ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)00:10
cody-somervillePriceChild, ping00:11
naliothseen it00:12
naliotham watching00:12
elky_workis this still the "paddy frank is back" fun?00:12
cody-somervillePriceChild, I've created #ubuntu-legal to reduce noise in -motu regarding licenses and other legal stuff00:12
cody-somervillePriceChild, I'd like the IRC Council to take care of it, if they would.00:12
naliothelky_work: no, just an irritant00:12
PriceChildcody-somerville: Take care of it?00:12
elky_worknalioth: aww, i was about to go get the popcorn :(00:13
cody-somervillePriceChild, You know, do your irc stuff with it :P00:13
PriceChildWhich stuff?00:13
naliothelky_work: please don't summon any demons00:13
cody-somervillePriceChild, Like, keep the peace, and op it, and stuffz00:13
elky_workwe are not hire-an-op00:14
PriceChildIts not really something we usually do... How would *!*@ubuntu/member/* +voiAt do in there?00:14
naliothcody-somerville: are you a lawyer?00:15
cody-somervilleSounds good to me00:15
nalioth#ubuntu-legal is not a good idea00:15
cody-somervilleIs there a better name for that sort of discussion?00:15
cody-somervillePriceChild, Well, I'd still like to give the IRC Council ownership and stuff like that to manage the channel00:15
elky_workunless there'll be lawyers, #ubuntu-IANAL ;)00:15
PriceChildHmm well it does kind of make me think of debian-legal... which is something very different despite the same naming00:16
cody-somervilleWhats debian-legal about?00:16
elky_work#ubuntu-ethics ?00:16
cody-somerville#ubuntu-community ?00:16
PriceChildYou're wanting a channel which holds general discussion about it... debian-legal is a group of lawyers giving advice.00:16
PriceChild(I believe)00:16
naliothif it's generated by #ubuntu-motu, perhaps #ubuntu-motu-discussion00:17
elky_workcody-somerville: talk to matt east about possible logical namings maybe?00:17
naliothkeeps the non-motu yakking out of -motu, but keeps it related to -motu00:17
* cody-somerville notes that there isn't a general community channel, maybe we should have one?00:18
PriceChildcody-somerville: -offtopic00:18
* PriceChild should think before speaking more often.00:18
* cody-somerville is thinking more along the lines of ontopic community discussion.00:18
cody-somervilleFor example, if I wanted to talk to mdke about this, I would have to bring him here or talk to him in private00:18
cody-somervillePriceChild, Right but there is no channel for the CC :]00:19
cody-somervilleie. just plain old, community community discussion00:19
PriceChildthere isn't?00:19
cody-somervilleIf you know otherwise, I've been missing out :-]00:20
PriceChildi doubt they want a channel00:20
cody-somervilleThats why I'm thinking more of a meta channel00:21
PriceChildI do like #ubuntu-ianal.00:21
elky_workPriceChild: yeah, it's not like -motu is an entirely serious name ;)00:21
cody-somervilleMy thinking is that traffic would be so low in -ianal that it might be better to amalgamate it into a channel that has a broader purpose such as a channel for discussion on community and community issues in general.00:22
PriceChildI'd also consult whoever runs -motu before telling people from there that its policy is to go to wherever. We don't run -motu afaik.00:22
cody-somervilleLet me touch base with a few folks and I'll write something to relevant mailing lists.00:23
cody-somervilleI think it would be good to get Jono to weigh in00:23
elky_workcody-somerville: and jorge00:23
PriceChildmailing lists are going to make it so formal00:23
elky_workand bring out licencing guru wannabe00:24
elky_work                  ^^every00:24
naliothno need for a mailing list00:25
elky_worknalioth: he means, informing existing ones00:25
cody-somervilleAnyhow, I already prematurely registered #ubuntu-legal00:26
elky_workcody-somerville: it is worth keeping it and piping to -ianal00:26
* cody-somerville nods.00:26
elky_worksince -ianal makes -legal perfectly clear00:26
cody-somervilleIs it appropriate for me to add the irc council to the access list?00:26
elky_workyou could even hand out token grains of salt on each join00:27
elky_workbut yes, add the council nick00:27
cody-somervillewhats the nick again?00:28
elky_workubuntuirccouncil iirc, you might want to check access for an existing channel though00:29
* elky_work goes back to trying to figure how to make SELinux behave in fedora00:30
cody-somerville-ChanServ- Flags +votsriRfA were set on UbuntuIrcCouncil in #ubuntu-legal.00:31
cody-somervilleoh, was kmos unbanned? I never really followed that discussion.00:31
elky_workcody-somerville: reluctantly. i'm not sure he's allowed to actually touch anything though00:32
PriceChildHe looks muted.00:33
elky_worki think they figure if he's forced to read, he might learn something00:33
Flannelcody-somerville: -offtopic is for Ubuntu topics, yes.00:40
Flannelalthough, with the way its been the past few months, the signal to noise ratio is quite bad depending on the time of day/cliques active.00:41
Flannelit used to be a rather intelligent channel, honest!00:41
cody-somervilleI'm pretty sure -offtopic is for offtopic discussion, no?00:42
elky_workat one point, it was more intelligent than #ubuntu00:42
Flannelcody-somerville: offtopic includes Ubuntu topics00:42
PriceChildelky_work: offtopic for #ubuntu00:42
elky_workcody-somerville: where offtopic is non-techsupport00:42
Flannelcody-somerville: since #ubuntu is just for support00:42
PriceChildcody-somerville: offtopic for #ubuntu00:42
elky_workit's supposed to be 'ubuntu discussion that doesnt fit into other channel scopes'00:43
Flannelusually if you get a thread started, the randomness stops.00:43
Flannelelky_work: It was until we got a group of people who hung out in -offtopic, but were never in #ubuntu.00:45
naliothcody-somerville: #ubuntu-offtopic is for Ubunte related non support discussion00:49
elky_workdepending on who is active, it can be #ubuntu-emo, #ubuntu-psychotic, #ubuntu-i-am-bored-please-play-with-me00:56
* Flannel must be asleep during the -emo time, thankfully.00:57
FlannelOh wait, no nevermind.00:57
FlannelBut again, if you start an actual non-random topic, you'll get a good response00:57
Flanneltheir else: statement is just rnd()00:58
ubottuIn #ubuntuforums, jacob said: !irs is http://instantrimshot.com04:03
* Flannel just doesn't understand the desire to have that factoid.04:08
elky_workbecause people are utter dorks sometimes04:41
* Madpilot isn't sure he wants to click on that URL... and he clicks on nearly *everything*...05:00
MadpilotOK, stupid but harmless, certainly doesn't need a factoid...05:17
elky_workMadpilot: yeah06:26
elky_worki was worried the first time too06:26
MadpilotI love slow IRC channels. 2.5hrs for one conversation :)06:27
elky_worki'm going to blame urbandictionary for the proliferation of stupid disgusting definitions for terms that are plausibly double entendres, even if it's not it's fault.06:29
Flannelproblem is, we already have a factoid06:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rimshot06:34
ubottuBa Dun Tshh! http://instantrimshot.com/06:34
Flannelsee?  makes me sad.06:34
Flannelespecially because the factoid itself is useless... because the factoid text is as long as the factoid name06:35
Flannelmmm, please pretend those two factoids were written as if they were continuations of the same idea... instead of the same sentence twice in a row.06:38
* Myrtti hides06:45
Madpilotmorning Myrtti06:46
ubottuinstantrimshot has no aliases - added by Myrtti on 2008-06-11 15:01:32 - last edited by Myrtti on 2008-07-14 02:56:2806:46
Madpilotwell, now we know who to blame :)06:46
MyrttiI love the kids at -ot too much06:47
elky_workspoiling only attracts more of the insane ones though07:00
ubottuThe operation succeeded.07:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.07:11
Myrtti!forget instantrimshot07:11
ubottuI'll forget that, Myrtti07:11
MyrttiAND suddenly, the world was a better place.08:47
FlannelHooray Myrtti!08:54
MyrttiI've got way too many irc channels10:08
Myrttibut then again...10:14
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.10:14
ubottuLove is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig, then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.10:14
ubottuhateball called the ops in #ubuntu (jajajalooser)11:06
Myrttioh for Saint Timos sake12:10
Myrtti!info irssi12:29
ubottuirssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.12-3ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 1050 kB, installed size 2840 kB12:29
PiciLet me guess, not fixed in that version?12:29
PiciAlso. Good morning/afternoon12:29
Myrttidear god I'm tired12:35
pleia2me too12:54
Myrttiwhat on earth is he up to now at -ot12:54
* jussi01 walks in from a morning excursion to orivesi12:57
Myrttiyou was here and didn't buy me lunch?12:58
Myrttishame on you12:58
Myrttino, nevermind12:59
ubottuIn ubottu, jacopo said: What is a bot?13:09
Piciubottu: tell jacopo about bot13:11
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
jussi01hrm, missed this, was a bit ago, but hmmm? [16:00:41] <seller23> any one who want to buy iphones 3gb 16gb 32gb pls pm me14:07
Myrttibeen notified to #freenode14:07
Myrtti15:56 < Sonar_Guy> Starnestommy: got a spambot adevertising cellphones bouncing  channels [seller23] (n=seller@ : seller14:08
PiciAlthough the person still seems to be online, and in #kubuntu14:08
* mneptok mumbles into his coffee15:28
PriceChildhmm bfj in -r-t15:35
Myrttiubuntu is still on the victim list15:37
Myrttiread topic I presume15:37
PriceChildnot in the bans though Myrtti?15:37
Myrttiisn't it weird...15:37
PriceChildbecause someone removed it?15:38
Myrtti17:38 [freenode] @,- ubuntu [n=santosh@]15:38
Myrtti17:38 [freenode] @,-  ircname  : purple15:38
Myrtti17:38 [freenode] @,-  server   : irc.freenode.net [http://freenode.net/]15:38
Myrtti17:38 [freenode] @,-  idle     : 0 days 8 hours 20 mins 2 secs [signon: Mon Aug  25 09:18:09 2008]15:38
Myrttithat gives me some odd feelings15:39
jussi01looks normal to me...15:39
Myrtti8 hours?15:39
Myrttiwith that nick?15:39
jussi01could be... someone booted their computer with the defauls and pidgin running?15:40
Myrttibut usually the ident is also ubuntu...15:41
jussi01no, purple is pidgins default, is it not?15:42
Myrttiwell his is santosh.15:43
MyrttiI don't know.15:43
jussi01meh, dunno15:43
* mneptok copies and pastes into his IRC scrapbook15:47
mneptok10:37 <+Myrtti> that gives me some odd feelings   <---- <315:48
Myrttiif you'd only know15:48
Myrttithere was some discussions about mushrooms with me and Nafallo and Dave2 yesterday #elsewhere15:48
MyrttiNafallo had some mushrooms, Dave2 mentioned badgers15:49
Myrttimy reaction was "shut up, I don't want to think of snakes in this context"15:49
Myrttinow you *do* know15:51
mneptoksnakes always need context.15:52
mneptokwell, at least that's what my memo for HR said.15:52
* jussi01 is wondering what the heck mneptok and Myrtti are on about...15:55
Nafallojussi01: mushrooms15:55
MyrttiI'm on a mattress in my balcony15:56
Myrttithe floodbots are flaking again15:58
Myrttifloodbot2 is op15:58
Myrttiso floodbot1 can't do exemptions15:59
Myrttilet's see if that does the trick16:00
* Myrtti tries16:04
Myrttiyeah, works now16:11
Picithe other floodbots arent in -proxy-users16:14
MyrttiI wouldn't know about that or their inner logic16:15
bazhanglike that will fix it.16:27
bazhangintrepid kernel installed; who knows what that has wrought16:27
PiciHe never did answer how he got it installed, did he?16:27
bazhangno he did not.16:28
ikoniabazhang: I need to go eat, can you explain to guest that he needs to not compile his own version and use the version in the repo please :)16:59
bazhangikonia, sure :)17:00
ikoniahe's doing make install - when configure is not even passing, let alone compiling17:00
ikoniaright, I'm eating17:00
bazhanghe is deleting directories to remove hylafax17:17
* nalioth always loves the are em space dash are eff school of software installation . . .17:40
Myrttinalioth: you mean the recursive removal magic?17:55
naliothMyrtti: yep17:56
* Myrtti sighs18:32
Myrttihave fun everyone, I'm so bored I'm going to bed20:13
Myrttitry to behave20:13
PiciI'll try20:14
Flannelwe're supposed to behave?20:14
Myrttiyou, of all people20:14
Flannelthats what I've been doing wrong!20:14
PiciI'm out for a bit, muted user1820:40
stdinPici: floodbot1 just un-muted them20:41
jpdsOnly for the Floodbot to mute him20:41
PiciI saw ;)20:41
stdinmaybe it thinks you're another floodbot :p20:41
PriceChildfloodbots not behaving?20:46
=== Mez|Reading is now known as Mez
Picijrib: hey, long time no see.22:15
mneptokOK, soryy, but i'm going to use the word "gay" as an adjective not describing a human's sexuality.22:23
mneptokyou cannot say "Linpus" and not sound ... well ... gay.22:23
mneptokyou get the idea.22:23
ompaulmneptok, argh22:25
mneptokompaul: nyernt22:33
ompaulmneptok, two point one izims22:33
jpdsPriceChild: ubuntu-irc archives appear to be working again.22:33
ompauljpds, the magic of databases22:34
jpdsThere's my RT pokage for the evening.22:34
ompaulmneptok, we need to replace iptables with PF (btw this is my current mad idea)22:35
jpdsompaul: Explain: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-bugs then ;-)22:35
ompaulmneptok, (and as will all mad ideas I will drop it in a period of time 3.142 slices wide22:35
ompauljpds, I already told ya22:36
ompaul"jpds, the magic of databases"22:36
ompaulmneptok, my closing ) was missing please excuse me while I disparage a mirror which is reflecting on the situation22:36
* ompaul tells mirror to live in the present22:39
ompaulthat living in the past is nuts :)22:39
MezI hate it when people are hard to google-stalk22:40
ompaulMez, google was not designed for you to stalk22:40
Mezompaul, s/google/facebook/22:41
ompaulalso I think stalking may not be in line with the spirit of ubuntu, you might have to check that but :)22:41
ompaulMez, :)22:41
Mezompaul, "google-stalking" is a term...22:41
Mez(In my head)22:41
ompaulMez, in your head ;)22:42
jribhey Pici22:42
MezIt means "to find a real life person's internet identity with the use of google"22:42
ompaulMez, easy to infer ;-)22:42
naliothgoogle-shocking ?22:58
naliothdid someone look up mneptok ?22:58
ompaulnalioth, not oftrn?23:03
ompaulnalioth, not often? (even)23:03
naliothis it?23:10
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:10
PiciI mean the bantracker site is slow23:10
naliothi wouldn't know. ubottu is ignoring me23:11
ompaultell it @login and see if it likes you23:13
ompaulit might just be playing hard to get23:13
ompauland a quote to ponder23:14
ubottuThe operation succeeded.23:30
naliothtoo much interference23:30

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