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dholbachgood morning05:33
* slangasek waves05:34
dholbachhi slangasek05:35
lifelessdholbach: do you have a script to repeat what you say on every channel ? :)05:35
dholbachno, it's easy enough without a script :)05:36
persiaDepends on the client.  Some clients have <up> bound to the channel.  Paste/enter can help.05:40
stgrabersome clients also have /msay that just sends a message to all channels (irssi doesn't)05:40
dholbachdoes the "report a bug" menu item work for you guys in intrepid?05:46
dholbachok... seems to be generally broken05:47
nxvldholbach: you are early today, good morning05:49
nxvldholbach: mimi needed to wake up earlier?05:50
dholbachnxvl: exactly :)05:50
dholbachnxvl: how are you doing?05:51
nxvlit was a good and quiet weekend05:51
nxvlwaiting for news which i expect to get tomorrow morning or the day after it05:51
nxvli hope05:51
ion_stgraber: Haven't tested, but i assume /fore chan /say foo works.06:05
ion_stgraber: Oh, in fact /fore win foo should work, which i consider almost a bug. IMO the syntax should be /foreach <object> <command> <args> instead of /foreach <object> /<command> <args> where a missing / causes it to send messages.06:10
wolfepersia: you there?08:09
persiawolfe: Typically, although I much prefer content with my alerts.08:10
wolfepersia: oh, sorry :)08:10
* persia waits for content, planning to go back into context soon.08:10
wolfepersia: if someone were using a sensor for detecting when someone was speaking, what type of sensor and where would it be placed?08:11
wolfepersia: I'm starting to get in to anitronics >.>08:11
wolfethough mostly for special costumes =]08:12
persiaI'd probably rely on bone conduction for that, placing a sensor just before the ear or just under the ear.08:12
wolfeI'm thinking about making a kangaroo custome which has a moving jaw and eyes08:13
wolfejust something cute08:13
wolfeI'm probably going to make it somewhat complex if I can... like this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2u7ekG51to08:13
wolfeI wonder how much money they spent for the specified 30 second commercial xD08:14
* persia doesn't have the right combination of software to watch youtube, but suspects "bunches" is roughly correct.08:15
ion_youtube-dl and whatever player you prefer.08:15
wolfeits a korean commerial of this kangaroo who is selling SENS. With moving eyes, jaw, and ears.08:15
persiaion_: Actually, there are a wide variety of combinations that work.  However, having said combinations installed tends to cause me to watch videos, which is not something I tend to find to be the best use of my time :)08:17
zverhello. when somebody fix depends on pgbouncer to postgresql-8.2 in intrepid   ?08:30
persiazver: Specific tasks like that don't tend to be scheduled.  You might open a bug about it, or wait until someone does it.08:33
zverpersia: ok08:34
ArneGoetjeif we do a Fake-Sync, because the same package has been maintained in parallel in debian and ubuntu, do we need to copy the package history of the ubuntu package into the resulting changelog? or is it not necessary?08:45
yao_ziyuani just bought a new Samsung DVD recorder and it can read a data CD well under win xp but not well under ubuntu 8.04 + kde 4.1.08:47
yao_ziyuansomeone told me this could have something to do with the kernel driver08:47
yao_ziyuanso, is it true that new hardware must wait some time for the linux kernel to catch up?08:48
ArneGoetjethe point is: the original tarball comes as .zip and has been repackaged by two different individuals, once for debian and once for ubuntu and has been maintained in parallel since then.08:51
persiaArneGoetje: Generally, a fakesync should only happen in the case where we'd like to do a real sync, but the orig.tar.gz differs.08:53
ArneGoetjepersia: that's the case here08:54
persiaPersonally, I don't tend to keep Ubuntu packaging information when I do a fakesync, and I tend to use a -Nbuild1 version so that it goes away in the future.08:54
dholbachpersia: what happens if Debian uploads a   -<N+1>?08:54
persiadholbach: The sync fails, and it gets dumpted into manual merges on MoM.08:55
persiadholbach: I suppose perhaps using Nubuntu1 means that the flag is raised beforehand, so it's less confusing.08:56
dholbachyeah, I thought so08:56
ArneGoetjepersia: ok, so use ubuntu1 and drop the old ubuntu changelog and use the debian one instead... ?08:58
RAOFThen what happens if debian uploads $VER+1-1?08:58
persiaRAOF: Then one needs to request a sync from the archive admins.08:59
persiaArneGoetje: That sounds right to me.08:59
RAOFFair enough.08:59
ArneGoetjepersia: ok, thanks08:59
persiayao_ziyuan: Sometimes.  It depends on the hardware.  If new hardware is introduced for which there is no support by any existing drivers, someone needs to add it.  As the owner of hardware so affected, you're in an excellent position to do so.09:01
persiaNote that much of the hardware being produced these days adheres to various standards to reduce the driver development effort by the hardware manufacturers, and so is not so affected.09:01
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fabbionehi guys10:06
Simiramorning fabbione10:06
fabbionehey Simira10:06
Simirafabbione: how is your family?10:07
fabbioneSimira: pretty good thanks10:07
fabbioneand you?10:07
Simirafabbione: enjoying life in Cambridge for the weekend10:07
fabbioneSimira: ehhe vacation or work?10:07
Simirafabbione: your kids, they are 2 and 3 years old now?10:07
fabbioneSimira: nah... 2 and 8 months10:08
Simirafabbione: vacation, Debian BBQ + some sightseeing10:08
fabbioneSimira: lucky you ;)10:08
Simirafabbione: sounds lively :)10:08
Simirafabbione: yup, lucky me10:08
fabbioneSimira: they are two little angels with big red horns ;)10:08
SimiraI can imagine10:08
\shhmm...is there any way to download the ubuntu netbook remix somehow? I would like to test it on my aspire10:33
davmor2\sh: there is no current build if that is what you mean.  You can however install it menually.10:35
\shdavmor2: you mean "install ubuntu via usb cd, and install the packages fom the remix ppa"10:35
davmor2\sh: yeap10:36
\shok :) that's easy ,->10:36
davmor2/sh: there should be an image for intrepid at some point as far as I know just not yet :)10:37
\shdavmor2: well, I just want to remove this linpus linux on it...looks quite nice, but it's somehow fedora based...10:38
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bigoncould someone have a look at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/enchant/+bug/261075 ?11:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261075 in enchant ".pc files indirectly adds --export-dynamic to the linker flags" [Undecided,New]11:45
devfil_bigon: in Debian it is fixed, so a merge should be enough11:50
bigondevfil_, it will require a merge as there are ubuntu changes made by slangasek11:51
asacogra: where do i find warren again?11:51
persiabigon: devfil_: Although I don't usually advocate this pre-FeatureFreeze, the option so far unmentioneed is to port the specific patch from Debian without a full merge.11:52
ograasac, #ltsp but he is on boston time ... and usually hangs out here as well11:53
bigonpersia, yeah of course but the last debian upload only fix this issue11:53
ograno idea in what other channels he usually is11:54
asacogra: ok thanks. ill try to remember that for later today ;)11:54
ogratjaalton, what in hal calls debian-setup-keyboard (i want to do something similar for touchscreens so the calibration can sit in a different place)11:57
ogratjaalton, what in hal calls debian-setup-keyboard (i want to do something similar for touchscreens so the calibration can sit in a different place)12:09
ogratjaalton, i have http://paste.ubuntu.com/40402/ but no idea how to call it or from where12:10
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stefanlsdDoes firefox hang  for anyone else when trying to access   www.axxess.co.za  ?12:26
emgentstefanlsd: me too12:27
stefanlsdemgent: thanks. yeah. maybe flash. i've been getting it lots lately.12:27
thorwilstefanlsd: not here. i have flash-block ...12:28
emgenttrue, go via links2 -g12:28
stefanlsdthorwil: mm. good idea. think i'll try that :)12:28
ograasac, does midbrowser use ubufox anywhere ?12:28
emgent100% CPU12:28
asacogra: it doesnt. why?12:29
asacis that wanted?12:29
ograheh, no12:30
ograi'm just cleaning up the current ubuntu.mobile seed (new for intrepid)12:30
ograand was dropping FF in favour of MB12:30
asacogra: is the home applet using xul 1.9 in intrepid?12:31
ograno idea, ask the maintainer .. i dont use it anywhere yet12:31
asacogra-Q1 <- isnt running the home screen?12:32
asacwhat a hoax ;)12:32
ograasac, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/ubuntu-mobile-intrepid.png12:32
ograthats how my ubuntu-mobile on te Q! looks like atm12:32
ograplain gnome, three extra apps12:33
ograand settings12:33
asacogra: nm 0.7?12:33
ograwhatever is in ubuntu-desktop :)12:33
asacogra: tbird is in the seeds?12:34
asacgood news ;)12:34
asacwel ... partially good news.12:34
ograwhy partially ?12:35
asacthe bad is that tbird 3 probably wont be able to use system-xul12:35
asacbecause the whole mailnews mess turns out to be too hard to migrate before 3.112:35
ograwill we switch before release ?12:35
asacogra: unlikely12:35
ograwell, then i'm fine12:36
asaci think in intrepid+1 they will have a release12:36
ograubuntu-mobile is a first shot only now12:36
ografine tweaking will be done in intrepid+1 ... for intrepid having it basically usable and not to ugly is enough12:36
tjaaltonogra: 10-x11-keymap.fdi12:45
tjaaltonogra: so you'd need to match the device and add the callout12:46
* ogra will test that later today12:49
tjaaltonogra: create a new fdi file for evtouch.. that could then be added to the package12:50
dholbachmaybe somebody could give a session at Ubuntu Developer Week about  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/UsingDevelopmentReleases  ?12:54
ogratjaalton, right, but it needs matches for the touchscreen devices as well12:55
tjaaltonogra: yes12:56
ogratjaalton, so it will rather be multiple files ... which i'd still like to see in hal-info to get at least the right drivers (many touchscreens default to "mouse" or "evdev" if hal doesnt know anything about them)12:56
ograwhich simply doesnt work12:56
tjaaltonwhy multiple files?12:56
ograi'd also like to see evtouch in the default selection of input drivers but thats likely something bryce has to decide12:57
ograbecause there are plenty of devices12:57
tjaaltonthey can all be in the same file, see synaptics12:57
ograwith different ways of recognizing them as touchscreens12:57
ograhmm, that would become a complicated file12:57
tjaaltontough :)12:58
ograi'd like to find a way to categorize them and have one file per category12:58
persiatjaalton: There are lots of classes of touchscreens.  Should they really all the the same file?12:58
ograi.e. there are the ones with input.mouse capabilities you can only recognize by other info ... then there are some that register as input.touchpad etc12:59
ograHW wise thats a big mess12:59
persiaI'd think one file per class of touchscreens would make more sense.12:59
tjaaltonone per driver?13:00
ograwell, what i said above applied to evtouch alone13:02
tjaaltonright :)13:02
ograthere are other touchscreens with other drivers (serial ones etc)13:02
tjaaltonand wacom13:02
persiatjaalton: But even in the evtouch case, there are some that identify themselves as touchscreems, and some that identify themselves as mice.  Can these not also be separate files?13:03
tjaaltonpersia: yes they could, but I still don't see why keep them separate13:04
Hobbseelifeless: use /ame13:05
Hobbseelifeless: it seems to be the standard13:05
lifelessHobbsee: ?!13:05
tjaaltonpersia: not that it would be a huge issue to me.. the fdi files will eventually be upstream (like synaptics has)13:05
Hobbseelifeless: earlier you asked about a script to broadcast the same thing on multiple channels :)13:06
lifelessHobbsee: no13:06
Hobbseewell, commented on it13:06
lifelessyou misread the intent of my question :)13:07
Hobbseeor reinterpretted it.  but yes :)13:07
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Adri2000amsn srus for dapper and gutsy are tested and can be copied to -updates now, bug #24372214:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243722 in amsn "amsn 0.97: login doesn't work anymore due to a protocol change" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24372214:01
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huatsI am not very familiar with python-support, so if someone is, I'd like to ask a few questions14:36
persiahuats: You may find #ubuntu-motu to be a more useful forum for that sort of question.14:37
huatsthanks persia14:37
sorenWhen does slangasek usually show up?14:44
pwnguinas soon as the germans leave ;)14:47
cody-somervillesoren, thats a difficult one to answer... usually he just doesn't leave at all :P14:48
pwnguinthose IRC stat generators could probably answer such a question14:48
persiasoren: He's UTC-7, so probably not for a few hours yet.14:48
sorenpersia: Cool. Thanks.14:49
persiapwnguin: Those aren't necessarily accurate.  For quite a while I had about even stats in all timezones in one channel.14:49
zulsoren: soon probably :)14:50
asacgeser: are you openvpn master? look at bug 26029114:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260291 in openvpn "Network Manager 0.7, openvpn, VPN Connection Failed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26029114:52
asacappars to have regressed with one of the last openvpn uploads14:53
zulasac: what happened?15:02
zulasac: : ping *sigh* itll be fixed today15:11
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geserasac: sorry no, I'm not a openvpn master15:16
asaczul: ?15:31
asacgeser: ok thanks. just found your name in the changelog there ;)15:31
zulasac: openvpn15:31
asaczul: oh. you know that bug?15:31
zulasac: yeah its in the NEWS file15:32
zulim modifying the init script so its backwards compatible15:32
asaczul: rock. can you close that bug in the upload?15:33
zulasac: yep15:33
asacill close the network-manager-openvpn task as invalid then15:33
zulasac: fix has been uploaded15:44
LaserJockdholbach: I'll have a look at the matplotlib merge (I've been communicating with upstream on it)16:06
dholbachLaserJock: excellent16:07
LaserJockBitte schön16:08
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slangaseksoren: much later than 6:45 :-)17:06
sorenslangasek: Slacker.17:10
bazaarhi. why does gettext output a standard char * pointer, and not wchar_t * -- shouldn't the output be wide characters as it some unicode/utf stuff?17:44
slangasekno, char * is the standard type for strings in Unix17:47
slangasekand UTF-8 is not a wchar representation17:47
ion_Yeah, UTF-8 is an 8-bit encoding.17:54
bazaarso do chinese characters fit in a char * ?17:55
bazaar'how do ...17:55
persiabazaar: A sequence of bytes, with the most significant bits being a flag for the renderers.  Documentation on the UTF-8 encoding may be helpful.17:58
sorenErr.... Can someone explain what I need to do to bug 251480 to get it listed on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kvm?18:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 251480 in kvm "X hangs in Intrepid in KVM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25148018:02
Laneysoren: It probably doesn't show as it's Fix Released18:07
sorenLaney: Except the hardy task, which is "confirmed".18:07
Laneysoren: Yes, but the +source/kvm page only shows Ubuntu tasks, AFAICS18:08
Laneysoren: It does show at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kvm18:08
sorenWell, i guess I can add an intrepid task, set that to fix released, and set the "general" state to "Confirmed".18:09
LaserJockthe plain bugs listing doesn't show release targeted bugs, you have to go to the release specific bug listing18:09
sorenmkay, even.18:10
sorenYeah, that didn't help. :(18:10
LaserJocksoren: now you're makin' a mess :-)18:14
sorenYeah :(18:15
* soren goes and stands in the corner18:15
slangasekbugs that are fixed in the latest dev release are not expected to show up under ubuntu/+source/18:15
slangasekonly under ubuntu/$targeted_release/+source18:16
sorenThat seems suboptimal. It'll usually be fixed in the latest dev release first. I don't want it off my radar until it's fixed everywhere, I think.18:17
LaserJockalthough I would think one would assume that the ubuntu/+source list would give all open bugs and that you'd use ubuntu/<devel release>/+source if you wanted to weed out others18:18
geserit's known as bug 12160218:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 121602 in malone "Bugs open for earlier series are hard to find once closed for later series" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12160218:19
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sorengeser: Thanks.18:35
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keesslangasek: okay for me to move from md5 to sha512 in pam?19:22
tseliotsuperm1: did you have a look at the code I wrote for you?19:53
superm1tseliot, yeah it looked good.  it is going to be in the next -common upload19:54
tseliotsuperm1: great :-)19:54
slangasekkees: well, no objections on my side :)19:55
brycetseliot, superm1: I spoke with ATI about the fglrx/xserver 1.5 issue.20:02
bryceso they're aware of it and are also anxious to find a solution.  I presented several options and am waiting to hear back.20:03
superm1bryce, what options did you present to them?20:03
superm1of course the most ideal is that they just get support for xorg 1.5 :)20:04
brycea) revert the change that removed the symbols (which sounds like a gordian knot)20:04
tseliotbryce: shall we try to reintroduce the AllocatePrivateIndex or whatever it's called in the xserver?20:04
bryceb) put in a stub version of the symbol (which we'd need their assistance with)20:04
brycec) a hotfix version from them that doesn't use the symbol20:04
superm1yeah, i don't think (a) is a feasible solution at this point20:05
superm1especially with how big of a change that is20:05
jcristaub doesn't sound like a feasible solution to me20:05
bryced) SRU the version with 1.5 support post-release20:05
brycejcristau: yeah I indicated (c) would be the best option.  I don't know what miZeroLineScreenIndex does exactly but assume a stubbed function would cause breakage elsewhere.20:08
jcristaubryce: that symbol is just the tip of the iceberg20:08
jcristaubryce: there are multiple abi and api changes between 1.4 and 1.520:08
bryce(d) I think is a bad option because all fglrx users would break on upgrade.20:09
superm1not to mention that we don't have all the other integration pieces (eg jockey) fully tested with the new way of doing things20:09
bryceone option I didn't present but that I guess also belongs on the list is e) reverting to xserver 1.420:10
jcristaubryce: at least the xace-selinux work, and pci-rework20:10
matericHi i need a help for running a just compiled code. can i address the question?20:11
tseliotbryce: miZeroLineScreenIndex is not the only problem. I have tried to fix that and I got an error about AllocateScreenPrivateIndex. AFAIK miAllocateGCPrivateIndex is used in X now.20:11
brycemateric: wrong channel -> you want #ubuntu20:11
tjaaltonbryce: you forgot to add a smiley ;)20:11
brycemorning tjaalton20:12
tjaaltonhi all20:12
brycefwiw Intel also wishes us to revert back to 1.4, but I think the issue they are seeing is just a normal bug we can probably solve in the next 1-2 months20:12
jcristautseliot: right, the devprivates rework is a major api/abi change20:12
bryceanother option I did not mention is to just drop -fglrx as a supported driver20:13
tseliotbryce: that would certainly solve our problem ;)20:13
bryceanyway, if anyone else has more ideas on options I'm all ears, that seems to be the scope though.20:13
superm1would reverting back to 1.4 mean that newer drivers have to be reverted too?20:13
tjaaltonbryce: intel? what bug exactly?20:13
brycesuperm1: I'd assume we'd have a big mess on our hands20:13
jcristauall that because ati can't get their act together?20:14
brycetjaalton: unfortunately they filed it private and didn't subscribe me, so I only have a vague description to go by20:14
ramses-svrun active_notice20:14
tjaaltonbryce: ok20:14
brycetjaalton: it's with a newer / unreleased chipset so I suspect it's just a normal hw support issue, nothing earth shattering20:14
tjaaltonbryce: ok, at least our current driver doesn't support Xv for G45, since one of the patches disable textured video20:15
tjaaltonand the chip doesn't support anything else20:16
tjaaltonalso, we have 2.4.0 while there is 2.4.1 ready to be merged20:18
* bryce nods20:18
brycehey, any idea of when xserver 1.5 will be released?20:18
tjaaltonwhen mesa 7.1 is released20:18
tjaaltonat least GEM is dropped from it so there's no need for a new libdrm as well20:19
jcristaumesa 7.1 should come this week, according to brian20:19
tjaaltonso it seems20:20
tseliotbryce: in any case I think we should prevent dist-upgrades from crashing X because of the 2 NVIDIA legacy drivers and of the ATI driver.20:20
elmobryce: do you know why we still ship i855-crt in main?20:20
tjaaltontseliot: that's doable by "blacklisting" those drivers, and let them use nv/ati instead20:20
tjaaltonafter upgrade20:21
tseliottjaalton: ok but if a driver is set in the xorg.conf you can blacklist the kernel module20:21
bryceelmo: no, I'm not familiar with that package, why do you ask?20:22
tseliottjaalton: but that wouldn't prevent X from crashing would it?20:22
tjaaltontseliot: no, but a forced dexconf run would20:23
elmobryce: I filed a bug on it, years ago, saying "we should either demote/remove this package, or actually apply the patches people send for it", and people keep pinging me about the bug20:23
elmoI'm pretty sure it's entirely obsoleted by xrandr20:23
elmobut I'm also guessing ;-)20:24
bryceelmo: could be20:24
tjaaltonshocking, it is still in main20:24
bryceelmo: I don't recognize it as a package on the ubuntu-x package list; maybe it's just cruft?20:24
verwilsthm, i just made a deb but it installs stuff in /usr/usr/lib/...20:24
elmobryce: I think it is, yeah.  if you guys don't want it, no one else will :)20:24
tjaaltonbryce: should be removed. no code changes since 01 Sep 2004 :)20:25
tseliottjaalton: ok, so we would have to detect the card and see if it's not supported by a driver which works with X and force a dexconf if required, since we don't want to break nvidia-glx-177 and 17320:25
superm1tjaalton, tseliot alternatively just not offer dist-upgrades if any of those packages that will cause breakage are present, at least until sorted out20:25
bryceyeah, poking through it, it looks like a ubuntu-only package that has become direly obsolete.  I'll file a removal request20:26
bryceelmo: thanks20:26
elmobryce: np, thank you :)20:27
tseliotsuperm1: yes, that's an option, unless you're doing the dist-upgrade from the command line20:27
tjaaltoncmdline is hard.. those people will notice when/why X doesn't work ;)20:28
tseliotsuperm1, tjaalton: maybe we could reuse nvidia-common for such hardware check20:28
bryceis there any reason we should keep i855-crt in universe, versus removing it entirely?20:28
brycesince we're not even shipping -i810 anymore I'm guessing it'd be useless in universe anyway20:29
tseliottjaalton: very often do they use the command line and do things they shouldn't20:29
tjaaltonbryce: no, ditch it. no changes upstream since May 200420:30
* tseliot > bbl20:30
bryceok, lp #26125920:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261259 in i855-crt "Please remove i855-crt from the archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26125920:34
brycehm, wonder if there's any other ancient X cruft that escaped our cleanup20:36
tjaaltonmaybe if there's a list of packages that are only in ubuntu. should be pretty easy to check20:37
bryceyeah was just trolling around for that.  anyone know if there is such a list?20:38
keesslangasek: if I change common-password, what do I need to do to the .md5sums file?20:47
LaserJockbryce: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/all.html#notinA20:48
bryceLaserJock: aha thanks20:51
brycelotta kde stuff there...20:54
ograwe're ahead wrt KDE20:57
bryce"p0rn-comfort" ??20:57
Riddelldebian isn't changing to KDE 4 until after their next release20:58
Riddelland today I discovered Mithrandir and a large proportion of Debian punting along the river Cam which is no way to get a release out of time :)21:00
bryceok, I didn't spot any additional X cruft in that list.  At least, nothing we don't already know about21:02
keesbryce: ... hunh.  that appears to either predate the original-maintainer stuff (and hasn't been updated since original upload) or has been long-since removed from Debian.21:03
slangasekkees: nothing at all \o/21:05
keesslangasek: I like the sound of that.  :)21:05
keesslangasek: should I renumber the current pam bzr to ubuntu5 (instead of 4.1) add my md5->sha512 change and upload the results, or is that change not something you want in intrepid?21:12
slangasekkees: er, yes, renumber to ubuntu5, sorry; as for uploading, I have more changes pending today21:13
slangasekkees: but I don't know of any reason we can't switch from md5 to sha512 for intrepid21:13
slangasekI'm relying on your judgement that this is better for security :)21:14
keesI'm just trying to think ahead for the next LTS.21:15
keesslangasek: I've committed my changes to bzr so you can roll them into your pending changes for the next upload.21:16
slangasekkees: oh, I guess I read what I wanted to above rather than what you said; yeah, we need to do something wrt the change to the common-password template, but the code's not there yet to do this, so you needn't worry about it anyway :)21:18
slangasekthat'll push back the upload a bit, though; need to have that sorted before we go changing the template further21:19
keesslangasek: okay -- I have yet to really understand the per-package profile stuff you've made.  I've only poked around the edges so far.21:20
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mathiazslangasek: kees has run into an issue when installing slapd in non-interactive mode and a debconf level of critical - the admin password for cn=config is not generated22:19
mathiazslangasek: kees suggested to use a random password for cn=config if debconf is unable to prompt for the password22:20
slangasekmathiaz: er, and then how will the user find out that password, or be able to change it?22:20
mathiazslangasek: well - the other option is to not put a password22:20
keesslangasek: if the admin is crazy enough to have their debconf set that high, shouldn't it be their problem?  :)22:21
slangasekwhy is either of these options better than failing when using the noninteractive frontend? :)22:21
keesslangasek: because i can't automatically install slapd for testing in intrepid now.22:21
slangasekkees: preseeding?22:21
keesslangasek: I shouldn't have to know that in advance to have an installable package.22:22
slangasekI think leaving the system with no way to administer the config is some pretty bad foot-shooting22:22
slangasekyou don't have to know that in advance unless you insist on using the non-interactive frontend22:22
keesI'm using the non-interactive frontend.  ;)22:22
keesthere should be a viable default.22:22
slangasekthere *isn't* a viable default22:23
* kees holds his face22:23
slangasekthe default you're proposing leaves the user without a viable server, because it can't be administered22:23
keesokay, so, prior to slapd installs, I just need to run "echo set slapd/internal/adminpw asdfasdf | debconf-communicate" ?22:24
mathiazkees: well - you have to compute a proper string for slapd/internal/adminpw22:24
slangasekmathiaz: he should be able to set the cleartext question, instead?22:25
slangasek(which is the one I meant to say 'yes' to)22:25
mathiazslangasek: yes -22:25
mathiazkees: you can set the cleartext password with slapd/cfgpassword1 and slapd/cfgpassword222:26
mathiazkees: ^^ these are the ones for the cn=config password22:26
keesmathiaz: okay, well, I guess my main issue is I want to get the test-openldap.py regression test to pass again.  :)22:26
mathiazkees: ok - so you'd probably have to add support for slapd.d/22:27
mathiazkees: slapd.conf is no longer the default in intrepid22:27
slangasekwell, slapd can be /made/ to run with slapd.conf, you just don't get any of the package management support then22:28
keeshrm, okay, well, I guess I will leave this alone for a bit -- I need to study a lot of openldap before I can dig in.  perhaps jdstrand will have some time to poke at it (he wrote the tests originally)22:29
mathiazslangasek: on a related note, I've managed to build the nss overlay22:29
mathiazslangasek: so I'm planning to ship the nss overlay in the slapd package directly22:29
slangaseksounds reasonable22:30
jdstrandI'd argue that people updating the package should be using the regression tests ;)22:30
keesjdstrand: I agree.  ;)22:30
slangasekthen you'd better put them in the package instead of in an external repo... :)22:30
keesslangasek: it can't sanely run from a build-test22:31
slangasekhmm, why not?22:31
jdstrandslangasek: not really an option for these tests22:31
jdstrandgenerally, the qa-regression-testing scripts need external tools, install things in the default locations, etc22:31
keesslangasek: it requires many additional packages, and performs a full (destructive) test of many many ldap functions.22:31
slangasekadditional packages --> Build-Depends22:32
jdstrandslangasek: they are not just tests for binaries, bbut entire package tests22:32
slangasektesting ldap functions -- upstream already has a test suite that does quite a bit of LDAP destruction :)22:32
slangasekbut ok, if you want a full-package test, that doesn't help22:32
jdstrandslangasek: we change backends, sasl, and loads of other stuff22:33
jdstrandeven added some kerberos stuff22:33
slangasekwell, all that should be testable in a build tree22:33
slangasekhmm, maybe not kerberos :)22:33
slangasekbut backend testing is already in the upstream testsuite22:34
jdstrandslangasek: perhaps, but I don't think the security team (who has been doing most of the work on these) has the resources to update the packages-- not to mention, adding the tests to intrepid's build doesn't help when we want to test on dapper22:34
* slangasek nods22:35
keeswell, basic stuff seems to work, so I've uploaded a new openldap with PIE enabled...22:36
jdstrandkees: what doesn't work anymore?22:37
YokoZarHmm, I'm getting hangs at login now but it's NOT the snd_pcsp issue...something else22:37
keesjdstrand: test-openldap.py on intrepid22:37
jdstrandkees: right, I meant what tests fail?22:37
keesjdstrand: yes.  ;)22:37
jdstrandoh-- all of them22:37
keesjdstrand: it can't even figure out where the daemons are.22:37
keesjdstrand: so I've relegated this to the "post-freeze bug fixing" part of my TODO list22:38
jdstrandI can say it was working the last time I touched it :)22:38
jdstrandbut that was before all the cnconfig work22:38
keesright, that seems to be the "problem".22:38
jdstrandkees: oh, well yes-- if we are pure cnconfig, then all our on-the-fly slapd.conf will have to be migrated22:39
jdstrand(and I haven't done that either)22:39
* kees nods22:39
* jdstrand is finally up to speed22:39
dupondjemysql got broken in AMD6422:40
mathiazdupondje: which bug are you refering to ?22:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261066 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysql-server  5.0.67-0ubuntu1 not starts" [Undecided,Invalid]22:43
dupondjeok got it fixxed22:48
dupondjemysq-common 5.0.67 gets installed on AMD64 pc22:49
dupondjebut the mysql-server & mysql-client are still old versions (because build failed ...)22:49
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keesinfinity: is this a result of the sbuild patch you made?23:05
keeslinux-kernel-headers: installed (negative dependency) (bad version ~*=PROVIDED=*= <= 2.5.999-test7-bk-17)23:05
kees(while compiling dovecot)23:06
keesinfinity: hrm, I guess not.23:14
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