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rinovanwhere is ip1880 driver03:18
jwishnie_hello all. Having a problem with keyboard layout settings. When I set them from the mcs-settings panel, they revert to old settings when I logout, and log back in04:00
jwishnie_googling brings up reference to an app called 'xfkc' which is _not_ in Xubuntu (but available in Debian Lenny) that must be called with 'xfkc --apply' at the beginning of a session. Is there an equivalent when using the Keyboard panel via MCS??04:01
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DaveKongwould this be a tutorial someone might want? How to execute any command using shortcut keys? (Short and Simple)07:34
generalsnustrying to use pam_group.so   so users that logs on would be a member of the local groups floppy/audio/fuse/plugdev.   but it dosent seem to work, issuing the cmd "id" with a user only shows he is a member of the group "domain^user" anyone else tried this?08:18
generalsnusretrying :P08:20
generalsnusMy linux users authenticate against AD, and i was trying to use pam_group.so so users that logs on would be a member of the local groups floppy/audio/fuse/plugdev. but it dosent seem to work, issuing the cmd "id" with a user only shows he is a member of the group "domain^user" anyone else tried this?08:20
generalsnushttp://www.mibbit.com/pb/i5BME9    i came over this post and script...  what do you guys think of this? will it bog down my system in any way?09:01
JammetHello there....09:30
JammetI've been using xubuntu for a while now, but I was wondering... is there a way to actually update to more recent versions of specific programs? Without compiling them? I would prefer to keep using the package system for that.09:31
TheSheepJammet: check getdeb.net09:31
TheSheepJammet: some programs will also offer a .deb fle for download form the project's page09:31
JammetIs there a way to perhaps add this as a source in the package manager?09:36
TheSheepJammet: I don't think so09:44
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging11:32
wolsif a single file on the desktop CD is bad, can I still use it? maybe do a minimal install of sorts and get the rest via online repos?12:20
TheSheepif a single file is bad, probably more of them are currupted too12:23
wolsthe cd check only said a single file13:04
wolsbut I downloaded the minimal cd and I'm much happier now. and I'm alrady installin xubuntu-desktop :)13:04
DarkTanwho do i enable a pcmci wireless card on 8.04? it's on an old laptop with no NIC and no internet connection15:17
DarkTanneed help using my pcmcia wireless card in 8.0415:47
Bytor4232I was going to tell him to check in the Ubuntu room.  They might be able to help.16:08
unix_lappyanyone know if it's possible to find the fastest repository via a command line?18:23
MurlisI want to change the decimal separator in Ubuntu, could you please advise me how to do it?18:32
Bytor4232decimal seperator?18:32
Murlisyes, from comma to point18:32
cody-somervilleMurlis, Hi18:33
cody-somervilleApplications > System > Language Support18:33
MurlisIm running Ubuntu 8.04, I dont have such menu18:34
Murliscan I edit some config file?18:34
cody-somervillePlease see #ubuntu for support18:35
Murliscody-somerville: yeah, I tried, they dont know :(18:35
MyrttiMurlis: it's a locale setting18:35
MurlisMyrtti: yeah, I understand but where to change it?18:37
MurlisIm quite expierenced with windows, but Ubuntu is kinda new to me so please be patient with me ;)18:38
MurlisI can change locale (current is latvian) but I want to change that locale settings, including decimal separator18:39
cody-somervilleMurlis, You can do so. It is in the system menu.18:39
Murliscody-somerville: in language support I can change supperted language and default language, nothing more18:42
cody-somervilleMurlis, Change your language? :D18:44
* cody-somerville is unsure.18:44
Murlisi can also change the keyboard layout18:44
Murliscody-somerville: you understood me, :P18:45
MyrttiI guess it's kinda like I've got everything else on my desktop Ubuntu on Finnish locale but the language18:47
Claw6hello i was using compiz on my system but now i want to set to default ... how to do that ?19:40
Claw6when removen compiz the default manager doesnt work any way19:41
cody-somervilleInstead of having it start xfwm4 at login, have it run compiz19:41
Claw6i have a login w8 plz19:42
klabcorpcan someone help me with RAID?19:44
klabcorpi'm doing a fresh install..19:44
klabcorpand i don't see "physical volume for RAID" in the "use as" options19:45
klabcorpall i see is a bunch of regular file systems19:45
klabcorpno option for raid19:45
Claw6cody-somerville, xfwm4 seams not working19:46
Claw6i loged in as xfce session19:46
zoredacheklabcorp: you are using the alternate installer?19:51
klabcorpwhat is the alternate?19:51
zoredachetext based19:51
klabcorpi downloaded teh amd64 version19:51
klabcorpi wasn't aware of the alternate..19:52
klabcorpis that what i need?19:52
Claw6you have a amd64?19:52
Claw6then yes19:52
zoredacheI believe lvm and software raid is only possible from the altnerate installer19:52
Claw6if you dont know i38619:52
zoredachefeel free to come back once you have downloaded that... I have setup software raid using the alt installer lots of times19:53
klabcorpthanks dude19:55
bassboii logout, and back in, and my panels are screwed, my launchers are no longer correct, and my network list on xchat isn't showing..23:26
bassboiwhats going on?!23:26
TheSheepbassboi: out of disk space in your home23:28
sharazjekevening all23:32
sharazjekrunning xubuntu 8.04 on a dell inspiron 220023:33
sharazjekwireless can be enabled/disabled with (Fn+F2)23:34
sharazjekbut theres no way to tell if its on or not (as network manager wont work with bloody broadcom drivers)23:35
sharazjeksooooo, is there an option I can set to ensure that this Fn+F2 switch is on at boot? Its inconsistent, sometimes on at boot, sometimes off23:36
sharazjekand iwconfig or wifi-radar give me an easy way to know23:36

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