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huatsmorning !09:22
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NCommanderI got to say I like KD410:36
seb128NCommander: bah ;-)10:39
seb128NCommander: btw pangomm accepted, where is the gtkmm update now? ;-)10:39
NCommanderLost to KDE10:39
* NCommander runs10:39
NCommanderWhat was the last released version of gtkmm10:39
seb128NCommander: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gtkmm/2.13/gtkmm-2.13.7.tar.gz10:39
NCommanderMy packaging a version behind10:39
NCommanderSo on hold :-)10:39
NCommanderI think I need to install the NVIDIA blobs10:42
NCommanderKDE4.1 is graphics intesive10:42
NCommanderseb128, however, I think we'll be seeing netbook remix on the new MIPS netbook once I get some old SGI machines to turn into buildds10:43
NCommanderseb128, BTW, based on your comment, I applied for UUC10:44
seb128NCommander: I've seen the mail, good ;-)10:45
NCommanderI'm going to apply for MOTU after intrepid is released10:45
NCommanderand core-dev in '09 maybe ;-)10:45
seb128NCommander: excellent ;-)10:48
* NCommander wants to be on Ubuntu planet10:49
seb128asac: new gtk uploaded to intrepid11:26
asacseb128: is alpha5 out?11:55
seb128asac: no11:56
asacseb128: so gtk blocked alpha5 ;)?11:56
seb128asac: but there is a new GNOME on monday and half a day before weekend and I need to get those updates in before the new GNOME11:56
asacseb128: hmm ... so probably this means we can all upload again ;)11:57
asacbut good. i will test swfdec as soon as i get that build11:58
asacoh amd64 is already accepted11:59
asacme waits for DONE ;)11:59
ftaseb128, any feedback from users for the cairo lcd filter ?12:36
seb128fta: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/26423412:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 264234 in cairo "cairo breaks font antialiasing" [Undecided,New]12:37
seb128that's all12:39
seb128but Keybuk said he will look at the code so I didn't bother much12:39
seb128he's the one who applied those changes and he knows what they should be doing12:39
ftaKeybuk, any progress with cairo ?12:42
seb128vuntz: do you have the bug number for the autologin keyboard issue you were debugging at uds?12:45
vuntzseb128: freedesktop or opensuse bug?12:46
seb128vuntz: any of those12:46
seb128I guess the opensuse bug has a reference on the freedesktop one12:47
ubottubugzilla.novell.com bug 369263 in GNOME "first-time login / extraordinary k/b problems ..." [Major,New]12:47
vuntzit should have the reference12:47
seb128fta: is your issue similar to that one?12:48
seb128vuntz: thanks12:48
ftaseb128, no, mine is worse, nothing is moving at all.12:50
seb128fta: can you figure if desactivating the g-s-d keyboard plugin makes a difference12:51
seb128does ctrl-alt-fn works?12:51
seb128do you get the issue if you log in something else than GNOME?12:52
ftai didn't try that.12:52
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huatsthanks seb128 for gcalctool :)14:34
huats(since I assume you are the sponsor)14:34
sorenhuats: Nope, it was dholbach.14:58
huatssoren: oh14:58
sorenhuats: You can always check the gpg signature on the mail to intrepid-changes.14:58
huatsok :)14:58
huatssoren: i'll do that then :)14:58
huatsthanks soren14:58
sorennp :)14:59
huatssoren: silly question but how do you check the signature there ?14:59
sorenhuats: I pipe it through "gpg -v".15:00
* soren is arguably not very desktoppy15:00
huatssoren: and since I've did previously : 'nice play at the rider cup' ;p15:00
* soren pulls some more hair out.15:00
huatssoren: sounds great to me :)15:00
huatssoren: public key not found :(15:02
sorenhuats: echo "keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve15:03
sorenhuats: echo "keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve" >> $HOME/.gnupg/gpg.conf15:03
huatssoren: works great !15:05
huatssoren: thanks !15:05
huatsthe next time we eat in a veg thai restaurant I'll get you a tea ;)15:06
sorenThat really was a surprisingly satisfying meal.15:06
huatsindeed it was15:06
huatsit was quite good :)15:06
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loolember: I hope you're not sad or angry at me, but I'm sure you understand I have higher expectations for your sponsoring requests than for new contributors16:20
emberlool its ok, i ended up laughting at myself with that diff, there's no sense in it17:04
emberbtw lool i have a question about getting hamster-applet on pkg-gnome after lenny, there's an ITP on it17:08
loolember: Are the bdeps availabel in experimental?17:14
emberthe ITP isn't mine, i already mail the author, the bdps on hamster is just gtk pygtk pyobject > 2.6 and gnome-python > 2.10 , and python 2.5 (this will be changed to 2.4 on the next release due to gnome policy)17:17
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fomigoI have a problem with Nautilus in Ubuntu 8.04. It doesn't work properly - CPU 50%, but in Nautlues over root it's all right. Maybe someone knows about it anything?21:02

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