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ethana2any word on alpha 5?01:17
ethana2i'm shaking with anticipation01:17
jStefanme too, is there where the alpha 5 release party is held? ... i hope they have cake01:18
ethana2it's illegal to have release parties for alphas01:19
jStefanhmm, can we still have cake?01:20
ethana2the cake is a lie01:21
ethana2yeah, last time i actually got in on things with alpha 3, but this time around, the stable release supports my hardware01:22
ethana2i actually bought this dell with gutsy... inspiron 1420n01:22
jStefani've been doing upgrades since: dapper - alpha5 (but it wasn't called alpha back then)01:23
* RAOF misses the old "flight", "colony" and "knot".01:24
* Jordan_U does too01:24
jStefanthe same hard drive pretty much has switched systems like 3 times :P01:24
Jordan_Uethana2: Have you upgraded to Hardy?01:24
ethana2of course01:26
Jordan_Uethana2: Did / does everything still work OOTB ?01:26
ethana2i had some trouble with hibernate01:26
ethana2found out it was swapoff01:26
RAOFHeh.  Don't we all ;)01:27
ethana2i expected my webcam to be more amazing..01:27
* Jordan_U doesn't for the first time with this lappy !01:27
ethana2maybe they meant it was 2 million pixels per second or something01:27
jStefani just recently found out why my usplash was going back to text mode (swap releated too)01:27
jStefansometimes i feel i've been upgrading for so long that i have obsolete configs laying around01:29
ethana2i do clean installs out of paranoia01:29
ethana2i actually had to remove pulseaudio to get all my sound working01:29
ethana2it's not on this system at all01:30
jStefani haven't done a clean install yet (since that dapper alpha)01:30
ethana2and i love pulseaudio, i was playing with it back on gutsy and maybe even fiesty..  I've used it as an intercom system, i've used it to split one desktop machine into a dual seat..01:30
jStefanbut i have done a lot of purging of packages01:31
Jordan_UjStefan: I was going to ask, how many old kernels do you have lying around ? :)01:31
jStefana maximum of 1 spare01:31
jStefani get rid of the old ones once i know the new one boots01:32
doggymenzwhen is alpha5 announced?01:54
luboszis there a estimated release date for alpha 5?02:05
luboszi thought about trying the daily build02:06
jStefanafaik, estimated is today, but i dont know at which time of day02:06
lubosz    September 4th  was scheudled02:07
luboszany recommendations for dual booting hardy and intrepid?02:07
luboszwill the setup overwrite my grub?02:07
doggymenznow is sep 5, and it still not out, i cry02:08
jStefanit's sept 4 here :P02:08
doggymenzim from sweden, we live in the future02:08
ethana2it's sad 'cause it's true02:09
luboszmy pidgin crashed badly02:20
ethana2mine crashes all the time02:21
luboszits 3:20 sep 5 in germany btw02:21
luboszand alpha 5 isnt there yet :D02:21
luboszfirst crash since a long time02:21
braniginhello all02:21
luboszi thing the system has to be unstable when pigin crashes ^^02:21
luboszi'm copying 9 GB VMs to a ntfs drive :D, that costs a lot of cpu02:22
branigincan anyone tell me how to prevent xubuntu from reloading a previous session when I restart02:22
luboszi switch back to ext3 next time :D02:22
luboszi dont know xfce so well, but did you try the sessions option thingy?02:22
branigineven when disabled02:22
braniginit still restarts to previous session02:22
luboszsystem => prefs => sessins in gnome02:23
luboszso you dont like your old sessions :D02:23
braniginin xfce its system>settings manager>sessions and startup02:23
luboszloads too long, huh?02:24
braniginand I disabled "automatically save session on logout"02:24
branigintakes like 90seconds from the login screen to usable02:24
luboszthen i would say that you have a bug in xfce, when he does not take the option02:24
braniginI run xfce for things to be snappy02:24
braniginnot slow02:24
luboszmaybe delete your options folder?02:24
luboszbut maybe you want to keep that options02:24
lubosz.xfce or such?02:24
braniginnote sure, havent done much work with options folder02:25
braniginI've only been running linux for about 6 months now02:25
luboszand then you decided to try an unstable xubuntu?02:25
braniginusing an alpha because LTS doesn't support my hardware very well02:25
luboszyou have to have damn new hardware02:26
lubosznvidia 280?02:26
braniginI'm sure I could have got things running with time02:26
braniginbut it was a crunch - moving to dorms and all02:26
luboszwhat hardware isnt supported by hardy?02:26
luboszthe only thing i know is the newer nvidia driver stuff02:26
braniginand video out of the box02:26
braniginwas able to get video working properly in hardy02:27
braniginbut 8.10 is only a few months off02:27
braniginand other than sessions02:27
braniginit runs perfectly02:27
luboszi installed 2 machines with hardy 64 bit and 9600 gpus02:27
luboszbut the driver had to be the nvidia.com one02:27
braniginhad to run proprietary drivers on hardy too02:27
jStefani have a 8600 GT with the nvidia-glx-new (hardy)02:28
luboszyeah, that is supported by the package02:28
jStefani think it's essentiali the same core02:28
luboszbut the 2 newer generations arent02:28
lubosz9XXX and 2XX02:28
jStefan8800 GT02:29
luboszstillt geforce 8, the driver in the hardy packages is 169.XX afaik02:29
luboszand thee is already a stable 179.XX or such02:30
jStefansome of the new cards are G94 and G96 but most of the 9 series is just the same G9202:30
jStefanthat first came out with the 8800 GT, that card should have made it into the 9 series, imho02:30
luboszis the newest stable02:30
jStefanlooks like 169.12 in hardy02:31
jStefanbrb, food02:32
ethana2has nVidia fixed XRender for KDE4 yet?02:32
luboszmy upgrade history: studio 7.04 => ubuntu 7.10 alpha => ubuntu 8.04 beta02:32
luboszand now i go for a fresh intrepid install02:33
luboszi didnt try kde4, since the beta :D02:33
luboszis 4.1 any better?02:33
luboszbrb reboot02:34
_Zeus_what's up with a5?02:43
_Zeus_i thought it was coming out today?02:43
LL00is it possible to put raid0 software into logical partitions?02:44
_Zeus_jStefan: what?02:44
ubottuLL00: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:44
jStefan_Zeus_: sorry, last thing i said i was going for food, and now i am :)02:45
jStefani always promise myself to wait for release builds, and then end up doing a dist-upgrade to the alpha :S02:48
_Zeus_so do you know what happened to a5?02:48
jStefanno idea, but it is still sept 4 in parts of the world02:48
_Zeus_it is here too02:48
_Zeus_but usually they do it early in the day02:49
_Zeus_and at Canonical HQ it's tomorrow02:49
bsniderjStefan, this alpha is probably shakier than previous ones because of the kernel02:50
_Zeus_ohhh ****02:51
_Zeus_well i'm going to upgrade anyway :-P02:51
jStefanbsnider, other than that, looks more stable package wise02:51
bsniderprobably not02:51
bsnidergnome is also beta02:51
jStefani mean what should be the "final" list of changes02:52
jStefandepends on the eye of the beholder i guess02:52
jStefanbut most of the packages i use are seeing just minor build upgrades02:52
bsniderwell, most people are having trouble booting the kernel, so that's not int he eye of hte beholder02:52
jStefanwell, it's not a production system, someone's got to test anyway :P02:53
bsniderthat's fine by me02:54
jStefanbut what i meant was, in the past i had to worry about what implications going from mysql 4.0 to 4.1 to 5.0 would bring, or upgrading apache from 2.0 to 2.2, PHP, etc02:54
jStefanand on this particular release, the packages i use frequently are mostly minor instead of major releases02:55
jStefan(except of course kernel, and gnome)02:55
bsniderthose two are pretty important though, i th ink02:56
jStefanare most of the kernel problems with 2.6.26 or 2.6.27 ?03:01
bsnider27, because they only started working on it a week ago03:03
bsniderthey switched because it had a lot of stuff htey wanted to backport to 26 anyway03:04
bsniderlike wifi stuff and alsa03:04
jStefanSat, 23 Aug 200803:04
jStefanif i do a dist-upgrade i can probably fetch 2.6.26-5.17 too03:08
_Zeus_27 sounds very new03:11
_Zeus_as it is03:11
bsniderit's still at rc4 or 503:12
_Zeus_at least it's a rc03:12
bsnideri think linus sort of arbitrarily decides when it's done03:13
wha2... and its not called rc in ubuntu03:14
wha2we safe03:14
wha2so where the f03:16
wha2the a5 i mean03:16
_Zeus_i know03:17
LSD|Ninjawha2: they're probably waiting for it to be finished helping Zordon defeat Lord Zedd or something :P03:25
wha2with our powers combined!..03:26
wha2we should help Zordon!03:32
luboszany usefull hints for cleaning up system files? besides apt-get clean03:43
jStefandeborphan can help too03:46
wha2reinstall? i got phd in reinstall at time being windows user03:46
wha2nothing clean better than reformatting your partition03:47
luboszyes, i want to do a fresh install, but delete some stuff from my old system, just to keep it alive some more time ^^03:48
luboszand shrink the partiton of it03:48
jStefani re-install windows at maximum every 2 years, but for linux i want to try never formatting03:50
luboszi wanted that too, but i have done so much stuff with my linux, i never upgraded to stable, just to alphas or betas03:51
luboszand hacked around a lot03:51
luboszcompiz from git and such03:51
ethana2i took ghex2 to my compiz03:52
ethana2it angers me that they crippled it because of apple03:52
ethana2i hope Mint doesn't cripple theirs03:52
luboszwhat was crippled because of apple?03:53
luboszcompiz effects?03:53
jStefanlubosz, i've upgraded to a lot of alphas, i've manage to keep it reasonably clean03:56
ethana2lubosz: you know genie?  There's a variable hardcoded within compiz that dissalows it, I used ghex2 to set that variable to 0, giving me a proper compiz install03:57
ethana2...'course, I'll want to be careful with my updates, 'cause the file might get replaced03:58
wha2what about compiz effects and apple?03:59
crdlbcompiz fusion does not allow the Vacuum effect for minimize03:59
crdlbbecause Apple has a ridiculous software patent on it03:59
luboszit doesnt even look like the one in compiz04:00
wha2lol... but its only 1 effect?04:00
luboszapple owns all things that look like this effect? ^^04:00
RAOF_Well, no.  But you're not allowed to implement that idea.04:01
wha2its not like i actually care much about compiz and its effects. compiz is maybe good as alternate render... but not now. and effects is for kids04:02
RAOF_Well, apart from the effects which make it a substantially better window manager than metacity :)04:03
jStefancompiz is good when you have guests in your house :P04:03
RAOF_Such as the window switcher, and scale (mmmmmmm, sweet scale!)04:03
LSD|Ninjawhich one's scale again?04:08
LSD|NinjaIs that the one that zooms out the virtual desktops?04:08
* LSD|Ninja always gets acale and expo confused04:08
ethana2in addition to using the genie effect for minimize, my window switcher is CoverFlow04:23
ethana2and somehow, while window pixmaps can be preserved for closing animations, they can't be for showing minimized windows in the switcher04:24
ethana2either that, or someone decided that it's a far better approach to show a blown up, blurry icon instead04:24
ethana2...for what, moral reasons?04:24
ethana2ah yes, preserving a window texture upon minimize is 'hackish'04:25
ethana2so is life.      ...so is X.04:25
ethana2 /rant..    well, from now on i think i'll just factor in my location on earth to just add a day to everything on release schedules..  time to go to bed now, see y'all tomorrow when alpha 5 is out04:26
jStefani'm going to bed too, was hoping leaving the torrent downloading while i slept04:30
danbhfivestill a few bugs left04:33
dholbertlooks like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex/TechnicalOverview is the staging-area for the wiki page04:35
dholbertit's what will later appear at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha5 (to match the version for alpha4,  http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/intrepid/alpha4 )04:35
danbhfivedholbert: cool04:39
dholbertdanbhfive: yup04:40
dholbertgood to know that they haven't forgotten about it, at least :)04:40
jStefanhmmm. how many of those bugs will be skipped based on the "Time Based Release" ?04:41
bsnideranybody using intrepid on a crackbook?04:41
danbhfivejStefan: they seem to be doing pretty well04:44
jStefanwell, off to bed. thanks for the info04:45
nullHead|busywhen's the new ISO cumming out?05:08
dholbertnullHead|busy: we've all been waiting for that05:10
dholbertdon't think anyone here knows exactly05:10
dholbertnullHead|busy: but you can preview the wiki page for it at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidIbex/TechnicalOverview05:11
dholbertnullHead|busy: and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/intrepid-alpha-5 apparently tracks outstanding issues, though I haven't looked at that too much05:12
nullHead|busyI've been waiting at the wiki05:15
nullHead|busyfor the link to be updated :D05:15
nullHead|busysee, I'm really excited about the new kernel and it's 2.6.27 wonderfulness05:15
nullHead|busythe atheros drivers is what I'm really waiting for05:15
nullHead|busythe iso's are probably cooking as we talk here05:16
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bofh80the kernel itself has been availble to install for quite some time . . .05:16
danbhfiveI want the atheros drivers too!05:16
bofh80for hardy and intrpid05:16
NullHeadI see :|05:16
NullHeadI had no idea05:16
NullHeadwell, being as my machine is about ready to die, it doesn't much matter .........05:17
NullHeadmy mobo won't boot linux anymore ... it already died once, and I revived it05:17
bofh80oh dear05:17
bofh80send it me, i love cranky hardware05:17
NullHead:(, but hay, i should be upgrading to a phenom soon05:17
bofh80i like to bassh it05:17
bofh80basssshhh ittt05:17
NullHeadI can always use andlinux in windows05:18
NullHeadit does the job05:18
dfgasstill super buggy yet ehh?05:49
crimsunwell, yes.  resuming from suspend-to-ram is broken for many systems.06:09
dfgasi don't use power saving at all06:12
dfgasi am going to be installing 64bit was thinking of trying 8.10 depending on how buggy it is06:13
bean-ohjust throwing it out there, overall, how useable is the alpha at this point?06:49
Daisuke_Idoread the topic?06:50
bean-ohalso, any word on a new release date on alpha 5?06:50
bean-ohi saw the topic, i was just curious what you guys thought.06:50
wha1bean-oh: i agree with topic06:51
bean-ohfair enough. i suppose i'll wait for beta.06:52
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jason_Is anyone else using ubuntu with an Intel 4500MHD video chipset?07:24
LSD|Ninjanope, still only have a GMA950 and even then it's in my MacBook07:24
jason_Maybe I should say.. TRYING to use it.07:24
jason_I just bought this laptop and am having second thoughts because of this chipset.07:25
LSD|NinjaIntel is pretty good wrt to Linux support. It'll get there, it might just take a little bit07:25
jason_I can get external video but cannot use the built-in display unless I use VESA07:25
jason_Yea, it may take time but using VESA and 800x600 on a 1600x900 screen sucks! :)07:26
jason_I have actually been using Vista!!!  That is how desperate I have been!07:26
jason_I was just reading the logs... still no word on Alpha 5 yet huh?07:29
jason_I guess it's better if they have something working than on time... :)07:29
AfiefDoes anybody know what's holding back the Ibex release?07:30
LSD|Ninjajason_: That hasn't stopped Ubuntu in the past, look at Hardy :P07:30
jason_I never had any problems... guess I was lucky.07:31
jason_Afief: looking through the logs, it looks like it may be kernel problems...07:32
Jordan_UWhat is the difference between the flash support from libasound2-plugins and libflashsupport?07:32
Afiefjason_, logs?07:32
LSD|NinjaWhy'd they bump to 2.6.27 anyway?07:32
jason_Afief: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/09/05/%23ubuntu+1.html07:33
AfiefLSD|Ninja, I heard that 2.7.27 has better support for stuff like the new AMD platform(panda or whatever it's called) which many new laptops are using07:33
LSD|Ninjameh, who cares about AMD laptops? :P07:34
AfiefLSD|Ninja, I'm working on one right now07:35
LSD|Ninjayou have my condolences :P07:35
AfiefLSD|Ninja, why is that? I love it07:35
LSD|NinjaAMDs mobile offerings have always been major fail07:36
Afiefthey might not be as powerful as intel stuff, but I can live with that for all the openess of the platform07:38
HobbseeAfief: what's holding back the release?  testing, and bugs, most likely.07:38
AfiefHobbsee, yup but i was wondering if something specific was known07:39
LSD|NinjaAfief: the openness of their platform is one of the reasons for it failing so hard07:39
AfiefLSD|Ninja, how so? I'm buying AMD because I'm getting open source drivers for pretty much everything from them07:40
wha1Afief: i dont think LSD|Ninja trying to have reasonable discussion07:41
LSD|NinjaOh, you meant that kind of open. You can get that from Intel too but it's neither here nor there, really. I was referring to how AMD let anyone and everyone make components for it resulting in the platform lacking anything remotely resembling the integration present in Centrino07:42
Ronaldi own a centrino... what integration are you talking about. its ONLY a fixed set of components07:43
AfiefLSD|Ninja, in the days of the centrino AMD was still beating the crap out of intel, it wasn't until the Core Duo/Quad came along that Intel overtook AMD07:43
Ronaldwith a rather bloated wireless driver manager component under windows07:43
HobbseeAfief: probably just people waking up, and more people finishing tests, i'd say.07:43
Hobbseethe current tests look pretty goo.d07:43
AfiefHobbsee, I hope so, been waiting for it all day yesterday07:43
HobbseeAfief: it's usually late on the 4th, or the 5th.07:44
AfiefHobbsee, current tests?07:44
LSD|NinjaAfief: we're talking about mobiles. AMD have never been able to offer a decent mobile product, ever07:44
Hobbseeon wehther the cd images are any good.07:44
Ronaldcentrino is a marketing thing, and look how it works for LSD|Ninja07:44
AfiefLSD|Ninja, I don't claim lots of knowledge about mobiles, but this is new for me07:44
RonaldLSD|Ninja, as long as current AMD products can make a desktop machine that consumes less power then my centrino laptop...07:45
AfiefHobbsee, where can you see that?07:45
LSD|NinjaRonald: the individual components are all designed to interact together, you don't get that level of integration with a CPU from AMD, a chipset from VIA and a wireless chip from Broadcom07:45
Ronaldthere is no integration07:45
Ronaldits a cpu from intel07:45
HobbseeAfief: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/07:45
Ronalda wireless chip from the other side of intel07:45
Ronalda chipset from a 3rth part of intel07:45
HobbseeAfief: if you were bored yesterday, you could have tested the images, you know.07:46
Ronaldno integration just same label, different designers07:46
AfiefLSD|Ninja, this is the machine I bought, I couldn't find anything as good from intel: http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsID=121307:46
AfiefHobbsee, wish I had known about that:(07:46
HobbseeAfief: you'll know for next tribe, and i'm not sure if they're still testing.07:46
Hobbseego ask in #ubuntu-testers, after reading the instructions07:46
LSD|NinjaRonald: you honestly believe the home field advantage accounts for nothing?07:46
AfiefHobbsee, thanks now I got something to read:D07:47
RonaldLSD|Ninja, indeed. it works or it doesn't07:47
AfiefLSD|Ninja, home field?07:47
LSD|NinjaAfief: It's an expression. In sports, a team generally plays better on their home ground for various reasons, not the least of which being they don't have to travel07:48
RonaldLSD|Ninja, the wireless chip is attached to the PCI bus07:49
Ronaldthe blahblah chip is attached to the pci bus07:49
Ronaldthe grafics chip (from ATI) is attached to the pci-e bus07:49
LSD|NinjaWifi is PCIe since Napa07:50
Ronaldimho you clearly fell for intels most excelent marketing over the centrino platform07:50
AfiefRonald, guess we need a good marketing team for Ubuntu too:)07:52
Ronaldmarketing is key to mass-worldwide success07:53
LSD|Ninja"Ubuntu on AMD: Fail for the whole family" :P07:53
Ronaldmicrosoft did a most excelent job for a long while ;) intel currently with centrino... AMD always been, and still is crap at marketing07:53
Ronaldtheir uprise is purely thanks to hitting a very good product the moment intel fubared07:54
Cheprastill no alpha-5? :/07:54
LSD|NinjaIt helps that, even in isolation, the individual centrino components are measurably better then competitors alternatives07:55
AfiefLSD|Ninja, #hardware would probably be a great place for you to discuss this stuff with the most knowledgable people on freenode07:57
mrtimdogHi, I'm wanting to add my own menus to my panel, as in hardy I can't find a way to do this with the gnome-panel so I'd like to swap it (still using gnome) for the xfce4-panel. I can't find where it's started now as ~/.gnome2/session seems to be being ignored? Any pointers?08:16
larryHowdy folks08:22
larryI'm using 8.10 alpha 4 (freshly upgraded) and most everything works08:22
larrybut my proprietary Juniper VPN client08:23
larryIt fails mysteriously08:23
larrywe think the problem is that it requires a setuid program08:24
larryand it seems like it's not allowed to be run setuid.08:24
larryif I run the program directly I get "permission denied"08:24
larryin 8.04 I could run the program fine.08:24
larryDid something about setuid change violently between 8.04 and 8.10?08:25
Jordan_Ularry: What is the output of "ls -l /path/to/binary" ?08:31
larryJordan_U: -rws--s--x 1 root root 1270152 2008-09-04 22:29 ncsvc08:32
Jordan_Ularry: It may be that it's being blocked by AppArmor08:33
mrtimdogAh, I've just seen in my .xsession-errors the msg: "Session saving is not implemented yet!". Is this planned for release?08:40
DanaGHeh, hard drive naming is funny.08:46
DanaGManufacturer: WDC WD25.  Model: 00JB-00GVC0.08:46
DanaGManufacturer: Ext Hard.  Model: Disk.08:46
supertonesis there a link for alpha 5 yet of kubuntu?09:13
jussi01supertones: I havent seen one - usually you will find it here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/intrepid/09:16
larryJordan_U: sorry, got a kernel panic or something.  Any idea how I should make an AppArmor exception for my VPN client?09:19
larryI created /etc/apparmor/apparmor.d and cobbled together a profile, but the VPN client still fails, and I don't know how to get feedback on what I did wrong.09:20
Jordan_Ularry: Look in09:21
Jordan_Ularry: Hit enter by mistake, you might ask in the OpenSuse channel since that is where AppArmor originated but I am not sure if the appreciate helping with other distros ( most distro channels, including #ubuntu do not )09:23
larryJordan_U: I gather the OpenSUSE guys use YaST to make AppArmor profiles, which isn't on Ubuntu (iiuc it's also mainly their package manager)09:24
LSD|NinjaYaST does everything: install, configure, control panel, the whole nine09:25
Jordan_Ularry: You might look at what changed in the profiles between Hardy and Intrepid ( Hardy uses Apparmor also ) and it may not be AppArmor at all, that was  just a guess09:25
supertonesdoes kubuntu intrepid alpha 4 use 4.1.1?09:26
larryJordan_U: yeah, but it sure seems like a very good guess :)09:26
larryI mean, I can run the program if I'm root, and I get "permission denied" if I'm not root, and it's setuid/setgid and world executable.  what else could it be?09:27
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vistakilleri cant mount my audio cd in kubuntu ibex11:40
TheInfinitycopy protected?11:40
vistakilleri just notice that the file /dec/cdrom is not exist11:40
vistakillerall the programmes and dolphin look for audio cd in /dec/cdrom11:40
vistakilleri just find that i dont have this file11:41
TheInfinityyou mean /dev/ ?11:41
vistakilleryeah sorry :P11:41
TheInfinityperhaps /dev/dvd? or ... whatever?11:41
vistakillerthis is the strange11:41
vistakilleri can mount dvd11:41
vistakillercd with files11:41
vistakillerbut not audio cd11:41
vistakillerif i write manual the path to the driver to one programme like amarok11:42
TheInfinityyou cant mount them, thats right, you have to play them as stream11:42
vistakilleri just put in amarok /dev/scd1 and i have play my cd put this is not solution i think11:42
vistakillerwhy i dont have the /dev/cdrom file?11:43
TheInfinitylook at syslog11:43
vistakillerwhat i have to look?11:43
TheInfinitydont know, perhaps something about devs, ... or hwinfo would be also a nice start to analyze your prob11:44
vistakillercan i copy the file from live cd?11:44
TheInfinity./dev/foo are device nodes11:45
TheInfinity-> no11:45
vistakillerhm ok11:45
TheInfinitydid it work in hardy?11:45
vistakilleryeah i have it11:45
vistakillerafter the upgrade is missing11:46
TheInfinitywhy dont you just use hardy? *hmm*11:46
vistakilleri use this system from feisty11:46
dashavooStill no alpha5 then?11:47
vistakillerand always upgrade from alpha 511:47
vistakillerthis is my third upgrade11:47
TheInfinityvistakiller: then you shoult know how to watch at syslog for errors ;)11:47
vistakillerok i will look11:47
vistakillerno error is syslog :P strange11:52
TheInfinityand other info about hdd / cdrom things?11:53
TheInfinityand hwinfo detects it as cdrom?11:53
TheInfinityand what says /proc/ ?11:53
TheInfinityjust some hints for debugging ;)11:53
vistakillerok thanks11:53
hkBstwhere can I get at the alpha prereleases?12:29
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Hardy, and help keeping the servers' load low!12:30
hkBstTheInfinity: all 8.10 and intrepid directories are empty...12:31
TheInfinityhkBst: then they upload alpha5 atm12:32
hkBstok, thanks12:33
jStefani thought it was on the cdimages.ubuntu.com server12:34
Belisarivshi all12:36
BelisarivsI'm experiencing problems with keyboard12:37
Belisarivssome keys don't work in Xorg12:37
Belisarivsbut they work in termial12:37
Belisarivsit was tested on II KDE4 with system detected X.org settings and in clean setup of KDE412:38
Belisarivson notebook hp53012:38
BelisarivsI encountered same thing when attempting to install II in qemu on apsolutelly different PC12:39
Belisarivspg up, pg down, cursor keys, Insert and delete don't work12:39
BelisarivsPrint Screen. Scroll Lock and Pause don't work as well12:40
Belisarivsany ideas?12:41
Belisarivsi reported this bug12:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 263218 in xserver-xorg-input-keyboard "Wrong keys interpretation on HP530" [Undecided,New]12:41
BelisarivsI'll see if these will work in II in qemu12:42
BelisarivsAm'I the only one who has such bad luck?12:46
BelisarivsSame bug in absolutelly different conditions an being the only one complaining?12:47
whaaBelisarivs: www.launchpad.net12:48
Belisarivswhaa - What about it?12:48
whaamake a guess12:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 263218 in xserver-xorg-input-keyboard "Wrong keys interpretation on HP530" [Undecided,New]12:49
Belisarivsguess what?12:49
whaaso you posted that bug... good... now wait 4 months like i am... its only 6 days old! lol12:50
whaaor make a patch12:51
BelisarivsI would, if i could12:51
BelisarivsYou don't have this problem?12:52
Belisarivson II12:52
whaawell actually i have same type of problem with my new logitech ultra-flat keyboard... wrong mapping12:53
BelisarivsAbsolutelly wrong? Or just some keys don't work?12:53
whaasome keys wrong12:54
whaaor dont work12:54
whaabut this is in 8.04, waiting for alpha 5 to test12:55
whaain 8.1012:55
BelisarivsThen perhaps you could comment my report12:55
Belisarivsas it will perhaps be same for you12:55
BelisarivsPerhaps it will more probably draw attention of developers to fix it12:56
Belisarivsit is really anoyance12:56
whaamy scroll lock key work, but scroll lock indicator is always disabled12:57
whaasame for you?12:57
whaachecked with xev12:57
Belisarivssee that bug I reported12:57
Belisarivsi experienced malfunction of pg up and down, cursors, delete and insert12:58
whaashift+numpad_insert always print 0, and never work as paste operation, even with numlock disabled12:58
Belisarivshome, end, Scroll Lock, Pause and Print Scr as well12:58
BelisarivsOn 2 PCs which have nothing in common12:59
whaawell if keys work (try xev), then you should make correct mapping key_scancode=expected_function12:59
whaamapping table13:00
whaaif not work, its driver issue13:00
whaawait... you run ubuntu in VM?13:01
TheInfinitybtw why are xorg modules from vmware deleted in intrepid? :/13:05
BelisarivsI'm waiting for II to be installed i qemu, but have it installed on my book13:09
Belisarivswhaa - you mean this http://www.xfree86.org/current/xev.1.html ?13:10
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
BelisarivsHa. In II in qemu moue doesn't work.13:52
BelisarivsIt doesn't work only in gdm.13:58
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
thebishopdid Alpha 5 come out yesterday?14:29
thebishopBelisarivs, i only see alpha 4 there14:36
whaaomg alpha 5 was stolen!14:37
Belisarivswhaa - you meant this http://www.xfree86.org/current/xev.1.html ?14:38
dashavoothebishop, someone linked me to a script yesterday, might be useful for you too, http://pastebin.mozilla.org/53020514:42
* Oli`` wishes btnx still worked14:43
Oli``shiny new kernel of DOOM14:43
Belisarivsscript, that test every minute if II a5 is there. And if it is, it downloads it14:44
whaaOli``: but i expected kernel of QUAKE. i guess i should trade my guns and armor :(14:49
thebishopwhat is expected to be in Alpha5?  Any of the new artwork?14:50
dashavoothebishop, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/intrepid-alpha-514:52
whaamm if they made ubuntu christian edition, and muslim edition... i hope someone made also ubuntu satanic edition :/14:52
whaawith cool artwork14:52
alex-weejwhaa: they certainly did.14:53
whaagreat idea, i'll post it to launchpad14:53
whaaomg... i mean oms...14:53
BelisarivsWhat about Cthulhu edition?14:59
thebishopif the Church of Scientology became a big funder of Free software and funded development of a few major projects, would that affect your decision to use them?15:00
dashavooBelisarivs, lol15:04
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:25
_Zeus_what's going on with a5??15:47
woogensHi guys15:47
woogensWanted to ask just the same question. :-)15:47
woogensBut I guess we're not the first to ask. :-)15:47
Ngevery time you ask, the release is delayed another 6 hours ;)15:47
_Zeus_it's just that i can't find anything about it15:47
_Zeus_i mean about the delay...15:48
woogensIt's the most interesting page I could find *g*15:48
_Zeus_there it is15:48
_Zeus_they have broken download links for a5 on that page!15:49
_Zeus_down towards the bottom15:49
Cheprahttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/alpha-5/ - you mean this one?15:49
woogensErr, yes. It's like that since yesterday. It's only what the link _will_ look like when it's available, I guess.15:49
_Zeus_that's misleading15:49
_Zeus_Chepra: ya15:50
tretlecool.... didnt realize somene actually made a working version of that mockup for the user switcher applet15:58
tretlenow its a hell of allot more useful15:58
affluxtretle: you mean the status change stuff?16:02
affluxit seems to be completly unextensible: I'm using gajim and I won't be able to use the status options of fast-user-switch-applet because I had to change something in it's code and recompile the whole thing...16:03
affluxso I now have a unusable and kind of annoying red button in my taskbar ;)16:03
_Zeus_:-/ ?16:05
tretlewell telepathy is part of gnome16:05
tretleworks great with empathy, though I want to use soylant because I dont need empathy clogging up the taskbar anymore16:06
tretlewhy is it cheese isnt included with intrepid when its been in gnome since the last release?16:08
tretlehmmmm..... I noticed that the user switcher applet is unable to start the telepathy stream when you click available without having empathy open... this is a bit of a problem if you want to use something like soylent instead16:31
BUGabundomvo: ping16:41
mvoBUGabundo: pong16:42
BUGabundojust replied to your emails16:43
BUGabundobe right back16:43
mvoBUGabundo: cool, thanks. I'm away now for some minutes too16:43
=== OSUKid7` is now known as OSUKid7
BUGabundo1mvo: ping (back)16:54
* ethana2 checks for alpha 516:54
BUGabundo1still no show ethana2!16:55
BUGabundo1get a daily16:55
ethana2but it's more important that it works well16:55
BUGabundo1and then rsync it16:55
BUGabundo1private me16:56
BUGabundo1and I'll send you my scripts for it16:56
BUGabundo1instead of downloading the all ISO you just download what changed16:56
BUGabundo1quite nice16:56
ethana2.iso patches16:56
tamer_is it safe to update intrepid now ?16:58
BUGabundo1tamer_: see topic16:58
BUGabundo1ubottu: intrepid16:59
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!16:59
siouxwith which kernel the next intrepid will be released17:00
bazhang!info linux-image17:01
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB17:01
tamer_i accedently updating my ubuntu to interpid17:02
tamer_i want to stop17:02
tamer_and get back my responsibilties17:02
tamer_how i can do that17:02
emorrisyou can't17:02
BUGabundo1I don't think there is a way to downgrade!!!!!!17:02
emorrisbackup your files, format the partiton and start again17:02
tamer_it is still downloading17:03
BUGabundo1someone should develop a way to downgrade17:03
tamer_not installed yet17:03
BUGabundo1sudo pkill apt !?!17:03
emorrisit does something before the downloading starts doesn't it?17:03
tamer_ok and how i will get back my sources17:03
tamer_yes it did17:03
siouxkernel.org is stop to 2.6.2617:04
tamer_can anyone help me please17:04
BUGabundo1sioux: no! we are on .2717:04
BUGabundo1for 2 weeks now17:04
BUGabundo1tamer_: did you kill it !?17:05
tamer_yes i kill it17:05
tamer_but i want to get back my sources17:05
siouxkernel.org do not has any image with 2.6.2717:05
BUGabundo1now sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list17:05
BUGabundo1and replace all entries of intrepid by hardy17:06
BUGabundo1sioux: ask ben17:06
sioux:-) sorry yes it has17:07
siouxit is a pre-pach17:07
BUGabundo1mvo: ping17:11
BUGabundo1Is it just me or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/current/ is 404 !?17:19
shadowhywindhay all having a bit of issues with the new kernel, when i try to boot from it, it says kernel alive and then kernel really alive and it just hangs there any ideas17:20
woogensBUGabundo1: It's working for me.17:20
x1250there's a nice way of replacing hardy for intrepid in sources.list -> sudo sh -c "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | sed s/hardy/intrepid/ > /etc/apt/sources.list"17:20
bazhangBUGabundo1, works here too17:21
BUGabundo1rsync and wget from here is failing for the DVDs. LiveCDs are working.. strange17:22
BUGabundo1shadowhywind: sed would do it with much less code17:23
shadowhywindBUGabundo1: huh?17:23
BUGabundo1no need for cat17:23
BUGabundo1just add -I17:23
BUGabundo1- i17:23
BUGabundo1not for you17:23
BUGabundo1x1250: read above17:23
siouxdo you know if spca561a module is available?17:23
siouxnext intrepid?17:24
alejandeusis alpha 5 gonna be ready any time today?17:24
BUGabundo1eheh alejandeus17:25
BUGabundo1why are you so hurry?17:25
BUGabundo1its delayed as usual...17:25
BUGabundo1download a daily and rsync it latter17:25
alejandeusno no... I'm not in a hurry17:25
alejandeusits Friday and I thought I'd have some time to seriously check it out over the weekend17:25
alejandeusgotta really try the 2.6.27 kernel17:26
BUGabundo1the dailies already have it!17:27
alejandeusI forget what the delay was with Hardy... was it only 1 day?17:27
BUGabundo1no need for alpha517:27
alejandeusalpha delay I mean17:27
shadowhywindanyone else running the 2.6.27 kernel?17:27
BUGabundo1alejandeus: I guess ppl keep uploading stuff to the reps, and then it fail building the images17:27
BUGabundo1I'm running it shadowhywind17:28
BUGabundo1and I'm not impressed17:28
BUGabundo1my webcam stop working17:28
shadowhywindBUGabundo1: i can't even get it to boot17:28
whaaBUGabundo1: last daily i downloaded was not able to boot. and 8.04 daily i downloaded half-year ago wiped all data on my drives during install17:28
BUGabundo1wiki rf kill swhitch too17:28
BUGabundo1I just booted this morning with yesterdays image17:29
alejandeusthanks Vagabundo...17:29
alejandeusguess its safer to wait for the image build up17:29
shadowhywindBUGabundo1: by anychance you didn't get a kernel alive kernel really alive at boot did you?17:29
mvoBUGabundo1: pong17:30
BUGabundo1not really shadowhywind17:30
BUGabundo1hi mvo17:30
BUGabundo1so what about your clone app?!17:30
_Zeus_shadowhywind: what are those kernel alive really alive things anyway?17:30
BUGabundo1its giving me errors17:30
BUGabundo1humm is it KVM probs?17:30
alejandeusbtw... did the alternative boot to GRUB make it to the feature freeze?17:31
shadowhywind_Zeus_: I have no clue.. but it stops me froom booting up17:31
x1250BUGabundo1, yep, I always forget that sed can use an input file. this works: sudo sh -c "sed 's/hardy/intrepid/' -r /etc/apt/sources.list > /etc/apt/sources.list"17:31
BUGabundo1too much code! lol17:32
alejandeusupdate-managerĀ -d should update to pseudo alpha 5 no?17:34
Picialejandeus: yep17:34
vbabiyis there a ISO of alpha 5 yet?17:35
BUGabundo1no there isn't17:35
BUGabundo1alejandeus: it will update to current reps17:35
BUGabundo1there is no idea of alphas on the reps17:35
vbabiyhas any one been able to install alpha 4 in virtual box17:36
x1250vbabiy, not yet, but there's the daily iso17:37
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/17:37
alejandeusone last question17:40
mvoBUGabundo1: just run "sandbox-clone-to-vm"17:40
alejandeusif I update-manager -d , but I am running right now a personally modified kernel?17:40
Ergo^hey, shouldnt we have alpha 5 for now ?17:40
* BUGabundo1 tries mvo tip17:41
alejandeuswill the update install the default kernel or will it , as I fear, bbase itself on the current running one?17:41
mvoalejandeus: it will install a new one and amke it defualt, but will not remove your existing one17:42
BUGabundo1mvo: $ sandbox-clone-to-vm \n /usr/bin/sandbox-clone-to-vm: line 34: ubuntu-vm-builder: command not found17:42
x1250Ok BUGabundo1, here's a shorter version, lol: F=/etc/apt/sources.list;sudo sh -c "sed 's/hardy/intrepid/' -r $F > $F17:42
BUGabundo1why not just use -i option?17:42
x1250Uhm, I don't know what that option does, I'll check the man17:43
BUGabundo1sed s/hardy/intrepid/ -i PATH17:43
x1250uhm, nice17:43
alejandeusmvo: thanks for the help... I know it won't remove my existing one.... my question is rather if the "new" one will be compiled based on the current one.... for e.g. I have some Intel HDA Sound Energy Saving selected in my current customized kernel17:43
x1250I'll try it17:43
alejandeuswill the new installed kernel preserve that kernel tweaking or not?17:44
Ergo^is there a delay with next intrepid alpha ?17:44
BUGabundo1YES Ergo^17:44
BUGabundo1some one should put that on the topic!17:44
alejandeusI agree Vaga17:45
void^alejandeus: no17:45
alejandeusoh... sweet17:45
Ergo^hm... is there a big delay ? i  was counting i could  grab the image soon17:45
alejandeuscoz I don't like my tweaking (except the b43 patch applied for aircrack-ng)17:46
BUGabundo1for the 4th time17:46
BUGabundo1get the daily iso17:46
BUGabundo1and if you still want it when it comes out, rsync the diff17:46
alejandeusallright... so I'm gonna go ahead and update-manager -d17:46
Ergo^k, thanks17:47
BUGabundo1no prob Ergo^17:47
Ergo^i wonder how "stable" it is17:47
BUGabundo1I really should post my rsync script on some wiki17:47
BUGabundo1it isn't17:47
BUGabundo1ppl can't even turn it off17:47
Ergo^i tried alpha 3 i think17:47
BUGabundo1must run sudo halt17:47
Ergo^reboot doesnt work ? :]17:47
BUGabundo1hibernation is quite bad (it was working a few weeks ago)17:47
Ergo^maybe i should try lenny again...17:48
BUGabundo1pm-utils began failing17:48
BUGabundo1and all this kernel updates mess NVidia17:48
x1250BUGabundo1, thanks, -i rocks. It is much more simple with it! $ sudo sed 's/hardy/intrepid/' -i /etc/apt/sources.list17:48
BUGabundo1there is no current support for ATI17:48
BUGabundo1and -RT kernels aren't buitl17:48
Ergo^lol.. BUGabundo1 just tell me that you dont want me to install it ;P17:48
BUGabundo1I KNOW x1250 that's why I told you 4 TIMES17:49
BUGabundo1install it Ergo^17:49
BUGabundo1we need more testers17:49
x1250:) I'm a slow learner17:49
BUGabundo1sicne we began Feature Freeze17:49
BUGabundo1need to get bugs reported and fixed17:49
BUGabundo1by RC17:49
LSD|NinjaIs the final version of whatever version of xorg is in there going to make it time for October? Or are you agin going to make a release with a big-tickeet piece of software still in beta?17:50
Ergo^BUGabundo1: if its "usable" i can file bug reports but i also need workable (programming stuff) workstation17:55
BUGabundo1ubottu: intrepid17:55
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!17:55
BUGabundo1Ergo^: see.... BROKEN SOFTWARE17:55
BUGabundo1if you NEED your machine and CAN'T wait for fixed, you should be kept on stable17:56
Ergo^hehe... yeah, im just used to unstability of lenny, it was very workable stuff :]17:57
alejandeus1.4 GB for the daily iso17:57
alejandeusnot bad17:57
alejandeusbig ibex17:57
BUGabundo1let me check mine17:57
alejandeusand had just updated before17:57
Ergo^1.4 gb ?? how come ?17:57
BUGabundo1-rw-r--r-- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 697M 2008-09-05 17:14 /home/bugabundo/temp/intrepid-desktop-amd64.iso17:57
BUGabundo1-rw------- 1 bugabundo bugabundo    0 2008-09-05 17:19 /home/bugabundo/temp/intrepid-dvd-amd64.iso17:57
BUGabundo1-rw-r--r-- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 693M 2008-07-02 11:47 /home/bugabundo/temp/ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso17:57
BUGabundo1-rw-r--r-- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 695M 2008-07-02 11:47 /home/bugabundo/temp/ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso17:57
BUGabundo1-rw-r--r-- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 545M 2008-07-02 12:23 /home/bugabundo/temp/xubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.iso17:57
alejandeusallright, it said 1417 MB17:57
BUGabundo1mine is 697M17:57
alejandeusnot the iso17:58
alejandeusI meant the update-manager -d17:58
BUGabundo1that many!!?!?!!?17:58
alejandeusexcuse my confusion making17:58
alejandeus1708 files17:58
alejandeus1 hour at 371 kB/s17:59
BUGabundo1alejandeus: are you using main ?!17:59
alejandeuspartial upgrade message came up17:59
BUGabundo1try a closer mirror17:59
alejandeusehhh... I think so...17:59
alejandeus371 is not a bad speed at all17:59
BUGabundo1main is ALWAYS overloaded17:59
BUGabundo1is it not?17:59
alejandeusbut Ill follow your wise advice17:59
BUGabundo1I'm at 1MiBs and think it is slow18:00
alejandeuschanging to Polish18:00
alejandeuswhat connection do you have?18:00
BUGabundo1make sure they mirror INTREPID18:00
BUGabundo1many mirrors don't add TRUNK/devel versions18:00
tretle_has any work been done on integrating pulse audio into gnome mixer properly yet?18:01
NgBUGabundo1: it's more likely that the connection between you and archive.ubuntu.com is slow/congested. those servers are only "overloaded" when there are big updates (firefox/kernel/openoffice) or a new release18:01
alejandeus24 MB,... I am at a 3MB daytime 6 nightitme18:01
Nge.g. atm I am getting ~8MB/s from there to germany18:01
alejandeusdoing the test to see which is selected as fastest18:02
alejandeusfunny.... got a german one..... if only the poles knew...18:02
alejandeusnow a swiss one18:02
alejandeusand now spain?=18:03
BUGabundo1alejandeus: either wget a deb and check speed or use mtr to test the link18:05
alejandeusnahh... 3732.18:06
alejandeusone thing at a time...18:06
alejandeusI'm in no rush18:06
alejandeusbesides.. I've never seen this connecting doing better than 37218:06
alejandeusyour 24MB is faster than what I get with my wireless and ubuntu in my intranet18:09
alejandeusanyhow... I'll let u guys know how its working18:09
alejandeusindeed 1708 files for download18:09
* BUGabundo1 goes to get something to eat18:10
momoi'm having troubles with intrepid; when i activate nvidia drivers, my wifi card still works, associate to acces point and give ip but i can't ping my router or browse web etc ...18:33
momoand without activating nvidia driver it works fine18:34
BUGabundoping BUGabundo18:38
RaspberryAnybody have a good walkthru for connecting to Wireless / DHCP from the console?18:42
Raspberrydhclient doesn't find a DHCP server18:42
Raspberryalthouh I know wireless is working :)18:43
Raspberryit sees the ESSID / AP w/o issue18:43
Raspberrythe only reason I ask is because I can no longer login to my 8.10a4 system ... I get past gdm and instead of loading my session it sits at a tan screen w/o any hdd activity...  I deleted the contents of my home directory, but that didn't make a difference... it recreates the .gnome2 and other folders, so I know it's recognizing my user account18:44
EruditeHermithey, does anyone know why alpha 5 isn't out yet?18:45
=== pingu is now known as Guest46749
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
cyphasehmm, found a bug in vino on intrepid.. if someone connects, it correctly removes the wallpaper. then if someone else connected, then disconnects, it puts the wallpaper back, even though there's still someone connected19:09
Picicyphase: log a bug :)19:10
cyphasePici: yea, i know :)19:10
Picicyphase: okay, just making sure19:10
cyphasedoes anyone know if alpha 5 will work in virtualbox?19:11
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
ToHellWithGAi have title bars in all applications except firefox.  closing/killing firefox and reopening does not make the title bar reappear, nor does restarting the computer19:27
xanax`when will intrepid alpha 5 be released ?19:27
dashavooxanax`, alpha5 is a myth, really it jumps from alpha4 to alpha619:28
xanax`huh ?19:28
jStefantbh, i'm still waiting for my cake!19:28
dashavooThey are never releasing intrepid alpha5, alpha6 will be here on the 18th19:28
xanax`I don't see the point for a version numbering jump19:28
ToHellWithGAi don't see a title bar in firefox19:29
dashavooToHellWithGA, title bars in firefox are a myth19:29
ToHellWithGAis my problem unique or is it related somehow to this combination of firefox/ubuntu versions?19:29
jStefanToHellWithGA: http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=599010&page=219:32
bsnideri solved the newwave error message19:38
ToHellWithGAjStefan: i only lose the title bar in firefox19:45
ToHellWithGAall other title bars are exactly as they should be19:45
ToHellWithGAit makes me think it is a firefox issue rather than a compiz issue19:45
crdlbToHellWithGA: is firefox going fullscreen?19:45
ToHellWithGAthe fact that such a compiz issue exists is making it impossible for me to find useful results in google because so many people whine about compiz trouble19:45
jStefannever heard of it before, that's just the result of a google search19:45
ToHellWithGAcrdlb: it is not currently fullscreen.  f11 does put it into or out of a normal fullscreen mode19:46
ToHellWithGAafter two days of this, caused by browsing to a site that managed to nag me with popups despite the blocker, i'm tempted to just make a list of extensions i'm using, backup my bookmarks, and remove my profile19:46
crdlbToHellWithGA: so, you can move it around (alt+button1) and resize it (alt+button2)?19:47
ToHellWithGAi had to mash the everloving snot out of ctrl+w to close all of the popups19:47
ToHellWithGAi cannot move or resize it19:47
ToHellWithGAall other windows i can move and resize19:47
crdlbnot even with alt+button1?19:47
ToHellWithGAnot even with that19:48
ToHellWithGAi'm assuming you mean left mouse button19:48
ToHellWithGAif i didn't like images i'd switch to elinks permanently19:49
ToHellWithGAi already loathe bells and whistles based flash sites19:49
Raspberryanybody else having trouble even logging on after the latest kernel upgrade?19:49
crdlbToHellWithGA: here's what I'd expect happened: that website resized your browser window to your exact screen resolution, which made the compiz Workarounds plugin decide that it was trying to go fullscreen19:50
crdlboh, and firefox's fullscreen mode will continue to work as it does proper fullscreening (with _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN)19:51
doggymenzanyone can run the latest wine?19:52
doggymenz1.1.3 or wahtever19:52
doggymenzin intrepid?19:52
doggymenzalpha5 still not announced. grrrrrrrrrr19:52
crdlbToHellWithGA: you should turn off "Legacy fullscreen support" in ccsm > Workarounds, and you can use the Extra WM Actions plugin to create a fullscreen toggle (eg Ctrl+Alt+F)19:52
jmckinziehello...any intrepid users that can help me?20:00
jmckinziehello...any intrepid users that can help me?20:00
jmckinziecannot get compiz fusion to work on my nvidia quadro nvs 440 card20:01
jmckinzieusing triple monitor setup.20:01
crdlbhow exactly is that set up?20:01
jmckinzieerror: The composite extension is not available20:02
jmckinziealso, it is enabled in xorg.conf20:02
crdlbthat just means you're using Xinerama20:02
crdlbwith which, nvidia does not support composite20:02
jmckinzieits setup using the nvidia version 173 restricted drivers20:02
jmckinzieok, how can i get compiz fusion to work then?20:03
Turskiand i think it it doesn't support 3d-acceleration with winerama20:03
jmckinzieohhh....i have xinera enabled20:03
ToHellWithGAcrdlb: that worked.  what was happening?20:03
crdlbnvidia does support 3d xinerama, just not composite20:03
jmckinzieperhaps i should try disabling it20:03
crdlbToHellWithGA: see "here's what I expect happened" :)20:04
jmckinzieok....just not sure how to enable compiz fusion20:04
crdlbjmckinzie: does this card actually have 3 outputs? or are you using two cards?20:04
jmckinzieno card has two dvi outputs that are using spliters (cables) for up to 4 displays...i have 320:05
crdlbso yeah, disable xinerama and see what happens20:06
jmckinzieperhaps i could provide my xorg.conf?20:06
crdlbI expect that two of the screens will be twinviewed together20:06
ToHellWithGAcrdlb: got it20:06
crdlband the last one will be separate20:06
ToHellWithGAthat's obnoxious and cool at the same time20:06
ToHellWithGAperhaps i could disable websites' resizing my browser20:06
jmckinzieyes but how do i get the displays to act as 1 unit without xinerama?20:06
crdlbjmckinzie: you can't20:07
jmckinzieso i have to have 1 display not functional...that sucls20:07
crdlbit wouldn't be non-functional ...20:08
crdlbjust a separate screen20:08
jmckinziecant drag screens across....20:08
crdlband I'm just guessing based on my limited knowledge of nvidia20:08
jmckinzieis what i meant.20:08
crdlbso try it before making a decision :)20:08
jmckinzieyes, you are right...i have spent hours trying to get this to work 1 will be twinview and the otttther seperate x display20:09
Picicrdlb: Do you happen to know if ATI's restricted drivers are working in Intrepid currently? There was an issue with the xorg version a bit a go and I figured you might know if that was resolved.20:09
x1250I've made deb packages for pidgin-2.5.1, so if anyone is interested here they are: http://rapidshare.com/files/142903111/pidgin_2.5.1.tar.gz.html20:11
crdlbPici: I haven't heard anything, so as far as I know, both fglrx and nvidia-glx-96 are broken20:11
crdlbPici: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/24737620:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 247376 in ubuntu-release-notes "undefined symbols when trying to load fglrx" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:11
crdlbyep, still broken20:11
Picicrdlb: oh well, thanks :)20:12
jmckinziecrdlb....BRB restarting X20:12
noodlesgcdoes anyone know why A5 is not out?20:13
noodlesgchttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/alpha5 but the download links dont work :(20:23
pwnguinhmm. apparently next week is ubuntu+2 naming time20:23
* pwnguin votes for jackalope20:24
crdlbjumping jackalope20:24
danbhfivewhere is the list?20:24
pwnguini think they're saying brainstorm20:24
jStefannoodlesgc, that reads "hardy"20:26
noodlesgc:( oops, I am stupid20:26
CarlFKhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ intrepid-desktop-i386.iso       04-Sep-2008 09:45  696M20:26
CarlFKok, few hours late...20:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about codename20:27
ubottuUbuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more20:28
momodoes anyone knows what is exaclty linux-restricted-modules-2.6.27-2-generic ?20:29
eeejayso when will the alpha5 iso reach the ftp sites?20:30
CarlFKhttp://www.ubuntu.com/testing/  no A5 - who said it exists ?20:32
doggymenzalpha5 not out20:38
doggymenzits almost 2 day late20:38
doggymenzit suppose go out sep 420:38
doggymenznow is sep 5, almost sep 6 in 2,5 hour20:38
doggymenzanyone ran the latest wine on intrepid?20:38
danbhfivelol, jackass?20:39
pwnguinmaybe it's time for blueJay20:40
danbhfivejumpity junebug20:40
danbhfivejoyous jellyfish20:40
noodlesgcwhy were the first ubuntu's not following the naming convention?20:41
danbhfivejolted jackass20:41
danbhfiveyou should click the link, it tells the background20:41
alejandeusjunkie jaguar20:41
noodlesgcwhy did they skip 'A'20:42
pwnguinbecause they started with w :P20:42
noodlesgcwhy no 'C'?20:43
alejandeusjinxed jackal20:43
danbhfiveooo, we can skip j20:44
danbhfivekooky koala!20:44
bsniderjinxed jackal is what they should have called vista20:47
alejandeusI'd go for Jinxed Jackass20:47
alejandeusfor Vistga that is20:47
noodlesgc'U' should be Ubuntu Ubuntu20:49
bsniderby the time they get that far, they'll be a subsidiary of hte microsloth corporation20:50
tech404so the current daily is a5?20:50
danbhfivejaundiced jackass       thats just gross...20:52
danbhfivebut hey, they pick em!20:52
bsniderjaundiced jackass, you mean john mccain?20:54
pwnguinno, his codename is jutting jaw. close though20:55
Bert_2Sorry, is alpha5 postponed or did I miss the announcement ?20:57
pwnguini think there's been some concern about the images failing tests20:57
noodlesgcBert_2 I dont know if there was an announcement, but it is apparently delayed.20:58
bsnideri'd definitely like to see them wait for a kernel update first, but whatever20:58
pwnguinfrom what im reading, it seems like a release is immenent20:58
Bert_2noodlesgc: okey, thx20:59
bsniderevery morning i set down at this machine and it has crashed overnight20:59
pwnguinhave you reported the bugs?21:00
bsniderda kernel's dead and somthin' done kil't it, but i dunno what21:01
pwnguini dont see why a kernel update would fix it then21:03
dashavooAlpha 5!21:03
Bert_2dashavoo: has it been released ?21:04
dashavoono :( the script seems to have lied21:04
noodlesgcno, it did not lie21:04
dashavooI didn't think it would, but it isn't there21:05
Bert_2noodlesgc: dashavoo: the directory is still empty, perhaps they're uploading it or something...21:05
dashavooYeah, maybe21:05
noodlesgcyes, it looks like it.21:05
dashavooThe funny thing is, when the whatsit popped up to say it had been released, it seriously made me jump21:06
solarionwhere's the link to the iso for intrepid?21:06
Bert_2solarion: it hasn't released yet21:07
bsnideron the internet21:07
dashavoointrepid isn't released until October, alpha5 hasn't been uploaded yet21:07
solarionBert_2: not alpha4 or alpha5?21:07
tech404Does anyone know if/why util-linux is still using volid? The change log suggests that the maintainers plan to move to blkid for intrepid but I can't find much more info on it. Is there a reason we have decided not to stay with debian on this one?21:07
solariondashavoo: any eta on that?21:07
Bert_2solarion: we're still waiting for the release of alpha5 (it has been delayed)21:07
dashavoohopefully soon21:08
solariondang.  Looks like alpha4 has been taken down21:08
pwnguintech404: wouldn't the right people to ask be the laast uploaders?21:08
solarionI suppose I have a bit longer before my hardware arrives anyway21:08
bsniderget the daily-live cd21:08
Bert_2solarion: yeah, so we think they're uploading alpha521:08
pwnguinsolarion: slangsek seems to be pushing out alpha5 righit now21:08
jStefangetting closer21:08
* Bert_2 is excited :D21:10
pwnguinjumpin' joey21:10
pwnguinwhich channel supervises brainstorm?21:11
dashavooI reckon creating that source directory was just a cruel joke on somebody's behalf21:12
solarionbsnider: where is daily livecd?21:12
bsnideri'd tell you but i'm watching tennis21:13
Bert_2no no21:13
Bert_2the page came up21:13
solarionah, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:13
Bert_2the webpage is up21:13
dashavooAha, so it did!21:13
solarionbsnider: at least your response doesn't require my demise.  ;)21:13
Bert_2and the ISO's are up :D21:13
* Bert_2 is downloading 8.10Alpha5 Desktop amd6421:14
noodlesgcthe iso's are not up21:14
bsnideryou found it without my help21:14
pwnguinheh, with this much anticipation21:14
Bodsdathe dvd iso link wasnt giving me any joy today, any known reason why it downloaded a 700byte file?21:14
pwnguinthere should be a release party ;021:14
Bert_2noodlesgc: and what are the iso's on this page: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/alpha-5/21:14
solarionbsnider: I just effing googled it.  ;)21:14
bsnidergoogle is your effing friend21:15
Bert_2pwnguin: yeah, release party :D :P21:15
* dashavoo is also downloading it21:15
noodlesgcBert_2 all i get is a page that says, Parent Directory, and source/21:15
pwnguinnoodlesgc: theres likely a lot of servers on round robin21:15
pwnguinsome will get updated before others21:15
noodlesgcnvm, i am stupid21:15
Bert_2noodlesgc: what pwnguin says :P21:15
bsniderit doesn't have pulseaudio 9.1121:16
Bert_2bsnider: where do you see the release notes ?21:16
bsniderthe reason i know that is that it wasn't offered as an update today21:16
noodlesgcwait, using the torrent is pretty useless right?21:17
Bert_2bsnider: aaaah :o21:17
dashavoopwnguin, I already had loads of food and drink to keep me going with the wait... but I am still up for a party21:17
Bert_2noodlesgc: guess so :P21:17
bsnideryou can check the manifest to see what files are on it21:17
pwnguindashavoo: well, we can serve up bug report cocktails21:17
dashavoopwnguin, lol21:17
pwnguinand bitesize bugfixes ;)21:17
Bert_2pwnguin: jummy :D21:17
Bert_2for those on alpha4: does nspluginwrapper still suck (64-bit) ?21:18
bsnideryes it does21:18
Bert_2sorry, shouldn't have used that word21:18
bsnidertotally unusuable with fireforks21:18
Bert_2bsnider: okey21:18
bsniderfireforks will crash instantly on flash sites21:19
Bert_2bsnider: do you know why it works better with opera ?21:19
dashavooWhat is fireforks?21:19
luboszno a5 today21:19
bsniderbecause opera has better support for flash 10's windowless mode21:19
luboszthen edit this link :D https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseSchedule21:19
bsnidergrab epiphany. it can use flash 1021:19
RaspberryISOs aren't out yet21:19
Raspberrylink works :P21:19
Bert_2bsnider: I'm now on hardy with flashplayer9 and also here flash works a lot better in opera, I don't understand why21:20
luboszanyone figured out how to compile epiphany with webkit?21:20
bsnideryou don't have to compile it21:20
bsniderit's included in intrepid21:20
luboszare there debs already?21:21
luboszit is?21:21
Raspberryanybody have a good walkthru on how to get wireless dhcp working from the console?21:21
bsnideryou can choose not to install epiphany-gecko and install epiphany-webkit instead21:21
Bert_2does anyone know a browser that works stable with nspluginwrapper but that has support for firefox extentions ?21:21
bsniderbecause only flash 10 is available in intrepid and it's a firefox design issue21:22
Bert_2bsnider: this proves yet again that the 64bit world seems to hate me...21:22
=== dressed_in_black is now known as AndrewB
bsnideri cheated. i took the libflashplugin.so for flash 9 and replaced the one in intrepid21:23
Bert_2bsnider: so I guess mozilla isn't going to fix that very soon...21:23
bsniderfireforks 3.1 will havea  fix guaranteed21:23
Bert_2bsnider: are you on 64bit ?21:23
bsniderand when that comes out in the 26th century, we'll all rejoice21:23
bsnideryes i am21:23
dashavooRaspberry, what is your problem?21:23
Bert_2bsnider: how can you use libflashplugin.so, my systems use nspluginwrapper for everything, am I doing something wrong then ? (this is on my hardy system)21:24
bsniderdo you have a directory on your system called /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree?21:25
jStefantorrent doesnt seem to be moving :(21:26
Bert_2bsnider: yeah, and it contains the file you talked about21:26
dashavoojStefan, probably because it hasn't got round enough people yet, which image you after?21:26
bsniderthat is flash21:26
noodlesgcjStefan yeah, i tried it, too. Instead i just used axel.21:26
jStefanshould be the most common?21:26
bsnideri replaced it with flash 9's file. on intrepid this fixes the problem, because flash 9 doesn't have that windowless mode crap that's causing the fireforks crashes21:27
jStefanit's the first time i use transmission, i wonder if something could be wrong21:27
Bert_2bsnider: and if I do something with that file, does that change anything to how much flash9 also sucks on hardy in firefox ?21:27
noodlesgcjStefan it just came out, so theres really not many seeders21:27
jStefanisn't the server itself a seed?21:27
bsniderBert_2, if you think it sucks on hardy, you haven't seen anything yet. it's as  good as it's going to get with fireforks 3.021:28
dashavoojStefan, if you were after 64bit I would have said once I download it I will torrent it for a bit21:28
noodlesgcjStefan i guess so. I'm getting 830Kb/s over http21:28
bsniderand it isn't an amd64 issue21:28
jStefandashavoo, i have the 64 bit on the list but, stopped for later21:28
Bert_2bsnider: ******** flash21:28
bsniderno, bleep fireforks21:28
Bert_2bsnider: ow, so flash makes firefox crash on 8.04 32 and 64 bit ?21:28
Bert_2bsnider: I try not to blame any open source projects :P21:29
bsnideras far as i know21:29
bsniderbeacuse it has to do with windowless mode21:29
bsniderfireforks doesn't support it no matter what the platform21:29
bsniderthere are OTHER issues with flash on 64 bit though21:30
Bert_2bsnider: I was talking about the flash 9 crashes21:30
dashavoolets all use swfdec instead21:30
noodlesgcdashavoo thats what I use21:30
Bert_2dashavoo: if swfdec would have all functions flash has I would21:30
dashavoonoodlesgc, I never have used it, but I saw a talk on it at LRL this year, so I intend to give it a go21:30
noodlesgcdashavoo its not great, youtube doesn't really work, I just use the firefox flashblock plugin, and never use flash sites.21:31
dashavooah =(21:31
dashavoomaybe I won't bother then21:31
Bert_2almost on 70% :D21:33
bsniderif you do a lot of flash browsing on the web, intrepid will cause you nightmares21:33
Bert_2bsnider: are they going to release it with those bugs/errors in it ?21:34
bsniderrelease what when?21:34
Bert_2bsnider: intrepid21:34
dashavoook, I am seeding intrepid-desktop-amd64.iso until my stuff finishes copying over to my external harddrive, and then I am formatting my harddrive to install alpha521:35
bsniderthey'll go back to flash 9 probably21:35
Bert_2bsnider: that's a good idea I think21:35
Jordan_Ubsnider: What problems are you having, I have just been seeing flickering but far fewer crashes21:36
bsniderfireforks doesn't support flash 10's windowless mode, so it crashes frequently21:36
Bert_2bsnider: isn't there a way (like an --option) to disable that function ?21:37
bsnideri don't care if there is, since i manually installed flash 9 and that fixed the problem21:37
Bert_2bsnider: k21:38
Jordan_Ubsnider: They could always just disable windowless mode, or would that cause more problems?21:38
bsniderwho could disable it in what?21:39
bsniderusing flash 9 solves the problem21:39
Jordan_Ubsnider: Ubuntu in the flash plugin21:39
Jordan_Ubsnider: But brings back other problems21:39
bsniderthere's nothing especially wrong with flash 921:39
Jordan_Ubsnider: You have to be kidding me21:40
Bert_2bsnider: except that it messes up if it's on a 64bit system with firefox21:40
bsniderworks alright here21:40
jStefanintrepid-desktop-i386.torrent still no activity21:40
Bert_2bsnider: so you don't have the gray flash screens and certain flash video players who don't work ?21:40
bsnideryes i do21:41
Bert_2bsnider: I have it very very often...21:41
_Zeus_yay a521:41
bsniderit is also the fault of fireforks21:41
bsnideryou said yourself that it doesn't happen in opera21:41
Bert_2bsnider: do you know what's causing the error in firefox then ?21:41
Bert_2bsnider: yeah, it's odd that it doesn't happen in opera :s21:42
_Zeus_bbl people going to upgrade to a521:42
dashavoojStefan, I am uploading on the 64 bit torrent21:42
bsnideri know since it doesn't happen in other browsers that it is clearly a fireforks problem21:42
dashavoojStefan, if the torrent isn't downloading for you, why don't you just use http?21:44
jStefani like to support p2p :P21:45
dholbertjStefan: I'm downloading via http and then gonna seed after that & support in that way21:45
dashavooYou support it better if you download it via http and then help seed with the torrent21:45
dholbertwhat dashavoo said21:45
dashavoodholbert, yeah, that is what I did/am doing with the 64bit image21:45
Bert_2finally finished downloading :D21:45
dholbertintrepid-desktop-i386 seems to have some peers21:46
dholbertintrepid-alternate has none21:46
jStefani have a feeling it's my p2p client21:46
jStefani never used transmission before21:46
dashavoojStefan, which version of transmission are you using?21:46
dholbertjStefan: I only just now got a few peers21:46
dholbertjStefan: up until 1 min ago, it only saw 1 peer21:46
dholbertjStefan: (I'm using transmission too)21:46
jStefandholbert, hardy's21:46
dholbertjStefan:  metoo21:47
dashavoojStefan, I don't think hardy version of transmission had the ability to check if the port was open on the firewall, but if it does you can check by going to Edit>Preferences>Peers21:48
dashavooI stopped using hardy's transmission because of a bug that meant it crashed my gdm session21:48
lore20intrepid fail to boot after the last update21:48
bsniderwhy use transmission when deluge is clearly the best?21:48
jStefansays port is open (as it should)21:49
dashavoonot a transmission problem then21:49
Bert_2I'm going to boot and install it now21:51
Bert_2thx for this chat ;)21:51
jStefani'll just leave it there a while, and be more patient, bbl21:52
dashavooman, I haven't even uploaded 100mb yet =(21:54
dholbertbsnider: because transmission is default? :)21:54
bsniderthat's true21:55
bsnidervery much so21:55
avishow is alpha 5 doing ?21:57
dashavooavis, about to install it and see21:59
dashavoowhy does my computer find reading and burning cds so difficult? it  makes such a noise when it is doing so!22:01
noodlesgcdoes anyone else get kernel panic trying to boot in virtualbox (using the i386 image)?22:01
mneptoknoodlesgc: that is one ugly /quit msg. what's it supposed to do?22:03
dashavooTime to install alpha5, back later22:03
noodlesgcmneptok its a uh, well virus22:03
noodlesgcdont run it22:03
mneptoknoodlesgc: as i suspected22:03
mneptoknoodlesgc: if you /quit with that message again you will be banned from Ubuntu IRC namespace22:04
mneptokyes, really.22:04
noodlesgcok, changing it now, sorry.22:04
mneptokdo you think virus propagation is in line with the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct?22:05
noodlesgcI really didn't think about it.22:05
mneptokand i think that's where you went wrong :)22:06
mneptokthanks for playing by the rules. much appreciated.22:06
noodlesgcill think from now on! :D g2g22:07
x1250does someone else have problems with pidgin + MSN protocol when invisible? Connection dies here with a "read error". This happens every time I change my status to invisible, even when trying to connect as invisible from the beginning.22:16
dashavooDoes alpha5 communicate via morsecode instead of a normal visual interface?22:27
dashavooIf so, fine, if not, my system beeper is going crazy with the alpha5 live cd22:28
eeejaydashavoo: yes, but your ear to the harddrive, you should hear it22:28
dashavooeeejay, I don't need to, I hear it through my system beeper22:29
eeejaydashavoo: is it booting?22:29
dashavooeeejay, cd goes on, I select install from the menu, and then it beeps, alot... the installer starts etc, not finished the process yet, but maaan it is annoying!22:30
pwnguindashavoo: does X come up?22:30
eeejaydashavoo: can't wait to try it myself :)22:30
dashavoopwnguin, yeah22:30
dashavooeeejay, lol22:30
pwnguindashavoo: can you check the contents dmesg?22:31
eeejaythis is what bittorrent was made for, it's so awesome22:32
dashavoopwnguin, I didn't boot the livecd bit, I selected install ubuntu, so all I have is the installer, not the rest of the desktop environment... and the font on alt+F1 etc. is too big to read22:32
pwnguindashavoo: so X doesnt come up22:35
pwnguinmaybe i should try a liveCD again some time and seee how it works these day22:36
x1250dashavoo, if nothing helps, you can deactivate the speaker using: $ sudo sh -c "echo blacklist pcspkr >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist"22:36
eeejaywhich kernel is in alpha5? *-2 or *-3?22:37
pwnguinx1250: i think you need to rmmod the pcspkr module22:37
falstaffi installed ibex today. After some time my screen went black, but i have disabled all standby settings, why?22:38
x1250pwnguin, that works for me, I use it all the time22:38
falstaffthe box is working, i can connect over ssh22:38
falstaffso it seems that just graphics went down... Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesnt work22:38
falstaffany idea how to debug?22:39
|dupondje|Network-Manager still doesn't save anything22:40
|dupondje|crappy thing :(22:41
=== |dupondje| is now known as dupondje
dashavoopwnguin, I am sshing in so I can get the dmesg22:42
_Zeus_well, a5 booted.  That's a good sign :P22:49
x1250a5 was released?22:49
_Zeus_about 1hr ago22:50
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of broken software between now and October!22:50
x1250great :)22:50
_Zeus_go to cdimage.ubuntu.com22:50
x1250yeah, I have the address22:50
_Zeus_or just check out the wiki page22:50
Killeroidhi, i am going to wipe my hd and reinstall in a few minutes. I am considering switching to reiserfs. is that a good idea? I am using a laptop btw but the laptop is almost always plugged in.22:51
_Zeus_intrepid uses nano for visudo :P22:51
_Zeus_Killeroid: i guess.... don't think you'll notice a performance increase22:51
x1250Killeroid, not for what I have read, or better ask in #debian, they are known to hate reiserfs22:51
x1250they'll recommend you ext322:52
Killeroidhehe,thanks, i will ask in debian and see what the consensus is22:52
dashavoopwnguin, that is the dmesg of the beep-crazy installer cd: http://dashavoo.com/dmesg_alpha5.txt22:54
_Zeus_man they slap all these warnings on alphas :P22:56
dashavoook there is already a bug on launchpad, I will attach my dmesg to it :)22:56
dupondjeany id's ? :(22:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 259214 in network-manager "wired connection settings are lost after reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:57
m_newtonhow do I see the version of intrepid23:09
dashavooI would say try "System>About Ubuntu" but for me it just complains about badly formed xml23:10
x1250m_newton, or $ cat /etc/issue23:12
dashavooWell as being as it seems that alpha5 isn't usable for me yet, I guess I will set about reinstalling hardy... or perhaps another distro of my choosing, for a change23:15
bsniderdashavoo, what's wrong with it?23:15
dashavoobsnider, system beep goes crazy, and since that is probably a signal that it is having trouble with some hardware I don't want to risk any serious damage23:16
bsnidertry booting the .26 kernel23:17
dashavoocan I do that from the livecd?23:17
dashavooah, because the beeping occurs on the livecd too23:17
bsnidersometimes that beep happens, sometimes it doesn't23:18
dashavooit really was driving me mad... I had to put on some very loud music to cover it up23:18
dashavoobsnider, you get it too?23:18
Raspberrymy system won't load a session since I updated to the latest kernel23:18
dashavooI have had it every time I have tried so far, but I will try again23:18
bsniderflea power it23:19
dashavoobeeping again23:19
dashavooloud css to cover it up23:19
x1250dashavoo, did you tried what I told you?23:20
dashavoox1250, I didn't see your suggestion, what was it?23:20
dashavoooh, I see, blacklist the pcspkr module23:21
x1250yes, $ sudo sh -c "echo blacklist pcspkr >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist"23:21
bsniderdevilish plan23:22
dashavoosince I am on the livecd I will just rmmod it for now, if I do install it to disk I will do that23:22
x1250dashavoo, and you can follow it by a $ sudo modprobe -r pcspkr23:22
dashavoox1250, FATAL: Module pcspkr not found.23:23
dashavooI am stuck with it, it seems23:23
dashavoohey vistakiller23:24
vistakillersecond problem in my kubuntu hardy23:25
vistakillerasoundconf alwayes crash23:25
x1250dashavoo, no idea why is not there, that never happened here...23:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 263116 in alsa-utils "asoundconf crashed with ValueError in set_default_card()" [Undecided,New]23:29
dashavoox1250, that just seconds my view that I should go no further with intrepid until the next alpha... just incase whatever is causing the beeping also causes hardware damage somehow23:30
x1250dashavoo, ok, but better report the issue so the devs know about it23:31
bsnideryou're likely to have more problems with it than just the beep23:32
dashavoothe beeping is already in launchpad from someone else, I have added my dmesg to the bug, I will edit it now to add that pcspkr is apparently not there23:33
cyphasePici: see, i filed a bug :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vino/+bug/26693223:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 266932 in vino "Problems with Vino's "Disable the wallpaper when connected" option" [Undecided,New]23:33
cyphaseand there it is. thanks ubottu ;)23:33
dashavoobsnider, I realise that, but problems that involve just software I can deal with... when it involves something as low level as the system beep I am in uncharted regions for me23:33
jStefanhello again23:35
dashavooHey jStefan23:36
doggymenzanyone here run latest wine?23:39
_Zeus_what's with the ugly new theme in 8.10?23:40
_Zeus_is everything supposed to be gray and blah and such?23:41
bsnideri'd say the kernel is the big problem right now. yeah, there are little problems with furryfox and gnome and things like that, but it's the crashes and weird beeps that are the big showstoppers23:41
bsniderand there hasn't been a kernel update in a few days23:41
_Zeus_i get the weird beeps :P23:41
void^works perfectly fine for me ;)23:41
_Zeus_sometimes i have to reboot a couple times before it actually starts23:41
_Zeus_does everyone else have this ugly new theme?23:42
bsniderright, sometimes i have to reboot a couple of times too23:42
bsniderwhat theme?23:42
dashavoo_Zeus_, do you mean newhuman?23:42
dashavoothe dark theme?23:42
_Zeus_for some reason when i booted everything looked really oldish23:42
dashavoothat happened to me with the livecd23:43
_Zeus_like a 5-year old GTK app23:43
_Zeus_the livecd was fine for me but it had another weird theme23:43
dashavoojust open the appearance settings thing and choose the human and it goes back to what you would expect23:43
void^oh, i always have to start gnome-settings-daemon manually23:43
void^hm.. i have to break the boot process because lrm-manager stalls, manually start udev, bring up lo and start gdm.. so works perfectly fine was probably a bit of an overstatement .. :]23:44
bsniderif you leave it on overnight does it crash?23:46
x1250newhuman theme looks really ugly with light input boxes, I don't like the contrast :S23:46
jStefanis it possible to install the .27 kernel on hardy by using the intrepid deb package ?23:51
zerwasAre there good (usable) open drivers for my radeon 3850? (i ask because fglrx isn't working with xserver 1.5) at the moment i am using "radeon", but it looks like it is not capable of 3D/Compositing23:56
dupondjefglrx (8.522): Installing module.23:56
dupondje........(bad exit status: 7)23:56
dupondje  Build failed.  Installation skipped.23:56
_Zeus_i just found a huge bug with a523:56
dupondjeany id ?23:56
_Zeus_UUID=b580dfdb-cbb5-45c1-a6e8-e721d9fa2a21 /               ext3    relatime,errors=remount-ro 0       123:56
_Zeus_that's from the fstab23:57
_Zeus_it might just be me but i don't think "relatime" is a valid option23:57
crdlbzerwas: that's the best you're going to get until fglrx is fixed23:57
dashavoo_Zeus_, it is23:57
dashavooit is a real option23:57
_Zeus_isn't it "realtime"?23:58
zerwascrdlb, thanks for the info23:58
_Zeus_what in the world does "relatime" do then?23:58
dashavoorelatime = relative atime23:58
zerwascrdlb, i bet it will take (at least) months until fglrx is fixed23:58
_Zeus_never knew that23:59
dashavoo_Zeus_, nor me, I googled it when you  mentioned it23:59

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