wgrantWhich is still a problem.00:00
ScottK-laptopThat's clearly a use restriction.00:00
nxvlneed to run00:00
ArcScottK-laptop: that is akin to saying that the GPL restricts distribution00:00
wgrantIt does!00:00
Arcthen the GPL shouldn't comply with the DFSG00:01
* cody-somerville doesn't think we need to be having a "yes, it does" "no, it doesn't" pissing match in -motu.00:01
ScottK-laptopuse restriction != distribution restriction.00:01
Arccody-somerville: I agree.00:01
ScottK-laptopcody-somerville: There is no #ubuntu-legal, so where then?00:01
ScottK-laptopGotta run.00:01
ArcScottK-laptop: Ubuntu has a technical council for this reason.00:01
wgrantThere's little point invoking the TB without having a discussion first.00:03
ArcI guess I've gotten as much about MOTU's processes that I'm going to00:07
Arcthanks for the link guys00:07
mok0REVU seems not to consider reviews by contributors, packages are still in "new", not in "needs work"00:13
RainCTmok0: yep, that's a feature00:14
mok0RainCT: why?00:14
mok0RainCT: seems like a misfeature to me :-)00:15
mok0So we should go through and post a comment so they move to the needs-work category?00:16
RainCTmok0: rationale: contributors may be wrong, and having their comments move the package down to "needs work" may a) discourage them from commenting if they are not sure and b) annoy the uploader if someone posts a wrong comment (point c) would be that evil guys could move all uploads down, but I think/hope this wouldn't happen anyway :))00:18
RainCTmok0: the real reason though is that it isn't possible with the current design (as it's either advocate or move down)00:18
RainCTmok0: I'm not sure if the rationale is really good and there are plans to change the design so that MOTUs can post non-advocating positive comments so you even have a chance to get this changed :)00:20
mok0RainCT: It just seems there are a whole bunch of packages that actually need work, and contributors comments seem pretty sensible.00:22
mok0RainCT: I think uploaders may not have discovered that there is work to do00:23
mok0RainCT: In any case, there is an incredible amount of packages in REVU. Seems there has not been much turnaround in REVU this cycle.00:23
RainCTmok0: feel free to raise this on ubuntu-motu@ / create a blueprint for it on launchpad.net/revu / whatever00:24
RainCT(^ means the "packages don't get down to 'needs work'" point)00:24
mok0RainCT: Probably should be discussed at a MOTU meet00:24
mok0RainCT: I feel there may be quite differing opinions on this00:25
RainCTmok0: about uploaders not noticing the changes, that's being worked one (there's the atom feed now and e-mail subscriptions mail follow somewhen soon)00:25
mok0RainCT: I've posted a few "please address comments above" comments which move them to the needs-work section --- hopefully uploaders will discover that00:26
RainCTmok0: and on your last point, there were no REVU days this cycle :)00:26
mok0RainCT: yeah I noticed... any particular reason?00:26
RainCTmok0: The current REVU Coordinator hasn't much time and there were no volunteers to help him00:27
RainCTwell, actually persia said there was a non-MOTU one00:28
mok0RainCT: What a shame. It is quite discouraging to the uploaders00:28
* cody-somerville whats the question?00:28
RainCTmok0: indeed00:29
mok0cody-somerville: we're talking about REVU00:29
* cody-somerville nods. 00:29
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mok0RainCT: have a minute?00:45
mok0RainCT: never mind00:46
RainCTmok0: yes?00:47
* RainCT is about to leave, so if you want something say it fast ;P00:48
ssaboum_'night everyone00:55
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tgm4883_laptopwhen packaging something for REVU, is it possible to get it through with a lintian warning of W: mythnettv source: patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff bin/mythnettv01:51
tgm4883_laptopthe mentioned file isn't part of the orig.tar.gz, it was added by me01:51
azeemtgm4883_laptop: why not use the patch system?01:51
tgm4883_laptopazeem, I have the same errors for setup.py and the man pages I created01:52
tgm4883_laptopIf the patch system is the correct way to do it, then i'll do it that way, just seems wrong though01:52
azeemtgm4883_laptop: ok, do you know what a patch system is?01:52
azeemwhy wrong?01:52
tgm4883_laptopazeem, yea I'm using it for other things01:52
tgm4883_laptopazeem, seems wrong because I thought you only use a patch system when you want to fix a file from the orig.tar.gz01:53
tgm4883_laptopnot when adding files necessary for packaging01:53
azeemin general, the .diff.gz should only have files under debian/ when you use a patch system01:53
azeemif you have to add files to the source tree, those should either be shipped under debian/ (if somewhat ubuntu-specific), or as a patch in the patch system when upstream specific01:54
tgm4883_laptopazeem, what about setup.py?  I believe that has to be in the root dir doesn't it?01:55
tgm4883_laptopso I would need to make that a patch?01:55
azeemlooks like it's supposed to be in upstream in the first place, no?01:55
tgm4883_laptopI guess.  I'm not that familiar with python packages, but my understanding would be that all python packages need that in the root?01:56
tgm4883_laptopand that isn't debian specific correct?01:56
azeemit's certainly not debian specific, right01:57
azeemand it's the usual way to package upstream python stuff01:57
azeembut still, other ways to distribute python stuff upstream can be thought off01:57
tgm4883_laptopwell the way it is released is a tarball that when extracted you can run from the directory it's in01:58
tgm4883_laptopnot really an installation01:58
azeemso adding setup.py is improving on upstream01:58
tgm4883_laptopthats what i'm a fixing01:58
azeemso, if there's a patch system already, it's reasonable to add setup.py as a patch01:58
tgm4883_laptopwell I added the patch system, but as long as adding setup.py as a patch seems reasonable then i'll do it01:59
tgm4883_laptopI was just confused a little on what should and should not be a patch01:59
RAOFAny change outside debian/, when you're using a patch system :).02:00
RAOFSo that you can send a patch upstream.  It doesn't really matter that you're adding a whole file; upstream is likely to want to see that change as a patch anyway.02:01
tgm4883_laptopRAOF, ok will do.02:01
tgm4883_laptopOne more question, slightly related02:01
tgm4883_laptopthis program is a command line program.  I'm adding a gui to it.  Would it be better to have the gui as a separate package?02:02
azeemdepends on how involved "adding a gui to it" is, I guess02:02
RAOFAre you adding this GUI as an Ubuntu patch?02:02
tgm4883_laptopi've let upsteam know about the gui, and they are interested in it.  But i'm not sure that they will want to bundle the two together02:03
tgm4883_laptopRAOF, at the moment, it's a separate app02:03
tgm4883_laptopI guess the real question is02:03
RAOFWith a separate source tree?02:03
azeemthat sounds like something you should figure out upstream02:03
tgm4883_laptopif they do decide to bundle them together for future releases, how hard is it to kill the -gui package in the repos?02:03
tgm4883_laptopthe -gui app lifts out of the command line app really easy02:04
RAOFSplitting a source package is a tradeoff between annoying the archive admins and annoying the users ;)02:04
tgm4883_laptopit just parses output from the command line app02:04
tgm4883_laptopcurrently it's a separate branch and everything02:04
RAOFThat sounds like it wants to be an entirely separate source package, really.02:05
tgm4883_laptopIMO, they should be offered seperatly to offer less bloat.02:06
tgm4883_laptopalthough we're not talking very big packages02:06
tgm4883_laptopazeem, RAOF thanks for the clarifications on those issues02:07
tgm4883_laptopRAOF, azeem, I just ran into a small problem on the patch that we were just talking about regarding setup.py02:11
tgm4883_laptopIn order to build, i have to apply the patch.  But if the patch is applied, I get the lintian warning when building02:12
tgm4883_laptopso i'm not really sure what to do with this catch 2202:12
RAOFtgm4883_laptop: You need to remove the file in clean:, then.  Because patches won't remove files, IIUC.02:13
tgm4883_laptopthere is no clean using cdbs?02:16
tgm4883_laptopi'm probably confused here02:16
RAOFOf course there is; it's just implemented by cdbs.02:16
RAOFYou can write a clean:: target, though.02:16
RAOFThe double-: means "Append this on the end of the existing clean: target"02:16
tgm4883_laptopah, and that goes in rules02:17
* tgm4883_laptop is slowly getting all this packaging down02:17
tgm4883_laptopthanks RAOF, i'll look into doing that02:18
azeemtgm4883_laptop: just remove it locally02:19
azeemand let the patch system handle it02:19
RAOFazeem: Will unpatch: remove the file?02:20
tgm4883_laptopazeem, I can't remove it locally, otherwise I get an error about setup.py not being there02:20
NCommanderScottK, what exactly to backport testers do?03:07
wgrantsoren: Ooh, you evil triblodyte bricordion nickerbook, you.03:09
ajmitchwhat has soren done this time?03:10
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dholbachgood morning05:33
ScottKNCommander: Look at the bugs in the various backports projects and then build and test that them.  For backports, the standard is builds, intalls, and runs.05:38
NCommanderThat's easy enough ;-)05:38
ScottKNCommander: Then you mark the bug confirmed and an ubuntu-backporter will review it for approval.05:38
ScottKThe trick is that if any modifications to the package are needed, then you need to have a core-dev do the upload, even for a universe package.05:39
NCommanderWhy's that05:40
ScottKBecause source backports are discouraged.  The archive admins have a script they use for semi-automated backporting.05:40
NCommanderoh I see05:40
ScottKI think they want to keep potentially disruptive backports to a minimum.05:41
ScottKDecision was made before my time, but at least there's finally one core-dev with some interest in backports.05:41
NCommanderThat would be you, right?05:42
NCommanderwhat's your usual workflow for handling testing? (I think you told me once you run intrepid or hardy, so I assume you have chroot fun)05:43
StevenKsteven@liquified:~% schroot -l -a | wc -l05:43
* StevenK should clean some of them up05:44
ScottK-laptopNCommander: For backports I generally just test the ones I could run.  That means Dapper or Hardy.05:44
NCommanderThat means downgrading for me, unless I want to run in a VM05:45
ScottK-laptopFor other releases I do installability testing and such in a chroot.05:45
NCommander(I could use a chroot, but that isn't perfect)05:45
StevenKThere is also a limit of what you can test in a chroot.05:45
persiaStevenK: How much cleanup is possible?  I have 19 and that's only for the current and development releases.05:45
ScottK-laptopThat and generally I've got decent judgement about who to believe when it comes to backports test report.05:46
NCommanderAny objections if I go close all the hoary bugs ;-)05:46
NCommanderThey seem a little out of date05:46
ScottK-laptopI did manage to break a bunch of people with a bad Flash backport a month or two ago.05:46
nxvlNCommander: ubuntu-vm-builder is your friend05:46
StevenKpersia: There is 3 that need to be cleaned, and gutsy* is still in that list.05:46
nxvlNCommander: yep05:46
nxvlNCommander: it create an ubuntu VM with just one command05:47
nxvlno isos needed05:47
nxvlor configuration05:47
NCommanderLVM, or what?05:47
nxvli use kvm05:47
NCommanderScottK-laptop, I remember that, I thought that was an SRU, not a backport05:47
nxvlbut it supports qemu, vmware and some other05:47
nxvli think05:47
NCommanderhow hard is it to get going with kvm?05:47
* nxvl checks05:47
NCommander(I've never used it before)05:47
nxvlnot at all05:47
nxvlyou just need the hardware05:47
NCommanderIf you mean VTx05:47
NCommanderI got it05:47
NCommanderJust need to enable the chip05:48
nxvlthen you can tun ubuntu-vm-builder and it even creates a sh script to run the vm05:48
NCommander(Sony's BIOS updates like to disable it every update)05:48
ScottK-laptopNCommander: Nope.  That was a backport.  Lots of people run with backports on.05:48
ScottK-laptopIt's kind of scary given how lightly they are tested.05:48
NCommanderOh fun.05:48
nxvlNCommander: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kvm05:48
StevenKNCommander: That's what you get for buying a Sony.05:48
NCommander(you didn't answer if I could kill the horay backport bugs)05:48
RAOFNCommander: kvm is really easy as long as you're supported.05:48
NCommanderYeah well, the laptop was 600 dollars off05:48
ScottK-laptopNCommander: Sure.05:48
RAOFYou may be interested in virt-manager, too.  I rather like it.05:48
StevenKNCommander: My first laptop was a Sony. Never, ever again.05:49
NCommanderMy previous laptop was a macbook pro05:49
NCommanderNever, ever again05:49
NCommanderThis sony been a massive improvement05:49
* StevenK hugs his X4005:49
NCommanderI almost went with an Ubuntu Dell, but they were backordered for four weeks05:49
* ScottK-laptop has a very nice Dell that couldn't be gotten with Ubuntu (not that I'd want it), but worked out of the box with no issues.05:50
NCommanderEverything works out of the box on my sony05:50
NCommanderSo I'm not complaining05:50
ScottK-laptopRight, except the stuff that doesn't.05:50
* StevenK sighs at his sisters laptop05:51
StevenKWhat were Compaq thinking, selling a laptop with XP with 224MB of RAM. It's ... dumb05:51
NCommanderThat's even low for xubuntu05:51
RAOFThat's under Evolution's resident size, here :)05:52
persiaIt's 2% cheaper, and there's a chart somewhere that shows that sales go up when prices go down.05:52
ScottK-laptopI've got an ancient Dell with 256MB of RAM that runs Hardy Kubuntu OK as long as you only do one thing at a time.05:52
NCommanderDeath has come to the horay Ubuntu bugs :-)05:53
StevenKThis is my sister, I think she wants MSN, Microsoft Word and 17 IE windows open all at once05:53
* nxvl wants a X6105:54
nxvlbut still love my T6105:54
NCommanderhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubp-hoary - Bugs be dead05:54
StevenKI didn't see anything compelling about the X6* over my X405:55
StevenKEr, X4005:55
ScottK-laptopUnfortunately (if you care about such things) it doesn't help Ubuntu bug counts any.05:55
NCommanderedgy is dead also, right?05:56
persiaNCommander: Indeed.05:56
NCommander(I just want to clean up this bug tracker given the chance)05:56
nxvlwith motu membership i get ubuntu-bug-control one too, don't i?05:56
* ScottK-laptop hands NCommander a flamethrower.05:56
persianxvl: Yes.05:56
ScottK-laptopnxvl: yes.05:56
NCommanderI got bug-control without motu05:56
NCommanderBy having packages in Debian05:56
nxvlthen i don't need to worry for my ubuntu-bug-control membership which is about to expire05:57
NCommander(I was told that I was the first to ever use that method to get bug-control group membership O_O!)05:57
ScottK-laptopnxvl: Nope.05:57
persiaYou can get bugcontrol for having packages in Debian?  That's interesting, but I suppose it's non-trivial to Maintain a package in Debian.05:58
NCommanderThey were kinda confused when I pointed to the wiki page about it05:58
NCommanderIt seems since bug control was established, no one ever used that05:58
persiaDo they still enforce the signing of the CoC?  I know a couple people with CoC reservations who are active in Debian, actually maintain their packages for Ubuntu, and might find it helpful.05:58
NCommanderOh yeah05:59
NCommanderYOu do05:59
NCommanderYour only waived from the five ubuntu bug requirement with it05:59
persiaOK.  That was never the problem for the specific people I'm thinking about :)05:59
persia(five bugs is *easy*)05:59
NCommanderOf course06:00
NCommanderI think your also waived something else06:00
NCommanderThe test the bugcontrol guy gives you on prioritys/statusus06:00
NCommanderLP seriously needs a mass bug killer06:01
NCommanderOr a bug shotgun06:01
persiaVery much no, just more people fixing the bugs.06:02
NCommanderI don't think keeping bugs open on backports that have left support is useful ;-)06:02
NCommanderI guess thats a specialized case06:02
persiaRight, but that doesn't need a mass bug killer.  Closing them all is a single email after a few minutes of looking them over.06:03
NCommanderYou can close bugs via email?06:03
NCommander(like in Debian?)06:03
persiaYes, you can do almost anything with bugs via email.  You have to sign the mail to authenticate.06:03
NCommanderso control@bugs.launchpad.net06:04
NCommanderand then closes 1 2 306:04
persiaNot precisely.06:04
NCommanderI knew you could reply to bugs via email but I didn't know you could close06:04
StevenKNot control, no06:04
nxvlyeah i get ubuntu-bug-control membership before uuc and long before motuship06:04
nxvlthat's why it's about to expire06:04
dholbachNCommander: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface06:05
slangaseknxvl: so did mok0 happen to mention to you what package this is that he was concerned about the wrong version number on?06:06
NCommanderpersia, er, how would you do this enmass?06:06
NCommanderA lot of CCs?06:06
nxvlslangasek: not at all06:06
wgrantNCommander: That's how I do it.06:06
nxvlslangasek: just that it was a package06:06
nxvlslangasek: and the version06:06
slangaseknxvl: ohwell :)06:06
NCommanderWHere's that GUI program for handling Launchpad bugs?06:07
wgrantNCommander: Leonov?06:07
NCommanderOh, I can do bug XXX status invalid06:07
slangaseknxvl: looks like it was the torque upload to hardy-proposed06:08
wgrantYou can also just write an email saying '  status invalid', and Cc it to as many bugs as your SMTP server allows.06:08
nxvlslangasek: :D06:08
NCommanderI wonder how many google allows ...06:08
StevenKHm. I think Launchpad should accept 'kthxbye' like control@bugs.d.o does06:08
NCommandercontrol@bugs.d.o accepts kthxbye O_O?06:09
nxvlslangasek: you have quite an odd schedule, where are you based?06:09
StevenKYes :-)06:09
slangaseknxvl: Oregon06:09
nxvlyeah, i was thinking in the US, so it is an odd work schedule06:10
slangasekStevenK: I'm not sure if it still does, Don has made a couple passes over the mail interface since he took over maintainership06:10
slangaseknxvl: I'm not at work right now :)06:10
nxvlslangasek: yeah sure :D06:10
nxvlif i finally got a FOSS related job i will work with an odd schedule too06:11
nxvlit's just fun06:11
NCommanderDeath has come to the edgy backport bugs06:11
nxvlit's like being paid for testing games06:12
* NCommander downloads a freedos CD so I can fix VT on my laptop06:12
nxvlNCommander: :(06:12
nxvlpoor bugs06:12
slangaseknxvl: no, really, I'm not at work right now... :)  If I were at work, I should be doing things according to work priorities. :)06:14
ScottK-laptopnxvl: Congratulations.  What can you tell us about the job?06:14
nxvlScottK-laptop: what job?06:14
NCommanderMeh, bugs-by-email seems to lag ;.;06:18
ScottK-laptopNCommander: Bug design.06:18
NCommanderIt reminds me of Debian's BTS06:18
nxvldammit i still can't upload to flickr from f-spot at home06:19
nxvli hate my ISP provider06:19
ScottK-laptopYes.  It's the only place their speed is ~equivalent.06:19
StevenKYou hate your Internet Service Provider Provider?06:19
ScottK-laptopIt's the only thing I know of that isn't faster on BTS.06:19
StevenKIs that like an ATM Machine?06:19
* NCommander has a love/hate relationship with BTS06:20
ScottK-laptopYes.  I can understand that.  My relationship with Launchpad is rather more consistent than that.06:20
nxvlStevenK: heh, it's 12:20 here :D06:20
StevenKAnd rather more one-sided06:20
ajmitchScottK-laptop has a deep, abiding hatred for launchpad & all that goes with it06:21
ajmitchand loves to share that06:21
ScottK-laptopI actually prefer bugzilla.06:21
* ajmitch remembers the fun of the 1MB js that was loaded on every ubuntu bugzilla page load06:21
nxvli felt that provider shouldn't be there06:21
nxvlwell, time to sleep now06:23
nxvlread you tomorrow06:23
dholbachgood night nxvl06:23
nxvldholbach: have a nice day!06:23
dholbachthanks :)06:23
persiaYeah.  The original Malone was *much* preferable to Ubuntu bugzilla.  That said, I haven't used bugzilla since the mass import into Malone, so things may be different now.06:23
NCommanderwhy is there 1MB of JS on the old Ubuntu bugzilla?06:23
ajmitchpackage list06:23
ScottK-laptoppersia: I agree (about the original malone).06:24
IulianGood morning.06:27
stefanlsdSigh. I'm going to work. See you guys later.06:36
NCommanderhow can I kill every schroot on my system?06:38
NCommandernow my laptop has VTx06:48
Treenaksa laptop with a Honda motorcycle?06:53
NCommanderkirkland, your ubuntu-vm javascript page is amazing06:58
sorenajmitch: I made the mistake of engaging in this discussion: http://bobbo.me.uk/?p=17907:16
taconewhat's the url of that ubuntu-vm page ?08:33
persiatacone: Which ubuntu-vm page?08:37
taconepersia: I found it, nevermind. btw it was this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~kirkland/ubuntu-vm-builder.html08:38
persiatacone: You know that there is a command-line client as well, right?08:41
taconepersia: that page is a webform to generate a shell line to be used with the command line client. try to press the generate command.08:42
persiaOh.  I thought it actually generated the image.  I remembered that being talked about at some point, to support use cases where the host machine was not Ubuntu.08:43
taconethat could easily done with a little server-side scripting, just extending kirkland's work. not sure it's worth the work yet :-)08:45
huatsmorning fellows08:49
henrik-kabelkaosIs there any MOTU who want to advocate CDEmu? The packages have been thoroughly fixed now.08:59
henrik-kabelkaosBesides the ubuntu brainstorm thingie listed a CD emulator as the #9 most wanted feature of all time.09:04
NCommanderisn't loopback good enough?09:04
henrik-kabelkaosnot really. linux can't mount CUE/BIN files and the likes.09:08
Treenaksthere's a tool to convert cue/bin to .iso09:12
Treenaksalso, couldn't this be done through fuse? (or is it fuse-based)09:13
henrik-kabelkaoscdemu doesn't really concern itself with filesystems but leaves that part to linux. it interpretes disc images and serves it as a virtual disc. the kernel driver is quite thin and it does most of the work in userspace. while there are a couple of interresting fuse plugins, none of them offer the quite the same functionality.09:21
henrik-kabelkaosa nice example would be that you could mount a protected MDS (alcohol 120%) image and use fuseiso to access the contents for example.09:29
henrik-kabelkaosThough in most cases HAL would catch it and mount it automagically. :)09:45
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gnomefreakdpkg-buildpackage is in devscripts right?10:17
StevenKdpkg-buildpackage is in dpkg-dev10:17
gnomefreakStevenK: thanks10:17
gnomefreakmaybe i had to reboot after removeing gnupg-agent10:33
persiagnomefreak: gpg signing works for you again?10:34
gnomefreakpersia: i think so10:35
gnomefreakim testing another package10:35
gnomefreakpersia: seems removing gnupg-agent didnt help and i shut down for the day yesterday and now it works10:36
persiagnomefreak: So just some leftovers in your session then.10:37
gnomefreakwhere did /etc/dput.cf go?10:56
cody-somervilleAre you running Intrepid?10:57
gnomefreakcody-somerville: yep10:57
* cody-somerville is on a hardy box right now so can't look.10:57
LaneyI have it on Untrepid10:58
gnomefreaki dont see anything related to dput in etc10:58
gnomefreaki have ~/dput.conf but that ws handmade for PPA10:59
gnomefreaki guess i could add it to $HOME/,dput.cf11:01
persiagnomefreak: I also have an /etc/dput.cf on intrepid.  Is the dput package installed?11:01
Laneyhttp://pastebin.com/f546a285d is the output of dpkg -L dput11:02
gnomefreakyeah i guess since i can upload to PPA11:02
gnomefreakit says i have it too11:02
gnomefreakseems i overlooked it :(11:03
jpdsmoin emgent11:07
didrockshi there :)11:08
jpdsjelmer: I have merged your changes to ubuntu-dev-tools. Thanks.11:08
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gnomefreakcan someone please review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=smartirc4net and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=smuxi  the lintian warnings are most likely caused by me adding a clean option to fix FTBFS but i didnt make a patch i just changed it since it was our file not upstreams11:28
gnomefreaks/most likely/most for sure11:29
gesergnomefreak: why not use the Debian packages?11:31
henrik-kabelkaosgnomefreak: the first lintian warning is caused by diff refusing to add empty files.11:31
gesergnomefreak: see also bug 25983311:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259833 in ubuntu "Please sync smuxi 0.6.1-2 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25983311:33
gnomefreakgeser: thats where i got it from11:34
gnomefreaklook at changelog it has debians 1 and ours11:35
gnomefreakhenrik-kabelkaos: ah ok good nothing i did11:36
devfil_asac: there?11:36
asacdevfil_: more or less :)11:37
gesergnomefreak: you don't need to go through REVU in that case, just file a sponsoring bug with the needed debdiff to get it build11:37
asacdevfil_: how are you doing?11:38
gnomefreakgeser: i thought revu was for ne packages?11:38
devfil_asac: can you take a look at the xulrunner update?11:38
gesergnomefreak: yes, for completely new packages11:38
asacdevfil_: yes. i have to11:38
asacdevfil_: 254618 ?11:39
gnomefreakgeser: ok so a debian package built for Ubuntu isnt new11:39
devfil_asac: --^11:39
gesergnomefreak: we could sync the packages from debian, see that it FTBFS and upload -1ubuntu1 (no revu involved at all). So we can also skip the sync and upload -1ubuntu1 directly.11:39
devfil_asac: ops, 254618 sorry11:40
gnomefreakgeser: its 2ubuntu111:40
gnomefreakdebian used the 211:40
asacdevfil_: how did you produce the the orig.tar.gz?11:40
devfil_asac: using the script on debian to remove nonfree stuff11:41
gesergnomefreak: and as the package comes from Debian, we want to keep the delta small (only needed changes) and not overhaul the whole packaging11:42
asacdevfil_: and how did you get the initial bits?11:42
gnomefreakgeser: i only changed changelog and rules11:43
devfil_asac: from upstream cvs, from FIREFOX_2_0_0_16_RELEASE branch11:43
gnomefreakgeser: should i use the sync bug and just add debdiff and ask for sponser?11:43
gesergnomefreak: yes (if no other MOTU disagrees about the procedure)11:44
gnomefreakok since im sure not all are around ill do it and lets see what they say11:45
persiaI'd rather see a merge bug instead of a sync bug, but otherwise agree with geser that the appropriate procedure has been described.11:49
asacdevfil_: please attach the debdiff of the debian/ directory11:52
persiaasac: You can't actually generate that.  Do you mean diff -urN old/debian new/debian ?11:53
asacpersia: debdiff | filterdiff -i*/debian/* ;)11:54
persia(well, you could generate it, but it's a mess of filterdiff calls)11:54
persiaJust one?  Hmmm..  OK.11:54
asaci guess so11:54
asac(i hope so ;))11:54
gnomefreakwhere is the sponsorship wiki?11:55
persiaI had trouble with filterdiff -i*/debian/* when I was trying to write code that would automatically generate an update package from an interdiff, but perhaps that was related to some of the test packages, and firefox isn't affected.11:55
Laneygnomefreak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess ?11:56
persiagnomefreak: wiki?   If you want to add something to the queue, just subscribe the sponsors to the bug in LP.11:56
=== Tallken_ is now known as Tallken
gnomefreakit already was. i ust wanted to do it the right wy11:58
* gnomefreak thinks i should revise the version of smuxi to add -2.1ubuntu1 instead of -2ubuntu111:59
devfil_asac: uhm, I need to upload the changelog12:01
gesergnomefreak: why -2.1ubuntu1? I see only 0.6.1-2 in the PTS page for smuxi12:02
asacdevfil_: you need to debdiff the debian/ directory ;)12:02
devfil_asac: already done, but there is a new version on ubuntu
asacdont undertstand that12:02
asacdevfil_: yes. please work in the changelog entry12:03
asacthat would be great12:03
asacotherwise i can to that for upload12:03
asacdevfil_: please remove 89_bz419350_attachment_306066 from the package if it has been applied upstream12:04
asacdevfil_: you need to debdiff the debian/ directory ;)12:04
asacmozilla bug 41935012:04
asacthats what i ment ;)12:04
ubottuMozilla bug 419350 in XPCOM "[ia64] build failure using gcc 4.3" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41935012:04
asacplease drop that patch12:04
gnomefreakgeser: so i can leave it as -2ubuntu1?12:06
devfil_asac: is the debdiff enough or do you also want again the diff.gz?12:06
asacdevfil_: both while you are at it12:06
gesergnomefreak: yes12:08
gnomefreakgeser: ok cool thanks12:08
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=== Kopfi|offline is now known as Kopfgeldjaeger
devfil_asac: all done12:17
gnomefreakhow do i overwrite an upload to revu? i would rather not change the version if i dont have to12:20
jpdsdput -f12:21
devfil_gnomefreak: dput -f12:21
gnomefreakmuch better ;)12:21
asacdevfil_: wanna do the same for hardy?12:25
asace.g. hardy-security?12:25
asacfor hardy-security its important to provide the bits (as you did now) ... as well as give a list of tests you run to verify that the important rdepends still work12:26
devfil_asac: this will take a while, I will need to retest alla rdepends for hardy12:27
asacdevfil_: well. you can do some initial tests, then i can give those packages to the security team, while you finish the rest of the tests12:28
asacto finally give green light ;)12:28
devfil_asac: ok12:29
asacdevfil_: upload finished. please watch whether it fails to build or something12:35
devfil_asac: sure12:35
asacdevfil_: firefox-2 in hardy needs a bump too ;)12:36
devfil_asac: from ? to ?12:37
asacdevfil_: from whatever is in hardy to
devfil_asac: hardy-security already have
asacthen i was wrong and it was seamonkey ;)12:38
devfil_seamonkey is 1.1.912:39
asacyeah ... 1.1.11 is what is in intrepid12:39
asac(1.1.10 was never release afaik)12:39
devfil_ah ok12:40
devfil_asac: is the changelog for hardy-security the same of a SRU or is normal?12:40
asacdevfil_: what do you mean?12:40
stefanlsdIs there a list of requirements somewhere for applying for UUC?12:41
devfil_asac: the revision number of the package12:41
asacdevfil_: you mean the changelog target? thats "hardy-security"12:41
devfil_no, the revision number12:41
Laneystefanlsd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#ContribDev12:41
asacdevfil_: its the intrepid revision appended by ~8.04.112:42
devfil_asac: ok12:42
dholbachWho of you could imagine running a session at Ubuntu Developer Week?12:45
dholbachI just thought we could repeat one of the sessions we had as part of MOTU School12:45
nxvldholbach: i really want to, but if i'm still in my current job this week i can't12:46
nxvldholbach: sorry12:46
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week is next week! :)12:47
dholbachnxvl: if you're too busy, I understand - no problem12:47
nxvlyes i know12:47
nxvlnot busy, just no irc access12:47
emgentheya daniel :)12:47
dholbachhi Emanuele12:48
nxvli'm waiting for a new job offer and contract12:49
nxvlwhich should arrive today or tomorrow12:49
dholbachall the best with that!12:49
nxvlthank you12:50
nxvlif it arrives i will really probably able to run a session12:50
huatsdholbach: didrocks and I are planning to give one12:52
dholbachhuats: add it to the schedule!12:52
huatswe need to talk about it together (today)12:53
huatsand I'll add it then12:53
huatsno pb12:53
huatsdoes anyone knows when norsetto is coming back from holidays ?12:54
persiaEnd of the month, isn't it (next week)?12:56
huatsthanks persia :)12:56
persiahuats: I'm not entirely sure, mind you.12:56
huatsI was looking for him since he has started to review a package of mine...12:57
huatsso if anyone wants to give a shot :)12:57
huatsplease do :)12:57
jelmerjpds, thanks!13:02
apacheloggerpersia: hey, how to get into ubuntu-universe-sponsors?13:06
persiaapachelogger: Be a MOTU and ask.  I'll add you now.13:07
apacheloggerpersia: cool, thanks :)13:08
persiaapachelogger: LP matches IRC?13:08
persiaapachelogger: Done.13:09
apacheloggerthank you13:10
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=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
=== ara_ is now known as ara
RainCTcan someone tell me what http://paste.ubuntu.com/40419/plain/ means? :P14:17
StevenKRainCT: It means nautilus is buggy14:18
nxvlecho $url > launchpad14:19
persiaIt's a stacktrace and memap.14:19
RainCTThat happens each time I select a file/directory, since some months. I guess that's because I have some libraries from Intrepid, but I don't know which has the problem14:20
persiaWithout the nautilus dbgsym it's not easy to follow, but probably related to a change in the contents of a directory that nautilus had open (which may not be in any of the current windows)14:20
RainCT(may it be because of a library? because else I'm completely lost on what the problem could be..)14:21
persiaIt could well be a mismatch between the version of nautilus and the version of a given library, but it looks like nautilus is passing an invalid object to libgobject, which makes me thing the problem is in nautilus (or an extension), rather than in gobject, gio, glib, or libc14:22
persiaThat said, the bug could well be because nautilus requested an object that wasn't given from some random source, and assumed it to exist because it didn't check, and then passed it on, so the bug in nautilus may be invisible in the case where the libraries match exactly.14:23
RainCTUhm.. Why do I have libc6 from Intrepid? XD14:28
RainCTand why is Synaptic too stupid to downgrade it? :P14:30
RainCTwell nevermind, I can continue living without nautilus14:31
=== ember_ is now known as ember
persiaRainCT: Why do you have any intrepid libs on a hardy system?  Surely it's better to either use hardy or intrepid, no?14:34
bddebianHeya gang14:34
Laneyhi bddebian14:35
bddebianHello Laney14:35
directhexpersia, everyone tries apt pinning once, then learns their lesson14:36
persiadirecthex: For an unstable/testing system, it makes some sense.  For the way that Ubuntu does development, this is not nearly so true.14:36
RainCTpersia: I can't have my complete system on Intrepid because my connection is too slow to keep up with all the updates, so I just take those applications that I like the most from Intrepid :P14:37
persiaRainCT: Ah, right.  You are prepetually bandwidth starved :(14:37
huatsI am not very familiar with python-support, so if someone is, I'd like to ask a few questions14:37
persiaJust ask.  Many of us will have done something with python support, although few of us are experts.14:38
huatswell there something I am missing, but I don't know what...14:39
huatsthat is teh real problem14:39
huatsI have my packaging which seems to right14:40
huatseverything seems to be placed good14:40
huatswhen I installed it14:40
Laney!enter | huats14:40
ubottuhuats: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:40
* Iulian rolls his eyes14:41
huatsnothing goes in /var/lib/python-support14:41
huatsthanks Laney ;)14:41
persiahuats: Are you referencing python-support anywhere in your packaging?14:41
huatsI am14:41
huatsI can paste my debian/rules file14:42
huatspersia: and I have noticed that when I install the package the python-support triggers are actionned14:43
RainCTwhat is -i for?14:46
persiaRainCT: It's typically passed to dh_foo for arch-independent packages.14:46
RainCTpersia: ah, thx14:48
huatsthanks persia for answering :)14:48
huatsany idea ?14:52
huatsjames_w: you are the one who directed me toward that :) no idea neither ?14:52
RainCThuats: where are the .py files installed?14:53
persiahuats: Generally it mostly works.  Do you see all the files you expect from dpkg --contents?  Is something missing?14:53
RainCTember: I'm looking at hamster-applet :)14:54
huatsRainCT: it provides a .so14:54
waylandbillI submitted a patch addressing bug 260741 as a comment attachment. Is there anything else I need to do for it to be considered for inclusion? This is the first bug I've fixed.14:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260741 in kubuntu-grub-splashimages "black selection bar on black background is not the best option" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26074114:54
emberthanks RainCT14:55
huatspersia: I don't think there is something missing14:55
RainCThuats: Ah. But .so files don't need byte-compilation, so there's noting to do for dh_pysupport, or?14:55
RainCTember: uh.. what's about bug #216675?14:57
huatsRainCT:  there is a specific part of /usr/share/doc/python-support/README.gz on .so files14:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 216675 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] project hamster" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21667514:57
huatsthat is why I am asking :)14:57
Laneywaylandbill: You should update the changelog (using dch -i)14:57
RainCThuats: ah, I see..14:57
james_whuats:    ** Note that even if a package only ships extensions, it MUST still ship the /usr/share/python-support/foo directory.    **14:59
Laneywaylandbill: Make sure to include (LP: #260471) in the description of your change so that the bug is closed automatically14:59
james_w(from the README)14:59
huatslet me check14:59
emberRainCT:about  what ITP or Andrew's ?14:59
RainCTember: Andrew's15:00
waylandbillLaney: okay. After I do, I submit the resulting patch as another comment?15:00
huatsjames_w: I am shipping it15:00
Laneywaylandbill: Yes, and you can delete the old one if you want15:00
huatsjames_w: but almost empty15:01
huatsI'll check if something is missing15:01
james_whuats: it can be empty I think15:01
emberAbout Andrew's i really didn't know, when i opened the bug on LP i search for hamster-applet15:01
james_whuats: is the latest version on REVU?15:01
emberbut i can ping him about it15:01
huatsjames_w: not yet15:02
Laneywaylandbill: Also, you can produce the patch for uploading with the "debdiff" command, invoked as "debdiff old.dsc new.dsc > output.debdiff"15:03
RainCTember: Well, doesn't seem like he wanted to get his one into Ubuntu. Is there some reason why you need to add the MAINTAINERS file? :P15:06
=== lmr_ is now known as lmr[lunch]
emberRainCT: file got missing from the tarball in this release15:08
=== cody-somerville_ is now known as cody-somerville
RainCTember: Ah. The package looks good, I'm test building it now :)15:15
waylandbillLaney: okay. I updated the changelog and uploaded the output from debdiff.15:17
Laneywaylandbill: The version should be 2.2, but other than that it's great15:18
emberRainCT: andrew's just reply it, it's ok15:18
ssaboumhi everyone, i wanted to know if there was a standard procedure for packaging something that already has a .deb for debian ?15:19
persiajames_w: dholbach: Are you still having trouble filling sessions for DeveloperWeek?15:19
dholbachpersia: I'm still hassling a bunch of people15:20
dholbachpersia: if you have suggestions, let me know :)15:20
waylandbillLaney: cool. I wasn't sure if the version needed to be changed or if it would've just had ubuntu1 appended.15:21
persiadholbach: If you run short, I can do another reading apport bugs session at either 16:00 on Thursday or 17:00 on Friday, but it's an awkward time for me, so please consider this a backup if you're having trouble, rather than an open offer.15:21
dholbachpersia: we could still move the 20:00 UTC slot to 15:00 UTC :)15:22
RainCTember: Good work, advocating... Should I upload it? :)15:22
Hobbseeah, developer week, where european developers are targetted again!15:22
emberRainCT: thanks15:23
persia15:00 is better for me, but I've meetings that sometimes run over that are supposed to end at 15:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so not that much better (and it's late here anyway).15:23
dholbachI understand15:23
emberRainCT: yes you should heh :p15:23
persiaMaking it later is probably better, to have a chance to catch Americans (or Australians early in the morning)15:24
persiaHobbsee: What time is 21:00 UTC there?15:24
Hobbseepersia: 7am, usually15:24
Hobbseebut daylight savings might have began / ended since then.15:24
persiaHmm.  So 6 or 7.  Probably too early then, and 16:00 is about as late as I'm willing to stay up.15:25
Hobbseeyep, 7.15:25
persiadholbach: No point moving it then, unless you get feedback from someone in the New World.15:26
RainCTember: done15:26
emberRainCT: thanks!15:26
persia(not that any of them are here now :) )15:26
Juli__persia: hi:) don't you forget about netbeans packages? I'm afraid it will be too late soon:(15:36
persiaJuli__: I didn't forget at all, I've just been very busy.15:37
Juli__yes I understand... but after freeze we'll not be able to upload new packages, right?15:38
Juli__and netbeans 6.1 won't be in Intrepid15:39
persiaJuli__: At least for the parts I can do by myself, they will be in intrepid, if I need to not sleep on Wednesday.  For the new packages, you will also need a second advocate.  You might seek one here.15:41
Juli__I'm embarrassing to ask you in such conditions but I don't know what else I can do...15:43
Juli__Thank you in advance15:43
persiaJuli__: No, bugging me is the right thing to do.  You still also need someone else (as I can't add a new package on my own).15:44
Juli__yes I see... I'll try to find. Actually we've canceled forked resolver, so there are just 2 new packages for now15:45
persiaNice work!  I thought that could be done.15:45
Juli__Actually it is still a temporary workaround but for netbeans 6.5 I hope we'll do better15:46
Juli__LucidFox: I see you has reviewed libjna-java on REVU... may be you can help with a second advocate, please?15:49
persiaJuli__: You've already fixed everything from the last review?15:49
Juli__excepting build-dep on sun jdk15:51
Juli__Currently build dependency is default-jdk15:52
Juli__I hope it is enough15:52
huatsjames_w: i have put the new version in revu... I still don't see the problem...15:52
persiaJuli__: That ought use OpenJDK where available, which ought be enough.15:53
huatsjames_w: (it will be there in 5 minutes)15:53
james_whuats, can you provide the link again please?15:55
Juli__persia: so, everything is fixed after LucidFox's review. + libnb-platform-java is left15:55
huatsjames_w: sure http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pywebkitgtk15:56
huatsjames_w: you are the one to be thanked :)15:57
huats(james_w the new version is not visible yet)15:58
persiaJuli__: You're in pretty good shape then, on libjna.  libnb-platform-java is trickier, and you'll want someone else.  Worst case, maybe it can be considered a new upstream of the old package (just with a slightly different name).15:58
ssaboumpersia can you tell me where i can find the namings of the sections for apt repositories, you know (games, contrib, ...)16:00
ssaboum?? please16:00
persiassaboum: Google for debian control files and their fields16:01
persiaScroll down about one third of the page16:01
ssaboumok thx16:01
persiaclick the link to the sections under the explanation for Section16:01
Juli__persia: actually it is a new upstream of the old package ... if it is possible to proceed under this assumption it would be great16:02
persiaOh, and you're feeling lucky16:02
persiaJuli__: Better if you can find a second advocate, as this means less begging the archive admins :)16:02
Juli__hmmm... I don't know how it is usually happens.. it is my first experience...16:04
Juli__Can anyone here take a look on the package on REVU, please?:))16:05
persiaJuli__: You'll probably get more looks if you include the URL to the packages that need review.16:05
persia(the REVU url)16:06
Juli__persia: ok, thanks!16:06
Juli__and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libjna-java16:07
Juli__actually libnb-platform-java package is the new upstream version for existing libnb-platform7-java package16:08
Juli__so it would  be sad to have no ability to upload it because of new name only16:09
* directhex prepares another main merge. yay, main16:17
Laneyboo main, yay universe16:19
directhexit's one of those lovely source packages that makes lots of binary packages, of which only 1 is in main16:20
directhexso i need to mess about with merging instead of syncing, purely to get rid of universe build-deps16:20
persiadirecthex: Is it needed in main?  Does something seed it?  Perhaps it can be pulled out.16:22
=== cody-somerville_ is now known as cody-somerville
directhexpersia, it looks like it was forced in for slightly bizarre reasons, looking at the dep chain16:25
persiadirecthex: The split packages are often like that.  Reading the MainInclusionReport can be helpful.16:26
directhexpersia, essentially, monodoc-base is a build-dep for pretty much every mono lib or pluginabble app, as it's needed to generate documentation. so either ubuntu removes all docs (making it worthless for developers) and adding significantly to developer overheads who can no longer sync anything, or ubuntu dumps all mono apps from main (which would make some people happy, but involve ripping out things like tomboy and f-spot), or ubunt16:29
directhexu sucks it up & puts monodoc-base in main16:29
geserJuli__: libjna-java commented16:29
directhexthat's my reading of it16:29
persiadirecthex: Nothing to be done except the merge then.16:29
geserJuli__: btw. is it normal that the Debian packaging has only a copyright 2007 but the actual packaging was done 2008?16:30
* persia thinks that it ought be 2007,200816:30
Juli__geser: Thank you for comments! hm, yes it seems to be a typo from copy-paste. I'll correct.16:31
directhexpersia, monodoc needs a merge instead of a sync in order to keep xsp (asp.net web server) out - since the monodoc source package has a possible http front-end16:33
persiadirecthex: Right.16:34
medo_I'm having trouble packaging a tcl/tk software any ideas of how I should start with it? I have searched the web and the wiki with no clues at all16:35
medo_I am thinking of copying all the needed files into /usr/share and have a script in /usr/bin to run it16:36
persiamedo_: You might want to look at another tcl/tk package as an example.  It's not such a popular widget toolkit these days, so documentation is sparse.16:36
huatsmedo_: not sure I can really help16:36
medo_is this the correct approach16:36
huatsbut I am currently packaging a tcl/tk stuff16:36
huatsI have one ack already16:36
persiaIf I remember correctly, it's mostly text files, so you'd end up with heavy use of /usr/share/$(package)/, but I may be mistaken.16:36
huatsso the package should not be that bad :)16:37
persiahuats: You are an expert: of course you can help :)16:37
medo_yeah it is mainly text files no binary at all16:37
huatspersia: thanks :)16:37
huatspersia: btw if you want to kill some time, you can review it :)16:37
medo_huats: I actually need that package16:37
persiahuats: See above :)16:37
medo_so if u can please keep me updated on its status16:38
huatsmedo_: sure16:38
huatsmedo_: what do you want to package ?16:38
medo_an IM software16:38
huatsthat is the reason why I have packaged tktreectrl :)16:38
huatsnice choice :)16:39
medo_thanks for the help :)16:39
huatsbut you'll figure out that you need lots more than tktreectrl :)16:39
medo_hope fully it is easy stuff this is my first package16:40
medo_and it is giving me hard time16:40
huatsyou are packaging coccinella ?16:40
huatswhat bout the other dependencies ?16:41
medo_I will have to work on those first I believe but I have just started looking at it16:42
medo_i asked because i didn't know how to start16:42
huatsso you might start working on the various dependencies that coccinella has16:43
huatswhich means the various binaries it relies on16:44
Juli__geser: About license in upstream: I'll write a letter to the jna source's owners and ask them to add a license into upstream zip.16:44
medo_ok so they have to be in there own packages as well right?16:44
huatsmedo_: yes, it is better16:45
Juli__geser: But if it will not be easy, may be it is possible to add it somehow through get-orig-source?16:45
medo_huats: ok then I will start working on the deps first and see where I can get. I might come back for help16:46
huatsmedo_: exactly16:46
huatsand if you need an example of tk packaging have a look at my package16:47
geserJuli__: good question, I don't know. It depends if the archive admins accept it or not.16:50
Juli__geser: hm... the problem also that it is freeze soon... I really need this package in Intrepid. I'll write them today. Hope they will accept but not sure.17:07
gesersebner: Hi, did you manage to build smuxi? I tried it but I ended in an endless loop.17:11
sebnergeser: dpkg-deb: building package `smuxi' in `../smuxi_0.6.1-2_all.deb'.18:03
sebnergeser: and all the other stuff18:04
gesersebner: did you build on i386 or on amd64?18:09
sebnergeser: i38618:09
geserthen it's probably just a i386/amd64 issue18:10
sebnergeser: seems so :\18:11
gesersebner: ACKed so it hopefully makes it before FF18:12
sebnergeser: thanks and I swear, I never never ever will file a sync request without testbuilding it. Such a disaster O_o18:12
gesersebner: I thought you usually test-build before filing a sync request?18:13
huatsif anyone want to have a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=tktreectrl18:13
ScottK-laptopsebner: You really should.18:13
huatsi have an ACK already, and the second one is almost there BUT he is on holidays :(18:14
sebnergeser: Yes, but this time, really only this time I didn't cause I talked to Mirco Bauer and quickly filed the sync request without further thinking :(18:14
sebnerScottK-laptop: :(18:14
=== superm1|away is now known as superm1
henrik-kabelkaoswhen you're finished with a package. got reviews etc. do you set the packaging bug to fix committed and clear assigned to? and is sponsor something i need?18:36
LaneyIt's done automatically by LP if you put (LP: #xxxx) in the changlog entry18:37
henrik-kabelkaosi see. does ubuntu-universe sponsors need to be subscribed to the bug?18:38
persiahenrik-kabelkaos: The second advocate for a package will upload it.  No need to subscribe the sponsors queue unless someone advocates, forgets to upload, and goes on holiday (or similar situation), and even then, you can usually just ask here.18:41
persia("I got two advocates for foo, but it doesn't appear to have been uploaded: it's not in the NEW queue, and it's not in the archives.  Could someone have a look at http://revu.ubuntu...18:41
=== fta_ is now known as fta
ElbrusHi, I am trying to package a new program called winff19:04
ElbrusUnfortunately I am not able to compile in intrepid or hardy because of bug #26046419:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260464 in fpc "fp-units-gtk2 has undefined references due to GtkFileSystemError removal from GTK" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26046419:05
Elbrusit is written in freepascal (Lazarus)19:06
Elbrushow to procede? Compiling and patching fpc myself before packaging?19:07
Elbruswhat would the upload be worth?19:07
RainCTREVU will now show a warning on the details.py page if a non-native package hasn't got a debian/watch file or get-orig-source rule, and if it's a native package show a notice noting that.19:10
ElbrusBy the way, my (Debian) package is available at http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=winff19:10
ElbrusCould I upload to revu? (The package does not compile)...19:11
RainCTHi Elbrus. You can upload it, but Feature Freeze is about to start so it's probably already to late to get it into Intrepid. And if your getting it into Debian there's no need to go through REVU, too.19:13
ElbrusRainCT: ok, so if the bug gets fixed before the FF it can be included, else it has to wait?19:17
RainCTElbrus: you would also need to get your package advocated by two MOTUs on time19:19
Elbrusah, by the way.. there can be a slight difference between the Debian and Ubuntu version because the package depends on ffmpeg and that is more extensive in Ubuntu.19:19
ElbrusRainCT: exactly..19:19
ElbrusRainCT: That's why I wonder if it would be useful to upload just yet.19:20
ElbrusMy package is now on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=winff but again, waiting for bug #260464 to be fixed, unless somebody can help me work around that.20:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 260464 in fpc "fp-units-gtk2 has undefined references due to GtkFileSystemError removal from GTK" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26046420:00
LaneyElbrus: Sadly it's unlikely to make it in for Intrepid now :(20:04
huatsI haven't found anywhere the answer : in python packaging .pc file and .defs should be provided in a separate -dev package or not (which means in the library package)20:06
ElbrusLayey: I'll just have to wait than, the same problem at Debian (also freeze) and nowbody wants to comment20:07
ElbrusLayey: it is my first package, I would appreciate some comments in the mean time if possible20:07
henrik-kabelkaoshuats: if you have a -dev package that's where it should go. if not, you're probably fine as long as you're packaging the .pc file together with the python extension module(s).20:18
ssaboumhi everyone, how is it going20:37
henrik-kabelkaosssaboum: i suppose i should say konbanwa?20:39
ssaboumkonbanwa henrik :-)20:39
ssaboumthanks for your review i'm working on it20:39
ssaboumbtw i can't figure out how to deal with the debian/watch file and the fact that the source code is on googlecode20:39
ssaboumso uscan try to access the directory but googlecode only permit to access the files (if you know their names obviously)20:40
ssaboumhenrik-kabelkaos:any idea ?20:41
* Laney eats warp10's wallpaper20:58
asomethingssaboum: this works in a package I maintain that has googlecode upstream: "http://code.google.com/p/<projectname>/ http://<projectname>.googlecode.com/files/<packagename>-(.*)\.tar\.gz"21:09
asomethingfile-browser-applet is my package21:10
ssaboumthank you asomething i'll try21:17
ssaboumhi :-)21:17
dcorderoif i have a bug that make me change a lot of things in the package... should i write (LP: #number_bug) in each line of changelog?21:18
kirklandtacone: NCommander: agreed on your comments about ubuntu-vm server page...  very basic, but grand aspirations21:18
kirklandtacone: NCommander: If I had enough CPUs/Disk/Bandwidth, I'd gladly generate the images myself ;-)21:18
NCommanderheh, I already shot myself in the foot with vm-builder21:19
* kirkland is on holiday, forgive the long latency21:19
NCommanderNow I need o figure out how to unshoot myself21:19
jcastroemgent: your security list got created right? But I think kees picked a different name?21:23
jpdsjcastro: Appears to still be on RT #2938.21:26
jcastrojpds: yep, I am trying to confirm21:26
jcastrojpds: ng and I were talking about it with kees and I don't remember what the outcome was.21:27
jpdsjcastro: I must of missed that, sorry.21:27
jcastrono worries, I'm just trying to find out if we just said "let's ask kees" or if there was any action on the ticket21:28
keesjcastro: I had sent you email with a suggested list name, that's all I've done wrt to that RT21:30
jcastroyeah that's what I thought.21:30
jcastrojpds: ah, Ng and I are full of fail, the discussion was over im, irc, and mail instead of in the ticket.21:38
jpdsjcastro: Nevermind :)21:41
Elbrusdcordero: I think it does not hurt you and helps to be clear, but once is enough for the bugreport I think21:54
huatsscottK are you around ?21:56
ScottKSort of.21:56
huatshow are you ?21:56
ScottKA bit overwhelmed with things currently.21:56
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dcorderoElbrus, thanks, finally i have grouped all the changes, with various lines inside for each change begining with +22:07
dcorderoand with (LP #number) only in the title of the group22:07
dcorderoi think it is elegant22:07
Elbrusdcordero: sounds like it22:09
Elbrusdcordero: I am no expert, but I believe I saw it similar elsewhere.22:09
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jpdsLaney: re: bug #259599 - do you have a source package I can dget and upload somewhere?22:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259599 in semantik "Please update semantik to 0.6.8" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25959922:38
jpdsLaney: I'm off for the night; but I'll upload your package as soon as I get back, semantik was at the buttom of my TODO.22:39
Laneyjpds: I can upload the orig and dsc if you'd like22:39
LaneyI've just been doing some pre-ff package updates22:40
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ssaboum'night everyone23:03
RAOFWe don't have the ability to do per-arch rebulids, do we?23:23
sorenFor failed builds?23:24
sorenOr rebuilds to build against new dependencies?23:24
RAOFFor 'needs to build against new dependencies'.23:24
wgrantNo, we cannot do binNMUs.23:24
RAOFbug #181068 suggests that python-gnome2-extras could use a rebuild on PPC, in Hardy.23:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 181068 in gnome-python-extras "miro.real crashed with SystemError in MozillaBrowser() on PPC" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18106823:25
wgrantUpload a build123:25
nxvli've had some problems with packages not building from source due a dependency change23:25
wgrantThat's a different kind of dependency change.23:26
RAOFwgrant: Yeah.  I was just wondering if it was easy to upload a build1 that only rebuilt on PPC.23:27
RAOFSince that would be the minimum possible fix.23:27
wgrantNo, unfortunately.23:28
nxvlRAOF: you can't rebuild it on LP?23:28
RAOFnxvl: I don't have that sort of power :)23:29
wgrantNobody does.23:29
RAOFAlso, that wouldn't solve it, because it _needs_ a version bump so people get the fixed rebuilt package.23:29
* nxvl tries23:30
nxvlwgrant: i can rebuild my FTB packages23:30
RAOFSo, who has a PPC ubuntu install they'd like to rebuild gnome-python-extras on and test that Miro loads? :)23:32
nxvlnope i can't23:33
nxvlbut you can ask an archive admin to rebuild it23:33
wgrantnxvl: It didn't FTBFS...23:45
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wgrantnxvl: And archive admins won't do that.23:45
wgrantWe can do it just as easily as they can.23:45
huatsdoes any one can point me out an URL explaining when to add stuffs to python:Depends ? like python-gtk2 by instance23:46
huatsI have foudn a french page but it si not explained why23:46
RAOFhuats: python:Depends contains an appropriate dependency on the _python_ package; it doesn't do magical dependency resolution.23:47
RAOFMuch as it would be nice for that to happen (and techinically possible.  kinda)23:48
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huatsRAOF: but shlibs:Depends is doing it that kind of magic right ?23:48
huatsthat I were I get the confusion :)23:49
leleobhzsomeone can help-me understand debian NMU?23:49
RAOFBut that's because it's both easier to do, and because the tools do it.23:49
wgrantleleobhz: Debian might be able to help better...23:49
huatsso python:Depends is 'only' for the python interpreter ?23:50
leleobhzwgrant: hmmm... but isnt the same policy for ubuntu too?23:50
RAOFhuats: Yes.23:50
huatsRAOF: ok23:50
RAOFleleobhz: No, because we don't have maintaners.23:50
huatsthanks for that explanation :)23:50
leleobhzRAOF: no?23:50
* leleobhz more confused than ever23:50
RAOFDebian has the concept of the maintainer lock.  Only the maintainer(s) should upload the package.  We don't; anyone is free to upload.23:51
leleobhzRAOF: hmmm23:51
leleobhzRAOF: have some good place on freenode to ask or i need to go to oftc?23:52
asacleleobhz: go oftc ;)23:52
leleobhzsomeone here pasted a link for "things to do for ubuntu"23:53
leleobhzsomeone can help-me to find a job?23:53
* leleobhz dont understand that page and ... i want package! :p23:53
Laneyleleobhz: Maybe you should apply for a mentor23:56
leleobhzLaney: what?23:56
Laneyleleobhz: Somebody who can guide you through the processes :)23:59
Laneyanyway, I'm off to bed. nn23:59
leleobhzLaney: im interested in. how can i proceed23:59

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