chillywillywhat can I run that will tell me what repo a package is in?04:00
RAOF_apt-cache policy $MYPACKAGE04:01
RAOF_Gives you all available versions of MYPACKAGE, their priorities, and the archive they're from.04:01
nhandlerchillywilly: You can also use 'apt-cache madison PACKAGE'04:13
lifelessor rmadison PACKAGE04:31
nhandlerlifeless: rmadison just shows what version of the package is in each version of Ubuntu. It doesn't show if the package is in main, restricted, universe, or multiverse.04:33
lifelessnhandler: they are suites, not repositories; if you want to be pedantic :P04:35
NCommanderhey nhandler, what's up?04:45
nhandlerNothing much NCommander. I'm working on figuring out how to get some of the packages I touched to build from source again.04:47
NCommandernhandler, build log? I"ll handle it04:47
nhandlerNCommander: I would rather figure out how to fix it myself. It will be a good learning experience.04:49
NCommandernhandler, I can give you a hint if you want?04:49
nhandlerNCommander: I'm currently working on taskjuggler. Here is the i386 build log: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17091043/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.taskjuggler_2.4.1-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz. It is complaining about missing KDEPIM, so I assume I need to add a Build-Depends04:56
NCommanderkdelibs4-dev: missing04:57
NCommanderlibkcal2-dev: missing04:57
NCommanderlibkcal2-dev: does not exist04:57
dholbachgooood morning07:13
ajmitchhi dholbach07:17
dholbachhi ajmitch07:17
devfildholbach: hi07:18
dholbachheya devfil07:18
highvoltagegooood morning to you too!07:19
dholbachhiya highvoltage :)07:25
aradholbach: morning, how did yesterday session end?07:33
dholbachara: I'm just writing the summary of yesterday's day :-)07:34
dholbachara: which session do you want to know more about?07:34
aradholbach: the fixing an ubuntu bug one07:34
dholbachara: oh, we managed to fix two bugs and lots of good patches turned up at the end of the session (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0809/FixingBugs2 the log)07:35
aradholbach: cool, I'll have a look to the logs07:35
dholbachpeople were clearly excited at the prospect of really being able to make a difference and make Ubuntu a better place :)07:35
lucasdholbach: I feel guilty. During debconf, jorge castro mentioned you (about harvest), and I couldn't understand that he was talking about you. It's funny how people make up their own pronounciations for names and then stick to them. :)07:38
slangasekhole-back? ;)07:39
dholbachlucas: Guilt for what? Misunderstanding my name? :-)07:39
dholbachslangasek: that's exactly how 90% of all Ubuntu people pronounce it07:39
dholbachlots of people on IRC even type  dholback07:39
lucasdholbach: not realizing he was talking about you :-)07:40
lucas"<lucas> I don't think I know him"07:40
dholbachbut I don't blame anybody, I even get letters for Mr Holbert, Holbers, Holba, ...07:40
dholbachlucas: haha :-)07:40
slangasekI've received mail for Mr. Langster07:40
StevenKdholbach: "Mr Dholbach" ? :-)07:40
dholbachslangasek: props to the post service! :)07:41
slangasekand I receive all kinds of IRC messages for someone named "sladen" ;)07:41
dholbachStevenK: or since I have the domain name some people referred to me as "Daniel Holba"07:41
StevenKslangasek: Haha!07:41
lucaswell, yesterday I had to spell out my name on the phone, and it turns out that I'm the only "nussbaum" in lyon. The guy didn't even ask for my firstname for confirmation.07:42
dholbachlucas: I absolve you from your sins. :-)07:46
lucasthanks :)07:46
slangasekdholbach: dude, sweet power, do they give that to everyone on the community team?07:47
dholbachslangasek: "I feel guilty" seemed to require an action from me07:47
dholbachslangasek: also I'm not sure the metal-heads on the community team should have that power07:48
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
zoekeni need help joining motu08:03
zoekeni don't understand the process.08:03
dholbachzoeken: did you check out  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted ?08:11
dholbachit's not necessary to join a team before starting to make Ubuntu better08:11
dholbachthe page links to all kind of documentation that's helpful on the way08:11
zoekenyeah i checked it out.......08:12
dholbachPackaging Guide, other documentation, links to lists of bugs that should be easy to start off with and how to get fixes uploaded into Ubuntu08:12
dholbachwhich process do you need help with?08:12
zoekeni followed the tutorial of how to create a simple package.....08:13
zoekenbut i don't understand what i should do in order to gain membership.08:14
dholbachthe process is pretty easy:08:14
dholbach - work on making Ubuntu better08:15
dholbach - get your work reviewed and uploaded by sponsors08:15
dholbach - repeat until you hear a lot of "hey, you're really good, you should apply for membership" from everybody :)08:15
dholbachthen apply :)08:15
zoekensponsors who are they?08:16
zoekenhow to get my work reviewed?08:16
dholbachcheck out the SponsorshipProcess page08:16
dholbachit's linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted08:16
zoekeni will check the link.........and inform u, thank u.08:19
dholbachExcellent - if you have any questions, be sure to ask here.08:19
zoekenhow to find a sponsor?08:22
dholbachit's explained on that wiki page08:22
didrocksmorning everyone \o/08:39
iulianGood morning08:41
stefanlsdWhats the correct procedure when doing something in a PPA to test something for a specific user?  I would like to rebuild a package for him to test, but I have some other guys using my PPA and i dont particulary want them to get the package. does PPA cater for this, or should i be getting him the .debs some other way?09:09
Hobbseesurely that's a question for those who do ppa...ie, #launchpad.09:09
Hobbseebut, afaik, you can't stop people getting certain packages without apt pinning, etc.09:09
stefanlsdHobbsee: thanks, will ask in #launchpad09:10
huatsmorning everyone !09:22
stefanlsdwith these tests that im doing, i am incrementing the ubuntu# at the end.  i dont expect them to make it into intrepid, when the package is updated in intrepid - probably ubuntu1, what happens to the guys that have an ubuntu2 in my ppa?09:22
persiastefanlsd: They keep the PPA package, and never get upgraded.  This is part of why PPAs are currently discouraged for testing a package for direct import to the archives, and many people suggest using ~ppaX versioning.09:24
stefanlsdpersia: kk. thanks for pointing that out, so i should be doing  package-(rev)ubuntu(rev)~ppa(ver)?09:29
persiastefanlsd: That is one option that is known to preserve upgrades.09:29
stefanlsdpersia: thanks. i think i will do that in future.09:33
dholbachdevfil: CONGRATULATIONS :)10:19
devfildholbach: really thanks :)10:19
jpdsdevfil: congrats!10:20
iuliandevfil: Congratulations!10:24
* devfil says a general thanks to all :)10:24
mok0Way to go, devfil!10:25
DktrKranzdevfil: remember... your first upload MUST be a SRU...10:25
dholbachDktrKranz: a sponsorship item!10:26
devfilDktrKranz: to gei it rejected?10:26
wgrantA sponsored SRU!10:26
dholbachwgrant: deal :)10:26
DktrKranzdholbach: oh... let's say a sponsored SRU then10:26
DktrKranzwgrant: heh :D10:26
devfilDktrKranz: your package must be approved.... lol10:26
dholbachdevfil: but no pressure.... :-)10:26
DktrKranzyou only have three minutes left, or your MOTUship will expire10:27
devfildholbach: I'm fighting with xfs+grub/lilo at the moment...10:27
dholbachDktrKranz: give Devid some time for testing :)10:27
devfilDktrKranz: WTF!10:27
DktrKranzdholbach: just because it's you10:28
* dholbach strangles DktrKranz with passion10:28
* DktrKranz hides10:28
DktrKranzbtw, congrats devfil10:28
* devfil think that all people is going to hugs dholbach...again :P10:28
DktrKranznow... wxwidgets is not ours anymore!10:28
mok0Ugh, dholbach hope you're not that cannibal guy...10:28
* dholbach hugs y'all back10:29
dholbachmok0: cannibal guy? I hope you're not confusing me with jono10:29
iulianIs he a cannibal?10:29
dholbachat day he's "community community community" all over the place, at night though...10:29
* dholbach won't go into too much detail about the slaughtered cats in Wolverhampton and his metal friends10:30
wgrantDaniel Balmer-Holbach?10:30
dholbachwgrant: I was talking about Jono10:30
DktrKranzjono: are you hungry? fresh MOTU blood here... very good at taste10:30
wgrantdholbach: Oops.10:30
mok0Oohh vampires even...10:31
* devfil hides :P10:31
wgrantSo that's what UDS is for.10:31
wgrantCollecting fresh MOTU blood.10:31
wgrantFor the community team to consume.10:31
mok0Fortunately, I have green slime in my veins...10:31
dholbachquick... all behave now... there might be new folks from Ubuntu Developer Week here10:33
wgrantRun away!10:33
DktrKranzwgrant: I think I'll take baths with garlic fragrance from now on, just to make sure to have an horrible taste10:33
mok0garlic, mmmmmm10:34
* iulian dances10:34
* warp10 announces to all the contributor and prospective developer that devfil will now be happy to sponsor everything is needed to be sponsored. Please, feel free to ping him whenever you need! 0:-)10:43
devfilwarp10: LOOOL10:43
DktrKranzwarp10: revenge is sweet :)10:43
warp10DktrKranz: man, how true! :)10:44
DktrKranzand with devfil, italian MOTU approved within a year raise to six! \o/10:46
NCommanderdevfil, welcome to MOTU10:46
NCommanderBTW, DktrKranz & warp10, I applied for UUC, comments wanted10:46
* NCommander is going to apply for MOTU in October10:46
DktrKranzNCommander: already answered...10:47
NCommanderyou did?10:47
NCommanderyou did10:47
NCommanderNow we just need to do the gnat-4.2 hardy transition10:47
DktrKranzindeed, now we're in feature freeze, I have some times during weekend to do that10:48
jonocrazy people :)10:48
jonodholbach: damn you :)10:48
DktrKranzjono: enjoy your meal... ehm.. good morning :)10:48
jonoDktrKranz: hehe10:48
jonoI did bite my lip yesterday, if that counts :)10:49
mok0crunch, crunch, jono10:49
DktrKranzjono: self-eating is not considered10:49
jonohow is MOTU land this morning?10:50
highvoltagewith a light breeze10:51
NCommanderDktrKranz, all the packages are in my PPA expect gnatgps which will be "fun" since it has a policy violation in it10:51
mok0high-spirited as you can see....10:51
NCommanderDktrKranz, I'll leave it to you, I have my fun bootstrapping Ubuntu amd64-pie10:52
huatsstupid question : but I have modified a configure.ac file. In order that it is take into account do I need to do anything special (when i am building a package)10:53
NCommanderhuats, you need to rerun autofun and friends10:53
huatsNCommander: sure10:53
huatsNCommander: that was my guess...10:53
DktrKranzNCommander: IIRC gnat-gps is just a leaf, core packages are already in it10:53
NCommanderSome people put the results in a patch, so autotools don't need to be run in the build-dep10:54
NCommanderThe desktop team does that for instance10:54
mok0huats: and you need a clean target that removes all the auto-generated stuff again10:54
huatsNCommander: ok10:55
huatsI'll do that I think10:55
huatsmok0: ok10:55
NCommanderIf you use CDBS, it has automatic rules to do extactly that10:55
huatsNCommander: indeed10:55
huatsthe package uses CDBS10:55
mok0... In fact, it would be really useful if dpkg-buildpackage had a switch telling it to ignore changes outside of debian/10:56
huatsNCommander: so no need for the clean rule right ?10:56
NCommandermok0, dpkg-source --exclude10:56
mok0NCommander: no, when building the source package10:56
NCommandermok0, yeah, if you build it with dpkg-source (which is what debuild -S calls), you can do it10:56
NCommanderhuats, I had to add one since the CDBS package wasn't completely perfect w.r.t. doing the cleaning, but generally, yeah10:57
huatsNCommander: ok10:57
mok0NCommander, ah, I will try that next time...10:57
* dholbach needs to take a look at the MOTU and uuc Map again11:12
dholbachseems that Italy is taking over :)11:12
DktrKranzdholbach: we're pushing more blood, be prepared :)11:17
dholbachI need to start running those regular Bug Jams in Berlin11:18
mok0We better not loose sight of the PPC platform... news today about a $120 PPC based mini-laptop running Linux11:19
* dholbach hasn't booted his PPC since Edgy11:20
mok0dholbach: you mean it's still running?11:22
dholbachmok0: still running edgy? yes, I suppose so, I never fired it up again since then :)11:23
dholbachit's a very old machine :)11:23
dholbachbut it ran Xubuntu just fine11:23
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
torkelyeah, it would be nice if PPC was supported again. We have a couple of Cell blades I would prefer to run Ubuntu on. And a few Power6 blades too11:40
gnomefreakwhat team do we use for sync requests?11:41
cjwatsongnomefreak: requestsync should figure it out for you; but, if not authorised to upload to the relevant component, then ubuntu-universe-sponsors or ubuntu-main-sponsors depending on the component; if authorised to upload, then ubuntu-archive11:42
gnomefreakcjwatson: thanks11:42
directhextorkel, what do you use cell for?12:01
torkeldirecthex: research, mostly on //-algorithms12:03
directhextorkel, are those the original 32-bit-only SPE's, or the latest gen with proper double precision support?12:04
torkeldirecthex: both. We got 4 QS22 a few weeks ago, and we had 2 QS21 earlier.12:05
ogramok0, thats not PPC ... its a MIPS cpu12:06
mok0ogra: yeah you are right.12:06
directhextorkel, interesting. done any work on algo design using GPGPU stuff as well?12:07
torkeldirecthex: well, I'm only administrating those bastards, but I think some of the researchers here are involved it that area too12:08
ogramok0, its sweet though ... i want one :)12:13
ogra$98 is what 65€ ? ... heh12:13
torkeldirecthex: some of the guys are involved in OpenCL12:13
mok0ogra: ... but probably meant for the chinese market, don't you think?12:17
ogramok0, well, as long as they have a usable en_** keyboard12:18
directhexyou can get ultra-cheap MIPS laptops outside china, you know12:18
mok0ogra: Yeah... that's what the chinese use to construct their characters afaiu12:18
directhexa bit more expensive, mind12:19
mok0I'm kinda sweet on the EEE 90112:19
mok0Would like one for travelling etc12:19
directhexhttp://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=225532&source=1 is nice and non-x86, if you hate x86 for some reason12:20
mok0So I don't risk loosing my 10x more expensive laptop with all family pictures etc.12:20
directhexmok0, i'm not sure which netbook i'd buy right now with my money. probably an acer12:20
mok0directhex: more expensive, though12:20
directhexmok0, acer versus asus? or the minibook?12:21
mok0directhex: acer vs. asus12:21
* jussi01 chimes in with "the new dell is nice..." (and has ubuntu)12:21
directhexjussi01, not in .uk12:21
mok0jussi01: can you buy that one now?12:21
ograhttp://hvsco.com has a good bunch of intresting netbooks btw12:21
jussi01mok0: yeah, i think so12:21
ogra(they are the manufacturer it seems)12:22
directhexmok0, asus 901: £293.1412:22
jussi01mok0: http://www.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/laptop-inspiron-9?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=1912:22
mok0Can you run Vista on those? :-P12:22
directhexpersonally i'm stoked for the dell e4200. weighs the same as the netbook, but it's a core 2 with 12" screen12:23
directhexand if work are paying, why not treat myself? ;)12:23
mok0directhex: by all means, go for it ;-)12:23
directhexmok0, still "coming soon" on dell.co.uk :(12:24
mok0Kudos to ASUS though, for starting this whole trend12:25
directhexhttp://www1.euro.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/laptop_latitude_e4200?c=uk&cs=RC1059030&l=en - IMHO one sexy computer12:25
mok0Good for Linux, baaaaaad for MS12:25
mok0directhex: nice12:25
directhexmok0, yeah, but i'm somewhat suspicious - asus don't know their arse from their kernel. i really think the linux choice is just a way to force cheap xp pricing. which, oh look, they got12:26
mok0(talking about the girl)12:26
directhexand now it's hard to find the linux models in the uk compared to windows12:26
ogramok0, intel started the trend 1/2 year before asus with the classmate PC12:26
* ogra finds it odd that asus gets all the credit for that12:27
directhex9/10 of business is marketing. the classmate was never targeted at the general public12:27
ograright ...12:27
ograbut its the granddaddy of all netbooks :)12:27
mok0ogra: except, when launched as a "classmate" pc it sounds more like a toy thing. Asus got it right with the "in a lady's handbag" approach12:27
directhexapple get all the credit for making mp3 players big, but weren't first in anything to do with them, as an example12:27
ograyeah, its all marketing indeed12:28
directhexthe classmate was an attempt to make an XP-based XO for white kids. the eee was an attempt to sell a laptop to the world & his wife12:28
directhexand their dog12:28
ograoh and btw, VIA actually invented the netbook ... they had a model at computex even before intel had the cmpc12:28
directhexnetbooks kinda live in the second category, even if the kit's the same as the first12:28
ograbut that never went in production12:28
directhexvia never put things into production. i hear they've had "post-1996 performance" designs sat on a shelf for years!12:29
mok0But with more and more hazzle travelling, for example in the US they can now confiscate your laptop in the ariport, it makes sense to have a second cheap mini netbook for travelling12:29
ograyou cant compare the classmate and the XO12:29
ograand classmate was never supposed to be XP based12:29
directhexsame target markets. and now with XO shipping with xp...12:29
mok0... and leave your big whopping 17" screen thing at home :-)12:29
ograXP was always an alternative t the existing linux solutions on the classmate12:29
ograand still costs you $50-60 more12:30
mok0The XO is fcked, imho12:30
ograwhich is quite critical for schools12:30
ogramok0, thats by design12:30
ograthey had some immensely good ideas12:30
mok0ogra: well they caved in to MS, changing their design specs etc12:31
ograand if it would have gone as reserach project it would probably still exist ... but X0 never had any distribution plans etc12:31
ograthe manuafacturers should simply have joined forces12:31
mok0ogra: they are scared shitless12:32
mok0ogra: MS can take away their business any day they please12:32
ograintel made an attempt, they had the better HW for the same price but less good ideas and a lot less infrastructure around it ... asus suddenly held the market ... if intel, MIT and asusu would have joined forces you could have gotten something awesome for the kids12:33
mok0ogra: however, if manufacturers joined forces they could win12:33
ograbut that didnt/doesnt happen ... money involved instead of spirit breaks that12:34
ograas if all of them wouldnt earn enough ... tsk12:34
mok0Otoh, China is such  a big market, that increasingly, the manufacturers such as Asus, don't need to care to much about MS12:34
directhexso when will ubuntu ship a disc that cites official support for longsoon godson3 chips? ;)12:35
mok0directhex: good point12:35
directhexloongson, sorry12:35
directhexbasically, mips needs officialness!12:36
ograMIPS is official sice SGI exists :)12:36
mok0Exactly. It's a bad time to drop archs just because a few of them seem to victor in the West12:36
directhexaha, mipsel. apparently debian runs12:36
directhexogra, how long since SGI shipped anythign MIPS based?12:37
* ogra has an indigo2 sitting onteh shelf behind him12:37
* directhex has 5 racks of high-spec altix a few metres away away12:37
ograoh, that might be 10 years by now that they swiched to x8612:37
directhexia64 != x8612:37
mok0We halted our last Iris machine a couple of years ago --- it made so much noise :-)12:37
ogratheir workstations came with redhat on dual PII in 1999 i think12:38
ogramok0, their case design is still unbeaten imho12:38
directhexSGI still know their game, though. never dealt with a vendor with support like SGI12:38
mok0ogra: yeah it was cool12:38
ograi mean it still is ... i havent seen anything as sexy up to today12:39
directhex"help, our users' apps keep crashing" "mail us a core dump plz... okay, looks like your stack limit is too small. poke with ulimit"12:39
directhexnot many hardware vendors do that12:39
RainCTdevfil: congrats! :)12:39
mok0ogra: like some women... sexy, but extremely noisy12:39
directhexjms@orac:~> grep -c ^proc /proc/cpuinfo12:40
directhexwhich makes a 128 load average seem positively low12:41
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karoogaHi, I'm new to packaging and am trying to package a python extension (python bindings to a c program).  The package name is ppgplot... do I call the ubuntu package python-ppgplot?13:07
liwkarooga, yup13:07
liwkarooga, http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy may be useful to you13:08
karoogaliw, thanks, does this supersede http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/index.html13:09
liwkarooga, more or less13:10
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
karoogaliw: the Standards-Version that dh_make made and debian policy from command line differ, is this a prob?13:22
azeemkarooga: dh_make is not authoritave in any way13:22
liwkarooga, if you're creating a package from scratch, you should use the newest standards-version available in Ubuntu (or Debian, if you're uploading to Debian)13:22
karoogaliw: so this would be in hardy13:25
liwkarooga, yeah; you can leave out the last .0 though13:25
mok0Is there any overview of packages that has been superseded in ii??13:35
karoogaliw: should the extension be private or public?  given this is the first time it has been packaged.13:51
lucky711xWhere/how do I sign up for motujava?13:52
liwkarooga, is it meant to be used only by some specific program? if so, then private; if it is meant to be a generally useful library, then public13:52
karoogaliw: it's general, python bindings to a c library.13:53
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=== fta_ is now known as fta
karoogaliw:  how do i build the package for python2.4 and 2.5?  does XS-Python-Version: all in the control file do this?14:16
liwkarooga, if you're using cdbs, that should be it, yes14:23
ScottKDktrKranz: I think we should go ahead and approve python-django.14:43
ScottKDktrKranz: I just gave it a plus one.  Would you please confirm it.14:44
karoogaliw, I'm uncertain what to put in debian/rules.  <FEFF>To install the14:48
karoogaprogram normally I just run python setup install.  Do I need more than that14:48
karoogain the rules file e.g. debhelper.mk, python-distutils.mk etc?14:48
DktrKranzScottK: done14:57
DktrKranzI'm curious to see Debian RM reaction, but I think it will be positive too14:58
ScottKIf not, good for us and bad for them.14:59
ScottKWe'll see.14:59
sorenScottK: FWIW, I'm very much in favour of python-django 1.0 as well.15:03
ScottKsoren: FFe is approved, so now it just needs merge, sync, whatever.15:03
ScottKFeel free to jump in ...15:03
sorenIt needs some dependenc...15:04
sorenNot anymore.15:04
sorenWow. They must have been synced just hours ago.15:04
sorenOh, never mind me. I'm thinking of hardy.15:05
ScottKI've already gotten pinged about a backport, but Intrepid first ....15:05
DktrKranzsoren: regarding your request for a motu-sru charter, what kind of informations MC would like to see?15:06
sorenpython-django should be a straight sync.15:06
sorenSome form of description of what motu-releases responsibilties and authority is.15:07
sorenCurrently, all we have is disagreement and a completely out-of-date one-line description. :)15:07
DktrKranzwell, next MOTU meeting will be today, but two out of five are on vacation now, so it's probably better to delay it a bit more15:08
ScottKI agree we need to update it.15:09
sorenOoh, the diffs on launchpad are clickable now. *drool*15:09
ScottKEven in non-controversial areas there are things we're doing that aren't documented.15:09
sorenScottK, DktrKranz: It doesn't have to be complete. It's not a matter of strictly defining exactly what you can do and can't do, but something that will at least make sure we're all reasonably on the same page.15:13
ScottKsoren: Sounds good.  Once we have people back off vacation, we'll get something worked out.15:14
sorenScottK, DktrKranz: An interesting point is that the MC's charter says that we're the ones who are supposed to settle disputes between developers, but "the recent case" demonstrates that that might not always be the case. I'd like it if at least some effort was made to describe when it's MR's and when it's MC's job.15:15
ScottKsoren: Agreed.  My thought on that is that MR has an interest in the overall state of the system.  The 'recent case' had global implications for how the system worked.  If it's two devs disagreeing about a particular package, I don't think MR normally has an interest.  For security or severe policy violations (see gui-ufw for an example) it might.15:20
ScottKNote: Speaking just for myself here.15:21
karoogaHi, I'm trying to package a python extension using pycentral.  I keep getting a message saying that the library i've just compiled "shouldn't be linked with libpthread.so.0 (it uses none of its symbols)".  How do I get rid of this?15:37
ScottKkarooga: You ignore it.15:39
ScottKThat's an interesting error that almost every package seems to generate some of and I've no great idea what to do with it.15:40
karoogaScottK, thanks.15:40
karoogaScottK, so what you are saying is that I may just have created my first working deb package? :-)15:42
ScottKPossibly.  I don't have enough information to really go that far.15:43
lagahttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=mythtv-theme-metallurgy-wide - can someone please review my package and ACK it, if possible?15:44
=== superm1|away is now known as superm1
=== LucidFox_ is now known as LucidFox
* laga sobs quietly16:00
* mok0 hugs laga16:02
* laga puts some chloroforme on a piece of cloth, lets mok0 smell it and drags him into REVU to review mythtv-theme-metallurgy-wide16:03
* mok0 looks16:03
* laga puts away the gun16:04
* leleobhz see the kidnapping while walk in the street... decides dont do anything :p16:05
lagaleleobhz: that's the spirit.16:06
leleobhzlaga: yeap! :p16:07
mok0laga: have you got an FFe for this?16:08
lagamok0: yes16:08
mok0laga: great16:08
mok0laga: is it meant for the mythbuntu distro?16:09
mok0laga: some kind of skin?16:09
lagayes, for mythtv16:09
lagayou can see screenshots here: http://www.miffteevee.co.uk/themes/metallurgy.html16:10
mok0laga: it needs to go into multiverse afaics16:10
lagayes, it does16:10
superm1yeah i ack'ed the FFe already.  it just needs one more MOTU to do a REVU16:10
lagabecause it depends on mythtv-common and because of the license anyways16:10
mok0superm1: looking at it as we speak :-)16:10
superm1great :)16:10
mok0laga: it is unclear from the description what the difference is between the -osd_ and the -wide_ packages16:15
mok0laga: at least to a dumb guy like me16:15
lagamok0: hum. that's obvious from the package name i hoped :) the OSD is the on screen display16:16
lagabut you're right, i'll extend the description16:17
mok0Woah it even builds :-P16:17
laganow who would have thought that ;)16:17
mok0Yeah looks good16:18
lagai'll upload a fixed description and then you ACK it?16:18
mok0yeah, and superm1 can ack it too16:19
lagamok0: btw, what is unclear to you? the term "OSD"?16:20
superm1mok0, you can just go off my old ack, you can upload after the new description i say16:20
mok0superm1: ok16:20
mok0laga: yes16:20
mok0laga: is "wide" for a wide-screen tv?16:20
lagamok0: it means "on screen display".16:20
lagamok0: yes.16:21
mok0See? I am dumb16:21
mok0But the descr. needs to be for dumb guys as well :-P16:21
lagathe -osd package is for a completely different portion of mythtv. it's displayed over video playback, the -wide package is for the normal UI16:21
lagayou're not dumb ;)16:21
lagai'll expand it16:21
lagathere is no 4:3 theme, so only a -wide variant16:21
mok0laga: well, there you have the sentences you need to include16:22
* mok0 is waiting for norsetto to come on-line...16:24
mok0laga: interesting, you are maintaining this package in bazaar... is that true of all the myth team packages?'16:25
lagamok0: most of them, yes.16:26
mok0laga: so you have collective maintenance I guess?16:26
lagamok0: yup16:26
lagawithin the usual "ask me before you touch my package" ;)16:27
mok0ah, ok16:27
superm1mok0, yeah we generally step out and ask for a motu for a second ack on newer packages though to keep with the workflow16:27
superm1but keeping everything in bzr makes operating on a team pretty straightforward16:28
mok0superm1: so, you have a local branch checkout of all the packages, for example?16:28
lagamok0: a new upload should appear in a few minutes on revu16:29
superm1mok0, yeah i have most on my laptop at home16:29
superm1mok0, and we have a get-orig-source rule for every package in bzr to build an orig.tar.gz16:29
superm1(i'm not on my laptop at home though, so i'm not able to sponsor or checkout right now)16:29
mok0superm1: what about packages that are synced/merged from Debian?16:29
superm1mok0, so a majority of myth-* isn't in debian16:30
directhexit's in debian-multimedia and even there it's old and pretty featureless compared to the mythbuntu work16:30
superm1mok0, ideally it should eventually land up there, but the exact same reasons its in multiverse are whats keeping it from headed that way16:30
mok0superm1: dang16:30
superm1mok0, eg compiling with lame and a bunch of other patent encumbered support that makes it fun to use16:31
mok0superm1: you mean like mp3 and mp2 etc.?16:32
superm1mok0, yeah16:32
mok0superm1: it's a drag with all that IP shit16:32
superm1mok0, without them, your recording formats are pretty useless16:32
superm1mok0, yeah16:32
lagamok0: new upload is on revu16:39
mok0laga: ok16:39
lagai just got a python backtrace in revu, but didnt think to save it. i guess i reloaded while it was processing the upload16:39
mok0laga: it seems to be there16:40
mok0superm1: so you have a blanket FFe for mythbuntu stuff, right?16:44
lagaanswering for him ;)16:44
mok0laga: ok I will upload it now16:44
ScottKmok0: Not quite.  motu-release delegated to him to decide what Mythbuntu stuff gets an FFe.16:44
ScottKSo it's not a blanket FFe, just he gets to decide.16:45
mok0ScottK: OK. I just asked because I couldn't find an explicit FFe for this package16:45
ScottKmok0: I know he OK'ed it, so you can upload it.  I think it's in the needs-packaging bug, but I wouldn't swear to it.16:46
mok0bug 26324216:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263242 in ubuntu "FFe: Metallurgy theme for MythTV needs packaging" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26324216:47
mok0Well that bug should be closed soon...16:48
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl
mok0Could someone take a peek at this odd build failure, please? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/atlas/3.6.0-21.5ubuntu1/+build/63973516:52
mok0Several other packages have failed to build because they are missing the atlas libraries16:53
mok0Looks like a compiler error to me16:54
ScottKmok0: Did you ask NCommander to look at it.  He's very good with odd build failures.16:59
mok0ScottK: No I didn't... NCommander? AYT?16:59
Blaze_Boyi want to convert a python program into a .DEB package, can YOU help me in that ?17:01
mok0Blaze_Boy: You can get help with questions, but you have to do the bulk of the work yourself17:01
Blaze_Boymok0 : ok i'm with u17:02
mok0Blaze_Boy: Have you seen the wiki pages on packaging?17:02
mok0! packaging17:03
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports17:03
mok0Blaze_Boy: you can also pick a package that reminds of yours and see how it's done there17:03
Blaze_Boyhhm , OK17:04
mok0Blaze_Boy: does the python program use distutils?17:05
mok0Huh? Did he expect someone to do it for him?17:05
jpdsmok0: Like all the drive-by people.17:09
nxvlNCommander: i never see an aplication with that many supporters in a short time as yours17:09
mok0nxvl: what app is that?17:09
nxvlmok0: Michael Casadevall17:10
mok0Heh, I thought it was a computer application... you know, a program :-P17:10
RainCTmok0: you've to check your inbox more often ;)17:12
=== RainCT is now known as RainCT_
jpdsRainCT_: Do you not filter mailing list posts?17:13
mok0RainCT: yeah...17:13
mok0jpds: I use procmail...17:14
jpdsmok0: I use Gmail filters for now, but have procmail configured just in case.17:14
RainCTjpds: why would I do that? :P17:14
mok0so ubuntu-mc postings never reach my inbox :-)17:14
jpdsRainCT: ^17:15
karoogahi, is it necessary to compile a python module for all python versions?17:15
mok0karooga: use python-central17:15
RainCTkarooga: all supported versions with which it is compatible, yes17:15
mok0karooga: it will be done for you17:15
karoogamok0: I am using python-central17:16
mok0heh ok17:16
jpdsRainCT: I'll take your answer as: "No."17:16
karoogamok0: but I can only get it to compile for python 2.5 (XS-Python-Version: >= 2.5)17:17
ScottKDktrKranz: Would you please look at Bug #243947 and maybe discuss with cody-somerville?  I want to make sure you don't consider anything SRU worthy before I approve the backport.17:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243947 in hardy-backports "Prease backport Orage from Intrepid" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24394717:17
RainCTjpds: No. I use tags but I leave everything new in the inbox.17:17
RainCTkarooga: does it work with Python 2.4?17:17
RainCTkarooga: if it is, then use   >= 2.417:18
mok0karooga: you mean no matter what you put in debian/control?17:18
karoogaRainCT, mok0:  I mean that it works fine with 2.5 but not with 2.4.  Should I be trying to make sure it works with 2.4 as well?17:19
mok0karooga: are you using dh_pycentral?17:20
mok0karooga: for >= hardy I guess it is the default python17:20
RainCTkarooga: then it's right like that; why would it be byte-compiled for 2.4 when it doesn't work with it?17:20
mok0RainCT: I think he means that the 2.4 version of the *pyc files are not generated17:21
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
karoogamok0:  in my rules file I have pycentral defined for deb_python_system, then only debhelper.mk and python-distutils.mk17:21
RainCTkarooga: on your last question, it's always nice to support it, but if it doesn't then patching it or not depends on you.17:21
mok0karooga: it also depends whether it's a program, or if it's a module that someone using only 2.4 might want to use.17:22
RainCTmok0: right; it isn't because he has "XS-Python-Version: >= 2.5" set (which is correct as he says that it doesn't work with Python 2.4)17:22
mok0RainCT: it is correct if the python code uses features that did not exist in 2.417:23
karoogaRaintCT:  I mean that when I package with XS-Python-Version: >- 2.5 it works when I use >= 2.4, it bombs out17:23
RainCTmok0: I don't recall having said the opposite :)17:23
mok0karooga: ah there you go17:23
RainCTkarooga: "bombs out" = you get Python errors at install time?17:24
DktrKranzScottK: even minor fixes can be suitable of a SRU if someone is *really* interested. Those are cosmetic issues, a backport could be a better solution than SRU process.17:24
mok0RainCT: you didn't17:24
karoogathanks mok0, RainCT.  (I'm being hauled off to dinner... will have to catch up a bit later) :-)17:24
mok0karooga: bon appetit!17:24
karoogathink i've got my answer. Ta.17:25
mok0Ah, that Python. Now we have to deal with 2.6 and 3.0 soon...17:26
mok0... and Python 3.0 will not be backwards compatible, from what I understand17:26
jorgenptmok0: Hello World will break.17:27
cody-somervillepersia, ping17:27
RainCTindeed :(17:27
* RainCT hates the new print function, if it is like he read17:27
mok0RainCT: Many will remain at 2.6 for quite a while.17:29
DktrKranzScottK: my opinion is actual SRU policy is quite "permissive" because minor fixes could go in as well, so almost every patch is suitable. If we could restore "severe impact" requisite, we could differentiate SRU and backports better.17:29
ScottKDktrKranz: OK.  I didn't think minor fixes should go in.17:29
=== lmr is now known as lmr[lunch]
ScottKDktrKranz: So you would classify this as minor?17:30
DktrKranzhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates, When section17:30
DktrKranz"Bugs which do not fit under above categories, but (1) have an obviously safe patch and (2) affect an application rather than critical infrastructure packages (like X.org or the kernel)."17:30
DktrKranzthese could really be suitable, given the point above17:30
RainCTOh. Are those points new?17:31
ScottKOK.  You tell me.  You're the SRU dude.17:31
DktrKranzI'd go for a backport. I like SRUs when there's some "urgency".17:32
ScottKOK.  Will do.17:32
DktrKranzcody-somerville, if you have any objections...17:33
ScottKLet me know and I'll un-ack the backport ...17:33
DktrKranzanyway, I'd like to discuss this a bit with the community, just to define a guideline for motu-sru. We're too open nowadays, IMHO17:34
ScottKDktrKranz: I know wpasupplicant is in Main, but would you please give an opinion on Bug #252576 (relates to Bug #252574)?17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252576 in hardy-backports "Please backport wpasupplicant" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25257617:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252574 in wpasupplicant "Please backport  fixes for ad-hoc networks" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25257417:35
cody-somervillelp #241036 looks SRU worthy17:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241036 in orage "orage updates late the hour (panel)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24103617:35
sebnerdevfil: congratulations :D17:35
devfilsebner: thanks :D17:35
ScottKsiretart: What do you think about SRU for Bug #252574?17:36
DktrKranzScottK: at a first look, it seems a good candidate. This causes a regression, at least.17:38
ScottKOK.  I'm going to continue to hold off on that one.17:39
ScottKI'll let you and cody-somerville sort out the one issue with orange.17:39
cody-somervilleScottK, I think a backport is fine but bug #241036 (if I read it correctly) is probably SRU worthy by its self.17:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241036 in orage "orage updates late the hour (panel)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24103617:40
* DktrKranz will catch it later17:41
siretartbug 25257418:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 252574 in wpasupplicant "Please backport  fixes for ad-hoc networks" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25257418:03
siretartScottK: I cannot test it myself, however if someone prepared a test package and users could and would confirm fixes, sure!18:08
sladenslangasek: well, you /could/ stick to your own vorlon.* namespace ;-)18:49
sebneremgent`nl: \o/19:35
sebnerogra: still want to sponsor bug #261991 ?20:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261991 in tuxtype "Merge tuxtype 1.5.17.dfsg1-3 from Debian(Unstable)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26199120:40
sebnerwb DktrKranz :D20:40
DktrKranzsebner, did you miss me?20:41
sebnerDktrKranz: of course!20:41
DktrKranznothing better to do, then20:41
DktrKranzsebner, do you want to do my tomorrow office work for me?20:43
sebnerDktrKranz: I have to work too tomorrow :(20:43
DktrKranzok... you do mine, I do yours20:44
ScottKsiretart: OK.  Thanks.20:52
ScottKliw: A very good answer to my question about why the cruft cleaner should get in is it's for an approved spec.21:00
cbx33hey guys21:31
cbx33who owns packages.ubuntu.com?21:31
jpdsHey Pete.21:31
jpdscbx33: Canonical hosts it.21:32
cbx33hey jpds21:32
cbx33i meant who maintains....as in codes21:32
cbx33is there an api to get an xml list of search results?21:32
jpdscbx33: "djpig"21:32
cbx33not here21:33
* cbx33 was going to work on a ubiquity plugin to search the package list21:33
jpdscbx33: http://source.djpig.de/git/?p=packages.git;a=summary21:34
cbx33jpds: thanks21:34
cbx33not sure where to start looking21:35
cbx33don't think there is one though21:35
=== _Nicke_ is now known as Nicke
cbx33perhaps I can mung the results as they are21:37
jpdscbx33: I don't think there is an API for it.21:37
directhexoh god i forgot how great this rum is21:39
jdongyea yea continue teasing the underaged devs.21:39
directhexnah, i'm teasing the american devs. this is cuban rum21:43
* NCommander wakes up21:44
=== superm1|away is now known as superm1
NCommanderScottK, you floating around?21:51
=== Czessi__ is now known as Czessi
dkhola alguien me puede ayudar a crear paquetes deb?21:54
dkhi,, any can help me?21:56
dki need create a package .deb21:56
directhexwhat are you packaging?21:56
directhexdepending on what it is, it might be easy or terrifying21:56
directhexand the requirements for debianization are much harder if you want the package to get into a distribution21:57
dkspeak spanish?21:58
directhexsorry, no21:58
RainCThola dk21:59
dkRainCT,  q tal21:59
dkme puedes ayudar,? es que necesito crear un paquete debian pero no me sale.estoy intentando22:00
dkpero no me sale22:00
ScottKNCommander: Yeah.22:01
NCommanderScottK, KDE4 is awesome. Consider me involved in Kubuntu now :-)22:01
ScottKNCommander: Just uploading indi now that the freeze is over.22:02
RainCTdk: si, qual es el problema?22:02
NCommanderScottK, care to add koffice2?22:02
NCommander(I tracked down the FTBFS)22:02
ScottKLet me deal with kde4bindings first.22:03
ScottKBut yes.22:03
dkme lees?22:04
dkpues mira que tengo q exponer acerca del mantenimiento de los paquetes debs22:05
dky me pase estudiando leyendo y no me salen22:05
dknose que pasara22:05
RainCTdk: ven a #ubuntu-motu-es mejor22:05
dkno sabia que existia22:06
dkvas alla tu?22:06
dkme vas a ayudar?22:06
RainCTdk: no existia, lo acabo de crear porque como continuemos hablando aqui aun se enfadará alguien :P.  me estan llamando para cenar pero cuando vuelva te puedo ayudar22:07
RainCTnxvl: if you are around perhaps you can help him while I'm away ^22:07
dkbueno, en cuanto tiempo?:D22:07
RainCTdk: unos 15 minutos22:07
dkes que mañana es un ubucon22:07
dkte imaginas22:07
dkbueno te espero y provecho22:08
nxvlRainCT: yeah, i'm kind of busy right know with some work stuff22:09
nxvlRainCT: but if the script has no more bugs i can take a minute or two22:10
NCommanderWooo, qemu-mips might work for what I want to do22:14
RainCTpersia: advocations use the hearth icon on REVU's details.py page, now :)22:56
RainCT(btw: if someone gets big icons on REVU, use Ctrl + F5)22:56
wgrantRainCT: I hope you mean s/hearth/heart/? Or are we burning new packages now?23:27
=== superm1 is now known as superm1|away
RainCTwgrant: we should do a package cake some day :P23:40

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