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vadi2are there any moinmoin experts about?22:37
vadi2I tried to add an apt link and I crashed it22:37
vadi2"IOError: [Errno 36] File name too long"22:37
mdkevadi2: it looks like you've tried to add an extraordinarily long pagename, which is too long for the filesystem to support22:59
mdkevadi2: but if that's not right, you might want to ask in #moin23:01
vadi2mdke: that is right, a shorter link worked23:02
vadi2any idea how can I get it not to mangle an apturl link?23:02
mdkevadi2: from the traceback it looks like you are actually trying to create a page with a long name, not insert a link. But, for any more advanced insights, you'll need to try #moin23:03
vadi2no, it was a link..23:03
mdkei wasn't aware that apt urls worked on our wiki23:04
vadi2I was hoping to make some terminal commands more newbie-friendly23:05
mdkewe have some guidelines for referring to installing packages here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Style23:05
mdkethat's what we like people to use23:06
vadi2Oh. Too bad, that page seems long and complicated, an apt link is a lot easier23:09
mdkevadi2: can you tell me about how it works? Has the ubuntu development team approved it as a secure and safe way of installing packages?23:12
mdke(presumably by the long and complicated comment, you are referring to the InstallingSoftware page rather than the WikiGuide/Style page?)23:13
vadi2mdke: yeah, they made it in fact23:13
vadi2mdke: try pasting "apt:firefox-2" for example in the address bar of firefox and pressing enter.23:13
vadi2mdke: yes, the InstallingSoftware page looks big and user would lose attention and patience quickly trying to comprehend it :(23:14
mdkeI agree23:15
mdkeare there any disadvantages with apturl?23:15
mdkeI wonder how we should use it to ensure that we are helping Ubuntu users viewing the pages on another operating system or printing them.23:17
vadi2Providing both apturl links as a recommended way and the terminal commands would be fine.23:18
mdkewell, I don't think we should be recommending terminal commands for installing software23:19
mdkehence the Style page recommendation23:20
mdkevadi2: how about you kick off a discussion about the use of apturl on the wiki on our mailing list? I see you've filed an rt already for having it enabled, but I'd like to have a discussion about the best way to use it23:21
mdkethat way we can amend the guidelines, if necessary23:21
vadi2which mailing list is that? There are many23:22
mdkeonly one for us. It's ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com23:22
vadi2mdke: ok, sent23:31
mdkethanks very much23:31
mdkegood night :)23:33
vadi2see you23:33
LaserJockmdke: if I remember correctly security was a big issue that came up when we discussed using apturl in docs previously23:44
mdkeLaserJock: I'm just about to go off to bed, could you see your way to posting on that thread to explain what the security issues are? If something is blessed by mvo, that's a pretty decent recommendation.23:49
LaserJockmdke: yeah, I'll send an email. I just don't know how much has been done about security since the last time it was discussed23:49
LaserJockmdke: could be it's now perfectly fine23:50
LaserJockoriginally it was quite prone to people putting bad URLs in our wiki pages :(23:50
mdkemaybe copy someone like mvo in then23:51
mdkehe may be able to explain further23:51

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