti didn't mean to the 2nd time05:48
emmanI already did..checking speeptest.net and the result is satisfactory...could it be hardware problem or something?05:48
astruttyeah it's relevant =)05:49
astruttubuntu users are hackers too05:49
astruttand vice versa05:49
jesselucasHi I just upgraded my dapper server to hardy. Everything went great, but now my subversion isn't working properly05:49
qilerdoes anyone have dualscreen setup in windows?05:49
bazhangastrutt, this is not a chat channel; #ubuntu-offtopic for that05:49
bazhangemman, what exactly is loading slow; you need to be precise.05:49
jesselucasI seem to be missing some files. for example: libaprutil-0.so.0 => not found05:49
jak2000The required library file libstdc++.so.5 is not found on the system.    <---- how fix this problem?05:49
Toople1Can i have some serious help here please05:50
qilerdoes anyone is using dualscreen setup in windows? im trying to find a way to get it to work just liek that in ubuntu05:50
Toople1I cant load up firefox for some reason05:50
Toople1I click on the firefox shortcut and it just doesnt load up05:50
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jesselucasjoin #ubuntuhelp05:50
=== ChangedNick is now known as CoolFox
tylerhey guys i'm having some issues with the catalyst 8.6 and 8.7 drivers i install them then restart my computer right? then on boot up it gives me out of range on the monitor so i unhook the vga cord to the graphics card and plug it back in and it works fine anyone have any idea of what might be going on? i'm using tha ati radeon 4850 graphics card05:51
dvsis there anything like Ghost for linux ?05:51
Kernelim running ubuntu server 8.04 fresh install and i am getting this with aptitude :05:51
KernelThe following packages have been kept back:05:51
Kernel  bind9-host dnsutils libbind9-30 libisccfg3005:51
emmanIt's like this...I click www.youtube.com. it takes too long to load the entire program..and sometimes "no server is found"05:51
Kernelcan i remove them?. or what should i do?05:51
bazhangKernel, do a dist-upgrade05:51
Toople1Need some help please05:51
dvsis there anything like Ghost for linux ?05:52
Toople1Firefox wont load up at all05:52
Kernelbazhang: do i really need bind? i dont want to run a dns server05:52
Kerneldvs: yes dd05:52
Toople1anybody have any idea why?05:52
dvsthank you Kernel05:52
Kerneldvs: dd if=/dev/sda of=/the/file.dd05:52
Kerneldvs: that creates a raw disk image. google around if u need more05:52
ozzie212how do get files from windows to linux05:53
tylerdoes anyone else have this issue any help at all would be appreciated05:53
pinsman, there are alot of things fudged on this install.05:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind9-host05:53
Kernel!package bind9-host05:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:53
pinsmy volume is full and its soooo low.05:53
SNuxoll!info bind9-host05:53
=== good-looking is now known as mogie
ubottubind9-host (source: bind9): Version of 'host' bundled with BIND 9.X. In component main, is standard. Version 1:9.4.2-10ubuntu0.1 (hardy), package size 43 kB, installed size 128 kB05:53
pinsokie, time to reinstall.05:54
FeltZ_anyone see a problem where a touchpad mouse vertical scrolling stops working randomly until an X restart?05:54
pyrexFeltZ_: not that, mine randomly throws me to window 205:55
qilerDoes anyone have Dual screen setup on their windows, or does anyone know how it works?05:55
bazhangqiler on windows? why ask in ubuntu channel05:55
FeltZ_pyrex: that could be horizontal scroll issues05:55
drezardi used ssh to access my server before, i just reinstalled ubuntu on my server, now its saying that the RSA keys may be wrong (something about attmpted man in the middle attack), how do i dump the old keys so i can get the new ones?05:55
qileryeah i know. but i want to get the same effect of dual screen on ubuntu05:55
bazhang!windows | qiler05:56
ubottuqiler: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:56
FeltZ_qiler: i've set it up before, its not easy though05:56
ladyfantasydrezard: remove the entry for that host from ~/.ssh/known_hosts05:56
bazhangqiler, please ask in windows channel as it is offtopic here05:56
t1n0m3nok I fixed the MBR and my comp is booting into windows again....  now, suggestions on where to put grub05:56
drezardladyfantasy, im guessing i dont just vim it?05:57
t1n0m3nmbr is on raid0, grub cant read it05:57
ladyfantasyyep, that's all you do05:57
qilerhmmm... was it like in windows? because the closest i got is twinview05:57
KenthreeI'm using Samba server to share a folder; from the client machines I can run/copy from two of the three subfolders. But the files from one of the subfolders are access denied (a multipart rar) Any ideas?05:57
gorcHi, Why does 8.04 seem to do NAT when I plug directly into cable modem?  Network properties shows IP of 192.168.1.X .  It's a dual boot system and the XP side gets 24.X.X.X from DHCP which is what I expect.  I have not set up firewall.05:57
FeltZ_depends on what you mean, like in windows. Its just as customizable05:57
drezardladyfantasy and delete everything???05:57
qilerbazhang. this is ubuntu related05:57
t1n0m3nI am thinking on the ubuntu hard drive, and boot offf of that instead05:57
ladyfantasyno, just anything related to that host.05:57
drezardladyfantasy i only have a bunch of letters that make no sense currnelty05:58
FeltZ_qiler: you have ati or nvidia?05:58
bazhangqiler, windows for windows channel05:58
osxdudegorc: use a static IP05:58
FeltZ_qiler: and twinview isnt good enough for you?05:58
ladyfantasydrezard: do you have a lot of host keys in there?05:58
ladyfantasydrezard: if not, then just delete the .ssh/known_hosts file05:58
t1n0m3nand point grub to sda0 for windows... but will that work?05:58
drezardladyfantasy, not that i know of ...05:58
FeltZ_qiler: are you trying to output to TV and monitor, or two monitors?05:58
ladyfantasythere's probably a better way to do it, but looking at my known_hosts file, i can't see the hostnames or ips in it ... must be something new05:59
qilernope... windows are opening in the middle of the screens, and i can't fullscreen the windows on one screen instead of giant span on both05:59
qilertwo monitors05:59
dvswow  .. thankx again Kernel05:59
gorcosxdude, thx the network is running but not sure how it's getting non routable address from cable mdm.  Is 8.04 doing nat internally?06:00
speenerdoes ubuntu support .deb files?06:00
bazhangspeener, yes06:00
speenercool...so any package made for debian will install?06:00
osxdudegorc: possible06:00
FeltZ_qiler: not sure on that problem, it should be a setting in nvidia control panel if that is available. I have ATI on this setup so I cannot check.06:01
DistroJockeyqiler, I believe I had to chose the option of using Separate X servers for each screen06:01
bazhangFeltZ_, qiler are you discussing dual screen (two monitors) for ubuntu or windows06:01
lnhassI would like to update my ubuntu only from this server http://ftp.iinet.net.au/linux/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/06:02
gorcosxdude: thx.06:02
lnhassshould I add it in resources.list06:02
emmanHelp please! Is there a program in 8.04 to make the internet load faster everytime I click for a website?06:02
bazhanglnhass, no security updates?06:02
qilerbazhang ubuntu06:02
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama06:02
jesselucasAnyone know a good tutorial for installing subversion on ubuntu Hardy?06:02
emmanWhat is "bash"?06:03
jribjesselucas: same as everything else in ubuntu.  Do you know about APT?06:03
bazhangqiler, either !xinerama or !dualhead should have the info you need06:03
Zirodayemman: its the default shell in ubunut06:03
qilerdistrojokey, separate x servers for each screen just dose'nt work as i wish it to. i cant drag windows acroos the screens.06:03
mdadmfrusteratedhey everyone.i am really having trouble with setting up a raid. im trying to use mdadm and now i have a lot of extra stuff "md0p1-md0p4" so i have 2 hard drives and both are 750gb and i just want to make a raid 006:04
lnhassI need to download one pacjage but I exceeded my download limit it allows me to use this freezone06:04
emmanThanks Ziroday!06:04
qilerbazhang, ok ill ask them06:04
bazhangqiler, no; /msg ubottu xinerama or dualhead for the links06:04
casdfhi; does anyone know of a good realtime spectrogram for audio? or if there's a channel more suited for this q06:04
qilerbazhang, lol k06:04
bobertdosmark__: did you change your name?06:04
drezardwhere are the nameserver entries keeped in ubuntu?06:05
jribjesselucas: hello?06:05
jesselucasjrib: Yeah, I've aptitude removed it and reinstalled, but I keep get missing files when I try to run anything. I'm having problems after upgrading to Hardy from Dapper.06:05
drezardwhere are the nameserver entries keeped in ubuntu??????????????????06:05
paijo13_hi, anyone know terminal mp3player with equalizer in hardy?06:05
bazhangemman, you have trouble with youtube buffering? is that it?06:05
jribjesselucas: sudo aptitude install subversion   installs subversion.  If you have other issues, ask about those06:05
bazhangdrezard, dont repeat so often06:05
emmanDoes Ubuntu have an accounting software similar to Quickbooks?06:05
ladyfantasydrezard: same place they are on most other unix: /etc/resolv.conf06:06
jesselucasjrib: thanks.06:06
bazhang!equivalents | emman check here06:06
ubottuemman check here: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant06:06
bazhangemman, the first link06:06
jesselucasI'm having an issue with subversion not work with Hardy. I keep getting this error: svn: error while loading shared libraries: libaprutil-0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:06
demletthat worked06:06
demletthanks guys :)06:07
yowshiwheres the option to make my default video player be something other then totem06:07
paijo13_hi, anyone know terminal mp3player with equalizer in hardy?06:08
jrib!defaultapp > yowshi06:08
ubottuyowshi, please see my private message06:08
bobertdosmark__?? Oh poo.......06:08
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yowshijrib: i am talkng about what application loads when you do somehting like put a video dvd in the dvd drive06:09
jribyowshi: edit -> preferences -> media  in nautilus06:09
emmanBazhang: Thanks!06:10
yowshigrrr vlc isnt listed as one of the options even though it is installed06:10
=== mogie is now known as moegie
jribjesselucas: what other issues have you been having since the upgrade?06:10
jribyowshi: file a bug agains vlc's .desktop file06:10
ramontayagi'm running nginx web server.. what's the best way to keep it alive if it crashes and stuff? init?06:10
bazhangyowshi, just right click open with06:11
yowshijrib: i dont know what that file is and nor do i know whom where or how to file a bug.06:11
jrib!bugs | yowshi06:11
ubottuyowshi: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots06:11
drezardhow do i get better gfx drivers on ubuntu?06:11
bobertdospoo............*trout slaps self*06:11
yowshibazhang: thats actually harder then just running vlc and using the open directory option with it. but it is still annoying because totem runs any time a video dvd is put in the drive06:11
jribyowshi: you just state the problem you just had.  Want to set vlc as default for dvd but is not an option.  Search to make sure the bug does not already exist06:12
jesselucasjrib: that's the only one I have found. Not a lot going on the box, just litespeed, mysql, rails, ssh. Everything else seems to be working.06:12
bazhanghardware drivers drezard06:12
FeltZ_anyone see a problem where a touchpad mouse vertical scrolling stops working randomly until an X restart?06:12
jribjesselucas: tried reinstalling libaprutil1?  purging it and installing again too?06:12
File13Anyone have any recommendation for a thin client?06:13
jesselucasjrib: didn't try purging then reinstall, just the reinstall. I'll try that now.06:13
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mdadmfrusteratedim looking for help cleaning up some mistakes in mdadm that i made on my ubuntu raid06:15
MrKeunerhi all, using 8.04.1 automount does not work on my laptop, what could be the problem? When I explicitly ask it mounts however, when I umount the name of the cdrom stays on the cdrom device in computer:/// view in nautilus06:16
Gnea!raid | mdadmfrusterated06:16
ubottumdadmfrusterated: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:16
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:16
pretender i have mounted a ext3 partition in my /etc/fstab its is displaying on the desktop as 50GB Media.  How can i get it to display as say my_Storage06:16
bazhanghi Cwe do you have a ubuntu support question?06:17
mdadmfrusteratedGnea: ive read a lot about mdadm so far but i am gettign some obscure "md0p1" stuff going on and when i try to "print all" "Error: Unable to open /dev/sda - unrecognised disk label."06:17
jrib!label > pretender06:17
ubottupretender, please see my private message06:17
x2ohi, guys06:18
x2oiam using another wm and need the trash can in nautilus but it doesnt work, is there a daemon or programm whicht i schould start before?06:18
owen1i install ubuntu. should i choose LVM?06:19
Rat409x2o: cd or use nautilus to go to your user's /home/Desktop06:19
jesselucasjrib: still no luck. I ran ldd on svnadmin and you can see the files missing: http://pastie.org/25276206:20
bazhangowen1, any reason to do so?06:20
owen1bazhang: what is the benefit of lvm?06:20
x2oRat409, i am using nautilus just as a filemanager06:21
x2onautilus --no-desktop06:21
bazhanghttp://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/whatislvm.html owen106:21
Rat409x2o: what wm?06:21
x2obut the trash doesnt work, i cant access it in nautilus06:21
owen1bazhang: i still don't know if i should use it..06:22
crdlbx2o: Places > Trash in the menubar?06:22
bazhangowen1, if you dont know then no.06:22
Rat409x2o: i don't think you can use an icon but the trashcan if you didn't delete it is in your user's desktop i.e. ~/.Desktop folder06:22
x2oyes it denies access06:22
owen1bazhang: i understand that it will allow me to add hard drives to my system and use the same ip.06:23
jribwhat command are you running to get the error?06:23
x2oit isnt06:23
crdlbx2o: what is the exact message?06:23
owen1bazhang: is it accurate?06:23
bazhangowen1, did you have troubleshooting with an lvm? this is not a chat channel06:23
Rat409x2o: well you can create one most probly06:23
crdlbRat409: the trash icon isn't really on the desktop (which is ~/Desktop btw)06:23
x2othe trash is in06:24
jesselucasjrib: I'm running any subversion command, svn, svnadmin, svncreate. (if you were asking me :) )06:24
Rat409or copy it from /root's and chown it06:24
ramontayaghey all. "sudo telinit q" doesn't seem to work. my /etc/inittab to contain this: http://pastie.org/252629. when i run the first line (/usr/local/bin/monit -Ic /etc/monitrc) though with "sudo" at the beginning, monit starts. how can i figure out what's wrong?06:24
crdlbnautilus can just put a trash icon on its representation of the desktop06:24
x2oits somewhere in .gnome or so06:24
x2othey changed it in hardy06:24
owen1bazhang: sorry, didn't understand your last comment..anyway, i guess i don't need LVM. can you give me a good use case for using it, so i'll be sure i don't need it?06:24
Rat409crdlb: i kust use gnome for apps never the actual DE,in fluxbox atm06:24
x2oand its not more just a normal folder06:24
Rat409and don't do trashcans myself06:25
bazhangowen1, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic ; this is a support and troubleshooting channel thanks06:25
owen1Rat409: try dwm06:25
jribjesselucas: don't know then.  There are some hits on google for your error, but I don't see anything useful yet06:25
DistroJockey!trash | x2o06:25
ubottux2o: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash06:25
owen1bazhang: got it. thanks06:26
crdlbx2o: again, what is the exact error?06:26
bazhangCwe, not here06:26
x2oits in german, something like process not supported06:26
jribjesselucas: fwiw, 'locate libaprutil-0.so.0' yields 0 results for me (and my svn works ok)06:26
x2obut when i start gnome it works06:27
mark__any one want to help my with my flash 10 instal problems?06:27
crdlbx2o: run LANG=C nautilus06:27
bazhangmark__, the one supported by ubuntu or the 3rd party install?06:27
bazhangoh flash 1006:28
mark__flash 1006:28
Rat409x2o: try adding to your .xinitrc or wmiirc gnome-settings-daemon &06:28
bazhangmark__, install via synaptic06:28
mark__i was useing the terminal06:28
bazhangmark__, that is a beta, correct?06:28
x2oit is already06:29
bazhanggenerally mark__ that means use at your own risk ; what problems are you having06:29
drezardwhenever i try and 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`' apt-get has a big cry and throws me an error of 'Package can not be found'06:29
mark__with 9 i wasnt getting any sound06:29
ganymedehello, in gedit, spell checking marks words with aprostophes as incorrectly spelled. for instance, the would "couldn't" has a red line under "couldn" how can i make gedits spellchecker aware of english contractions? i think it treats apostrophes as word bounardies06:29
c0rrupt0rhello, I have installed wine 1.0 on my ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron also installed sidenet and everything works great except when I happen to go and use certain programs that use IE and then they ask me to install Wine Gecko and I click install and it downloads and goes to install but gets stuck in install mode...any idea's?06:30
x2omessage is06:30
mark__so i removed it via synaptic06:30
mark__and now when i instal 10 via the terminal06:30
bazhangdrezard, please pastebin the full command and error messages to paste.ubuntu.com (NOT here)06:30
mark__i get no result, it says its a sucecs but i have no flash06:31
pajamianganymede: I've noticed the same thing, haven't bothered to look into it yet.06:31
x2oSorry, couldn't display all the contents of "trash": Operation not supported06:31
x2othats the message06:31
jesselucasjrib: I think I may just need to reinstall i can't even use locate: it says "locate: can not open `/var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db': No such file or directory" haha man I messed up something06:32
bazhangmark__, what does about plugins in firefox show06:32
x2ocrdlb, Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "trash": Operation not supported06:32
mark__nothing with flash or gnash to worrie about06:32
unopjesselucas, try running this.  sudo updatedb  # let it finish running, hopefully it recreates that database06:32
bazhangmark__, the about plugins does not show flash as being installed? this was after quitting firefox and then installing flash then restarting firefox?06:33
unopjesselucas, did you just do a fresh install?06:33
crdlbx2o: just a guess, but do you have a dbus session bus running?06:34
jesselucasunop: no I just upgraded from dapper to hardy w/ do-release-upgrade06:34
bazhangmark__, yes what06:34
jesselucasunop: now can't get subversion working06:34
drezardbazhang, paste here???? ok :P hehehe kidding... im just doing a apt-get upgrade and apt-get update then ill do it :)06:34
mark__yes : the about plug ins have shown nothing after the install,  and restart06:35
floppyearshello guys06:35
floppyearsI'm interesting in learning and doing some video editing06:35
drezardbazhang, it was a fresh install so maybe it just required updates??? ill test it then if it still doesnt wana play friendly ill pastebin all the stuff06:35
bazhangmark__, what command did you use to install it; it seems to have failed06:35
floppyearsis there some open source software that you would recommend ?06:35
unopjesselucas, well, one thing at a time .. let updatedb do it's job, locate/slocate ought to work after that06:35
jesselucasunop: that worked for locate. Thanks!06:35
drezardfloppyears, Ubuntu studio06:35
ganymedepajamian: sadly, the bug has been open since 200106:35
arrrghhhsoooo... when i download the .tgz file from the ntfs-3g website, i can't extract it... i get an error!06:35
drezardfloppyears, contains a whole bunch of video editing tools, run over top of ubuntu :P06:36
bazhang!studio | floppyears06:36
ubottufloppyears: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org06:36
ganymedepajamian: there's a working patch but i don't know why it's never been comitted06:36
unoparrrghhh, why aren't you using ntfs-3g from the repos?06:36
unop!info ntfs-3g | arrrghhh06:36
ubottuarrrghhh: ntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:1.2216-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 28 kB, installed size 132 kB06:36
mark__i just went through the terminal procedure06:36
bazhangarrrghhh, install from repos06:36
c0rrupt0rhello, I have installed wine 1.0 on my ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron also installed sidenet and everything works great except when I happen to go and use certain programs that use IE and then they ask me to install Wine Gecko and I click install and it downloads and goes to install but gets stuck in install mode...any idea's?06:36
arrrghhhunop, it's old, i want the stable release from ntfs-3g so i can mount nfs drives over ntfs06:36
bazhangmark__, that is not an answer; need the exact command06:36
arrrghhhmount ntfs drives over nfs06:36
floppyearsdrezard: awesome thanks :)06:37
unoparrrghhh, and what's wrong with the current version that prohibits you from doing this?06:37
mark__Im sorry, I dont know what you meen when you ask that06:37
drezardfloppyears, no problems... :)06:37
unoparrrghhh, newer does not necessarily mean better06:37
drezardfloppyears, tell me how it goes, im looking at using it maybe later down the track :P06:37
ramontayag"sudo telinit q" doesn't seem to work. or maybe my /etc/inittab is just wrong: http://pastie.org/252629. when i run the first line (/usr/local/bin/monit -Ic /etc/monitrc) though with "sudo" at the beginning, monit starts. how can i figure out what's wrong? i'm using ubuntu hardy06:37
floppyearsdrezard: will do06:37
pajamianganymede: I can see it even when typing in xchat here.  Words such as I've, couldn't, etc.  Interestingly, haven't shows up fine since haven is a legitimate word.06:37
arrrghhhunop, it doesn't have fuse lite06:37
bazhangmark__, the command you typed in the terminal: what was the exact command.06:37
grendal_primeIs there a quick and easy way to rerun all the remote mounts in the fstab?06:38
crdlbx2o: if you do have a session bus set up, you could try asking in #nautilus on irc.gnome.org06:38
arrrghhhunop, i want to mount ntfs drives over and nfs connection.  works fine with ext3, but no ntfs.  the new ntfs-3g supports it w/o any fuss.06:38
arrrghhhor the newest kernel, .2706:38
ganymedepajamian: it's sad that such an obvious and easybug has went uncorrected for 7 years06:38
xal2i'm looking for a way to have an indicator image pop up when I enable and disable my touchpad06:38
mark__OH, i typed in no comand, i downloaded the installer and ran through the terminal06:39
pajamianganymede: yep, but I can understand why.  It is slightly annoying, but doesn't really stand in the way of usability.  It says something that I haven't bothered to look into it myself in this time.06:39
bazhangmark__, it seems to have failed then. what installer are you speaking of and what version of linux are you using06:39
mark__8.04 and the installer of the adobe site06:40
bobertdosmark___: I totally did not mean to abandon you, I am so sorry O_O06:40
bazhangmark__, need a link to the installer you speak of06:40
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* [gnubie] waves06:41
FuRomI got a rather... dumb question.... dealing with the mouse.... if there a way to tweak the way the mouse reacts when you move it right, left, up, and down? Like, per say, is there a way to tweak it so that it's angled or something? (I use a lazer mouse).06:42
shahalamhi all06:42
[gnubie]i'm running ubuntu 8.04.1 and i just plugged in my hp laserjet 1000 series printer.. ubuntu seems to detect my printer automatically but whenever i tried to print, it does nothing. any idea?06:42
c0rrupt0rhello, I have installed wine 1.0 on my ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron also installed sidenet and everything works great except when I happen to go and use certain programs that use IE and then they ask me to install Wine Gecko and I click install and it downloads and goes to install but gets stuck in install mode...any idea's?06:43
shahalamlook for default printer06:43
=== Not_a_furry is now known as CanisFamiliaris
[gnubie]shahalam: it's my only printer on my ubuntu laptop and at the same time, i set it as my default printer already06:44
shahalamany one has any idea to use yahoo messenger with voice for linux06:44
bazhangmark__, you have the link to that installer?06:44
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navetzwhat does it mean if your command has a return value of 2?06:45
VipOrXshahalam, gyachi looks to be promising, with all the features of normal yahoo IM06:45
Freddhm i have a problem with my keyboard..i need to hold shit and press ´ twice to get ¨ and i need to hold shit and press 6 twice to get ^06:45
ramontayagIf this is not the right place to ask about init, where should I go?06:46
drezardnavetz, 2 errors have occured...06:46
bazhangFredd, I'm guessing you mean shift06:46
drezardnavetz, or a certain error has occured... it should have a return value of 006:46
Freddyeah sry06:46
Freddshit is shift lol06:46
KaRaBuLuTi am???06:46
bazhangKaRaBuLuT, ubuntu support channel06:47
namegameubuntu IRC channel06:47
navetzdrezard: alright thanks06:47
drezardis there meant to be a script in my /etc/ directory called no login ????06:47
drezardnavetz, what command was it?06:47
KaRaBuLuT i think i lost myself:P06:47
emmanMy lancard RTL 8187B won't work on my 8.04...any help please!06:47
Freddno they are liars..you are in a place where turtles fly and cows goes mooo06:47
bazhangKaRaBuLuT, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic ; here is for ubuntu OS support06:47
lostogreramontayag: what are you trying to do with init?06:47
Freddso is my isse a keyboard layout problem or could be tha fact that im using interpid alpha?06:48
namegamecould be both06:48
bazhangFredd, you want the intrepid channel for that06:48
lostogreramontayag: what is your question about init?06:48
emmanRTL8187B is wireless..06:48
ramontayagi sent you a pm, but basically sudo telinit q doesn't seem to work.. coz when i run that the code inside inittab doesn't seem to get executed.06:48
c0rrupt0rguess im talkin to my self for a while now06:48
bazhang!ibex | Fredd06:48
ubottuFredd: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!06:48
ramontayagwhen i run the code in inittab though, it's able to start monit.06:48
Freddbazgabg: well i asked in there but im thinking this is a keyboard layout issue nothing related to interpid it self06:49
namegameFredd, you could try popping in a live CD of Hardy, and see if your keyboard works06:49
bazhangFredd, that is where it belongs, regardless of what you guess.06:49
lostogreramontayag: what is it that you are trying to do?06:49
ramontayagi want init to start monit if monit accidentally crashes or something.06:50
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c0mp13371331337Hey fellas, I mostly tend to stick with Ubuntu, but admittedly stray to Windows for gaming purposes.  I currently dual-boot and I have a 250GB hard drive.  At the moment, I have about 20 for /, 70 for C:\, and the rest for /home.  The only reason C:\ is so large is because the games I install take up to 12 GB sometimes.  Using the ext3 drivers available for Windows, would it be possible to just mount /home in Windows and install game06:50
arrrghhhwould someone mind downloading the .TGZ from ntfs-3g.org and seeing if you can extract it?  i get an error.06:50
ramontayaglostogre: or even during bootup, i want init to start monit06:50
lostogreramontayag: what is monit?06:50
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counthi everyone06:50
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ramontayaglostogre: monit is a process monitoring server, but i believe it's more comprehensive. you can say how much memory, etc. a process should use.06:50
ramontayaglostogre: process monitoring service*06:51
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node357arrrghhh, downloaded fine here06:51
lostogreramontayag: Ok. Are you aware that the init on Ubuntu is event driven?06:51
zero-velocityhey. can any one help me with amsn?06:52
arrrghhhnode357, and gzip was able to extract it?  i can download the file fine06:52
emmanhelp please....my RTL 8187b wireless won't work in linux...anybody knows?06:52
unoparrrghhh, untar it like you would with a tar.gz   tar zxf file.tgz06:52
Freddhm ⁶ <- lol ?06:52
TetroheadHey, how do I make font rendering better in FF?06:52
Freddu guys do see that rite?06:52
ramontayaglostogre: isn't a daemon dying an event?06:52
zero-velocityany one?06:53
drezardbazhang, u there?06:53
arrrghhhunop, hrm... i wonder why the gui ark was giving me an error?  thanks.  i guess cli tools always work huh06:53
arrrghhhi figured the gui was just a front-end for tar anyways...06:53
t1n0m3nOn install of Ubuntu 8.04, does it give an option to tell the installer where to install grub?06:54
TetroheadAnyone know about font rendering and firefox?06:54
bazhangt1n0m3n, sure06:54
frybyewith hubackup how to navigate to a different pc on the home net to locate the backup when hubackup only presents the "filesystem" and not "locations" "network" etc??06:54
lostogreramontayag: Not exactly. In order for an event to register with init it has to be written to do so. Something that can be done is to run the daemon in a script wrapper. You should look at upstart.ubuntu.com. There is language that will make init restart a failed daemon.06:54
frybyecont. from yesterday..;)06:54
bazhang!info hubackup06:55
ubottuhubackup (source: hubackup): Concise and easy to use backup application for the desktop user. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.8 (hardy), package size 52 kB, installed size 492 kB06:55
drezardbazhang, u there???06:55
bazhangdrezard, yes06:55
frybyeis a mounted directory on a networked pc to be found within the /this/that .. file system? if yes - where??06:56
t1n0m3nahh, the advanced button right before install allows you to point grub to another hard drive...  coll06:56
ramontayaglostogre: yikes! okay, thanks.. :)06:56
drezardbazhang, i got the pastbin... but it wont let me post it cause it might be spam.... check the last reply of this post though: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5585463#post558546306:56
drezardbazhang, thats what i need help with :)06:56
unopfrybye, a network share/export can be mounted locally .. if that's what you are asking?06:57
bazhangdrezard, install pastebinit the cat the file/command to it06:57
lostogreramontayag: Sure. Have fun.06:57
Phiphofrybye: did you know how to get all bandwidth from server06:57
Quiescenti'm trying to create an img file from nothing and format it as mdos06:57
Quiescentand i can not figure out how to do that06:57
Phiphofrybye: i use dialup no from cell phone06:57
Quiescenti've tried formatting the .img file, that doesn't work06:57
bazhangQuiescent, you mean vfat?06:57
Quiescenti tried mounting the .img file to format it, but it won't mount06:57
lostogreQuiescent: look at using the loopback interace for mounting and creating filesystems.06:58
Quiescentmaybe, i'm not really sure06:58
Quiescentaren't floppies formatted from dos fat16?06:58
frybyeunop.. the share is mounted.. but with the application hubackup (homeuserbackup) I am only given option to locate the backup within the file system structure.. not shown locations or network "" etc06:58
unopfrybye, i suppse this needs to be asked. how did you mount the share locally?06:59
lostogreQuiescent: usually.06:59
Quiescentwill reading the man page for mount help me?07:00
frybyei have done that - easy - right click and "mount locally"07:00
frybyei might have it now - hang on..07:00
lostogreQuiescent: better to look online for examples of mounting loopback.07:01
unopfrybye, unless hubackup can understand gvfs, you will have to mount the share at the command line07:01
DistroJockeyHi frybye . Check your email ;P07:01
Phiphofrybye: i use dialup no from cell phone07:01
Quiescentlol, i want to paste what i've been trying in here but i started the irc client from the terminal, brb07:01
Phiphofrybye: did you know how to get all bandwidth from server07:01
frybyeok I hve the dir mounted on the desktop but hubackup does not "see" it.. dont know how to use konsole for this!07:02
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:02
unopfrybye, what kind of a network share is this? samba or nfs?07:03
Phiphodistrojockey: did you know how to get all bandwidth from server07:03
Quiescent"sudo mount -t vfat -o loop test.img /mnt/floppy" - gives me this -  wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop007:03
frybyeDistroJockey: must have overlooked smthing - hang on..07:03
DistroJockeyPhipho, umm, no07:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about adon07:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about addonj07:04
Phiphoany body know how to get all bandwidth from server07:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about addon07:04
DistroJockeyfrybye, sent you this link:  http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/16507:04
bazhangIrcFuSi0n`30833, /msg ubottu for fun if you wish07:04
lostogrePhipho: what are you trying to do.07:04
emmanIs ubuntu 8.04 could be installed to Asus Eee PC 4gb??07:04
Quiescenti did "touch test.img" to create the file07:04
bazhangemman, sure07:04
lostogreemman: yes, but it might be kind of sluggish. try xubuntu.07:05
bazhang!eeepc | emman07:05
ubottuemman: Information about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC07:05
frybyeDistroJockey: thanks for the info - but it is too complicated for me.. i dont know what sharename and all that stuff is..07:05
unopQuiescent, errm, that doesn't automatically make a file with a FAT filesystem .. see the mkfs.vfat manpage07:05
Phipholostogre: i want get all bandwidth speed from server07:05
bazhanglostogre, not at all; it handles full ubuntu fine.07:05
emmanThanks bazhang!07:05
Phipholostogre: couse server is lier07:05
lostogrebazhang: does it? cool.07:05
bazhangPhipho, what does that have to do with ubuntu support07:05
bazhangPhipho, please take chat elsewhere07:05
DistroJockeyfrybye, you replace sharename and servername with the real things relevant to what you want07:06
frybyeto be honest - if I hve the directory visible on the desktop then the bloody hubackup should be able to see it and use it - end of story..07:06
Phiphoi want get my maximum speed07:06
yakobmatrixcan anyone tell me how to copy an entire website so that I can view them offline?07:06
unopfrybye, what kind of a network share is this? samba or nfs?07:06
frybyeDistroJockey: yeah I figured that but dont know how to do it..07:06
bazhangPhipho, go to speedtest.net and check there.07:06
unopyakobmatrix, use wget07:06
Phiphothe server info speedis 256 kbps but the real is 5 kbps07:06
hyperairpyrex, ping07:07
yakobmatrixwhat option should I use?07:07
frybyeand why cant the shi*+ty stinking hubackup just see the directory on my desktop and use it..?07:07
DistroJockeyfrybye, in the email I sent I simplified it. Did you see the email?07:07
TetroheadCan anyone help me make fonts look better in FF?07:07
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Phiphonot check speed. but get all bandwidth07:07
bazhangPhipho, what is the relation to ubuntu support07:07
lostogrePhipho: but that is not necessarily something that the server has direct control over. there can be other factors. and really this is the wrong place to ask.07:07
Phiphoi use ubuntu07:07
frybyeDistroJockey: sure i just checked the email and for anybody with good basic knowledge of linux it would have been fine .. this good basic knowledge of linux is not avail at this location...;)07:07
yakobmatrixunop: can you give an example how to use wget to copy an entire website07:07
bazhangPhipho, you cannot get all the bandwidth. please take your chat elsewhere.07:07
DistroJockeyfrybye, can't really make it any simpler sorry07:08
Phiphonot all but my max bandwidth07:08
unopyakobmatrix, http://lifehacker.com/382509/create-a-local-website-mirror-with-wget07:08
Phiphomax bandwith is 256 kbps07:08
frybyeI just want to click thru the directorys and let hubackup use that directory on my desktop - the silly frigging thing does not even see it..07:09
frybyei will have to wait till i get a local guru to drop bye again....07:09
unopfrybye, mount the thing on the CLI .. see man mount.cifs07:09
yakobmatrixunop : thanks I'll check it out07:09
t1n0m3nOK, I am in grub, I get an error 21 if I try to boot hd2,4 (which is what it put in), what should go here?07:09
Quiescentfloppy block count would be 1440?07:09
TetroheadCan anyone help me make fonts look better in FF?07:09
Phiphoany body know how to get speed connection on ubuntu07:09
lostogrePhipho: are you using DSL?07:09
hookahglad to meet everyone here! i am freshman here07:09
owen1i am installing ubuntu from the alternate cd and gets error when trying to install the base system. any idea?07:10
Phiphono i use dial up from cell phone07:10
Phiphothe server is telkomsel07:10
frybyeunop ok thanks .. i will have to be off to work in a few mins - catch you folks later...07:10
frybyethanks for you help...07:10
lostogreowen1: what is the error?07:10
Flannelhookah: If you're looking for general chatting, that's in #ubuntu-offtopic, this place is only for support07:10
lostogrePhipho: that doesn't help.07:10
hookahthanks,i know that!07:11
Phipholostogre: how to get speed connection on ubuntu07:11
lostogrePhipho: what technology does it use to make the connection? DSL, T1, etc.07:11
Sinnermani had problems getting fglrx working on hardy amd64 - kept getting screen freezes. i tried hardy i386 and it works; where should i file a bug report? now im stuck with 3GB ram instead of the 4GB i bought.07:11
frybyei still think it is not absurde to hope that linux will one day -just work- for folks without them having to do at lest 1/2 of an informatics study course...07:11
unopQuiescent, the mkfs.vfat manpage has a list of valid block counts07:11
owen1lostogre: an installation step failed...failing step is: Install the base system.07:11
mneptokfrybye: seeing that my 74 year old father uses Ubuntu, i'd say it "just works" for him.07:12
hookahcan someone give some suggestion about  the setting of locale in ubuntu8.0407:12
Phiphoi don't know the true. but i think is DSL07:12
lostogreowen1: check one of the other virtual tabs. there should be some error messages.07:12
TetroheadFirefox fonts? Anyone help?07:12
owen1lostogre: i am follwing the command-line installtion - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems07:12
t1n0m3nOK, I found that Windows is on hd0,0   so Ubuntu must be on hd2,1?  channel2, partition1?  is that how it works?07:13
lostogrePhipho: if it is DSL, there is no good way to get max speed from your connection. It is a limitation of the technology itself.07:13
mneptokTetrohead: open the appearance prefs and tweak the font rendering there07:13
owen1lostogre: how do i access the log files?07:13
hookahthe characters in my gnome-terminal is chaos07:13
Tetroheadmneptok: Done all that. Toggled every setting every way07:13
lostogreowen1: I understand. there should still be error messages on one of the other virtual terms. try alt-f2 or alt-f307:14
namegamet1n0m3n, windows is usually on hd0, 1 in my experience07:14
Phipholostogre: nothing other choice for tune my speed07:14
namegameconcerning dual-boots07:14
t1n0m3nnamegame: hmm, it booted when I put hd0,007:14
t1n0m3nrestarting again07:15
Quiescentalright, did mkfs.vfat -C test.img 144007:15
lostogrePhipho: Without knowing all of the details of you situation there is no way to know for sure, but I don't think so.07:15
DistroJockeyt1n0m3n, hd0,0 = first hard drive, first partition. second hard drive, first partition = hd1,007:15
Quiescentthen mounted it07:15
unopQuiescent, note that block count does not equate to blocks allocated or the total size07:15
Quiescentbut fdformat /mnt/floppy says "not a block device"07:15
unopQuiescent, 1440 is not a valid block count for vfat either07:16
hookah good bye everyone!07:16
owen1lostogre: ok, where is the log file?07:16
Phipholostogre: can i stole many speed from server? i'm very angry with server07:16
bazhangPhipho, no.07:17
lostogrePhipho: NO. You can't!07:17
bazhangPhipho, please stop NOW.07:17
Phipholostogre: why07:17
Phipholostogre: in my country the isp very much want our money07:18
Phipholostogre: not quality07:18
bazhang!ot | Phipho07:18
ubottuPhipho: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:18
t1n0m3nwow, ok, that is not intuitive at all07:18
t1n0m3nhd0,0 boots windows, hd0,4 boots linux07:19
lonejackhi, I've a little problem on a ubuntu installation on a PIII, on the initial pages(graphic page). When I prepared the installation I used a motitor 1680x1040 but now the used monitor is 1280x1024. I think that the page loaded isn't compatible. Any clue to solve... Thank you07:19
lostogreowen1: do you know how to use other virtual terminals?07:19
GneaPhipho: ubuntu servers are round-robined. some will be fast, some will not be fast.07:19
bazhangGnea, that is not what he is proposing07:19
owen1lostogre: is it /var/log/syslog ?07:20
Gneabazhang: i know what he said.07:20
Phiphothanks info Gnea07:20
bazhangGnea, it is offtopic here.07:20
owen1lostogre: i know how to navigate in a termonal.07:20
rtw35783t1n0m3n: keep in mind that logical partitions always start at 4. 0 to 3 is reserved for primary and extended partitions. so it makes sense.07:20
lostogreowen1: try dmesg at a command prompt07:20
GneaPhipho: you'll just have to figure out which are good for you and update your /etc/hosts file07:20
GneaPhipho: if you try to attack them, your ISP will take your connection away.07:20
t1n0m3nrtw35783: but windows and linux are not on the same disk07:21
lostogreowen1: sorry, I didn't know your level of skill.07:21
unopQuiescent, sudo mkfs.vfat -C test.img 512 && mkdir test.img.mnt && sudo mount -t vfat -o loop test.img test.img.mnt07:21
unopQuiescent,   now you have the file mounted, you can put what you want on it, just make sure that the total size of the img file does not exceed 1468006 bytes07:21
rtw35783t1n0m3n: then it can't be both (hd0..)07:21
Phiphognea: i just want to calculate my maximum speed07:21
lostogrelater everyone. duty calls.07:21
GneaPhipho: let's chat in #ubuntu-offtopic07:22
Quiescentwow, thanks07:22
owen1lostogre: no problem, it's great to see friendly atitude.07:22
Phiphognea: ok. thanks info07:22
t1n0m3nrtw35783: I have a NTFS partition on hd0, I am trying to boot windows on hd1,0 to see if it is doing something weird07:22
Phiphognea: i was try sudo syctl -p but is not work07:22
GneaPhipho: please /join #ubuntu-offtopic07:23
Phiphognea: i was try sudo syctl -p but is not work07:23
Gnea!repeat | Phipho07:23
ubottuPhipho: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:23
Phiphognea: ok. thanks info07:23
rtw35783t1n0m3n: (hdN,M) specifies the Nth disk and the Mth partition of that disk (both starting at 0)07:23
Phiphognea: ok. thanks info07:23
Gnea!ops | Phipho07:24
ubottuPhipho: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, or Flannel!07:24
bazhangGnea, what is it.07:24
GneaPhipho: troll.07:24
DavidDavidanyone use project management software?07:24
naliothGnea: yes?07:24
owen1lostogre: dmesg shows a lot of this: end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 23101476307:24
Gneanalioth: nevermind, i give up.07:25
Phiphognea: what is troll07:25
Gneabazhang: may i please pm you?07:25
Phiphognea: sorry my english is bad07:25
bazhangGnea, sure07:25
bazhangPhipho, what is your native language07:25
bazhangPhipho, join #ubuntu-id07:26
yakobmatrixhi Phipho I am from indonesia too07:26
tfany one know what is the best way to trouble shoot hard drive recognition problems? Ubuntu 64bit cant recognize a STA harddrive...07:27
geevi want to listern internet radio like bbc news doutch welle and other more which program i hav to install from add/remove application that will allow to add streaming radio?07:27
Phiphosorry all, i want to want to info couse at my town is bad connection07:27
bazhang!id | Phipho07:27
ubottuPhipho: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:27
PhiphoQuality is 0 Money is 10007:28
bazhangPhipho, type /join #ubuntu-id07:28
Phiphook thank you all07:28
Frozen_Northhey all. Are the restricted repo's down?07:28
Phiphoi was07:28
bazhangPhipho, this is not a chat channel.07:28
DavidDavidany favourite project management software?07:28
yakobmatrixPhipho, your english is so bad07:28
lonejackHi, I've a problem on the startup page (uguntu logo vga) on a ubuntu installation PIII. When I prepared the installation I used a monitor 1680x1040 but now the monitor is 1280x1024. The logo page loaded isn't compatible. Any clue to solve... Thank you07:29
Phiphoya bener. soalnya mau gmn lg cuma disini yg slalu ngasih jawaban ke gw07:29
bazhangyakobmatrix, please help him join that channel :)07:29
eligoshello, does anyone know why ubuntu 8.04.1 crashes when the progress bar is moving?07:29
geevno body knows?07:29
yakobmatrixbazhang, OK I'll try07:30
bazhangthanks :)07:30
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Freddwhat would be the reason of not getting any sound from flash videos in firefox?07:30
bazhangeligos, remove quiet and splash from boot params to see exact errors07:30
GneaFredd: the sound device could be in use by another application07:31
DavidDavidnow I have some decorating order, and consult order07:31
Freddhm Gnea its not07:31
kadkoHello, i have turbles to see videos from youtube, i have ubuntu 8.04 x64, can any one helpme?07:31
eligosok, thanks bazhang, I'll try that and I'll be back07:31
GneaFredd: lsof | grep libasound  <-- are you sure?07:31
Quiescentalright, i have all this figured out, only now when i mount the image and try to copy files into it i get an access denied error07:31
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bazhangkadko, what troubles, please clarify07:31
Hermathe crowd chants: Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma Herma07:32
HermaGO HHeerrmmaa!!07:32
FloodBot1Herma: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:32
Quiescenteven when the .img is on the desktop and the mount folder is in /home/user/07:32
kadkoI cant see the videos a message like this apper on youtube: Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. 07:32
HermaHerma iz da best! Herma iz da bomb! all bow down to da great Herma!07:32
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FreddGnea: what am i suppose to be looking at? a list of something?07:32
osxdudesomeone has no life :/07:32
Quiescentyeah, wtf07:32
GneaFredd: so what do YOU think the reason is? are you sure you have a full-duplex soundcard?07:33
moshehi folks, is anyone else having problems with firefox crashing on sites with flash media content?07:33
bazhangmoshe, sometimes yes07:33
mkquistmy terminal is not working anymore? help? its just a white space07:33
bazhangmoshe, what extensions and how many flash tabs07:34
Frozen_Northmoshe: from time to time. Are you running 3 or 2?07:34
kadkoI have problems with the flash media content07:34
moshehave you heard of any workarounds using 8.407:34
kadkoat ubuntu 8.04 x6407:34
FreddGnea: my sound works every place else..i even just got my sound to work when playing mkv files but installing some extra gstreamer tools07:34
bazhangkadko, how did you install the plugin07:34
mosheusing firefox 307:34
Freddi dont know how to fix it..07:34
DavidDavidI have 35 old PC, I have to make them to be a network.07:34
codyzappyall know of a good webcam effects app that works with ubuntu?07:34
kadkofirst from firefox, and latter i hac07:34
GneaFredd: what soundcard do you have?07:34
kadkoi have uninstaled from synaptic and reinstalled07:34
dbcQuestion. How do you set ctcp replies in xchat-gnome?07:34
Miyavix3Can someone help me? I f*cked up hard.07:35
Miyavix3Just pm me07:35
owen1i am installing ubuntu. i get error so i am in the terminal. dmesg shows errors with I/O, dev sda.  fdisk -l shows "unable to read /dev/sda.  any idea?07:35
bazhangMiyavix3, no cursing07:35
FreddGnea: xfi sb extreme sound..is there something better than the flashplugin-nonfree package for flash?07:35
Gnea!language | Miyavix307:35
ubottuMiyavix3: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:35
codyzappanyone get a weird pm??07:35
dbccody, i did.07:35
bazhangcodyzapp, report in #freenode07:35
Miyavix3Me too actually07:35
Miyavix3but can someone PM me?07:35
mosheI am running 32 bit 8.4 . I read about the uninstall/reinstall. next issue , is there a way to preserve my bookmarks?07:35
Gnea!ask | Miyavix307:35
ubottuMiyavix3: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:35
Quiescenthow do i make it so that i can scroll in terminal with screen07:36
mneptok!lol > codyzapp07:36
ubottucodyzapp, please see my private message07:36
GneaFredd: not really... i'm guessing you've adjusted the volume of master and pcm in the volume control, while bringing the volume up within a flash video?07:36
mneptokQuiescent: meta-pg.up07:36
owen1i am installing ubuntu. i get error so i am in the terminal. dmesg shows errors with I/O, dev sda.  fdisk -l shows "unable to read /dev/sda.  any idea?07:37
Frozen_Northmoshe: Click on Bookmarks->Organize-> Import/Backup07:37
Quiescentmneptok: what?07:37
Frozen_Northokay that pm is annoying07:38
mneptokQuiescent: "windows key" + PgUp07:38
moshefrozen_north, thanks for the tip. will try to uninstall firefox and reinstall to see if that is the fix07:38
FreddGnea: im pretty sure thats not the case because it was just working before i got the mkv's working07:38
Freddbut i will check my alsamixer again07:38
afiefI am trying to decide on a new laptop to buy, and Tablet PC's prices have come down a good deal these days. Does ubuntu support Tablets? can I use it to easily take notes?07:38
GneaFredd: until you've made sure, it's better to just not say anything against it07:39
Gneaafief: as I understand it, yes.07:39
afiefGnea, Could you recommend some software to use on it?07:40
mneptokafief: they work, but calibration tools are anemic07:40
afiefGnea, I am mainly interested in using it at the classroom to take notes(I am too messy with papers, files are easier to handle)07:40
owen1fdisk -l returns "Unable to read /dev/sda" any idea?07:40
Frozen_Northowen1: try sda1,2 etc07:41
Frozen_Northowen1: or you could have a dead drive07:42
owen1Frozen_North: i am in the middle of installing ubuntu. can u elaborate?07:42
Gneaafief: here, make a decision for yourself: http://tuxmobil.org/tablet_unix.html07:42
mneptokowen1: what's the drive controller? what's the computer?07:42
FreddGnea: now im sure07:42
GneaFredd: of?07:42
schonehey all, whats an easy to use and simple to setup mail server for ubuntu hardy07:42
Gneaschone: exim4, postfix07:43
owen1mneptok: how do i know the drive controller? it's HP, i used to have ubuntu before, and debian.07:43
FreddGnea: the volume07:43
GneaFredd: so it works?07:44
entropiusAnother sound question for you guys: I have sound stuttering problems for all sounds using the onboard sound (Nvidia chipset) on a new motherboard, in Ubuntu 8.04. Any ideas what could cause this?07:44
Freddno lol07:44
Gneaok, i need sleep, i have no patience left for cryptic nonsense.07:44
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:44
Freddthats very helpful.07:45
Kartagisare there any pastebin scripts available? not ones i can send to http://www.pastebin.ca or similar, one i can create my own pastebin with07:45
DavidDavidWe just say a district, if a large group of militias, such said a big company, fight you, to get money07:45
Freddoops didnt read lol07:45
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:45
FreddKartagis: i believe u could get a copy of pastebin from the their main site07:46
eligosI'm back07:46
bazhangKartagis, yup; install pastebinit then cat and | the command/file to it07:46
bazhangKartagis, it will give you a url in the terminal07:46
CostaRicanQuakerhow do i check what motherboard i have?07:47
rtw35783CostaRicanQuaker: sudo | dmidecode | less07:47
rtw35783CostaRicanQuaker: err,  sudo dmidecode | less07:47
Kartagisbazhang: not like that. i want to have my own pastebin07:47
eligosthe error I get is the following:07:47
bazhangKartagis, you want to have a service from a site you host?07:48
Kartagisbazhang: exactly07:48
eligosinit: rcs main process (5554) killed by SEGV signal07:48
entropiusuBOTtu: I've already read that, and none of the advice seems to help.07:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:49
Bodsdaentropius, ubottu is a bot07:49
entropiusI know, but I figured I'd reply to him as a way of letting everyone know that I'd already seen that page07:49
eligosinit: unable to execute "/bin/sh" for rc default: no such file or directory07:49
bazhangKartagis, you might ask the pastebinit developer about that07:49
eligosinit: rc-default main process (6901) terminated with status 25507:50
bazhangKartagis, sorry, really have no idea about that07:50
mneptokKartagis: this is the wrong venure for such questions, really07:50
CostaRicanQuakerwhat's the command to check the computer specs?07:50
emmanWhat is wine?07:51
eligosanyone knows what those errors mean?07:51
dxdemetrioucan I change the way that smb:// works on nautilus so to not have to ask for password if the password is the same to the current user?07:51
mneptokCostaRicanQuaker: what specs?07:51
entropiusCostaRicanQuaker: What specs are you interested in?07:51
Bodsdaeligos, youd need to explain what your doing first07:51
bazhangemman, a way to run windows games and some apps under ubuntu07:51
entropiusCostaRicanQuaker: You can find some information by doing cat /proc/cpuinfo07:51
Quiescentholy crap. screen is amazing07:51
kenkku_dxdemetriou: nautilus doesn't know what your password is07:51
Frozen_Northeligos: I would recommend Cedega or CrossOver Office for ease of use however07:51
bazhangemman, you can check the appdb for what does and does not work07:51
mneptokbazhang: i love you even more now. games don;t qualify as apps. amen, bruddah!07:51
kenkku_dxdemetriou: it's not stored anywhere07:52
rtw35783Quiescent: screen is best07:52
bazhang!appdb | emman07:52
ubottuemman: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org07:52
bazhangmneptok, haha07:52
Quiescentif i ever have to go back to using only a CLI, i'll just want bash and screen07:52
emmanyou mean i can run winamps under ubuntu using wine? Can I download wine...what is the website?07:52
mneptokQuiescent: try zsh ;)07:52
mneptokemman: skip WinAmp. try XMMS.07:52
bazhangemman, just install via synaptic07:52
Quiescentemman: don't bother07:52
kenkku_emman: I don't recommend using winamp. there are plenty of good alternatives. like xmms07:53
entropiusemman: You certainly can download wine -- there's a website (google it), but you can just install it by doing sudo apt-get install wine07:53
Bodsdaemman www.winehq.org07:53
Quiescentzsh, i'm just now learning screen07:53
dxdemetrioukenkku_, I just want to mount some shared folders on login for each user, but the problem is that it asks for the password 2 times07:53
bazhangBodsda, hi :)07:53
eligosbodsda: I get those errors when trying to install ubuntu, I removed "quiet splash" to see what the errors where and those are the last lines that I got07:53
entropiusbut using it for winamp is probably not a good idea, since xmms/etc. will be better07:53
mneptokQuiescent: zsh doesn;t differ much from bash until you want it to07:53
Bodsdaentropius, the repos do not contain the latest wine version by default07:53
owen1mneptok: how do i know the drive controller? it's HP, i used to have ubuntu before, and debian.07:53
kenkku_dxdemetriou: oooh. hmm, ok07:53
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious instead.07:53
Quiescentoh, i hardly know how to use bash07:54
mneptokowen1: lshw07:54
Quiescenthaven't been on linux for that long07:54
mneptokQuiescent: perfect! so you're not addicted! time to install zsh ;)07:54
Bodsdaeligos, md5 checksum the iso and the burned disc, if that doesnt work, reburn at a lower speed, if that doesnt work try the alternate cd07:54
Quiescenthow's the learning curve with zsh?07:55
mneptokQuiescent: gentle slope that rises as you gain prowess07:55
flipoukDo you guys know any good replacement for vsound?07:55
flipoukvsound is not in Hadry anymore :(07:56
BodsdaQuiescent, why do you need zsh?07:56
eligosbodsda: how's about this... if I remove the graphics card it boots no problem, and my graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS pci express 256mb07:56
mneptokBodsda: i'm recommending it to him07:57
eligosbodsda: the cd is fine07:57
Quiescentbodsda: i don't just curious07:57
Bodsdaeligos, i had the same problem, install ubuntu without graphics card, then boot into ubuntu, install the restricted driver modules for your card, then reboot with graphics card07:57
Quiescentdoes bash do variable completion?07:57
natha1can anyone here help with wireless networking?07:57
BodsdaQuiescent, ive never heard of it but just googled and its some sort of shell with a few extra features07:57
Scorp_natha1: Yes, ask your question!07:57
Scorp_!ask natha107:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask natha107:58
BodsdaQuiescent, not variables but commands anf file paths07:58
Bodsda!ask | natha107:58
tonisiusok, I have (hd0,0) as my windows drive, (hd2,0) my linux drive, when I installed the root from (hd2,0) to setup on (hd0,0) it completely goes into a loop, and keeps bringing up the same grub boot loader, instead of chaining into the windows boot loader, any help on this?07:58
ubottunatha1: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:58
Quiescentbodsda: it was just recommended to me, in the setup i see something called "variable completion" and i'm hoping it does what i think07:58
tonisiustrying to get the windows boot loader again07:58
Scorp_Bodsda: Ohh, thanks !!07:58
=== dextone is now known as De[X]tone
natha1It ain't working07:58
tonisiusand please, no more of those !grub issues07:58
BodsdaScorp_, what did i do?07:58
natha1was working but then stopped. Think I have the ndiswrapper going fine07:58
Freddso is there anyway to get flashplayer-nonfree to work with alsa?07:59
natha1can see networks when I do iwlist07:59
tonisiusI already did them all, and endewd up finding that moving my linux drive to another location fixed all the issues, windows hated that a nix based partition was in hd0's location07:59
Scorp_Bodsda: Ohh, thanks !!07:59
entropiusnatha1: what happens when you try to connect to those networks?07:59
=== De[X]tone is now known as dextone
Bodsdamneptok, haha, nice07:59
miyavix3Fredd: Apparently I didn't know how to do it07:59
Scorp_Bodsda: Taught me the ask thingie07:59
gildavista tonisius ?07:59
eligosbodsda: so I should phisically remove the graphics card and use integrated video, install ubuntu, then install the module for my card, shut down, hook the graphics card again, reboot, and it should work?08:00
Freddmiyavix3: i dont know man lol im busy trying to get flash working08:00
BodsdaScorp_, oh, k,.,. syntax is    !command | nick       or      !command > nick   for pm08:00
Scorp_eligos: Have u set up the BIOS Correct ?? It has an option to choose integrated and PCI Card !!08:00
Bodsdaeligos, no dont physically remove it, just dont use it, use onboard08:00
natha1using the network manager but no luck08:00
miyavix3Uh, can anyone help me repair my ubuntu?08:00
natha1just does not connect08:00
entropiuseligos: you might not have to physically remove the graphics card based on your BIOS -- my motherboard will let me run the integrated while there's a PCI video card in there08:00
rustychickenis there a firefox extension for automatically making certain sites (like gmail) use ssl, so i dont have to type out the full url when accessing https://mail.google.com?08:00
rustychickenmiyavix3: we wont know until we know what problems you are having.  ;-)08:01
miyavix3Time to laugh at me08:01
Scorp_natha1: If u can see the network and not connect, it could be an error of the security key... are you accessing a secure network ???08:01
entropiusnatha1: if you can see the networks in iwlist, try manually connecting to them using iwconfig. Try something like "sudo iwconfig eth1 essid <whatever>", replacing eth1 with whatever your network card is08:01
rustychickenmiyavix3: i guarantee ive done worse08:01
miyavix3but I started removing python2.4-minimal08:01
miyavix3And i started uninstalling ubuntu08:01
entropiusnatha1: and yes, if the network is encrypted, you might be having issues with that. Can the network manager see the networks?08:01
eligosok, I'll give it a shot, brb08:02
Quiescenti'm new to this, but does anyone else get the impression that it's easy to end up loading all sorts of crap without easily being able to remove it?08:02
miyavix3but it deleted like 20-30 progs before I realised what it was doing08:02
miyavix3so now I can't get back into ubuntu08:02
miyavix3I'm running off of the trial in the disk08:02
rustychickenQuiescent: not if you use the package manager...08:02
balzwhat is the command to shut down a computer via ssh?08:02
namegamemiyavix3: reinstall it if possible08:02
zupbhi, guys. I have a virtual machine with ip and ip on a host for it. Besides this, i have ip on a host for local network. I have a "virtual" ip (sudo eth0:1 up) for VM local ip. When i try to do bride, i use such commands:08:02
natha1is there a command I can type in terminal that will show you how I have things configured? It has a password on it, but that is entered into the network manager gui08:02
zupbecho 1 > sudo /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward08:02
zupbsudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT --to-destination
zupbsudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j SNAT --to-source
zupbi doesn't work, what i do wrong? please, help.08:02
FloodBot1zupb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:02
miyavix3I can't repair it?08:02
entropiusbalz: ssh into it and run "halt"08:02
balzentropius:  sudo?08:02
miyavix3Can I repair it, or no?08:03
gildamiyavix3: what does ubuntu do when u try to start it back up ?08:03
natha1Also is it possible to have a private conversation, this is very hard to follow08:03
balzentropius:  thank you, btw!08:03
entropiusbalz: yes, if you didn't ssh in as root08:03
rustychickenmiyavix3: the livecd is not the trial version, it is the full version of ubuntu :-D08:03
miyavix3Well duh08:03
miyavix3That's what I have to use atm08:03
miyavix3Because it won't boot into the INSTALLED version on my HDD08:03
entropiusbalz: there's also the "shutdown" command which supports stuff like shutting down in 5 minutes and warning all the logged-on users that the system is going down, etc08:03
miyavix3It boots into a screen that looks like ms DOS08:03
miyavix3and it asks me for my user name08:04
miyavix3then password08:04
namegamemiyavix3: that's bash08:04
timz84i have a Q08:04
miyavix3but after that it's just >>>08:04
Scorp_miyavix3: are u aware of what all u deleted ?? maybe getting back the xserver should give u a start.08:04
balzentropius:  yeah i used that before but it gave me a 'system is going down for maintenence' message and then led me to some weird blue-screen cli with options08:04
gildamiyavix3: if you can get to that screen you can recover your ubuntu08:04
Quiescenti've only had ubuntu installed for a couple of weeks on this computer and synaptic says that i have 1200 something packages installed, how is that manageable?08:04
balzentropius:  but sudo halt is exactly what i was looking for! thank you!08:04
miyavix3Ok cool08:04
timz84does anyone know how i can go about moving my current home folder to another harddrive?08:04
emmanThank you guys!08:04
miyavix3Want to PM me?08:04
entropiusbalz: no problem!08:04
dxdemetriouI have installed Likewise-open so each user from Active Directory to can login. Now I'm trying to find a way how I can make the shared directory for each one from samba to mount on login. The samba is another machine with Linux, and the password is the same for each user with the Active Directory08:05
Scorp_miyavix3: If u can reach the tty1 screen, use sudo apt-get to get everything back step by step...08:05
entropiusTimz84: You just want to copy the files?08:05
miyavix3oh really?08:05
Scorp_miyavix3: yepp!! Start with the basics.. The core packages...08:05
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Bodsdamiyavix3, is this a clean install?08:06
timz84i want to have the home folder on a bigger hd so i can fit more files in it08:06
milligan_crontab -e -> add the following: * * * * * /milligan/run.sh -> the script doesn't seem to be executed. Any ideas why ?08:06
miyavix3well, I've been using it and got all comfortable08:06
Bodsdatimz84, you can either resize the partition or tar it and move it08:06
namegameBodsda, miya is trying to recover his/her system08:06
dxdemetriouIs there something I can do like on windows, that first try the password for the current user first, and if it isn't correct it asks?08:06
unopmilligan_, * * * * * is probably too vague -- be a little more specific08:06
Bodsdanamegame, i know, but ive missed the problem (was afk)08:06
unoptimz84, mount the other harddrive somewhere, e.g. /media/drive. then copy the contents of ~ to it.  sudo rsync -av ~/ /media/drive/~ . then delete /home/$USER and mount the partition on /media/$USER (via /etc/fstab)08:07
Bodsdadxdemetriou, elaborate please, whats the problem08:07
Scorp_ Bodsda, miyavix3 deleted a few packages unknowingly... so cant get the the graphical thing anymore...08:07
namegameBodsda, from the description given it seems that miya has uninstalled the X-server08:07
Bodsdaunop, whats rsync  ?08:08
miyavix3I'm gonna go back into that08:08
unoptimz84, actually make that.   sudo rsync -av ~/ /media/drive/08:08
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miyavix3and apt-get ubuntu-desktop08:08
Bodsdanamegame, xserver or ubuntu-desktop ?08:08
unopBodsda, you can ask ubuntu that.   whatis rsync08:08
Bodsdacheers unop08:08
Scorp_miyavix3: yeah... perfect, but only if ur net is working... best of luck !!08:08
milligan_unop, Should 5 stars have the job run every minute? Should I do */1 * * * * instead?08:08
miyavix3It has a wpa08:08
owen1mneptok: lshw: not found08:08
Quiescentbash, screen and sshd are incredibly useful, especially when used in combination with ssh -X08:08
miyavix3should I disable it08:08
unopmilligan_, that's better, yea08:08
FloodBot1miyavix3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:08
Freddstill no audio with flash08:08
natha1can anybody here help with wireless networking? it is possible to have a private conversation?08:08
* bigmack83 has finally made the conversion from vista to windows...08:09
Quiescentthese are things i never thought possible on windows08:09
namegameBodsda, could be one, or both, I'm not sure08:09
Scorp_miyavix3: No, dont disable it... keep it running...!!!08:09
Bodsdaunop, she doesnt no anything about !whatis rsync08:09
timz84k thx08:09
entropiusNatha1: Sure, but you might ought to keep it in public so more people can help08:09
miyavix3o.O not my network, the password. so I don't have to enter anything.08:09
Scorp_! rsync08:09
=== david is now known as Guest6165
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rsync08:09
unopbigmack83, hmm, lotsa people have already done that -- as vista is windows08:09
miyavix3I'll be back, I can tell you that much08:09
entropiusI have a problem with all sounds stuttering badly on my install. It's on the onboard sound of a Nvidia-chipset motherboard. Any ideas where I can look for advice? All the resources I've found deal with having no sound at all.08:09
unopBodsda, at a terminal .. :)08:09
natha1very hard to follow08:09
Bodsdaunop, im not on ubuntu atm im on windows *sigh*08:10
timoguinI need help patching my currently-running RT kernel for driver support.  Should I just patch the linux-headers-rt source?08:10
Scorp_entropius: U could use the same resources to kinda recover ur sound back...08:10
timz84i just apt got xchat, what is this red line?08:10
unopBodsda, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync08:10
dxdemetriouBodsda, when the user login with the AD on Ubuntu is ok with Likewise-open. When user try to connect to it's shared folder from samba it asks for password. Can I make something to use the same password that used on AD to samba too?08:10
natha1unfortunately you are dealing with a first time linux user08:10
unop!info rsync | Bodsda08:10
ubottubodsda: rsync (source: rsync): fast remote file copy program (like rcp). In component main, is standard. Version 2.6.9-6ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 256 kB, installed size 512 kB08:10
Bodsdadxdemetriou, sorry, not sure -- ask channel08:10
Bodsdaunop, i c, does it keep permissions and everything?08:11
bigmack83unop: haha oops. i mean i have made the change from vista to linux08:11
gildanatha1: what exactly is your wireless issue ?08:11
unopBodsda, depends on how it is invoked08:11
timz84wanna hear something funny?08:11
bigmack83well, ubuntu08:11
entropiusBodsda: That information on rsync isn't very informative. What it's good for is synchronizing two directories over a network using as little network traffic as possible. One thing it can do is copy, but it'll do more. And, yes, there's an option for preserving permissions.08:11
timz84i accidentally installed ubuntu over vista08:11
entropiusman rsync will tell you exactly what switches do what08:12
Bodsdawow, cheers entropius -- and thanks unop ;~)08:12
unopthe rsync manpages require a lot of patience and a huge working set memory08:12
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FAJALOUi am trying to get samba to see my windows computer downstairs but every time i want to see it, i have to manually type in smb://
unopBodsda, tho you don't have to use rsync over a network .. it can sync two local directories just fine08:13
vombatthis is a nice place! hi everybody!08:13
FAJALOUis there a way that it will all just show up/08:13
constrictormy shared printer shows up in printer settings when i go to system->administration->printing but it doesn't show up when i try to print from any application any ideas?08:14
ZirodayFAJALOU: if you make a shortcut, then yes08:14
FAJALOUZiroday: i want to be able to see the WHOLE computer; ie not just /users before hardy i could see C$ and D$ when i went to it in samba08:15
FAJALOUbut now i cant08:15
debCarlosZiroday: Shortcut.... mmmm, maybe symlink :)08:15
debCarlos!hello | maddox08:15
ubottumaddox: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:15
dxdemetriouthat's what I'm trying to do, but I can't because it asks for password.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76146408:15
calvini@search toyota way08:15
FAJALOUZiroday:  and it doesn't let me create a link :|08:15
ZirodaydebCarlos: on a windows computer08:16
Quiescentwhy isn't there a fsck.ntfs?08:16
debCarlosZiroday: Oh... ok :)08:16
ZirodayFAJALOU: if you want to do that, then you would have to make your entire computer a samba share08:16
maddoxfirst time I have been on IRC in nearly a decade...this is weird08:16
FlannelQuiescent: Because NTFS support is all done at userlevel with FUSE08:16
ZirodayFAJALOU: which is *highly* not recommended08:17
entropiusmaddox: some things never change :)08:17
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dunasQuestion: Is there some secret to getting ELF files working, such as, say, ADOM?08:17
entropiusIs NTFS write support completely solid these days?08:17
gildamaddox: its like riding a bike youll get back in the swing of things08:17
debCarlosentropius: "some things never change"... from matrix ?08:17
tabberhi, anyone knows how can I use rm to remove files older than 30 mins in a specific dir?08:17
generalsnustrying to use pam_group.so   so users that logs on would be a member of the local groups floppy/audio/fuse/plugdev.   but it dosent seem to work, issuing the cmd "id" with a user only shows he is a member of the group "domain^user" anyone else tried this?08:17
FAJALOUZiroday: regardless; if i go into Windows Network, i should be able to see DOWN, but i can't and i have to manually type in the ip address and then type in the directory i am looking for, how can i change that?08:17
Miyavix3I'm back everyone08:17
Quiescenti have to remind myself to actually use the safe hardware removal crap in windows when i move my hard-drive back and forth between machines08:18
ZirodayFAJALOU: this is not a windows help channel, try #windows08:18
gildaMiyavix3: howd that work for ya08:18
Miyavix3It says "Nope can't do it... pdkg --configure -a"08:18
Miyavix3So I did it08:18
Miyavix3and "Requires a super user"08:18
entropiusQuiescent: Windows doesn't let you remove it half the time, I've found ... in Windows I find myself wishing for DOS umount :P08:18
Miyavix3I have no idea08:18
FloodBot1Miyavix3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:18
maddoxthis time last week, I thought Linux was an unnecessarily complicated OS that served no purpose other than as a way for ubernerds to flaunt their technical superiority08:18
gildaMiyavix3: sudo   !!08:18
dunasIs there some secret to getting ELF files working, such as, say, ADOM? Google was surprisingly difficult.08:18
debCarlosMiyavix3: do a    sudo dpkg --configure -a08:19
FAJALOUZiroday:  this is not a windows problem; i am having problems seeing the windows computer, from a ubunut computer and i used to be able to see it in gutsy no problem but now i cannot.08:19
entropiusmaddox: for some of us it's the only thing that will let us get our work done :)08:19
maddoxyesterday, I formatted my old Windows drive08:19
Miyavix3I hate my life08:19
maddoxthings obviously change ;)08:19
Bodsda!yay | maddox08:19
ubottumaddox: Glad you made it! :-)08:19
Miyavix3It's like a 5 minute boot just to get into here08:19
Miyavix3Is arse considered a swear in here?08:19
gildaMiyavix3: thats when you almost need a spare ;)08:19
Quiescentyou know, here i was thinking about screwing around with DOS, it doesn't seem worth it anymore08:19
Miyavix3Ok well08:20
Miyavix3I'm gonna be back08:20
maddoxthe only two things I needed windows for were Photoshop and Eastside Hockey Manager. gimp seems like a reasonable option for most day-to-day PS needs, and virtualbox runs EHM. so no need for Windows. it feels awesome.08:20
Quiescentit's like a children's game game compared to linux...08:20
unopFAJALOU, setting up name resolution in samba.  http://oreilly.com/catalog/samba/chapter/book/ch07_03.html08:20
owen1mneptok: lshw: not found08:20
maddoxmy mom's windows machine is so overloaded with crap that it takes fifteen minutes to boot. I wanted to install ubuntu on her computer to keep it running fast08:21
maddoxcome to find out, she knows a bunch of Unix commands from twenty years ago08:21
Bodsdamaddox, please dont use this channel for general chat, this is for support, try #ubuntu-offtopic08:22
maddoxoh, ok. bye.08:22
QuiescentWindows is like the playground that just has a swing set and slide. Linux is like the indoor playground at the fast-food restaurant that has all the tubes and steering wheels, clear domes and ball pits08:22
QuiescentIt's so much more fun.08:22
entropiusSo nobody knows anything about causes of sound stuttering?08:23
FAJALOUunop: confused :|08:23
Quiescententropius, I had all sorts of sound problems at first. do a google search for "perfect pulseaudio setup"08:23
Quiescentthat fixed everything for me08:24
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Kartagishow do I create a configure script in a svn version directory?08:25
FAJALOUunop: going to bed night08:26
FlannelKartagis: What do you mean?08:26
Shihanjust out of curiosity... does anyone have a problem with scrolling in ff3?08:26
starenkaanybody can help with proftpd and symlinks?08:26
prince_jammysShihan: i've seen it mentioned08:27
KartagisFlannel: I downloaded svn version of my irc client, it has no configure script. how do i create it?08:27
Shihank... just wanted to make sure it still exists... cause i have it and its more then a little painful08:27
FlannelKartagis: Ah, you should consult the documentation they have for building development versions08:28
pinsi have intel 4965abg and its having a tough time coming online. I followed the !wiki link completely. No dice.08:28
starenka=== can sbdy help w/ proftpd and symlinks? === thanx08:29
Flannel!anyone | starenka08:29
ubottustarenka: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:29
namegamepins, can you pastebin the results of ifconig -a08:29
pins!wifi | pyrex08:29
ubottupyrex: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:29
pinsone sec08:29
gildastarenka: i think ppl r looking for further details on ur issue 1st08:30
blarg_hey audio works fine in gnome but not in kde ., any suggest