smp4488what gps software are you all planning on using?03:32
smp4488 so i was messing with ubuntu-mobile now my gnome theme has huge font and all the windows 07:32
smp4488got it just removed everything moblin, matchbox, and ubuntu-mobile, restarted x and it was all good07:43
ogralool, i must admit i didnt compile that list yet09:25
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loolamitk: Sorry, missed you earlier message; I think we could go for unionfs11:00
loolamitk: Anyway it's clear we're moving from 2.6.26 to 2.6.2711:01
loolamitk: Feel free to do the aufs fixes in ubuntu-intrepid first and to pull them in linux-lpia11:01
loolStevenK: Do you think you could append union=unionfs to the isolinux.cfg kernel cmdline?11:02
amitklool: ok. Then I should have an upload for lpia today.11:09
loolamitk: Will you need sponsoring?11:11
amitklool: yeah. I'll ping you if kernel team isn't online by then.11:17
amitklool: StevenK: who are these image meant for? I need to port the Poulsbo driver into intrepid too. Mike was supposed to do this so that both DRM stacks would co-exist simultaneously.11:29
loolamitk: Wow, you think you could port psb to intrepid?11:30
StevenKamitk: Please tell me when you've uploaded the kernel and I'll poke -archive to look at it11:31
amitkStevenK: I have successfully compiled it locally (rebased on 2.6.27). It still lacks psb and aufs. If this is already useful, I can upload it now.11:32
StevenKlool: ^11:33
amitklol @ lool11:44
loolamitk: It's useful!12:31
loolStevenK: StevenK!!12:31
loolHmm no that doesn't work12:31
StevenKlool: Heh12:36
StevenKlool: If you think what amitk said was okay, let's get him to upload12:36
amitkStevenK: I'll do it in 30 minutes, hungry now :)12:38
loolStevenK: I understand you had a startx race in the images13:04
loolStevenK: Did you understand what happens with the first session?  does it crash?13:04
loolStevenK: One thing I refrained doing is using the openvt -e flag because I didn't know whether upstart would track childs13:04
loolStevenK: On another topic, you mentionned you would lose your changes upon reboot; you can keep them by creating an ext3 image along the ubuntu-mid.img and labelling it casper-rw13:05
loolI see you fixed that by using -w; it might be nicer to use -e, but -w is fine13:08
loolamitk: Not sure whether you noticed, but with up to date hardy kernels, network doesn't come up on boot with CB13:30
loolamitk: I have to unplug the USB <-> Ethernet adapter and then it works13:30
persialool: I'm to blame for -w.  I don't see -e in the manpage for openvt.  What does it do?13:31
amitklool: udev problem?13:31
loologra: So scratch that lid switch thing, but the power button properly triggers a resume here13:37
loolamitk: Could be, but I rather suspect the changes in the builtin versus modular in the kernel config13:37
loolamitk: I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell what goes wrong, but these are the changes I woudl suspect13:37
loolpersia: what pkg provides openvt on your sys?13:38
loolkbd: /bin/openvt13:38
lool       -e     Directly execute  the  given  command,  without  forking.   This13:38
lool              option is meant for use in /etc/inittab.13:38
ogralool, ok, then its because i use the wrong image on it 13:38
lool=> it causes an exec() instead of fork+exec13:38
amitklool: I'll look into it sometime next week after the current task list runs out13:38
loologra: Could be because of your BIOS too13:38
ogra(was trying with the cmpc image to get the USB suspend/resume patch)13:38
loolamitk: No hurry really, but thought you might want to know13:39
loolamitk: it's hardy stuff13:39
persialool: Right.  I'm reading manpages on a hardy install.  -e is much better.13:45
* persia fixes13:46
loolI actually wanted to use it and it would have prevented upstart from relaunching, but I wanted to try it first and forgot13:46
persiaNo worries: it just looked like an obvious race, as the session was respawning wildly.  -w just something to make it shut up.13:48
loolpersia: I wonder whether console-tools' openvt provides -e, and what versions to require for kbd to get -e13:49
persialool: console-tools doesn't provide -e13:50
persiaShall we just leave it with -w for now, or do you want a hard dependency on kdb?13:50
loolpersia: I don't care strongly; openvt's size doesn't make a big difference, so it probably makes sense to not take away the possibility to use console-tools13:51
persiaOK.  I'll not make any changes then.13:51
loolUrgh http://arstechnica.com/journals/linux.media/alparc.png14:02
persialool: Just remember: software system block diagrams for frameworks are drawn by people who don't write software.14:03
loolfrom http://arstechnica.com/reviews/os/access-linux-hands-on.ars which is otherwise quite interesting14:03
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landley_davidm: sorry chromium turned out to be so pointless.19:10
landley_I didn't know they were stupid enough to write it in C++.  No wonder it requires 300 megs to boot.19:10
landley_(Why would anyone do a _new_ browser in C++?  Konqueror/Safari exists.)19:11
landley_Thought they were doing it in C, since they _mentioned_ android in the design explanation and everything.19:11
landley_Some _vague_ embedded interest.  Oh well.19:11
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landleydavidm: nevermind, I figured it out.  Webkit is Apple's safari engine, which is a fork of konqueror.20:05
landleySo the answer to "why would anyone do a new browser in c++ when konqueror/safari exists" is "they didn't".20:06
landleyStill disappointed it's in C++.  Still disappointed that Stu reports the prototype ate 300 megs of ram when he tested it.20:06
landleyBut at least now I know why.20:06

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